Imouto Sae Ireba Ii

March 24, 2018

Wait a minute. Another little sister anime? Many would think Imouto Sae Ieba Ii would be Eromanga-sensei v2 because of the glaring similarities. The all-important little sister, check. Perverted character, check. Nudist, check. Fanservice, check. Writer profession in his/her teens, check. That’s all the ingredients we need and know for this anime. The main protagonist doesn’t have a little sister but is infatuated and them so much that he writes and incorporates them into his novels. Good thing this is Japan so a lot of creepy stuffs are allowed as long as you don’t cross too far from the line. Then there is this group of friends in the same profession he hangs out with. Also some budding non-sisterly romance trying to unfold. Wait. Really? And did I smell a little sister hidden among it all? This is definitely not Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru either.

Episode 1
Imagine having to be awakened by a hot younger sister, sitting naked on top of you. Using her bra to wipe your face and letting her feed her delicious panties into your mouth. F*ck this sh*t!!! No wonder Kenjirou Toki rejects this piece of sh*t by Itsuki Hashima. This novelist is literally crazy about little sisters and wishes for one in real life. Toki is his editor and tells him to come up with another story before this month’s deadline. We meet other characters who soon converge at Itsuki’s place. They include the very reliable but girly step brother Chihiro and other fellow novelists Haruto Fuwa, Nayuta Kani and college student Miyako Shirakawa. Why do groups always have girls like Nayuta who has a dirty mouth and tries to flirt with Itsuki but always get rejected because his force with little sisters is stronger. They play some lateral thinking game in which a scenario is given and players take turn asking yes or no questions to deduce the right answer. Right off the bat everyone can tell the answer to Itsuki’s scenario has something to do with a little sister. Then we have one from Haruto in which the meaning for deadline can be substituted as closed in the novelist world. After Haruto and Miyako leave, Nayuta stays around a little longer to flirt with him. Itsuki’s defence is still strong. Accidentally she spills he drink on herself and this prompts a short flashback of how she was introduced to his work and found a reason to live. At an award ceremony she ambiguously confessed to him (when it was his work she loves) and then vomited on his jacket!!! What a way to make an impression. The next time she met him, she properly confessed she likes him and his work as well as to go out with her. Of course he replied he will think about it. Itsuki read her work and found it so good that it brought him to tears. Once everyone is gone from his place, Itsuki gets serious in starting his work.

Episode 2
The girls arrive at Itsuki’s place only to catch him in the act of acting out a little sister pleasing himself. Awkward… Weird… After the girls leave, Nayuta asks about Itsuki since he came from her same college. 2 years ago he was a loner and always obsessed writing his novel on his laptop. Nobody gave much thought about him except Miyako. She tried getting close to him by reading one of his works. As she is unable to understand, he starts going into an outburst and calling her names like slut and b*tch, causing her to cry and slap him! Awkward… He apologizes blaming a negative review for this uncouth reaction. Soon they started hanging out together (but not as a couple) when suddenly he dropped the bomb he is quitting college. Something about he believed his works is going to enter the top 10 charts and hence college was just a waste of time. Miyako was disappointed but vowed not to give up staying by his side. Then there is the first time Miyako and Nayuta met. Nayuta tried to quickly establish their position and declared her love to Itsuki since he saved her. Snippets of her being an abuse victim. Miyako was so touched that she hugged her and had only wished she was there to kick all of their asses! Nayuta takes Miyako to the hotel where she is staying (and paid by her publisher so she could make progress in her work). Nayuta strips naked as this is the only way she can work. Needing a reference for a scene, she persuades Miyako to strip so she can fondle her boobs. And then her ass. Meanwhile Itsuki gets drunk complaining he is going to create an ultimate little sister one day. It seems Itsuki is jealous that Haruto has a real little sister although he ‘insults’ her as not being the perfect one of his ideals. As Haruto leaves, we see his flashback and why he might be hanging out with Itsuki. 3 years ago, his work has less than stellar reviews whereas Itsuki’s had tons of positive reviews and proclaimed to have a future. Haruto is working hard to progress further than all those called genius. He goes home only to get an earful from his little sister but he pays no heed. When you have it, you don’t appreciate it…

