Non Non Biyori Repeat OVA

November 25, 2016

It’s that time again. To take a break from all that violence, sex, nonsense, fart jokes, slapstick humour, ecchi, blood, killing, insensitive jokes, moe overdose and whatever stuffs you can think of that are inappropriate but allow it because of our guilty pleasure thinking it is just confined to the TV screen. Whoops. If it feels my opening sentence was a cut and paste, it’s probably I’m trying to make some sort of a joke out of repeat. Okay, it wasn’t a good one. And so despite a year ago back in 2015 we had the sequel, time to take another break although it is just a single OVA episode, Non Non Biyori Repeat OVA. You know the drill for this series.

Hotaru Had Fun
Winter is here. Hotaru takes her dog out as she makes a snowman, a slide and a little igloo before heading home. Later when Komari goes out to Hotaru’s place, she decides to take a shortcut. That is when she sees the snowman and gets shocked when it almost falls on her. This causes her to slide down and crash into the igloo. What a bad day. By the time she reaches Hotaru’s house, she is panicking about playing outside because it is dangerous! Spring is here. Hotaru visits Kaede’s shop. She panics into thinking how to start a conversation. Eventually she asks for cookies but Kaede doesn’t have any. It seems Hotaru had plans to bake some with her mom today. So Kaede takes a break to help make cookies with her. It’s a wonderful experience for Hotaru. Summer is here. But their summer break is almost over and the girls are doing homework. Komari isn’t getting much improvement and decides to take a nap. The rest then gets bored and wants to invite Komari to play a game with them. However she is still asleep and are in a dilemma to wake her up or let her sleep. Thinking she is having a bad dream, they decide to wake her up with a good dream. Using their influence to change her dream? This doesn’t sound good… From chocolate to lighting to fanning her, it seems they’re making things worse. When they think she is like flying away, they try to flap around to help her fly further. Success when they see her smile. But when she wakes up, she is puzzled what the heck they are holding those items. Autumn is here. The girls go out to the forest to collect berries to eat. Komari seems to have the bad luck of being ‘attacked’ by a flying squirrel. She thinks it is the enemy. When they have collected a bunch, the flying squirrel again ‘attacks’ Komari. This time it steals her berries. Panic mode. After alerting the others, they follow the flying squirrel to its nest and they see it feeding its offspring. Aww, how cute. Instantly they are no longer the enemies. They eat nearby as they watch the family eat from the offerings they leave behind.

Fun Throughout The Seasons
By now you would have realized that the charm of this series is its simplicity. Because of that and how we have built up this perception, we would never come to think of it is boring and ordinary. This OVA doesn’t break away from the usual formula of seeing our usual bunch of girls doing fun things in the simplest way. Fans of the series would continue to love how adorable everyone is (especially Komari who is the staple panicky member of the group and Renge the innocent cutie) while others not familiar with this series won’t be even sure what they are watching. This series is a reminder that despite the lack of technological advances, kids can still have fun in the most simplest of ways. So are we ready to ditch the internet for this simple life? I don’t think so… Anonymously trolling others on the internet can be so super fun sometimes ;p.

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