Show By Rock S2

March 25, 2017

I didn’t expect this series to actually have another season. I would have been in a lot more shock had not that short special a season before this premiered on the air. Uh huh. You could say it cushioned the ‘shock’. So when Show By Rock S2 came out, I wasn’t like going crazy of not anticipating it and then start to search in a frenzy all over Google if I was dreaming or there had been a mistake. Well, with or without that short preview season, I would still watch this because of my dumb policy to watch sequels if a series is not very bad in the first place. After all, we’ve seen these rocking band of furries save the music world with music. What else can they come up with? An intergalactic alien trying to destroy music and rule the cosmos? Oh wait…

Episode 1
A space villainess and her huge space army fire a hug plasma energy into Planet Sound and destroying Midi City in the process. The Ninjinriot heroes feel the only way to stop her is to go back in time. In present day, Maple tells Plasmagica (minus Cyan because she has gone home) about the upcoming commemorative concert. If you’re wondering why Criticrista is hanging out with them, it’s because Maple has taken the band under BRR’s wings. Yes, Rosia is still an annoying b*tch our Plasmagica girls hate. The guys of Shingan Crimsonz beat up Maple after they think he forgot all about them. He remembers there is a concert for them this weekend by BRR. Shingan Crimsonz does the opening gig before Plasmagica takes their turn. But before they could start, the entire area is being hijacked! Who are these mean chicks?! Oh wait. Isn’t that sperm blob on her shoulder… Dagger!!! What did I tell you last time if they don’t properly take care of him? Now he is back thanks to these girls reviving him (Rosia is going to have some serious trauma). To celebrate his return, he will take the Melodisian Stone from those who did this to him. Luckily he is interrupted when our future heroes arrive in time. Not wanting to waste time fighting, the baddies flee. Ninjinroit introduces themselves. They are Arashi, Rin and Oboro. From the future, they are here to stop the schemes of Planet Victorian’s leader, Queen of Darkness whom they suspect is that mean chicks’ vocalist. In the future, Midi City is destroyed as part of her plans to annihilate music by turning all Melodisian Stones dark and use that energy to take over Sound Galaxy. They will continue their investigations to expose the Queen of Darkness’ identity and hope these bands can help them fight against her and Dagger. Meanwhile Cyan has her own problems. She has not written a song for the school festival. Yeah, writing a new song is tough. As he gazes upon the stars and sing, not sure if her singing was so good (it wasn’t) that it attracted a comet as it smashes into her! Good thing she is alive but she freaks out seeing a giant robot in her room. Then she gets absorbed into it. Does this seem familiar? Yeah, we all know where she’ll be going.

Episode 2
The robot crashes into BRR’s building. Everyone is so glad Cyan is back. Miss you. Cyan has heard the gist of what is going on from the robot, Kamui who is also part of Ninjinriot. Kamui wants to take his leave but Maple wants him to bear the repair cost. Sorry, gotta go. While Plasmagica is back as a whole and planning on their next step, Moa suddenly gets an urgent call to come home. She has failed to submit her periodical reports and is summoned back. Oh no! Chuchu suggests everyone comes along, much to Moa’s delight. I guess this means Maple and Angelica are coming too. Moa explains her planet experienced economic boom but never thought about their energy source until it is running low. That is why they have sent investigators all over the galaxy to find energy. The gang meet Moa’s parents, the king and queen. So Moa is a royalty princess?! Never knew, eh? Oh, while mom is a hot mama, dad looks like an egg. What a weird combo… Like as though he is Maple’s long lost relative… Anyway they are thrown a nice banquet complete with delicious food (don’t judge the looks) and ‘unique’ traditional music (it sucks). Next day, Moa is summoned by the committee to explain herself. They are planning to strip her rank for not fulfilling her duties so she argues that this band thingy can solve their energy woes. This means Plasmagica is putting up a concert to demonstrate. At first nothing happens but a gentle reminder from Cyan that they need to enjoy themselves, it doesn’t take too long before energy comes bursting and lighting up everything. With that, Moa’s work is recognized and now allowed to continue her stay at Midi City. The king hopes they can broadcast some of the music to them. He heard they are building a music theme park, Puru Land and if so, they would like to help fund the construction costs in return. Angelica right away makes contact with the person in charge. Done deal. An emotional goodbye for Moa when she parts with her parents. But on the journey back, some bug monster mom gave her as present escaped its cage. Oh no. Looks like it wants egg for its next meal…

