Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records

September 3, 2017

Oh no. I think I can tell what is going to be like when I read the synopsis of Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records. A school that teaches magic. A new substitute teacher is hired to replace another teacher. New teacher is lazy and doesn’t care about anything. Students hate this bastard. But along the way he demonstrates his competent side when it matters and slowly they believe in him. And some conspiracy behind it all. Yup. This kind of formula of having the main protagonist as a slothful and indifferent dude isn’t all new seeing I can name a few recent animes with this kind of main character (that guy from Alderamin, that guy from Rettousei, that guy in Denpa Kyoushi). I think there is a saying about a clever person is one who hides his cleverness. Or it is the clever man who plays the fool and the foolish women who doesn’t recognize it.

Episode 1
As narrated, the city of Fejite of Alzano Empire is famous for its magic academy and hence why Alzano is a magic powerhouse. Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel are such students as they lament the sudden resignation of one of their beloved teachers. They had the misfortune to bump into this guy, Glenn Radars. Though Sistine uses her magic to push him away into the fountain, he tries to act all cool and cocky. Then he freely examines Rumia’s body and thinks he has met her before Sistine gives another magical punishment. As the class waits for their new substitute teacher to replace Huey, you might have guessed that this Glenn dude is the guy. He is already late, waltzes in like nobody’s business, tells the class to do self-study while he goes to sleep in his desk. No wonder some teachers are complaining to the Headmaster Rick as he has no accolades to his name. He is average and third rate in everything and has no teaching licence. He only got in because he was recommended by Professor Celica Arfonia. The other ‘milestone’ is that he enrolled here when he was 11 and graduated at 15. But after that nothing is heard from him. Maybe he did nothing… But don’t worry because Celica will take all responsibility for Glenn, right? Sistine blows her top and throws her book at Glenn to wake up and teach. Even so, he is so unmotivated, has sloppy handwriting and when asked a question he doesn’t even know anything and says to go look it up yourself. It’s no wonder that Sistine is up to here and the only way to relief her stress is to fondle Rumia’s body! I approve! Then a cliché moment when Glenn walks into the changing room with all the girls in their lingerie. Cliché consequences too.

During lunch, Glenn had the nerve to sit next to Rumia and Sistine. While Rumia is friendly with him, Sistine is about to give her honest opinion of his attitude but he cuts her off thinking he wants to try his food. Then he ‘trades’ hers. Flashback shows Glenn didn’t want to do this job but was threatened by Celica. More misfortune as Glenn also teaches their next class. This time Sistine has had it and threatens to tell her father who has significant influence in this academy to fire him. He couldn’t be more grateful! He wants to be fired! That is the last straw. Sistine throws her gloves at him and challenges him to a magic duel. If she wins, he must act like a proper teacher. The class is in shock. Glenn acts like she might have made the biggest mistake of his life. During the duel, Glenn says they will only use one spell: Shock Bolt. Everyone considers this very basic spell that boils down to how fast you can chant its lines. They think Glenn has the upper-hand but is underestimating Sistine. When it begins, Sistine is faster and zaps Glenn. He lost! Like a true sore loser, he calls for extra rounds and even plays dirty but he cannot best her. So he can’t even chant this simple spell? Worse, he acts like he never made the promise and runs away. Sistine has lost all hope for him…

Episode 2
It’s back to the lazy teaching. When Lynn Titis tries to ask him a question, Sistine doesn’t want her to waste her time. She brags about magic being valuable but he catches off guard that magic is useless. He tells them all they don’t know what magic is and that it doesn’t benefit mankind. Oh wait. Magic does have its use. It kills people. As he continues to berate magic, Sistine cannot take it anymore and slaps him. Oh, now you made her cry. Later Glenn sees Rumia doing her own magic insignia experiment and helps her complete it. She believes he doesn’t hate magic. He doesn’t want her digging about his past too much so Rumia tells about her own. She wants to learn magic to repay a debt to someone. When she was banished from her home 3 years ago, she was captured and nearly killed by evil mages. A guy came to save her and it made her vow to learn magic so humanity doesn’t lose its way with it. She hopes he can apologize to Sistine because she feels bonded to her late grandpa via magic. His dream was to step into the Melgalius Sky Castle, the reason he became a mage. As he was dying, Sistine promised to do that in his stead. Next day, Glenn shocks the class by apologizing to Sistine before calling everyone idiots. Everyone thought he is going to give some useless lecture about Shock Bolt but then he surprises everyone how much they do not know about its basics. He continues to awe them with his explanation of what magic really is: Probing the heart of mankind. He demonstrates by doing a fake love confession to Sistine, embarrassing her. This shows how words can influence a person’s mind and hence magic is something like that. Because everyone has been skipping over the basics, they’re just dummies memorizing chants, etc.

