Overlord II

June 15, 2018

Ah, finally. The much awaited sequel is here. So it is with glee that I am able to watch the great exploits and epic greatness of our main character who is supposedly trapped in a game world but became a master of his own force and a rising one in this world. After all, everything was just so great that I am expecting nothing less from Overlord II. I know there is this danger of putting hopes too high but when you’re a master of everything, do you settle for second best?

Episode 1
OMG. They’re spamming us with so many new characters that I’m not sure what the f*ck is going on! First off, Zesshi Zetsumei talking to her aide about the recent events regarding Ains and that vampire incident. She views herself as the strongest and wishes for a man strong enough to beat her so she could bore a very strong child. Next we have this very old woman, Rigrit Bers Caurau talking to a long time dragon lord friend about her successor taking over her position as an adventurer as well as some corrupted world that may be taking over the world again after 100 years. He has a request of her to gather information on items that rival guild weapons or rather, special items from Yggdrasil. Next up, Gazef and the king talking about possible attacks from other empires especially from Baharuth and hence the need to remain vigilante and united. We are also introduced to the king’s granddaughter, Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself and her childhood friend-cum-bodyguard, Climb. Before we forget about Ains and his team, we take a detour back to them. Ains returns to Nazarick with Albedo welcoming him in her usual slutty fashion. They discuss the other nations around their area. The perpetrator who mind controlled Shalltear is still not caught. Speaking of her, she is drowning herself in alcohol for that unforgivable act last season. Vampire and alcohol? Whatever. Cocytus sees Ains before he sets off on a mission in the woods. Oh yeah, more characters introduced from their side. Like Bukubukuchagama, the dog faced maid of Aura and this penguin assistant butler, Éclair Ecleir Eicler (say what again?) and the Metroid-alien-head of Nazarick’s bar and restaurant, Sous-chef. Finally, we head to the bogs and swamps of a lizardmen tribe, the Green Claw led by chieftain Shasuryu Shasha and his exiled brother but great warrior, Zaryusu Shasha who possesses a great weapon known as Frost Pain. Suddenly the sky turns dark and an ominous blob of faces appear before the village. It declares death upon them.

Episode 2
It adds that they are given time to prepare to fight for their futile existence. Green Claw members gather to discuss their next move. Zaryusu is side-lined because of his status but Shasuryu allows him to speak because of his great experience. As of now, they stand no chance to win. A little history on the bloody war between the 7 tribes. Due to lack of food, an all-out war occurred. Green Claw aligned with Small Fang and Razor Tail to wipe out Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge. Survivors of the losing group was absorbed into Dragon Tusk. Zaryusu suggests forming an alliance among all tribes to fight against the menace. It may be easy to get Small Fang and Razor Tail on their side but Dragon Tusk contains survivors of the last war and the animosity is still there. Zaryusu offers to go negotiate and if they are unwilling, he will deem them not worthy and eliminate them. Meanwhile we take a detour as we see Éclair possibly colluding with Demiurge to take over Nazarick?! Zaryusu sets off on his giant multi-headed beast, Rororo to the Red Eye tribe first. He is taken to the acting chief, Crusch Lulu. She hides herself because of her albino skin. However Zaryusu immediately falls in love with her and wants to marry her! Oh dear. Mission side-lined? So we have a bit of weird lizardmen romance-cum-flirting before they get down to business. Zaryusu adds that with the alliance and in the even they lose, their reduced numbers mean a low chance of inter-tribal war. He is curious how Red Eye survived as it was not involved in last war. Crusch ashamedly mentions they did cannibalism. They fed on their fallen comrades. Back then the tribe was split if into pro-cannibalisation or anti-cannibalisation. The chief then was the former. In the end, Crusch led the latter group and defeated them. Before she became the new chief, the former chief smiled the sweetest smile she had ever seen before passing on. With their reduced numbers of course the food shortage was solved. Crusch still feels guilty till this day but Zaryusu comforts her and would have done exactly the same in her shoes. She agrees to form an alliance with him as she prepares to follow him on his trip to Dragon Tusk’s village. Upon arriving, the chief, Zenberu Gugu knows what he is going to say but will only trust those who are strong. In short, prove your strength to him.

