Yuru Camp

May 27, 2018

Hmm… More girls doing outdoor stuffs? The last time we had that was a group of girls climbing a mountain. So now we need a group of girls doing camping? Okay. That is what basically Yuru Camp is all about. And no, not that camping in first person shooter video games, mind you. At first I thought YuruYuri had some sort of spin-off but taking a closer look, everything else is so different and unrelated. Next time don’t jump to conclusions after reading half the title’s name and make assumptions. Sorry, can’t help it. Not after that sinfully ecchi Nanatsu No Taizai and that misleading Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho fantasy.

Episode 1
Rin Shima peddles her way to the campsite. She sees Nadeshiko Kagamihara sleeping soundly on the bench with no care in the world. Ignore her. At the lake, Rin sets up her tent and starts reading a book. She doesn’t want to like a fire despite the frigid cold as she doesn’t want it to be smoky or have things catch fire. But eventually night is falling soon so she has to go pick up some acorns and dry wood to start a fire. Get your notes ready as we have some short notes on how to start a basic fire with these items. She takes a break and heads to the nearby toilet and now sees Nadeshiko ‘moved’. She’s sleeping on the ground now. Night camping goes well. Then another toilet break. But a big scare of her life as Nadeshiko is crying before her! Scary! Run! Being chased! Back at her tent, Rin hears Nadeshiko’s story that she just moved here. She cycled here to see Mt Fuji but got tired, dropped everything and slept. She forgot to bring her handphone and doesn’t know her own number. She only has a deck of cards and an empty stomach. Want some curry ramen? Cough up some cash. Just kidding. It’s on the house. Please don’t pay in instalments. After having their amazing dinner, they are able to witness the majestic beauty of Mt Fuji on a clear moonlight night sky. Then Nadeshiko remembers her sister’s handphone number. Sakura comes to pick her up while apologizing as well as being thankful to Rin for taking care of her idiot sister. I think Rin feels a bit bad seeing Sakura shelling out some sisterly abuse. Rin gets kiwi fruits as well as Nadeshiko’s number as her reward. The new school term starts. What are the chances Nadeshiko goes to the same school with Rin? Maybe it might be the only school in town…

Episode 2
Nadeshiko is all excited to join a club. There are only 2 outdoor clubs. The other being hiking seems athletic so she’ll choose this more relaxing one. Since nobody is in, she sifts through the stuffs and got caught red handed by Chiaki Oogaki and Aoi Inuyama who think she is a thief. With the misunderstanding cleared, they welcome her to the club. I guess they need members badly. Why is their clubroom so cramp? Apparently they are using an old storage room and since their club only has 2 members, I guess they don’t need to take up much room. Of course their activities are all outside. They show Nadeshiko a tent they’ve bought. Almost a thousand yen and it might sound expensive, wait till you see other tents that range into tenths of thousands! This will do. So they try building a tent in the school courtyard. As it is right across the library where Rin is stationed, she realizes Nadeshiko goes to this school. She doesn’t want to associate with her and hides her presence. Her friend though, Ena Saitou decides to go help the stooges fix their broken tent (I guess that’s what you get for being cheap) and then points out to Rin for reference. Oh no. Here comes Nadeshiko running towards Rin. Warning. Idiot alert! Idiot alert! Thank goodness for the window. I’m surprised it didn’t crack. On a clear sunny day, Rin sets up another camp with the majestic Mt Fuji in sight. As this site doesn’t allow fires on the ground to prevent the grass from being burnt, she is mulling over renting a fire stand but that will cost her. Rin remembers Nadeshiko inviting her to join the outdoor club but she showed the most disgusting rejecting face. Yeah, she prefers her camping solo. Speaking of the devil (or idiot if you prefer), here comes Nadeshiko! Let’s camp together and make nabe too. How did she find her? Saitou told her.

Episode 3
Nadeshiko was camping outside her own house when she receives a message from Saitou on Rin’s whereabouts. So she hitches a ride on her Sakura’s car to head there. Nadeshiko makes the nabe and it is warm and good to eat on a cold chilly day. Rin apologizes for being rude the other day so Nadeshiko hopes she could join them the next time. But for now, the club has got lots of supplies to get. Is that why Chiaki is getting a part time job at some liquor shop? The duo stay out to gaze at Mt Fuji at night. Not sure how or when, Nadeshiko is now sleeping in Sakura’s car. Just in time for dawn to arrive so that she could see the first light of the day over the mountain. Too bad it got too comfy in her seat that she fell asleep. Then she goes into Rin’s tent to continue sleeping. And it is rise and shine for Rin. I guess she got a ‘souvenir’ in the form of taking a picture of Nadeshiko’s smug sleeping face.