And with the sudden change in event, Glenn’s class has become much more interesting and popular with other students joining in! OMG! It’s a full class! Celica and Rick are laughing how it all eventually worked out. Next day as Glenn is rushing late for class, he is attacked by a terrorist. A couple of more then waltz into class and threaten to kill unless the real Rumia shows herself. To avoid Sistine getting killed, Rumia does so and follows them. It seems they know her by another name, Princess Ermiana and is supposed to be dead. Meanwhile one of the terrorists takes Sistine to another room and tries to rape her. He likes to break down such girls who act tough and true enough Sistine starts screaming for help. Glenn then walks in. Sorry, wrong room. Please continue. Are you kidding me?! When the terrorist tires to kill him with his magic, nothing comes out. It seems Glenn has this card, Fool’s World that allows him to negate and seal any form of magic within a certain range. This is one of his original spells. However this means he can’t use his own magic. The baddie laughs at his own checkmate but you know what? If you can’t use magic, beat him up with his fists! And don’t you mess with Glenn because this guy knows how to fight! In fact, the baddie recognizes it to be an imperial military style. Glenn then finishes him off with his legendary magical punch. It’s a kick by the way. That’s why is magical. Oh Glenn…

Episode 3
Glenn contacts Celica who is away in the middle of a magic conference to update the situation. From the mark on their body, he can tell the terrorists are from Researches of Divine Wisdom, a secret society of evil mages. As the academy’s barrier is not easily tampered, he believes this is an inside job. No use for Sistine crying about how useless magic is now. Because bone golems are sent to kill them. Too bad they took out their own terrorist guy. Glenn has Sistine reinforce him so that he could fight them. Once he blows them all to bits, the big boss Reik appears ready to kill a weakened Glenn. Glenn asks if Sistine still has enough magic to disable his magic. Since she doesn’t have the necessary amount, he pushes her off to safety. He then fights Reik and gives this guy a run for his money. When it looks like Glenn has a death wish and takes all the stabbing, it is just distraction for Sistine to chant her magic so that Glenn has enough time to activate Fool’s World and stab him. Glenn is glad Sistine understood his intent. If he had wanted to save her, he wouldn’t have asked if she had any magic left. Glenn is bleeding too much so Sistine heals him enough to get him going. He then contacts Celica to update. Noticing that the barrier prevents anyone from getting out, how would the terrorists get out then? Noticing the teleportation circle in the tall tower, although it might take half a day to rewrite it, well, it has already been half a day.

Glenn barges into the tower to rescue Rumia. He is shocked to learn the perpetrator is Huey. He explains the plan to use his mana as sacrifice to teleport Rumia back to the base. And then some magic bomb he planted for years that will explode the academy. He has Glenn play this ‘game’ to undo the teleportation circle binding Rumia. But he can’t wait for Fool’s World to run out as a lot of time would have run out. Oh, he can’t kill Huey too because by doing so will activate everything. Glenn uses his own blood to write runes to dispel the layers, risking his life for it. He can’t give up because of his dream to become the greatest mage. Even though he realized that world is tainted with blood and has wasted his whole life on it, he still can’t give it up because what would be the purpose of his life then? He spent his entire life trying to become a mage of justice and refuses to let it become worthless. On the last layer, Glenn runs out of mana. Rumia is inspired and breaks through to reach out to him, replenishing and amplifying his mana. Glenn revives and dispels the last layer. Though he still has enough energy to punch Huey in the face. At least he got a lap pillow from Rumia. In the aftermath, Celica explains Rumia as Princess Ermiana who is supposed to have died 3 years ago. Her country has a deep prejudice and persecution for those with special abilities. The only ones who know about this is her and the headmaster. She asks why he decided to continue to be their teacher. He wants to see what they’ll go on to achieve. It’s perfect to kill time too.

