Masou Gakuen HxH

February 25, 2017

Remember all those ecchi anime series whereby you need some sort of sexual power and virginity power to power up your partner or team so that you can fight the enemy better? I know it sounds silly, outrageous and ridiculous like as though it is targeted for horny virgin otaku guys (it is) but what the heck, right? Now you can add another of that silly ecchi entertainment to that list. Guys, I present to you Masou Gakuen HxH. Just think of Infinite Stratos mashed up with Shinmai Maou No Testament. Don’t think. Don’t use your head (at least not the right one). All you need to know is that our main protagonist has this sort of special ability that makes us virgin guys raging with jealousy because he can pleasure a woman and make them climax! All the time! Sure, this is to increase their power to fight invading aliens, blah, blah, blah. But you know what? Who cares about all that when we can get our borderline hentai material and still pass it off as anime without the danger of it falling into pure hentai category. Get ready your best fapping hand!

Episode 1
We’re starting off with a sex scene in a love hotel! Woot! Kizuna Hida is molesting Hayuru Himekawa like a pro. She claims not to like it and this is part of her job. Part of her job? You mean she is a prostitute?! Jokes aside, once he is done with her, her Heart Hybrid charges up and they are able to go back out to help Yurishia Farandole fight the enemy. Before they can fight, Aine Chidorigafuchi quickly takes Kizuna back in the room. Despite her Hybrid Count is still high, something tells me that she isn’t doing this to power up further and change the course of the battle… Just shut up and f*ck her! Time to go back in time where Kizuna arrived at the island academy of Ataraxia where they train students to fight enemy invaders. He needs to get his ass to the HQ since her whiny sister, Reiri always gets what she wants. But he gets lost and stumbles into Aine. She might look hot but her personality is crap. She thinks she is superior and spews sarcasm all over him. If Kizuna wasn’t a nice guy, he would’ve raped her! Just kidding. Suddenly the alert is sound. The enemy is here. Aine is the one stripping in front of him into her scantily clad pilot suit and she calls him a pervert for peeping?! Kizuna watches Aine kick ass with her absurd techniques. Explosions everywhere! Aine sees the flagship and thinks she can take it on herself. Too bad her Hybrid Count is low. She gets owned and crashes down. Luckily Kizuna catches her. Panic on what to do, don’t worry, Reiri will guide our virgin boy. First, fondle her boobs gently but crazily. Wait. WHAT?! Just shut up and do it! Then softly caress her body and spread open her legs. Plant your face in her crotch too. Aine is now conscious and quite embarrassed in this state. Reiri gives the cue for him to go all-out crazy and fondle her melons! There’s a brief explanation on how this Heart Hybrid works but I don’t care. All I understand is fondling boobs powers you up! To show her thanks, Aine punches him for violating her body. Thanks for nothing. But she is so powerful that she destroys all the enemy by herself! More explosions! Heck, she doesn’t even need any backup. Though, the flagship escaped. Hayuru and Yurishia praise Aine for an excellent job. But Aine and Kizuna can’t help wonder what the f*ck happened. Sex almost happened, that is.

Episode 2
Reiri narrates the aliens called Entrance first invaded 15 years ago. Naturally the military was no match. Then they left just like that. Then 6 months ago, they came back again. With many of the world’s nations destroyed, the remaining population escaped to sea with oceanic Megafloats. Of course mankind has developed Heart Hybrid gears to fight back. She introduces Ataraxia’s ace team, Amaterasu consisting of Yurishia, Hayuru, Aine and Kizuna. Then she shows Kizuna as their trump card as well as footage of his fondling over Aine! OMFG! Is this porn footage?! Why is Hayuru the one getting mad at Kizuna? I’m sure nobody is listening how Reiri explains this will power up Heart Hybrid. So if they want to join Amaterasu, be prepared to be molested by Kizuna. Kizuna tries to clear his name but when the footage of him screaming out “Eros!” as his key word during Aine’s molestation, everyone thinks he is a pervert for real. It is about to get worse when Aine is in his bed and wants to begin. She wants you to f*ck her, that’s what I understand. Hayuru comes in wanting to apologize but upon seeing this lewd scene, all hell breaks loose. At the expense of his room. So in class naturally all the girls give him that look. Especially those b*tchy fan girls of Yurishia who want to protect their American onee-sama’s chastity. Kizuna is then brought by this loli, Sylvia Silkcut to go see Reiri at her lab. Reiri also introduces Kei Shikina who talks through her computer. Reiri gives him a special student handbook that contains detailed info about the Amaterasu girls and their Hybrid Count. His job is to perform sexual acts and restore their power (obviously it is faster this way instead of relying on natural recovery) and Sylvia’s job is to keep Reiri updated. Oh, Kizuna is also the captain of Amaterasu from today. Good luck.

