Battle Girl High School

January 27, 2018

Is it me or does Battle Girl High School have this very similar feel to Schoolgirl Strikers? Both are based off a social network game and have this group of girls divided into teams in which when they transform into their outfit allows them to use special weapons and powers to fight against the invading aliens and defend planet Earth. Only this time we have a mysterious new girl joining the ranks as they continue to fight off the invaders while trying to lead a normal school life. Heh. Anything is beyond normal if you send school girls to do the fighting.

Episode 1
Miki Hoshitsuki, Subaru Wakaba and Haruka Narumi attend a concert. However they are recalled by Sensei who has detected a growing miasma threat. So our girls need to go into action for the sake of the concert to keep going. Weird alien creatures known as Irous attack the people as our girls transform to beat the crap out of them. I suppose this is a good excuse to introduce a whole bunch of them. Yes, all of the team members as they join in to help kick Irous’ butt. Also, not forgetting their teachers who also keep a check on their stats, data, etc. And as expected, the day (night, rather) is saved thanks to the girls’ efforts. We see them leading ordinary lives at school. Anko Tsubuzaki and Sakura Fujimiya are called by the student council because their club has done nothing but goof around. Therefore their club is on the verge of being shut down and their clubroom seized for other clubs. Dumb excuses not acceptable. They are given a chance to find new members or hold suitable club activities or face the music. We also see them in mock training among each other until this strange girl with a big claw weapon drops in to attack. The school’s president, Botan Kamine assures everyone she isn’t dangerous. Misaki is their newest team member.

Episode 2
A narration tells the back story of this setting. Miasma descended upon the world and girls garbed in celestial suits fought against it and put off the Irous invasion. But a very large scale attack left Earth devastated and the remaining humans escaped to orbit where they sought refuge in the Colony by the Holy Tree. It is here where a new team is trained to recapture Earth. The Holy Tree is successfully back on Earth but the girls at Hoshimori are ever vigilante to stave off the continuous Irous threat. This is a history video shown by Sensei to Misaki as protocol for newbies. As the girls form teams to take turns fighting the Irous, Misaki is the odd one out as she often jumps into battle without any directives to fight them. Some are not happy she doesn’t have good discipline to follow orders while others cut her some slack since she did save their comrades’ skin. Since everyone notices Misaki is a loner and doesn’t mix well with others, they want to hold a welcome party for her so they can get to know each other better. The girls divide their tasks and we see Miki sucks in cooking. I don’t know, maybe she could use this to kill Irous. Unless your sense of taste is dead like Sakura… Everyone surprises Misaki but she doesn’t look surprised. The lamest has got to be Asuha Kusunoki whose lame pun just ruined everything in addition to embarrassing herself that no one is laughing. But wait! Misaki is laughing her ass off???!!! Strange taste in jokes… Sorry to ruin your party girls, but we’ve detected some Irous. Haven’t fought some this episode, right? There is a new type of Irous never seen before in the fray. Of course they don’t know its traits, etc. Misaki once more breaks protocol to jump in and fight it, successfully defeating it. Miki is impressed with her but Misaki views that wasn’t good enough. Sensei senses something amiss because no doubt Misaki is good, it is as though she almost knew how to defeat it.

Episode 3
The sun! The sea! The beach! Swimsuits! What a paradise! Hate to break it to you girls but we’re not here for fun and games because the purpose of this trip is to train their ass off. So get to it! No mercy from the demon teacher, Furan Mitsurugi. Look at her smirk. It’s like she enjoys seeing the girls in pain! Thanks to that, even with all the delicious food, the girls are in no mood to eat. Tired and sunburn. Oddly, they are also here to learn how to dance because apparently the celestial suits draw power from certain motions. I guess like martial arts, form and rhythm are important. That night, Anko, Nozomi Amano, Sadone, Sakura and Hinata Minami head for the nearby ‘spirit’ island to play their own kimodameshi. The reward for all this is the view of the beautiful city lights across. They realize suddenly there are 2 moons. Wait. One of them is getting bigger. Then it turns into a giant spider Irous (War of the Worlds?) as it forms a barrier locking them in and releasing miasma. They try to break out but the barrier is too hard and at this rate they will slowly collapse from inhaling too much miasma. As everyone gets sortie, Misaki can’t wait for the slow pokes and disobeys orders again to head in to fight the Irous. If Misaki can’t even break through it, you think the others can? Well, don’t give up (important lesson of the episode, I guess). But remember your training. That dance training. And with all the proper moves they have learnt (including some friendship flashback thingy), the barrier is broken and the friends saved. In the aftermath, Asuha lectures the ‘adventurers’ and Sadone learns from Miki that Misaki was the first one to rush to their aid. She knows why Misaki is always tough on us and it’s because she doesn’t want them hurt.

