Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan S2

December 29, 2018

If you can’t get enough of the crazy characters who keep bugging a certain psychic kid who just wants to lead a normal and quiet live, be glad there is more. Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan S2 is going to be as wacky and hilarious as its predecessor with more psycho antics that would seemingly threaten to reveal our titular character. He is always one and many steps ahead but can that last forever? Stay tuned as we find out. But for Saiki, I think he already knows the conclusion to it all.

Episode 1A
Saiki trolls us with a Gintama crossover! Thankfully it is just a short one. He makes his way to school and stumbles into the usual gang of idiots. As usual they continue to gather around and bug him. It ends with an unexpected Gintama crossover punch line.

Episode 1B
Saiki doesn’t want to spend another disastrous Christmas night with his family. So as he hangs out alone at the park, he sees Takahashi in a pinch as he dropped a Christmas cake he is supposed to deliver. Yeah, that guy has to work tonight and will get his pay docked for every cake he messed up. But what’s worse is that Saiki senses Nendou and Kaidou wanting to come to his place to party and Teruhashi joining in. With the crowd spotting Mugami and chasing him, Saiki sees this and teleports back home. Only, his friends are already waiting in his room ready to celebrate.

Episode 1C
Saiki is alone on New Year’s Day. He feels there is a conspiracy because on every channel he turns on, one of his idiotic friends is on the channel! From Nendou in that millionaire quiz show to Mera in an eating contest to Hairo playing baseball. Finally the biggest troll of them all: This anime running now on TV!

Episode 1D
Toritsuka begs Saiki once more to use his power to help him win Aiko’s heart. Of course he won’t and conveniently dumps him to Hairo under the pretence this lecher wants to join the tennis club. Oh lucky, Aiko is also a tennis club member. Toritsuka tries to look good but sucks thanks to Saiki interfering. But as he tries his best on his own, it looks like he could play decently. But why Aiko isn’t impressed? Saiki reveals Aiko liked him from the start but that is only because he is useless. That is why he was trying to help. Now that he looks competent, she is going to forget about him. Bummer.

Episode 1E
Saiki transforms himself into a girl so he could eat a dessert buffet only open for ladies. Too bad Teruhashi, Yumehara and Mera are there. He can’t get away. There are times when his real identity may be busted because the girls think he is acting so much like Saiki. Then they try to talk about their crushes. Saiki gets up to leave and accidentally drops his books out of his bag. The girls see the name on the book. Why does ‘she’ have Saiki’s stuffs? Oh no. Could it be ‘she’ is Saiki’s little sister? Yeah. Let’s go with that.

Episode 2A
Saiki is forced to hear his parents’ rant how they met since today is their anniversary. It sounded like dad is such a hot guy who saved mom from a ruffian. Hard to believe, right? After he goes to bed, Kuusuke calls to inform the parents that one of Saiki’s antenna is defective. Next morning, Saiki wakes up with his room on a tree! As he walks around, he realizes he has gone back to the past. Because this dude isn’t Nendou but his father! Also, the fashion sense of the people in that era. Saiki realizes he made a terrible mistake that changed timeline. Because he bumped into Nendou’s dad, he avoided bumping into Saiki’s mom that would have led to Saiki’s dad rescuing her. At least that was the story he was being told.

Episode 2B
Realizing he won’t be born from this aftermath, he conspires with Nendou’s dad to hit on her. In the meantime, trying to get his pathetic dad to make his move to save his future wife. In the end, not exactly the way it should have turned out but at least dad ‘saved’ mom and he hit it off. Now, everything should have returned to normal as Saiki returns to his original timeline. Guess what? A decimated dystopia!!!

Episode 2C
Saiki explains the butterfly effect. Something about because of your interference that wasn’t supposed to be in the original, you can never get back to your original timeline. He bumps into punk Toritsuka to reveal about the details about World War III due to some invention created by Kuusuke. Saiki is shocked to learn that in this timeline, he is dead! Saiki goes to see his brother and learns the invention he created that people started fighting over: A time machine. Though, it could only go back one day. Now we see Saiki returning to the exact timeline he is. But why is he paying intense intention to his parents’ story? Using the time machine back and forth, a day at a time, he is trying to listen and see if he has returned to the correct timeline. Phew.

Episode 2D
Kuboyasu tries to give up his thug life but it seems there are other punks who aren’t willing to allow that. So they continue to pick a fight with him but in the end they got beaten up as Kuboyasu reverts to his extreme gangster style. But the moment for him to change for good is when he receives a love letter. He takes this chance to meet this girl and change. Turns out to be a trap by a few punks to get him to fight. They’re going to regret it… Kuboyasu has become so disillusioned after this, he became a badass that nobody dared picked a fight with him for a while.

Episode 2E
Saiki is out buying clothes when unfortunately Nendou and Kaidou are also here. Don’t bother asking these guys with lousy fashion sense. Suddenly it becomes a competition between the duo who has the better fashion sense and Saiki will be the judge. They’re both losers. With Teruhashi now in the picture, they have this idea to pick clothes for her to wear and Saiki will as usual be the judge. Kaidou goes first with his bizarre ‘warrior’-like outfit. Fail. Though it made other females want to try it out. Nendou is anticipating putting Teruhashi in a very skimpy cowboy outfit and since Saiki saw through his plan, he quickly switches with normal clothes. Looks pretty good on her. She’ll buy whatever he picks! Saiki has left, only to realize he hasn’t bought his own clothes.

Episode 3A
Today is extra chilly. If you think outside is cold, wait till you get inside class. It’s colder! Don’t worry, we have a human heater: Hairo! Don’t stop exercising! Normally it would be okay to just skip class and go home but since some famous comedian, Peanuts Ueda (who the f*ck?!) is coming later, everyone else decides to stay! Because of that, everyone pulls up their jersey covering their face, forming some sort of new fashion. By the time this comedian arrives, he tells the lamest joke. Yeah, it’s so cold in here…

Episode 3B
Saiki is forced to hand notes to Saiko. Oh, Nendou, Kaidou and Kuboyasu tag along too. With them being so awed at his high class luxurious mansion, Saiko thought of showing off to make them acknowledge he is much better than them. But all of them only have this commoner expression and they expect something fantastical or futuristic. In other words, not really impressed. So after they leave, Saiko vows to show them a house that will knock them off their feet.

Episode 3C
Hence Saiko forcefully invites all of them again. This time his mansion has turned into a futuristic amusement park! He guides them around as they all have fun. In the end, they are so happy that they want to invite him to their house next time to show how commoners have fun. This puts Saiko in a bind. He spent so much money and time researching on them just to achieve what? And they’re more entertained than impressed? Is this victory worth it? They realize that Nendou has been missing ever since they started entering this place. It seems he has been stuck at the gate. He is the only one who thinks this isn’t any fun at all.

Episode 3D
With the heavy snow, school is of course cancelled. Saiki thought he could sleep in but Nendou and Kaidou are here to invite him to build a snowman. Normally he would decline them but he sees visions of them being killed. Seriously. So he hangs out with them just to keep watch. Any impending danger, Saiki is able to ward them off without anybody noticing. Finally when the snowman is done and there is nothing else to do, the duo suggest one more thing to do: Pretend to be dead! The vision came true… So much time wasted…

Episode 3E
With the start of the new term, Saiki and co will be second years. Too bad he notices the third years are all weird looking people whom none he recognized at all. Did they really school here? Saiki notices a graduating class with names beginning with only ‘A’ and a senior whom Yumehara once fell in love with but is more like leeching off her money. Shockingly, Kaidou gives his speech as representative year and personally thanks Mineo Nobuaki AKA Alphonse Calcifer Raiden! Who the f*ck?! It’s probably this guy that introduced Kaidou to his chuunibyou world. Saiki notes the only senior he will recognize is Kongou. But he has changed so much from a gangster dude to a prim and proper student that he is barely recognizable! Who the f*ck?! Then everyone starts getting emotional as they sing the school’s anthem. Yeah, weird song. Should have been used in a tokusatsu series instead.

Episode 4A
Imu Rifuta thinks she is hell of a cute and the world revolves around her. It’s no surprise that the guys really like her. Until Nendou points out Teruhashi is cuter. An argument ensues but her fans seem to paint Teruhashi in a higher light. This has Rifuta wanting to see this Teruhashi girl. Woah! Such an angel! Even more so Rifuta realizes she causes guys to fight with each other but Teruhashi has them make peace! With Teruhashi treating her nicely but getting better stuffs than her, Rifuta runs away as she cannot take it anymore that somebody is better than her. Turns out it is a devious ploy by Teruhashi to teach her the harsh truth that the world does not revolve around her!

Episode 4B
Kaidou is having fun telling April Fools jokes until people start accusing him of going too far. However Nendou still believed some laser beam shooting tower crap thingy and has bought a camera to take a picture of it. He accidentally drops it, threatening to fall over Kaidou but Saiki uses his power to miss him and have a soft landing. This amazes Kaidou as he tries to tell everyone about it but nobody believes. He demonstrates again but this time the camera really breaks. Now they accuse him of being a true liar but the laser beam is starting to shoot from the tower! Thank Saiki for that.

Episode 4C
Saiki has allergies but each time he sneezes, something precious from his dad explodes! It’s too much of a coincidence to call it random. While some pills do hold back his sneeze, he has to take them periodically. However Nendou wants him to see his sneezing face and won’t let him take the pills. Too bad Saiki sneezes and the pills explode! He needs to get out but Nendou is still hell bent on showing that face. He is even trying to use a bouquet of pollens! Saiki knocks him out but before he could teleport, his sneeze causes a hole in the wall. This alerts everyone else but Saiki manages to cover up using pollens as a smokescreen to repair the wall.

