Here is the general plot: A high school girl falls in love with a middle aged man. Heh. Sounds like a very generic plot for a porn video, right???!!! Just kidding!!! But that is how you could sum it up for Koi Wa Ameagari No You Ni. It is not surprising and in fact a societal norm that women usually go for older men. Of course the age gap isn’t usually that big but when you have a high school girl really liking an uncle who seems to be down on his luck, just being average and trying to survive his everyday life, and this old man doesn’t even have money to begin with, yeah this really sounds like a tempting plot for a porn series. Thankfully, it isn’t.

Episode 1
You can tell Takashi Yoshizawa likes Akira Tachibana. He is trying to sound impressive but is nervous. Too bad he took too long to ask for her contacts and now she’s gone. No f*cks was given. Tachibana works as a waitress at the café, Garden. Her fellow waitress colleague, Kayo Kubo is always criticising the manager, Masami Kondou because of his pathetic ways of always apologizing to customers for the slightest. Of course Tachibana doesn’t care and we can tell that she has a crush on him. She gets a shock when she learns he has a son, Yuuto. Never knew he was married. Because Yuuto is being noisy playing his recorder for his test tomorrow, dad forbids him doing that at Garden. But when it is a little too quiet later, Kondou finds Tachibana teaching his son outside on how to play. Tachibana gets a bit embarrassed and resumes her shift. She gets another shock hearing that Kondou is divorced. I wonder how many plates she’ll break each time she hears something shocking. At school, Tachibana’s friends are like normal. They like cute guys especially the popular guy in the football team. Tachibana looks like a weirdo because she describes her ideal man as one with traits of an old middle age guy. We see Tachibana meeting up with her old friend, Haruka Kyan. They were in the same track team together but Tachibana had to quit because of her injury on her right heel.

At Garden, fellow colleague, Yui Nishida is talking to Tachibana about Kondou’s bad odour. Kondou already heard it but he isn’t taking any offense and hopes to just act normal. However it gets even more awkward because he came in right at the moment Yui mentions his bad odour. I guess we can laugh it off. Better make a note about his body odour. As Tachibana takes a break, she remembers how she came to like Kondou. She was alone in Garden while waiting for the rain to stop. He served her coffee on the house. And some cute little magic trick too. So that’s the way to her heart? More awkwardness when Kondou catches Tachibana sniffing his shirt! She returns to lunch and acts as though nothing happened. I supposed Tachibana has that mean looks and Kondou being a little pussy himself doesn’t pursue it further. Tachibana gives Kondou her shift times for next month. He is happy she is able to work lots of shifts. He thinks she wants to buy something but we all know her real goal. It freaks him out when she stares at him so closely. As Tachibana leaves, she is being bugged by Yoshizawa who again tries to get her contacts. Kondou thinks he is her boyfriend and for a moment sees himself in his shoes before brushing it off. Oh, Yoshizawa failed again after Tachibana gave him the quick disappearing act. Maybe he should cut out all the impressing stuff and get to the point next time?

Episode 2
Kondou introduces his staffs to a new worker: Yoshizawa! Guess what? Tachibana doesn’t even remember him! Tachibana realizes a customer who just left forgot his handphone. Kondou tries to go after him but he has already cycled a distance and believes he will return when he realizes it. However Tachibana takes the handphone and starts running! Man, she’s fast! She returns and heads back. Kondou is left very impressed. However Tachibana collapses and couldn’t walk. He panics so much so he doesn’t mind all the mess and plates Yoshizawa broke (he was telling the other staffs about Tachibana’s super fast running ability) as he takes her to the doctor in his car. It feels awkward when he tries to stare at her taking off her sock to show her injury so she reminds him he needs to get back to Garden. He thinks of letting her ‘boyfriend’ bring her stuffs to her. She is unimpressed and vehemently denies Yoshizawa is so. She will go back and get them later so please leave. That night, she is surprised of getting a call from Kondou. He heard from Yoshizawa about her injury and hopes to reschedule her shift once she gets better. Tachibana is happy to add him in her contacts. On a weekend she goes out alone, she is surprised to stumble into Kondou. In fact he was going to her place and about to call her. He feels responsible for her getting injured on his shift so he plans to visit her parents. Too bad mom is not in and working. So they end up in a café talking things out. He still wants to visit next time but she insists he should not. Besides, it is her who decided to run and the injury is minor. As they talk casually, Kondou sees her lighter side. She can smile too. He feels a sense of déjà vu as this scene of her brings back some memories. As they continue to talk, Tachibana confesses she likes him. Wait. Was that planned? Kondou heaves a sigh of relief (awkwardly) because he thought she hated him.

Episode 3
Tachibana is confused about Kondou’s thanks on her confession. Was she supposed to say it differently? She stumbles into a junior track member, Ishii who brings her to the track so she could inspire other members. But Tachibana starts to see visions of her past glories. She can’t take it anymore and leaves. They want to visit the café where she works but she sternly tells them not to. Because it’s far away? Liar. She reminisces snippets of her days in the track club until the day she got injured. Probably such memories evoked something so Kondou wasn’t only surprised to see her standing outside Garden in the pouring rain but she confesses she likes him seriously! Then she leaves. WTF just happened? Poor Kondou, he is confused on what she meant and wonders how he would greet when she returns for work. Well, she acts normally like as though nothing happened. Disappointed and confused as ever. Was it a dream? Or worst case scenario, a prank by Yoshizawa to record his shocked expression? Later when Tachibana is alone with him, once again she confesses she likes him and wants an answer. Awkwardness interrupted when Yui invites them for karaoke as Yoshizawa’s welcoming party. Both decline. Sorry kid. You’re not important. At least Kondou now know this isn’t a dream or a prank. He drives her home so as to talk to her on this issue. He can’t give her an answer as he explains what society will think of them and that he is old enough to be her dad. She doesn’t give a damn about all that. She really loves him. Better not give him any more surprises or he’ll crash the car. Or drink wrongly from the ashtray. Taking some fresh air at the park, he asks a reason for her to like him. Must there be a reason? This particular scene too reminds him of his younger days when he was with his then-crush. Man, she looks like a splitting image of Tachibana. Maybe that’s why he is so confused? He tells her to reconsider this because there is no merit in dating a 45 year old man with no hope or dreams. He thought of creeping her out if she tries to date him. However she gets more eager hearing that word. She takes it as he wants to go on a date with her. Did he just dig his own grave? Yup, those hopeful puppy dog eyes…

Episode 4
Tachibana notices the new duty roster and realizes this Saturday she and Kondou are off. She wants to go on a date then. Since she is pushy and he is a wuss, it’s a date then. Meanwhile kitchen staff, Ryousuke Kase notices Tachibana. He starts mentally undressing her but realizes in reality she is just unfriendly. During their break, he sees her reading a school textbook. It has been years since he read one so he asks her permission to look at it. She does so but moments later she realizes she scribbled a love umbrella of herself and Kondou in it. Too late. He saw. Want to keep a secret? Let’s go on a date then. Tachibana is forced to comply. A normal date it seems. A (lame) horror movie and eating at the café. Clearly she is not enjoying herself and is doing this out of obligation. But when he starts to badmouth Kondou, that’s the last straw. She’s leaving. He stops her and she threatens to cause a scene. At this moment Kondou calls her so she breaks free to answer. It seems he wants to set a place of their date. She couldn’t contain her excitement but it looks like Kase has seen her happy eager beaver side. Time to change to her unfriendly expression. He warns her things will not work out with her and Kondou and should have a healthy relationship with someone else instead. When she lets her guard down, he steals a kiss on her cheek! That’s it for today’s date. On Saturday’s date with Kondou, she dresses up very nicely and even goes to see the same (lame) horror movie. At the café, the awkwardness causes them to panic and misinterpret because she puts the same amount of sugar cubes as his age in his coffee! This brings back memories he tried to impress on his first date and went for black coffee. When his date left for the restroom, he quickly dumped all the sugar in. Good times. Later when Kondou sees Tachibana’s forlorn profile against a scenery, it prompts him to feel sad of her youthfulness and innocence. It is also the fact he is not young anymore. It’s not about what others think but he doesn’t want to get hurt. As they part, he thinks she didn’t have a great time. Suddenly she drops her bag, runs towards him and surprises him with a kiss on his cheek. Too bad that was only in her mind. Nothing happened. Back home, mom wonders why she went to watch the same boring movie twice (free poster hand out) but this distraught her because now she can’t tell which one belongs to the man she loves and the one from the jerk. There’s a difference?!

Episode 5
Yuuto brings his pet hamster, Tsubu to Garden. Everyone is so infatuated with it. As today is Kondou’s off day, he plans to bring it to his home. Since it is dangerous, Tachibana offers to accompany him. Chance. Kondou is not home and the door is not locked. As he plays with his hamster, Tachibana looks around. Quite messy. Lots of literature. Yuuto is then hungry so Tachibana whips him up an omelette rice. Yuuto could hear the footsteps of his father returning and wants to play a prank. Hiding Tachibana in the closet, he surprises his father he is here. They talk about things and he shows him Tsubu and wants him to keep it. Kondou refuses but he says he might visit him more often if so. Kondou thinks about it. Meanwhile the heat is getting to Tachibana. She cannot take it anymore and bursts out collapsing. Surprised Kondou tells Yuuto to bring water but he does so clumsily and spills all over her shirt. He lets her wear his oversized t-shirt while he takes it to the Laundromat to wash. Yuuto apologizes as Tachibana starts sniffing and rolling her face in the t-shirt. Creepy? When it suddenly starts to rain, they go fetch him. Tachibana talks to him and says she wants to get to know him more. Apparently things have not ended yet ever since the last date as Kondou would have thought. At Garden, each time she wants to talk to him, other staffs usurp her and talk to him about Tsubu. Wow. It’s like they’re all hamster experts. But Kondou starts loving this because he has never had the best conversations with his staff before. It goes on for some time until it looks like some revel social party. So much so Tachibana has to put her foot down and tell everyone to get back to work! Wow. She has much more authority than the manager. Then she tells Kondou if he ever needs to speak about hamsters, ask her because she once owned one. Oh, exclusively trying to monopolize anything hamster related, eh?

Episode 6
Haruka sees Tachibana at the bookstore. However it has been some time since the last they talk to each other and Haruka looks sad. Even more so when she sees her leaving with Yui. While waiting for the train, Tachibana overheard a few young girls talk about some lucky love gachapon. She then goes to try her luck. She could have emptied the machine had Haruka not spot what she is doing. Yeah, a bag full of those weird cat keychains but none of that so called lucky one. She dumps the duplicates to Haruka. As Haruka practises running, she remembers a time when Tachibana often runs ahead of her, leaving her in the dust and gasping for air trying to catch up. When asked why she always did so, it’s because it feels good. When she is running, she can only hear the sound of the wind and that feeling of melting into the sky. That’s what probably got her into running. Later Haruka drops that keychain she is looking for to her. Also a note stating that their friendship goes beyond the tracks. Tachibana visits the library and sees Kondou there. He is surprised to see her but does he have to scream like that? When she asks for a book recommendation to read, he knows she isn’t the type to read. He cautious her he shouldn’t do that because someone said so as she might come to hate reading. But since she doesn’t like books and is here at the library, perhaps there is a book calling out to her. That book may be necessary for her now. She looks around and finds a couple she is interested. She has also applied for a library card and offers to borrow one for him. He takes up on that offer and borrows the book, Window By The Wave by Chihiro Kujou. Tachibana notices he cuts a sad look after borrowing that book.

Episode 7
Tachibana suggests to her colleagues about having a group chat among the staffs of Garden. But since they think Kondou won’t know how to use the app, they drop the idea. During her break, she tries to sum up her courage to message each other more often but chickens out and talks about the books she borrowed. She learns the book he borrowed is written by a friend of his. As she tries to praise about his love for books, suddenly he drops a serious tone and tells her off that she doesn’t know anything about him. Scary. Awkward silence after that. Next day, Kondou is out sick and the café is experiencing a busy period. Tachibana is still affected by that and can’t focus on her job but luckily manages to get by. When she takes a break, Kase who overheard their talk yesterday ‘advises’ her to stop chasing Kondou. He has a position to consider and she is pressuring herself and knows she doesn’t want to lose something important again. As Kondou is resting in his room, somebody keeps ringing the bell. Who could that persistent salesman be? Oh, it’s Tachibana! So she comes here to be depressed about what he said? She ‘complains’ that is why she wants to know him more. Flashback shows that Kondou said that was because he was replying to a comment on the book’s review. Kondou paints himself in a negative light and Tachibana as a person who has a bright future. But care to explain why her heart still hurts? He explains about the vicious cycle of youth and how it will eventually become the emotions you will treasure. As for her being a nuisance to him, because by being with her he remembers the treasured emotions he has forgotten, he is instead grateful to her. She starts crying in relief but Kondou is sceptical to call this feeling love. He feels the need to put her anxiety to rest and hugs her even though he knows it is wrong. She hugs him back before he realizes this is really wrong. He gives an excuse that this is just a hug as friends. Friendzoned? Next day, Kondou is all back to normal but now Tachibana has caught his cold. I wonder if love sick is applicably appropriate too? When you’re sick, you tend to envision strange things. For her, making out with Kondou in their birthday suit. Yikes. Indeed this may be love sick.

Episode 8
Kondou must have ‘levelled up’. He is thinking of having a friendship between manager and staffs but shells that idea after eager beaver Yoshizawa wants to be his friend. Yup, he notices his bangs too long and notes he might get fired before even becoming friends. Oh my. Yoshizawa is sad over this but Yui offers to cut his hair for him in which he agrees. This makes Yui happy (since she has a crush on him) so she asks Tachibana for advice to go beyond this friendship. Using her experience with Kondou, she gives her hope friendships like this can turn into romantic ones. Tachibana finally gets the courage to ask Kondou for his email address because friends usually text each other, right? It makes her day. They might be friends now but she is confident that will ‘upgrade’ one day. Haruka is not pleased being bugged by the ex-captain of the football club, Yamamoto. He notices Tachibana who is always around her is now not. When he tries to chase her, his knee injury stopped him. Haruka becomes worried and could relate about his problem. She asks him about athletes being forced to retire from injuries. He believes Tachibana just like him wants to continue playing the sports they like. He admits growing apart from football due to injury and exams but in Tachibana’s case, she fears the recurrence of the injury. Having someone like Haruka around helps her feel better. Haruka also feels better hearing that. Kondou finds Tachibana doing remedial lessons of modern Japanese literature. Since it is a book he recently re-read, he gladly helps her out. They ask each other opinions by putting themselves in the shoes of the character in question. He finds her answer interesting and funny because she asks if there is a sequel to this story. None. As he flips through the pages, he then sees the love umbrella and freaks out. Awkward. Timely for him to go back to work. Tachibana ponders if she should invite Haruka to come to the fireworks festival with her. She does so and you can see her face beaming with happiness. Friendship saved?

Episode 9
Hope you don’t mind Haruka bringing her siblings along too. Just when they look like they’re having a nice chat, Tachibana sees Kondou in the crowd and ditches her pal for a second to go greet him. Haruka can tell that she is in love with him. Tachibana gets embarrassed when she points it out but this only makes Haruka mad. Because she has never told her anything recently. Because she didn’t ask? How could she asked? It turns into a full blown argument that somehow leaves Haruka younger twin sisters crying. Damn, now Haruka also crying and runs home. Super awkward. Kondou meets up with Chihiro at the bar whom he has not seen for 10 years. Chihiro is not pleased Kondou calls his recent masterpiece just average. Chihiro then shows him an old self-published magazine they made together in college that contains a collection of short stories written by their circle. It brings back memories. Kondou sees one that was written by his ex-wife. Chihiro teases him about marrying her and blowing their trip to India in which Chihiro made his novel debut. He asks if Kondou still writes. He claims not anymore. Although he writes novels secretly but hasn’t been able to complete it for years. Kondou wishes he could go back to his youthful days where it was filled with excitement they used to share. Haruka avoids Tachibana at school. Friendship taken a nosedive. At Garden, Kondou can tell she is down so she tells him about the recent fight she got with her friend and feels it is now impossible to patch up. He relates having a close friend when he was a student. They didn’t fight or anything but things got awkward and they grew apart. When they meet for the first time in 10 years, they had a great time. It is because they matured that they are able to feel this way although Chihiro quipped with his parting words that they are not adults but classmates. The point is, Tachibana may be growing apart with Haruka now but their shared memories are irreplaceable. No matter how much time passes, that won’t disappear. This gives her hope that their friendship will grow closer again someday.

Episode 10
Seeing a flyer on a second hand bookfest, Tachibana takes Kondou there. He recognizes an old man manning a stall to be the owner of a bookstore he used to patron a lot as a kid. Old man mistakes Tachibana to be his daughter. They talk about the world’s shortest letter sent by Victor Hugo in which he wrote a question mark to his publishing company about his book sales and they wrote back with an exclamation mark. It shows how close they are to understand each other like that. Tachibana even cheekily tries it out with him but via texting. As Kondou browses through, the old man tells Tachibana that Kondou used to write novels. There is a book Kondou wants but the old man won’t reduce his price because it is the first edition. Instead he gets to pick a postcard for free so Kondou lets Tachibana choose. Later Chihiro appears on TV and talks about his job. Kondou almost chokes on his ramen. His comments that novels are like his lovers prompts some nostalgic memories of his own. He goes back and goes through all the boxes of his unfinished manuscripts. He finds a ring supposedly from his ex-wife. He remembers he became obsessed with writing that he neglected and hurt everyone else. At Garden, Tachibana shows him a book she bought. It contains an old clover pattern bookmark. She wants to return it but he says that is the charm of buying second-hand. This bookmark is considered as part of this book’s history and it clearly shows it has been used well. He also notices a very faint and faded swallow on it. He tells there used to be a swallow nest outside the door but Kubo destroyed it due to its droppings. He remembers one of them couldn’t fly as they talk about its possibilities and chances of surviving and flying again. Tachibana thanks him for being able to hear his words. She would like to hear more of them and someday read his works. She notices he always makes notes for his novel he is going to write in the future. She is sure she will like them. Kondou feels better as he always felt he wanted someone to tell him that it’s okay.

Episode 11
The track club members read the news that Kurata has made a full recovery from her Achilles heel injury and set a personal 100m dash record. Everyone seems worried for Tachibana because they wonder if she will ever run again. Haruka is in disbelief that if somebody else can do it, why can’t Tachibana? After Kondou leaves for a meeting, Haruka enters Garden. She sounds angry. I thought they made up? Guess not. She asks if she is coming back to the club. Because at this rate they will grow apart and she doesn’t want that. As she leaves, she tells her about Kurata who set her personal record will be at the prefectural meet’s main race today. That girl had the same injury as her 2 years ago. Haruka will wait as long as it takes. Gee, until they’re like 100 years old she’ll wait? Kondou who returned because he forgot something, overheard this. When Kondou hears Chihiro’s book is going to be adapted into a movie, he calls him to congratulate but apparently Chihiro is already outside his place. He wants to write their 1 minute manuscript like how they do in the old days. Both cannot come up with anything. Chihiro then rants about the expectations imposed on him. Once he takes off, he has to continue running with no finish line in sight. That’s why he claims literature is poison rather than helping anyone. He also advises Kondou that it isn’t he cannot write but he doesn’t want to. It is him getting in the way of himself. Kondou gives that age excuse. He knows he can’t go back to those days but still wants to stay true to his dream and writing aspirations. Chihiro can tell from his messy room it is not filled with regret but passion. Kondou views Chihiro as the same as him then. He is holding on to a dream but trying to reach a higher place. That night, Kondou tries to write. He wonders if he keeps holding on to this feeling, would he reach there? Tachibana thinks deeply about Haruka’s words. A customer forgot his handphone again. This time Tachibana shouts out but he is so far already. This time she decides not to run. Kondou talks to her about next month’s shift. He notices she is trying to work more and tries to nicely hint she should you know, take that time and do something else. But she slams the locker door and angrily says she has nothing to do. You know a person is having problems when she walks in the rain without an umbrella despite having one.

Episode 12
Kondou continues to write deep into the night until it is morning. Hope he hits a big one. With the students having their career survey coming up, we take a short detour learning Yui wanting to become a hair stylist. Also, a few lovely moments between Yui and Yoshizawa as distraction. One evening when Kondou is supposed to be back at Garden but did not, this has the staffs speculate about his recent and frequent visits to the main office. Could this mean he will get promoted? If he does, a new manager will be hired here. Kubo is vouching on this but the guys aren’t. When Yuuto is around, Tachibana watches him practice his run. When he trips, he picks himself up. Little kid has some meaningful words for her that will make her rethink. It doesn’t matter how many times he falls, he must get up and cross the finish line. Of course those words are said by his dad. The next time Tachibana talks to Kondou, she gladly tells about Yuuto’s progress. Kondou talks about neglected promises he made and currently he is trying to learn from it. He notes that she too has one. A promise that she almost had forgotten. This has Tachibana think back about her past with Haruka. She makes an effort to go through her survey career and possibly rehabilitation. Kondou gathers the staffs for his announcement. As they are aware of his visits to the main office, he reveals he was sitting for a test for a new menu but since he failed, he needs to retake them again. So their branch is the only one who won’t be having this new menu. Kubo so disappointed… On another day he is supposed to visit the main office, Tachibana notices he forgot his notes. He is already a distance away. Memories of her injuries that day flash through her mind. And more Haruka friendship thingy. She didn’t run this time but manages to catch up since Kondou realizes he forgot his stuffs and purposely missed his bus. They stare at each other until his handphone rings. Tachibana walks back. As soon as his call is over and he calls her, she turns around and dashes into his arms. Sorry folks, but they’re just trolling us as that was just an imagination!!! F*ck you!!! They both note that once they have fulfilled their promises, they will let each other know. Tachibana texts Haruka before her run and this little encouragement motivates her.

Same Love, Same Rain
So uhm, status quo? I believe this is for the best for now because imagine if they hit it off to become a couple at the end, it would just feel so rushed. Everything was progressing so slowly and for the sake of finishing this story since the episodes are running out, we don’t want their romance to turn into something cheesy. But even if their love will truly stand the test of time, I hope that they will not take too long. Kondou would be old enough to have grandkids and in that time things might have changed. Don’t say things will stay the same and drastic to small changes might happen. Whether or not they will still have interest in each other is another story. But if you look at it from another perspective, it feels like the promise to fulfil is an excuse, a wall to inhibit the development of their romance. It’s not impossible but it gives them some space to further think if this is what they should want together.

The drama and the story are paced slowly to flesh out the main characters sufficiently. Hence those who aren’t used to this sort of heavy melancholic romance drama might find it a chore and a drag to sit through if it is only a dozen episodes. I am not a veteran in such genres nor am I obsessed in them but after watching it all, I find that there isn’t anything special after all. It is the age gap between the interested parties that captures your attention. If both were to be of the same age group (whether be it teens or adults), it wouldn’t have stood out as prominent. It would be just your another average heavy romance drama. So having a wide obvious age gap between them feels like the attraction factor for you to stay and watch what will become of this love. Will it blossom and flourish like any other love and risk the wrath of society especially in conservative Japan? Or will it fail and break everyone hearts and scar them for the rest of their lives?

With a lot of focus being given on Kondou and Tachibana, the focus doesn’t necessarily be on both of them trying to become more than just friends. Though Tachibana is hoping for that, Kondou just wants status quo. Both characters also have their own issues and problems apart from their current feelings for each other. For Tachibana, her lengthy and seemingly permanent injury has hit her hard not only for her bright running future, but also affected her friendship with her best friend and fellow runner. Perhaps that is the fear that both friends do not want. Because Tachibana has changed ever since she has got injured. She is no longer the Tachibana that Haruka knows. And for a girl who is her best friend, that is scary. Things might not always stay the same but if it has a chance to return to where they once were, why not? Maybe this is what Haruka was hoping to see and expect from Tachibana. Sometimes I feel that friendship is a bit fragile. As long as Tachibana doesn’t come back, there will be moments of insecurity of Haruka. A little positive note to allay the anxiety but then the good times of the past creeps back up and it’s back to square one again.

On the other hand, Kondou looks like a failed writer at first impressions. He has literally given up on his writing dream and now runs a diner of his own. In his case, is it considered a successful failure? He might not be out there winning the Booker Prize, Pulitzer Prize or even the Nobel Prize in Literature but at least he is out there running a business that isn’t making a loss. He has a pretty decent living and with his simple life, is this not considered a success? But for a guy who has dabbled a lot in literature since his youthful days, the dream is hard to die. It will always be there, bits and pieces inside his heart, gnawing and nudging him with perhaps false hope that maybe he could do it. He isn’t going any younger by the moment and the more he procrastinates, the dream will literally stay a dream. But having such dreams and being successful with it certainly could be like a double edged sword. Take a look at Chihiro. He might be a successful writer but he doesn’t sound really happy about the direction of his success even if he flashes the occasional casual sunshiny smiles. It is a good thing Kondou and Chihiro are in touch with each other as Chihiro has already been down that road so he could give his friend some advice if he decides to tread that road.

But the essential difference between Kondou and Tachibana regarding their dreams and hence affecting their outlook in life is that Kondou still has the interest to pursue his dream whereas Tachibana does not. The latter has seemingly almost fully given up on running. She has youth but he has not. He has the experience but she has not. It’s interesting to note the different contrasting state of them. Even in terms of their romance, Kondou has been through love, married and divorced but Tachibana who has the looks that any guys would die to date for, this is the first (romantic) spring for her. You can say there are lots of ‘wasting’ in both states of the character. It doesn’t make them perfect and in a way we could relate to these issues. Basically, fleshing out Tachibana and Kondou’s characters are pretty decent. There is slow development and growth in their character but I don’t think it is so beautiful that you would want to cry. Perhaps only obsessed romance drama fans would.

So it feels a bit odd that it made me think that because these characters have lost something in their life that once made them full of potential, hence God felt sympathetic towards them and decided to turn this into a twisted blessing in disguise. He made them somewhat attracted to each other (at least from Tachibana’s point of view). Injured heel led to some coffee led to this odd romance. Yeah, love sure works in mysterious and funniest-cum-weirdest ways. Uh huh. Because if you really like a girl so much and no matter how much you try, if God doesn’t approve of it, you will never get her. Look at Yoshizawa’s case…

As for the other supporting characters, I wonder if Kase has completely given up on Tachibana. He is smart enough to know that she is the stubborn and pursuing any further would do no good for him. The short time he tried to date Tachibana was perhaps to set some sort of love triangle rivalry but it didn’t work out. It could have gotten messy had Tachibana’s feelings were confused but I’m glad she still stuck to her true heart. It’s questionable she likes an older man but hey, it is her who is in love and not me. So perhaps Kase has gone back into the shadows of the background and just silently watching, hoping Tachibana would fail badly and that is when he pops out to taunt and mock her “I told you so”.

Yoshizawa feels like the comic relief character. It’s like a mini running joke that each time he asks Tachibana for her contacts, by the time he realizes that it is too late, she has already ‘disappeared’. But towards the end, looks like Yoshizawa and Yui are getting along pretty fine so he might give up on Tachibana and not get involved in another messy love triangle. So could you say that his crush on Tachibana led him to the real love of his life? Yeah, he doesn’t bug Tachibana anymore and it is a win-win situation for Yoshizawa and Tachibana herself. Essential the other side characters feel lacking and feels like they exist so that this series isn’t just about a world of only Kondou and Tachibana. I don’t think Kubo hates Kondou despite always reprimanding his pathetic state most of the time. Despite the only one hoping he would get promoted, at first looks you may think she really wants him to go away so that Garden would have a better and reliable manager. Maybe. She perhaps wants him to have a better life than forever stuck in this rut. I mean, he can’t be doing this manager job for the rest of his life, right? Better to live a failed dream than a safe mundane normal routine one. Until you realize the former doesn’t pay the bills…

The art and animation are very simple and clean. The scenes are also bright at times and the background and sceneries sometimes feel a bit real. Although the characters look simple, I realized that when I look a bit closer, the character designs have this retro feel to it. Just slightly. Also, the characters have this lanky look especially the female runners. I don’t know why, but Kondou somehow reminds me of that of that middle aged police guy in Kochikame. Maybe this is how Kondou would be if he had all that passion? And doesn’t Yui look like Sailormoon? Is this what Usagi does if she didn’t become a magical girl? And why does Kase remind me of a mean version of Satou from Working!? Also, Chihiro looks like the most out of place among the characters. I know ‘creative’ people tend to have this crazy unkempt look but sometimes he feels like he popped out from some fantasy movie. Not too sure if he is the mad evil scientist kind of character or the carefree hero type. Hmm… Because of this looks, it seems that Chihiro has not aged at all compared to Kondou because he essentially looks the same! Is he a time traveller too?! Finally, can’t help think that Tsubu was a rejected hamster from Hamtaro and thus appeared here. This series was produced by Wit Studio who brought to you the awesome Shingeki No Kyojin, Mahotsukai No Yome, Koutetsujou No Kabaneri and Owari No Seraph.

I know that the series is trying to stay true to its title so in every episode you can expect some sort of rainfall. Yeah, summer time in this series must be really a wet season. Nothing about the rain except that it feels like an overused cliché to signify heavy drama. Oh, more rain, even more drama. The heavier the rain, the heavier the so called drama. Yeah, this show could have been called Heavy Rain but I noticed that there is an episode that bears this title. Damn. Uh huh, they love the rain so much that every title has a rain to its name. I guess they are only short words because otherwise I could have gone on making bad rain puns like raining cats and dogs or raining in my heart or when it rain it pours or right as rain or getting a rain check. Maybe even purple rain? Told you they were bad puns.

At first I kept wondering why Kondou’s voice sounded familiar. It took me a while to realize Hiroaki Hirata was behind it. You know, One Piece’s Sanji. Ah… It was the waiter part that hit me and made me realize although technically Kondou’s job isn’t really a waiter but that was the point of realization. I guess he is already of that age to voice that character with such conviction. The other casts are Sayumi Watabe as Tachibana (Shiki Mori in Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu), Emi Miyajima as Haruka (Akechi in Centaur No Nayami), Mitsuru Miyamoto as Chihiro (Ayame in Fruits Basket), Tomoaki Maeno as Kase (Junichi in Amagami SS), Haruka Fukuhara as Yui (Himari Arisugawa in Kirakira Precure A La Mode), Junya Ikeda as Yoshizawa (Jun in Cheating Craft) and Junko Takeuchi as Yuuto (she is the voice of Naruto! Believe it dattebayo!).

The opening theme is Nostalgic Rainfall by Chico with Honeyworks. Although it is relatively a lively and upbeat anime pop piece, the weirdest and funniest part is at the beginning when the singer stars off with something that sounds like “OOooo~”. I thought somebody was pinching her tits! Haha! No, seriously. I thought the way she said that (which is actually “Houkago~”) to start off the song was really indeed hilarious. Also, the opening credits animation feels like a trippy one. Like as though this is the drug fuelled fantasy of Tachibana with lots of weird odd colour contrast, a macho version of that weird cat keychain and get this, riding happily on an alpaca. Yup, somebody might be doing drugs. Please don’t ever do them. The ending theme, Ref:rain (is this a clever way to spell rain in the word?) by Aimer sounds better although it is a slow rock and has this heavy melancholic retro feel. Also to note, there are also a few nice calming guitar pickings BGM too.

Overall, nothing really special about this series and that it is just another one of those series that is heavy on the romance drama. This isn’t also the first show that has this setting of a younger girl liking an older man. I did not watch Ristorante Paradiso but I know that anime has a young girl and many older Italian men. With glasses! Then there is Koi Kaze too but I didn’t see that one either. But I guess this case isn’t so ‘bad’ as Okusama Wa Joshikousei whereby the high school girl is literally married to her teacher! So if you are into this age gap romance drama thingy, a simple search on the internet could yield many results. I wonder if this age gap romance thingy is like killing 2 birds with a stone. In the sense that it proves it is never too late to fall in love and it is never too young to start falling in love. It goes to show that rain or shine, love is all around. Sorry. Bad rain puns again. Sorry about raining on your parade after watching this decent series. Oops. There I go again…

ClassicaLoid S2

June 23, 2018

If the first season of classical composers in their shenanigans and antics weren’t enough for you. Behold! ClassicaLoid S2 brings more of that to the table. It’s like a 2 hour symphony wasn’t long enough and there you go hear another symphony that is equally long. I guess some people love hearing dead composers’ music but you won’t see those here playing theirs for hours. The last season had that far-fetched twist using aliens. I wonder if they are going to surprise us with angels and demons now. Oh, guess not…

Episode 1
The usual damning antics of the Otowakan residents that once again pisses off Kanae. Time to put down her feet again. It is interrupted when a young boy named Wataru and his pet pygmy hippo, Dovo are at her doorstep. Wataru claims he is her little brother and there is a letter from her mom to ascertain he is. This is all too much for Kanae to digest so sad Wataru doesn’t want to bother her and return to the institution that he was just released from. Kanae can’t let him be so she takes Wataru in. Oh, he hands her his allowance he saved up as advanced rent payment. Woah! Stacks of money! Welcome my little brother! Kanae introduces him to the rest of the tenants as well as the rooms of Otowakan. I suppose as the landlady, she has to power to kick out Beethoven from his room to give it to Wataru. Oh, Dovo wants his own room too so she kicks out Mozart from his. Got a problem? Well, pay your rent first then talk. The duo now share a small room together and Kanae continues to treat Wataru well that is so obvious that it is irking the rest. And what’s this staring showdown between Dovo and Hasshie? Naturally Beethoven and Mozart continue to b*tch to Wataru about their unfair treatment so Wataru tells them off they only share names of famous composers but have not accomplished anything special in particular. Later as the rest go about their own thing, we see Wataru mocking them and causing a little mischief on them. Liszt is suspicious and knows Wataru is not all that he seems to be. Beethoven’s gyoza machine malfunctions from the mischief. He gets so mad that he unleashes his Musik. But Wataru isn’t surprised. In fact, he have seen this sort of thing before. Because Dovo can also do the same. With that, Dovo does his Musik and becomes a conductor of his hippo train and taking them all on a galaxy railways ride? So the soul of music was born in Africa? Returning to reality, Wataru further explains Dovo used to put up such performances for him. The rest are stumped because they thought only ClassicaLoids can do this. He questions them if they think they are the only ClassicaLoids around. Back in his room, it seems Wataru reveals a little more about himself. Dovo isn’t actually a hippo and Wataru’s real name is Richard Wagner. There is some revolution he is planning.

Episode 2
More b*tching from losers Beethoven and Mozart the continued super treatment of Wataru over them. Do they have to be reminded about their rental payments? Wataru continues to mock Beethoven as unworthy of that composer’s name, making that guy throwing a tantrum like a kid. Beethoven then wants a showdown over the room but Wataru disagrees. He will not end up in some kiddie contest. But when Beethoven calls him a botched gyoza, this seems to hit Wataru’s nerve. He hates being called that and accepts Beethoven’s challenge! With Kanae as the referee, I think I know the outcome. Because the ‘contest’ she has them go through looks like house chores. Like the first one is painting the walls. Whoever finishes first wins. Both sides have help. Wataru flatters his teammates to motivate them to work but Liszt is not amused. She is only playing along so she can expose his true colours. Wataru finishes first and wins. Beethoven is not satisfied and wants another round. This time they clean the pathway. For once, Beethoven uses his flame thrower for good. Use what?! Actually he modified it into a super jet spray and cleans the entire path in no time. It’s his win. For the final contest, they are to buy stuffs for dinner. Easy, right? Only, Beethoven has more items on his list! Unfair? He is an adult so it should be tougher for him. Before he could even begin, Wataru has already finished. Almost resigning to his fate, it seems the other ClassicaLoids have helped out so the odds are now even. It is a race back to Otowakan as they try to shove and outdo each other. In the final stretch, Beethoven pushes Wataru aside and although he might have won, Wataru’s eggs broke. He starts crying. But Beethoven can see through his act that he is crying crocodile tears for Kanae’s sympathy. This angers Beethoven as he unleashes his Musik. It was a piece that Wagner was impressed of. With all the shiny gold coins, Wataru is touched by this Musik. So much so he cries and runs away? At the park, Wataru understands his significance being born as a ClassicaLoid. He will surpass Beethoven in this new world as his revolution. He returns home and looks like the contest is a draw so it is status quo for everyone.

Episode 3
Mozart holds a single’s party. Those involved are Sousuke, Chopin, Dovo and Kanae’s friends, Eiko, Biiko, Shiko and… Uzuki. Man, I thought she was going to be Diiko but then it would have sounded so wrong. Mozart starts off playing the king’s game. Something feels wrong because Mozart ends up always as the king. When Uzuki is made to kiss Wataru whom she mistakes as that hippo, she tries to make it look like an accident and wiggle her way out but accidentally bumps into the real Wataru who is hiding underneath the blankets. Love at first sight for her? Mozart teases Wataru he wanted to attend this. Flashback shows Kanae’s friends minus Uzuki visiting their favourite Mozart. They are introduced to Wataru for the first time. Mozart teased him for not being good with girls since he is blushing and all. Sousuke suggested a single’s party and Mozart threw a challenge if he could manage to let Wataru get a girlfriend, he’ll get his room back. Of course Wataru didn’t want to attend. So why is he here? It’s his room. Uzuki discovers Mozart has been cheating during the king’s game and vows to bring order and reform this party as the new organizer. Her passionate speech of revolution awes Wataru. So being the fair organizer, Uzuki tries to be considerate to Wataru so he is not left out. Mozart feels his plans are in shambles so he goes to gather other ClassicaLoids to ‘revolt’. Yeah, I guess Liszt wants in on this game of love. So this party goes out of control with Tchaikovsky acting like an old drunk man, Sousuke trying to obviously hit on Bada (fail as usual), Beethoven trying to play his guitar over his supped up amplifier (fail as usual), Chopin ditching the party, Dovo and Hasshie enter a food tussle. Uzuki tries to protect Wataru from all the chaos. Kanae returns and hears the commotion. She takes Wataru away and forces the rest to clean up. With everyone deserting and leaving it to Mozart, he can’t let it end this way and unleashes his Musik to bring love to everyone. Wataru can’t leave Uzuki alone so he goes to tell her how impressed he was with her revolution. She gives him hope he too will get his own revolution when he is older. In the aftermath, Mozart teases Wataru for kissing Uzuki. He didn’t do it but it seems everyone else does.

Episode 4
Kanae’s friends love Dovo and take pictures of him. It seems there are rumours circulating if you do so, you will be blessed. Sousuke gets pretty jealous since the hippo is a hit but not as jealous as Chopin. Flashback reveals Dovo sometimes go into Chopin’s room to sleep. However Dovo noticed Chopin always hiding in his closet so he minded his business and left a note apologizing for the intrusion and that he only came here because it is quiet. It was then Chopin realized Dovo was always being noisily surrounded by the other pesky ClassicaLoids. He understands how it feels. With Sousuke uploading and spreading false rumours about Dovo’s good luck, soon more people throng Otowakan. Well, they bring lots of goodies and offerings too. I guess it is better than shooing them away and telling Dovo isn’t a real god. Chopin thinks of saving Dovo by trolling on the internet but it only serves to backfire. Each time Chopin tries to do something of that matter, it only serves to enhance Dovo’s reputation and craze. Yeah, it got to a point he gets interviewed on TV, doing recordings and a festival celebration in his name! Chopin goes as far on a pilgrimage to stop this madness but I guess his god isn’t that strong. We hear Dovo narrate that he has the rationality of a human being but stuck inside a hippo’s body. Therefore at times he cannot help find himself drawn to do hippo things. To calm himself over this, he meditates. Uhm, doesn’t he look like napping? Anyway before he knows it, he is already a god in the middle of this Dovo craze. Yeah, it’s basically like a cult worshipping him. Dovo notices Chopin staring at him. Suddenly Dovo has breathing difficulties. The rest think Dovo has gone wild and start whatever shenanigans. Chopin unleashes his Musik to save Dovo from falling off his seat and turns everyone into dogs for a taste of their own medicine on what it’s like not being able to convey what one wants to say. When Chopin talks to Dovo, the latter is grateful he is concerned about him. But then begins his hippo lecture on Chopin’s bad habits and how he should fix it. Not the kind of talk Chopin was expecting… Soon, the Dovo craze dies down like as though it never happened. Now Chopin has this animosity each time he sees Dovo.