Episode 4
Shiho Kunieda and Kanon Kougami of Fortissimo are on their last leg of their high school tour when something unfortunate happened. Miki and co are big fans of them and are even praying at a shrine for success. Despite the relatively decent luck they get, there is a little warning that their wish won’t go their way. And that bad news comes in the form of Fortissimo staff being unable to arrive in time. The bus they were travelling in were blocked by a landslide. They got food poisoning while waiting and are all sick. The logical step is to cancel it but seeing how fully booked the concert is, that is why the duo are here to plead to the Hoshimori girls to be part of their staffs. Gladly. Yeah, free labour. So all get to work and their roles being assigned quickly. Everyone is surprised Misaki volunteers to work out instead of skipping. They work really hard and you can’t blame them for being tired at school. It gets worse when Irous come to attack. Shiho and Kanon thought of helping out and although they successfully defeat the Irous, Kanon sprained her foot. It isn’t that bad and she doesn’t want to disappoint fans and can still go on. Shiho believes in her. And so concert day is here. Fortissimo puts up an exciting concert as usual. Miki and her team had to partially miss it since those damn Irous show up. The faster you kill, the faster you can get back to the concert. Before the penultimate song, Kanon’s bandage broke. She still thinks she can go on but this will be risky. Misaki volunteers to dance in her place since she is the same size and height and her. Kanon disagrees at first but since the crowd cannot wait… Everyone is awed seeing ‘Kanon’s’ dance move. It is then her pals realize she is a hardcore Fortissimo fan. Kanon’s foot has healed enough for them to head out and sing their last song. The concert is a success and to thank the Hoshimori girls for their hard work, they sing an encore for them in private.

Episode 5
Once again, the girls are in a pinch. Once again, Misaki comes to the rescue and destroy the Irous with a single punch. To the crotch???!!! When the girls converge for their usual training, Yuri Himukai blows her top because again Misaki isn’t here. Is she exempted? Well, Sensei did ask her to join but Misaki believes she will not gain anything. Later Kurumi Tokiwa talks to Misaki how Yuri once resembled her. She used to fight alone. Misaki believes by being weak only puts others in danger. Kurumi takes it that she once had a team. Yes she does. However she relied on them and grew weak. That’s why she wants to grow strong enough not to seek help from others. Kurumi believes there is strength in teamwork. Meanwhile, Nozomi also notes to Yuri how similar Misaki is to her. This prompts Misaki to remember Nozomi also used to skip out on training. Time for flashback. 2 years ago, another lost to their seniors prompted Yuri to want her team to start training. Nozomi didn’t like the idea. Their relationship soon strained as Nozomi reveals her reasons to Kurumi. She feels scared to lose when mankind’s future rests on their shoulders. She can’t do it. So when the next emergency call comes, Nozomi is nowhere to be heard. She didn’t even pick up the call. Everyone heads out to fight the Irous and Yuri thinks she can tackle the big one herself. Too bad she failed. Before she gets owned, look who changed her mind and came back to save her? Nozomi! She admits her fears especially the thought of losing Yuri. That is why she came. They both cooperate and kick Irous ass. Misaki wakes up in cold sweat from a dream of running up the endless stairs to be stronger. She sees Kurumi planting irises. She planted them as a sign of Yuri and Nozomi getting back together. It is a flower that stands for hope.

