Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu Kara S2

April 7, 2017

Wait. What?! You mean this managed to get a second season? I wouldn’t have expected it even if it is the end of the world that Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu Kara would get a sequel because of how boring and lacking any direction the first season was. Maybe I never bothered in the first place. And because the second season came as a surprise, I guess I need to ride that surprise hype to check it out if it would be better or not. I mean, what else can a magical girl do when there are actually no monsters or other side missions to fulfil?

Episode 1
Right off from the start, a magical girl transformation scene from Yuzuka. Apparently she and Chiya are taking advantage of this transformation to have water sprinkle all over them. Miton watches them but since he is eating their ice cream, they punish him. So while they share what’s left of it, Chiya asks if there has been anything good for Yuzuka ever since she turned into a magical girl. Well, all perverted hijinks are what she can think of. Chiya turns her anger at Miton. Luckily he is able to come up with some lame excuse that lets him off the hook. They get an invitation from Mafuyu but on their way out they meet Daiya passing by who is going to the pool to swim. Oddly they notice she is wishing her grandma. But nobody’s there… This café belongs to Mafuyu’s grandpa. She is temporarily helping him out because he is currently trying to qualify for some online guild match to represent Japan! He can’t leave the computer! You go, grandpa! The reason Mafuyu invited them here is so they can show off their magic.

Episode 2
This time we start off with Mafuyu’s transformation followed by Yuzuka. This prompts Miton and Pochi to comment on Yuzuka’s swimsuit outfit that she might be an exhibitionist. Chiya doesn’t take that lightly and burns them with boiling water! Pochi’s misery continues because Mafuyu shows off her magic by throwing Pochi into a sack and then changing its size. So that’s her ability? Though Yuzuka is embarrassed to walk outside in this swimsuit, Mafuyu tries to stay positive that wearing it enough will have her get used to it. Maybe she’s missing the point. Grandpa takes a shot break from his game by wheeling into the shop, making weird comments and then going back in again. Yup, he’s crazy in the head. At least he is healthy. Mafuyu then says it is a shame she can’t transform together with Chiya but is looking forward to it. Once Mafuyu retires, Pochi will most likely choose Chiya to be the next magical girl.

Episode 3
Now it’s Chiya’s turn for her magical girl transformation although it is mostly a what-if scenario if she becomes one. Mmm… I think I’m going to love her magical maid outfit! They further fantasize how the trio will save the world! Sure, with Chiya’s blasters they will. However Pochi rubbishes that because Mafuyu’s retirement and his next assignment are 2 separate issues. Also, Mafuyu won’t be retiring soon. Thus Mafuyu is glad she gets to continue so she can have fun and mess around with Yuzuka and Chiya. Wait. What? Mafuyu adds that after she graduates from high school, she plans on taking over grandpa’s café. He couldn’t be happier because this means more time to play his games! On the way back, Yuzuka remembers and answers Chiya that there is one good thing since she became a magical girl. Because dad always comes home late, she has to eat dinner alone. It’s nice to have Miton accompany her and enjoy her food. But the good mood is ruined when Miton adds it’s because her food is better than the garbage he ate! She slaps him into the garbage truck. How fitting. She takes back what she said earlier.

Episode 4
Pochi suggests a study session under Mafuyu’s tutelage. However Chiya disagrees as they don’t have any study problems. I guess Pochi has seen too many cliché magical girl characters that he can’t accept there are no such perfect girls! Pochi is in a dilemma on how to report this to Mafuyu because she really wanted to help them out in some way. Miton then suggests to hold a tea party. He then talks to Chiya about it and when she agrees, he tries to hug her but her deadly swiftness reminds him that they’re not friends. Never. Friends. Remember. With Yuzuka agreeing, Chiya texts to Mafuyu if she would admire and appreciate Yuzuka with her. Wait. What? Excited Mafuyu thinks of replying in an adult manner and replies she would like to admire and appreciate Chiya too. A swift reply that says they’ll discuss this another time. I guess that escalated quickly, huh?