Episode 3
Sweet Sweets Girls Fes is a candy-cum-music festival for all girl bands to sell sweets and perform. If Plasmagica is in, I guess this mean Criticrista is going to be there too. The annoyance is still strong… Later Rosia talks to Cyan privately and thanks her for saving her. Since she is still prideful, she vows to be stronger next time to save her. Chuchu rallies her band mates to make sweets. Unfortunately none of them have baking experience so it is up to her to teach the basics. After bloopers and failures, they finally get it right. At the festival, Chuchu is overwhelmed with all the amazing sweets that the stalls are selling. However she starts to worry that everybody’s sweets are superior to theirs. Her worst fears come true when all the stalls have their sweets sold out. Even Marimari and Tsugihagi who aren’t part of a band and are just here to have fun, the free sweets they make for refreshments suddenly get mobbed by the crowd. Next thing you know, it’s all gone and they earn loads of cash! Chuchu goes into panic mode as she desperately tries to advertise her sweets. No takers. Cyan notices this and lets Chuchu take a bite to calm her down. You know what they say that desserts is the stressed spelled backwards. In no time, other people start to patron their stall and eventually their sweets are sold out too. Meanwhile, Shingan Crimsonz who thought they have been side-lined for too long is happy to get a gig. They didn’t realize they are to play villains at a children’s live sentai show. Sure, they’re mad but with Rom’s passionate persuasion, they get fired up to do their job. Oh no. Now they are rampaging the stage and scaring the children… Meanwhile a group of rich guys especially Orion are watching Shingan Crimsonz. They wonder why Orion is so infatuated with these poor guys with no money. Because it will be interesting to see what will happen when they get a taste of money. Oh yeah. Time to hatch their devilish plan…

Episode 4
Darudayu meets Grateful King relaxing on a sunny beach. She believes that according to a legend, peace will always be broken by someone who wants to ruin it. Therefore she is here to tell him TAM will be on a journey to find the legendary Melodisian Almaz, a high purity Melodisian Stone. Since they’ll be away, she wants him to take care of Midi City. He can’t say no despite already retired… There’s another event for all girl bands: The Sparkling Midicians Long Beach Water Sports Meet Full of Girls. What a long name to hide a swimsuit fanservice event… As the events is team based, the girls of the bands are randomly divided into teams. Retoree is not pleased she ended up in the same team as Rosia. The feeling is mutual, b*tch. Gracing the event is Trichronika broadcasting their performance in the middle of their Rainbow Galaxy Tour. As the games get on the way, Retoree feels she still isn’t good with crowds so she sits herself out in the storeroom. Rosia comes in looking for something and of course they get locked in. What to do but to sit around awkwardly till help arrives. If it ever arrives because nobody knows where they are. Inevitably they had to bring up the topic of Cyan. Rosia assures she isn’t interested in Cyan and will not steal her away as she is only interested in her talent. She is the only person she doesn’t want to lose to and whether she wins or lose, it helps her make her own music the best it can. When their band mates realize they are missing, they go in search of them before finding them trying to work together to get out. In the kibasen event, the duo work together perfectly to win the game and overall. Even enemies can be best friends. Like in shonen series, right? Meanwhile a group of Myumon students are trying hard to catch up on their tardiness to meet up with Ogasawara for a karaoke session?