Episode 4
The outdoor activities club trio are taking stock on what they have for camping. They go through a catalogue of sleeping bags but with a lot of them pricey or unsuitable, I guess they have to experiment with the cheap one they have. How does it feel? Cold. When they add aluminium foil and cardboard box, it really starts to feel warm. Only one problem: You’re locked in and cannot get out. Yeah, you look you are ready to be shipped to a foreign country. So they get all the other items they need and then prepare for the day to hike to their campsite. At first Chiaki and Aoi are kind enough to offer to help out carry Nadeshiko’s stuffs since she brought the most and it looks heavy. Yeah, it is really heavy and they’re regretting it. Maybe they should ask her carry theirs? Don’t worry. Only a few more metres to their next pit stop. Too bad it’s uphill all the way. I don’t think anybody is going to give them a ride at that short distance. Thankfully they manage to reach the place. A nice beautiful view and of course pampering themselves to the ice cold treats at the nearby café. Meanwhile Rin has begun taking a journey to Kirigamine for a solo camp. Resting at a café, she finds some of the items expensive. Will she have enough money after saving up for essentials? Well, she just got paid so I guess no harm to splurge a little. The trio are making their way to the hotspring when Nadeshiko receives a message from Rin about her whereabouts. It is a link to a live camera at an intersection and Rin is waving hi! Hoping for a reply?

Episode 5
The trio just dip into the warm hotspring. Ah… So nice… Rin is just so jealous as she makes haste to the nearest hotspring. It’s 2 degrees, you know… After the bath, the trio get tempted to snack and rest since there is plenty of time to hike to their campsite. Rin finally arrives at the destination and hotspring here she comes! Oh… What’s this? The establishment is closed?! FFFFUUUU!!!! Adding insult to injury, the scene overlooking the town from the mountain top is covered with clouds. Rin will not give up and decides to look around to camp and make food. After all, she can still go to a hotspring on her way home. The 3 Stooges finally wake up and realize they have overslept! Rush! Rush! Rush! Luckily they arrive in time and begin setting up their tent. They use a Swedish torch in which logs tied together are filled with a kindling in the middle and its burning make it look like a giant candle. Looks good and different at first till the aluminium wires snap and the logs fall apart. Good thing nobody got burnt. They cook and enjoy dinner before retiring to bed. However their tent is too cramped for 3 people. So they draw a lottery. Well, Nadeshiko got the raw end of the stick as she gets to sleep alone. Thus she bugs Rin on how she is doing. I don’t think she is sleeping if she could reply. With her pals already fast asleep, Nadeshiko braves the cold night to head to the scenic top and take a picture of the beautiful town lights below to send to Rin. Amazed by its view, Rin also reciprocates but I wonder how long Nadeshiko had to wait since Rin had to ride and then hike up to that place (her tent is a bit far from that site). Next morning, everyone make preparations to head back. And Rin finally got her taste of hot bath.

Episode 6
Rin finally receives her ordered a package: A compact campfire grill. Now she can have campfires at places that do not allow burning on the ground or grill meat. Dear Saitou, this is not a small offertory box. Rin wants Saitou to help deliver souvenirs to Nadeshiko. Do it yourself. Well, she doesn’t have to walk all the way to the clubroom since Nadeshiko is found sleeping on the floor in the library! After learning she has this grill, she invites her to go camping with her this weekend since Rin offers to test it out. With Sakura chauffeuring them, it seems Nadeshiko’s intention to head to Lake Shibire is to investigate Chiaki’s claims that there is some legendary fish there. It may taste good over BBQ. I see. They stop by the supermarket to get some supplies first. However all the meat they want aren’t available. Only pork ribs and kalbi. Looks like BBQ is in season. I guess chicken skewers and Hamburg steak are their next best option. At the counter, they see Aoi. She is currently working here part time. Meanwhile Chiaki is surveying the next possible site for the club’s camping trip. She sees a classy old man cooking a classy meat in front of his classy but simple tent. He spots her and invites her to taste his meat. Nothing hentai, mind you. Delicious enough that it makes her consider want to buy a pan. Rin and Nadeshiko arrive at the lake in which they need to head to the campsite by foot. Rin heard rumours that this place has some cow ghost. Say what? Oh, Nadeshiko is paralyzed in fear now.