Episode 4D
Hairo and the gang are to pick up trash but it is also a competition as depending on what kind of trash you pick up, you earn certain points. Kaidou believes everyone is in it for the big prize money in the end as the one who gets the most points wins it. Some shady dude tries to coax them to join his side and pick up cigarette butts since it is worth the most points. But Hairo’s pride will not allow it and so he rejects him. With Hairo’s enthusiasm, they could have easily run away with the lead but he is so particular in picking up every darn trash that is small in points too. Not to mention, Kaidou is just freaking clumsy. Lost some points there… That shady guy returns and has a trash bag full of cigarette butts. He brags about it so Saiki ignites and burns the whole lot. In the end, the winner is some family because they picked up a corpse of a dead tsuchinoko. WTF…

Episode 4E
Toritsuka offered to help solve ghost rumours of the piano playing at night in the music room. Of course he needs Saiki help too. Turns out to be a girl who has a great attachment to it. Toritsuka wants to flirt with her but she rather die than date him. Ghost joke. Eventually she realizes she is causing others to be scared and leaves. The next day, the piano is removed since many students complained about the hauntings. Toritsuka won’t give up and has Saiki do him one more favour. While we hear the backstory that it belonged to some family who donated it 20 years ago and the daughter who played it passed away due to illness, we see Toritsuka has not given up on the piano and has it moved into his room! So cramped. But I don’t think ghost girl is coming back…

Episode 5A
Rifuta still plays second fiddle to Teruhashi. Whatever she does, Teruhashi is always tops. When asked about Saiki, Teruhashi suddenly loses her balance. Rifuta gets it that she likes him and has finally found her trump card to best her. So she tries to hint she wants to date Saiki to throw her off and Rifuta relishes seeing the almost panicky face she puts. Of course this is all part of Saiki’s plan. He would look like he is with Rifuta until Teruhashi gives up. Once Rifuta believes she has won over her, there is no more reason for her to be with him. Killing 2 birds with a stone. As expected, Rifuta approaches him. She is thrilled he ‘chose’ her instead of Teruhashi. But it looks like Rifuta is starting to genuinely like Saiki. He looks so cool in her vision! Another cans of worms opened…

Episode 5B
Saiki’s parents’ birthday as just a day apart. So it is obvious they lie to each other about going their way when it’s to get the other presents. Saiki peeks on what they are going to buy and it’s definitely questionable. So mom got him a display case to put all her past presents to him. On the other hand, he got her a huge teddy bear. But wait. How can he afford that? He sold her past presents to buy it. Also, she moved the sewing kit to make room for the shelf and hence can’t put together the teddy bear. So are their presents useless? They start crying but it is tears of happiness that they love each other so much that they sell their precious things for each other. Yeah, the power of love is in the feelings not the presents!

Episode 5C
An arrogant hamster tries to make Saiki adopt him. He doesn’t need to oblige so the hamster panics and reveals he wanted to see the world but regrets how dangerous it is. Now it is lost and can’t get home. Since he is not from this area, Saiki can’t help. Beg all you want. Amp tries to up the hamster but after being flattered by the furball, Amp who knows where it lives decides to bring it there. You think the hamster would be happy to be reunited with its original master. Too bad that kid has bought a new hamster pet and is very happy with it.

Episode 5D
Saiki now has this obligation to find the hamster a new owner. Hairo: Too much training! Kaidou: Too much chuunibyou! Yumehara: Can’t stop blabbing! Ever! Teruhashi: Oh, she has a cat. Nendou is their last hope and logically this is the worst of the lot. Is it doomsday for little Hamtaro? Well, don’t judge a book by its cover because Nendou is pretty good in taking care of the hamster as he owned one before. Before you know it, the hamster is so attached to this dude.

Episode 5E
Kuusuke sends an electric massage chair to his family. Literally shocking. When the parents try to massage Saiki’s shoulder, it is as stiff as a rock! No, an iron vault! You can blame the past seasons for all his stress. Dad has an idea to beat him up using stuffs but why does it feel like revenge? Anyway, anything he uses breaks! Even metal stuffs! Mom even tries to stab him but it didn’t work! Dad borrows an impact rammer and surprisingly Saiki feels good. But anymore vibration and the house will be destroyed. So he teleports himself to some riverside and destroy rocks to let its broken bits rain on his shoulders. It is perfect until he realizes an old woman watching him. He teleports back to the house where he accidentally sits on the electric massage chair. But wait. The electricity literally cured his aches! Now he can really move! So light! But so powerful that he puts a hole in the house.

Episode 6A
Saiko brags about his weekend luxury liner cruise. He will invite the boys if they get Teruhashi to come. So they did and Mera and Yumehara also joined. Saiki assumed he isn’t in since the head count is supposed to include Hairo. Too bad he is busy with his club activities and Saiki lost his chance to decline. So as they board the ship, it seems Saiki read Saiko’s mind of what happened last night. The ship is under maintenance and won’t be finished in time. Saiko told them to finish it or get fired. And hence the ship split apart during the voyage and now they are in some uninhabited island.

Episode 6B
Did Saiki not see this coming? Apparently there were bad omens but somehow he chose to ignore them. Although Saiko claims his ship has the best tracking system and in no time they will be rescued, only Saiki knows they are not near Japan waters. Saiki remembers what happened. Last night when they were trying to stop Mera from raiding the fridge, somehow Saiki got seasick.

Episode 6C
As they put him to bed, Teruhashi accidentally took off his antenna. That’s why the ship split and Saiki woke up then, used all his powers to save everyone but somehow teleported them to an island near South America. This means no help will come to them. Of course Saiki can teleport them back but it will raise suspicions about his powers. With their food running out, suddenly Mera returns as a native!

Episode 6D
So apparently she raided all that’s left of their emergency food and is giving them poisonous mushrooms as apology? Make sure you eat up. Yeah, Mera can’t even speak human tongue. But Saiki saves them because he teleported back to town and bought foodstuffs and make it look like they washed up ashore. Nendou then has an idea to build a raft. Saiki agrees to it since in the middle of the ocean he can teleport near Japan waters without anyone noticing. However it seems they lack the necessary manpower to build a raft even if Saiki has bought and accidentally washed up the tools. Yeah, Saiko is being a dick not wanting to help.

Episode 6E
Not even Teruhashi could use her charm and get this guy to help. He is too proud to stoop to a commoner’s standard. Mera is caught trying to steal their food again. This time she has degraded into an animal. But treating her with food, she is finally tamed. Now they have the necessary manpower to build the raft. At night, Saiki inspects the raft and knows it isn’t seaworthy. So he makes some adjustments so the logs can stick together and it doesn’t have to float as long as he is around he can use his powers to do so.

Episode 7A
Saiko hasn’t eaten for 2 days and he still refuses the charity of others and won’t eat their junk food. He goes on to reveal about his stubbornness that led to the sinking of the ship because it was still under maintenance. This only serves to make the rest hell bent on making him eat. With Saiko regaining his strength, now he joins in to help make the raft. Albeit, he is just ordering around. Once done, Saiko points who is going to remain on the island. If they are all on the raft, what if the rescue team comes here and finds no one? Besides, the raft team can go and get help for those who remained on the island. This throws a spanner in Saiki’s pan.

Episode 7B
So the gang deliberates on who gets to stay or go. With their silly reasoning and all, finally the ones who will take the raft are Nendou, Mera, Saiko and Kuboyasu. So will we have some love romance between Saiki-Teruhashi and Kaidou-Yumehara on the island? Not if Saiki has his own ulterior motive…

Episode 7C
Just before the raft team sails off, suddenly the rescue team finds them! Of course this was all Saiki’s doing. The night before when everyone was sleeping, he teleported part of the island to a nearby Japan island. Hence the island they are on is just a partial replica. However back in school, things are not over yet. Rumours spread like wildfire that the 8 of them got stranded. Even though Saiko used his power to suppress the media, the rumours still spread around in school. Thanks to the sleazy press club president, Manako Jouten and her photographer lackey. She wants to interview Saiki but he refuses. Hence she prints a fake story on Saiki and Nendou being gay. Saiki has no choice but to accept just to put this case to rest.

Episode 7D
However Jouten is unhappy that all the truths that Saiki said (except the parts of him using his powers) are really boring. Even more disappointed that he did not take sneaky photos of Teruhashi changing or taking a dump. Yeah, she’s really a corrupted journalist. She would’ve been more suitable to be a paparazzi. Thus Jouten prints a fake story that Saiki did take pictures of Teruhashi taking a dump. This causes all her fans to hound him but Teruhashi clears the air that he is not that kind of person. Plus, she didn’t take a dump despite being stranded there. Because she is more than your ordinary girl! Everybody believes her! It doesn’t end there as Jouten tries to aggravate the situation further. Dressed up as Teruhashi and doing posing in a taking a dump position later to be superimposed and Photoshop, the next day she gets a shock when Saiki alters the story to reveal the embarrassing act of the press duo trying to fake a take a dump act. That’s journalism for you.

Episode 7E
It’s the last day of summer vacation. As usual, Nendou, Kaidou and Kuboyasu hound Saiki at his home to copy his homework. However Saiki realizes there is one homework he didn’t quite finish: Picture diary. High school students still have picture diary homework? So we see the rest make up stupid stories of what they do. But when they learn Saiki did nothing during all his holidays, they feel pity and want to bring him to the beach or something. Saiki changes his mind and will show them he did everything. Yup, he teleported around the country and take pictures of himself doing awesome stuffs. The friends are so amazed that now they don’t want to do their homework and instead spend their last day to the max doing fun stuffs.

