Mujaki No Rakuen OVA 3

November 11, 2016

Wait a minute. There’s more? Again? I wouldn’t have guessed it again that they released a third OVA another year later. So am I seeing some sort of pattern? Around this very same time, Mujaki No Rakuen releases an episode to satisfy your horny loli porn and at the same time technically don’t make you feel guilty that you are watching child porn. If you want to make ‘child porn’ using the loopholes, watch this series to get an idea. Yeah… So in case you’ve forgotten why such loli porn existed, please remember that this loser grownup guy somehow went back to the past to redo his loser life by having ecchi encounters with the beautiful loli girls in his class. What kind of f*cking logic is that? You know what? Just f*ck all that. It’s (almost) porn logic anyway.

Ice Cream Sucks
All the girls including Shouta at the pool. Yay. Our first pool fanservice. Why is Shouta here if he is not welcomed by Rio? He got them the free tickets. What a way to show your gratitude, b*tch. And when you say karma is a b*tch, Rio gets her deserved karma when Shouta accidentally slips into the pool with her and undoes her bikini top. I just don’t know how it ended up on his head. When the girls first discussed of riding the high slide in this pool, Shouta knows about Nako’s fear of heights. But since she wants to become an air stewardess, this is a phobia she must overcome. If she can’t even manage a slide at the playground, what more this one. Even though she manages to ride it, that’s not the highlight of this segment. Cheeky Sayo wants to lick Shouta’s ice cream. WTF?! Why not just ask him to buy one? He won’t allow it and at the same time accidentally spilling Konomi’s hotdogs. This messed up her swimsuit so Rio goes to take her away to wash up. So why stick all the hotdogs in Shouta’s mouth and hands? Shouta looks back at Sayo and has a clear view of her ass. Erection time. Sayo then notices his ice cream dripping and proceeds to lick it. Thing is, Shouta was placing his ice cream near his dick to hide his erection. And that is where Sayo licked it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It gets even better when Manatsu joins in the competition to lick. SHOUTA YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!! Furthermore, if licking the dripping isn’t enough, they start licking the entire stick too!!! All that moving about has Shouta accidentally spread ice cream over Manatsu’s boobs. Sayo makes Shouta lick them (Manatsu allows it?!) while Sayo tries to pull the ice cream away, causing it to splatter all over her face. This epic hentai scene… That is what you call pain and pleasure at the same time. But now is pain and pain because Rio is not happy he messed up the hotdogs (stained with ice cream).

Showbiz Star, Shooting Star & Porn Star
Everyone is abuzz that Konomi has a picture of her appear in a magazine. It’s that feeling again for Shouta as he thinks Konomi is going further away from him. But to give her a send-off present, he takes her to watch a shooting star in some secret location of his. She is very happy of his consideration and tells him that the talent agency has approached her and offered a contract as a model and actress. Shouta is sad but keeps it together and gives her encouragement to go for it. When they head back, they take a shortcut through the barbwire fence. As he lets her go through first, a spider freaks her out and this causes her clothes to get caught and to be stuck. Shouta has got a clean view of her pantsu! Whatever Shouta tries to do to untangle, the more ecchi views he sees from her underboobs and even accidentally pulling down her pantsu. Wow. A clear view of the full moon! Shouta even knows himself he is defiling her purity even before she gets started in showbiz. Yeah, WTF, right? As he is close to untangling her, the spider pops up again. She freaks out and I don’t know how she lands on Shouta butt naked. Are her clothes that loose? In the aftermath, Shouta tells her to go ahead first while he will catch up later. Seems he is writing in pain since Konomi landed on his erected dick. Oh man. I feel for you…

Still Stuck In Paradise?
Until then. Same time same place next year. So basically this proves it. This series is definitely loli hentai but without any sort of penetration. I’m sure we horny guys would giggle at the so called innocent and funny-cum-‘harmless’ ecchi fanservice that this series is famous for. Because of that it makes us feel that it is fine to have this guilty pleasure once a year. Of course there are other more raunchy series out there but that’s another point…

So this third OVA hardly breaks the mould or anything as it follows the same format as it does in the second. At this point you won’t be bothering yourself if there would be any real sort of character development between Shouta and the girls because all we would be caring if Shouta can get laid by them. Will Shouta ever get all of them as his harem and changed his future? One day all his pent up erection will blow up like a ticking time bomb… Yeah, those are the important questions we are begging to know if they should add more OVAs to the series. We can expect more or less the same since this ecchi formula never really grows old. We might complain that we have seen them all but eventually we can never escape from its clutches and come back for more.

Therefore my sentiments and what I am eventually going to say for this series is very similar to what I have blogged in my previous posts. I’d be repeating myself again. So if a year feels like too far to wait assuming they come up with another episode next year, maybe you can satiate all that horniness with real porn. This series can have this effect to make you go look up for more porn if you want more, get what I mean? But be warned because by then you won’t want to come back to this ‘safe and soft porn’ ever again. That’s when we grow up from semi-innocent boys to real men. But we still stay as the same virgins :’(.

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