Episode 7
Nadeshiko makes a prayer at an altar. It better worked. Oh, that classy old man turns out to be Rin’s dad as he packs up and returns home. Like father, like daughter? Rin and Nadeshiko set up their tent. The latter then explore the surroundings. She visits a couple of campers nearby. She is impressed with their tools and believes they are veterans. Because the girl is somewhat drunk, Nadeshiko minds their business and leaves. Oh, that girl is his sister. Rin has a hard time trying to start the fire with her coal. Nadeshiko gets help from the camper neighbour as he gives a different and easier to burn coal type. It might not last long compare to Rin’s one but at least the fire can be started. Camping is saved. Night falls as the duo start cooking their nabe while wrapping themselves in blankets to be protected from the cold, making them look like some secret society members. They share it with their camper neighbour and the sister is still drunk. Did she not stop? I can see a few bottles on the table… Rin and Nadeshiko start grilling their meat. The true event they’ve been waiting for. Once they have their fill, the coal is still burning so they continue to use it as campfire. Rin asks about her life before coming here. She used to live in the outskirts of Hamamatsu and on a clear day she could see Mt Fuji although very small. That’s why she was so happy when she could see it close up. Also, she fell asleep during the car trip and couldn’t see Mt Fuji close up, thus the reason she went biking on that day. When it is time to sleep, Nadeshiko wants to sleep alone but Rin doesn’t want her sleeping space to be so cramp. You’re on your own. When Rin couldn’t sleep, she takes a night stroll. Suddenly a cow ghost appears before her! Yikes! It must be the fastest sprint back to her tent. We all know it is drunk sister but I can’t blame Rin since it was too dark. Has Rin ever prayed so hard? The longest night ever for Rin? Fortunately nothing came about for the rest of the night. But the next morning, Nadeshiko finds Rin sleeping next to her. What did she say about sleeping together again? Nadeshiko snuggles closer to her.

Episode 8
Chiaki shows Aoi the mini table and other assortments she got. During their last trip, they spotted a couple with fancy tables and chairs enjoying their time. Yeah, the trio only had a candle on a tarpaulin. So sad… But the mini bowl is too small to hold anything decent and because it is made of wood, there are lots of don’ts instead. The duo then experiment in using an iron pan with Saitou helping them out. They also discuss the next camping trip for Christmas. Aoi says she’ll be spending it with her boyfriend, shocking Chiaki. Just kidding. The ultimate troll. But Chiaki trolls her back when Aoi mentions she spends Christmas with her family, prompting Chiaki to be shocked she has a family?! They invite Saitou to come for a day trip too. She is not sure as she hates the cold but it sounds fun. She will tell them after the exams. After the exams, Chiaki and Aoi take Nadeshiko to an outdoor equipment shop, Caribou. She is warned that many of the items here are expensive. They are at awe with the variety of burners and lanterns but I suppose they can only watch and hope to come back with enough cash to buy it. At least the shopkeeper is nice enough to let them take pictures of the items. The trio then get some mats that will help them keep warm while sleeping on the ground. As they talk about working to earn money to get more stuffs, it reminds them of a teacher named Minami Toba who is rumoured to love drinking and hence the nickname Miss Chug. Nadeshiko has a feeling she met her somewhere. At the end of the shopping, the trio get nice and warm delicious steamed buns nearby. Nadeshiko couldn’t resist eating them and goes to buy more once she finishes. There goes her savings to buy the next camping equipment. Maybe the buns are that good because Aoi does the same… Screw camping, maybe they should just have a steamed bun eating club.