Episode 3
Both lizardmen fight as Zenberu is tempting Zaryusu to use his Frost Pain to have a chance in defeating him but he won’t. In the end, Zenberu admits his loss since he got tired from this drawn out fight. So the heads discuss their plan. Crusch has a different viewpoint as she prefers to hang on to life even if it is chains. But the guys are not. Will they be able to do this if they are imprisoned? The beings doing this would enjoy seeing their deaths and doubts they would have mercy. What Crusch meant was not for them to get killed. Zaryusu won’t. Not until he gets her answer. Argh. Slipping in a quite a few weird lizardmen romance feels weird… With Zenberu agreeing to the alliance, all the tribes now gather back at Green Claw to discuss their action. It is believed the enemy outnumbers them so Zaryusu suggests forming a small elite team to take out the enemy head. The army of the undead arrives. They are being controlled by Cocytus. The lizardmen grunts fight off the variety of undead skeletons and beasts. This has Cocytus contacting Demiurge for advice to overturn this defeat. Demiurge has Cocytus think if Ains did specifically mention for him to win because why raise such low level armies then? Was it just something to help Cocytus think and gather some intelligence? Cocytus then summons one of his undead commander, Iguva into the battlefield. His fireballs burn through everything! This is where Zaryusu initiates his small elite team plan. Rororo charges through the field and endures multiple burns before it could no longer go on. This allows Zaryusu, Zenberu and Crusch to get up close to Iguva. Zaryusu’s Frost Pain douses the flames while Zenberu’s armour absorbs the lightning attacks. And if they’re wounded, there is Crusch to heal them. But even at such close distance, Zaryusu is unable to best Iguva. With other comrades down, Zaryusu is forced to use a seemingly sacrificial move but it is a trap to stab Frost Pain into Iguva’s face and defeat him once and for all. The lizardmen rejoice over their victory. Oh Cocytus, there is a call from Ains waiting on line 1 for you…

Episode 4
The lizardmen are celebrating over their victory. We could have witness some weird lizardmen sex had not Zenberu drop in to see what is going on. Meanwhile Ains summons his guardians. We are first introduced to Victim. Uhm, this small little floating reindeer brain is cute or scary? Now he turns to Cocytus on his failure. He is made to think why he lost and what should have been done to achieve victory. Ains is impressed with his thinking and growth. However a loss is still a loss as he orders Cocytus to destroy the lizardmen by himself. However Cocytus has a request and wants to use the corpses of the lizardmen as his army. Ains rejects this idea because it doesn’t benefit Nazarick. Demiurge then suggests doing an experiment to govern the lizardmen. Ains is impressed with this suggestion and approves it. He changes Cocytus’ punishment to governing the lizardmen. Ains retires to his room and is impressed with the Cocytus’ growth as this is not possible in the game. However he realizes this gives the potential of betrayal. Ains returns with a grand army of darkness. The lizardmen are sure f*cked. This is an elaborate grand show of might to scare the lizardmen to show who is boss. A messenger from the lizardmen is required so Shasuryu and Zaryusu step forth. In another show of might, he forces them to bow before him if they want to speak. Ains wants to govern them but knowing they will not accept it. So he will return in 4 hours to attack them. If they can best Cocytus, he will leave them alone. Shasuryu wants to surrender but Ains shoots that idea down and doesn’t want them to do something so pathetic even before they try. After Ain and his team leave, the lizardmen discuss on their next move. They know Ains’ goal is to demonstrate their overwhelming power. They believe Ains will kill them all and hence they want to organize a group of survivors. The guys suggest Crusch be the central figure but she denies and want to fight with them. They leave it to Zaryusu to convince her. In short, he doesn’t want the woman he loves to die. Some lizard hug for some little romance before the most ‘shocking’ favour she asks of him: Please impregnate me! WTF?!