Episode 5
Kanae tells Wagner a story of the legend of the local lake. Yeah, it makes him emotional to realize how lucky he has a sister. Time for some emotional feels. Sibling hug! Only to be ruined by annoying ClassicaLoid jerks. Kanae has had it and kicks them out. But since they are still fooling around, she threatens to leave. Yeah, they don’t even care! And now Sousuke is having this reggae craze. Ya man! Life is beautiful! Kanae has no time for this crap. Apparently this craze is hitting the world. A man known as The Great has been going around unleashing his reggae songs for world peace! All wars and conflicts end instantly! And now he is back in Japan as all citizens affected by his music is now happy and in peace. Ya man! Life is beautiful. Only ClassicaLoids are not affected. If your observation is great, you would know The Great turns out to be Schubert. He returns to Otowakan and too bad Beethoven almost doesn’t remember him. To understand why he was ‘missing’ for many episodes, he narrates after that hippo express, he got depressed and left Otowakan. But a giant kite suddenly swoosh him away all over the world before dropping him in Jamaica. There he found reggae and his calling. His story is taking too long so he is interrupted that they need to return Kanae and Sousuke back to normal. Wagner doesn’t want to as he has never seen his sister this happy. This prompts an argument between them so Schubert decides to unleash his Musik, reggae style. But Beethoven is not amused and unleashes his Musik and giant emperor penguin to fight him. Schubert’s Musik absorbs it and becomes larger. However he is reduced to tears when Wagner admonishes him about his music style and the lack of self-identity. Even more disheartening for him when Beethoven adds to all that. With that, Schubert returns to normal and the happy reggae effect wears off. The craze is over and everyone returns to normal. This means Kanae continue to be pissed with the ClassicaLoids as usual. But the best news is Schubert returning to his old classical identity and has vowed to stay by Beethoven’s side forever since he opened his eyes. Too bad he doesn’t need his help in making gyoza.

Episode 6
The ClassicaLoids decide to play an elaborate prank on Wataru. But a strange lady arrives at Otowakan and misses all the traps in good timing. The ClassicaLoids wonder if their traps didn’t work and test it out but got pranked themselves instead. When Kanae returns, she is surprised to see this lady, Himeka is her mom! She tries to seek answers about her sudden departure long ago and never called so Himeka explains the trip around the world to get some sort of ingredients. Oh, she’s got lots of presents for Kanae too. Forgiven? Not yet. Kanae tries to talk about Wataru, the brother she never knew she had but the topic was promptly evaded. Meanwhile Wataru assimilates as Boy Wonder wannabe and Dovo as a rhino. Flashback shows they lived a poor and abusive life as a bellboy in some hotel. When he saw Himeka staying, he quickly ran back to her. Himeka also tells this story to Kanae but is glad she isn’t lonely. On the contrary, she has had it with this freeloaders. Speaking of the debt, Himeka shows her entire suitcase of cash! No, they’re not illegal. When she is short of funds, she went gambling and betting. Wow. She must be one hell of a lucky woman! With this much money, she decides to treat them all for lunch! Hooray for mom! We return to Wataru and Dovo as they wreak havoc and storm into Arkhe to confront Bach. Wataru offers himself to be a producer and lets him hear his composition. I guess Bach didn’t like him and rejects. This makes Wataru throw a tantrum and believes Bach also considers him a botched. Wataru unleashes his Musik but soon tires out. Security is about to throw him out but Bach changes his mind. Meanwhile Himeka treats everyone to expensive Shanghai crabs! Then she has to ‘ruin’ it by asking Kanae which guy she likes. Nobody is impressed. Not even the guys. Back to more crabs, anyone? Himeka gets a call from some random stranger pleading for help so she deposits all her money into that given account. Oh no. Broke. How to pay the bill. Wash the dishes! Don’t break any or you’ll have to compensate. Too late. But how come Himeka and Liszt are exempted from the work? Bach appoints Wataru as the company’s new executive producer and is given his own luxury office suite. He returns to Otowakan and is delighted to see his mom. Family reunion is interrupted when Mozart plays a prank with Dovo’s fake rhino horn by using it as his penis cover.

Episode 7
Himeka is worried about her daughter if she’ll find a husband. So she teams up with Liszt to see which of the potential guys in Otowakan could be it. While Himeka sees them in a positive light, Liszt knows them better and makes her see their drawbacks. Then it turns to fixing their shortcomings but this ends up causing more trouble for them. Eventually they hear what the plan is about so a nicely timed Kanae returning home is confused when the guys apologize and reject her outright! It is also bad because it shows she got rejected by 5 guys in a row! I guess that says a lot about her popularity with guys. Back to the drawing board for our loving women. Liszt wonders they should start looking elsewhere but Himeka insists it has to be one from Otowakan since Kanae met them all here. So now they convince the guys whoever marries Kanae will become the master of this place. This means free rent or high speed internet or just simply having Musik implanted (that’s for you Sousuke). Now they’re all gunning for her! Using the funds she won from the bet, they quickly renovate the home into some shifting labyrinth, I bet we’ll never get that kind of construction service that completed everything in half a day! Kanae is confused by the layout but it is to see which guy she bumps into as they play out their cheesy proposal. I guess mostly are no good. At this point Kanae thinks her time to be a hit with guys is here. Might as well go all the way because she would prefer her own prince charming. Yeah, don’t want these bunch of losers. The guys aren’t giving up and it got so intense that all of them start unleashing their Musik. Even Liszt wants in on this game of love! But all comes crashing down when Kanae finds out their ulterior motive to marry. You better run! In the aftermath, Kanae wonders why mom wanted her to get married so fast. She believes the sooner she experiences happiness, the better. I guess she is saying from experience with Kyougo. Kanae assures her she will find her own soul mate when the time is right. So please stop using this search like as though it is a game.

Episode 8
Everyone has had it with Mozart. They are planning to stop him from lying and making empty promises. So they tell him if a ClassicaLoid lies, he will turn into a hippo! Look at Dovo! Not buying. That night, Beethoven promises he won’t grind his teeth while he sleeps but he did just that. Next morning, Mozart is shocked to find he has become a hippo! This is actually Dovo in disguise and everyone has a hand in it. Except Schubert. Nobody told him. No wonder his ‘acting’ is so convincing. This convinces Mozart to not lie anymore. And the only way is to turn his lies into truth! This means that a young girl, Mari Mihara whom he told and promised to marry earlier on, he introduces her to the rest of his gang. Not a joke. It seems she too likes him and wants to stay here. Himeka has even talked to her mom to give the approval for her stay! I don’t know how she managed to convince her mom to allow this seeing ironically Himeka is one who abandoned Kanae for many years. Mari tries to be helpful since she will be Mozart’s future wife. Does Kanae love the ring of being called a big sister? Meanwhile Schubert is sad he still cannot understand Beethoven and thinks of becoming a hippo like him. Mari then stumbles into the real Beethoven camping behind Otowakan. He gives her gyoza. Presenting this to Kanae, she lies that is a gyoza fairy! Mari’s mom comes by to take her back since they are moving tomorrow. This is when Schubert thinks this is a good time to lie and says this hippo is Mari! Not buying. Mari throws a tantrum that everyone is a liar. She relates her friends promised to keep in touch when she moved but they never did. Mozart believes his feelings then are still true. Unleashing his Musik, in the past Mozart too asked a girl to marry him. That girl was Marie Antoinette. Mozart and Mari have their own mock wedding. Even if it all feels strange, as long as Mari is happy, everything is okay. Mari returns home as they vow not to forget each other. Then the rest come clean about the lie… Meanwhile Schubert is awaiting the moment he will turn into a hippo. Then Beethoven waltzes right back in and teases him with fake hippo noises… The biggest fool ever…

Episode 9
It seems Beethoven is being hit by an inspiration of anything round. But shortly after that, everything that is round starts to go missing from Otowakan. After everyone accuses everyone, they realize the only culprit left to show himself is Chopin. True enough, they find his room with all the round stuffs. As they try to understand why he did so, Chopin grows more and more uneasy until he unleashes his Musik that rains on everyone inside the mansion. After being scolded to stop, it seems only Beethoven still has a rain cloud over him. Chopin will not answer when Beethoven demands and keeps on playing. And so Beethoven lives the rest of his days like this? But it is going to get worse because now he sees all round things as squares! It gets worse when now everything looks so blocky. Minecraft? Schubert tries to talk to Chopin but it seems this only agitates him as he unleashes an even bigger Musik. Oh great. More rain. Himeka then comes by to give them croissants. Surprisingly Beethoven can see its original shape. Then he realizes the croissant looks like a crescent. A moon. That’s it. The moon! Beethoven unleashes his Musik to overwrite Chopin. It is revealed that one of Chopin’s pieces resembles closely to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Because of that, he is often accused of ripping off this piece (Chopin saw this rife on the internet). Schubert and Beethoven admonish him about being ashamed of that because great pieces sometimes sound alike. Don’t care what others say and the most important thing is how much the piece resonates in the heart of the listener. As long as you put your soul into it, their pieces will transcend space and time for eternity. Things return to normal but Schubert catches Chopin trolling everyone on the internet that he is better than Beethoven. Have some shame!

Episode 10
Aoi Risuto just opened a piano school. He is such a handsome guys that all girls would swoon at the sight of him. However Liszt is against of him doing this. As their name is almost similar, she believes it is misrepresenting her name. Either change your name or get out! And so a piano duel is set to see who the real Liszt is. Well, Liszt lost. What’s this? Being drunk at a roadside stall? She is found by Beethoven and brought home. Everyone is worried why she got so worked up. Flashbacks shows Liszt was a great pianist and everywhere he went, the ladies loved him. It made him cocky. Until he met Carolyne that he truly felt what love is. Unfortunately her father did not approve of it. It was then Liszt realized he had nothing capable of persuading anyone else. All he had was youth and beauty. So now Liszt is doing power training and has ordered a grand piano? Do you need such workout for the piano? Okay. She’s the expert. Her aim is to have a rematch with Risuto and at this time the entire town knows. It is thanks to Arkhe promoting this duel. Wataru is the mastermind as his goal is to humiliate Liszt. However Risuto is so popular with all the girls. How will Liszt get enough supporters? Sousuke and Chopin troll over the internet for the single lonely guys. Yup, they are on Liszt’s side. Come the day of the duel, Risuto goes first and plays Libestraume. Good and as perfect as the real deal. When it is Liszt turn, why is she dressed in her gym clothes? Oh my. She is buffed up! She explains how she drew inspiration from a violinist named Niccolo Paganini and hence the piece she will playing is La Campanella. It is so good that everyone starts crying! Even Risuto. But when the piece gets intense, she smashes and breaks the piano! Don’t worry. There’s a spare. But she breaks that too! No more spares left. With the audience still enthralled with Liszt, Risuto shows his ugly side that it is impossible as she didn’t finish her piece. Liszt then lectures him about earthly desires, she unleashes her Musik to box bells and wake up his heart? In the end, everyone is captivated with Liszt’s performance and Risuto loses all his hair?! Liszt now works at the piano school with Risuto as they also teach the many forms of love. Yup, money is love. This is a safe bet to repay her piano loan. Oh yeah, all you need is love, the most important thing of all.

Episode 11
Wataru has taken over Bach’s producer post for Claskey Klasky. But with the duo gaining popularity as comedians for old people in the rural areas and Mitsuru never answering his calls, this is not the revolution he is seeking for. He thinks he has found a way by dressing up as Bach and talking like him. Too bad they don’t understand and still don’t like him. Wataru changes their schedule to work in a salty ramen shop. They don’t want to do it at first but a pre-recorded clip of the real Bach made them do so. It seems the owner is quite condescending. With only a salty ramen on the menu, he has a strict specific way for his customers to eat his ramen! This is part of Wataru’s plan to make them be cocky and look down on customers so they could aim for the top again. Thinking this is part of the protocol, the duo also become condescending. But the next customers are those ClassicaLoids! Since they are picky, they get kicked out. A couple of festival committee members enter and since they are quite nice people, Claskey Klasky return to their kind ways. So Wataru cancels whatever festival they will have with them and will have them put up a new performance. Wataru unleashes a reborn Claskey Klasky. In military police outfit, they act condescending on stage and are now known as Salty Klasky. It looks like the crowd love it. But with the schedule getting stricter, the duo run away and take refuge at Otowakan. Too bad the place is in crisis because of inadequate gyoza pieces. This has the duo telling everyone off, surprising them. They then realize their bad behaviour and regret it. However everyone gives their gyoza share to them as they feel like eating salty ramen. They impress the owner by eating in the exact protocol order. No talking and giving exact change as well. With the owner talking about this perfect attitude and how everyone can get along and become one with the salty ramen, the duo now realize this is what they’re supposed to aim for. So in their next concert, after their typical idol one, they turn into the condescending Salty Klasky and tell the audience how to watch their performance. Everyone comes together as one, loving it all. Wataru believes he has surpassed Bach and usurps the show with his own appearance. Wataru’s achievement hits front page while Claskey Klasky is reduced to something minor. They run away again to Otowakan but are quickly found. Back to work…

Episode 12
Wataru is trying to have the executives abandon Bach and jump ship to his side. Bach just discovered Wagner and Dvorak as the hidden ClassicaLoids. He summons Mitsuru to explain why she never told him. She never considered them worthy for the Octovas. One being a hippo and the other having a fatal flaw that he cannot perform Musik. Flashback shows Wagner and Dvorak waking up shortly after other ClassicaLoids. They were put in a room and overheard Mitsuru talking about Wagner being botched. It became his taboo word. He wanted to see Kyougo but he had left. So the duo also left and travelled the world, vowing to teach those who called him botched a lesson. His resolve was strengthened during the incident where everybody turned into Bach. Bach summons Wataru and knows his identity. He has Dovo unleash his Musik but is quickly put down. Bach shows who is boss with his Musik. Wataru is so upset he cannot use Musik that well, his will suddenly activates his Musik. It is much more superior than Bach and he is sent packing. It seems Wataru stole Bach’s Musik and without one, he is forced to leave Arkhe. Tchaikovsky and Bada aren’t too pleased and they want to follow him but Bach tells them to stay put and keep a watch on that kid. But soon all Salty Klasky’s activities are put on hiatus and Mitsuru is ordered to become his manager. Tchaikovsky and Bada are salty that they have been used as a stepping stone for his revolution. Even more so when Wataru introduces a new super idol: Himself. He is known as World Amazing Galaxy Never Ending Revolution AKA Wagner. With Wagner hitting the waves, I guess the Otowakan people final take notice. Amidst the confusion seeing Wataru on stage, Claskey Klasky duo waltz into Otowakan, making the others think they have been fired by Bach. More shock when Wataru and Dovo show up in the flesh to reveal the truth. Is Himeka relieved that now it is confirmed the reason why she couldn’t remember giving birth to him? Yeah… It seems Wataru’s plan is to meet Kyougo whom he regards as his true father as well as bringing a revolution that Octavas failed to achieve. He thanks Kanae for the hospitality as he will now be staying at the office. Why is Beethoven so happy? He gets to have his room back.

Episode 13
This series is so random that even with this random year-end special makes no difference. Yeah, Kyougo even points this out. Anyway, this so called Musik contest festival also works as somewhat as a recap because each of the ClassicaLoids get up on stage to perform one of their Musik pieces. While most of the clips are of this season, a few are from the first. Starting off with the talentless Sousuke and his soul zapping death music, even Bach, Wagner and Dovo have their chance to strut their stuffs. In the end, nobody wins because Beethoven claims there is no winning or losing in music. No enemies or allies. Just enjoy yourself and sing along!

Episode 14
As Wagner becomes more arrogant to the point of snubbing Claskey Klasky, Dovo feels bad for them. Since he is unrepentant, Dovo leaves Arkhe and lives at Otowakan. While other ClassicaLoids feel for him (thanks to Pad-kun for translating hippo language) and welcome him, Claskey Klasky remain doubtful if he is a spy. Sousuke comes up with an idea since the duo are no longer idols, they are free to date. Yeah, he nominates himself to date Bada. But she agrees?! As revenge for her idol career cut short, she is going to live a normal life. And so happy Sousuke begins his date with Bada. However we tend to notice Bada is just angry, mad and unsatisfied at everything while Sousuke tries hard to please and not offend her. This is going to be tough. As Dovo feels sad for being treated as a hippo (not to say he is mistreated but being treated as a hippo than a human does have its significance), he decides to take on Pad-kun (who is feeling the blues too after Sousuke ditched him) to go on a soul searching trip. Meanwhile bad luck befalls on Beethoven and Schubert as the former is blown away by the kite and the latter drift away in the seas. Sousuke realizes it is hell when Tchaikovsky and Bada start arguing about the situation they’re in. Dovo thought he saw Kyougo and abandons Pad-kun in the train (left to the devices of naughty kids who play Space Invaders on him?!). Too bad it is the wrong person. Dovo yearns for home so he unleashes his Musik to collect the lost ClassicaLoids back to Otowakan. Dovo as the kind train conductor has stolen Bada’s heart. In the aftermath, Claskey Klasky decides to try again from scratch as an indie. Dovo is more appreciative of the hippo home Kanae made for him.

Episode 15
After seeing a sumo match of TV, Himeka gets this idea to hold their very own sumo tournament. Even with all the food prizes, the guys don’t want to join. Until Himeka says this to bring Wataru down a notch. With the guys getting into training, Kanae is tasked to bring Wataru. At least he still has the decency to come see his family but not too sure about wanting to participate in this sumo fest. The guys force him in and his nervousness is banished until their sumo opponents from the international stable come to see and mock them. It hits Wataru’s nerve when they judge his scrawny size as botched and easy victory. Taboo word. You bet he is going to join and take them down! The first order of the sumo is to eat like hell and they grow really fat. As they continue training, Chopin sprained his muscles so he quit and becomes the referee. As for Dovo, because you cannot touch the grounds of the sumo ring with anything except your feet, he is disqualified. Uhm, isn’t a hippo technically has all 4 feet? On the day of the tournament, the Otowakan side manage to reach the finals to face off with their international opponents. Dovo returns and shows his adamant side that he can do it. By becoming bipedal? Whatever. It works. He replaces Sousuke who lost to him. In the finals, Beethoven and Dovo win their matches while Mozart and Schubert loses. It boils down to Wataru. The final match is drawing out that they need to take a break. Wataru seems to make a breakthrough with his revolution throw but eventually he loses because his face falls to the ground first. While the loss is disappointing, Himeka is happy with the outcome. She noticed he is lonely since becoming an idol and thought if he was with everyone in Otowakan, he would be more lively and boisterous. It worked because they’re like bonded brothers now. Kanae realizes if Himeka sponsored the prizes, she should have just bought them all for her. Sorry, spent it all and now she’s out of money.

Episode 16
Beethoven and Sousuke are at the music hall. The former impressed with the orchestra playing his symphony that his aura causes an explosion?! Though the hall is destroyed, nobody died. But back at Otowakan, Beethoven is acting strange. He is imitating Mozart! He is also retarded like as though he is a baby. The rest don’t give much thought and believe he’ll be back to normal tomorrow. Unfortunately it has gotten worse. Schubert decides to raise him up properly but Mozart is trying to teach him bad things. Schubert realizes this is the closest he could get with his senpai and is in a dilemma if he would return back to normal. While Schubert demonstrates playing the melodian on the rooftop, Beethoven unleashes a beam of his Musik. He hints that he is calling for home in the sky. Schubert deduces from his gestures that by tomorrow’s sunset he will be picked up at the summit. When the rest hears about this, it brings back some memories of that alien encounter last season. Suddenly the police barge in as they believe the person behind the hall’s bombing is here. Thanks to Sousuke putting up a selfie. Mozart distracts the police with his Musik as Schubert gets Beethoven out of here and to the summit. Peddle power can only do so much and with the police cars chasing behind, Beethoven unleashes his Musik to turn the bicycle into a mecha. ET reference flying across the moon? At the summit, an alien spaceship appears. During last season’s alien invasion, one of them fell and got lost. Spotting Beethoven as someone familiar, it possessed him and hence the explosion. Now it is going home. The alien, that is. Schubert misinterprets this is Beethoven as an alien race coming to Earth to give his music and is now going home after believing the world has enough of music. Schubert wants to come along! Beethoven reverts to normal but still believes he is at the hall. Back to normal. Meanwhile Schubert is on the spaceship. Oh no. Experiment time? A few days later, he returns as a hi-tech robot. Despite his super technological displays, everyone believes he is still the old Schubert and might just be into aliens now.

Episode 17
Western spaghetti! Welcome to WesternLoid! Beethoven and Mozart just defeated Sousuke and hang him on a tree. Liszt arrives in town where Schubert awaits her. The lore goes down that Kanae as the owner of Otowakan recently has vacancies in her room after Wataru and Dovo left. Tchaikovsky and Bada wandered into town and she took them in. But Beethoven and Mozart are planning to usurp them and take their rooms. Hence the duo confront the ladies while Schubert is tasked to stave off Liszt but loses. It seems the showdown called ClassicaDON isn’t a gun fight. It is a quiz to guess correctly what piece they are playing. Nobody wants to fight with Bada since she only has 1 bullet (reference to her one hit wonder). Even if she tries to steal Tchaikovsky’s gun, she won’t be able to add to her list. And so heartbroken Bada has to sit out of this. Beethoven and Mozart argue among themselves to fight with Tchaikovsky so she dares them to team up against her. But she might regret it because between them they have 13 bullets compared to only 2 she has. Just in time for Liszt to show up to aid her with her 3 bullets. She is a sheriff who is after Beethoven and Mozart as wanted criminals. Liszt draws with the guys. Tchaikovsky intervenes and they thought they could confidently guess her songs. Although Beethoven gets it right, Mozart gets it wrong. It seems Bada secretly snuck into her fight and played her song. With Mozart’s loss, this only improves Beethoven’s plan as to kick all of them out since he plans to take over Otowakan by himself. However he is usurp by Chopin in a sneak attack. Chopin now will take over Otowakan for himself as he needs a place to be a free shut-in. He transforms Otowakan into a giant stagecoach and rides away. Liszt tries to catch up but with Dovo’s train help, Liszt is able to face off with him. Chopin is confident of the bullets she has left but he got it wrong. Even though she used that bullet against Schubert, she has a secret fourth one. With that, Otowakan is destroyed. Uhm, happy ending? Liszt rides into the sunset. Turns out it is one big fantasy of Liszt and her Musik after she watched a western movie.

Episode 18
Wataru arrives at Otowakan with all the ClassicaLoids welcoming him! Best of all, Kyougo hugging his best ClassicaLoid and son. Good news: This isn’t a dream. Bad news: This is a story he is writing! It sucks… So when he visits, nobody gives a sh*t as they’re all doing their own stuffs. Even Kanae says hi for a while before leaving to buy errands. Hence he goes back to order Mitsuru to do aggressive promotions. Yeah, Wagner’s name is on almost every brand. So will this give him the reverence and love he dreams? Nope. Nobody gives a sh*t. Again. So what’s the next aggressive plan? Have his agents to sneak in his product placements everywhere in Otowakan?! I don’t think that loud blasting of his sound is going to help. Yeah, I wonder how long he can write this happy story. Not satisfied, he calls Mitsuru in the middle of the night to organize a concert now! Kanae wants to go but the ClassicaLoids don’t give a f*ck. However all of them are soon kidnapped and forced to watch his concert. Kanae and Himeka get the best seats while the ClassicaLoids are in a cage. Sousuke remains at home since he was taking a dump while the abduction occurred. Wagner performs and wows the crowd. He hopes dad is watching. Too bad he is hitchhiking in some American desert. Wagner sings his new song and stuns the crowd but his family sense he is not the Wataru they know. It gets ridiculous with knights on Pegasus? Then all out of control when they turn into chibi versions with forks and sausages. It causes havoc attacking the crowd. The ClassicaLoids fight back unleashing their Musik to teach him a lesson. At the end of this chaos, the crowd is super thrilled with the great special effects. They are certainly entertained. The ClassicaLoids ended in a draw as Wagner won’t admit defeat. When Kanae wants him to cut it out, he is sad she has taken their side and casts away his family. Dad is the only one he needs. Back at Otowakan, Sousuke is mad for being left out, the ClassicaLoids are mad for that idiotic concern but Kanae is shocked when she gets a call from Himeka. She has left for a journey to find Kyougo.

Episode 19
Schubert and Mozart are stuck in an elevator playing shiritori. Flashback reveals Kanae wanted Mozart to buy some stuffs at the supermarket but he isn’t around. Schubert thinks he can handle it but she is unsure as he has a habit of vanishing once in a while. Schubert takes up the job but bumps into Mozart along the way. He too wants to tag along and during their struggle, his hair gets stuck and entangled with his shirt’s button. They try to go to stores to buy a scissors but all of them are sold out! Apparently Chopin bought them all to cut envelopes of stuffs he bought online. After so many detours, they head up the elevator to a hardware store. However the faulty elevator stopped working. Schubert tries to push buttons to get help and Mozart wants to try too. The struggle causes his hair to be ripped from his shirt but he spilled his orange juice on the buttons. Why is the juice like a glue? It’s still on the buttons… Schubert is left to reminiscent how much he hates Mozart, especially he has been accused of imitating his works. Once they manage to crawl out of the elevator, Mozart’s prank has them get locked inside a locker room. Yeah, this building is breaking down that nobody is bothered to fix anything. Schubert laments how close Mozart is to Beethoven as they call each other by their nicknames. Women start to come in so they hide inside the locker. Then they got busted. There is nowhere to go if they climb out of the ledges. Schubert plans to use his Musik to turn Mozart into a baby and use himself as soft landing. Trying to sacrifice himself? Mozart has a better idea. He will use his Musik to turn them into birds and fly away! The duo have fun flying in the sky until they reach the supermarket. Too bad it is all sold out. Schubert tries to explain himself to Kanae but Mozart makes it worse by ambiguously putting it in a way that makes Schubert looks like he was fooling around. ‘Mad’ Kanae will have Mozart do the errands next time. Just when Schubert thought Mozart was a pretty decent guy, it is back to square one hating him.

Episode 20
Even hippos can get depressed. Dovo wonders why he is the only one not human when he stumbles upon a bottle of pills in Kyougo’s room that could turn him back into one! Seriously? If he could only open the bottle… Cheeky Mozart thinks it is candy and snatches it away to share with the rest. Before you know it, it is all gone. The ClassicaLoids suddenly have a bad case of stomach before turning into… Chibi versions of themselves?! Why do they remind me of Smurfs… Yeah, the faded label on the bottle actually reads to turn back into small humans. Kanae and Sousuke see them in the streets and as they explain, they are pounced by girls who love their cuteness. A talent manager scouts them to become the town’s mascot. They won’t do it at first but quickly accept it when they know they are getting paid. Hence our ChibiLoids are now rising in popularity with so many merchandises under their name! Dovo is called by Wagner and treated nicely. He wants to know the cause of ChibiLoids’ popularity. He claims it is Dovo’s fault and he should take responsibility to turn them back. Dovo searches Kyougo’s room until he finds a bottle of pills that would turn one back into human. However the ChibiLoids think he wants to eat it himself and tricks him into doing so. At first nothing happens but later Dovo starts to transform… Everyone is shocked to find a weird looking old man around. Dovo is now in human form but a paper cut-out?! Nobody believes he is Dovo and despites his best attempt to imitate a hippo, it looks creepy and they kick him out. Even the people on the streets are mocking his strange appearance. He tries to look for Wagner but since he learns the ChibiLoids still remain, he has security throw him out. Thanks for nothing. The ChibiLoids are in an argument who should get the biggest cut of royalties when they suddenly turn back to normal. It must have worn off. They try to find the pills to turn back or kiss goodbye to their popularity. Kanae is the only one worried of Dovo and goes out to find him. But she sees policemen trying to arrest a strange old man. Dovo tries to plead to Kanae for help but she sees him as creepy and scary instead. Dovo is thrown into prison as he laments if he had turned into his train conductor form, they would have loved him. Next morning, the police station is abuzz. They wonder why a hippo is in a cell. Luckily Kanae is here to take him back. Dovo has never felt grateful being a hippo again. Back at Otowakan, they are going to be in shock as the ClassicaLoids are now paper cut-out versions! Since they bug Kanae and ignore Dovo, poor Dovo realizes being a hippo is still bad.

Episode 21
Kanae wonders why everyone in class is laughing at her. It seems there is a popular web manga going around about Otowakan! Everyone is depicted as stupid idiots and Kanae as the devil lady! Of course she is mad. Oh, she is turning into that character. Yeah, even the disclosure says all buildings and characters are real! She knows the one behind this is Chopin despite going under the penname FreFra since he is the hero of the manga. He is now being praised by the manga club members for their club’s revival. Until Kanae comes in… Sh*t is going to hit the fan. So the reason he did this was to take out his frustrations because everyone is always bothering him. He didn’t expect it to be a hit after uploading it. Chopin becomes a different character in front of his disciples. High and mighty, isn’t he? Yeah, now he has loads of fans. Just when he is getting used to all the fame at school, the other ClassicaLoids aren’t too pleased to see this… It gets worse when Chopin begs them to act in character as his disciples are coming over. They don’t really care despite him explaining about hope and all that crap. Till he agrees to do anything for them… The disciples arrive with Chopin as the respected hero and the rest playing their character. Better retrain the anger. I guess there is so much they can take so they stop with the farce and this turns Chopin into his cowardly self. The disciples are disappointed to realize the truth. Chopin knows he can’t end it like this so he tells them that despite everything is fake, the feelings they had were real. He adds his Musik effect to turn them into their ideal heroes. This revitalizes their hope and the manga club goes on to make their own hit manga. The ClassicaLoids are knocking on Chopin’s door and want him to make good on his promise. But he is not in. A letter left behind says not to look for him. Looks like he is travelling and making a new travel blog series.

Episode 22
Claskey Klasky sings in the streets. Only Sousuke and Dovo are watching. It’s like everyone else is deliberately ignoring them. Tempting to blame a certain kid, eh? Mitsuru is here to deliver a pendrive from Bach. It states his journey all over the world to find Kyougo but luck isn’t on his side. However he bumped into Himeka with the same goal and now they’re in Europe shopping? Keep trying. Also in this pendrive is a song he wrote for them. The ClassicaLoids find it the perfect weapon to fight Wagner although Beethoven remains sceptical he sent it to them instead of using it himself to fight Wagner directly. That is hen Claskey Klasky explains about Wagner’s ability to steal Musik. With this hype, only Kanae is worried because she really wants everyone to get along. Claskey Klasky sings again in the streets and with the other ClassicaLoids playing instruments, they start attracting the crowd. Wagner is on a nationwide tour and plans to go on a worldwide one once he is done. However his last nationwide tour did not have all his tickets sold out and when he learns Claskey Klasky is rising in popularity (despite having a sold out hall of only 350 people compared to his 50,000 stadium) and holding their concert on the same day as his, he plans on taking them on. Aggressive marketing can only get you so much and with still unsold seats, he is going to take drastic action. Claskey Klasky is now performing at the hall. So Wagner ditches his own concert to be at theirs? He then unleashes his Musik and the rest follow suit (while live streaming this to his own concert). But this is part of his ploy to steal their Musik. Having all their wands, he believes he is the best and only ClassicaLoid in the world. Cue evil boy laughter. Back at Otowakan, the ClassicaLoids aren’t upset since they were expecting this and was trying to test Wagner’s ability. They’re unfazed that they can’t do Musik anymore. Kanae is the only remaining worried. Her brother has all their powers and they aren’t even bothered. This is the perfect time to ask dad what to do.

Episode 23
Himeka and Bach are at a horse racing event. Oh, that’s Kyougo before them! He lost the bet. Time to get down to serious business. Sousuke seems to have serious issues that the ClassicaLoids have lost their Musik and are unperturbed. He thinks they are like him without Musik but they brush off even without Musik, they have actual musical talent! In your face! You’re still talentless after coming this far! Thus he thinks it is a good idea to defect to Wagner’s side. Wagner is about to leave for his international world tour but is still sad there is no word from dad. Kanae comes to see him and hopes he would come by the house once but he ignores her and reminds she is no longer his sister. Sad. Kyougo and Himeka try to infiltrate Arkhe as hippy musicians? Bach in a weird mascot outfit? Security stops them and with Mitsuru noticing their return, she unleashes her MitsuruLoids in Bach’s image that she secretly developed to stop security and let them through. Bach confronts Wagner and warns his current Musik will bring ruin to the world. Kiddo doesn’t believe him until Kyougo walks in. Tears of joy that he finally reunites with dad. Bach leaves them to settle this because he believes with Kyougo the father, only a father’s love can settle this! Wagner talks with his parents for all that has happened. Till he mentions he stole his Musik from everyone else, Kyougo tells him to stop that. Wagner is shocked to learn that Kyougo is the one who made him botched unable to wield Musik as he stopped it while he was in his capsule. Before Kyougo could explain further, Wagner becomes enraged. He fires his flurry of Musik at them. Bach comes back to stall the kid to allow the others to escape but can only do so much.

Kyougo calls Kanae and she is finally glad she gets to contact him. She tells him about everyone’s Musik being stolen but Kyougo says that is impossible. However, Wagner’s Musik attacks them and makes it impossible to explain further. Before line is cut off, he wants her to bring all the other ClassicaLoids here. Yeah, Arkhe looks like it transformed into some serious evil ominous tower. Sousuke is bragging to the receptionists about his ‘talent’ and gets caught up in it. Kanae begs to the ClassicaLoids to save her family. Except for Claskey Klasky who are going to save Bach, the rest aren’t interested and view this as Kanae’s family problems. But when she reminds them Wagner is like their little brother because they are all made by the same father, they love this idea of them being family and agree to go. Too bad without their Musik, they have to take a bus there. I wonder if the entire town is evacuated, why is there a dedicated bus driver to even bring them close enough to Arkhe? Sousuke just finally got out of this mess and thinks the rest are here to save him. Too bad they force him back in thinking he knows the way in. He thinks there are 3 paths to reach where Wagner is so they split up and take different routes. Sousuke must be the happiest since he pairs with Claskey Klasky. Schubert not so since he goes with Mozart and Dovo. The rest goes with Kanae. But it seems Kanae’s group is blocked by what is known as an emotional barrier. With Kanae being emotional she just wants her Wataru to return to those fun filled days, she transforms into her musketeer form and breaks through the barrier in style. Wagner is curled up trapped in his own Musik. I guess he is waiting for big sister to come save him.

Episode 24
Wagner unleashes his Musik. But it is filled with depression and this depression is trying to keep them away. Schubert’s group finds Kyougo and Himeka trapped in a cage. Mozart resonates with Wagner’s depressed Musik and is able to wield Musik himself. His power freezes everything and breaks the parents out from their cage. Dovo now pounces Kyougo of why he was turned into a hippo. The truth is, he is a hippo to begin with. He wanted another animal aside Hasshie and chose his other favourite animal. He never intended to turn him into a ClassicaLoid but apparently even letting him hear Dvorak’s music could turn a hippo into one. He promises to turn Dovo into human when they get back. Hippo so happy that he could now use his Musik. Schubert admits Mozart’s Musik is great and this too allows him to wield his Musik. Bach and Mitsuru are free thanks to Mozart’s Musik reaching far and wide. Bach transforms into… A giant golden Buddha???!!! Bach-dha?! Seeing Mitsuru having fun with him has Claskey Klasky jealous and enables them to use their Musik. Soon Chopin and Liszt too. Only Beethoven left. Any time now… Reaching the top, a huge door blocks their path. The ClassicaLoids combine their Musik to break through but soon more doors come shutting down. With them exhausting their power, it is time for Beethoven to shine. After ranting about destroying destiny, his Musik transforms him into… A giant genie punk?! WTF?! So strong he punches through the doors! His Musik also replenishes the other ClassicaLoids as they give their final push to let Kanae through the final door. However she is faced with her evil clone who claims this is what Wagner wants, his music to resound all over the world and forever be remembered. Kyougo explains even before he woke up, there were indications his Musik will go berserk. That’s why he stopped it and sealed it away. He didn’t care if he became a ClassicaLoid. He wanted him as a family member. Kanae defeats her clone and reaches into Wagner’s mind. He is still upset, claiming everything is a lie and no one is his family. Kanae slaps him to shut him up and then gives him a big sisterly hug. All that don’t matter. He is her little brother, that’s all. Yeah, enough for everything to return back to normal. Uh huh. Family love saved Wagner. However they are free falling so Wagner unleashes his Musik with beautiful Valkyrie angels to cushion their fall. Everyone happily heads back to Otowakan. Except for Sousuke. Conveniently forgotten as he slipped off earlier and is now left hanging on the building’s ledge.

Episode 25
Kyougo begins the process to turn Dovo back into human. But before that can happen, the rail company is looking for him. It looks like they want him as their train mascot as the kids love him. Thanks to that, Dovo abandons his desire to become human and is now the official train mascot making kids happy. With Bach back at Arkhe, Claskey Klasky is getting even more popular. While things return to normal at Otowakan, the only one who isn’t happy is Sousuke. He has been thinking he has gone nowhere. Partly, Pad-kun abandoned him to become Dovo’s translator. Yeah, that’s a better deal, right? It makes him think he has no talent at all! Finally he admits it! Yeah, we figured that out last season. Then he sees his old yearbook message that he will become great and is inspired. But before he could tell everyone, looks like Kyougo, Himeka and Wagner are leaving on a trip together. Don’t worry about the debt. Wagner’s idol stint earned enough to cover it all. He has had it being an idol and achieved the acknowledgement of the person he wants. Kanae is also shocked at their departure. She is invited to come along but she has responsibilities of protecting Otowakan. Himeka leaves the door open if she should ever join them and hopes she will venture into the world. After seeing them off, Sousuke begins his music training to his road of greatness. Uhm, why is he doing shady training that might lead to his arrest? Kanae is shocked to see Beethoven throwing away his favourite stuffs. That is because he is leaving for his own journey! Of course Schubert will follow him and then Mozart. What is happening?! Sousuke continues to dream big but struggle. Yeah, live concert on Mars? Not impossible since we have aliens here. Anyway during his training, he comes across Beethoven and Mozart who dispense their advice.