Episode 8A
Time for another new transfer student, Mikoto Aiura. She claims she can read fortunes. Sceptic at first, Saiki sees her doing weird rituals but reads Yumehara’s loveless life right. Poor girl runs away crying. The more she tells her predictions, the more Saiki believes she is the real deal. The reason why she transfers here is because she heard of another guy who has great psychic powers too and believes he is her soul mate. The way she describes him is definitely Saiki! It’s the more reason why he needs to stay out of her sight.

Episode 8B
With Saiki staying at home and using clairvoyance to peak, he learns Aiura has another ability to see people’s aura. So she sees the various auras like Kaidou’s squirrel, Hairo on fire and the biggest angelic aura of them all: Teruhashi! Saiki is done running so he decides to confront and tell her the truth. Suddenly she cannot see auras anymore. Saiki thinks he knows the trick. Because his aura is too big, it envelopes everyone else. So long she doesn’t see him from afar alone, his identity is safe. Just when Aiura thinks she has found her soul mate, that dude is Nendou. Damn…

Episode 8C
Saiki sees Yuuta getting bullied. He tells his mom and since she can’t do anything, he leaves it to Saiki to help thinking he is closer to him. Next day Saiki sees the same thing. Saiki transforms himself into their age to intervene. When the bullies run away, he learns that Yuuta was trying to become strong like his Cider Man and picked a fight with them! When the bullies return, Saiki stood there and just got punched. This shocks Yuuta as he sees a vision of Cider Man telling him that true strength and justice is also about apologizing. Yuuta does so and the bullies stop picking on him.

Episode 8D
Saiki realizes he is in a time loop. It seems after a few seconds, that scene will repeat itself again and again. To get out of this loop, he needs to clear his mind completely. Yeah, he looks like an idiot doing so. Although he is able to get out of that time loop, another one happens. This process goes on a while until a time loop of a child almost getting rammed by a truck. Saiki must time it precisely because too early or late will have fatal consequences. After 16,785 loops (OMG! As bad as that Haruhi episode!), he finally gets out. Nendou scares him when he repeated an earlier line.

Episode 8E
Teruhashi narrates how she is born as the cutest and hence it is not strange that everyone fawns over her. Somehow this is supposed to be a reminder why she likes plain guy Saiki as he is the only one who doesn’t fall for her charms. Yup, she needs him to be impressed by her beauty. Remember that goal? So to catch the elusive Saiki, she uses her charms to attract the men to look for him! Man, it’s a real man hunt if I must say! Unfortunately Saiki cannot be found. Teruhashi is disappointed but we see the real Saiki is invisible and standing right beside her! He also reminds us of all the other powers he has and has been living his entire life to hide them. It’s the reason he stays away from Teruhashi as she attracts people. She can fool others but not him!

Episode 9A
Kouki Sawakita is just a background character. Suddenly he gets called by Aiura. Is this his big break? After doing some weird stuffs on him, it looks like she is trying to find her soul mate and he isn’t it. Yeah, she has a list of people with the initials SK and is trying to narrow it down. Yumehara helps her and even theorizes how her soul mate might have a big aura that it is cancelling her ability to see the aura of others. Spot on. Their plan is to watch everyone leave school and if she can see the aura, it means that person is her soul mate. Saiki pretends to leave and then teleports back. The girls wait and wait and when Aiura could see the aura, she sees a death sign on Yumehara’s face. Yumehara falls off the rail but luckily Saiki teleports and saves her.

Episode 9B
Saiki tells the truth about himself to Aiura. She might not be able to believe at first but they have to solve Yumehara’s problem first. They make this incident look like a dream. Aiura walks home with Yumehara and a few mishaps happen along the way. It is thanks to Saiki’s clairvoyance that allowed them to escape death. Until a lorry almost crashing into them did the death sign on her face disappear. With that over, now Aiura is totally in love with Saiki.

Episode 9C
Saiki and friends attend a circus hosted by Chouno. I guess being a magician wasn’t enough. Yeah, to broaden his horizon. A mishap causes Chouno to be injured. Since the show must go on, he picks Saiki as his replacement. There is no way he would do that but with Chouno’s assistant also supporting his idea, everyone places their hopes on him. Saiki goes out there and uses a bit of his power to impress the crowd. He is about to leave when he is done but receives a premonition that there will be fire and many injured.

Episode 9D
Not wanting that to happen, Saiki stays put and substitutes the next circus act, thinking their act would case the fire. Yeah, everybody is going to be amazed at this talented clown doing everything. He even tames a lion who is hell bent on eating humans! Chouno returns from hospital since his injuries aren’t bad. Suddenly the ceiling collapses and there are some injured. They help them out and despite the circus ruined, Chouno still entertained them with his own magic tricks. Saiki believes everything would have turned out fine anyway even had he not intervened.

Episode 9E
Teruhashi is absent with a cold. Because of that, everybody is gloom and doom! Yeah, their sunshine is away. With everyone so worried, it doesn’t help with Kaidou theorizing she could be dying. Hence the rumours keep growing as well as everyone’s anxiety that she is dead! Heck, Hairo even screams to God to take him instead! With this annoyance, Saiki has no choice but to intervene. Using his telepathy to tell everyone Teruhashi has just a cold, he then teleports to Teruhashi’s room and knocks out her f*cking annoying brother who is bugging her in bed to take suppositories. Teruhashi is able to rest well and returns to school the next day. Everyone in school is happy. Except Mugami who has now caught her cold. Nobody cares about him…

Episode 10A
Grandpa is happy that Saiki is coming to visit. But when dad calls, he immediately hangs up. Another call but this doesn’t sound like Saiki and could be a scam. But grandpa still falls for it since the voice says he loves him. Yeah, he is told to leave money somewhere because he blew it on a mobile game. So grandpa quickly drives there. Luckily Saiki’s family just arrived and after hearing what happened, Saiki manages to stop grandpa. Now they have to trace the scammer. When another call is made, Saiki traces it but it leads him to a room with nobody and only a recorded voice on the voice. As he cannot trace who is behind this, there is only 1 person who can do this.

Episode 10B
The culprit is Kuusuke and it was all just a prank. Back home, Kuusuke seems to love trolling grandpa till the point of no return. Like trolling about the gift he is supposed to give him but gets distracted with something else. When grandma suggests visiting the festival, you bet grandpa is excited. But there is a problem: Their car can only fit 5 people and this means 1 of them must stay. Somehow they all decide grandpa should stay. More trolling from Kuusuke as he suggests Saiki sits on grandpa’s lap. I guess that’s it for him. With grandpa out, the rest get to go to the festivals.

Episode 10C
Saiki believes Kuusuke has an ulterior motive but the latter won’t say. Only if Saiki beats him in a shooting contest, he will tell. They try to restrain their powers as Kuusuke changes the rule that if he could hit this ugly teddy prize, he wins. But what the heck is this death raygun he is using?! Luckily Saiki shoots and deflects it and livens up the boring festival with its fireworks. Kuusuke then reveals he has graduated from college and has come home to stay here. As grandpa crawls out of bed, hell bent on going to the festival, he receives a call, grandma calls to say Kuusuke is living with them. I guess he died again. A week later, dad wants Saiki to head over to grandpa’s to send something Kuusuke forgot. When Saiki teleports there, he realizes the entire village has gone hi-tech!

Episode 10D
No doubt this is all Kuusuke’s doing and he has a lab here too. He explains it all started when an old woman couldn’t change her light bulb so he helped out via modern robotic technology. Talk about overkill. He shows grandpa in a power suit being able to do almost everything. But isn’t Kuusuke controlling him? Grandma is in an incubation tube that makes her younger! When Saiki returns the stuffs, grandpa accidentally smacks it away. Dropping out are the nefarious plans of Kuusuke to destroy Saiki via turning all the elderly in this village to obliterate him. Hence all the hi-tech machineries are just a ploy that will eventually have Kuusuke controlling them. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, what will he do? Run away!

Episode 10E
Just when Saiki picks a day that Mera doesn’t work in the café, here is Aiura showing up. He ignores her but we all know she wants to flirt with him. Toritsuka sees this and is jealous Saiki has got a girlfriend. Of course not. Toritsuka and Aiura are shocked to realize that the other has powers. So it becomes a strange contest to prove their power is the real deal. Saiki won’t take all of this and is about to leave but freaks out upon seeing a cockroach. Hence the duo get this weird idea whoever gets to kill the cockroach gets to be his sidekick. Too bad they are also scared in their own ways. In the end, it is the café master who swats it. So he is now Saiki’s sidekick?

Episode 11A
Holy sh*t! Nendou got a love letter from a girl?! NO, YOU’RE NOT DREAMING NOR IS THIS A PRANK! Heck, Nendou even thinks of rejecting her! Tracing back the events of how she really liked him, it seems he saved her from an oncoming baseball. Kaidou is trying to be a relationship master now? But he can’t even decently say the word kiss. When Hairo reads the letter properly, it seems this is not a love letter but a recruitment letter to join a baseball club. Damn…

Episode 11B
The gang try out the judo club. With the odd pairing, Saiki is forced to pair with the instructor. During the practice, Saiki manages to throw him down. This prompts him to think Saiki is the new judo champion for Japan. He is then made to fight Hairo and not wanting the attention to be on him, Saiki purposely loses but Hairo could see through his trick. Then another go, Saiki makes it look like he is serious of winning but in the last minute somehow turns the tables and loses. Now everyone thinks Hairo is the next judo champion. Nendou then goes to avenge Saiki and easily defeats Hairo. Damn, he is the new potential judo champion!