Episode 5
In the mission control room prepared by Aura, it seems they also prepared a throne for Ains to sit. Though they claim it is made of various animal bones, he knows there are human bones too. He can’t sit on that so he decides to exact Shalltear’s punishment and humiliation now. He sits on her! I’m sure she is enjoying it while Albedo is freaking jealous to the max! On to business, they peek at what the lizardmen are doing. Preparing for battle. Normal. Noticing Zaryusu and Crusch aren’t among them, they peek inside their tent. OMFG! THEY’RE F*CKING EACH OTHER!!! Oh my. So awkward. The battle is here. Cocytus is kind enough to give them some warnings. The tribe leaders and older lizardmen charge into battle. To cut this futile battle short, all their attacks did no damage to Cocytus as he kills them all. Ains congratulates Cocytus and assigns him to rule the lizardmen villages. Cocytus requests the resurrection of Zaryusu and Shasuryu because they are great warriors. Ains will consider it and summons Crusch who now represents the lizardmen. He gives her a role to secretly watch over the lizardmen so they won’t betray him (Crusch thought she would have to offer her body but this would just anger Albedo and Shalltear). In exchange for that, he will bring Zaryusu back to life. Fail and he will kill him immediately and bring her despair. Only Ains know there is no spell for that. With Crusch decided, Zaryusu is brought back to life. Immediately he pledges his allegiance to Ains as with the entire lizardmen tribe. Zaryusu wonders why he didn’t resurrect Shasuryu or Zenberu as they would be of more use to him. He doesn’t think that would benefit him but will reconsider it.

Episode 6
Sebas sees an employer throw out his abused female employee. Not sure why he doesn’t allow Sebas to take her if he was going to rid of her. Plus, was he dumb to just throw her out in the middle of the streets instead of somewhere less obvious? Sebas takes her as that guy worries he will be targeted. Again, if this woman is somebody’s property, why chuck her out like that? He tells him about Eight Fingers, the largest underworld organization who controls the kingdom behind the scenes. Sebas gives him some money to get a head start to flee. Back at his place, Sebas has Solution heal her and treat all her wounds and diseases. She can easily do all that but is puzzled why Sebas would do all this for a human and not even let Ains know about this. Once that is done, Sebas feeds her and she is overcome with emotion for being treated so nice. She says her name is Tuare. Solution remains sceptical but Sebas assures if there is any trouble, he will take proper measures to deal with it. Meanwhile Brain is reeling from his nightmare of his encounter with Shalltear. The one where he failed to scratch her and ran away like a coward. He is at Gazef’s place as he talks to him how weak they are. Well, if you compare humans with other races… They might be strong with their swords but their true strength is still weak and there are heights they will never reach. Brain hints he wants to die so Gazef tells him to sit down and eat first. Somewhere, a group of assailants destroy a field that grows the Black Dust drug. This is one of many fields owned by Eight Fingers. Of course Eight Fingers are in a meeting discussing about the destruction of their production facility and the measures to take. Not sure what’s going on. Slave trade, funding, a certain woman who was scheduled to be disposed and the need to use an excessive amount of force.

Episode 7
Ains having money woes? Oh right. Last season he used it all up. Now he’s got to pay enough for the iron ores he got from different sources as part of his experiment. Gazef practises sword fighting with Climb and dispenses some good pointers for the greenhorn. His vice reminds him that if word of this gets out, the nobles will have a field day calling him out. The nobles hate Climb for being a commoner although Renner personally picked him. They spot Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself and Marquis Elias Brandt Dale Raeven. They wonder if they are switching to the royal faction nit Gazef knows Raeven is an opportunist. Climb goes to join Renner in a discussion with Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and Tina of Blue Rose. They are the ones who burnt down the drug field. Tina found a note left behind. Renner cracks it in no time to reveal names of places and most of them within the capital. She believes this is a trap because why leave some sort of important note at the site? She adds that the places could be bases of the Eight Fingers’ organizations (like drugs, slave, smuggling, etc) and their goal is to draw attention away from themselves by using their own partners as their bait. Although the slave trade is abolished, there is still an underground brothel owned by them. Lakyus suggests raiding the place to swiftly bring them down. She hopes to borrow Climb to tell Gagaran that they are moving out. Meanwhile we take a little detour to see a weird ‘romance’ going on between Sebas and Tuare. More like she is very grateful for his kind treatment. They are visited by Staffan Havish and Succulent. They claim Sebas has committed a crime by taking away an employee of the establishment. This amounts to slave trafficking. They are willing to give clemency if he pays up. Yeah, it’s going to cost a lot. Sebas notes that girl would have died had he not taken her in for recuperation. In that case, they suggest he loan Solution until she gets better. They will return for his answer so Sebas goes out to take a walk to think about it. Solution finally contacts Ains and tells him that Sebas is going to betray them. Shocked at first, he wants proof. She has.