Kanae soon realizes Chopin gone when his room is cleared out. He resumes his blog traveller role. Liszt as the last one left talks to sad Kanae that everyone’s departure is because they are going to the next stage. Also, it could be everyone is leaving so as to help set Kanae free. Do what she wants without anyone pinning her down. Yeah, great timing for Liszt’s taxi to pick her up. By the time Sousuke returns to declare his big dreams, Kanae is preparing to leave. She is going to live with her other family members. She leaves him the spare keys. Yeah, last one left. Sitting around and thinking till it finally hits him this isn’t right. He doesn’t want this. So while screaming at the organ, it somehow unleashes his Musik! OMG! Finally for Sousuke?! But could it be Hasshie because that bird is in a conductor outfit… Anyway his Musik brings back Kanae and the ClassicaLoids back. The reason being he doesn’t want them to leave so fast and he likes it here with everyone being happy and having fun. Things doesn’t have to change! So prefer relaxing waters over next stage advancement? Seems like it. Then a call from Kyougo reminding Kanae he has accumulated debts due to overspending from the trip. Are they eating lavish food? But why put the debts in Otowakan’s name then? I guess this is an excuse so that Kanae could have a change of heart to continue staying here and have everyone work to the bone and pay their rent. Otowakan is open to more vacancies and new tenants!

RevoL LoveR: Family Is All You Need
It is with mixed feelings not to see all ClassicaLoids converge together again as one big happy family. With them leaving one by one, I was sure they were going to troll us like the first season whereby they all left but only to suddenly return. Yeah, they pulled that off somehow. But it doesn’t feel satisfying that they are shoehorned back together again. Just because Sousuke needed some screen time and they had to make him do this final reunion thing. Besides, why only the regular ClassicaLoids of Otowakan? I thought he was so much into Bada so at least bring her back too? But I guess having them all as a whole for a short period of time was better than never at all. Just like in life, there are a few stages and since they have achieved this, time to move on to the next. Yeah, I share Sousuke’s similar sentiments of idling in the comfort zone than venturing out to the risky and unknown for greener pastures! Status quo is best! Why fix it when it is not broken!

Just like last season, many of the episodes feel like standalone fillers. In between, they insert a bit of something of importance for the overall plot but with all the hilarious antics going on, you won’t feel annoyed or the impatient urge to pester future episodes to quickly bring about the so called important plots of the series. It will naturally come by when needed. Since it is not really that convoluted to begin with, when the plot slowly builds up as the season progresses, it is easy to pick up from there on after a few episodes of ‘break’ of watching the ClassicaLoids in their random mischiefs.

So it is quite nice to see some of the ClassicaLoids becoming the star of the few episodes they are the focus of. Though, they are still overall the same crazy ClassicaLoids we have known and love them like Mozart and his skirt chasing-cum-pranks and Chopin being the shut-in. But I notice that Beethoven this time around isn’t as annoying as last season with his gyoza and coffee craze since that was somewhat solved last season. I guess the plot needs to move along instead of harping on this running joke that would definitely be a very irritating one. Good riddance.

Therefore with only a couple of new ClassicaLoids introduced, I don’t know if I should be disappointed that a few whom I suggested at the end of my last blog didn’t appear except for Wagner. If they spam us with more classical composers and add to the burden of Kanae and her Otowakan, the quality of shenanigans would be reduced because too many composers spoil the composition (sorry for the bad pun). This means less screen time and they might need more episodes to showcase more personalized episodes for more ClassicaLoids. So too bad Brahms, Handel, Haydn, Debussy, Vivaldi and Mendelssohn, I guess you guys aren’t that famous to make the cut. Maybe next time, huh? So with only Wagner and Dovo as new ClassicaLoids, I guess they are sufficient for this season. Don’t be too greedy.

Wataru/Wager as the new character doesn’t feel like he is the main character nor he is one who became the main antagonist halfway through. In short (no pun intended), I believe Wagner has daddy issues. All he wants is for Kyougo to acknowledge him. That is basically his main goal. Being acknowledged is music to his ears. I suppose despite being a ClassicaLoid, like other ‘extraordinary’ kids who doesn’t have what other ordinary kids usually have, he is trying his best and do all it takes to gain acceptance. Poor kid got his dreams shattered as part of the series’ twist when Kyougo somewhat rejects all this so he had to become his own antagonist (is this what you call facing the music? Sorry, bad pun) and one who will overcome it with the help of his family. Because like the power of friendship, the power of family is what all ClassicaLoids need. Aww… So touching. After all, Wagner despite being a genius ClassicaLoid in his own right, is still a kid and the youngest among them.

Though I’m glad that the Claskey Klasky duo get more appearance in the latter half after they quit Arkhe and started living in Otowakan, Bach still feels missing for the most part like last season. I was hoping he would be part of Otowakan as a regular because it’s nice to see all ClassicaLoids becoming one big family but he remains the enigmatic and wandering type.

I’m glad that Schubert reverted to his original classical outfit early in the series because I really prefer him looking like this instead of him being a reggae dude. But he is still the comical punching bag of the group thanks to him always sucking up to his Beethoven senpai although I do notice that his running joke of going missing from time to time is much less this season. Though personally, I don’t really like Bach and Beethoven’s Super Saiyan ultimate Musik form. They look more like monsters than anything grand. But I guess having a monstrous strength means looking like one that matches it. It’s only their looks so why am I nit-picking this?

Sousuke remains one of the ‘worst’ characters this season thanks to his constant daydreaming or should I say dreaming big but hardly puts in any effort himself. This guy is an even bigger freeloader than the ClassicaLoids because at least the latters have great talent. Even naturally. So Sousuke is like the guy who is waiting for that big wave and opportunity to ride on to fame. Well, no harm in dreaming but he still continues to do that instead of waking up. No wonder he’ll get nowhere. Keep waiting then… Even Pad-kun left him in some ways. Somehow I feel that his final awakening of his Musik (even if that feels a lot like a fluke), is like out of pity. I mean, no matter how useless he is despite his big dreaming-cum-delusions, you have to admit and give him points for never giving up and staying positive even if they are baseless. So it’s like, okay kid, you’ve earned enough sympathy points to do your own Musik for a few seconds. Good luck trying to do it again.

Himeka is an interesting addition to the cast. She is quite happy-go-lucky and feels like she is born lacking any stress. She takes everything that comes her way, any good news or negative ones with a lot of positivism with her airhead personality. Her fickle lady luck seems to be a running joke because it is as though they’re also trying to tell us this saying easy come, easy go. Yeah, it feels like her sudden immense wealth and instant losses only happen to the convenience of the plot. Kyougo has more screen time this season despite being in person late in this season. But better still, he is here with his family and ClassicaLoids unlike last season he was always away, always only staying for a short while before disappearing, dropping hints only from a phone call. But it makes me wonder if he created ClassicaLoids just so he could have a big extended family (because f*cking Himeka 10 times to have 10 children just seems too cruel and improbable) instead of that scientific reason back in season one but shelved it due to being too much trouble. I wonder if there are any more hidden ClassicaLoids lying in their slumber in his lab…

For Kanae, it was an irony to see her sad about the ClassicaLoids leaving Otowakan. We clearly remember her as one who doesn’t hesitate to kick them out especially a couple of them who don’t pay the rent. And when everyone started leaving, she felt empty. It’s so lonely at Otowakan. Is this really home? So it goes to show that she too has totally come to terms and accept these freeloaders as they are. Otowakan is so much livelier with them around, annoying or not. ClassicaLoids will always be ClassicaLoids and Kanae will always be Kanae. Money > Freedom.

With Dovo now being the resident of Otowakan, it looks like this hippo now takes over Hasshie’s role as the series’ mascot. It feels like Hasshie is slowly getting forgotten as the series passes because why have a menacing looking shoebill when you can have a cute looking pygmy hippopotamus? I mean, doesn’t Dovo look cute wearing a t-shirt? Even though it is mind boggling for a hippo to wear one but not pants. As though this is one of the ways to make us subconsciously accept Dovo as one with his human counterparts. I wonder what happened to his human body seeing Dovo now wants to remain as a hippo. Ah well, any museum out there want to take Dvorak’s body as an exhibit? But something that Kyougo hinted about Hasshie’s secret that is left to our conclusion is that Hasshie could also possibly be a ClassicaLoid. I mean, we saw his conductor outfit in the final episode. It makes me wonder which composer he was taken after assuming he is really one. Yeah, Hasshie could be the biggest mystery of them all. He is the first, last and always at Otowakan like as though he is its guardian overlooking it all. Sounds ridiculous but it may be possible. After all, how much do we know about Hasshie?

Someone one said that classical music is the best and cheapest mind altering drug in the world. This is particularly true especially when the ClassicaLoids unleash their Musik. Because of their majestic fantasy-like effects, you could say they are like one big hallucination and even better than all the marijuana, ice, LSD and meth combined. It’s going to be the best acid trip in the world and it isn’t even illegal. Uh huh. How else can you go on an origin trip to Africa on a nice train or watching a march of penguins through except via Musik? It’s so much more magical than magic and yet mind blowingly mind blowing. But nevertheless, still entertaining to watch with some of them getting new power ups like Liszt’s boxing, Beethoven’s moon bunny and Schubert turning into a giant reggae yaman. But too bad Bada, still the eternal one hit wonder… Don’t hate… But all their Musik featured here have a real history behind them. They are briefly explained by Pad-kun but if you want to know more, doing your own research is better.

Another mind boggling issue I have with the ClassicaLoids is their origins. If Kyougo created them in his lab (simply playing classical music?), how do they then retain original memories of their actual lives? It’s like they underwent a long cryogenic slumber and then awakened in the modern era since they seem to recall their old memories like as though it was yesterday. I suppose Kyougo is such a genius professor that simpletons and dumbasses like myself won’t get it. Or just screw logic because it’s anime. Anything is possible. If a hippo can unleash Musik and the possibility of transferring minds to another body, what else is not possible for this mad scientist?

With the old casts retained this season, new ones joining to the list are Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Wagner, Junichi Suwabe as Dovo and Sayaka Ohara as Himeka. It was hard to identify Junichi Suwabe as Dovo as in his hippo form he was going like “Pugi, pugi!” all the time. I guess it must hard doing that kind of voice for a big majority of the series. Think it is an easy job? Like seiyuus who only do voices as an animal role the entire series, it is not entirely an easy feat. You could go crazy if you do that for the rest of the series. I wonder about Pikachu’s seiyuu’s sanity then… Only when Dovo is in his handsome train conductor form that he sounds familiar like the Junichi Suwabe that I always know.

It is very rare for anime series these days to have just a single opening or ending theme. That is why in a way it is ‘refreshing’ as well as surprising-but-not-so-surprising-still to see this season’s opening theme to remain the same as last season. I suppose nothing beats ClassicaLoid No Theme and it has become the general theme for the series. But of course, this means just like last season, every episode features a different song. Classical compositions being ‘ruined’ and mixed to death with lyrics and other instruments and effects that they basically ‘killed’ the song. Once more, I was in a dilemma to classify this as creative or lazy but similarly like last time, it is definitely a weird experience for me to listen even though I am not familiar with many of the classical pieces in the first place. But for this season if I had to point out one of those songs which attracted my attention, it was that Chopin one about dogs. This samba heavy tune has very cute lyrics relating to dogs and is by far the most memorable one for me.

Overall, this season is still very much enjoyable. It still feels very much at home like the first season with all the random and funny shenanigans but the only difference is throwing that out-of-this-world alien plot for a more closer-to-home family issues thingy. Hey, even genius composers have their own issues and tragedies. Isn’t that why they translate them into their greatest compositions and works? Music can only do so much to entertain, soothe and heal your soul. The rest is all the bonds and ties in between that really makes it count. I don’t think we appreciate enough how much that brings music to our ears.

25-sai No Joshikousei

June 22, 2018

Oh boy. It’s that time again. That time of the season for our weekly seasonal mini porn disguising itself as part of the legitimate anime titles. So now that we have covered a monk, a cross-dresser college student and a teacher, what’s next? Shockingly, another teacher-student setting, 25-sai No Joshikousei. Instead of a female teacher and male student, the order is reversed with a male teacher and female student. But as in the title suggests, the student in question to be f*cked is aged 25 years old! What kind of delinquent has her been hold back in school for so many years???!!! Won’t the school even expel her???!!! Is that why you need a teacher to come f*ck her and force her to graduate???!!! Well, no. Turns out she’s an unemployed adult taking on this ‘job’ to cover for somebody else playing truant. Yeah, porn logic. Whatever. Just show me the f*cking already.

Episode 1
You know this is f*cked up porn story-cum-logic when you have a mother of a child pleading to Hana Natori to attend high school on behalf of her daughter, Kaho Miyoshi who loves to play truant and hang out with friends instead. She is so afraid she will be held back a year and hence resorting to this?! WTF?! I know Hana hasn’t found a job yet but doing this?! Even more confusing, Hana is 25 years old and if mom says she is practically Kaho’s twin (I am guessing they are relatives), this dumb porn logic is just to make everyone else not bother that Kaho and Hana look alike so they don’t bother. Yeah, nobody cares. F*ck logic. And like in porn logic as always, Hana gives in to this ‘pressure’. And on her first day, she almost gets screwed by a promiscuous guy, Aida who thinks she is Kaho. Luckily she is saved by the teacher, Akito Kanie. He knows her as he graduated from the same class with her. He learns of why she is doing this and doesn’t condone this foolish behaviour. So if you want him to keep his mouth shut on this matter… Sex, right?! And quickly he jumps into kissing her, then fondling her private parts. Man, this escalated quickly and it wastes no time getting into the porn.

Episode 2
Hana remembers Kanie as the carefree kind back in high school and hence never expected he would become a teacher. Back to our porn, you know it is porn when Hana sounds like she hates it but her body is telling the truth that she likes it (because she isn’t resisting so hard as before). But Kanie didn’t finish her in the end. Is he satisfied for now? Probably. Because of that he thinks he can keep her secret but also warns her to act and address him properly so as not to get their relationship exposed. Heh. Nothing like a few reminders that we’re still in high school, eh? Back home, she goes through the yearbook. He looks different. Now you know why you can’t recognize him. Thus her looks never changed then, that’s why he recognized her. She then gets a call from him about the upcoming sports festival. He doesn’t think she has the stamina and wants to train her. She can’t say no. Oh dear. I can figure what kind of ‘training’ is coming up and the kind of ‘sports’ they’ll be participating.

Episode 3
Sorry to disappoint if Hana’s panting sounds like she’s being f*cked. She is just out of breath from the running. Yeah, she’s really not in shape in the fitness sense but she still has a hot body. Anyway to make her stiff body flexible, hence Kanie helps stretch her body. Your expectations for porn is never betrayed because it soon turns into Kanie molesting and fingering her. She likes it despite saying no. At the end of this session, how does Hana feel? She got a cramped foot? Haha! Best joke ever. Oh well, looks like she really does need to stretch a bit more. More worries for Hana as Kanie reminds her of their class reunion the day after tomorrow. She’ll be going with him, right?

Episode 4
Nothing much exciting happens at the reunion. Until Kanie’s horniness starts kicking in as he starts to molest her in the toilet. Since she is not a student here, he will go all the way. When a couple of guys enter, Hana is forced to keep it quiet or they’ll blow her cover. She could have shouted out rape but I guess porn logic doesn’t allow her to do that. They overhear the guys talking that they never know the duo were this close and had always thought Kanie had a crush on Hana back in the days. With them gone, now we go full speed ahead with porn and Kanie keeping to his promise of giving us penetration porn. Yup, this time he finishes her and f*cks her real good. So good that Hana can’t even move at the end of it all. Yeah, she really needs to get in shape.

Episode 5
Hana can’t stop thinking if Kanie likes her then. Back in school, Kanie didn’t like Hana wasn’t wearing much makeup at the reunion. She doesn’t want to be like Kaho who was quite showy. Because of that, he decides to discipline her and she can’t disobey her teacher, right? F*ck logic. Time to get into the screwing! As he keeps caressing her, sounds of people passing outside the room freak Hana out. He continues because of the excitement that people might just walk in and see the surprise. Literally saved by the bell because Kanie stops today’s ‘disciplinary action’. As she leaves, she realizes the door is locked. Kanie was just trolling her. He locked the door and wouldn’t want anyone to walk in on their love making. Mad Hana leaves so much so she forgot to wear her panties. It took her a while but by the time she realizes, that Aida creep calls to her.

Episode 6
Instead of panicking she has no panties, she could have said no when he asks to go out with her. Yeah, porn logic. This serves to make Aida suspicious that she has changed and become matured. She gives in to this pressure to hang out with him. Yeah, porn logic. Playing it safe by taking a riskier route. At the back of the school, he hints of having sex like they did before in the love hotel. She panics only to realize he was just joking. Because of that, he finds her even more suspicious and threatens to do lewd things if she doesn’t speak up. She could have pushed him away when his hands get all frisky especially if he feels her butt and realizes she isn’t wearing any but instead porn logic dictates she should just stand and wait there till Kanie pops up and gives Aida a warning. But out of the frying pan and into the fire. Because in the room after Kanie ascertains she is okay and the mood is right, he starts to grope and make out with her! Oh, is this worse? Or better?

Episode 7
We continue our science room f*cking as the more she tells him to stop, the more he continues until it is over. So right immediately after sex and dressed up, Hana wants to return to class because she is worried about the upcoming exams? Wow. Did the sex-cum-rape mean anything to you? Because of that, Kanie wants her to come to his apartment so he can privately tutor her. Uh oh. Is it that kind of ‘lesson’ I’m thinking? Does Hana really have to oblige him and come? Something tells me she got drugged and brought here because she herself she didn’t know how she ended up in his place. Anyway, no porn lesson because we already had our porn at the start. Porn logic. He tutors her for real and I could feel for her when she isn’t good at her studies. Yeah, I myself is out of the system for so long I don’t think I could do it all over again. When she asks about him wearing glasses, he teases her if he likes him this way. Girl, keep your mouth shut if you don’t want to always end up getting cornered and flustered. Oh, the day is getting late. Better leave. Nope. Stay here. Damn, girl. Should have seen this coming so why you looking all so surprised because at this point you should have guessed the kind of character he is. Telling us not knowing what he thinks is not a valid excuse!

Episode 8
Hana keeps pondering if Kanie likes her during high school. But why must she ponder that close to his face while he is sleeping? Oh look. Now he has awakened. And feeling horny. Is this some sort of punishment? He asks her what she would have liked him to say to her. She couldn’t answer. Time’s up so I guess the punishment is f*cking her until they cum. I guess it was so good that Hana started dreaming one part during their high school days when she tried to encourage him that having a dream is good (since he was forced to take a make-up exam and was feeling crappy). He then made her tutor her. He never told her his future. And now you remember vividly such a scene? It makes her even more confused and worried if he really does like her back then. Feeling in a spot? Perhaps more f*cking would clear your mind… Just saying…

Episode 9
Hana thinks of returning the favour to Kanie for helping her study by making him breakfast. However he is hungrier for something even more. Oh yeah. You guessed it. Horny guy starts f*cking her! Is this what they call morning wood? Don’t worry, it will be a quick one and they won’t be late for school. See, what did I tell you? They even have time to finish making breakfast too. I guess she was so spacing out that he asked him if he felt good. Of course he did! Too late to be too embarrassed. At school, mom calls. She assures she is still trying to find a full time job which isn’t easy. This has Hana re-evaluating if she is a real failure for not being able to find work and playing a student again. Well, if she got f*cked, in her case does it mean success or failure?

Episode 10
Aida wants to study with Hana (remember, he still thinks she is Kaho) at the library but in actual fact he only wants flirt with her. Thank goodness for Kanie around, right? Yeah, a teacher is going to properly supervise them and study. Hana is shocked to learn that Aida is quite a smart person. Just that he missed lots of classes and hence his bad grades. While studying, Kanie secretly fingers Hana! Oh sh*t! Try not to expose yourself, eh? Not sure how later because he takes her away and f*cks her right in the ass between the bookshelves. How the f*ck did she even let this happen?! After taking a break in the toilet and returning to the guys, she sees Kanie doing his teaching job seriously. She wonders if she is jealous of Aida for being smart. Plus, with Kanie already a proper teacher, she questions what the hell she is doing with her life. Yeah, getting f*cked… Haha! She makes an excuse to leave. Yeah, no fun leaving both guys together. This isn’t a gay show, you know…

Episode 11
Just as Hana thinks she was rude to make an excuse to leave, Kanie confronts her and accuses her she was lying and just wanted to be with Aida seeing she was sort of trying to be close to him. She claims Aida sees her as Kaho and if she keeps her distance, he will get suspicious. Even so, where’s the proof? And if she is so concern about this, why keep up with this stupid charade? That was the last straw for Hana. She’s had it. She’s leaving and it isn’t any of his business. Too bad he won’t let her leave yet and takes her into his car… This is where they (or rather he) will decide if they has business with each other or not. Rape time… So Kanie, why you regret after f*cking her? I guess her tears are too much to bear this time, huh? But for Hana, she thinks his aggressiveness is because she made him mad. Damn porn logic… And when he realizes his wrong, she slaps away his hand. Oooh, so dramatic. Hana returns home to talk to her aunt about this charade but she isn’t home. She realizes lots of miscalls from Kanie. Oh, there is one ringing now. Heck, he is right in front of her right now.

Episode 12
Yeah, now they’re both apologizing for their unwarranted behaviours. I guess all is okay now, huh? When Hana belittles herself for being useless, he has remember the time she used to coach him in high school. It might not be much but thanks to her, he is where he is now. So don’t say you’re useless. Because you let him f*ck, right?! Also, he brings up the old memories when he confessed to her. They were studying and he asked if she has a boyfriend. She said no and believed she isn’t the popular kind. When he said he loved her, she laughed it off thinking it was a joke. Now you remember? Oh my. Hana feels bad but after seeing Kanie’s blushing face, she finds it cute. WTF?! So this is the excuse that will soon enable the final sex? Yes, it will. Because now she wants to hear his confession again. He does so. She cries. WTF?! Tears of joy? Oh, f*ck everything, let’s just get naked, f*ck and get it over with. Best sex ever achieved. In the end, I guess Hana didn’t want to say directly his f*king was great so she says his confession made her happy. And because of that, she also confesses she loves him. Yeah, a dozen episodes too late but better than never nevertheless. One more kiss for the road, baby.

Very Private Lessons…
Sighs… I guess of all the mini porn anime series, this has got to be the worst. Maybe it is just me getting this fatigue. WHAT?! People getting tired of watching porn?! What are the chances?! Anyway, this series seems to have reached is ending and conclusion once Hana realizes she is in love with him. Like as though this was the goal of this series and all the sex was just steps taken to achieve that. Therefore the classic porn logic dictates that if a girl doesn’t like you, you just have to f*ck her until she likes you! That did the trick for them. So happily (f*cking) ever after. Wow. Who doesn’t love a great porn love story ending?

Therefore the issue of wherever that Kaho girl went or if Hana is supposed to continue this charade until she graduates is still up in the air. It will never be solved and if it was, who cares? As long as Hana realizes she is in love with Kanie, that’s the end of the story. Use the rest of your imagination to imagine them f*cking and having great sex until the end of days. Like I said, the goal of this series feels like to make Hana fall in love with Kanie. The end once that is achieved. Poor Aida guy is left hanging because we don’t know if he will continue to pursue Hana and the last we saw him was being left behind in the library. In a way, sad for him because there is no closure for this guy unlike other minor unimportant guys in previous hentai porn anime shorts. At least there was an outright answer that they were being dumped and rejected. Uh huh. This series really doesn’t tie up all those loose ends even if all settings were just poor porn logic excuses and hence that’s why I feel this series was the worst among it. Even more points deducted for using the same teacher-student premise.

I think Hana is a poor girl who has gone crazy after not finding a job at this age as well as the constant f*cking by Kanie made her suddenly love him after all this time. Yeah, after all the non-consensual sex, all it takes was for Kanie to mention and make remember that very vague memory of hers that he confessed to her. Yup, everything then turns around. Suddenly she takes him serious. Suddenly she likes him. Suddenly sex is now okay. Yup, Hana is already broken from it all. Viva porn logic! In addition, Hana must really still be a useless girl and since the only good she is for is letting him f*ck her, why fight it? Just drop this damn charade and they should already get married and legally have sex! They are already way above the legal age, right?! Don’t you think this route should be better? Ah, but porn logic will not allow us to go down this route even if this seems immorally wrong. Might as well continue being a teacher-student relationship where the illicit sexual relationship has more kick and fun. Can you imagine assuming Hana has been a virgin before this, gets laid and finds love in this most unfashionable manner? Yeah, love sure works in funny ways. We call it porn logic for the umpteenth time.

Not sure if Kanie is getting his revenge by f*cking her ever since she nonchalantly rejecting him. Seeing her in such circumstances, he wasted no time in taking advantage of her and if you want to blame Kanie for starting this rape culture, he can only be partly blamed. The other half of the blame solely lies on Hana’s hands because she was dumb enough to go along and get raped by him. Well, this is certainly one lesson that you will not learn in the ordinary curriculum! Such special extra lessons that give you one-on-one focus! On another note, I want to point out if Hana’s relatives are really great vanishers because they seem to pull off the greatest disappearing acts. Take for instance, Kaho. We don’t even know if she is dead or not. Maybe that’s why her mom was in denial and had Hana lived her life. And when Hana wanted to finally talk to her about this, she is nowhere to be seen. Yeah, who cares? Like as though she would care if Hana gets f*cked. It would have been an interesting premise if it followed this conspiracy theory but I doubt a simple porn show is going to have that.

Another reason why I felt this series was inferior compared to the others of the similar genre is because of the art and animation. At certain angles, Hana especially looks weird. I mean, look at her nose at certain viewpoints. Don’t they look odd? And I thought her name had some sort of meaning and connotation to it. Get what I mean? The colouring is like quite light and the art is like simple. Not in a good sense. And that I mean low quality. After all, you’re going to churn out some mediocre porn series with no story, no characters, so why the hell do you need to put in so much effort because all dumb horny guys want to see is the girl getting f*cked and her body enjoying it despite her mouth saying no. Oh and by saying that, the sex scenes don’t feel stimulating either. You know something is wrong when sex scenes don’t even make you the slightest horny.

But if there is one thing that is best about this series, it is the ending theme, Reunion by Saki Hazuki. It’s dramatic and somewhat to my taste but it feels wasted being featured here. Yeah, I could say that if I had never watched this series, I wouldn’t have known about this little gem. I must be crazy to say that this piece is much more enjoyable for me than watching Kanie raping Hana. Haha! Because I didn’t get to do in Hana! Haha! On a trivial note, I noticed Saki Hazuki also sang the ending themes for the last 2 short anime porn, that teacher-student one as well as the cross-dressing college student one. Of course this one here takes the cake.

Overall, this goes into the ever growing trashy porn category that you might get drowned or lost in the labyrinth of how scary so many of such shows exist. Forgettable. If you really want to watch porn, might as well go for real professional porn! Heh. The irony. Sometimes I feel that this series is an insult to all those who have not achieved something when you are expected or supposed to by a certain age. Because if so, you are useless and only good enough to be f*cked. Aside the porn logic, this has some merit too. Because in the survival of the fittest, if you’re not strong enough, you get screwed over and over again. Oh yeah, I can see some sort of sequel for this when Hana is 30 years old and her long lost relative she never knew needs her to masquerade as a missing cousin supposed to marry a foreigner… I can see where this is going… But I wonder how old can she be to finally be playing a MILF.

Looking from the name and poster itself, I thought Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku was the result of Zero Kara Hajimeru and Sword Art Online had some sort of crossover. I mean, the name is pretty serious and mean if you look at it at first glance. It might be some serious sh*t RPG thingy with real adventures and mysteries instead of some crappy overpowered character from our world somehow conveniently transported to another world who has everything in hand and a bunch of girls under his harem. Oh wait… Oh no! Too late. I guess I should not judge an anime by its name too nowadays.

Episode 1
Suzuki is almost hitting 30 and is a dedicated debugging programmer of a couple of highly popular online games, namely War World and FFL. We see him dropping in to office on a Sunday and then goes full steam ahead to do whatever debugging requests nonstop for 3 days! So when he finishes his last request, he finally gets his much needed sleep. I don’t think he had his NerveGear on and this could be some sort of dream. Or a bug in real life. Because when he wakes up he finds himself in a fantasy world that is a mix of War World and FFL. He realizes he can see and use interface although the setting to quit cannot be activated. Bug? He notices his high school years’ looks as well as the name, Satou which is the name he uses to test bugs. Looking through his weak ability, he sees several Lizardman enemies approaching. An arrow grazes his cheek. Real blood. Real pain. Sh*t! I’m surprised he managed to dodge and survive that rain of arrows. Suddenly a meteor rain wipes them out. A surviving Lizardman challenges him to a fight and loses. This allows Satou to max out many of his skill levels. Bug? Looking through his skills again, he tests the meteor rain ability again. This time it is more powerful. Thank goodness for his maxed abilities that enables him to run and jump the hell out of here. Better disable this skill just in case. Don’t want to be mislabelled as a megalomaniac. He then takes stock of his inventory. Lots of stuffs and lots of cash. Nothing to worry about. Bug? He rests for the night and continues his exploring the next day. He detects soldiers nearby and a wyvern attacking them. He feels the need to help them since it was his fault that he shooed the wyvern away. Don’t understand what they’re saying? Upgrade your language skills now! I wonder why some skill sets have enabled/disabled? Isn’t it inconvenient? Bug? Anyway the soldiers try all their might to ward it off. One of the mage soldiers, Zena Marientail uses turbulence to ward the wyvern off but it backfired and blew her away. Time for Satou to rescue the falling hot chick.

Episode 2
Zena introduces herself. But must she say she is unmarried and has no boyfriend? I know what flag this raises. Good vibes interrupted when Zena’s retainers, Lilio and Iona think Satou is the enemy. Thanks to his instant mastery of persuasion skills, he manages to convince them he is a merchant and lost his stuffs and paperwork that was on his horse. He is taken to Seiryuu City to get his papers in orders as well as his visa for his stay. With renewed freedom to explore, another hot chick, Martha quickly takes him to her inn. I guess new travellers that waltz in have that same look that they need a place to stay. With negotiation skills, he manages to get a room at a cheap price from Martha’s mom, Mosa who is also the innkeeper. She tells him about a hero defeating the Demon Lord 60 years ago and thankfully there isn’t anyone out there reviving him yet. You mean that is an option? Currently this parts of the city is more concerned with wyvern attacks. Asking about dragons, she relates they sleep a lot and their sightings are rare. The last time she saw dragons was 2 years ago. After finishing his lunch, Martha decides to take him to town to shop for clothes. Along the way, he notices demi-humans are treated as slaves. He goes to help a few before back to shopping with Martha. Back to the inn, he has more good food before retiring to his room. He recollects today’s event that has been totally awesome. However he feels something is off. There are some lore that do not match up with the original game. Like the language and foods he has never tasted anything like it before. This is too weird to be a dream. If this ‘game’ needs to be cleared so he can return to his world, it is going to be tough because there isn’t a clear goal in many MMO games. He goes for a night sightseeing and likes the city. He decides to make it priority to learn and have fun in his new surroundings. Going home is secondary mission. Next morning, it seems his ‘girlfriend’ is here to pick him up. Lovely Zena is eager of showing him around.

Episode 3
Looks like a pretty normal date… With Zena being part of the military, I guess she gets a free pass showing him some of the facilities. Is this okay? She brings him to a temple that has a mural of the hero fighting the Demon Lord. It is in blue because the holy sword glows so and if you are the chosen one, it will also glow that colour. Zena introduces him to Orna, the priestess of this temple. They know each other as her mom acted as Orna’s wet nurse. Satou checks his titles acquired. Man, he has got lots of them. From Dragon Killer to even God Killer! I guess using that meteor rain earned him that title? I suppose now this isn’t all just a bug. He is a walking cheat bug! On their way, they see a commotion. A priest of the Zaicuon temple is selling holy rocks for people to stone at the demi-human slaves. Zena tries to stop this cruelty as Satou traces the slaves’ master, Urs. We see him scanning the area for imposters and agitators, taking them out and acquiring loads of skills! He exposes this scam to the public but Urs turns into his true demon form. The people are evacuated as the military tries to take him down and Satou taking the slaves to safety. However they will not move without their master’s orders. Well, their master’s ‘dead’. The demon initiates some magic that sends Satou and the slaves to his labyrinth. They must find a way out now. But first, Satou becomes the slaves’ new master and names them Liza, Tama and Pochi. He gives them new clothes to wear and food to eat before making their move. A giant bug feeding on a corpse is in their way. What will they do? Don’t worry. Satou has a magic laser gun that kills! Too convenient! They use parts of the monster to make weapons and Satou acquires more skills. Man, this guy could become a real God someday at the rate he masters them. Every. One. Of. Them.

Episode 4
To level up his slaves, Satou delegates them tasks. They even have time to stop to rest, eat, bath and sleep! Yeah, take your time… They continue their journey and fight more monsters. They stumble into an area where several people are trapped in a cocoon. Looks like they saved a couple of important people. Except one who was earlier a bully to the slaves. He is still cocky so Satou doesn’t feel like cutting him out. But he isn’t that bad so he eventually he does if he shuts up. They finally meet up with the military side at the exit. They have a tough time fighting slimes? I guess they haven’t fought slimes before. The bully got cocky thinking he could take them out but needs some saving by the slaves. Of course the last slime has to be Satou saving Zena. Reunion cut short when the demon reveals itself. He hypnotizes everyone to fight each other. Satou is of course immune. He can’t reveal his super powers so easily so a well-timed fight with another monster brings him to another place. An excuse for him to return with a mask and hence masking himself as some mysterious hero. Seriously, in this labyrinth? I guess the few who know Satou don’t even recognize him. Okay, it’s a decent mask. Satou beats the crap out of the demon. He can’t take it anymore and then summons the Demon Lord! That easy? His resurrection reward is to eat him alive! That’s so Demon Lord for you. Obviously with everyone else getting owned, Satou is immune to all Demon Lord’s attacks. Somehow he has the holy sword in his inventory but since it isn’t shining blue, I guess he isn’t the chosen one. He switches to magic but the low end magic does a great deal of damage! Surprised? Me too. Demon Lord is confused because he is a person who is both good in martial arts and magic. You mean you can be either or only in this world? Satou then makes this logic connection. He cannot get the holy sword to work because he doesn’t have the title of hero. But he uses his God Killer title and it works! WTF?! Shouldn’t that be automatic?! With Demon Lord gone, everyone resurfaces from the labyrinth. Now Satou has earned the hero title. A little too late? A rescued slave trader registers the slaves to Satou. Oh, he has to take a few more that aren’t sold, Lulu and Arisa. If they weren’t this cute, I bet he wouldn’t have taken them.

Episode 5
Satou senses something wrong with Arisa. When she pronounces his name correctly, he whispers in her ear. She reacts. It seems she understands Japanese. He will find that out later since he has to take care of his starving assistants (because calling them slaves now feels so derogatory). He treats them well after hearing their appalling eating conditions and food during their slave years. Back at the inn, he asks Martha for more rooms but apparently it is full. With the people looking at them with disdain, it seems Arisa uses some odd persuasion to quell their scorn. Martha has the shed they can use so Satou has Liza, Tama and Pochi stay there while the rest with him. While sleeping that night, he realizes Arisa is on top of him and trying to seduce him! He manages to break out of her spell and orders her not to use it again and tell the truth. Using his interrogation skill, it seems Arisa’s reason for doing this is because she likes him! Apparently he is her dream guy and has all the qualities. And now it is even better that he is her master. She reveals the truth. Her real name is Arisa Tachibana and was a Japanese until she is reincarnated in this world. That means when one died in the other world, being reincarnated here starts you off as a baby although all your memories are retained. She thinks Satou is transported and summoned as a hero. Those in this category retain their current outlook or possessions they have at the time they transfer here. However Satou doesn’t think he fits that description (he did look slightly different and was a complete weakling). She notes he is the second Japanese guy she met here. The first being Lulu’s grandpa. It is a shame that nobody in this world considers Lulu a beauty because back in Japan she would have been idol material.

He wants to know how she ended up being a slave. She was born as a princess of a kingdom. She tried to use her knowledge to make her country wealthy but failed. Things take a turn for the worse with conflicts breaking out and it ended with a neighbouring country taking over. There was a culprit behind all this but she found out too late as she was wallowing in depression. After her country was taken over, many of the royal family was publicly executed. The survivors were forced into slavery. One day a demon popped up and burnt down the kingdom. Arisa and Lulu escaped into the mountains and when they were near death, that was when a slave trader picked them up. Next morning as Zena comes to get him, we should have expected and seen this coming when she sees 2 naked lolis sleeping by Satou’s side. So disappointed in him. But don’t worry. Satou knows what to do. Like a hero, he jumps out of the window and dances with her (?!) while using his persuasion skills to set everything right. If only real life was this easy. With everything in order, Satou gives money to his assistants and has them buy what they need. Life is so good indeed.

Episode 6
Zena accompanies Satou to see Nadi, the real estate broker so he could give his assistants a real place to stay instead of the shed. Unfortunately if you want cheap, I guess the locations are opposite a brothel or a shady place that could house a shady secret organization. As they wait for Nadi to do more research, they go watch a play. This tragic romance is based on a true story. A wizard and a princess fell in love with each other but torn apart by the marquis. It is twisted and gruesome in the sense the wizard was murdered by the princess’ attendant, the princess committing suicide, the wizard being resurrected as an undead to go on a revenge but being killed by a holy knight. Oh, the marquis subsequently died from a curse. The ending was confusing but Satou finds out from an audience there were multiple demands to change it and hence the confusion. Then there is this argument between Arisa and Zena about who was the root of the problem. Arisa owns Zena when she makes her think of her choice if she was in the princess’ shoes. Would she choose the one she loves or one whom her family decided? Then she grills her about women being attached to the household after being married and most probably Zena joined the military to avoid getting engaged. If she continues to play the good girl, the man she really loves will end up being stolen from her. No words to reply from Zena. Later Zena stumbles upon her comrades who just returned from skirmishes with ratman knights and Fang Ants who were seen trying to cross into the border. Guess what? Satou detects Flying Ants going to swarm into the city. Battle stations! Luckily they are low level and decent fighters can handle them. Just that they are overwhelming in numbers. Satou saves Nadi from one so she thanks him with a peck on his cheek. He is introduced to her manager, Yusaratoya “Yuya” Bolenan who is an elf. He is also told there is a difference between those with long ears. They aren’t elves but humans have always mistaken them to be so. Satou takes a night walk through the city and hears a commotion in the alley. After he fights off shadowy monsters, he takes care of a wounded ratman knight who wants him to look after the princess. He brings them to Nadi’s place because apparently the princess, Misanaria “Mia” Bolenan knows Yuya as she is also a fellow elf.

Episode 7
Satou returns the next day as Nadi reports they have been given medical treatment and are recuperating. Mia is just exhausted and just needs to replenish her mana. Since mana potions are quite expensive, the best is to take her to places with lots of them such as the count’s castle or the dragon’s valley. Satou talks to Mia for the first time as she thinks Satou is a spirit user in which he denies. Well, the night before, she saw Satou as some sparkly fluffy spirit thingy? Yeah, maybe that’s why she recovered faster. Satou returns to his assistants to educate them and then bring them to see Mia. The assistants quickly make friends with her but Mia is still more attached the Satou. Satou talks to Nadi who recommends him buying a cart with horses since he is a merchant. I guess it’s good to have loads of money because he makes his ‘estimation’ and then gives her a bag of money for her to handle the rest. While Satou waits for his carriage to arrive, we go on a camping trip and lesson with them! Fast forward this bonding part and back to Satou getting his new carriage. He learns how to ride it with Lulu. He notices she is still very nervous around him unlike other assistants. Probably she still fears men. He manages to break the ice by talking subjects she likes. On the way back, Satou notices a strange owl observing them but since it is not threatening, he doesn’t pay heed. Mia is now fully recovered so everyone wants to have a feast to celebrate this. Just more excuse to have good food. I suppose they might as well when they have a chance. Satou then joins Yuya to talk with the ratman knight, Mize. He explains his story of Mia being kidnapped and imprisoned by wizards. She escaped and stumbled into him. They try to take her into Seiryuu to see Yuya and those Flying Ants were probably sent by the wizards to get her. The storm is getting heavier and the thunder scaring the girls. Excuse to hug around Yuya? Fright night is only going to get creepier because that owl is now inside staring at them as it soon transforms into its undead form.