Episode 4
Imperial Guards commander, Zelos reminds Queen Alicia VII that the magic competition she will attend has the girl whom they pronounced dead 3 years ago. He is worried this might bring up unnecessary trouble so she’ll keep that in mind. It seems Glenn’s class nobody wants to participate in any magic competitions for fear of embarrassing themselves before the queen. So Glenn comes in with his sure win strategy as he picks the best students for each category. Everyone thought he has been watching them and thus know their abilities well but it seems it all stems from Glenn not having enough money so Rick told him of this competition where he could get some extra bonus. The rivalry even heats up when the classes clash in using the practice grounds. Glenn makes a bet with Halley Astry to bet their 3 months’ salary to see whose class can do better. He might sound confident but Glenn is panicking on the inside. This better work. As the competition gets underway, Glenn’s class does surprisingly well. This boosts their morale as they believe Glenn really has some sort of strategy but in reality he has none. So far so good his luck. Rumia takes part in the magic mental endurance and faces off with last year’s champion, Jaill Wolfheart. Despite being told to drop out, she presses on since everybody is trying their best. When it seems Rumia is about to fall, Glenn declares on Rumia’s behalf to quit seeing it is pointless for her to put up with something painful. Glenn apologizes for not anticipating she would be up against such strong opponents but Rumia doesn’t feel that way as she had fun. However everyone soon realize that Jaill is already unconscious while standing. This means it is Rumia’s victory! Alicia is pleased to see Rumia’s smile and that she has good friends and teacher.

Episode 5
Albert Frazer and Re=L Rayford are surprised to see Glenn at this place. However they have a mission to watch over the Imperial Guards as they received word there have been suspicious activities within. As the competition breaks for lunch, Lynn seeks Glenn’s permission to replace her for the transmutation event as she doesn’t have the confidence. Glenn gives her confidence by demonstrating transforming into Rumia. It’s not that she dislikes this event. It’s just that the image in her mind is still vague. After that, Sistine comes looking for Rumia to have lunch. She had the bad luck to stumble into this fake as she plans to give her sandwiches to a certain guy. All that comes crashing down when the real Rumia enters the scene. She dispels Glenn’s magic and beats him up. Later Rumia gives those sandwiches to Glenn since Sistine threw them away. What a waste. After he has his fill, suddenly Alicia appears before them. First she apologizes to him for being expelled from the Court Mage Corps in an unruly fashion although he dismisses it as he quit. When Alicia talks to Rumia, the latter dismisses she has got the wrong person because Ermiana died 3 years ago. Alicia is sad but has expected Rumia still won’ accept her as her mom after what they did. She hopes Glenn will take care of her. When she returns, Zelos and his guards immediately arrest her.

Sistine talks to Glenn when Rumia hasn’t come back yet. He finds her sitting alone looking at her empty locket. Rumia laments why her mom abandoned her because she is like the devil reincarnate with this special ability. It would damage the royal family’s status if something happened. Although she can’t forgive her, a part of her still wants to call her mom and to be hugged again. Time for Glenn to give his philosophy about choice and regrets as humans. Suddenly the Imperial Guards surround them. They charge Rumia for treason and planning to assassinate Alicia. She will be executed. Glenn defends her since they cannot show proof so they threaten to kill him too. Rumia agrees to go with them to spare Glenn. She accepts her fate of living on borrowed time when Glenn returns to knock them out and save her. He might get convicted too but he believes Alicia would never order such a thing and that somebody else must be behind this. They run away from reinforcements. Glenn thinks they need to see Alicia in person but doesn’t need to. Because Celica is best friends with her and should be by her side. He contacts her but it seems all she says is that she cannot tell him anything and is hinting he is the only one who can salvage this situation. Glenn starts cracking his brains when Re=L attacks.

Episode 6
Flashback shows Alicia’s personal maid, Eleanor Chalet whispered to Celica that she has put a conditional cursed necklace on Alicia’s neck. They will put Alicia’s life to use for the sake of Divine Wisdom. Albert stops Re=L dead in her attacks. While Glenn is surprised to reunite with his old comrades from the Imperial Army, Albert tells him of a plot to eliminate Rumia. Right now, Alicia and Celica are watching the competition from their VIP seats. It might look like nothing but they’re actually being held hostage. So while Glenn and Rumia run away from the Imperial Guards, Albert and Re=L take over commanding their class for the competition. It might feel odd to put their trust in strangers but it still doesn’t change the fact they have to win or else they’ll never hear the end of it from Glenn. Glenn’s class makes a comeback from the slump to tie with Halley’s class. Thus the final decider in the final event sees Sistine defeating her opponent for the overall win. During the awards ceremony, Albert and Re=L goes up to receive the award from Alicia. Suddenly they turn into Glenn and Rumia. It seems they swap their appearances and the Imperial Guards have been chasing Albert and Re=L all the while. Celica then puts up a barrier to keep out the Imperial Guards. Glenn thought it is over when he wants Alicia to give the orders. However Zelos differs. He will take responsibility by taking his own life after this but Alicia must sacrifice a lot to preserve her own.