Episode 5
Those rich guys are actually from a new band under the record label company, Judas. They are Arcareafact (comprising of Orion, Titan, Argon and Selen) and have usurped Trichronika for the top spot. So rich they are that they drop money on the streets and parachute down just to taunt Shingan Crimsonz in their face. Naturally, Maple relays the news there is going to be a battle of the bands between Shingan Crimsonz and Arcareafact. Meanwhile Dagger wants Ailane (alleged Queen of Darkness) to continue to dye all Melodisian Stones with darkness with the music of Bud Virgin Logic (BVL). His true resurrection will occur when Puru Land finishes and he will have his revenge on Plasmagica. Ailane’s subordinates, Peipain and Hundreko wonder if they can trust Dagger. Ailane doesn’t care about hope and dreams. She’ll send everyone to hell! At the battle of the bands, Shingan Crimsonz sings first followed by Arcareafact who in their usual fashion drop free money to the audiences! In the end they won by a huge margin! Crow and the rest are bitter in this defeat and believe they have bribed their way to victory. However Rom punches him and says a loss is a loss even it is dishonest. The only way is to start from scratch and perform in a way to reverse it. The Arcareafact guys are basking in their rich victory party. However Titan isn’t in the mood and leaves. He makes his way to a secret underground sewer to spend time with his little brothers, Balt and Nickel. It seems their family was rich too but their father’s business failed and everything was taken away. Plasmagica did some research and found Arcareafact had cheated. They want to relay this news but see Shingan Crimsonz eating their heart out and putting all that behind them. I guess there is no need to tell. Dagger then makes a personal broadcast to BRR and declare his war against Plasmagica.

Episode 6
Dagger will have Plasmagica in a battle of the bands against BVL. Rosia recognizes Ailane as she is the new transfer student in her school. She tries to peek into her clubroom but is caught red handed. Rosia tries to act tough but Ailane tells her it is her best interest not to say anything. Cyan is supposed to come up with a new song but she is in a slump and overslept. Meanwhile Yaiba calls Aion and Crow to meet. He shows them an old photo of a band named Amatelast. They don’t recognize this frontman but after taking a closer look, he is definitely Shuuzou. Guess who is the drummer? Rom. They realize the duo have been in the same band as everything about them fall into place. Then they hear their music. Nothing much. Just generic rock music. They want to go confront Rom to ask for more but turn into chickens after he lets out his usual loud voice, scolding them for being late for practice. Kai and Riku show Shuuzou the article of Arcareafact’s huge victory over Shingan Crimsonz. What bothers them are the rumours they used money to cheat. Shuuzou tells them not to believe gossip papers because for those who love music, money can never corrupt their heart. Can it? Cyan is still in a slump. Worse, her band mates come in to give her motivation as they are worried for her and she lies to them that she is okay. In the end, all that pressure and guilt builds up. What does she do? She runs away! But she isn’t directionless. She goes to see Grateful King.

Episode 7
Cyan hopes he could help her write a song. He can’t do that as writing songs are purely done by oneself. However he can help push her in that direction with some special training. Starting off with massaging his shoulders. Sure this is not a scam? Yeah, put some rhythm into that wrist. Rom is not pleased the guys are slacking in practice. So how? Time for a special training tramp! Unfortunately they got lost in the forest and stumble upon some lame guards trying to guard an entrance to some place. But Shingan Crimsonz are lamer since they got thrown away by the mountain guardian. They are saved by that old egg man and they spend their hardcore time together. The guys then work up the courage to give Rom the photo and the CD. Time to spill the beans. It was the last music he made with Amatelast. Back then, they weren’t afraid of anything and thought they could make it to the top. However as time passes, the band’s goal changed. Eventually they broke up and they went different ways. The guys pay back and alleviate Rom’s regrets by writing a new song. Meanwhile those guardians thought Shingan Crimsonz had come back but it is TAM. They won’t let them path but TAM shows their worth with some flashback of their journey? So touching that they just decide to let them in. WTF. Cyan’s training continues. She has to carry all the heavy luggage, clean the pool and carve 4 blocks of ice to fit into the fridge before the sun melts it. Why not just let the sun melt a little then? Not thinking. When Cyan thinks she can finally play an instrument, Grateful King wants her to play all the instruments simultaneously. She can’t so he tells her to stop complaining or else she can’t find the god of music. As she thinks, she sees visions of her band mates. Then it hit her. The god of music was always by her side. With tears, she calls Retoree to apologize for running away and comes clean about her slump. However they are all here. Didn’t she realize she was lugging their luggage? As true friends, they knew she would go find Grateful King whenever she is in trouble.