Episode 3
It’s freaking cold and the heater is broken. What to do? Head to Okinawa! Itsuki has Miyako and Nayuta come along since Haruto is busy in his anime meet. During dinner, Nayuta tries to flirt with him but Itsuki pretends he doesn’t hear her and makes silly puns with all the words she is trying to get through him. Cue for some fanservice too because he feeds her an egg in which she starts licking so erotically… Later Miyako asks him if he has ever thought of going out with Nayuta. He did reply her confession the day after. It was heart breaking when he rejected her. The next day Nayuta started visiting regularly and talking more vulgarly. I guess that broke her. At least it’s good to know Itsuki wasn’t a scum who strung her along to turn her into a pervert. He asks if she has read Nayuta works. If she has time to read his, she is better off reading hers. The gang has a nice time around Okinawa before they head the beach. The girls have no swimsuit so how? Dive in naked! Itsuki better not look. You bet. He isn’t interested. So what inspiration does Itsuki have after this Okinawa trip? A whale shark little sister romance?! He is showing this story to illustrator Setsuna Ena. Although he loves it, too bad it was rejected. I guess one of the problems was how a whale shark was going to make out with a little sister. This has Setsuna crave for some salmon roe. So in Hokkaido, they try out lots of food till they get stomach indigestion. When it is time to take a flight back, Setsuna wants to stay a week longer for some snow festival. At that point Itsuki gets a call from Toki not only about his looming deadline but Setsuna’s. Apparently he hasn’t drawn this month’s cover illustration. Toki is going to get him real good if he sees him when he realizes the airport announcement in the background. Where are you now… Hang up! Itsuki remembers Setsuna wanted to be the illustrator for his series but he declined him. Not because his art is not good but it is the other way round. His series isn’t worthy of his art and someday he’ll write one worthy of it.

Episode 4
Despite not finishing his volume, Itsuki still has to come up with a summary that is needed for publisher’s website and bookstore announcement. It’s tough seeing he needs the right amount of info without giving away too much. While everyone is enjoying their chocolate stout and chocolates, Toki comes knocking on the door. Oh right, Itsuki has missed the deadline. Does he want to hear how Toki cornered Setsuna in Hokkaido and made him finish the job? Toki is also here to give him and Haruto chocolates from their fans. Although Haruto’s series sold more, Itsuki has more female fans though technically it’s for his character. Itsuki will soon expect a tax accountant to visit as he plans to get some tax returns withheld by his publisher. Folks, meet this petite blonde, Ashley Ono. She is surprised his place is clean and his documents are well organized. She has researched a little on him and knows his fetish on little sisters. She points out to all his little sister figurines that can be deducted as research materials but Itsuki will not have it and not sully the little sisters’ reputation as materials. But when she says he can save and buy new little sister figurines, research materials they are. She also has him explain the plot of long ass weird adult games, in which he basically just reads the title again. Yeah, she’s screwing with him. Noticing he spent lots on online (loot boxes), she believes he too can get some deduction as research materials if he includes them in his work (like how his characters reference them). But Itsuki will not as it will ruin the character and if he has to choose, it is story perfection over tax deductions! It must be a tiring day since she has him explain about porn and adult games… Yeah, she got her kicks… The next time she returns, Haruto is here. I guess she must have done something similar to him as we see him prostrate before her. Then she goes to sexily tease him with his maid fetish and allows him to lewdly imagine her as one just to see his messed up orgasmic face. Works like a charm. She would also be willing to play as Itsuki’s little sister if he gets her some sake. Onii-chan will do it!!! Sly woman…

