February 24, 2019

With a name like that, I’m sure that you must be curious and suspicious. Yes, people. Conception might be adapted from the video game of the same name and if you guess that you are supposed to date and charm women and have them bear your child, you are correct. But wait. This is not an eroge! Not even close. Hence those anticipating sex scenes would surely be disappointed. Yeah, I warn you first. Sounds mind boggling that you can conceive a child (for the purpose of fighting baddies in this world) without procreating and conceiving the normal way. So hey, this isn’t even close to porn so it’s safe for everyone, right? I wonder if this was how Virgin Mary bore Jesus of Nazareth.

Episode 1
Every guy’s worst nightmare to hear from their girl: I’m pregnant! That is what Itsuki Yuge hears from Mahiru Konatsuki. However they have not been doing naughty things together so rest assured Itsuki is not the father. Then who? Great timing for them to be sucked up into a portal. Inside a strange labyrinth, Itsuki continues what she was saying. There is no father! Holy mother! You mean she is like Virgin Mary?! However she took pregnancy kits and looked up online and she did show some symptoms of pregnancy. But she has yet to see a doctor as she is scared. Suddenly her body feels pain as she throws up a monster. Good thing Itsuki somehow manages to materialize a sword and kill it. Breaking out of this dark place, they stumble into this bear tanuki creature, Mana. Along with court scholar Narcisstes, they welcome them to this parallel magic world called Granvania. They are taken to see the king, Shangri La who immediately tells them Granvania is in danger and hence they are summoned for their help. Itsuki and Mahiru have marks on their body and they are called Visitors. They have powers that can only save Granvania. Itsuki is taken to see the court doctor. Next thing he knows, he is tied up in his underwear! Our sexy nurse Reone explains his body contains all 12 emblems of the zodiac constellations. At this time of year, Impurities fill the labyrinth and it is a Visitor’s job to purify the monsters they have turned into. Of course there is the big boss to deal with. Itsuki won’t be dealing with this alone as he has the 12 priestesses (each representing a zodiac) to aid him. Reone is one of them (Scorpio) and so is Mahiru (Virgo). Mahiru isn’t pregnant but rather Impurities build up in her body and she expelled them. That’s why she felt like she had pregnant symptoms. Phew. Now comes the best part. Itsuki must perform a Love Ritual with any of the priestesses to give birth to a Star Child since the priestesses cannot stand directly against Impurities. In short, sex! Oh yeah, Mana is really excited about this part, isn’t she? I guess this is where we say action speaks louder than words! So cut the explanation and let’s get it on! Reone suggests doing it with someone familiar. So first potential Star Child from Itsuki x Mahiru. Well, the duo don’t seem that all surprised and embarrassed. Just a bit. But nothing that would already shock them. Yeah, they’ve come to this crazy world, sex seems so normal compared to it all. Since they’re starting off slow, Mana tries to be pushy but isn’t she just wanting to grope Mahiru? So okay, let’s start. You’ve got your ‘reason’ that sex is necessary so that you can go home. So what are you waiting for?!

Episode 2
Suddenly! A Star Child is born! WTF?! No penetration was made. As explained, Love Ritual isn’t a sexual act and the mere emotional bonding and physical contact is enough to bear one. F*CK!!! SO DISAPPOINTED!!! And so the first Star Child is born, Virgo (Kingdom Hearts’ Sora rip-off?). But off Virgo goes to a foster home to be trained. Because Itsuki has a more important mission to f*ck, I mean to create other Star Children. So they are brought to meet other maidens: Arie (Aries – duh), Tarua (Taurus – double duh), Lilith (Gemini – wait, you mean this split personality is not Libra?!), Ruka (Cancer – you mean not Cancerina or something?), Femiruna (Leo – you mean not even Leona?), Mirei (Libra – I give up), Sue (Sagittarius – it’s so random now), Falun (Capricorn – yup, totally pulling it out of the air now), Collete (Aquarius – sighs…) and Yuzuha (Pisces – wow, so random it sounds fishy). But the best one is Mana retorting herself as the constellation of lewdness! All celebrate a huge welcome party and we can guess the next Star Child because we see Itsuki and Ruka spending some time together. Though, the latter is like tsundere and claims she can read minds. So she won’t bear his child if he has dirty thoughts? You mean your pride is more important than saving the world? Good news. She can’t read his mind! Not being from Granvania must be the greatest excuse. Then we see Mahiru getting a bit drunk so she can flirt a little with Itsuki. Also, an excuse to prop up some promise they made 10 years ago. As usual, guys don’t remember… More Mana mischief as we see her rubbing Itsuki’s dick just to turn him on! But this is a lesson for him not to underestimate the labyrinth as it will be the most dangerous place. WTF?! Yeah, I think Mana is the most dangerous one. Visiting the foster home, Itsuki sees Virgo being trained by Alfie. Nice boobs. So he can’t cheat on anybody else except for the maidens? Boring. Later seeing Ruka being nice to children somewhat has Itsuki now asking her to f*ck him. Oops, I mean do the Love Ritual. You mean that is enough to get in her pants? Yeah, some more talking about what they want in their future for their Star Child so it doesn’t look like outright sex. So are they going to troll us with no sex?! Damn, Itsuki taking off her clothes! WHY YOU TROLL US AGAIN???!!! And hence Cancer is born. Soon Shangri La gives Itsuki the Star Wards to seal the Impurities as well as conveniently open the door to the labyrinth. Does Itsuki think he is strong enough to fight an Impurity with just 2 Star Children?! They easily get owned and the young ones get turned into dolls. They retreat and I suppose this lessons only serves to motivate Itsuki to go f*ck the other maidens. Oops, I mean make more Star Children.

Episode 3
Once out of the labyrinth, the Star Children are fine and healed. Wait a minute. Why is Itsuki and co going back to the labyrinth if he thought he needed more Star Children and training?! Of course they lose again! So seeing Narcisstes for advice, he says the only chance now is for a Double Love Ritual. You mean an orgy?! Yeah, let Mana explain the juicy details. To help heal Itsuki’s wounds, Mana sets him up to go with Mahiru to the hotspring. So this guy is shy to get into the water with her when he has already been up close and personal with her body?! Anyway, I suppose this scene is supposed to play up some little doll thing she keeps, something related to the promise. I guess it isn’t important now. Mana then tries to set them up to make love in some transparent carriage and Itsuki only rebukes because of his different view it should be seen from the inside and not from the outside. Mahiru is not impressed. Did he just make her mad? So no sex? Besides, can she have another Star Child? Virgo II? So Itsuki sees Reone to heal some of the harder wounds. She learns about the Double Love Ritual and because of one single line Itsuki said that reminded her of her late younger brother, so she is willing to be his partner?! Got to speed things up. Hence Itsuki goes to find another ‘participant’ and lucky him he sees professional dancer Falun doing her hot moves. A little talk here and there and since she is the kind who can’t stay at one place or else she’ll suffocate, Itsuki turns on his seductive cheesy one liner charms (thanks to the guidebook Mana provided him) that he’ll take her to a better place and see things she has never seen before. OMG! She bought it! I guess we’re desperate. And so our Double Love Ritual begins with Reone and Falun. Naked ladies so sexy that Itsuki climaxed before even starting?! WTF?! Thank goodness sex isn’t the prerequisite so we can still get it on. And we welcome Scorpi and Capri to the family. Man, Itsuki must be so good that Reone and Falun are so tired out and can’t move! With this new party, Itsuki and the Star Children enter the labyrinth and manage to defeat the level boss. Finally! As a sign that this level is clear, Itsuki offers a Star Ward to the altar. I guess back to the surface to make more babies for now. Better hurry because an ominous roar is heard coming from the labyrinth’s depths.

Episode 4
So this weird hentai-like simulation opener (all the females have Mana’s face!) is so that Mana could set up Itsuki with Arie? Too bad it’s not her episode. Instead, Itsuki notices shy Yuzuha unable to get some bread. Because Japanese crowd is notorious for fighting over limited bread. So Itsuki goes to see her at her home as he learns she is a painter and this disturbing fact she feels safe sleeping in a coffin! That’s right. A coffin. They agree to eat lunch at the park tomorrow and what do you know? Yuzuha brought her coffin! Hitsugi No Yuzuha? Of course inside are painting materials. However this somewhat attracts some unwarranted comments from by-passers. This disheartens Yuzuha as she runs home in tears. The actual fault lies with Mana because she is doing some weird bird fornication thingy. WTF, MANA???!!! Lost, Itsuki seeks Arie for help as he learns more about Yuzuha being born with a frail body and hence this sleep illness (WTF?!) that she has (that has also no cure) means she hasn’t long to live. You serious?! That is why she feels safe sleeping in a coffin so when she dies, she won’t bother anyone. :’(. Oh Itsuki, can you give your support now? Itsuki then sees repentant Mana trying to make a coffin. But is this just an ulterior motive so they can get it on in coffins? But Itsuki approves this idea! So he goes back to talk with Yuzuha and his sincere words to hang out together with their coffins give her some confidence back. So they have fun together and she feels so relaxed that she sleeps on his thighs instead of her coffin. I guess with this flag cleared and ‘permission’ obtained, Yuzuha feels the need to give him something in return. What better way for him to have another Star Child, right? Yeah. Not so shy anymore, eh? Later Mana gives Itsuki a gift for Arie. He hands it to her as thanks but it contains some BDSM equipment that is to Arie’s fetish. So now the holy woman’s true colours have shown.

Episode 5
Wow. Just another Star Child allows Itsuki to defeat another Impurity. In fact, this is the third one already! Since he is so busy fighting in the labyrinth and haven’t had time to see his maidens, an excuse for Mana to organize a beach outing! Beach episode! On their way there, they see this playboy guy, Seiya trying to hit on the maidens. It seems the maidens noticed he has been stalking them one by one. At the beach, Itsuki and Lilith notice Seiya’s narcissist attitude. Making her fear him is that her fortune telling shows he is her destined lover. Because Lilith’s fortune telling is accurate and Itsuki doesn’t somewhat believe in it, this hurts Lilith as her other personality pops out, Lillie. She berates Itsuki but even so he still won’t believe. Nevertheless he gives it a try but Lilith sees something fearful and won’t tell him. Lillie is the one who discloses the fortune telling reveals Itsuki’s death. Itsuki isn’t shocked or anything. Hey, it’s not like he believes fortune telling, no? As fortune telling can also be used to prevent misfortunes, Lilith tries to change fate. Not sure what she did but Mana gave Seiya some climatic lotion rub and thus she is no longer targeted by him? With Itsuki believing in fortune telling now, so that is just the prerequisite needed for him to f*ck?! Oh my. Can a person with split personality split physical just for sex?! Is this considered Double Love Ritual or single? Damn my libido so confused! Later Itsuki visits the foster home to check on his kids only to see Seiya stalking Arie who is spying on him. When Itsuki materializes his sword to go after Seiya, Arie swoons. Then she goes to buy a naginata she ordered. We see her hidden secret: A room filled with weapons! Later Seiya comes to seek refuge in the church. She hears out his problem and after learning his secret, she also tell hers. So this sex trolling scene is actually Arie making topless Seiya pose while holding weapons? So this is her fetish? Of course he falls over her and Itsuki comes in to misinterpret everything. Luckily Arie clears the misunderstanding and this means showing her hidden weapon collection room. Fearing Itsuki would find her weird, he is impressed with it instead. So now she makes him pose with the weapons? Since he is amazed with her hobby, he now wants to have her Star Child?! Damn, that came out of nowhere! But this make out will be different because if you remember Arie is a sadist… Whipping time!!! I guess it’s sometimes good to have a different sexual experience. Later we see Seiya’s secret that even horrifies Mana: His target is Itsuki!!! Didn’t see this gay stuff coming!!! Yeah, it’s sometimes good to have different sexual experience… Say, if they make out, will they have a (gay) Star Child?! NO WAY!!!

Episode 6
I guess eventually this will come sooner or later: Can Itsuki f*ck a loli?! Don’t worry. Anime allows it! But Itsuki feels he can’t taint the pure Shoujo Alps girl of Collete. Yeah, even Collete has a feeling he helps her out in her bakery so that he could f*ck her! She’s not stupid! Anyway, this aside, her bakery has no customers and she believes she is talentless in baking bread unlike her grandpa. But there is another reason why her business is not so good. After Alfie brings the Star Children here for some much needed business, a couple of mean demons enter to harass Collete. They are workers of Lunch Pack, packed lunches that are currently popular in Granvania and putting many bakery out of business. They want this location and threaten Collete to give it up. However the Star Children tell them off and this really hurts their feelings as they run away?! WTF???!!! Mana reveals that Femiruna’s family runs Lunch Pack and if Itsuki talks to her, maybe she will help. Unfortunately there is nothing she could do but since he is so desperate, he accidentally causes her to slip as she knocks her head on the table! Oh dear! So the best solution? WTF Itsuki kidnaps her and puts her in a storeroom at Collete’s place?! I know hurting a maiden is a crime but didn’t he make it worse? So he wears a paper bag over his face while he leaves Collete’s bread for her to eat?! He can’t speak clearly, no wonder confused Femiruna is afraid of him. Oddly, Collete continues to bake more and Itsuki should have at least suspect something when she doesn’t eat any (she fears it is poisoned and he will do something to her body). I wonder how long she can last. Not long. Soon Itsuki takes off his paper bag (finally!) and tells her how much she needs to take care of herself. Well, if you dropped this charade and explained it properly… Because Itsuki cared about her, Femiruna starts falling for him! WTF logic is this?! Stockholm Syndrome?! Because she notes all men who get close to her are only after her father’s money and power. So the first guy to really pay attention to her? Oh yeah. He lets her feed her. In this storeroom? Couldn’t they change the place? Heck, he even bathes her here! WTF?! So are they going to do it here? Luckily, sex is sacred so they get a better room. Does Itsuki need to ruin it with this paper bag act? See how the lioness pounce on this guy! Meanwhile Collete’s grandpa gives her his recipes for her school festival. Aim for the ace! Yeah, he should’ve passed down his wisdom a long time ago.

Episode 7
Tarua seeks Mana’s advice because as a delivery girl, she can’t delivery all her letters in time. What’s the problem? Because she is so fast, she is slow. WTF?! Read that again… Meanwhile, Collete tells Itsuki that somebody tore the last page of her grandpa’s happy bread recipe. Old geezer doesn’t remember it and at this rate their bakery will close. Don’t worry. There’s always trial and error. Ironically we see Collete making lots of bread sexual innuendoes. Like how she wants him to tell her which body part he likes the best and he thought of getting away with (bread) ears and when she makes an ear out of bread but isn’t good enough, care to bite the real one? Oh Collete, don’t complain if he starts raping you! She goes on to make breads that look like certain reproductive anatomy and even eats them suggestively! It’s a wonder Itsuki hasn’t raped her yet. After more weird bread combos, she realizes the ultimate happy bread is made via coupling. You know, putting a sausage in a bun hole… WTF?! There you have it. Your Happy Chikuwa Sausage Bread! Although their bread is a sell-out at the festival, it seems Lunch Pack has appointed Mahiru and Yuzuha to represent them to sell theirs. And when theirs is not enough, guess what Femiruna gives for free? Panties! The more you can grab, the more pantsu you get. WTF?! Collete is so thankful to Itsuki that she wants to f*ck him?! Gee, that really escalated quickly. Yeah, the coupling just turned real. But this strange chikuwa dress as foreplay? Whatever. Happy coupling. Later Tarua hands Itsuki a letter. It’s obviously shady and by Mana as it leads him to some shady room where he is forced to train to become a delivery man. Yeah, unbelievable training methods I wonder how he can master it all in a short time. So once he passed, he is tasked to deliver a letter to Tarua. He finds her trying to find a lost letter in the mud. He helps out and realizes they’re looking in the wrong place. Yeah, how the heck did it end up the tree? Tarua is happy but first she has to finish deliver the letters. Many hands make light work as Itsuki helps her. Somehow Tarua wrote a letter for Itsuki. A thankful letter for his help and also stating how much she likes him. In turn, he writes back that he wants to have her Star Child. Straight to the point. Yeah… I hope this session won’t zoom by quickly. On a trivial note: Colette holds the record of most pantsu grabbed: 99! You mean it’s not 69 for this cheeky horny loli?

Episode 8
Mana hosts The Bachelor! Only one of the 12 maidens will win Itsuki’s heart and get to do the ultimate Love Ritual with him! Yeah, I somewhat had a feeling this series was resembling that reality TV one anyway… As you know, there are a couple of maidens not doing it with Itsuki yet and hence the first contestant to date him in this reality TV is Sue. She loves animals and we hear her sad background how her parents died while protecting her from Impurities. She still feels sad and can’t accept that they’re gone and that’s why she has all these animals as company. Damn, so sad can we even get to a make out scene? Stupid Mana letting the animals feed on her body with food isn’t turning anyone on… So if Itsuki feeds you his sushi, it means you are a candidate for his love making? Oh well, at least Sue got it. Mana then has the other contestants climb up slippery stairs while covered with suspicious white sticky substance. In the end, Mirei wins. Her reward is that she gets to bathe with Itsuki. Because she cannot see without her glasses, this increases her reliance to Itsuki as well as her sensitivity. Also meaning more suggestive flirting and she’s bold with it because she thinks it will help in her research. Whatever. And hence she gets the sushi too. He also dates other contestants but since he already done it with them, I guess we’re not going to have a repeat. Itsuki prepares to make out with Sue. Cat girl is lonely and wants his company to survive. This foreplay is borderline kinky and sad. Can they even make out? With Itsuki promising to stay by her side, blah, blah, blah, the mood is good enough for them to get going but wait! Mana suggests doing a Double Love Ritual with Mirei! Sue is embarrassed in having a threesome but don’t worry, Mirei has a potion that will make you bolder and hornier! And now let the orgy begin! This also means all of Sue’s animals start outraging Mana’s modesty. Yeah, this is so f*cked up… With a full set of Star Children, but why does Alfie feel sad once Itsuki’s mission is over, he’ll have to go home? Oh, it’s that roar again. Everyone assembles at the palace. Narcisstes’ research indicates there’s a 13th phantom. Too bad they haven’t found the entrance to it yet and the big bad Impurity will still revive. I guess this means Itsuki is a lucky guy that he gets to f*ck a 13th girl, right? Well… Mana points out it doesn’t necessarily needs to be female and suggests the 13th could be Narcisstes or Seiya! BL to increase female viewership! Is Itsuki serious accepting it or is he just trolling Mana?!

Episode 9
Suddenly Itsuki is uncomfortably looking at men?! Men everywhere! Mana trying to turn him into gay?! Will Itsuki be gay by the end of this episode! Itsuki keep bumping into Seiya means is he the destined one?! So when Itsuki starts questioning if this is even possible between men, Mana tells him off for being a homophobe! No siree, can’t have that kind of offensive thinking today! And we’ve already broke the fourth wall last episode hinting it would be a man so let’s get on with it! So it’s either this or beastiality. I’m sure he isn’t willing to do it with one of Sue’s horses then. Finally he gives in and such great timing Seiya is here. Yeah, the duo ‘dated’ and Itsuki feels even odder because now it is roles reversal. Seiya is getting on to him while Itsuki feels cornered like he did to those maidens. Eventually Itsuki can’t take the heat and baulks. He can’t accept the fact he almost gave birth to a Star Child! Can a man actually do that?! I guess no gay time. Mana then takes him to Narcisstes and this guy seems pretty understanding about his circumstances until he asks him about documents of a book that contains sexual positions!!! No gay time for this one either! With Itsuki more depressed, Mana tells her back story that she was once an Impurity created by a magician who tried to experiment on a way to coexist but died. Left all alone, Mana was going to be killed by the government but a Visitor saved him. Hence she is alive today and serves Granvania. That Visitor is Shangri La. Itsuki feels bad for him and does this mean Itsuki is into beastiality now?! Too bad for you Mana, he leaves you hanging because with his eyes opened, he is now willing to take on a man! Hooray! No more homophobe! Itsuki has to pick between Seiya and Narcisstes but he will have them both! My, greedy aren’t we? But in the end, nothing happened. The biggest troll reveal as Mana says you can’t do a Love Ritual between men! So was all this wasted?! Actually all this was to help level up Itsuki because now that he is open minded, he can start to find the 13th maiden with fresh feelings. Yeah, feelings are so complicated. Or maybe he just simply got trolled. Too bad folks. No gay time ever. But here is some consolation of Itsuki spending some (gay) beach time with Seiya and Narcisstes. Here, even some weird haiku about not being man or woman because love is all around.

Episode 10
Itsuki is trying to guess the 13th maiden. I think we all know who. But Itsuki even thinks it is Mana but can’t be because she is too lewd and FAT!!!! Oh dear. Fatphobe! But first Itsuki goes practice with Alfie and the Star Children to fight the 12th Impurity boss. After a hard fought battle, they win but nothing happens. Suddenly the labyrinth starts acting up and a light shoots out. As explained, this is the sign of 13th phantom’s awakening and this means Itsuki must expedite to find the 13th maiden. As you all would have guessed, even Alfie knows she is the 13th maiden but she tries to do up a few charms to make Itsuki notice her but all fail. Meanwhile Itsuki and Mana are advertising in the streets for the 13th maiden. I don’t think anybody gives a damn. They thought they heard Alfie’s voice. However she is drowned out by a stupid crowd of swooning girls crowding over Seiya. Recruitment failed. Attraction drive failed. As Alfie rues her chances, annoyed Mana goes to pick her up. She’s been waiting for her to show up as the 13th maiden! But Alfie won’t go to meet Itsuki like this. She gives a video for Itsuki to watch first. Itsuki is then told Alfie is the maiden he is looking for. Mana even breaks the fourth wall saying her face was in the opening credits and how we viewers already know! Anyway, the video is some trendy retro romance drama. So Alfie wants her romance trendy? I don’t think Itsuki has a choice. So uhm, the trendy date looks like we have a trendy car ride by the beach and then a trendy romantic Italian candlelit dinner. But the trendiness ends when Itsuki wants to go back to Alfie’s place. Is he trying to get lucky? He is amazed with all the retro trendy idol posters on the wall. They talk about a few things including Itsuki’s parents died in an accident. She feels sad. Then he sees he guidebook and strategies for the Star Children. The clincher is this cute dress he gives her as a present (why Mana sounds disappointed he thought Itsuki made it for his ‘secret hobby’?). The mood is so right and you can tell they are so lovey-dovey with each other that it’s making Mana jealously mad! Can they make out now? Not if Alfie’s stomach gives way! Yeah, some indigestion over the paper charms she ate earlier on. But now that is out of the way, it’s time to welcome the 13th Star Child.

Episode 11
Mana trolling us with this scene of Itsuki and Alfie making out isn’t some pay per view exclusive or some virus uploading trick. After Alfie’s Star Child is born (the most normal looking of them all), Alfie tires out. Is this an after-sex joke? So as Itsuki searches for some idol present to cheer her up, Shangri La summons him to the palace to tell him a secret. Guess what? You cannot defeat the 13th phantom! WTF?! Doesn’t that render the Star Children useless then?! Based on some legendary texts (yeah, bad handwriting), the only way is to seal it. Long story short, Itsuki must be a sacrifice for that sealing! Yeah, it sure made all that maiden thingy look redundant now. Mana overheard it and tries to act her normal pervy self but he is in no mood. So as though like this is going to be his last time, he goes around to help and make happy the other maidens. He even gives some doll charm to Mahiru. Man, this is sure some big bad death flag he is opening to. Itsuki returns to nurse Alfie and once she is well, she tells him a secret. Oh, not she too. She is actually born of a Visitor and a maiden! However her mom was killed by Impurities. So she was a Star Child born with maiden powers but lost them after the Love Ritual? WTF?! I’m so confused! You mean it’s like she lost her virginity?! And why is she such a hot babe instead of looking retarded like other Star Children?! Do Star Children even grow up?! WTF?! I’M SO FREAKING CONFUSED!!! For more confusion, Alfie then does some idol concert and variety show skit to motivate Itsuki. Like… WTF???!!! Last but not least, Itsuki has never forgotten about Mana so here is the present she has been waiting for. Oh my goodness… Don’t tell me… He wants to perform Love Ritual with her???!!!! OMFG!!!! Has Itsuki lost his mind that he is into beastiality now???!!! It’s true!!! But wait. If this isn’t Love Ritual and no Star Child is born, you mean this is just purely sex!!! OMFG!!! ITSUKI YOU BASTARD!!! 13 CUTE GIRLS ONLY EXIST FOR YOUR LOVE RITUAL BUT THIS PERVY TANUKI IT’S LIKE YOU HAVE REAL SEX???!!! WTF, MAN???!!! It’s just so freaking weird, dude. Morning comes and Itsuki now has the resolve to seal the 13th phantom. After that great sex, why not?

Episode 12
Shangri La now tells the maidens to help Itsuki by doing their Star Ritual to seal him forever. Yeah… Meanwhile Itsuki and Mana have headed into the labyrinth to fight the 13th phantom. So now it is conveniently found? The maidens reluctantly begin their ritual. Because it is either Itsuki is gone or the entire Granvania gone. Eventually Mahiru can’t bear the thought of sacrificing him and breaks the ritual. Yeah, might as well destroy Granvania. No fun without Itsuki, right? And of course we can’t have Granvania destroyed too so please ask if there is another way. Oh, conveniently there is?! If the Visitor truly bonds with all the maidens, a power to rid the Impurities can be obtained. However there is no proof of this flimsy reason and too much of a gamble. So you’re saying sacrificing Itsuki has better results because of ‘evidence’. Screw the former because everybody’s going to go with this. Yeah, should have just picked this in the first place. Thanks to the interrupted ritual, Itsuki who was fighting the 13th phantom and got ‘caught’ by the ritual, the 13th phantom has escaped. This is where the Star Children come in to fight. But they’re not alone. The maidens help channel their power to transform them into… 3 cheap mini mechas! Itsuki is alive thanks to Mana’s protection. Mana can still sound erotic but just to troll him to drink some invigorating juice to help save the world. With Itsuki reuniting with the maidens, he changed his mind about being sealed. Yeah, he want to have fun with all of them. So can we expect the biggest orgy after this?!

Before the fight gets too boring, suddenly Alfie takes a hit meant for Itsuki. Some last words here and there (you mean the baddie waited for them to finish their talk?). Yeah, time to get emotional. Alfie’s last wish is to be happy. So what does Itsuki give her? A kiss! And then Alfie disappears. OMG! YOU MEAN SHE REALLY DIED?! Oh well, this makes him mad as he powers up to obtain the Ophiuchus sign. Plus, with the maidens synchronizing with him, Itsuki combines with the Star Children to become… An ever cheaper mecha! At this point, the 13th phantom shows its true form (a discount mutated version of Overlord’s Ains?). He grabs Itsuki and wants him to join the dark side. They can go spread despair over the world because Itsuki too must have felt superior when he defiled the ladies, right? Can’t argue with that. But of course Itsuki rejects. You killed one of his girls and he is going to pay. So Alfie’s Star Child prays for some holy spear for Itsuki to stab through him? The Star Children then ‘sacrifice’ themselves to seal the 13th phantom forever. With Granvania safe, Mahiru talks to Itsuki that she wants to go home. She might miss the people here but it’s where she came from. He agrees. So as they leave, the other maidens come to say goodbye. So why the long face? Eventually they realize they don’t want to part with him and go with him! If that isn’t enough, Alfie and the Star Children are somewhat alive and also follow him to this world. WTF?! Mana has taken a humanoid form. Cute as she can be but she is still pervy. So now everybody is living on Earth but the ultimate f*ckery in the end is how Itsuki marries all of them and wants to bear their children! You mean he needs more children???!!! IS THIS EVEN LEGAL???!!! WTF???!!!!

Foreplay Folly – The Fault In Our (Horny) Stars: A Star (Child) Is Born
WTF???!!! WHAT THE FFFFFFUUUUUUUU????!!!! I was expecting a cheesy ending but I didn’t f*cking expect this gross harem ‘bad’ ending! Yeah, good for Itsuki. He has all the girls in his world now. It makes you think if Granvania must be a lonely place because now they are over a dozen girls shop. Think about this. Granvania is going to partly falter without them. For example, with Collete gone, who the f*ck is going to run the bakery?! Who is going to deliver the mails now that Sue is no longer around?! Granvania would be stuck with just old men and hot men and now they can all get yaoi with each other. Oh Seiya, looks like Narcisstes is the only option for you and you can add Shangri La for a threesome if you want. If that’s the case, was it better to just destroy Granvania? Looks like when the next round of Impurities hit them, it will be mostly from deprived jealous guys. Meanwhile other jealous guys in Itsuki’s school will be green with envy that suddenly he has babes from all walks of life clinging on to him. And he is already done them in! F*ck off you cherry boys. Itsuki is already in a league of his own!

You know, the whole concept of this conception thingy seems to be one big flimsy plot. I did not play the game so I am not sure if the game’s mechanics and settings are any better. But I think it would be even if it is just slightly since the video game had a sequel with completely new characters. But as far as this animated adaptation is concerned, the plot to have a Visitor make Star Children feels like a poorly written plot. An excuse so that we could have some sort of fake make-out scene and foreplay folly. Uh huh. I don’t know if this is sexy or funny but either way, when it comes to those scenes, it was also mind boggling.

The fact that you could create a Star Child from all those bonding because of the Impurities build up crap thingy feels a lot like a weak excuse so we can have those tasty delicious foreplay scenes. Which isn’t much either, by the way. Just a slight teasing and showing of our characters who are going to make out in their undies and that’s about it. I know it would feel awkward if they make out fully clothed but if no penetration was even required, why the heck do they need to strip? Maybe in the heat of the passion that is where the Star Child is born. In a way they put so much focus on making a child that every episode is literally named around making a child. Please bear my child. Try having my child. Will you have my child. Let’s give birth together. You get the idea. Like, WTF?! You think making babies is easy?!

There are probably a lot of mind boggling questions I would love to ask especially the workings of this world and other stuffs that don’t make much sense. So much so that this series has the cheek to break its fourth wall to tell us to go visit their official website to find out more details about it! I suppose they don’t want to bore us with some legendary explanation and want us to go look it up ourselves while the episode is dedicated to some boring dating simulation. Yeah… So maybe I could find the reason why Alfie didn’t die and the Star Children obtaining their freedom (who is sealing the 13th phantom then?) but I don’t want to confuse myself any further. Plus, the site is in Japanese and I’m too lazy to Google translate. Yeah… And then the questions keep piling on like if Mana is an Impurity but is able to transform into a human, Alfie a Star Child but not really looking like a typical Star Child, Shangri La was once a Visitor, you just forget about everything and accept it all without questions. Life is so much easier that way.

Because I don’t understand if this Impurity thing was so bad and they need to seal or defeat it quickly, but yet you see the people of Granvania going on with their daily lives happily! Like as though there is no urgency. Do they put all their faith in the Visitor? Because I’m sure past records have shown the success rate is high because otherwise had the Visitor failed, no more Granvania. Even more mind boggling is how the maidens are chosen (yeah, suddenly that horoscope sign popped up somewhere on their body, so you must be the chosen one). You think that they would at least all stay and work together once they are identified. But noooooo. After their initial introducing, they carry on living their individual lives. Like, WTF?! Like as though they are waiting for Itsuki to come seduce them. Turn by turn. And to say that these maidens cannot fight directly and only produce Star Child is also very paper thin excuse. Every time Itsuki and the Star Children venture into the labyrinth, at least the most they could do is be there as support? I know, don’t want to put them in danger as they don’t have martial arts background. But still, it shows that the maidens don’t care and they’re just there to serve as plot device for some fake sexy fanservice! I keep thinking it is only a matter of time Granvania will fall…

So basically in most episodes follow somewhat a similar pattern as Itsuki will try to bond with the girl in focus before performing the Love Ritual. The problem is that it just doesn’t feel satisfying. Maybe the series doesn’t take itself seriously even when it comes to this part. But the fact that it is supposed to be somewhat like a dating simulation but it comes off as rushed and unsatisfying. I mean, there are actually 12 maidens already and since there is the 13th and some guys to troll us for possible BL, how else do you think they can fit all of that into a dozen episodes? That is why it feels pretty wasted and rushed that many episodes featured 2 maidens. Like as though they need to quickly move forward the plot and hence ‘fast forward’ and rush this dating thingy. I don’t expect it to last for a few episodes like Amagami SS or Seiren but if the series is going to feature a guy bonding with his harem, such hastiness is very much frowned upon and dilutes the worth of the series.

Therefore it feels like the Star Children are one of the most important and forgettable characters and plots here. They feel more like just plot conveniences. When the series started, I was under the impression that we are going to see how the Star Children fight against the Impurities. Even if it is not the main thing, at least make it look important. Heck, even the first episode felt like a big troll. Itsuki suddenly pulling out his magic sword to fight a monster. I thought that was going to be the staple of the series. However many of the plot for this part of fighting Impurities in the labyrinth is mostly skipped. Suddenly you see Itsuki and his Star Children conquering the labyrinth and making the offerings to seal the Star Ward. Wow. It looks so easy. And with the subsequent episodes suddenly turning into some cheesy second rate dating sim, I guess screw this part and give me more faux foreplay. Oh yeah, bring on those sexy scenes, baby!

Hence the characters feel more like tools for plot conveniences. If you ever think that there was a series that treats its females like objects, this show can be considered to be a close one. Because as you can see of how rushed everything is, the maiden in focus is given one (some half) episode of prominence. After her Star Child is born, she is not really heard of again. At least not as prominent as when Itsuki seduced her. That is the most limelight she’ll ever get. Then she’ll be tossed and become part of the background, almost and nearly forgotten. That is why I don’t feel the bond of Itsuki and the girls. Everything happens to fast! You know it’s bad when you come too fast, right?! ;p. I feel sorry that despite each of them have different backgrounds, they feel so shallow here. It just feels like a stepping stone for the Love Ritual. An excuse why Itsuki is going to bang them. So what Femiruna’s family runs Lunch Pack? So what Collete runs a bakery? So what Falun is a dancer? So what Sue wants to be a good delivery girl? It all doesn’t matter once Itsuki f*cks them. Yeah, I make it sound like Itsuki penetrate these girls in my paragraphs but rest assured it is just for dramatization effect. No wonder they want to follow Itsuki. He is the only one who can make them feel good! Damn Itsuki, you could run a pimp house!

Even more sorry state for the Star Children. As I’ve said before, they are born to fight Impurities and right after birth, they are taken to a foster home to be trained. Like, you mean mama doesn’t even care about them!? It’s like after the ‘mothers’ gave birth to them, they toss them away too. Not their responsibility anymore. Like WTF?! And what the heck will happen to them once the Impurities are all sealed? Will they all die and disappear? That will be sad if that happens. Because I sure don’t see Star Children from the last time around (even that was assuming decades ago). So yeah, the women and children of this kingdom are so forsaken!!! Somebody think of the women and children!!!

I also think there was a missed opportunity when they decide to bring about the 13th maiden and hence the 13th Star Child. Because they should have brought in the Ophiuchus as Alfie’s star sign. Oh wait. They did in the end. But a little too late. Ophiuchus is often believed to be the 13th zodiac and there are debates whether it should be included in the horoscope or just a pseudo member. But I can’t see how this serpent bearer would fit for Alfie’s personality. It’s not like she’s a snake, right? Oh right. She stole a kiss from Itsuki before her fake dying moments. Sneaky snakey… But heck, I don’t think many of the other girls also represent the zodiac they are assigned for. Like Collete who is more of a baker than anything to do with Aquarius. At least make her a waitress who pours water for the customers she waits. And how the heck can one associate Ruka with Cancer? Unless you tell me those twintails are like a crab’s claws. Too vague!

For better or worse, cheeky and mischievous Mana is indeed the ‘best’ character of the series and my favourite. Her tendency to break the fourth wall, make sleazy cheesy horny jokes at every moment must be some sort of talent. This is the reason why the series is so funny and interesting because of how easily Mana breaks into this slutty mode, trying to turn on Itsuki. Maybe she has some pent up sexual frustrations and that’s why you see her being kinky on purpose. Only if she was such a gorgeous human being, she would have easily been the fapping material of many! It is this same reason why the show is cheesy and sucks in some other ways. Once a pervert, always a pervert. Then they try to give Mana some background like she is an Impurity. Like, does that even really matter at this point? Are we supposed to sympathize with her? Maybe that’s why she has such impure thoughts. Haha! But Mana, carry on being you. We love you that way. I don’t even want to think how Itsuki made out with her… Mana acting all shy and blushing whether real or not, just feels so creepy… Imagine if a Star Child was actually conceived between them, it would be so disturbing. But now thankfully Mana is in her oh so cute human form and that would make making out (if that should ever happen) easier to palate. Not going the beastiality way.

Itsuki as the only other character aside Mana to appear in every episode, I feel his main character status has reduced him into a pathetic state. Just like the maidens, his role exists just as a tool for plot convenience. Oh, so what’s this that if he doesn’t save Granvania and get the job done, he won’t return back to his own world? Hence an excuse to go around seducing the maidens and then make out with her. He has got it so good in this world, I say screw his own world and continue living here. Do you not see he bums around a lot? It’s not like he has a real job or rent to take care of anyway. I see Mahiru is blending in pretty well. Since they don’t show her much so I’m assuming she must be getting along fine in this world. To show Itsuki isn’t such a sleazy guy going around banging chicks, that is why the final arc plot for the much needed drama to make him feel like he is on a guilt trip. I’ve shagged all the ladies (and a creature) that I can, now it’s time to contribute with my sacrifice. Don’t worry girls, he is not the only one with a dick in Granvania. But since he is the one taking their first time, I guess we can’t have him go that way either. And since he saved the day and has the maidens coming with him (pun not intended), it’s like this guy only has a win-win situation. As long as you make the ladies feel good, damn they will follow you anywhere.

The other guys here feel like as though they are a troll for some BL trap. Why else do you have this Seiya dude who is probably charming and a playboy with other girls, for Itsuki in that one episode to feel like he is going to fall for him? Trap! And then for a guy like Narcisstes, to even have this kind of name, I mean, WTF???!!! And why does Shangri La not look like a proper king because when I see him I thought he is some uncle pretending to be a king. Yeah… Oddly, assuming if Shangri La and Narcisstes have tackled this Impurities menace in the past (not too sure its frequency but from the way they said it, it happened before), they should have some sort of experience and knowledge about the past to help deal with the current situation. Therefore I am again screaming plot convenience about this 13th phantom crap. You mean it never happened before?! I don’t know how big the royal library is or if Narcisstes is doing his research wrongly because suddenly they pull out this legendary crap out of thin air. Like, are you sure you’re serious in dealing with this sh*t? I have a speculation why Shangri La as an ex-Visitor is now king of Granvania. It’s because he did not have any women who wants to sleep with him so he prefers to stay back here and rule over others! I mean, have you even seen the queen?! It’s not like she was ever mentioned she died or anything! Oh Itsuki, you should really count your blessings.

Art and animation feel average and pretty standard. I don’t know, is it me that the characters have this one kind look? This anime is animated by the veteran anime studio of Gonzo. They are still going strong in producing a lot of anime series every season but it must just be coincidence that the recent seasons the animes from them aren’t of my taste and hence didn’t catch their work for a while. While some of the maidens’ design look like cosplay themes (Ruka the miko priestess, Reone the nurse), it is the designs of the Star Children that feel pretty weird. It feels like as though they were the result of some mutation went wrong hence some look like a chibi retard. Serious.

For the voice acting part, my favourite is of course Mana who is voiced by Yurin (Honey in Space Dandy). She is so freaking awesome sounding as the sleazy perverted creature and really sounds the part. She sounds like she is having fun with all this that it is just convincing. She could be the next Satomi Arai if you ask me. But kudos to her for doing a great voice acting job because it is never a dull moment hearing Mana talk in her unique, uhm, accent? Surprising to hear Kana Asumi as Lilith and Lillie because I haven’t heard her in a while and thought she has retired. But she is more subdued here and even her Lillie counterpart doesn’t match the exuberance of her trademark like Nyaruko. The other recognizable seiyuu is Eri Kitamura as Sue. Yeah, she also sounds subdued here but it’s all part of her character role. Sho Hayami as the 13th phantom feels wasted in his role since the baddie isn’t looking all that menacing and cheap.

The other casts are Yuuki Ono as Itsuki (Kiyotaka in Da Capo II), Emiri Katou as Mahiru (Akatsuki in Log Horizon), Aya Endo as Arie (Tchaikovsky in ClassicaLoid), Riho Sugiyama as Tarua (Tanis in Frankenstein Family), Makiko Ohmoto as Ruka (Miki in Tenshi Na Konamaiki), Saki Fujita as Femiruna (Ymir in Shingeki No Kyojin), Sanae Kobayashi as Mirei (Ennis in Baccano), Yuriko Yamaguchi as Reone (Robin in One Piece), Kazusa Aranami as Falun (Fujiko in Dorei-ku The Animation), Asami Shimoda as Collete (Rin in Infinite Stratos), Yukiyo Fujii as Yuzuha (Harumi in Citrus), Ai Kakuma as Alfie (Julis in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Kengo Kawanashi as Seiya (Rei in 3-gatsu No Lion), Daisuke Hirakawa as Narcisstes (Makoto in School Days) and Kenichirou Matsuda as Shangri La (Gordon in Black Clover).

The opening theme is Star Light, Star Bright by Nano. Although this piece is passable and not bad, I wonder if it fits this series or not. You see, this rock piece sounds suitable if the anime was more like an action shonen adventure or fantasy like Naruto or Black Clover. So hearing this while keeping in mind the genre of this series makes me feel weird. But it cannot be as weird as the ending theme. The aptly named Desires by Manami Numakura is not only a techno rock frenzy but the freaky part is the animation. We see strange cardboard cut outs of Mana with macho man body doing very weird dances! The kind of exuberant energetic dance that you wonder if she is doing some sort of sacrificial ritual! This part comes off both funny and creepy because the surreal visuals somewhat remind me of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (the part the magical girls fight the witches). Yikes! I’m definitely not getting a boner in seeing this one. If their goal is to make me go WTF and feel crept out, they certainly succeeded in doing that.

Overall, this series trolled and teased us a lot with some suggestive and steamy scenes. We get our hopes up in seeing the make-out scenes and despite being rewarded with just that, that’s all we ever get. Disappointed, you damn dirty perverts! But I have to admit that I had fun and some laughs while watching this series, thanks to the horniness of a certain bear tanuki, thank you. It’s not the best nor sexy anime of the season of the year but it does give a different take and angle on the fanservice aspect. No cheap cheesy pantsu shots or boob shots to get the job done. Just some horny and suggestive remarks and trolling of the sexy bits is enough to make us feel anticipated, horny and disappointed all together. Then we all laugh it off after we’ve been had yet again. But I’m sure this isn’t going to cut it as an excuse when you really knock up a girl. I think we missed the concept of conception here.

A group of fallen angels have been banished by heaven and are now residing in part of hell. Sorry if that synopsis seems misleading and if you get the wrong idea of fallen angels and demons trying to plot revenge against heaven or see the harsh life of the underworld. Because Beelzebub-jou No Okinimesu Mama is really none of that! Instead, we have these fallen angels working and living life like normal humans do in hell? Eh, what? And get this. The rulers and assistants of the governing side are into fluffy and cute things. Like… WTF???!!! WTF is this cutie sh*t?! ~Kyun!

Episode 1
Pandemonium is a place where fallen angels go. With Satan gone, the fallen angels are working hard to keep this place going and is currently the ruler is Beelzebub. Her head attendant, Mullin is distraught she isn’t even ready for an important meeting and goes to get her. Still frolicking naked in bed with those fuzzy Gossamers? Over the next few scenes we see her doing her work diligently but somehow she’ll drift back to her ditzy behaviour and hence a see-saw of emotions from Mullin as one moment he admires her and the next he feels disappointed with this kind of behaviour. It makes him a tsundere. Knowing she likes soft things, he gives her a dress made out of very soft alpaca fur. Instantly she wants to strip and wear it now! Beelzebub than has him kneel. Is he being knighted? Just a pat on his head. She always thought he hated her but is a good boy. All that admiration once more goes down the drain when the next morning as he goes to get her in high spirits, only to see her sleeping naked with Gossamers. Why does it look like she gave up halfway putting her clothes on? Next day as Mullin reads her schedule for today, she starts talking about the things they do as God’s will. This is just an excuse so that she could run back to bed and sleep because it’s God’s will! Too bad she has to go check town. It’s so Japanese-like. And peaceful. Sure this isn’t heaven? Mullin heard how she was a fearsome fighter and assassin but wonders if it was true as she gets owned by the town animals. He tries to remind her but she pouts and doesn’t him getting mad at her. Can’t get mad at her when she’s looking this cute? Mullin’s worst fears come true as Beelzebub gets lost. Yeah, now they’re in this shady part of town but I still can’t bring myself to envision this is hell. Anyway Mullin finds a couple of guys trying to harass her and beats them up promptly. He scolds Beelzebub for making him worry. Back at the palace, Mullin regrets saying harsh things then as Beelzebub ignores him. Actually her heart is still flustering from Mullin worrying about her. Is this love? And more fluffy Beelzebub dreams of candy, lamb and cotton! So nice that no wonder she wants to go back and continue sleeping.