Amaterasu is sent to recover some resources on an island. They split into teams. Yurishia talks to Kizuna and looks disappointed he doesn’t have any combat experience. Well, she’s America’s ace so she chalked up 300 enemy kills. Suddenly Entrance makes a surprise entrance (pun intended). With both sides trapped and communications not working, Yurishia tells Kizuna to go to the rest while she takes on them alone. I guess she has the worst luck since she encounters a super high class Entrance and her Hybrid Count drops to 4%! Fortunately Kizuna turns back to save her before she gets roasted. Accidentally he fondles her boobs and she starts feeling very good. Naturally she powers up greatly that not only she blasts away the Entrance but even changes the shape of the island. So can we attribute this power success to Kizuna’s sexual prowess? Hayuru and Aine are glad they are safe but upon seeing how close Yurishia is to him and how ‘satisfied’, while Hayuru is b*tching about it, Aine starts to feel jealous. Since when is he her property? Kizuna reports back to Reiri. They realize they have miscalculated the tides since Entrance can appear if there is enough land. I am guessing this is why everyone now lives at sea. Hey. I thought they could fly? When Kizuna returns to his room, Aine is already waiting and wants to start f*cking right now. Yurishia screws all that as she barges in, ignores her and prepares to get down and dirty with him. Girls, girls. Don’t fight over a single guy. I’m sure there is enough room for all of you to be f*cked. Haha! History repeats itself as Hayuru comes in to apologize but sees this harem tussle. Time to blow her top again. There goes his room again.

Episode 3
Everyone is impressed with Amaterasu girls’ training. Well then, it’s an excuse for Yurishia to take Kizuna out on a date to show her appreciation. After that he bumps into Hayuru. He hears her dream of wanting to make the lives of her fellow students as fun as possible. Without the sex part, that is. As usual she flusters and loses her balance. When he catches her, they resonate and this replenishes her Heart Hybrid. Does this mean Hayuru is also a pervert? Nearby they see Aine training alone. This leads to Kizuna trying to find out more about her from other girls but they know nothing. Eventually Aine finds out and, uhm, has him go out with her? So to atone for his actions he must perform Heart Hybrid with her?! WTF is this logic. But who cares, right?! He is trying to be modest but she sounds desperate for him to f*ck her here right in the park. She strips herself and she’s wearing just her undies! Because Aine seems down and ranting about not letting Yurishia and Hayuru beat her, Kizuna relents and starts fondling her. However he snaps out of it because he can’t do it with her when she has that face. Disappointed? Well, a call from Reiri to meet might be most welcomed to save him from this. She brings him to an experiment room that he still clearly remembers. It is where he got his core for Heart Hybrid installed. He did it all for his mom, Nayuta despite all the pain but I guess he didn’t get mommy’s love. Kizuna asks about Aine. She was found 7 years ago with no memories. They took her in and she became an experimental subject for Nayuta. Nothing but experiments. One day Nayuta disappeared without a trace or word. She is still missing to this day. They further show him footage of Nayuta doing a dangerous experiment by pushing a pilot to her limit with her Heart Hybrid. She died but Nayuta is satisfied with the data. It is revealed that if the Hybrid Count reaches zero, the pilot will die. Nobody knows this. Including the Amaterasu girls. As their captain she thought he should know. A reason to f*ck them more often? But Kizuna blows his top for allowing something this dangerous. Although this was only recently found out, what other choice do they have to fight Entrance? Reiri will carry this sin and burden to hell with her. That is why Kizuna is their last hope. Don’t think so much. All you need to do is just f*ck them. The day ends at least on a positive note with Sylvia making a nice dinner for him.

Episode 4
A new wave of Entrance attacks. Amaterasu sorties but Aine’s Hybrid Count is falling rapidly. She is trying to be a hero thinking she can still take them on but gets directly hit. Luckily Kizuna saves her and brings her back to base. She still wants to fight at this state despite knowing she is low on power? That’s when she starts ranting her useless existence. She doesn’t remember anything and is only here as a lab experiment. She reveals Nayuta told her she had a secret weapon called Immoral Weapon. But to bring this out, she must bring her Heart Hybrid to overcapacity. She tried all she could but to no avail. Till Kizuna showed up. Aine tried to research on what guys like and even on the dirty stuffs but as we have all seen, they ended in failure, right? All this worthless trash talk makes Kizuna mad as he scolds her back for degrading herself. If you think you don’t have any special talents, all you need to do is find one! But Aine is dropping further in despair since she is still weak now. Kizuna explains he was also a lab experiment under Nayuta. But one day a better specimen came (Aine) and mom tossed him aside. He was depressed too but Reiri gave him hope by telling him a person’s value isn’t decided by their abilities but by the way they lived. They might not know what lies ahead in life for them but let’s find out together. Let’s start over. I guess Aine took this excuse to mean that it is time to f*ck her. And so it begins, Kizuna molesting her body. You know how good he is when not only she powers up but wants more! As explained by Kei, this is a side effect of Heart Hybrid. In short, it makes them horny. WTF. But it can be very powerful if used to its utmost potential: Climax Hybrid. Eh, that’s not another sexual term, isn’t it? So we’ve got a full minute of them making out! OMG! Hentai scene?! Okay, time to bust out before your sexual energy destroys the room. Aine goes out in time to save Yurishia and Hayuru. Her Immoral Weapon is activated and it blasts away the entire Entrance fleet! WOW! This is the power of sex, baby! After the party, Aine thanks Kizuna because that sex romp also helped retrieve some memories. A beautiful natural landscape, a huge city with tall buildings and a complicated clock mechanism. Is this an excuse to ask more sex from Kizuna?! Oh yeah! For the memories! On a serious note, Kei shows Reiri footage of Entrance’s fleet. They are shocked to see humans among them and wearing something similar to Heart Hybrid.