Episode 5
So why is Itsuki at the karaoke and not to sing? To complete his work! But then Toki bursts in to take him back. How does he know he is here? GPS in his handphone. That’s a crime! He’ll play the villain just to get the novel release. Back at the publisher’s office, since Itsuki still can’t work, he escapes. MGS style? He bumps into Setsuna who suggests peeking at woman’s ass. That means frolicking at the hotspring. Too bad only old hags there! While Setsuna is pleased to talk with them, this freaks out Itsuki. As he baths alone, suddenly Toki comes in! But how?! He turned off his handphone. Tracking device on his clothes! So now Itsuki is trapped in a ‘cell’ where he is forced to complete it in 3 days. Yeah, look at all the writings on the wall crying for help… Since screaming and kicking a fuss won’t do, the only way is to finish it. Unfortunately he is having it rough as he dreams of Toki hunting his ass down. Haruto then visits and tells him he can give up since editors aren’t that cruel and will just delay the release. But after learning Haruto has a new series coming soon and already through revisions, he gets back to work. More motivation when Haruto hands him Chihiro’s lunch, chocolates from fans and a sexy fanservice picture of Nayuta and Miyako. The feeling of wanting to be with these people again (and perhaps Ashley to call him onii-chan too) powers him to finally finish his manuscript. Itsuki and Haruto’s volume both come out on sale on the same day. But it seems Haruto ends up selling more. It can’t be help since his work is getting the anime treatment. Itsuki has the right to feel disappointed since he worked so much harder than before to produce what he believes is the best masterpiece. Of course both believe their own work is the best in the universe. Itsuki gets a call from Toki. Congratulations that his novel will get a manga adaptation.

Episode 6
Itsuki and Toki meet manga artist, Kaiko Mikuniyama and her editor, Kouhei Tokuyama. She will be drawing the manga for his novel. Itsuki goes into ecstasy when he sees her amazing sample. Shy girl now rants how much she loves his work ever since and they click like as though they know each other for years. So the gang hold a sakura viewing party to celebrate this, Haruto’s anime debut as well as Chihiro and Miyako proceeding well in their academic studies. No, no marriage celebration of Itsuki and Nayuta. Nayuta is not happy that Kaiko is a woman so she claims nobody loves him more than she does. He counters that by saying she can’t stand talking about little sisters all day with him. True, but she’ll make it up with her love! As it is getting late and Chihiro needs to go, this prompts him to remember a groping incident. One night as Setsuna passes him, he somewhat finds Chihiro’s ass perfect and wants to see it! Of course he freaks out and won’t let him. This has Setsuna forcing himself to pull his pants down (is it me or is that pantsu Chihiro is wearing?). Luckily Chihiro beats him up and no perfect ass was seen that night. While waiting for Haruto’s anime to air, they play a party card game that involves using your cards in hand to solve a situational problem. Mostly weird and ‘creative’ stories. Like how Nayuta goes on a killing rampage… When the anime airs, there are lots of positive and exciting comments. But once the anime runs its course, slowly more and more negative comments on how sh*t it is surface. Yeah, it’s that bad… Haruto tries to stay positive but it is hard when everything is so bad. He lets out his frustration in a full blown rant that is just heart breaking. So much so Miyako emotionally cries! She might not be an author but she knows how it feels to try so hard on something and it didn’t turn out well (is it me or is she hinting about her love on somebody?). Haruto leaves to stop his friends see his pathetic self. But he knows despite all the negativity, Miyako’s concern made him feel a little better.

Episode 7
The next episode sucks. Haruto’s anime, that is. At this rate this anime will be doomed when it finishes. To cheer him up, Itsuki suggests calling the gang and play some table top RPG. With Haruto as the game master, the rest are players as they pick their characters. Why does everyone wants to be Itsuki’s sister? Since Miyako is the eldest sister, Itsuki isn’t thrilled. Even though he likes little sisters, being one isn’t his taste. But eventually he believes this isn’t bad too. So we see their characters they make like Miyako a magician (she has an ability like from a certain railgun), Chihiro a ninja girl (a nullifying ability like from a certain magical index), Itsuki a knight (I swore I heard a character who can reproduce weapons somewhere before) and Nayuta the uhm, one who increase abilities when exchange body fluids. So the first scenario has them getting into trouble in town. The ‘highlight’ of it is Nayuta trying to power up Miyako so they strip naked and begin the process. Yeah, Nayuta make it sound like some sort of erotic scene. This is RPG, right? Then they get thrown into prison for public indecency but the princess frees them in exchange they deliver a letter to a sage. Then there is fighting goblins and relaxing at the lake in which cue for some tentacle rape fanservice. At the sage’s castle, they purposely open the letter to discover they are sent as sacrifices. So they burn down the entire place and return to defeat the princess who is the evil mastermind via tentacle rape. End of game. Everyone celebrates how fun it is and hopes to play another session next time. Haruto feels better because this RPG that has them create something, it makes him happy to see people enjoy creations of others. It is a fact all their hard work isn’t a waste. After Haruto sees Miyako’s angelic game character personality, he asks Itsuki if Miyako has a boyfriend.