Episode 6
Renge Serizawa and Kurumi are in some nice dream? Turns out they were hit by an Irous attack. Thankfully no tentacle rape but those tentacles sure made them have those dreams. As usual, Misaki destroys it. Now it is all back to the normal school the next day but Renge notices something amiss. She is in Kurumi’s body! They have swapped bodies alright. Since retard Kurumi didn’t realize it, she has to quickly take her away to give her a pep talk before anyone suspects. Hence, they decide to live each other’s lives for now. Of course this is Renge’s ulterior motive to take more sleazy shots of the girls. Too bad Kurumi is a little absent minded and needs to be reminded. And Kurumi starts harassing everyone… Is this how everyone thinks of Renge? Renge begins her ‘mission’ by having Urara Hasumi and Kokomi Asahina pose as her models. Before they could suspect her acting like Renge, she gives excuse about their brilliant performance as Fortissimo’s backup dancers. This also leads to a bigger ‘catch’ as Shiho and Kanon volunteer to be her models. Renge is now ‘addicted’ and goes on a sleazy secret photo shoot of everyone. The last is Misaki. Speaking of which, it could be her best chance yet as Misaki wants to wash the back of ‘Kurumi’ as thanks. Had Renge not start fantasizing her delusions, Misaki would not have suspected this is the fake Kurumi. Because of that, Misaki suspects this fake must a humanoid Irous and attacks her! Later when the teachers discover how Renge and Kurumi swapped bodies, looks like the only way back is to get hit by that Irous’ attack again. Yup, go get assaulted again. They manage to switch back as Renge apologizes to everyone. Especially to Kurumi for using her body to do sleazy stuffs. She won’t do it again because she would prefer to do it all as herself! Didn’t learn a damn thing!

Episode 7
The girls are having a hard time fighting this mean Spyro-like Irous. Because its metallic skin is really hard. So when it uses up its energy, it just stops dead in its tracks and will rest up to recover. But at this point because half its body is in another plane of existence, the girls cannot even do harm to it until it moves. They’re screwed, right? So they take this time to discuss how to take it down and I’m not sure why Misaki is silently seething in anger about the girls trying to use brute force to bring it down. Eventually they deduce of concentrating their attacks on its head where the energy is being gathered that they believe is the weak spot. Okay. It’s moving again. Off to the battlefield. However it is as hard as hell as ever. As the Irous inches closer to school, Botan plays it safe by evacuating everyone. Renge and Nozomi get light injuries during the ensuing battle. Misaki is being pessimistic? Because she believes it is best for everyone to retreat and let the city fall. What happen to just clawing her way through her enemies? Well, she can’t claw through this one so I guess it makes sense if she can’t defeat it, no one can. However Miki won’t give up. And so do the other ordinary school girls. They start cheering for them and suddenly they have this glow that powers them up. It’s the Holy Tree. Of course Miki and Misaki has to power up the most because they are the ones to destroy the Irous. Their combo smashes it to smithereens. Everybody rejoices and the girls get thanked. Also, odd to see Misaki being this happy? Something about realizing the true power of Hoshimori team.

Episode 8
Miki must be having bad luck. She draw the short end of the stick and this means for the holidays, she has to stay back at school to watch in case of any Irous attack. Although Haruka and Subaru also draw the short end, at least they don’t have to study like Miki since she failed her tests and need to make up for it. Meanwhile we see the rest of the other girls having fun their own way. The oddest one I think is Yuri because she is pulling off that iconic pose from Titanic. One night, Haruka thought she heard a burglar in one of the dorm’s rooms. Because nobody but them should be around. So as they prepare to tackle the burglar, their thoughts change, what if it’s a ghost! Eventually they barge in and they only discover Anko. Didn’t she go for a trip? Yes. On her VR. Apparently Misaki also stayed behind to learn some sort of sneaking tactic. Yeah, there was one time the girls were sleeping in the gym, Misaki snuck in to sleep with them. Huh? Miki continues to be frustrated with her studies and thinks the teachers have it easy. So when Misaki tells how Sensei has been working hard nonstop, Miki realizes he has been thinking about them in ways they don’t normally see. They decide to bake him a cake but they fail so hard and messed up the kitchen that ironically Sensei had to come to their rescue. At the same time, all the other girls have the same idea of returning home a day early to give Miki and co souvenirs.