Episode 2
Mullin gives Beelzebub cream puffs. It’s so cute that she can’t eat them. And 5 minutes of break suddenly turns into some fluffy Gossamer wonderland. When Mullin falls down the stairs, he is saved by this manly Azazel. However he finds him somewhat ‘shy’ as he only communicates via signboards. Mullin tries to be observe and follow him in a bid to become manly like him but in all cases it all turns out to be cute stuffs. It is confirmed that Azazel is indeed into cute things when Mullin enters his room. Not what you expect? Azazel explains he isn’t good at communicating and his fierce looks drives others away. Yeah, he is such a sensitive guy that if you say the wrong thing, he feels hurt and cries! Apparently Azazel also knows Beelzebub as he makes dolls for her. Mullin tries to get Azazel’s approval by saying he likes cute things. Azazel hugs him but Beelzebub doesn’t like it and breaks them apart. She keeps repeating Mullin is her assistant. Later Mullin sees an anxious girl outside Beelzebub’s room, Belphegor. He thinks something is wrong with her as she is very scared. Luckily Beelzebub ‘throws’ her into the toilet. As revealed, she has social anxiety and has the urge to urinate. You mean like all the time? Yeah, each time Mullin speaks to her, she runs to the toilet! Endless wave of urination! It gets worse when Azazel is here. In turn, Azazel thinks she is still scared of him. So they try to give Azazel a cute makeover but he looks ‘scarier’ this way. How about smiling? Can’t smile? Think of happy things. Like his cute dolls coming to life. Yeah, he is still frowning even in happiness. As Mullin thinks hard on how to be liked by girls, it turns into a topic of Mullin getting Valentine cookies from only his mom. Sad. Hence Azazel gives him his cookies. After Mullin leaves, Belphegor asks him if Azazel is still scared of her. To calm her down, he gives Azazel’s cookies. This causes her anxiety again. I have my suspicions why Belphegor is always anxious before Azazel and it’s something to do with the matters of the heart, am I right?

Episode 3
While eating at a café, Beelzebub wanted to share her parfait with Mullin but starts overthinking everything since this café is often patron by lovers. Do they look like one? Well, offer is over. Feel like a loser? Then they see a fallen angel attracting the ladies. He is Astaroth and he seems to know Beelzebub and wants her company. Though, Beelzebub is not so fond of him. Too bad she got ‘seduced’ by his fluffy fake wings. Astaroth thinks Mullin did something shady to be Beelzebub’s assistant. So why the flashback of how cute Beelzebub was when she was an angel? I guess it’s to tell some back story how he sided with Beelzebub during the heaven and hell war and got tossed to Pandemonium. With Beelzebub going away in a foul mood, Astaroth goes to find her. She fears she made Mullin sad since they had a fun time together. He hugs her to make her feel better. She returns but looks like she is swamped with paperwork. Astaroth seems to hang out in Beelzebub’s office recently. He analyses Mullin and is glad he is a boring person with no over the top personality. He also observes him serving Beelzebub which he thinks he is like her boyfriend or mother potential. When Astaroth is told to go back to his own office since he has his own female assistant, speaking of her, here she comes! And she fired a warning shot! Sargatanas is actually a sadist and often tortures Astaroth. No wonder he is seeking refuge here. So who is the master and the assistant? Asking if she could have just take him back peacefully, she admits she prefers this method. But she has a ‘weakness’: She likes fluffy things too! Don’t tell anybody. Or you’re dead! After she drags Astaroth away, we see her fluster for a while when Astaroth compliments her and says he likes her (are you referring to her torture?). But then she brushes it off. Is she now a tsundere?

Episode 4
The most important question for Beelzebub: An alpaca or rabbit… Which to hug first?! During a meeting, Mullin notices a beautiful and capable lady, Eurynome. However she gives him that disgusted look. Later when he bumps into her again, again it is that look but soon her face turns cherubic. Noticing she dropped her handkerchief, he goes to return it at the park only for her to tell him to keep his voice down. It seems she is here to spy on young boys on a field trip! OMG. Shotacon! She loves young boys and especially their feet?! But don’t worry, she assures she will not do anything that will harm them. Can we trust a pervert? We see her going back and forth of ‘dying’ from this pleasure but also being revived from it. As well as the angelic face and the devilish one that she has to put up with grown males. But thanks to her imagination, she can imagine any guys as a young boy to get her through the day. Astaroth is here and of course she is disgusted with his flirting. She tries to imagine him as a young boy when Sargatanas pops up to beat the crap out of him. Eurynome gets turned on visualizing an older woman tormenting a young boy? Later Mullin has movie tickets and invites Beelzebub to come with him. Though she is happy, soon he wonders if this is like dating. What has he gotten himself into? Because of that, Beelzebub is up all night and can’t sleep. But next morning, Mullin isn’t at work and she heard he has become sick (I guess he too got excited and ran around town all night). She visits him with Azazel. Since she is clueless how to cook, thank goodness for Azazel. She tries to help by cleaning his sweat but since he refuses, it turns and looks like a rape scene. Mullin decides to give the tickets to Azazel to go with Beelzebub so as not to waste. But she doesn’t look happy. After they leave, shortly after Beelzebub returns and she wants to stay with him a little longer. He agrees since it was getting a bit lonely. Meanwhile Azazel realizes the movie is a horror one! Zombie Guts! WTF?! As Beelzebub watches Mullin sleeps, she can’t help herself and kiss him. Actually, putting her forehead on his. So when she goes back, she is super embarrassed of what she did. She realized she used to easily touch him but now her heart beats fast each time or even getting close. Next day when Mullin is well, looks like Beelzebub is now out sick. I don’t think she caught it from him… Yeah, it’s that love sickness probably raising her temperature.

Episode 5
Azazel brings Mullin to meet the head librarian, Dantalion. But this young boy prefers to sleep and slacks on his job. If he isn’t sleeping, he is reading. He loves reading so much that he skips food! But the total opposite of Dantalion is Molech. This tall noisy guy is just really, uhm, noisy. It seems his only ‘useful’ is to serve as a stepladder so that Dantalion can get books that is high out of his reach. Dantalion is also smart and he could guess what kind of books interest Mullin. But beware if you’re too noisy, he’ll spoil this murder mystery novel for you… Later Eurynome confronts Mullin. She is mad that he is mixing well with this young boy that she is currently stalking. So why tell him not to tell Dantalion that she is here to see him? Shouldn’t she have kept this a secret to herself? Later Mullin discovers that Dantalion could be very old because he has read almost all the books here that could take centuries. Let’s just leave Eurynome in her fantasy… Since Belphegor still has trouble talking to Azazel, her assistant, Camio suggests baking. She enlists Beelzebub’s help but since she too isn’t good, she thinks of calling Azazel. Is this a joke? Thankfully she calls her personal chef, Nisroch. He cooks fast but at the expense of getting his clothes ripped! The girls eventually try making it on their own but you only learn something through trial and error. Why does it look like it is going the yuri way with them getting too close to each other, hugging and even saying I love you?! Once the brownies are done, the real problem emerges. Belphegor now has second thoughts if she could even hand it to him. She even fears he would hate her for it. Yeah, looks like she’ll be visiting the toilet many more times. You won’t know if you don’t try. So finally she sums up all her courage to hand it to him. Azazel is happy enough that his smile sends Belphegor unconscious! I think another visit to the toilet is necessary. Later Beelzebub gives hers to Mullin. He likes it and in return gives her a book he borrowed about fluffy stuffs. What a happy day.

Episode 6
While on her way to a meeting, Beelzebub’s heels got stuck in a gap. Mullin tries to get it out but in her embarrassment and struggle, the heel broke and she accidentally high kicked him! Unable to leave her like this, however Mullin is having a hard time carrying her like a princess or give her a piggyback ride. It’s embarrassing. Somehow he manages to get her back. We are introduced to Adrammelech who is in charge of Beelzebub’s clothing as he makes her new heels. When Mullin asks if she should wear shorter heels, she insists she must wear a taller one. Her secret is that so she would be closer to Mullin and talk to him. Beelzebub remembers God’s lightning struck her down and she found herself in ‘heaven’. A land with all the fluffy Gossamers? Heaven indeed. Beelzebub attends a photo shoot for a magazine and gets interviewed. At times the words she picked could almost reveal her slacking side but thankfully they still sound majestic. When asked about her dislikes, she says there are none. One stormy day when Beelzebub is not in her office, Azazel suggests Mullin to go find her. Although already soaking wet, why is she still cowering there? Mullin realizes she is afraid of the lightning although Beelzebub insists she isn’t. However it becomes more evident that she is really afraid as she huddles close to him the more the lightning flashes. She thinks he will find her disappointing and pathetic but he doesn’t find her so. She hopes this can be their little secret. Later Mullin learns that Azazel also knows of this since they know each other a long time. Mullin can’t help feel disappointed. The article on Beelzebub comes out and she’s quite happy with it. We take a detour to see prehistoric Beelzebub collecting chestnuts and shells with Mullin! This is actually her daydreaming. She might look focused and intense while working but this is all running through her head.

Episode 7
As suggested by the head doctor, Buer, not many are getting enough exercise so a gym is proposed to be installed in the building. However it turned out to be a bath instead. Apparently Astaroth abused his position as finance minister to get this installed. He thinks instead of making more sweaty people, a bath should be nicer! Oh well, what’s done is done. Might as well go in and enjoy. We see the guys getting in and Astaroth fantasizing about the girls talking about boobs. Too bad the other guys are being ‘gay’ with the muscular ones showing off their abs. Astaroth soon becomes desperate to peek at the women’s side. And when he really can’t find a way, he decides to peek at them changing. Mullin tries to stop him but this is what happened. Apparently the moment Astaroth opens the door to the women’s side, Sargatanas is waiting. She knew he would peep and thus the women didn’t get in yet. You mean they waited this entire time?! But this only disheartens Beelzebub as she thinks Mullin is in cohorts with Astaroth to be a pervert. Well, reflect on your crimes while the ladies now enjoy their bath. Later, Beelzebub discovers Mullin had a pet dog named Mitarashi. So cute that she could die? She also learns he has a younger pair of twin sisters. So she wants to call him onii-chan?! But this soon makes her sad as she realizes she knows little about Mullin. I’m sure she would like to know more about him but Astaroth being a busybody trying to practice talking to her as if Beelzebub was talking to Mullin? He asks all the normal questions until that question that made Sargatanas come torturing him (“What colour is your pantsu”). Beelzebub returns to Mullin and she would love to spam him with all sorts of questions that would make he sound like a stalker. So when she manages to eke out a question, it’s “What colour is your underwear”. Damn… Why does Mullin have to embarrassingly answer that?! And so the lesson learnt for Beelzebub is that she doesn’t need to know everything about him.

Episode 8
Sargatanas might look strict and all but deep inside she loves cute things. So when her subordinates mention about a new cute café opening, they think she is not interested but she’s dying to go there. In order not to give herself away, she dresses up suspiciously. Yeah, she stands out even more. Sargatanas is enjoying all the cuteness until Azazel comes by. Oh right. This guy loves cute things too. Awkwardly he shares a table with her. With Sargatanas worrying people will not perceive the way she is, Azazel looks at it from a different point of view. You can see he is all dressed up nicely because he wants to help improve the reputation of this store as the staffs here want them to be happy. Sargatanas is glad she came here today. Meanwhile Beelzebub and Mullin just arrived. She is so awed with everything cute that she bought all the merchandise on sale. Later Beelzebub tells Belphegor that they’ll be going to the beach and of course Mullin and Azazel are invited. As expected, Beelzebub goes into embarrassed pessimistic mode. Eventually she wants Azazel to look cute before Azazel. The first step is to buy a swimsuit and who else better than Adrammelech and his seductive assistant, Morrigan to help them choose. I guess most of the scenes here are about Belphegor being embarrassed at every suggested swimsuit since it shows too much skin. It is ironic since her midriff is always exposed. So she settles for a cute one. Still exposing lots of her skin if you ask me. As for Beelzebub, she thinks this one made out of strings will do but Adrammelech doesn’t even want to recommend it to her. And we have his fashion lesson of the day: Fashion isn’t just about what you look on the outside, but also improving one’s frame of mind. Beelzebub immediately calls Mullin over for his opinion. Of course he is shocked and covers his eyes, prompting Beelzebub to think the string version should be better. With Adrammelech telling the wuss to properly look at her, they’re starting to look like a couple in love. And then beach day… It’s stormy! Oh well, does seeing someone in their swimsuit beforehand jinxed it? Later at the café, Beelzebub finds the food too cute to eat and in turn, Mullin finds this reaction of hers too cute to stomach.

Episode 9
Mullin was gone for a while and when he comes back, he thought Beelzebub slacked and didn’t get any work done. She sulks that she was doing so since he was away. Because of that, Mullin threatens to transfer to the library since Dantalion requested his help. Beelzebub goes into shock mode as Mullin soon finds out Beelzebub has finished her work but was only trolling him. So now it’s his fault? Beelzebub seeks comfort talking to Belphegor. She wonders if Mullin hated her because of that incident putting her forehead on his. Meanwhile Mullin talks to Astaroth and Adrammelech for advice to make up. Perhaps the best way is to buy a gift and say it with flowers? Mullin goes back to talk to Beelzebub. Still sulking. Still putting up that tough act that she’ll be alright if he transferred. Mullin says he will never put in a transfer request and even if he is no longer working with her, they can still meet up. This might have made her feel a bit better but still they’re both feeling pretty awkward for now. Like a lover’s quarrel? Belphegor has a dream where she confessed to Azazel. Is this considered a nightmare? At the library, she thinks of the books he likes to read so she could share his passion. Thoughts of that frog kissing princess made her think if Azazel should always be a frog so she could always be with him?! While deep in her thoughts, she didn’t realize Azazel is there. A big shock has her being clumsy but Azazel protects her. Then a slip of her tongue, she gets embarrassed thinking she confessed that she liked him (suki) but he misinterpreted it as memorandum (shuki). Making it even weirder is that she runs away. To the toilet, I guess. We see our lovable demons on the brink of falling asleep due to working overtime. Like how Astaroth thinks he can get away after checking Sargatanas’ sleeping face. Failed again. Azazel sees Belphegor sleeping and is considerate not to wake her up knowing she will freak out and instead leaves his jacket behind on her. Molech ruins Eurynome’s admiration of Dantalion sleeping by being noisy. Mullin sees Beelzebub’s sleeping face close up and gets nervous thinking about things. As he gets closer, another aide comes in with refreshments, freaks the hell out of him and they go eat in the other room. Actual fact is that Beelzebub was already half awake and pretended to be asleep. Ruing she couldn’t open her eyes and see what Mullin was going to do?

Episode 10
Astaroth is missing from work and once more Sargatanas has to find and bring him back. Sorry to break your date with this cutie but it’s time to get back to work! Poor girl must be traumatized seeing Astaroth getting abused. However Astaroth complains he still wants a break so Sargatanas allows a coffee break by the bench. Because there are couples resting everywhere, this irks her but her mind keeps thinking if she really wants to be close to Astaroth. You know women like her. Mouth say one thing but the heart says another. Eventually she ‘rationalizes’ that she is just watching over this loser. Once it’s time to go back, Astaroth thanks her for always putting up with him and says he loves her. This doesn’t come to her as a surprise as he always says this in the past. It’s probably his pickup line. He then lies on her shoulder and since she didn’t react, he thinks she is always calm. Until he realizes that upset face she is making. Time to really get back to work. Back home, Sargatanas realizes how embarrassed she was just to think about that incident. So is the true answer of her heart? Next day, Astaroth didn’t learn his lesson and is missing from work. Time for Sargatanas to go fetch him back. But this time we can see her smiling. Yeah, she loves her job and her man? It’s a cold day in hell in Pandemonium. Literally. I can understand why Beelzebub is weak with it. Hell is supposed to be boiling hot, right? She can’t stand the cold and is barely functioning but with Mullin around, she gets by. Offering warm pocket patches isn’t enough and seeing her sneeze means her boobs bounce. Nice view? Hence Mullin suggests covering up but it still doesn’t work because those huge jugs are just too huge. Beelzebub didn’t like this either as this means she cannot feel the fluffiness of the Gossamers on her chest. On the way to the meeting room, they spot Molech as a snowman and Dantalion frozen in ice after reading too long in the open! With Beelzebub still cold, Mullin finally wraps his scarf around her. It makes her feel a lot better and perhaps such a cold day isn’t a bad thing. During the meeting she can’t concentrate as she is trying to sniff the scarf? Don’t get caught… Next day, the weather is back to nice and normal but Beelzebub still feels cold? Need something from him? Sorry, Mullin doesn’t get it.

Episode 11
Wow. Belphegor dating Azazel. Too good to be true. Yup. Just a dream. Damn. I guess she doesn’t need the umpteenth lecture from Camio to face her feelings. After a meeting with Beelzebub and as she is about to leave, Azazel enters the door. Immediately she gets freaked out and runs away. It’s that urinating feeling again. Sighs… Meanwhile Azazel thinks he has once again frightened her. Hence for their upcoming tea party, he is considerate to skip it. At the tea party, Mullin learns Adrammelech has got handsome male assistants while Morrigan is the manager of a popular succubus idol group. SCB39?! Mullin asks Adrammelech if he could help make a less scary clothes for Azazel but he isn’t interested. Morrigan wants to help but she is suggesting seducing lessons for Mullin. Adrammelech realizes somebody has drank his wine. The real culprit is Belphegor who thought it was some grape juice. Now she is rushing to toilet for yet another incontinence. However the wine soon overtakes her as she feels drowsy. When Azazel finds her, she thinks this is a dream. So when he wants to leave her, she will not allow it! At least stay by her side until she wakes up! We see Belphegor drunk, getting high and in wonderland. Best dream ever? Yeah, ironically it’s reality. This confuses the hell out of Azazel because she isn’t scared of him and when he wants to ask, she has fallen asleep. He hopes in the future they can be better friends. But for now he brings her back to the tea party where everybody else is shocked to see this. Next day when Azazel and Belphegor bump into each other again, Belphegor doesn’t remember much but was told what happened by the others. She is very embarrassed. But she feels the need to talk to him and clear things up. However in this panicky state, Azazel now assumes she will be even more afraid of him and needs to play it cool. He walks away. Too bad Belphegor misinterprets that as he is avoiding her. There goes her chance. Time to cry her heart out on Beelzebub’s shoulder. One step forward, two steps back. Better luck next time.

Episode 12
When Beelzebub heads to the toilet, she realizes that she almost has her butt exposed. A Gossamer was pulling on her sweater’s yarn and it almost became wardrobe malfunction and indecent exposure! But that is not the reason why she is down. However Mullin thinks he did something wrong. Because that sweater was from Mullin, panicky Beelzebub goes to see Adrammelech to get it fixed. And so he literally weaves his magic to knit them back. So the next day when Mullin wants to find out if he did something wrong, Beelzebub is all smiles and happy. Mullin thinks he might be too self-conscious. With spring here, we hear weird stories from other department on what they do during hanami. Like how Morrigan uses the chicken drumsticks as maracas! And she’s not even drunk! Amazingly, Beelzebub has never been to a hanami. Hence Mullin plans to invite everyone (AKA usual suspects) for this special occasion. The plan is for everyone to bring their own food for a pot luck. However 90% brought KFC just because Beelzebub says she has never had KFC before! Is this a KFC chicken party? And so Nisroch is called in to help cook some other foods. Mullin hands Belphegor cookies made by Azazel. Just holding it has her faint in happiness. She still got a long way to go. When Beelzebub chases a fluttering petal, she didn’t see ahead and crashes into the tree! Is this cute or what?! As Mullin joins her in catching sakura petals, he realizes how everything is ephemeral and everything could be gone in the next second. Suddenly he realizes Beelzebub is missing and panics. Luckily she is just hiding behind a tree. Phew. Is that embarrassing or what? Beelzebub gets embarrassed to hear about it so they start chasing each other around the tree? WTF?! Is this cute or what?! Eventually Beelzebub can’t catch a petal (what?!) so Mullin gives her his. Good for you. What is this feeling developing in her heart… But time to pack up and go back to work. A few days later, Beelzebub and Mullin have their own weird petal catching around a tree. This scene is either cute or WTF. Or both. Their other assistants watch but I guess they don’t say anything because they get to drink free and watch this adorable show.

Fluffy Wonderland Paradise
And so our characters continue to frolic and have happy days together in Pandemonium. Are you sure this is hell? Maybe this is some part of heaven that we don’t know. Or maybe this is Earth and the aftermath of some giant nuclear fallout. After millennia of dystopia, the beings have picked up the slack and slowly turned into utopia. No? Are you sure? Okay. Ironically for a great place like that to have such a name that is a total opposite of what it means.

If you don’t like animes with very confusing plot or the kind of storyline that you have to use your brains and think, I guess this one would really fir your taste. There is absolutely no real plot to follow as we just see the daily lives of our fallen angels and demons. All in a very cute and lovable manner. Aww, so cute. So adorable. So boring? Well, I suppose the intention is to make our hearts fluffy and go fuwafuwa with all the cuteness spamming in our face. Hence with the lack of any such plot, the only ‘plot’ that I find very interesting is during Beelzebub’s fear of lightning. It would have been a lot more interesting if this part of the story is fleshed out. Because I am really curious to see how everyone in Pandemonium got kicked out of heaven in the first place. I really wanted to see that war between heaven and hell that lead to all this. It is the only thing that I really wanted to see more. But I guess it would be to unbearable for a harmless series like this so it is back to more fluffy remedy. Damn, it would be too much and shocking if our characters suddenly turn out to be secretly planning to wage a revenge war against heaven! And all this having fun is just a ruse to bluff heaven and hide their ultimate plan! Gasp! Luckily it’s not like that, right? Yeah, I think forever fuwafuwa is the best then.

Hence the setting of this series is somewhat mind boggling. Because our perception of hell is such a horrible and terrifying place but yet when you see Pandemonium, it feels like one of the best places to live ever! Possibly even better than heaven! I guess heaven is no fun when God is so uptight and strict about his rules. Heh. It’s just mind boggling to think that when these fallen angels are casted down, it’s like God was considerate enough to give them a calm and peaceful land. Here, you fallen angels. This is some nice empty plot to live the rest of your lives. So take care, bye. Yeah, it somewhat felt like that and hence why Pandemonium is such a peaceful place. But I could be mistaken as the series is set mainly in the governing palace and not in the actual towns of Pandemonium. Yeah, there are shady parts of town that resembles a lot like the human world. Just reminds me of Soul Society in Bleach. Everybody who dies get to live their afterlife Japanese style. And I don’t know which country represents Pandemonium because I heard that they have another branch in France. FRANCE?! Like, WTF?!

And because of how Pandemonium resembles Earth so much, I was wondering if KFC actually bought hell. I thought it was f*cking obvious product placement since we have that logo and famous brand mentioned several times in the final episode even if it is just for a few seconds. Oh my. KFC has finally succeeded where other fast food brands like McDonalds and Pizza Hut fail. Yeah, you can say KFC conquered hell! And to answer my question in the previous paragraph, I am starting to believe Pandemonium takes after Japan because I noticed the currency they used is based on yen.

There are probably a few more questions that I would like to ask about all this here since you know, my normal perception of hell is just so different than this. And with animes throughout the years having their own interpretations of hell but mostly still a scary place even if the demons are the ‘good guys’, this fluffy underworld just seems so out of place and conflicting with my stereotypes. The more I continue to watch all the peaceful times in Pandemonium and all the frolicking the characters can afford to have, the more I feel that this isn’t really hell. I hope at the end of the day, this series isn’t going to make you think that hell is such a wonderful place to be and hence you want to really be here when you kick the bucket. And then I just realized this: If that is the case, could it be all the fluffy cuteness is just hell’s way of recruiting and drawing you to choose their side?! No way!

Series that lack any sort of story to tell will have to rely heavily on the characters to keep it fun and fresh. Yes, they are cute and amusing in their own ways. But as I have said that I have my own stereotypes on fallen angels and demons, the more I see them frolicking and having fun, the more I get conflicted if they are really fallen angels and demons. I mean, really? Names like Beelzebub, Azazel and Astaroth are from truly evil demons. And then you have this Beelzebub who is so into cute things and acting like a young girl falling in love, this Azazel who is a taciturn guy who likes cute things, and this Astaroth who is like a slacker and playboy, it really makes you raise an eyebrow or two. And these characters feel like ordinary people because they don’t have any sort of supernatural powers. Just ordinary plain citizens and denizens of Pandemonium. Did God strip them of it when he banished them from heaven?

Like Beelzebub and Mullin who are trying their best on a daily day to day basis to get things done. But Beelzebub just wants to slack, frolic around and do all the cute stuffs she enjoys and if not for Mullin who keeps constantly reminding her, I’m sure Pandemonium would have fell into a regressive state. So thank goodness, right? They aren’t perfect but they do complement each other after being with each other so long, you wonder if they really fall in love with each other, would it constitute to conflict of interest. Maybe they’ll get the job done faster, maybe love will get in the way of getting any work done. But we definitely would like to see them together. Because the way they blush with each other and hearing their own thoughts of how cute the other is, it’s just too cute and funny. At the end of the day, both give each other the motivation to face a day’s worth of work.

Then there is this odd pair of Azazel and Belphegor. Strangely, this pairing somewhat reminds me of another similar pair in Denki-gai No Honya-san. Remember Sommelier and Fu Girl? Yeah… I wonder if it is a coincidence. Big taciturn guy and a very shy petite girl. Only difference is that Azazel does a Gintama’s Elizabeth by communicating with signboards (does he prepare them beforehand or does he write super fast?) and Belphegor doesn’t get overly excited after watching zombie flicks but instead has the urge to go to the toilet. I somewhat feel this pairing won’t have a chance in advancing an inch compared to Beelzebub and Mullin. With Belphegor flustering just at the sight of him and Azazel just thinking of being friends and blaming himself to be scary, looks like this running joke will become annoying if it carries on without any decent progress. But I guess some of us like super flustering girls like Belphegor. Oh so kawaii.

The other third pairing is Astaroth and Sargatanas. You can tell that a strict woman like her who keeps beating up this idiot day in day out, there is bound to be some sort of romance, right? Yeah well, if this is the way they show their (twisted) love for each other, so be it. I mean, this is how this pair functions, right? It would be odd if one day Astaroth just stops his playboy ways and slacking and Sargatanas would then stop beating him up and bring him back. So I’m guessing that Astaroth purposely do all this so that Sargatanas could come fetch him. Because he subtly knows she likes him and this is the only way she could be justify to be with him. For that same reason why I can think this guy acts like as though he is interested in Beelzebub. So that it gives Sargatanas some sort of justification for her actions towards him. Or maybe he just likes to get beaten up by her.

The other characters are okay and add some spice but don’t really matter much. Like Dantalion who has this looks on his face that says he wished he wasn’t here doing this library job and would rather have his sleep. I guess geniuses need their sleep too. Then you have the complete opposite in Molech who seems to be the other idiot and offer some comic relief with his liveliness. And Eurynome being a shotacon feels more like a side running joke than anything significant. I think there is a missed opportunity to call her Shota-nome than Yuri-nome… Adrammelech and Morrigan aren’t significant too and feel like they could have been done without. But it is better than other nameless assistants serving under Beelzebub. Oh wait. They have names too. But I forgot because they’re so unimportant. Heh. And finally I wonder if those cute fluffy mascot Gossamers, where do they come from? Are they the natural creatures inhabiting Pandemonium? Because this place is full of them. Don’t you just want to hug and cuddle them and take a few home with you? It would be devastating if there is a plot twist that says they are actually some sort of soul sucking demons. Because you see all the fluffiness are just a hallucination they give out before they suck your life force dry! Horror! But can I still pet and hug one of those?

As you would have expect, the art and animation feels so fluffy and cute. All the characters look so cute and kawaii while maintaining their overall simplicity. The overall tone and hue of the series is quite light as well as colourful, hence making you really confused and wonder if this is really the hell you always thought it was. With its clean animation, the only thing ‘unclean’ are Beelzebub’s boobs and cleavage left exposed in the name and taste of a certain someone’s fashion. I’m confused. Can I call those boobs fluffy and cute? Animated by Lindenflims, the art style seems almost familiar like Koi to Uso but without the overly big bug-like eyes.

Voice acting I only recognized Kikuko Inoue as the narrator (she sounds like having fun with her dreamy voice doing the punch lines) and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Astaroth. I didn’t realize it was Aoi Yuuki as Dantalion as she is using a low voice. Yup, for the umpteenth time, hear me blame Aho Girl for the start of the trend for Aoi Yuuki to start voicing such young boys’ role now. One thing I would like to point out about Misaki Kuno who plays Belphegor. Because of her squeaky high pitched voice and because her character is constantly flustering and panicky, I can’t help think that she sounds like coming out from a porn shoot! It just rubs me the wrong way. It just feels weird. Sure, blame my perverted mind but that squealing sure makes her sound she belonged in some hentai. Well, I guess she specializes in loli roles like Momo in 3-gatsu No Lion, Elfnein in Senki Zesshou Symphogear series and Serara in Log Horizon. Oh, she is also the voice of a certain pig in Nanatsu No Taizai. Yeah, now the squealing sounds so familiar. The other casts are Saori Oonishi as Beelzebub (Eriri in Saekano), Rikuya Yasuda as Mullin (Taishi in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss), Satoshi Hino as Azazel (Gauche in Black Clover), Ai Kakuma as Sargatanas (Rossweisse in High School DxD), Chinatsu Akasaki as Eurynome (Alice in Shokugeki No Souma), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Molech (Hisui in K), Masaya Onosaka as Adrammelech (Momoshiro in Prince Of Tennis) and Aya Suzaki as Morrigan (titular character in Tamako Market).

The opening theme is Pink Lemonade by Sangatsu No Phantasia. A lively anime music. Nothing really special. Didn’t feel fluffy hearing this one until I heard the ending theme. Akuma De Koiwazurai by the trio behind Beelzebub, Belphegor and Sargatanas has all the fluffy cutie feel probably because this lively piece has the girls singing in their cute voices. There are a few cute BGMs as well but the one that really caught my attention is the main one that somehow reminds me of Bee Gees’ Melody Fair! It sounds really close to it but now I can’t get Melody Fair out of my head! Every time I watch this series and hear this BGM, I unconsciously hum this 1969 song in my head! Even after finishing watching the episode! The BGM isn’t all that bad but it’s not that I am obsessing over it either. And now I’m trapped with the Bee Gees’ piece in my head. Oh no… Here I go again… Who is that girl with the crying face looking at millions of signsMelody Fair won’t your comb your hairYou can be beautiful too

I don’t know if this is one of those series that helps to purify and cleanse your soul like Aria The Animation and Amanchu. Yeah, everything is so adorable and cute that the irony of your tainted soul being cleansed by these kawaii fallen angels and demons. You might be in danger of dying from overdose of fluffiness. This series is simple and relaxing, for those who want to get away from all the crappy quality anime series out there or those filled with controversial and cliché stuffs of excessive violence and cheesy fanservice. But with all the cuteness and fluffiness in every scene, this series isn’t entirely a fluff. It might not be your cup of tea but hey, it is how Miss Beelzebub likes it. Slow, easy and relaxing. And with lots of cute fluffiness.

It’s that time of season again. The seasonal porn pretending to be part of the seasonal anime line-up. After last season’s ‘amazing’ porn, I don’t think the next season could live up to that hype. I’m not placing any much expectations on Shuudengo Capsule Hotel De Joushi Ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru so I am only watching this just to prove my point. Heh. What a weird excuse. Hopefully this would make me want to stop watching the seasonal slut. Really.

Episode 1
Hadano and Minori Aizawa are colleagues and the company is having some party. Because they’re always fighting, they got kicked out. Not sure why they can’t go home at this time so they decide to rent a capsule hotel. For some reason, some idiot is still occupying Aizawa’s capsule and he’s a deep sleeper. No choice, she goes to share with Hadano. I guess all the other capsules are fully booked, huh? Because she dresses so skimpily and he caught glimpse of her delicious boobs, he starts showing his true colours as he rapes her. At least, start off by licking and playing with her pussy. Don’t yell or scream. Don’t want to wake the others up, do you?

Episode 2
Sex must be so good that the next thing Aizawa knows, it is already morning and she’s all by herself? That jerk didn’t even wake her up?! Anyway she manages to make it to work in time. Later Hadano’s dress design is complete and he thanks Aizawa for her help. Help not complete as he wants her to put it on. She has trouble with the zipper and calls for his help. I guess she didn’t learn. Because he gets turned on and blames her for seducing him. Yeah. Rape scene time. Don’t want to move too much or you’ll ruin the dress. Did Aizawa climax so hard that she screamed so loud?! Did anybody hear that?! So Hadano went overboard with this joke (JOKE?! YOU CALL THIS PUSSY LICKING RAPE A JOKE?!) and apologizes (yeah, like every man could get away with it with a sorry). He leaves her alone but Aizawa is feeling pretty confused… Yeah… Porn logic working…

Episode 3
The duo are to design some clothes for this tall but shy model, Kei Sugawara. As it is raining heavily outside, they manage to take shelter in Hadano’s car. He lets her wear his shirt. Uh huh. Too big and since it is soaking, it sees through her lingerie. Yup. Turned on time. Rape time. So now they’re going to do it in the back of his car, eh? Oh yeah. Aizawa now says it really feels good. Hell yeah! Third time’s the charm! Does this mean we can ‘upgrade’ to real penetration? Damn this guy is good that at the end of it, Aizawa wishes this moment would last longer. I hope all that literally didn’t finish too quickly.

Episode 4
As Aizawa ponders about last night’s weird car sex in the bathroom, suddenly here comes Hadano into the tub with her! Oh my. We’re starting with sex already. Yeah, she might be saying no but her body and face are saying yes! Just look at the mirror! Another fingering session, another success. Hope Aizawa doesn’t get burnt out and fever from it all. She feels weird that Hadano is acting like her boyfriend and even more so as he sleeps on her lap. WTF… Next day at work, it seems Aizawa gets chastised by a colleague because there was a mistake in the ordering and now she is stuck with thousands of material stock. Hadano apologizes and will take full responsibility for this. Oh, I can see where this is going, the price Aizawa will have to pay for this ‘clean up’…

Episode 5
Aizawa laments about her screw up. Yeah, you’re going to be screwed anyway, haha!!! Because she’s so confused and Hadano is showering her with nice sympathetic words, oh what the heck, let’s get it on with today’s porn. Yup, doing it right under the office desk at night where everybody has gone home! Heh, even Aizawa is starting to realize how much less and less she is opposing this. Well, like we care?! Next day as Aizawa is out with Kei, I guess she got too happy that he complimented her design so she didn’t see a car coming her way…

Episode 6
Don’t worry. Kei saves her. Now our female protagonist can still continue to get f*cked! Haha! Going back home, she sees sick Hadano stumbling out and collapsing on her. When he opens his eyes, he is in his bed and tired Aizawa sleeping next to him after nursing him. Yeah, I wonder if she had the strength to bring him back to bed and buy all those medication. Guess what? I guess Hadano is now well enough to f*ck her! Even if he isn’t completely healed, I guess the best way to beat his cold is sex! Don’t ask! It’s porn logic!!! He is so good that she doesn’t even mind catching his cold?! WTF are you even saying?! And to top all of that, Hadano whispers I love you in her ears. Oh Aizawa, don’t look so confused. You’re supposed to be ‘good’ at taking all this now.

Episode 7
After another long day at work at Kei’s photo shooting, Aizawa laments missing another fireworks festival. Yeah, I guess it was the same reason last year. Damn overtime work is killing Japanese! But anyway, Hadano takes her to his private cabin in the woods where he often works on his design. They put on their traditional Japanese outfit he made. Aizawa makes the damn mistake of quipping he looks cooler when he shuts up unlike when he is talkative. Yup, that’s all the sign needed for him to rape her. Yeah, table sex this time. Wow. Aizawa must have enjoyed so much that she’s actually saying she felt so happy!

Episode 8
I guess finally Aizawa admits it. She’s fallen for Hadano. She didn’t say if it’s because the sex but we know better. Because Hadano spots Aizawa is having a good time designing clothes for Kei, he decides to ‘reward’ her. Yeah, rape her in the pantry! Damn, he didn’t even close the door! Colleagues too busy talking to each other fail to notice people f*cking next to the fridge! Hello! Despite Aizawa feeling he is being roughed, damn she climaxes so fast! His tongue game must be very strong today. Later when Aizawa has finished the designs, Hadano relays the bad news that their superiors have relieved her from this project. She gets upset and is in disbelief since they have been working on this for so long. Hadano also snaps back that he too has put in a lot of effort. Aizawa so sad she just runs away. Oh yeah, Kei conveniently sees and hears all this.

Episode 9
Kei goes to cheer her up and before you know it, her blues are blown away. But did the blues transfer to him because now he is sad telling her how he always wanted to do something different by being a model. He is now focused on selling instead of doing what he wants to do. He thinks the most important thing is to make others happy. Uhm, but at your own expense? Isn’t that what’s happening? After parting ways, Aizawa apologizes to Hadano and realizes the important lesson of making others happy. You don’t mean letting others f*ck you, right? Too bad she had to say how Kei helped cheered her up and Hadano doesn’t like it. That’s it. Back alley rape time. Probably Hadano isn’t his usual and Aizawa doesn’t like all that she is feeling and pushes him today. Probably the first time sex with him sucks.

Episode 10
Such a hot day that the employees are complaining that the air-cond is not working. Yeah, Hadano will fix it and tells them to go home. Wow. They can go home?! Anyway as he fixes the air-cond, Aizawa comes to talk to him. He got distracted and falls over her. Oh dear. I think I can see where this is going. But first, he asks if he is a good boss! Why the serious question? Since he has this side, it makes her happy. Huh? Anyway, screw all that because it’s sex time. Damn, everything is so hot! Literally. Now I know why they call animals f*cking in heat! Haha! Damn, the heat must be melting them all the way till they cum!!! After sex, back to serious questionings. He wonders if she sees him as a co-worker. She worries their relationship will change if she tells him her true feelings. Then he throws down the ultimatum. After this project is over, he is going to tell her something. You mean with words? Not with your body and dick like this entire time?

Episode 11
The dresses are finally finished. When Hadano asks if she wanted some reward, why the f*ck did she blush?! Oh, so she expecting sex?! Looks like Hadano won’t betray our expectations and proceeds to reward, or should I say, rape-ward he with the best fingering act he’s ever done to her. Haha! During the night of the fashion show, Aizawa dresses up Kei and notes this is her favourite piece since it brought up a lot of memories. And then suddenly! I supposed it triggered something in Kei because he is so grateful to her for everything that he confessed he loves her and wants to forever be by her side! But catch up with you later, ‘cause I gotta hit the runway. WTF. A love triangle at this stage? Aizawa so confused. I wonder how Hadano feels about that since he is at earshot range of this conversation.

Episode 12
Kei is so hot when he takes the stage. Girls screaming everywhere! After the successful show, once again it feels like déjà vu. Because Aizawa has drank a lot and is a bit tipsy. Oh dear. Going to miss the last train again. When Aizawa says Kei confessed to her, Hadano cuts her off and wants to tell her something first. Unsurprisingly, he loves her. Unsurprisingly too, she hugs him and also replies she loves him. But what about Kei? She didn’t get to finish her sentence that she rejected him because she loves somebody else. Maybe that’s why Kei was so clear and focused on stage, huh? And is that the alcohol talking for Aizawa? And then Hadano kisses her. Oh my, get a room! Just like déjà vu, they crash at a capsule hotel. Yet again, somebody is sleeping in Aizawa’s capsule! What are the chances?! Why do I have this feeling this same guy never left?! And you guessed it, she has to go share with Hadano. Here is the clincher of why they will end up having sex: Because Hadano says it’s not like he does this with everyone else. Yeah babe! You’re so f*cking special! Let’s get it on! And I suppose they have ‘experience’ doing this before so they can have a less noisy sex…

Sex… Sex Everywhere!
Oh well, oh well, oh well… As per my expectations this is how it ends up. The basic porn logic of if you f*ck a girl long enough, she will eventually fall in love with you and let you f*ck her forever and ever. Happy ending. The end. I hope this will be the last ‘legal’ anime porn that I have to watch. But don’t place your hopes too much on me being good on my promise yet as I am known to have break them many times in the past. Like my taste for mecha animes but over the years I sometimes go watch them. So I supposed it is the same for this genre. Not surprisingly and expected, I am quite disappointed with this crap and the reason why I am not as disappointed as I sound is because I already lowered my expectations a lot from the start. Yes, it helps curtail and cushion the impact of crappiness very effectively.

I know many porn shows don’t necessarily have any plot but at least they have some sort of porn logic that make me laugh. Uh huh. Watching porn for its hilarious comedy gold ‘plot’ is one reason why I do so but I guess nobody would believe me. But for this particular series, there isn’t any of that. Just a group of fashion designers… Are they having some sort of problem with their latest project? And then out of the blue the boss f*cks the employee. I mean, WTF?! What?! WHAT???!!! Suddenly the f*cking comes out of nowhere for no absolute reason at all. I mean, like I said porn logic has anybody f*cking anybody anywhere. It just feels so weird. The slightest excuse is the reason why Hadano starts raping Aizawa. No reason needed except that this is an obligatory scene for every episode. Boom! Here’s your sex scene. It’s not like it is exciting too. It’s embarrassing to say this but after watching so many seasons straight of this kind of cheap porn, this kind of sex scene is really nothing. Damn, looks like my turned on level has risen. Dangerous. Meaning I might need even more dangerous and risqué porn for that same amount of satisfaction. But I’ll discuss this personally with myself on another day.

So what else can I b*tch about this series? Oh, do they need another third party for this? It is not like Kei played any obvious role and for the love triangle to come so late, I guess there’s your much needed drama. Because what else is a good time for Aizawa to ponder about the feelings of the men in her life. You got a superior who makes her feel good and on the other hand you got a good looking and seemingly innocent model whom I assume his love for her is pure. If Kei did end up making out with Aizawa, it would have been more of the same and he is no different with Hadano. So is Kei really integral to the series? Just like other colleagues in this assumingly huge organization, they don’t matter. In a way, I’m glad this shy tall model dude didn’t get tainted. It would really suck if suddenly there was an end plot twist and a threesome! Yikes.

I find it odd that the anime’s title is about having sex in the hotel capsule but that only happens at the start and the end. Otherwise, they are like having sex in almost everywhere else they are. Especially at office. I suppose it would be boring if they keep doing it in the hotel capsule. Literally you can f*ck anywhere in office. Just don’t let anybody find out. Not sure if Aizawa moaned out loud because I’m under the impression she does but because all the other office workers are like so engrossed talking to each other, they don’t hear any strange sounds coming from an unlocked room nearby. Yeah, so strange indeed. Might as well put the theme as some invisible man f*cking an office worker. Haha. And with the final scene of sex in a capsule hotel, looks like it is to remind us what this title was about in the first place. And what goes around, comes around! Haha!

Even funnier when you start considering the ridiculously long title of the series. It literally translates to: The Night When Me And My Boss Spent The Night At the Capsule Hotel After The Last Trained And He Passed His Fever To Me. Like… What?! WTF???!!!! WHAT FEVER????!!! Oh, don’t tell me the disease of loving sex is the fever he passed on to her. If a man can pleasure his woman so good like that, I’m sure she doesn’t want to be cured ever! Porn logic! So Aizawa became sick in terms of love sick? Craving sex from her boss despite she saying no but her body say yes? Oh Aizawa, you’re probably confused if love = sex but it doesn’t matter because as long as you feel good, everything is a-okay. Otherwise you would have reported this dude to the authorities and be part of the #MeToo campaign.

Overall, this was really disappointing to say the least. It wasn’t as stimulating as that ‘girl dropping from the hole’ one and not as hilariously absurd-cum-funny like that prison one. And about that next season anime porn that I was unsure if I was going to watch or not? Looks like I would definitely not be watching. Because I just found out that they’re going to take this porn thing to the next level as next season is BL!!! Oh yeah. Time to stay away from that. And what’s this BL story, you ask? Father and son BL???!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAH GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God. Every day we stray further and further from thou. I’m so glad I’m not into this gay yaoi thing. Time to appreciate hetero straight porn no matter how bad they are. There is still a whole lot of fun with 1 dick and 1 pussy compared to 2 dicks and no pussy at all.

Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru

February 17, 2019

Heh. First they tried giving me a boy maid. Thankfully I didn’t turn into a shotacon. And then there was that busty dragon maid. Thank goodness I didn’t convert into some furry fetish. And now we have a lolicon maid! Oh… Uhm… Well… Okay, good thing I am confident I won’t turn into a lolicon but will I be turned on by a maid who is into little girls? What the heck am I saying?! Anyway, in Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru, the maid of the main character is such an annoyance since she loves little girls. Hence the daily shenanigans and struggles of their odd relationship. Loli harassment! I hope this anime won’t make lolicons hate maids!

Episode 1
Tsubame Kamoi is out of luck. There is no job offer where she gets to spend the whole day with a little girl. She returns to the house where she spotted her ‘snow angel’ 1.5 years ago. Yeah, there was this cute half Russian girl, Misha Takanashi that caught her heart. But now the place looks unkempt and there is an ad outside hiring for a maid. Part of the requirements is to be tough and strong so she fears a bratty little fat kid. To make sure, she climbs up to pole to peek into the room. There’s that little girl Misha! Misha is so freaked out, she ran to her dad, Yasuhiro for help! Dad is so happy his daughter came for help and wants to celebrate! Tsubame is ushered in and already Misha is feeling the creeps. After Yasuhiro’s wife died, the place became messy as she did the cleaning and laundry. He can’t be at home always, he needs someone to take care of the place. As Misha is known to play pranks on maids, they don’t last long. Misha pours muddy water over Tsubame in hopes to kick her out but she is unfazed. This is nothing to her. You see, Tsubame is from the military and ex-JSDF! Instantly she sizes up Misha’s measurements and freaks her out to hide behind her dad again. Misha thinks there is no way to beat her after seeing her killer abs! OMFG!!! But the annoyance level increases when Tsubame wears her school gym clothes since there are none available. Dad is so happy to see them getting on together so well.

Next day, Tsubame returns wearing a real maid outfit. She doesn’t mind the stares of the neighbourhood as long as she get to be with the loli. In order to dig up dirt on Tsubame, Misha uses her pet ferret, Kumagoro to film her. Looks like she is going to put her panties on her head. Nothing happens. In fact, Tsubame knows about the recording and says hi. I don’t think there will be any searches in Google to kill someone easily without anybody finding out. Later Tsubame wants to eat lunch with Misha but she won’t come out of her room. So she fans the delicious curry in her bid to get her out. Misha is tempted but tells her to leave it at the doorstep. Once the coast is clear, she opens the door. Don’t look up now because she’s hiding on the ceiling! Caught the loli! Misha becomes upset thinking Tsubame only likes her because of her looks. This makes her no different than everyone else. However Tsubame assures she only likes girls who have not menstruated! As she brags about her preference of angels who can’t reproduce yet, Misha quietly takes the curry into her room and locks the door. Remember to draw the curtains too so that pervert maid can’t see you eating from outside the pole. With summer vacation here, Tsubame thinks Misha has no friends and needs to provide a healthy and happy life. Thus the next day she arrives in a school gym outfit with the logic she needs friends her own age (at the expense of the neighbourhood giving her that trashy look). Tsubame wants to know more about Misha but the feeling is not mutual for the loli. Here’s to more annoying days ahead. Papa can’t be so happy to see them ‘happy’ together like this. So touching…

Episode 2
Tsubame’s attempts to be friends with Misha so far… Failed! But she notices Misha loves playing an online game and hatches a scheme to create a fake account and pretend to be her friend. She imagines Misha will be shocked to learn the friend is her all along and they’ll become real friends. If only real life was this easy. Creating a new avatar under the name Kinue, she makes a friend request thinking there aren’t many ferret lovers in this town. Yeah, 65 friend requests and all of them filthy male lolicons! Look who’s talking?! Finally the real Misha shows up and accepts her friend request. Meeting up in the game, Tsubame’s avatar is a cute little girl but Misha an old rough and tough guy? Better to stem those weird invitations (but she’s still getting them, though). Both play the game well. Tsubame notices Misha taking pictures of Kumagoro as she needs to send them to her friend Kinue. Tsubame is delighted in hearing that but can’t reveal her identity. For now, she leaves the house without harassing Misha but this only makes her suspicious. Next time they log online and clear a very difficult game, Tsubame accidentally calls to Misha. This only ascertains Misha’s suspicions that Kinue is Tsubame. Immediately she logs out. Game over.

Misha wakes up only to find herself being carried by Tsubame to the forests. They’re going to camp together?! This is the worst. This is to make up for that online game incident and also she is hoping Misha will get that Stockholm Syndrome. A lot of campers thought they were like mother and daughter but of course this brings back some unpleasant memories for Misha as she scoffs off Tsubame as her mom. She agrees and creepily describes all her different Caucasian features. Since Misha can’t go home alone or she’ll get lost, looks like she’ll have to camp for the night and also help cook food (because she thinks Tsubame will kill her if she doesn’t cooperate). Their food taste good but of course Misha won’t admit it. Tsubame seeks forgiveness for that online game incident and won’t leave the mountain until she is forgiven! Instant forgiveness! That night she can’t sleep so she is bored and looks at the stars, only to remember mom’s last words that she will be one and be sure to look for her. Problem is, too many stars! Not sure which is hers. Time is right for Tsubame to invite her to sleep inside where it is warm. Warm indeed but Tsubame can’t stop sleep talking about turning Misha into a cute girl! However just when it gets interesting (Tsubame talking about how her father died around Misha’s age and that’s when she wanted to fly), sleep Misha falls asleep. Misha finally returns home and because she so happily describes the fun she did during camping, Yasuhiro points out the obvious only to make Misha embarrassed. So it’s fun or not?

Episode 3
Tsubame is tempted by other young girls. But her heart must stay strong to only Misha! Then she realizes, is Misha not going to school? After luring her out of her room with ice cream, she asks about school. Russians don’t need to go to school! Local law exemption? She plays dumb and later asks Yasuhiro. Because of her looks, she attracts attention. Yasuhiro blames himself for putting Misha through this. She told her if she be a good girl at school, mom will recover but did not. So he left her alone and hopes she’ll get over this. Tsubame will go to school with her and be the centre of attraction but she’ll get arrested in no time. So she goes talk to Misha again and of course another no. Hence Tsubame gives an example of a different looking kid in one’s class. It is sure to attract attention. You can only judge someone by their appearance before you get to know them. Tsubame then goes on to rant how she knows Misha a lot by how much toilet paper she uses! And with more other habits of Misha she observes, Misha decides to go to school! Just to avoid being with this annoying person! Man, if this was reverse psychology, it worked like a charm.

Yasuhiro must be so proud that his daughter finally decides to take her first step to school. Only, if Tsubame isn’t there waiting to go with her. Trying to pretend to be a girl sick for 3 years and is now resuming school? Nobody’s going to buy that. Misha goes off alone and meets up with her classmate, Mimika Washizaki. It seems there is a problem in class. Both were supposed to take care of the hamster. During the holidays, the teacher decided to put both hamsters in a cage so as to only clean 1 cage. Now it has multiplied! Meanwhile Tsubame remembers a room that Yasuhiro told her not to enter. It is an important room to Misha and it is believed it contains her late mom’s belongings. So for that day for Misha to open her heart and show her that room, she prepares a surprise back to school party at home. Once she is done, she decides to check on Misha at school. After sneaking and breaking in, outside her class she peeks and sees Misha and Mimika taking control of the situation as they address the hamster problem. Wow. She’s a hamster pro. Tsubame is so impressed but too bad she is arrested by the police. Misha returns home, shocked at the party bash. But Yasuhiro is heard over the phone apologizing. You know what the maid has done, right? Too bad, instead of spending time with Misha in this party, she has to fix up the school. At least the parts she broke into. Apologizing can only get you so far…

Episode 4
Misha keeps 3 of the hamsters. Noticing Yasuhiro will be working overnight and Tsubame doesn’t come over during weekends, it’s freedom! Too bad here is the maid. Yasuhiro called her to come. This means she’s going to stay for the night. Oh no. She’ll protect her from any evil! Says the one who is most evil! Tsubame is tempted to bath with Misha but decides not to. She thinks that if she does this often, Misha will feel lonely and eventually invite her into the bath. Not happening. Just get out! When she goes to bed, Misha is shocked to see Tsubame already waiting in her bed. Misha was so engrossed in her games that she didn’t notice her sneaking in. Kicked out of course. Next morning, Misha wakes up and plays her games for the entire day. When she is about to retire to bed, she realizes she forgot to do her homework. Hence Tsubame helps out by interviewing her about her future dreams. As she wants the easy life, why not marry someone rich? Tsubame offers herself because she has a bit of money. It’s not from her maid job but her side job of making doll clothes. That fetches a lot on the internet. Misha is not impressed. She wants to have a peaceful life without her around. Tsubame doesn’t get it and believes the harder the mission, the better the reward. But Tsubame has money, why does she need to work? Nothing is much better than taking care of a Russian girl and she is also fulfilled doing her hobby. Misha now knows what to write. So we see her read her dreams in class. She loves animals and wants to do a job relates to it. But she’ll consider the financial rewards and ways to increase her assets so she can get a high security house to keep a certain maid out. Such a realist. Later Misha looks up the internet for the doll dress. One is named after her. Better not go any further…

Misha is ecstatic when Mimika wants to come over to play. So happy that Misha forgot and only realized there is this perverted maid waiting for her. She foresees that either Tsubame will harass her to death or kill her to protect her oujo-sama. Bad ending either way. However Mimika is already here and shockingly Tsubame puts up the most courteous and polite maid act ever. Is this really her? Mimika learns that Misha can talk to animals. Misha thought others would find it weird but Mimika is impressed. Finally Tsubame’s true colours are revealed when she wants Mimika to put on a cute dress. Surprisingly she agrees. Because of her brothers keep messing her up (nothing hentai!), she can’t afford to wear cute dresses. Mimika laments she doesn’t have nice blonde hair but Misha prefers black hair. The case of the grass is greener? Conversation interrupted with Tsubame almost ‘dying’ from the young girls’ conversation. Tsubame lends a pair of decorative glasses for Mimika to complement her dress. As Mimika leaves, she thanks Misha and her maid because before today, she never liked her hair and glasses. Misha is glad Mimika calls her by her name. It’s like she achieved a friend, no? So her special nickname for her is Washiwashi? Misha also starts taking better care of her hair.

Episode 5
Yui Morikawa thinks she is the cutest in class. That is of course until Misha turns up. Oh dear. We’ve got a jealous loli on our hands. Hence she walks around a popular street in hopes of getting her picture taken by a famous children magazine. Too bad they asked Misha instead. And Misha turned them down! That’s it for Yui. She challenges Misha to a cute contest. I guess Misha can’t say no. It gets worse with Tsubame agreeing. Yui lays down the rules. They should spend the money they have to accessorize themselves. Mimika will judge who will be the cutest. So Yui’s 512 Yen is going up against Misha’s 12,000 Yen?! Well, Yui already has a head start considering she is already dressed quiet fashionable. Even with all that money, Misha’s poor taste in fashion is so poor… Thank goodness for her maid and friend. In the end, Misha chose something simple and Mimika points her as the winner. Yui won’t accept this so Tsubame takes the liberty to strip Yui! Has she finally turned into a criminal? Actually, Yui overdressed so it is hard to focus what is cute on her. With more fashion tips from Tsubame about more is less, Yui now considers Tsubame her master! Yui is then scouted by the magazine for her picture. Happy Yui posts it online and as usual, an uncle who always posts first comments on getting a low angle view. She doesn’t understand so Tsubame brutally explains what it means. Immediately she blocks that pedo. A few days later, that uncle is seen arrested on the news. Misha hopes the same would befall on Tsubame.

Misha’s school is having its sports day. Yasuhiro and Tsubame are here to watch. Initially Misha gave Tsubame the green light to come as long as she doesn’t stand out or say anything. Too bad that won’t last long because bad luck falls on Yui as she sprains her ankle. It’s like God don’t want the class ace to race. Yui requests for her master to replace her and with Misha feeling pressured by everyone, here comes Tsubame to the rescue. Really? They accept an adult to replace a kid?! We can see Tsubame is so efficient in the ball toss that the other teammates don’t need to do anything. Naturally the opposite complains of unfairness and wants a handicap. Yeah, even tying her hand behind her back, Tsubame still aces the tug of war and relay! Finally it is the 3-legged race. Misha is doomed because if Yui was supposed to be her partner… However Tsubame matches her pace to run at Misha’s speed. But Misha knows at this rate she will lose and wants Tsubame to do her best. However Tsubame would prefer to match her pace and run to the finish line together, something that is harder to do. Misha doesn’t care about anything but winning but luck is on her side as other teams tumble and they end up in third place. In the end, somehow the opposite team win the overall. Can’t say Misha’s side cheated now? But Misha notes the need to work on her stamina. But first, she has to get over her dad and maid fawning over the recorded video of Misha in action. Needing to upgrade the TV to 8K just to watch Misha in HD? Don’t waste money!

Episode 6
If there is anything Misha doesn’t need, it’s meeting another weirdo. Unfortunately for this goth loli weirdo, Midori Ukai, Misha blows her whistle and soon the police comes chasing this molester. While escaping, she kidnaps Mimika but she too has a whistle. Thank goodness for Japan keeping their lolis safe! Out of the frying pan and into the fire is what best describes Misha. Yeah, another weirdo waiting at home. As she tries to Google ways to get rid of her, she thought Tsubame is once again peeping from outside her window. Nope. Midori. From what she says, it looks like Midori is infatuated with Tsubame although the feeling is not mutual. She goes away after being threatened. Misha learns Midori is Tsubame’s former senior officer in JSDF. If Misha can think if JSDF is full of perverts, JSDF better start cleaning up their act. But Misha hits upon an idea. She thinks of using Midori to get rid of Tsubame. Misha thought her food bait was silly (since Midori craved for Tsubame’s cooking) but it worked! Misha tries to hear her out but too bad her loli brain can’t understand this ‘complexity’. You see, Midori falls on and off in between depression and ecstasy just thinking about Tsubame. Oh, time for flashback. When Midori was in the JSDF, she was working under the division to train dogs. It took years for her to get closer and bond with the canines but one day Tsubame as the new staff appeared, all the dogs suddenly obey her! Midori felt insulted but at the same time started to fall in love with Tsubame! And so this is where he one-sided love story began. Worse, Midori tries to act like a dog! Is she trying to be her b*tch? Anyway, Tsubame wasn’t impressed. As they take judo training too, Midori always set up for Tsubame to throw her down. Best feeling ever.

One day all that stopped when Tsubame suddenly quit. Desperate Midori confessed to her but was rejected. Midori was ecstatic of the rejection? Long story short, Midori is a masochist. So it was somewhat conflicting that after Tsubame left, the hole in her heart was both exciting and depressing. Yeah, Midori fell down the pecking order so low that even her training dogs rank higher than her! Considering Midori is now unemployed, how will she get money? Guess what? Midori’s family is filthy rich! Woah. Misha now feeling she wants to be a responsible adult and have a proper job than lazing around all day playing video games! This is when Misha tells Midori her plan. She wants Tsubame out of her house and since their goals align, they’ll work together. She is going to hire her as her maid. Somehow Misha kept her maid outfit in the garbage bin? Or was it a lucky find? She tries to change in public as Misha stops her and warns about being arrested. Midori complains about how uptight Japanese police are. More flashbacks as we see Midori molesting a young girl whom she thinks would be Tsubame’s taste. Yeah, the police arrested her. And now too because she got wardrobe malfunction and hence indecent exposure. I don’t know how all that worked out but Misha brings Midori back home and tells Tsubame straight in her face that she is fired. Midori is her replacement.

Episode 7
Surprisingly, Tsubame accepts it and leaves. Woah. Is Misha feeling guilty that she’s the bad guy now? Reminder: Labour law says you have to give 1 month notice for fired employees! Misha tries to look on the bright side that the annoyance is gone. But with Midori making dinner for her, WTF is this vomit induced curry?! Looks bad. Tastes bad! It doesn’t help that Midori is a masochist and loves Misha’s reprimanding. So masochistic that she eats the curry too! I guess it’s the same for breakfast. Watch how the toast gets burnt and then eating it. She really is bad at cooking for a purpose, huh? She might not be a great cook but at least she is a great cleaner. So for food, Midori solves the problem by ordering take-outs. Misha is all happy at first but when you have pizza and sushi every day, she’s starting to feel tired and wants to go back to the ordinary food. One evening, she spots Midori looking pretty anxious. That’s because she spotted Tsubame alone at the river. Can’t go to talk to her? Somehow Midori accidentally pushes Misha towards Tsubame. Awkward. Misha tries to sound that it’s not her fault but Tsubame tells her straight up that she rejected her and is not wanted in her life. That’s all to it. Misha then pleads to her she wants her to make dinner and snacks again. But she didn’t see this coming. Tsubame recorded that on her drone! She knew Midori sucks at cooking and waited for this opportunity to spring. Sneaky! Looks like Tsubame is rehired. But what about Midori? Can’t fire her without 1 month notice. And so we have 2 maids now working at her place at least for 1 month.

We see the maids making breakfast for their masters and it is Tsubame’s intention to watch Misha’s sleeping face and then wake her up. Too bad Misha is already up because she got used to how freaky it was and to avoid all that she now wakes up earlier. Tsubame tells Midori that cleaning Misha’s room is a task only for her. That is because she wants to pick every strand of Misha’s hair and make it into a replica doll for her birthday present. Wow. Her grand delusion sure thinks she could make Misha marry her. Too bad Midori asks the same question if she made a doll out of Tsubame’s hair. She’ll immediately reject it! Ah, she loves the rejection. Midori has went far to dress as frilly as Tsubame likes. In the process, trying to figure it out was also fun. Is it a good thing or bad when Tsubame says outright that she isn’t her type so no matter what dress she puts on, it’ll not attract her. Maybe a both. Midori loves the rejection and at the same time Tsubame trying to make her feel better. Later the duo put on a disguise to go stalk Misha coming back from home. Misha doesn’t have a clue this old lady is Tsubame. She also pretends to be hard on hearing if Misha happens to talk to her. At the end of the day as the maids part, looks like it is going to take a while as Midori is saying goodbye to Tsubame every few seconds. Misha realizes as long as she is dependent on Tsubame for food, she can’t get rid of her. If only she has a weakness. Is there?!

Episode 8
Misha learns that Midori’s family runs a super famous hotel. Because they call her back, Misha wants to go stay there! With the maids begging Yasuhiro, too bad father will be the only one who has to stay back at home. Misha is awed with the luxurious suite. But why a tent here? Midori’s going to stay here. She relates how she pukes at nice things and wonders if she was switched at birth. Hence her parents got fed up and had another son who will become their heir to take over the business, allowing Midori to do whatever she wants. Misha settles the sleeping problem with Midori sleeping in the middle and Tsubame next to her. If Tsubame tries to cross over to rape Misha, she’ll kill her. Can she? Next morning, Misha gets a shock awakening with Midori bleeding all over! That’s the side effect of being too long in something nice and comfortable. Misha insists that Midori joins them for breakfast and all the other attractions this hotel has. Soon reality hits as Misha realizes Midori’s one month is up and she is still looking for a job (something that abuses her and with low pay – there are so many jobs in the world that fit that). She would love Midori to stay but Yasuhiro can only keep one. Misha has no qualms suggesting Tsubame marry Midori as she pities the latter. Tsubame refuses and would prefer to marry Misha instead. Rejected. Because Misha doesn’t like her one bit! So it’s okay for Midori but not for Tsubame? Yeah, double standards. In the end, Midori faces reality and leaves. Misha is a sad girl. Tsubame is an envious girl. Because Midori pets Misha’s head as goodbye. A week later, Misha continues to worry about Midori. Jealous Tsubame believes she is fine. Suddenly Midori rings at their doorbell. Apparently she bought the house next door. She tried to waste her parents’ money in some forex investment but it brought her more returns instead. So she bought a house and started her own cleaning business since she is good at it. She also means cleaning up houses with people who died in it…

Horror for Tsubame! Because she realizes Misha’s pantsu is missing! Yeah, she knows all of Misha’s pantsu well. Immediately Misha and Midori suspect her and threaten to call the police. Yeah, they’re not going to believe her she isn’t the culprit. I’m sure Tsubame would have wanted to say if she was the culprit, why would she have alerted them but they don’t listen and deduce this obvious fact on their own. Misha learns from Tsubame’s dirty trick as she records a line that makes Tsubame seemingly admit she is the criminal although it was just part of a sentence. Tsubame goes to clear her name by investigating the crime site. All the fingerprints are hers. Get ready to call the cops on her. After amazingly describes what panty thieves do, Tsubame now remembers what happened. As she was hanging out the clothes, a delivery rang at the door. Tsubame put Misha’s panties into her pocket to go answer the door before forgetting all about it. Now you can call the police. Later, more horror for Tsubame! Because now her own pantsu is missing. After taking a bath, she comes out to find them missing. Midori would be the suspect but Tsubame knows her well enough not to do that because she gets her kicks by wearing the same kind as hers. The degrading makes her happy. I guess the rest aren’t going to take her missing panties seriously because Midori is willing to lend hers while Misha suggests wearing Yasuhiro’s if she is so damn shy in going home without one. The real culprit turns out to be the hamsters. Did they steal it for nesting?

Episode 9
Misha calls Kumagoro. Because it’s time to go to the vet doctor! Fearing the needle, Kumagoro escapes. When Misha cannot find the ferret, she ‘interrogates’ the hamsters. Misha starts to panic. Yeah, it’s a big deal for her. Thank goodness Tsubame is here to help but her efforts are not appreciated. You can’t trust a lolicon with an ulterior motive. Misha calls Mimika to help put up lost posters of Kumagoro. Searching for it in the streets is futile as Misha remembers the day her mom died, she felt alone. Yasuhiro then bought her a pet ferret and it became part of her family. Tsubame relies on her last resort for the search. As Midori keeps a retired police dog at her place, Misha lets it sniff Kumagoro’s scent. Naturally it sniffs back to her house. Tsubame had to show her authority to the playful dog to make it do its job. Eventually it leads them to Yui’s house. Misha thinks Yui kidnapped Kumagoro but Yui is cocksure she did not and dares them to go look into her house. Isn’t that Kumagoro with her little sister, Yuina? Misha wants Kumagoro back but Yuina insists she found it and is hers. Tsubame would love to add another loli to her harem and even a small girl like her understands the implications of how scary this woman is. She gives back Kumagoro and apologize. All is well, ends well. Except that they’re going to the vet now. Ferret horror continues…

It’s such a cold day and Misha didn’t want to get out of bed and even thinks school is cancelled due to the snow. Oh well. Reality sucks. Off you go. She meets up with Mimika and sees her a little fat. She admits she was eating a lot of chocolates otherwise her brothers would eat them. Yui is trying to show off her winter fashion when Misha enters the class and now all eyes are on her. Instinctively Yui challenges her to a snowball fight. Normally there is no reason for them to accept except Mimika wants to lose weight. So the rule is whoever lands the most snowballs in 10 minutes wins. Their other friends will judge. At first, Yui seems to be leading as she is pro in making and throwing snowballs. Luckily or not, Tsubame disguised as a snowman give some hints in splitting their role as well as how to make harder snowball. Now that the tables are turned on Yui, she is calling it unfair? Wasn’t she the one who set the rules? Oh, her friends already gave up judging quite a while ago. So can we call it a tie? Because if they really kept count, Yui would have lost. Grrr… Oh Yui, just “Let It Go”! Haha! Misha thanks Mimika and this pure friendship moments is ruined because a certain lolicon sees it as some beautiful loli yuri. Time to bust the maid out of the snow.

Episode 10
Yasuhiro wants to go on a vacation with Misha to the hotspring. Too bad loli prefers to stay home. Is she implying she prefers to be with the maid? Until Yasuhiro mentions the hotspring has capybara. Instantly Misha wants to go and this means she doesn’t have to see Tsubame. Now she relishes not seeing her face? Hence Misha doesn’t want father to tell Tsubame about this as she delicately plans how to go on this trip without raising Tsubame’s suspicions. All seems clear along the way until they reach the inn. Because Tsubame will be their matron! Oh sh*t! Feel like going home? But we just got here? Tsubame claims she was looking for some part time job but actually her spying on Misha is what got her to know about this. Misha can’t enjoy the bath alone since Tsubame is always there. Annoyed, she goes to pet the capybaras. Suddenly she sees a panda. A panda? In Japan? She tells Yasuhiro about it but he doesn’t believe. Hence that night Misha thought of going to get some evidence when Yasuhiro is asleep. Too bad she forgot to take her handphone and is lost. When Yasuhiro wakes up and realizes Misha is not around, time to hit the panic button. Oddly, stalker Tsubame wasn’t anywhere near Misha? Anyway she offers to go find her and wants the guilt ridden father to stay behind so as to welcome Misha back. It would be bad if he comes along and something happens to him. Because he is Misha’s only parent left. Sometimes she says some sensible stuffs. But most of the other times, just disgusting…

Misha thinks she will die in the wild. On the bright side, she can meet her mom. On the downside, she’ll miss all her family and friends. However thinking about Tsubame means death is much preferable! Suddenly Misha sees the panda. Strange, it is walking bipedal and eating fish raw? Pandas eat fish?! Misha thinks it is a brown bear in disguise. Don’t look now but big mama brown bear is here! Is Misha done for? Good thing or not, Tsubame is here to save the day. How can she even take advantage of this situation to hug Misha? So is she going to fight the bear? Well, she starts ranting how much she loves Misha. The bear just walks away! Even animals know not to mess with this psycho. While Misha is now safe, she is now keeping her distance with this pervert. When other rescue workers come, Misha gladly goes to them. They return to the inn as Yasuhiro lectures her but it is a pretty mild scolding. Misha regrets what she does as they apologize to the staffs. At least Misha shows a bit of compassion to Tsubame but she’s pushing her luck of asking her hand in marriage. Will papa approve? Yasuhiro is a bit overprotective of Misha now. He wouldn’t really know what to do had she been lost and he can’t go save her like Tsubame. He hopes she would properly call him daddy one day.

Episode 11
Flashback of the happier times Misha and her mom. Wow. So touching. Misha is happy that Mimika is coming over for a sleepover. Of course she is not impressed with Tsubame taking the initiative to set up all the elaborate stuffs. All she needs to do is make delicious snacks for them. I guess that will do. As Tsubame cleans up, there is a room that she was forbidden to enter, she wants to clean it. Immediately Misha shoots her down. Don’t ever enter that room. That room is actually Misha’s mom’s work station and it holds a lot of memories for her. Later Misha thinks of cleaning it as it is obviously dusty and dirty. Looking at the Herculean effort needed to clean, I guess she’ll postpone it to another time. When Mimika arrives, why is Yui here too? Apparently Mimika bumped into her along the way (fighting with a cat?!) and thinks Yui wants to be her friend. Misha invites her to stay over. As the girls have fun, Misha orders Tsubame to sleep outside to guard them from weirdoes. You mean like this one peeking at the edge of the house and almost being arrested by the police? Yup. Girls, meet Midori. I guess she’s joining them too? As the lolis bath, Misha can’t let her guard down and anticipates Tsubame barging in. None of that happened. Surprised, huh? Since Tsubame saved her in the woods, Misha relents and wears the pyjamas Tsubame made for her. Tsubame could die now but if she did, she won’t get to stalk enjoy further loli time. As Misha is preoccupied thinking about Tsubame because she is strangely nice today, her friends think she is a tsundere for her maid. She denies. Proven their point? Then it turns into a pillow fight. Ah, such fun.

Deep in the night as Yui needs to go to the toilet, she takes Mimika with her. WTF they witnessed Midori trying to it upside down on the toilet seat???!!! Surely scared the hell out of them. Then they see Kumagoro juggling the hamsters. In the darkness I guess it looks scary so they unwittingly hide themselves in the forbidden room. Accidentally they trip over some stuffs and though Misha’s mom’s stuffed bad was a monster and ran out. The duo slept the entire night huddling each other. Misha thought they were close friends. As Misha goes down, she sees the forbidden room’s door open. At that time Tsubame just came back. Misha becomes visibly upset about somebody entering the room. She suspects Yui since she was curious about that room yesterday. Immediately Tsubame covers for her and says that it was her who enter the room. This makes Misha even madder, telling her off this is a place for her family and not for any outsider to enter. She locks herself in that room.

Episode 12
Mimika and Yui realize their mistake and want to apologize. However Midori tells them not to waste Tsubame’s efforts. After they leave, Yasuhiro rushes home. Although Tsubame apologizes, Yasuhiro blames himself for not being a good father. So it’s time to confirm why Misha is so fixated with that room. As you would have known, it is her mother’s studio. Sometimes Misha always finds her way there to play with mom. You can say there are a lot of dear memories of mom there. After mom died, she stayed there for a while thinking mom was hiding somewhere. With that, Tsubame yells from outside the room to make Misha realize that her mom is not in that room. Of course it only serves to make her mad. Later Mimika and Yui call Misha to apologize. Misha also knows. Even if Tsubame always makes her mad, she would never do anything to hurt her. Midori enters the room via ventilation. Technically not inside the room? She gives her food and portable potty and says Tsubame is currently cleaning the house. When Tsubame is done with the task, Midori confronts her about Tsubame’s u-turn attitude of thinking she can no longer be with Misha. She scolds her if her love for Misha is that thin. Please think again what is the most important in the world to her.

Soon Tsubame talks to Misha but remains outside the room. She explains her past. Her father was in the JSDF and because he always bought her macho and toys for boys, it’s the reason why she ended up loving girly and frilly things. Despite all that, she loves her papa dearly. So when his death was sudden, she was in shock. Her mom probably couldn’t bear to see her like this and told a white lie that he went to the skies. It is the same reason Tsubame went into JSDF so she could see him in the sky. She trained hard for that day and when she finally took off to the skies, of course she already knew, he wasn’t anywhere. Misha admits that she wasn’t mad with anybody who entered the room. It is the fact that she didn’t feel anything when she entered. It means she had fun every day without her mom. It’s like she has forgotten about her. That is why she is mad with herself. Tsubame continues that she was forced to quit the JSDF because of her failing eyesight. Her right is now completely blind. Misha feels bad she lost everything but on the contrary, Tsubame found her light: It’s you Misha! With Misha making peace with herself, she opens the door to bring Tsubame in so they could clean the room together. In the aftermath, everything returns to normal. This includes Misha still not calling Yasuhiro her dad, Yui challenging Misha to a challenge she already lost before (did she forget?), Midori back to her creepy masochistic ways and yes, Tsubame still not giving up on marrying Misha and even have her babies! If she doesn’t, she’ll hold her dinner hostage! WTF?!

Devious Maids
I guess life is not perfect and definitely not a bed of roses. For Misha to continue accepting Tsubame as her maid shows that she clearly values her a lot and is willing to put up with her annoying habits and constant harassing and pestering for years to come. It’s the small price to pay for having her delicious cooking and snacks. Oh Misha, don’t rush into answering Tsubame’s questions (although I know what your answers already are). You’ve still got a lot of years ahead of you so take your time and enjoy your childhood and don’t let the lolicon spoil it all.

Depending on how you find your comedy, Tsubame’s antics level are at annoyance level or at funny level. While this series doesn’t spam in your face Tsubame’s loli love antics, it does enough to make you laugh. After all, that is what the series is going to be mostly about. If the entire series is going to have Tsubame trying to fulfil her sick fetish and without some character building moments, I think it would be very distasteful and we would be just freaked out. It is like the lolicon version of the Road Runner and Coyote Show. You know that cartoon that has a certain coyote nonstop trying to get his hands on a certain road runner in every skit. That is basically what that series and cartoon is all about. So thankfully although there are some really ‘freaky’ moments when Tsubame goes overboard with her loli love (do you not find her delusions of Misha to be very disturbing on an uncomfortable and unhealthy level?), I find them amusing and hilarious to watch. After all, how can you not love a maid character!!!!!!!!! See the light today, people!!!! Maid characters are the best!!!! Always!!!! Wohoo!!!! Ahem. Now I understand how Misha feels…

I know some of the comedy effects are exaggerated but there is one thing that boggled my mind. It is that panda incident. I kept thinking there was some sort of motive behind it. After all, you don’t find pandas other than in mainland China. It was even walking in a bipedal fashion and eats raw fish it caught from the river. So I thought it had to be somebody in a panda suit. Perhaps Midori. And then nothing came out of it. So what the heck was all that? Therefore this ridiculous moment was just some rushed plot convenience so that Misha will open her heart a little and learn her lesson. Don’t always be a brat to Yasuhiro and Tsubame because technically when she’s in trouble, they are the only ones capable of protecting her.

Love her or hate her, is Tsubame a blessing in Misha’s life or is she a curse? Or both? It is indeed sad that Misha lost her beloved mom at a very young age and I am not even sure what happened to her real biological father. I am assuming mom remarried Yasuhiro because it would be really strange and rude for Misha to call her father by his name. It’s not that Misha really likes him and at first it feels like he only does so because he is the only one left she can rely on. All Misha wants is a family and it is unfortunate she can’t have her real mom with her anymore so everyone else like Yasuhiro, her pets, her friends and to an extend her annoying maid helps her fill that void and hopefully in time to come, Misha would be able to see Yasuhiro as her father. Yup, what Misha needs isn’t a maid. It’s a family.

Even though Misha dislikes Tsubame, it is not like she entirely hates her. That part where she was temporarily fired proved it. Even if Misha only likes Tsubame for her delicious cooking, at least there is a part of her she likes. There are certain points where Misha ponders over Tsubame’s history and it’s a sign that she cares, right? Over the course of the series you can see how Misha has ‘transformed’ from a girl who freaks out at the sight of Tsubame to one who just doesn’t bother anymore. Like as though she has learnt to counter this sicko by not giving in and overreacting because it seems that it was Tsubame wants. So she just makes sarcastic comebacks and enough to ignore the annoying maid that it makes her feeling confused and snubbed. That’s the way to play this game. You adapt. If you can’t beat ‘em, ignore ‘em. If the logic of Tsubame being persistent with her will make Misha finally give in, then the same logic would also apply to Misha if she constantly rejects her, Tsubame will give up and go away. The question is who will prevail first? It would have been super uncomfortable if Misha and Tsubame really gone down the yuri path (even if it was for reverse psychology). Adult woman and a loli seem like a very sick hentai genre. Thank goodness the rejection force in Misha is strong!

It’s a running joke that Tsubame is a lolicon and hence this peculiar character of hers that give rise to a lot of questionable situations and things she does. But don’t worry, since she is from the army, an excuse why she can do almost anything with ease. I don’t think I have ever seen any other women with such great abs like hers except for Shingeki No Kyojin’s Mikasa. Yeah… It is nice that we caught a glimpse and insight on Tsubame’s past. Especially about her father and why she wanted to join the JSDF. It might be short but it was impactful enough. Not really clear how it led to her lolicon behaviour but more importantly it gives Tsubame some character we can somewhat sympathize with (albeit 1% is good enough) instead of one who just an overpowered, can do anything and everything as well as an annoying lolicon. But for now, she’ll have this reputation of being a stalker trying to torment a kid in the name of love and disrespecting her privacy time. Yeah… Can you say that Tsubame’s twisted character is also because she somewhat come from a broken family? And only one with such background can help another in the same predicament? Good for Misha, she doesn’t need to learn lessons the hard way.

Even if Tsubame loves lolis and young girls who haven’t have their first period yet, boy I have bad news for you Misha. Because once you have become a teen and have your first period, Tsubame will dump you! On second thought, maybe that is what Misha wants and the only way to legitimately get rid of Tsubame. But she’ll have to wait for years. So I guess this series is a bit short sighted because when the time comes as Misha grows up, what will be of Tsubame’s love for her? Will all those sick lolicon moments turn into true love? Maybe. But for now we see Tsubame’s delusions of marrying Misha and frolicking with her as though Misha will never age. If Tsubame’s love for Misha does not transform from a lolicon to a genuine one, man she is going to be real disappointed when reality hits her since Misha will be growing up real fast when she hits puberty. Every lolicons worst nightmare when their lolis grow up. I’m also thinking that even if Tsubame doesn’t think she is harassing Misha and this obviously would scar a little girl for life, is it because she doesn’t think Misha will grow up?!

The running joke for the other sicko maid, Midori seems to be that she is a hardcore masochist. The lowest of the lowest life from. I just want to know when her status will go below a water flea. Well, technically everything in this world can be hard on you if you’re masochistic enough. So no matter how kind you are to her, she has this twisted way of twisting and misinterpreting it to some sort of punishment on her. Technically you can say that with her around, that’s why we can’t have nice things. Because she is so averse to it. So it makes me wonder that in the worst case scenario if Tsubame gives up on Misha and decides to go for mature lesbianism with her, will Midori still love Tsubame? I mean, being rejected is what gives her the pleasure. It is amazing that Midori has not tried self-mutilation but I guess that would be too much for this cute series.

Other characters feel okay. Like Yasuhiro trying hard to be Misha’s dad but he can’t be a proper one since he is always tied up with his job. I’m not sure what he does but it seems his boss might be some sort of slave driver, often making his employees coming back to work on weekends and long hours, hence Misha is often alone. Don’t want to repeat the tragedy of losing your child like a child loses her mother. But if Yasuhiro screws work, he can’t afford to let Misha live comfortably and even hire maids to take care of her. Yeah, being a single parent sucks. Maybe he should see Usagi Drop for some inspiration. Mimika feels like she is there so that Misha has another person to call a friend while Yui perhaps just wants somebody to be her true friend. That’s why she is always showing off to impress people and targeting Misha just because she thinks she has everything better just shows she has inferior complex. Competing with her feels like an exaggerated excuse just to hang out with her. She won’t admit it but I think they’re friends now, right? Last and not least, Kumagoro and the hamsters provide some animal mascot relief (animal cuteness in addition to loli cuteness) but they don’t have any significant impact on the overall story.

Art and animation are quite bright and clean. Well, Doga Kobo animated this series and they have done quite a few titles under their belt that has cute or beautiful characters such as YuruYuri, New Game, Gabriel Dropout, Love Lab, Sansha Sanyou, Mikakunin De Shinkoukei, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Plastic Memories, Luck & Logic, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyou and even in the same season, Anima Yell. It’s no wonder why there are cute girls and cute maids aplenty. Heh. But is it me when I first saw Misha, I thought she resembled a lot like Shichisei No Subaru’s Asahi. Yeah, the cute loli looks is there. And why does Yui remind me of Mitsuba from Mitsudomoe? Yeah, that bratty attitude and very similar hairstyle. Because Tsubame has an eye-patch over an eye, I keep wondering if she took this look from Rozen Maiden’s Bara Suishou. Well, the rose pattern over the eye-patch seems pretty familiar. There is one scene I remember the animation feels weird. When Misha first saw Tsubame outside her room, she got freaked out and ran all the way to Yasuhiro. The camera angle of following a panicky Misha makes the whole thing feel odd because it’s jerky and it makes Misha look more like a comical clown the way she runs and slips. Weird.

For the voice acting, I somewhat find Shiori Izawa as Yui (Moka in Kuzu No Honkai) to sound a bit strange because she sounds like she is trying to hold back her voice in her bit to try and sound bratty. Or trying too hard that she sounds like a fake loli. Not sure if I explained that correctly. The other casts are Haruka Shiraishi as Misha (Kirie in Himouto! Umaru-chan), Manami Numakura as Tsubame (Narberal in Overlord – probably why her character sounded so familiar), Mao Ichimichi as Midori (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Sayaka Harada as Mimika (Chiya in Urara Meirocho), Masayuki Katou as Yasuhiro (Demiurge in Overlord) and Kikuko Inoue who is already at that age whereby she can sound so motherly and as Misha’s mom (I guess she is no longer always 17! Haha!).

The opening theme, Uza Uza Wows by the duet of Misha and Tsubame is a lot fun to hear. Catchy opener with Russian words (Raz Dva Tri Chetyre! One Two Three Four!) and spamming of the cute waiwaiwaiwai~ that it makes me want to sound like a broken recorder. Lots of energetic exuberance that sums up mainly the relationship of the duo. The same duo also sing the ending theme which is another interesting song to here. Tokimeki Climax may sound like a rock song fit for a morning workout and maybe it is so (the ending credits animation are mostly about the duo working out) and the banter between the duo in the lyrics is as amusing to listen as always. Zenryouku! Sou ai desu!

Overall, a cute and funny show and I love it because of my maid fetish. Not the kind of ideal maid I would like to have but still a maid so this series get a free (bias) pass and thumbs up. Those who cannot find humour in this series might write it off as some sick perverse sexual harassment of minors. But why does it not seem so serious when a female is a lolicon? Imagine if Tsubame was a man, this series would have been bombarded with brickbats. It would have been distasteful and taken off the air for trying to promote pedo culture. Despite all the uncomfortable adult things that are being done to or imagined on a minor, this series has its hilarious moments. Try not to overthink and be offended with everything, okay? If Misha can put up with the most annoying maid ever, I’m sure that you snowflakes can put up with a harmless and fun anime series.

Tonari No Kyuuketsuki-san

February 16, 2019

There are 2 types of vampires in this world. The horrible kind that wants to suck the blood out of you and turn you into their slave or hate mankind and want to destroy all humans alike. Then there is the other kind who drinks tomato juice and just wants to live peacefully with nobody bothering them whatsoever. Tonari No Kyuuketsuki-san fits a lot like the latter and you know what this means when you have a cute vampire girl and a cute human girl interacting and doing stuffs together every day (or night, rather). Cute girls doing cute things, vampire version!

Episode 1
Akari Amano is lost in the woods. Her friend was talking about some haunted house but Akari was interested in finding some doll girl thingy. But she stumbles into Sophie Twilight who admits she is a vampire and flies her to her mansion. Akari soon becomes infatuated with Sophie as she looks like a doll and wants to pet her, scaring the vampire girl. She asks if she could stay and is willing to offer her own blood. Too bad Sophie doesn’t drink from live humans. Sorry to blow your enthusiasm there. With Akari making this place like her home, she also continues to visit every night and learns more about Sophie like how she isn’t good with sunlight. Sophie finds it annoying and decides to scare her by showing her strength. Instantly Akari runs away. Sophie relishes her quiet days but soon feels lonely without her. And then Akari comes back. She has brought all the jars she can’t open! Maybe she should just go home for real. With Akari bragging to her friends, they tell her to just move in and stay with Sophie. What a great idea! Plus, this place is closer to her school. But will her parents be okay with it? They agree! They are fascinated with this vampire girl. Maybe Akari got such annoying habits from her parents… As Akari tries to cook and accidentally cuts her finger, Sophie sucks on it. It gives Akari an idea to cut off more… Don’t do it! When Sophie’s blood is running low, Akari wonders if she is going to hunt humans. Well, she orders her blood online! They sell that online?! Akari tries to be useful around the mansion to get Sophie to accept her but comes off as annoying. However Sophie allows her to stay seeing it would be less lonely in this big space. Plus, her being useless, Sophie never had anything useful for her in the first place (is this an insult?). Akari takes this as Sophie accepting her love and is ready to marry her! Oh Sophie, you’re going to regret your decisions right now. Akari learns about Sophie attending school once but with so many rules and restrictions, she gave up after 3 days. Wait. So everyone knows and accepts a vampire?!

Episode 2
Sophie shows Akari her book collection. Her hobby is collecting books with signatures. Sophie accidentally reveals she is 360 years old as she has books from famous authors of the past and it brings back memories (mostly dreaded ones) when she go get their signature. And because there is another book signing event, this time Akari accompanies her. To prevent the sunlight from turning her into ash, Sophie wears thick capes and uses a parasol but it is still uncomfortable. But don’t worry. Akari is here to help her out in any way. But the short trip turns into a detour as Sophie has to avoid churches, garlic shops and the likes. When the wind blows her parasol away, Akari quickly uses her jacket to cover her. Phew. Safe. Akari is so relieved that she starts crying. Eventually Sophie manages to get her signed book. Akari wonders if she’ll remember this day as being helpful but Sophie will mostly remember it as Akari having a weird suspicious smile. Hinata Natsuki, Akari’s friend is worried that she is living with a stranger and wants to visit. Okay. Sophie is even shocked that Akari has friends! At first Hinata finds everything normal until she realizes Sophie is a vampire. Not panicking yet but she worries if Akari is alright living under the same roof as a blood sucker. Then they watch horror movies. Ironically Akari isn’t scared but Sophie is! Naturally Hinata too. So could this mean they could really be pals? When Hinata mentions about rumours of a floating girl around, it soon dawned to them it is Sophie although she herself is unaware of it. When it’s time for the human girls to go to bed, Sophie still reeling from the horror movie decides to join them. It’s not her bedtime. The scariest place in the mansion has got to be Akari’s room. Look at all the dolls she brought over! Ultimately, Hinata is glad Sophie is Akari’s friend as she seems happier. Sophie might be weird, but she’s a nice person. Hinata goes on to rant how much she adores Akari. Oh no, another nut brewing… With Hinata and Sophie now friends, looks like she gets the green light to visit again.