Episode 8
Itsuki catches on what Haruto means. So what is the fastest way to know if Miyako has a boyfriend? Ask her directly! When he does so, Miyako is shocked and gets the wrong idea that it is Itsuki who is hinting something. She replies not really. So why did he ask? Oh, nothing. Just felt like it. Nayuta talks to Itsuki about Miyako’s upcoming birthday. They discuss on what to give her and somehow it turns into a conversation of Itsuki giving sh*t to his female characters in his stories. That as in real faeces. WTF?! Thinking a book would be best, Nayuta asks her which author she likes. Miyako thinks there is some hidden agenda to this but takes it at face value. She replies Itsuki. This makes him happy to know she is a fan of his work. Miyako gets a nice birthday surprise when she drops by Itsuki’s place. After the birthday party, they talk about relationships in which Miyako admits she has never been into one and thought had betrayed their expectations. On the contrary Nayuta doesn’t think so and loves her instead for being a mature b*tch. Yup, that’s what she says and it’s supposed to be a compliment. Miyako isn’t offended either. So touched they both hug and gives the guys yuri fanservice. Yeah, they even think of kissing each other! Too bad Nayuta’s lips belong to Itsuki. Nayuta hands her a memory disc in which she has written a story that puts Miyako as the protagonist. The adventure fantasy turns out into something erotic… So addicting she can’t stop reading. It makes her think about her future and if she is okay with this. Haruto expected Itsuki to help him get closer to Miyako during her birthday but looks like he forgot. Haruto thinks he is making up for it with a double date at the amusement park but he claims it is for research for his romcom title. Itsuki seems pretty afraid of the high speed ride. With Nayuta being pushy, there is no way out left but to ride and ‘die’. He already said his prayers… Surprisingly Itsuki now loves such rides and wants to go on more! As the duo have fun together, Miyako and Haruto are left together. They talk about things but nothing too deep. Miyako notices how close Itsuki and Nayuta are and just wish they start dating. But Haruto sees the tears welling up in her eyes and understands what this all means. He suffers the heartbreak in silence. On the way back, he just tells Itsuki nothing happened between him and Miyako despite the chance he gave them. From now on, he’ll just move at his own pace and he doesn’t need Itsuki’s help anymore. Because it’ll be too cruel… :’(.

Episode 9
Itsuki takes a look at Kaiko’s manga art of his novel. Everything looks exceptionally good until a scene which is supposed to be naked, his character is wearing underwear?! This makes him mad as he confronts her. She admits she is an underwear fetish as opposed to his nude supremacy. As both stay steadfast on their ideals, they start arguing and throwing insults at each other. So much so their ancestry is even brought up? Setsuna drops by. He takes a look at Kaiko’s work and sides with Itsuki over this blasphemy. But it seems Setsuna is another problem as he is in the middle ground. The bra can stay but the panties must come off! Setsuna wants to draw for Itsuki but Itsuki would have done so had not the other scenes been so awesome. This small little part is just the main problem. Hence a competition is called to see who can draw better. Before it starts, Kaiko unwraps her ribbon which is her panties and wears it like a mask! This is her work mode. Itsuki shouldn’t be surprised since Nayuta always writes naked. In the end, a unanimous vote to Kaiko. Setsuna’s art is also great but it felt like a single picture than a manga. Whereas Kaiko has sewn in some story into the underwear. In the aftermath, Itsuki is looking up lingerie sites. Nayuta finds out and is not pleased that he has been corrupted as he has realized the wonderment of underwear. So Nayuta confronts Kaiko and they begin arguing. Nayuta even ropes in her partner in crime Miyako that they both do naked things together (although all that was in a game). A drawing competition is held but obviously Nayuta’s drawing sucks. I guess complaining about her ruined future dream and sex life with Itsuki won’t do any good. Nayuta gets desperate as she strips naked to teach her the benefits of nudity. She then teases her she has never touched those parts of other girls before and hence using underwear to cover up. Could have been some awesome lesbian wrestling if not for the censors. To show Nayuta she didn’t run away, she doubles down and starts molesting her. Man, Kaiko is good and making Nayuta climax! In the end, Kaiko acknowledges nudity is also worth exploring. But since she only know their bodies, how will she draw Itsuki’s character? Nayuta hints somebody who is an exact model… Start stripping Miyako! And so you have a room of naked girls that you might misinterpret if you did not understand the context. Miyako sends in her finalized draft. It is a mix of both underwear and nudity. Perfection! It brings Itsuki to tears. A day where both nudists and underwear lovers win.

