Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou OVA

June 23, 2017

Tired with all the usual human fanservice? Time to take a break from all that and return to Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou OVA. Yes. This time you’ll get to see bare monster tits. Literally. But don’t they look just like human tits? Whatever. It shows that tits are the same whether you are humans or monsters.

The monster girls are taking a physical examination. I guess some aren’t too happy that they gained weight. It could be Kimihito’s delicious cooking as well as they can’t move around outside freely. Smith suggests to hit the gym nearby. It was just recently built for them although it is still under experiment. Plus, they will get paid for participating! What?! How come no real gyms offer this great deal?! Kimihito wants those who didn’t gain weight to come along too. Because who knows what Rachnera would do to them if being left alone. They meet with Polt the kobold as she will be their instructor and trainer. As we see the girls try to use some of the equipment, apparently that there is no one size glove that fits all. Due to the different forms of some of the monster girls, some cannot use machines that requires legs, etc. Even the yoga pose is hard for some of them. And Smith is just sleeping through… It seems MON is also here for their workout. In the changing room, something gets into Manako’s eye. So Polt tries to lick it out and she makes it sound and look very ambiguous. “When it is gaping open, so wet and overflowing, it must be very easy for such a big one to get in”. Her eye… The gang hit the pool and because Kimihito praises Cerea and Mero for their swimming, Miia gets jealous and challenges them. The winner of this swimming contest gets to do anything with Kimihito. And so begins the race in which Polt and Kimihito become commentators. Everything points to Mero for an easy win as she is a mermaid. However when it begins, Miia uses her tail as springboard which covers quite a distance. Though, she belly flops. Mero catches up but when it is to swim back the other half, Miia swims backwards and stretches her tail for reach. At this rate she might actually win! But then Miia stops dead in her tracks. The water temperature drops causing her to freeze. So Mero should win, right? Well, the chlorine in the pool has paralyzed her. But since they won’t give up, it becomes a snail race to the finish. They thought Kimihito at the finish line serves as motivation but he smacks them for being reckless. He reminds them they are here for health purpose on not to hurt themselves. Plus, Cerea has already long won. Forgot about her, eh? So her reward is walking back holding Kimihito’s hand? Then all their stomachs growl. Must have worked up an appetite. Too bad with the huge servings they call, they gain back more calories intake than they burnt.

Rachnera wakes up from a dream of her previous host family’s torment. All the monster girls receive letters. However Rachnera throws away hers after reading it and retreats to her room. Since she didn’t dispose it properly, the rest reads it and finds her former host family is trying to take her back. They worry she might leave but Miia isn’t since less rivals! Then at the doorstep is Ren Kunanzuki. She is from the previous host family and is here to negotiate on behalf to take her back. The monster girls aren’t sure what to do since Kimihito is out. Because Papi cannot remember Ren’s name, she thinks this is some sort of trial to overcome to prove her worth. She takes on the challenge trying to make Papi remember her name. While it might look foolish, Cerea thinks this is fine because this is a good chance to test and see if the family is worth and prepared to take Rachnera back. Then she has to put up with Miia’s horrible cooking. She even ‘died’ at the smell! As she won’t give up, each bite ‘kills’ her! It’s so painful to watch that Cerea just wants her to give up. Yeah, it hurts Miia more than Ren… When she got stains on her clothes Suu tries to absorb it and this looks like some tentacle rape. She temporarily wears goth loli outfit and in Cerea’s room, the centaur berates her family for abandoning Rachnera in the first place. Ren reveals it was her fault. When Rachnera tried to fix a broken ladder, Ren tried to help but Rachnera accidentally tripped and scratched her face. The family deemed her unsafe and sold her to a free agent. As Cerea continues to scold her, Ren turns crazy thinking this must be another trial in the form of stress interview! It hurts Cerea when she comments her room smells like a barn. Ouch. When Ren goes to talk directly to Rachnera, it seems she has already packed finished. She is ready to go? She is fine living anywhere and since Ren has all the proper documents, why not? All that is left is for Kimihito to sign. Speaking of which, he just returned. It might look like he isn’t listening to her as she rants about getting Rachnera back. However he refuses. Ren is stunned. After all she passed all the trials. This is where Kimihito shoots back that she thinks Rachnera is some sort of test to overcome. This isn’t a quest to gain experience. This is just rude. He can’t hand her over. Poor Ren leaves in tears and vows to come back and overcome this trial! She didn’t learn… Happy Rachnera is now all over Kimihito, drunk over coffee and ranting how ‘bad’ the previous host family was. Before she could kiss him, she falls asleep. The rest note she may have said she could live anywhere but she seems real happy here.

Since we have some more time and perhaps to some aren’t happy with normal human fanservice in the previous segment (Ren, that is), that is why we have another part of more monster girls fanservice with Miia teaching the rest on how to put on a bra properly. WTF is this for?! Oh right. Fanservice… So we see all of them trying their hands wearing a bra. Some could easily fit in while others don’t. I mean those with monster boobs like Cerea easily break the bra. No wonder she doesn’t want to try out… However Rachnera points out they should try stockings too. Because Kimihito seems to have this fetish. And so all of them try it out. Some having trouble putting it on while others with ease. Because Rachnera is confident in herself, Miia becomes jealous and assaults her with a stocking! Kimihito comes back home to all the stocking chaos and madness.

Horny Monstrosity!
Well okay, it feels a bit strange. It was somewhat hard for me to get a boner while watching them. I mean, I’m not really into monsters so it was really weird that despite the bare tits fanservice, it feels hard to get hard on (pun intended). Sure, their boobs look like human boobs but seeing their overall form, I’m not really turned on by that. Even if some of them have this cute and kawaii anime bishoujo face, it is still difficult for me. Call me a racist (if that is the right term here) but I still prefer my fanservice and turn-ons to be in the form of humans. That is why the Ren fanservice was considered the best of the lot and much welcomed for me although too bad it was just a short one. Heh. At least they gave humans some fanservice time. I mean, humans themselves are the biggest monsters if you look at it from another perspective, right?

These couple of OVAs aren’t really much and are of course for the fanservice entertainment rather than anything else. Even if Rachnera’s issue was a bit interesting and provides a little more insight on what happened, it hardly develops anything. Because eventually Kimihito I believe has a monster fetish and decides to keep these 7 monster babes in his homestay programme despite knowing how taxing it is on his finances. And the rest of the monster babes remain the same like Miia as the big comic relief joker of the series, Suu and Papi the loli retards, Lala still with her chuunibyou (albeit much lesser as seen here), Cerea the serious and also embarrassed one, the warm Mero and the scheming Rachnera.

If Takahashi from Demi-chan Wa Kataritai could get a cameo here, I wonder if he would have a swell time interviewing these monster girls or he’ll be freaked out and earned himself a trauma. Because these monster girls are nothing compared to his docile demi girls. But I know that if there was every such homestay programme, I’ll be the first to stay very far away from it. Me not liking monsters in my house? Heck, I can’t even stand bugs in my house and swat them in an instant! But on a sadder note, can’t even get a girl in my house… :’(.

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