Episode 5
Kizuna is happy it is time to soak in the hotspring. You know there will always be someone there first, right? Yeah, it’s Hayuru. You can guess what happens next. They find out this ‘arrangement’ was all Reiri’s fault. She noticed they made no progress together and set this up. I mean, she is the only one who hasn’t made out with him. So how is her Hybrid Count? Later Reiri and Kei show Kizuna their technological development put into good use: A virtual simulator room called Love Room! Oh yeah! Next step of advanced VR! Since Reiri wants to test how effective it is, she wants Kizuna to test it out now. Read: Go find someone to f*ck right now! So Kizuna brings in Yurishia. At first surprised, then they get into some deep BDSM play! It turns her on. A satisfied customer. Well good news, at least the technology works. Of course it will be hard to directly ask Hayuru to just do this with her. Later Reiri tells Amaterasu that there is a mysterious radio signal detected on Guam. Friend or foe, they are to check it out. On the devastated island, they thought this chick is a survivor but with that skimpy outfit and badass attitude, I can tell she is a baddie. Aldea introduces she is from the Empire of Batlantis. Where’s that? What kind of country is that? That is what you humans call as Entrance. And no, it is not an underwater city full of Batman! She wants to take their cores but would like to have fun with them too. Kizuna is surprised to see she too has Hybrid Heart although she claims this is Batlantis’ Magitech Armour technology. No matter how much they fight, they cannot best her. When a certain triple headed dragon Entrance enters the scene, Hayuru goes crazy and tries to desperately take it out. Not working. Kizuna knows they are no match for now and orders a retreat. Aldea would like to play longer with them but her energy is running low too.

Episode 6
As they analyze the footage, Hayuru wants to go back and destroy them. Reiri disagrees since they have got a lot of data. Hayuru is disappointed with everyone. Later when Kizuna tries to find her and couldn’t, he realizes she has fled herself. Indeed she has gone back to Guam and attacks Aldea, though what she wants is that dragon. Aldea traps her in some cube that could break her bones. Luckily Amaterasu is here to save her. When Aldea learns about Aine, she is reluctant to fight them anymore and sends out that dragon to deal with them. There it is. Conveniently, Reiri uses a helicopter to drop Love Room so they can have a f*cking fighting chance. Man, this room is also portable. Too late for Hayuru to feel guilty for causing everyone problems. I guess a cue for a short flashback why she hates that Entrance. During the second attack, her mission was to escort people to evacuate on the Megafloat. That dragon attacked and everyone died. She couldn’t do a thing. She felt remorseful that after being named Japan’s best, she became arrogant. I’m sure Kizuna has nice motivating things to say to her but can we cut the chatter and not waste time? Let’s get to the f*cking!!! Don’t worry if you feel your breasts are inferior to Aine or Yurishia. Because Kizuna loves them all! If you have cat fetish, you’ll love this even more because Hayuru is transformed into a cat girl for Kizuna’s hentai molestation. Once she reaches Climax Hybrid, she is now in a scantily clad samurai armour and able to pull out this sword, Gladius to slay the dragon. The after effect of this Climax Hybrid also has Kizuna pulling out his own sword. Everyone corners Aldea but she is having fun. Then the giant Megafloat of West USA arrives for backup. You think Aldea has her own backup of Entrance fleets. But it seems her commander, Grabel is not too pleased she broke orders and is here to get her back. Come back now or else. After Entrance left, Amaterasu meet their West USA counterparts, Masters. Yurishia knows Scarlet Fairchild but the latter seems to hate her. A lot.

