Seitokai Yakuindomo S2

July 28, 2017

HIDOI DESU YO!!! After cruelly waiting for the OVAs for the first season to all come out and watch them, just when I thought I was finally done with them, then came the second season. Well, it isn’t so much about Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 as the TV series taking its sweet time coming out. You guessed it. It is again the OVAs taking its damn sweet time! That is why I am ‘forced’ to delay watching this series so that I can watch it all at one go. And after 2 years for the 6 OVAs of the second season to come out, I just thought to screw it and just watch whatever comes or else I would never start. So don’t blame me why this blog is more than 3 years ‘late’. Hey, it’s not a retro anime so it isn’t that kind of late I’m talking about. And you wonder why I really waited that long to just watch the sequel and its OVAs. Sighs. The things I do to watch an anime filled with sexual innuendo jokes and puns…

Episode 1
* We’re already starting off with a dirty joke regarding airlines and cleavages. Then we seem to have a dog’s eye view as we go through the city and school as part and parcel of the introduction of the characters in the series. Including dirty jokes from Shino about Tsuda’s hanging dick.
* It is supposed to be Kotomi’s first day of high school but she got lost in the city since she realized she lost her handphone. Thankfully it is found.
* Suzu also lost her dog and surprisingly it somehow found its way to school and thus why we had certain scenes from a dog’s eye view. Everybody gathers for a group photo.
* Already the start of the new term and Tsuda is trying to stave off a wave of dirty jokes from Shino and Aria. Like Shino advising him to watch out for his family jewels.
* Ironically they have noticed that more and more opposite sex are chatting freely with each other. A cause for concern? Although Suzu argues it doesn’t matter as long as they pick the right place and time, leave it to Shino to come up with cliché ideas that make it sound so dirty. For a while we are not sure if the student council is going enforce strictly the rule because if they don’t let couples f*ck, they’ll be responsible in declining birth rates.
* I didn’t know the dried squid episode continues into this season. When Tsuda enters the room, he sees a dried squid on the table. Next to it is a butt sex toy covert with yoghurt. We can see where this is going…
* Shino summons Toki since she has not joined a club and as per school rules, all students must join one. Before she knows it, she is entering a judo duel with Mitsuba. If Mitsuba wins, Toki will join the club. Otherwise, Toki will be the club captain. There’s no way out of this… In the end, Mitsuba’s experience has her taking down Toki in no time. Toki is now a new judo club member.

Episode 2
* After their usual patrol, the student council sit together for lunch. They notice Suzu not feeling well and her temperature is high. She is taken to the infirmary to rest. I’m sure some of the friends mean well suggesting stuffs to make her feel better. Like Todoroki’s vibrator… Fortunately she recovers in time for the budget meeting. Though, she is now weak from hunger.
* Uomi visits Ousai. Shino gives her a tour around and there is a separate screen to show us and compare how Shino did the same for Tsuda then. Only with more sexual innuendoes now. After the tour she notices that the males have to use the same toilet as the male teachers. As Ousai has only been converted to co-ed for 1 year, it would be troublesome for male students to walk all the way there and even more awkward if they bump into their teachers. She proposes a male’s toilet in one of the floors. This leads to them discussing of adding an additional surveillance room just for Tsuda. Does he want to see guys jerk off?!
* Lots of students are suffering from the effects of hay fever. So for Kotomi, she solved this problem by plugging up both her nose holes. Actually, that didn’t solve anything.
* Thanks to more cheesy dirty jokes, Tsuda writes a typo on the paper. He wants corrective fluid but he should have been more specific because it only allows Shino to ‘attack’ with her dirty suggestions. He manages to make the correction but realizes his permanent marker has soaked through the paper and messed up the table. Shino can help with that but in exchange he needs to teach her how to wipe her browser history.
* When all the girls somehow run out of tissue, the first person they go ask is Tsuda. Why do they assume that this guy carries extra tissues with him? Who is the dirty minded one?!
* The dried squid saga continues. Before Tsuda could do anything, Hata has already seen this ambiguous scene. He tries to explain and it seems Hata understood what he said as she repeats what he has told her. However she isn’t going to let this juicy story go and will sensationalise it. When Tsuda takes some tissues to wipe some yoghurt off his mouth, he spots Aria looking in…

Episode 3
* The second years will be taking a field trip to Okinawa. Todoroki can’t seem to get pass the metal detector and when she finally does, it seems her vibrator has been the culprit.
* With Tsuda and Suzu gone for the trip, Shino and Aria feel ‘lonely’. Yeah, nobody to rebut their dirty jokes. Don’t worry. Kotomi is here to relief her brother. We’re so worried… Uh huh. She didn’t know being part of the student council is such hard work.
* During the field trip, Tsuda and Suzu are shocked to see Hata around. She claims her newspaper club has no second years… So she’s here illegal… She needs a favour from them and that is to keep an eye on teachers Michishita and Daimon. She smells some romance between them. Of course Tsuda will not be a snitch.
* Suzu wanders around herself and realizes too late that she is lost! And she dropped her handphone somewhere. So a search is conducted for her. Ironically when Yokoshima can’t help being attracted to a store that sells penis biscuits (yes, those actually exist), that is where Suzu is. She was waiting here as she knew someone was bound to react to these.
* Kotomi goes home tired. It looks like she missed her brother as she visits his room. But now is the chance to find his hidden porn magazines! Not going to find any…
* The field trip continues to some scuba activity. Hata continues to remind Tsuda about his ‘mission’. Not giving in… The scuba dive as well as feeding fish gives Yokoshima a dirty idea… Looks like our Ousai student council girls aren’t going to be left out because they too conduct their own pool activity in school premise! Kotomi tells Shino that there are rumours going around that Tsuda and Shino are dating. Shino dismisses their relationship is anything like that.
* That evening, Tsuda sees Daimon giving Michishita some shiny present (no, it’s not jewellery). He thinks to keep this to himself and not tell Hata.
* Shortly he gets a call from Shino. Missed him? Actually, she called just to ask if he has any wet dreams. Hang up now.
* Back in school, Michishita catches Yokoshima red handed in some strange masturbation act. Putting fish feed over her privates and let the fish…