Episode 9
It’s time for the school’s cultural festival. But the Hoshimori girls won’t get to choose what they’ll do since they were late in submission and all that is left is to do a play. As they have no time, they decide to do a play based on the costumes available. A variety of costumes, some looking too big and loose while some are just too tight and revealing on others. Either way, Renge is having a field day. So the play is some screwed up fairytale. I believe Renge is the lead character and very much appropriately the wolf because she tries to hound other characters like Red Riding Hood and the 3 little pigs but they end up ditching her ‘love’. Twisted but hey, let’s just go with it because nobody could come up with better stuffs. The festival gets underway and everything is looking fine. Yeah, so fine like as though Irous marked their calendar so as not to disturb the girls on this special day. Anyway the Hoshimori girls are now in session. Of course it had to go well until things don’t go well. The teachers detect an Irous reading within the school. A strange hooded character drops in on stage to attack but luckily Misaki is there to protect. The teachers cannot risk panic or else there will be casualties. So… Carry on? Luckily the crowd thinks this is one damn good play. When other Hoshimori girls back up Misaki, the shady character escapes and vanishes. The play ends with everyone giving them a standing ovation. So good that it was so real! Ignorance is sure bliss… Misaki has a bad feeling about the person she just fought. It could be somebody she knew…

Episode 10
I guess with no Irous detected recently, the teachers decide to give our Hoshimori girls a vacation. Yeah, just wait and see… Miki invites Misaki to stay at her place since she has nowhere to go. She meets Miki’s mom and little sister, Miku. Is it me or do they all look like Miki clones? Anyway despite their first time meeting, Misaki somehow knows about Miku. Did Miki once tell about her? Even more so it feels like they have been family for a long time. This should raises some suspicions about Misaki’s identity, if you know what I mean… So apparently something is wrong about Misaki because late at night when everyone is sleeping, she runs away from ‘home’. Of course this is when the hooded character attacks her. The teachers sense this Irous reading and send out the emergency notification. Miku is worried Misaki left with her bags. With the notification’s timing, Miki assures her it could be Misaki just went ahead for the usual. Misaki gets owned but luckily Miki and some of the other Hoshimori girls come to her aid. You think they have the numbers, right? Well, hoodie girl also brought her hoodie pals to even the odds. They are faster and more powerful! OMG! Is this Hoshimori’s doom? When the hooded character is unmasked… Miki???!!! Misaki calls out to her as her big sister. Miki clone did not say anything. All of them just walk away and vanished. They didn’t run away. They just let them go. Apparently this is the plan of the big bad villainess, Iris who has been watching them all the while. She wants them to further fall into the darkness of despair. With Miki seeking answers, Misaki explains she is the Miki from another world. Don’t hold your breath but we should have seen this coming that this means Misaki too is from another world.

Episode 11
We see Misaki and her sister at their limits fighting Irous. And then they get absorbed into some strange alternate space dimension that is supposed to be a place where worlds connect via Holy Tree. As they can’t stay here long, sister use the last of her powers to push Misaki out to another world. So when she lands in this world, Botan was the first one to find her. And now Misaki reveals to the other girls that she isn’t from this world. There is this simple explanation of parallel worlds to the dumb girls but I can’t say I understand it myself. It’s not that simple of just an example of taking the left route or right route. In Misaki’s world, the victory over Irous never came. They have been constantly fighting Irous as the Holy Tree lost its light and fell into darkness. It is known as the Wicked Tree. It might have found its way to this world. So why is everyone worried they have to fight Misaki’s sister? Looks like Iris is in possession of the Wicked Tree and relishes pitting the Hoshimori girls of different worlds against one another. Botan and the teachers try to deduce of all the parallel worlds, why Misaki ended up in this one. Did the Holy Tree brought her here as answer to Misaki’s sister’s prayers? In that case, it shouldn’t have brought the Wicked Tree along as well and that it must have been brought here by answering the call of the evil desires of someone in this world. Misaki is reminiscing all the good times spent with the Hoshimori girls. And what do you know? Everyone realizes she is missing and goes out looking for her. Because we all know Misaki is going to have a final showdown with her sister to settle things. She is doing this because she doesn’t want her new friends to be put in danger. She believes they are so because of her arrival. Too bad Misaki gets owned. She plans to sacrifice herself and take her sister along. Just in time here comes Miki to stop her. Why? Because we’re friends! Right. With the other girls being grateful to her as well, I guess it’s not a time to be selfish. Now a flying dragon turtle Irous appears. This one is more dangerous than ever. More powerful in fact. Because the Wicked Tree is riding on it. What else? Let’s take it on together!