Episode 8
Satou detects this undead guy as Zen, the name of the tragic hero in the play. Since words will not sway him, Satou attacks. Zen is able to control the shadows and not be bested. Arisa tries a unique skill on him but is futile. She weakens from this as Zen realizes she is a reincarnate. He warns Satou to keep her from using that unique skill unless he wants her to become a plaything for the gods. Zen kidnaps Mia and leaves but challenges Satou to come to his Cradle if he dares. He does so and finds himself in eternal darkness. He easily breaks out of this mind trap and makes his way to the Cradle. Satou assess this huge labyrinth with 200 floors and finds it very much similar like an RPG, one that gamers would love to create. This means a hidden passage that will skip many floors and take him up. But first he has to give this dryad his mana. First kiss? Entering the portal, he discovers a secret room. Supposedly a lab of Trazayuya “Touya” Bonelan, an elf who created the Cradle to help instil a will to survive among elves but failed. He sealed it until his brethren could reclaim it again. Satou is sent up halfway through the Cradle. The homunculus babes need time to prepare to face him? I guess nobody has gotten this fare. They challenge him to face off with their iron golem. Because this is like a game, its obvious weakness is on its forehead and season RPG players can really tell. The homunculus babes retreat and leave one behind to fight Satou but nobody could beat this guy in anything, right? Satou is such a gentleman that he properly leaves this fallen homunculus babe in a room before proceeding his journey. He meets another dryad for another shortcut up to the highest floor. Does he have the right to face Zen now? Zen doesn’t see him worthy yet so instead gives him this holy sword, Gjallarhorn as reward. He leaves Satou fight to the death with his many iron golems and homunculus girls.

Episode 9
After fighting of the last of the homunculus girls, Zen tells him his wish. He wants a hero to kill him so he can join his wife in heaven. After he was betrayed and his family killed, he turned them and himself into the undead for revenge. But when that was done, he was unable to die due to God’s blessing. So only a hero can strike him down? Some logic. But here goes. Satou easily does so and before he becomes the next Demon Lord in spirit. With the master of this Cradle gone, the place starts to crumble. Satou wakes Mia up so she could teleport the other homunculus girls to safety. He then dives down to save the other fallen one halfway as the place crumbles into salt. He then gives enough mana to the dryad to teleport them outside. He would have taken her along too and add to his harem had not the opening and ending credits animation limit them. As long as the trees are around, the dryad will be alive. Bye. Phew. No need to add to his harem then. Now Satou has to carry this homunculus babe, run away from the tidal wave of sand, use fireballs to make vapour from the bog to slow its speed and manage to make it out alive! That’s just so unbelievable. He returns to his harem who start crying in their relief. See, Satou promised he will come back alive and he did. With Zen dead, the homunculus girls look to Satou as their new master. As he gives them Zen’s ring, they wish to find the grave of Zen’s wife and put it there. However they will leave one of them with him. For convenience, he names her Nana. Everyone returns Seiryuu and Zena gets overwhelmed with emotion that he is back. More worries for her when he tells her he plans to return Mia to her elf village. Why does she think he is not coming back? He promises he will and will tell her plenty of stories on his journey. Maybe that’s not why she is sad… Next day, everyone says bon voyage to Satou and his assistants. More goodbye drama with Zena seeing him at the very last minute just to tell him that she has spoken with her family and has gotten their permission. By next spring, she is able to join him. As his a fellow adventurer, harem or wife? All of the above?

Episode 10
While resting during the journey, Satou uses his sewing skills to make his assistants pillows and even puppets for everyone. Yeah, he is such a busy man. Hearing Mia playing the leaf instrument, he tries it out but sucks. He can’t even level up! OMG. Is this the first skill Satou cannot master?! Arisa shows Satou fallen slabs nearby. He is shocked to recognize them as shrine tori. It suddenly jogs his memories. His grandpa lived near a shrine and he had this weird conversation with a rainbow haired girl about reincarnation. However he is unsure if this conversation is real because he made a doujin game using such shrines as a setting so this conversation might be part of a game. Satou analyses it to be broken travel gate. Of course he can’t fix it so they continue their travel. Satou uses this time to go through the magic book left behind by Zen. He notices magic in this world works in a similar way as computer programming. Maybe it is because this is a game? Isn’t it?! Either it is too confusing for me to understand about him trying to experiment creating new magic with it. Along the journey, they stumble into the ratman people. They are happy to reunite with Mia as they helped her escape from the Cradle. But they have to do something first and went ahead. As Satou and his camp rests for the night, he uses this time to further experiment with his magic as well as his inventory. Conveniently he finds out time somewhat stops when he stores in here, hence he could deposit food his party hunted without ever worry about them going bad. Convenient. Next day, they arrive at the grave of the fallen ratman who died protecting Mia. Mia blesses and puts their soul to rest. Mize gives Satou a bell crafted by elves as he has earned the trust of Mia and his fellow ratmen.

Episode 11
Satou visiting a brothel?! I guess he can’t f*ck his harem since he is legally their guardian. Uhm, is it still a crime to have sex with a minor in this world? After witnessing a rude noble injure a peasant, Satou uses an expensive potion to heal him. With Arisa complaining that they might need it afterwards, he tries to make his own. He goes to town to buy some elixir for his potions and although he could trade some of his stock for its ingredients, somebody with a warrant and seal of the viceroy of Sedum City has bought them all. Satou then explores an unmapped area and is attacked by a loli apprentice, Inenimaana AKA Ine. Since he easily overwhelms her magic, she calls for her master who is the witch of this forest. She bows before him seeing that bell on his waist. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Satou learns that they are making potions for Count Kuhanou as part of their pact in exchange for keeping outlaws and hunters out of their forest. They make and deliver 300 vials of special potions to him twice a year. She can help teach him how to make potions but he must deliver a letter for her. When he returns, Arisa is waiting outside like a mad wife waiting for her husband’s return. As he delivers it to a guy at a bar, his keen hearing has him hear a couple of shady characters planning something shady. However his harem is here to pick him up. Don’t want him fooling around, eh? Since when does a master have a curfew? Next day, he detects bad people chasing after Ine. Although he manages to keep them at bay, an accident causes Ine to crash her cart and break many of the vials. It looks like more than half are broken. Even those he could salvage is not enough. So Satou goes with Ine to see the viceroy, Birkinz and his assistant, Dosan. He wants the pact to be strictly observed and will not accept any excuses. Satou is willing to get the potions from other sources but Birkinz insists they must be made from the witch. Satou is puzzled because the witch did not specify what kind of potions they are. He believes they want this pact to fail. He remembers them as the shady guys at the bar and this guy’s plan was to become the lord of his own territory. Using a little poker face to say he was the witch’s guest, Birkinz loosens his stance and will allow potions of the same quality or higher. Although later Satou and his assistants have picked up the ingredients, Ine says it won’t do because no matter how many potions they make, there are no vials to put them in. Now it makes sense why those were all bought up early. Uhm but can we just use normal pots or a big cauldron?

Episode 12
Satou manages to get a guy who is willing to lend them his kiln. Well, the girls aren’t finding making pottery isn’t an easy job. But Satou does it so easily on his first go thanks to his skills, maybe he should just make all of them by himself, huh? Even if it needs drying that would take days, thanks to Mia’s magic, it is instantly dry and ready for storage! Super wow. Once it is done, it seems Dosan and his men are here to break down all the illegal vials they made. And why is Satou letting them do it without stopping them? Yeah, previously he transported the real ones to his unlimited inventory and placed fakes ones there. So they go see Birkinz and to let him sign the delivery note. The court officials have confirmed the 300 vials. What’s this? Birkinz is wasting time and not wanting to sign? Yeah, technically if he doesn’t put his signature, this process isn’t complete. However Kuhanou will sign on his behalf. He has heard from the witch about Birkinz’s evil deeds and is disappointed. After relieving him of his duties and posts, Birkinz attempts to summon some evil magic and kill him. Too bad all spells don’t work on him since this is his home ground. Kuhanou wants to kill him but Satou knocks them out. Don’t kill in front of the children. Yeah, those ex-slaves have seen much worse I believe. The grateful witch gives Satou a lantern gift as parting and friendship token. Continuing their journey, we now take a fanservice detour as Arisa spots Satou trying to molest Nana. Of course we know it isn’t. He was just trying to calibrate her system but why does it always have to look so sexy? And there’s that time the girls bring back some strange plant that squirts out ambiguously strange liquid all over Satou’s hands and some started licking them… And there’s some legendary story Satou reads to his girls regarding the gods, demons and magic. Whatever. So as not to leave Zena out of it, Satou is kind enough to write her a letter of their adventures so far. Can’t wait to join him now, can she?

Isekai Wa Cheat Bug To Tomo Ni Crapsody
You know, something tells me that the producers read the flood of rebuking and stinging comments on that garbage series, Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni and thought that they wanted to do something similar but make it less obvious. Because this is what this series resembles closely too. In fact, I would even consider this one to be a spiritual successor to that. It reeks so much of that show that it stinks like a corpse found after 100 days later. So instead of making it so obvious of using a Smartphone, they turn it into some in-game user interface to make it less obvious. Yeah, I mean, people nowadays are having all the latest Smartphone and I’m sure they were pissed off seeing how godly that manmade tool was in the other world so they decided to change that but maintain the same effects via this method. But the end result is still the same. An overpowered character who can do everything easily and has almost unlimited stock of everything at his fingertips and disposal as well as a bevy of beauties by his side (more lolis than mature ladies this time). And yes, ultimately this makes this series another crap fest with all the BS and lack of explanations of everything else.

Although the interesting bits are how one from another world could be transported to this one (reincarnated or transported), this was never really explained throughout the series. Instead, we see Satou levelling up like hell, doing various ‘normal’ RPG-like stuffs and obtaining his harem of ex-slaves. This only makes that interesting bit useless and if it was never mentioned either, it didn’t matter. It feels like they only did so, so that they could catch viewers’ attention that there is something more to this world rather than some game Satou was making or the likes. As if to give some sort of background but at this rate it is as good as not even implementing it. Wasted potential. In fact, if we do not start off with Satou being a programmer in reality too doesn’t really matter. I figure they wanted someone new to the world who could awe locals with unexplained magic (cheat bugs, I call them) and become the new face of the land.

Therefore it is never explained why or how Satou ended up in this alternate fantasy world because I guess it beats being killed in his own world and then unrealistically being brought back by a repentant God to another world. Yeah, damn Smartphone that guy could only bring along. The fact that he is a game programmer somewhat trapped in another world that resembles an RPG sounds a lot better than the previous sentence about being killed and transported. Even his past with a mysterious rainbow haired girl feels like a troll at this point. Maybe it is all a dream from Satou? Who knows? If that really happens, it would be the biggest insult and ultimate lazy writing, making it far worse than that Smartphone crap show.

By the time this series ended, we don’t even care if he was from this real world or not. Like as though all has been forgotten and Satou is now accustomed to this new world that he has called his new home. Why not? Great harem loli. Being a single programmer back then feels like a nerd and has no life at all. That’s why at the end of a dozen episodes, I felt that the series has lost its way so much so we aren’t given so much of a proper ending to anything. Life and adventure goes on for Satou and his assistants. Happy ending. The end. What a let-down.

One of the most annoying things about this series is the constant and consistent pop ups. Actually the pop ups aren’t so annoying. Maybe it is. But the point is, it seems that in every episode Satou is able to easily earn titles for everything he does for the first time! Seriously! It is like some sort of participation reward or something. There is literally a title for just every damn thing he does. And once he does that, the pop up will display that new title he has just earned. Man, his inbox of list of titles is going to be a pretty long one. Longer than the encyclopaedia. Seriously. So much so in time to come, he would really be confused if he ever got that title in the first place. This also applies to the skills he acquired. Man, there is no ending supply stream of things he can do. At this rate, he will become God! God of all worlds! The pop ups will also display whatever he skills he is using at the moment. It is less irritating than the aforementioned one but still irritating nevertheless.

I am not sure about the programming of this world but we have seen that certain skills are locked and some require him to manually unlock and use it or even upgrade it. I mean, if he has such skill sets, why the need to lock them in the first place? It is not like he is not able to use it. Thus I am baffled why the need to do so. I am not even sure if this is for the dramatic effect. You know, Satou believes he needs a certain skill that he doesn’t have right now, checks through his list of things he has got and then sees it, realizes it is there, unlock and use it now or for later use.

I wonder if Satou is the only one who can see his cool user interface when he selects items, checks his skills, check general stats of the people around him or looking at the map. Yeah, that is one sure hell of an interesting interface because it has almost everything! Just that it isn’t in the form of a Smartphone or app… Suspicious… But this constant spamming of the interface might look cool at first but then I feel that this is partly to ‘remind’ us that we might be in a game. Yup, so much better than whipping out your Smartphone and do whatever you wish for. Do you not see it’s the same concept? Just a lesser impact of obviousness. But I think Satou could be the only person in this world to have such interface because if others have it, they would have done the same. In a way, this proves that they are like NPCs.

On to the characters. Yup. Disappointing. I have already mentioned that we do not know why or how Satou ended up in this world and giving him a background as a guy who has a decent and taxing job in Japan seems pretty useless. But I guess it is better than nothing. As usual, like any other main protagonist who is so good to the bone, he is so freaking considerate and kind to everybody that he should have been their new God. But being the nice guy he is, he probably won’t take up that offer. So yeah, it is totally unbelievable that he is able to do a lot of things because of a bug and while it seems cool at first, slowly you’ll realize how irritating and unrealistic it all is. It’s like he has a solution or a way around almost everything. Again, at least better than that Smartphone guy but still bad nevertheless. But to prove he isn’t a pro in everything, that is why he cannot master the flute. Yeah, it makes him so human that way since it looks like he isn’t perfect as we think he is. Not convincing. Just one small tiny negligible area compared to other millions of useful skills. This is nothing. I figure if enemies know his weakness and the only way is to hold a flute contest. Yeah…

Instead of many mature girls of the legal age, now we have lolis and semi-beast humans in his harem. I suppose some of these girls would serve as animal mascot for the series? From the looks of it, all his assistants do not have that romantic feel towards Satou and they love him because he is their master. It is that kind of love. Maybe except Arisa. After all, she is the liveliest among the servants and most interesting in my opinion as she is not originally from this world and has at least her own will to do things. Unlike others, they often follow what Master Satou says and do it. It’s like they’re robots with feelings. In this sense, they are less interesting than the harem in that Smartphone series. Also, personally these girls here not as hot and bishoujo as that one. Uh huh. Not a lolicon. Also, Arisa’s running joke seems to be b*tching about Satou seemingly getting hot with other girls. Like as though she has a monopoly over his libido or something.

Hence the real romance potential comes from Zena as there are several scenes to play this up. You can really tell how she would slowly fall head over heels over him over time. She is following that typical route of becoming one who is interested to be romantically involved with him. So her absence for now is to let Satou have his time with his assistants first before she comes back and steal the show? So far she has yet to prove her worth as we see most of the time it is Satou’s lolis who help him out most of the time since they are under his wing. Zena is usually not around but whether Satou needs something done, with or without the help of any girls, he can still accomplish it. What a guy. No wonder girls want to join his party. I will follow him/ Follow him wherever he may go... I suppose other girls like Martha would have also joined his party had they not been tied down to a job.

There are some action scenes too but they are just mediocre. When you have a main character who is so powered up that he could figure out anything in record time to overcome his opponent, there is nothing much to say. Even though there might be magic and effects, it is so that it won’t end in a flash and make irritated viewers go, “So that’s it?”. But we will still go something like that anyway. After all, Satou has all the skills he needs to tackle the situation. So don’t worry. It won’t even take long to overcome it.

Art and animation feel pretty decent. Leaning more towards conventional Japanese anime style rather than the slightly kawaii style in the Smartphone show. The reason why I thought this was partly Sword Art Online was because Satou looks a bit like Kirito. Heck, that Smartphone series too had its main character closely resembling him. At least the way he dressed. There are some dark scenes in which it is too dark to see anything. I’m not sure if this is my hardware problem because on bright sunny scenes, everything is normally clear but it is the dark ones like in the dungeons or at night that makes the scene somewhat obscure.

Looks like Aoi Yuuki is back being her usual shrieky-like voice. With Arisa, her trademark voice is so obvious and personally it’s a good thing because a few season ago I theorized she lost her voice after playing a part in that crazy Aho Girl and the following season she played characters who lack emotion and mellow sounding. So hopefully to hear her more like this? I also caught Yuko Gotou voicing Mosa. Returning slowly, but surely. Also surprised to hear Satomi Satou as Nadi as I haven’t heard her much in recent animes I have watched. At first I thought it was Yuuki Kaji or even Akira Ishida behind Yuya’s voice but it turned out to be Yoshitaka Yamaya (Sugino in Ansatsu Kyoshitsu). Damn his soft spoken voice confused me.

The other casts include Shun Horie as Satou (Nezumi in Juuni Taisen), Rie Takahashi as Zena (titular character in Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-san), Airi Eino as Mia (Airi in Wake Up Girls), Minami Tsuda as Liza (Megumi in Wake Up Girls), Kaya Okuno as Tama (Kaya in Wake Up Girls), Kiyono Yasuno as Nana (Megumi in SaeKano), Marika Hayase as Lulu (Sena in Idol Memories), Hiyori Kono as Pochi, Nanami Atsugi as Martha, Rie Suegara as Orna (Shizuka in Marchen Madchen) and Shinya Takahashi as Mize (Noriyuki in Ga-Rei Zero). As you have noticed that many of the seiyuus are from the idol unit, Wake Up Girls, it is no surprise that they sing both the opening and ending themes. More accurately, Wake Up Girls sing the medieval-like ending theme, Suki No Skill while their spin-off counterpart, Run Girls Run sing the rock based opener, Slide Ride. But there is a special ending theme for episode 10 and it is a lovely slow ballad sung with an opera voice. Not sure what it is called as it isn’t credited. Instead, they only listed the insert song, Bishoujo Tenshi Magical Rose by Aoi Yuuki, Hiyori Kono and Kaya Okuno instead. Can’t hear that insert song properly as it is played in the background while Satou is speaking.

Overall, this is a disappointing series filled with lot of crap on par with that Smartphone crap garbage trash too. Its impact of being overly crappy is somewhat reduced thanks to the video game setting that might or might not be real. The same problems of overpowered super good main character (why do RPG adventure genres fail at this but superhero ones succeed? Refer to One Punch Man to know what I mean), his loyal kawaii harem, weak storyline, unresolved origins questions and just average adventure and action make us wish we have that button to press and reset and undo all that has happened. Go back! GO BACK!!! I have been watching tons of such animes that I should be given the title of Crap Viewer Master. I earned it. Used skill: Sarcasm + Mockery.

Nanatsu No Bitoku

June 16, 2018

Oh well. It was only a matter of time. Ever since the sinfully delicious Sin – Nanatsu No Taizai hit the airwaves, some of us started wondering whether their ‘good’ counterparts are going to get some focus too. Wonder no more because here it is sequel spin-off, Nanatsu No Bitoku or the Seven Heavenly Virtues. We take a look at what was going on on the other side while Lucifer was running rampant. Yup, that is why you don’t really see the rest of those virtuous babes anywhere in the first series. Now, you might notice that the run time for each of the episodes are only 4 minutes long! WTF?! Why so short?! Ah well, it goes to show that being part of the sinning side is more fun than being part of the good side.

Episode 1
In order to fight the Seven Mortal Sins, Michael gathers the Seven Heavenly Virtues. In case you don’t know them, here they are: Michael (the angel of faith), Uriel (patience), Sariel (kindness), Sandalphon (diligence), Metatron (charity), Raphael (temperance) and Gabriel (chastity). Uhm, this sexy cosplay girls ended up in the wrong anime or what? Oh, never mind. Michael seeks a potential Messiah candidate to help save the world and picks up a random normal guy from Japan’s streets! Not really sure if Michael is bad at picking up stuffs… Why didn’t she pick me then? Anyway, she begins training him to defeat evil by doing push-ups? Uhm, your nipples are showing, Michael. Oh, never mind. Enjoy the view. And some panty shots too. Praise the Lord! But when Michael gets hungry, Messiah cooks for her and she’s so looking forward to it. Then it is back to more merciless Spartan training but whenever he cooks omelette rice for her, she becomes docile like a dog wagging its tail. I wonder who is taming who?

Episode 2
Uriel is the ‘master’ of hiding because she believes in supporting Messiah from the shadows. This means trying to hold in the urge to go to the toilet. Is this what being patient means? Uhm, I think she might be some sort of masochist here… We see her trying to ‘hide’ at weird places but I suppose her boobs and butt are so big that they are offensively protruding. Pretend not to see her guys. Nothing to see. Move along. In the end, she gives in to her urge to urinate. So she wants holding it in because she doesn’t know where the toilet is and she can’t leave him out of her sight? As punishment she wants him to sexually abuse her?! In the end, Messiah was fired from his job and is having a hard time finding a new one. He goes home only to see Uriel trying to hide behind his sheets naked. Is this her idea of supporting him from the shadows for his job search? Oh, I can see instant rejections already…

Episode 3
Raphael drops in on a school festival and enjoys eating a low fat sugar free doughnut. She makes friends with the stall owner and thanks to her (sexy) advertising, his doughnuts are sold out. She praises his skills and thinks he is a master but he is humble and maintains he is still learning. She helps him out to research various desserts. Cue for fanservice when she has cream spilled so erotically over her hot body. Raphael learns he has no friends as he spends most of his time trying to make desserts. It is his dream to become a dessert chef. Raphael manages to set him up with a few people with the same interests for a training camp but since he is still lacking confidence, she gives him a special training. Sorry, nothing hentai. After having a great time making cupcakes together, Raphael realizes something. She erases his memories about her and lets him go. She believes he is much more suited for this profession than being a Messiah.

Episode 4
Sandalphon seeks advice from her compatriot from the internet. She wants to put off training her Messiah until he focuses and passes his exams. However the machine she made isn’t working. Yeah, looks like a torture device to me. She tries to make another machine that would relax him but she falls asleep halfway on the job. You know it’s hard to focus when she sleeps so sexy like that. But this guy’s virginity remains strong! Focus! Focus! Sandalphon then has him go out shopping with her to buy stuffs and it looks like a date. It’s like God is testing him because more moments that are had to focus when the machine washes her erotically and she cooks for him in a naked apron. Focus! Focus! Thankfully his hard work pays off and does well for the exams. Happy Sandalphon wants to start the real Messiah training. Looks like he needs to put in more hard work and no rest…

Episode 5
When you have such an angel as your nurse, you know you’re the luckiest bastard in the world or the most cursed one. Or both. Like this hospitalized dude who has Metatron as his nurse. Male fantasies kicking in. Because of her clumsiness, he fears her. However following porn logic, she owns up for her mistakes by washing his back with her huge boobs and his body with hers. Oh yeah. Praise the Lord! But then it soon turns to hell when she starts tying him up S&M style and uses all sorts of nasty equipment on him. Man, it’s like she turned into the devil and made him her plaything! We discover that whenever she touches a needle, she turns into a super sadistic person. Maybe that is why many fear nurses with needles… Yeah, Messiah almost died and went to heaven without even starting his mission. Time to repent?

Episode 6
Gabriel is virtual signalling to everyone in the red light distract that immoral activities are wrong. This coming from an angel who dresses like a slut! Apparently she thinks this normal guy who likes porn is her Messiah. So she follows him home and starts virtue signalling no porn! No this! No that! Then she becomes like his mother because she also tells him the right food to eat and the correct soap to use! WTF?! Nagging loli!!! Must be a tiring day of virtue signalling. Uh huh. She sleeps like a slut on him. Thankfully it’s his day off so he takes her to the amusement park and she happily enjoys it like a kid. At the end of the day, she shows him her true angel form. Why? Because illicit sexual activities are wrong and he should have a wholesome relationship with her. Why do I keep seeing queen control in his future?

Episode 7
A guy returns to his home only to see it being turned into some high level host club. Sariel is going to treat him with utmost kindness and blow away his bad day at work (shucks, I thought blow away would mean blowjob…). He takes advantage of this by burying his face in her boobs (the biggest among all Seven Heavenly Virtues) while complaining about his bad day. After pounding his face with her ass, this awakens his masochistic side as he wants more ‘system shock’. How is big boobs slapping your face work as motivation? Not enough? Tits sucking doing the trick? He wants more but looks like Sariel is all out of love. Claiming she is abandoning him, she transforms into her angel form. However her feather causes her to sneeze and the entire building explodes! I hope that was all the shock he needs.

Episode 8
The Heavenly Virtues are on a packed train. Apparently it was somebody’s idea to learn more about humans. Yeah… I have a hunch what is taking up so much valuable space in this coach… So packed that we only have boob shot spaces of our babes. Not sure what kind of train is that but it keeps hitting the emergency brakes so that the girls could slam their humongous tits into our faces. Like as though the conductor knew busty babes were riding and intentionally did that to make our day. Thank you very much. Because of that, Michael really wants to wipe clean this corrupted world! I believe all the guys here won’t mind dying today. But as more different get on, they start to believe and understand more of human actions. Is it me or has Gabriel been annoying all along trying to virtue signal and exact punishment with her non-existent boobs push? WTF?!

Episode 9
Michael has this brilliant plan to serve Messiah better. They will record themselves in training and distribute it to prospective Messiahs. Yeah, why do I keep thinking this is going to be like porn distribution? First we have them jump up and down to loosen the muscles. Oh yeah. You girls should keep jumping longer, know what I mean? Don’t worry flatties, I’m sure there are those who appreciate you. Next comes leg muscles stretching. Crotch shots, panty shots, butt shots, underboob shots. Man, we have everything! Stretch longer! Now they get onto a series of sexy training. But in the end, they all tire out. My verdict: You angels are pretty out of shape and not fit to even pant and tire like that! How the f*ck can you properly serve your Messiah?! At this rate I wonder if you would even get tired of doing a 5 minute blowjob!!! OOPS!!! Oh, okay. But please do send more of those videos, okie dokie please?

Episode 10
Our Heavenly Virtues are changing in the locker room as they tell about their Messiah they have found. They compare each of their Messiah and of course believe theirs is the best and ready to fight against the Seven Mortal Sins. When Michael words hers in a way that he is very much ready, they notice omelette on her face. They wonder what kind of training she had with her Messiah. Michael gets embarrassed and feels bad for lying. Wait a minute. Is lying part of the virtue?! Anyway she admits the omelettes taste so good she ate it multiple times. Then there is some big boobs argument between Sandalphon and Gabriel, both of whom have the smallest boobs among the pack. It ends with Gabriel losing. After finishing changing, the Heavenly Virtues return to heaven and Michael even hints they might come to your town. After seeing this, I’m not so sure now…

God Help Us All!
There you have it. From the looks of it, is it no wonder and surprise that I am expecting Lucifer to kick all of their asses and make heaven to fail and fall spectacularly?! Seriously. Even the so called chosen Messiahs would run away crying like a baby or even switch to the dark side! No wonder this spin-off series is so short. There is only so much fun you can put into the good side and anything more you will be looking more like the part of the devil. Oh wait. I have a feeling this series was devilishly bad. That’s like, it is bad enough that it is good and good enough to be bad. Damn I’m just so confused.

For those who have watched the first original series, watching this one in a way makes you think that you can’t really tell between the forces of light and darkness. Yup, the characters here look like busty cosplay dressing sluts than anything you would want to admire at first sight. That’s why it doesn’t make any difference if you are a Mortal Sin or a Heavenly Virtue because both of them look pretty slutty the same. Sure, such characters are designed with the male demographics in mind. Because it feels as though if they aren’t this busty, sexy or scantily clad, nobody would really become their followers. Uh huh. Sex sells. Even God’s angels know about this trick.

Hence the characters themselves are pretty much shallow. With not enough screen time and the plot which is close to nothing (trying to find a Messiah feels more like an excuse than a real plot or anything), thus the Heavenly Virtues are more likely to be portrayed as corrupted sluts that will corrupt further the mind of their chosen Messiah instead of turning him into a powerful fighting ally. Hence the damn irony that the Mortal Sins have more character than our slutty angels. Heck, Michael who had this sneaky b*tch wolf in sheep’s clothing character impression in the original series, she becomes another one of those dumb slut characters which is just shocking. Talk about fall from grace. No wonder Michael eventually lost to Lucifer. Yeah, the characters are more of fanservice tools for the fans in this case. Sad to see the Heavenly Virtues’ reputation get corrupted like that.

Yeah, it is fanservice galore when you know you’re going to have lots of boob shots, panty shots and crotch shots laced all over the short series. Yeah, and jiggle them as much as they can because what else are they going to do with such huge jugs anyway? Like as though it is the time limit for you to fap or something. It is most evident with Sariel being the bustiest of the lot. So much so I won’t blame anyone for mistaking her as some sort of succubus or demon of seduction. And for you S&M fans out there, that is why Metatron exists because of her other dark personality to whip your ass. Bonus points for those who have nurse fetish. You see, these Heavenly Virtues are supposed to play out their virtue that they represent but they end up making a bad name of their represented goodness. Is this misrepresentation? Some to a point that could even kill! Don’t worry, nobody was killed in the search of a Messiah. Perhaps only their humanity. Thanks angels for ruining our lives.

But seriously, having a misguided angel coming down to fanservice you thinking you are the chosen one? Some logic there. Oh yeah, like we horny otaku guys care. Hey, angel babe says I’m the one. Who am I to argue, right? Then I baulk at the first real test with Lucifer. Haha. What a joke it will be. What a tarnished reputation God and his heavenly angels would have. Uh huh. I can see why people would start to lose their faith then… Heck, even all the so called Messiahs that our angels chosen don’t even have a proper face! And most of them look confusingly the same so I thought they were the same lucky bastard guy being serviced by all of them. When their backgrounds don’t match, it is only then I realize they are different guys. Yeah, even the angels can’t coordinate themselves to find their Messiah. Oh yeah, just cast their net far and wide and hope they hit one. At this rate, I see they’re getting none. Didn’t they go back to heaven empty handed?

Among all the angels, the worst and annoying one I consider is Gabriel. This irritating little loli loves to virtue signal but thanks to her being the noisiest among the character, she somewhat stands out. Not in a good way in my books, though. So does being the representative for chastity allow you to annoy others and make you like a loli b*tch? Maybe keeping the chastity and not let your libido go is the source of her irritating character. If I have to point out the ‘best’ angel, I would say it is Raphael. At least her story. Unlike the others that is reduced to some fanservice slutty nonsense, Raphael’s story is the only that is pretty decent and at least touched my heart because she had the decency to know about her Messiah’s true wish and potential and let him go to his true calling. Now this is what I call a (almost) true angel. Too bad we don’t get this sort of story with the other characters.

Voice acting sounds pretty okay. Nothing special. Just a special little shout out to Hiyori Nita (Mai in Marchen Madchen) for making her Gabriel character sounding annoying. Good job in the sarcastic sense, that is. The other voice casts for the other Heavenly Virtues are Yumi Uchiyama as Michael (Momiji in Binbougami Ga), Lynn as Raphael (Maya in Sabagebu), Asami Seto as Uriel (Chihaya in Chihayafuru), Shiori Izawa as Sandalphon (Pina in Sword Art Online), Ari Orizawa as Metatron (Nozomi in The Rolling Girls) and Sakura Nakamura as Sariel (Rachnera in Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou). The ending theme, Psychomania by Yousei Teikoku is surprisingly a devilish good song. Even if the irony of its devilish sounding hard punk rock style, it really sounds addicting in a way. It also feels it is a song suitable for a battle when both sides clash.

Overall, if you think Sin – Nanatsu No Taizai was bad (although personally I thought it was sinfully good and enjoyable), this horny fanservice mess makes it even worse. It could even ruin your faith in God! All because of the sleazy fanservice and ‘plot’. Like as though this was a ploy to destroy your faith in the first place for all of you who still go to Sunday church. Yeah, this is how WEAK your faith in Him is in the first place. Now we all know who to blame if Lucifer ever defeats Almighty Himself and his angels in no time. The fastest heaven and hell war in the history of histories. Yup, blame Bridge the production studio who wanted to animate this. Because ironically it was Artland and TNK doing Sin – Nanatsu No Taizai so it felt like Bridge (Mitsudomoe, Devil Survivor 2 The Animation) wanted to do some quick cash grab and hence you get this fanservice ridden blasphemy. God took 7 days to create the world and all. This series took about 40 minutes to destroy it all. Goddamn I want to jump ship and join Lucifer’s faith and devote my soul to her!

Overlord II

June 15, 2018

Ah, finally. The much awaited sequel is here. So it is with glee that I am able to watch the great exploits and epic greatness of our main character who is supposedly trapped in a game world but became a master of his own force and a rising one in this world. After all, everything was just so great that I am expecting nothing less from Overlord II. I know there is this danger of putting hopes too high but when you’re a master of everything, do you settle for second best?

Episode 1
OMG. They’re spamming us with so many new characters that I’m not sure what the f*ck is going on! First off, Zesshi Zetsumei talking to her aide about the recent events regarding Ains and that vampire incident. She views herself as the strongest and wishes for a man strong enough to beat her so she could bore a very strong child. Next we have this very old woman, Rigrit Bers Caurau talking to a long time dragon lord friend about her successor taking over her position as an adventurer as well as some corrupted world that may be taking over the world again after 100 years. He has a request of her to gather information on items that rival guild weapons or rather, special items from Yggdrasil. Next up, Gazef and the king talking about possible attacks from other empires especially from Baharuth and hence the need to remain vigilante and united. We are also introduced to the king’s granddaughter, Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself and her childhood friend-cum-bodyguard, Climb. Before we forget about Ains and his team, we take a detour back to them. Ains returns to Nazarick with Albedo welcoming him in her usual slutty fashion. They discuss the other nations around their area. The perpetrator who mind controlled Shalltear is still not caught. Speaking of her, she is drowning herself in alcohol for that unforgivable act last season. Vampire and alcohol? Whatever. Cocytus sees Ains before he sets off on a mission in the woods. Oh yeah, more characters introduced from their side. Like Bukubukuchagama, the dog faced maid of Aura and this penguin assistant butler, Éclair Ecleir Eicler (say what again?) and the Metroid-alien-head of Nazarick’s bar and restaurant, Sous-chef. Finally, we head to the bogs and swamps of a lizardmen tribe, the Green Claw led by chieftain Shasuryu Shasha and his exiled brother but great warrior, Zaryusu Shasha who possesses a great weapon known as Frost Pain. Suddenly the sky turns dark and an ominous blob of faces appear before the village. It declares death upon them.

Episode 2
It adds that they are given time to prepare to fight for their futile existence. Green Claw members gather to discuss their next move. Zaryusu is side-lined because of his status but Shasuryu allows him to speak because of his great experience. As of now, they stand no chance to win. A little history on the bloody war between the 7 tribes. Due to lack of food, an all-out war occurred. Green Claw aligned with Small Fang and Razor Tail to wipe out Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge. Survivors of the losing group was absorbed into Dragon Tusk. Zaryusu suggests forming an alliance among all tribes to fight against the menace. It may be easy to get Small Fang and Razor Tail on their side but Dragon Tusk contains survivors of the last war and the animosity is still there. Zaryusu offers to go negotiate and if they are unwilling, he will deem them not worthy and eliminate them. Meanwhile we take a detour as we see Éclair possibly colluding with Demiurge to take over Nazarick?! Zaryusu sets off on his giant multi-headed beast, Rororo to the Red Eye tribe first. He is taken to the acting chief, Crusch Lulu. She hides herself because of her albino skin. However Zaryusu immediately falls in love with her and wants to marry her! Oh dear. Mission side-lined? So we have a bit of weird lizardmen romance-cum-flirting before they get down to business. Zaryusu adds that with the alliance and in the even they lose, their reduced numbers mean a low chance of inter-tribal war. He is curious how Red Eye survived as it was not involved in last war. Crusch ashamedly mentions they did cannibalism. They fed on their fallen comrades. Back then the tribe was split if into pro-cannibalisation or anti-cannibalisation. The chief then was the former. In the end, Crusch led the latter group and defeated them. Before she became the new chief, the former chief smiled the sweetest smile she had ever seen before passing on. With their reduced numbers of course the food shortage was solved. Crusch still feels guilty till this day but Zaryusu comforts her and would have done exactly the same in her shoes. She agrees to form an alliance with him as she prepares to follow him on his trip to Dragon Tusk’s village. Upon arriving, the chief, Zenberu Gugu knows what he is going to say but will only trust those who are strong. In short, prove your strength to him.

Episode 3
Both lizardmen fight as Zenberu is tempting Zaryusu to use his Frost Pain to have a chance in defeating him but he won’t. In the end, Zenberu admits his loss since he got tired from this drawn out fight. So the heads discuss their plan. Crusch has a different viewpoint as she prefers to hang on to life even if it is chains. But the guys are not. Will they be able to do this if they are imprisoned? The beings doing this would enjoy seeing their deaths and doubts they would have mercy. What Crusch meant was not for them to get killed. Zaryusu won’t. Not until he gets her answer. Argh. Slipping in a quite a few weird lizardmen romance feels weird… With Zenberu agreeing to the alliance, all the tribes now gather back at Green Claw to discuss their action. It is believed the enemy outnumbers them so Zaryusu suggests forming a small elite team to take out the enemy head. The army of the undead arrives. They are being controlled by Cocytus. The lizardmen grunts fight off the variety of undead skeletons and beasts. This has Cocytus contacting Demiurge for advice to overturn this defeat. Demiurge has Cocytus think if Ains did specifically mention for him to win because why raise such low level armies then? Was it just something to help Cocytus think and gather some intelligence? Cocytus then summons one of his undead commander, Iguva into the battlefield. His fireballs burn through everything! This is where Zaryusu initiates his small elite team plan. Rororo charges through the field and endures multiple burns before it could no longer go on. This allows Zaryusu, Zenberu and Crusch to get up close to Iguva. Zaryusu’s Frost Pain douses the flames while Zenberu’s armour absorbs the lightning attacks. And if they’re wounded, there is Crusch to heal them. But even at such close distance, Zaryusu is unable to best Iguva. With other comrades down, Zaryusu is forced to use a seemingly sacrificial move but it is a trap to stab Frost Pain into Iguva’s face and defeat him once and for all. The lizardmen rejoice over their victory. Oh Cocytus, there is a call from Ains waiting on line 1 for you…

Episode 4
The lizardmen are celebrating over their victory. We could have witness some weird lizardmen sex had not Zenberu drop in to see what is going on. Meanwhile Ains summons his guardians. We are first introduced to Victim. Uhm, this small little floating reindeer brain is cute or scary? Now he turns to Cocytus on his failure. He is made to think why he lost and what should have been done to achieve victory. Ains is impressed with his thinking and growth. However a loss is still a loss as he orders Cocytus to destroy the lizardmen by himself. However Cocytus has a request and wants to use the corpses of the lizardmen as his army. Ains rejects this idea because it doesn’t benefit Nazarick. Demiurge then suggests doing an experiment to govern the lizardmen. Ains is impressed with this suggestion and approves it. He changes Cocytus’ punishment to governing the lizardmen. Ains retires to his room and is impressed with the Cocytus’ growth as this is not possible in the game. However he realizes this gives the potential of betrayal. Ains returns with a grand army of darkness. The lizardmen are sure f*cked. This is an elaborate grand show of might to scare the lizardmen to show who is boss. A messenger from the lizardmen is required so Shasuryu and Zaryusu step forth. In another show of might, he forces them to bow before him if they want to speak. Ains wants to govern them but knowing they will not accept it. So he will return in 4 hours to attack them. If they can best Cocytus, he will leave them alone. Shasuryu wants to surrender but Ains shoots that idea down and doesn’t want them to do something so pathetic even before they try. After Ain and his team leave, the lizardmen discuss on their next move. They know Ains’ goal is to demonstrate their overwhelming power. They believe Ains will kill them all and hence they want to organize a group of survivors. The guys suggest Crusch be the central figure but she denies and want to fight with them. They leave it to Zaryusu to convince her. In short, he doesn’t want the woman he loves to die. Some lizard hug for some little romance before the most ‘shocking’ favour she asks of him: Please impregnate me! WTF?!