Episode 8
Climb meets Gagaran and Evileye. He wants to learn from them but Evileye deems him as no talent. They then talk about the demonic sword, Kilineiram wielded by Lakyus which has the power to swallow up the entire nation. It might be eating her life away. They also talk about an adamantite class adventurer, Momon (Ains) and all his unbelievable exploits. Sebas sees a group of men beating up a poor kid. He swiftly beats up one of them and the rest of the cowards are left running. Climb is impressed and wants to learn from him. After asking him a few questions and looking at his backup sword, he deems he is talentless although he is a trustworthy person. Since Climb insists, he will give his training now. Climb prepares himself but finds himself overwhelmed by his killing intent. Climb is prepared to die but thinking about Renner, he avoids his death punch by the skin of his teeth. Sebas congratulates him for overcoming fear. The talk is interrupted by Brain who has been watching them. He is curious to know how Climb could avoid that because for him he was scared sh*t in his pants! More talk of respect and inner strength but is cut short when assassins show up. Looks like they could need some training. While Sebas could handle 3 guys himself and with no effort, the rest handle 1 each. Heck, Sebas has time to even coach Climb on how to fight better. After defeating him, Sebas does some mind interrogation to find out more about the Eight Fingers. Knowing Succulent’s whereabouts, Climb and Brain want to help him to protect this town. Sebas agrees to let them assist.

Episode 9
The trio raid the nearby brothel. Sebas catches Staffan beating up a prostitute in this sick torture sex. Fatty tries to bribe and beg for his life but Sebas blows his guts out. After Brain enters to investigate a room, Climb keeps watch outside. Out comes Succulent and Cocco Doll. The latter wants him taken alive as he will be a crucial card against Renner. However, Climb starts calling for help! This has Succulent change his mind seeing he has comrades around and will have reinforcement. He will kill him. After taking a few slashes, Climb realizes his illusion and magic play. His attacking arm is fake and his real one is invisible. He can even clone himself. Just when Climb thought he dealt a lethal strike, Succulent stabs him from the back. He should have died but Climb gets back up. The power of boners is what I want to say because of his loyalty to Renner. So much so, Succulent is this shocked to a point he is panicking and losing his sh*t? Now Brain returns. Sure took a long time, pal. The duo are scared of him because of his past reputations. Succulent tries to coax him to join Eight Fingers but Brain isn’t motivated by that anymore. Succulent is going to finish him with his clones but Brain cuts them all even the real invisible one with a strike. His field of vision can detect everything including all those invisible. However he couldn’t detect Sebas knocking out Cocco Doll. With the brothel raided, the trio part ways. Sebas returns home with Solution telling him Ains is waiting for him. Climb returns to worried Renner and tells what happened. She informs they were supposed to raid Eight Fingers’ facilities in a few days but with this, it only serves to enhance their security. But she is proud of him and wants him to continue his effort to destroy Eight Fingers. Brain tells Gazef of Climb’s heroics. But Gazef is more interested in Shalltear. If her target is the king, he will lay down his life for it. Renner calls the maid who always bullies Climb. She puts on her usual cutesy princess face but deep inside she is a monster who can’t wait to kill this b*tch! With Succulent arrested, Zero the boss of Six Arms (the security department for Eight Fingers) are going to go after those who took down the brothel to make an example of them. Their reputation is at stake.

Episode 10
Sebas’ interrogation from Ains begins. Is he sweating? Sebas explains himself and although Ains forgives him, he must make amends. He will kill her. Sebas tries to object but is reminded of his place. His whatever answer is not needed and shall demonstrate his loyalty via his actions. Tuare accepts her death as Sebas prepares to punch her, only to be stopped by Cocytus. As instructed by Ains, Cocytus gauged Sebas’ punch and the blow was enough to kill her. This proves he was loyal to him. Ains announces they have enough information they need and to evacuate this place. Sebas takes Tuare back to her room. Sebas suggests they have their memories erased so she could live normally but she insists her happiness is with him. If she is to be killed, let it be him. She kisses him. When he returns, they discuss what to do with Tuare. As Ains would like to avoid killing, Demiurge and Sebas start arguing in which department she should work. Ains finds their bickering amusing so he summons Tuare again and asks if she would like to live at Nazarick. Since she wants to work with Sebas, he announces Tuare under his protection. At the same time he removes Sebas as Pleiades’ leader, installs Aureole Omega as the leader with Yuri as her deputy. Demiurge wants some feed for his monster so Ains instructs Sebas to get it. Demiurge asks about him knowing Tuare. He mentions about a diary of a girl that allows him to know about this world and in a way is indebted to her.