Episode 9
Rin invites Nadeshiko to camp with her at a riverside. Eager beaver wouldn’t miss it for the world. Too bad next morning she is down with a cold. She thinks she is okay but Sakura stops her. If she says she’s not okay, then she is not okay. Oh well. Rin is used to solo camping. But when she arrives at the place, it is cordoned off. With no alternative, she turns back. As she is resting, she meets a fellow camper who informs her that the road to that campsite is always closed. To preserve the nature of the area, private vehicles are not permitted and there is a shuttle to take them there. Before she leaves, she gives Rin some tea to keep her warm. So Rin returns to take the right route and path so as not to waste her trip. She sends pictures to Nadeshiko. As Rin visits a temple that worships dogs, Chiaki comes to visit Nadeshiko. Chiaki is supposed to make some food for only Nadeshiko but her whole family now anticipate her cooking. Can she live up to their expectations? It is way better than expected. Rin’s trip now takes her to a hotspring. Is her hotspring revenge still not over? She orders an insanely huge katsudon serving. So full that she starts dreaming this strange dream that a dog ate her salad bowl and Nadeshiko is some sage on a journey to defeat some monster monkey. I hope the food isn’t drugged. Rin wakes up from her sleep and realizes she overslept! I know the place lacks staff but nobody thought it was a weird a girl just slept at the table for hours? She could have been dead for all you know…

Episode 10
Oh dear. Rin is running late after oversleeping. She is rushing on her bike. Ride safely. As she nears the campsite, she panics because the road is blocked. Taking a detour means a few more hours. She calls Nadeshiko for help. Luckily Chiaki is able to help by telling her to just go through the blockade but push her bike. Eventually she manages to reach the campsite and sets up her camp. She might have to use a bit more energy chasing down her tent and other items due to the windy forecast. Can you say that setting up her camp was in-tents (intense)? Haha! Sorry. After dinner, Chiaki calls her to explain she found out that roadblock was forgotten by the construction workers. She thought it was odd there were no signs to say why it is blocked and it was only occupying half the road. Chiaki invites her to join their Christmas camp. Sorry. Nope. After that Saitou calls her as Rin updates her situation. Saitou tells her she is invited to their Christmas camp and hopes Rin would reconsider. At school, Saitou tries out the outdoor club and as practice, they do a dry run for their Christmas camp. Saitou wonders if they are going to exchange presents then but the girls are too poor to buy gifts at the moment. And nobody is going to believe Chiaki’s philosophical crap that Christmas comes from the heart. Nadeshiko suggests showing hospitality as their present like cooking for each other. Meanwhile Toba dreads over being a club advisor because this cuts into her drinking and foreign drama series time. She sees the outdoor girls burning outside and misinterprets they are starting a fire. She goes to lecture them but they tell her they got permission from Oomachi. They go to see him and he thinks of letting Toba handle the outdoor club since has so many other clubs on his hand. Wait, what? The girls rejoice! Toba regrets. But she can breathe a little easy since this club isn’t that busy and she doesn’t mind a little camping once in a while. When Rin suggests the Asagiri Highlands for their Christmas camp, Toba could think of bacon and beer as the best fit. This prompts Nadeshiko to remember her as the drunk lady!

Episode 11
Christmas camp is here! Toba, Chiaki and Aoi are the first to arrive as they register at the reception. Toba is already out drunk. Rin arrives next but do not see them so she walks around on her own until Nadeshiko arrives. Rin gets a text from the duo that they are at the nearby dessert station. This prompts Nadeshiko to be hungry (although she just had lunch) but since she is short on cash this month, Rin helps make s’mores (marshmallow biscuits). Wow. They look delicious! Chiaki and Aoi have bought some firewood but since it is too heavy to carry back and Toba is drunk, they ask Rin for help. Her scooter is a big help but it seems that she leaves one bundle for them to carry back since it is already too heavy for her bike to carry. Take it slow and easy… Saitou announces her arrival by ‘sending an assassin’. That’s her dog, Chikuwa dressed as a bunny? Immediately it hides under the warmth of Toba’s seat. To lure it back out, Saitou gives Nadeshiko a chicken sausage. Now she has to run for her life. She is still at it when the girls finish making their camp. Heck, there are other kids joining in on the chase. More mayhem when they add frisbee into it. When it is evening, Toba has awakened from her slumber. They give her cocoa but she adds rum with it. The girls then start making sukiyaki for dinner and fully enjoy their meat. Except for Toba who might be regretting she didn’t bring more liquor along. To add to the fun, all of them dress in the Santa outfit they brought. This is a Christmas camp, right? But they soon realize they look like a bunch of mall Santas gathering after work. The sukiyaki affair continues with tomato added. But then the gas goes out. Nadeshiko is supposed to have extras but she realizes she forgot them. Horror! Toba has a spare but it too soon runs out of gas. Are they doomed and tomorrow’s breakfast is not possible? Don’t worry. Rin will ride to the nearest convenience store and get some stuffs. The camp is saved.