Episode 8
With Shingan Crimsonz back in the groove, Maple will organize another battle of the bands. Naturally Orion doesn’t see the point of this and wants to reject but their manager wants them to accept it so that they can crush their enemies so much till they will never challenge them again. It looks like the manager is brainwashing them or something. Titan just dropped in and feels like the guys are hiding something but they too Titan has been hiding something as he is always late and never gave reasons. With the revenge battle on, Retoree and Cyan take precaution knowing that some sort of cheating might happen again. Rosia’s band mates talk to Chuchu and Moa as they feel Rosia is acting suspiciously and not telling them things. Another one keeping secrets? So they invite Rosia out, some nostalgic flashback of how close they are and voila! Now Rosia is on talking terms. Wow. So easy. The revenge battle is here. As usual Arcareafact put up their snobbish confidence like as though the match is already decided beforehand. That’s when BRR shows them proof of how they cheated previously. A security guard was an eyewitness in seeing them bribe everyone in the concert. They also hacked the main server to manipulate votes. This doesn’t sit well with Titan as he genuinely doesn’t know about this. Orion continues to badmouth his rivals about being poor. Rom is about to punch him but Shuuzou stops him. He is protecting Arcareafact because they are his juniors. However Rom shouldn’t be fighting with his fists but music. Shuuzou also tells off Arcareafact that they can’t buy everything with money. He knows they’ll find out what’s important after this battle. Arcareafact goes first. Seeing how talented they are, they don’t understand why they had resorted to cheating. Shingan Crimsonz then sings their new song. The end results show Shingan Crimsonz won. But Arcareafact doesn’t feel bitter like as though their Melodisian Stones were purified. Orion apologizes to Titan for cheating and sullying his song writing. Titan also reveals his family tragedy. When they return to celebrate, it seems their manager has taken everything belonging to them and cleaned out their bank accounts and ran away. Good thing they’re not so materialistic anymore but what now? Titan’s little brothers suggest coming to their place. Can it fit?

Episode 9
Rosia reveals that she peeked at Ailane playing the piano in the clubroom, she was reeking with dark aura. Plus, she had this extreme hate for music which gave birth to that darkness. She wants Plasmagica to pull out of this battle but you know, trust in us, believe in us, that kind of crap that will make everything alright. Dagger and Ailane are discussing their revenge plans. Peipain and Hundreko talk that something is wrong with Ailane. They have always been with her and she never hated music. It’s like their words don’t reach her anymore. On the day of the concert, Criticrista find Peipain and Hundreko in a dilemma to do Ailane’s plans. Rosia gives her piece of mind as she doesn’t want Midi City destroyed. But the duo cannot disobey her. They feel she has been acting strange since associating with Dagger. Then here comes Ailane herself. Rosia asks her hate for music but Ailane doesn’t intend to tell her. Not like it matters. When her underlings speak up that this is wrong, she tells them to shut it and fulfil her desires tonight. If they really want to stop her, do it with their so called wholesome music. BVL goes first and their dark rock seems to revive Dagger. What a lame alien form? But suddenly he reverts back to his little blob form. While Plasmagica is performing, Ailane chastises her subordinates for not playing the music of darkness. They reply how much she has changed and hate music she once loved. So you see, the power of emotions and friendship could overcome and change Ailane back. They should have the balls guts to do this from the start if it was this easy… Before the winner could be announced, an angry Dagger absorbs those useless BVL and sucks Plasmagica into another but familiar dimension. Doesn’t this world look familiar? Déjà vu time. Yeah, Dagger is a roaring lion monster this time.