Alicia then gives a roundabout speech for Rumia to be executed as well as how much she regretted giving birth to her. Rumia’s heart is broken as Glenn knows something is off. Could it be that Alicia cannot say the truth? Why lie now? When he notices the necklace and she replies she doesn’t want it removed, he knows Alicia loves her daughter. Zelos attacks Glenn as Alicia throws away her necklace. Glenn knows about the conditional cursed necklace whereby one will die if it is removed, a set time passed or reveal how to undo the curse. The only way out was to kill Rumia. But why didn’t the curse activate then? Glenn’s Fool’s World. With the curse removed, Alicia is free to hug Rumia and show her love for her. Albert and Re=L confront escaping Eleanor and want to know why she tried to kill Rumia. Akashic Records. That is what she is for. Unfortunately Eleanor escapes so they warn Glenn about Divine Wisdom infiltrating this far into the kingdom. They will return once they have the countermeasures. Later Rumia talks to Glenn on how he knew Alicia wasn’t lying. When Rumia was kidnapped, she pleaded to him to save her. He saw her tears. Rumia now understands why he remembers their promise. Glenn wants to treat the class with his new ‘wealth’ but looks like they got ahead of him. Yeah, all of them are so drunk especially Sistine all over him. It costs all that he has just earned. Back to square one.

Episode 7
Glenn almost gets attacked by Re=L again. This is her way of greeting? By looking at her outfit, it looks like she is going to be a student in the academy. He heard the government has assigned a formal guard to Rumia and dispatch a mage to undercover as a transfer student but he didn’t expect it to be Re=L. However Re=L prefers to protect Glenn than Rumia so he noogie abuses her. Re=L is introduced in class. She can’t lie and almost gave away her identity. Glenn had to tell her what to say. But when asked about her relationship with Glenn, she says he is her everything and will live for him. The girls are in awe but the guys are heart broken by this ‘rejection’. Why does Sistine look worried? However the class is now scared of her because during magic training, she uses her brute force to destroy her target! Don’t mess with her. But with Sistine and Rumia talking to her, soon the class once again opens up to her. Glenn takes his class to a field trip at an army’s research facility. They aren’t too fond till he explains there is a beach nearby. Get the hint? Yes, babes in swimsuits. Viva sensei! Glenn knows Albert is watching close by and talks to him. He realizes Re=L is just a decoy and the real guard is him. He warns Re=L is dangerous despite what happened in the past. The guys push their luck as they want to sneak into the girls’ room but is thwarted by Glenn. Re=L has never seen him so happy before. He may be like that since he started working in the academy but in the military, he was gloomy as f*ck. Late Re=L talks to Glenn about why he left as she feels her life is useless without him. He wants her to live her own happy life and seems to be fitting well among the students. However this upsets her. She doesn’t think it is wrong to live her life protecting him and blames Rumia and Sistine for stealing him away from her.

Episode 8
As the students trek to the research facility, Sistine and Rumia get a rude shock when Re=L refuses to be helped by them as she tells it in their face she hates them. Glenn hopes they will give her some space since it was partly his fault saying a few harsh words to her. The director of this facility, Burks Blaumohn guides the students around. There is this topic of reviving the dead they talk about. Basically from all that mumbo-jumbo about this forbidden art is that you create duplicates from copies. I think. Glenn assures it won’t happen since many will have to die to revive one person but Rumia is seemingly looking worried. Re=L continues to sulk and be a loner. Sistine and Rumia want to do something about this so Glenn tells them to wait for her as he will go find her. Re=L is shocked to see her brother. Because he is supposed to be dead. He explains he almost was. 2 years ago when she defected and earned her freedom, he was still Divine Wisdom’s slave. The only way to save him is to get Rumia. However Glenn stands in their way. He hopes she can save him using this chance. Meanwhile Albert knows this is a trap but can’t intervene since a barrier is set up. Instead he has to play with Eleanor. Despite burning her, she can regenerate. Not your typical necromancer, she summons zombies to her aid. Glenn cuts in to protect Re=L. Before things can go his way, Re=L stabs him!!! OMG! Did you see that coming?! From now on, Re=L will live for her brother’s sake. So much about loyalty and promises. Once Glenn is down, Eleanor escapes. Sistine returns to her room and is shocked to see Re=L killed Rumia! Blood everywhere! Re=L assures Rumia is still alive. In utter shock, she threatens to shoot her but Re=L dares her. She couldn’t. Time’s up. Re=L takes Rumia away. More shock for Sistine when Albert brings Glenn in. He still isn’t dead but they can use some revival magic arts to bring him back. Since that requires huge amounts of mana, the reason he needs to borrow hers. He tells her to decide whether she wants to carry on crying or kill him. So while he sets up the ritual, she has to do CPR on Glenn. You mean kiss him? Stop thinking about that. It’s life and death! And so her first kiss goes to… Rumia is shocked to see Re=L defected and from her mouth how she killed Glenn.