Episode 3
Hinata’s parents are away for a trip so she invites Akari and Sophie to visit her. Such an achievement for Sophie to step in a house of a friend. Hinata introduces Sophie to her dog, Mikan but it starts growling at her. Dogs don’t like vampires? As they talk about their families, Akari imagines Sophie’s family to be super cute. Unfortunately Sophie says she did have a family when she was human but none since she turned into a vampire. There is also a family who turned the rest of her family members into vampires. Oh look, they just posted on their social media page a few days ago just celebrating the sister’s 421st birthday! Akari gets this idea to play family and wants to be Sophie’s mom. This has Hinata overthinking that means Akari is married to somebody and will not allow it! I guess Hinata is naturally the dad then. They decide to play sisters and the humans love the vampire to be their little sister. And then Akari tries to be Sophie’s cat? All this family talk has Sophie feeling fun to be part of a family. Akari promises never to make her lonely and Hinata will always welcome her here. Sophie realizes Akari forgot her lunch. School doesn’t have pleasant memories of her but she still braves the sunlight to deliver the lunch. Everyone at first gets afraid thinking she is some sort of assassin because of her dark cloak but upon realizing she is Akari’s friend, they are relieved. So they think Akari’s friends are all kooky? Akari introduces to her other friends, Yuu Aoki and Sakuya Kurai. They are awed that she is a vampire. So cute, who is going to get scared, right? Yeah, does Sophie need to lie about her age? Like shaving 20 years off? Yeah, who could tell? Yamada then wants Sophie to stand in for her as she intends to skip class and go back to check on her sick sister. She thinks they look the same. Obviously not. And as expected, the teacher can tell Sophie is not Yamada but decides to play along since Sophie is playing poker face. After school, Sakuya tries to scare Sophie with ghost stories and enjoys it! As they study, the international history brings some memories back for Sophie. Like where she was at France and ‘witnessed’ the beheading of Marie Antoinette. Amazing, huh? When they go home, they stop by a bookstore since Sophie feels this youths do this. Sophie realizes today’s school outing is not so bad. Akari says because she is with her.

Episode 4
Akari stumbles into another vampire girl from America, Ellie who is on her way to visit Sophie. However Sophie isn’t pleased to see her although the last they saw each other 100 years ago. That’s because Ellie always drags her into her shenanigans and Sophie bears the brunt of it all. Later Ellie uses up all of Sophie’s blood just to have a blood bath. It freaked out Akari. Now with no blood food, Ellie guns for Sophie’s neck. Thankfully Akari stops her. Or not. Because she’ll come back with a camera! Slowpoke Akari returns and the meal is already over. Ellie tries to target Akari next but is told her blood is really bad. Better not regret it. Ellie reveals that she overslept for 100 years after getting tired from playing. By the time she woke up, it’s already the modern era. After Sophie returns from an errand, she thought Ellie has gone. Peace and quiet back. Too bad Ellie is waiting in her bed trying to seduce her. Sophie quickly Google for the crematorium! Since this is Ellie’s first time in the modern world, Sophie introduces her to many modern conveniences we take for granted like colour TV and best of all, the computer and internet. But since Ellie is such a noob and almost wrecks her laptop, it’s a good thing both vampire girls agree to stay away from it. Later Ellie learns Akari is Sophie’s friend and not a slave or emergency food supply she thought out to be. This has Ellie being cautious as she reminds them they are different beings, hated by humans. Hence the idea of befriending one is ridiculous. Sophie says times have changed but Ellie tries to threaten Akari to break them up. Akari misinterprets Ellie’s attack as a sexual one and expects it! It’s scaring Ellie instead. Because Akari cannot imagine Sophie’s friends being bad, Ellie gives in and allows this friendship. For now. Ellie will return and visit again. Sophie warns due to her erratic behaviour, it will be decades from now. Akari is disheartened as she’ll be a grandma by then. But that won’t happen as Ellie has moved into the neighbourhood. Time to set up the crucifixes…

Episode 5
Ellie is caught red handed emptying the fridge of all the blood. Okay. No biggie. She’ll go out to hunt! Hence Sophie introduces her to online shopping. No fun, can’t choose your target. That’s the way it’s done today. With Hinata coming over for a sleepover, it is the first time she meets Ellie. However Hinata mistakes Ellie to be younger than Sophie (Ellie is over 450 years old) and this causes her to snap as she fondles her boobs?! It descends into a childish argument with Hinata running away and not wanting to sleepover. So I guess we have to go look for her. Don’t want a young girl walking in the dark. Something may assault her and it won’t be vampires! Anyway, Ellie explains why she hates being a child because it is he dream to grow up mature into a beautiful lady. Now she’s stuck in this loli body. At the same time, Hinata rues of having such mature body at a young age as all the guys can’t keep their eyes of her. Just the right moment for Hinata to fall down the stairs and Ellie to catch her. They reconcile and respect each other’s body. The sleepover continues. Late that night, Hinata hears some sounds from the kitchen and gets the shock of her life to see Ellie putting blood all over her face (for beauty purposes – old fashion thinking, maybe). Sophie is tired out just trying to teach Ellie how to use modern appliances. After hearing her neighbour how she overbought lots of food for her family coming over, Sophie thinks cooking a lot for humans would make them happy. Hence on the day Akari left for a doll exhibition, Sophie hatches a plan to surprise her with her cooking. Of course she gets help from Hinata. Sophie tries to think outside the box but all ended up in disaster. I mean, she thought of putting nails in soup because you need the iron, right?! Something got lost in translation… Finally they follow the normal instructions to make curry rice. The final hurdle is most taxing because of the garlic! Don’t worry. Sophie puts on a hazmat suit! Curry rice finished! But Sophie is disappointed it looks so normal?! Better than disastrous, right? Of course Akari comes home to be thrilled with Sophie’s cooking. But Sophie can’t eat near her. The garlic. Yeah, great at keeping Ellie away too.

Episode 6
Sophie was half asleep when Akari called her asking for permission for Sakuya to come over and interview her (in regards to this episode’s title, sorry, no Tom Cruise cameo here). So don’t be surprise when you wake up only to see Sakuya covering her while she is asleep! Apparently Sakuya is doing this since she is part of the occult club. Sophie tries to get dressed for the occasion but dresses like vampires in the movies. Sakuya asks a few questions like why vampires where black (doesn’t look obvious with blood stains but shouldn’t it be red then?) and if the rivalries with werewolves exist (they’re just superstitions!). Ellie comes in because has a problem with her new laptop. Yeah, she chopped it since it wasn’t working. It’s beyond repair. Now she wants to borrow Ellie’s laptop… No way! Ellie and Sakuya meet. Although Sakuya akin her to a child, Ellie doesn’t get mad since she is the same petite size and is flat. Ellie teases of wanting to bite Sakuya’s neck and the latter excitedly anticipates it until Sophie warns her bite is painful. Uhm, won’t you turn into a vampire with a bite? Shouldn’t that be of concern? Sophie watched anime up till so late (that’s noon for vampire standards) and before she is about to turn in, Ellie wants to go out to buy clothes! At this time of day?! Well, shops don’t open at night. Good thing Akari is going to meet up with Hinata. Too bad the vampire girls are like in torture just trekking through the bright sunny day. It’s a miracle they didn’t die. On the train as they rest, this must be a touchy issue if they are qualified to sit on the reserved seats for senior citizens! As the shopping begins, it seems all of them pick the same clothes they often wear when they’re supposed to pick something that gives them a different look. So they decide to shop for each other’s clothes instead. I’m sure Ellie isn’t amused with Hinata’s thoughts of having her dressed as a kid. Hinata’s clothes look so feminine that she herself is amazed she looks like a girl! WTF?! Finally a nice white dress on Sophie that really makes her look cute. Is this Akari’s plan to take her original black clothes and vacuum seal it? All this shopping makes them hungry. Oh Ellie, all those young girls at the food court aren’t available…

Episode 7
Beach episode! But how the f*ck did Sophie end up here?! Sure, she did say she never seen a beach before but could she Google it? The other part to blame for this ‘harassment’ is Akari who packed her in her bag while she was sleeping. So, uhm, surprise? Ellie was smart to decline this as she enjoys her ‘beach’ in her own living room. Back home, Akari thought of doing summer things with them but the thought of kimodameshi… I think even vampires are afraid of ghosts. As a vampire, they don’t have body temperature like human and hence it doesn’t matter if they wear long or short sleeve. Akari takes this chance to rub herself on her cool skin. Stop it. You’re making it unbearably hot. Akari gets an idea to visit the fireworks festival. She starts making their yukata. Akari might have discovered Sophie’s ‘weakness’ while she is painting her toenails as she gets ticklish. Hinata thought she isn’t feminine enough to wear a yukata but if Akari has her way… At the festival, I can understand Ellie not understanding the culture but Sophie? How long has she been living here? She thought there are shaved ice that serves blood and goldfish scooping is eating goldfish on rice?! Are you sure you have even used the internet? Honestly, you never came to such festival before Akari, eh? During the fireworks, Ellie gets excited and starts flying. I’m sure everyone saw a vampire spectacle too. On the way back, Akari wants them to do this every year. Surprisingly Hinata reacts to that because this means Akari won’t get a boyfriend and Akari can be by her side. Forever. Well, if you become a vampire, forever is likely. Because Sophie has never seen a morning glory bloom (only in day time), Akari gives her a bookmark with one. Too bad she reads e-book. Sophie finds herself in another predicament. How the f*ck did she find herself trapped underneath a tree and it’s day time. Apparently she got curious to count all the seeds in a sunflower. Yeah, she counted them to be over a thousand! Happy? Now she realizes she has brought nothing with her except this 500 Yen. What can she do with it? Luckily Akari is here. She visited her mansion and got worried because she wasn’t in and started looking for her. Akari is going to get her mantle and umbrella but Sophie wants her to stay with her until they can walk home in the evening.

Episode 8
It’s that time of season again. Yup, the rush to finish your summer homework. Too bad Akari and Hinata are having a hard time focusing and getting distracted. Even more so when Ellie is here to play. So they go shopping, cook a nice dinner and when they’re all revved up and ready to continue, a short while into it, they’re back to being lethargic. Homework sucks… Thankfully they manage to do so and are rewarded with nice cool watermelon treats and playing sparklers. But reality soon hits them. They don’t want summer vacation to end! Too bad they have to go to school tomorrow and Sophie is most relieved since Akari won’t be bugging her taking naps in her coffin! When it’s time to go to bed, the quartet have a hard time finding the right combo to sleep with each other. Sophie finds it perfect lying in between the tight space of the bed and wall… When night falls, the quartet make their way to Akihabara. It’s Ellie’s first time so there is a section in this manga shop that is age restricted if you want to browse through those erotic works. Don’t worry. They’re like over hundreds of years old, right? Too bad the store clerk kicks them out thinking they’re young girls. Discrimination! After that they hit the crane game and then the maid café. Sophie feels embarrassed doing that moe-moe spell on your food. They overhear how a maid says she is always 17 years old (as part of the act to otaku customers) so they think she is one of their kind. Back home, Akari has created a maid dress for Sophie so she could feel she’s at Akihabara at home. Too bad she didn’t think far enough because if that is the case, doesn’t this defeats the purpose of going back there again?

Episode 9
A bug bumps into Ellie and she almost died! Is this how weak vampires are in daylight? But when they reach Akari’s school for the cultural festival, they are all revived. They see Hinata who brings them to Akari’s doll exhibition. Why does it look like a haunted house? Bad lighting on purpose or what? When Sophie rests, others start thinking she is a doll and get shocked when she starts moving! Why does everyone else have this haunted house vibe? From Sakuya’s ghost story telling (I think it’s her bad singing) to Yuu’s horror journal, eventually Hinata is forced to enter a haunted house with Ellie with the latter only finds it all comforting. Luckily for the rest of the day they had a swell time. On the way back, they see a strange girl outside the mansion when she suddenly collapses. No worries. Just rumbling of her stomach. They take her in and treat her to some food. Then she reveals she is a rookie vampire hunter and heard there is a vampire in the neighbourhood! Oh dear. Sophie better stop posting on social media from now on. They try to pretend not to know anything and anybody could see through their bad acting except for this vampire hunter. All okay. Naturally you want her out but to stem suspicions, Sophie lets her stay here for the night and will just need to pretend to be human until morning. The vampire hunter explains her goal to exterminate vampires because her great-great-great-great grandpa was turned into one. Yeah, he became one as an old man and his body is aching all over. So killing all vampires can release the curse? Then Ellie comes in and almost ruins it. She also plays along but the vampire hunter gets more suspicious when the vampires try to do human-like things but fail big time. I guess the foreigner excuse comes in handy. Later that night, the vampire hunter stumbles into Sophie’s room and sees her coffin. Oh no! Actually this is an elaborate cover for her dakimakura. Phew. Next morning as she leaves, the vampire hunter drops something but Sophie picks it up and gives her back. Unknowingly her hand touches the sunlight and for that moment she saw it turn to ash. However realizing that these vampires are good and not as terrifying as she imagined, she leaves them in peace. Better than in pieces, right? Haha! And we are rewarded seeing the quartet bathing together but all of them become lazy after experiencing the goodness of the hotspring.

Episode 10
Oh no! Akari is a vampire! Sophie in shock! Gotcha! Just a Halloween costume! Akari would love to make Sophie’s Halloween costume but she rather buy it online. The friends gather for a Halloween party. Sophie the witch, Yuu and Sakuya the zombies, Hinata the werewolf and Ellie the super sexy succubus! Is this even legal?! I suppose many of them would prefer tricks to treat. Never seen anybody so eager to go buy candies… Then they have really weird Halloween food. Eyeballs, body parts… Probably just bread but they can eat all that without flinching? As Christmas is approaching, the gang plan their programme for that day. They like the idea of exchanging gifts and some of them already starting to have fantasies if they receive from the ones they like. Akari wanted to invite Yuu and Sakuya too but after hearing how Yuu would be alone during Christmas since everybody else is away and only have Sakuya for company, looks like Hinata took a hint and better leave them alone. So the rest decorate the place and make Christmas food. During the present exchange, Akari and Sophie got each other’s present, breaking Hinata’s heart. She got Ellie’s instead. Not too happy? It’s a lipstick and since Akari commented how pretty she looks, she totally loves it. All go outside when it starts snowing. Thankfully the vampire girls aren’t affected by the cold hence not die of its exposure. Akari feels bad because the mitten present she got for her felt useless. Don’t worry, she still wears them. On New Year’s Eve, they take out the kotatsu. Time to laze around. Sophie is puzzled since no soba is served as it is done traditionally in Japan. That’s because Akari is allergic to soba and fries are substituted instead. They wait until midnight to celebrate the New Year but looks like they can’t keep their promise to stay awake to watch the sunrise. Luckily Akari and Hinata manage to catch it in time. So great that the vampire girls even don’t mind catching it even if they are slowly turning into ash! I guess a video will do if they want to see the rest.

Episode 11
A loud crash in the middle of the night. It seems Sophie is trying to put away all the junk in her collection room that has accumulated over the, uhm, centuries? Hinata is called to help and she thought it would be easy pie until she sees how much junk the room is filled. Plus, Ellie isn’t helping and just reading manga. This is going to take some time as the girls reminisce old technology like Gameboy and even a pager. You people know what’s a pager, right? Also, Sophie is distressing whether to throw away other useless junk or not. The room is finally cleaned. There are ribbons Ellie gave to Sophie. Time to throw them away?! To thank them for their help, Ellie cooks for them. But since they are worried, it’s safer to just order. They order pizza and since Sophie is taken in with the pizza box, will the hoarding begin again? Selling all those stuffs earned Sophie some money. But she can’t decide what to buy. Later Sophie thinks Akari is acting strange. But she’s always acting strange! Turns out Akari is sick. Not in the head, but physically. Sophie starts panicking. And since the vampires don’t know anything on how to cure a cold (have they even tried looking on the internet?), looks like they call Hinata. Instantly this girl slams the phone and rushes down. Mama is here. Akari is taken care of but Sophie is still panicking thinking she is beyond saving if she refuses to go to the hospital. Sophie gets tricked as Akari pulls her in to hug her. So cool and refreshing. With Ellie joining in, Akari is living her fantasy of being sandwiched by 2 cute vampires. I think Hinata is trying to join in… Next day, Akari is much better but since she wants to be taken care of a little longer, she bluffs she isn’t getting any better. Too bad Sophie thinks she is really dying! Better stop the lies. That night as Akari sleeps, the vampire girls think it is a pity humans don’t sleep in a confined space. So they think by putting a styrofoam board will make her sleep better? Yeah, Akari is having nightmares…

Episode 12
Sophie with new short haircut! Actually, she took out the trash and the sun burnt her long hair! What’s this about the local laws forbidding to take out one’s trash at night?! So Akari forbids her to take out the trash and will do it for her? Later as Sophie tries to order blood online, looks like the service will be down for a few days! Horror! Then Ellie comes by asking if she has stock because she too has run out of blood. Double horror! Time for Akari to be useful. Too bad they ignore her and think of sucking humans’ blood in town but with their consent. I guess that failed. With the hunger pangs, Ellie is looking at Akari’s neck. Looking good… Sophie has her wear a scarf. To distract this hunger, they watch an action movie. Blood everywhere! Changing it to cute girls doing cute things genre, aren’t the girls cute enough as meal? Akari soon falls into depression that they rather stay hungry than drink her blood. Yeah, it’s that friendship reason again why they don’t want to. Yup, we care about you. A few days later, the blood delivery is back to normal and the vampire girls have their fill. When Sophie goes for a night flight, she forgot her shoes and when she returns home, Akari too want to go. At the school rooftop admiring the city lights, the teacher almost caught them but they flew away. Hence some haunting legend was born after this… Yuu and Sakuya are looking for some legendary floating girl. To their disappointment it’s just Sophie. Then they meet Hinata walking her dog. Looks like Mikan still isn’t receptive of the vampire. Then they make their way to the woods, the place where they first met. Too bad it’s dark and creepy instead of that wonderland delusion in Akari’s head. For a short while, Akari got distracted and then separated. Lost in the darkness, it isn’t too long before Sophie finds her. Just like how the first time they met. And they reintroduce and replay that exact scene again before continuing their walk. Don’t walk too long at night. Akari has school tomorrow, you know.

I Heart <3 Vampires
And so the heart-warming story of a human girl and her vampire friend continues. But I hope this series doesn’t make you want to go out and do some vampire hunting on your own. No, not the kind that turns you into some Van Helsing wannabe and go out there to kill every vampire. It would be very troublesome if you’re going to kidnap a cute vampire girl and keep her as your pet! The irony of your ‘pet’ outliving you…

There isn’t so much of a plot in this series and it is possibly close to non-existent as every episode just sees the daily life interactions between the human girls and the vampire girls. There’s nothing more to it. Some funny moments arise because of their odd fetish (like Akari’s maniacal ways to cuddle Sophie, hence giving rise to her perverted rape face) and some misunderstood conceptions of how modern technology works (like Ellie who has a lot to catch up to now that she is living in the 21st century). Humans and vampires have so much to learn about each other… There is no plot here that would shake things up and even that vampire hunter episode is so mild that Akari’s illness seems to look like a tenser drama. Really.

So I am left to guess if vampires in this world are actually accepted as docile beings. They aren’t creatures that exist in secrecy as we see them posting on social media as well as Sophie herself has an unfortunate experience as a first timer at school and even then it is safe to say everybody knows of her identity. I mean, if they have online blood sales and delivery, I bet the mosquitoes aren’t the ones ordering it. A lot of characters don’t seem to be alarmed with the fact that a vampire is living in their neighbourhood. Not sure if they know or they just don’t care because vampires here don’t kill people. Even the vampire hunter girl’s reason to kill vampires stems from the fact it isn’t because vampires killed any family members of her. Just some bodily annoyance, that’s all. So if vampires exist in this world and nobody bats an eyelid (pun intended), what about werewolves and zombies? Do they exist here too? Or just solely vampires? I guess unicorns will always remain as mythical creatures. Sophie did say werewolves were superstitions but is that her belief or a general fact? After all, vampires and werewolves are natural enemies so it is natural Sophie doesn’t want to acknowledge their existence.

There are some other mind boggling questions that I want to ask to. It would never have occurred to me had not Sophie tried to clean out her archives. Because this has me to ponder of how long her collections will last. Assuming vampires are the only eternal beings in this world, then everything else is perishable. This means a huge number of collections, especially Sophie’s books would have been in dilapidated conditions and about to break apart. I wonder how she manages her archives and if she has got space for them all. Sure, she is only 300 over years old but from the looks of it, she has amassed quite a number of collections that the museums and library would be at envy to have.

The vampires in this world seem to suffer from all the cliché weaknesses that Hollywood told us. From sunlight to garlic and holy water, it makes Sophie look more like a weakling. Too bad I didn’t see her transform into a real bat and the most I see is with bat-like wings. If that is the case, I wonder how Sophie manages to keep herself so clean and proper if she cannot see herself in the mirror! This is before she met Akari, you know. I don’t see other familiar assistants around so it is indeed mind boggling. Unless you tell me our vampires here can see their reflection. Of course not as indicated by Sophie. Yeah, does Sophie even know how she looks like? Somebody please be consistent with the vampire clichés already?!

Since vampires can only die and be dissolved by direct exposure to sunlight, I have a question that if Sophie stands and finally gets fully dissolved by the sun’s rays, then when it is night fall, will she resurrect fully to her vampire self? You see, this anime tells us that they can recover or regenerate as long as they go back into darkness. That is why vampires stay the same. Too bad if you’re stuck with a bad hair day when you become one. And since the dissolving takes time, by the time it is night, does this mean Sophie will be truly be back alive? Oh Sophie, you are indeed an immortal if that is the case. Maybe somebody will try to drive a stake to her heart or poison her food with garlic…

Character wise, I guess if you’re not really picky or bored with this cute girls doing cute things genre, they’re pretty cute and likeable in their own ways. Possible subtle cute girls lesbianism because I guess with hardcore ones like Citrus and Yagate Kimi Ni Naru, this one looks like being masked behind an innocent friendship, which I guess is pretty okay with everyone. So yeah, doll lover Akari loves Sophie only because she is so cute like a doll and a plus point is that she doesn’t age, meaning she won’t become a hagged doll forever. And then Sophie is like annoyed and scared but at the same time puts up with all of this because it’s like her first normal friend in, uhm, her life? Excluding Ellie, that’s like her lifetime friend. Akari may be annoying but for an immortal, it gives meaning to her existence. For better or worse. It’s hard to say if Sophie would have preferred the quiet life and just hooking up to her internet. She might enjoy that too but would it be as much as hanging out with a friend no matter how annoying? That’s right. Even vampires are people too. In this case, were people. They have feelings too despite not having body temperature and resistant to illnesses. It’s always that human factor that ramps up the friendship and bonding. Can’t have such intimate relationship with your laptop, can you?

It remains to be seen if this friendship will last into the long future because if that is going to happen, Akari and Hinata have to be turned into vampires. But don’t wait until they are grandmas to turn them so. Because boy, the plot is going to be damn interesting and possibly tear jerking when it comes to a point that Sophie considers Akari her best friend so much so she can’t part with her and the only solution is to turn her into a vampire. Then literally BFF! Otherwise, let Akari grow old and die while Sophie continues to find a new cute young girl as her new friend. I wonder what Akari will think of that. Yeah, that would be interesting to see.

There seems to be this running joke and dilemma about Sophie being 360 years old. She is now forever stuck in this loli body and no human in their right mind will ever think she is of legal age. Heck, she is possibly the oldest around! By a few generations! So while this legally entitles her to a lot of stuffs, at the same time she is also age conscious because it makes her look old. Can’t argue that old is old. Accept your age and age gracefully. Oh wait. She can’t. I don’t think shaving off a few decades is going to do her any good. It’s not like she is finding a prospect or suitor, is she?

Then you have Hinata acting as Akari’s mom and big sister because I guess Akari’s own mom and dad are busy doing their own things. If they are fine with her staying at a vampire’s place, it says a lot about them. Like as though they’ve gotten rid some sort of burden. But that’s just my take. So my guess is that Hinata is now filling that void and in hopes Akari would notice her affection. Yeah, one-sided unrequited love is so unfair. Hinata -> Akari -> Sophie. And where does Ellie fit in all this? Any cute and nice girls would do. I am waiting for the day where Ellie would just bite Akari and turn her into a vampire. Then Sophie will forever be haunted. Heh. So for now she is safe because of the presumption of Akari’s blood tastes bad. Ellie believes it without even thinking further? I mean, if Sophie knows Akari’s blood is bad, that means she would have drank it and that further means Akari is now a vampire. Since she is not, I think somebody is lying… Can’t Akari just drip her blood in small cup and let them taste? Or will that somehow magically turn her into a vampire too? Last and not least the Yuu and Sakuya best-friends-cum-other-potential-lesbian-couple but to a lesser extent. The series could also be done without them but I think to prevent us from thinking these 4 losers girls only have themselves as company, Yuu and Sakuya show that they also have other friends outside the circle who accept the vampire ladies.

Art and animation are drawn to a very cute and kawaii perspective. With everything so bright and colourful, that is why I fear that some people may get the wrong ideas that vampire lolis are cute enough to be your friends that they forget the other cliché views of scary vampires (see the loli vampire twins in the recent Tenrou: Sirius The Jaeger for reference). Sure, Shinobu of the Monogatari series is a cute loli vampire too but considering the genre of that anime, it’s not all happy peaceful sunshine as enjoyed by Sophie here. Speaking about vampires dissolving when being exposed to sunlight, how come Sophie and Ellie seem like they are in a slow process of Thanos’ snap?

I keep feeling that Akari looks like Kiniro Mosaic’s Shinobu. With their similar haircut and similar passion for their perversion. It’s no wonder why I keep seeing shades of the latter in her. (Shinobu is obsessed with blondes and certain blonde named Alice. Like how Akari is obsessed with dolls and a certain doll-like vampire named Sophie). I also see Slow Start’s Eiko in Hinata. Both are tall girls and have a crush on a certain someone who is hard to reach. This anime is jointly produced by Studio Gokumi and Axsiz who have done a few other anime series together like Seiren, Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san and Koukaku No Pandora.

Didn’t recognize anyone in the voice acting department. But everyone plays their part to make the sound characters (annoyingly) cute. So squeal your heart out visually and aurally. The casts are Miyu Tomita as Sophie (Gabriel in Gabriel Dropout), Yuu Sasahara as Akari (Li Xuemei in Marchen Madchen), Lynn as Hinata (titular character in Fukka), Azumi Waki as Ellie (Maika in Blend S), Aya Uchida as Yuu (Kotori in Love Live) and Rina Hidaka as Sakuya (Ririchiyo in Inu X Boku Secret Service). More cuteness galore in the opening theme with the main quartet singing Kyuutie Ladies. I guess that’s a cute way of playing with the words ‘cute’ and ‘kyuuketsuki’ (vampire). The same quartet sing the ending theme, Happy Strange Friends and I prefer this song a lot more with its light-hearted bouncy sunshine feel (a bit of Broadway too). There are also a few BGMs that have that jazzy feel. Kinda reminds me of that main Yakitate! Japan theme.

Overall, this series is relaxing and funny because of all the cute things they spam us. Ironically this series has quite a bit of cutie sunshine but it doesn’t get dissolved… I guess it has been quite a long time since we have had a cute vampire series (remember Karin, anyone?) because so many vampire themed animes are like so gory, violent and bloody (Hellsing, Owari No Seraph, Blood+). Others are too over the top brooding dramatic (Vampire Knight), too sexy (Rosario To Vampire) and too overrated (Kizumonogatari, Shiki and yes, Kekkai Sensen too). Not sure if they are trying to normalize the supernatural that they are our friends and not our enemies (Demi-chan Wa Kataritai, Centaur No Nayami and to a certain extent Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou) but with vampire lolis like Sophie around, you bet you don’t have to be afraid of vampires sucking your blood. Thank goodness I’m a middle aged guy so they’ll stay clearly away from me!

Otona No Bouguya-san

February 15, 2019

You know there have been jokes and memes about female armours in video games. Yeah… With such skimpy and sexy ‘armour’ that exposes all the vitals and threatening not to protect them at all, you wonder why the heck females don them into battle. The higher the armour grade, the skimpier it gets! What kind of video game logic is that? Well, now you can blame a store that sells such armour to them! Folks, Otona No Bouguya-san doesn’t sell those typical armour that covers your entire body but questionable skimpy protective gear to any interested female adventurers who can afford to buy them. Uh huh. They’re not cheap either. Fashion, huh? Let’s see if those level 10 monsters care how you look in them when they decide to tear up your guts! Oh, don’t worry if the series is gory or violent. Just about a group of people working in that shop. That’s all.

Episode 1
Kautz is being attacked a group of slimes. Luckily for him, a mysterious beauty saves him. Noticing she dropped a bag of money, hence he decides to find and return it. This armour shop looks like the place and the moment he enters, he sees this ambiguous position of a man trying to insert something into a woman’s vagina! Of course as explained, Narden the owner of this store was trying to fit some armour on his clerk, Lilietta. But isn’t the armour a bit revealing? Heck, Kautz notices the entire place sells weird armour and a lot of them are revealing. Narden admits it is his dream to sale risqué equipment to female adventurers. Think that sounds pervy? Well, it’s not easy for female adventurers to wear good equipment. Yeah, that’s why men made them… Kautz returns the money and they’re happy since their finance is very tight. Kautz takes a look at their bookkeeping and is appalled at how flimsy it is. Before he knows it, he wants to work here and take care of the accounts.

Episode 2
It seems the financial ruin is because Narden sells his armours dirt cheap. Kautz suggests increasing the price but he insists on his dream to sell risqué equipment to women. Then one comes in seeking to increase agility. Yeah, put on this skimpy outfit. I mean, video game logic, right? Less cloths, the faster you go! Of course she rejects but he insists and uses his charm that it is cheap. She agrees but he offers and even skimpier one. Rejected! And since it is so cheap, the shop suffers more ‘damage’. This has Kautz berate him that because he sells them so cheap, it also reflects on the quality of the armour. Force selling cheap armours to customers, he is also insulting the armour. Narden lost his confidence. With Kautz eager to give this store a big makeover, Narden misinterprets he wants to sell more risqué armour and regains his confidence.

Episode 3
Lilietta tries out this very sexy armour. You wonder if this was made for the brothel. However, suddenly Kautz is so charmed he wants to be tortured by this sexy devil woman. Well, the only torture he’ll get is a chop from Narden on his ass. Ouch. Kautz snaps back but doesn’t have memories of being charmed. Though, his butt still hurts. Narden explains that those without mana could easily fall into the influence of many risqué armours that possess special magic. To stem this, he is given some embarrassingly cute items. But Kautz opts for a less cute one and the effects doesn’t last long since he got charmed again. Ass chopping time.

Episode 4
Lilietta finds Kautz’s little pet, Mokuku cute. She breaks open a nut for it with her bare hands! You thought the glove was the gloves that is giving her power but it actually restrains her true power! Kautz becomes disheartened when he learns Lilietta lives with Narden upstairs. But with Narden offering him to stay here, Kautz doesn’t hesitate to take this chance. Narden hopes he won’t hesitate if he ever needs to put on some risqué armour. Don’t think he’ll try that puny bikini armour ever. But with Lilietta treating him so nice, you wonder if Kautz will die from all her cordial acts first.

Episode 5
Kautz is so happy living under Lilietta’s care that he almost causes the end of this series! You know it’s over when the protagonist lives happily ever after, right? But it isn’t over yet because feast your eyes on some Lilietta fanservice as she takes a bath with Mokuku! Thanks a bunch! Narden pays Kautz although the latter refuses to accept. He is then lectured how money works. Payment for services. In that case, shouldn’t Narden accept full payment for his equipment instead of the excitement and arousal? But he assures he can still afford to pay him. Now that he has assistants, he can’t cut on food expenses. They hear a commotion but it is Lilietta collapsing from staying too long in the bath. But Kautz soon collapses from the ‘high quality fanservice’. He lost the most HP. Happy Points, that is. Must be so damn worth it.

Episode 6
As Kautz clean, suddenly a bloodied lady enters the shop! Kautz in shock but he soon learns that Flearika is a regular customer and the blood belonged to the monsters she slew. I think Kautz is starting to take some damage from seeing her busty boobs. She wants to buy new armour but Kautz just can’t recommend all the skimpy ones in the store. So when he thinks this see through armour is decent enough, she teases him he has this kind of fetish. Kautz takes more damage when she tries it out and wants his opinion. I guess that says everything. When Kautz wakes up and sees Flearika and Lilietta before him, he gets knocked out by their holy beauty. Back to slumber. This process repeats itself a few times! OMG! Will Kautz die of happiness at this rate?! Will he ever get out of this everlasting combo of happiness? I guess most guys would want to swap places with him and die happy.

Episode 7
20 years ago when Narden was learning magic, he was dubbed the Genius Wizard. Until one day this sexy lady, Rose Lohe could dispel any form of magic he threw at her just with her sexiness! Narden is interested to become her apprentice as Rose teaches him the way of the sexiness! He learns that she is looking for the best and legendary equipment called Genuine Armour. Everyone gets charmed by its beauty when you wear it. I don’t know, isn’t Rose sexy enough with this skimpy armour? Anyway, Narden decided to go look for that armour and hence he left the village and they parted ways. This led him to explore sexiness from different angle as he opened a shop. Now, he has finished what is supposed to be the prototype for the Genuine Armour. Kautz is touched with this story until Narden says it is all a lie with a straight face. WTF?!

Episode 8
Flearika seems to be hanging out at the store and giving excuses. So when Kautz asks why she isn’t doing this at home, she also hints that she needs some money. Cue for Narden to offer her to work here! And hence Kautz becomes her senior but from the sound of it, Flearika prefers to flirt and tease him. Suddenly 3 slimes enter the shop to attack. Narden throws Kautz a super risqué underwear for him to fight and of course Kautz will not put it on. Flearika has time to even tease how slimes are soft enough to feel like boobs. After Kautz takes some damage, Flearika destroys one of them. Lilietta just walked in and if you think she’s easy meat, you’re wrong. Because she crushes them with her bare hands! Because of that, those slimy substances all over the girls look like… Uhm… Well, let’s use our vivid imagination, shall we? Also, Kautz takes more HP damage and falls into that everlasting combo of happiness loop again. It’s a miracle he isn’t dead yet.

Episode 9
Sexy bath time with Lilietta and Flearika. We would love to see them praise each other’s body but all we are left for visual satisfaction is Mokuku cleaning itself! Curses! After bath, Narden gives Flearika her pay as gratitude. Because thanks to her, he has found something he has been looking for a long time. Kautz realizes there is a little girl in the shop. She claims she is the Demon Lord. Don’t believe her? ZAP! There goes your HP. She believes she has found Narden since he carelessly appeared in the front page of a magazine. She will have him return the Angelic Wings that he stole from her but he’ll protect it with his life.

Episode 10
So everybody is taking turns and asking how cute this little girl is? Because Lilietta baked some cookies, the Demon Lord now finds herself enjoying them with their company. Did you forget what you came here for? Asking Narden again about her wings, once more he rejects her. No can do. He cannot leave this place. She then starts sizing up everybody. Probably she got jealous with those huge ‘lumps’ over the women’s chest. And since Narden looked so different than the last time, she decides to turn this world into a demon world. Everywhere is dark now.

Episode 11
Demon Lord attacks Lilietta first. Something to do with having the biggest bust. Luckily Flearika saves her and Narden uses his skill to temporarily hide them from her. The only option is to return Angelic Wings but it seems Narden admits he has already used it up as components for some armour. Then he goes on talking about why he cannot leave his store as it is his duty to protect their home and memories. Enough motivation for them to rally and do as he says. As part of the plan, Narden confronts the Demon Lord to admit he used up Angelic Wings to created something but promises to give it to her. The catch is she has to wait until next year. Of course she can’t. Meanwhile the rest are creeping up behind her but Lilietta tripped and the Demon Lord spots them.

Episode 12
Narden says the only way to defeat her is to use the Genuine Armour he made using Angelic Wings. But it is at the basement of his shop. WTF logic that using its softness like boobs to obtain infinite hardness?! You mean hardness like a penis?! Haha! As they rush to the shop, Demon Lord defeats Flearika and now sets her sights on Lilietta. Kautz protects her and vows to be her armour. However Kautz is charmed since he is intolerant to mana. So he’s a masochist? Lilietta returns quickly in her armour. Yeah, you know why she managed to put it on so fast? Because there’s nothing much to put on in the first place! Demon Lord is sweating in her loli pants of the impregnable defence of this armour. She can penetrate it no matter what tricks she throws at her. It ends when Lilietta pats her head and she is reduced to a crying little kid. So all this is also because she wants to join in the fun? She also wants to wear cute clothes? And hence Narden gives her this school armour. Now she looks more like an elementary kid with protective gear. Should have given her this in the first place…

Naked Armour: Less Is (A)More
They say that as long as girls wishes to dress up cutely even when in the battlefield, such armour shops will continue to exist. But I am thinking more along the lines of because as long as there are horny otaku gamer guys out there who want to see girls in skimpy bikini armour that such shops will continue to exist! Wait till you girls get out there in the real battlefield and after seeing all the blood and gore, you might change your mind of wanting a full body armour. Yeah, just decorate it with some pastel and flowers will do to make it cute.

There isn’t anything much to the storyline. Seeing that each episode is only 3 over minutes and they try to cram in about 3 skits per episode, how much of a plot can you tell if you just focus the interactions of the characters inside a shop? In a way it makes me think that when we play all those RPG adventure games, some shops we go into and some shops we pass, it makes me wonder if those NPCs in those shops never leave or have their own life. Yup, Narden telling us why he cannot even step out of his shop for a second makes me think that their fate is truly similar like NPCs.

It would have been boring and utterly meaningless if every episode was to feature some sort of skimpy and sexy armour just to satisfy our horny lust so I guess we have this running joke of Kautz trying to help Narden out in keeping down his expenses. Money is like easy come and easy go for this dude. Conflicted with the dreams of making the best legendary armour, it seems that there are female customers who have no qualms in actually making such purchases. Not sure if they use it to fight monsters or just for some other private naughty reasons, mind you *wink, wink*. After all these years, it has been a miracle for Narden to survive with the expenses flowing freely and more often than the income. But thank goodness for Kautz’s arrival, right? Maybe it will take some time before it gets out of the red.

The only interesting story is Narden’s background with his master. I would love to see an expanded story about this but then again, the charm of this series is keeping it short so I wonder if it would lose its charm. Then they have this cute little Demon Lord loli popping up in the final arc for some dramatic effect but I expected as much of how it will turn out.

It is hard to feel the impact of the characters when the running time is so short. Kautz looks like the main character but he feels so normal and ordinary that he might as well be the nameless NPC. Thus I think it has become his running joke that when he is flanked by the beautiful ladies, the endless loop of losing his HP and passing out. Yeah, that’s what I feel Lilietta and Flearika are for too. Too bad their usual uniform isn’t some skimpy armour. Oh, Kautz would have died every day. Somehow this builds up in the end to his favour since this logic allows him to take in Demon Lord’s attacks. And do we even need this Mokuku as a cute animal mascot of the series? I guess so.

The art and animation are pretty standard and sometimes the scenes take this top-down look like those retro RPG games like The Legend Of Zelda. It’s a nice mix of pixelated and modern 2D animation. This series is animated by Imagica Lab and this is their debut works. Maybe that is why in the opening credits, you can hear the characters introducing a bunch of ‘perverts’ when their names pop up on screen. Heh. Are they?! Well, if they make this kind of anime…

For the voice acting, I’m surprised there are a few recognizable seiyuus lending their talents. Takahiro Sakurai as Naden, Nao Touyama as Lilietta and Mikako Komatsu as Flearika. Heck, even Mokuku with so limited appearance and no proper dialogue has her own seiyuu, Nichika Oomori (Yurine in Jashin-chan Dropkick). Easiest role ever, huh? The rest are Mark Ishii as Kautz, Chiaki Takahashi as Rose and Enako as Demon Lord. The opening and ending themes are short instrumentals. They’re both nice jingles to hear with the opener having this retro midi feel while the ending feels more like a cute sleepy lullaby.

This anime seems to be making fun of this particular joke but I guess it is still enjoyable thanks to its very short duration. Then you forget about it when the next season rolls in and you go back to your RPG grinding. Though, this isn’t the first anime to tackle this issue as I remember a few years ago, Bikini Warriors also had this theme. Although that series was focused on the female adventurers and hence had more fanservice appeal. As long as the player base have enough males, looks like this sort of armour for RPGs will continue. And hence the eternal debate if such skimpy armour is just a tougher version of bikinis. So ladies, don’t regret your decision if you ever decide to buy such armour. Because you can still be stark naked while fighting the enemies. Just don’t get hit! So if the logic of the skimpier the armour, the less accurate the enemies can hit you, one would wonder if you are completely naked. 100% ‘armoured’! If Narden ever sells this ultimate ‘invisible armour’, you’ve probably been scammed.

Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet

February 10, 2019

The trope of Romeo and Juliet as one of William Shakespeare’s popular romance tragedies has been done to death in modern times in all sorts of forms. From movies to series to local school plays and adaptations based on this play, the theme of love from opposing rival factions never seem to get old. Even in anime there were a few of such adaptations from the loosely based Romeo x Juliet to the even more loosely based Nisekoi. This season we have Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet. A boarding school that has 2 traditional rival factions always at each other’s throats. But surprise, not surprisingly, the leaders of both factions are in love with each other but have to continue fighting in the eyes of the public while keeping their romance hidden. Well, let’s just hope they don’t kill themselves in the end all for the sake of love.

Episode 1
A war has been brewing in Dahlia Academy for a long time between the White Cats led by Juliet Persia and the Black Doggies led by Romio Inuzuka. Only the prefects of each side who hold higher authority can put a stop to this skirmish. However there is a secret that Inuzuka harbours. He is in love with Persia and doesn’t want to fight her. However they have been doing so since young and he is at his wit’s end on how to stop it. As he goes to spy on her, he sees some White Cats reprimanding young Black Doggies who vandalized their property. Persia is able to tell them off nicely and give them courage to be strong. Her other White Cats may not like it but they are told off they have higher standards and can’t fluster just because they are kids. Inuzuka feels the need to confess but couldn’t find the courage. After practice, Black Doggies’ Chizuru Maru and co assault Persia and cut up her top to embarrass her. Luckily Inuzuka somewhat rescues her although his mates think he wants to hog the glory. When Inuzuka sees her crying, he fears she thinks he assaulted her as she runs away. Inuzuka beats up Maru back at the dorm and blames them for the bigger pinch he is in. He then receives a letter from Persia to meet. She wants to know if he attacked or saved her. If he saved her out of pity, it is the same of being attacked. That is when he realized she was crying because of that. Remembering she is the only daughter of the Count, because men only inherit titles and fortunes in this noble class, her family might lose everything. That’s why she wanted the strength to save the world. The strength not to lose to men. The intelligence not to be looked down by others. The influence not to be disobeyed by anyone. His actions have only so far hurt her goals and feelings. Inuzuka declares he will fight her. As they clash, he confesses he loves her. So this is the meaning of him going all out? Of course this shocks and confuses her. He believes he can change the world too if she is by his side. She agrees to be with him so he can show her that changed him but only if they remain secret lovers. He’s so happy he cried. Yeah, he expected to be rejected. Next day he tries to get friendly with her but is given the cold shoulder. He hopes it is the presence of others that makes her react so.