With Climb dealing a blow to Eight Fingers’ operations, Renner calls Raevan and Zanac for advice. She wants him to mobilize his soldiers to strike simultaneously at their facilities. She shocks them by knowing all the secret underhanded moves they make within the royal and noble factions. Not a dumb girl after all. Raevan would like to deal with the real Renner so she puts on her crazy yandere face! She mentions about her obsession with Climb that she wants to lock him away and make him stay forever. Zanac suggests marrying them once he ascends the throne. But Renner asks about Raevan’s son who is only 5 now. She wants him betrothed to her and instantly he rejects having his son marrying an insane woman. It seems on the outlook she will marry his son but bear Climb’s children. His son would bear children with any women he loves in which she could claim them as her successors. As for the operation to strike the different facilities, the problem is that all of them are in areas of different nobles. Zanac remembers their older brother, Barbro is taking bribes from Eight Fingers so they could use this evidence to depose him. Raevan adds they might now have enough manpower but they still have Six Arms to deal with. Don’t worry. Renner has called help in the form of Gazef. When Sebas returns, he realizes Tuare is missing. A note stating she is kidnapped with the exact location as well. As Solution suggests, seek Ains’ help. Ains interrupts Albedo’s perverted private time playing with his dolls to go form a team to rescue Tuare. Albedo is not amused he took in a lowly human but he snaps back that he promised to protect her under his name. Even if they did not know, this cannot be allowed to stand. Although Albedo will do as told, she is still dissatisfied.

Episode 11
Demiurge explains his plan to his selected task force. At the same time, Lakyus briefs her divisions in taking down the facilities. Brain and Climb’s group must be the ‘luckiest’. They stumble upon a facility where the remaining Six Arms are and their scout reports they are holding a woman hostage. The best solution is to escape but since Climb spots Sebas, they agree to work together. Sebas will go through the front and draw their attention while the rest sneak in to rescue Tuare. Sebas meets with only 4 of the Six Arms and notes Zero is missing. As usual, baddies talk big and before they could get on with the action, Sebas decapitates and punches off their heads!!! OMFG!!! So fast???!!! I don’t know whether to be disappointed or awed. Solution reports that Zero is not around. Meanwhile after Mare forcefully takes away a woman who is the master of the mansion, Entoma finishes things up. However Gagaran attacks her thinking she is one of the beasts of Six Arms. Of course she is no match for bug master and would have been done for had not Tia come to her aid. Even she is not enough to scratch her. Until Evileye comes to their rescue, they have a fighting chance. Evileye is more powerful than Entoma. Why? Because she has a magic which in layman terms is insecticide!!! Not kidding! If you want to see what is behind that face of hers, be prepared to see Entoma’s true bug form. With their combined attacks, Entoma finally falls. But they won’t get to finish her off since Demiurge is here to continue on her behalf. Evileye knows he is bad news and wants her comrades to run while she buys enough time to stall him. But Demiurge cuts off all escape routes and Evileye is forced to face him head on in a losing magic battle. So who is going to interrupt their fight now? It’s Ains (as Momon the adventurer).

Episode 12
Evileye immediately seeks Ains’ help although she didn’t think he would accept so quickly. Ains interrogates Demiurge of his intention before they begin their fight. So epic that Evileye is moved. Hey. Isn’t she falling for Ains?! After Climb and Brain secure Tuare, they are confronted with Zero. Brain will take on him and wants Climb to take care of the enemy behind. He knows this Tuare is fake due to the movements made and is Succulent in disguise. With the help of Brain’s friend, Climb defeats him by kicking his balls! Ouch! Zero gets serious with Brain but before that can happen, here comes Sebas. Don’t worry. The real Tuare is with him. Zero cannot believe he is unscathed after facing the other Six Arms. Yeah, he should have seen it. Zero might call all his animal power to punch him but nothing happens. You believe now? Just one high kick on his head is enough for Sebas to knock Zero out. Ains’ battle with Demiurge ends as the latter is here to get some item and warns he will burn half the capital down. He flees but Ains doesn’t pursue him as Evileye suggests seeing he might fight seriously. Ains and Narberal talk to Evileye and almost lose their cool when they hear her taking down Entoma. However they cool down after hearing Demiurge’s appearance prevented her death. Ains offers to carry Evileye’s dead comrades but she declines. She mentions Lakyus has this resurrection power but uses a lot of life force that lower ones will be reduced to ash. Ains would like to talk to Lakyus and this has Evileye on alert. A fire wall engulfs half of the capital. Lakyus has tested it to be just an illusion however behind it are demons from Demiurge. Renner formulates her plan to deal with this menace. Everyone is sceptical about their victory chances as Evileye explains Demiurge’s might that she herself cannot defeat and took the life of Gagaran and Tia in just a blow. But don’t worry. We have Ains on our side! Yeah, victory almost assured. In the aftermath, we see Zanac and Raevan going through Renner’s plan. It is a risky one that may cost Climb’s life. If this happens (which she is hoping for), she will have Lakyus cast her resurrection spell on him. Because he will be weak like a zombie, who else will be there to take responsibility and care? Especially one who ordered him to his death. Sneaky… And there’s that evil face she’s making! Creepy…