Episode 9
Thanks to Sistine’s great mana, Glenn comes back alive although Sistine is out from exhaustion. When Albert explains the military found a link misappropriation of funds and Burks, Glenn realizes Albert never said this to him because he was planning to use Rumia as bait. But this would reveal Re=L’s identity as well. Albert admits he is as guilty as his superiors for this but if Re=L gets in the way of Rumia’s rescue, he will not hesitate to kill her. Glenn cannot be the one to say because he ran away and abandoned his comrades. Now that her brother has popped up, do you think she will listen to him? Even so, he will pound it into her no matter what it takes. Albert is glad he never changed and a single punch in his face for desertion is all it takes to forgive him. Burks is impressed with the development of this revival project thingy. Whatever he is doing, he is causing Rumia tremendous pain. Thanks to Albert tagging a tracker on Eleanor, he knows where to go. Burks decides to unleash his creations to stop them. Too bad the chimera and this, uhm, Bulbasaur (?) got easily defeated. Burks decides to go face them himself instead. This guy turns into a hideous monster. Albert decides to fight him and let Glenn move on. Eleanor escapes since she can’t die at this place and leaves the rest to the fake brother. Meanwhile all the students are worried about Glenn and Rumia but Sistine assures them to put their trust in him and wait because Glenn promised he’ll return.

When Glenn enters the room, Re=L without question protects her brother. Glenn realizes she will not listen no matter what he says even if it is obvious she is being tricked. Seeing how much she loves her brother, Glenn wants her to tell what her brother name is. Strangely, she can’t remember and it hurts her head. This allows Glenn to pin her down using his gravity magic. Glenn then punches the fake brother because he knew he was a phoney the moment he called Re=L by her name. Re=L also regains her memories. Project Revive Life or Re=L for short. She is born in a lab from the sacrifice of many. Rainer and Sion were conducting this experiment. Sion wanted to stop as he didn’t want any more sacrifices. However crazy Rainer killed him along with Ilushia. 2 years ago, Sion betrayed them and reported to the Imperial Court Mage Corps in which Glenn was the one he contacted. He wanted to leave the organization to stop this project to save his friends. But when Glenn and his team raided the place, Sion and Ilushia were already dead. All Glenn had was Re=L whom he protected that had inherited memories from Astral Code. Fake brother calls this a failure and Re=L a piece of junk. Because thanks to the completion of the ritual, he has now 3 Re=L clones at his disposal. Glenn protects Re=L from them. Re=L is confused he would do such a thing after all that she has done. It means she is important, right? Also, she has important friends now. Re=L gets back her motivation and kills her clones. Fake brother begs for his life when Glenn is about to kill him. That crazy eyes might hint he would do it. Nope. A big knockout punch instead. Albert has finished burning Burks on his side too. Rumia is freed and they are reunited with their friends. Sistine and Re=L share an emotional hug. So while Glenn watches his students play beach volleyball, Eleanor is glad she has got the entire ritual needed Project Revival Life.

Episode 10
While watching the students play beach volleyball, Albert notes to Glenn how Sistine resembles a lot like Sara Silvers. Eleanor speaks to her Grandmaster that Rumia’s power is maturing. For now they are to observe closely. As for the organization plotting to bring her rebirth, Eleanor is given the freedom to deal with them the way she sees fit. Re=L stays in the hospitality of Sistine’s parents and makes up with her friends. When Glenn thanks Sistine for reviving her, she can’t help blush about the kiss. This prompts Re=L to think he hurt her in some way and is going to kill him. Wait a minute. Now she is going to protect Sistine? What ever happened to always Glenn first? He almost got crushed by a carriage. Out comes a man named Leos Kleitos. Sistine knows him because he is her fiancé! Although Sistine remembers the promise they made when they were young, she thought it was just a kiddie promise. Apparently he is serious and is in love with her. Leos is here as a guest instructor. His lessons are very clear and perfect but Glenn wonders if the students actually understand what it means to wield such magic instead of just knowing it exists.