Episode 10
Itsuki narrates his mom died when he was in middle school. A few years later, his father remarried and Itsuki didn’t like it. He hated him for it and their relationship soured ever since. It seems Chihiro has got a part time job offer from Ashley. Woah. Is he going to be a tax accountant? Well, he is just going there to organize and clean things up. Nothing unusual. She too would help him study about tax accounting and though it isn’t his dream job, it is just to help Itsuki out in any way. Arriving at her clean office, it is her living quarters that is worse than a pig sty. Challenge accepted. Chihiro the cockroach killer… He is so good at his job that Ashley’s room looks like a different room altogether. As reward, she prepares the bath for him. And for those who have always suspected Chihiro’s gender, the moment of truth. Ashley catches Chihiro changing and sees her wearing female undergarments. Chihiro admits she is actually a girl. She dresses and does everything like one. Only Itsuki thinks she is a boy. Ashley teases to reveal this to Itsuki so Chihiro begs her not to. Of course she knows she cannot hide this forever and will have to tell him one day. Imagine the surprise look on his face then… Itsuki has written a new story. Toki rejects this sh*t story and reminds him to write a better one or does he need to go back to ‘prison’. Yes sir! Itsuki and Nayuta are at the zoo. They notice the giant panda eating, relaxing and showing off his balls. This prompt them to compare it like an old guy. For the rest of the day, Nayuta has taken pictures of other animals’ balls! Hanging so freely… Now all she needs is a human balls… Don’t look at Itsuki! Oh, she has got a naked butt pic of him from then. On another day, Itsuki takes Chihiro to the aquarium. He narrates he did everything he could to avoid his new family. He wonders if Chihiro was trying to respect his privacy and keep some distance despite helping out all the time. We see Chihiro being conscious of herself like being squished in the crowded train and when Itsuki talks about Nayuta’s animals’ balls collection. They take a taxi home as Itsuki drops Chihiro at her place. It gets super awkward when dad is here. Both of them still not on talking terms. A short thanks whatever gift Itsuki sent him. Whatever. Chihiro still won’t give up trying to mend things between them. Itsuki knows but he just can’t. Haruto’s anime adaption has finally aired its final episode. Crappy till the very end. His sister being a tsundere talks to him how sh*tty everything is and refuses to accept it. Haruto promises to do better to not let it happen again.

Episode 11
Itsuki is super tired after finishing his novel. So he has Miyako send it to Toki instead. That guy too is having rough as she sees him sleeping on the floor having nightmares. Miyako then visits Nayuta. Is this now a ritual that she has to get naked every time she enters her room? She witnesses Nayuta complete her novel as she types in super speed. Then she sends it to her editor who is in a lot of headache to proofread Nayuta’s work since it has lots of typo errors. But she wouldn’t want to quit otherwise she couldn’t read her works first. Toki too is stressed with whatever problems as he heads to Itsuki’s place. In the aftermath, Itsuki and Nayuta’s new volumes will soon be published. The gang convenes to celebrate this. They play a storytelling game in which one tells a story based on the cards they have and try to work towards the ending card in their hand. So there are lots of hijacking and intervention as the story twists and turns in the weirdest ways. The highlight of this story is how everyone is naked and Itsuki as the main character has a super big and flexible dick that he can use as a weapon and tool! I’m sure they get great ideas for their next chapter but don’t expect such obscene story would get an anime adaptation. After the rest has left, Haruto talks to Itsuki and hopes he could date Nayuta. Because reasons. He won’t of course and has rejected her. Let’s say they do date and end up getting married, the publishers and media will all be abuzz because Nayuta is a very famous novelist. Itsuki will then be a secondary character in her life. This is not what he wants. He wants to be the main character. Right now he is a nobody. Once he is equal to Nayuta, then he can go after her. Right now she has to wait. Next day, Toki calls Itsuki with good news. His novel is going to get an anime adaptation.