Episode 2
Another day, another skirmish. However the secret lovers take this opportunity to get away and meet up. All is fine until Black Doggies’ Hasuki Komai stumbles upon them and Inuzuka has to pretend to beat up Persia! Later as apology he tries to give her a rosary as a gift but White Cats’ Scott Fold intercepts him. The next time he tries to give Persia the rosary, suddenly it turns out into another big brawl. Because the rosary broke, Inuzuka is pissed as he uplifts a statue and swings it. Friend or foe, everybody dies! He has to pick grass as punishment that night but all is not bad as Persia goes for a boat ride with him. She learns about the rosary but gives him hers. It seems their side often used it as prayers. Although Inuzuka says the thought is what counts, this means he misinterpreted Persia’s good intentions. So she pushes him off the boat. I don’t know how he got back to land since he can’t swim. On a day off, Hasuki wants to hang out with Inuzuka but looks like he has got a date. This young boy? His relative, Julio? Actually it is Persia in disguise! Some flashback shows he begged her because at this rate they can’t date. This disguise is perfect until the Black Doggies really love this new kid and start hanging around. There goes their nice time together. It’s a group outing now. Inuzuka thought they could finally have some private time in the haunted house but it was too much for Persia to handle. He thinks she got mad and went home when Maru and co push him into the sea as payback. They torment him until Persia (still as Julio) beats them up. Later she reveals she wasn’t mad at the failed date and was just taking a break since he wig was itchy. She had fun and is interested to go on another date. Until Scott enters the picture so Inuzuka has to pretend to beat her up. I hope this doesn’t ruin his chance for the next date.

Episode 3
Inuzuka hopes Persia could keep he schedule free in 3 days to celebrate their anniversary. They are interrupted by their aides that the Tyrant Queen AKA Princess Weslia “Char” Chartreux has returned. While the White Cats respect her. It is totally the opposite for Black Doggies. Inuzuka is going to beat her up when she whispers she knows he is dating Persia! To keep this a secret, she wants him to be his dog. He obliges! Black Doggies are confused! So to keep their relationship a secret, he must respond to her every whims and fancies, otherwise she will expose this picture proof. Inuzuka bites the bullet and follows since he doesn’t want to wreck Persia’s dream and this is the only way he can protect her. This includes being subservient before his Black Doggies while Char treats him like a dog. His aim is to find her weakness and blackmail her back. Despite being unable to tell Persia, she somewhat understands. However the Black Doggies aren’t going to take this and they throw him out of their dorm. Only Hasuki stood up for him but it was all in vain. When Inuzuka notices Char looking forlornly at Persia, he asks Persia about her. Childhood friend. Inuzuka then sneaks into Char’s room to find some info but looks like Char has seen this coming. As she tries to snuff him out from hiding, she realizes too late that he is hiding in her secret room behind the mirror that he found by accident. There are pictures of Persia! He realizes the tormenting is to make them break up. Now the tables have turned. Char believes he doesn’t understand her feelings as Persia has been her friend since young. Yet she is with someone like him. Persia is precious. Don’t take her away. With Persia returning (they share the same room), Char thinks she is doomed as there are pictures all over the floor. He tells her to stall Persia. Persia for a moment thought she is acting strange but finally manages to enter the room. Looks normal. No strange pictures. They remind how precious their friendship are. After Persia leaves, Char wonders why he helped her. If she is busted, how would he blackmail her? So now they’re even? However Char still disapproves their dating but she’ll let their anniversary meet up slide for today (Inuzuka cried when he finds Persia fixed the broken rosary).

Episode 4
Hasuki organizes some intensive study for the Black Doggies until they drop! She’s like a different person when she dons the glasses. But why did Inuzuka call Persia (as Julio) over? Because he will miss her since this will go straight for 3 days? Even Maru who isn’t up to studying joins in because of Julio. Must have fallen for those pains. After Inuzuka sees off Persia, Hasuki comes looking for him and it’s like she’s so relieved when he assures he isn’t keeping any secrets from her. Then of course here comes Char to stoke some fire about his secret and put some suspicions if he really trusts Hasuki enough to keep secrets from her. Later Inuzuka overheard Hasuki spilling the beans to Maru why she likes Inuzuka (since she was like so obvious daydreaming over him). She wants to be useful to him and stand by his side. Inuzuka then confronts Hasuki to tell his dark secret of dating Persia (to properly respond to her feelings). This is on his own will and not blackmail by Char. Disappointed Hasuki almost tries to spread this around but after he stops her, she prepares him to do seppuku! Black Doggies have this code of not falling for White Cats. So she’s serious in killing him? What about the Hasuki he knows? That was all his assumption. Hasuki will always support Black Doggies. Inuzuka is now on the run, regretting his miscalculation that this is all their friendship amounts to. Wow. Hasuki really chase him down to the forest. So noisy that Persia even came looking for the commotion and learns the shocking truth he told. Too bad Hasuki is here to kill them. Luckily Char saves her but wants to kill Inuzuka. It’s going to be a busy night. He takes Persia and run but is cornered. Just when he starts feeling useless, she reminds him about their goal to change the world. He isn’t going to run and faces them. He takes Hasuki’s sword head on! Literally! Thankfully it’s only a replica. Persia slips off so he dives down to save her. Can’t swim? Hasuki’s cue. She is still sad and mad at him but comes to realize he really loves Persia and sees her the same way she does for him. She cries knowing they can’t continue to go on like nothing has changed. But the next day, everything is back to normal. Hasuki didn’t spread the secret and she remains friends with him. That’s what he wanted, right?

Episode 5
Inuzuka wants Persia to make bento for him. Thank goodness not babies. However Persia sucks at cooking and almost caused a disaster in her kitchen. Hence she cheated with the kitchen maid making this delicious bento. Of course Inuzuka thinks it is the real deal but before he could eat it, Char makes him eat her foot and runs off with it. Too bad she slips up and it falls into Scott’s hands. This delusional guy thinks Persia made it for him. Back to reality when Inuzuka beats him up. The guys start fighting over it and eventually Inuzuka wins by uprooting a tree and hammering Scott! Amazingly the bento flies into the pig sty and the pigs are amazingly faster than Inuzuka to eat all the food. Yeah, the guys are so disheartened. So big of a deal. Persia finally reveals the truth. Inuzuka in shock they were fighting over the kitchen maid’s bento. She gives him her burnt cookies instead. It’s hard to say that it’s the thought that counts since he eats them but can’t help puke. Inuzuka thought had she told him she wasn’t good at cooking, he wouldn’t have bugged her. But her pride won’t allow it and she’ll make the best bento for him next time. With the sports festival around the corner, Hasuki’s friends set her up to ask Inuzuka to dance with her if she becomes the MVP. So being the MVP is a jinx and not a charm that guarantees this dance? He agrees thinking it is some traditional Japanese dance. Inuzuka who isn’t too eager to join the sports festival, picks a fight with Scott, only to be interrupted by Somali Longhaired and Aby Ssinia. Pretty model boy scoffs off Somali’s claims they are a couple. Because Aby proposes to Persia so that both their factions can get along. She rejects as she doesn’t like shallow men. Inuzuka gets a letter from Persia to help her train for the 3-legged race. So excited he can’t sleep. Can he control himself being this close to her? Flashback shows Inuzuka entered last year’s 100m race. He made a false start and ignored calls for a restart and ran all the way to the finish line. When the race actually restarted, he ran out of stamina and this had the White Cats won. With Persia suggesting whoever wins the MPV will have the other do what the winner has to say, Inuzuka becomes all fired up to win. Now he is all for the sports festival.

Episode 6
The sports festival gets underway with both sides up to their tricks. I wonder if some of them are illegal because it’s like the judges turn a blind eye. During the pole tumbling event, Aby initiates his plan by having Somali injure Persia. She hides this injury until the mixed relay event whereby she collapses just before the finishing line. Worse, Aby and his men blame Persia for being weak and trying to show off by participating. Even the crowd takes the bait and scoffs off at her weakness. Inuzuka would have ran to her aid if not for Char stopping him. He would make the situation much worse. With her feet injury, Persia can no longer participate. Inuzuka feels useless as he couldn’t help Persia. But Char reveals she saw Somali with her spiked shoes injuring Persia’s feet. However she has no solid proof. As Aby’s faction is waging war against Persia’s faction, she too feels useless. Inuzuka tells Persia to come watch the final match once she feels better. In this kibasen match, Maru will not cooperate with Inuzuka as his horse. Black Doggies take a big lead thanks to Hasuki but soon a few Black Doggies start passing out and it is the White Cats’ turn to go on the offensive. At this point only Inuzuka-Maru team is left and stubborn Maru still refuses to move. Until Julio pops up to cheer on them. Now Maru feels like moving! They are able to take down all the White Cats until Aby-Somali team is left. Maru reveals he knew White Cats spiked their drinks and hence many fell asleep. He could have exposed him but he prefers to see his broken spirit when his plans crumble. When Inuzuka mocks Aby’s cheap tricks, Aby gets mad as he rants about class and caste in their society. I don’t think Inuzuka is interested to hear his plan about besting Persia and then being chosen by the elite because Inuzuka flings this guy into the stand! It could have been Black Doggies’ win but Inuzuka says it isn’t over yet. He claims they haven’t defeated the big boss Persia yet. This is their chance to settle it once and for all. And with permission from both sides, it is the final decisive match of Inuzuka vs Persia!

Episode 7
The fight is intense and even the sceptical crowd starts cheering on Persia. Just when Inuzuka thought he could grab Persia’s band for the victory, his hand slipped and grabbed her boobs instead. Everyone in shock. Safe to say, White Cats win and Persia getting the MVP. Inuzuka is chastised and ostracized from Black Doggies. During the dance, Persia sneaks out just to visit Inuzuka being punished alone outside. I guess all is not lost since she asks him for a dance. A month later, the prefects on both sides convene to talk about the grave sabotage during the sports festival. The Black Doggies accuse the White Cats of that drugging although they claims it was Aby’s own doing and since then his faction has been falling apart. They also remind Black Doggies to keep a leash on the troublesome Inuzuka as both sides are barely holding it together from going all out at each other’s throats. Inuzuka has fallen sick after the stress of helping out just about anybody. Hasuki wanted to nurse him but is brought away to stop some skirmish as she is the new Black Doggies leader. Luckily for Inuzuka, Persia visits him although disguised as Julio. No, this is not a dream. Suddenly Persia finds a porn mag. Actually it is left behind by Eigo Kohitsuji who is also a boob fan (everyone thinks Inuzuka is a boob lover now) and lent his boob porn out of sympathy. With Persia looking at him like that… Is this truly the end of him? Persia tries to navigate the Black Doggies’ dorm to get Inuzuka some food but is stopped by Maru. From what he says, it seems might be suspicious of her identity. Persia quickly bolts away and of all the places to hide, she had to stumble into the women’s bath?! Oh, she got wet. Not that kind of wet! Luckily she ran out after before those Black Doggy girls could catch her. She returns to Inuzuka’s room. Don’t peep as she changes… I think they’re too big to fit. Just then, Kohitsuji knocks on the door wanting his porn back. Instinctively Persia hides under the covers with Inuzuka. Kohitsuji goes away thinking he is asleep. I guess Inuzuka’s fever isn’t going down anytime soon. He remembers how mom used to sing him a song while he is sick and coincidentally Persia is humming that song. When Persia says she came here because she wanted to see him, once more Inuzuka’s temperature rises. Is he going to get well at this rate?

Episode 8
With the festival across the campus, Kochou and Teria Wang get permission by their prefect head, Airu to patrol and catch students having too much fun. WTF?! Of course Inuzuka makes a promise to meet Persia there. Inuzuka has the misfortune to bump into the Wang twins. He thinks they are brats but even if Hasuki points out they are the prefects, Inuzuka doesn’t give a damn. Kochou then hints she knows he had a secret meeting with someone to meet at the festival. Inuzuka tries to hide it by saying he was talking to ants. Too bad the twins are on to him as they even raid his room and find a rosary. Their suspicions up a notch as Inuzuka snatches it back and run. Oh, it’s time for the festival. The twins go there too on a pretence to patrol and look for Inuzuka but it is obviously written on their face that they want to have fun too. Then they bump into Inuzuka and the chase goes on. Luckily he loses them and meets up with Persia. At this rate it will be dangerous for them to watch the fireworks together with the twins on his tail. So are they having fun on the run? Finally they hide in a barrel. The twins… So close yet so far. Nearby, a couple of hooligans start fighting so the twins apprehend them swiftly. With others praising their swift action, this gives Inuzuka an idea. He challenges them to ‘battles’ in which they’re just normal fun games. In the end, Inuzuka loses and the twins look disappointed when they can’t do any more ‘battles’. Inuzuka knows they just want to have fun and hang out with friends. Since he ‘lost’, he offers to hang out with them sometimes. The twins leave happy but it’s a race for time for Inuzuka as he rushes back to Persia. Too late. The fireworks have started. By the time he reaches back (you mean he waited until the festival is closed and everyone has left?), Persia is still hiding in the barrel and when a woman says she’s not mad… Okay, she isn’t eventually. Because despite not being able to watch the fireworks with him, at least she get to see his softer side. Yeah, it got me thinking if they were this close who can Inuzuka not make it in time with her to watch the fireworks?! Unless it just lasts 10 seconds… Their consolation is playing sparklers. Meanwhile the twins ponder about Inuzuka’s chances to be selected as a prefect. If so, there’ll be a huge revolution. For now, they’re satisfied with having Airu who turns out to be Inuzuka’s big brother…

Episode 9
Char is excited as Persia’s birthday is next week. Even more excited when Persia has a request of her. I think I know what it is seeing Char’s disappointing looks. Shouldn’t told her it would be anything she wants, eh? Inuzuka is in town to get Persia a present but unfortunately he grabbed this cat doll at the same time with Char. Somebody’s got to pay for ripping it. However an officer wants to escort Char home due to safety as there are radicals in town. Char then gives an excuse that Inuzuka is her escort. At first he doesn’t want to play along but after Char says she knows what Persia wants for her birthday, Inuzuka is officially her escort for the day. So the first thing they do? Go shopping at a lingerie store?! I’m sure their debate on which lingerie looks good on Persia is just pure fanservice for us. Char tries to seduce him in hopes he would give up Persia but he scolds her instead. This brings back memories that because she often gets what she wants and became selfish, nobody dared scold her for anything until Persia did for doing something wrong. It was then they became friends. Char has wandered too far and a couple of radicals try to kidnap her. Char fights back and the last guy pleads Inuzuka for help but gets beaten up. Char isn’t appreciative why he would help someone he hates. Technically he isn’t helping her. If something happens to her, Persia would be sad. So he is doing this for Persia. Char can only laugh at a bigger idiot than her. Char reveals Persia’s wish of wanting to spend her birthday with him even if she broke some curfew rules. Char was happy to be her friend at first but the closer she gets to Inuzuka, there must be some face that Persia only shows him. It made her frustrated. As thanks for today’s escort, she gives him a present. A bra?! What he going to do with it? Later Inuzuka meets Persia and he is happy she invites him to spend time for her birthday. This brings back memories of last year’s birthday where Inuzuka and his Black Doggies gate-crashed and slammed pies in everybody’s face! Better do it right this year. She tells him she wants a pair accessory. Inuzuka skips back happily but is shocked to see Airu waiting in his room.

Episode 10
Airu wants to know where he got this rosary so Hasuki covers for him that he bought it for her. But how do you explain this bra! Damn Char! Not even Hasuki can help you. Airu warns if he is colluding with the White Cats and this brings down their family, not only will Inuzuka be expelled from the school, but the family as well. Inuzuka denies it but Airu will not believe him. The Wang twins plead for leniency and thus Airu will monitor him for a week. If his suspicious are allayed, he will be free. Looks like he is going to miss Persia’s birthday. It is a strange sight to see Inuzuka walking obediently behind Airu. While the White Cats cherish this moment, Persia senses something wrong. Inuzuka remembers Airu always punishes him harshly since young. And now with this constant surveillance including monitoring him in toilet?! Is this extreme?! During the kendo practice, Airu shows no mercy. Of course Inuzuka is just holding it out and still plans to see Persia. Hasuki is very worried because she doesn’t want him expelled. And then Persia heard this and seeks Hasuki’s explanation. That night as Inuzuka breaks out to meet Persia thinking Airu is asleep, that dude is waiting at the gates! Airu knew he was plotting something. Despite his obedience, his determined eyes told a different story. Inuzuka tries to fight his brother but gets beaten to a pulp. No chance. He is thrown into a storeroom to cool his head. After Airu leaves, the Wang twins free him. Apparently Inuzuka talked to them and wanted them to help out if he ever gets into trouble with Airu. He knew Airu would throw him in here like he always does. With Airu thinking he is sulking here, this will let his guard down. Inuzuka makes haste to meet Persia but soon collapses from weariness and pain. Oh, how convenient. He fell on Persia’s lap. She doesn’t sound happy and after knowing his predicament, she is sad that the only present she wants from him is his good health as she vowed to also protect him. In tears, she hugs and apologizes to him.

Episode 11
Persia is avoiding Inuzuka. Even when cornered, she rejects him. He is so dead. But nothing like Hasuki to bring him back to his feet. From billiards to sheep petting (Hasuki got raped by sheep?) and watching the skies from the tower. Why does this feel like a date? No wonder Hasuki is crying. If there was an alternate world where it was just them. Inuzuka feels bad for making her worry that he punches himself? Interrupted when Char comes by. She heard from Persia as she can’t stand to look at her unbearable distress state. Without saying much, she just hands Persia’s cookies to him. So good that it makes him cry. Inuzuka is now resolved to get through this. He rallies his Black Doggies to barge into Persia’s birthday. The plan is to wreak havoc and during that chaos he will take Persia away and have their short little birthday bash. Too bad the White Cats are already waiting and hence it begins the face pie smashing. Inuzuka breaks away from the pack but is restrained by the strength of Somali. Why is Aby now looking like a hobo?! Is this his road to repentance? Inuzuka uses reverse psychology by telling Somali how angry Aby is that she is hugging him. Dumb girl goes to crush hug Aby instead. Inuzuka moves on but is cornered by other White Cats. Surprisingly he is saved by Cait Sith who wants to help him out. Inuzuka remains suspicious of this White Cat’s motives as Cait even tells of Persia’s location of being locked in a room. Since Inuzuka planned this game, he wants to join in and make it fun. Too bad Cait has to return to Ann Sieber, a prefect for the White Cats. Heck, Cait is actually the head of the prefects for White Cats! While Journey Rex has subdued all of the Black Doggies below, the rest are going to stop Inuzuka. Meanwhile Persia rues seeking Cait’s help and now she is really locked up. But she isn’t going to be a damsel in distress and wait for her saviour. She’s going to make her own move.

Episode 12
Inuzuka is having a hard time facing off against Cait’s agility. In perfect timing, he manages to tie up his legs and then jumps out the window. Because he heard Persia’s voice and all in good timing she pulls him up and they ‘vanish’. Is Persia that strong to pull up Inuzuka? Persia scolds Inuzuka for being reckless (is she the one to say for escaping her lock up by walking along the thin balcony lines?), she is also worried but glad he is fine. Our lovers reassert their love for each other in an emotional way. The fracas is toned down once Airu enters. He starts looking for his brother. Oh, there he is. Inuzuka and Persia feigning a pie fight and pied each other’s faces to call it a draw. However Airu is not convinced. He believes they are colluding. Judging from Inuzuka’s behaviour, he knows he wanted to spend time on Persia’s birthday. While Persia denies everything, Airu shows proof. A rosary in his room and date marked on his calendar. To support those circumstantial evidences, here is the big one: The bra! With everyone confused and doubting them, Persia has no choice but to initiate a duel to the death with Inuzuka using real swords. Inuzuka is worried because the price to pay to dispel the doubts would be too great. But Persia is serious in hurting him. Airu knows this is just a bluff and will wait for an opportunity to apprehend them. When Inuzuka remembers their promise to change the world, it is then he realizes the signal Persia was giving. Together they strike each other’s throat. In the aftermath, both are recuperating in the infirmary. Conveniently together? It seemed their gamble paid off but at the expense of their hidden rosary broken to pieces. Also, Airu and Cait intervened or it would have been more than their rosaries that would have been damaged .Inuzuka gives her a matching ring for her birthday present. He wants to change this school and aims to be a prefect. He hopes she will wait for him then. Persia’s hug might be the thing that kills him. Almost. With everyone’s doubts on them erased, the duo continue to sneak out and be together. Inuzuka updates her about his meeting with Airu. He told him his intention and although Airu’s doubts of him are not completely gone, he views this fracas as an oversight on his end. He hopes he will never pull this off again. In a bid to become a prefect, Inuzuka starts by being the Wang twins’ errand boy. Inuzuka and Persia hope someday they can call each other by their first names.

Prince Of Persia: Fighting For Love
Happy ending and good news, right, people? That our lovers don’t have to follow the path of the original Romeo and Juliet and die in each other’s arms! They can continue this charade in secrecy until the world is ready for them. Or rather they are ready to take on the world. I hope they don’t have to put up with this death defying stunts each time they have to quell suspicions of them colluding because for sure one of these days it is going to get them killed for real!

If you consider the overall pacing of the series, there isn’t anything extraordinary. Perhaps I have seen so many high school romances that this one feels like there is nothing special to it that would earn my holy praise. Even if I did not put any high expectations for it, looks like my body and mind have unconsciously grown immune and placed somewhat higher expectations than normal. So in this case if you take away the Romeo and Juliet theme, it still somewhat works albeit sounding even more generic of 2 lovers from different groups trying to find love amidst all the animosity. Sounds a lot like a typical high school romance anime. There are probably other plots like the aristocrats in the White Cats and the family history of Inuzuka but these are not fleshed out properly and from the looks of it only serve as somewhat plot conveniences to reinforce and strengthen the love of our main characters. Therefore from what I can see in many of the episodes are Inuzuka and Persia trying to advance their secret relationship but as life is not smooth sailing like a bed of roses, there are often obstacles to challenges that they have to overcome. The question is how long they can keep this a secret from the general public.

So I’ve basically covered all that needs to be said about Inuzuka and Persia. They’re just normal students of their grade and maybe placed on a slightly higher pedestal by their peers because Inuzuka seems like a pretty tough guy who knows how to fight while Persia is pretty elegant and righteous. For some reason, I can’t seem to see Persia as a strong independent woman. Despite showing us her ideals to change the world for the better, is it because of love that she has been reduced to this ‘pathetic’ state? I know love messes with your head, heart and everything else but it feels like Persia downgraded ever since she tries to think a lot about Inuzuka. I don’t think it is entirely a bad thing either because looking on a positive side, perhaps love is the key to the change she will bring about. The same can be said about Inuzuka but as a character who already started out giving us impressions as a tough guy upfront but has a soft heart for Persia, the impact seems less compared to Persia. He is more brawns over brains so the impact of seeing him enter farcical clashes is not as bad as seeing an upright Persia turning into an emo girl in love. Persia is still Persia with her qualities and ideals intact nevertheless. But I want to point out here that the impression of these characters brought about by the factor of love, it seems a lot more damaging to Persia from my perspective.

Hasuki and Char playing supporting roles add some variety of spice since they are the only characters who know about their crush’s crush and harbour feelings for them. This looks like it will bring about some love polygon but that would only work if Inuzuka and Persia’s relationship isn’t so much a secret. Hasuki is just playing Inuzuka’s best childhood friend and support with the excuse she doesn’t want to see him down even if this hurts her inside. Char on the other hand is a sadist to others but could she be a masochist to herself because she seems to be tolerating a lot of Persia’s love for Inuzuka. Because you’re my best friend, I’ll let it slide just for you. For these girls, it must be the logic and case of loving the other so much even if it means forgoing that love and seeing your love being happy with others. Or one day they’re just hoping they’ll break up and all this support is just to spring back and take that rightful place if ever that worst scenario happens. Love is crazy enough to let that happen!

The other minor characters feel somewhat wasted. Like Scott feels like the punching bag for Char whenever she needs to take out her frustrations if she doesn’t get her way with Persia. This guy feels as much as an idiot as Inuzuka but only lesser because he is not main character. Then there is the delinquent Maru whose role seems to exist to play up the subplot of some possible gay crush moment with Julio. Like as though this is the only thing that makes him relevant throughout the series. His groupie feels like they’re around mostly to help cheer him up. Because he doesn’t want to be dick to them, hence he relents. Maru has some beef with Inuzuka and they don’t usually see eye to eye except when it matters like the sports festival but that feels like one off and so much more like a fluke than anything solid.

Then the Wang twins are like, are they just Inuzuka’s support and best friends or are they his love rivals? I guess we need some legal loli Chinese sisters. Then there’s the mind boggling pair of Somali and Aby. It could have been interesting to see the Aby and Persia faction as a subplot but I guess we don’t have enough episodes and even so, I would complain it as a distraction. Heh. Hence the crumbling of Aby’s faction and short-lived role only seems like plot convenience. That guy’s reputation might have crumbled but Somali’s solid (but dumb and blind) love is still going strong for him. Hey, even if Aby lost his followers, at least he has got this girl always by his side. If he doesn’t die from her crushing bear hugs.

Also feeling wasted are the prefects of both sides. They keep their own factions in line but at the same time hate each other. At least they are ‘mature’ enough not to go all out in skirmishes like their junior counterparts do on a daily basis. In the very few scenes we see them, there is a lot of show of power in their threatening talk and possibly unleashing some ‘super power’ if they get mad. These prefects look like a bunch of weirdoes and I suppose to stand out from the normal commoner crowd, that’s why they look so different. Take for the case in example, Rex. I wonder if this is a macho dude who cross-dresses as a woman or an Amazon woman with obviously bulging muscles. Spoiler: It is the former. You can have both masculinity and femininity together! Then there is Airu who is just looking so mean on the outside. You want to ask him to relax bro but on second thought maybe you should keep your distance. A total opposite is Cait who has this very relaxed personality but his words hide a very scheming personality. Anyhow, these are the kind of people whom you don’t want to mess with and that’s why they are the top of the food chain in this boarding school. I wonder if their authority supersedes the teaching staffs too.

Art and animation feel okay and the character designs and the background look like they have some quality there. This series is done by Lindenfilms who did Yamada-Kun And The Seven Witches, Arslan Senki, Hanebado and Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records so visually they’re still impressive and maintaining their quality. Bishoujo and bishonen characters and the European-like designs of the buildings bring some eye candy. Although supposedly White Cats represent the west and Black Doggies the east, for the latter I don’t see very much eastern or even Japanese representation. Would it be too obviously glaring and out of place if on one hand you have western-like designs and on the other you have the traditional Japanese motifs.

There are a few recognizable seiyuus lending their voices here. Some feel like they are at home with their characters such as Ayane Sakura as Hasuki, Eri Kitamura as Somali, Yui Ogura as Teria, Hiro Shimono as Kohitsuji and Daisuke Ono as Airu (like a meaner version of Shingeki No Kyojin’s Erwin?). Some I feel are wasted like Tomokazu Sugita as Maru and Hiroshi Kamiya as Scott. It’s not that they did a bad job but with their talent and reputation, voicing such minor characters just don’t feel they quite cut it these days. Mistakenly I thought it was Shizuka Itou behind Char’s voice since that b*tch-like holier-than-thou character reminds me a lot of some of the characters she plays (Meiko in Prison School, Bitch sensei in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Luvia in Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, Flare in Fairy Tail). Unfortunately it is Yuu Shimamura as Char (Annie in Shingeki No Kyojin).

The rest of the other casts are Yuuki Ono as Inuzuka (Isami in Shokugeki No Souma), Ai Kayano as Persia (Teruhashi in Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan), Rina Hidaka as Kochou (Airi in Ro-Kyu-Bu), Shinnosuke Tachibana as Aby (Tomoe in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Cait (Hisui in K) and Sumire Uesaka as Sieber (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai). The opening is Love With You by Fripside. I didn’t think it was them at first because it didn’t really sound like their techno trademark that I am familiar with in To Aru Kagatsu No Railgun, Clockwork Planet and Saredo Tsumibito Wa Ryuu To Odoru. I guess those songs have this very similar sounding beat and with this one that sounds slightly different even though it still has its techno elements, I couldn’t recognize it was from them. The ending theme is Itsuka Sekai Ga Kawaru Made by Riho Iida and it sounds like your typical generic anime pop piece.

Overall, might not be the best romance series out there, might not be the best loosely based Romeo and Juliet adaptation out there, might not be the worst butchered version of Romeo and Juliet out there, this series still holds on its own. Still enjoyable as a romantic comedy of the season but it is most likely to be forgettable come the next season or the next loosely adapted Romeo and Juliet comes by. It’s like saying that love blooms in the most unlikely of places but at the same time can’t let everyone else know about it or else there will be hell to pay. World war and hell on Earth. That bad, huh? Might as well cancel this faux peace and start killing each other. Hmm… I’ve yet to see a Romeo and Juliet piece that has everybody else in the faction dies and only our star-crossed lovers surviving and carry on with their love without any hindrance or objections. Truest happy ending route unlocked indeed!

Anima Yell

February 9, 2019

I thought this season was going to be the season where I took a break from the ubiquitous genre of cute girls doing cute things. Ah yes, I thought I had the will and determination this time seeing that previous seasons of watching such shows have become a bore. But what’s this? A cute girls doing cute things series about cheerleading? Nah. Not into that. Hey wait. Are they cheering on for me to go watch this series? Shucks. Can’t disappoint them now, can I? And that is how I fell into the trap of breaking my resolution and watch Anima Yell. Heh. What a funny name for a cheerleading anime. It’s not even the name of the team or a cheerleading move. Is this a subtle hint to shout out to anime? Hurray! Hurray! Fight on, anime!

Episode 1
During the break, Kohane Hatoya watched a group of cheerleaders in action and now she has decided to become a cheerleader. Well, if she could only first pronounce properly ‘cheer’ instead of ‘chair’. She brags it all to her friend, Uki Sawatari and even made preparations for it. When school starts at Kaminoki and Kohane relates this to her teacher, Inukai only to be shot down because the school has no cheerleading club. Aw, so sad. End of anime. Just kidding. During the opening ceremony, she sees Hizume Arima as the student rep and remembers her as the one she saw at the cheerleading. Can’t give up yet. If there’s no club, form one! Yeah, you need 5 members for that. Plus, Uki isn’t willing to join it. When Kohane accidentally falls off the stairs, Hizume catches her and has no problems since she is light. When Kohane invites her to join the yet to be established cheerleading club, Hizume rejects. Cheerleading is already her past. Thinking Hizume is shy, hence the need for Kohane to get to know her first. Yeah, she follows her around like a stalker! It got on Hizume’s nerves as she tells Uki to even ask her friend to stop it. Then we discover Kohane is actually afraid of heights. Can she really do cheerleading? Hizume relents hearing Kohane’s side of the story after seeing her help others. But when Kohane starts overpraising her, it seems she said something taboo. Hizume is ticked off instead. Later Uki tells Kohane what she heard from rumours. Hizume was part of the cheerleading them and a rising talent but was forced out by other jealous teammates. Hizume feels guilty for saying harsh things to Kohane. Even if she has stopped stalking her, her ‘presence’ can still be felt as other students talk about the good deeds Kohane has done. Just when Hizume is at the crossroads, here is Kohane pulling off her cheerleading stunt by standing on a tree branch and cheering Hizume’s name. Is this to prove she can overcome her phobia? Kohane vows to become as special as her. She completes her stunt by jumping down! Luckily Hizume catches her and then scolds her for doing something this reckless. Hizume somewhat agrees to be her support and base. Hooray! She’s part of the club! Hizume is going to drill all that she knows into her until she finds out that she is still on recruiting spree. This might take a while…

Episode 2
Kohane is participating in a cheerleading competition. You know it’s all just a dream as she falls off from her chair in class… Kohane calls Uki to the rooftop just to show off her cheerleading outfit. She has also bought one for Uki but it looks like she got them from a shady site. Hizume helps Kohane to some exercise but finds that she lacks the necessary to even do the warm ups. Is Kohane trying to find an excuse she was only made for cheering? But Hizume acknowledge that the only thing that Kohane has that is A+ is her smile. As Kohane finds it hard to move about in a jersey, Hizume gives her lighter clothes to wear. With all the exercising, a week later, her muscle starts aching. With Uki explaining she is not physically good, Hizume has this fear she might quit and then she’ll be all alone again. Trauma switch, on. Hence Kohane and Hizume concoct a plan to make Uki join. Uki went along with the flow and only realized too late that they were all making pompoms. Back home, she tries out the pompons she made but forces herself to think she won’t be joining them. Next few scenes we see Kohane bugging Uki. I guess stalking others is the other thing she is good at. With Uki being stubborn, Hizume deduces that perhaps Uki isn’t interested because she has not seen the real thing. Remember, Kohane became passionate about cheerleading only after seeing the real act. So for now, Kohane can only express to her how much she wants to do this with Uki. Kohane confronts Uki and says, “I WANT TO DO IT WITH YOU!!!”. Damn, this is not turning into some lesbian series! Then they set Uki up to watch Hizume do her cheerleading in a proper outfit and music. Captivated? That sealed the deal. Welcome to the club. As for why she was reluctant to join in the first place, it seems she doesn’t like the skirts being too short. Don’t worry. Here’s some very short pants too. She’ll pass.

Episode 3
No cheerleading for today because they have got to study for the test. Of course Kohane hates studying and all she could see is scribbling cheerleading stuffs in her stuffs. Lacking that cheer power, Hizume does some cheerleading to get her strength back. Kohane tries to be considerate and now studies hard. Instead, this switches on Hizume’s trauma that she might like studying and end up quitting cheerleading! WTF?! So engrossed in her studies that Kohane didn’t even notice other people in need of help. Eventually she does help one and Uki is relieved she should just continue to be the usual Kohane. Yeah, everything she learnt now she has forgotten! The tests come and go. So it’s time to hit the club activities? Not for Kohane. It’s the supplementary classes for her. She only gets to join her pals after that. However with no proper place to practice and other clubs kicking them out, they plead to Inukai for some leniency. However she congratulates them for having 3 members as this means they are an association. No funding but will still be given a place for their activities. Looks like they can use the AV room. Why nobody uses it? Because it is rumoured to be haunted! Uki is scared but seeing how Kohane is willing to go back to the rooftop that she is afraid of, Uki compromises and this room will do. Uki must be getting paranoid that somebody is watching them. It doesn’t help that Hizume doesn’t believe in ghosts and Kohane is just super enthusiastic for ghosts to join them! Uki really thought someone is watching them but then they see no one (actually there was but she ran away quickly). But here comes Kon Akitsune and Kotetsu Tatejima, Kohane’s classmates. It seems the former wants some cheerleading help so she could confess to her love. The trio might not have the experience but they’ll help out. I’m not sure about using Hizume’s college brother as a reference but whatever. Eventually they learn that Akitsune’s crush is a female teacher. Awkward silence. But they still help her. Kotetsu feels useless in not being able to help her friend but Uki points out she cares enough not to say something so lightly and it means she’s thinking hard about it. A few days later, Akitsune was able to confess to her love and thanks the trio. So care to join the association? Nah. She’ll join the home economics club. But the trio felt happy that things ended well.

Episode 4
The basketball club requests Kohane to come cheer for their upcoming match. Woah. Kohane just fainted upon hearing that! Luckily Kotetsu went to tell this news to the rest. On the way out, the rest heard Kotetsu in a dilemma whether to join them or not. However it is not wise to push her. Then they hear piano sounds from the AV room. While Uki is scared thinking it is a ghost, Kohane thinks of inviting the ghost to join! It is discovered that Kotetsu is playing it. She got permission to play here since it would be too loud at her home. So she can’t piano a piano? The trio try to coax her to join but she feels embarrassed of performing in front of others. So how does she play her piano recital? Well, she loses her composure… The trio head back to discuss the cheer uniforms. The ones online are too expensive so it is best to make their own. Yeah, if they know how to sew. Don’t worry. Thank the internet for samples and guides! At the basketball match, the trio make pompons enough for their school. Kohane starts off with a weird introduction of them and it just confuses the lot. Is it embarrassing? Kotetsu who thought they were cool probably is now more embarrassed to join them. The match begins and Kaminoki is losing. Time for our cheer girls to do their job. They’re not alone, though. They rally their school to help cheer for the team. This has Kotetsu realize that cheering isn’t done alone. With the power of their cheer side (I don’t see the opponents having their own cheer squad), Kaminoki is able to win by 1 point on the very last second! Woah! Miracle! Thanks to the power of cheering! In the end, Kotetsu might still have her reservations about cheerleading but she still wants to try out. So Kohane has been hiding her application form waiting for this moment? They learn her first name and because it sounds so manly, the reason why she doesn’t like it as she feels she doesn’t live up to its strong sense. She might not be confident now but with the rest supporting her, she’ll get by.

Episode 5
A welcome party is held for Kotetsu. In return, Kotetsu runs down all the way to the AV room to play the piano. She needs this stamina training. Kotetsu may not like to be called by her first name with Kohane bugging, it soon becomes normal. Hizume has the girls do some simple warm up exercises before going on to display different types of basic arm motions. And of course, put on your greatest smile. Soon, Kotetsu’s uniform is complete although it’ll take some time for her to get used to it. Then they get a request from the home economics club. It isn’t actually a cheer request but they want them to help test taste and decide the menu for their upcoming cooking contest. Looks like the rumours have spread that making a request to the cheer association can have your dreams come true. Hey, Akitsune was only 1 wish, right? Yeah, but at least it still means 100% successful rate. Anyway, Kohane is a glutton as she eagerly chows down the several dishes. With all their opinions gathered, to thank them for this, they are given another tasty dish. Actually this was requested by the basketball club who requested them to do something to thank the cheer association as they can’t do anything in return for their help. After Kohane devours the gratitude dish, she runs all the way down to the basketball court to express her thanks. How? With some cheering of course.

Episode 6
The cheer association has another cheer request to perform as the opener for a local festival. Since it is an open stage, the time is right for them to do some simple stunts. So they’re going to try with this base formation and even if Kohane will be standing on their thighs, is this even enough to constitute fear of heights?! The quartet practice and get a feel of this formation. Everything is looking good and Kohane gets too excited that she ruins the formation by getting up when everyone is not ready yet. Crash! Thankfully no injuries. Otherwise Hizume would really start getting traumatic about nobody left in the association. A few more days of practice and Kohane is so desperate for the day not to rain that she creates a giant size teruteruboshi. Because of that it looks like a man who got hanged! Spooky rumours are about to run wild again on the AV room… On the main day, the quartet get a feel of the place as they attend the rehearsal. You thought Kohane was so excited that she forgot to bring her cheer outfit but actually she is already wearing it. After the rehearsal, Kotetsu still has doubts if she did it all incorrectly. Allow Kohane to spout some great advice. The great sky. The great sun. The great weather… What?! WTF?! With Hizume pointing out it is all their first time doing this, Kotetsu calms down. When the actual cheer gets underway, Kotetsu doesn’t feel nervous and like the rest of her comrades do a great display of cheering. So great that Kohane bloopers the final part and falls flat on her face. I guess that is negligible considering the rest of the performance was great. Even Inukai sings praises for them but will not go so far to oblige Kohane’s demands to join the association. She just doesn’t know when to give up, does she?

Episode 7
Kotetsu fears she has become fat and tries to exercise more. This is because she is afraid she won’t be able to support Kohane as the base. Hizume does some reverse psychology that if she is not satisfied with her weight means what she has been doing is not enough. And if she is not strong willed, maybe they can stop bringing snacks to the club. I think Kotetsu is going into overdrive exercising mode. They ask why Kohane has fear of heights since she never had this before. She relates how she jumped off the top of the swing thinking she could fly. The next thing she knew she was in hospital surrounded by her family and friends who were so worried. She realized it was her fault and it then developed into a phobia. Hizume suggests visiting a cheer shop and you can see the light in Kohane’s eyes. There’s a shop specializing in that?! If not for her friends, I think Kohane would have bought everything even if she didn’t have the budget. After buying pompom materials, this is part of Hizume’s plan to ask them for a request. She feels she has a hard time fitting in with everyone in her class and that they are avoiding her. Hizume follows Kohane’s suggestions to do some cheering with her pompoms. Although it attracts her classmates, they feel weird out if something is wrong with her. It’s like they’re keeping their distance. Finally when Kohane jumps in and decides to help, now all the other girls get jealous and tell her not to hog Hizume?! WTF?! Since when is she their property?! So now Kohane is their common enemy as they try to get closer to Hizume?! Yeah, there’s a few girls who become as close as her bodyguard! More and more girls ‘borrow’ Hizume so looks like she won’t be spending time with the cheer association so soon. When the rest return to their clubroom, they see a curse sign on the door. Finally that girl who keeps spying on them makes her official appearance. Kana “Hanawa” Ushiku accuses them as villains and that Hizume is too good for this association.

Episode 8
Everyone is puzzled Hanawa keeps referring to Hizume as her senpai. Aren’t they all the same age? She goes on to point out and complain their cheering techniques at the festival. When Hizume arrives, Hanawa gets embarrassed and runs away. Hizume does remember Hanawa from her old squad but barely. As she joined after Hizume, the reason why she refers to her as her senpai. With the basketball team seeking their cheerleading help again, this time Hizume suggests for all of them to come up and put together a choreograph trick. As they practise, Uki and Kotetsu notice Hanawa spying on them. This goes on for a few days until Hanawa summons Uki to the rooftop to complain. Apparently this b*tch isn’t happy for whatever reason and as she is about to storm off, trips and falls over Uki. Uki might have saved her fall but in exchange, twisted her ankle. Now that Uki is out of the picture, Hizume thinks of adjusting their routine but a remorseful Hanawa decides to replace her. Hanawa has been doing some practice by herself ever since she quit the old cheerleading club. Although she gave excuse that high school was getting busy, the real fact is that it wasn’t worth it staying in a club without Hizume. Kaminoki’s cheer girls strut their stuff and Hanawa is quite energetic and a league of her own. Of course Hizume compliments her (typical fan girl break down when crush senpai praises) but also apologizes for not knowing her ex-teammates and not paying attention to those around her. Hanawa gets motivated but at the same time is trekking real close to being a personal Hizume stalker… Wanna smell her hair, eh? With renewed motivation, Hanawa now cheers with even more energy. She vows to always cheer with Hizume. Thanks to that ‘power’, Kaminoki’s basketball team wins! With Hanawa officially joining them, Hizume hopes she could stop calling her senpai and by each other’s first names. This might take a while to get used to. Practice of first name calling will resume after Hanawa wakes up from her fainting.

Episode 9
Hanawa is trying to ignore Kohane treating her like a ‘celebrity’ to come to the club. Now that they have 5 members, this means they have upgraded from an association to a club. I guess they’ll get a little more perks. All they need now is an advisor and Kohane goes to bug Inukai. As expected, she gives lots of excuses why she won’t. Too tired. Don’t know much about cheerleading. You know the usual. Until Kohane accidentally ‘threatens’ that she found out from another teacher that she used to do some weird dance and has DVD ‘evidence’ of it did Inukai agree to join! Wow. That worked. She’s going to need a lot of cheering. Right off the bat they have another request. A parent who saw them cheer at the basketball game now has the same request for a football match. When it is learnt they will be cheering for the football team, Victories, Uki doesn’t seem too happy. Her brother, Akane is on that team and recently he hates girly stuffs. Must be that puberty thingy. Plus, she never told him she is in cheerleading. Back home, Akane is already grumpy because at today’s practice some annoying girl cheered on them. It wasn’t Kohane but still he felt annoyed. This makes Uki awkward. She thinks of telling him now because eventually he will find out but he thinks she is part of the running club and wants hints on how to run fast. There goes her chance. So she’s reading about track now? There are many other chances for her to subtly hint she is in cheerleading but all failed. Until he berates them as annoying and all they do is flash their pantsu as distraction. Uki snaps back to keep his eyes open tomorrow and he’ll eat his own words. Hope she doesn’t regret saying that later… Next day, Akane is surprised to see Uki part of the cheerleading team. However Akane is not starting and only warming the bench. As the game starts, Akane notices the energetic exuberance from the cheerleading girls. Impressed? Even during halftime they continue their cheering. Akane starts in the second half and he notices the girls continue to cheer despite being tired. And the magic from all the cheering has Victories end with no less a victory! Before brother and sister could reconcile, Kohane butts in and is impressed with how cool he is. He keeps denying as everybody notices his behaviour quite similar to Uki. Is Uki mad because of that statement or is Akane being hogged by Kohane too much?