Episode 5
In the mission control room prepared by Aura, it seems they also prepared a throne for Ains to sit. Though they claim it is made of various animal bones, he knows there are human bones too. He can’t sit on that so he decides to exact Shalltear’s punishment and humiliation now. He sits on her! I’m sure she is enjoying it while Albedo is freaking jealous to the max! On to business, they peek at what the lizardmen are doing. Preparing for battle. Normal. Noticing Zaryusu and Crusch aren’t among them, they peek inside their tent. OMFG! THEY’RE F*CKING EACH OTHER!!! Oh my. So awkward. The battle is here. Cocytus is kind enough to give them some warnings. The tribe leaders and older lizardmen charge into battle. To cut this futile battle short, all their attacks did no damage to Cocytus as he kills them all. Ains congratulates Cocytus and assigns him to rule the lizardmen villages. Cocytus requests the resurrection of Zaryusu and Shasuryu because they are great warriors. Ains will consider it and summons Crusch who now represents the lizardmen. He gives her a role to secretly watch over the lizardmen so they won’t betray him (Crusch thought she would have to offer her body but this would just anger Albedo and Shalltear). In exchange for that, he will bring Zaryusu back to life. Fail and he will kill him immediately and bring her despair. Only Ains know there is no spell for that. With Crusch decided, Zaryusu is brought back to life. Immediately he pledges his allegiance to Ains as with the entire lizardmen tribe. Zaryusu wonders why he didn’t resurrect Shasuryu or Zenberu as they would be of more use to him. He doesn’t think that would benefit him but will reconsider it.

Episode 6
Sebas sees an employer throw out his abused female employee. Not sure why he doesn’t allow Sebas to take her if he was going to rid of her. Plus, was he dumb to just throw her out in the middle of the streets instead of somewhere less obvious? Sebas takes her as that guy worries he will be targeted. Again, if this woman is somebody’s property, why chuck her out like that? He tells him about Eight Fingers, the largest underworld organization who controls the kingdom behind the scenes. Sebas gives him some money to get a head start to flee. Back at his place, Sebas has Solution heal her and treat all her wounds and diseases. She can easily do all that but is puzzled why Sebas would do all this for a human and not even let Ains know about this. Once that is done, Sebas feeds her and she is overcome with emotion for being treated so nice. She says her name is Tuare. Solution remains sceptical but Sebas assures if there is any trouble, he will take proper measures to deal with it. Meanwhile Brain is reeling from his nightmare of his encounter with Shalltear. The one where he failed to scratch her and ran away like a coward. He is at Gazef’s place as he talks to him how weak they are. Well, if you compare humans with other races… They might be strong with their swords but their true strength is still weak and there are heights they will never reach. Brain hints he wants to die so Gazef tells him to sit down and eat first. Somewhere, a group of assailants destroy a field that grows the Black Dust drug. This is one of many fields owned by Eight Fingers. Of course Eight Fingers are in a meeting discussing about the destruction of their production facility and the measures to take. Not sure what’s going on. Slave trade, funding, a certain woman who was scheduled to be disposed and the need to use an excessive amount of force.

Episode 7
Ains having money woes? Oh right. Last season he used it all up. Now he’s got to pay enough for the iron ores he got from different sources as part of his experiment. Gazef practises sword fighting with Climb and dispenses some good pointers for the greenhorn. His vice reminds him that if word of this gets out, the nobles will have a field day calling him out. The nobles hate Climb for being a commoner although Renner personally picked him. They spot Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself and Marquis Elias Brandt Dale Raeven. They wonder if they are switching to the royal faction nit Gazef knows Raeven is an opportunist. Climb goes to join Renner in a discussion with Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and Tina of Blue Rose. They are the ones who burnt down the drug field. Tina found a note left behind. Renner cracks it in no time to reveal names of places and most of them within the capital. She believes this is a trap because why leave some sort of important note at the site? She adds that the places could be bases of the Eight Fingers’ organizations (like drugs, slave, smuggling, etc) and their goal is to draw attention away from themselves by using their own partners as their bait. Although the slave trade is abolished, there is still an underground brothel owned by them. Lakyus suggests raiding the place to swiftly bring them down. She hopes to borrow Climb to tell Gagaran that they are moving out. Meanwhile we take a little detour to see a weird ‘romance’ going on between Sebas and Tuare. More like she is very grateful for his kind treatment. They are visited by Staffan Havish and Succulent. They claim Sebas has committed a crime by taking away an employee of the establishment. This amounts to slave trafficking. They are willing to give clemency if he pays up. Yeah, it’s going to cost a lot. Sebas notes that girl would have died had he not taken her in for recuperation. In that case, they suggest he loan Solution until she gets better. They will return for his answer so Sebas goes out to take a walk to think about it. Solution finally contacts Ains and tells him that Sebas is going to betray them. Shocked at first, he wants proof. She has.

Episode 8
Climb meets Gagaran and Evileye. He wants to learn from them but Evileye deems him as no talent. They then talk about the demonic sword, Kilineiram wielded by Lakyus which has the power to swallow up the entire nation. It might be eating her life away. They also talk about an adamantite class adventurer, Momon (Ains) and all his unbelievable exploits. Sebas sees a group of men beating up a poor kid. He swiftly beats up one of them and the rest of the cowards are left running. Climb is impressed and wants to learn from him. After asking him a few questions and looking at his backup sword, he deems he is talentless although he is a trustworthy person. Since Climb insists, he will give his training now. Climb prepares himself but finds himself overwhelmed by his killing intent. Climb is prepared to die but thinking about Renner, he avoids his death punch by the skin of his teeth. Sebas congratulates him for overcoming fear. The talk is interrupted by Brain who has been watching them. He is curious to know how Climb could avoid that because for him he was scared sh*t in his pants! More talk of respect and inner strength but is cut short when assassins show up. Looks like they could need some training. While Sebas could handle 3 guys himself and with no effort, the rest handle 1 each. Heck, Sebas has time to even coach Climb on how to fight better. After defeating him, Sebas does some mind interrogation to find out more about the Eight Fingers. Knowing Succulent’s whereabouts, Climb and Brain want to help him to protect this town. Sebas agrees to let them assist.

Episode 9
The trio raid the nearby brothel. Sebas catches Staffan beating up a prostitute in this sick torture sex. Fatty tries to bribe and beg for his life but Sebas blows his guts out. After Brain enters to investigate a room, Climb keeps watch outside. Out comes Succulent and Cocco Doll. The latter wants him taken alive as he will be a crucial card against Renner. However, Climb starts calling for help! This has Succulent change his mind seeing he has comrades around and will have reinforcement. He will kill him. After taking a few slashes, Climb realizes his illusion and magic play. His attacking arm is fake and his real one is invisible. He can even clone himself. Just when Climb thought he dealt a lethal strike, Succulent stabs him from the back. He should have died but Climb gets back up. The power of boners is what I want to say because of his loyalty to Renner. So much so, Succulent is this shocked to a point he is panicking and losing his sh*t? Now Brain returns. Sure took a long time, pal. The duo are scared of him because of his past reputations. Succulent tries to coax him to join Eight Fingers but Brain isn’t motivated by that anymore. Succulent is going to finish him with his clones but Brain cuts them all even the real invisible one with a strike. His field of vision can detect everything including all those invisible. However he couldn’t detect Sebas knocking out Cocco Doll. With the brothel raided, the trio part ways. Sebas returns home with Solution telling him Ains is waiting for him. Climb returns to worried Renner and tells what happened. She informs they were supposed to raid Eight Fingers’ facilities in a few days but with this, it only serves to enhance their security. But she is proud of him and wants him to continue his effort to destroy Eight Fingers. Brain tells Gazef of Climb’s heroics. But Gazef is more interested in Shalltear. If her target is the king, he will lay down his life for it. Renner calls the maid who always bullies Climb. She puts on her usual cutesy princess face but deep inside she is a monster who can’t wait to kill this b*tch! With Succulent arrested, Zero the boss of Six Arms (the security department for Eight Fingers) are going to go after those who took down the brothel to make an example of them. Their reputation is at stake.

Episode 10
Sebas’ interrogation from Ains begins. Is he sweating? Sebas explains himself and although Ains forgives him, he must make amends. He will kill her. Sebas tries to object but is reminded of his place. His whatever answer is not needed and shall demonstrate his loyalty via his actions. Tuare accepts her death as Sebas prepares to punch her, only to be stopped by Cocytus. As instructed by Ains, Cocytus gauged Sebas’ punch and the blow was enough to kill her. This proves he was loyal to him. Ains announces they have enough information they need and to evacuate this place. Sebas takes Tuare back to her room. Sebas suggests they have their memories erased so she could live normally but she insists her happiness is with him. If she is to be killed, let it be him. She kisses him. When he returns, they discuss what to do with Tuare. As Ains would like to avoid killing, Demiurge and Sebas start arguing in which department she should work. Ains finds their bickering amusing so he summons Tuare again and asks if she would like to live at Nazarick. Since she wants to work with Sebas, he announces Tuare under his protection. At the same time he removes Sebas as Pleiades’ leader, installs Aureole Omega as the leader with Yuri as her deputy. Demiurge wants some feed for his monster so Ains instructs Sebas to get it. Demiurge asks about him knowing Tuare. He mentions about a diary of a girl that allows him to know about this world and in a way is indebted to her.

With Climb dealing a blow to Eight Fingers’ operations, Renner calls Raevan and Zanac for advice. She wants him to mobilize his soldiers to strike simultaneously at their facilities. She shocks them by knowing all the secret underhanded moves they make within the royal and noble factions. Not a dumb girl after all. Raevan would like to deal with the real Renner so she puts on her crazy yandere face! She mentions about her obsession with Climb that she wants to lock him away and make him stay forever. Zanac suggests marrying them once he ascends the throne. But Renner asks about Raevan’s son who is only 5 now. She wants him betrothed to her and instantly he rejects having his son marrying an insane woman. It seems on the outlook she will marry his son but bear Climb’s children. His son would bear children with any women he loves in which she could claim them as her successors. As for the operation to strike the different facilities, the problem is that all of them are in areas of different nobles. Zanac remembers their older brother, Barbro is taking bribes from Eight Fingers so they could use this evidence to depose him. Raevan adds they might now have enough manpower but they still have Six Arms to deal with. Don’t worry. Renner has called help in the form of Gazef. When Sebas returns, he realizes Tuare is missing. A note stating she is kidnapped with the exact location as well. As Solution suggests, seek Ains’ help. Ains interrupts Albedo’s perverted private time playing with his dolls to go form a team to rescue Tuare. Albedo is not amused he took in a lowly human but he snaps back that he promised to protect her under his name. Even if they did not know, this cannot be allowed to stand. Although Albedo will do as told, she is still dissatisfied.

Episode 11
Demiurge explains his plan to his selected task force. At the same time, Lakyus briefs her divisions in taking down the facilities. Brain and Climb’s group must be the ‘luckiest’. They stumble upon a facility where the remaining Six Arms are and their scout reports they are holding a woman hostage. The best solution is to escape but since Climb spots Sebas, they agree to work together. Sebas will go through the front and draw their attention while the rest sneak in to rescue Tuare. Sebas meets with only 4 of the Six Arms and notes Zero is missing. As usual, baddies talk big and before they could get on with the action, Sebas decapitates and punches off their heads!!! OMFG!!! So fast???!!! I don’t know whether to be disappointed or awed. Solution reports that Zero is not around. Meanwhile after Mare forcefully takes away a woman who is the master of the mansion, Entoma finishes things up. However Gagaran attacks her thinking she is one of the beasts of Six Arms. Of course she is no match for bug master and would have been done for had not Tia come to her aid. Even she is not enough to scratch her. Until Evileye comes to their rescue, they have a fighting chance. Evileye is more powerful than Entoma. Why? Because she has a magic which in layman terms is insecticide!!! Not kidding! If you want to see what is behind that face of hers, be prepared to see Entoma’s true bug form. With their combined attacks, Entoma finally falls. But they won’t get to finish her off since Demiurge is here to continue on her behalf. Evileye knows he is bad news and wants her comrades to run while she buys enough time to stall him. But Demiurge cuts off all escape routes and Evileye is forced to face him head on in a losing magic battle. So who is going to interrupt their fight now? It’s Ains (as Momon the adventurer).

Episode 12
Evileye immediately seeks Ains’ help although she didn’t think he would accept so quickly. Ains interrogates Demiurge of his intention before they begin their fight. So epic that Evileye is moved. Hey. Isn’t she falling for Ains?! After Climb and Brain secure Tuare, they are confronted with Zero. Brain will take on him and wants Climb to take care of the enemy behind. He knows this Tuare is fake due to the movements made and is Succulent in disguise. With the help of Brain’s friend, Climb defeats him by kicking his balls! Ouch! Zero gets serious with Brain but before that can happen, here comes Sebas. Don’t worry. The real Tuare is with him. Zero cannot believe he is unscathed after facing the other Six Arms. Yeah, he should have seen it. Zero might call all his animal power to punch him but nothing happens. You believe now? Just one high kick on his head is enough for Sebas to knock Zero out. Ains’ battle with Demiurge ends as the latter is here to get some item and warns he will burn half the capital down. He flees but Ains doesn’t pursue him as Evileye suggests seeing he might fight seriously. Ains and Narberal talk to Evileye and almost lose their cool when they hear her taking down Entoma. However they cool down after hearing Demiurge’s appearance prevented her death. Ains offers to carry Evileye’s dead comrades but she declines. She mentions Lakyus has this resurrection power but uses a lot of life force that lower ones will be reduced to ash. Ains would like to talk to Lakyus and this has Evileye on alert. A fire wall engulfs half of the capital. Lakyus has tested it to be just an illusion however behind it are demons from Demiurge. Renner formulates her plan to deal with this menace. Everyone is sceptical about their victory chances as Evileye explains Demiurge’s might that she herself cannot defeat and took the life of Gagaran and Tia in just a blow. But don’t worry. We have Ains on our side! Yeah, victory almost assured. In the aftermath, we see Zanac and Raevan going through Renner’s plan. It is a risky one that may cost Climb’s life. If this happens (which she is hoping for), she will have Lakyus cast her resurrection spell on him. Because he will be weak like a zombie, who else will be there to take responsibility and care? Especially one who ordered him to his death. Sneaky… And there’s that evil face she’s making! Creepy…

Episode 13
You know, they should just send Ains as a one-man army to kill all the demons but apparently he has to go fight the big bad boss and thus Lakyus and the soldiers will handle them. They get more boost when Gazef joins them and for some reason, Gagaran and Tia are resurrected to fight alongside. So while Ains goes off to fight Demiurge, he leaves Narberal and Evileye to fight the Pleiades maids. Meanwhile Brain senses Shalltear as he faces his fears to confront her (although she is wearing a mask). She doesn’t remember an insignificant human like him so he prepares to fight her. He only manages to scratch off a puny fingernail but this makes him happy! It’s like he achieved the most minimal of achievement and is so glad his sword life wasn’t a waste. Wow. Did he set his standards low? He might be a madman but that beats being a coward. In a secure spot, Ains talks to Demiurge about his plan. It seems he has 4 merits for this (none of which Ains knows). First, they are claiming materials in the storehouses so they don’t have to worry about funding for a while. Second, this covers up their part to strike Eight Fingers as per his instruction. Part of this has him needing to look for some item. It’s some statue that summons a great number of demons. Ains gives him a replica made by his friend and should work equally well. This charity delights Demiurge as he further pledges his loyalty. Third, humans behind the wall of fire have been transported to Nazarick in which he has plans to put them to good use. Fourth, he will pin all this evilness on his evil alter ego to enhance Ains’ reputation.

Narberal isn’t fighting with the other maids and is hiding and watching with them as Evileye takes on Yuri and CZ2128. So when it is cue for Ains to come back and defeat Demiurge, get back to your roles. More epic showdown to show how much the duo are powerhouse as Demiurge becomes a bundle of flames but Ains defrosts it all with Frost Pain (I guess we mustn’t forget where this came from). Demiurge calls this a draw and withdraws. Look at Evileye so happy that Ains won. He announces victory to rally the humans. Ains part ways with Blue Rose and returns to E-Rantel. Since Blue Rose has a few adamantite class warriors, he hopes to seek their help next time. Evileye unmasks herself for the first time. Doesn’t she look like Shalltear? Aura and Mare seem to have subjugated Eight Fingers under their command. Blue Rose drink together as they tease Evileye being rejected by Ains. They bring up the topic that she has teleportation ability and could have teleported herself to E-Rantel. Evileye regrets not having thought so. Tuare is officially a maid of Nazarick. Lastly, an evil young king and his old mage advisor are interested in getting more information about Ains and Momon.

Poser Lord
If the ‘ending’ feels somewhat unsatisfying and thus before jumping to conclusions that this season is disappointing, please note that there is a third season coming soon! Damn they should have just continued this and making it 2 cours instead of taking a season’s break. Maybe by the grace of our great overlord that he is giving us time to catch our breath while we wait for the next instalment? All hail Ains Ooal Gown then! It is with mixed feelings that I have after watching this sequel. Although it is still great, but it is not as great as the first season. Hence, could I consider this a disappointment since I had put my hopes and expectations so high up for the sequel? Perhaps in a way. Firstly, there were too many new characters spammed and introduced in the first episode itself. Heck, I think some of them are not heard from after that. Because it feels like they just want to plant the seeds for future plots and stories and hence such characters are introduced via their cameo. They have no screen time and role in this season whatsoever. Therefore it feels wasted for them to just appear and then conveniently forgotten as the season presses on. Those characters feel unnecessary now and more questions are raised than answered. But like I said, it is for future plots as I believe this series is rich in its characters as well as its story so this could be just a long-sighted plan of the overall story.

The other thing is the plot and mini arc of this season. When it first starts off with the subjugation of the lizardmen, it feels like I was watching a whole different series. I mean, I thought I was watching the wrong anime. At one point I thought it was worthy of having its own spin-off. Then those lizard guys are quickly forgotten and we move on to the next arc that is a tri-part of Sebastian-gets-a-maid + Brain-redeems-himself + Climb-making-a-name-for-himself. I suppose those becomes the main characters in focus because I felt that Ains was lacking in both these mini arcs. Except the action parts, I noticed that scenes that do not involve Ains are quite boring. Perhaps this is the reason why I figured this season wasn’t as good. It goes to show that Ains is the greatest factor that makes this series interesting!

Speaking of the characters, I guess one of the problems about having a short series with too many characters is that some of them lack the necessary screen time. Adding more new ones adds to this problem. So for the old ones especially the guardians of Nazarick like Albedo and Shalltear, they do make their little appearances but they have no roles of significance whatsoever in this season. So we have more of Cocytus and to an extent Demiurge in place of them. I don’t even know why Shalltear had to appear in the final episode. She doesn’t seem integral to the plan except to help redeem Brain’s pride. That is all. It is good that Victim is introduced but this little brain blob doesn’t do much too. Just to show us that here is another guardian, hope you’re satisfied. I believe Gargantua also appeared once (throwing that ice block for Ains’ grand audience with the lizardmen) but that is about it. Yeah, I almost forgot about that hamster pet… Doesn’t even matter this season. Last season, the Pleiades maids didn’t make much of an impact and it feels the same here too (last episode small action scenes don’t really make up for it). Narberal was missing for most of this season and we have got more on Solution (although she was more of assisting than doing anything else) as well as throwing in bug maid Entoma in the last arc of the season. It was really weird to see Sebas getting into a weird romance with a human maid and I thought he would be going for the betrayal kill. Maybe it is too early to call. Just like my suspicions on Demiurge and that comical penguin.

Unless Ains has his own inner thoughts monologue, it seems to be like a forgotten thing that everything that has happened so far is because of a game bug. It feels less and less like he is stuck in a game and that this virtual game was actually a real thing all along. It feels like as though that when there are parts like these, it is just a subtle hint to remind us that this could be a game. Or not. Ains is still a great overlord and all but I feel that he makes lesser of an appearance this sequel. Namely because as I have pointed out, too many characters. Not even the main character gets spared from reduced screen time. Also, he feels like a different person altogether whenever he dons his armour and plays that Momon adventure persona instead of his evil skeleton in an oversized robe that we are more accustomed with. In that sense, that is why it feels Ains doesn’t appear much. But for a great overlord like him, not having much screen time does not translate into not having great influence as you can see he still makes his marks around the land. His name is now ringing throughout the land far and wide. With that comes more allies and more enemies.

Outside the Nazarick tomb, we have Renner who is more than meets the eye because she might look like a fairly decent princess but is twisted and rotten to the core when it comes to Climb. She could be the true antagonist and main boss at the end. Brain restores the pride of his character by helping Climb out a lot. Climb feels so much like a greenhorn that he could have been killed in all situations had he not had some sort of assistance. Yeah, thank goodness for Sebas, Climb and to a certain degree, Gazef. One of the most disappointing characters are those in the Eight Fingers organization. Last season we have Slane Theocracy as the antagonists. After getting their asses kicked by awesome Ains, I guess they need to have time to recover. In place of this season’s baddies, we have the late introduction of Eight Fingers and their Six Finger security. For the latter, they are a bunch of disappointment seeing they all went out so fast and easily to Sebas. I know it is to show the superb might of that old guy and I don’t expect all the combined fights to last an episode. But having their brains splattered in just a second after being introduced over how fearsome they are, it’s like there will be no more antagonists to fear about in this series as long as Ains is around. Yeah, that guy is also a lady killer and might be accumulating his harem outside his Nazarick tomb. Crusch and Evileye anyone? More rivalries for Albedo and Shalltear is the last thing they need. And with Eight Fingers now under their thumb (bad pun intended), this must be one of the fastest introduction and fall of a group of main antagonists. Considering who they were up against with, I suppose it reflects just how awesome the Nazarick team is. So okay, your quick demise is acceptable.

The action parts are still entertaining like the lizardmen’s futile fight against Cocytus. It was exciting as well as it was tragic. Sebas’ single punch to kill the enemy now reminds me of One Punch Man. Yeah, he shall now be nicknamed as One Punch Old Man. Haha. Sometimes I am in a dilemma as to call this awesome trump card move as cheap because it is no doubt he isn’t what he seems to be, I thought that Ains is the only one who should wield such absolute power. I mean, his subordinates too should have some sort of awesome power that makes them stand above the rest but this single punch of his is too much. It is like he could rival Ains if ever the plot calls for him to betray. And lastly, all those magic spells, sounds like a load of bull but still fun to watch because of the special effects. Not a masterpiece but still enjoyable.

Art and drawing remains consistent as the first season. With new characters come with some pretty decent designs and some are pretty outrageous. For the latter one, let me just say that I don’t know if Victim was designed lazily or they wanted to make it look like some sort of horror thingy and send shiver down your spines. However this flying brain blob also has this kawaii looks and in a way it makes it creepy in its own way. Remember last season we had that crazy killer b*tch, Clementine? Yeah, her hairstyle reminded me of He-man. Heck, I thought Ains was supposed to be a rip-off of Skeletor. This season Clementine didn’t come back from the dead but looks like we are forced to remember more of He-man in the form of Gagaran. Yup, I thought she was a man but is one of those muscle bound ladies. It felt like He-man turned into a tranny… Is it me but doesn’t Zanac look like an evil version of 3-gatsu No Lion’s Harunobu? Must be just me because chubby characters look the same. And finally a decent maid outfit, Tuare! Sebas was right to keep her!

As last season’s casts are retained, a heap more join the line-up. The recognizable ones include Yukari Tamura as Zesshi, Nao Touyama as Victim, Ami Koshimizu as Lakyus, Nobuyuki Hiyama as Éclair and Yuko Goto making a surprise as Bukubukuchagama. Other new casts are Hirouki Touchi as Zaryusu (Pantherlily in Fairy Tail), Naomi Kusumi as Shasuryu (Tadakatsu Honda in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), Kouji Ishii as Zenberu (Garterbelt in Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt), Sora Amamiya as Crusch (titular character in Akame Ga Kill), Ryota Ohsaka as Climb (Marco in Shingeki No Kyojin), Kiyono Yasuno as Renner (Megumi in Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata), Yu Shimamura as Tuare (Annie in Shingeki No Kyojin), Yumiri Hanamori as Evileye (Zero in Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho), Kimiko Saitou as Gagaran (Chieko in Kuragehime), Shizuka Ishigami as Tia (Mito in Shokugeki No Souma), Rintarou Nishi as Zero (Jason in Tokyo Ghoul), Atsushi Imaruoka as Succulent (Rudolf in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure), Kouji Fujiyoshi as Zanac and Takuya Kirimoto as Raevan (Cracker in One Piece).

OxT who sang last season’s opener does the honours again this season. However, Go Cry Go isn’t as epic as Clattanoia although it tries to sound as close as it can for that hard rock crazy epic that suits the series as well to go with Ains’ greatness. This song isn’t bad in its own right but I can’t help compare it to the latter always and each time I do so, I end up preferring to hum to Clattanoia’s tune instead. MYTH&ROID is also retained to do the ending theme as they did for the first season. However Hydra is a far cry from L.L.L. It ditches that devilishly cheeky hard rock beat for some slow dramatic rock. Not to say it is much worse but personally it didn’t attract me that much. Because I keep thinking this song reflects Albedo’s one-sided feelings for Ains.

Overall, this season is still exciting enough and though like I said it did not live up to the expectations as in the first season, it did not dip in its quality or worth drastically. Just a little bit of dent and setback that doesn’t affect the overall greatness of the series. Too many characters, some getting the decent spotlight while others take a backseat for now and the action is nonetheless a great watch. It is still an epic and interesting series and I’m glad there will be another season to carry on this legacy. Yeah, otherwise my disappointment level would be higher. Like as though they read my mind and would appease my raging soul with the simple fact of announcing another season. I guess that is why simpletons like me ought to be under the rule of Ains and forever be in awe of his supreme legacy even though we hear his inner thoughts it might be just fluke sometimes. All hail the great Ains Ooal Gown! Perhaps third time’s the charm?

Killing Bites

June 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered if you matched up certain animals with certain animals, who would be the victor? I’m sure there was kiddie card video game, Animal Kaiser but I didn’t play that one so I wouldn’t know. Instead, we have Killing Bites. No, we won’t be so cruel so as to use real animals to fight each other in a death caged arena. Instead, we have genetically engineered humans with the ability to transform part of their bodies into certain animals as they duke it out to be the ultimate king of the beasts. Because it is not the strongest or the fastest who wins but the one with the sharpest fangs.

Episode 1
Yuuya Nomoto thought he would be picking up girls with his friends. Unfortunately he didn’t read between the lines because they snatch a high school girl into their van and start raping her! Nomoto is shocked from this development but before he knows it, the girl, Hitomi Uzaki is all fine and his friends are all dead! Forcing him to drive to a junkyard, he is further sickened to see dead bodies everywhere. He tries to escape but bumps into Yugo Tani. He explains about Therianthropes, humans infused with supernatural powers of animals. Leo feels insulted when he thinks Nomoto doesn’t believe it all and transforms into his Therianthrope lion form, Brute Leo. Hitomi saves his ass and wants to use Nomoto as a bet. As in money? No, his body. Organs, that is. It will fetch a high price in the black market. Hitomi transforms into her Therianthrope form, Brute Ratel. Hence begins Killing Bites, bloody matches between Therianthropes. Nomoto is stunned as he see both beasts lunging at full power at each other. In the end, it is Ratel who against all odds wins. Something about her animal ratel (mongoose + skunk?) being the least fearful animal in the world. In the aftermath, Nomoto wakes up in his room. All a dream? Not if Hitomi is sleeping next to you. Apparently last night after the match, he is so grateful she won (because he gets to live) and was even concerned with her bruises (because no high school girl should be this injured?). She got a call from her guardian, Reiichi Shidou to let him take her in so that’s how she ended up sleeping here.

At the café, Shidou makes his appearance. We see Hitomi obviously smitten with him. Before Nomoto could explain himself, Shidou knows all about him. Every detail. He explains about genetic enhancements that allowed the development of Therianthropes. So what is the purpose of all this? A secret proxy war has been held among large corporations of the past known as Zaibatsu. The big 4 are Mitsukado, Yatsubishi, Sumitomo and Ishida. They use Killing Bites to fight for representation and as a form of illegal gambling. Shidou is the director and organizer of Killing Bites and his job is to make things go smoothly. This means making his friends’ death look like a car accident. Shidou assigns Hitomi to be Nomoto’s bodyguard seeing his is Ratel’s sole investor. Lose him, lose your rights to participate in Killing Bites. Oh, Nomoto got paid a 100 million yen for that. Shidou’s secretary, Mai Shinozaki wonder if this was necessary as they could save the money and just arrest him. But Shidou thinks Nomoto has something that Hitomi lacks. She’ll need it because the next Killing Bites will get messy. Nomoto becomes Hitomi’s gopher boy. Out on some errand, he is stopped by a flasher. A hot babe! Take a look at her tits! I mean, no straight men would say no, right?! But he has to pay the price as he gets pierced by her spike. She wants him to tell all about Ratel but no need to go through any third party because Ratel is here. Ask her yourself.

Episode 2
Letting Nomoto out was just a ploy to use him as bait. Hitomi fights Ryoko Araka AKA Brute Rowdy. Her porcupine spikes seem formidable and Rowdy thought she had killed her with them. Well, she’s very much alive. Some brief lesson how a ratel’s skin is like a natural armour. Ratel rebounds and wins and could have killed her had not Nomoto stopped her. Don’t want any murders near his home. Rowdy is willing to sacrifice herself to kill Ratel but is knocked aside by Ichinosuke Okajima AKA Brute Hippopotamus. He looks like he wants to pick a fight with Ratel but then he begs her to help his faction. In Nomoto’s room, Okajima explains he is from Ichida faction (Rowdy is from Yatsubishi) and he hopes she will join them. Instant rejection. Hitomi believes she is the strongest and doesn’t need allies. Okajima tries to warn her about not only relying on her skills but this makes her mad and ready to fight. Till a well-timed message from Shidou telling her to join them did she agree with no hesitation. Although Hitomi will not officially join them, this is just temporary help so she can enter the next Killing Bites under the Ishida’s banner. Nomoto’s life has just gotten weirder since Hitomi will be going to his college. Well, she is his bodyguard. So you bet his nerdy friend, Moriyama is going bonkers seeing a super kawaii girl with him. As Hitomi is taking a dump, Eruza Nakanishi of Yatsubishi peeps on her and steals her panties! She makes Ratel chase her all the way out of the campus as Ratel wonders about Eruza who isn’t in her beast form but yet can run and evade so fast. In the forest, Eruza transforms into her cheetah form and pins down Ratel. She tries to finish her off but is impressed when Ratel fights back instead of evade. Before they could get it on, they are stopped by Mitsukado’s guys, Shota Yabe AKA Brute Gorilla and Jerome Hongou AKA Brute Bear. He reminds them that all factions want a piece of Ratel and since Ishida hired her to enter Killing Bites Destroyal tournament, all fights between participants are forbidden under the pact. A couple of Sumitomo Brutes are watching Ratel. They note they have assassination orders on her. One of them wants to have fun with her but is reminded by the other there will be competition. All factions are targeting her and Destroyal will be a contest for Ratel.

Episode 3
Nomoto surrounded by hot girls. They sound like they’re arguing over him. No wonder his loser otaku friends are mad. Because of that, they force him to make them maid outfits. Hitomi didn’t want to but Eruza didn’t hesitate. She teaches Hitomi how to do isolated transformation, partial transformation of some of her beast form so it doesn’t use up much energy. With all the otaku losers cheering on the hot maids, Hitomi loves the feeling of being praised and poses more for them. A win-win situation. When Nomoto goes home, he is shocked to see Leo here. But it is his master, Yoko, the granddaughter of Yozan, Mitsukado’s patriarch, who is here to talk to him. She wants him to withdraw from Destroyal. It seems there is a change in the tournament’s format. Instead of one-on-one, it will now be a battle royale. This could mean certain death for losers. It is believed Shidou had a hand in this as he views Killing Bites as an experiment ground. Yoko informs him that he is also a participant. Brutes are like chess pieces and the financier (him in this case) is the player who moves them. Is he willing to participate in a game that puts her life on the line? Well, he thinks of asking Hitomi’s permission… Otherwise she’ll kill him for deciding alone! Likewise, Eruza is explaining this to Hitomi and wants her to pick a stronger financier. But Hitomi is sticking with Nomoto. Despite being weak, he can sniff out the strong and this means he cannot go against her. She can do anything she wants. Bully.

Yoko is shocked with Nomoto’s decision and decides to enter Destroyal to defeat Ratel. Yozan agrees and will use Destroyal to test Shidou’s worth. When Hitomi comes back and before Nomoto could open his mouth, she says they’ll be entering. Okajima notes that Destroyal is also a team match. Three per team is needed. However it is tough looking for the third Ishida participant since many refuse to enter. Like as though some force behind it is forcing them not to participate. He decides to go one who is not affiliated with Ishida. Herald bunny girl, Ui Inaba AKA Brute Rabbit. Can timid and shy girl do the job? With her being so scared, prospects aren’t looking good. Hitomi takes over. Threats! Made it worse. Now she is totally scared. Nomoto’s turn. Nice encouraging words. Only, some assassin interrupts them. Akemi Kishimoto AKA Brute Horned Lizard of Sumitomo shoots blood from her eyes as laser! Scared Ui runs away. Could have been done for if not for Ratel saving the day. Thinking back Nomoto’s words, Ui gets the courage to help as uses her strong hearing skills to sniff out a hidden opponent and tell Ratel her whereabouts. She is able to defeat both horned lizard sisters but not kill them (because Shidou praised her for doing the right thing with Rowdy). She lets them go and wants to spread the word Ui kicked their asses or she will report to Shidou that they broke the pact rules before Destroyal. With Ui buoyed with her first ever win, she gets confident enough that she can do it and will enter Destroyal under Ishida’s ticket. Now Hitomi will train Nomoto for Destroyal. Hope he won’t get destroyed by her first.

Episode 4
Looks like everyone is having a luxurious party before the fight. Taiga Nakanishi, Eruza’s older brother is not happy that Leo will not be fighting in Destroyal due to his injury from Ratel. Because of that, he views Destroyal as too easy a win for him. Counting his chickens? He thinks he is enough to take everyone by himself so Eruza seeks his ‘permission’ to fight Hitomi. Shidou relays the rules. The battleground will be Hotei Island near Philippines. The island will be divided into grids in which players will give commands to their Brutes on where to move. When Brutes enter the same grid, they will fight. The only rule for victory is if the others are killed or incapacitated. The last ones standing win. Each Brutes will have a communicator in which commands are to be relayed. If they take it off or break other rules, it will explode. Players begin rolling the dice to see how many squares their Brutes can move. Yoko mocks Nomoto if he knows the terrain well because if he doesn’t, he will send his Brutes to their deaths. Many are mocking Nomoto as an amateur. But when it is his turn, he moves Ratel into the most coveted position on the island where it is a bird’s eyes view of the entire island. They realize it is Ratel who is giving him the orders to move. The player being played? Works for them. Ratel will face Bear in Destroyal’s first fight. Bear is confident in taking her down as Leo previously advised him how Ratel will purposely get beaten up just to access your strength. Use that against her. When the fight begins, Bear goes down in one strike! Apparently Ratel still remembers the force during her first encounter with Bear. Everyone is left in shock with Bear’s defeat. Yoko getting even more upset to beat this college amateur. Meanwhile there will be a 4 way fight from all Zaibatsu. It seems there is a secret pact to take down Yatsubishi’s Taiga. But Taiga relishes using Okajima, Gorilla and Sumitomo’s Ryuji Shiina AKA Brute Crocodile to sharpen his claws.

Episode 5
Crocodile only wants to fight Taiga alone. He gets owned. Gorilla tries to intervene but he too gets taken out. Meanwhile at another spot, Eruza is facing off with Sumitomo’s Kaede Kazama AKA Brute Gecko and Den Onuma AKA Brute Cobra. Too bad she got owned and after Gecko beats the hell out of her, it is Cobra’s turn to rape her. I guess a single tail is enough to be considered tentacle rape. Taiga is about to face off with Okajima when he gets orders to move and lend Eruza a hand. However Crocodile bites his leg and immobilizes him. If Taiga doesn’t move accordingly, his communicator will explode. Before Eruza gets raped, Hitomi takes out Cobra. Hitomi to the rescue and it looks like Nomoto couldn’t stand Eruza being ganged up seeing both girls are somewhat friends. When other players hear this reason, they start laughing and mocking him. Except Yoko. She’s so mad that she warns she will kill him if he desecrates Killing Bites any further. What’s this? Hitomi getting owned by Gecko?! It seems she cannot escape her grip as Hitomi specializes in mid-range combat and not close quarters. At this point, I suppose all participants have wised up in learning Hitomi’s traits and skills. Cobra is looking forward to continue raping Eruza but gets slashed by her in the face. This sets up a tag team match of Hitomi-Eruza versus the Sumitomo duo.

Episode 6
Cobra turns into his true cobra form. Uhm, do cobras have arms? Meanwhile Taiga is going to take Crocodile down with him. Crocodile is resolved to do just that and not let go. However Okajima tackles them. Freed Taiga is able to move to the required spot and avoid death. Okajima lectures about Killing Bites isn’t a suicide show despite having no rules and real animals value their own lives. Flashback shows Okajima grateful to Seira Tou for saving his life. She is the wife of some bank managing director and is now his financier. He is willing to lay down his life to give her victory but that will not do for her. As they have invested a lot in Therianthrope surgery, they can’t have them wasting their valuable lives like that. Crocodile is now mad at Okajima and is going to kill him. It seems all his wounds are healing and in no time he will be back up to his usual strength. Cobra thinks he has paralyzed Ratel with his mist of toxic venom. He is going to rape her and is that a giant cobra’s dick we see?! Two of them?! Too bad he got them slashed and ripped when Ratel recovers. She wasn’t pretending to be paralyzed but something about her ability to recover from a cobra’s venom. Then she tears Cobra apart. Eruza seems to be having a hard time with Gecko but in the end the cheetah doesn’t feel any pain from all that high speed pounding. I know cheetahs are fast but that doesn’t mean they are immune to super speed beat ups. Are they? I guess Ratel got bored and decides to see if Eruza needs help.