Episode 4
* Uomi got wet when a car splashed puddle on her. The student council lends her a jersey to wear. She tries to mention several of her ‘interesting’ parts wet in a bid to make Tsuda have a boner. After her clothes are dried, she puts them back on as the girls notice her undershirt is short. Shino believes by exposing her stomach will eventually lead to exposing her underboobs.
* Igarashi is doing her moral policing job as well. But each time she comments how those offenders should have taken after a certain role model student like Suzu, her believes are smashed after seeing them too ‘breaking’ some sort of moral code.
* The dried squid episode continues. Tsuda explains to Aria. She teases him a naughty boy before running away and apologizing for disturbing. Looks like she too got the wrong idea. Tsuda realizes too late he has left the room and when he returns, Suzu is now standing there.
* Todoroki explains to us the history of vibrators of Japan!
* Kotomi can’t sit still while studying in the library so Todoroki suggests a chair with a vibrator!
* Tsuda and Kotomi fail their tests so they have to take a make-up exam. The student council girls offer to coach them but since their good subject is maths, they have to decide who gets to teach it. Suzu wins since she is the treasurer. Obviously she is good in calculations and this prompts Kotomi to quip that she is a calculating woman.
* Noticing Tsuda has a bad posture while studying, Aria and Shino thought of putting a porn magazine on his head to correct it.
* Hata has been spying outside their house in hopes of finding some scoop. Too bad she couldn’t find any. So she tries to make Shino cosplay as a cat?
* The student council members and Kotomi are at Aria’s family amusement park to test some of the rides. Thankfully Suzu is tall enough to ride them. Barely.
* Tsuda thought Shino is afraid of heights. Yes she is. But those which are fun do not count.
* At the end of the day, everyone has had enough rides to last a lifetime. But the perverted girls think it would be more exciting to take the rides going commando or nude.
* Tsuda doesn’t understand Kotomi’s new form of pleasure since she did experience rides of other amusement parks before. Actually Kotomi’s panties got wet during an earlier ride and since she has been riding the rest without any till they got home. Her eyes have been opened to a new world…

Episode 5
* Kotomi sends a dick picture of Tsuda when he is a baby to Shino. However she sent the wrong picture of Tsuda’s face Photoshop on a bodybuilder’s body. You bet Shino is going to be confused about the bulge.
* Hata tries to interview Shino about the affair allegations with Tsuda. Shino dismisses it and wants to know where she heard those rumours. Hata accidental mentions of her careful information manipulation. So she’s the source!
* Hata is to write an article for the school’s new swimsuit. The student council didn’t know about this and are surprised to find out only when they have to model for it. Shino felt jealous Aria doesn’t need to use a pad. On the contrary she does. It is to make it look like she is a guy hiding her crotch! Then they tease Tsuda he should use one to make his bulge look bigger.
* Mitsuba is leading her judo club to train like doing bunny hops up the stairs and running a marathon through the city. Toki might be a fast runner but it seems she got lost in the city.
* A cat seems to be taking residence in the school after students carelessly start feeding it. Now it is causing mischiefs by stealing items. So when it steals a judo member’s towel, they try to catch it but Mitsuba catches Tsuda?! Is this supposed to be a pun of a thief of your heart?
* So the best way to lure the cat down from the tree is for Aria to dress up as a cat and be its friend? Anyway it worked. It is revealed that the cat has its own family and was stealing to take care.
* As the judo club will be competing in the Nationals, a rally is held to boost their morale. Surprisingly Yokoshima gives the first speech like as though she watched the judo club grow. Daimon is actually the judo club’s advisor.
* All the judo club members then give their own speech which is then rebutted by the crowd. A few more performances from other clubs follow after that. Kotomi sees Toki who skipped out on the rally. Toki claims she got special permission from Mitsuba to skip it since she doesn’t like this kind of stuff. But Kotomi thinks she doesn’t like being visually molested by the crowd.

Episode 6
* Shino is in a dilemma. Because a guy from the talent agency asked if she would like to be a model. This is the same agency that handles the currently rising pop idol group, Triple Booking. As she ponders about it and thinking about the times with her friends, she decides to take up the offer.
* At the agency she meets the staff as well as Triple Booking in the flesh. Why do I have a feeling they take after so closely certain main characters… But one of them whose name sounds similar to Shino seems to have the same perverted thinking like Shino. Only in anime where it is natural for more girls to be horny.
* The manager wants her to take voice lessons as well despite only being scouted for modelling. She views Shino having the potential but after hearing her say a streak of perverted words… So Shino takes up voice training. They let her sing whatever song she wants. What kind of song has so many horny words?
* Shino becomes a famous idol. One day she meets up with Tsuda for dinner. He introduces her to his girlfriend. Somebody who looks exactly like her and shares the same name?! Apparently all this was just a dream. Shino decides to reject the offer as she wants to focus on her studies.
* More squid saga. Tsuda and Suzu are in sync as they try to explain themselves. After Suzu hears him out, she tries to clean it up. However she starts getting suspicious if this was yoghurt, then how come it is so sticky like…
* The student council will hold a self-defence drill. They have the judo club do demonstrations. Tsuda is made to be the ‘victim’ and gets a taste of Mitsuba’s hell throw. Doesn’t matter if you are sadistic or masochistic. It still hurts like hell.
* Igarashi didn’t really want to participate as Hata tries to psycho her that this may help her get over her androphobia. She faces Tsuda but caves in. She got a lot of advice on self-defence but if it is from Shino, be prepared for lots of sexual subtexts. Perhaps she has reach a point of being sceptical so when Tsuda is being nice to her and praises her, it still makes her heart rate go up. Not of the romantic kind.
* Aria thought of having a naked bath with Dejima for some female bonding. But the maid got naked and prepares herself in bed.
* Tsuda accidentally hits his hand on the furniture. He licks it but Shino sees this and is shocked he is trying to kiss his lover.
* Continuing from the squid episode. Shino and Kotomi notice Aria spacing out. She tells them about Tsuda and the sex toy. This is where they go full blast with their dirty thoughts and opinions. Unfiltered, uncensored and unstoppable. See how important a straight man is? They decide to talk to him.

