Show By Rock!! Short!!

October 21, 2016

The only reason I can think of that Show By Rock!! Short!! is shown as a TV short of 3 minutes per episode instead of being released as extra DVD specials is because of the second season that is to premier the following season. And thus what a way to refresh our memories of our cute band of furries in short and cute episodes that probably has nothing to do with any storyline in the series. You know, you do lots of heavy advertising with outrageous gimmicks and publicity before the main event, right?

Episode 1
Egg head Tokiko Shirosugawa (Maple in drag?) is interviewing Plasmagica. The quartet introduce themselves as well as their instruments. Tokiko then has everyone stand up and show us their butt. Actually just to show us their different cute animal tails. Cute, right?

Episode 2
Shingan Crimsonz is resting after a bath. When Crow realizes there is a ping pong table, the rest get revved up and highly motivated for a challenge. Playing doubles, Crow is left to fend for himself since Aion isn’t interested. Crow thinks he is going to lose at this rate but Rom’s manly advice gives him hope again. The intense game with ridiculous smash moves continues. I don’t know how it becomes a football parody as Rom and Yaiba combine their moves for the greatest smash. The ping pong table broke but the ball bounced back to their side. Karma?

Episode 3
Criticrista is Tokiko’s host this time. Rosia’s extreme moe cute act is making Tokiko cringe like hell. After a short introduction of each one of them, Tokiko has them demonstrate their other special non-musical talent. Like Tsukino having pitch perfect and Jacklyn an athlete. You might have guessed Rosia as she tries her extreme moe cutesy act again. The cringe is strong. But for you guys who love such girls, KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!!!! Lastly, Holmy is supposed to demonstrate her ‘hellish’ training but since they ran out of time, Rosia even ends the show on Tokiko’s behalf. The cringe is still strong…

Episode 4
A period drama now. Aa is training fine and her swordsmanship exceptionally. But her egg master tells her soul has no fun. She wanders around town to look for an answer and stumbles upon Un who is playing her shamisen. Aa gets embarrassed and leaves. She trains harder that night. Next day, she sees an egg ruffian harassing Un. Aa challenges him but the egg dude cowers and runs away. To show her gratitude, Un wants Aa to follow her.

Episode 5
Who will be appearing on Tokiko’s show this time? Trichronika! These guys are so cool that they might even steal Tokiko’s heart! Oh wait. Shuuzou’s charm might just be doing that. While Tokiko recovers from their awesomeness, they cut to commercial. Once she regains her composure, she has Trichronika reveal their plan. They are touring the galaxy with their concert. Although they will be away from Midi City, Shuuzou assures all their concerts will be broadcasted live. Shuuzou’s charm continues making the killing as he also ends the show. Kyuun~!

Episode 6
The period drama continues with Un letting Aa try playing the shamisen. Aa becomes interested and finds it fun so Un will gladly teach her in return that Aa teaches her courage. The ruffian returns bringing his buddies to exact revenge. A small cat daruma doll rolls by requesting for water. After Un gives it, it bloats up into a huge doll, crushing the baddies. The grateful duo want to know her name. Darudayu. And that was how Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan (TAM) was formed. Really?

Episode 7
Shingan Crimsonz is the next guest. They make their entrance via some singing. They get a little restless with Tokiko using the wrong choice of words to describe them. But irking Rom even more was how Trichronika’s ad was played during it all! So we see the guys having problems introducing themselves. Rom has to restrain his violent side while putting up a nice front, Aion is nervous as hell, Yaiba is taking too long and when Crow is too wild and loud, Rom blows his top and beats the hell out of him. I guess it is true that’s why they are the rowdy boys of BRR.

Episode 8
Criticrista is roped in to do a commercial for Spa Resort Midicians. We see them in a storyboard meeting and Rosia suggesting her direct cutesy act to appeal to the masses. Then there is the costume fitting moment whereby Jackyln’s idea of putting flowers around made them look cuter. On the day of the filming, Tsukino knocks herself out with all the ice creams, cakes and desserts (I WANT TO EAT THEM TOO!!!). Finally we get a peek at them being filmed as well as the final ad released.

Episode 9
Trichronika is at the backstage practising their dance moves before they head out to the stage for their performance, which is to teach everyone how to dance the basic box step. Everybody is so sparkly. Everybody is so cheery. Everybody is so happy. Wowee! I guess to girly for Rom to even stand watching as he furiously switches off the TV.

Episode 10
Tokiko is now introducing TAM. Because Darudayu is in her cat daruma, Tokiko is trying hard to hide her laughter. Even after the short commercial break featuring TAM promoting some health food, she still can’t stop sniggering. Her laughing sounds like a pig. That is when Darudayu reveals her true body and in such magnificence has Tokiko bow down before the goddess! Once she returns back to her doll, Tokiko doesn’t remember why she was bowing down in the first place. Too awesome to retain your memories?

Episode 11
Criticrista is being given a special lesson on coyness. Because Rosia is such an expert on this topic, she gets up and demonstrates with full confidence her specialty. She is so good that not only she takes over the teacher and teaches more about it to her band mates, the teacher is also learning a lot from her!

Episode 12
A high school setting. Rom is the new transfer student and is called out by Crow for a fight. They are about to get going when here comes the seemingly powerful Shuuzou. Immediately Rom is interested in fighting him thinking he would become the best if he defeats him. What about Crow? Easily defeated with a knockout punch. Rom and Shuuzou prepare to showdown but it is abruptly cut. To be continued? You got to be kidding me. Thankfully Plasmagica quickly corrects this and to look forward to their next season. So sorry, this fight isn’t continuing.

Pre-show Promotion
You don’t expect much from such shorts, right? After all, it is just serving as appetizers before the main course. You’ll laugh at the silly antics with the familiar characters. You’ll have fun with them for a short while. But nothing really more than that. Therefore fans of the series or at least viewers who have watched the first season would know how to appreciate the shorts better compared to some newbie who just jumped in although each short is independent of each other.

The only weird thing I find about the shorts is that Plasmagica who is supposed the main star of the series do not appear except in the first and last episodes! It is quite the irony, right? Unless this is some hint that they won’t be the main group in the next season or if the shorts are to give the other bands more screen time since Plasmagica will be hogging the second season. So it feels a bit odd that the main group is almost missing from the entire season. It’s like that Suicide Squad movie but the fan favourite character, Joker gets only minimal screen time. Well, assuming he was supposed to be the star of the show but you get the point. So I suppose Plasmagica is then relegated to doing the ending theme, Do Re Mi Fa Party, a super cute and lively rock piece that you would expect them to play.

Overall, this short is just as its name suggests. Also, a promotion to get you all hyped up before the next season starts simply because lesser shows like these need a little introduction instead of jumping out with a full second season that would make viewers jump up and say, “WTF. I didn’t know this anime is back”. That kind of reaction. At least for me. Even though music was saved in the previous season from an unscrupulous megalomaniac, music business is still like show business. The show must still go on for better or worse.

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