Episode 7
Before Crocodile could kill Okajima, Takeshi Kido enters the ring (his financier is Yoko). Gorilla warns Crocodile about destroying the environment because Kido is an environmentalist and evil doers will face his wrath. Crocodile doesn’t listen and attacks. But his whipping tail cannot penetrate his hard skin. When he decides to bite his head off, Kido punches a hole in his head! Even when dead, Kido keeps pounding him to a pulp! Hoping his crushed body would be fertilizers for the fallen tree? Gorilla turns to attack Okajima but the latter suddenly disappears. If you’ve been wondering why Ui has not been in action and digging holes, this is probably it. The labyrinth of underground tunnels Ui dug is what saved Okajima. Not sure about Ui’s bright idea to stall the enemies while he recovers. Because rabbit versus gorilla? Looks like she is going to get f*cked. Gecko retreats after getting orders to move. Eruza and Ratel now fight each other. Eruza is dominant and when she gets on top of Ratel, suddenly… THEY START MAKING OUT???!!! WTF???!!! AM I WATCHING THE RIGHT SHOW?! No kidding, they’re really doing it! Hot girls sex, check. Lesbian sex, check. Furry sex, check. Yeah, all the guys love it. Turns out that Kari Rikujo AKA Brute Civet has been unleashing love pheromones. Gecko has the misfortune to encounter Taiga. She thinks she has the advantage if she transforms but before she can do that, Taiga kills her! With that, Sumitomo is out of the game. We return to our regular hot girl lesbian furry sex. Until Yoko puts her feet down and warns to continue the game. Wow. Everybody respects her to move on? We hear her narration that her goal in winning Destroyal is so that she could get back her grandpa’s heart whom she believed has been trapped by Shidou. He is now obsessed with this Killing Bites thing ever since and her wish is to return him to the kind grandpa she once knew. When Eruza wants Ratel to come with her (or is it cum?), Ratel believes she heard that word before. Oh, Shidou said it to her. Immediately she snaps out because she realizes that is the person whom she wants to come with (or is it cum?). She attacks Civet but she evades long enough till Taiga drops into the scene.

Episode 8
In a VIP room, the bosses of the Zaibatsu are discussing the stakes of Destroyal. Whoever wins it will take all the rights to the Theriomorphosis industry and related businesses. On the surface it might look like some gene research thingy on crops but in reality it would legalize the surgery for Therianthropes. However the biggest winner of Destroyal would be none from any of the Zaibatsu but Shidou and his administration as their department has all the power and technology in this area. Ui continues to run like hell from Gorilla. Yeah, it would look bad if she was to be raped with those gigantic hands. In his bid to catch up to her, he smashes down all the trees to block all the burrowed holes. However this incurs Kido’s wrath. Oops. Don’t bully nature. Gorilla panics and thinks of knocking him out and run. But whatever he throws at him, nothing happens. In one fell swoop, Kido cuts him in half! Did Mitsukado just take out one of its own? Not that Yoko cares anyway. Thank goodness Kido is ordered to move or Ui would have been dead rabbit meat. We return to Ratel and Taiga’s power fight. Cobra is barely alive. At least his top half. He tries to intervene but fails. Ratel forces the camera crew to send him to hospital and patch him up. Saving him? But what if he comes back to kill you? Then she’ll just kill him again. WTF. You failed to kill him the first time, right? Anyway, Taiga agrees seeing sparing the life is the privilege of the strong. Flashback shows Taiga and Leo had a very hot rivalry. Yeah, it looked like they came from delinquent schools from very bad parts of town. Obviously Leo was strongly and he did not even have to fight Taiga. He even gave him a chance to become strong so that he will acknowledge him as a worthy opponent. Therefore Taiga will never acknowledge Ratel’s fluke win over Leo as he will only respond with his full strength to those he acknowledges. Cue for cliché hint that he is the only one who can defeat Leo. Taiga gets serious in using his speed and strength to take out Ratel in a single blow. She manages to dodge the lethal blow and survive. Come at her again, bro.

Episode 9
The reason why we have to hear Nomoto narrate his drifting and boring life is so that this should play some ‘important’ part in today’s episode. Get on with Destroyal already. Ratel takes another hit from Taiga and still survives. It seems she is trying to estimate his attacks and she is confident she has analysed them. Taiga now acknowledges her skill and strength and to respect that, his next ultimate move will kill her in one blow. Before it begins, Ui interrupts to warn about Kido. Then she sees how fierce Taiga is and runs like hell, only to be incapacitated by Civet’s pheromones. Bunny wants to f*ck? Everybody especially Yoko is blaming and accusing Nomoto will be responsible for Ratels’ death. It makes him panic at first and questioning what he is doing here in the first place. Don’t worry. He’ll find the answer soon. He realizes his life changed because of her and she has saved him many times. So when it is his turn to move, he has Ratel stay at her spot. He will take responsibility for his decision. He might sound so cool and all but Yoko is not buying it and just mocks he won’t regret it (she thinks he will) and cry later. Taiga and Ratel leap into action only to be interrupted again. It’s Kido. Ratel is temporarily knocked out by his armoured tail. It seems all this is calculated by Yoko. In hopes of defeating Taiga, she used Ratel to keep him company here. Also, this open spot means Kido will be able to focus on fighting instead of protecting the trees. Flashback sees how Yoko got him under her wing. She told him Shidou’s experiments harmed nature and the result of this was the creation of Ratel. Hence he agreed to follow his calling to return this abomination to nature and protect the natural order. Ui escapes from Civet’s grasp by luring her into an endless pit and then burying it! Don’t think rabbits are stupid and good for multiplying. Ratel is pounded by Kido. Before she is done in, Taiga returns the favour of secretly ambushing him. Taiga goes on the offensive but none of his claws could dent his armour all over his body. It is revealed that Kido is Brute Pangolin. Man, in his true form he looks like some badass armoured god or something.

Episode 10
Kido balls up into a defensive position. Taiga keeps hitting it until he thinks there is an opening. But it is a trap to grab his hand and tear it off! Before he gets owned, Okajima jumps into the fray. Although he could match Kido’s strength, his skin isn’t as hard and gets stabbed. This allows Taiga to revive and tear off Kido’s right eye! But in exchange he too gets stabbed. With that, Yoko jumps the gun to brag how superior Mitsukado is and everyone is second rate. Counting her chickens? Eruza intends to fight Kido. I mean, even if she is faster can she stand a chance? No need for that because Ratel revives in time. But she has evolved into her true form! Shidou narrates she is an Origin beast. Unlike other Therianthropes who undergo surgery, she is born with its natural DNA. We interrupt this programme to bring you Shidou’s flashback 7 years ago in Hong Kong. There was some wild animal kid whose real origins are unknown, kept stealing food from the locals. Shidou knew she is an Origin and tried to lure her with food. Lots of them. It sure took a lot of scratching and beating up before he could get close to her. Even so, she maintained her distance. As she is capable of human emotions and understanding, he calls her Hitomi as he could see all that in her eye. Apparently on the night Hitomi could say his name for the first time, Shidou’s colleague has had enough of him playing daddy and fires a tranquilizer at her. Though she runs, she soon collapses. Bad news, she collapsed at the local mafia’s place and she has been stealing a lot from them. When Shidou finds her, he tries to negotiate but gets beaten up. Hitomi sees Shidou getting beaten up as he shields her. I’m not sure if those punks are speaking Chinese because their accent sound so thick and foreign like Russian. Anyway, Shidou could have been done for had not Shinozaki kung fu kick her way to save them. It was then Hitomi started to click with Shidou and went from being an animal to human. Noting she won’t survive if she abandons her animal instincts, he needs her to sharpen her fangs at Destroyal. Ratel is faster than the naked eye and could knock Kido off his feet. She is ecstatic he is tough, sturdy and not break easily so she could toy with him even more. Did the real monster just awaken?

Episode 11
Ratel is like having fun fighting Kido. When she deals him a painful blow, he curls up into a defensive position. Ratel kicks him like a football. Kido realizes he has destroyed a few trees. Flashback shows his mom somewhat left the family and left him a pot of plants as her substitute to take care in place of her. Kido did that but his drunk dad destroyed it while claiming mom was a slut, etc. In his rage, he killed his father. This means it is Kido’s turn to evolve into another super pangolin. Anybody who bullies his mama will die! His scales are sharper and now he is destroying trees without regards in his attempt to kill Ratel. He manages to cut off an arm of her, causing immense pain. However she will not give in to death so she throws her arm into his head as distraction and then jumps up closely to his face. Her gentle smile reminds Kido of his mom. He lets his guard down and Ratel thrusts her arm through his face! Yoko is left furious and embarrassed since she counted her chickens. Ratel collapses from exhaustion but has a happy look on her face. However Kido gets up! Is he a zombie now since his brains are all smashed?! That is when Eruza slices his throat. That’s the end of him for good. Second time Yoko going berserk in the span of seconds. Eruza will spare Ratel’s life as respect for taking on Kido. But now she is off to face Ui who really thinks she is going to get f*cked. There is no way a rabbit could beat or outrun a cheetah, right? She runs as fast but Eruza is on her tail. But Ui slips on a rock and accidentally does a somersault kick into Eruza’s chin, knocking her out. OMG! Ui as the last Brute standing wins Destroyal???!!! WTF???!!! The one who hardly did any fighting or gets her paws dirty won???!!! No wonder everybody is in shock. No wonder Yoko has gone crazy. With the win, the Zaibatsu bosses are now discussing things but the Ishida boss becomes cocky since he is the winner. Sumitomo boss believes Yatsubishi and Ishida colluded with each other since they had better board positions and dice rolls. But the outcome is the outcome. Suddenly all electricity is cut off. Nomoto is worried about Hitomi. On the island, it seems all camera crew are mercilessly killed by… Chameleon people???!!! They plan to kill off all surviving Brutes and officially there will be no winners of Destroyal. Everything will be lost in the shadows and only they will know the truths.

Episode 12
Ui’s sharp hearing has her evade the chameleon’s tongue lash. Lucky for her, Ratel is still able to fight and kill a couple of them although she is back to collapsing. Before the remaining chameleons could finish them off, Shinozaki kills all of them. She is here to interview Ui as the winner. You shocked, sister? Meanwhile Shidou confronts Sumitomo’s boss and knows those chameleons are his stealth assassins. He does not hesitate to admit he did this to nullify the results and make use of this ensuing chaos. Just as his secretary is about to transform and kill off everyone, Leo kills him. Shidou also points out Yozan is also another one who committed a sin. Because he controls Japan’s economy, instead of using the Theriomorphosis technology to benefit everyone, he used it to benefit only himself and his Zaibatsu. Before Yozan could rebel, Leo kills him! Oh sh*t! Yoko wonders how she will face grandpa when she sees his bloody corpse. Shidou says he died of a heart attack. Of course she is not blind and knows he is killed. So they admit about some their plan of theirs and killing him is the best way to minimise casualties. Yoko orders Leo to kill them all but he will not listen. Leo only serves himself. She is left in shock as Leo deals the final blow to her. How does it feel to use others as pawns and now she is being used as one? In order to force her into his submission, he rapes her! OMFG!!!

Life returns to normal for Nomoto. It has been 2 weeks Hitomi and Okajima left. Quiet days are here. He has a few suitcases of money that prove Destroyal happened but he is too afraid of opening them. Out of the blue, he gets a call from Hitomi to meet. At the junkyard, he is glad to see her recovering. Looks like they patched her arm back too. He starts off first by thanking her for everything. He now understands what it means to have the sharpest fangs. It is not to run but to stand and fight and the fangs represent the will to fight. Hitomi is embarrassed because it sounded like he was confessing to her. Now it’s her turn to thank him for sticking with her till the end. And just when you think the mood is getting good between them, SHE SLASHES HIM!!! OMFG!!! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!!! SHE REALLY KILLED HIM!!! It seems it was orders from Shidou. He told her his existence would be a nuisance. She leaves and as proof she did have some sort of feelings for him (even if it is not of the romantic kind), she sheds a few tears. We now have a time skip in which there is an entirely new district, an artificial island on Tokyo Bay specially built for Therianthropes. There is an arena in the middle of it for Killing Bites. We see a bunch of new Therianthrope hopefuls as the next tournament is around the corner. Hey wait. Is that guy at the end, Nomoto?!

Bloody Roar: Beast Wars!
I have to admit that I actually enjoyed watching this series. Yes it was fun. Fun enough that I thought having a dozen episodes was too short and it should have 2 cours! Yeah… Perhaps it was my initial scepticism that made me have very low expectations of this series. I mean, people transform into a certain animal, fight it out, victor triumphs over loser. Basically that is what the series is but I suppose they put in some interesting animal section and bits and that’s why I find it interesting overall.

But of course this series might be good but it is not a masterpiece and I would rate it above average. This is because of the very lengthy Destroyal arc that accounts for more than half of the series. It could just well be a Destroyal arc since after the quick introduction arc, we get down to what this series is all about. I don’t think a single tournament dictates would the winning Zaibatsu absolute power as with big boys playing a big risky game like this, there would have to be more of such tournaments to test their mettle. After all, there could be other bigger tournaments and this Destroyal is just one of the mini ones akin to the dessert of the main course. While it is fun to see several Brutes fighting each other, but they really drag it out with this Destroyal arc tournament. Of course they build up the main character as well as showcase some fight scenes but such long fighting arcs only remind me of Dragonball and One Piece where it looks like it takes forever just to finish a fight. It could have finished a bit faster but then when you consider the pacing, what is left there to show after Destroyal? I guess this is much better than hanging halfway in another tournament. That’s why I said this needed to be 2 cours.

One of the tantalizing draws of this series is of course the fighting scenes involving different types of Therianthropes. Although their powers and skills are somewhat exaggerated, this is all based on actual animal abilities. I mean, when you have genetically engineered and enhanced humans, surely their animal powers would be enhanced too. Well, at least they are not making those Brutes shoot hadoken or fireballs. Good thing or bad thing that dragons and unicorns don’t really exist, just saying… Making the action sequences interesting to watch is how sometimes the narrator would narrate interesting trivia about that particular animal. Yeah, it is like watching a mini National Geographic channel sometimes. Interesting. Thanks to this series, now I know what a ratel is and how ferocious one can be. Yeah, before that I never knew such animal existed! Heck, I was wondering what the f*ck was this wolverine/skunk/badger creature is.

And of course the other draw is the mild ecchi moments. Because Hitomi prefers going around in her singlet and undies, this sexy beast is your main source of ecchi fanservice. If tough kickass badass Hitomi/Ratel is not your type, I guess we have cat girl, Eruza. Sort of. Furry fetish fans might get a little teasing after that Hitomi-Eruza make out during Destroyal. Like as though it was the moment we have all been waiting for. It would be a waste not to have hot sexy girls get lesbian with each other, right? But sorry, not extreme furry hentai. If you’re not into such tough chicks, maybe rabbit girl Ui would be your type. Heck, all Therianthropes females are just sexy. Even Gecko. Until she transforms into one.

Can’t say much about the characters except that since Hitomi is the main character, we have a lot of screen time on her and even a flashback episode of her origin. Because Nomoto feels like a side supporting extra character that isn’t exactly needed. He just exists so that we could see and compare how Hitomi’s life has changed after he meets a gentle wimp. It is also to show that Nomoto isn’t a total loser despite just doing average in college. He’s got a coveted piece like Ratel and for his case of playing with the big boys is like a rabbit walking in a den of lions. So out of place. So sugoi. But still a wuss nevertheless. If this guy goes for Therianthropes surgery, his animal would be a cat. Because you know, he’s a pussy. Haha!!! He isn’t main character material so much so he gets killed off!!! OMG. That was really the shocker. Didn’t see that one coming.

But I don’t know if this guy has returned in the end because it certainly looks like a meaner him. After all, Hitomi didn’t exactly ‘kill’ him. The old Nomoto ‘died’ and a new one underwent a surgery to become a Therianthrope. That is the only way he could continue to be alive. I believe this is how the plot flows along more of this line. Otherwise, even though Nomoto isn’t pretty much that likeable (not that you would hate him) but he isn’t the kind of guy whom you would like the see being killed off after all that has happened. I would like to say that Nomoto and Hitomi complement and change each other although it is the latter who seems to be dominating and wearing the pants (or pantsu in her case) around. I know Hitomi is such a badass but she starts getting a bit annoying with her ‘favourite quote’ when she keeps reminding us about that sharpest fangs thingy wins because this is what Killing Bites. Yeah, for the umpteenth time, roll credits. We get it already!

If Nomoto feels out of place, the same can be said about Ui. Because as we know that Destroyal is one big tough mother sh*t death battle and to cast such a weakling just to fulfil the quota seems strange. Yeah, it’s like the producers thought that they needed another character who will not outshine Ratel in the tournament but also does enough and small supporting bits here and there whenever the convenient plot and flow of the story calls for it. To add insult, they make her win Destroyal! WTF???!!! It wasn’t the strongest. It wasn’t the fastest. It wasn’t the most durable. It wasn’t the smartest. Heck, it wasn’t the one even with the sharpest fangs! It all boils down to luck. Isn’t that what a rabbit foot is? And boy, you thought Ui was going to be a comical character in Destroyal, digging holes the only way she knows best, screaming and running away from stronger and scarier Brutes who look like they’re out to rape her once she is in her sight, and then boom! A fluke shot has her win this entire tournament. Without even bloodying her paws! Yeah, it feels like one of those strategies where the weakest waits in the shadows, waiting for all the strong ones to finish and take out each other before going for the final kill. Saves time, saves energy. Rules are still rules. Last one standing takes it all.

I also want to mention something about that crazy snob b*tch, Yoko. We know she is taking part in all of this is so that she could win back the kind grandfather she once knew. But the ironic and mind boggling part of it all is that in order to turn back her grandfather (assuming this method works), she herself turns into a bloodthirsty thrill seeker just like him. I am pretty sure this isn’t the way of fighting fire with fire. Perhaps this all part of Yozan’s plan to groom her to become the next heir and she is unknowingly dancing in the palm of his hands. Or is this her way of taking over and becoming the next maniac in place of her grandpa? Too bad her grandpa died. Either way, that guy looks like he is ready to kick the bucket in a few more years.

Because she is so snobbish and acts like she knows it all before Nomoto, I was hoping to see her break down and perhaps even starting to fall for this wuss! Imagine looking down on someone she thinks lacks everything only to find that she herself has fared much worse. Her breakdown would be complete after her crazy mind decides that Nomoto is quite a strong guy himself and hence she would start throwing herself all at him! More cat fight with Ratel then. Oh yeah, the fight for Nomoto begins! Ironically, strong women fighting over a weak guy? Only happens in male fantasies-cum-delusions. But too bad the old Nomoto won’t be around for that. She would have become Leo’s sex slave under his new lion male pride harem by then. Just desserts? In a way, I feel pity for her fate to turn out like that. Well, you get what you give.

Shidou continues to remain a mysterious and enigmatic character. He looks like a good guy seeing he treats Hitomi kind and like a family member. But I can’t help think that there is an ulterior motive to it all. I mean, if you think about it, what does he plan to achieve in the research and development of Therianthropes? Does he want to rule the world with his army of mind controlled Therianthropes? Or by a long shot does he intend to find a cure for man’s deadliest disease and having humans undergo such risky surgery is one of its convoluted steps. Even though his plan to bring a world for Therianthropes sounds noble and great, there seems to be more than meets the eye to it. Perhaps in the near future, more revelations and bombshells regarding Shidou’s true colours will be revealed. Especially one I am having a conspiracy theory that will have all her trust and faith for him destroyed and she begin her next stage of evolution as she fights against him instead of being his darling. Hey, this series already has a few shockers and I believe there will be more. Just expecting the unexpected, that’s all.

This series also has a funny segment although it is not part of the main episode and right before the next episode preview, Guide Them Oshie-chan. Oshie Nodoguro is supposedly Hitomi’s classmate and perhaps self-proclaimed best friend. Her character is supposed to take after that honeyguide bird as this segment also doubles as a documentary for it. We learn the characteristics as well as its somewhat symbiotic relationship with the ratel. However in the end whatever Oshie does she fails or her plans backfire and hence cue the punchline of this segment: Because however Oshie isn’t a Therianthrope.

Art and animation feel decent. Certain Brute designs feel a bit weird like Taiga who looks more of a monster cat than anything a tiger. And Eruza looks more like Tarzan girl than anything cheetah. Uhm maybe too sexy for me to notice. After all, cheetahs are skinny and lanky among the feline species. And sorry, she isn’t exactly Kemono Friends material either. I know seeing Okajima’s sumo built makes him having a character of brute raw strength but because his face look like an owl, I keep thinking he should have been an owl too! Okay, maybe sticking to being a hippo is better. Gorilla feels like his oversized arms make the rest of his body hanging. It’s so odd. Like as though he skipped a leg day.

CGI is used but not as often. Mostly used when Kido transforms into his godly pangolin form. Not as bad but still the jarring is a bit obvious. There are also blood and gore so if your furry fetish isn’t strong enough to overcome this, you won’t be fapping to this anytime. This is also what I observed. How come male Brutes are able to transform many of their body parts into animals (if not their entire body) while the females only a few parts transformed and the remaining naughty bits as human? Damn the chances of jerking off are too damn high! This series is animated by Lindefilms who did Yamada And The Seven Witches, Koi To Uso, the Arslan Senki remake and Miss Monochrome.

Voice acting I only recognize Rikiya Koyama as Shidou and Yuuichi Nakamura as Taiga. The rest are Sora Amamiya as Hitomi/Ratel (titular character in Akame Ga Kill), Wataru Hatano as Nomoto (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Maaya Uchida as Eruza (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Sumire Uesaka as Ui (Aletta in Isekai Shokudou), Megumi Han as Yoko (Jeanne in Shingeki No Bahamut series), Ryoukan Koyanagi as Kido (Ottarl in DanMachi series), Tooru Okawa as Okajima (Gordes in Fate/Apocrypha) and Sayaka Harada as Oshie (Chiya in Urara Meirochou).

Chinatsu Akasaki as Shinozaki as absolutely the craziest. Although she voiced weird characters like Yasuna from Kill Me Baby, Alice from Shokugeki No Souma and Shinka from Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai, none has matched the exuberance and passion from this Shinozaki character. As the emcee for Destroyal, you can hear her scream with a passion as she narrates to the excited audience the ongoing death battles. Even more so when she narrates the next episode preview. It’s like she is having an orgasm as she passionately shrieks at the top of her voice. Like as though this is the most exciting thing she has ever witnessed or the only thing in life that she looks forward to. Kudos and hats off to her for making that Shinozaki character really sound excitedly crazy. It’s showdown!

The hard rock based opening theme that is the same name of this series suits the action. As this is sung by Fripside, don’t expect all that techno trademark that you would normally hear in To Aru Kagatsu No Railgun, Black Bullet and Clockwork Planet. Though, the rock beat style is still pretty familiar. More hard rock music for your soul as the ending theme is one too, Kedamono Damono by Kitsunesuki. Also, more chances for your horny libido as we see the females in the series in very sexy poses and outfits, increasing your masturbating chances and even more if you are a furry lover. Damn if they could make such women so hot and sexy looking, why the f*ck do they need to turn them into beasts?! Just turn them into absolutely stunning human babes!!! Yeah, I’m not really a furry fan that’s why I’m thinking so.

Overall, even this series is garbage, it was still fun and enjoyable for me in the trashiest sense. So bad that it is even good? Well, even before watching this show and reading the synopsis I knew it wasn’t going to be Oscar material or a classic Japanese masterpiece. But still want another season nevertheless. Animal action scenes and sexy animal babes that are not 100% furry are what attracted me. After all, you need to watch so many crap animes first before hitting a good one. It would really be the ultimate Killing Bites if there was a character would turn into a penguin or panda! Or even a hamster! Nobody hates such cute creatures, right? Oh yeah, I would pay to watch that one and put all my money on them to win. Screw your sharpest fangs wins them all. The one which is cutest wins! That is Cutie Bites!

Dagashi Kashi S2

June 9, 2018

There was a second season? I would have never guessed it that Dagashi Kashi would have a sequel. However unlike the first season, this second season has been reduced to half its running time. So does this mean there are trying to move things along faster or there is not much to tell this time around and they’re making a sequel just for the sake of making a sequel because almost every popular anime needs to get one. But I can already feel myself salivating from all the never seen before weird, unique and obscure little sweets, snacks and titbits from Japan that Hotaru will introduced. Snacks that I have never heard of and will never ever get to taste :’(.

Episode 1
Looks like Kokonotsu’s dad has one again left his son to take care of his sweets shop. Poor kid has to man the store as he laments some of the good food he wants to eat. Among them is tonkatsu. But he has a strange feel that this word might summon Hotaru and speaking of the devil, it did. She introduces the Big Katsu snack that can be eaten with rice. However when Kokonotsu points out tonkatsu is real pork as opposed to Big Katsu which is made of fish, Hotaru explains to him the humble beginnings of the company that experimented in using dried squid that eventually led to Big Katsu’s birth. This has Kokonotsu blowing his top and counter arguing that not being the real thing is exactly what makes sweets appealing. His rant makes her more impressed and noting him as the true successor of his store. Too bad she had to remind him about that embarrassing YouTube episode… Saya wants to eat pasta but there are no such fancy authentic Italian restaurants nearby. Oh no. Do you hear something coming? It’s Hotaru! You summoned her? Introducing her to Peperoncino, it looks like pasta designed as cup noodles. Add hot water and voila, you can enjoy your pasta in a cup. Though it tastes good, Saya then realizes the taste is exactly the same as salt flavoured yakisoba. Hotaru reveals that Peperoncino allows ramen or pasta style depending on how much soup powder you put. Half packet for the latter and the whole for the former. But it gets better because once you’re done eating, you can put the remaining powder in the container, add hot water and make a nice soup out of it. Viva Peperoncino! Ottimo Peperoncino!

Episode 2
With the strong typhoon, the lads are stuck inside and can’t play outside. Kokonotsu shows Saya some baseball board gum. A coloured gum will pop out with a push of a button and it can be used to determine which prize you win. This is also a sneaky way for kids to keep pressing and before they know it, they have to cough up the cash depending on how many gums they got. Hotaru like the little kid keeps pressing them but fails to win any winning prize. When Kokonotsu suggests everyone stay here for the night as the storm is not letting up, Saya becomes conscious. Tou convinces her to stay. So when the girls go take a bath, I guess we see Tou’s true intention as he wants to go peek at them. Kokonotsu tries to stop him but he isn’t any different either. Because his logic is that he prefers to wait for the right time to peep at boobs and not risk become a criminal. Too bad they are so loud outside that Saya busted them. So our girls are able to bath peacefully now as Hotaru introduces Saya to some Pop Pop Boat toy whereby it moves just by putting a lighted candle. It was popular as kids loved using it to learn science. Later when Kokonotsu takes a bath, he notices the boat as well as the stick. He imagines Hotaru putting her mouth on the stick and thinks he can do some indirect kissing. He gets the fright of his life when he realizes Hotaru is peeping at him and encouraging him not to be shy and play with the boat.

Episode 3
Kokonotsu instructs Tou how to tie a beigoma top knot. When he throws it to spin, it hits Kokonotsu’s feet instead. Ouch. Needing a barrel to continue to fun, here comes Hotaru to the rescue. The guys panic when they think she is undressing her skirt but thank goodness her skirt his 2 layers. She sets the stage for the tops. Her first throw ended up on Kokonotsu’s feet. Same spot. Saya then joins in and wins the battle but Hotaru’s top has flown into the grass. As they all go look for it, Kokonotsu realizes he has a nice view of Hotaru’s ass! Saya is not impressed, even more so when he tries to explain himself. She steps on his feet for punishment. Same spot. I wonder if that injury could ever heal. Oh, they found Hotaru’s top in the end. Flashback shows young Hotaru visiting a sweets shop. The old owner isn’t fond of her thanks to her unnecessary comments like how disorganized the store is and trying to look smart as she dispenses her sweets knowledge. She tries to advise him to smile in order to attract more customers but this only made him madder. But she does notice this shop barely has customers so he laments kids these days are not interested in such sweets. Hotaru then picks up one and buys it. She assures as long as there are such sweets, she will continue to come. Now, this store is gone. An empty shoplot and land for sale. Still brings back those memories for Hotaru. But does she have to call Kokonotsu to tell him how much he loves his store and send some unwarranted panic to that guy?

Episode 4
Kokonotsu sees Hotaru focusing intensely at the ice cream machine. And then she picks a Homerun Bar, which is the first ice cream in Japan that gives you a chance to win another based on the carvings on the stick. He hopes she would win and she finds it strange because would it not be better for the shop had she not? Kokonotsu realizes time has flown because Saya called earlier to join them at the beach for the fireworks display. The way Kokonotsu invites Hotaru makes it look like he is asking her out. She had to ask if it is just the 2 of them. Awkward stares… Unfortunately they miss the bus so looks like Kokonotsu has to peddle his bicycle all the way there. I’m sure this kid has no strength and not that Hotaru is heavy from eating all the sweets. At this rate he won’t make it so Hotaru suggests to take a break. He wants to use this chance to tell her the truth but she goes first and thanks him and the siblings for teaching her how she should look at things. She has never had this much fun before and now it may have very little to do with her purpose at the beginning. She gives him her ice cream stick. She won. She wants him to hold on to this so that she won’t lose it seeing that she has a short memory. The moment Kokonotsu wants to say his part, the fireworks start. Not sure if Kokonotsu is disappointed or relieved as he thought Hotaru was going to kiss him. Really? Hotaru thinks of going home now and says goodbye. A few days passed and Kokonotsu has been bumming around. Hotaru has not been seen once. Summer is about to be over and winter is coming. I don’t think it is Game of Thrones reference but did he just skip autumn?

Episode 5
Kokonotsu’s sweets shop is in a rut for 3 months! You mentions the drop in sales means lack of funds for repair. Kokonotsu is in despair although he already knew this. He kept believing things would get better if he stayed but in actual fact he was just waiting for Hotaru to show up. She never did. So father and son eventually get the motivation to start cleaning the shop but You broke his little toe’s bone and had the be hospitalized. All up to you now, son. Saya and Tou come by to help him clean up. Saya felt insulted when Kokonotsu calls her lazy despite helping him out. Good thing he showed her this snack with this vulgar name before she beats him up. So they try out the snack and the mood seems a little good. They get a little embarrassed if they should do it (as in the instructions on the back of the packet). Saya loves the ‘embarrassment’ when Kokonotsu thanks her for helping him out so many times. The mood ruined when Tou comes in and misinterpret the snack’s name. The sweets store is back up. Kokonotsu is doing his analysis of the fresh outlook to keep the store running, the kind of sweets the customers should want, etc. He akin this sweets shop like a local convenience store. You don’t say because right across his store there is a newly opened convenience store! I guess now we know where all the business went.

Episode 6
The trio go spy on the new convenience store but is caught red handed by the manager, Yutaka Beni. He thinks they don’t know how to use an automatic door and guides them in. And then he welcomes them to Towns Mart with flashy big smiles. He claims this convenience store will change things around here. In short, shops like Kokonotsu’s sweets shop will be closed down. Of course Kokonotsu will not allow that but Yutaka shows them all the things they can get from this store. The best part is the sweets section in which Yutaka personally makes. What does Kokonotsu have to say about all this? He points out his sweets won’t sell because they are too expensive! Then he shows him his in which adults and kids can walk in and buy with as little as 10 yen. Yutaka is so shocked and amazed by his ‘purity’ that he starts crying and considers him as his rival. WTF. Next day when Kokonotsu returns from school, he is surprised to see Yutaka waiting for him inside his sweets shop. He gets straight to the point. He wants him to work in his convenience store. Of course Kokonotsu rejects. But the hourly wage is 850 yen (the town’s average is 750). Tempting but still no. Yutaka then shows him dirty magazines. Perks that come with the job. Trying to resist the temptation and it is thoughts of Hotaru that made Kokonotsu reject it all flat out. Yutaka then uses his final trump card and that is to sell the good points of the convenience store and its employees. Oh, he is bragging about it…

Episode 7
Hajime Owari is begging to Kokonotsu to hire her! Well, the sign in front of his store did state he needed some help. Going through her resume, it seems Hajime dropped out of university and was working for Towns Mart for only a few days. Yeah, she got fired for being late. Every day. Fearing he would also reject her (because he too realizes she has been going around for interviews and this place is her last chance), she makes another round of desperate begging. Kokonotsu looks like he is going to give the standard end-of-interview conversation but she starts bawling about her pitiful story. No place to stay since she can’t pay her rent. Learning that Kokonotsu lives here, this means this place has lodging. She suggests using her wages to cover her rent. And so Hajime now sleeps at the register? Sure, it saves time and not to get late but oh, she is hard to get up too. Kokonotsu teaches her about the few sweets but since she is not in this industry, she finds them all confusing. Fearing that he will fire her as she doesn’t know her stuff, she cooks up some story from a random sweet she picked. Thankfully, this only serves to make Kokonotsu hyped up. They’ve been talking like this for a few hours until Hajime points out he is late for school. So he rushes out and trusts the store with her. Oh no. I think Saya doesn’t like that she saw another woman in Kokonotsu’s place…

Episode 8
Saya is so focused in wondering who that woman is, nothing can snap her out of her focus. Nothing. After school she goes to find out who she is and finds her sleeping on the job! When Hajime wakes up, she literally becomes clumsy. Hajime then explains her position. Saya is only madder because Kokonotsu had to gall to hire somebody to look after his shop while he is away at school when he has got her! As she isn’t here to buy things, Hajime wonders if she is Kokonotsu’s girlfriend. She likes that ring and will now buy something. Unfortunately Hajime doesn’t know her stuff well. So they experiment with this paper sweets thingy. Kokonotsu returns so Hajime goes off to take a bath as she didn’t have one since yesterday. Saya gets madder learning she is a live-in employee. Later, Tou comes by and acts like a debt collector. It must be some fun game he and Kokonotsu are playing but instead he is before Hajime. Tou continues his loan shark act thinking Hajime is playing along. He wants her to do something funny to repay some of the debts. So Hajime puts away her glasses and acts temporarily bling before she uses an ‘8’ chocolate as glasses. Tou finds it funny and buys one before leaving. Hajime is relieved she got through this but is now pumped up to protect this shop.

Episode 9
Yutaka brags to Kokonotsu how he could sell his cakes over the internet. This prompts him to also want to try out online selling. With Hajime’s help, she designs the homepage and everything. But with all the animations and special effects, they couldn’t help stop laughing their ass off because of how funny it looks. At least they’re having fun. But it all comes to a halt when Hajime uploads a sexy pic of herself and labels ambiguously stuffs like “We sell simple pleasures…” and “We also sell toys…”. Definitely open to lots of misinterpretation. Time to start over. Hajime completely forgot to order and restock the Super Ball toy. She lies to Kokonotsu she did. When a group of boys enter and finds it is out of stock, they aren’t pleased and decide to go to the convenience store to get some. Hajime won’t lose her customers so she decides to make one right before their eyes. It might look like a piece of sh*t at first but with a little patience, wow, it looks like the real deal! The boys are impressed but realize they are late for school. Hajime then gets this idea to make the Super Balls herself and hide her tracks. After she is done, she becomes clumsy and spills the entire bowl. Kokonotsu and Saya return only to see her in an ambiguous position.

Episode 10
Kokonotsu is so moved when he gets his first email asking for delivery. So when he goes deliver it at the hospital, he is shocked the person is his father. Damn. Kokonotsu introduces Hajime to him and You thinks he is being a naughty kid for hiring a sexy woman. After Kokonotsu hands him the skewered squid snack, he wants payment for the delivery. You is shocked because it wasn’t a gift. Besides, he didn’t order online. You is glad that he decided to continue with the family business after renovating the shop, hiring a part timer and even coming up with a delivery model. Does this mean he is ready to abandon his manga dreams? Kokonotsu denies that but it is true he hasn’t been touching it for who knows when. Back home, drunk Hajime flirts and clings all over him, prompting Kokonotsu to say he already has Hotaru. Then it hit him, could she be the one ordering online? Since the next submission review is in a few days, Kokonotsu gets motivated to finish his manuscript. However he realizes he can’t as there is too much to do and not enough time. He is thinking of giving up when Hajime spots this. She gets excited and will support him. She also ropes in Saya and Tou to help although they are just here to accompany him.

Episode 11
Kokonotsu works hard till he finally finishes. Then he collapses from exhaustion. Thank goodness he didn’t die. He makes his way there and naturally he is nervous. Meanwhile the rest seem to have a little wrap party on their own but Hajime seems to have a hunch that they better not do it today. Because he might probably come home feeling depressed. When Kokonotsu’s turn is called, the reviewer skims through and then instantly wants him to start a new series now! His manga becomes the best seller and wins an award! Wow! Too good to be true. Yup. Just his imagination. I was not surprised. So this is actually what happened. The reviewer asks how long he took to do his work. He started out like 3 months ago and spend 2-3 weeks drawing. In short, the reviewer bluntly tells him he does not manage his time well. There are good things about his work but it feels like there is an excuse he is not working on his weak points and just running away. The only credit he gives him is he managed to finish it before the deadline and his youth. Kokonotsu returns depressed. The journey here took more than 3 hours but the review was less than 5 minutes. He is in shock and doing some soul searching of what he said. What is it that he lacks? Why is he the manager of the sweets shop in the first place? It snows heavily and Kokonotsu still has much thinking to do as he waits for his train home. On the verge of tears, suddenly a familiar person pops back up. IT’S HOTARU!!! SHE’S BACK!!!

Episode 12
Looks like they’ll be here for a while with the train service temporarily halted. Hotaru hints about the family business she needed to attend to whereas Kokonotsu talks about the changes and then panicking when he realized he forgot about his dream. Today’s manga review failed. He starts crying and in his heart he knows it is wrong to take it out on her but he wanted her to see he has changed. Hotaru has the perfect tonic for this. A Super Mario sweet? It also works as a mini manga if you put it in the right order. Kokonotsu still cries after all he has been through. Hotaru says the most important things is that he made his decision and thinking about it. She is sure he hasn’t given up yet. Being depressed now is okay too. To fight the cold, she suggests eating Buta Men in which her entire suitcase is filled with it. Next morning, the snow has passed. Kokonotsu doesn’t see Hotaru next to him and panics she might have left. He runs out only to find her there as he falls face flat in the snow. Kokonotsu returns to everyone as he relays his failure. Of course they are shocked Hotaru is back. Just when you think there is going to be a cat fight between Hotaru and Hajime, it seems Hotaru is very motivated now. She believes Kokonotsu is the one. The one whom she wants to take with to start her new company. He is better than You! Could she have not timed it better to say that when the old man just walked in? Yutaka drops by and it seems Hotaru knows him. He is her older brother! What the?! His real names is Beniyutaka Shidare and was supposed to take over the family’s business but ran away. Before anything could happen, You throws a tantrum that he wasn’t given a welcome over his discharge. But everyone starts fighting over Kokonotsu. Hotaru wants him for her company. You wants him to carry on the family business. Yutaka wants him for his convenience store. And Saya… I have a hunch wanting him for the manga is superficial… Popular boy starts running away with everyone chasing him. Later when Kokonotsu returns her the winning stick, Hotaru wants him to keep holding it so she could always return here.

Sweet Treats Are Made Of These
I can’t really say that this season is better than the first one. Most probably it is because Hotaru who is supposed to be one of the main characters in the series (if not the face of this anime) is sorely missing for half the season! Man, I sure miss those huge busts the very confident smooth talker who is also very knowledgeable in all the sweets as she introduces us in a very quirky and passionate manner. So without that quirkiness, it is like the series has lost more than half of its spark. It also killed off any potential or hope to see Kokonotsu x Hotaru or some sort of development with it. I know we always know that Kokonotsu would harbour feelings for Hotaru. Is this the case of absence makes the heart grow fonder? Also, the lack of Hotaru means the lack of sexual subtexts that was also partly the motivation of you wanting to try those sweets, right?