Episode 13
You know, they should just send Ains as a one-man army to kill all the demons but apparently he has to go fight the big bad boss and thus Lakyus and the soldiers will handle them. They get more boost when Gazef joins them and for some reason, Gagaran and Tia are resurrected to fight alongside. So while Ains goes off to fight Demiurge, he leaves Narberal and Evileye to fight the Pleiades maids. Meanwhile Brain senses Shalltear as he faces his fears to confront her (although she is wearing a mask). She doesn’t remember an insignificant human like him so he prepares to fight her. He only manages to scratch off a puny fingernail but this makes him happy! It’s like he achieved the most minimal of achievement and is so glad his sword life wasn’t a waste. Wow. Did he set his standards low? He might be a madman but that beats being a coward. In a secure spot, Ains talks to Demiurge about his plan. It seems he has 4 merits for this (none of which Ains knows). First, they are claiming materials in the storehouses so they don’t have to worry about funding for a while. Second, this covers up their part to strike Eight Fingers as per his instruction. Part of this has him needing to look for some item. It’s some statue that summons a great number of demons. Ains gives him a replica made by his friend and should work equally well. This charity delights Demiurge as he further pledges his loyalty. Third, humans behind the wall of fire have been transported to Nazarick in which he has plans to put them to good use. Fourth, he will pin all this evilness on his evil alter ego to enhance Ains’ reputation.

Narberal isn’t fighting with the other maids and is hiding and watching with them as Evileye takes on Yuri and CZ2128. So when it is cue for Ains to come back and defeat Demiurge, get back to your roles. More epic showdown to show how much the duo are powerhouse as Demiurge becomes a bundle of flames but Ains defrosts it all with Frost Pain (I guess we mustn’t forget where this came from). Demiurge calls this a draw and withdraws. Look at Evileye so happy that Ains won. He announces victory to rally the humans. Ains part ways with Blue Rose and returns to E-Rantel. Since Blue Rose has a few adamantite class warriors, he hopes to seek their help next time. Evileye unmasks herself for the first time. Doesn’t she look like Shalltear? Aura and Mare seem to have subjugated Eight Fingers under their command. Blue Rose drink together as they tease Evileye being rejected by Ains. They bring up the topic that she has teleportation ability and could have teleported herself to E-Rantel. Evileye regrets not having thought so. Tuare is officially a maid of Nazarick. Lastly, an evil young king and his old mage advisor are interested in getting more information about Ains and Momon.

Poser Lord
If the ‘ending’ feels somewhat unsatisfying and thus before jumping to conclusions that this season is disappointing, please note that there is a third season coming soon! Damn they should have just continued this and making it 2 cours instead of taking a season’s break. Maybe by the grace of our great overlord that he is giving us time to catch our breath while we wait for the next instalment? All hail Ains Ooal Gown then! It is with mixed feelings that I have after watching this sequel. Although it is still great, but it is not as great as the first season. Hence, could I consider this a disappointment since I had put my hopes and expectations so high up for the sequel? Perhaps in a way. Firstly, there were too many new characters spammed and introduced in the first episode itself. Heck, I think some of them are not heard from after that. Because it feels like they just want to plant the seeds for future plots and stories and hence such characters are introduced via their cameo. They have no screen time and role in this season whatsoever. Therefore it feels wasted for them to just appear and then conveniently forgotten as the season presses on. Those characters feel unnecessary now and more questions are raised than answered. But like I said, it is for future plots as I believe this series is rich in its characters as well as its story so this could be just a long-sighted plan of the overall story.