Episode 7
When Grabel learns about Aine and her Hybrid Heart, they hatch a plan not to tell the higher ups. Since America and Japan are going to have a joint operation, Scarlet and co are naturally transferred onboard as she introduces her other friends, Gertrude Baird and Sharon Cunningham. Scarlet is flirting with Kizuna and it looks like she is trying to spite Yurishia. Girls fighting over a guy. Normal. In a harem anime. So the only way to do this is to fight each other via video games. They are more or less even in every game. I don’t know how it turned into a swimsuit battle but they even picked the same swimsuit! Scarlet gives Yurishia the slip (in both senses) and hides in a changing room with Kizuna. She is interested in this Heart Hybrid thingy. Before you know it, her seduction has her land on top of him in an ambiguous position. Wow. She is really feeling it. Later Kizuna talks to Scarlet and knows they are friends. Because their rhythms are in sync and even have the same taste in fashion. Scarlet disagrees and points out Yurishia is a horrible person. She recalls a mission to fight a super Entrance. Scarlet’s team was out there facing it first. It was then all a ploy for them to wear it down so Yurishia could destroy it and take the credits. Kizuna doesn’t believe Yurishia is such a person but if Yurishia doesn’t confirm or deny… Suddenly we take a detour by watching some yuri sex action between Grabel and Aldea! WTF?! But we love it. Aine is pretty frustrated trying to find an identity of her past but always hit a road block. It is understandable she is agitated. Then the alarm goes off. It is not a fleet of Entrance but only Grabel. She is here to negotiate but the American side can’t wait and fires. She takes it as negotiations failed and fights back. All of them get owned. Massive destruction. When Scarlet arrives and sees her defeated pals, she too fires back in rage. What’s with these Americans of shoot first, ask later? Naturally, Kizuna has to block a powerful shot or else Scarlet would’ve been burnt to crisp. It injures Kizuna. Too late to feel guilty over your stupid move. Amaterasu fights but none come close and are wiped out. Grabel turns her attention to Aine. If she wants to know more about herself, come with her. Kizuna issues a stern warning not to touch his babe. In good timing, Grabel has run out of energy and escapes. I guess I can say why today’s battle was lost: Because nobody got f*cked! Haha!

Episode 8
A week later, Kizuna is back and everyone is so glad. The ‘goods’ aren’t damaged, right? Reiri briefs their next mission to retake Tokyo. But first they have to close an Entrance portal at Okinawa which is being guarded by Grabel. As they need a more powerful and new kind of Hybrid to defeat her, from what I understand from all that mumbo-jumbo: Orgy!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!! Kizuna doesn’t hesitate to choose Yurishia and Scarlet first. Scarlet is nervous at first but she’ll get used to it. So after all that foreplay is done, it’s time to move on to the next stage. Wink, wink. After taking off their bikinis, Kizuna shows footage of times of Yurishia and Scarlet together. Kizuna knows Yurishia didn’t know that Entrance was going to show up. Yurishia admits that on the day Entrance attacked their city, she was afraid Scarlet’s misfiring will cause casualties in the city and lied about an Entrance appearing elsewhere while she took out the ones in the city. Little did she know that an Entrance actually appeared there. Although Yurishia did claim credit for it, if you think about it now, Yurishia had to fight an army of Entrance at the city and then rush to destroy that super Entrance. An amazing feat, no? Now that both of them have reconciled, can we get back to f*cking and ‘attacking’ Kizuna? Oh yeah! Orgy in the works that includes the 69 position and choosing which boobs. Screw that option because he’ll take all of them! The orgy is a success as they head off for the mission. Yurishia is able to use her Immoral Weapon and fire back. Aldea uses herself to protect Grabel from the powerful shot. It’s time for Grabel to get mad and serious over this. She takes out her ultimate weapon, Sword Gatling and makes everyone work hard. It’s all up to Kizuna now. He needs a powerful firepower to defeat and thinks up of all the guns he can to shoot back at her. What is he? Carrying an arsenal of military weapons?! It’s enough to send Grabel crashing down to defeat. She admits her loss but escapes with Aldea. The payback will be real next time. She also warns Aine she will be hers next time. With the Entrance gate at Okinawa closed, everyone celebrates their victory. Except for Aine who keeps thinking who the heck is herself.

Episode 9
A group of boys are attending Kizuna’s lecture. Wait a minute. He is giving some food schedule presentation? Are you f*cking kidding me?! That’s not why they are here. Show us the real stuffs! Kizuna relents and shows 3D models of the babes. Now this is what we’re talking about! I’m sure they don’t understand a thing he says about understanding a woman but they sure hell enjoy it. Even more so when he shows footage of him f*cking Hayuru! Too bad it has to be cut short when Hayuru blasts the entire class. Seems Ataraxia is having a cultural festival. One last fun before the final battle? The Amaterasu girls are supposed to perform a concert tonight but Aine is missing. Kizuna goes to help look for her and has Sylvia stand in as replacement while they rehearse. The funniest thing during his find is when he enters the haunted house, all the girls are the ghosts. When they see Kizuna, they realize he is the perverted monster and run away! It’s like he is the scariest thing. Meanwhile Grabel is being punished for being a traitor. Uhm, molesting is part of the torture. Oh yeah. I don’t mind. Until the painful whipping and brainwashing from Zelshione. Grabel hopes Aldea will come rescue her but unfortunately she is now a love slave. Zelshione orders everyone to attack Earth and retrieve Aine’s Heart Hybrid even if it means killing humans. The concert has just begun and Kizuna finds Aine sitting alone in a classroom. This is where you’ve been? Something is bugging her. Remember each time they do Heart Hybrid and she gets pieces of her memories back? Well it seems she tried to research them and realized these things she saw cannot be found on Earth. You know what this means, right? Thus she is afraid to do Heart Hybrid with him as she fears the more she remembers, the more she will not stay herself. Kizuna assures she will. And thus an excuse for them to f*ck! Gotta do it since her Hybrid Count is low. It was wonderful, right? Not exactly. More memories retrieved and this only brings Aine to despair. The worst sex ever? Once the concert is done, Reiri calls Amaterasu for an emergency sortie. The enemy fleet has appeared and they are to engage them. What surprises everyone isn’t the big battleship. But they see Nayuta on it! How can they spot a tiny human there?!