Episode 12
More flashbacks on Itsuki’s past. After his mom died, dad became a workaholic and was rarely home. He hired a housekeeper, Mitahora to tend to Itsuki’s needs. One day her daughter, Ayane dropped by. Because mom doesn’t stop talking about him and always compared them, she wanted to see what he was all about. He lets her see the manga collection is reading and as per her suggestion, introduces her to a manga he is currently reading. Guess? What is this anime’s title? She continued to hang out as she came by weekly. Naturally he fell for her. One day, she was sad. He asked and it looked like the guy she had a crush on rejected her. That’s when Itsuki put his foot down and also confessed he likes her. However she can only see him as a little brother and nothing more. The mood soured between them. He told her never to come back because he doesn’t need an older sister (she mocked back he has no little sister either) and that’s the last time they saw each other. Itsuki became frustrated Ayane liked a guy who is technically much more boring than him. If she is a minor character and he got rejected by her, what does that make him? This is when he started thinking he wants to be the main character. After he graduated, he had this spark of revelation and started writing a novel. Itsuki wakes up from this dream and Nayuta had a little panic when he says he dreamt of his ex. Oh sh*t…

Later the gang converge to celebrate Itsuki’s anime adaptation. Toki isn’t thrilled because it was supposed to be a secret but he went to blurt it out all over the internet. Then they play a board game that is supposed to depict the life of a novelist. Don’t really understand the workings as I just see them role the die and read their fate. Itsuki can’t seem to debut big while Nayuta and Chihiro are making it big. Halfway through, everything just seem to fell apart because of all the negative aspects. In the end, everyone has their happiness level in the negative points and Itsuki ‘wins’ technically because he has the lowest negative point in happiness. It is so because of his late debut and nothing much happens on his hand. Toki notes how eerily weird this game resembles real life. No kidding. After everyone leaves, Miyako talks to Toki and she is interested in becoming an editor. Haruto hears more comments about some people dissuading others not to buy his novel because of the sh*tty anime but the other guy heard the novel was damn good and never heard of any such anime. A reminder he needs to do better. Itsuki remembers when Toki called him about his work getting adapted. It was only because another anime project fell through and his was a replacement. It doesn’t have a proper planning and budget and may fall through like Haruto’s but he doesn’t care and wants to go ahead with it. Nothing will happen if you don’t move forward. Itsuki may have his doubts now but he takes heart that as long as he doesn’t have a little sister and yearns for one, he can go on forever! Oh, if he only knew… Speaking of which, Chihiro is still pondering when to tell Itsuki the truth…

Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Aru Wake Ga Nai
So are we going to get another season? Not if fans and viewers start calling this a sh*tty and crappy adaptation! Haha! It will be so ironic if the show falls into this trap that it made for one of its characters. So far I don’t see this show to be extremely that bad. I can’t say too much since I didn’t read the original works so I can’t compare. But by just watching the anime itself, it is rather okay. Not on the shortlist of being the worst anime of the year nor the best anime of the year. Somewhere in between where other animes in the same zone will ‘drown it out’. Minus 100 happiness points…

Alas, there isn’t anything special about another little sister themed series. Heck, of all the little sister series that I can think of, this one has the least little sister involved. While Itsuki does have a little sister in reality, he doesn’t actually know it and is more confined to his fantasy works. Haruto has his own little sister but she is more than the tsundere type. Unless you like the kind of little sister who shows her affection by badmouthing and criticizing you, she isn’t your ideal type of little sister too. Heck, better than that one in that Umaru series whereby a little sister just hates her big brother and doesn’t hesitate to get violent on him whether he does something wrong or not.

After all, the mid-intermission and end card illustration are mostly short details and descriptions about other stuffs that aren’t related to the otaku culture such as the board games they played, the beverage or alcohol content that was featured in the episode and even the whale shark. Yeah. Whale sharks… Oh, there is an even better one. The one whereby it teaches you step by step how to fold your panties into a hair ribbon! No, I did not try that out. Yes, there are other definitions pertaining to the otaku industry like a novelist, proofreading, stuck inside and of course the explanation of little sisters too in case you forget what previous imouto means.