Episode 12
As Misaki and Miki move forward, the other girls take on their dark counterparts and other Irous in the way. To cut things short, they took out each other. Just as the duo find the Wicked Tree, Iris sends them to another dimension. Looks familiar this dimensional rift? Déjà vu? Stuck. Meanwhile the teachers are worried about the girls. Botan gives the usual believe in them speech. So Sensei communicates with all the girls to relay to them the bad news that Misaki and Miki are trapped in the rift. Because of their determination to help them but they lack the energy, the Holy Tree starts resonating. The girls also start resonating. Their powers being absorbed by the Holy Tree to be given to Misaki and Miki! F*ck yeah! Power of friendship! The duo power up enough to break out from the rift and back to reality. They receive a new battle suit to reflect that power up. Uhm, looks like a wedding dress… Misaki now faces off with her sister. All the clashing didn’t work and what did was her yell to tell her not to lose out to the Wicked Tree. With that, big sister returns to her senses. That easy, huh? Big sister than powers up her weapon so she could help Miki slay Iris and the Wicked Tree. Mission completed. Time to rejoice. All is not lost for Misaki’s sister. The Wicked Tree is now a small sprouting bud. It then glows and opens a portal to allow big sister and the rest to return to their own world. However Misaki is staying because she has things that needs to be done. Friends > Sister. Apparently. I expected big sister and the rest wanting to stay here too but I guess they have better things to do back at their own world. Bye. And so our Hoshimori girls continue to live their happy school life with lots of fun.

Battered Girls High Schoolgirl Strikers
I know this is supposed to be a feel good happy ending but I can’t help feel the cringe ever since the final arc started. Probably everything was so cliché and predictable that I had already lost my enthusiasm. Heck, I think I lost it earlier on. Because with Misaki now staying in this world and becoming part of Miki’s family, she looks a lot happier and my theory for her to do is because her original world sucks. You know how dark and gloomy it is, right? With her original world so gloomy, I don’t think she even has any friends but her sister there. So while her sister and other counterparts are probably doing their best to rebuild things, Misaki is going to have fun with her friends here. Yeah, smart girl. And she gets ‘join forces’ with Miku to pick on Miki who is a retard and klutz at times. Now I can see why she wants to stay. Everyone is so friendly with her that they even gave her a second welcoming party in the end.

Forgive me if you are going to hear me compare this series with Schoolgirl Strikers because of how similar they are but yet different enough that I don’t get confused of which is which. Firstly, like I have said in my opening paragraph, the plot and storyline generally feels so similar. At the end of the day, it doesn’t make it any better because I find this series as boring as ever. Heck, it could be even worse than Schoolgirl Strikers. There is hardly anything that would make for an exciting story because other than the fact the girls need to battle Irous feels forced and necessary in an otherwise a much more boring show to begin with. While they are not battling the ‘unimportant’ monsters, we get a glimpse of their so called school life. Which leads to the next big problem of the series. Then they add this twist that Misaki is not of this world. Oh, such original plot. Saw this coming right from the first episode because when new girl doesn’t fit in and gradually does, it is a tell-tale sign that she is an alien. In that foreigner sense, that is.