Episode 10
Son confronts mother. Lots of questions need to be answered. All Nayuta can say is that she is at Batlantis to continue her unfinished research (that’s why she didn’t need Kizuna anymore). He is about to bring her back home but she is just a hologram. She is here to relay him a message to come to Tokyo if he wants to see her. Kizuna and co can’t stay longer or else they’ll be attacked by a loli in a mecha, Ragres. Whatever. But Entrance too won’t attack since this is part of Nayuta’s plan just to relay them the message. Back at base, Reiri and Kei has concluded that all the mysterious data they got from Kizuna’s ability to restore Hybrid Counts are from Nayuta. Only a genius like her can make this happen. Thus this Tokyo trip is a setup. Even if this is a trap, they must go face her for better or worse. Reiri talks to Kizuna that he needs to recruit another member for Amaterasu since this mission they need all the help they can get. The first person he could think of? Sylvia! The first thing I thought? Loli sex!!!!!!! OMG! They’re really pushing it! He talks to her and reminds her about the risks. However Sylvia took this as an insult and thinks he doesn’t want her on his team. After talking to her blah, blah, blah, it’s time to do it. First he needs to install the core. Hmm… The thought of f*cking a loli must be sinking in real quick, huh? Even more so when he comments on Sylvia’s beautiful loli body. Lolicon! Too bad the sex part was cut out but Sylvia’s face tells us he was the master of pleasure. Then Kizuna goes to talk to Aine. They need to f*ck since her Hybrid Count is low. However she becomes her arrogant self and everything. She’s fine, she says. But Kizuna knows despite all that tough talk, she is just putting up a strong front. No matter how stubborn she is, Aine is still a cry-baby girl. The mission to Tokyo is about to begin but Entrance strikes first via underwater units. Scarlet and her Masters take care of them so Amaterasu (minus Sylvia) could head to land. Kizuna keeps low to avoid fighting Entrance. He takes the abandoned subway and when he comes out, he is shocked he is back in Tokyo like how it was, teeming with life and people.

Episode 11
Oh, look who’s here too. Nayuta. What’s the meaning of this? She points out this is all an illusion. Tokyo is devastated as everyone knows. The illusions are created via magic. It seems those who remained and never evacuated became fodder for their life force to be harvested and sent back to Batlantis. Thus Tokyo is a huge harvesting plant and the ultimate plan is to make the world one. Kizuna is mad at mom for looking at people’s life as experimental subjects. He demands her to tell a way to remove the girls’ Heart Hybrid. Impossible. No way. Heart Hybrid is a mysterious artefact and she just used its core. Kizuna couldn’t be madder. He snaps. Wow. We never see him get this angry and the first person he does it to is his mom? Oh yeah. She was never a good mom to begin with. He is going to attack her but finds company in Ragres. Not wanting the people of Tokyo to get caught in this, he flies to a deserted place. He also calls in his Amaterasu girls as backup. However they are no match for Ragres. But here comes another mecha to save them. Who is it? Sylvia in her Heart Hybrid! Time for the battle between 2 mad screaming lolis to hard hit each other with hard punches. Yeah, what has the world gone to? Obviously Ragres lost but instead of accepting this humiliation, she would rather kill herself and take everyone with her. This means her mecha becomes a great big giant fireball and its radius is expanding quickly! How to save everything? Leave it to Sylvia! WTF is this Chopin’s Nocturne classical piano piece playing the background?! Why does it sound like she is sacrificing herself?! Sylvia uses her Immoral Weapon, which is some giant goddess to absorb the blast. Thankfully, she still lives. Nayuta is happy with the data she collected. But more enemy reinforcements are on the way. And everyone is having low Hybrid Count. Remember the potable Love Room? Here it comes! Time to get f*cking! Start with the lowest Hybrid Count first. That’s you Hayuru. The others are to provide backup till their turn. But Aine can’t help feel jealous and not focus on her fight. All she can think of is Kizuna f*cking another woman. Meanwhile Masters have felt the ultimate pleasure from Zelshione. This woman is good too in finding their pleasure spots. It took a while for Hayuru to be done (enjoying it?) and once she is over, Aine quickly turns to Kizuna. F*ck her now! Despite her Hybrid Count is still high, she wants to bring out her Immoral Weapon to change the tide. Don’t worry. She’ll still remain who she is.

Episode 12
So let me guess. Kizuna chooses a classroom setting to make out because Aine must be quiet while he gropes her or else risk everyone noticing their unholy act? WTF?! Porn setting! Once her embarrassment level increases, Kizuna changes the location to the hall. Because Aine needs to go to the toilet as she is maximum nervous. What better way to give everyone a free show on her achieving Climax Hybrid. This sends Aine deep into the recess of her mind. She sees a light believed to be her Immoral Weapon. However those past memories still haunt her. The process fails as she returns to consciousness. Perhaps they took too long because the other Amaterasu girls have been done in by Zelshione. They are all reliving their traumas in their mind. When Aine won’t tell Zelshione about her core (not that she even knows anything about it), Zelshione sends Aine into her own mind trap. You bet Kizuna is mad (only second to snapping at his mom) as he fights Zelshione to bring Aine back. Aine follows her younger self as she takes her to the core. She learns her core wasn’t installed by Nayuta but already there when she found her. Aine also realizes Kizuna has always been protecting her. Just that she got scared and ran away. She is also warned that going in here means never getting back out.