Episode 11C
Teruhashi visits Saiki’s place for New Year. Saiki knew she is coming and jams the intercom. However Kuusuke is here and lets her in. Saiki knows having Teruhashi and Kuusuke together will be a bad thing so for once he takes her out to the shrine. Too bad Kuusuke also tags along. Kuusuke asks if they’re dating and Teruhashi flusters. As she tries to be humble, Kuusuke drops the bomb that he is not complimenting her as he paints Saiki as a much better person and hence she is not good enough for him. Saiki knows Kuusuke is trying to cause trouble and uses his scowl to stop. Teruhashi is going to get back at Kuusuke so she cries angelic tears (crocodile tears?) and every guy in the shrine is mad at Kuusuke for hurting Teruhashi. Get him! Now that this guy is gone, Saiki has to find a way to lose Teruhashi.

Episode 11D
Saiki once again scores middle position in the exams. He notices a guy, Hiroshi Satou who always score the same as him. As he tries to find out more about him, he becomes more excited because he is a very normal guy! Normal friends and normal everything! He envies the kind of normal life he would like to have. As Saiki follows him on his way home, everything seems normal until he accidentally bumps into a yakuza who threatens to mess him up if he doesn’t pay. Saiki uses his power to knock the yakuza out and will not stand anyone who threatens those leading an ordinary life. Saiki fears Satou thinks he has hidden powers to knock out this dude but thankfully he thinks he got hit by a stray ball or something. Normalcy saved.

Episode 11E
Saiki now reads at the school library because at the local library, the librarian always spoils the story. With this punk in charge who doesn’t read, I guess it’s safe that there will be no spoilers. Also, Saiki borrows the book that is least borrowed to avoid spoilers from past borrowers. But this mystery novel with many volumes, accidentally he peeked into the past of the last person to borrow it. However this romance comes to a cliff-hanger. It seems Saiki is more interested to know about what happened to them than the story in the book. So he is forced to touch other volumes to find out even if it means risking spoilers as each time the romance somewhat ends in a cliff-hanger. So this romance thingy turned out to be some love triangle as the guys fought over the girl. Yeah, they borrowed the volumes to use as shield? When Saiki reaches the last volume, there is no conclusion. He is eager to learn what happened in the end. Is he going to touch every book to find out? Then he realizes the librarian punk is one of the dudes and assumes he won the fight.

Episode 12A
Rifuta has weird dreams, Teruhashi steals Saiki from her and she ends up with Nendou. Of course it is all part of Saiki’s plan to rid of her. As she waits to ambush and confess her feelings, Saiki pops up with Aiura clinging over his arm. He made a deal with her to make it look like they’re going out. Rifuta confronts her and I suppose the argument got so heated they end up lying with all the XXX stuffs they did. When Teruhashi is seen coming, Rifuta hides them in a locker. Her plan is to make Teruhashi confess she likes Saiki and then reveal them to embarrass her. But the more Teruhashi talks about Saiki, something inside Rifuta awakens. Now she is in love with Teruhashi! Oh dear! She has gone down the yuri path!

Episode 12B
With Rifuta and Teruhashi as best friends, Rifuta wants to support Teruhashi’s love for Saiki but realizes she can’t as she thinks Saiki is a dirty pervert who sleeps with girls. She decides to hold a mixer and get Teruhashi a better guy. Of course with Saiki knowing this plan, he is going to help her. So we see all the cool and hot guys interested in her. In fact, Teruhashi starts thinking how cool they are but wait. She still thinks it would be fund Saiki was here. I guess Saiki has a change of heart and can’t let them have Teruhashi so during the toilet break he knocks them out and takes them home. So you mean Saiki is okay to be continued stalked by Teruhashi?

Episode 12C
Riki Jr is the hamster’s name and always hides in Nendou’s clothes to follow him to school. The other guys thought Riki Jr also likes them but he just goes to poo on their hands! Saiki teases Riki Jr for being close to Nendou but he turns tsundere. Oh, it is confirmed that Riki Jr is female!!! After the gym, Saiki and co are locked in the gym storeroom after putting away the equipment. Nendou’s plan is to use Riki Jr to run to the office and grab the keys. Of course Saiki could just easily unlock it with his power but Riki Jr insists on having some limelight. Oh well. Might as well. Even if Riki Jr brings back a teacher to unlock the door, Nendou gets scolded for bringing a pet to school.

Episode 12D
Saiki is so impressed with Satou because he achieves another normal milestone! Is he stalking him in toilet! He even knows the normal things he does there! Toritsuka tries to stir trouble by making it look like Satou threw an eraser at Nendou. Saiki is interested to see how a normal guy gets out of this. He even envisions some normal routes that he would take but is surprised he did neither! Uhm, didn’t he do something extraordinary but Saiki thinks it is just ordinary? Hence Saiki wants to be his friend. He acts and does things that Satou likes in hopes he will take notice. He does but then ignores him because he thinks anybody seen doing those is weird. Oh Saiki, you really stood out this time.

Episode 12E
Nendou’s hair seems to be quite long. So he goes to take a haircut and tries to explain to the barber who can’t understand how he wants it. Whatever. Because of that, he looks different than before. Kaidou and Kuboyasu laugh at him but wait. All the girls are interested in him! WTF?! He is so cool?! Naturally the duo get jealous and try to run him down by exposing his butt chin he is hiding but get told off by the girls. And then they see Nendou picking his nose. They lose all interest in him. That was fast. Easy come, easy go.

Episode 13A
Mera forces Saiki and Aiura into one of those maid cafes she works. Apparently she has been eating food for customers and the manager threatened to fire her if she doesn’t bring in new ones. Shouldn’t she be fired? Aiura treats Mera to an omelette rice and learns why she is working so hard to save up. It’s to find her dad. However Saiki blames Aiura for this because had she not did that fortune telling, Mera wouldn’t have burdened herself like this. Saiki and Aiura have differing views on helping others. He doesn’t want to help. As he leaves, he stumbles into Mera’s dad.

Episode 13B
Saiki plays dumb but Mera’s dad knows the school uniform same as his daughter. I guess Saiki isn’t interested in his flashback. He claims he is being chased by debt collectors and came back here to die. At least he wants to tell his family members. Yeah, so why tell Saiki? Saiki still refuses to help the guy and he looks unhappy. At the same time, Aiura decides to help Mera find her dad and her fortune telling tells her he is in Japan right now. They find him, the real dad. The one Saiki was with was an imposter and the real debt collector. Mera’s dad tries to run away from her and doesn’t want her involved but Mera vows she has grown stronger and wants to solve this together. Meanwhile the debt collector and his cronies try to kidnap Saiki but he showed them how fearsome he is. When Mera’s dad thinks they are done for because those baddies are here, it seems they waive all his debt and promise not to bother him again. Although Saiki claims he only helped because he was nearby, Aiura is not amused because in her fortune telling she saw this scene. With Mera reunited with her dad, basically they are still the same: Penniless.

Episode 13C
Saiki notices an interesting manga has started to suck. He realizes his dad is the one handling the account. Hence Saiki spies on his dad meeting up with the author, Fudekichi Shiragami on next week’s work. Shiragami has actually a decent an interesting plot but dad screws it up because he doesn’t find it so and proposes some changes. Because Shiragami is such a meek guy, he agrees. Saiki had to intervene by possessing his dad and tell Shiragami not to listen to a word he says. In the end, the manga became much better but dad believes it was all his doing and takes the credit.

Episode 13D
Saiki and co try to do hanami at the park but it is all fully booked with spot claimers. Yeah, these people have no life and have been camping here for a few days. Eventually they find a spot but it is so far that it might as well look like an ordinary picnic. They are happy with that except that the food they eat or sounds they hear all seem to make them have that nostalgic hanami feel. Desperate, thank goodness Teruhashi is here. Since she joins them, everyone makes space for them. Now that they have a good spot, they still can’t have a good view because everybody is crowding around them.

Episode 13E
Saiki seems to be doing some sort of strength and speed training in some unknown desert. He then reveals the shocking revelation that the world has undergone this same year loop for the fourth time. He used his mind control to alter people’s’ perception of time. It all began when he prophesized a huge volcano that would devastate Japan forever. Hence his training. Now he thinks he is ready to stop the eruption and uses the fruits of his training. However he still feels it is not enough and hence reverted the world to a year ago again. Because it will cause mass panic if people just reverted too, it is easier to alter their minds. At least now he has another year to think of another way.

Episode 14A
Saiko has to undergo a family ritual in which he cannot receive help from his estate for 24 hours. Yeah, but he is given 10 grand as his allowance. So Saiki’s pals tease him and decide to help him return home. Nope, can’t call a taxi and have to walk. He lets Nendou carry him and as they decide to eat ramen for lunch, Saiko is devastated they have to queue. I guess all that waiting must have made him hungry so he eats this commoner food. Eventually Saiko passes the test and returns to his luxurious life. So what does he order his personal chef to cook? Ramen.

Episode 14B
We see the adventures of PK Psykickers! It’s an unofficial ‘club’ consisting of Saiki, Aiura and Toritsuka. They go in search for a lost cat and eventually Saiki uses his powers to rescue it. Then Aiura sees the future of trains colliding. Saiki has Toritsuka become the conductor to take control of the train’s speed. In the end, everyone is saved but the real conductors arrest him thinking he was trying to play conductor.

Episode 14C
Remember the occult club? It still isn’t disbanded and Saiki is forced to attend it since Yumehara is ‘threatening’ that Kaidou and Toritsuka never showed up after that. But what’s this? The club is now so bright and lovely and that Arisu girl is no more gloomy. So the club now talks about boys and love? The only creepy occult thing is how they use this scary doll called Sayaka to tell fortunes. It’s like their own creepy version of kokkuri. Yumehara tries to force Saiki to confess he likes Teruhashi and rigs the reading so Saiki uses his powers to make it look like Sayaka has a life of her own to scare the daylights out of them. He believes they won’t return to this club and that the club is done for good. But he notes Sayaka pointing to ‘no’. A coincidence?