This parallel world thingy is a subjective subject and it can be good or bad depending on how well it is played out as the plot. It isn’t a good one here. With the plot of parallel worlds being introduced, somehow it feels odd that everybody just accepted the fact that it is like normal. This is assuming that nobody knows that other parallel worlds exist but even in the case they do, they would have at least suspected something different about Misaki since she is able to fight new Irous with ease. But nobody cares as long as they’re happy living their school girl life, right? And with Misaki being able to traverse time, this raises the question of Irous being sent from other parallel worlds to screw up other worlds too. I am sure they can obtain victory by doing that but I guess that will be too much for our puny brains to handle because all we want is to see the Hoshimori girls have some yuri fun, right? Yeah, screw this parallel world thingy. Just for plot convenience. And the final part whereby the Hoshimori girls send their powers to bring them back is all part of the BS so that history doesn’t need to repeat itself as neither girls would need to sacrifice themselves to send the other back. All hail the power of girl friendship!

Now, one of the biggest issues of having a short series and so many main characters is that you will never have a fair share of screen time for all of them. Hence this makes some of the less popular characters to be even more obscure. Heck, there are 18 main girls of the Hoshimori team! Oh, make that 19 ever since Misaki joined them. Schoolgirl Strikers I believe have slightly more than this number (20, I believe) but the reason that series doesn’t feel as bad as this one in terms on the focus of the characters is because that series mainly focused on one group. The rest are totally like supporting. It is not the case for this one. Here, the girls are grouped into 3 per team and the team is categorized by their high school grade. This means you have seniors, sophomores and juniors of both high school and middle school. The line is blurred because you don’t focus on just one team but a few of them. I know I said that some of them feels like they lack the screen time but with the focus on few of the other girls, one could easily get lost as in to figure who is supposed to be the main heroine. Though, from the so called plot we would deduce it would be Miki and Misaki.

Therefore the characters themselves are a big miss because some feel they are just generic and cliché to give us a variety a personalities although many of them aren’t memorable. So much so by the time the series ended, I don’t think I could remember the names of even half the Hoshimori girls! Sad but true. Even the mid-intermission that shows the bio-data of the girls from their birthday and likes didn’t help much. Unless you’re really interested to know more about them, such data is pretty much insignificant. Just one of those things to prove they have some personality after all. Aside Miki and Misaki, I suppose if I had to pick which is the most memorable one, it had to be Renge because she is a pervert. Ah, such personalities are usually a stand out, right? I also remember Anko but not because of her personality but rather her big fluff of hair that looks so heavy that it could break her head any time. Kanon and Shiho are only because they are the only idols in the team but other than that, I don’t remember anything else about them. Some whom I remembered not because of their name but rather the seiyuu they voiced them. Alas it is not the retard and cutie pie I remember in Kurumi and Sadone but rather I refer to them as Saori Hayami and Aoi Yuuki respectively. Speaking of seiyuus, this series has way less recognizable seiyuus lending their talents compared to Schoolgirl Strikers. The only other ones I recognized are Tomokazu Sugita as Sensei and Shizuka Itou as Iris.

Speaking of Sensei, I believe he is the only male in the sea of females. As I discovered, he is the only character to appear in the anime and does not appear in the game. So having him in this series feels so out of place because Schoolgirl Strikers don’t even have any males in their line of casts to begin with. With Sensei painted as a considerate and caring teacher, it only makes him feel even out of place and sometimes my mind can’t help drift that he is some sort of lolicon. I know he isn’t but this guy sounds like a wuss as he is constantly worried about the Hoshimori girls. And I mean, he really worries about them. Take for instance in the final episode. The girls are in trouble. He goes all out to communicate with them. The girls are victorious. He is the only one screaming in joy (making him sound cringey) while the rest of the teachers were just cool cats. The other 2 teachers who assist him aren’t memorable either. What’s their names again? Oh, why do I care? One looks like the kind who would be the sexy infirmary teacher and the other looks like the brainy type because, you know, glasses. To further screw with us all, Botan the president looks fit to be an elementary school kid but she holds the highest power in school and authority over the Hoshimori girls.