Episode 12
Time skip? Because it is like 10 years in the future with the girls camping and drinking alcohol. They talk about Nadeshiko who is now the CEO of a giant firm in USA. The BS ramps up with Nadeshiko arriving in a flying tent! Damn her imagination is so vivid and she’s not even drunk. As they take a bath, they ask Toba about her brother. She corrects them that is her little sister and she is often mistaken as a boy due to her tomboyish looks. Damn I knew I was right! Paranoid Nadeshiko now wants to ascertain if Chiaki is really a girl! But Rin still cannot put her finger on that cow ghost she saw then. Once everyone is done, they tie up their hair like Rin’s bun. Except they make Nadeshiko’s one look like a cactus… Not sure if they are spoiling the outdoors camping fun because now they watch tons of videos on Chiaki’s mini iPad. Can they see all that with the campfire in the middle? As they hit the sack, Nadeshiko and Rin talk about their future like finding a job. Nadeshiko thought she spotted a slow UFO but Rin thinks it is a satellite. Next morning before dawn breaks, they get up to make breakfast and just in time to enjoy the sunrise peeking out from Mt Fuji. Then they pack up return home. Saitou looks like she is being hit by the camping bug as she borrows a book on one. However she still won’t join the camping club. One day, Nadeshiko tries solo camping. She is proficient enough to be independent but a few slip ups here and there. At the site, she messages Rin about it and coincidentally she too is doing solo camp. She has this idea to take a picture of their campsite and guess where the other is. When Rin sends hers, Nadeshiko is baffled to see her tiny self in it. She then realizes Rin is right behind her. Coincidence? Great campers think alike? But so much about solo camping.

Episode 0
This short takes place before Nadeshiko joins the club. A time when Chiaki and Aoi just got the clubroom. They are surprised it is cramped and messy like hell like a storeroom. What do you expect? Aoi borrowed a camping magazine from the library so the duo relive their camping fantasies with the featured items. Until they realize how costly all of them are. This has Chiaki wonder why special camping items are needed instead of ordinary household items like bringing your own knife (looking like a murderer), bringing your own futon (looking like a thief) and cooking your own food (with a lighter?). Chiaki relates camping with her family once when she was younger. She loved it and wants to do it again with her friends this time. Aoi finds some poles in the room and turn it into some makeshift camping tripod. They then go through all the boxes in the room and use their imagination to turn what they can find into some lame hobo camp? Not going to fly. They find a cheap tent online and even though it is out of order, no harm in trying to place their order now in hopes it will be available for next week’s Golden Week. At least this is a start. They get confident and dream all the great camping things they will do from now on. But then, autumn has arrived and they have done nothing… Keep dreaming…

Hora Camp
Although this special loosely means BS Camp, at first I thought I thought it was Horror Camp… It is for Nadeshiko… It all started when the outdoor club girls are talking about different camping styles in different countries. If it sounds unbelievable then it is only because it so. When Aoi has those weird eyes (why do they remind me of Amanchu?), it is a sign that she is talking crap and nonsense. Later Nadeshiko is shocked when Aoi has shrunk! Mini Aoi? Even her boob size has gone smaller. Then the real Aoi pops up. This is Akari, her little sister. What’s she doing here? Asides cosplaying as her sister, she is here to officially apologize about the mix-up Aoi made between the sobau (type of bird) and soba udon. She joked sobau don that a dish was made using this bird and hence lots of calls rang to complain about it even though it doesn’t exist. It’s hard to wonder if they are sincere since both sisters are making those eyes. When Akari asks Nadeshiko about the view of Mt Fuji from her prefecture, Akari suddenly puts a face of displeasure. Apparently there is a conflict from the Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures of the better view of Mt Fuji that could lead to war! Nadeshiko starts getting scared when Aoi says how she’ll be branded a traitor and locked up forever but you can tell they’re pulling her leg. Those eyes again… Later when Rin pops up to says she’ll be moving to Alaska to devote herself to winter camping, Nadeshiko isn’t buying it and knows it is Akari as Rin. Yeah, Rin can’t be this small. But suddenly a bigger Rin enters (Sakura in disguise). At this point Nadeshiko is not only shocked but scared because everybody else also follows Rin’s buns and surround Nadeshiko. Horror! She calls the real Rin (comfortably snoozing away in the library) desperately trying to find out which of them is her.