The other thing is the plot and mini arc of this season. When it first starts off with the subjugation of the lizardmen, it feels like I was watching a whole different series. I mean, I thought I was watching the wrong anime. At one point I thought it was worthy of having its own spin-off. Then those lizard guys are quickly forgotten and we move on to the next arc that is a tri-part of Sebastian-gets-a-maid + Brain-redeems-himself + Climb-making-a-name-for-himself. I suppose those becomes the main characters in focus because I felt that Ains was lacking in both these mini arcs. Except the action parts, I noticed that scenes that do not involve Ains are quite boring. Perhaps this is the reason why I figured this season wasn’t as good. It goes to show that Ains is the greatest factor that makes this series interesting!

Speaking of the characters, I guess one of the problems about having a short series with too many characters is that some of them lack the necessary screen time. Adding more new ones adds to this problem. So for the old ones especially the guardians of Nazarick like Albedo and Shalltear, they do make their little appearances but they have no roles of significance whatsoever in this season. So we have more of Cocytus and to an extent Demiurge in place of them. I don’t even know why Shalltear had to appear in the final episode. She doesn’t seem integral to the plan except to help redeem Brain’s pride. That is all. It is good that Victim is introduced but this little brain blob doesn’t do much too. Just to show us that here is another guardian, hope you’re satisfied. I believe Gargantua also appeared once (throwing that ice block for Ains’ grand audience with the lizardmen) but that is about it. Yeah, I almost forgot about that hamster pet… Doesn’t even matter this season. Last season, the Pleiades maids didn’t make much of an impact and it feels the same here too (last episode small action scenes don’t really make up for it). Narberal was missing for most of this season and we have got more on Solution (although she was more of assisting than doing anything else) as well as throwing in bug maid Entoma in the last arc of the season. It was really weird to see Sebas getting into a weird romance with a human maid and I thought he would be going for the betrayal kill. Maybe it is too early to call. Just like my suspicions on Demiurge and that comical penguin.

Unless Ains has his own inner thoughts monologue, it seems to be like a forgotten thing that everything that has happened so far is because of a game bug. It feels less and less like he is stuck in a game and that this virtual game was actually a real thing all along. It feels like as though that when there are parts like these, it is just a subtle hint to remind us that this could be a game. Or not. Ains is still a great overlord and all but I feel that he makes lesser of an appearance this sequel. Namely because as I have pointed out, too many characters. Not even the main character gets spared from reduced screen time. Also, he feels like a different person altogether whenever he dons his armour and plays that Momon adventure persona instead of his evil skeleton in an oversized robe that we are more accustomed with. In that sense, that is why it feels Ains doesn’t appear much. But for a great overlord like him, not having much screen time does not translate into not having great influence as you can see he still makes his marks around the land. His name is now ringing throughout the land far and wide. With that comes more allies and more enemies.

Outside the Nazarick tomb, we have Renner who is more than meets the eye because she might look like a fairly decent princess but is twisted and rotten to the core when it comes to Climb. She could be the true antagonist and main boss at the end. Brain restores the pride of his character by helping Climb out a lot. Climb feels so much like a greenhorn that he could have been killed in all situations had he not had some sort of assistance. Yeah, thank goodness for Sebas, Climb and to a certain degree, Gazef. One of the most disappointing characters are those in the Eight Fingers organization. Last season we have Slane Theocracy as the antagonists. After getting their asses kicked by awesome Ains, I guess they need to have time to recover. In place of this season’s baddies, we have the late introduction of Eight Fingers and their Six Finger security. For the latter, they are a bunch of disappointment seeing they all went out so fast and easily to Sebas. I know it is to show the superb might of that old guy and I don’t expect all the combined fights to last an episode. But having their brains splattered in just a second after being introduced over how fearsome they are, it’s like there will be no more antagonists to fear about in this series as long as Ains is around. Yeah, that guy is also a lady killer and might be accumulating his harem outside his Nazarick tomb. Crusch and Evileye anyone? More rivalries for Albedo and Shalltear is the last thing they need. And with Eight Fingers now under their thumb (bad pun intended), this must be one of the fastest introduction and fall of a group of main antagonists. Considering who they were up against with, I suppose it reflects just how awesome the Nazarick team is. So okay, your quick demise is acceptable.