Episode 5
Mafuyu has a study session instead. However the duo understand their work perfectly and didn’t ask questions. Bored, Mafuyu tries to tell them a trivia but they can elaborate it with more facts! Didn’t know that, did you? Daiya is here to give them a big salmon present. Mafuyu gets this idea to tutor her. At first it seems great that Mafuyu is teaching her to write certain kanji characters while the mascots are contemplating how fitting Daiya is to be a magical girl. But then Daiya starts asking deeper analytical questions about the word. This is followed by Yuzuka and Chiya asking her questions. In English! Apparently Daiya is a genius who skipped 9 grade years in America! Oh, Mafuyu is only the dumb one around. It’s no surprise she is feeling a bit down as she thought being the one longer as a magical girl she might help them out. Pochi has a plan. Just leave it to him.

Episode 6
Mafuyu invites the duo over to her café. It is like a sauna since the air-cond is spoiled and the repairman can only fix it in 3 days. However Chiya suspects something amiss because the remote control is missing batteries… Mafuyu suggests Yuzuka transform so that her water magic could make the place cooler. It works as Mafuyu fawns over her. They play the Game of Life. After they leave, Chiya could hear the air-cond generator turning on and thus her suspicions were true. Mafuyu has put back the batteries and grandpa asks why she turned it off in the first place, it was to conserve energy since he was always on his online games. Really? While Yuzuka feels she has gotten less embarrassed being in a swimsuit, Chiya is starting to feel Mafuyu might be a little too clingy to her.

Episode 7
Miton is hungry and trying to resist eating garbage. He smells something good that leads him to wallop the offerings of a grave. He is then surrounded and attacked by cats! Daiya is greeting the ghost of a boss cat and when she nears the grave, all the cats got to purr at her. She treats Miton at Mafuyu’s café. It seems Daiya has the special eye as she can see spirits. Like a fallen warrior and grandma. This causes grandpa to panic. Didn’t properly take care of the café, did you? As they notice Daiya’s special ability, Miton explains she isn’t a magical girl but there are a few people who can see such unearthly things without meeting such requirements. Then the mascots had to comment how Daiya would make a much better magical girl than Chiya. Hear those knuckles cracking? She’ll be sending them to heaven alright.

Episode 8
It’s time to know the truth. Had not Chiya forced Miton, we’ll never know this story of where they came from. For better viewing, Miton uses some projection. Horrible drawing? In their world, Miton and tons of his clones were chosen to go on a journey to get a magical girl bracelet. They counter various hazards and dangers. Many were sacrificed till Miton was the only one left who managed to get it. Yuzuka felt sorry for this tragic back story but Pochi rubbishes it all as fake. Time for Miton’s scalding hot water punishment. Pochi explains their world is much more advanced and complex than this. Pochi doesn’t even consider Miton his colleague because they never run into each other or bother trying to find each other. He just ran into Miton by chance. That’s why Miton considers Yuzuka and Chiya his only friends now. The duo feel so bad that they apologize. Miton feels despair that they’re pitying him.

Episode 9
Yuzuka’s dad dozes off at the park and dreams of his daughter and her pals in magical girl form to his rescue. It seems they are under attack by a giant golem supposedly representing the inspection from the labour department wanting them to adhere to strict labour laws. Father won’t be cowed as he drinks an energy drink to turn into a hero to join the girls fighting the menace. In the end, they defeat the golem as father declares he will work till his life runs out because he loves his family. Eh? Karoshi? Father wakes up just enough time to return home to see Yuzuka sleeping. He notes as long as he feels good he can work. And he feels good because he has work. Then he is off back to working.

Episode 10
Miton notes an unusual magical girl Yuzuka is. Studious and does her chores but doesn’t allow him to peep while bathing. But of course. When asked if she is happy to be a magical girl, she ignores him. Daiya invites the gang to her father’s private beach. Mafuyu and Chiya ‘pressure’ Yuzuka to come. Is it because they want to see her in her swimsuit? But isn’t her magical girl outfit one? Well, she’s wearing her school swimsuit so I guess there’s a different sex appeal there. And why did grandpa bother to come if he is just going to play his online games? During the watermelon split, it is either the watermelon or Miton. I’m pretty sure Chiya is aiming for a certain round flying pervert… Since Yuzuka is staying out of the waters, Mafuyu and Chiya team up to drag her out. Meanwhile Daiya sees a spirit swimming and follows her beckoning to the rocky area.