Episode 10
Arcareafact’s manager shows up in time. However she changes into her true form: The Queen of Darkness otherwise also known as Victorious! She easily defeats Dagger and returns him to his weakened state. So much about the déjà vu fight. She declares war on everyone and the day the music die will be the day Puru Land holds its opening concert. Till then, have fun. I guess we all have a common enemy now. Because the good guys are pitying the baddies. Cyan asks if Ailane is okay. Maple asks if Dagger is okay. He suggests calling a truce and Dagger reluctantly agrees but asserts he has no intention of becoming his friend. Shingan Crimsonz wonder why Aion is in shock. Because apparently he realizes Ailane is in BVR. So? Ailane is his sister. Oh… So where does Aion go to when he is depressed? Ailane knows he’ll hang out at the tallest building. She blames him that because he loves music so much, he pushed it all onto her. She has had it with him and runs away. Time for the guys to have a guy talk and the girls to have a girl talk. Ailane reveals they come from a wealthy noble family. Aion was supposed to succeed his father and naturally had to learn and do lots of things. With high expectations and hopes, pressure got to him and his only solace was music. Father did not like that and wanted to take that away too. Aion remained stubborn and was then kicked out of the house. Ailane asked if music was more important than family. He could only apologize and this made her mad. With Aion gone, naturally Ailane became the next successor and was put through the same torture. And yes, she too cracked under pressure and turned to the dark side. But she realized too late she was only being used by Dagger. Overall, she didn’t hate music. The guys are much shorter. They eat and tell Aion to go tell his true feelings to his sister. Simple. Before Ailane and her subordinates leave for home, they reconcile and Ailane in a long time declares she loves him. In a sisterly way, that is. Meanwhile TAM has found Melodisian Almaz. Maple relays the good news that Plasmagica, Shingan Crimsonz and Criticrista will all perform at Puru Land’s opening. But guess who is back to also help them? Grateful King!

Episode 11
But look who is also back? Trichronika! This is part of Grateful King’s plan so that they can all write a song to fight as one against Victorious. But first, a flashback from the villainess side to understand her background. On the Planet Ordinis where gifted children are given special education from young and those not special enough are left behind, a young Victorious and her friend Astreal are taking a positive note to pass tomorrow’s exam. Climbing an endless thorny vine? They’re singing and climbing their way to the top while encouraging each other. Till Victorious slips and pleads for help. Astreal ignores her and continues climbing. The shock of the betrayal has Victorious falling to the bottom. Her Melodisian Stone got corrupted and gave her power. Inches before Astreal reaches the top, Victorious flies up before her and scorns her for her betrayal. This causes fearful Astreal to fall back down. Oh, so close yet so far. This makes Victorious realize the true potential of the power of darkness. But it was still not enough for her to stand at the very top and needed more energy. That is why she targeted Sound Planet whose energy is harvested from music. She decided to toy around and become Arcareafact’s manager to take advantage of everything. Cyan with the help of everyone finally writes a song. On the day Puru Land opens, Moa’s mom and dad give their opening speech before Grateful King starts the first performance. But before that can even begin, Victorious has begun her schemes by trapping the audience in her thorny vines. She even traps our band heroes in another dimension because without their instruments, they cannot fight her. All is not lost because Maple summons his mecha that was created in secret with Moa’s dad.