Episode 10
This time the manga club is asking the cheer club for help. Actually, their job is only to watch over them. If they fall asleep or get distracted by something else, here, use this ruler and smack them hard on the head! Yeah, the deadline is tomorrow better get those hands moving. Fast! In addition to watching them, the cheer girls are also made to do some pose to give the manga girls some inspiration. So you can tell some of them getting real nervous and flustering like Uki holding hands with Kohane and Hanawa being hugged behind by Hizume. Eventually the manga girls achieve their goal. As Kohane is still not fully cured from her phobia, Hizume thinks of holding a training camp. Thanks to her father’s friend, they can hold one in a dojo near the sea. The girls rejoice. I guess they need their much needed break. Except for Inukai. She’s complaining that she had to be dragged here. Oh, so you want to go into details about the contract about this? Hizume has an ‘agenda’ for holding this training camp. She wants to get close to Hanawa as she feels she is always putting some distance. Yes, she has the wrong idea Hanawa hates her. Even more so when Hizume tries to be friendly, Hanawa gets flustered and further gives her the wrong idea that she doesn’t like her. I don’t know if it looks like harassment to a point Hanawa passes out from happiness. With this going nowhere, Hizume explains her plan to get closer to Hanawa. Though the rest understand, maybe she should put some distance for now because the close proximity is frying Hanawa up! There is an event tomorrow that the matron would love them to join and liven up things. So to help in their training, Hizume suggests running on the beach. Too bad girls, you’re not going to have fun. Despite wearing their swimsuits, they look so out of place in sneakers! We have more Hizume-Hanawa antics. Still shy to get closer to each other. Maybe the only way to get closer is to put sunscreen lotion on each other? Whatever. At least they broke the ice.

Episode 11
What’s this? Kohane trying to do a brave dive from a cliff? Not if Uki stops her and tells her she might die! Even if this is the lowest cliff for beginners? Please don’t say that to the rest waiting in line. Hizume suggests practising the shoulder straddle technique. Kohane thinks doing it in the water will help but since it is slippery and she belly flops… Ouch… Back at the inn, they need a vaulting horse to help Kohane practice with this. So they wake up Inukai just for her to become a vaulting horse. Hey, make yourself useful for once. Too bad it didn’t last long. Practising the technique, not only Uki is nervous having Kohane’s thighs around her head but Kohane is already experiencing her phobia. Maybe try again. But during the festival, the girls pull it off perfectly. The power of trust? The girls continue to work part time to earn some money (thank goodness the other girls cover for clumsy Kohane or they might have to work longer) to buy uniforms for the upcoming tournament. Because all of them are so bad in sketching, the clerk can’t make out their design. Maybe start from scratch? As they start choosing the colours, the Nekoya twins of Suzuko and Tamako come in. They are Hizume’s previous cheerleading mates. They sound brutal that they are grateful for Hizume’s departure because ever since she left, they are now the focus! So don’t come back! Just kidding. The twins are very in sync with each other but too bad this means they are not in sync with the rest. This is because Hizume too was once in a world of her own and they wonder if she has changed. Since their team are also participating in the next tournament, this is the best chance to assure Hizume’s ex-teammates she is doing well. Last brutal roast from the twins that her ex-team dropped in standards after she left but rose up when the twins took her place! Will Hizume recover from this? Too bad all their hearts are not in sync as each of them choose a different uniform colour. Eventually if they all decided to go with Hizume’s navy blue, they have their excuses. Hearts not as one. With this out of the way, it’s back to more practice.

Episode 12
And suddenly the tournament day is here. The Kaminoki girls arrive at the venue and they get to see the middle school division strutting their stuffs first. Wow. So good. Can they even match up to them? When it is almost their turn, after they get dressed, it is that awkward moment of Hizume meeting her old cheer club comrades. Her ex-friend admits they never realized how important Hizume was until she was gone as she was the one holding them up. Hizume also takes this chance to apologize for only thinking about herself and not paying attention. It is safe to say that both sides have made their peace and can look forward to each other’s performance. Before their turn, there is a photo shoot of the group. Strangely, Kohane puts on a weird smile. Is she nervous? Because smile is usually her best and natural thing. Then we have more motivation talk from the girls, blah, blah, blah. Time to go out and shine. Kohane is still worried. She worries she will fail and put all their efforts go to waste. Looks like that is about to come true as she slips but thankfully, the rest got her back. They remind her that they will always support her. With that, our girls continue to cheer like they have always been doing. In the aftermath, it seems our Kaminoki cheer club girls didn’t make it past the preliminaries. Don’t be sad. Statistics show that half the entrants only started cheerleading this year. There’s always next time, right? Later all their family and friends gather to congratulate a great performance they put up. Now it is Inukai’s turn to treat them but she realizes the girls are eating into her budget. Please don’t be a cheapskate… With Kohane thanking everyone for cheering with her, looks like there is a list of clubs that want their cheer spirit. And there is also another tournament coming up for next semester. Okay, girls. You know what to do. And they continue to flawlessly continue to cheer for all!

Cheer Joshi: Spirit Booster
Gimme an “It’s”. Gimme an “O”. Gimme a “Ver”. What’s that spell?! IT’S OVER! YAY! Oh yeah. I’m definitely boosted by all the cheering by the time the anime ends. Not! Haha. The irony of almost being bored to death and their cutie pie cheering didn’t do anything special to make me anticipate the next episode. Oh girls, sorry you have to do harder to cheer me up. My standards are so high that you have to be level 100 to make an impact in my frozen heart. Haha! But I have to admit that I wasn’t totally bored. There are some entertaining parts. But yeah, the girls need to try a lot harder if they want to break down this wall of mine.

As usual, the storyline isn’t anything much except for a bunch of girls trying to do what they love most together and in this series in particular, cheerleading. Heck, I even thought there was not going to be even some sort of regional tournament (like many of such genres usually do), but they leave it relatively too late to announce that. Even so, at that point I can’t see the relevancy and importance of this cheerleading tournament. It just came and go like that. Don’t expect them to pass on their first try, right? After all, the season is going to end and with what has been built up in this season, if there is an excuse to make another season, they have some sort of plot to go along with. Another tournament, that is. Heck, it was only like a while ago that they just picked out their uniform, right? But for now, building a new cheer club is utmost importance for these girls and season.

Having said that, hence the characters are the ones playing a pivotal role in keeping the anime cute and fresh. Well, if you ask me over the years of watching the same genre (Hinako Note, Slow Start, Comic Girls, just to name a few), you will somewhat expect more or less the same. At this point for me, they aren’t anything exciting but still their unique and quirky personalities are enough to entertain me and at least make me sit through the dozen episodes.

As usual for main character Kohane, she has to be the kind who is in her own world and in her own pace. That is why she is annoying. That is why she is cute. That is why she is funny. It is strange to think that she saw cheerleading once and decided this is going to be her life passion. So to say that in her entire life, nothing else moved her except this. Imagine had she seen something else even more passionate than cheerleading, would she have gone down that path instead? Say, porn! Haha! But thinking about it, it’s not really that strange despite me saying so for this behaviour to happen because now I remember how I was so enthralled in watching anime the first time and decided to make it my hobby. Yeah… So Kohane acting a bit like a retard is what gives this series its charm and many funny moments somewhat rely on this. A point to ponder: As Kohane is one of the shortest in the team, I wonder if she grew a bit taller, would she be afraid of heights?! Yeah, she probably can’t stand it (pun intended) and will forever sit in a wheelchair. Worst case scenario!

Then the other end of the spectrum is Hizume. Also quirky in her own sense but not as lively outburst as Kohane. Just like how Kohane’s running joke is her fear of heights (aside from mispronouncing certain ‘important’ cheerleading words), Hizume’s running joke is the fear of people leaving her cheer club. She often gets misconception easily and almost goes into panic attack, hence the need to pacify and do stuffs to have the members stay. This insecurity stems from her social awkwardness during her earlier life since she was in a world and pace of her own. Now that she is trying to change and be considerate, hence her strange thinking that results in some mild awkwardness.

I somewhat believe Uki exists to play the straight (wo)man since as the more down to earth type, she is the kind of character who rebukes others (but Kohane mostly) when they somewhat go out of line (cue for comedy). Also, with a club with only girls as cheerleaders, some sort of mild yuri subplot is going to happen. So Uki is doing this all just to support Kohane and be close to her. The same can be said for Hanawa for Hizume but she is more of the tsundere type and Kohane’s ‘natural’ rival. For now it looks like one-sided crushes so can we cheer on for their love to come to their realization? Kotetsu completes the line-up as a shy girl trying to boost her self-confidence. So far she is doing a good job. Just like how Kohane is facing her acrophobia. If you ask me, it’s all in the mind. If you’re not too conscious about it, you’ll breeze by it without even knowing it was there. Otherwise, why do you think the girls were able to pull off perfectly their stunts during real performances on stage?

It feels like Inukai is a character that doesn’t need to exist but you know, every club needs to have a teacher to supervise as part of the rules so she’s the kind of character who really feels she really shouldn’t be here doing all this. Yeah, the strange irony in that. Her face screams “I wish I wasn’t here”. She gets dragged into the cheer club’s pace and it’s like she’s doing them a favour. There goes her sleep or whatever me-time. If the cheer club’s charm is so effective, maybe they could help cheer on for her and blow away her blues. The Nekoya twins appeared very late in the season and perhaps to give our cheer girls a much needed rivalry boost. Because how else are you going to improve if you don’t have a rival to overcome? They sound like the b*tch type but again, they too are in their own world and pace. They think the world revolves around them. What is with these girls in this anime always going at their own pace?

Speaking about the cheerleading club’s effective cheering boost, so far their effective rate is 100% and with rumours being spread around that their cheering guarantees victory (despite being very baseless), you wonder how long their streak will go. So the irony is that if the upcoming tournament, are they considered cheering for themselves? Will they have other outside parties cheering for them and if so, will that jinx their luck? Quite the irony if the cheerleaders in competition has supportive cheerleaders from the outside cheering on them. In no time these girls would get requests to cheer on Japan’s national football team and win the World Cup!

Just like many of such anime series in this sort of particular genre, there isn’t much heavy focus on the theme. So if you are hoping to learn a lot more about cheerleading, you’d be better off doing your research online at dedicated and special websites. Here are just the simple basis of cheerleading. As the cheer girls are still mostly rookies, hence you won’t see them pulling off really dangerous and elaborate stunts yet. At least not until Kohane fully overcomes her height phobia.

While the art and drawing are your typical cute and kawaii type with everything looking bright and clean, there wasn’t anything for me to comment here except for the character designs. I have no problem with it but when I first looked at the bunch of main characters, I was wondering why they resemble so closely to the cast of characters in Comic Girls! Did those girls give up on their dreams to become a mangaka and now go into cheerleading instead? Or did they hop onto another anime in hopes they would stay relevant?! Either way, you can see the resemblance of Kohane in Kaos (even their general personality are almost similar), Hizume in Ruki, Uki in Koyume and that basketball senpai in Katsuki. This feels more than just coincidence because even Inukai as their advisor is somewhat similar and equivalent to Ririka! Suspicious… This anime is made by Doga Kobo who brought to us New Game, Gabriel Dropout, Himouto! Umaru-chan, YuruYuri and Love Lab. So if you wonder why the characters look somewhat similarly cute, they’re all from the same anime studio.

Didn’t recognize any seiyuus in particular in this series as many of them are unknowns and do not have a long repertoire of voice acting roles to their name. They are Yuka Ozaki as Kohane (Asuka in BanG Dream),Yuina Yamada as Hizume (Mirasa in Kuromukuro), Mikako Izawa as Uki (Mamori in Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid), Tomori Kusunoki as Kotetsu (Miki in Slow Start), Haruka Shiraishi as Hanawa (Asirpa in Golden Kamuy), Eriko Matsui as Inukai (Isuzu in Log Horizon), Aimi Tanaka as Akane (titular character in Himouto! Umaru-chan), Risae Matsuda as Suzuko (Minael in Mahou Shuojo Ikusei Keikaku) and Satsumi Matsuda as Tamako (Jinko Nana Maru San Batsu).

The opening and ending themes are sung by the main quintet of the series, Jump Up Yell and One For All respectively. They are worthy of being a cheerleading song in its own right with all its exuberance and liveliness. There are also a bunch of insert songs that serves as the cheerleading songs the girls use for practice or during events. I didn’t really give much attention to them since they sound equally energetic and fit the atmosphere.

Overall, everybody now gimme an “O”! Gimme a “K”! Gimme an “A”! Gimme a “Y”! O-K-A-Y! Yay! Those are my cheerful sentiments for this moe blob series. Simplistic (or even non-existent) plot, cute characters and cute visuals. Like my general answers these days for this particular kind of genre, it’s all the same but presented in a different way to give off its own appeal. It’s not awful but nothing that special to me since I am not into cheerleading before and after watching this series. Yeah, I’m not really into a lot of things in this world. But turn it into anime with cute girls and you can bet that there is a high chance it will catch my attention. Just need to grab a chair and watch it. Hmm… That cheer and chair pun doesn’t seem to work here… (I blame Kohane for making it look like a running joke). Cheer-io!

Himote House

February 8, 2019

If Tachibanakan To Lie Angle was too yuri and too boring for a short series about a group of girls living in a dorm, well, maybe Himote House turned that down a little. Despite the suspiciously sounding name of the house, it is more or less about a group of sisters and their friends living together, doing stuffs together, talking together… You get the point. But what are the chances that a house without a dick man would eventually start having yuri thoughts?

Episode 1
Tae Hongou is happy she is going to move into the house of her college friend, Kokoro Himote. Looks like Tae is very eager to be friends with all the residents that includes Kokoro’s eldest sister, Tokiyo (is she trying to be some enlightened European?), the second sister, Kinami (what’s that she’s wrestling with a one-sided love? What’s this flashback of how Kokoro was forced to be Tae’s friend because she was the closest when her skirt ripped?), childhood friend, Minamo Arai (rich girl so rich that she rented out her mansion to somebody else so she can live in a smaller place) and the cat mascot of the place, Enishi (it talks!). The girls then gather to discuss some important rules. Like laundry. But it descends into some weird talk about washing bras in nets. And then a discussion of they should label their panties because it’s the same size. Then they have this weird idea of showing off each other’s panties so they would know each other’s taste and need not label. Yeah, we must use our strong imagination to ‘see’ those pantsu they describe! I feel cheated!!! After delegating the duties, they discuss about their powers. You see, all of them have strange powers. Tokiyo can stop time, Kinami can shoot some energy projection, Kokoro can read thoughts and Minamo can copy the power of others. Tae is unsure of hers so as she tries, she unwittingly clones herself. Welcome to the club. Before bedtime, we see the girls doing skits to earn the title of the best kissing sound as they play to the scene of trying to kiss the pharaoh. Weird but impromptu funny!

Episode 2
Tokiyo has a hard time opening the bottle of nori for breakfast. Since it won’t budge, Tae has this idea of using their powers to do so. It’s no different with Tae’s clones. Weak ass. Can Kokoro read its thoughts to help open it? Nope. Minamo reading the thoughts of the dead nori? It’s dead. Tokiyo has this idea to use Kinami’s blast to spin open it and Tokiyo will use her time stopping power to adjust the angle. Why must Kokoro be holding it and be sandwiched in between Kinami and Minamo’s hadouken?! Eventually the bottle is still stuck because they spun it the wrong way. So now it’s tighter? The girls discuss the downside of their powers. Kokoro knows what men thinks and is now only into 2D. Kinami’s power often chips her nail and Tokiyo is sad that despite she can stop time, hers does not so she ages faster. They realize despite their cool abilities, this won’t get them popular. So Tae arranges a blind date? Kokoro isn’t interested in men and continues to play her dating sim. Kinami looks interested but each time her bad habits are revealed by Kokoro. Tae takes a look at her date’s handphone while Minamo wants to know the dirty stuffs he does. Tokiyo ranting about getting sexually aroused Senegalese wresting and Javanese volcano? No wonder the men all sneak away. I guess we can say that even with their abilities, they’re not even popular to begin with. For bedtime talk, the girls do skits of the worst phrases to say in a helium voice. I’ll say, any chipmunk voice sounds funny than worse!

Episode 3
The girls talk about their own ladylikeness. Is it because they do not fit into the men’s definition of ladylikeness the reason why they are unpopular? Minamo reads the 5 different traits that men find irresistible in women that include allowing cheating and being vulnerable. So what better way than to test out all the have learnt via that blind date again. You can guess they are more or less the same like the last time. No wonder the men hurry away faster this time. Failed again. When the sisters return home, they find their underwear hung out in the open. Tae who is in charge of laundry explains based on this Neo Feng Shui that has nothing to do with Feng Shui will have them be popular in no time. It doesn’t stop there. Tae has also made the sofa spikey, a fridge in the middle of the room, a room filled with bicycles, some weird uncle hiding underneath the bed, some weird grandma baking pie, the spikey ceiling caving in and worst of all, locking up Minamo in the pantry! Is this a horror house?! Because now monsters are summoned from another dimension! Oh, that’s Tokiyo’s doing. That night, a robber intrudes. Of course he bumps into all the traps and freaks out so much so he rather escape than continue with the robbery. Bedtime talk, Minamo explains some documentary quote. Pantyhose is like second skin? Like how you boil an egg and there’s a very thin layer of skin? Don’t get it but the way she said it was funny.

Episode 4
Because it’s raining outside, the girls discuss about the rules of baseballs since it is the most popular sport for men in Japan. If you’re like me who knows nothing about the game, their explanations are very alien to me. It’s like the blind leading the blind since the girls too aren’t sure of the rules and keep asking about certain specific rules in which they try to find and elaborate the answer. Like touching the base legally doesn’t mean anything near to groping. I guess there is only so much you can follow the rules so the next step is to try it out in their small quarters. Do they have enough member? Don’t worry. Tae can clone. As the girls play, they come into special and rare situations in which Tokiyo would explain so and so from the rulebook. Again, if you don’t know baseball, it’s all like Greek. In the end, they find the game boring and confusing. Bedtime talk, the girls do an impression of a death metal voice but need to say phrases that would appeal to a man’s heart. Lots of hoarse and coarse but hilarious moments! Is your heart ~kyun already?

Episode 5
It’s that time again to talk about why they don’t have boyfriends. Kinami thinks they don’t have male presence around them such as leaving the toilet seat up or hide porn underneath the bed. So they decide to come up with imaginary ex-boyfriends instead. Their imagination run wild with the cliché they thought up for each other. So are these enough to get them boyfriends? Then Enishi comes in with this ‘devastating’ news: Attractive women don’t make him think of her ex-boyfriend. Now that’s another reason why these girls can’t get a guy. For bedtime talk, Tokiyo acts as a sleazy producer trying to get Kinami the actress to go out with him and she has to try and reject all that. Then it is Enishi as Tae’s girlfriend and the cat must reject the boyfriend who insists of sending nudes. I guess it got a little bit hair raising there. Hairy nudes please!

Episode 6
Oh dear. Everyone is acting weird. They won’t even talk to each other at dinner! Kokoro who can read minds is very worried because as far as she remembers, it all started when she saw them arguing over something. She thinks that everyone hates this place and blames herself since it was her who invited her friends to live here. It goes from bad to worse as Kokoro can’t take it anymore and snaps at Minamo. If she hates this place, just say so. I wonder if Kokoro will ever get a piece of mind since she bums out at the crowded place and start hearing negative thoughts. After calming down and getting the resolve to tell everyone this shared house won’t work, the moment she returns everyone throws a surprise anniversary party for her. It has been a month since everyone moved in together. So the ‘argument’ was about who does what. To commemorate this special day, Kinami has created special house keys for each of them. Here’s to best friends and best sisters. We take a break from the bedtime talk as we see Enishi and fellow cat, Nyarin meeting a cat guide who brings them about places of interest in this Tetsugakudou temple. There are some philosophical and cat age jokes along the way too but not that I understand anyway.

Episode 7
The girls play a yuri version of the Life board game. Let your yuri imaginations run wild! Is it me or is every spot miss a turn or two because whether you are happy or sad, you just blood miss a turn! And WTF is this ultimate miss a turn f*ckery because you make the yuri god mad and hence miss 35 turns?! WTF?! Eventually we have Kanami-Tae marrying each other as well as Tokiyo-Minamo. The former married in Japan and the latter in Europe. We can see the vast treatment of same sex marriage in different continents but no matter how happy or how shocked they are… Miss a turn! In the end, Kokoro reaches the finish line but the condition for winning is for the one having the most money. Too bad they didn’t have any so it’s a draw. Probably this board game affected them so much that our pairs now are being yuri with each other! It is another death metal voice for the bedtime talk but the funniest one I find is Kokoro doing that onii-chan impression of a scared little sister not wanting to sleep alone. Who’s the scary one?!

Episode 8
The girls wake up to find the house trashed. They don’t remember much except that Tokiyo made them drink a lot. However Tokiyo isn’t around. Hence they start investigating suspicious items around but they start making fun and laugh their ass off about those so called ‘evidences’. Like that tanuki statue with a flower bouquet and a crime scene murder mark. They all seem to think Tokiyo and her Senegalese boyfriend got into some love triangle fight! Then they start adlibbing a couple of ‘suspicious’ photos that they don’t remember taking. Again they adlib and make fun of Tokiyo. When she finally returns, she suggests looking at the security camera. You mean they had a surveillance camera? It seems they were all just super drunk. But could it be some scheme by Tokiyo because that evil flash in her eyes… For bedtime talk, the girls take turn making jokes on several random topics based on “X without Y”.

Episode 9
Kokoro in a weird old man’s voice has hired Minamo as the newbie as she introduces her to the rest of this crew in this ‘important job’. Then she has Tae teach her how to draw and such. But the best way to get experience is first-hand experience on the job. Now, if you’re wondering why Enishi is spying and saying coded terms followed by Kinami’s strange mirror light dance, then the rush copying job of Tae and Minamo before passing to Kokoro to hand it to Tokiyo to ‘shoot it out’, at one point in your life you must have wondered this is how a photocopying machine works, right?! And then the mother of all anime portrait copying. So not sure this answer of Kokoro getting some anime specialist to draw but makes Minamo cosplay and pose. And then when Tokiyo starts suffocating, cue for Minamo to hold up a sign that says paper jam! For bedtime talk, the girls do some documentary quotes. The odd one is when Enishi tries to explain TPP but couldn’t, hence making several funny faces. I believe this isn’t intentional because what does a cat know about TPP?! It is Kokoro who explains in detail what it is and Enishi still looks blur. Is this supposed to be the punchline?

Episode 10
We’re starting off with bedtime talk? Anyway, the ‘competition’ is to see how to appeal to men more and they come up with funny-cum-silly ideas such as being a YouTube star, labelling boobs as good fortune, erotic moans and putting a jackpot on your belly. WTF?! Next, Tokiyo has to act out a scene whereby her boyfriend (played by Kokoro) are dating when her old otaku friend (Minamo) comes by to disrupt and she has to avert this. I don’t know, all I see is Minamo as the one ranting about being soul mates while blaming the boyfriend for any lack of communication. In the end she decides to ‘exorcise’ the boyfriend while Tokiyo just stood there doing nothing. Enishi and Nyarin visit a reflexology maid. Enishi gets his shoulders massaged and he feels good, leading to some ambiguous scenes. But when his foot (paw, rather) is massaged, he starts feeling a lot of pain. It’s the same thing for Nyarin.

Episode 11
The girls head to the public bath. Our much awaited fanservice? But I think we’ll get far more than we bargained for. As usual, it starts off slow and pretty normal. Until they start to wash each other’s backs. Because now they are making that ambiguous moaning sounds and even to a point that ahegao! While talking about crypto currency! WTF?! It feels more weird than turned on. It gets even weirder when they decide to do breast enlargement massage while continue talking about crypto currency! WTF???!!!! More ambiguous moaning until they all decide to buy the 50,000 worth of Bitcoins. Is this the part where they climax? Then it all turns out to be some scheme by Enishi to have them buy from a Bitcoin dealer. For bedtime talk, the girls agree or disagree about types of woman. Mostly they’re just making fun of themselves and having a good laugh at it.

Episode 12
This ‘special’ episode is supposedly a talk show that has the girls reminisce and summarize all that has happened. With a knight in not so shining armour as host (and fake audience laugh for cue), the girls start off by introducing themselves and I suppose their quirky behaviours are supposed to be the punch line and introduction of their personalities. And the so called recap isn’t anything much except with commentary from the girls. Then in this special segment, not sure what the girls have to write down (it all seems so random) but the worst performer will be penalized. That ‘honour’ goes to Tae. So what are they going to do to her? All just an elaborate setup just to wish her happy birthday! For the bedtime talk, the girls play a weird card game. Weird faces of guys pop up and they must make up reasons why they are not popular. If the same one pops up again and the fastest one who recite that same unpopular reason gets to keep all the accumulated cards. The one with the most cards wins. Now I can see why the girls themselves aren’t popular…

Girl Power Talk
Safe to say that the girls are not going to get popular with men any time soon. But I think it is better this way that the quintet continue to live like this and talk about their fantasies of being popular with guys and playing cheesy-cum-weird games. Because you can’t undo all that in reality, can you? Also, I read that the final episode wasn’t supposed to be a special summary. Due to production issues, they changed it to this and the original was supposed to feature the Himote sisters’ father who is an archaeologist living overseas. Wow. Are their bad luck in men so bad that it also extends to their own father? I hope it’s just a coincidence…

It is mixed feelings for me to say whether this series is boring or interesting. Kinda like in between. There are some episodes that are interesting (like the photostat metaphor) to those that are just eyebrow raising (orgasm in the public bath!!!) and some just mind boggling strange (the one where the girls got drunk and trashed the house and it is indicated that Tokiyo is the main culprit). This series doesn’t have a real plot and does have its own brand of humour but some of them I don’t think I quite understand. To me, it felt funny only because, well, it looks like it is supposed to be funny.

The other dilemma I had is regards to the girls having unique super powers each. Introduced quickly when the series started, after a short while, it is then somewhat forgotten or sparingly used. It was interesting at first to see all of the girls having some sort of weird power since normal girls living together seems to be so ubiquitous these days so the weird powers they have helps differentiate them from others. I am not sure if they keep spamming these super powers in every episode, would the series remained interesting. I mean, there is only so many time a joke of Tae multiplying herself can be funny. There is a limit of how many times Tokiyo can use her time stopping powers before it becomes stale. After all, this series is trying to explore the daily lives of the girls in as normal way as they can and don’t want the super powers to overwhelm and dilute its worth.

As we can see that the series is divided into 2 segments with the first part usually being some random skit and the second part that I have taken liberty to call it as bedtime talk as the girls are in their pyjamas getting ready to sleep. Instead of reading books to wind down, what better way than to talk and laugh at the topics in hand. Now, what strikes me for this part is how the girls sound during their conversation. You see, from the way they speak, it feels like as though they are not reading from a script and everything feels impromptu or adlib. I could be wrong and the seiyuus might just be very convincing in making their characters sound so. Therefore, even though there are a lot of jokes in this segment that I didn’t understand, I started laughing because of how natural and spontaneous the way they sound. You know what they say about laughter being infectious. So it was one of those weird moments for me whereby I was not laughing at the context of the jokes but how naturally funny they sound.

The other obvious aspect that makes this anime a lot more different than your conventional Japanese anime is the CGI. Yes, this series renders at least 98% of its animation in CGI format. Personally, the animation doesn’t look very good either. It is only passable because this is mostly drama so there aren’t any fast action bits needed (like in Houseki No Kuni). But still, I wonder if it is intentional since the CGI is still horrible and feels like low quality overall. There are some traditional hand drawn 2D works but those are just still pictures. Even so, these actually look way better! I wonder if the series would have been better if the animated parts were in this format. But that would have made the series less unique.

As this series was made by Bouncy, you thought that at least throughout the years they would have improved on their CGI animation but I am starting to also wonder if this bad CGI quality is part of their trademark. Their specialty is to animate short animes via CGI. Works I have seen from them are Boku No Imouto Wa Osaka Okan which is just passable and the oh-God horrendous Mahou Shoujo Naria Girls. No wonder…Then there are those I didn’t watch like Gdgd Fairies and Tesagure Bukatsumono. But I’m guessing they are more or less the same.

Character wise, I don’t think there is much that can be said about them. Each of them has their own quirky and strange personality like Tokiyo and her exotic cultures (I wonder if she is in some stage of chuunibyou), Kokoro the tomboy and Tae the, uhm, retard? The main running joke on them is that they are in search of love and hence many of their topics revolve around this but they often fail because they are just too quirky. If I was those guy’s shoes, I would be making one of the toughest decisions in life. Get a weird quirky girlfriend or stay single for the rest of my life. Looks like the latter outweighs the former enough for them to even give these girls a pass! And perhaps it is a good thing for everyone too. The girls get to stay together and talk more often while laughing at themselves about it. Imagine if one of them snagged a man (Kinami is most likely of candidate), how would that affect the overall mood of the house? Would she have to leave? Yeah, status quo the best.

Voice acting feels normal, nothing really special. As mentioned above, the bedtime talk that made them sound spontaneous and impromptu is one of the highlights as it makes me wonder if they are really doing a very good voice acting job or this is what they naturally sound. I mean, seiyuus mostly do naturally sound good, right? The casts (many of whom have roles in Gdgd Fairies) are Aya Suzaki as Tae (Kaede in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), Satomi Akesaka as Kokoro (Esdeath in Akame Ga Kill), Kaoru Mizuhara as Tokiyo (Gisen in Hyakka Ryouran series), Suzuko Mimori as Kinami (Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Sumire Uesaka as Minamo (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shita) and Asuka Nishi as Enishi (Shinobu in Kiniro Mosaic).

The opening theme is Motetaino by the Himote House girls. Sounds generally cute in its own way. The ending theme might just be a short lovely instrumental piano piece but the highlight of this part is the girls in different costumes and outfits. It reminds me why the traditional hand drawn 2D is much better than the CGI. Some of the outfits shown in this segment parodies other series such as Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo and To Aru Kagatsu No Railgun. Neat.

Overall, this series even doesn’t take itself too seriously and if you’re like them, everything can be a joke and made fun out of. If you can tolerate the bad CGI animation and understand some of the jokes, I guess this series is decent. If you can watch Pop Team Epic that has even ‘crappier’ animation and more nonsensical outlandish jokes, you can stomach this one. Or find it boring. Because in a house that has only female residents, talking and laughing about love seems a lot better than trying out yuri and lesbianism love among themselves. It won’t be funny anymore if this turned into a Himo House (Pimp House). Yikes!

Zombie Land Saga

February 3, 2019

At first I was going to give Zombie Land Saga the skip. Yeah, it was that time of the new anime season when I had to choose which animes I want to watch and had to be selective thanks to the dozens of animes I WANT to watch. Yeah, I’m such a busy (anime watching) guy. So when I heard about this show was going to have zombies, I said, “Skip!”. Not really into zombies. Not liking the horror genre. And then my guts told me to properly read the synopsis. What’s this? Not a horror genre? But a comedy? Okay… But then zombie idols? No thanks. Had my fair share of idol themed animes. So I said again, “Skip!”. And then my guts were like screaming to me this time, “You sure you read the damn synopsis properly?!”. What’s the big deal? Idols in the form of zombies taking storm in the idol industry, blah, blah, blah. So what?! And then my guts just told me to shut up and watch the first episode. I will not regret it. Sighs. Can’t argue with that, voices in my head. “In your head, in your head… Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie…”.

Episode 1
Sakura Minamoto is excited to go for an idol audition. Life is going to be beautiful. When suddenly she gets hit by a truck! OMFG! Death metal music cue! Next thing she knows, she is a strange house. Exploring about, she is ‘attacked’ by a zombie girl! Run! Worse, she corners herself in a room full of other zombie girls! Luck is on her side as she manages to escape out. She tries to seek help from this policeman but he gets scared and shoots her! Sakura sees in the mirror… She is a zombie herself! Before the policeman could do anything further, he is taken out by Koutarou Tatsumi. Sakura wakes up back in the house as Koutarou explains she has died 10 years ago. Now revived as a zombie, she will become an idol to help save the Saga prefecture. So how did he revive her as a zombie? If you watched enough zombie movies, that’s your answer! Too bad Sakura is the only zombie with consciousness as the others are still mindless zombies. Don’t forget to feed them dried cuttlefish or they’ll bite you. Koutarou explains his Zombie Land Saga Project and they will revive the regional idol craze that has been dying in recent years as part of his plan to save Saga. That’s why he has put together these legendary girls to form an idol group. Sakura, meet legendary biker boss Saki Nikaidou, legendary 80’s idol Junko Konno, legendary Meiji courtesan Yugiri, legendary child prodigy actress Lily Hoshikawa, legendary 2000’s idol Ai Mizuno and just legendary Tae Yamada. So tonight they’re going to have their first performance? At this death metal live concert?! Thanks to Koutarou’s makeup skills, the girls do look pretty dolled up. With the zombie girls suddenly doing head banging, Sakura gets worried unlike Koutarou. He tells them nobody expects anything from them. Not even himself. So go out there and blow everybody’s expectations away! On stage, as expected, the death metal crowd is hostile towards cute idols, Death Musume (temporary group name). More trouble as Tae jumps into the crowd and starts biting. Sakura is already confused and starting to panic when Koutarou gives the cue to start the death metal music. So how do zombies sing? THEY SCREAM!!! Holy sh*t! The crowd loves it! And with their head banging style, they’re really going to rock everybody tonight! If you can’t beat them, join them! Scream your heart out, Sakura!!! OH YEAH!!!! Next morning back home, I guess Sakura must be pretty confused. But not as confused as the other zombie girls (except Tae) start to regain consciousness and are pretty horrified over their zombie condition. Good morning everybody.

Episode 2
Our zombie girls gather as Koutarou once more explain his Zombie Land Saga Project and he is their mysterious producer. No kidding. Not that the rest are impressed anyway. He reminds them to keep their zombie identity a secret because you know what humans will do to zombies? Here’s a few clips from American movies. ZOMBIES HAVING THEIR BRAINS BLOW OFF!!! Since they’ll have another performance at some old folks home, it’s time for idol training. Only Sakura goes along while the rest ignores him. Because of that Saki has bad blood with Sakura for being a pussy to that zombie producer. Ai tries to get away but looks like Koutarou’s zombie pet dog, Romero is guarding the door. Don’t let your imagination fool you… Aww… So cute… Ai still tries to get away but bumps into Junko doing the same. Yeah, zombies freaking out each other. Sakura tries to stop them but don’t pull too hard or their hands and even eyeballs will come off! Sakura explains she is going along with Koutarou because during their previous performance, she felt that excitement in her heart. Wait a minute. Zombies have feelings? Anyway she wants to feel that again. In town, the trio stumble into rapper boys who try to hit them with their cheesy hip hop rap lines. They are ‘saved’ when the policeman is here but with better lighting and seeing their zombie face, let the scream fest begin! They almost get shot by the policeman! Run! It’s time for the performance as the zombie girls are now known as Green Face. Don’t ask. With the normal idol music starting, the usual chaos. Tae still a zombie and the rest just standing there and only Sakura doing some dancing. Until Tae decides to bite the dried cuttlefish from some old guy and when Sakura tries to get her back, her head pops off! OMG! Nice magic trick, right? With Saki fooling around not wanting to put Tae’s head back, suddenly Sakura snaps. She reprimands Saki for not even trying to hide their zombie identity! Oops? Then it descends into a hip hop rap battle among them and others slowly adding some beatboxing and sound effects. But it is Sakura who takes the cake as she starts showing her rap prowess to diss everyone including the audience. In the end, everybody loves it!!! Best performance they’ve ever seen! Even death metal fans can convert to this music style! Later Sakura apologizes to Saki for it all but looks like Saki admires her guts and now becomes her friend.

Episode 3
No rest for our zombie girls. Heh. Do zombies need rest? This time, Koutarou will have them do a guerrilla concert in the streets of Saga. That’s tomorrow and need to practice everything tonight. Hey, it’s not like zombies need to sleep, right? But first, Lily suggests having a group leader. Saki appoints herself since no one dares take it up. Then they brainstorm (oh, the irony) for a group name and many of them stinks. Ironically, zombies don’t smell so they don’t stink, right? Haha! Anyway, it is only when Tae somewhat sneezes, they hit upon an idea. Her sneeze sounded like Franchouchou and so this is going to be their group name. But as soon as they begin practising, those with no idol background soon find it heart. Wow. Zombies losing heart? But after some thinking, they believe putting hard work will make them pull through. Even as they return to practice, some mistakes are made and this causes Ai and Junko to leave. Not interested. Koutarou has some ‘advice’ for them as they think this idol thingy will fail. Why did they become idols? The rest are trying to live despite being zombies but they are just rotting away. A zombie who doesn’t dance is just a regular zombie. OMG… Next day as they begin their guerrilla concert, only Ai and Junko remain in the car and won’t join the rest. Hmm… Mediocre techno track but horrible CGI animation!!! They attract a decent crowd but when Lily makes a mistake and trips, Sakura tries to help her out. This breaks the momentum as the crowd disperses. They try to get back into the groove but nobody is seriously watching and just sniggering what a bunch of weirdoes. Just when Sakura thought it is all over for them, Ai and Junko jump in to perform. Even though their performance is slightly better this time, they at least attract the attention of a young girl who is excited enough to try and imitate their moves. In the end, they thank her but promise to do better next time. But Franchouchou have to leave as the policeman is here threatening to arrest them for performing without a permit. Luckily, no gunshots were fired this time. Back home, Sakura expresses her gratitude to Ai and Junko and hopes they can work together. The duo feel awkward but at least now they want to try and make this work.

Episode 4
Not sure if Koutarou is praising them or belittling his zombie girls. I think it’s more of the latter. Because now here’s the problem: They ran out of money! Gas don’t come free from chauffeuring the girls everywhere. But don’t despair. He has hooked them up with some pharmaceutical company and they’ll do some performance at a hotspring. If everything goes right, they’ll have a contract. Sounds fun and all until Franchouchou is ordered to do all the practice in their room and can’t go out and do anything fun. Don’t want their zombie identity to be busted, right? However Franchouchou isn’t happy with this double standard since Koutarou himself tells them straight he is going sightseeing while they practice. So why work so hard? Yeah, they go sightseeing too. Meanwhile Koutarou actually sees the boss of the pharmaceutical company and looks like his suaveness could actually seal the deal. On the other hand, the girls get to do some reflection and thinking about their future. Eventually they get motivated to see this through. Going back to their room, they try to learn more about the pharmaceutical product. Even though they are zombies, man those patches make them feel good! Is it because they are dead their skin absorbs better? Dead skin absorbs?! They incorporate this during their performance and the crowd loves them. Double the pleasure, double the happiness. Dead in the night, Saki and Junko try to coax Sakura to sneak into the hotspring while the rest is asleep. You better make sure nobody finds out. So as they enjoy and relax, the pharmaceutical boss comes in. Hide! An accident happens as Sakura head pops off! The boss sees it and runs for her life! The scream wakes up the others and now the boss has to confront creepy zombies in the creepy hallways! RUN!!! Next day as they leave, Koutarou is shocked to learn the boss was so scared that she forgot the deals they had made. Now the hotspring is listed as a haunted place as Koutarou gives Sakura a stern warning. I wonder what could be more than rolling heads. But thanks to the patches, Franchouchou are motivated to make up and earn money next time.

Episode 5
I suppose Koutarou isn’t going to let that hotspring fail go easily. Franchouchou’s next job is to do commercial for a locally famous Drive-in Tori chicken shop. Nobody is excited or knows about this except for Saki. Apparently during her heydays, she often stopped here with her gang to eat. The president treats them to their signature grilled chicken. Tastes good. Then they put on chicken outfits to film the commercial. Too bad they need several takes since Tae is giving out those zombie sounds. With some improvising, the shoot was a success. However Koutarou isn’t satisfied. He tells his girls if they really chicken up. WTF?! So when Tae starts trying to eat the real mascot chicken, Koutarou wants the crew to film and incorporate this! Yeah, funny commercial… In the end, the girls thought they could have more grilled chicken as gifts. Too bad, just some t-shirts. Can’t have them eating everything, right? But no rest for Franchouchou as the next job to boost their profile is Gatalympics. A local sports event. Let’s say it’s muddy and messy. Again, Saki is the only one super excited for this. Heck, Koutarou has them wear lame Franchouchou design t-shirts for this event. For the first event, participants have to cycle across a thin slippery board. Fall off and you’re muddied and out. All our girls fail. When they wash off the mud, they realize they are in zombie mode! Heck, dive back into the mud! Then they see Koutarou participating and hope to laugh when he falls. However… He crosses the finish line! And a wheelie to go with that! WTF?! Next is some Tarzan swing. Judges judge you by how far you swing as well as your showmanship. As expected, our zombie girls either flor or put on a good show but fail to get some distance. Until it is Tae’s turn. She swings the furthest but then she breaks apart in mid-air!!! Thanks to the sun in everyone’s eyes, nobody could clearly see what happened! So the rest have to scramble and quickly put her back together again! Tae wins the event but too bad her zombie groaning means she can’t speak or advertise for Franchouchou. Sakura remembers she wore another shirt beneath and tells her to show it off. Uhm… It’s that Drive-in Tori chicken t-shirt… Nice bird… Meanwhile a journalist remembers why Junko looks familiar. He is going to investigate this.

Episode 6
In order to find out today’s trend, thank goodness for internet! For some reason doing so is forbidden by Koutarou and they’re doing this secretly. Ai talks about the many idol groups that form and break up as well as their staying power over the years. Ai and Junko have different ideas on what makes an idol. Ai believes fans want to see their idols improve over time because if you’re trying to be perfect from the start, there won’t be anything to manage. They stumble upon Saga Rock Festival. Possibly the biggest music fest in the prefecture. Iron Frill, Ai’s previous idol group is going to perform there. Koutarou announces a big job for Franchouchou. They’re going to have a special event from fans thanks to their successful advertising. Yes, Franchouchou has fans now. First they do a concert and these fans really love them. Next is the photo session. However Junko has cold feet and opts out. She doesn’t believe this is how an idol should be. Worst, she said it in public. So back home, I guess Koutarou is very disappointed and lectures them. Not much. But soon Ai and Junko become loggerheads again at their different approach for being an idol. Remember, they are from different eras. This causes tension among them and it affects the whole group. Sakura talks to Junko and learns her ideal of what being an idol is. Because she is mostly an idol on TV, she believes in giving fans her dreams and not showing any imperfections. She worked hard for it but unfortunately she died in a plane crash when she was about to head to Saga for her first tour. Junko feels she can’t be part of Franchouchou any longer. Meanwhile Saki finds Ai cowering from the lightning flashes and thunder. Their talk reveals Ai is afraid of them because that was how she died! Apparently her group was performing during the thunderstorm of the outdoor concert at Saga when lightning struck! OMG. She has got to be so bad luck to die like that. Died standing. The kind of legend she doesn’t want to be remembered by. And then Koutarou relays the good news. He has got Franchouchou to perform as the newcomer line-up for this year’s Saga Rock! Oh dear. Ai and Junko remembering their tragedies… And nobody’s excited…

Episode 7
The rest are wondering if they should go ahead because it has been 2 weeks since Junko barricaded herself in her room. Sakura thought they should ask Koutarou for help but got scolded to figure it out themselves! Should have known this better herself. No choice, Ai suggests they practice without Junko. I guess the time is right for Koutarou to barge in and give Junko an earful. Yeah, aren’t zombies the ones supposed to be on the other side of the barricade? First he tells her about the age of the internet and how everything is so online and hence he understands why she is so afraid. Things have changed, people have changed. Franchouchou are zombies, not robots. So it’s safe to say that everyone still has their own personality? Franchouchou exists to support each other’s dreams. As one isn’t enough to achieve herself, that’s why they have each other. He also tells her about how Ai died and her fears. Because it is predicted that a storm will hit this year’s Saga Rock. On the day of the festival, the rest prepare to head out but no Junko in sight. I don’t know why she need to wait till last minute to decide to follow them. Is it for drama effect? Because Koutarou rams his van into her! Is there some sort of lesson her? With Junko steeling her resolve, Franchouchou is back in business. Before the festival, Koutarou sprays them to make them waterproof. Shoe spray? Then they watch Iron Frill perform. By the time it is Franchouchou’s turn to go on stage, the rain is already heavily pouring. Many take cover since they think they won’t lose much missing this never-heard-of group. As they begin, it is obvious that Ai is shaky and breaking up from the lightning flashes. Before she breaks down, Junko covers for her and they proceed to sing the rest of the song perfectly. At the end of it, lightning strikes! Holy sh*t! Again?! Thank goodness that’s the benefit of being a zombie, eh? Koutarou won’t let it stop here and continues the music. So now Franchouchou have other ‘special effects’. They are glowing and their voices are like synthesizers. They can also shoot light beams from their fingers? No wonder the fans are so thrilled in seeing their performance. It’s like angels have descended onto Saga Rock!