Leos talks to Sistine privately. Of course our usuals go spy on them because unlike Glenn who is happily vouching for her, Rumia has this bad feeling about this guy. Woman’s intuition? Glenn surprisingly proposes to Sistine. But she declines. Her reason is about her promise to grandpa to unravel Melgalius’ Sky Castle’s mystery. She needs to learn more about magic for that. Gee, I was thinking she was going to say she loves another. Leos doesn’t want her to waste time on something useless and instead wants her to support his research in military magic. That is when Glenn pops up to protest and tell Sistine to continue following her dreams. Leos wants him to stay out of this but Sistine says he is very much related. Why? Because they are sworn lovers! That’s why she can’t marry him. So now the cat’s out of the bag. Glenn instead plays along and agrees to it. Though he lies about sharing a bed last night, it made Sistine reveal they only kissed. Leos gets mad and it seems it is Glenn’s ploy to reveal his true nature. Glenn then challenges him to a duel. He accepts and will discuss the time and place later. Now that it has come to this, Glenn is going to involve his entire class! He will train them in magic so as to stand a chance to him. He is really looking forward to win this so he can be rich getting married to Sistine and not work anymore. Later Albert meets up with Glenn to tell him there are rumours Angel’s Dust has been smuggled in here. Glenn is shocked because the method should’ve been destroyed last year. Apparently not. That drug sounds like it turns you into a zombie for others to control. Albert knows Glenn wants to join the investigation and rejects him before he could say. In fact, he is here to tell him to stay out. He wonders what Sara died for and that Glenn sees Sara in Sistine. Leos talks to someone and it seems getting Glenn to duel him was all part of the plan for his foundation of justice.

Episode 11
The magic duel begins. A side wins when the enemy base is captured or the enemy commander is taken out. At first, Leos’ side might look like he is winning. Till Glenn plays ‘dirty’ by luring Leos’ students into the forests where he had laid many traps beforehand. Because time is up and no clear winner is decided, the duel is a draw. Glenn seems okay about it but everyone sees how Leos is chiding his side they could have easily won had they follow his instructions. Not a pretty sight. Since Glenn comments on the failure of a team rests on its commander, now Leos throws his glove at him. It will be him who will challenge him this time. Sistine protests since she isn’t an object but Glenn cuts her off and sets tomorrow’s date as one on one. This makes Sistine slap him and hate him. Albert and his team are investigating Angel’s Dust and are horrified to see its fifth victim. They didn’t know it has spread this far. We hear Leos’ evil plan to marry Sistine so he can have full advantage over that branch family and thus his seat as the next family leader will be secured. That night, Sistine catches Glenn mumbling about Sara and wants to know more about her. So he starts telling his story about a certain brat who wanted to be the mage of justice and studied hard. But he got dismayed by magic’s limitations and bloody reality and came to hate magic. He only continued because of a certain friend who continued supporting his dream. But on a mission, that brat let that girl die. So he gave up being a mage altogether and became a shut-in. Happily ever after. Glenn adds that he might not know what he wants to do but seeing how Leos is denying her dream makes him mad. Sistine is glad there is at least one person who still supports her dream, that’s why she needs to keep working hard. Her smile reminds him so much of Sara. Leos had to ruin it all because as a military researcher, he has access to confidential files. This means he knows all about Glenn’s past. Especially Glenn the Fool. Glenn warns him to stop or they’ll settle this now. Leos continues to talk so Glenn fights him. But Leos summons Tupas (summoning of imaginary beings while in trance) and beats the crap out of him. Because it’s not a spell, Fool’s World cannot work. Glenn limps away in defeat. Sistine wants to go to him but Leos threatens to accept his marriage. Otherwise he would spill the details about Rumia and Re=L’s secret. Sistine is praying Glenn would save her. But come next morning, he never showed up at the duel and never returned to the academy after that.