Episode 7
* Suzu is walking her dog and meets several people she knows like Dejima, Hata, Yokoshima and even her mom. All of them tell her their recent experience which has something to do with f*cking outdoors.
* Aria draws Roman alphabets of WXY vertically which looks like the body and anatomy of a woman. Others try to ‘correct’ it.
* Growing a morning glory in the room, they discuss what it means. Also read: Sexual subtexts.
* Todoroki buys 2 copies of manga. One for use and the other to keep. She also buys 2 cucumbers. One to eat and the other to play with.
* Tsuda and Kotomi see each other’s grades. With Tsuda having A’s and B’s, she quips that is the reason he can’t move on to the third C-base.
* The gang help to take out the telescope in Tsuda’s family garage so that Kotomi can watch the stars as part of her research. But sifting through the stuffs, Kotomi is busy reading old manga instead of being busy with her hands. Tsuda takes out old porn magazines so Shino quips he will have his hands really busy this time.
* Once the telescope is assembled, Shino makes jokes how telescopes aren’t just used to point up. They are also pointed down to peep at women bathing. She also makes a joke of the different angle of the telescope to represent erection at different ages.
* Suzu helps adjust the telescope to let Kotomi see certain constellations. Too bad Kotomi has no idea what she is saying or seeing.
* Before the school’s pool is opened for summer use, the student council members are testing it. Dejima acts as their lifeguard but her intentions of teaching CPR have sexual subtext to it.
* When the pool opens, the student council members become lifeguards and are paid ice cream. Shino is very focused in watching the girls to find who is wearing fake pads.
* With Uomi joining in, this prompts Tsuda to remember he also took the entrance exam for Eiryou and passed. However he picked Ousai since it was closer and the slope towards Eiryou was killing. It made Uomi annoyed.
* Kotomi’s leg cramps up despite being in the shallow part of the pool so Tsuda and Shino dive in to save her. Luckily it is nothing serious. Shino notes she has to go commando now.

Episode 8
* The student council members are at the beach to scout for next year’s seaside school trip location. Expect the usual beach antics. Like Tsuda putting lotion on Aria’s back in in return she does the same but only with her feet. Shino lost a beach volleyball game and took the lost seriously. He says it is just a game so she accuses him of playing with her heart!
* They test the route for the kimodameshi. Suzu is very afraid of the dark and couldn’t stop clinging to Tsuda. You know how awkward he is having to stoop and walk all the way.
* In their room, when they hear strange tapping on the ceiling, Suzu quickly bolts to the bath. Turns out to be a stag beetle attracted by the light.
* Then they visit the festivals. They play the shooting gallery and Suzu again freaks out when they order guns for an extra person. Actually Kotomi is using both hands to shoot. She misses all with her left.
* So the fun is over and now reality hits them that they haven’t do their homework. When the student council girls arrive at Tsuda’s home for it, Kotomi has already fled. Dejima serves them as they study. When Tsuda claps because they are finally done, Dejima barges in but disappointed it is only a clap. She thought it was the sound of hips banging.
* More dried squid! Suzu questions what the heck this sticky liquid is then. Seriously Tsuda doesn’t know. She freaks out when some of them get stuck on her shirt. You think nothing could get worse than this? As Tsuda tries to calm her down, they realize a few girls staring at them…
* Tsuda learns of his Photoshop bodybuilder photo when Shino sends one to him asking for his opinion. He is going to have a long talk with Kotomi… Shino then calls Suzu who is in the midst of supervising Mitsuba and Todoroki studying. Mitsuba feels sleepy so Todoroki has a great idea for her to use a vibrator to wake her up. Then they pet Suzu’s dog for a change of pace.
* Shino calls Aria next who mentions she is dripping in sweat all over. It isn’t any sexual subtext but you know how she says it, right?
* Kotomi is in big trouble as Tsuda seeks answers for this picture. Apparently she used it in her elective and the teacher gave praises of this splendid art! What is wrong with everybody! He doesn’t blame her for putting it in her handphone since the teacher judged it as good. But there had better not be other copies. Well you see… In the art gallery, a large crowd gathers around that picture but slightly modified with a samba theme. And a bigger bulge. Kotomi is a dead girl… By the way, did you see Todoroki’s art sample in the form of a vibrator?

Episode 9
* Hata down in the dumps? Apparently she lacks club members to finish articles so that’s where the student council is roped in to help out. Of course as you would have guessed the articles would be anything but normal. Take for instance words that people find hard to pronounce. They interview people and some give weird answers. But don’t ask Yokoshima. Because the hardest words are about breaking up…
* There are rumours that Daimon and Michishita are engaged. Don’t worry. Hata will use her brilliant conversational skills to confirm that. Just bring them to her. So we see her like a sly interrogator trying to make them admit. Because she saw them stuck it in! The engagement ring. Michishita believes it is time to admit so she confirms they are getting married.
* With the article published, the school is now abuzz of the teachers’ engagement. Hata would love to repay the student councils. Tsuda suggests she owes them but she purposely misconstrues that as he wants her to blow them. You want her to suck it?!
* Tsuda and Suzu are unsure of an unfamiliar person in their room. Shino and Aria recognize her as Furuya, the previous student council president. She gets along well with them and you wonder if they take their dirty talking after her. Maybe…
* Suzu likes Furuya since she doesn’t comment about her height. Noting that Suzu is the treasure, Furuya would love to help out. However she uses an abacus as she is not familiar using electronic devices. Shino proudly teaches her how to use her computer although it was Tsuda who taught Shino those methods.
* Before she leaves, she gives them tickets to her university’s festival. Shino and Aria have been here before. Yeah, they remember some amateur porn backdrop somewhere along the hallway…
* They visit her class’ café which is using a western theme. Suzu wants to go to the toilet but Furuya wants to train her stamina by letting her go through the haunted house.
* They attend a concert by Triple Booking. Suzu gets their signature and they mistake her to be a small girl till they learn her age. They feel bad and try to sooth her by saying she looks younger than her age. Suzu doesn’t feel any better, though.
* Uomi and Tsuda learn that their cousins are getting married to each other. This will make them related. Uomi wants him to call her onee-chan. At the wedding, the bride is giving a touching speech that has everyone in tears. Except for Kotomi. She’s just yawning.
* When Shino learns that Uomi and Tsuda are somewhat related now, she starts puffing. She gives an excuse that her mouth is full with the wedding treats.

