Code: Realize: Sousei No Himegimi OVA

July 13, 2018

I guess there is only a reason why there’s an OVA or 13th episode for Code: Realize: Sousei No Himegimi. Yes and of course to milk some money off the DVD and BD sales. But I’m also thinking that because a certain super detective didn’t get enough screen time in the proper series and hence they need to showcase him in a proper light. I mean, what better way for the best enemies and arch rivals to work together for once and solve a crime, right?

Set A Thief To Catch A Thief
Taking place a month after the end of the TV series, Buckingham Palace is going to hold a celebration to celebrate the nation’s recovery and peace. This also has Lupin remembering they haven’t thrown a party for Cardia yet. Wait a minute. I thought they were married in the final scenes of the last episode? Unless you tell me that took place quite some time in the future and was a time skip scene. Anyway as Lupin shops around for a present, he realizes all his comrades have the same thinking and usurp him in buying that gift he had in mind. Yeah, great minds think alike, no? Then a strange peddler hands him a beautiful blue gem. You know it’s trouble when a suspicious person gives you something for no good reason because instantly Lupin gets arrested by Scotland Yard. You mean they didn’t see that suspicious guy holding it but the moment it is in Lupin’s hands they all jump on him! And there are dozens of them! Where the f*ck did they appear from?! So Leonhardt is kind enough to tell his pals back at the mansion about Lupin’s arrest. For theft. Surprisingly but not surprisingly, that is what a thief is supposed to do, right? Even more ironic is that if he is a super thief and has escaped from countless dangerous heists, he failed this one? Thinking the stress and desperation made Lupin resort to thievery, the friends decide to help Lupin get out before Cardia knows about it. Thank goodness she is dense, right? Lupin sitting nicely in his cell receives a picnic basket from his friends. The moment he opens it, there is a bomb powerful enough to blow a hole in the wall! So many questions… First, didn’t the police inspect it?! Second, had they do their job, they would have been killed since all it takes was just to open the basket. Third, if the bomb was this powerful, where the f*ck was Lupin hiding in his small cell for the bomb to go off? Clearly he couldn’t have escaped that unscathed. But he did. Surprisingly it is Herlock who stops a police from sounding the alert and save Lupin.

Herlock brings Lupin back to his home to hide. He explains that the queen wanted to award this gem to a brave hero but someone stole it. Scotland Yard has been secretly trying to get to the bottom of this and Victoria has personally asked him to help too. Of course for it to conveniently get missing and end up in Lupin’s hands is definitely suspicious. Like as though someone who knows him well has a grudge on him and purposely went to set this up elaborately for him to take the fall. Indeed. Loup Noir or Black Wolf is a notorious French group of thieves. Herlock believes they have recently infiltrated London. Lupin remembers playing Robin Hood with them. He stole what they stole from the public and return it to the public again. This happened many times. So Lupin didn’t actually think they would be gunning for revenge?! That’s pretty confident of him. Therefore Herlock wants to work together with him to take them down and also clear his name. Because they are rivals, he won’t accept any other groups to take the famous Lupin down. Part of the plan is for Lupin to stay low in his residence for who knows how long. Bad news is that his friends are searching all over and couldn’t find him. Poor Cardia. Must have thought something happened to Lupin. Good news is that Loup Noir too can’t find him. I guess bored Lupin has to become his ‘maid’ to clean up his messy room while he bide his time.

Then the wait is over and time to move in. Because the front page of the news reports on Lupin striking. Lupin’s pals even know he is fake because they thought the same as I do: Why the heck is he posing as though for photographers to snap a shot! Herlock explains his plan that since Loup Noir is targeting him, their patience is wearing thin so doing this is just to draw him out. That is where they’ll get back at them in their own game. Lupin has an idea of where they will strike and appear next because apparently you need to be a thief to think like one. True enough, the fake Lupin pops up. Lupin confronts him but the latter has brought his members along. Too bad we get a taste of seeing their incompetence as Lupin and Herlock team up to take down the sloppy goons. When their numbers get too troublesome to handle them, the police arrive. Too bad they too get ‘immobilized’ when a mysterious mist gets in a way. Herald Lupin’s pals to the fore. Yeah, you don’t want to mess with them either. Once the mist is gone, our protagonists gotten away, even nicely rounding up Loup Noir for the befuddled police to arrest them. Heh. Basically doing their job for them. In the aftermath, we see them attending the celebratory event at Buckingham Palace as Victoria awards this gem to Cardia. Should you be surprised? Oh well, I guess a gem looks better on a woman than a medal. Herlock is also here but promises he isn’t here to capture Lupin and is just to celebrate with him. Maybe next time they’ll resume their rivalry. Back home, Lupin explains to Cardia but still feels he is the only one who couldn’t give her a present (even Herlock gave her some beautiful roses). She says his best present is having him with her. This gives him an idea there is a present he can still give her. WTF is this small and short kiss?! Shouldn’t it be longer and more passionate than that?! Wasted!

There Is Honour Among Thieves
As cheesy this OVA might seem but I have to admit that because of those incredulous parts, I somewhat enjoyed it. So bad that it is good? But the worst part is that in order for Herlock to get slightly more screen time, Cardia now gets even less screen time. Heck, it is like as though she isn’t even the main protagonist in this OVA. And I thought Cardia was one of the main characters for this series but she is clearly side-lined like the rest in this OVA. Like she doesn’t matter at all. If you ask me, this OVA can be clearly be done without her since she had no hand whatsoever. Sighs, becoming ‘useless’ ever since she lost her melting ability, eh?

I suspect that this OVA is to satisfy some sick fans’ fetish of Lupin x Herlock. Too bad they didn’t get to kiss or even do gay yaoi stuffs during their short stint of cooperation. Haha! That would be a total disaster and I can imagine if Cardia saw this gayness, her melting ability would just come back and she’ll kill herself! Haha! Sorry if I went overboard with that but like I said with all the incredulous moments in this OVA that feels like forcing the plot, I can’t help think of something like that. After all, what else can we do after Twilight and Finis are gone? Best to put some unknown French thieves just for the sake of entertainment.

Worse, that final kiss between Lupin and Cardia which is supposed to be the ‘best’ moment that perhaps viewers were expecting and waiting for, we were given that ‘low quality’ kiss. Not sure if he will give her a steamier one behind the cameras because he doesn’t want us viewers to intrude on their privacy while he makes out with her. Cardia did hinted she could touch things now, so… Oh well Lupin, looks like you’re truly the master thief having stolen her heart too. In the end, like my sentiments of the overall series itself, it isn’t that good but it isn’t that bad either. Now, if they would only make another OVA that would satisfy my fantasy of including other fictional British characters like I have mentioned in my previous blog… That would be groovy, baby. And ta-ta, cheerio.

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