The action parts are still entertaining like the lizardmen’s futile fight against Cocytus. It was exciting as well as it was tragic. Sebas’ single punch to kill the enemy now reminds me of One Punch Man. Yeah, he shall now be nicknamed as One Punch Old Man. Haha. Sometimes I am in a dilemma as to call this awesome trump card move as cheap because it is no doubt he isn’t what he seems to be, I thought that Ains is the only one who should wield such absolute power. I mean, his subordinates too should have some sort of awesome power that makes them stand above the rest but this single punch of his is too much. It is like he could rival Ains if ever the plot calls for him to betray. And lastly, all those magic spells, sounds like a load of bull but still fun to watch because of the special effects. Not a masterpiece but still enjoyable.

Art and drawing remains consistent as the first season. With new characters come with some pretty decent designs and some are pretty outrageous. For the latter one, let me just say that I don’t know if Victim was designed lazily or they wanted to make it look like some sort of horror thingy and send shiver down your spines. However this flying brain blob also has this kawaii looks and in a way it makes it creepy in its own way. Remember last season we had that crazy killer b*tch, Clementine? Yeah, her hairstyle reminded me of He-man. Heck, I thought Ains was supposed to be a rip-off of Skeletor. This season Clementine didn’t come back from the dead but looks like we are forced to remember more of He-man in the form of Gagaran. Yup, I thought she was a man but is one of those muscle bound ladies. It felt like He-man turned into a tranny… Is it me but doesn’t Zanac look like an evil version of 3-gatsu No Lion’s Harunobu? Must be just me because chubby characters look the same. And finally a decent maid outfit, Tuare! Sebas was right to keep her!

As last season’s casts are retained, a heap more join the line-up. The recognizable ones include Yukari Tamura as Zesshi, Nao Touyama as Victim, Ami Koshimizu as Lakyus, Nobuyuki Hiyama as Éclair and Yuko Goto making a surprise as Bukubukuchagama. Other new casts are Hirouki Touchi as Zaryusu (Pantherlily in Fairy Tail), Naomi Kusumi as Shasuryu (Tadakatsu Honda in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), Kouji Ishii as Zenberu (Garterbelt in Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt), Sora Amamiya as Crusch (titular character in Akame Ga Kill), Ryota Ohsaka as Climb (Marco in Shingeki No Kyojin), Kiyono Yasuno as Renner (Megumi in Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata), Yu Shimamura as Tuare (Annie in Shingeki No Kyojin), Yumiri Hanamori as Evileye (Zero in Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho), Kimiko Saitou as Gagaran (Chieko in Kuragehime), Shizuka Ishigami as Tia (Mito in Shokugeki No Souma), Rintarou Nishi as Zero (Jason in Tokyo Ghoul), Atsushi Imaruoka as Succulent (Rudolf in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure), Kouji Fujiyoshi as Zanac and Takuya Kirimoto as Raevan (Cracker in One Piece).

OxT who sang last season’s opener does the honours again this season. However, Go Cry Go isn’t as epic as Clattanoia although it tries to sound as close as it can for that hard rock crazy epic that suits the series as well to go with Ains’ greatness. This song isn’t bad in its own right but I can’t help compare it to the latter always and each time I do so, I end up preferring to hum to Clattanoia’s tune instead. MYTH&ROID is also retained to do the ending theme as they did for the first season. However Hydra is a far cry from L.L.L. It ditches that devilishly cheeky hard rock beat for some slow dramatic rock. Not to say it is much worse but personally it didn’t attract me that much. Because I keep thinking this song reflects Albedo’s one-sided feelings for Ains.

Overall, this season is still exciting enough and though like I said it did not live up to the expectations as in the first season, it did not dip in its quality or worth drastically. Just a little bit of dent and setback that doesn’t affect the overall greatness of the series. Too many characters, some getting the decent spotlight while others take a backseat for now and the action is nonetheless a great watch. It is still an epic and interesting series and I’m glad there will be another season to carry on this legacy. Yeah, otherwise my disappointment level would be higher. Like as though they read my mind and would appease my raging soul with the simple fact of announcing another season. I guess that is why simpletons like me ought to be under the rule of Ains and forever be in awe of his supreme legacy even though we hear his inner thoughts it might be just fluke sometimes. All hail the great Ains Ooal Gown! Perhaps third time’s the charm?

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