Survival Camp
The girls are going to Australia for their camping! Thanks to Saitou’s dad’s friend who helps pilot them there in his private jet. It’s like Saitou jinxed it by saying this is going to be safe because the instruments are starting to go out of control. Heck, the pilot says no worries even with the alarm ringing like hell! I’m sure he doesn’t want to scare cute little Japanese girls. Too bad all of them already bailed and parachuted away! WTF???!!! IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE???!!! But thankfully they landed on a deserted island. At least God is giving them a survival chance. At the end of the first day, they manage to make a decent camp. However they have no food and some are already starting to eat imaginary bananas! Is this what you call going bananas? I guess everybody take turns eating a strand of emergency ramen until there’s no more. With everybody thinking how this would be like a survival camp, can’t do that on an empty stomach, eh? Only Saitou is sleeping like a baby. It’s like she says f*ck all this and just go with the flow. Next day, probably God didn’t want our cute girls to starve so they manage to find a bunch of real bananas! More luck as Rin manages to fish a huge fish and they also have coconuts for drinks. Now their fun survival camp can begin as they cook different varieties of banana, make a banana frisbee, go diving and even Rin is surfing on a plank?! OMG?! Pay your homage to the Banana God! As they continue to relax, suddenly it dawned to them this is no survival camp. They are really stranded! I wonder how far their voice can reach if they scream at this very edge of the island? Yeah, maybe they are at the wrong end because this deserted island seems awfully close to Japan. Mt Fuji? And yeah, only Saitou is the one still sleeping like a baby.

Camping No Susume
Sorry girls, watching this anime didn’t make me feel like wanting to go camping or even do any outdoor activity. I’m feeling so lazy that I could even fall asleep at my desk right now. Is that a fancy way of saying that this series is boring? If you are that bloodthirsty adrenaline junkie or perverted kind of person, just saying… But I’m not that cold hearted of a person and despite its slow pace of nature, I can still find the calmness within to appreciate this series. After all, I already know what I am getting into when I decided to watch this anime.

The plot and story might seem boring because it is just a group of high school girls camping outdoors. But when you compare it with another series in that same season, Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, this one fares better because at least this has substance. That ramen show felt like a big advertising for ramen. Sure, this one also tries to promote camping (because who these days aren’t glued to their Smartphone screens and the internet?), but this is done with at least some story and character development, albeit a bit. Of course if you are really interested into camping and a newbie who wants to try this out, there are other better and comprehensive sources to do so. This series no doubt has some camping hints, do’s and don’ts in every episode but those are just the basics. Nothing too deep and complicated. After all, the best way is to get experience yourself.

The series might try to paint camping as fun and easy but it is as true as that. If you have the basic tools and knowledge, (don’t forget your basic etiquette too), you can make a pretty decent camp. So for what you see here are not exaggerated feats. You can pull off the same things they do. It sounds ridiculous at first using high school students going camping and it looks possible only because it is anime. But we’re not slaying dragons, fighting Satan from hell, piloting mechas to stop a takeover or busting evil machines from another dimension so mostly everything here is believable. Yeah, no skimpy outfits too. This is one of the few shows where girls really cover up! Sometimes from head to toe. Literally.

I keep drawing parallels between this series and Yama No Susume. You can obviously see both series have young school going girls doing an outdoor activity. Mt Fuji seems to be the centre of attraction too. Whether it is hiking up or camping before its magnificent view. To show the minimal and decency that any normal person could do such things, hence you see affordable equipment and tools from both series get (as well as comparing more expensive ones) as they make do with their budget for a simple climb or camp. Don’t forget the dynamics of their interaction and friendship bonding in the wild that makes both series such a calming one to watch.

The characters are lovable especially with Nadeshiko being the resident retard and glutton of the pack. I feel that without her, the group of camper girls will not be as interesting and lively. Yes, we have Chiaki but she only plays the comical parts when the time or scene calls for it. Nadeshiko is like, you can expect something overtly funny from her most of the time. At least a simpleton like her makes her honest in her emotions and thoughts.