Furthermore, when Hotaru returned at the end of the penultimate episode, I didn’t really feel relieved or a big joy over my head. In fact, it felt like an obligation that she MUST return or else. Maybe I’ve grown obnoxious but like I said, this series is nothing without Hotaru. I was sceptical to a point thinking that this wasn’t even Hotaru and a look-a-like troll but thankfully it didn’t go down that way. Yeah Hotaru is back. Okay. Welcome home. Not putting up any lively fanfare for it. By the way, I think they forgot to solve who ordered that snack online that prompted Kokonotsu to do his delivery. Was it really Hotaru? If it was, wouldn’t she be bugging him about the snack she waited for ages? But I don’t think so. So that poor person who ordered it must have waited till death for the squid snack that will never come… Perhaps the last time that person will ever try order anything online.

In place of Hotaru, we got clumsy ‘loser’ Hajime instead. Of course if you try to compare her to Hotaru, the busty one beats her by her mile and I am not only talking about her boobs. Sure, Hajime has her own personality but she comes off as boring as compared. If this is their idea of introducing a new character for the new season, well, it isn’t a good one. So all we’ve got is a jobless woman trying her luck to find one and only at the mercy (and confusion) of Kokonotsu that she gets hired as a live-in shop assistant. I suppose with Hotaru ‘missing’, the pacing of the show could have been a lot slower because who else is there to bug Kokonotsu except the siblings?

With the absence of Hotaru, this series gives Kokonotsu somewhat of a chance to rethink about his manga artist dream. Yeah, I have even forgotten that he wanted to go down this career path instead of following his father’s footsteps. Speaking of You, because he too is out of the picture and got himself hospitalized, this means no more shenanigans and becoming Hotaru’s partner in crime to annoy Kokonotsu. And now she doesn’t need the old man anymore? Things change… Man, now I am seeing why this season is also not as fun as the first. Hence for the second half of this season, we have Kokonotsu brooding about his future as he also unconsciously tries to save his family store.

I mean, the town is so dead that it looks like it is on the verge of closing down any moment. Customers do not frequent here so I am assuming they come at other times when it is not shown on our screen. Otherwise all the sweets could have gone way past their expiry date and the shop would have long gone collapsed and Kokonotsu might have gone on to pursue other stuffs. But it is not so dead after all with the opening of the convenience store opposite. Yeah, it feels like that is the only liveliest place in town. Great variety of products to choose from, great friendly staffs with great friendly services, very bright lighting and an equally quirky manager. Okay, maybe the last one isn’t necessary but his passion does help make his store a hit. But I doubt that Japanese being Japanese, their old traditions like the dagashi shop will not shut down unless it really goes out of fashion.

Hence the character development for this season feels slow and to a point disappointing. Hotaru was gone, You checked out, Kokonotsu barely hanging in there as he ponders about his future, hence no odd romance-cum-shenanigans we would expect, Saya still having her one-sided crush, Tou just being Tou and newcomer Hajime feels like a poor substitute for Hotaru and definitely one cannot envision Kokonotsu x Hajime unless you are into those nerdy looking types. Really. They try to surprise us with Hotaru and Yutaka being related but I should have seen this coming as some sort of twist because if you look a bit closer, they both have this weird and psycho level of passion. No wonder they are so alike. Dang, do we have to wait for another season for this sibling rivalry thingy to explain and play itself out?

I did not notice this season’s pop culture trivia like last time. So I am not sure if they have it or not this season. Yeah, why bother go rewatch everything again just to find out if there are any? You think I have so much time on my hand? Why, I could be watching other animes, mind you!!! ;p. Anyway, obviously the featured sweets here are much less than the first season since we only have half the screen time. I don’t know, maybe such sweets are in small fun bite size, perhaps this is why this season has only 12 minutes of running time?

While this season’s opening theme is not as catchy as the first season, it is still hectic and crazy. Ayana Taketatsu who sang last season’s ending theme now sings the very upbeat opener, Oh My Sugar Feeling. It is the kind of song that perfectly fits her character’s personality. Okashi Na Watashi To Hachimitsu No Kimi by Hachimitsu Rocket acts as the ending theme. Don’t really like the rap-like pace of this song but I feel it could have fit the series better had not Hotaru been missing for half the season. With the other casts retained, the only newly added ones are Tomokazu Seki as Yutaka (gotta love him acting like his usual crazy characters such as Gintama’s Gintoki, ClassicaLoid’s Beethoven and Inu x Boku SS’ Kagerou) and Chinatsu Akasaki as Hajime (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby).

So yeah, it seems to occur to me that Hotaru’s absence is the main factor that took out a lot of fun from this second season. Even though she came back eventually, the damage has been done. Generally speaking, this series is still fun and enjoyable but to a lesser extent. Not to say it has dropped significantly whereby it is so bad that it leaves a terrible aftertaste in your mouth. It is like having your favourite thing every day and all of the time. Eventually you will get sick of it. Yeah, but we only had a second season of Dagashi Kashi… If they have a third season and the quality of its sweets keep deteriorating, maybe it is time to go across to the convenience store and get those mass manufactured factory produced commercialized sweets.

Akuma No Memumemu-chan

June 8, 2018

Holy sh*t. What the f*ck is this?! Akuma No Memumemu-chan sounds like a name worthy to become a meme itself or a godly meme parody. Reading the synopsis made me even interested to check it out. A little demon who lives with a high school student but has no intention of carrying out her demonic duties? Because of her loli exterior, our main character is often misunderstood as a lolicon? Oh, this I gotta see.

Don’t let a demon do a man’s job…
Hyouta Kohinata is smitten with the landlord’s daughter, Anzu Itsuki. Why not? She’s cute and busty. Yeah, if you think Anzu is too busty for a high school girl, wait till you see her mom… Hentai boobs make you think she is an ero star. So while Hyouta is fawning over cutie Anzu, this is of course ‘interrupted’ with Memumemu who meekly wants him to give his soul. He chastises her he won’t and for bumming around in his room. Yeah, weak demon girl starts weeping… So he goes back to fawning over his crush and once again Memumemu’s annoyance has got him annoyed. Telling her to pipe it again, now he fears he might do something devilish to him. While it looked like she might suggests something, she then gives up, making Hyouta a disappointed kid. Now he lectures her about giving up so easily. Thinking she would give him some sort of devilish tool, yet to his disappointment she mentions she will just ask Anzu’s permission to have sex with him! Yeah, that sounds so lame! Hyouta now is in berserk mode as he suggests the devilish things that she SHOULD be doing! Yeah, he sounds more devilish than her that Memumemu is giving him that look! Seeing that he is ‘desperate’, Memumemu gives him use her trump card, a blowgun. When you shoot her with this, it will… Just get her attention to look your way. Yeah, a normal blowgun. I guess no harm trying. Hyouta sums up his courage as he imagines Anzu will start looking his way. Too bad he didn’t put much effort in his blowing as the dart hits the dog below. Uh huh. He got the dog’s attention. So pissed, he crushes the blowgun, causing Memumemu to be super sad. While he takes his frustrations out on her, Anzu then looks his way. She misconstrues he is a lolicon and runs away with tears. Is she going to call the child protection agency? Hyouta believes his life is over and crying like hell. But Memumemu understands how he feels. She’ll forgive him about the blowgun. Uhm, I don’t think that is why he is crying.

All Your Memumemu Are Belong To Me!
Oh my. That’s it?! Barely things are warming up and it ends?! WTF?! I’m so disappointed that I’m crying a river! Well, even if this short web special was totally short and just testing waters, it was really quite interesting and funny to say the least. I really hope this would get its own proper series because it really looks like it has a potential to become a reasonably good anime. At least for the laughs and the cuteness. Especially with Hyouta being such a pervert and Memumemu being a weak devil girl who can’t even get the job right, it calls for a lot of hijinks and misunderstood situations. What are the chances that Hyouta is more of a devil than Memumemu? What are the chances that he is the one who will be guiding her to what being a true demon is and in turn his downfall? What are the chances that Memumemu’s name is such an epic name for a meme’s meme? That demon is so cute and chibi, for all you know she could actually be a lost angel or something. But I digress that.

At first I thought the thing that makes Memumemu so great and even cuter is how she is voiced by Aoi Yuuki. Unfortunately she is the one voicing Hyouta. Damn I thought Memumemu was really her voice. No matter how many times I go back and hear those lines, I cannot believe it is Aoi Yuuki behind Hyouta. It just doesn’t really sound like her. I mean, I still feel that Memumemu is more suited to be her voice. Unless the credits are trolling me… Having voiced Hyouta, I feel like this series is slowly rejuvenating her usual trademark genki voice. After that incredible and hilarious Aho Girl feat, the following season she started voicing a couple of animes that is devoid of emotions. Especially that travelling remake anime and that horny b*tch series. So this short feels like that little step that would slowly recover her to her usual glorious cutie voice. Karin Takahashi (Nono Morikubo in Cinderella Girls) is listed as Memumemu’s voice while Hiromi Igarashi plays Anzu (Hina in Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai – interestingly, she also voiced a character called Anzu in Cinderella Girls). Mai Nakahara makes a cameo as the unbelievably busty landlady.

Another surprising thing is that SHAFT adapted this short. Yes, that legendary studio who is famous for its unique and creative visuals, namely Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the Monogatari series, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Nisekoi and Arakawa Under The Bridge. You will never know it is them because none of their SHAFT trademarks like the eye zoom and the head tilt are present. Even the art and animation looks pretty typical. Sure, the series is too short to have their trademarks but I thought they would slip in one or two that is so noticeably noticeable. Guess not. Heck, even 3-gatsu No Lion got all their creative visual trademarks. Perhaps only full-fledge anime series might get their usual SHAFT treatment?

Overall, despite I have said and really want this to become a full adapted series of its own, I have this fear that it might not come true. Because I remember that short anime having a single episode too, Yuri Seijin Naoko-san. It was funny, it was interesting, it was intriguing, it was mystifying, it had potential. That was like back in 2010 and when it had another surprise episode popped up 2 years later, it was just another short one. Yeah, it never happened. But it’s too early to tell for this one and I hope my guts that it will end up like that crazy lesbian alien series which is now forgotten, would be dead wrong. Come to think of it, both series has some similarities. Non-human being comes to live with a human kid. Non-human being has some sort of agenda but often fails due to circumstances whatever. Lots of havoc and chaos that will tickle our bones. Oh well, let’s just hope that the internet will drum up enough noise to have the producers think this series is worthy to be turned into a full one. Otherwise we let the memes die by never bringing it up ever again. It will be a sorry state for Memumemu-chan to be and die a meme’s death. Worse still, “Earth-chan isn’t flat” gets its own series!

Ah, remember back in your old school days, there used to be that one kid who always keeps teasing you. No, I’m not talking about being a serious bully victim. Yeah, there is always that one classmate who keeps bugging and annoying you. So irritating that it makes you mad but not mad enough you want to kill that person. Oh yeah. Good times. If you have those memories, you can somewhat relive them again in Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-san. Our titular character is a master at teasing her classmate as she enjoys his priceless embarrassed reactions. Of course, we all know the deeper meaning why she keeps teasing him. Or maybe she just gets her kicks this way.

Episode 1A
Nishikata is making a paper spring to scare Takagi in his Jack-in-a-box. Noticing she can’t open her pencil case, she has him help out. He got pranked as her Jack-in-a-box scares the hell out of him! Got scolded by the teacher, Tanabe. With Takagi laughing, Nishikata plots his move to embarrass her. She asks him to lend his eraser since she forgot hers. He tries to mock her for being forgetful. So what? Mocking failed. She tells him of a legend that writing a person’s name on the eraser and using it up means their love will be forever. He is confident that he didn’t write anything but with her examining his eraser and giving that smug look, it’s time to hit the panic button. He takes it back and finds nothing on it. Gotcha! Mad Nishikata becomes noisy and gets a chalk thrown by Tanabe. When she goes to the toilet, he thinks of getting back at her by looking at her erase. Hmm… There seems to be something written on it. He gets scared to know. After all the deliberation he decides to finally see the entire word. It says look at the hallway. He sees her staring at him! His reaction is priceless! As he reels in the agony of embarrassment, it seems he did not look on the other side of the eraser which actually had his name written on.

Episode 1B
Nishikata needs to go into class early for duty. He thought he saw Takagi but as he enters class, she isn’t anywhere. Of course thoughts that she is out to prank him races through his mind. He thinks she is hiding underneath the teacher’s table (I can see your shoes) so he sits back in his seat and does nothing. But wait. What if that was just a prank to prank him? He pretends to go out and then sneaks back in to ambush her in the closet. Only, she’s not hiding there. He gives up and is confused when she pops up and scares him! She was hiding behind the curtain. But if she says it is thin and she can see through and hence watch all his actions, then why couldn’t he see her? Too preoccupied with predicting her pranks, maybe. When she talks of how they are like the last 2 humans left on Earth in this empty class, it prompts Nishikata to confess something embarrassing. Too bad the noisy classmates (Mina, Yukari and Sanae) enter and ruin it all. Nishikata then realizes he forgot to do his duty.

Episode 1C
Nishikata thinks this funny face he makes will make Takagi laugh and get her into trouble with Tanabe (because his lame friend laughed at it). When he does so, no reaction. She shows how silly he looks via her hand mirror. He starts laughing! Got scolded by Tanabe instead. Then she teaches him how to do a real funny face. But why is she not laughing? Because Tanabe is standing right next to you! Not again! Nishikata vows not to look at her for the rest of the period but when he peeks, he sees her staring at him. Waiting for this moment? She has a staring contest and does a funny face. Another loud laughter from the gullible boy. It must be a record for getting scolded by Tanabe in a single session.

Episode 1D
Happy Mina suddenly stop dead in her tracks claiming she is tired. Her pals know something is amiss so they forcefully remove her from the spot. Mina thought she had stumbled upon 100 yen but it is just a token from the arcade. So now she thinks she is so tired that the money turned into a token?

Episode 2A
As Nishikata and Takagi aren’t sure on what to write for their calligraphy, Takagi suggests writing what they want the other to do. Nishikata writes ‘restraint’ as a subtle hint for her to stop pranking him. Takagi writes ‘status quo’ but says it straight in his face she wants to continue teasing him. Realizing she is on the offensive, he wants to redo again. This time he writes ‘kindness’ in hopes she will realize that is something she lacks. But when she comments on his good handwriting and take away dirt on his face, it messes with his mind had he not realize her kindness before. Then she reveals hers as ‘there is ink on your face’. Looks like he got pranked again. In the end, both write ‘don’t let your guard down’. I know who is going to win this one…

Episode 2B
Mina and Yukari are still in their long sleeves uniform for summer. When they see Sanae in short sleeves, Mina blows her top because they are supposed to change together. The next day when the duo change into short sleeves, Sanae is seen wearing the long one. Now it is her turn to get mad. I suppose Mina forgetting to tell her isn’t going to cut it.

Episode 2C
Nishikata’s mind is preoccupied with getting back at Takagi. So much so he couldn’t pay attention to what Tanabe is saying when he is called out to answer. Got scolded. This sets up Takagi to ask what he is thinking. Is it something dirty? Of course not! Is it about getting back at her? Aha. It must be it since his face flusters. He claims he has come up with a fool proof plan. So as he keeps talking to her to get her distracted, Tanabe calls her to answer. You think she might not be attention but then she answers correctly! Your plan has failed. Back to the drawing board. She asks again if he is thinking about her. He says no but obviously we know better. In that case, something dirty? Of course not! The ultimate reaction when she tells him she is always thinking about him. He might be mad about her of thinking how to tease him again but looks like Tanabe has called him to answer and he doesn’t know what to answer. Lost.

Episode 2D
Nishikata injured his hand so he rues he can’t play in the pool like his friends. But Takagi is out with him too. She could guess it right that he got bitten by a cat. It’s now his turn to guess why she isn’t swimming. He thinks it is period but would that be too rude to point out? Plus, if he doesn’t answer, it will be her win. As he is racking his brains if this is an honest question or a trap, he is taking too long that Takagi accuses him of staring at other girls, especially their breasts. He denies but hits upon a possible answer. What if Takagi is too shy to swim because of her small boobs? But would that sound even ruder? With time running out, he goes with the period answer. Wrong. Seeing him fluster is all the motivation she needs as she takes off her clothes. Don’t worry. Wearing a swimsuit underneath. She gets permission from the teacher to swim. She tells him if he said small boobs, wrong too! So was it all just a hoax to tease him, the reason she stayed out? The only thing she tells him is that once his hand is healed, they can go swimming together. But sceptical Nishikata won’t fall for that! We’ll see…

Episode 3A
Mina is drinking black coffee because she thinks she is an adult. Too bad she can’t handle it. Sanae offers to exchange her orange juice. Sounds tempting… To be an adult or a kid? Eventually Mina takes up the offer. Nice and sweet. Maybe some adults aren’t just into black coffee, she thinks.

Episode 3B
Nishikata shares his can drink with Takagi but teases this is an indirect kiss. No reaction. She drinks it! Then she hands it back to him. Now he is panicking. Even more so when she says it is an indirect kiss. He drops his can. When he throws it as it lands exactly into the bin. He tries another one and nails it. Takagi tries but fails. Buoyed with confidence, Nishikata teases her for sucking at this. So she challenges him whoever throws it in first will be the winner. Nishikata makes that jinx statement that he will do whatever she wants if she wants. Guess what? She nails it in her next shot! Pressure on Nishikata. As he is about to throw, she tells him she will give him her first kiss if he wins. He loses balance and loses. He is prepared to do her bidding but she is okay of him not doing anything. However he doesn’t feel right because if she doesn’t do it, he feels he can never win against her. Desperate case…

Episode 3C
Mina is in a dilemma. She keeps drinking soda but the carbonation keeps hurting her tongue. Yukari doesn’t think so as Mina dares her. She drinks and nothing happens. Yukari feels the need to burp but tries to hold it in as she fears Mina will tease her. Mina thinks her tongue is hurting. When Yukari can no longer hold it in and burps, luckily Mina didn’t hear because she is being noisy with her soda. But Sanae heard it…

Episode 3D
Oh boy, Nishikata has really been keeping count how many times Takagi teases him every day! Since it is 15 times, multiply that by 10 and he has to do 150 push-ups! Barely reached 20. But he won’t give up and hope that building up muscles will allow him to get back at her one day. Next day, his arms his sore and she couldn’t stop teasing him about it. That’s 23 times. Yeah… One day, she tells him such intense training would stunt his growth. He panics as he thinks she will tease him if she grows taller. Of course she clears the air that it is just rumours. However he starts blushing some more when she compliments how muscular he looks now (skill scrawny to me) and it makes him look good. Today’s teasing count stands at 54… Oh sh*t… I hope he never skips a leg day.

Episode 3E
Mina and Sanae are adlibbing a pair of cats like as though there is some cat drama and romance. Then turns out both cats are male and the plot quickly changes into some bro story.

Episode 3F
Nishikata teases Takagi she forgot her umbrella on a rainy day. It backfires because she remembers his umbrella is big enough for 2 of them. Nishikata feels awkward all the way as he shares his umbrella with her all the way home. Don’t they look like couples? He tries to scare her with a frog. But she takes it, fawns at it and puts it back on his shoulder. Noticing his shoulder is getting wet, she sticks closer to him. Heart pounding even faster. Feeling even more awkward. Thinking if she spots him being nervous the teasing will never stop, he tries to talk about her forgetfulness. She admits that because recently she is forgetting certain words. How do you say the word for a couple sharing under the same umbrella? Yeah, it’s just another tease to make him say it and be embarrassed. So she forces him to say a few more of such words for lovers. I wonder why he must obliged. This is why she doesn’t stop teasing. When the rain stops, he thinks it is over as she can walk herself home. Then she says she forgot her way home… This guy can never catch a break.

Episode 4A
As punishment for being noisy in class, Tanabe has Nishikata clean the science room. This time he gets a scare when Takagi is hiding inside the closet. She didn’t say if she was punished to clean the room (obviously not) but hints to help him quickly finish it. However to make it more interesting, they play a rock-scissors-paper game and the loser has to clean 1/4 of the room. Takagi announces her hand and panicky Nishikata didn’t trust her and loses. His friend, Nakai passes by to ‘wish him luck’ so the dense kid thinks it is cleaning. It seems his girl, Mano is pestering Nakai to quickly leave. This has Takagi tell Nishikata the duo are dating. They are probably going to the rooftop and will be all by themselves. She wonders what it’s like to enjoy youth. You think Nishikata knows? This guy can’t even take a hint. Anyway, he loses all his matches and has to clean everything. He realizes she isn’t here for being punished but to tease him (but of course). Why? Because she wanted to enjoy her youth too.

Episode 4B
Nishikata could barely do a rollover on the high bar. He is waiting for the day Takagi challenges him and that day has come. She might be able to do it but he knows she can’t as she is wearing a skirt. Guess what? Challenge accepted. However he must look away whenever she does it. If he looks, he loses. So gullible kid looks away as she does her rollover. Don’t know if she did it or not. Nishikata’s turn. Barely made it. A draw. What now? Try again. Takagi does it but this time Nishikata is sceptical so he peeks and sees her really doing it. As her skirt threatens to reveal her underneath, he sees her wearing shorts. Once she is done, he admits defeat. He treats her to a drink although she doesn’t feel she has won. When he hints he could have won had she not wear pants, she accuses him of being a pervert. Flurry of denies. So he thought she was cheating. Another round of denial…

Episode 4C
Nishikata absent? Oh, Takagi looking worried. Who will she tease today?! Then he enters class late and it seems he is sick. Takagi could guess correctly he was up watching a show called 100% Unrequited Love (a show whereby the hot guy teases the girl and makes her heart go kyun~!). This has Nishikata getting loud and gets a chalk missile from Tanabe. Even when sick she shows no mercy. Nishikata thinks of imitating that hot guy pose to get back at her. However she is not responding. It’s like she is ignoring him! Is she being considerate not to tease him when he is sick? Can’t keep up with this pose forever. When she has not teased him for a while, he notices her cute side for being quiet. His heart is starting to go kyun~? So I guess he felt guilty and admitted to her he isn’t that sick and just got up late. Takagi feels better as she starts teasing him more than usual. Ah, back to normal.

Episode 4D
Mina and her friends see Nishikata and Takagi at the sweets shop. Yukari believes they are dating and wants to leave them alone but dense Mina still enters to buy her sweets. After the duo leave, Mina gets this idea to tail them. Yukari goes into her own fantasy delusion of them being romantic. Nobody’s listening. Takagi seems to know the trio are tailing her and after they turn the corner, the trio are shocked that they are gone. Yukari wonders if they knew they were tailing. They give up and leave. Actually, Takagi and Nishikata were hiding behind the bushes. Their close proximity has Nishikata flustering like hell but he was quiet enough not to give them away. He wonders why they needed to hide like this when they could have just turn another corner nearby. She thought he would prefer this. Nishikata isn’t amused as either way it wouldn’t have mattered.

Episode 5A
Nishikata’s friends can’t take anymore studying and abandon him. Oh, look who is here to company him then? Takagi! The reason he is studying hard is because if he doesn’t get more than 50, his parents will confiscate his video games. Sure you want to tell Takagi about it? He fears he won’t get to focus when Takagi starts teaching him. He is sceptical at first but she makes a decent maths teacher. Still sceptical, he asks why she is so nice today. She replies she is always teasing him in class and apologizes. This makes him feel great that she has changed her ways. So great that he treats her to a drink. He thanks her for the great progress he made. Until she reveals what they studied won’t be on the test. Oops.

Episode 5B
Yukari doesn’t want to guide her pals on English since she is aiming to score 90 as her parents promised to buy her a video game. Games over friends! However the test is maths and not English… When the results come up, she gets 88. Oh, so close… Meanwhile Takagi challenges Nishikata whoever guesses the closest the other’s score wins. Nishikata has 59 but with his so freaking obvious reaction, Takagi could easily deduce by elimination his score if she is getting further or closer. Eventually she guesses 57 and Nishikata gets arrogant she failed. Chalk missile to his head. Now it is his turn. Thinking the teacher praised her high score but didn’t get full marks, he guesses it is 92. Wait a minute, what is this reaction she makes? Other closer scores yield no reaction. But then, could this be a ploy by her to trick him? I mean, she doesn’t make reactions and that was pretty obvious like as though it’s a trap. She also messes with his mind that they have been staring at each other for quite a while. Thinking deeper, he believes it is 97. Too bad. It’s 92. That’s what you get when you don’t trust others.

Episode 5C
Nishikata quickly enters the bookstore to buy the 100% Unrequited Love manga. But as he leaves, there is Takagi! The last person he wants to know he bought that manga. She wants to know what he bought so he lies it is some football manga which is popular with guys and not with girls. She still wants to see. Gasp! He tries to weasel his way out that he hasn’t seen it yet. Okay. Let’s see it together. He tries to leave but she follows him. With him being panicky, she then wonders if he lied to her. Gasp. She reveals she knows he bought that manga as she saw him picking it and paying it at the counter. Nishikata pleads for her not to tell anyone. Well, how could she when he lied to her. Oh dear. But to put his mind at ease, she decides to tell him her little secret. She whispers in his ears that she likes him. His face goes redder before she claims that was just a lie. Now they’re even. As she leaves, she says out loud that he could lend her that manga because she too wants to read it. Yeah, I think the whole town knows now…

Episode 5D
The duo take shelter when it suddenly rains heavily. As her shirt is a bit wet, he is a bit conscious it is almost transparent. Knowing this, she requests to borrow and wear his gym t-shirt. Hers is a little wet. Hope that eases on where he should look. Then she wants to make a bet if the rain would stop at a certain time. The loser has to do anything the winner wants. Nishikata bets it won’t stop so she chooses the opposite. He believes it is a win-win situation for him. If it stops, he can go home and watch his favourite anime. If it doesn’t, Takagi will be at his beck and call. So while they tend to a stray cat, the rain then stops. Takagi’s win. He hopes to get over with it quick and go home. But then she says there is one place they would like to go together now. Lose-lose situation it has become…

Episode 6A
As summer vacation has just begun, Takagi wants Nishikata to ride in tandem on her bicycle. He disagrees and she wonders if it is embarrassing. He denies and says it is easy. Okay then. Show it. If he fails, he has to treat her. Yeah, it looks harder than it is. And no, she is not sabotaging from behind. She even says how a girl friend of hers could peddle easily. This spurs him to do better and just when he gets the bicycle moving, she says the last time she did this was when she was 4 years old with her dad. It causes him to go off balance. You lose. Now that he has to buy her a drink, he realizes he hasn’t enough money for his own. She tries to share but he believes she will only tease him and declines. Resisting must be hard. Surprisingly Takagi buys one for him and notes he might be embarrassed by the indirect kiss. She hopes they can come here to practice tandem riding.

Episode 6B
On the first day of summer vacation, it is raining and Mina thinks her plans are ruined. But what is she doing bumming around in Yukari’s house complaining then? Instead of doing homework, she continues to bum around. Maybe she should just go home.

Episode 6C
As it just stopped raining, it is too wet for tandem riding practice. Hence she suggests a kimodameshi as she takes him to an abandoned tunnel. She tells him haunting stories of many accidents and thus ghosts and even spirited away incidents. Then she tells him to enter. You scared? Male pride doesn’t allow him to chicken out. We would have seen it coming all the jump scares she would do like making him look into the empty barrel while she says boo and then ‘vanishing’ for a while to make him panic like as though she got spirited away. He thought of getting back at her by pretending to get his hand stuck in the hole but he got scared by some weird mask she picked up instead. There, his hand is out now. When they love, young kids point out to them a couple just come out of a dark tunnel. Takagi thinks they thought this was a date. He thinks of going home but Takagi wants to go back again. You scared? Here we go again.

Episode 6D
Yukari and friends are eating different flavoured ice cream. Mina and Sanae choose really odd flavours and associate it with some risk taking crap. They talk about their research homework they should be doing and as usual the lazy duo aren’t even serious about it. They think Yukari will share her answers eventually as she is the class rep. Yukari gets annoyed thinking she should just do an observation research on them.

Episode 6E
Nishikata is facing his worst summer vacation. Overslept, his bicycle’s tyre punctured and he is made to do house chores (that’s bad for a kid, right?). But luckily Takagi is on family vacation but he thinks she will be back by today. He then spots her and believes so. He tries to tail her to see if she has any weaknesses. It looks like Takagi has spotted him. He thinks she is hiding at the corner to ambush him. So as he goes to scare her, it is just her hat. Then she jumps out of the bush to scare him! As she grabs her hat, a cicada flies by. She loses her balance. He tries to catch her but she regains balance and he falls flat on his face. He scrapped his knee. At the park, she helps him wash it off and knows what he was trying to do. She invites him to play in the cool tap water and notes her summer vacation is good today because she get to see someone. Guess.

Episode 7A
Nishikata just bought the latest copy of 100% Unrequited Love at the shopping mall. Worst timing ever, he bumps into Takagi outside. Trying to prevent her from finding out, he asks what she is doing here. To buy a swimsuit. And what type do you like? As he tries to leave, she asks if she can borrow his manga he just bought. Did she find out? Thinking about it, it is impossible to see what he has bought as the store has no windows. Believing she is bluffing, he lies it is some robot zombie manga. Really? Then show it to her. In his last ditch effort, he tries to sow some doubts in her mind if the manga he bought was 100% Unrequited Love. This might make her think twice and think it isn’t. However she is certain he bought that. Now show up. You lose. Now he has to accompany her to pick a swimsuit.

Episode 7B
I guess Nishikata is going to be flustering for a while as she picks her swimsuit. And if he can’t decide which is best, this will go on till he does so. When she wants him to handover a swimsuit next to him, she makes it look like she is naked behind the curtains. Of course she is fully clothed. Duped again. Nishikata is worried his friends will see him here and what do you know, Nakai and Mano are here. Could he have ditched Takagi because she sees the couple instead? Apparently Nishikata is hiding in the next changing room. Why does he have to leave his slipper out? Thinking nobody knows what slipper he wears? Anyway, Mano notices this and is considerate enough to take Nakai and leave. Takagi busts Nishikata out from his hiding. Now he is forced to pick which swimsuit looks best. That’s not the end of his woes yet as she invites him to go swimming next time.

Episode 7C
Yukari and friends are at the beach. Watching her pumping her inflatable makes them realize she cannot swim. When Mina and Sanae have done all the watery fun and return to land, they see Yukari flat out tired. Her pump broke and she used her own breath. Mina wonders if she is enjoying life so Yukari threatens not to let her copy her homework anymore. Have mercy!

Episode 7D
With not much time to do their homework left, Takagi suggests doing it at Nishikata’s room. I guess this guy is desperate enough to bring her to his room for the first time. She is impressed with his full 100% Unrequited Love collection. Their face got too close and only Nishikata flusters. She teases him he likes this. What she meant was his manga collection. Gotcha. As for doing their homework, using the same table and chair would be too cramp and serve another round of teasing. In that case, she suggests using his bed as the desk. Nishikata realizes he has been tricked again as she only brought kanji practice book. You don’t actually need to do that together, right? So anyway they just do it and both their hands grab the eraser at the same time. This reminds him of a similar scene in 100% Unrequited Love. However he can’t be as cool as the hot guy and panics. At the end, Takagi leaves and hopes to come again. Well, better start cleaning your room then.

Episode 8A
Previously Nishikata had trouble when Takagi holds on to his waist during the tandem riding practice. Now that he is okay with it, looks like they can’t be doing this anymore as summer vacation is ending. Asking if he is sad or relieved, he gives the middle ground answer. Takagi? Something similar. The start of the next term is a windy one. A storm is picking up and Nishikata is so awed with the wind that he acts like as though he is a wind user summoning something. Of course Takagi sees it. He lists excuses he is just checking the wind but this only serves for more teasing. She then asks why she isn’t riding her bike today. He must answer it within the allotted time or she’ll tell everyone what he was doing. As expected, he starts overthinking it could be more than just the dangerous typhoon. Could it be the wind will blow up her skirt? He is too embarrassed to say it so in the end, the answer is because of the dangerous typhoon. As they make their way, the wind dies down. Takagi tries to imitate (teasing him in a way) to summon more wind and exaggerates, which leads him to say he didn’t all that stuff, which means to say he was doing more than checking the wind.

Episode 8B
Nishikata thinks he can best Takagi during this class marathon race. He has been constantly practising, rain or shine. At first he runs slowly so as not to lose energy and keep with his pacing. Takagi then catches up and he thinks she is panicking thinking he will be too far ahead. Actually she was just giving him a handicap head start. When she zooms ahead, Nishikata thinks she will run out of energy but soon worries if she is a really good runner. He speeds up and catches up to her. Then she challenges him if he could touch her, he wins. He realizes it is another of her ploy because with everyone running around them, he would be too embarrassed to do so. Yeah, imagine what it would look like. He thought of throwing down a challenge that if she can run 50m in front of him, she wins. Is he sure? Definitely. At this point, girls are supposed to turn back while the boys run ahead a further 2km. Damn it.

Episode 8C
Nishikata’s ribs are ticklish. To get back at her, he challenges whoever laughs first, loses. When she says her ribs aren’t ticklish, it is a ploy to throw him off guard and poke his ribs. He did well to hold in his laughter. When he is about to tickle hers, he realizes despite she is defenceless because both her hands are on her bike, he can’t do it as it will seem like sexual harassment. Suddenly Takagi does a funny face and sends him laughing. He loses. Penalty? Nishikata really believes when she says he cannot forever eat rice or read 100% Unrequited Love? She’ll settle for his penalty to poke her ribs. Must be her scheme to see his struggling reaction. Poke. Nothing happens. Told you her ribs aren’t ticklish. But her armpit is. Wanna touch it?

Episode 8D
Mina realizes during the summer vacation they forgot to do kimodameshi. To avoid having regrets, she brings her pals to that tunnel. Mina sounds more excited and hyped than anything scared. Yeah, very noisy too. In the end, she is satisfied it felt so much like summer vacation. However she regrets summer vacation won’t be coming back… Bummer.

Episode 9A
Nishikata has got a new handphone. So his plan to tease Takagi is to wait for her to ask his email? She just takes a look at it and gives it back. That’s it. On the way back, there are so many chances for him to do so but you know, he keeps getting nervous and overthink. So much so accidentally reveals himself about his plan to tease her. Fail. Thanks to that, he now has to help her for class duty. Yup, even if it didn’t went through, it was still his fault he got himself busted. When Takagi will call him back home, Nishikata realizes that this means she is going to tease him more! Oh dear. His only refuge is now destroyed. Mina talks to her friends that she wants a handphone so that they can all chat together. Yukari believes it is the reason her parents won’t buy her. This leads to them claiming Mina will drop out first when they talk horror stories. To prove she isn’t, she dares them. They start talking and we can see she is starting to cower. Yeah, fake invoices stories are always scary.

Episode 9B
Nishikata learns that there is somebody whom Takagi messages with. Are you curious to know? Why is he looking worried? She’ll tell him who if he tells her what he often messages with the boys. Nishikata thinks this shared scary video link of a cute goat violently contorting into a demon would scare the sh*t out of her (at least he was scared out of his daylights). He sends the link. Takagi looks puzzled. She shows him a sexy babe picture and asks if he is into this. Nishikata panics and wonders if he sent the wrong link. Actually, it’s just a random picture she had and was just asking. Trolled. Finally she opens the real link and sees the video. Nothing happens. Well, it’s not scary if you watch it in daytime. So as for the person whom Takagi messages with, she drops hints as eager Nishikata tries to guess. But he is left confused while she is laughing so hard because he is trying to figure out who this itoko person is. Oh, that word means cousin.

Episode 9C
At home, Nishikata plans to send a scarier video. Speaking of the devil, Takagi calls him and knows he is going to send her a scary video! Is she psychic?! Does she have a tracer bug in his room?! She hopes they would hang up on the count of 3. Nobody did. Both call each other a liar. Takagi is supposed to send him some picture. He waited all night and she never did.

Episode 9D
Nishikata is too slow to take a picture of cats fighting. Apparently the boys are having a competition to see who can take the best photo. Nishikata wants Takagi to do her funny face but she won’t. He must do something for her for that. Not willing to risk it? Suddenly she does her funny face. He can’t stop laughing. This means he lost the chance to take a shot. No second chance. He tries to act depress to get her guard down. However she scares him with a toy snake and took shots of his face! Priceless. Is that called a cheap shot? She laughs so hard and Nishikata plans to take a picture of her. But again too slow. She poses fast enough for him to take. He offers he deletes this photo so she could delete hers. Nope. She plans to keep it. So you can keep the shot you take too. As Takagi leaves, she tells him not to show that picture to anyone because it’s embarrassing. From how cool she looks saying that, it’s not convincing. Nishikata wants to delete it (what would people think if they see him having a photo of a girl?) but the thought of using it as a future deal makes him keep it for now. I wouldn’t put my hopes on it.

Episode 10A
Thinking on trying to get back at Takagi, Nishikata accidentally bumps into a pole. Did Takagi see that? Thinking she didn’t, he tries to talk about growth spurt like what he is experiencing now. Takagi looks at him with dead eyes and claims sexual harassment! He thinks she thought he was talking about her boobs but she was talking about her height as well. To see who is taller, they measure by standing against each other’s backs. Takagi says they are the same height but he doesn’t believe. She must be cheating. In that case they stand face to face. Nishikata measures and finds he is taller. She admits she was standing on her toes. Yup, she was cheating but she didn’t say she wasn’t. Nishikata thinks she is bitter on the inside but like as though she read his mind, she tells him she is not. Because running into a pole seems more painful. Oh sh*t…

Episode 10B
Takagi touches Nishikata’s face with her cold hands as surprise. She allows him to do her back. But seeing how the 3 Stooges are molesting each other with their cold hands, he can’t. There’s no way. Hence she touches him again. What’s this crap about a person with cold hands has a warm heart?! Never heard of it!

Episode 10C
Yukari wonders if Takagi and Nishikata are dating as they are always so close. Sanae misinterprets this as she wants a boyfriend. Not sure if Mina got jealous because now she can’t do her business in the toilet. WTF. When Nishikata’s friends invite him to play a video game, he declines. They think it is his girlfriend and of course he denies. Mina then assures they aren’t because she asked Takagi in the toilet. But the friends continue to wonder if they’re not going out, why is he always walking her home? Isn’t that dating? Nishikata hell knows it is about the teasing. As school ends, Takagi tells Nishikata that someone asked her if they are dating and that she is the one who is in love with him (because she is the one who always asks to walk home). Nishikata knows he has fallen into her trap to see him squirm. So he tries to ask to walk her home and she replies that she’ll think about it. Because it’s like he is scheming something.