Episode 14D
It’s so early in the morning and Saiki’s parents try to outdo each other that they love the other more. I wonder when Saiki is going to get his breakfast… Because of this, they end up arguing! WTF?! So they become mad because they believe they love the other much more. Hence it becomes a passive aggressive quarrel. So freaking weird. They settle this via using a third party (that’s you, Saiki) and measure their love with this meter. Dad scores high and when mom tries it, he tries to rig it by doing something uncouth. She accuses him of cheating and does the same but he only finds it cute. Mom suggests who loves Saiki more but dad doesn’t want to and admits his loss. But the argument continues although they are back to being lovey-dovey. Love is sure confusing in this family. Saiki notices the mom’s meter reading the same for him. He wonders if it is broken.

Episode 14E
Saiki is paired up with Teruhashi for art class and they have to draw each other’s portrait. Saiki must control his powers otherwise he will draw a surreal version of her! Meanwhile Teruhashi draws a very handsome and romantic version of him. What’s with the roses? Of course she can’t and retries. In the end, she draws a plain version of him but the attention is on Yumehara who draws a lovely version of Kaidou. On the other hand, Saiki tries to put together various people’s thoughts of Teruhashi as his own art but it turns out to be hideous. When time is out, the guys wonder why Saiki’s works is blank. Although the truth is he has no time to rework, the guys start thinking that it is because of her bright aura that makes her beautiful!!! Blank represents her white purity! Yeah, I think they’re seeing things with their delusions. So this is art? Teruhashi is disappointed as she really wanted to see how he drew her.

Episode 15A
Nendou goes to help the baseball team. Saiki thinks of going to ‘protect’ the club since Satou is in this club. But this sparks off a list of cliché settings and characters as observed by Saiki. This includes the club must win a match in tomorrow’s game or face disbandment, the captain getting injured by a stray ball and they need another member to replace him. That’s you, Saiki!

Episode 15B
Saiki bandages his fingers to look like he is injured. So Kaidou takes over? Nah. Kuboyasu. As the game begins, Saiki also observes a lot of cliché moments but they are broken when he realizes that one of the non-cliché events like Nendou joining could have been the cause of this deviation. But Saiki isn’t going to take the blame himself? At this rate, they will lose when they supposed to have cliché won. So the supposed return of the banned ace to help the team win almost didn’t happen. Saiki had to control his body and do some awesome moves. Slowly everything returns to its cliché moments. Until Nendou steps in to play…

Episode 15C
Nendou does a few scares with the cliché stuffs. Not sure if he is doing it on purpose. In the end they won because of how Nendou’s non-cliché conformity balanced up with the other cliché stuffs. But is back to the cliché moments as the team goes to eat BBQ to celebrate their victory. More cliché moments like they face off with another rival team in some cliché eating challenge and the cliché draw and settlement. Saiki who has been so thrilled to watch all that cliché drama realizes he has not ate his own BBQ meat as they were all finished by his parents. Cliché ending?

Episode 15D
Saiki is devastated with the news of the famous series Kochikame ending. I guess it is more important than dad losing his job. Yeah, his job is to lick shoes. So he decides to take this into his own hands by licking shoes in the streets! He is such a professional licker he can tell you all the tricks to lick shoes! Is this proud or embarrassing? Because he stumbles into Shiragami, Kuusuke has this idea. Hence the manga of a shoe licking protagonist becomes an instant hit, being adapted into series and anime everywhere. Heck, there is even a shoe licking merchandise! With the boom in business, dad doesn’t need to lick shoes anymore and is resting on his laurels. Until Kuusuke says the merchandise’s patents all belong to him and he sold them all to the company dad once work. Oh well, I guess back to more shoe licking. Better keep practising because his boss can tell his licking is getting sloppier!

Episode 15E
It is Mera’s birthday. Everybody knows because she is basically advertising it. Everybody is forced to give her their food since she is so pushy. Extortion? Daylight robbery? I guess they feel obligated because last year she went around to give everybody a little acorn as their birthday gift. Now it’s payback. As she ticks off the list (I guess she is targeting everybody), some of her friends come to give her non-food related gifts. She starts to complain and show her disdain. This causes everyone to hate her and take back their gifts. Really? They want back those lousy food stuffs? Mera feels bad she has strayed from her path and became ungrateful. Too late to regret. However with Saiki’s powers, he makes a girl trip but she is not injured because the acorn became a sacrificial charm to protect her. Everybody now loves Mera and showers her with food gifts.

Episode 16A
Rifuta fears her lesbian awakening with Teruhashi so she forces Saiki to introduce her to a guy. Because she views him as a scumbag, scumbags should know proper guys. What logic… With Yumehara willing to help out, it seems Rifuta can actually judge a guy’s character pretty accurately. So why go through all this then? Heck, Rifuta becomes Yumehara’s master in love as she advises her how to be more attractive to Kaidou. Because Toritsuka is being possessed by a nice spirit, Rifuta’s readings on him are off. Until Saiki bumps the spirit out, Rifuta changes her mind. In the end, Rifuta falls for Mugami as he has the same aura as Teruhashi. Saiki notes she has no taste after all.

Episode 16B
Mugami is worried. He has no time. Because Teruhashi’s birthday is in a month! Hence he tries to think of birthday presents he will buy for her. Saiki eavesdrop on his thinking and finds it all questionable. Mugami then spots Saiki and thinks he wants to buy his sister a present and hence spying on him on what he picks. So he suggests helping him pick a present and not get credited for it. So we see Mugami having weird tastes thinking it would be the best. When he gives them to her, she is not impressed. Until a very normal and cute cup in which Saiki had suggested but Mugami brushed aside. She likes this and thanks him. Mugami enjoys taking the credit.

Episode 16C
Due to rumours of a haunted house, Toritsuka summons all members of the occult club to investigate. Of course this is to ensure he looks good in the eyes of everyone. Inside the house, he detects no ghosts and believes it is chased out by an evil spirit because he saw ‘homeless ghosts’ all around the streets. This ‘evil spirit’ turns out to be some wuss guy who played pranks on other inhabitant ghosts just to make friends. After he helps the ghost out and other ghosts return, he hopes his pals can spread the word of the good he did.

Episode 16D
Saiki sees a new ad for a new jelly maker. With not enough money, it is time to become 100 Yen Man! So for any job, he charges this price. Any job. Good moment to rip off his dad to do anything he wants. Better be specific with your instructions or else he will charge some more. As this is still isn’t enough, he decides to visit grandpa. Of course he will give any money without anything in return. However he realizes Saiki will leave too soon after receiving the money and has him do the odd jobs instead. Now that Saiki has enough, he buys the jelly maker. However the ad comes out with a new and improved version. Looks like a job for 100 Yen Man again!

Episode 16E
Kaidou invites Saiki and Nendou to his secret base camp he made with Kuboyasu. However it is so boring that Nendou threatens to leave. Yeah, his house is even better with air-cond and some VR game. Even Kuboyasu mocks about making such secret bases these days. But the point is, secret bases must be made by themselves and not by others if you want to appreciate and see its appeal. He reveals this base isn’t finished yet and they’re supposed to make one on a tree. I guess this motivates Nendou to help. Saiki only helps as his powers help keep the base balance on a branch. Otherwise you think they could finish this in a day? When Nendou’s bug escapes and lands on Saiki’s face, he passes out and the branch gives way, collapsing all their hard work.

Episode 17A
Time for Kuusuke to make Saiki sweat again. He has placed 5 cards around the city in which Saiki must retrieve them all or else he will expose via fireworks about his psychic abilities. Hence Saiki goes around collecting weird letters from weird guys that instructs how to get cards with letters on them. When Saiki finally gets them all but runs out of them, Kuusuke releases the fireworks. Actually it is to wish happy birthday and that is what all the cards spell out when put together. Kuusuke gives him his favourite jelly to appease him but Kuusuke has got all the data he wants on Saiki and perhaps he could defeat him next time.

Episode 17B
With their moms away to the association meeting, Saiki is forced to bring Yuuta to the zoo. Yeah, one hour tantrum… Saiki uses his psychic powers to make the eland pose for Yuuta as he wants. Yuuta then realizes he lost his bag so they have to go look for it. A baboon has it and won’t give it back thinking humans are inferior. Saiki uses a projection to show why he is top of the food chain and instil fear in them. With the bag back and heading home, Yuuta remembers he forgot to take a photo of the eland. As he cries, the moms come back and Saiki’s mom shows her scary side thinking he made Yuuta cry. Definitely the one top of the food chain.

Episode 17C
Saiki’s dad goes to see Shiragami for the usual manga submission. Saiki follows via astral projection so as to see his work in advance. But dad gets side-tracked when one of Shiragami’s assistants, Jouji Kumogata made his own work and wants him to look at it. Woah. Dad is a pro as he explains all the typical cliché manga pitfalls. No punch line or any resolve for this skit too.