Episode 12
Maple frees our heroes back to their normal dimension. Just when Maple is going to attack, the machine breaks apart. Too heavy. We saw this coming, right? Because he isn’t the one who will defeat the big bad boss. Before it is Victorious’ turn, TAM returns with Darudayu throwing Melodisian Almaz and having everyone play to power the stone up. This also helps power Maple’s mecha as he rides the stone to crash into Victorious! Apparently that crash has made her feel some sort of wonderful feeling. Flashback after Arcareafact lost to Shingan Crimsonz, she went on to target Plasmagica but is baffled their music could connect hearts of BVL. This is when she remembers she used to sing a lot with Astreal. Funny “Justice is power” song… This makes her realized she was so concerned about getting stronger, she locked those feelings and love for music in the depths of her heart. Obviously. She wants to sing again. While the girls are happy Victorious doesn’t hate music and that she has repented, they mourn the death of Maple. Thankfully comic relief characters can’t die. He just returns as an over-burnt egg. Yeah, everybody is now mocking him and Maple is snapping at everyone’s ungratefulness and didn’t get a hero’s welcome. See! We all love that comic relief character, right?! The concert restarts again as everyone plays their gig. Those Myumon students finally arrive and Ogasawara is shocked to see the return of Dagger. He is in his true form but his head is still a blob. Funny… At the end of the concert with Ninjinriot appearing (where the f*ck were you guys?!), it is time for Cyan to say goodbye and return. Some tears flow, some thank you, some goodbyes. Cyan returns and looks like she has finally found her groove in writing her song for her school’s festival.

Hard Rock Save The Space
Well, I almost saw it all coming. At least the general pattern of the story. Group of good guys band together to unfairly outnumber and gang up against the villainess who didn’t have time to flex her muscles or strut her stuffs. Thanks to the power of friendship and music, even the baddies will become soft and return to the light side. Cyan returns home. The end. So I’m not sure if this sequel is any better or not because I’m still not really impressed. I mean, it’s not really bad but I wasn’t really all that excited when I watched this second season. It only feels like it is made for those who love furries playing rock music. Lots of different furries, that is.

Character development doesn’t feel that all great this season too. With so many characters now into the mix, it is so hard to give those lesser band mates any screen time for instance like those from Criticrista. Nobody except Rosia stands out and even so, Rosia is just reduced to some annoying side character. Even the new characters feel like they were just shoehorned into the show for the plot despite looking as though they have some potential in them. It also feels like as though they serve to troll viewers to make us think that they might be the main antagonist but as soon as Victorious pops up in her true form, they die down and go back into the shadows. Sure, we see them in the final episode credits montage with BVL still doing their personal gig and Arcareafact enjoying living the dirty underground poor sewer life (because it hell beats all those shiny rich things, right?), but then it doesn’t really matter at this point. They don’t even join our last season’s bands in fighting Victorious. It just feels redundant.

Worst of the new characters are Ninjinriot. These people appear for just the first episode (and the most the beginning of the second episode) and then disappear for the rest of the episodes! It makes you wonder where the f*ck did those guys go and what were they doing when evil was lurking in Midi City and our heroes and heroines are the one who are doing the real work. It’s like tossing to them their responsibility, no? You just say a few words and tell what is happening or what will happen and then to be never heard off again. And then they appear in the final episode just to thank them for doing everything (yeah, they just help destroy the baddie and save the future which is supposed to be your job I believe) and are there just to take Cyan back. Some futuristic heroes they are. I want to argue that they should have just gone back further in time to prevent Victorious from turning to the dark side but then again, I’m thinking they don’t want to dirty their hands and let somebody do the dirty work. After all, the present isn’t their, uhm, future? Pretty forgettable, if I should say.