Episode 10D
At the vending machine, there are only weird flavoured drinks. Nishikata is thirsty and knows either way he will regret it. This gives him an idea to ask her a would you rather question. Would she rather have a tasty drink but ends up sick or a disgusting plain one? She asks back will he visit her if she is sick. Uhm, okay. Then she’ll have the tasty drink. He asks another question, no allowance for life or no more teasing him. Without hesitation, she goes for the former. She has enough money and can do part time jobs. So that’s decided. Feeling he is up to something, it is her turn to ask questions. Would he rather she disappear forever on continue keep on being teased? Oh God. He is already troubled over this?! Because he cannot fathom a life without her, he chooses the latter. So he loves being teased?! More teasing then! Next, get zero on his test forever or kiss her. Damn. Either way he is damned. He answers not the zero one so she forces him to be more specific. The kiss then… That smirk… Then her face goes closer to him. He fears she might do it but it is just to measure their height and confirm he is taller. Then the questioning continues…

Episode 11A
Nishikata tries to catch a cat but with Takagi entering the picture, he fails. He thinks she would have teased him had he caught it but then he reacts happily when she points out another cat nearby. Nishikata is sure it will not go to her but surprisingly it lets her touch all over. The way she is petting it is tempting him. He thinks he finally got her when she asks if he is scared of cats. He confidently says he is not and can prove it. Okay. No big deal. I believe you. This shock has Takagi laugh back at him for being gullible. By the time he wants to pet it, the cat is gone.

Episode 11B
Yukari wants to talk about love with her friends. Seriously? She is surprised when they easily tell her the type of man they like. She is totally loving this conversation when she realizes they were talking about dogs. Bummer…

Episode 11C
In art class, Takagi and Nishikata draw each other’s portrait. Of course Nishikata is blushing too much and this makes a great tease as usual. He gets an idea of drawing her the way he envisions her. This means drawing Takagi looking like a devil. When she takes a look, she does her funny face trying to match it, making Nishikata laugh like mad. Takagi shows hers in which a blushing Nishikata. He is now more embarrassed than ever.

Episode 11D
After the girls take their fortune telling, Takagi tells Nishikata to play rock-scissors-paper with her and if he wins, she will help him clean the class. Cautious at first and laying down the rules and everything, surprisingly he wins! He is surprised she is taking this very well but nevertheless a win is still a win. She talks to him about the fortune telling today that was on love. Hers read that she will do well with her current crush. This messes with his mind thinking that it is him she is talking about. With him reacting so jumpy, he starts realizing could it be he likes her? Uhm, we figured this out like so long ago. He tries to change the subject on the other readings. It seems it also predicted Nishikata’s win. But since she is cool about it, poor Nishikata is only more confused.

Episode 11E
According today’s horoscope, Nishikata will have good luck. But it seems Takagi knows his horoscope and (guessed correctly) his blood type to know today is his lucky day. Too bad nothing good his way came because he only got more teasing. At the end of the day, he thinks he just needs to land one critical hit to tease her and win. When his friends invite him to play a new football game at their house, he declines them just to walk with Takagi home. As he ponders his plan to tease her, she asks why he declined them and he tells her because she wants to walk her home. OMG! Takagi blushed for real! Did you see that!? Too bad Nishikata was too preoccupied with his plan that he didn’t. But when he does, he thinks he did something wrong and panics. Yeah, revealing his teasing plan. This guy just made an own goal. She agrees to forget what he said if he says it again. Of course he can’t and runs home. After leaving, Takagi shows a sigh of relief. That genuinely embarrassed face that we all thought never would see. She admits she got a critical hit.

Episode 12A
It looks like it is a trend for girls to write letters to each other. So when Nishikata notices Takagi writing one, he thinks she is just an ordinary girl. But what’s this? There is a letter in his book?! Oh sh*t. Panic time. He is pondering if it is a love letter from her. Or not. Of course he tries to deny whatever reaction he has when Takagi says that letter is from her. Oh dear. She wants him to read it now so she could get his answer. As usual, he starts panicking wondering if this is a love letter. When he finally reads it, it is to ask whether if he could walk home with her together today. Relieved or disappointed? So why didn’t she just ask him directly? Because it is now trendy to write a letter. And also she wanted to see his reaction. He blows up and gets a chalk missile from Tanabe. Yeah, she can’t stop laughing now.

Episode 12B
We go back in time when they first started school. Nishikata is late to class and is berated by Tanabe. He feels uneasy with everyone looking at him and feels the need to make friends with them fast as he fears being stuck with a tardy nickname. As they change seats, Nishikata is disheartened he is right at the back. He knows nobody at all. But Takagi is next to him and talks to him. She hears him blaming a person named Takagi for being late. They are interrupted when it is time for the entrance ceremony. When they return to class, Takagi came back a little late. She wants to guess his reason for being late and if she gets it right on the first go, she wins. Okay. He was late because he tried to return a lost handkerchief. Yup, that handkerchief belongs to her. Not sure if Nishikata is breaking down in the most epic fashion but Takagi finds it so amusing she couldn’t stop laughing.

Episode 12C
With the start of the new term, Nishikata remembers the handkerchief Takagi lent him during summer vacation. He lacks courage to give it back to her but it seems Takagi is genuinely sad. Because they will have their seating rearranged. Wow. She really looks sad. I can understand why but Takagi too? So when it is done, Nishikata is at one far corner while Takagi is at the front centre. Peace on Earth from now on? Why isn’t Nishikata happy? His seat is next to Mano who is so depressed as she is separated from Nakai who now takes Nishikata’s former place. When Kimura who is right in front of the teacher’s podium desperately wants to change seats since he cannot secretly eat in class (did he just dig his own grave?), Nishikata thinks hard if he wants to. By the time he does, Kimura already switched with Nakai since the latter has bad eyesight. Depressed Nishikata? Later he is surprised Takagi is sitting next to him. Takagi switched with Mano since the latter claim she is small and cannot see the board. Conveniently that was Takagi’s seat. So all is well again? Nishikata gets embarrassed when she points out he tried to change his seat next to hers. He finally returns the handkerchief. At home, a note pops out from the handkerchief. It is a lovely thank you note from him. Another missed opportunity to see her reaction. But she’s one happy girl.

The Tricky Master
Looks like status quo, huh? Seeing that it is in high school that Nishikata first got to know Takagi (instead of my initial thoughts that they were childhood friends), I have a feeling that the amount of pranks Takagi has done upon him, he has been teased for and worth several lifetimes already in that span. And at this rate it would be like forever. Oh man, the teasing will never stop! Does this guy enjoy being embarrassed? His body and words say no but his heart and mind say yes. Wow, this is certainly a strange tricky situation he has gotten himself into, like forever, huh?

Although the plot is as simple as Takagi bullying harassing teasing Nishikata and the latter trying to get back at her but always fails, for almost every skit using this same formula, it never gets boring. One reason other than their interaction is because we don’t normally see them using much of technological advances. It is just them and plain ol’ traditional stuffs. No handphone or internet as distraction although those exist in this series’ setting. It’s nice to see good ol’ teasing using wits instead of having technology as assistance.

This series somewhat reminds me of another anime, Tonari No Seki-kun. In fact both series are on the polar ends of the same spectrum. While this series is about a girl teasing a boy and giving him trouble, that said series has a girl being busybody trying to know what the boy is doing hence bringing herself trouble. Do you see that similarity here despite the obvious difference? Either way, the hapless ‘victim’ is going to get it by the end of it all while the other continues to do as they wish.

This brings me to my next point. In a very politically correct era now, imagine if the gender roles were reverse. Uh huh. Imagine if Nishikata was the one who keeps teasing Takagi. Yup, definitely sound like sexual harassment. There will be tons of complaints and Nishikata’s teasing would be stopped dead in the tracks, nipped in the bud from a very long time ago. So why is it okay if a girl teases a boy this much? I mean, from the looks of Nishikata’s discomfort face, he doesn’t like it. No doubt that Takagi doesn’t mean any harm but still, isn’t this amounting to some sort of harassment? So much for gender equality, huh? Plus, because they are kids, nobody is going to bat an eyelid. Now, what if the genders were the same? Would it look more like bullying or bromance or sorority sisters thingy? Anyhow, having a girl teasing a boy seems like a free pass that nobody will lose their bat sh*t minds over.

Although it doesn’t get tired seeing Nishikata fall victim to Takagi’s pranks, but sometimes I do pity him. This guy’s thinking and reaction are so obvious, written all over his face that it is child’s play when it comes to Takagi having her way with him. It doesn’t help that this guy is too emotional and shows it too. You think that after being teased for so long, he would at least learn how to do poker face. Yeah, he tried that too but obviously he fails and not good at it. This is why she always owns him. Because of that, sometimes I also believe he deserves getting all that. So many numerous chances to learn or at least get better but he ruins it with overthinking and being overcautious. Oh well, if you want to call it being considerate because she is a girl, be my guest. Such a gentleman. No wonder she keeps coming back to him. Even more so when a guy who loves to watch romantic comedies. How rare is that to find such a guy?

Nishikata’s constant falling for Takagi’s pranks also remind me of the Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner Show. Remember that old Looney Tunes cartoon? This is just a reverse version of it and no wild contraptions bought from Acme. At times Nishikata tries to get back at her (as in the Coyote catching the Road Runner) but more often it is Takagi initiating the prank instead. Either how, Nishikata’s whatever plan fails and falls victim. Even if there is one or two times he is successful, so what of it? Compare to his losing streak, this minor victory is meaningless in the bigger picture. I wonder if he would be scarred for life. Psychological and emotional damage. In short, Nishikata feels less than a human and more of a tool to be used by Takagi to make the show more entertaining. Personal plaything. Poor guy. Can’t even catch a break from reality.

Therefore sometimes I also can’t help think of this dark alternate future whereby Nishikata would turn into a serial killer. Yikes! My conspiracy theory is that Nishikata who felt inferior to Takagi during his schooling years would take out his frustrations by baiting and luring weaker girls into dating him. And then he breaks up by killing her! With that evil smirk on his face, he will scream, “Take that now, Takagi-san! That’s for all the torment you’ve been giving me and tarnishing my childhood years. HAHAHAHA!!!!! DIE!!!!”. And then he would finally do it unto the real Takagi as he enjoys seeing her beg for mercy and life. Hahaha! Not this time! Now die!!! Oh my. Really. But if you think about it, there is a chance this might come true. Because noticed how Nishikata has been doing push-ups every day? He builds his muscle and stamina gradually and if things don’t turn out right, this might be the possible nightmare future we would see.

Despite all I have said in the previous paragraphs, Takagi is really a cool cat and a master in teasing Nishikata. As I have said that Nishikata is an open book and she knows him by heart so well to predict all his predictable thinking and moves, sometimes it feels as though she knows him so well is because she reads off from the script. Uh huh. Even if she closes her eyes and go to sleep, I figure she can still prank him the same as before. After all, Nishikata has never changed. She is always many steps ahead and just when he thinks he got her, too bad he didn’t predict the unpredicted. Did not expect the unexpected. She has all sides covered and has multiple plans if either Nishikata goes through with it or not, she is fully well prepared. Sometimes it’s like she could see the multiple futures and pick which one turns out best for her entertainment. Takagi could grow up to be a very good lawyer or insurance saleswoman. But of course to show that she is not truly a heartless or emotionless monster, she too has a blushing and embarrassed side that is rarely seen. I would say it is like finding a four leaf clover but not finding a unicorn. It’s there, rare and hard to find but not impossible.

And as you might have guessed, that this dynamic relationship between the duo all boils down to they like each other. Obviously Takagi has dropped hints of that but Nishikata is too dense and preoccupied of thinking and playing the victim to get the hints. I guess it is true when somebody constantly picks on somebody is because he/she loves that person. Though, this is often applied to boys on girls rather than the other way around. Hence in Nishikata’s mind, he thinks she is doing all this because she is bored. At this rate she is having a field day every day. And I suppose he never stops to think that he tolerated all her pranks are because he has a crush on her. Because the end result of all his thinking is that it will end up with her teasing him even more. Had Nishikata not liked her, he wouldn’t have accompanied her on so many occasions. Heck, trying to get back at her feels like a lame excuse in this sense. He might be even a secret masochist who lives for her pranks even if he doesn’t admit or sound like it. Uh huh. Remember one time how he chose he would rather be teased forever than have her gone? That last episode sealed the deal. He definitely wants her around. Mutually the same for her. He has gotten so used to it that it feels hollow without her pranks. Does it mean he feels most alive when he is embarrassed? Better being picked on than have peace. Better to know the devil than the angel. So what happens when they both finally know they love each other? Will the pranks stop? I doubt it if Nishikata remains the same. Maybe the teasing will evolve to a higher level. Would that be harassment if that’s the case?

Taking a break from them are side and minor characters whom I have conveniently described them as the 3 Stooges. I even further nicknamed them as Glasses (Megane), Eyebrows (Mayuge) and Droopy Eyes (Tareme). Yeah… While they too have their own funny short skits among themselves, sometimes I feel that the trio could form a whole new spin-off series of their own. Because they hardly interact with the main duo and even during those rare times of interaction, it hardly makes any dent or significance. Except for that tailing episode but I feel that is to show that they don’t exist parallel in another dimension. Yeah… So the trio are like the one of those odd groups of friends. Mina being the genki speak-before-she-thinks type, Sanae being the lethargic I-don’t-really-care type and Yukari being the normal one trying to have normal friends but can’t and is left disappointed because the duo are just one kind. Sighs. It’s tough trying to be normal when circumstances don’t allow it. And you’re stuck with these weirdoes at least throughout the entire school years.

From the looks of the art and animation, it is quite simplistic as well as clean. Thus the simple looking characters sometimes make me feel that they are in middle school instead of high school. But sometimes the characters feel a bit weird because they have this high forehead space. Also, some characters like Nishikata, I thought his head seems a little bigger than his body, making him look a little odd. Overall the feel is bright and vivid since this takes place in the countryside and mostly during summer. This series is produced by Shin-Ei Animation who did Tonari No Seki-kun, Amaama To Inazuma, Denki-gai No Honya-san, Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu as well as old popular series like Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan movies. I can see why their art style is similar across these titles.

Yuuki Kaji is absolutely perfect as Nishikata. The kind of whiny voice really suits the character well. Sometimes reminds me of Shingeki No Kyojin’s Eren too. Rie Takahashi as Takagi really makes her character sound cool and composed. Other casts include Konami Kohara as Mina (Akane in Tsuki Ga Kirei), Mao Ichimichi as Yukari (Shion in Slow Start) and Yui Ogura as Sanae (Tomarin in Teekyuu). The opening theme, Iwanai Kedo Ne by Yuiko Oohara (I thought it was Rie Takahashi since they sounded similar) is a lively piece that suits the pace of the series. For a short series, there seems to be multiple ending themes. Each only lasts for 2 episodes and all sung by Rie Takahashi. They range from anime pop (Kimagure Romantic and AM11:00, first and second ending theme respectively), rock based (Jitensha and Kaze Fukeba Aoi, third and fourth respectively) and my favourites Chiisana Koi No Uta (fifth) and Ai Uta (sixth).

Overall, this show is meant to be funny and entertaining. But in this era where bullying is so rampant and the lines between a harmless prank and harassment are even blurred, it is hard to say if this series is considered controversial. But since it is a girl teasing a boy, I guess not. But I’m seeing this as 2 innocent kids spending their innocent childhood and schooling time together, their dynamic chemistry, witty dialogue of trying to outwit or be outwitted definitely makes this a fun and enjoyable watch. The best advice for Nishikata to have the teasing stop is to totally ignore Takagi altogether. That is, if he can. We rather have an embarrassed and teased Nishikata than one who doesn’t care anymore (and hence possibly hurting Takagi’s feelings). Because it is always funny when it happens at the expense of others. Yeah, love sure works in pretty annoying ways.

Pop Team Epic

June 2, 2018

At first I was going to give this the skip. Although the main characters are drawn in a chibi way, but somehow I was slightly freaked out they look a bit scary despite knowing this series is going to be pure comedy and epic nonsense. But after reading the synopsis so many times to psycho myself as well as seeing the main characters giving a double mosaic middle finger to us, I knew I had to give Poputepipikku a try. If that sounds hard to pronounce, Pop Team Epic lives up to its name with all the parodies and references of pop culture. It has everything you want from and it is not even shy to tell us its main goal is to become a real anime. Wait. Isn’t this already a real anime? Maybe not real anime epic enough for their standards.

Episode 1
* Popuko pumps into Pipimi while on her way out. The latter lost her pendant. It is in the former’s hands. She asks to return it. She doesn’t want to. Instant obliteration!
* Totoro parody: Popuko trying to snatch an umbrella at the bus stop. Pipimi the Totoro warns her. They both get banged by the bus.
* Pokemon parody: Popuko is tasked to select her starter Pokemon pack but they are all with Pipimi’s face.
* Aliens invade Earth. Popuko shoots her own comrades so Pipimi the alien have to stop her from doing that.
* Badass Pipimi barges in and saves Popuko from some alien experiment. Shady characters let them have their way as they break the fourth wall as they say there is no way a 4-panel manga can become anime. Their goal is for supremacy and they might have gotten it via… Fidget spinners?!
* Some dumb hippo bugs the girls for food but they for feed him bugs.
* The girls are going to France and with Pipimi as a mine, she thinks French people like gestures (heck, they’re even speaking in French). So when she does those mime gestures, she got a double middle finger back.
* Popuko abuses Pipimi but the latter isn’t even mad. So Popuko tortures her like hell and turns her into some biscuit shipped for distribution and she’s still not mad at all.

Episode 2
* A party of RPG warriors summon twin dragons to defeat the demon king. Too bad they summon Popuko and Pipimi. Because of that, the duo have a field day teasing everyone like how this episode is only in sketches, getting paid to do some easy job and doing weird impersonations. We break even more fourth wall because the real seiyuus then complain to the producer how most of their lines are going to be adlib. Do a better job please! Yeah, they even break down, going crazy!
* The duo are at the zoo and it seems Pipimi is testing if the animals they have seen are new (wow so cute!) or a repeat (meh, seen it before). Popuko got tricked when a Tasmanian devil is not seen yet but yet she says it is so. Then they all laugh it off.
* A stop motion animation of the girls singing the theme song.
* Pipimi swiftly takes a picture of all their ridiculous fortunes.
* Popuko dies each time she sees a jagged speech balloon. Of course this shocks Pipimi and the cycle repeats all over again.

Episode 3
* Popuko is going to leave but her blanket won’t let her and covers her. Now she’s sleeping soundly.
* A documentary parody: Pipimi is the producer of an idol group, Tame Monkey in which Popuko is an uncouth member. Others try to tell her off but Pipimi makes them inferior and a slave to Popuko. Popuko gains more popularity although she is lazy. Pipimi tries to find suitable idol partners from humans to animals but none were suitable. She then decided the best was to mass clone her. It soon becomes a dystopia with Popuko clones taking over the world and subjugating all humans. When asked if this is the ideal world Pipimi envisioned, yes it is.
* Pipimi likes this new red car. Because red covers the blood she is going to spill! How about its hybrid specs? It means it is quiet. Oh, she can kill without making a sound!
* The girls are in France and are infatuated with baguettes. The bought a bunch home and Popuko loves them so much that she uses them as her ski.
* Popuko wants to hug that cute red panda. But the closer she gets, it turns into a big scary monster! But far away it looks so cute and docile…

Episode 4
* Popuko enters a bobsled race. Is that Dastardly?! Yeah, he blew himself up after trying to cheat. As for the other teams that zoom past Popuko, they crash into the crossing penguin and her family! Poor penguins. When a speeding sports car leaves Popuko in the dust, she combines with Pipimi the airplane! So fast that it leaves the sports car in the dust! Popuko finally wins gold but she is disqualified because she is a robot! Now that the secret is out, what do they do? Fly away!
* Popuko and Pipimi singing a spoof of Earth, Wind & Fire’s Let’s Groove. Not bad actually!
* An alien tries to act like a cat. Yeah… Is your hair standing on ends? However Popuko is not convinced and tells it to leave. Time to go back to your own spaceship.

Episode 5
* Iyo Sakuragi is a normal high school girl who is in love with the popular football club captain, Hojou. One day her dad, Pipimi marries another woman, Popuko. That woman is Hojou’s mom! To her dismay, now they are siblings. Yeah, she would have wanted to become his girlfriend. But they live a tormenting life every day since the parents do not work and gamble the money away. It is made worse when they always do stupid stuffs to interrupt their studies or sleep. Even worse, Iyo is bullied by Hojou’s fan girls every day. One day Iyo cannot take this anymore so she tries to stab them but Hojou gets in the way. He will not let her stain her hands for his sake. Although this reinforces their love, their parents continue to gamble away. 5 years later, they are happily married with twins. Popuko and Pipimi?! Why do I have a feeling the devils have been reincarnated?
* Popuko couldn’t stop hiccupping. Pipimi says she will die once she reaches 100. However she stops at 99 and self-destructs. This is worse than an atomic bomb!
* Popuko doing a lame impression of Mickey. Yeah, that Disney mouse. Does Mickey snort when he laughs?
* Popuko chases a cute bunny like forever on Route 66. Seems normal but made epic because the background music of Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild is being played! Easy Runner?

Episode 6
* Shogi parody. Popuko with Pipimi as her Heian spiritual guide, faces off with an opponent. However he finds her aura too intimidating and gives up! Holy cow! Popuko wins with the game not even started and no moves were made! Super record! Next is some cabaret slut queen and after 73 moves, Popuko wins while she disintegrates into sand. Next is a discount version of Tekken’s Heihachi. After Popuko makes the first move of her pawn, this machine dude explodes! Must be the way she put her pawn so epic, huh? Her final opponent is the real Pipimi who is supposed to be the pinnacle of shogi AI. The battle is so epic that it looks more like a fighting game than playing shogi. Did they both do hadoken in the end? Yeah, so epic that the entire place explodes. All that is left is Pipimi’s ribbon.
* Popuko is running late for school but her blanket, pillow, mat, curtain and alarm clock won’t let her go and let her sleep in. Ah, such warm comfy peace.
* Popuko thanks everyone and hopes all will subscribe to her channel. For those who don’t, she is going to get you…

Episode 7
* A guy is feeling depressed so Popuko recommends reading Pop Team Epic’s manga. He finds it boring and is instantly labelled a hater!
* I’m sure Hellshake Yano is about some rocker guy trying to rock the crowd with his electrifying guitar. However what makes it interesting is how the story is told using a combination of 2 sketchbooks, the cut-outs and other effects solely from just using the sketchbook. Even though I don’t really get the overall story, but the visuals of this art is sure a hell lot creative! Very creative! Kudos and hats off!
* Today’s cooking show brings you… A compressed manatee! I hope no manatees were hurt in the use of this cooking show.
* Popuko and Pipimi take a selfie of a beautiful French scenery. Turns out to be just a billboard poster.

Episode 8
* A bacon watches itself cook a bacon to eat… Oh sh*t…
* Popuko is a violent criminal in prison. But Pipimi sees an interesting side of her and has her sworn into her brotherhood of yakuza by licking the same lemon. Sour… Once Popuko is out on parole, the duo go on a notoriety spree of criminal activities. Popuko becomes Pipimi’s personal assassin by taking down all her rivals or those who stand in her way. Some YouTubing fiasco has Pipimi suspect her father is the one behind this and is bending his backs to the police instead of following their yakuza code. Pipimi quits the gang. But soon, Popuko gets assassinated. At her funeral (double middle finger as her death photo?), Pipimi brings a guy who seems to be criticising Popuko from the manga. Mad Popuko wakes up and pops some lead in his head. Pipimi blows the entire place up as the duo escape.
* The duo cut their bangs. Those who do not cut their bangs will not pass!
* Popuko shows Pipimi a music video she made. WTF is this trippy drug fuelled fantasy?! Pipimi immediately orders her to burn the tape!
* Popuko throws seeds to a tree for it to bloom. However it is just ordinary flour. The mad tree chases her. The interesting about this is how the art is done using sand art style.

Episode 9
* OMG. A short story decently narrated in decent English! (Though, the second half is in Japanese) It’s about this New Yorker boy who feels lost in life. Till Popuko and Pipimi randomly appear in his life (as Ghostbusters busting punks!). He decides to follow them and tell them all his problems. He thinks they are listening quietly to his problems but I bet they’re just ignoring him and think he doesn’t even exist! Hey, is that Robocop and Terminator Pipimi arm wrestled and easily beat!!! He cherished following the girls everywhere and believes they are showing him the other side of life. Though, I’m pretty sure they’re just randomly going places. One night when they are about to cut the tuna, he gets scared. That is when he realized he was too scared to do anything and ran away from everything instead of facing it. Hence he goes back to his ordinary life and promises to work hard. Now he is the mayor of New York as he makes his speech and pays tribute to the girls who has changed his life. OMG! So this is the back story of Street Of Rage’s Mike Haggar! Now I’ve seen it all!
* The rabbit is late for a secret tea party but stupid Popuko keeps blocking its way.
* Pipimi lets Popuko press a button. She gets a hug. But when she repeatedly presses it like mad, she gets smacked!
* Pipimi throws a deep question to Popuko. What if 1000 out of 10 people hate her? Wait. What?! She starts crying. But Pipimi says what if she is the only one by her side? Popuko is happy she is the centre of the universe.
* The duo are ordering French cuisine for the first time. I’m sure they are impressed with the fancy names and order away. They didn’t know the food they order has strong odour. Yeah, it stinks. So they go order something familiar: Ramen. Ah, nothing beats good ol’ ramen.

Episode 10
* God wants to let Popuko take over His role. Guess what? Popuko thinks it is a bother and gives Him the middle finger, blowing Him away!!!
* The duo play football but they pass and shoot using their hadoken!
* Popuko experiences bad customer service so she sets all the traps and then presses the button to call for service. Since the waiter didn’t come, Popuko falls into her own traps. Still got bad service…
* Detective Conan parody: Popuko and Pipimi are relaxing at a hotspring but a murder occurs. The detective suspects everyone there but the duo take the liberty to play detective. They keep accusing this suspicious guy with a mask and try to get him to confess with their hostess abilities. Eventually they are kicked out so they go do their own investigations. Is it me but isn’t the evidence so clear because the murder victim wrote with his blood the culprit as the hostess inn? So when Pipimi figures out the culprit, she calls everyone but starts off narrating her hostess life. Thanks to her hard work, they give her a hotspring trip to relax and sends Popuko who is the top new hostess with her. Thanks to this, they blame their trip is spoiled by the murder. Yeah, the inn hostess breaks down thinking they are putting her at fault. This has her explaining about the victim killing her dad 15 years ago. She wants to kill herself but Pipimi slaps her and gives her a second chance to come to her hostess bar. Case closed.

Episode 11
* Horror time! 4 friends are having their own party at an isolated cabin. When Aya goes to the ladies, she thought she saw shadows of 2 girls standing at the hallway. She freaks out and this alerts her friends. They take her back with them to rest. Reina accuses Aya to drop the cute act because she wants to get close with Shogo. Hayato tries to diffuse the situation so Reina also tells him to shut it and knows he has a crush on Aya. Soon the girls start trying to outdo each other they have done things with Shogo. So he is two-timing them? Hayato goes crazy and slashes Shogo with an axe! Reina runs away into her car. After starting up, she is spooked by the 2 girls in front. Panic, she crashes down the ravine. Meanwhile Aya shoots Hayato before he axes her. Next morning, all the dead friends are now in the photo with Popuko and Pipimi. They have their eyes…
* Pipimi becomes a tree. Popuko doesn’t want to be left alone and hugs her. She too becomes a tree. And that is how the legend of why the tree is protruding and has a shape of a girl.
* Popuko wonders how Pipimi became so big. Science, baby. Science.
* Pipimi reads a comment from a viewer complaining there isn’t enough keyframes. Popuko dances like hell to make more keyframes.
* Popuko talks like as though she knows all about wine. Yeah, she sounds like an expert until Pipimi tells her to just finish her grape juice!

Episode 12
* Those shady characters are disgusted at the cuteness of Popuko and Pipimi since they have ruined their whatever legend they have planned or created. With lots of terms that I don’t even understand, finally they think their next greatness will be in the form of hegemony. They send henchmen to kill off the duo but our girls get even more violent, destroying their surroundings and killing everybody. Brutal…
* Popuko can’t find her glasses. She searches until the moon. She tussles with a couple of aliens for it until they get sucked into the black hole.
* The duo are singing a graduation-like song. Until the lyrics became about killing and destruction!
* The duo crash into the HQ of the baddies and defeat all small fries and interrogate them for the mastermind. It leads them to the HQ of our shady characters who then turn into their true monster form. The duo combine and transform into their golden form and easily defeat them. In the end, this costs Pipimi’s life. But not to worry, a hot guy who is a time traveller takes them back to the past! In an alternate version, the duo survived and that’s the end!

Pop Goes The Epic
Thankfully I didn’t lose any brain cells from watching this nonsense. That’s because some of the jokes are so short and I didn’t really get them. Even though this series is garbage, it is not the bad kind of garbage. I mean, it is meant to be over the top nonsense and parodies anything it could get its hands on. In this sense it is the kind of trash we are talking about. The kind of trash we would love to have more. Can we have another second season? I’m sure if Popuko and Pipimi would have their way, they would have blackmailed and threatened the producers at gunpoint until they give in to their demands. Yeah, that’s the kind of anime this series is supposed to be. It has everything that you could ever want to in your anime!

Initially I was baffled that the series’ running time is the usual and standard 24 minutes but it is only half that time. What do I mean? You see, this show is only 12 minutes long and the second half is actually repeated! Is this a kind of trolling? However for those who keep watching the second half, you would notice there are some minor changes in some of the skits. The most obvious being the seiyuus voicing each half are different. Heck, in every episode, Popuko and Pipimi’s seiyuu are different. So it doesn’t matter if they are female or male, because either way, the character sounds funny. Even funnier if it is voiced by a male with a low voice. Just hilarious.

Hence with the seiyuus list running longer than your tax file, it was hard for me to pinpoint or pick out any seiyuu that I could recognize. I don’t think I remember if I did since the skits were so short that I couldn’t pick them out. Heck, I was trying to understand the joke too! Too much for me. What do you mean Mamiko Noto voiced one of the Pipimi characters here???!!! WHERE???!!! Must go back and find out… So the host of seiyuus that I know lending their talents as Pipimi include Ayana Taketatsu, Satomi Satou, Yuu Kobayashi, Tomokazu Sugita, Yuuki Kaji, Jouji Nakata, Shigeru Chiba and Norio Wakamoto, Whereas Popuko has Aoi Yuuki, Mikako Komatsu, Nana Mizuki, Youko Hikasa, Tomoko Kaneda, Hiro Shimono, Rikiya Koyama, Sho Hayami, Showtaro Morikubo and Yuuichi Nakamura. Yeah, this is just part of those whom I should recognize and there are lots more others helming both characters. But for other cameo characters, the list is even longer since a seiyuu is used for an extra minor despite staying the same in both halves. Sometimes I feel the seiyuus are having fun voicing their characters. You can sometimes here they aren’t serious in their role and just doing it because it is fun. Not bad actually. After all, what else do you expect from this kind of anime? The input equals the output.

Other changes in the second half include certain skits having slightly different visuals or a different presentation. Like that Mike Haggar story in which the first half was narrated in English and the next half was in Japanese. Or that horror-cum-murder story in which some sort of commentary was provided instead for the second half. There is also a recurring segment (albeit not in all episodes) called Japan Mignon. We have this young French dude who is supposedly the animator of this series talking in French. Unless you know French, you’re not going to understand what he says because the next animation scene featuring Popuko and Pipimi is supposed to be the punch line. So if you stayed around for the second half, there would be a proper translation to understand what the so called joke was. So sometimes I keep thinking that this second half with slight difference is just one big spot the difference game.

The art and animation might use the standard chibi version for Popuko and Pipimi but there are also certain skits that have their art style slightly different. I believe that some skits are produced by different people as you can see their name appearing in the eye-catch scene before the skit. I also want to note that the ‘most horrible’ art style goes to this segment called Bob Team Epic (New Series). Not only our main duo sound like guys doing their worst falsetto impression, the drawing of the girls is just horrendous and distorted like hell! I know it is done on purpose and to make the girls look funny. I think my 5 year old nephew could even draw better and if submitted, could be passed off as that segment’s animation style! Hilarious and ugly at the same time. Other visual styles include the use of live-action, stop motion, CGI (although this is kept to the minimum), 8bit retro video game style as well as real hand sewn dolls.

Can’t comment much about the characters and storyline because everything is so random and nonsensical that it doesn’t make sense trying to do so. Pop culture references are a ton aplenty and veterans would have a field day spotting them. I’m not so I wasn’t really that excited. Popuko and Pipimi are like everything. They are your best friends, your enemies, your saviour, your worst nightmare, even playing both God and Satan themselves! The world revolves around them! And other characters don’t matter because what for? If you think that yellow blob Wooser was bad enough, looks like this duo are going to give him a run for his money. Popuko and Pipimi do not have much character development between them and it is so minimal but it makes us want to care a lot about their dynamic friendship. They are indeed the dynamic duo. Pure comedy gold!

This brings me to another interesting segment. Supposedly the next episode preview but not for this series but for ‘another anime series’. Based on the ‘next episode preview’ of Hoshiiro Girl Drop, this looks quite an interesting anime! Despite it looks like a romantic comedy kind of anime, that penultimate preview makes it look even more interesting because of its tragic twist (although generally it might not be that of a shocker or original one). Heck, the art and drawing are standard bishoujo style! Also, mainly narrated by Yui Ogura in her trademark cute voice who is supposedly the main character of this series (Sosogu Hoshifuri). Also, they got a seemingly decent opening theme for this series already, Twinkling Star by Drop Stars. I want to see this anime! THEY SHOULD MAKE THIS ANIME INTO A REALITY AND SCREW OVER THIS ONE!!! Oh, wait a minute. If Hoshiiro Girl Drop announced it is ‘second season’ at the end, could this be a deeper meaning that this series is getting one?! Yeah, this series loves trolling us in so many ways. But I really hope Hoshiiro Girl Drop gets adapted.

The opening theme for the series is as the same name of its series sung by Sumire Uesaka. Can’t give an even more epic name for an epic title, can you? But I am not really attracted to this song since it uses a lot of synthesizers and I think it makes the singer’s voice sound like she is using Auto-Tune. I seem to prefer the ending theme, Poppy Pappy Day. Although there are many versions of it, depending who the seiyuus are voicing the main duo, I prefer the male voices covering it. It has that sleepy and calming effect to it. Really. Of course the one that really takes the cake is Let’s Pop Together, that Let’s Groove spoof. Care to dance and groove to this tune? Let’s pop together, all night! All right!

Overall, this strange and bizarre series might have won the hearts of many because of its epic nonsense and parodies of everything, but it is not likely to become any sort of masterpiece. In short, not Oscar worthy material. Though, it is already a masterpiece for those who absolutely love it. Therefore crap shows like this are good because they make you forget about reality and make you laugh at all the ironies and silliness. It doesn’t have to make sense or be logical. It could very well be a meme of its own. But if you think that there is all to offer to this great epic series, be warned that this isn’t the last that you will hear of them yet. They’ll be back to give us more epic memes, parodies and laughs when you least expected it. OMG. Pop Team Epic saved anime?! Just the kind of epic story-cum-meme we all need.

If you think the original series did not have enough of Shima, well, Ao No Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen OVA 2 is going to make him the ‘star’. I suppose Rin is too main character and Yukio is too serious. Suguro is too delinquent and Konekomaru is too pussy. And Shiemi and Izumo aren’t that great either while we don’t want too much obvious fanservice from Shura. So what better way than to have a comical character have the limelight in this very OVA. Oh yeah, I can see it. It’s not the kind of limelight that everybody wants to be in…

Spy Game
Shima has been transferred to the main academy for about a month and looks like he is enjoying himself. Mephisto is glad he is so he has him reiterate what it means to be a spy. A generic answer from him. Mephisto believes a spy must be steadfast and never waver in the pursuit of his goals. Yeah, whatever. Shima is to be given 3 spy missions and as a reward he will be given this ultimate legendary uncensored Playboy magazine. Basically a porn magazine? Oh yeah! He’ll do it! The first mission has him meeting up with Yukio to exterminate an abandoned factory believed to be haunted by ghosts. Shima thinks it would be an easy job until he discovers his part is to handle those bug-like ghosts. Oh, they can possess cockroaches too. Shima wants out as he complains but Yukio isn’t going to let him go because if he does, Mephisto will cut his salary by 90%! Is this legal?! Scared Shima tries to weasel his way out but starts badmouthing Yukio until he gets pissed off. That’s it. No more nice guy. Shima’s mission is considered a ‘success’ by Mephisto. Yeah, considering how he was thrown into a pit filled with those ‘cockroaches’… Ugh… Lesson learnt: Never piss off Yukio. For the next mission, he is supposed to stroll into Yukio’s room, eat his dinner and walk out like as though it is nothing. Of course he can’t do it but Mephisto dangles the magazine before him. Shima tries not to be fooled this time so Mephisto shows an article he intends to publish tomorrow that would scandalize Yukio. Imagine if it comes out now, whose fault do you think it would be? Shima reluctantly goes in as he sees Rin making dinner for Yukio. Despite warning not to eat it (and that dangerous habit of how grumpy Yukio is if he is angry – not to mention he didn’t eat anything this morning), Shima tries to distract him by praising his cooking as he eats everything quickly while Rin stays impressed with all his flattery. By the time he finishes, Yukio is standing behind him. Rin’s gone. You’re on your own. Don’t turn around now unless you want to be scarred forever by his angry face!

With the second mission considered a pass, Mephisto gives his final mission: Infiltrate the girls’ dorm without busting his identity. Shima loves this mission! This is the mission he lives for! Too bad this cross-dressing outfit isn’t going to fool anybody. Suddenly his friends and Yukio enter to see this horrendousness. Shocked at first, but let’s give him a chance to explain. It’s the case of damn if he does, damn if he doesn’t. At the height of the panic, he accidentally reveals his infiltration mission. His friends are so disappointed. Calling the police… Suguro wants to beat some sense into him so as Shima tries to escape, that magazine drops out from his bag. This is even worse. They think he got corrupted by this and is doing this sh*t. No explanation is going to get him out of this one. Pain train coming in 3, 2, 1… Oh, Suguro ripped apart the magazine… In the aftermath, Mephisto looks happy despite Shima failed. Explaining to Amaimon about the meaningless missions he gave Shima, this is just to find out if he is worthy to be his personal spy. Despite looking like an idiot, his greedy desire makes him a weak and shallow person. He also doesn’t fear Mephisto who is a demon one bit. As he doesn’t care to suck up to authority, this means he won’t be easily brainwashed. This makes him a useful asset because what Mephisto needs is not a soldier who will sacrifice himself to plant false information once but a spy who can report back to him many times. But a ‘happy ending’ because Shima plastered back the magazine and is happily enjoying it?

The Spy Who Failed Me
Well, it was funny as it was interesting. To see Shima being turned into some comical punching bag and being used by scheming Mephisto without even knowing it. This OVA is overall quite light-hearted although its darker aspects and Mephisto’s goal in using Shima in his long term plan is revealed at the end. After all, Mephisto is a character whom we all know to have some suspicious with because of his nature that he might be some sort of double agent. Sometimes I do pity Shima for falling into the obvious and thinking with his dick but he deserves what he gets. Guys like him are so easy. Not money or world domination. Just porn is enough. Damn if the internet access at True Cross Academy is so restricted that’s why Shima can’t get his daily dose of porn that is so flooded over the internet. I guess nothing beats the old fashion magazine. It was a blast hearing Shima complaining and screaming like never before because in previous instalments of the TV series in which he was just a supporting character, you don’t get to hear much from this laidback character at least not at this pitch. You’ll remember him as one of those lazy characters so when he starts panicking and being flustered like that, Shima looks and sounds like a different character altogether. So until he overcomes his boner desires, looks like he is on his way to be groomed as Mephisto’s finest spy… Imagine the downfall of mankind was due to porn. Yeah, demons not only rule in our heads and hearts but in our pants as well.

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