Episode 11
The girls notice that something is wrong when it seems something is pulling Daiya deeper. Indeed the spirit is dragging her down to the bottom. At the same time, the spirit somehow puts up a barrier that weakens the mascots. If not for grandpa giving his never-give-up speech, Yuzuka and Mafuyu might have hesitated further. They transform and fly toward the sea. Only Yuzuka can materialize an air bubble as she sinks in to rescue Daiya. However it seems the power is limited and eventually runs out (somewhat affecting Miton too). Now Yuzuka has to hold her breath as she tries to bring Daiya up to the surface. Can she hold out?

Episode 12
When Mafuyu dives in, the spirit goes away. She is able to bring the unconscious duo back up. Pochi then erases the memories of all the witnesses on the beach. Chiya discusses with Mafuyu the possibility of Yuzuka ending up being naked had Miton died. With everyone back to normal, they continue to have fun on the beach. Mafuyu buries Yuzuka in the sand and as ‘reward’ pacts more sand in her boobs. But Miton doesn’t like it and shoves them away! He likes it compact! Time for his beat down courtesy of Chiya. At the end of the day, Yuzuka replies Miton’s question if she was happy becoming a magical girl. She is as she managed to make friends. She named everyone except him. And when she does comment something about him, the damn fireworks muted out her voice. Chiya then uses Miton as fireworks fodder. Tamaya! Such a beautiful display…

I Have Had Enough Of Boring Magical Girl Series!
Somehow I didn’t find this season to be that all bad. Maybe it is because of the low expectations that I have placed earlier on prior to watching this. Very low expectations. Therefore when the series ended, I was surprised to find myself not as disappointed as I should be. Yes, it is still boring nevertheless but it wasn’t so bad that I had to post raging insults on Twitter and Facebook. Oh wait. I don’t even have such social media accounts.

Just like in last season, nothing much pretty happens. If you watched the first season, there was no threatening reason for Yuzuka to even become one. Like as though it was the pre-requisite for Miton to take out his fetish. So when they decided to put some tension and drama in the penultimate episode of this season, it felt like it was shoehorned in because everything was so boring that they had to kick up some drama and near death so as to make us wake up a little. This only brings forth more questions like who that spirit was and what is her connection with our main characters. Because before she disappeared back into the ocean, she commented how she’ll come back to play with them again. Is this a subtle hint that there is going to be another season?! Oh dear…

Unlike last season where Daiya and Mafuyu made only paltry appearances that do not justify their existence, at least in this season they make more appearance. Even though it isn’t much, but it is far better than anything. Of course, the plot of this series itself isn’t anything much so it is better if they make use of these characters to do whatever random stuffs together since Mafuyu looks like a senior desperate for some company and Daiya as a blonde loli who could see ghosts. Not like it really mattered anyway. Yuzuka’s dad is still the overworked workaholic and too bad this season Yuzuka’s mom didn’t even make any appearance. Not even a cameo. So no family time this season. Oh, Mafuyu’s grandpa should take the cake as the most sporting grandpa who couldn’t put down his game controller ever.

Somehow I do not find Miton as perverted as before. There are a few times where his sick nature is shown but it doesn’t compare to how I remember him from last time. Maybe it is because Chiya is always around and keeping a close watch on him. Chiya is still by far the more ‘interesting’ one because of her dark nature to abuse Miton and her secret lesbian admiration to be with Yuzuka. She doesn’t need magical powers to get things done. Her threats will. As for Yuzuka, looks like she has gotten used to being a magical girl even though she might not like it. But hell, it is better than continue to b*tch about it, right? Just go with the flow and she’ll be alright.

Sorry to make my blog for this season a lot shorter because everything else I want to say would be really similar and thus I would only be repeating myself. Earth Star Dream who sang the opening song for the first season, reprise their role this season with the cover of Kimiiro Ni Somaru ~Earth Star Dream version~ (the original piece was sung by Gumi). Sounds more like a generic anime pop and nothing too special.

Overall, still a series that has nothing much ado despite its simple and soothing nature. If you don’t like how wacky Teekyuu is and that their random antics will cause you to die of heart attack or laugh till you die, or if you don’t want to watch grim magical girl series that would only break your heart and send you into tears thinking how they destroyed your perception that magical girl genres should be pure, this series might do the trick. Yuzuka doesn’t know how easy she has it going for her as a magical girl. By far the most laidback and freest magical girl duty any magical girl would want. It’s so boring they might even retire early… Better make another season before that happens…

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