Episode 17D
Kaidou’s little brother, Toki believes him to be a really powerful and cool guy. Until Nendou hangs out and his stupidity and honesty threatens to unravel all that coolness. Toki thinks Nendou as his henchman is just rude and tries to tall all of Kaidou’s coolness. Nendou laughs like mad before believing how cool it all is. They get too noisy until their sister, Sora kicks them out. Along the way, a ruffian abuses the vending machine. Toki stops him and claims this is his brother’s turf. The ruffian is about to punch Kaidou but Toki gives him a judo throw! Because he admires big brother so much, he has starting training. Looks like Toki has already surpassed him…

Episode 17E
Teruhashi keeps up her good girl image until she sees Saiki leaving with Aiura. Time for jealousy to rear its ugly head. Confronting her, both girls get the idea the other is the kind of girl Saiki likes. But Teruhashi who thinks she has won over Aiura on everything, realizes perhaps the only thing she loses out is boobs! Next day, Teruhashi comes in with her gal fashion while Aiura tries to look straight like Teruhashi. Talk about switcheroo. Teruhashi ups the ante going full gal mode but this didn’t get the required reaction from Saiki. Asking Aiura’s help, Teruhashi is back to her normal the next day. Because Aiura using her fortune to say about the person she likes prefers those who are true to themselves. Teruhashi notes that she can be true to herself as she is one with such principles. Hence no need to panic and it’s only a matter of time. But didn’t Saiki just said “Oh~!”???!!! Teruhashi wonders if she heard things…

Episode 18A
Touma Akechi is a new transfer student in class. Thing is, he cannot stop talking! Damn those speech bubbles are hoarding the space! He doesn’t want to keep it short either! Naturally he has no friends so Kaidou and Kuboyasu got the balls to try and talk to him. The talking doesn’t stop… However Akechi isn’t just talkative. He is very observant and can tell Kuboyasu was a delinquent. Then it seems he hints he knows a psychic in elementary school. So he turns to Saiki and his happy to see him again. Oh no… Saiki now remembers. But he used to go by the name of Touma Asumi and Akechi is his mother’s maiden name.

Episode 18B
Saiki puts on his dumb face when Akechi tries to expose him as a psychic. Luckily his friends don’t believe so. Hence it becomes Akechi’s personal mission to expose Saiki by finding proof. He talks to various characters and although they have their ‘suspicions’ of Saiki, they’re all rather for dumb reasons. Akechi gets mindf*cked by Nendou because he isn’t listening after all that talking and Nendou has to nerve to ask him to explain it all again and Akechi just shortens it! Wow! Reverse psychology. And then he meets Teruhashi. Oh…

Episode 18C
I guess he is finding hard to find the right words to say. Interrupted by Toritsuka who obviously sucks at lying. Akechi is now on his tail to reveal some juicy bits. Luckily Saiki channelled a master swindler through him to make Toritsuka sound like he though Saiki is in debt. Akechi won’t give up. So while the gang is harvesting potatoes, Saiki hates the place as it is filled with bugs. Akechi starts to catch on he fears bugs and each time one gets too close, Saiki will ‘explode’ a potato. Akechi then puts more bugs but Saiki doesn’t freak out. Was his observation wrong? Actually Saiki used his power to make Mera look like him in exchange for a potato. I wonder how Saiki is going to use his power to hide his power from Akechi.

Episode 18D
Amp thinks he can use his usual cuteness to get humans to feed him. Too bad there’s a new cuter cat in town. So cute that it has a different art style! I guess complaining to Saiki isn’t going to make a difference but oh look, cute cat is here! Saiki’s dad gets so taken in that he starts worshipping it? Poor Amp is kicked out but he is desperate enough to pull off embarrassing moves that he thinks it is cute? Not working. The ultimate desperation comes when he wears a mask to look like the cute cat. Not working. Mom then comes home. Remember, she is allergic to cats. Amp mocks this means cutie pie can’t stay too. However mom isn’t allergic to this one. It is revealed it is a robot cat made by Kuusuke for their anniversary. New family member? Too bad Amp still won’t get any love.

Episode 18E
Saiko continues to boss his way around school. His lackeys might seem to lap up to him but they too hate him. Hence Saiko does some serious thinking. Everyone obeys him since birth except for this people at this school. He has had enough and will transfer out. Meanwhile his lackeys despite not liking Saiko, they explain he is a pretty decent guy. At first they did it for the money, but they are impressed he always says what he wants. Also, he gives them money even when they don’t want it. Saiko on his way out bumps into Nendou and somehow he tells him he is quitting. Wow. Nendou crying?! Because he is his friend! With the rest all worried about him quitting, Saiko realizes the one thing money can’t buy: Friendship. Despite entering a childish argument with Nendou, everyone notices his happy face. Saiko rescinds his dropping out. The principal approves but he wonders if he still has some donation for him. It’s still all about the money…

Episode 19A
The class is supposed to pick reps for the cultural festival. At first everyone thinks it will be Hairo and Fumi Kasai again but the teacher says it has to be someone new. Any volunteers? Time to hit the panic button. With Mera giving her poverty excuse, everyone soon starts to make up excuses. Saiko then throws down some money for those who is willing and everyone now jostles for it! But it is Kuboyasu who refuses the bribe and his coolness makes him the male rep. As for the female rep, Teruhashi volunteers and this has all the guys enraged as they want to take Kuboyasu’s spot. A draw is held and as Saiki has seen it all coming from the start, he is the one who drew the short end of the stick. God really wants to see Saiki x Teruhashi, huh?

Episode 19B
Teruhashi uses her charm to manipulate the class to do a play because this means spending more time doing preparations with Saiki. However Saiki calls upon Nendou, Kaidou and Kuboyasu to help out with the brainstorming of the play they will be doing. But this brainstorming seems to be critical comments on the illogical parts of the folklore. Isn’t that why they are called fairytales? Then it dawned to them that they should reinterpret the stories and fix its flaws! They think it is an original idea but you know, it has been done to death everywhere. Hence they decide to reinterpret the popular folklore of Tarou Urashima.

Episode 19C
With Kaidou as the director and screenwriter, Teruhashi is definitely Otohime. Some of the other casts include Hairo as the turtle and Saiki as the seaweed. Kuboyasu lands the role as Urashima but he is not the main character. It goes to Saiko who is Undershima. Part of the rewrite? Well, it is because Saiko funded their extravagant costumes and set.

Episode 19D
During the rehearsal, we see how it deviates from the original story. Urashima isn’t the main guy as Undershima is his dark inner conscious and the one making the decisions. In the end when Urashima opens the box, he dies instead of growing old and Undershima return to marry Otohime. If this feels like a sham, it is because everyone knows it is. There is an original ending that turns Undershima into an old guy while Urashima marries Otohime. They went with the former ending as Saiko is the sponsor. But now that Saiko hears this, he pulls out. That means no costumes or set too. On the day of the play, I guess the class is just barebones in costumes and set. Heck, almost none!

Episode 19E
They should have cancelled it but Kaidou rallied everyone to work things out but I guess they didn’t make it. So kids beating up a turtle looks like a human bullying scene. Kaidou replaces Saiko as Undershima and is the only one in costume. He is nervous so Saiki uses his power to calm him down. When Teruhashi appears, she is so amazing that everyone starts hallucinating and sees the play in its extravagant costume and set!!! OMFG! Of course it is Saiki’s power but if you wonder why he didn’t do it from the start, it is to hide it behind Teruhashi’s amazingness. The audience is so captivated with this ‘romance drama’ and the climax where Otohime is supposed to confess she loves Urashima, Teruhashi fumbles because saying I love you has her think about Saiki. The best play was won by the class who did Wizard of Oz. Everyone wearing glasses?

Episode 20A
When Saiki’s glasses break, accidentally he turns Nendou and Kaidou into stones. Unfortunately he cannot turn them back and the magic will wear off in 24 hours. Fearing that other people around them will be suspicious, hence he hatches a plan by calling Aiura and Toritsuka to help out. Using his power to make them look like his friends, they are to go about in their daily lives. Aiura becomes Kaidou while Toritsuka is Nendou. Saiki has a hard time juggling in between them as their goofiness almost cause them to fail. And so it might look like the issues are resolved as ‘Kaidou’ takes a cram school test while ‘Nendou’ sees Chouno. Because new problems are brewing.

Episode 20B
Yumehara is at the same cram school with ‘Kaidou’ while Chouno introduces ‘Nendou’ to a fellow magician, Venus Tsukiko. ‘Kaidou’ allows Yumehara to hug him and is on the verge of confessing while ‘Nendou’ can’t help stare at sexy Venus’ boobs. ‘Kaidou’ solves the issue by creating another chuunibyou character while ‘Nendou’, oh no Midori is here! Remember, they used to be married. But the issue solves itself without having ‘Nendou’ to do anything. After living the rest of the day as their counterparts, soon the real Nendou and Kaidou will return to normal. When they did, they are unaware of what happened. They thought Saiki’s glasses are still broken but is unsure why he looks so unkempt and messed up. It’s really tough trying to keep things normal.

Episode 20C
Warp (Kuusuke’s robo cat) has a new talking function that can be activated. Dad totally loves it but is it me or does Warp seem to be siding mom more and bullying and teasing dad? With Warp being able to do various things, this only makes dad sad as this means Warp is no more than a household appliance. So he runs away from home? WTF. Warp goes after him. Stubborn at first that he won’t give in to Warp’s cuteness but you know that guy, eventually he does. Now that dad accepts Warp as a pet, Warp returns acting like a normal cat. I guess he didn’t read the thick manual that petting him 3 times would return Warp back to act like a normal cat.

Episode 20D
Kaidou wants his friends to gather at his place and stay up to usher the New Year. However all of them are so damn tired that they keep falling asleep. Even when they try to do stuffs to stay awake, somehow they manage to even doze off! Eventually they think they should take turns to sleep until the time comes but now they argue who should sleep first. Saiki wins this rigged match and goes to bed. In no time everybody falls asleep. Don’t even bother. But Saiki wakes up in his own room. Oh gosh. Did he fall asleep? Thankfully that was just a dream. But wait. If it is a dream that tells the future, then would that not happen tonight? Yup. When Kaidou calls for that, Saiki gives excuse he is too tired to even go.

Episode 20E
A silent segment with no dialogue as we see how Saiki spends his New Year’s Day morning. Oh no! How will we understand what’s going on?! Okay, so we see Saiki’s dad trying to tease him to get his New Year allowance but you can’t beat this psychic kid. Mom forces him to go to the shrine with his friends. Teruhashi and Yumehara look gorgeous in their kimono. Uhm, some weird dance by Nendou? When Saiki prays, his ring that controls all thoughts from others accidentally drops in. Now we have proper dialogue as he dreads hearing the thoughts and wishes of his friends.