Rin is also interesting because she started out as an introvert and solo camper. But with persistence (AKA continuous bugging) from Nadeshiko, she too falls under her influence and becomes open to the idea of group camping. She still has her reservations but at least she is slightly much better than before. Saitou is also an amusing character although it feels she has this enigmatic aura around her. Her interactions with Rin over the social media feels a bit weird. The jokes she makes to Rin feel subtly one kind but not cheesy or distasteful. It’s like she is the wait-and-see kind of person and prods Rin from time to time if ever the need arises.

Toba feels like a character who screams I-wish-I-wasn’t-here-doing-this. My guess is that despite being forced to be the advisor of this club, she generally has no qualms about it because she gets to drink all she wants in the wild. I mean, who is going to stop her? She can get drunk without being a total nuisance unlike in society. But just don’t leave your liquor around and turn curious bears into rampaging drunks terrorizing campers. Boy, that sure escalated quickly. Last but not least, Chikuwa as the animal mascot of the series to ramp up the cuteness and kawaii factor. Wow. Camping life so perfect. Good scenery and spot, good food, good tent, good friends and a good furry pal. Camping out is so much fun, doo-dah, doo dah…

Now, you have got to agree with me that for most of us who have heard the opening theme, at first we would all go into ‘shock’ of how similar its opening theme, Shiny Days by Asaka sounds to Jackson 5’s I Want You Back. OMG! Did they just freaking rip off the opening solo part from it???!!! I mean, heck I thought they were actually going to play I Want You Back!!! Yeah, I am already seeing memes over the internet of our camping girls having afro hairstyles… But yeah, because of this song, it makes it quite fun despite the rip off. Damn, now I think they should have just totally ripped off the Jackson 5’s song instead of spoofing it. Yeah, I really feel like singing that song. From now on, this song will be associated with camping! In line with the calming pace of the series, the ending theme, Furu Biyori by Eri Sasaki is a very slow and calming piece. Sometimes it makes you want to sleep. Not in the boring sense, that is.

I believe one of the main draws of the series is also its BGMs. There is a variety of them and some of them are to my liking. Mainly there is one or two that sound close and worthy of being an Aria The Animation or Amanchu BGM! Not kidding. The very soothing guitar picking does bring back memories of those series. Others that caught my attention include the fun whistling-cum-banjo-picking one. Yeehaw! Then there are a couple of flute BGMs that make it sound like as though it has some Irish or Celtic influence. Even though you’re camping in the countryside, hearing such music can transport you into the magical fantasy world of your own imagination.

Voice acting feels pretty fine and laidback. Well for most of the time whenever they’re not flustering or panicking for comical sequences. Aki Toyosaki is very recognizable as Aoi as she sounds like one of her trademark characters (Yui from K-ON!). I could barely recognized Marina Inoue as Sakura (and at first mistakenly thought it was Yoko Hikasa) as she has been slowing down in the anime scene lately. At least, not in animes that I have watched. Didn’t manage to recognize Nao Touyama as Rin too as I haven’t been hearing her as often lately. Oh, Shizuka Itou is behind Toba’s voice. Am I so laidback that I can’t even recognize her now? The other casts are Yumiri Hanamori as Nadeshiko (Hanako in Anne Happy), Sayuri Hara as Chiaki (Rhythm in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream), Rie Takahashi as Saitou (Akua in Renai Boukun) and Akio Ohtsuka as the narrator (titular character in Black Jack).

The art and animation for the characters are pretty standard. But it is the background and sceneries that take the cake. They are beautiful to say the least. This is after all a camping series. The sceneries like the lake, the forest landscape and Mt Fuji are hand drawn and if you don’t focus too much, they sometimes look like a real photo shot. It really gives a sense of calmness while watching this series, taking a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Animated by C-Station, a relatively low key production studio who only have a few titles to its name, namely Seikoku No Dragonar, Starmyu and Hakyuu Hoshin Engi.

Overall, if you are tired of all the anime crap produced throughout the seasons and the current season has too much anime of being anime, perhaps this could help rejuvenate and renew your beliefs that not all anime series are bad. While this might be considered as boring at first and on the outlook, you’ll find that there is a calming and soothing charm to it even if you are not into camping nor an outdoor person. It is so comfortable that I don’t want to go outdoors and continue to sit back in my comfy chair and comfy room continuing to watch (not necessarily comfy) animes. I think I can get used to this sort of ‘camping’.

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