Episode 12
Sistine fears Leos and the reason why she accepted his proposal. That scary face is enough to make the devil cry. You know she doesn’t want to do this when she even says she’s giving up her dream to face reality. Even Re=L feels the need to cut him down but was restrained by Rumia. Apparently she went to talk to Glenn before he disappeared. He told her to leave it to him. So let’s sit by and put our trust in him for now, okay? A week has passed and now the wedding ceremony is here. Not tears of happiness apparently. After exchanging vows and about to kiss, this is where Glenn finally pops up to object and kidnap Sistine. She is supposed to be happy to be saved by him but why is she still crying? Yeah, what took him so long. He explains after Rumia went to see him, he went to come up with a plan. No matter how much he thought, he would end up at a disadvantage and needed a plan that would lure Leos out into the open. Uhm, so I hope that long absence wasn’t just for this. Their conversation is cut short when people under the influence of Angel’s Dust surround them. They’re like an angry mob with knives and pitch forks except they’re as slow as a zombie. Oh wait. They become fast like kung fu monkeys when they start chasing them. Glenn shows his true nature when he violently fights back. Oh dear. Did Glenn actually kill them?! No wonder Sistine looks so scared sh*t like as though he is a different person. Albert’s team ambushes the church to rescue the students who are also surrounded by Angel’s Dust zombies. Sistine is now scared of Glenn that she won’t let him touch her.

When Leos pops up before them, Glenn tells the imposter to reveal himself. He is former Imperial Court Mage Corps Executioner, Jatice Lowfan. So what happened to the real Leos? Jatice gave him Angel’s Dust and he died immediately. It happened somewhere after their magic duel. The guys tell Sistine to run. She isn’t part of this world. Since she has served her purpose, Jatice in particular warns Sistine not to intervene with his fight with Glenn or he will kill her. What has a girl got to do but run and cry? Glenn realizes (although too late by now) that everything that has happened was set up by Jatice since he has some clairvoyance abilities. His goal is the same as before: To exact justice by killing all powerful mages of the army and important figures in the empire. His end goal is to obtain Akashic Records. Something that will make him rule the world. Now the guys start their hard hitting magic fight. Sistine calms down and starts thinking what she has done. She knew she did wrong to Glenn but what can she do to help? Just before Glenn gets owned, Sistine returns to protect him. I guess she has decided. She is going to bring him back with her to the rest because her friends and important ones are irreplaceable. Thus Glenn and Sistine team up to attack Jatice. With Sistine blowing away his magic, this allows Glenn to give a good punch in his face. Twice. The second one making Jatice look like he got crucified! Although Jatice admits his defeat, I still feel it is a draw. Because Sistine is exhausted after running out of mana and Jatice will ‘respect’ her by retreating for today. Glenn carries Sistine to be reunited with their friends. In the aftermath, Glenn looks like is here to stay as a teacher and is taking his job seriously. Celica can rest with ease and leave it to him as she plans to leave for a while to explore the underground labyrinth. Glenn returns teaching his students.

Hard Bastard
It is one of those endings that feel rushed since the season is ending so they have to cram in a lot of stuffs just to end it ‘right’. And so the final episode feels like it is to shoehorn in a lot of stuffs and throw in some potentials for the future. So much has happened with Sistine almost breaking down from an emotional roller coaster ride (almost turning her into a damsel in distress), Angel’s Dust as a minor and unnecessary distraction since it didn’t do much and perhaps a legit reason to kill off Leos (heck, anything else would be justifiable to kill off that guy) and introducing a new powerful enemy on Glenn’s plate because instead of dealing with Divine Wisdom as the main antagonist, now he has to deal with a guy whose name is twisted and conveniently-cum-lazily named after that term for righteousness. Well, at least the other good news of everyone being reunited and going back to where they like is that Sistine isn’t bound to any engagement anymore. Thank goodness, right?

And so it turns out as cliché as it gets because as expected and very early in the series, Glenn is shown to us as a despicable man. From being a lazy bastard to a sore loser, qualities that will naturally make others hate you for being an ass. Like as though they want us to hate him very badly. However we can’t not because we know he is the main character but the way he acts as the ‘villain’ looks fake unlike true villains whose vile nature is more believable. As fast as Glenn has been established as a bastard teacher, as fast they smash that believe that he isn’t what he seems. More than meets the eye. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Like as though this goofy act is to cover up a tragic and terrible past. I mean, would anybody care about it in the first place? I’m sure his students would but that is only after he wins them over. Had he not shown his true worth that earned their respect, it would still be nothing. In a way, being this kind of character is much interesting than your typical strict by-the-book sensei, don’t you think? Everyone loves a sporting joker, right? Oh wait. One more thing. Did he really kill all those people affected by Angel’s Dust in the end? Oh who cares, right?