Episode 8
Franchouchou are considered famous with articles about them and even the internet is talking about them. With a few more events, there is another photo shoot. This time they noticed this huge guy. They think he is a loan shark looking for Koutarou. But wait. He is waiting in Lily’s line. Is he here to kidnap her? When it’s his turn, he puts his hands on her shoulders, prompting Saki to kick him away! Interrogating him, he apologizes and thought Lily looked like that child star he knew. Back home, Lily reveals the truth. That guy is her father! OMG! Wait. If he was so big standing in that line, wouldn’t have Lily saw him? Unless too focused in front. Anyway, Lily is indeed his child as she takes after her mom. Mom died a long time ago but Lily never felt alone because papa was always with her. Because he loved TV so much, she decided to go into TV and with him being her manager, they can always be together. But one day, something happened. Lily refused to appear on an important TV show. And there’s something about she will never grow up too. When Lily saw in the mirror a small hair on her chin, she died of shock!!!! So Lily is actually a guy and her former name is Masao Gou?! Why didn’t the other girls notice this despite being so close together? My theory is that his junk dropped off… Haha! Sorry… More flashbacks from the father’s side. He was so engrossed in this TV thingy, he never realized the important things until Lily died. That is when he hated TV and never watched one ever since. But papa comes to terms this Lily couldn’t be his child so the next photo session, he goes to apologize for scaring her while also blaming himself for being a bad parent. This breaks Lily’s heart (and ours) so after Lily cried enough tears, Franchouchou organizes a special mini concert just for him. They’ve done all they can but he didn’t show up. You know how the heroes always show up at the last moment. You can’t miss him. That big guy at the back. It is the cue for Franchouchou to sing their new song with Lily in the lead. A lovely and beautiful ballad dedicated to papa. Damn it, somebody bring me a box of tissues! In the aftermath, papa doesn’t hate TV so much and returns watching them.

Episode 9
So now Franchouchou have to dance with the old folks? Weird, but this is part of Koutarou’s plan to appeal to the demographic since Saga has a lot of old people. During the break, Sakura is confronted with this delinquent girl and her mini group, Maria. She doesn’t like such dancing on her turf? Until Saki shows up, she leaves. But it brings back some memories because Maria is now the leader of the biker group she was once in, Dorami. Later as Maria pouts about it, they are confronted with their eternal biker group rival, Korosuke led by Misa. Saki on her way back butts in. This could have blown out of proportion had the policeman threaten to call reinforcement. Misa will settle this another way soon. Maria is not pleased with Saki’s interference but when Saki asks about her mom, Reiko, Maria ignores her. Maria returns home and mom is worried. She hates mom who was once the leader of Dorami and is now pathetic and apologizing for nothing. Reiko is worried because there is a challenge letter in the mail and wants Maria to stop this. Like daughter will listen. Meanwhile Koutarou warns Saki about getting into a fight because if idols get into violence, it will be the end of them. It will be the end of Franchouchou. Saki ‘gets it’. However she sees Misa’s entourage passing by and has a bad feeling. Reiko realizes Maria has snuck out. She sees the challenge letter at a certain place. It brought back bad memories because that was where Saki was killed in a twisted chicken race. And now, Maria might share the same fate as she prepares to do it with Misa. Dust off those dirt on your old bike and get ready to save your daughter. This chicken game has both girls riding towards the cliff. The first one brakes, loses. Reiko reaches in time to try and stop them but Maria again is unimpressed. Now here comes Saki. She appoints herself as Dorami’s captain for the day and will take the challenge. She reminds Maria that if she knows Dorami’s history, somebody died. Is she prepared to put her life on the line? Reiko thought she is Saki but she plays dumb. The race begins and Misa is shocked that Saki accelerates. Saki goes off the cliff! Déjà vu? The perks of being a zombie, she can get back up. Reiko then punches Saki for doing something this stupid. In turn, Saki tells Maria that her mom has got guts. If she intends to continue with Dorami, she must prove to mom that she doesn’t have to worry about her. Saki then tells everybody this is no longer the trend to become legendary. This is: Everyone is invited to Franchouchou’s concert as Saki takes the lead in singing a badass delinquent rock piece. Ride on!

Episode 10
Sakura is glad Franchouchou members are feeling a lot better (despite being zombies) but Sakura still has no memories of life before being a zombie. Koutarou announces Franchouchou will perform in a big concert hall, Arpino. Sakura is so excited that she messes up her practice. And then suddenly Koutarou has them go camping in the snowy mountains as part of the practice. You mean right now? Not sure if they reached the spot thanks to the poorly drawn map. But upon reaching, all of them decide to do the basics of survival like starting a fire, collecting shrubs, fishing and hunting for food. Do the dead need all that? Except for Sakura who remains adamant they need to practice. Unfortunately she is only doing it alone. And then when they decide to set a trap to catch a boar (because do zombies really crave for meat?), Sakura accidentally falls into a trap and here comes papa boar! Can someone who is already dead play dead? The boar eats her instead! Now it’s Tae versus the boar! Although the boar is chased away, now here comes Koutarou being preachy. Only Sakura is not amused. She blows her top (ironically her head was torn off) and decides to go home. What you gonna do Koutarou? Pull back! During practice, Sakura remains sloppy but she blames everyone that they were fooling around instead of practising like her. Later Yugiri confronts Koutarou and knows this mountain trip was a bid to help Sakura. Though Koutarou dismisses and that his plan is to save Saga’s depopulation. Then Yugiri slaps him! Have more faith in her! Eh? Isn’t that what Koutarou said? Confused. Sakura finds herself awkward after all that. However she sees her comrades planning their performance in sync. That is when she realizes that the mountain camp was all about teamwork and she selfishly sit out of it. She apologizes and rejoins her team. With everything back to normal, Sakura is back to her happy self. Next morning she decides to go jogging, that damn déjà vu again as a truck slams into her! OMG! The truck guy would have wanted to do something had he not feared Romero. Sakura regains consciousness. Yeah, she’s dead, remember? However she doesn’t have memories of her idol stint. Now she passes out. Or is she dead?!

Episode 11
Déjà vu again for Sakura. Waking up in a strange dark house. Tae attack! Run for your life! Entering the room with other zombie girls, she gets scared while the others are confused. Then, Tae attack! Later Sakura comes to again and she is happy to see Ai of Iron Frills. However Ai tells her the brutal truth and Sakura is unable to accept it. It is confirmed she has lost her memories when she is a zombie but in turn now has her life memories. With Sakura refusing everything, this puts their Arpino event in danger. She remains adamant that nothing good will come out of anything she tries. So all the girls try to take turn to talk to her but the pessimism force is strong in her. When it is Yugiri’s turn to talk to her, I guess she wasted dolling herself up as a geisha as Sakura has ran away. We see her reminisce about her past. All nothing but bad memories. Like when she was chosen to play Snow White, she worked so hard but on the play day she got a cold and had to miss it. During her middle school years, she trained hard to be on the relay team but every time she pulled a muscle on the opening ceremony. Then she studied hard to enter the high school she wanted and stopped hanging out with friends and do all the fun stuffs. Nothing but study. She scored great during the mock exams but during the actual day, she had to help grannies in trouble. Barely reaching the hall in time, she panicked and it ended with failure. Depressed, she saw Ai’s interview of not giving up and working hard and that reignited her passion again but we all knew what happened. Reminiscence interrupted when policeman speaks to her. Yeah, déjà vu again. Zombie! Luckily Koutarou is here to save the day. They talk and as usual, Sakura is being pessimistic because with everything bad always happening to her, she thinks it is best she doesn’t become an idol. She doesn’t care about his plans to save Saga and they can go ahead without her. Well, if that is how you feel, so be it. Be stuck in feeling like sh*t for the rest of your life. Although technically she’s already dead. Sad Sakura resigns to her fate but Koutarou returns! He hasn’t given up on her yet! With more big intimidating words, he says he will never abandon her.

Episode 12
Sakura reluctantly returns to the group but sits out during practice and remains depressed. During handing out of flyers, she is surprised there are fans who come to greet and praise her. Still, all meaningless to her. More depression. Sighs. Do zombies really feel depressed? I guess Tae can’t take this anymore and attacks her! She brings her back to the rest as they try to motivate her. However she doesn’t appreciate it because she can’t remember a thing with them. Time for Yugiri’s slap and lecture. She reminds her that it was her who motivated them to get this far. If Sakura says she doesn’t want to be with them on stage so they can succeed, they rather be on stage with her and fail! Sakura returns to practice and amazingly her body remembers the moves as she was the one who practised a lot. When the mirror cracks, Sakura almost returns to her pessimistic ways but the rest punch it broken. She isn’t the only one with bad luck. They’re all dead. So let’s see what a bunch of bad luck zombies can do! Meanwhile it is hinted that Koutarou was Sakura’s classmate and not sure if it was her who introduced her to the world of idol because he was enthralled by her smile. Franchouchou go up on stage at Arpino. The hall is full and Franchouchou dances to the crowd’s delight. And then signs of bad omen. Uhm, the tree just crashed into the window. Isn’t it a sign to leave? No matter. Continue performing. Then the roof starts collapsing! Don’t mind. Continue. And then the entire stage collapses!!! Damn! Does God really want them off stage?! With everyone in shock, but slowly Franchouchou gets back up (because Koutarou’s slow clap?) and get back to singing! And then there is enough power for music and lights to make them continue their outstanding performance! Hah! Take that, God! You can’t bring down our zombie girls!!! Back stage, the girls are happy that Sakura has her memories back. She apologizes and hopes they can be together. Koutarou spoils their party and tells them to get their asses back on stage to give the crowd an encore! Franchouchou forever! Final cliff-hanger: The journalist finally has put the picture together about the members of Franchouchou. He smells something stinky going on…

Saga Living Dead Idol
OMG! My guts! My dear guts! You were so right! I love this series! This series was amazing! Although it is not a masterpiece but I enjoyed a lot of it. So you see, sometimes all you need to do is give that first chance and everything else will fall in its place. Man, I don’t know what I would have been missing had I really skipped out on this one. By the end of the first episode, I was already hooked and loving the zombie girls as I really wanted to see how far they can go and achieve in their new zombie life. I mean, hey, it’s not like you get to see and hear zombie idols every day, right? We have idols who are from outer space, idols from the spiritual world and all other walks of life. But have you ever heard of a zombie idol? Yeah…

Sure, this series has its ups and downs. It is not perfect after all. I realized that I have built up some sort of expectations for this series as I go along. Probably that is why I felt a bit ‘disappointed’ when the series ended. Before I knew it, the series has already reached its end with its dozen of episodes. Eh, you mean this isn’t going to go on for another cour? Oh well, maybe they need time to cook up some more plots and storylines as this series is an original anime series and not based on any manga or game.

So perhaps my initial disappointment of certain parts left unexplained is unfounded. For example, we have some of the episodes that flesh out the girls’ past and their trauma. Not really in depth and detail but it is sufficient enough to give you an idea of their past. Therefore I was somewhat disappointed when it ended because I realized doesn’t Yugiri have a past of her own? Was she left out? After all, all of Franchouchou members died in an untimely manner so it would have been interesting to see how Yugiri as the ‘oldest’ member died. Poisoned by a fellow jealous courtesan? Can’t say she died of old age because she is such a beautiful and young woman in her zombie form so she must have died during her youthful days.

But the biggest dissatisfaction in terms of the character comes from Tae. I thought this zombie girls was some sort of secret weapon or trump card to Franchouchou. And that they will leave it to the final arc of the series to finally transform her and give her a conscience like the rest. Maybe she has some secret laser cannon in her belly to shoot aliens out of the sky? Haha! Freaky. Unfortunately, she remains a retard for the rest of the series. It is not a bad thing but it is hard to say if Tae being a retard is cute or annoying. Maybe a bit of both. You see, Tae isn’t completely mindless zombie like how they are in the beginning. As the series progresses, you will find that Tae is capable of listening to orders and even doing the simplest of tasks. It is just that her intelligence is not as ‘high’ as what we would considered as ‘civilized’. Hence Tae feels more like an animal moved by instincts rather than complicated goals and ambitions like the rest. Even at this point I myself begin to wonder if Tae actually becomes conscious, would she still be the Tae we all have gotten to know and love. Tae will always be Tae so a change in character would only be for a shock twist.

I also had this thought that Franchouchou will face an enemy. No, not another rival idol group but I had that idea too. The fact that there was a journalist that seemed to be curious about them, that died out after Franchouchou’s status elevated to become angels. Therefore the danger of Franchouchou’s real identity being found out puts a risk on them as the pesky journalist intends to get to the bottom of it all no matter what. This is hinted in the final scene cliff-hanger so if this series gets another season, my bet is that this trouble might soon follow for our zombie girls. After all, we have seen them defy acts of God trying to kill them! And yet they stand back up. Ah, the perks of being a zombie. Did God forget zombies can’t technically die just like Him? Hence I think even in the worst case scenario the journalist did expose them, the most he could do is kill their idol career. But I guess that would be like being dead because Franchouchou is only alive being idols. Let’s hope that never happens.

My next trivial nit-picking is regards to whether or not zombies feel anything. Whether it is physical pain or emotions. Well, from what we have seen here, the zombie girls do experience different types of emotions from happiness to depression. I don’t know, I’m not well versed in zombies so I have always thought they would be dead on the inside and have no feelings. Even if the lore here allows for the zombie girls to have feelings, it feels rather inconsistent. For example if their heads or body parts drop off, do they not feel any pain? It’s like they don’t feel anything in this department but at the same time they can feel happy or depressed? Ironically, if zombies don’t need to eat or sleep, we see Franchouchou doing so, would it be like redundant? I mean, do zombies get tired? I thought in this state your natural limiters are off? I don’t know. So in regards to this topic, it feels somewhat inconsistent to me. But one thing is for sure, Franchouchou is more alive as zombies than they were as humans! Oh, the irony. It must be those magic patches. I gotta get me some of those patches too!

One of the most interesting characters that you would love to hate but also love to love is Koutarou. This guy is like everything. I don’t know if I described him properly but he feels like larger than life. You got to love his loud and flamboyant ways. He is always at my pace and you don’t really know what is going on in his mind. From certain angles, he sounds like a big bully and drill sergeant because of his constant yelling at Franchouchou for whatever reasons. I’m not sure being loud = motivation. It’s not like the zombie girls are death, right? RIGHT?! He also uses big words but it feels it lacks any sort of meaning. It’s just like for show. It’s not what it means, it’s how he says it. That’s why when he starts ranting out loud, the girls don’t really understand all that he mean but it certainly makes you feel that there is something big going on. Although he looks like he doesn’t give a damn at what you say, many times he does care for his girls. It’s not the usual cutie tender loving love that you would expect. More shouting and nonsensical ranting. And then when he surprisingly goes into his soft speaking mode with advice that really hit you, before his words can sink in, it’s back to that loudmouth comeback or whatever. Gotta love this guy or what? Yeah, better get used to it. GOT IT???!!!

Koutarou is also one of the mysterious characters because although he says his goal is to save Saga from depopulation, it feels like there is an ulterior and hidden agenda beneath it all. If he wants to revive Saga and bring youths to the prefecture, are zombie idols the way to go? Could it be this zombie idol thingy is just a cover to fight the zombie apocalypse! Gasp! Plot twist! Maybe that’s what the opening credits are hinting… Yeah. Now you wonder why Tae is just legendary Tae… After all, it is not really explained why he chose these particular zombie girls and even more curious and baffling is how he brought them back to life. How did they all (except for Tae) regain their consciousness about the same time? How long and where were the dead girls preserved? How did Koutarou get their hands on them (because if you consider Yugiri as the ‘oldest’, her body must have been preserved somewhere, right?). So all these questions make Koutarou sound even more suspicious and shady than he looks even if he already told us to use our imaginations and stereotypes to come to our conclusions. Uh huh. Maybe he doesn’t even know. But because of his flamboyant, my pace and ‘charismatic’ (*puking*) ways, we let it slide and go with his flow. Can’t argue with him, no? No. Don’t argue with him if you know what’s good for you! This guy is damn good in persuasion and if he does sales, I’m sure he’ll make a killing.

For the Franchouchou girls as I have mentioned some of them in my previous paragraphs, the different backgrounds of the girls are amusing and interesting. We see a glimpse of some of their past but it is sad that we didn’t get to see Yugiri and Tae due to Sakura ‘hogging’ the final arc for some ultimate drama and plot device to further enhance the bonding of the Franchouchou members. My favourite and most touching story goes to Lily. That was almost a tear jerker and sad story of her father and her son, uhm, daughter? That one really pulled my heart strings. It was sad, it was inspiring, it was bittersweet, it was overall heart-warming and lovely.

Oddly, I know that some of the Franchouchou girls are not that famous (Yugiri’s dead for a long time so obviously nobody knows her, Junko’s fans may have forgotten and moved on) but if you consider Ai and Lily who are considered popular enough especially the former, it is mind boggling to think that nobody actually thought that Ai looks like the dead member of Iron Frills. Looks like her, sounds like her, but she’s dead, so nah, can’t be her. Since the Franchouchou members’ stage name are numbers (like Sakura is Number One, Saki is Number Two, Tae is Number Zero, etc), so it helps in masking their identity. But don’t tell me fans aren’t dying to know their real names? They have a webpage, you know? Or do they think that being mysterious idols and not knowing everything about them (otherwise it makes you look like some creepy perverted stalker knowing every inch of their detail) has some sort of charm to it?

As for the other side characters, Romero seems a bit wasted as the series’ mascot. I am not sure if everyone sees this little zombie puppy differently. Because they see it as a vicious dog. Otherwise from our viewers’ perspective, it is just a cute harmless puppy whose bark is properly cuter than its bite. There is also a running joke of that lone policeman dude. He has the bad luck of stumbling into our zombie girls and gets freaked out and whipping out his gun. Heh. Has he ever seen zombie movies? But one would wonder if he ever learns from this because this scene happens and repeats almost always the same. I assume this guy is single so he makes cheesy pick up ‘arrest’ lines and when he realizes the zombie face of the girls, he goes berserk. You would think that he has seen this so many times, he would have at least taken some precautions or stop doing his night patrol. Maybe it is all a dream. Yeah, must be bad luck to have the same kind of recurring dream all the time! It is also amazing he doesn’t experience any sort of trauma after a few encounters. From the way he freaks out every time, I think if I was him, once is enough for me to get out of the police force! There is also a couple of death metal hardcores who have become fans of Franchouchou and it is just odd to see them still in their death metal makeup and all. Shouldn’t they be dressing closely to match their favourite idols? Nah. Maybe they still want to keep their death metal identity.

Being a show that is about saving Saga, of course there are going to be some promotions of what the prefecture would offer. The most blatant one would be that Drive-in Tori chicken shop. I am not sure how famous this restaurant is in the prefecture but I can bet that its popularity or at least the number of people knowing about it after watching this anime has skyrocketed. Guess what? I saw a simple Q&A on Google that asks if there are zombies in the area! WTF?! Of course, the answer as expected: No, there aren’t. Aside from this hogging and taking a big chunk of the promotion of Saga, there are also others like foodstuffs and local arts and crafts. But these are mainly featured during the mid-intermission eye-catches.

Being an idol themed series, one of the biggest highlights of it all is of course the songs (mostly sung by Franchouchou). While not every song is my favourite but some of them are quite memorable. For instance, the opening theme Adabana Necromancy. The song might feel a bit out of place because it sounds like a song very much suited for a sentai series! Even more so, the animation has the girls in clichéd coloured tokusatsu style fighting zombies! Yeah, it’s that awesome. After all, Franchouchou not only sings songs that are so pop idol generic. They branch out into many other genres and hence these types of songs are my favourite. For example the dissing rap pieces of Dead Or Rap and Saga Arcade Rap, the lovely tribute ballad of To My Dearest, the badass delinquent-like Tokkou Dance and even that head banging death metal Youkoso Saga E! Actually, not to say that I love that death metal song, but it is so funny and with the girls doing their head banging, it’s just hilarious to watch and listen. Other pop idol songs aren’t too shabby too like the techno synthesizer filled Mezame Returner and the rock revival piece of Yomigaere but not really as amusing and entertaining to hear compared to the rest. Oh, I almost forgot another song I prefer, the ending theme of Hikari E is another slow lovely ballad. But sometimes it sounds a lot like a graduation song.

The best voice acting goes to Mamoru Miyano as Koutarou. This guy really rocks in his role. Like as though he was born to voice this character. He played it so well to perfection that I can see no other seiyuus replacing him for this character. If you think Show By Rock’s Shuuzou, Soul Eater’s Death The Kid and Tada-kun Wa Koi Wo Shinai’s Kaoru defines his lively joker voice, wait till you hear this one. Kudos and hats off to Mamoru Miyano! I suppose Kotono Mitsuishi has the ‘easiest’ job as Tae (Boa Hancock in One Piece). Just moan and sound like a retard all the way! Oh well, once you think about it, it’s not easy to do that for the rest of the series and still maintain your sanity.

Oddly even Romero has someone behind its voice. So is this technically the easiest voice acting role? Anyway, sometimes Romero’s bark doesn’t sound like an authentic dog and more like some gay dude climaxing (serious! That’s what I thought sometimes!) as zombie pup is voiced by Yasuhiro Takato (Gluttony in Fullmetal Alchemist). Other casts are Kaede Hondo as Sakura (Kon in Urara Meirocho), Asami Tano as Saki (Sarah in Love Live! Sunshine), Risa Taneda as Ai (Yukina in Strike The Blood), Maki Kawase as Junko (Ingrid in Hyakuren No Haou To Seiyaku No Valkyria), Minami Tanaka as Lily (Mary in Kakegurui), Rika Kinugawa as Yugiri (Takako in Orange) and Hiroyuki Yoshino as the policeman (Saruyama in To Love-Ru).

Art and animation are pretty standard. Everything is bright colourful while our Franchouchou girls look cute even in their zombie forms. Even supposed ‘horror’ moments like when the scene goes exaggerated in showing them as horrible zombies, they still look cute instead of frightening. But there is one aspect of this that is ‘frightening’. Yeah, the use of horrendous CGI! Not sure if I got used to it because I don’t seem to mind it (thanks to me having fun watching the series) but I’m wondering if this is the current standard of the industry as many idol dances are now using this CGI output. This anime is animated by Mappa who did Shingeki No Bahamut series, Teekyuu, Punch Line, Banana Fish, Zankyou No Terror and Kakegurui.

Overall, never judge a zombie flick by its cover. A lesson learnt. For now. This is easily one of the best series of the season. It is funny and it is heart-warming all together in one package. The irony of zombies bringing life to this anime is very much underrated and underappreciated. I hope this series gets another season to flesh out the characters and plot properly. And then we can see Franchouchou not only taking over Saga, but the rest of Japan and hopefully conquer the entire world! After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And Franchouchou can only grow from strength to strength without having to worry about dying all over again. Now, if only they can do a cover of The Cranberries’ Zombie, that would be so perfect and legendary…

Chrome Shelled Regios

February 2, 2019

Post-apocalyptic dystopian future, check. Horrifying vicious monsters that roam the wastelands and have no qualms attacking and devouring any humans dumb enough to come close to them, check. People living in large mobile cities, check. Some hold special sci-fi weapons to defend themselves, check. Main character with a past trying to start fresh his new life in a new city but the past soon catches up to him and he is forced to relive his old ways, check. If all that sounds pretty cliché and nothing exciting, please bear in mind that Chrome Shelled Regios came out a decade ago back in 2009. Yeah, I’m feeling a bit old when I decided to go pick a retro anime to watch. Now those anime series that came out 10 years ago are starting to feel like a very long time. Imagine I decided to pick those way back into 90’s, 80’s or even 70’s… But why this series? Coincidentally, Hollywood released a film about a post-apocalyptic world with giant mobile cities too, Mortal Engines! If you think the movie copied the anime, hold on, because the Hollywood movie was based on a British novel that predates the light novel that the anime adapted by about 5 years! So who copied who? Or just mere coincidences?

Episode 1
Huge monsters known as Filth Monsters AKA Limbeekoon attack a civilian transport that is making its way into a mobile city called Regios. But don’t worry, our heroes have stormed out to stop this menacing beasts with the special weapons called Dite and their inner powers called Kei. We now take a detour to the Academy City of Zuellni. Nina Antalk is not pleased that a member of her platoon is leaving. She can’t use violence to make him stay or her platoon will also be dissolved. But she’s in luck. Today is the new term for new students so she can go recruit some. With Harley Sutton and Sharnid Elipton, they go crew hunting but all the potential ones are taken. Meanwhile Layfon Alseif is a new student here and meets fellow new student and reporter wannabe, Mifi Rotten (that kind of name would surely raise some eyebrows about reporting credibility) as well as her friends, Mayshen Torinden and Naruki Gerni. Shortly, a couple of new students start fighting each other. Layfon walks away, not wanting to get involved but the fight seems to be destructive and a falling slab threatens to fall on Mayshen. Layfon hears a voice telling him to save her and using his power and speed, saves her from death. Layfon is soon summoned by the student council president, Kalian Loss who blackmails Layfon to transfer to the Military Arts department instead of the general studies he is in. Despite Layfon is in debt and is willing to work hard for years, he has no choice. Nina thought Layfon would be expelled and barges in to request that he is put under her care. And that is how Layfon became part of her 17th Platoon. On the way back, Layfon sees a girl, Felli Loss shouting out her frustrations. He recognized her as the one who gave the telepathic message to go save Mayshen (who is clearly in love with him). He also noticed she is from the 17th Platoon. Felli doesn’t say anything and walks away. We return to our Filth Monsters slaying team as they continue to fight against the regenerating monster. Layfon is part of that team. Leerin Marfes writes about the world of Regios they live in. She respects Layfon’s wish to leave everything behind and start anew. She hopes he would one day set foot on Grendan again. So was that a goodbye kiss she gave him earlier?

Episode 2
Nina once participated in a capture the flag battle in an inter-city battle. Zuellni lost and Nina blamed her teammate who stopped her from getting the enemy’s flag even though it was a trap that could have killed but she was prepared for that. Layfon wants to tell Nina he can’t join her platoon but she has him do a mock battle with her. He seems quite competent to fight on her level until she goes all out and went overboard. Although hospitalized, his injury isn’t that serious. Felli helps speed up his recovery but it is mostly thanks to Layfon’s large amount of internal Kei. After discharged, Felli knows that he is purposely hiding his true powers and took Nina’s blow on purpose. She talks about psychokinesis as she reveals her brother Kalian setup that fight to force Layfon to intervene and then join this platoon. Just like how he used her for the same purpose. That’s why she hates him as he will use anything as long as he wins. Now that Layfon is well enough to get back to his part time job, he is surprised to see Nina there to help him out. They talk about their past. Nina’s parent didn’t approve of her doing this so she ran away here and has to take up odd jobs to support herself. As for Layfon, he is an orphan and this was the only city that offered scholarships for passing exams. The long talk has them speed up the machinery cleaning because they have to be up early for tomorrow’s inter-platoon match. It’s like some sort of practice match before the big one between the cities. As the capture the flag match begins, Vanze Haldey isn’t pleased that Kalian maintains the ragtag team of 17th Platoon and should have transferred Nina out to develop her better. He tried but she declined. He wonders if this platoon is to be a sacrifice. That depends on their results. Nina knows she is targeted but holds her ground well. Layfon is seemingly taken out so Nina has to fight hard. But there is only so much that she can take and moments before she falls, Layfon returns. This time with more power and speed as he takes down all his opponents and even capturing their flag! OMG! So cool! His male buddies are so happy but what’s wrong with the ladies? Nina is not happy. They won, right? Even Felli is calling him a traitor. WTF. I don’t get these women!

Episode 3
Leerin thought Layfon has returned but only finds Synola Leisler whom she becomes friends with. Is it a custom for female friendship to grope boobs? As Layfon ponders about Nina’s sulking, he doesn’t need Kalian to lecture him about him hiding something. He knows he was one of the 12 skilled Lance Shelled Grendan who wields Heavens Blade. Layfon doesn’t wield that anymore and will not tell him anything more about himself. Kalian warns him he will do anything to protect this city, even if it means using his sister. Later Layfon meets up with Nina and learns she is mad because she hid his true powers from her. Technically he lied. He explains about life on Grendan where they practically had to fight Filth Monsters every day. Victory was their only option. Layfon became good in fighting and the Military Arts was only his option. However he is trying to find another path instead of continuing that since he already failed once. Suddenly Zuellni stops. Nina could sense something wrong. She rushes to find masked men trying to kidnap Zuellni, the electronic fairy and conscious of this city. All are teleported away by Dixerio Maskane to another dimension to fight. Nina tries to help fight but she is not skilled enough. Dixerio defeats the enemies and returns Zuellni to her but not before hypnotizing her and erasing her memories of this. Flashback shows a young Nina caught a man trying to steal an electronic fairy. She tried to stop him but was pushed off. It’s a miracle she survived that long hard fall! She is saved by that city’s electronic fairy, Schneibel as she gave her life to her. Nina felt sad and ever since she thinks it is a sin to be weak as they lose what they want to protect. She never wants to feel that way again. Layfon is interrupted by Mifi and co. Mifi brags about his recent achievements and Mayshen bashful thanks him for saving her. Meanwhile Queen Alsherya Almonis of Grendan dismisses a tournament to replace another Heavens Blade wielder. Actually this is Kanaris Earifon Rivin, the queen’s double as she begs the real Alsherya to return to the throne. Unfortunately she has found a new person to protect. That’s why she can’t stop being Synola.

Episode 4
Sharnid takes Layfon to the maid café just to show him Felli working at a part time job. Yeah, Sharnid laughing his ass off? Because Felli can’t smile, it scares some of the customers so the gay owner tries to train her to smile. Not working. Change in plans. But on another maid outfit and now all the guys love her! So is Kalian here to adore her too? Felli sees through his disguise and later destroys the photo evidence that Sharnid took. Later Felli talks to Layfon how her family destined her to become a psychokinesist. However she did not like that and hence came to Zuellni to find her own path. But it’s still not working out for her either. Felli then overhears Mifi doing some reporting job and wants in. Apparently there is this abandoned research lab said to be haunted that she wants to write for her article. Exploring the dark rooms, yeah, something is definitely lurking in there. And before you know it, this giant newt monster tentacle-kidnaps Mifi and co. Had not for Vanze coming into the picture, Felli could have fallen into the same fate. Vanze explains this was once a lab that tried to create monsters to fight Filth Monsters. However the Guardian Plan failed due to many failures and hence the research was cancelled. Vanze learns there are others here and he chides Felli for not using her telepathic powers to help them or call for backup. He orders her to do so and she isn’t happy but obliges. She manages to locate the kidnapped friends and also send a message to her platoon. Vance fights the monster and kills it. Mifi and co are rescued but are forbade to write any article on it. Layfon is glad Felli is okay but is usurp by Nina who is even more relieved Felli is not harmed. Vanze later talks to Kalian about Felli and it seems he put Felli in Military Arts just to watch over her. As for the Guardian, they wonder why it only awakens now. Layfon sees a rare smile from Felli. But she isn’t pleased and steps on his feet. WTF?! Is that some sort of weakness point?

Episode 5
Mayshen lies in wait to give Layfon her lunch. But since he is busy arguing with Felli, I guess it’s not going to happen. But she’ll get that chance soon because it is the 17th Platoon’s day off and with nowhere to go Layfon hangs out with her. If only Mayshen isn’t so nervous all the time. This is your big chance, don’t screw up. Too bad the city shakes. Larvae-like Filth Monsters are seen trying to invade Zuellni and are latching and jamming itself to its feet. With Kalian ordering his warriors to fight them, however Layfon doesn’t have confidence they can handle it and wants them to evacuate with the citizens too. Nina doesn’t share the same opinion because if they don’t fight, when will they ever? She blames him for having so much power but not use it to his true abilities and doesn’t want to hear his excuse how fearsome Filth Monsters are. I’m sure Nina and the other platoon units are seeing Filth Monsters this close for the first time. Reality sinks in when their exterior shell is hard and many got eaten alive. Meanwhile Layfon decides not to sulk anymore so he sees Harley to configure his Dite and then Felli to use her telepathy to locate that big mother nesting. With the units getting scared and running away (there goes defending the city to death), just before Nina gets eaten, here comes Layfon slicing all those Filth Monsters like hot knife through butter. He seems to be in a rush to kill them all and locate the mother since he only has 5 minutes outside or the toxic air will burn his lungs. Then he finds the mother. He realizes he was wrong to come to Zuellni to avoid fighting. He has come to the fact he must continue fighting if he is going to stay alive. This is after all the world he lives in. After easily killing the mother, he returns and collapses on Nina. He deserves sleeping on her since he did a lot of the work and saved Zuellni.

Episode 6
17th Platoon loses! Nina in shock. Enemy captain advises she relies too much on Layfon. Meanwhile Mayshen is being a bad girl as she finds a letter addressed to Layfon from Leerin. She is about to peek into it when her friends caught her red-handed. Feeling guilty, she goes to return it but by the time she sums up her courage, here is Felli. Mayshen runs away but drops the letter in which Felli picks up. Felli tells Layfon that Kalian wants to see him but first, follow her do some errands. We see Felli being a bad cook but thanks to Layfon, dinner is saved. Kalian then comes over to discuss about a drone scout being sent out and it seems in their path is what looks like a giant Filth Monster. Layfon immediately identifies this is its baby stage and once it matures, it will be very hard to take down. Felli is not happy that Kalian plans to use Layfon again. He has to. In order for Zuellni to remain peaceful, they have to rely on him for survival. Later Naruki sees Layfon because her police chief has a request for him to become a temporary dispatch. Of course he can turn down the job but Layfon can tell with her nervousness, he knows her job application at the local police is at stake. He wants some time to think this over. Mayshen realizes she lost the letter and tries to talk to Felli. However she lies she has given it to Layfon. But now technically it wouldn’t be a lie because after training, she slips it underneath his bag. Too bad he just picked up his bag without looking. Nina now takes the dropped letter. Layfon agrees to do with the temporary dispatch job and sees Naruki’s chief. The mission is to take down some spies. It’s easy pie for Layfon and with that, Naruki’s official recruitment is confirmed. When he returns home, Nina passes him the letter. Harley then calls Layfon with some good news as he has found the ultimate configuration for his Dite.

Episode 7
So Layfon can swing with more power and faster and windier? Layfon and Mifi’s group has noticed Nina acting strange for a few days. They tail her to see her do more private training to become stronger. Naruki understands what Nina is feeling. When Layfon helped her with her job, she realized Layfon was so strong it was impossible to fight alongside him. She frustrated and jealous. Mifi feels sad because they’re a team and should grow stronger together. Oh, Nina collapses. Good thing they’re there to bring her to the hospital. Her condition is stabilized as she was just straining and overusing her Kei. Nina realized she got greedy trying to be as strong as Layfon. Because if he can do it, so could she. That loss opened her eyes that something needs to be done. He advises her about wasting too much unnecessary Kei (and to abandon being human?! WTF?!) and also to give orders to her platoon because it all depends on her if they become strong or not. But please don’t abandon them. Layfon then rides out to fight that Filth Monster. Oh look, just in time for the Filth Monster to mature because it detect some food source. Meanwhile Harley and Sharnid visit Nina. Sharnid knows Harley and Felli were planning something with Layfon behind their back and forces him to spill the beans. Although Felli relays that Zuellni has changed its course (why didn’t they do this in the first place?), she wants Layfon to get back or he’ll get further away from Zuellni. No can do. Mature Filth Monsters can fly and catch up in no time. So instead of seeing Layfon hog all the glory, we see Nina and Sharnid riding in to help. And the theme of today’s episode is victory via teamwork. See? Easy win, right? And thankfully Zuellni returns to pick them up because their bike broke down. Layfon thanks them for saving his life, credits this victory to their platoon and hopes they can continue to work like this in the future.

Episode 8
17th Platoon faces off with 5th Platoon. The latter is led by Gorneo Luckens who also came from Grendan. He is the younger brother of Savaris Qaulafin who is a Heavens Blade wielder. 17th Platoon wins easily because Shante Laite abandoned her post just to go fight Layfon (now he has cloning abilities?). Now it is reversed. Nina is happy with the win but not Layfon. 17th Platoon even throw a party to celebrate their second winning streak. Wow. Must be a big deal. Later Nina talks to Layfon on why she is so happy when her team won (duh?). I guess it is much deeper than that because she hopes to see everybody fighting and protecting their city with their own hands and power. Layfon doesn’t look amused. Meanwhile there are rumours that Leerin’s life is targeted so Savaris and fellow Heavens Blade wielder, Lintence Savoled Haden are tasked to protect her secretly. Kalian calls the 17th Platoon and 5th Platoon. Up ahead is a destroyed city most probably attacked by Filth Monsters. They are to scout it. Entering the decimated city, they see lots of empty Filth Monster shells. Clearly the city is beyond saving and it would be a miracle if there are survivors. Nina is then shocked to realize this city is Gandoweria. The city that defeated Zuellni 2 years ago in an inter-city battle. Yeah, the one Nina lost. She is confused that a strong city like that could fall to Filth Monsters. Sorry to pour more cold water on your hopes because Layfon says even if you’re the strongest in inter-city matches, the reality is that Filth Monsters are stronger. Nina now asks Layfon’s meaning of victory. To survive and live. He will not die yet. This has Gorneo pointing out if this is why he is able to continue fighting without the pride of a Military Art and then continue living after tainting the name of Heavens Blade.

Episode 9
Gorneo reveals that Layfon participated in illegal underground matches while he is under Heavens Blade and made money off it. He was then expelled from Grendan. But this is not what Gorneo can’t forgive him for. He did something to his senior, Gahard Vallen. Later Nina personally talks to Layfon about this. He participated in those matches to live. As he is from the orphanage, they need the money badly. He did whatever he needed even if it means tainting Heavens Blade. It’s also why he mastered Military Arts so that he could live. If she was in his shoes, would she not do anything to survive? Nina however cannot accept this. Meanwhile Leerin talks to her father about the orphanage. They both had to quit the orphanage since they sided with Leerin. Suddenly they are attacked by Gahard and he is being possessed by a Filth Monster. He is looking for Layfon and he sounds like he blames Layfon for stealing his Heavens Blade. Father gets wounded but thanks to a mythical beast (Grendan’s electronic fairy) stepping in to protect them, Gahard flees. Savarin then traps and easily kills Gahard, boasting and thanking he wasn’t born weak like Gahard because he wouldn’t want to be caught dead on the side that gets killed. Gorneo meanwhile spots several strange hooded wolf men. He tries to follow them but is attacked by Shante. Monkey girl accidentally knocks herself out. Nina has done some thinking as she confronts Layfon again. She won’t deny his way of thinking but since she cannot understand it, they cannot be in the same platoon.

Episode 10
Felli detects some living organism with her psychokinesis but is unable to determine what it is. The only way is to head down and investigate. However Layfon is against this idea since it will be dangerous to face head on with the unknown. Nina vetoes his idea and will proceed with the investigation. Flashback shows some guy approached Layfon and had proof of his participation in underground fights. He will dispose of it depending on his actions on tomorrows Heavens Blade qualifying match. But in that match Layfon faces Gahard and seriously wounds him, rendering him beyond recovery. After the match, Alsherya ordered Layfon to be arrested. This is to hide the fact from the people that those with Military Arts and psychokinesis are a threat to humans. After that he was banished. The gang now arrive at a mass grave where Felli sensed the source from. Layfon goes ahead and dives down and when he reaches the bottom, he meets this, uhm, golden goat?! Not sure what crap it is spouting that it is dead, a tool and most of all nothing and therefore Layfon cannot kill him. Yeah, Layfon just slices him and he says it was a good strike and disappears. WTF?! When the rest rendezvous with him, Layfon wants them to the surface because it is getting riskier. They’ll get annihilated this way. But Layfon goes deeper only to be attacked by Shante. He easily dodges and defeats her. Gorneo only stops this mad cat from pouncing any further. Shante is doing this as she believes Layfon is Gorneo’s enemy. Even so, Gorneo doesn’t want Layfon dead even if he wants Layfon to pay for hurting Gahard. Shante is confused since she is doing it for him. If this isn’t a revenge story, then why did he stop smiling? The place is about to explode and Layfon uses his power to teleport the explosion heat outside. Phew. Layfon is going to put a stop to this Gorneo paranoia once and for all. He hasn’t forgotten about Gahard but isn’t actively remembering him either. On Gorneo’s part to deal with his anger and rage for revenge? That’s his problem. Deal with it! That’s why he won’t kill him. So I guess Layfon prefers to live with the fact that others hate him. Because Nina is now telling him how much she hates him. Whatever.

Episode 11
Swimsuit episode! With Kalian supposedly collapsing in a meeting, an excuse for him to rest for a few days at a resort. Yeah. Felli isn’t amused that she has to come either. Worse, the rest of 17th Platoon is here. Kalian then assigns Nina to teach Felli how to swim. She is reluctant at first but what made her change her mind? Well, Mifi and Naruki force Mayshen to be with Layfon alone. And since he teaches her how to swim, you can tell Felli won’t lose out. Be sure to breathe regularly or else… Oh, too late. That’s what you get when you’re too focused on a certain guy… So I guess Felli gets her revenge by kicking his leg later. I think his answer of whether Mayshen could then swim or not didn’t really matter. When Felli goes to sleep, she thought she heard Kalian making a deal with Nina. But it could be just a dream. Next day, Felli doesn’t want to take swimming lessons anymore and Nina panics. Sharnid suggests Layfon to teach her. Now she can’t say no, right? Poor Mayshen, you were a second too slow. Kalian didn’t like watching their ‘intense’ swimming lesson so after that he summons Layfon to the underground bunker just to go bonkers interrogating and warning him if he hurts Felli, he’ll pay for it! Oh, did Kalian assault Layfon already?! Meanwhile a few masked men take the women in the changing room as hostage. Yeah, real brave men there. Don’t really care about the crime they did and hence doing this out of desperation, but thankfully Nina and Felli are there, right? Beat them up in no time without breaking a sweat. Felli soon learns Nina was put up by Kalian to teach her swimming as he promised to give a special budget to their platoon. Realizing Layfon and Kalian are not around despite this hostage incident, now Felli gets mad and having a hunch where they are. So before crazy Kalian could sully Layfon about the purity of his Felli, here comes this mad little sister breaking in. No amount of explanation can save you, Kalian. Get ready for her trademark kick. My, did she go overboard and break his shin bones?

Episode 12
Time to give Sharnid some back story. Apparently he was from the 10th Platoon but quit the team. It’s probably the reason Dinn Dee, that platoon’s captain still acts cold whenever they bump into each other. Layfon joins Naruki to stake out a hideout as they receive rumours that a shady group is trading the illegal substance of Overload, Kei-vein accelerators. There might be buyers in Zuellni since the inter-city battle is near. When the perpetrator suddenly bursts into the open, he fights Layfon. He is Haia Salinvan Lyia and the leader of a mercenary gang back in Grendan and of course this means he knows Layfon. He hints doing this for some Haikizoku (electronic fairies of ruined cities). Meanwhile Sharnid knows he is being followed by Dalshena “Shena” Che Matelna. So she is here to bug him for answers why he left the platoon? It’s not like explaining now would make her understand. As for whatever promise they made, Sharnid still remembers the promise but is protecting it in his own way. Layfon’s fight with Haia ends when the latter’s comrade, Myunfa Rufa fires a distraction for him to escape. So after this where they go? To Gorneo’s room?! Elsewhere, Leerin sees Alsherya and informs her about Layfon’s wellbeing at Zuellni since they often exchange letters. Leerin worries if Layfon could one day return to Grendan.

Episode 13
Haia wants Gorneo’s cooperation. He should know since he is familiar with the origins of the mercenary gang. Haia is looking for a Haikizoku but couldn’t find one in the ruined city that’s why he came here for help. Haia then goes to meet Felli and Kalian. Naruki requests Nina and Layfon for their help in this Overload case. Unless they agree, she cannot furnish them with further details. I guess they have to say yes or else the plot won’t advance. It seems the culprit behind this are Dinn and Shena as they are in possession and using it. Naruki needs their help to capture them. So Nina confronts him directly to tell him to stop using Overlord or it will destroy him. However Dinn is adamant in defeating the 1st Platoon as part of his plan to protect Zuellni. Furthermore, he blames Nina for making Sharnid pull out from his platoon. He can do it and keep the promise without Sharnid. So when Nina reports back to Naruki that she is unable to make him stop, she further explains there is a story behind all of this and Sharnid is related. When the 10th Platoon was the strongest, during a match, Sharnid left abruptly, causing to platoon to fall apart. Dinn was mad and challenged Sharnid to a duel. However Sharnid never fought back. After that Nina talked to Sharnid and recruited him into her platoon. Therefore from their point of view, it looked like she stole Sharnid from them and as of now, 17th Platoon is strong enough that it worries 10th Platoon. The 17th Platoon is summoned to see Kalian. They are tasked to bring down the 10th Platoon since they will have a match with them soon. Once they cannot maintain their platoon, he will his authority to disband them. Nina doesn’t seem too happy with this tactic but Layfon has no qualms about seeing this through. Then Haia comes in and instantly Layfon accuses him of smuggling Overload. He talks about the Haikizoku they saw in the ruined city (that goat) and claims it is not safe to leave it there and hence he will be taking it.

