Shingeki No Kyojin – Lost Girls

December 7, 2018

I know it is long overdue and I can’t even remember nor fathom why I kept delaying watching a great series. Even if Shingeki No Kyojin – Lost Girls is just a 3 episode OVA series focusing on the 2 toughest female chicks in the series that took about almost 2/3 of the year to come out. Even the first part of the third season is dusted and gone. Is it so that I could make puns of how these are the lost episodes? Heh. Me making lost jokes on a Titan series? Yeah, I don’t even know what I’m thinking but at least now that I remembered, better late than never, right?

Episode 1
Annie is still reeling from nightmares of killing her comrades or watch them die. In the morning, her fellow Military Police partner, Hitch Dreyse passed off to her a case in which her friend too passed it on to her. In exchange to cover for Annie’s absence tomorrow (to kidnap Eren), she is tasked to find Carly Stratmann, the daughter of Elliot G. Stratmann who is the president of Marleen Company who went missing. Annie goes to talk to Elliot for more details and he can tell his case was not taken seriously until it reached her hands since not a single lead of her disappearance is found. It showed the Military Police had no interest to even look into this case. He is free to hire a detective but he trusts her despite her inexperience unlike private detectives who are just out to swindle his money. So as Annie asks questions, we learn that he doesn’t know what Carly does or thinks ever since she graduated from university 3 years ago. They have this mutual understanding not to get into each other’s life. Carly cannot be kidnapped as Elliot has not seen any ransom demand. Annie leaves when Elliot gets a note from another visitor. Annie sees Marlo for some records. She finds it strange that Elliot continues to maintain a luxurious lifestyle when his company is failing. Also, Carly did not help out when the business was in decline. What a weird family. This only has her remember her own. If there was a word (or two) that described her relationship with her own father, it was unconditional obedience. Further investigations showed she was arrested 2 years ago by the Military Police after causing a brawl at a bar in the slums.

Heading down there to interrogate, those hooligans think Annie is easy meat until she beats them up and threatens to report them in possession of the illegal drugs called coderoin unless they cooperate. They relate how Carly was a regular here and always bought everyone drinks. They loved her. One night she flew into a rage after they took out coderoin. They are unsure why because they did many other drugs too and she said nothing. Because her pockets were deep even during bad times, they started wondering if the money she has was bad. Because a few days ago, a weird guy in an expensive suit with a fake red eye came asking for her. That’s why they didn’t want to cooperate with Annie at first thinking she would arrest her. When Annie is still going to report them and they’re begging not to, the bartender tells her perhaps she could bug Carly’s boyfriend, Kemper Boltz. Making her way into the dangerous slum area that even Military Police gave up on patrolling, of course more hooligans think she is easy meat. Better fess up to Kemper’s whereabouts if you don’t want you ass kicked. Strangely, Kemper’s door is unlocked. Looks like as though he knew she was coming and fled. Annie searches around and finds a box filled with coderoin. Then she looks underneath the bed. Holy sh*t! Shock of her life! A dead body!

Episode 2
Annie identifies this is Kemper’s body and since it is still warm, he has died not long. If she reports this, she will be subpoenaed and will not be able to go on to tomorrow’s mission. Her only way out is to find Carly and pretend she never step foot in here. Which reminds her of another flashback. A harsh training with her father caused her to critically damage his leg beyond healing. However father was happy because she is now stronger. As Annie decides to go back to Elliot, she is usurped and forced to follow Wald Richter (man with the fake eye) and his subordinate, Lou Meade. From their talk, it seems they know where Carly is but did not kill Kemper. Annie wants her ring to be given back but Lou fools around with it. Wald takes a look at it and finds it suspicious. With Lou continue to fool around with it, Annie strikes. Accidentally Lou scratches her with the ring and Annie transforms into a Titan. At least only an arm. She beats up Wald to get more information but is shot by Lou. Lou then betrays Wald and shoots him. I understand Annie has powers so she can’t easily die but Lou is such a bad shot that he didn’t outright kill Wald? I guess enough time to talk and reveal stuffs to Annie. Wald reveals Elliot hired them to look for Carly a few days earlier. It didn’t take them long to track down Kemper and he wanted to make a deal with them. That is to blackmail Elliot with Carly’s secrets and make money out of it. All they had to do was hide her and collect the money a few days later. Wald laments how things always slipped through his hands at the last minute. Because 5 years ago when the Titan broke through the wall, he lost his family. Had it been a day later, they would have been in another town.