Although the overall series isn’t that bad but personally for me, it just floats slightly above the average borderline. I mean, as you can see this entire series is about Itsuki and his bunch of friends hanging out together and the interaction between them. That is all. If you want to call that character development, I suppose you could in the broadest sense. It doesn’t focus too much on their work and success in the industry so we don’t really see how popular and famous they except from what they tell us.

So we have Itsuki as the typical main character in the light novel industry. Nothing really special except his undying love for little sisters. Therefore the strained relationship with his father definitely looks more interesting than all the perverted shenanigans Nayuta puts him through. We do have an interesting flashback on how he came to love little sisters more. Too bad his first love to an older woman sparked his twisted love even more. Speaking of Nayuta, does the fanservice and naughty jokes seem less ‘offensive’ because Nayuta is a girl? It was the same dilemma in Eromanga-sensei as the ‘pervert’ is the little sister. Imagine if the pervert was the guy, say like in Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To. Not going to quite cut it in today’s politically correct world, eh? Therefore the bulk of ‘jokes’ stem from the dirty talk of Nayuta as she tries to steal the heart of the one she loves via this unholy and unconventional way. Yeah, she practically has no qualms of asking her senpai for his dick without batting an eyelid. As though words like dick are like those natural ordinary daily words other normal people would use.

Generally, every guy would love his girl to talk dirty. But then if you think about it a bit more, it doesn’t seem so pleasant, doesn’t it? Soon she would sound more like a nympho begging for sex. Because Itsuki doesn’t take her seriously and shrugs her off, she continues with her antics and this makes everything look like they are just joking and like as though this is the way they communicate. Also, the bulk of fanservice would stem from Nayuta as she prefers to go in her birthday suit when she starts writing. As though clothes are some sort of limiter that prevents her power from shining.

The other pervert is Kaiko. An underwear pervert who is at the opposite pole of nudist supremacists like Itsuki and Nayuta but still a pervert nevertheless. I guess in this sense that birds of the same feather flock together. Somebody who is of the same perverted mind can only draw at the same perverted level of Itsuki’s story. While others outside the industry and the public might frown upon this especially for a girl to have such a dirty mind, it is just another normal day in the otaku world.

The only reason why Miyako who is so out of place among this circle is her secret crush on Itsuki. It serves a potential love triangle and possibly harem but I hardly see things moving from there. It is like everybody is waiting and just doing status quo until somebody does something. Especially Itsuki. Because once he moves on, then the rest of the pieces will fall like a domino. Until Itsuki finds his place, Nayuta will continue to be in the first waiting line. Miyako will continue to wait along the queue. Haruto will continue to wait and see if Miyako is available by then before attempting again. Chihiro… Oh, maybe Itsuki making it big is what she needs to help in her bid to reconcile her family. My guess for Miyako hanging out with love rival Nayuta and becoming nude friends with her is that if Itsuki eventually confesses to Nayuta, she won’t feel so bad about it. At least she lost out to her friend, someone she knows rather than some unknown b*tch.

Haruto feels like the most sensible one among the group. He too is going through tough times because of his badly adapted anime. This is what every creator fears when their works get adapted. Everyone else quickly criticizes with ease without knowing the labour of love put behind all that. Yeah, I am guilty of so many series I put down as average or mediocre. Including this one?! So, a warning to budding writers who want their works to be adapted by anime? Naturally it takes time to deal with it emotionally and with his love life also not working out (for now), it is a good thing he is slowly picking up the pieces and moving forward. Sometimes I want to sing to broken-hearted people like Haruto and Miyako this song from The Beatles: All you need is love, all you need is love, love, love is all you need.