Episode 10
* The student council heads to the mountains of Aria’s family estate to go mushroom picking. Oh. I can see where this is going… Dejima is their guide and she is rarely dressed in casual clothes since it would be difficult to go hiking in a maid outfit.
* Because Suzu brings a little bell to ward off bears, the nice ring has Tsuda keep mentioning how much he finds it cute and wants it. Please not that Suzu’s name means bell. So you can imagine each time she flusters when he says that.
* Don’t forget sexual innuendoes like Dejima preferring to stick dark mushrooms in her mouth without hesitation and Shino wanting Tsuda to show his long mushroom.
* After finish picking, they cook their pickings in a cabin. There is a special plant Dejima found. Where? At the spot where she was peeing. Let’s hope it was cleaned.
* As the cabin has only 2 rooms, Dejima is upset she has to choose whom to sleep with. Tsuda decides to sleep in the living room. Due to equality, all the girls decide to sleep in the living room. Defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?
* Back at school, the student council also functions as lost and found department. Kotomi has found a lost panty in the locker room. It belongs to Aria. Shino tells her to write her name on it next time. If not, put her passport picture on it.
* Tsuda feels he isn’t full from lunch. Mitsuba like a tsundere gives him her food. Suzu is stressed from the recent work. Todoroki like a tsundere gives her a vibrator.
* The student council are busy preparing the pumpkins for Halloween. Shino makes her witch costume and as she sits on the broom, she wonders if it has a groin protector.
* Suzu dresses up fully in a pumpkin costume. However everyone can recognize it is her. The smartest girl in school and she can’t figure out why? Hint: Her stature.
* During the Halloween, Hata notices Igarashi dressed like a fairy and proceeds to taunt how indecent her dress looks. It might be enough to turn people on.
* Some of the students take part in a costume contest. Todoroki might look normal in a Medusa outfit. Just that her snake hairs are made out of vibrators! The judo club wins the competition.
* Aria who was complaining how tight her outfit was for her boobs all day long, when Halloween over, she is reluctant to take it off as she has put so much effort in making it.

Episode 11
* Shino suggests writing an article about the rulebook since Ousai turned co-ed. How come those new rules sound like sexual innuendoes? Not surprising where they come from, right? Suzu notices Tsuda’s crooked blazer’s tail. She volunteers to hold it for him but it makes her look like a child holding on to her father.
* Igarashi joins the student council to do some year-end cleaning up. There is also supposed to be a surprise spot check tomorrow but she fears people may have got wind of it. Cue for Shino and Aria to make leaking jokes. Suzu suggests using codes to prevent such leaks. Cue for Shino and Aria to come up with sexual innuendo codes.
* When Aria asks Shino how many sugar cubes she wants, she thought she was asking her age. When Tsuda asks the same for Suzu, she also misinterprets the same way.
* The good news is that the spot check rumours didn’t spread. But because Hata was eavesdropping on them, she misinterpreted the whole thing and those coded words she heard them say she used it in her article. A whole bunch of new rumours that Shino is on top and Tsuda the bottom?
* The student council are invited by Uomi to visit her school’s cultural festival. Uomi shows them around and most of what the classes are doing are based on the concept of interactive fun. Sorry, no porn related activities, though.
* The student council and the teachers shovel snow outside school before the closing ceremony. Aria slips due to the slipperiness but still can quip how she got snow in her butt. Tsuda remembers fond memories of making snowman. Shino too. Only she tried to pee on it to make it look like lemon flavour.
* Back in their room, Shino and Aria note how the year is nearly coming to an end. They didn’t realize the year passed by so quickly and start looking at Tsuda hinting about ‘fast’ jokes.
* Everyone gathers for sukiyaki. Aria tries to eat a huge wiener and this turns on Dejima. She can’t stop drooling. Kotomi right away goes to sleep after the meal and doesn’t heed her brother’s words that she’ll turn into a cow. Till Suzu scientifically explains how all that will lead to cancer did she immediately get back up.
* When everyone is asleep, Shino dresses up as Santa to give everyone surprise presents. She looks at Kotomi sleeping very erotically. Because Tsuda quips the grass is greener, she checks Kotomi’s ‘grass’! After putting Suzu’s, Shino didn’t expect Aria to still be awake. Aria can tell she is Shino though the latter lies poorly she is Santa. But Santa is a foreigner. She is his illegitimate child.
* Shino would like to help Aria sleep better. Since Aria prefers to hug a big pillow, Shino wonders if Suzu fits the bill. Doesn’t hurt to try. So Aria wakes Suzu up and in a scary tone says she wants to have her! Shino translates that as she wants to sleep with her. Still sends shivers down Suzu’s spine, though.

Episode 12
* It is New Year. The gang lines up to get their lucky bags. Igarashi is also there but to remind them to behave since Ousai has a reputation. Not sure what kind of reputation she meant because Shino is already making a dirty pun to her.
* Uomi flashes a ‘V’ to Suzu. So she flashes back. Because of her stature, her sign lines up perfectly with her ‘V-line’. A trap by Uomi to hug her unexpectedly.
* Hata interviews everyone about their resolution but can’t help insert her own dirty thoughts into it.
* Shino almost drank Tsuda’s teacup and thus almost had an indirect kiss. This makes Aria quip if he wears her panties on his head does that mean his lips has indirectly kissed her crotch.
* Mitsuba has the student council put up a manager recruitment poster for her judo club. Kotomi thinks of trying because she is not in any clubs and has no experience. Better don’t.
* Shino advises everyone to sleep well so as not to catch cold. Igarashi heard that and chides her for knowing everyone’s sleep pattern. However Shino and Aria turn the tables on her because how does she know that they know about people’s sleep pattern? Gotcha!
* Aria feels her back is stiff so Shino volunteers to massage her shoulders. However she massages her boobs and then ‘curses’ them to grow bigger so she could have more backaches!
* The girls give their chocolates to Tsuda. Spying Shino had to opine he should make a tsundere reaction. Suzu is unsure how to give hers so Aria has her follow this script of hers. She totally acts like a tsundere. However Tsuda has no reaction since he is unfamiliar with it.
* Tsuda thinks what needs to be given on White Day. Kotomi suggests it can be more than candies. Bananas… Get what she meant?! As he is shopping for candies, he bumps into Uomi. Coincidentally the student council girls are also here. How did Aria think Uomi is here to strip Tsuda? Uomi understands Tsuda’s intention to hide what he is doing. So she says they’re dating. Shock? Eventually they found out. Tsuda returns the student council girls the chocolate. Sorry Kotomi. None for you.
* The squid saga continues. Tsuda tells Suzu not to move as he takes off the liquid from her shirt. This feels like fake slime. So Tsuda calls all the ‘suspects’ since they are those he ran into after he went to the cafeteria. He has them explain their alibi. Kotomi sounds the most suspicious since she is most nervous. Last is Hata as she explains hers. She is the one who put it. That’s it?! What an end to this mini saga.
* Shino thinks of making lunch for Tsuda since his lunch is too simple. He thought of asking for a sandwich but Shino misinterprets of the sexual kind. Suzu also shyly hints about it and asks him what he likes to eat, he didn’t get the clue and says gummies.
* Tsuda walks home with Uomi. Shino, Suzu and Mitsuba see this and they have this uneasy feeling in their heart.

