Ai Mai Mi – Surgical Friends

June 9, 2017

Wait… WHAT???!!! THERE’S STILL MORE???!!! I DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING!!! Really. I never knew there was going to be a third season of Ai Mai Mi – Surgical Friends! Just when I thought I was getting over and being rehabilitated of my drug addiction, they f*cking lured me back with this f*cking surprise! You mean bastards! I was almost clean from this piece of sh*t for such a long time (actually it was only 2 years ago, the second season aired) and how dare they drag me back with this sweet, sweet goodness that I love. Mmm… Welcome home to papa. I guess this third season is the right tonic and fix ever since Teekyuu ended. Oh yeah… I was never freed from those drugs anyway…

Episode 1
The casts are reading names of seiyuus representing parodies of football teams. One of them tells her off for making viewers wait for the start of the series but she gets punched in the mouth! Mai and Mi are jealous Ai is drawing manga again. So they make her stop by giving her cake? Yeah, she is traumatized. Ai sees Mai underdressed in this cold weather. She gives her scarf but apparently she wraps the wrong way. Realizing her birthday is next week, Ai is forced to give up her allowance to maintain her friendship as she promises to buy a new coat. Mai is happy Ai got her a new one and will treasure it. Mi gets jealous seeing how close they are and didn’t know they are into that kind of relationship. She kills herself by jumping out of the train.

Episode 2
Mi sees this kid, Takahiro threatening a manga store worker to bring out some virgin. The manager tries to defend her but gets teleported into a dolphin’s stomach! Mi reports this to Mai and they think he is going to initiate Plan S where all is killed except female virgins. Mi plans to kill him and strikes first but gets caught. He licks her and is happy she is still a virgin. Mi then talk about them who respected virgins. But he strayed so much that he knows hate girls who aren’t virgins. Remember, people who aren’t virgins deserve to live too! She then sucks him into a bottle trap. However he has powered up and cannot be contained as he defiles Mai and Mi. When Ai passes by, Takahiro leers at her for being a perfect virgin. She gets mad and slaps him. Defeated!

Episode 3
Mai asks Mi if she has any other friends other than her because they are always together. Don’t say Ai because she’s a minion! Mai’s twisted idea of not wanting to see a perfect Mi without friends has her lie that she’ll bring the most awesome friend for her to see tomorrow. On the way home, Mi bumps into Ponoka who agrees to give what she wants in exchange for 5 years of her life. So Mi is kneading the ingredients to make an ideal friend? While she is asleep, the blob comes alive and scares the sh*t out of her. It wants to be her friend but obviously she can’t be friends with this monster. She runs away while it chases her. So when Mai sees she has such a dangerous friend, she can’t help respect her.

Episode 4
Mi brings her hamster to school. Mai wants to touch it so much that she turns into an elongated human?! When Mi relents, Mai abuses it to the max and turns it into some food! The hamster then turns out to be some demon, Crastofeles who has been with war with heaven for 800 years. He reveals Mai to be the angel Shakalafy. When Ai enters, Crastofeles disappears. This has Mai ponder their past. They used to be comrades until his desire for ultimate power caused him to change and resulted in that war. Mi has no idea what she is talking about so Mi gets mad because she went through all that trouble of being reincarnated. Mi is sad her hamster is gone and thinks back of all the good times (sleeping with it too?!). Luckily Mi points out its body is still okay within the food. Crastofeles returns to haunt Ai and thinks it is Shakalafy’s weakness. But Ai senses a pervert staring at her and beats it up. And that is how humanity was saved.

Episode 5
Mi is blabbing about Elon Musk’s space programme but apparently Mai isn’t giving a damn. The girls are soaking in a hotspring. Suddenly a wolf is sucking its water followed by a sheep. Mi tries to torment and disrupt Ai’s manga work by boiling her, stuck an alien on her back and zap her under a heat ray that she can’t go to toilet. However Ai still manages to finish it. Mai and Mi are about to fight over their opinions of cats and dogs. Herald Ponoka to stop them because it is more important they consider themselves as the cutest. A scary fridge is at a funeral. It won’t open unless you smile at it… Smiling madly at a funeral? Ponoka introduces a game she deciphered on some alien manuscript. So to play Zaiiga you draw a circle, everyone stands in it facing their backs to each other, close your eyes and quietly walk away…

Episode 6
What’s this?! A somewhat serious episode! When Mi reveals her true name to be Minya Meinich, Ai got mad asserting this shouldn’t change their relationship. Here, have a doughnut. This brings back memories from 10 years ago. Mi was just a number (31) and had a senior (17 – nicknamed Nana) in some shady facility that trained assassins. Nana never thought of escaping because she had no family and even so all records were destroyed. In fact, after her family died, she was brought here. Suddenly they were called to eliminate some president. They are warned if they cannot escape without leaving an evidence, they must use a bomb. However the group is ambushed by a giant monster. The group is scared over their doom. Nana was brave enough to fight it, carve a star as a target on its forehead to summon Haniwa dolls to eliminate it. But victory is hollow as the ground caved in…