Kizuna gets whipped by Zelshione. Before you can say it is his defeat, somehow the other girls telepathically connect with Kizuna’s mind to give him strength. This allows him to climax and increase his Hybrid Count to over maximum and unleash a new powerful Heart Hybrid. Wait a minute. He powered up without touching and physical contact? So if he did not masturbate, how the hell did he power up his perversion? According to Reiri, carnality between minds calling to one another as the ultimate form of love. In short, the mind is the dirtiest place. BS, right? But who cares?! Kizuna kicks her ass and because he pushed her this far, she mind controls Aine to kill him. Of course the real Aine is devastated her body is moving on its own. She doesn’t want this. She wants to touch Kizuna. She wants to hold him. She wants to feel him. Short of saying she wants to be f*cked by him. Though, she did say she wants to be one with him. That is why she is desperate to get that power as she opens the door to her core. You know she has a badass power up when not only her hair colour changes, but Zelshione is panicking like sh*t. Then by unleashing Code Breaker, Aine destroys everything that is Entrance and even seals their portal! Woah! And all the girls in nightmare land regain consciousness. What does Nayuta has to say after witnessing this? Good job. On to the next phase of the experiment. Just when you thought everybody will have a nice time watching the sunset together, here comes a new character! They’ve got the balls to do this in the last scene?! She calls Aine the princess of Batlantis and her big sister.

Sexual Healing
HOLY SH*T! How the f*ck does this kind of anime can get another damn season?! Oh, right. Masterpieces like this one should ALWAYS get another season! They are guaranteed to have viewers and people wanting to watch them. Because horny virgin otaku cherry boys can never have enough materials to fap to! Haha! But seriously. This is getting a sequel but not epic animes like Shingeki No Kyojin? Yeah, it proves that sex sells.

As you would have probably known way before the anime starts, the pull factor of this series is the lewd ecchi stuffs and all the male targeted fanservice. From an ecchi point of view, those delicious horny bits do not fall short of expectations. I mean, we all already know what kind of anime this is going to be, so why the hell not go all the way out? Therefore the only ‘redeeming quality’ this anime has is just its ecchi fanservice factor. Nothing else. Besides, isn’t that the only thing you’ll remember once this anime is long dusted and gone? I know the final episode tries to distract you from the fanservice with the over-the-top rushed battle but then you’ll remember why they’re actually fighting in skimpy outfits in the first place.

It is like the producers have mastered the art of being borderline hentai. All the ecchi move sets you see here can very much easily be a staple of any hentai anime. The only difference is that there is no penetration whatsoever. Well, females don’t really need to be penetrated and can climax even foreplay, right? I’m no sex expert but I feel that’s the case. Or Kizuna is just that bloody good. In view of that, you might noticed that over the course of my blog, I have been spamming the word sex and the characters being f*cked. Please not I am using the term very loosely. I’m just being overly sarcastic and exaggerating in my words since the scene itself is already tempting me to say such ;p. All you see are huge boobs, the way they get molested and groped, the way their bodies get molested and groped, and the most important part in which all men focus on during sex (at least according to porn survey) their sexually satisfied or being satisfied face and accompanied with that sexually satisfied or being satisfied moaning. Maybe you want to note down some of the positions and techniques seen here…

Aside the no penetration acts, another reason why this comes close to being hentai but not actually qualifying for one is the fact that they do not draw the vagina. Yes, that loophole. There are a handful of scenes in which the girls show us their frontal nudity. The bare tits are obviously visible for obvious reasons. But the crotch area is not drawn or shaded in some ways. No genitalia, not hentai. Enough said. Because if somebody is going to make an issue out of it, does this mean that ‘naked’ mannequins cannot be drawn in anime? So there you have it. The loophole everybody needs so that we can resort to such scenes without having the use of any cheesy censors and still get our load of ecchi fanservice. Because at the end of the day, our horny minds would automatically generate and ‘see’ the female anatomy in our minds. You don’t need to show and tell us what a vagina looks like. We all already know :-).

Having covered the delicious parts already, let’s move on to the other boring parts and make it somewhat quick. Starting off with the plot. You know that when you have a series that involves this kind of lewd healing and power up, everything else isn’t really going to make sense or matter. Not that we care anyway. We hardly know anything about the Entrance aliens or why they are invading our planet. Even if it is for that absurd reason of harvesting our life energy for power (or something this silly), it always go back to the original narrative for our main guy to pleasure his harem girls. That’s what this anime is about, right? So who cares about humans now living on giant Megafloats floating aimlessly over the seas. Who cares about Entrance invading and occupying our land. Who cares why the strangely named Batlantis are only filled with females (shouldn’t they have named it somewhere more on the lines of Amazon?). And how the f*ck can you transport and dump an entire Love Room which is filled with all the latest technology right smack in the middle of the battlefield without even damaging it the slightest? Because hell, it still works perfectly fine. Yeah, screw all that. Girls getting screwed and enjoying it seems more realistic.