Episode 13
* When Tsuda goes home, he is surprised to find Uomi. Kotomi told her that their parents won’t be home. Shortly, Shino is at the door. Do I smell some sort of rivalry coming up? They both get fired up cooking for him. Hope they don’t burn the house down. Also, they are making too many dirty jokes. Hurry up before Tsuda dies of hunger.
* Since it is already late, Uomi wants to stay. This makes Shino also want to stay. They watch a DVD of a silent movie. The girls start making jokes about silent sex.
* At night when they sleep, Uomi asks Shino when she wanted to stay and she followed suit, does this mean she likes Tsuda? Shino denies that so Uomi quips she doesn’t need that maybe because he is already her slave.
* Next day, Suzu and Aria visit but are shocked to see Uomi and Shino in. This prompts Aria to wonder if they had a foursome.
* The girls help do the housework. Tsuda feels bad they’re doing the work and tries to cook for them. He should have known better than to cook bukkake soba. You know what they’ll say, right?
* By evening, the girls leave and hints they would come again if the chance arises. Kotomi just got off the phone with her parents. Looks like they won’t be back tonight either. So extended stay?
* Hata interviews Shino and Tsuda. All she needs now is a caption. Since student council husband and wife would do, how about master and slave? Shino approves! And you wonder why Shino later is mad at Hata when rumours about them start spreading.
* Since Igarashi is still afraid of boys, Shino suggests Tsuda to train her by breathing on her from behind. This makes her freak out and slip on the stairs. Tsuda grabs her hand. She is okay. Is she cured? When another guy bumps into her, she freezes. Shino is suspicious how come it only works for Tsuda.
* Mitsuba used to think she wanted to be a guy a long time ago but her parents keep telling her to act like a girl. Because guys can say things they want and talk aloud as they want. Well, obviously she doesn’t realize Todoroki has been doing all that since like forever.
* Tsuda represents the first year to read the valediction for the graduates. Lots of tears and emotions on the final day seeing their seniors graduate. Tsuda and Suzu chase after graduated Shino and Aria. They are mad they left without saying anything. It is because where the heck are they going with that giant sushi roll in hand?! They have some spare and let Tsuda and Suzu eat them. Why does it look like they’re sucking dicks?
* Tsuda finds it weird for them to eat it at this point of the year so Shino what Ousai’s student council is really about: Sushi rolls. There’s some history dating back how merchants and geishas would use them. Thus sushi rolls is a great demonstration of how eroticism and tradition can come together in wonderful collaborations. Good things come from dirty jokes!

OVA 14
* The student council girls converge at Tsuda’s house for New Year’s lunch. Tsuda ate too much and needs to loosen his belt. This prompts Aria to also take off her chastity belt. It was the first time Tsuda saw what it is and didn’t know what it was and thus no punchline.
* Kotomi feels her handwriting in calligraphy sucks. Obviously she thinks of writing with her butt.
* Tsuda drops his eraser in the room. As he crawls around to find it, Shino comes in and thinks he is into some baby S&M play. He tries to pretend to do push-ups but now she thinks he is having air sex.
* Igarashi catches Hata trying to spy on Shino and Tsuda. Since she is convinced by rumours about them as an item, Igarashi hopes Suzu would conduct a private investigation into their affair. Aria had to quip about investigating private parts…
* The girls are in the sauna. Shino’s bikini top came off. She thinks her skin is so smooth that it caused this wardrobe malfunction when it is actually the wrong size.
* The gang go skiing. Suzu fails in getting off the ski lift and starts thinking people would think of her as a small girl who fell down.
* When they play snowball fight, Kotomi finally has snow in her face and this is what she wanted because it looked like she got a facial.
* The student council are having some sort of heat endurance in the room with their clothes fully on. Kotomi loses out first and strips and being the only semi-naked one somewhat thrills her. Shino eventually calls this endurance off because she didn’t lose any weight. So that’s her ulterior motive…
* Now we have the entire class having an ice endurance in the pool. Aria comments how beaver keeps warm with their fur and this prompts Hata to twist what she is implying. Those with the hairiest beaver will have an advantage. Who is feeling demoralized now?
* Slowly some of the contestants who can’t stand further the cold get out. Kotomi and Todoroki can’t stand it and they want to wet themselves. Eventually Mitsuba and Suzu (barely trying to keep afloat) outlast everybody and become double winners.
* Uomi wonders if she should grow her hair as long as Shino. Shino states the good points of doing so. Like using your hair as a bra.
* A beautiful sunset and Uomi realizes she left her handphone at home. Because of this, she gives an excuse that she will be coming to Tsuda’s home.
* Shino leaves school late after everybody has left and chances upon Furuya. She notes Shino has become a fine president and asks her successor. Sheepishly she says Tsuda tentatively. Shino panics when Furuya hints she knows. About her forgetting to wear panties today that’s why she waited for everyone to leave before making her move.