I had always this hunch that Chihiro was never a boy. That gut feeling and trap sense ringing so hard inside of me. True enough, Chihiro doesn’t have a penis. Oddly with Chihiro being so girly and not showing signs of the slightest masculinity, is Itsuki that blinded by his love for little sisters that he can’t even notice the least of it? It is true that Chihiro is younger and his testosterone levels might be developing slowly and in Japan it might not be rare to see boys acting so effeminate. Just take a look at Setsuna. Even though questionably dressed like the opposite gender, I knew from the start this is a guy. A very effeminate guy. What is it about him being an ass fanatic again? Then there is Toki. The most stressful character ever. Period. Man, is he going to die of stress at this rate…

However there is one character that stands out the most and is refreshing because she attracts my attention: Ashley. Not because of her sadistic and dominating personality but rather of her tax accountant tax profession. In fact, that episode that featured her as she explained some of the tax accounting in the industry was by far most the most interesting of all the episodes. It really did enlightened my on some of tax ways in the industry and country although I myself is not so knowledgeable in this area. Often characters in such genres always fall somewhere along the anime and game industry. So when a character who is a tax accountant pops up, it sure was refreshing and interesting. How often do you know an anime character who is of this profession? None, right? Even professions like priests and politicians are featured more. Tax accountant? That’s something new!

The art and animation style has the character designs looking moe and cute. It might look like Eromanga-sensei but this series is written by a completely different author (though this series was written by the same one who did Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai). Can’t blame you for thinking they are from the same author because some of the characters look almost similar. For example, I thought Nayuta look a bit like Sagiri because of their silver hair and perverted character. Then there is Ashley whom I thought resembles a bit like Elf. Change hair colours for Miyako and you get Tomoe? Almost. Doesn’t Haruto’s little sister look like Megumi? This one is by a long shot but Chihiro sometimes remind me of Senju. I know, I know. They look totally different from the way they dress to even their facial expression. Most probably the short haircut that made the connection… Kaiko is the one not resembling closely to any in Eromanga-sensei but Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru. Remember Konoe?

There are a few trivia to note in this series. Of course when you have an anime that is set in the otaku industry, you are bound to have all those anime and manga references. Although not much, there are a few I noticed that are real titles like Zero No Tsukaima and Kanokon. Not too sure about their connection and hence the copyright whatsoever since all are written by different authors and animated by different studios. Of course the most blatant one is promoting their own title inside the anime. Like an anime parodying itself?

I thought Nayuta’s voice sounded familiar and couldn’t put my finger on it till I discovered it is Hisako Kanemoto. Although I still can’t freely recognize her voice till this day, Nayuta actually sounds very close to that Ika squid girl in Shinryaku! Ika Musume. No wonder so familiar… ~de geso… I haven’t heard Tsubasa Yonaga’s voice for a very long time but I was still able to recognize him as Setsuna because of his very girly voice… The rest of the casts are Yuusuke Kobayashi as Itsuki (Subaru in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu), Ai Kakuma as Miyako (Julis in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Satoshi Hino as Haruto (Kamui in Gintama), Nozomi Yamamoto as Chihiro (Yukimura in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Akane Fujita as Kaiko (Sagiri in Eromanga-sensei – looks like she voiced another panties pervert character?!), Manami Numakura as Ashley (Tomoe in Seiren) and Kousuke Toriumi as Toki (Kiba in Naruto).

The opening theme is Ashita No Kimi Sae Ireba Ii by ChouCho. Sounds like a generic anime pop rock, nothing special to me, really. But it is the ending theme that attracts me. Donna Hoshizora Yori Mo, Donna Omoide Yori Mo by Aira Yuki has this catchy jazzy hip hop feel despite being a moderately slow song. The cool and jazzy opening guitar riffs sealed it. Hearing this song would automatically make me tap my feet to it. And that feeling that made me feel it is going to be an alright day after all.

Overall, is this the spiritual successor to Eromanga-sensei or other little sister series? Not really sure. Many others don’t think it is in the deeper aspects. It has its own charms and funny moments but also lack anything special. The tried and overused tropes of a teen having a job in the otaku industry and the fanservice plus jokes that come with it depends on your taste and views of this industry. Is it funny? Yeah, sure. I mean, is it really that funny? Oh, not really. Just okay. Sexily funny? Dirty jokes are so offensive and immature!!! Well then, be sure to stay away from this series and genre then because it looks like more of such will be coming in the future if my hunch is right. You can’t stop the production of this kind of series anymore. Somebody is going to have to do it eventually. This is the future of anime. Where huge dick swinging swords are the norm. Where female nudity flows freely without scorn. Where everybody has a little sister in any form. Yup. Sometimes a little madness is all you need.

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