Episode 7
The story continues?! When Mi wakes up, she is glad that Nana is still alive. Although the rest of the team is dead. It seems they are trapped in some underground space with no way out. Nana becomes sad on the thought she has always lived herself the ways she is prepared to die. But now the time has come, she is scared. She is adamant in letting Mi live as she cuts open a portal for her to go through. Mi is shocked that Nana won’t follow. She wants to stay behind and blow herself up to cover all evidence. Mi is sad that they can’t fulfil their promise of eating doughnuts together but Nana is happy Mi gave her this nickname. After the portal closes, Nana can only Mi would live her life no matter how pathetic it is. Mi snaps out of this flashback, mocked by her friends if she has ever seen a doughnut before. Unknown to her, Nana is watching over as a spirit and notes she has grown up well. She now has her own world.

Episode 8
Ai is enjoying her takoyaki and comments how round it is like Earth. Mai is then startled. Is Earth round?! She has her inner voices debate about this. All seem to have those stupid flat Earth theories except for one but she was shut out quickly. Thus Mai corrects Ai that the Earth and takoyaki aren’t the same. In class, Mai goes to sleep and wets herself! Then comes in a strange dog to lick her urine?! Mi tries to stop it but it bites her crotch! Seems Mai knows Masajiro who is by the way a wolf. He is supposed to be some bed wetting prevention wolf. Is it working? Mi wants to be friends with it but gets her crotch bitten again. Is she defiled? One night as Mai sleeps as normal, the next morning she finds Masajiro gone but he left a letter. It states he comes from outer space and the reason he takes her urine is for samples to find a cure for a virus. He thanks her contribution and will never forget her kindness. Mai is so touched that now her eyes are getting wet.

Episode 9
Mi throws a paper airplane at Ai as prank. However Ai is not amused and gets rough with her! OMG! Have you seen Ai this genuinely mad?! She won’t accept their apology and looks like their accumulated bullying for 2 years have really gotten to her. If Ai seems different because she is. Ponoka explains she is the other Ai, Dark Ai. A separate personality born out of hatred for humans. So where is the real Ai? She is back home but has turned into some retarded goblin. The only way is to defeat Dark Ai. Mai and Mi face off with her but Mi gets owned. Kanako tries to make her remember about her friends and this was enough to banish the dark spirit. They might have won but it promises to be back. Ai has returned to normal and has no recollection of what happened. That’s why she is shocked to see her friends hugging her in pure happiness. Yeah, treat your friend better next time.

Episode 10
Mi is troubled. She thinks of going to make some kappa dish. Seeing a couple of them playing unguarded at the river, she attacks. However they beat her up instead. A llama greets Ai under her skirt so Mi gets violent strangling it. Since Ai is fine, Mi threatens the llama to purge its family if it does this again! While riding the bus, Ponoka is here to warn them this bus will soon be hijacked. Somehow she is drooling? True enough, several dolphins hijack it. Ponoka can’t do anything to help since they are from the future. Bye. So all the passengers are forced to wear dolphin mascots and protest to save this era’s dolphins. Mi is spared because they think her short legs means she is one of them. As Mi sees how Ai is pitifully doing the dolphin’s bidding, she can’t take this anymore and drops on the ground and does crazy protest. The dolphins are impressed and know they have finally been freed. One peace! To live with harmony with dolphins!

Episode 11
Mai and Mi are on a bus with popular seiyuu, Megumin. However that same day the papers published a scandal. All her fans fall into depression by vomiting or biting off their tongues! And Megumin doesn’t even give a f*ck! Mi is sad at this ‘mass execution’ but even shocker is that Mai knows about this scandal and yet she can put on a smile. Because this means they can all die together! Mai then turns into a… Unicorn?! She is going to kill Megumin with her horn! What is this lecturing about death isn’t a sad thing but a new departure and new salvation? This coming from a unicorn? And so on a pretence to get Megumin’s autograph, the unicorn can tell she isn’t a virgin by her handwriting and blows up her car! Mi won’t let this go further and beats the unicorn up till it turns back to Mai. Mai is regrets her actions but unapologetic Megumin remains a b*tch. Don’t touch me! This is when Mi slaps Megumin and says she was the one who broke the rules first. Megumi repents and both sides are sorry. Happy ending.