The 3 main ladies of the series do help make the plot interesting since each also has their own issues (basically the plots for this series) to deal with like Rumia supposedly the dead princess, Re=L’s actual identity and Sistine’s dream and goal as well as her engagement in matter. Why is it that such girls have to be engaged to typical bad guys like Leos? In a way, the trio have their lives touched and connected by Glenn. That’s why they are probably closest to him than any of the other students since he came to their rescue. Speaking of the rest of the students in Glenn’s class, I think this is where it ‘fails’ since nobody really cares about them and they are just there for the numbers. So as to make it look like a real class despite the main focus is always on those ladies. Heck, I don’t even remember their names even if they were being called a few times. Like that bespectacled guy who always has that condescending and sceptical tone in the way he talks and asks questions. Or that twintail girl. And a few other generic plain looking guys we don’t give a damn about.

Could this series be a harem potential with the 3 leading ladies as budding prospective as his love interest? It might seem Sistine would be in the lead since Glenn often calls her as white cat instead of her real name. He does call her Sistine but very rare. Chances of you winning the lottery are better than him calling her real name. It is fundamental psychology when a guy keeps teasing you with such a name means he likes you, right? And most probably Sistine looks like Sara. And Sistine is constantly being confused with her feelings and acting like a tsundere so there is a big chance about that. So it overshadows Rumia and Re=L because the former having her life saved by Glenn typically means there is no reason why you should not fall in love with him and for the latter who has been pandering about protecting Glenn her entire life and despite showing signs that she jumped ship to her newly made friends, this doesn’t mean she has abandoned Glenn. She just added more people to protect to her list.

Despite having the Akashic Records in the series’ title, this season doesn’t actually touch on this subject except for the fact that Rumia has something to do with it. Even if it sounds like it has something to do with the bastard magic instructor and I’m sure it does. In fact, you will hear them use the word bastard more often than Akashic Records as I wonder if bastard sounds more effective as an insult since rokudenashi basically means a good for nothing or a bum. So does a bastard have the same connotations as that? Or did it get lost in translation? Sure, Akashic Records gets mentioned a whole lot more in the final episode so as to remind us that is the biggest culprit of the plot if ever another season beckons.

Artwork and animation look pretty decent. Nice flashy effects especially the magic effects and magic circles. Nothing really much to complain about except perhaps the design of the school’s female uniform because it seemingly exposes their belly. The skirt is already so short and then what it seems like suspenders connecting the top to the skirt as well to the knee socks, personally I thought it makes them look like a slut. I mean, compare this to the guys’ uniform which looks more decent and respectable. Makes you think if the headmaster had some sort of fetish in the first place. Also at the end of every episode, an end card illustration from various people. Personally, I think all of them have this same look and feel despite being illustrated by different people. Visual novel style of art, that is.

Also at the end of every episode, a funny segment of the series since the characters are in their chibi form on a stage. This is supposed to be the next episode preview but usually they go off ranting about other stuffs that aren’t really related to the plot (because if they do, it will technically be like spoilers, right?) like Celica complaining she doesn’t have enough screen time, Sistine being trolled by Sara and the suspense of explaining what Akashic Records is, in which we’ll never hear because the supposed people who are supposed to explain them ‘runs away’. And then there are other stage antics which supposedly make it funny and cute from quiz shows to cats to strawberry tarts. If the real story is too depressing and sad for you, this one should take some weight off that. Or not.

Haven’t heard Eri Kitamura in a while but could still recognize her here as Celica. Not bad, right? Youko Hikasa as Eleanor reminds me of one of her sly villainess roles like Nachetanya in Roku No Yuusha. The other casts are Souma Saitou as Glenn (Kain in Kyoukai No Rinne), Akane Fujita as Sistine (Sagiri in Eromanga-sensei), Yume Miyamoto as Rumia (Megumi in GJ-Bu), Ari Ozawa as Re=L (Kirin in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Hiroki Takahashi as Albert (Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter series), Saori Oonishi as Alicia (Vigne in Gabriel Dropout) and Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Jatice (Ban in Nanatsu No Taizai). The rock based opening theme is Blow Out by Konomi Suzuki while Precious You as the ending theme by the trio behind Sistine, Rumia and Re=L sounds more like idol pop.

Overall, still an entertaining series despite starting out as very cliché and being predictable at times. Everyone loves a guy like Glenn who started out as being a dick but is serious and capable when the time calls for it. It is only so because of the psychology aspect playing on our guilt that we judged him too early and now that he is such a cool guy, our only atonement is to admire and look up to him. There is a saying that goes: The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence. Not even magic can cure that.

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