As for our recurring main and supporting characters, Trichronika and TAM are side-lined for most of the season by going on a tour and journey respectively only to show up in the final moments so that we don’t forget that they too are the heroes and deserve to be part of the winning team. That’s the thing when you have too many freaking characters. Even our main characters from Plasmagica also don’t feel like they have the spotlight well enough. Sure, Moa has her own episode, Chuchu making sweets and Retoree seemingly has one so she could reconcile with Rosia, because most of the stuffs like Chuchu being used by Dagger out of her own jealousy are mostly covered in the first season. Heck, even Dagger coming back felt like a troll because he didn’t really do anything. He would have had he not been usurped by the dark queen. And with him back in business with Ogasawara, not sure if he will be continuing his shady ways and ambitions (seeing those Myumon students are perhaps under his agency now – I don’t even know what this distraction is for this season). I think he is the only evil looking one still at the end. At least Victorious has gone back to being looking more like a great diva. Perhaps it’s because Victorious was never evil to begin with unlike Dagger (assuming) and that’s why she turned back. Maybe the bands should sing another song to cure Dagger and make him look all cutie and nice.

So this season seems to pay more attention to Shingan Crimsonz instead because they’ve got a new rival in the name of Arcareafact (now ex-rival) to deal with as well as the ‘shocking’ revelation of Ailane being Aion’s sister. You see, these newbies from BVL and Arcareafact looked like they have potential with their seemingly interesting back stories to tell but then when Victorious decides to play her card, all that is tossed aside. Well, at least Maple didn’t become a running joke this time because it is only shown once, Angelica beating the S&M crap out of him when he stepped out of line. Remember that? And so what they discovered Rom’s past with Shuuzou? A sign for them to band together stronger as brothers? I thought they’ve always been this idiotically close to begin with. There are many other smaller bands that debuted last season making their cameos here but I suppose they don’t even matter because I still don’t even remember their names. Oh yeah, lastly what can I say about Cyan as the main heroine? My thoughts is that if Midi City has a big crisis, just call her. Forcefully bring her to this world if you have to. Because there is nothing more that saves the universe than Cyan and her song writing. Yeah. Hard rock (and a certain other hard mineral rock too) save the space.

With all of last season’s seiyuus retained, a few new ones join the cast. Most notably Miyuki Sawashiro as Victorious. She sounds like she is devilishly having fun with her antagonistic character. Personally, I still feel Sayaka Ohara still takes the cake as the best voice for badass villainess but Miyuki Sawashiro deserves a pat on the back here for truly making her character’s voice shine. The other new casts include Ruriko Noguchi as Ailane, Aimi Tanaka as Peipain (titular character in Himouto! Umaru-chan), Ibuki Kido as Hundreko (Claire in Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance),Yuusuke Kobayashi as Titan (Subaru in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu), Taku Yashiro as Orion (Hayato in Mayoiga), Chiharu Sawashiro as Argon (Natsuki Ise in All Out), Eishin Fudemura as Selen (debut) and Mai Goto as Astreal (Mika in Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu).

Just like last season, Plasmagica dominates the opening and ending themes with their trademark rock music. Heart Wo Rock is a little catchy thought I find it weird that the girls (especially the guitarists) doing strange dances to the beat of the tune. For example, shaking their right hand and that very strange marching. I suppose you won’t be bothered by too much of it when you’re quite into the pace of the music. The main ending theme is My Song Is You while the special ending song for the final episode sung by Cyan is Close To You. The animation uses the same CG design as in the first season so I thought they were reusing the same recycled stuffs. Maybe for the animation but not for the song. There are also a few insert songs but those rock genre they didn’t really appeal to my taste. Except for that one whereby Shingan Crimsonz were introducing themselves and at the same time describing or somewhat paying tribute to the food they’re eating. That was hilarious.

Overall, this season feels like a waste of potential with some boring and predictable storylines, it would only appeal to hardcore fans of the series. Just because of a few cool looking male furries and lots of cute female furries doesn’t mean that all the music they sing are music to my ears. Maybe this fad has ended and it is time to bury the series instead of milking it dry with another season. I don’t know. Personally I think it should be that way to ‘end’ it here seeing this season had a ‘decent’ ending that ties up lots of strings and holes. Even in show business, you need to know how to quit to stay ahead.

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