Episode 21A
Grandpa is supposed to come visit but he got lost and has not enough money. Saiki could have easily come to teleport to get him but Teruhashi found him. Grandma? She’s at the store with Aiura. Saiki watches as grandpa talks to Teruhashi about his favourite grandson. I’m sure she would have loved this guy if he wasn’t such a long guest going on and on and on! Meanwhile grandma has gone disco dancing with Aiura! Grandma rocks! Just when grandpa thinks Teruhashi is the perfect wife for Saiki, mom comes to pick them up. Back home, grandpa and grandma argue which girl is to be Saiki’s wife.

Episode 21B
Toritsuka needs Saiki’s help again. For all the forbidden things he has done (hiding his porn stash in the Buddha statue), he is forced to go fasting for 3 days without anything. You bet Saiki isn’t going to help this jerk out but Toritsuka is adamant he will come. 2 days later and no sign of Saiki. Until he pops up. But he is here to torture him by eating food before him and then make him have hallucinations of macho men surrounding him! OMFG! When his fasting is over, Toritsuka is such a changed man! No more earthly desires! But when Toritsuka accidentally hurts himself and Saiki heals him, accidentally he also healed the fasting pain so he is back to square one.

Episode 21C
Yumehara is having problems just trying to put her Valentine’s Day chocolate in Kaidou’s locker. She eventually missed the chance and regrets it. But she comes up with a clever idea. She writes a letter and puts it in his locker. Knowing his chuunibyou tendencies, as instructed he goes to her place after school all alone to retrieve her chocolate. However there is none and only her anonymous love letter. It seems her chocolate was eaten by Nendou! Drawn by the smell? Next day as Yumehara ponders if her plan was a success, Kaidou suddenly comes up to her and asks if she wrote this. Then he confesses he likes her. WTF?! Flashback reveals Kaidou tried to ‘decipher’ the letter so he misinterprets she wants to be his best friend.

Episode 21D
Yumehara is so happy that she is melting? Although they have the same idea on certain things like walking home together, they are actually on a different page when they are talking to each other. Like she thought he was referring to the chocolate but he thought it was the coded letter. Thanks to them being dumb, the worst never happened and the situation solves itself thanks to their continued misunderstanding. But then the cat is out of the bag when Yumehara realizes Kaidou doesn’t like sweet things. So did he eat her chocolate? He saw no chocolate. He shows her the letter. Heart break. Tears. Kaidou feels bad. He thinks they shouldn’t be best friends. You mean, go back to like how they were? Okay. And like that, they’re back to normal. Romance, so complicated.

Episode 21E
The press club is up to no good again. After printing some scandal of a couple of the teachers dating (which wasn’t anything to hide in the first place), now they target Teruhashi. Yeah, Jouten is going to snap a photo of her that shows her detestable side and destroy her. As Teruhashi has always been stalked, she knows the press club is on to her. So when they set up for a car to splash a mud puddle on her, she looks even godlier in the photos! She has an idea of swapping her face with an ugly one (Jouten’s ugly face, by the way) and it really seems to work. You wonder why she is doing the editing next to the puddle instead of somewhere else. Because Saiki rides over and splashes all over their equipment. All data lost.

Episode 22A
Not too sure about this word game Nendou, Kaidou and Kuboyasu are playing on their way home after school. They take steps depending on the weird words they say. Because of that, people complain to the school and they got reprimanded. Saiki who had no role in it was also reprimanded. Not sure if he even needs a group to walk home with but now he gets to walk home with Hairo. Heck, that guy volunteers to walk with him. But being with him is a drag as he stops to help just about everybody! He is a help magnet! Then a store gets robbed. Hairo goes to diffuse it and takes off his shirt as proof he has no weapons but his muscles are even more intimidating! Of course it takes Saiki’s power to stop the criminal before Hairo wrestles him. Now the duo are the talk of the town and on the front page of the newspaper. However Saiki doesn’t like it as this attracts more attention and would rather go home with his other dumb group.

Episode 22B
Rifuta is now an obsessed fan of Mugami but can’t let Teruhashi know in fear she will think she is using her to get close to Mugami. Hence she goes bug Saiki to help let her go see him in the midst of some filming. Not sure why she needs his help since she knows exactly where he is. Anyway Saiki takes her there and Rifuta is just swooning and close to death at every single movement Mugami makes. When Mugami spots them, he is happy and gets the wrong impression she is Saiki’s girlfriend. Because this means no competition over Teruhashi. He thinks of wanting to double date and for the umpteenth time today, Rifuta was this close to death after hearing this good news. Too bad Saiki won’t be coming.

Episode 22C
It seems Saiki has 37 clones of himself! After failed attempts to save the world, he realized the need for this power and since he can only make 1 clone for himself, there is a loophole to ask his clones to make another clone. Hence don’t be surprise if you really see odd looking Saiki dudes ranging from old buggers to aliens! He sends the closest looking clone to go out and do some errand. Not sure why he couldn’t do it since his parents asked. Anyway this clone also has his flaws like he walks funny and has dirty teeth. At the store, he comes into Nendou. Abort mission! But Nendou keeps bugging him. So Saiki had to do a pot falling distraction just to switch out. Some things are better left done by yourself.

Episode 22D
Oh dear. Akechi is back and this time he has ‘proof’ of 4 incidents in which could explain Saiki is a psychic. Yeah, Akechi has been stalking him ever since! The first was when Nendou and Kaidou turned into stone. However… There was a sumo who blocked his view and he couldn’t exactly see them turn into stone. Yup, Saiki foresaw that and teleported a sumo. The next was when that robber was going to attack Hairo at the store. Akechi saw Saiki doing a pose to use his power. But… A sniper was behind him and shot a tranquilizer, that’s why he was frozen in that pose. Yeah, again Saiki teleported the sniper.

Episode 22E
Next incident is that Saiki clone. Akechi saw the pot turned direction before it hit Nendou. Must have been Saiki, right? Oh, he summoned a magician! Saiki is confident at this point but Akechi says he has done further investigation. He talked to the sumo, sniper and magician and all have the same answer that they were unsure how they appeared suddenly somewhere else before returning. Like as though it was a dream. Only a psychic can do that sort of teleportation, right? Now that Akechi is bugging him for an answer of what he did that day, the scene is cut and the next thing we see, Akechi is turned to stone. Finally some peace and quiet. Saiki may have petrified him to buy some time but the problem is that he will blurt everything out. He can’t let everyone know about his secret either. Now we go back to the past when Saiki was an elementary school kid…

Episode 23
Takashi the bully often showed off but he and his cronies also loved bullying Akechi. One day Akechi got hurt so Saiki thought of healing him. Unfortunately he dropped his nametag so Akechi returned to him and suspected if he is a psychic. When Takashi is doing some propeller move on the bar, Saiki uses his power to spin until his dick burns! Again Akechi suspects Saiki as a psychic but he makes that dumb ignorant face. One year later, Akechi still continues be bullied by Takashi. But one day the bullying got out of hand and Akechi was really hurt. Saiki saw this and got angry. His power destroyed half of the classroom as we saw. Saiki then used his powers to alter their memories and made others think Akechi is the psychic. Not sure why the current Saiki disguised as a girl is close by young Saiki. Time paradox thingy that you can’t meet yourself in the past but since Saiki can read minds, this pushes back Saiki back to current time. The tricky part is trying to change the past without his young self realizing. So as he tries to do so from a distance, this time throwing a rock at Takashi while he does the propeller, the future now has changed into a dystopia! This is thanks to the butterfly effect but the more Saiki goes back to try and as little as possible, the outcomes are all failures. Ranging from Takashi winning the game of life and him dying. But the biggest failure is when all his other friends now has weird nicknames for him, weird hand gestures, everybody acts and knows Teruhashi loves Saiki and doesn’t hesitate to tease her, and Nendou being effeminate! With Akechi’s petrification limit over, Saiki has decided to just tell him the truth. Yeah, Akechi is so damn shocked and overreacting just to learn the truth. But soon Akechi apologies for being a stalker because he had to make sure if he was a psychic. This is so he could thank him properly for saving him from the bullies. He promises he will not tell anyone this secret. Saiki won’t blame him even if Akechi rats on him one day since it was his own fault telling him. But if ever that day comes when the others find out so, he’ll cross the bridge when he comes to it.

Episode 24A
Teruhashi is amazing not because she is observant but rather she memorizes the preferences of all the students in the school and with that she is able to tell any slight changes. This is to protect her perfect beautiful girl image and of course this sends all those guys into delirium. With more and more guys trying out different new things, Teruhashi is forced to memorize them all in order to stay perfect. And those attention whore jerks are so obsessed in getting Teruhashi to notice them, they fail to notice it is taking a toll on her that she collapsed! Thank goodness for Saiki to catch her and bring her to the infirmary. And even so those guys still want to get noticed?! So that’s why when Teruhashi learns Saiki saved her, she screws this perfect girl and just tells them all she forgot all those details and goes after Saiki instead. So much easier…

Episode 24B
Toritsuka and Aiura are not pleased Saiki told Akechi about his secret. Since when they have a monopoly over this secret? Because of that, they want to test him to see if he is worthy. Yeah, don’t be scared by his awesome aura and reputable spirit haunting him. Of course Akechi spots them and starts blabbing. Just when the duo think he is going to blurt out Saiki’s secret, they jump the gun and accuse him of not keeping his promise. However Akechi meant something else and this means the duo are the one who almost spilled Saiki’s secret. They decide to have a showdown to see who could find Saiki’s lost keys but Akechi already knows where based on his observance and deductions. So uhm, welcome to Psykickers?