OVA 15
* Shino sprains her ankle during PE. Thus she wants Tsuda to read her speech at the assembly. Of course he is nervous and can’t do it. Shino thinks of using Suzu as her crutch. They look so awkward. When they trip and Tsuda tries to catch them, Aria walks in and see the duo riding him like a cowboy…
* Hata requests the student council to narrow down photos she took on the judo club as its poster. When they narrow it down to 2, it is decided a coin toss would decide the final. Since none of them have a coin, Aria suggests using a dakimakura. Toki eventually has a coin. But she tosses in style and causes it to drop on the floor. Now everyone is searching…
* The student council members are cheering for their school’s softball team. They are facing off with Eiryou in the first round. This means an odd showdown between Shino and Uomi. Tsuda realizes his watch died so Shino had to quip maybe it was because he was moving his wrist like a piston… Get it? She then suggests buying a new one instead. Since he has nostalgic attachment to it, this makes her quip about his virginity.
* Hata hopes Suzu can help out take photos of the tennis match since she will be elsewhere. She tells her to seek Tsuda’s help. Suzu thought she could do it by herself but then she understands what Hata meant. The crowd is blocking her. She sits on Tsuda’s shoulders for a better view.
* Now they go cheer on the judo team. Toki injured her foot in the previous match. She believes it is nothing and can still go on. Till Kotomi made a naughty joke about it that almost demoralizes her.
* During lunch, Tsuda eats a plum and can’t help salivate from the sourness. Suzu shows her extensive knowledge about the secretion that protects membranes and teeth. Too bad Shino ruined it with a fellatio quip.
* The student council members do radio exercise to prevent sluggishness during the summer. Igarashi sees them and Shino invites her. She declines because she doesn’t have constipation. When Igarashi’s hand accidentally touches Tsuda’s, Aria knocks her out by quipping his right hand is also his lover.
* Dejima is caught in the act rolling around in Aria’s bed and smelling her pillow. Yes, she has been watching from the start. Dejima loves it and wants her to continue watching and be embarrassed!

OVA 16
* Kotomi is late for school and gets scolded by Shino. However she tries to play dumb which makes her look even guiltier. Suzu suggests adjusting her clock to 5 minutes earlier. Guess what? That is too tough so she set her clock to 5 seconds earlier!
* Suzu’s dog again sneaks into school. Igarashi seems to be able to pet it despite it is male. Aria comments this means there must be someone out there for her. When Igarashi says she prefers men who take pride in themselves, Aria twists her words that she would want to step on their pride and dominate them.
* Hata interviews the student council girls in hopes there would be some love conflict. Disappointed there is none, Aria and Shino further add Tsuda can only use 2 holes at once and that it is going to be a foursome.
* Hata comes to the student council’s room because she lost her camera. She is going crazy as she treats her camera like a part of her body. A certain reproductive body part. Luckily they have it. As part of the procedure before they return, Shino asks what is inside. Hata changes her mind that this camera might not be hers.
* A cat is outside the school gates, Tsuda and Shino tried to pet it but got their hands stuck. When Suzu reports to Aria, she rushes down to the infirmary to confirm. Thank goodness they aren’t stuck in that sense. So when Aria tells this to Yokoshima, she got the wrong idea they were fisting.
* When Shino changes the light, it slips her hands but it falls and bounces off Aria’s boobs. Yet Shino is mad. So they switch boob sizes with Shino putting loads of pads and Aria wearing a girdle to restrain them. Both are very uncomfortable with it.
* The class has a marathon race. Because the starting pistol is broken and they have no replacement, Shino has this idea of using a swatter to hit Tsuda’s ass!
* Hata interviews Daimon of his impressive stamina. He brags he is the PE teacher after all. This makes her wonder if he trains himself with Michishita at night…
* Tsuda and co make their way to school despite the heavy snow. When they reach school, Daimon tells them school is cancelled. They left early and didn’t see the announcement on TV.
* Yokoshima joins the student council in their room for lunch. She is hungry and brought 3 portions of food for herself, thus there were 3 sets of cutlery given to her.
* They play the king game. Yokoshima becomes king and has Aria confess her failed relationships. None. She hasn’t even been into one. Disappointed? When Tsuda is king, the girls stare at her. This makes him uneasy so they tell him to order them to do whatever he wants because he is their master. Imagine what is running through Igarashi’s mind when she overheard that.
* During the parent-teacher conference, Uomi becomes Tsuda’s guardian. Yokoshima reads Tsuda’s status quo grades although he is doing a fine job as the vice president that everyone is confident with him. Uomi knew he was a good boy because she purposely put her panties in his obvious sight and yet he didn’t touch them. It’s a good thing he didn’t fall for this trap.

OVA 17
* Kotomi goes to school without fixing her hair. Because she is certain she is going to sleep through class!
* Tsuda realizes too late the curry bread he bought yesterday has expired. Shino comforts him that it is better than an expired condom.
* The student council finds a yearbook in which Yokoshima was a student. When Tsuda notes she is an OB of this school, she didn’t like how that abbreviation of old boys make her sound. So Aria believes it meant old b*tch for her.
* Todoroki decides to enter a robotic competition and has completed her robot. All that is left is to attach a dick.
* The student council along with Mitsuba and Toki play tennis. Aria has had some experience before so she coaches them. Although she was quite good then, why did she quit? Her boobs weighed her down. Suzu cannot reach the ball despite jumping. So what she do? She throws her racquet in the air. Nailed it! The ball accidentally hits Tsuda in the crotch. They worry if the swelling would mean he is happy about it. Aria personally coaches Tsuda. As she takes him from behind, he could feel an odd sensation. It’s her strap on dildo!
* Eh? Still have more dried squid episode? This time we see how Hata placed the ‘mysterious liquid’. She just waltzes in and smacks it there when nobody is in. There. Simple.
* Uomi is calling Tsuda in an affectionate way from outside the school gates. This has all the girls swooning over their supposed relationship. The more ambiguous her words, the more the girls swoon. Apparently Tsuda’s parents are going on a trip again. So Uomi’s worried about him being home alone. What about Kotomi? She’ll be staying at Toki’s place.
* Next morning, Tsuda finds the rest of his student council girls along with Uomi making breakfast for him. Time to be careful… Shino and Suzu act like tsundere dismissing they are worried about what Tsuda did last night. So Tsuda explains what happened which is pretty much nothing but leave it to Uomi to twist the words to give a wrong idea. So when they heave a sigh of relief that nothing happened, they realize they are late for school.
* Shino seems like being nostalgic in the student council room. Everything looks fine and dandy till a picture of that Photoshop Tsuda drops out from a book (overly tanned and bigger boobs samba theme?!). She cannot stop laughing and it seems Kotomi has won the bet.