Next we move on to the characters. Pretty typical and cliché everyone is. Like Kizuna, your typical male protagonist of a harem. He must be shown he is not a pervert and thus the reason he cares so much for his girls that he is willing to go the extra length to f*ck them. Oh wait. That just sounds so wrong. But it feels something like that. The only thing all we guys ever yearn to be from him is how he pleasures his women with ease. And they keep coming back for more! This might sound unrealistic but hey, it’s male fantasy after all. So I guess the reason why he snapped back at his mom because he was so disappointed finding out there is no way to cure the girls, he has a valid reason for that. Imagine having to f*ck them day and night and every time. Man, this guy is getting tired of it! They’re going to zap this guy’s energy and you’ll wonder how long more he can last. They’ll suck him dry. No wonder he wants to ‘save’ them!

Sure, I did say that every man would love to pleasure their woman like he does forever. But there is a limit to how long you can do it. The first few times are exciting and fun. Then it just gets tiring. Unless you’re a sex maniac, that’s a different story. No wonder Kizuna wants out. Imagine again if he has to f*ck the entire academy of girls! It’s nonstop madness, I tell you! I know, you’re going to say there are other guys. But they’re not as good, my guts tell me. If you’re going to be violated by the guy, the one whom everybody nicknamed the erotic demon, might as well be done in by the best. After all, even his name which means ‘bond’ could suggest why he is such a damn good sex machine. But if they overwork him, he might just change his name to Kizu which means hurt! Ouch! Haha! Therefore to say that there is romance in this anime is very misleading. Because Kizuna isn’t just doing it to date them (he claims he is saving them) and ultimately win their heart. It’s not like they’re going to end up as official couples in the near future. It’s not sex for love. It is just pure blatant sex for the sake of sex (or mission, duty, job, work, whatever you want to call it).

Then the rest of his girls in Amaterasu are also some sort of stereotypes and cliché. To sum them up generally in a short sentence: They’re all sluts! Haha! Oops… Hmm… Them asking Kizuna for sex feels like girls just wanna have fun? Like Yurishia as an American, she must be seen as being open minded to sex and dirty stuffs because Japanese stereotype of the western people. That is why Hayuru as the Japanese counterpart is seen like a tsundere and the need to have that ‘Japanese honour’. She screams and reprimands each time she sees something she believes to be lewd just to remind us she is not a sleazy slut. And when she does get down and dirty with Kizuna, she constantly reminds us (despite it is hard to hide all that embarrassment) that this is for her mission, duty, job, work, etc. Then we have Aine who tries to hide her weakness by acting tough and exaggerating that she is the best in the world. No, the universe! Unlike Yurishia, she is bolder to ask Kizuna for sex (Yurishia isn’t forceful). At first it might be for her to retrieve her memories and power up but the way she does it feels as though she is hard up for it. I guess somebody needs to remind us viewers that some girls do want to get f*cked after all. Oh wait. That doesn’t sound right… Ironically she starts to change the more she remembers. From someone arrogant to someone brooding but still stubborn nevertheless. And it reached a point where being f*cked is no longer pleasurable. Oh dear. Is Kizuna’s 100% record of pleasuring all his women in danger? Perhaps just a reminder to all men that this is what reality looks like. We think we could pleasure our woman but instead she turns out crying and traumatized. And why am I not surprised that she is supposed to be the princess of Batlantis?

Last but not least, the youngest member of Amaterasu, Sylvia. Honestly, her character doesn’t do much and could actually be done without. But since she is recruited in the final arc, it is as though her character is like staying in reserve until the need arises. So we’ve got typical hetero teen sex to orgy sex and yuri sex. Now loli sex too? Man, this is really pushing it. So when will we have incest or sisterly sex? Yikes! I don’t think Reiri is the kind of woman who will let his brother inside her pants. She’ll kick him in the nut or something. She is more of the dominating type. Kei feels more like a lab assistant there to show that Reiri isn’t just pulling all the stuffs by herself. There needs to be somebody like an intelligent scientist to make sure this series doesn’t look like every female is a slut. It’s no wonder she is not on the cover of the promotional poster. Yeah, you can’t fit in secondary supporting characters. No space. Thank goodness no BL yaoi gay sex…

My only comment for Nayuta is that she is a scientist first and everything else (mother, woman, human being, etc) second or last. She enjoys experimenting so much that she doesn’t mind seeing her own race hurtle towards doom as she switches side easily. We might not know the true story of her side. My guts tell me there is something more than meets the eye. Or maybe I am just over thinking. Zelshione, Grabel and Aldea feel like busty badass female bosses since they feel somewhat shallow. That is why when they lost, we don’t really care about them or their fate. Maybe among them is the real final boss? After all Zelshione has got lots of weird love slaves. Or maybe Nayuta could be that final boss. The one you least expected it. Aine’s princess sister? My guts tell me that she might look menacing and dangerous in those 2 seconds. However I’m speculating she might turn out to be a klutz and onee-sama-loving imouto.