So now moving on to Misaki and Miki, with Misaki appearing for the first time and her cold lone wolf exterior, it should have raised a few flags that there is something off about her. I mean, the girls have been fighting Irous for so long and with Misaki being so adept in destroying never-seen-before ones, that should give you a big hint of who she at least is. Misaki feels like Schoolgirl Strikers’ Tsubame’s case. Because they are not from the present world. And when you have spent a decent time with nice people, you too open up your heart and become part of the gang. My only question is that if they are each other from parallel worlds, are they considered to be sisters or even step sisters? Oh man, this sci-fi thinking might open another can of worms so I’m going to drop this. As long as they are happy, everyone is happy, I am happy, the world is happy, everything is fine. Simple.

The fight against Irous are as inspiring and bland as they can get. They are just a tool and excuse needed to showcase the Hoshimori girls beating the crap out of hostile aliens. Otherwise, there is nothing more that we know further about them. Even the villainess Iris is uninspiring. From time to time you can see her observing everything from her monitors inside her dark cave, snickering to herself because like as though she has some sort of bigger plan to it all. Even in the end when she was defeated, we don’t know if she was defeated for real or not. She is so shallow and one-dimensional that they don’t even give her a background or why she is trying to do all this. To spread the misery and sorrow? Maybe some people just want to see the world(s) burn to the ground. She could have been some nameless villain but I think that will make it even worse. Heck, I don’t think I have ever heard her name mentioned in the series. It was only stated in the ending credits. Way to go girls. Fighting an evil villain boss without even knowing her name. Like we all care, eh? And our Hoshimori girls using their oversized weapons in battles just feels meh. Either they are swords, spears or guns. Nothing that inspiring.

If you are considering the art and animation of this series, they lean more towards the cute and moe type. Personally, Schoolgirl Strikers look better because they are the bishoujo type (at least they had a group of maids) and since I’m not a lolicon, all the Hoshimori girls ranging from middle school to high school, they all have this moe and kawaii look. Like as though they are all the same age. Sometimes they look so similar that it is hard for me to tell them apart. Thank heavens for different hair colours and hairstyles, right? At least now I know why Miki and Misaki look same. Heck, their names are so similar too. And your mind will be blown even further if you realize their fighting outfits resembled closely to each other. No wonder I get confused sometimes. But lucky me, I could still tell them apart because of their hair length as well as somebody doesn’t smile as often as the other. In worse cases, sometimes I mistake Yuri to look like them too. On a trivial note, is it me or does Haruka’s battle suit make her look like Frozen’s Elsa?

I read that the game itself has lots of music because of the idol characters in it. But as far as the anime is concerned, the opening theme, Hoshi No Kizuna which is sung by the entire cast of the Hoshimori girls (man, that is one heck of a big crowd) and it sounds like your typical hyper lively rock pop that fits the nature of this series. The ending theme, Melody Ring by f*f (the voices behind Kanon and Shiho) feel no different either. There are a few other insert songs they sing throughout the series but it didn’t resonate with me since I’m not really into that pop idol music stuff.

Overall, this is largely disappointing and boring. Unless you are a hardcore fan of the series, I am guessing and believe would be right that you are better off playing the game instead of watching the anime. Take that from a guy who doesn’t even play the game or even heard of it before the anime version was adapted. After all, the only reason why this was adapted was because to celebrate its first year anniversary of the game. So let me get this straight. The game debuted in early 2015 and a year later they decided to celebrate this by making an anime but we only get it in the latter half of 2017? So… Happy belated anniversary?

While many consider this series to be no different than Schoolgirl Strikers and in extreme cases slightly better than it, personally I prefer Schoolgirl Strikers slightly more but that too is itself an extreme case. So why do we keep sending in high school girls to keep aliens out? Where the heck are all the guys anyway? Right. Who wants to see high school dudes fighting aliens unless they ride an awesome mecha? Girls don’t need to ride giant robots to save the world. All they need is their cute outfits and the power of friendship. It’s like saying high school girls are the only hope for our dark future. Very dark indeed. I guess that’s why we never learn.

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