Episode 12
Ponoka introduces to Mai and Mi an inter-dimensional library in which a day in here is equal to a month in reality. The duo are happy to hang out as 2 days passed. They return to Ai with that smirking smile on their face to tell her that they have make her missed the deadline. However Ai slaps them for making her worry as they’ve been gone for only 3 days! So when the duo finally has a change in heart to help work on her manuscript, suddenly they heard a singing voice… Oh, it’s Ponoka to warn them about an asteroid going to hit Earth because they’ve angered some intelligent life form another planet. Hmm… Asteroid crashing into Earth? Are they parodying this episode with Fushigi Na Somera-chan’s final episode?! Lots of tears and regrets as Ponoka tries to evacuate them all with her truck. Why is Ai sorry about forcing them to help draw her manga? Subsequently Ai is back to herself as she makes her friends draw her manga. However they aren’t too enthusiastic about it seeing they are floating in space and lamenting Earth is gone! However Ai has gone nuts. She is in her own world dreaming of becoming a manga artist. Well then. See you again too… Somewhere around town…

Botched Surgery! No Insurance!
It never fails to disappoint. It would have been so epic nor would it made any difference had everyone died in the asteroid crash but they didn’t. It shows that as long as they are still living, there is a chance for more insanity. And Ai is already the first victim. Oh wait. She has always been a victim. So serve Mai and Mi right for always trying make her miss her deadlines? In space, nobody can hear you be insane… So remember kids. Lesson learnt is that you better help finish your friend’s manga. Or be doomed to drift in space forever to draw forever for a manga that will never be released forever. Thanks for the valuable life lesson even though it doesn’t apply to me! Is it me or do I notice that in this anime a slap usually makes things work out back to normal? Oh glorious. Another life lesson to learn.

As usual, this season’s main characters remain the same insane and wacky characters as last season although I have a feeling that there are lesser random single episode characters this time around. Also, I feel that Mai and Mi are having a larger share of screen time as compared to Ai. Because those 2 are the idiotic troublemakers who is the lesser one but nevertheless still part of the 3 Stooges. Most probably with that doughnut arc featuring Mi’s past, that is one reason why she felt so prominent this season. And yes, Ponoka is still as mysterious and dangerous as ever. But no pots this time? Oh wait. Just a short cameo appearance in the final episode. Speaking of which, all the random characters in previous seasons make their cameo in the final episode’s credits. How many do you remember? Yeah, such ‘nostalgia’… Is this their way of making a roll call as they bow out?

Like in previous seasons, the nonsensical stories are so nonsensical and silly that you’re not supposed to remember them. All are supposed to be standalones. Therefore I am not really sure of this very short segment that is almost in every episode. They feature a couple of lesbians, Sachie and Kanako. Heck, they are even on the promo poster of this season (all the girls so lesbian naked?). The story itself is weird and I don’t really understand what is going on. Hair stuffed into recorder? Huh? But to have them recurring in several episodes makes it weirder. I’m too lazy to go back and watch them again because it feels like you can string them together and make one short little story despite it still doesn’t make any sense. So they somewhat ‘tie up’ Sachie to be Ai’s sister in the last episode (and Kanako to be Mi’s sister in an earlier episode – they’re supposed to be neighbours?) but you know how the nonsensical flow of the story goes. What was it again she would rather die with Kanako during the asteroid crash? Some neighbourly lesbian love story we’ve got there.

Also being introduced this season and in every episode too is some llama named Torijiro. Appearing only in the ending credits and ranting away about stuffs that I don’t understand which is supposed to be funny but I’m not really laughing since during the ending credits there are additional notes to read there. I know I can just pause and read them but the drugs have rendered me lazy… Is it me or do I notice that in this segment the producers have got something to do with Aya Uchida, the voice behind Mai. Having said all this, what I’m trying to say that the graphic weirdness that was usually in this segment other than the episode proper is much less toned down this season. Remember that vomiting girl and salamander licking sick scene in the first season? Or that limb stretching explicit scene in season 2? Don’t forget that rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling… So when the third season rolls by, no such graphic content and we just got a talking llama. Is the drug starting to lose its effect?

The opening theme still maintains the series’ trademark of animating it in retro pixelated video game style. So it is nice to see some of the retro video games they parody like Street Fighter II. The song, Zenin Shuugou Ai Mai Mi sung by the main trio too is as frenzied as its predecessors. I noticed there is an ending theme too, Lucky Chance Wo Nigasanaide by the same trio. However you’ll only hear its rock instrumental (except for the final episode which has proper singing and all) since this segment is hogged by Torijiro and I bet you wouldn’t hear a thing what the girls are singing if they added their singing voice in. Yeah, a talking llama is already bad enough. Adding the girls singing this song in the background would only add to the cacophony.

Overall, I don’t know how many brain cells have died while watching this atrocious goodness. I don’t know how many years of my life it has shaved off after watching 12 x 3.5 minutes of this season. But as long as I feel good, it all doesn’t matter. You think you can watch and forget, laugh and be happy for the moment before returning to your normal daily life. But little did you know that the drugs accumulated over the years are slowly taking its effect. We think it is okay because the current phenomenon of celebrity culture makes it acceptable. And then one day you’ll wake up and realize the rude shock and awakening, the biggest jolt you’ll ever have knowing the fact that you have gone too far to turn back the way it was. That is why Donald Trump won the recent American elections. FFFFFFUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody turn into a unicorn and kill me now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because having an asteroid slamming into Earth is so cliché that has already been done to death.

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