Personally, somehow I feel that the action bits are a distraction to the fanservice ones. It is a reason to give why the girls need to get f*cked so in return they could power up and fight the enemy. No, not the fanservice bits are the distraction. Remember, the fanservice bits are the main dish. Sure, the mecha fighting scenes take up as much screen time as the extreme molestation/groping scenes but you don’t really see them do any sort of special moves unless they pull out their Immoral Weapon. And that itself lasts for a short while. But they really do it with a bang. Meaning, lots of big beams and explosions. There are a few terms too but I guess they’re not very heavily and so complicatedly sci-fi induced that it will make your head spin. Wait a minute. You’re telling me that HxH in the title stands for Hybrid x Heart?! You mean it is not Hentai x Hentai?! Oh, right. It is stated there in its original Japanese title.

The art and drawing are a mixed baggage. In certain areas it looks acceptable especially the fanservice bits. But of course, right? But other than that, sometimes the quality feels inconsistent. Sometimes the background looks good with details but at other times the animation might just be plain and lacking. Do I need to even start with the scantily clad body suits that the girls have to wear? Why do all girls in such genres have to wear skimpy outfits? Is there an unwritten rule somewhere? Yes, it is for fanservice. It is easier to turn us on compared to one in a full black leather catsuit. After all, as far as this anime is concerned, whatever damage they receive can be sexually healed and recovered, right?! The design of the weapons, they look sci-fi-like with some are looking majestic in an exaggerative way. After all, you can’t just have ‘big guns’ in bed, right? CGI is used for the Entrance monsters. Some look okay but the rest look like meh. Oh, did I mention their animation look stiff? But then again, we’re not here to look and be awed at the alien technology, right? Want more lewd illustrations? The end card at the end of every episode illustrated by different people should serve as desserts.

I didn’t notice the voice acting because I was engrossed laughing with the fanservice bits (really!) and furthermore, I recognized none of the seiyuus here. I mean, if you really want to commend the ‘great voice acting’, it would be mainly for those sexual moaning, right? For the record, they are Kenji Akabane as Kizuna (Arashi in Triage X), Akari Kageyama as Aine (Ebina in Himouto! Umaru-chan), Chinatsu Akasaki as Yurishia (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby), Juri Nagatsuma as Hayuru (Priscilla in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Hina Kino as Sylvia (Misato in Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi), Rika Kinugawa as Reiri (Liddy in Hundred), Iori Nomizu as Kei (Nymph in Sora No Otoshimono), Shizuka Ishigami as Scarlet (Renge in Kyoukai No Rinne), Mei Satosaki as Nayuta (debut role), Yuu Asakawa as Zelshione (Leone in Akame Ga Kill), Rumi Ookubo as Grabel (Hibachi in Mushibugyou) and Natsumi Yamada as Aldea (Lam in Yuushibu).

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Iori Nomizu. I guess this is a reason why her character doesn’t speak with her normal voice in the anime. So that she could save it and sing the songs? Long ago, I had established that Iori Nomizu wasn’t a good singer since some of her earlier anime theme songs she sung were off key. But the last few times I heard her, she was quite acceptable. Either she has improved over the years or I might have just got used to her singing style. Anyway, the opener, Miele Paradiso is one of those rock based songs fitting the seemingly mecha action that you’ll mostly see in the opening credits animation. The ending theme, Chi is also a rock outfit but with the synthesizer effects, it makes the song sound weird. Especially when they mix in some disco ball lighting effect in the ending credits animation. I didn’t notice the background music except for this one that sounds like some sort of hardcore punk rock music. It’s weird (and somewhat fun) hearing it here in some scenes because hearing this heavy electric guitar music feels like you’re in some extreme motocross or monster truck racing derby. Seriously.

Next time you have second thoughts about having sex, even though it doesn’t give you great powers as shown in this series, but at least studies has shown you can lose some calories and weight with such great ‘workout’. Therefore in this anime, it makes no sense that when a guy wants to f*ck his girl, she cannot give an excuse that she is too tired because hell, sex gives you more energy! That is what you call sexual energy. And logically if you go by this anime, does it mean it will be more permissible to grope and f*ck a girl when aliens invade? Because no courts for sexual harassment lawsuits too…

Overall, what else can I say? You know why you’re here watching this anime. And possibly its next season. It goes to show that despite how sleazy and corrupt it is, there will always be demand for this kind of shows. Mediocre story, mediocre mecha action, mediocre characters all overshadowed by big tits and sex scenes. If you don’t want to feel guilty and resort to have to watch real porn but still need to relief yourself in some horny way, this series should do the trick till you realize you’re better off jerking off to real porn. Either way, you can always count on such immoral screenings to be there when you need them the most in your hour of ‘need’. Where else can you find horny girls, girls who just wanna have fun?

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