Annie beats up Lou and his men at their hideout. Chicken Lou passes out after being threatened if he ever rats on her. Carly is here and she seems cool about everything. Time for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together. It seems she is the one who is making coderoin and Kemper is just a dealer while Elliot was in charge. When she made coderoin, Elliot promised not to sell it in this town which was her territory. So when he broke that promise, the reason she became angry. The original plan was for her and Kemper to move to another town but he disliked the idea of settling in an unfamiliar place. She hopes Annie will continue to report her as missing. Carly started making coderoin to help papa obtained everything he lost. But now if she stays, she’ll want to help him again so with Annie’s help, she moves to another town. Annie returns to Elliot and claims he killed Kemper. That note he received earlier was from Kemper who was watching and decided to speed up his plan. The note probably said to bring the money to his place so when he got there, they chat and something went wrong that had Elliot killed him. Proof of Elliot’s presence there is the only tobacco he smoked found at the crime scene. Elliot comes clean he got mad and accidentally killed him after learning Kemper will not return his daughter and will continue to blackmail him for more money. Annie doesn’t care about that since it is a long tired day and when Elliot is ready to head to prison, instead Annie has him dispose of Kemper’s body in the water purification plant. Though she claims she is doing it for herself. Elliot will always welcome Annie to his home but she says she is returning to her hometown soon. Annie writes her report that Carly and Kemper may have fled to another town with fake names and passports and hence further investigation will be fruitless. More flashbacks with her father. He was glad she remembers his teachings but that fateful day when he realized everything he taught her was wrong, even when she finds the whole world against her, he will always be here for her. So please promise that she’ll come back. Annie sets her sights to capture Eren and fulfil her promise.

Episode 3
Mikasa always had a feeling that Eren will leave them once everything ends. Hence a strange scene starts playing in her mind. A strange voice tells her that she can redo any reality the way she wants. The catch is that Eren will eventually always die. So instead of the original Mikasa’s story that we know of how her family was killed by intruders, this time we see Grisha bringing Eren to their cabin and they become friends. Not sure about this scene in the woods where they stumble into a pack of wild dogs feasting on corpses and the pack turn to them, Mikasa’s prayer or something causes them to lose interest and turn away. So she can wish things to turn out her way? They spend more time together as Eren tells about his friend Armin who knows everything and hence he is very interested to know about the outside world and join the Survey Corps. One day Mikasa gets permission to meet Eren in town. Just in time when the Survey Corps return from their expedition. Just like the real history, they are battered, bruised and morally demoralized. It puts doubts in Mikasa’s mind. When a few guys badmouth the Survey Corps’ failure, Eren fights them but gets beaten up. Eren subsequently can’t come because of some infection and this makes Mikasa worry a lot. She realizes she wants to be with him. So the next time they meet, he tells her about the disbandment of the Survey Corps over their failures. However this has not stopped him and Armin from trying to get out. Tonight they are going to leave beyond the walls via hot air balloon and if Mikasa wants, she can join them. He gives his scarf as motivation for her to return it to him.

That night as she rushes to the meet up place, she is suddenly snatched by this weird masked magician street performer who intends of turning her into a killer. Nobody is paying attention. This dude hands her a knife as well as tells her this world is just a fragment of her imagination she created because she cannot accept Eren’s death. Although it is useless to protect him since he will die anyway, she must kill him and become stronger and then go back to her original world. Because that’s how the way the cruel world works. Mikasa becomes obsessed of wanting to be with Eren that she killed him. Oh, now the crowd pays attention. But he gets up and reveals his tricks. Now the crowd is astounded. But as Mikasa rushes to the meeting place, she only sees dejected Armin there. The hot air balloon started to lose altitude when it lift off. Eren pushed him off to save him but the balloon crashed into the wall. Armin blames himself for not being able to do anything as this wakes Mikasa up back to reality. The part where she was going to be sandwiched and killed by Titans but here comes Titan Eren to the rescue! Mikasa has accepted that she cannot stop his fate but wants to be by his side no matter where he goes. That is her only wish.

Girls, Interrupted
Interesting side distractions if I should say. If you’re a big fan of Annie and/or Mikasa, these OVA episodes do them enough justice to put them in the spotlight. While Annie’s story feels like it was filling the gap before he big capture Eren mission and hence Annie taking on a detective role while maintaining her tough badass side is much delighted, Mikasa’s story feels more like fantasy. I mean, it shows her trying to escape harsh reality with an alternate story in her head but whether this timeline was real or not, eventually she has to come to terms with the inevitable fate that is to befall on Eren. So it’s somewhat of a bittersweet side for Mikasa and with all the violence and cruelty she has seen and faced, it’s the reason why she puts up that poker face and became Eren obsessed. In a way, both ladies have strong but opposing interests why they want Eren. Too bad it doesn’t feel like the romantic kind.

Going back to Annie’s story, sometimes I can’t help feel a little disappointed because I was hoping to see more about her past with her father. I suppose that they do not want to reveal too much before the third season rolled out but we were given enough clips to at least have a glimpse of their relationship. At least we now know a reason why Annie did what she had to do and answered that promise that she needs to keep. Too bad as we have seen her fate at the end of the first season, it looks like her promise is not going to be fulfilled. I suppose it’s not a great time to make this pun and joke, “Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie?!”. Haha! Oops… Sorry… But still, her arc was interesting enough so I guess the slight disappointment was just me nit-picking and do not affect my overall praise for this series.

Not sure in the future if they are going to make more OVAs of other more popular characters. Levi had his in No Regrets, now Annie and Mikasa already had their turn. I suppose if they don’t reveal too much of Krista AKA Historia’s background in the TV series, they may make one on this pretty cute chick. Or maybe that is just me and my wishful thinking. There are so many other characters in this series, they could even surprise us by focusing on lesser known characters. Like Marco. Heh. As long as they make it interesting. Otherwise we can only make do with what we have with those that have been adapted and the rest of the other untold stories forever lost in the sands of time.

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