OVA 18
* Uomi is late for school and the reason she gives is because she stayed over at a boy’s place. Purposely trying to shock everyone?
* Suzu thought of changing her hairstyle. Eventually she decided to stick with the old one and this almost caused her to be late for school. When Aria asks if Tsuda notices anything different about her and he couldn’t tell, she pouts revealing she went to a beauty salon.
* Tsuda notices the judo club practising. Since they are playing around and getting each other wet with the hose, Tsuda gets conscious and realizes there is nowhere safe to look. Then he looks at Suzu and this makes her mad for thinking she is a safe space.
* Hata wants to go on a lookout that will span overnight since a kappa is said to have been spotted. Although the student council don’t really approve of this, they allow it since they will accompany her. Hata uses her dad’s apartment nearby for the stakeout. Suzu asserts she isn’t scared of the supernatural but as usual gets freaked out by the slightest.
* Each will take turns on the lookout. For those who are sleeping, it seems they are short a sleeping bag. Aria thought she had counted right. Tsuda reminds her his dick isn’t counted is one! Suzu is stuck in the toilet as there is no toilet paper. Hata says she didn’t prepare any but she can use the talisman there. Time for Suzu to freak out. I wonder if all her sh*t came out…
* They talk about what to do if they really find a kappa. Tsuda will sell the picture to a magazine. Suzu will keep it a secret to ascertain it. Shino wants to use it to make Ousai famous and Aria wants to be its friend. Hata chides them all for believing that a kappa exists…
* Hata suddenly sounds the alert that a kappa is spotted! What is it doing?! Intense anal f*cking???!!! Tsuda thinks it is Dejima with a man.
* In the end, the kappa didn’t appear so they leave somewhat disappointed. It is revealed later that the kappa is indeed Dejima in one. Her day off is over. Time to go back.
* Shino and Uomi swap schools for a day. Uomi as acting Ousai student council president hopes her team can call each other by their first names. Suzu and Aria blush when Tsuda tries it. Uomi thinks they blush too easily as she lifts up Aria’s skirt.
* During the meeting, Igarashi can’t help be irritated over how close Uomi is to Tsuda till she had to tell her off. Later Hata interviews Uomi. She is hoping to hear some love triangle since Uomi is considering a certain someone as a friend and rival. It gets weird since Uomi admits she likes NRT and doesn’t mind losing.
* We take a look at Shino’s side. She is nervous. She thought slapping her own cheeks to alleviate it would leave marks. So instead she slaps her own butt! Eiryou’s student council vice president, Mori walks in and sees this… She will soon learn all the sex quips that Shino will quip unashamedly.
* For example when the principal makes his speech about looking at different perspectives, Shino takes a look at a girl sitting on a floor and imagines it from a different sex position perspective!
* Shino looks like she is alone and feeling home sick. Mori thought of talking to her and asks about her vice. However she gets jealous and pouts that she will not tell her about him! Once Shino leaves, she is happy her Ousai counterparts are here to pick her up.

OVA 19
* The student council gang are on summer vacation camping by the river. Tsuda hopes the girls could lend him a hand so Aria thought he wants to jerk off! To pitch the tent!!!
* Tsuda wonders how they are going to start a fire. Shino thought of using the plastic bottle as lens to make a spark. Dejima on the other hand wants Aria to spank her butt. That’s a different fire…
* They watch the beautiful night stars. Kotomi hopes that she could find a new star and name it. This is because so she can sell its naming rights at a high price. Suzu is scared for a while when she saw markings on the rock that made it look like a human face. Shino has a solution: Draw panties over those markings.
* That night while sleeping, Suzu seems to be looking nervous and begging to Tsuda that she can’t take it anymore. We’ve seen this coming from miles away. She just wants to go to the toilet.
* Back home, Uomi pays her visit. Tsuda politely says she can make herself at home. She wants to start undressing… As they discuss Aria who is probably on holiday in Europe right now, Kotomi is confident she can speak a few European languages since she thinks she heard a few of those words in manga and games.
* The judo club doesn’t have enough members training during the holiday. So they borrow a doll somehow the student council has? I know we’re asking if it really is a sex doll… Yup, it has a voice function of the ambiguous kind too. Despite looking like a bishoujo, I find it looking creepy… After practice, the gang is split to eat cold or hot food. Mitsuba suggests both. Tsuda reminds her their stomachs will explode.
* At Tsuda’s place, the student council members are doing their homework. Tsuda suggests making some cold adult flavour snacks. Aria is quick to response if it is semen…
* The gang reflects if they did anything meaningful during their vacation. All state their noble doings until Aria says hers grew 1 or 2 sizes bigger. It’s her heart, not her bust…
* Hata takes photos of the student council in their school uniform as part of the school’s brochure. Suzu notices she isn’t used much and is quite free when Hata requests to use her indoor shoes as she needs to take pictures of every item Ousai has. Suzu is puzzled since she is better off using a new one. Don’t worry, Hata intends to label everything as used. Suzu rejects.
* Tsuda sees the final product and Hata did quite a good job. Of course she Photoshop some of them. Like how Shino has very big boobs… A girl can only dream..

Shimoneta To Iu Gainen Ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu Na Koukou Seikatsu
Well, well. It seems that instead of making me go crazy with another OVA, there was a movie announced. Phew. Thank goodness. Because if you know me, seems I have this aversion of anime movies and because of this ‘loophole’, it spares me the excruciating wait of waiting to watch it. Because I’m not. Haha! In your face! Make that, in your cum filled face! Whoops!!!! So this is how a few episodes of this series has corrupted my mind. Oh wait. Aren’t they releasing a new OVA with it? ARGH!!!

So this second season and its OVAs don’t really bring anything new to the table. The same format of short skits in each episode and with a big majority of them ending up with some sort of sexual innuendo punchline by a dirty minded character and a comeback from a non-dirty minded character to retort it all. Some are funny, some I couldn’t really understand and some made me wonder if these characters just love to talk dirty. Though, I feel the sex jokes and puns are just funny enough to make you react a little, a little chuckle instead of bursting into a loud laughter and start rolling on the ground laughing till your tummy hurts. At least better than making weird noises from the bedroom… That is why I feel they have this small section in some episodes called “Aria’s What’s This” to test to see how dirty minded you are. Uh huh. It shows a shadow outline of something you think it would be racy but it’s not. That’s the punch line. Shame on you if you think of something dirty!