Episode 24C
Saiki thought it’s going to be another normal school term. Too bad all his friends have changed! Saiki spots a different outfit and wears glasses (mom made him wear them), Nendou has gone fat (eat and sleep), Kuboyasu bandaged from head to toe (some death defying accident), Hairo overly buffed up (indoor training did this?), Teruhashi just having twintails (yeah, it’s such a big deal), Yumehara gone fat (again) and Mera is a rich b*tch queen (viva Bitcoin!). Even Takanashi has got an accent!

Episode 24D
If that wasn’t enough, now Saiki has to unfortunate luck of meeting the other minor and obscure characters in the series from Chouno (has he turned into a super magician?) to Yuuta (still bratty) and even other characters so obscure that I’m sure you can’t well damn remember. Oh yeah, then there are a bunch of other characters that appeared in the manga but never in the anime. So, first appearance? Congratulations?

Episode 24E
Yeah, we continue Saiki’s misadventure of meeting more of such people like the ever cocky Mugami (mobbed by girls), the ever cocky Amp (ignore him), the ever tsundere Riki Jr (confused Nendou with Midori this time, huh?). Saiki doesn’t want to go home as all his family is there. But after hearing how grandma has bought his favourite jelly, he’s never so eager to come home. And this foreshadowing when this mini deity dude telling him this anime will be continuing a little longer. As Saiki goes to school the next day, we see all other characters who have not appeared yet make their paltry appearance as they try to squeeze in as many into this dying seconds. Yeah, if you remember them all. And all our changed characters are now back to normal just like that. (Sorry Mera, Bitcoin just crashed). I’m sure Saiki shouldn’t have realized it at this point how all this could happen. It’s a gag anime after all.

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Well guys, did you see this coming? There is going to be a third season!!!! OMFG!!! HYPE! HYPE! SUPER HYPE! I guess this means whatever questions that were left hanging over our heads for that particular episode halfway through this season (the one that was titled a prelude to the final episode), it looks like the perfect excuse now that we have to wait for the next season instead of b*tching it right here that we didn’t get our answer. After all, it is said that the next final season (gasp!) would adapt the final chapters of the manga that has already concluded in mid-2018. I guess for those who have read those chapters, you can become psychics and tell people like me who haven’t read it and tell how it all ends. DON’T SPOIL IT FOR ME!!!!

I still enjoy this season a lot because the jokes are still as funny as they are. It’s the same formula and the same ingredient. Some may say it doesn’t break new ground because it’s just same ol’, same ol’ but just add a few new characters. But hey, if it is not broken, why fix it? After all, we have seen the kind of antics and shenanigans of this series so this sequel should hardly be any other different. Unless they take a big risk and totally turn it into something else but thankfully that didn’t happen. Can’t really imagine this series if it really strayed from its nonsensical slapstick roots.

Of course the other interesting plot of this season is featuring Saiki and his past, especially with Akechi. It might not shed a whole lot of light of Saiki’s entire past but at least it was interesting enough to see that there is a normal person out there who is a threat to Saiki’s peace and quiet. Although that mini arc was a bit confusing for me because of all that time travel, paradox and butterfly effect thingy, it still retains its Saiki type humour and all. It is a good thing Akechi turned out to be on Saiki’s side. It’ll be double bad if he is like the Jouten kind of rotten. He just needs to slow down and use less speech bubbles… To say Akechi’s unique feature is talking fast, oh heck, do you not notice that almost everybody here talks faster than usual?! And Saiki’s normal talking speed serves as the punch line and comebacks.

New characters are added to this season to spice up the craziness even more and they don’t disappoint since they live up to their crazy personality. Like Aiura the fortune teller who wants to be Saiki’s girlfriend, Rifuta who turned into Teruhashi’s friend and slowly transitioning into a crazy obsessed Mugami fan (oh, maybe she already transited completely), the scandal crazy b*tch Jouten, Akechi who just can’t stop talking and the most normal of the normal guy Satou! Wow. To think that Saiki who covets normalcy would go so far as to stalk this normal dude! That’s not normal! Oh, the irony. So you see, even with all these interesting characters, as usual my dilemma starts to kick up a fuss just so that I have something to talk about why this show isn’t perfect.

You see, with so many characters, adding new ones somewhat diminishes the limelight for older ones. For example, Hairo and Mera are already side characters but they turn into even more side characters in this season. Because the duo like many other characters aren’t part of the main character groupie. You know, Saiki’s groupie. That’s Nendou, Kaidou, Kuboyasu, Teruhashi and Yumehara, just to double check. It’s not like we need really deep character development for all the characters, right? It is their superficial characteristics is all that matters. Enough to make us laugh and the effects are made lasting thanks to the short duration of the skits in every episode. There are some characters like Saiko who have undergone some ‘shocking’ changes because this rich snobbish kid realizes the true meaning of friendship? He isn’t such a despicable person once he reaches that level. Of course some characters remain the same like Toritsuka who is still chasing after skirts and of course misusing his powers for that means.

I guess that is what you get when you have to share a piece of the pie. The pie isn’t expanding and you have to share it with more people. Hence some old and new characters are forgettable and not memorable because they suck but rather they do not have long enough a screen time presence to warrant us to remember them in the long run. For instance, that Amp cat only appeared twice in all of this season. That is only 2 freaking short skits out of a total of 120 of them! Not even 2% chance of screen time! And I didn’t include the final episode he made a cameo because that felt like ‘cheating’. Then new characters like Peanuts Ueda or Venus, you thought they are going to be mainstay but unfortunately appear only in that skit and that’s it for them. Yeah, they just want to troll us if they will be new characters that stay or not. That’s why it’s like as though they read my mind and hence the last episode they slip in some of the obscure characters to troll me and others who were at that point already starting to wonder the fate of other such characters. I guess that’s the charm of being part of a gag anime.

I just want to note about Saiki and Teruhashi’s role and relationship. Over the course of both seasons we see Teruhashi trying to get that “Oh~” out from Saiki and in our eyes it slowly turns into some sort of mission to get him to fall for her. Saiki has quoted many times that God has always sided with Teruhashi and hence the many problems that Saiki goes through but thankfully navigated through them successfully thanks to his psychic powers. He avoids getting involved with her to stay out of the limelight which he dislikes so much. But there are a few instances I noticed that he might be helping her out of the goodness of his heart. Like as though he likes her. For instance the final episode in which he had no involvement whatsoever. He isn’t even obliged to help her out and could have ignored and let her self-destruct if he loves his peace and quiet so much. But he want out of his way to actually save her. Is this hinting that there is a change of heart in him? After all, he did go “Oh~” once. Perhaps Saiki saw the kind of future, it is better Teruhashi to bug him occasionally than for her to have a mental breakdown and lose her might. Yikes. That will be the end of the world and lose-lose situation for everyone including Saiki.

A big difference from this season than the last one is the mid-intermission. If you remember the first season, there was some sort of psychic tests and quizzes just for some laughs. This season they did away with all that and inserted, uhm, how should I put it, eye candy eyecatches. It changes after a few episodes. The first batch are quite amusing because we see the guys in really cool poses and outfits. It’s like they’ve levelled up their handsomeness and manliness. So kakkoii! The next batch features the girls and of course they look hell of a cute and beautiful. Some even for fanservice purposes but nothing that risqué. It’s like they’ve levelled up their attractiveness, beautifulness and femininity. So kawaii desu! But the final batch is somewhat most disappointing. The characters are now portrayed in their chibi form which is a downer. After all those cool and pretty pictures, we got some very comical ones. Nothing actually wrong since this is what the series should be but I still prefer the former ones even if they’re all just for photogenic reasons.

With last season’s casts retained, new ones join the line-up and bloat the roster even more. New ones that I recognized are Eri Kitamura as Aiura, Yuuki Kaji as Akechi, Daisuke Sakaguchi as Shiragami and Mikako Komatsu is Riki Jr. The rest are Mao Ichimichi as Rifuta (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Azusa Enoki as Jouten (Nagisa in Shinryaku! Ika Musume) and Kensho Ono as Satou (titular character in Tanaka-kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge). This season’s first opening theme, feels epic in its own right. Sailent Prisoner by the trio of Saiki, Nendou and Kaidou gives a feel of what to expect in its own right. But the craziness ramps up in the second opener, Oteaga Psychics by Shiggy Jr incorporating hip hop and rap into it. Dempagumi Inc who also sang some of the themes last season only sings the first ending theme, Sai Hakkenden, another denpa style song that suits this series like a glove. But the second ending theme has got to be the weirdest. Duet Shitekuda by the duo of Teruhashi and Aiura as it is a mix of hip hop (Aiura’s part) and slow lovely ballad (Teruhashi’s part). The song is about both of them trying to snag Saiki’s heart but he is not having any of it.

This season did not change much and it is enjoyable as the first. Therefore what I want to say I would have already said in the first season as my sentiments are still the same. Too bad the next season is supposedly the last. Gasp! Say it isn’t so?! Oh well, even good things must eventually come to an end. Like Gintama. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Are we reaching the stage where good and funny comedy series are ending? Oh well. That way, Saiki could finally get his much needed peace and quiet that he always wanted. I believe he has the power to create and shape that world according to his likes but as we can see, Saiki is such a considerate guy that he is willing to put up with all the troubles so as not change the status quo. Oh Saiki, you’re such a good guy. You’ve brought us so many smiles and laughter so it’s just about the right time for you to ‘retire’. Sorry though, still couldn’t find that black coffee jello to offer you as a parting gift. But you saw that coming and didn’t expect much from me and forgave me, right?

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