As for the characters, they still remain the same and nothing much changes. After all, we are here to hear their dirty thoughts instead of watching them develop into proper characters, right? Well even if there is anything that ‘develops’, it is how good and natural they are making dirty jokes and comebacks. Oh, they’re already good at this since the first season so this season isn’t any different. So really, nothing about them changes. Except maybe a slight minor thing like Tsuda and Uomi are now somewhat related but that doesn’t really affect anything important. Oh, maybe for Tsuda’s unofficial harem since Uomi is now making more appearances than before although still sparingly. Then there is Daimon and Michishita getting married but that isn’t important since there aren’t any teen sex jokes we can capitalize from it, right? Then there is Igarashi’s slight improvement towards Tsuda’s ‘touch’ but so minimal that it is the same as no progress.

Since I have nothing else to talk about the characters, let me just repeat a few of the things to remind myself. Because like Tsuda whose role is to be the straight man rebuking all the perverted jibes and wisecracks his perverted ladies come up with. Since he is doing it on a very regular basis, we hear him retort in all sorts of voice tones ranging from angry, surprise and to even one that makes him sound like a retard. When you have been retorting for so long, it really dumbs down your IQ and personality. Thankfully Tsuda isn’t influenced by them yet.

To give variety to Tsuda as the straight man, Suzu can be considered as his ‘partner’. So if Tsuda isn’t the one retorting, it would be Suzu, one of the very few main girls in this series who isn’t dirty minded (also to show and remind us that not all girls are perverts). Therefore in order to make her stand out (pun not intended), you will notice they keep making this somewhat a running joke of her. Whenever Suzu’s head is barely peeping at the edge of your screen, there will be an indicator to tell us this is where Suzu’s head is. Really. I believe it is done deliberately in every episode so you won’t miss her or mistake that ‘bump’ to be something else. And as if to give variety and not annoy us viewers each time this happens, sometimes they use the indicators to indicate others too like Shino’s head and Aria’s boobs. Thanks for pointing them out. Couldn’t tell them if they weren’t denoted (read sarcasm). I remember Suzu would go into F-bomb rage whenever her stature is pointed out. It seems less here though she still does get mad.

As for the other dirty minded girls especially Shino, Aria and Kotomi (who feels like she is a pseudo member of the student council, though she is part of the go home club), sometimes you wonder if they are consciously dirty minded or perhaps they unconsciously think it is the norm because they are making such indecent jokes like as though it is their second nature and naturally. The irony is that when it she starts thinking it to be on a pervert level (at least on what she considers to be so), she baulks. She doesn’t approve of it but has she looked at herself in the mirror of the kind the things she said? I have this theory is that maybe she is making those dirty jokes just to get Tsuda’s attention. You know, she likes him. More on the romance later. But after so long, she would at least have gotten the idea. Unless she loves seeing his reaction and retorts. As for Aria, she continues to be the polite and gentle rich lady as though being a dirty minded is the way she was raised.

So throw in a dirty minded little sister Kotomi, an obviously dirty minded robotics maniac Todoroki (I am starting to believe she has a penchant for dildos), a frustrated dirty minded teacher Yokoshima, a masochistic dirty minded maid Dejima, a subtly dirty minded student council president of another school Uomi, you’ve got almost a full cast of perverts designated to make you laugh via indecent jokes. Hata is also a pervert in a way but I view her as more of a sly schemer trying to get racy scoops to spice things up despite her deadpan voice and looks. Okay, in this sense she is a pervert too. Mitsuba isn’t actually a pervert but being a simpleton, she does sometimes act and says things that makes her look a little bit like one. Toki is the farthest away as being dirty minded but since she is more of a delinquent type, her presence in this sexual innuendo obsessed series is very light. Surprisingly Furuya as the previous student council president is introduced as a new character but nothing much that would impact anything except that she too is another dirty minded girl but has matured a little ever since she entered university. Still one, though. With her, it makes me wonder if being dirty minded is a tradition for Ousai’s student council president. Because if so, Tsuda is going to break that combo.

It was this wishful thinking of mind to hope for some sort of harem or romance. I can speculate that the student council girls have a thing for him whether they realize it or just being in denial. It is especially evident when they come over to Tsuda’s house to make him breakfast or dinner. Are they really that worried about him? Aria might look like she is sticking around because it is fun and oblivious to love but you’ll never know. Now with Uomi in the mix, the competition might get heated up since she looks like far most the dangerous one because she has this still waters run deep aura. I won’t discount Igarashi since her ‘miraculous’ cure over Tsuda’s touch only means to speculate that she has feelings for him. I can’t tell for Mitsuba since judo is all on her mind. There was one time in the last season indicating this but it was just red herring. This season there is that cat catching incident. Although it doesn’t indicate much, let’s keep our options of his harem open, shall we? I am guessing why no one is making any sudden moves yet because who knows when Hata will pounce out from nowhere to scoop up scandalous stuffs and spread it faster than the plague or computer virus.

The art and animation style as well as the seiyuus are pretty much consistent and the same as the previous season. Now that I come to realize that GoHands animated this series and all its seasons and OVAs, I now noticed that a few scenes have odd colour hues although they are not very obvious. If you watched K, Coppelion and recently that stink bomb known as Hand Shakers (why does this anime title still feels like a dirty pun?), you will understand what I mean about the weird colour tones used. But for this series, everything is still mostly colourful and bright except for some very few scenes. Like in the previous season too, Triple Booking does the opening theme of Hanasaku Saikou Legend Days which feels like a typical genki anime denpa song, and Satomi Satou doing the ending theme, Mirai Night which is a rock beat.

Overall, if you love sex jokes but not horny enough to watch ecchi anime or even real hentai and porn, these ‘high quality’ sexual innuendoes and puns would be the right aphrodisiac tonic for that lonely nights boring nights when the only option is to play with yourself play single player video games or watch a movie meant for singles. Definitely not for those easily offended who will start screaming sexist and perversion every second. This series f*cks those kind of people and goes ahead boldly with its brand of jokes. Only in anime where you can find a bunch of dirty minded girls who can spew sex jokes so much that it makes you cringe after hearing them too much. Nah! Do gamer guys ever get bored of their gamer girls? The couple that talks dirty together, stays dirty together? Just to note, it’s not a dirtier mind that I have after watching this. Just a sexier imagination.

N/B: Shino should have made a joke about SYD. Sucking… Your… Dick…

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