Episode 14
Sharnid requests his teammate to leave Shena to him. Of course a short back story why so. 10th Platoon was a tightly knitted group thanks to the previous captain. However when they lost a match, the ex-captain regretted he would graduate without being able to do anything for Zuellni. That was when the trio made a vow to do so on his stead but at that point their friendship was somewhat broken. So as the match begins. Shena is separated from the rest of her platoon so Sharnid could fight-cum-talk to her. He is trying to make her realize that the vow they made was only a guise to hide their true feelings. Even if they seriously wanted to protect Zuellni, their method is wrong. If she thinks Dinn was right, why did he not ever told her about Overload or let her use it? Because he feels guilty of not telling anyone. Layfon faces off with Dinn but the effects of Overload is starting to show. Suddenly that goat appears and possesses him. Felli informs this to Haia because their previous deal was for her to just tell him if it ever appears. But Felli feels duped since she realizes there are things that he omitted to tell her. We hear Felli’s theory why this Haikizoku came to possess Dinn. After the city fell into ruin, the electronic fairy loss its purpose but its will to protect a city was strong. At the same time, Dinn had those strong feelings and it resonated within Dinn. The only way to free Dinn is to break his heart again. But don’t worry, leave it to Sharnid and Shena. Meanwhile Layfon fights and defeats Haia so that Shena is able to go to Dinn and speak to him. She tells him it is over. They don’t need to fight anymore. Since there are others who think the same way they do, letting them fight doesn’t mean breaking their promise. And with Shena confessing she loves him, I guess the magic of love frees Dinn from the goat’s possession.

Episode 15
Nina suggests a training camp since their next match will be the 1st Platoon in which Vanze heads. Don’t worry, Kalian has nothing to do with it this time but sponsored by Mifi’s publication. In exchange for that, they have to allow to be interviewed. Mayshen is in seventh heaven when Layfon comes to help peel potatoes with her. This has jealous Felli and Nina watching. Sharnid makes it worse by providing 1 extra potato peeler to them as they fight over it. By the time Nina ‘wins’, Layfon has finished peeling. Naruki helps out in training as she joins Nina, Felli and Sharnid to fight against Layfon. Too bad Layfon is too strong for them and wins. Naruki becomes shocked and overwhelmed by the power and speed he displayed. Meanwhile Kanaris suggests Alsherya to invite the Haikizoku in Zuellni to Grendan. She also talks about Grendan’s electronic fairy appearing before Leerin when Gahard attacked her. She investigated and found something that relates her to Alsherya. But before she can reveal, Alsherya strangles and warns her not to ruin her mood. Mayshen is delighted when Layfon praises her cooking. But when Nina finds it familiar to the lunch Layfon shared with her, Mayshen obviously becomes heartbroken. Nina immediately understood the situation but not Layfon. Hence she lectures him the need to apologize. I’m sure the rest are more interested to hear this drama than Harley and his boring technical stuffs. Yeah… As Mifi writes her report, Naruki feels conflicted because when she fought Layfon, she could also feel his sadness and wants to know what happened to him that made him left Grendan. With Layfon meeting with Mayshen to apologize, perfect chance for her to find out about it. So he tells that underground match thingy as well as that Military Arts and psychokinesis users aren’t normal humans. If the public knows about it, there’ll be panic. Because of their tremendous strength, they are like monsters. That’s why he was expelled and it was only at the mercy of the queen he wasn’t killed. Mayshen gets emotional and hugs hum, claiming she isn’t scared of him. Cue for Layfon to show his manliness as the place collapses and he swiftly dodges and slices the slabs while protecting her. Too bad he still had to pay the price of protecting her all the way with some grave injury.

Episode 16
Alsherya ponders Kanaris’ suggestion they need to fill in the vacant Heavens Blade spot when Savaris offers his service to hunt down a Haikizoku. She then goes to bug Leerin and knows she wants to leave to find Layfon. After all, he hasn’t come back and lately hasn’t replied her letters. So the best way is to go to him? She knows it is irresponsible of her to leave the orphanage and use the money he sent to her to travel but she just can’t let him shoulder all the responsibility. Meanwhile Layfon is in hospital and will undergo a spine surgery although overall his life isn’t in danger. This means he has to skip the upcoming inter-platoon match. Hence Sharnid scouts Shena not just as Layfon’s replacement but a temporary member. I guess it’s just how you word your words to convince somehow to join. After all, can’t be spending all her time taking care of vegetable Dinn, right? But too bad the match ends quickly with Nina being easily defeated by Vanze. After Layfon’s surgery, he is well enough to get discharged to go meet Kalian. Along the way, he bumps into Mayshen and it got a little awkward between them. She thanks him for always protecting him but starts crying upon thinking he won’t let her protect him. Is making lunch for him considered protecting him? As Layfon meets Kalian, he is told Zuellni is acting strange and has changed her path to a route with Filth Monsters. As usual Layfon is to destroy them but this time he will cooperate with Haia and his group. You see, that accident of buildings collapsing of Layfon could not be some mere accident. It could be a sign that the electronic fairy is dying and turning into a Haikizoku. If that is true, thus Haia and co’s service is needed. Haia introduces his psychokinesist, Fermaus Foa. He has another special ability and that is so sniff out Filth Monsters. Because he is exposed to the poisonous air outside, his skin and organs are messed up. But ironically he is alive and this gives hope that humans might find a solution to overcome the pollutants. Shena is really upset for this humiliating loss (poor locker bore the brunt of her punches) as Nina realizes she has relied too much on Layfon. Leerin’s father gives her a device that contains all techniques of Psyharden. Now she has a reason to deliver it to Layfon.

Episode 17
Nina receives word about Zuellni going berserk as well as Layfon heading out to fight Filth Monsters. Despite he just finished injury, Kalian says that they can only depend on him. Nina tells the rest of her platoon to go support Layfon. She can’t go as she has to find Zuellni. Inside the engine room, she falls into some deep hole and sees the goat taking Zuellni hostage. The goat is trying to seek a new master to justify its existence and wants Nina to reach him. Even if Nina isn’t interested, the goat still challenges her. Nina starts experiencing excruciating pain before passing out. Meanwhile Leerin is on her way to Zuellni. She realizes Savaris is on the same trip. Although he claims he is on an undercover mission, the truth is that Alsherya ordered him to protect Leerin no matter what. If she gets a little scratch, he will pay dearly. Also, he is to do whatever Leerin wishes. Felli contacts Layfon who seeks the help of his teammates to record the fighting and battle of Haia and his team. When the Filth Monsters awaken from their slumber, they start attacking. The 17th Platoon is in awe to see the perfect cooperation from the mercenary gang and even more so for Layfon since he is taking down Filth Monsters by himself. Although he still feels a little pain in his back since he just had surgery not too long ago. In no time, the Filth Monsters are destroyed. Vanze and his team are looking for Nina and since they cannot find her, they believe she has disappeared.

Episode 18
WTF?! Nina experiences some weird out of body experience thingy and next thing that shocks us, Zuellni kisses her?! WTF?! When Nina wakes up, she finds herself in another city, Myath. You mean nobody in this happy park noticed how she got here? Because Nina is missing, Layfon is working himself to the bone to destroy Filth Monsters and won’t rest. I guess this affected Felli too because now she collapses. Meanwhile Leerin and Savaris are also in Myath but the former arrested by Roy Entorio on grounds of possessing that Psyharden device. So it’s some stolen artefact? However she is free to roam around the city. This means bumping into Nina and then becoming friends fast. Layfon visits Felli in hospital. Caught her in the act of trying to touch his face while he was dozing off! As he leaves, Layfon gets shot. Strange things are happening in Myath. An electronic fairy appears, birds strangely swarm around it, the people are in panic over the incessant ringing of the siren and Nina being confronted by those hooded wolf men and trying to coax her to accept Aurora Field and disown some Riggzario belief. I don’t know how sharp Nina’s eyes are but she saw some device causing the strange phenomenon and hence risking her life to unplug that device! Do you know how f*cking dangerous is that?! And where the f*ck is Savaris?! Because it was Roy who saved her from her slip. So looks like everything returns to normal and Leerin gets this bird as an electronic fairy? Meanwhile Layfon is not amused Kalian shot him with a tranquilizer to rest. First he wanted him to fight and now he wants him to stop? Make up your mind! He explains at that time there were no options but now they have time. Since he is still stubborn, Kalian pins him down in a way that makes it look like BL gayness and tells him off he doesn’t care about the city or the future. The fact that Nina is missing and he is running away from reality. Layfon is in shock but that shut him up. Kalian gives his speech to his fellow citizens to fight against the Filth Monsters. Felli offers to help Layfon in any way but he declines.

Episode 19
Dixerio helps Nina defeat the enemies and hints Leerin is the only one who can stop that goat in her. We see Roy’s true colours as he is now chasing Leerin for that device. Why does he have that rape face? However Leerin knows his ‘weakness’ by making that pen clicking sound. Yeah… Roy rants about coming face to face with a real Filth Monster and ran for his life. That is unacceptable cowardice for a Military Artist. Nina just pops back and Roy runs away scared. I suppose anybody would after seeing her Super Saiyan aura. Nina explains to Leerin about Riggzario, a system in her homeland, Schneibel that is mechanically attached to its electronic spirit’s womb and creates other electronic fairies. Nina starts feeling pain from the Super Saiyan aura. Roy is still fleeing but is stopped by Savaris. He turns into a sadist by breaking his bones just to make him feel close to death. Because here is a Filth Monster breaking in just in time. It’s a miracle Roy didn’t die from heart attack as Savaris laughs at its destruction. Soon after, Savaris clashes with Haia. Leerin thought she had helped cheered Nina’s depression but that goat inside her starts acting up again. Hence Myath (the electronic fairy) tells Leerin to pray. Heh. Like that would help. YOU MEAN IT WORKED?! Oh well, Nina’s gone and transported to another dimension again. At the same time, Kalian lectures Layfon about other Military Artists risking their own lives because of their own pride despite knowing the chances of victory is near zero. He doesn’t want Layfon to leave his reasons for fighting to someone else. Felli then detects Zuellni (the electronic fairy) above them. Dixerio has this vague and confusing but brief explanation why strange monsters appear in her world. He says there is the origin of an electronic fairy residing inside her and to at least help protect it. Dixerio sends Nina back to her world. Diving down from above, Nina realizes how devastated her world is. You mean she doesn’t know? If she has left her own home, she would have at least seen all the devastation with her eyes. Unless she was asleep… Now that Layfon is ‘revved up’, he goes on a Filth Monster killing spree. Nina sees him in action. Layfon sees her falling down. OMG! They go to each other and give a big hug. Like as though they’ve never seen each other for years. Like as though there was long lost romance between them. Was there?!

Episode 20
Zuellni is moving away from the horde of Filth Monsters, electronic fairy seems normal, Haikizoku is gone and Nina is back. And nobody can explain why. Nina’s teammates are glad she is fine but now wants to know what happened. It isn’t that Nina doesn’t want to tell them. Rather, she doesn’t know how to explain it. Yeah, like describing colour, eh? So until that day comes when she can express herself, believe in her. Yeah… Nina is perhaps lost too as she seeks Dinn’s advice. Easy for her to ask and even show her emotions. Because vegetable state people don’t talk back. Meanwhile Haia receives a letter from Grendan and he is not pleased. It states a Heavens Blade wielder will bring the Haikizoku back to Grendan and this means Haia’s gang is no longer needed. Haia decides to settle an old score first. Busy day for Layfon because Gorneo requests him to train Shante and then another training with Nina. Felli doesn’t buy all that believe crap as she finds it unbelievable that when Nina came back, she looked so happy and everybody accepted everything without question. I think she’s talking about Layfon especially. Yeah, because he believes in Nina… Myath is seen approaching at it is believed they will be their next inter-city battle. Wait a minute. You mean there is no fixed schedule? Why is everybody acting so surprised? And of course with Myath in sight, Leerin and Savaris finally make their way to Zuellni. The night before the match, Felli is kidnapped by Haia as he leaves a message for Layfon alone to go meet him for a rematch. I’m sure we all know which Layfon will choose. This only proves that Layfon is so valuable and depended upon that I guess Kalian as to order Vanze to devise a winnable strategy without Layfon. Uh huh. This shows they really plan on using him and never saw it coming he will not participate.

Episode 21
So the plan for Layfon’s replacement is Gorneo and Shante? Not sure if this is an insult. Meanwhile Haia’s mercenaries are not pleased to learn about the letter from Grendan. Furthermore, what Haia is doing will only bring about to the group’s downfall. But Haia doesn’t care as he views the group will be disbanding anyway. They can return to Grendan and get the reward money and go home. Some pride thingy for Haia that he is doing all this. Do we care? Do we need to give some sympathy for this meaningless showdown? Oh well, Layfon is here as expected. Time for the epic fight. At the same time, Myath suddenly changes its course. This means the inter-city battle is put on hold and Kalian orders Nina to go assist Layfon. Layfon and Haia are on equal footing since they came from the same school. Not sure if Felli jinxed it because after she breaks out of her confinement, only to see Layfon getting slashed in the shoulder. Then we hear Haia rant how he has nothing. No friends, no home to return to. He sounds jealous of Layfon because he got to be Heavens Blade wielder as well as Psyharden but threw it all away easily. What’s this about proving that his father, Ryuhou who is also his master is not inferior to Derek who was Layfon’s master? What’s this about Ryuhou being happy when Layfon became a Heavens Blade wielder but that won’t do because Haia had to be the one to smile to father? Huh?! So this is his excuse to beat Layfon? Not sure if all that jinxed Haia since Layfon powers up and slashes a brutal one across his body. Layfon would have finished him off had not Myunfa come to his protection. Can’t leave him. Even his mercenaries too. Aww, you had friends all along, right? WTF. Do we need some unneeded cheesy romance now? Layfon returns to Felli. Sorry for worrying you. I think she’s too shaken to beat him up. Oh Nina, you slowpoke only just arrive when everything is over? Suddenly Layfon is slapped. Not by Felli. Not by Nina. It’s Leerin! She is disappointed he hasn’t changed. Still carrying the burden all on his own and nobody is happy. Boy, this is going to get complicated. Meanwhile the reason why Myath changed its course is because of the appearance of Grendan.

Episode 22
There is a possibility that Zuellni have to fight Grendan and if that happens, everyone believes Zuellni has no chance against a full-fledged city. Leerin talks to Layfon recuperating in hospital. He learns about Nina meeting her before and somehow popped up in Myath. Elsewhere Savaris meets Gorneo to inform he is here to retrieve the Haikizoku. He then starts waxing lyrical about Layfon but badmouths Gorneo as mediocre. The real kicker is when Savaris says Gahard is dead because he killed him. Gorneo refuses to believe him and experiences an emotional breakdown. Zuellni goes berserk as the worst possible outcome happens. It is moving towards Grendan. Hence Kalian calls Layfon and his platoon to meet. Leerin won’t let Layfon go and believes Grendan might be here just to take Layfon back (Grendan has not replied to any communications). Perhaps Alsherya has forgiven him. But with smooth words from Layfon that he wants to do this for everybody, how do you make a girl accept whatever you want to do? You kiss her! At least on her cheek. Oh Leerin, now you’re only starting to think why the hell you came here for? The 17th Platoon (minus Nina) meet with Kalian as Layfon tells Kalian about what Leerin told him about Nina being on Myath. All this makes sense as Zuellni was able to move again when she got back. The question is when the Haikizoku resided inside her. Kalian theorizes both the electronic fairy and Haikizoku have been living inside her. There have been some balance all this time but something disrupted that balance. The only way is to remove the Haikizoku from her but fears she might end up like Dinn. Speaking of Nina, she is experiencing pain and it’s that goat again. Suddenly a Filth Monster appears out from an Aurora in the sky. Alsherya believes this is no ordinary Filth Monster as it somewhat waited after Leerin left for Zuellni makes it look more orchestrated than coincidence. Kalian authorizes to fire the cannon at the Filth Monster. It takes a direct hit but so does Nina?

Episode 23
Felli detects the Filth Monster is still alive. It is believed the cannon split its heart and it will soon revive. Vanze suggests it is better to deploy troops to finish it off but with Grendan around, I guess Kalian authorizes the use of the cannon. Here is the thing. Nina is reported to have escaped from Zuellni and hence the city has stopped moving. Kalian orders 17th Platoon to bring her back within 2 hours because that is when the cannon will finish recharging and fire again. Otherwise they will get vaporized by the cannon. Zuellni is more important than a few lives, right? And once Nina is back, they’ll immediately have to extract Haikizoku out or in worst case, Zuellni. She might end up like Dinn but hey, Zuellni is more important than a few lives, right? Ironically Felli was supposed to stay out of this mission and when she wanted to join, Kalian objected. So he can sacrifice everybody else except his sister, eh? Felli stubbornly does not listen and joins her teammates. Meanwhile Dixerio and foulmouthed Heavens Blade wielder, Barmelin Swattis Nolne are fighting off those hooded wolf men. Dixerio blames them for killing everything he believes and those who betrayed him but they are hell bent on reviving Ignatius and destroy the Riggzario belief. Meanwhile Leerin realizes she really needs to hand Psyharden to Layfon. She had her chances and she didn’t give it to him until this emergency? Thankfully Naruki helps bring her to Gorneo. Nina is following the goat. Where the heck did she get the goat mask? When Layfon finds her, she attacks him. Of course he beats her and she returns to normal. He brings her back as she tells him her dilemma. She wants to protect the things she loves and wants to be strong. But with the Haikizoku inside her, she is scared to think what will happen to her. She’s not the only one with problems. Time for Layfon to tell his. There was a time he gave up fighting and now he is paying the price. Because the illegal underground matches are like betrayal to Derek, he banned himself from using Psyharden. But the last battle made him feel he needs to use it. He hasn’t atoned for his sins yet and the people haven’t forgiven him yet. Nina’s answer: Don’t entrust your reason to fight to your weapon. So basically, believe in yourself? After Layfon hands over Nina to his platoon, he returns to the battlefield. The Filth Monster has revived in 2 and some Heavens Blade wielders are already engaging it. Oh, the cannon is just about ready to fire again.

Episode 24
Gorneo argues Leerin’s act is useless because Layfon has only been using swords ever since coming to Zuellni. This has Leerin feeling sad again. Even so, she has to deliver it to him. So if Gorneo wants to hate somebody, hate them for making Layfon this way. When a girl cries and begs this much, I guess a guy has to do it. Shante still objects. Even if Gorneo’s reason is that Layfon is fighting to protect Zuellni, Shante is still not convinced. Zuellni can get destroyed for all she cared. He reminds her that whenever it came down to picking Zuellni or Grendan, he would always choose the former because that is where Shante comes from. And just like that monkey girl accepts all he says. Meanwhile Savaris is torturing Nina in hopes of luring the Haikizoku out. She could have died had not Layfon intervened. The Haikizoku gets kicked out and possesses Savaris. Yeah, he is thrilled to have this power. So much so, some barriers activate, cleansing the toxic air around? With newfound powers, Savaris toys around with Layfon. Via Felli’s psychokinesis, Leerin informs Layfon she is on the way to hand him Psyharden. He still wants to argue he can’t use it? He is still sticking to his principals? Until Leerin says she doesn’t want to regret making the trip here and fluffing chances to hand it to him. I guess he has to now, eh? Layfon could have lost until the Heavens Blade in the queen’s chamber that belongs to Saya, flies out into Layfon’s hands. Huh?! He uses it to blast Savaris into the sky! From the look of Savaris’ oh-sh*t face, he didn’t expect that, did he?

Leerin arrives too late to hand him the Psyharden. But Layfon is glad she is alive. Hug cue. Combining the Psyharden with Saya’s, Layfon achieves his ultimate Heavens Blade! Good timing for him to put it to good use. Because the other Heavens Blade wielders are all having their hands full and one of the Filth Monsters escaped. It flies towards Zuellni and starts destroying it. Kalian orders the evacuation and hopes Grendan will take in his people. Once all is evacuated, Kalian will activate and destroy the core and take out the Filth Monster. Hey, 1 loss of life better than the entire city, right? Too bad Kalian won’t be that hero as Layfon rides on his Heavens Blade to destroy the monster! Okay, it’s a teamwork effort with the cannon ready to fire and the Heavens Blade wielders going in for the final attack. In the aftermath, we see Dixerio telling Nina about the messenger of Ignatius sent to destroy Regios. As long as they fight here, they will never die. Grendan moves away from Zuellni and has retrieved Leerin. Savaris is said to have left and disappeared but they’re confident he’ll come back. Layfon gets ‘rewarded’ by Felli with a kick in the shin for his cheesy love scene with Leerin. WTF?! We learn Alsherya takes an interesting to protect Leerin because she might be her daughter of her fiancé who escaped somewhere! Oh, some complicated family history I don’t want to hear… As Filth Monsters are not from this world, the key to fight them lies in Leerin’s right eye. Zuellni is being rebuilt as everyone resumes their normal lives. Layfon writes to Leerin and hopes one day they can meet again on Grendan.

Regios In The Middle Of Nowhere: Now And Then, Here And There And Everywhere!
Well… Uhm… Did you understand all that? I certainly don’t. So everything in the last episode seems timed so coincidentally that it looked like plot convenience. All for the sake for Layfon to wield his Psyharden and Heavens Blade again. From the attacking of the Filth Monster, Savaris going berserk and the near destruction of Zuellni. So yeah. Make peace with yourself, fight for yourself and move forward. It’s not like they solved the problem of the Filth Monster or that Ignatius thingy. So can we continue with the inter-city battle now that everything is over? Oh, looks like it is cancelled forever. And seeing Zuellni walking towards the dusty sunset amidst the toxic air… Wow, what a way to end.

I find it hard to follow what this series is actually about. With the series heading into its final stretch, I was even more confused on what this whole story was about. Was it about the Filth Monsters? Didn’t look like it. Was it about the Regios cities? Not really. Not even Zuellni. Then was it about electronic fairies and Haikizoku? Don’t really know. Was it about the inter-city battles? Definitely it didn’t go close to that. Was it about Layfon then? Not really sure about that. And then there’s that Riggzario and Ignatius thingy throw into the mix to further complicate things. And Filth Monsters not from this world? Oh. Can’t blame our pollutions that create them now, eh? If that’s the case, we’re talking about alien invasion now? But since it is already at the end, I couldn’t care less. So perhaps maybe it is all and a bit of everything but it all feels so disjointed that I couldn’t really put it all together to see the bigger picture. Or maybe I’m just too dumb and didn’t pay enough attention.

Making this whole thing even confusing is that I found out the anime went for a totally different route than its light novel source. Hence there were complaints about how many things were not fully explained. Although the light novel has already ended long ago, it was still ongoing while the anime was still airing so I suppose they had to somewhat give some sort of conclusion or closure at least for the anime. Too bad it wasn’t a good one. I know they want to pay tribute to a staff who died during the production of this anime but I don’t think it has anything to do with the story. It just felt like an excuse that we will forgive this crappy ending if they put up this dedication because we can’t be mean to dead people, right?

One of the main problems that left me and many confused is how the basics of this world’s settings are not explained. Especially the inter-city battles. I thought this was going to be a staple of the series but as said in my previous paragraphs, it wasn’t about that. You see, I started having this confusion when I realized that the cities do not seem to have a fixed schedule to battle each other. It’s like whenever they coincidentally run into each other, hence a battle will take place. Because the cities’ path is somewhat predetermined (unless the electronic fairy goes out of control), so I suppose they can tell which city they will bump into next. This is what I think and I could be wrong. Even more mind boggling is when Grendan entered the picture just before Zuellni and Myath’s inter-city battle. Like, WTF?! Is there a rule saying that Grendan can intercept any battle? And Grendan is like the big boss because all the top elite warriors are there, no wonder nobody wants to mess with them. I wonder where Myath ‘ran away’ too at the end because hell, we sure haven’t heard from them since.

I also understand that the inter-city battles are to fight for scarce minerals and the winning city has the right to take all that the loser has to offer. Yeah well, it makes me wonder where they get the minerals and if the loser is left without any vital resources, wouldn’t they eventually end up being abandoned and destroyed? So why bother with the inter-city battles anyway? Why don’t just be pirates and plunder? Geez, the inter-city matches feel like an excuse to justify ‘stealing’ resources. Like, WTF?! Isn’t this why again nobody wants to mess with Grendan? Shouldn’t everybody be pooling their resources to fight against the Filth Monsters? Oh right. Politics, conspiracies, human greed… I guess humans never changed after all.

For more confusion, I am sure that most of us watching the series would notice another ‘series’ running inside this series itself. At first I thought this was a separate story that would somehow gradually link up with the main one. Adding to the confusion is that in every episode, this segment pops up once as and when it likes and ends abruptly. It feels very strange not only in terms of setting and the sepia-like film colour, but everyone here speaks in weird English accent. It doesn’t feel like Japanese speaking Engrish but more like non-English speaking Caucasians like say, Russians. Hence sometimes their English isn’t clearly audible thanks to that weird accent but thank goodness for the subtitles. Later on this confusing segment turns out to be some sort of TV show that our characters are watching. The abrupt ending stems from not enough money being put into the TV box and hence the programme suddenly cutting off. Is this some sort of running joke? However there might be some connection to what is happening in the main storyline (it’s related to Saya) but I’m still unsure how. But if you really want to catch what the heck all that was happening in this story, there was a 3 episode OVA released back in 2009 called the Legend of Regios. Not that I’m really interested to watch this ‘horror’ series.

The characters are also a contributing factor to the series’ problem. In short, everybody has their own sort of problems and inner demons to deal with. Take for instance Layfon. I don’t really understand behind the logic of his banishment and yes, illegal underground matches seem legit for his banishment but knowing he is one of the powerful Heavens Blade wielder, surely that can’t seem to be the reason, right? It makes it all sound petty and unrealistic. So I’m not sure if this is part of his character development, to see a guy who think he can start anew but realizes he has to follow his destiny because it is the right and only thing he can do. It’s like he was trying to appease anyone but when it comes to himself, he doesn’t go easy. Whatever. Layfon is said to be the best asset of his platoon and possibly all of Zuellni, so much so he is so relied upon and without him it’s like his platoon is guaranteed to lose, maybe Zuellni hasn’t actually meet anybody else stronger. Maybe that’s why they lost the last inter-city battle and it’s a miracle they’re still afloat.

Then there is Nina who seems to be inhabited by Zuellni and the goat. Is this what you call get one’s goat? It sure makes her act and play the goat. Haha. I don’t really understand this electronic fairy and Haikizoku thingy because with Nina being the core of this, hence the drama and problems that are much needed to move this series forward. I can’t remember Felli’s role except for being the psychokinesist user to detect and report things from afar and someone who likes to ‘bully’ Layfon. Those shin kicking must be a trademark of hers now, eh? Layfon is so strong that no wonder these girls like him even if they don’t want to admit it. Is romance some sort of side distraction here? Because that is what it feels for Mayshen. Aside from the whatever conspiracies this series has, a little one-sided romance should provide some little distraction. Until that near accident, I guess Mayshen is now sitting on the side-lines. Not forgetting Leerin, the old childhood sweetheart. It’s like her existence in this anime is just to come deliver a sword to Layfon and I don’t know what sort of disappointed complication made her unable to do it. I mean, what do you expect to see changed in Layfon? Do you know what he had to go through in Zuellni for him to somewhat remain the same? Or is he? Geez girl, just say you like him and let’s get over this cheesy part, shall we?

Sharnid has his own past too but it is mostly eclipsed by the rest as I don’t really understand about his former promise to protect Zuellni. Isn’t that the wish of almost if not every citizen on Zuellni? I guess this is so that they could hint some budding romance with Shena because ever since she joined the 17th Platoon, that’s all I ever see their relationship. I mean, being the boyfriend of a guy in vegetable state won’t do her any good, right? But it’s not like she’s all into him either. Not yet. Maybe just playing hard to get. After all, Sharnid has this playboy reputation. Harley feels like the most insignificant member of 17th Platoon since he is mechanic, hence a nerd. Nothing exciting to see here for this guy. Let’s move along.

Every harem lover wants to be Kalian because of his flock of beauties serving him in the student council body. So excellent his leadership that he even has girls holding up the phone’s receiver as he talks! But nobody touches his sister. Or else… Ironically he is willing to sacrifice anything and do what it needs to protect Zuellni but there are times he contradicts himself because sometimes he is willing to sacrifice Felli but at other times he is not. So does this show he cares about her? Siscon… It’s a good thing he need not sacrifice himself for Zuellni at the end, right? Thanks, Layfon. We knew we could always count on you.

Feeling wasted are the Heavens Blade wielders. They look like an interesting bunch of weirdoes, each with their own unique power but with Savaris acting strangely and even Alsherya feeling like she is some sneaky queen b*tch, what are the chances the other Heavens Blade wielder are going to be even weirder? I don’t know if it was part of the real story or just canon when Savaris turned into some twisted antagonist in the end. It felt just to screw with our minds and then he got Team Rocket’s treatment. Like, WTF… And Alsherya is like playing Synola so she could have the freedom to grope girls’ boobs. Her favourite hobby. What’s this about her complicated family matters? Yeah, whatever. It’s amazing nobody recognizes the queen on Grendan. It’s not like she has put on some amazing disguise or anything. If the people find out about her molesting, will she have to banish herself? Hey, she’s the queen! She does whatever she wants!

Other characters feel redundant or insignificant. Like Dixerio. Is it Dick Stereo, what again? What the heck is he supposed to be and do in this anime? I’m not even sure. That’s why it got so confusing when he pops up fighting those hooded wolf men. Can’t see the connection with Nina and the goat, that’s for sure. And then there is Haia and his mercenaries. It’s like they need to prolong and fit into the double dozen episodes so they had this side distraction of Haia as some jealous disciple out to get revenge on Layfon. Like it really matters? They failed their mission to retrieve the Haikizoku. He failed to beat Haia. Can they all go home now? I thought Fermaus would be important with his kind of weird appearance and introduction but come to think of it, without him the series would still go on. Haia would still have his rogue fight with Layfon. Without Haia’s distraction, I think the series could have cut down a few episodes. Remind me again about Gorneo? What about him having issues with his brother? What’s this about Shante trying to snare anyone she doesn’t like and being overprotective over Gorneo? Mifi and Naruki fall into obscurity after a while. They only seem significant during fillers but otherwise forgettable till the end.

The action parts are just okay. Average to best I can say. Even if it is 2009 material. Sometimes it feels that the fights with the Filth Monsters are the cue and diversion needed in this series from time to time. So in order to remind us that there are dangerous monsters out there roaming the wastelands, hence the plot convenience is summoned for our warriors and especially Layfon to show what they’ve got. It would have been somewhat better if we have a bit more spotlight on these Filth Monsters, like their habitat and growth stages (instead of just briefly skimming through them) but they are treated like garbage to be disposed of. Sure, they are but being humanity’s greatest threat, you’d think they would shed some more light on this. Oh right, humanity’s greatest threat is themselves. As for the battles among platoons, it doesn’t feel exciting because I don’t really see anything exciting with this capture the flag game. Thankfully they never last long. Nina is always at the front, Sharnid in sniping position, Felli hiding somewhere to relay info and Layfon too at the frontline to just cut down his foes. Makes Nina’s job so much easier. Now you know why she really wants him. And Harley is just like tuning their Dites before and after.

Art and animation, well it’s from the last decade so I guess after watching so many recent animes, you could really see the obvious ‘advancement’ in today’s animation quality. The look and feel of the animation really gives that dated feel. You know the characters look they are from that era with their really one kind looks. Like Nina looking a bit too masculine, Layfon with his overly spikey hair (I guess it is a must for some main characters), Shena with those killer drill locks and the rest of the Heavens Blade wielders feel like a big cosplay group. Yeah, weird indeed. The Filth Monsters do look terrifying in their own right. But sometimes I can’t help feel they are taken inspiration from Starship Troopers. This series is animated by Zexcs who did Sukitte Ii Na Yo, Itsuka Tenma No Kuro Usagi, Aku No Hana, Mangaka-san To Assistant-san and Legend Of The Legendary Heroes.

I recognized some of the seiyuus here like Nobuhiko Okamoto as Layfon (one of his least angry character roles), Takehito Koyasu as Kalian, Daisuke Sakaguchi as Harley, Junichi Suwabe as Savaris, Mikako Takahashi as Leerin, Kouji Yusa as Roy and almost missed it for Mai Nakahara as Felli (reminds me of Sola’s Aono). I didn’t realize it was Ami Koshimizu behind Shante. The other casts are Ayahi Takagaki as Nina (Chris in Senki Zesshou Symphogear), Kishou Taniyama as Sharnid (Jean in Shingeki No Kyojin), Yui Kano as Shena (Momoko in Sumomomo Momomo), Akeno Watanabe is Alsherya (Rito in To Love-Ru), Hajime Iijima as Gorneo (Gakushu in Ikkitousen), Takuma Terashima as Haia (Shiroe in Log Horizon), Youji Ueda as Vanze (Usui in Sayonar Zetsubou Sensei), Kousuke Toriumi as Dinn (Chopin in ClassicaLoid), Asuka Oogame as Mayshen (Rina in Photokano), Eri Sendai as Mifi (Triela in Gunslinger Girl), Fuyuka Oura as Naruki (Ren/Run in To Love-Ru) and Hiro Yuuki as Dixerio (Ootake in Toriko).

The opening theme is Brave Your Truth by Daisy x Daisy. Typical techno music that suits the pace of the series well. Somehow in some ways the song reminds me of Soul Link’s opener, Screaming. The first opening theme is Yasashii Uso by Chrome Shelled (yes, a band that was formed just for this anime). Usually the song is sung with a duet either with Felli, Nina or Leerin. I somewhat prefer this slow rock piece compared to the second ending theme, Ai No Zuellni also by the same band with differing duet versions with either one of those trio. Ai No Zuellni is a slow ballad that I feel just doesn’t fit the series well. The song is not bad but I’d rather hear Yasashii Uso many times.

Overall, largely confusing series with uninspiring characters, unexplained stuffs and plots that are just everywhere makes it an unenjoyable watch. Sad to say, the parts I ‘enjoyed’ most are the fillers of Layfon and his unofficial harem together. But that too ends up going nowhere. Sometimes you wished that Felli would just repeatedly kicked this series in hopes of perhaps getting back to its original track but as we can see that a decade later there is no announcement of any sort of sequel. We can’t even bring Restoration to its DVDs too. Maybe Mortal Engines may remind some diehard fans for its timely revival… It’s not surprising since a few animes these days are getting a total remake and reboot. But I don’t really think this series is famous enough to warrant that. And at this point, it could have wandered off into the wastelands until it fell prey to Filth Monsters and left to rot forever and forgotten. Any hope for Restoration?

Oh no. Here we go again with another little sister series. So, is this Imouto Sae Ireba Ii v2? Or rather, Eromanga-sensei v3? Or is it OreImo v4? Anyway, Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai is this season’s little sister fetish. Yeah. What else is new? Little sister has some sort of secret fetish to bang her brother and the only way she could express all that without ruining her perfect honour student reputation is via an erotic novel under a penname. Yeah… It’s Japan, people. We love our lolis and sisters so much that we can come up with this sh*t. And we who watch it are even sh*ttier. God, that says a lot about this series already…

Episode 1
Yuu Nagami narrates his sister, Suzuka is a talented and responsible sister and he himself is just the opposite. His only pride is writing novels in which he submits online. Too bad none of them were successful and are rejected. It is no different this time. Yeah, the judges complain he needs to incorporate more little sister characters into his stories. That’s the trend right now?! Esaka, his bookstore colleague (and ‘legal loli’) suggests he visualizes Suzuka in a lewd way. Looks good but there is no way that could happen in real life. Yuu believes Suzuka hates him. We also learn Yuu is a fan of Homura Enryuu’s works, especially Sky Magic Guardian. Back home, he checks the novel competition and finds there is already a winner selected and the author is weirdly named Chikai Towano. Even weirder the story is about a little sister who is madly in love with her brother! Suzuka then wants to talk with him in his room and she is acting a bit strange for a sister he knows. It seems she wants some advice. She submitted a novel and it won first place! You mean this is her work?! Actually, it was Yuu’s draft and he left it in the living room a while back. So her first submission landed her first prize? She shows him proof of her work with some tweaking of his draft but gets embarrassed when he reads it aloud. She gives an excuse she got possessed, that’s how she was able to write this piece of crap work. Back to the point, because the school has rules forbidding part time jobs and that their parents especially dad won’t approve it, she wants him to be he substitute to receive the award. After all, it’s his dream to be a novelist too, right? And with Suzuka making that teary puppy dog eye face, can’t say no. His only condition is that he will do it until he wins an award on his own. Yuu attends the ceremony and meets with his editor, Reika Shinozaki. You know she is one weird woman as she first asks him if he is a virgin. This is to understand how his desires able him to write such great piece of crap work. She even lets him touch her boobs and allows him to do anything he wants just to advance his work! Best editor ever or a foreshadowing of more trouble to come? Then he meets the beautiful and busty Ahegao W Peace who will illustrate his work. Another crazy weirdo who allows him to grope her boobs. Yuu returns home tired. Suzuka is thankful as she rolls in ecstasy that the world will come to notice her love for her brother. A perfect chance to even be his girlfriend! Oh yeah. The biggest weirdo is right under his nose…

Episode 2
In school, Yuu is called out by Mai Himuro. This is the girl who never speaks to guys and they all love her for this pride. And for her to even speak to this lowlife, jealousy rage is over 9000! Anyway, Mai knows Yuu is Towano because she too was at the award ceremony. You see, Mai is actually Enryuu! Instantly Yuu wants her autograph but she finds it an insult. She wants his instead. Can’t they both exchange autographs? We soon see how scary creepy a fan girl Mai is because she was so enthralled with his work, she wanted to kill him out of jealousy and then kill herself! But then she bought 50 copies of his work (which she claims is normal standards) and wants to study all about him! He cannot say know or she’ll reveal to everyone she is Towano. So the whole school only doesn’t know? Because of that, he is forced to take her to his home and Suzuka is worried that big brother has brought a beautiful babe home. It is a case of between a rock and a hard place for Yuu because Suzuka claims he is an animal and Mai at first shocked, allows herself to be raped to further his works! WTF Suzuka asking him for permission to call the police?! With Mai fabricating rape scenes in her notes, I guess no permission is needed to call the cops. Damn these girls have zero faith in him. I guess it’s time to go home. After that, Yuu has to explain it all to Suzuka. Worried about all this, Suzuka suggests they go out tomorrow to find inspiration for her next volume. We call that a date. Oddly, Shinozaki calls Yuu to give him inspiration by moaning sexy sounds in the bath. WTF… In Akihabara, the siblings see their works being promoted and popular everywhere. When they pass by a store that features Ahegao’s works, curious Suzuka enters and like any other first timers, becomes shock with all the lewd material. Now she blames Yuu for not stopping her? Since Ahegao is here, she knows they are looking for inspiration and shows them some of her works. Yeah, lewd illustrations! So lewd that Suzuka got shockingly ‘addicted’?! Can’t stop scrolling the nudes!!! So shocking that she eventually passed out. Back home, Suzuka is still embarrassed remembering Ahegao’s works. But she can’t lose out now since beautiful and busty women are surrounding her onii-chan, she vows to be his number one!

Episode 3
Suzuka as Yuu, what the heck is panchira?! I guess using Google is too troublesome. It seems Shinozaki suggested she added a non-sister character into her next volume and to incorporate this. Don’t say Yuu didn’t warn you because she is in shock after he explains it. She then tries to demonstrate in front of him to better understand. It’s all for the next volume, right? Yeah, Yuu must be in a tight spot to see or not. Don’t want to be accused to be a siscon lecher, do you? Even if she gets an idea of this panchira, she still has no idea to come up with a new character. Hence Yuu calls Mai and Ahegao over to brainstorm. Damn, as if he needs more trouble already. Eventually the girls end up wearing different cosplay outfits to see what kind of fetish he likes. Do we have a winner with Suzuka in gym clothes, bloomers and knee high socks? Later Shinozaki calls Yuu and she sounds upset the deadline has passed and he has not hand in the manuscript. Oh dear. Yuu rushes into Suzuka’s room to find her sleeping at her desk. He peeks into the volume she is writing. Pretty generic and not entertaining. It seems Suzuka is having a hard time and doesn’t want to write something she doesn’t want to. He tells her to rest and praises her first volume but she ends up admonishing him he doesn’t think her first volume was good because he said it was only okay. When asked what was it that was good, he couldn’t answer. Yuu tries to find an answer to this and rereads her first volume and realizes why it is so entertaining. It is because it’s a flirty sibling romantic comedy. She doesn’t need to write what she doesn’t want to and continue the next volume in the same manner. Yuu confesses he loves that sister (the character) but this makes her really happy inside like as though her onii-chan really loves her. With that great motivation, now she can write the next volume all night long. It is daybreak when she is done. She sees Yuu’s cute sleeping face and sneakily steals a kiss on his cheek.

Episode 4
A special autograph session for Towano for his fans. Once it is done and just as Yuu is about to leave, a girl rushes in and is in despair thinking the session is over. However she is in shock to learn Yuu is Towano and gladly would love to have his sign. Yuu then learns she is Sakura Minazuki, the famous seiyuu who landed a main role in her debut and is now a rising star. It seems Sakura is a big fan of his work. So big that she sometimes get confused as a character in his work in real life and if his work gets adapted into anime, she will let nobody play the part of the little sister. It’s her fate to play that role! Oh, she wants to become his little sister too and starts calling him onii-chan. In school, Mai confronts Yuu and wants to know his secret to writing a good story. I guess all that stalking didn’t work so she’s asking him directly. But later Yuu panics when he discovers Mai is reading his own manuscript. She finds it boring. Everything. Hence she is confused and suspicious if he is really Towano. Even if lies it is a friend’s script, Mai went through his trash in his room that day and memorized those thrown away scripts. They are somewhat written in similar fashion… When Yuu tells this to Suzuka, she comes up with a plan to date her just to show the author is truly in love with his little sister to death. On that day, Mai doesn’t even look like she’s putting any effort to hide. So what’s this taking Yuu to the underwear section to let him choose the best pantsu? They do more stuffs that lover do and when they’re about to leave, here comes Ahegao trying to get them to shop together. She also spotted Mai and called her out. Now they can do shopping together. And the first order is to buy swimsuits. This should be useful reference as well as providing much needed fanservice. Sakura then enters the picture and the girls really want an explanation of this new babe. I guess the only way to settle it is for the girls to try out their swimsuit and see which one Yuu loves best. Do we have a winner? No question asked. He picks Suzuka. I guess that’s the best choice. Now they need a place to go for the summer vacation. Mai suggests her villa (though this is her ulterior motive to discover his secret by spending all day together).

Episode 5
Yuu deduces that after the signing event, something must have triggered Mai to act this way as she is still hell bent on finding out his secret. But first, your obligatory beach scene! Also, the much obligatory put-sun-lotion-on-a-girl’s-back. Don’t worry. All of you will have your turn! And Yuu doesn’t have a say in it. When Yuu puts it on Suzuka, Ahegao makes lewd narrations that has them end up in weirder and lewd-like circumstances. Also time for another cliché scene as Yuu walks into the bathroom while Suzuka is bathing. Yeah, whatever reasons, why didn’t Yuu just bolt out immediately and instead trying to find excuses why this isn’t so? And now for the obligatory fireworks festival. Mai tricks Yuu to come with her alone so that she could seduce him to get his secret out. That desperate that she is willing to let him do anything to her. Mai then has an idea. She’ll watch him write before her. Luckily the siblings saw this coming so Yuu memorized Suzuka’s upcoming works. Although he writes it perfectly, Mai still feels suspicious because the way he writes is as though he is acting. Now for some bedtime problem. We are 1 bed short. Yeah, let’s so who gets to sleep with Yuu! Eventually it is Suzuka putting her foot down because little sister has more authority to sleep with her brother, right? Yeah, that sentence sounded so wrong on so many levels… Suzuka is like a boa constrictor almost choking Yuu to death but thankfully he manages to escape and let her constrict the pillow. He sees Mai and talks to her. She reveals her bugging problem. Her series is getting an anime adaptation but interest is waning because her editor pointed out of her weak characters. At this rate it will get cancelled. She believes his secret is the answer. When Yuu is silent if he is really Towano, this is when Mai gets disappointed and hides in her room. Yuu now knows her problem but needs to solve it. So he goes ask Suzuka who is obviously mad for him slipping out. He dodges the question to ask how she writes her characters. Something like being possessed by the character she is writing. Yuu gets it (Suzuka exploding after hearing him say those I-love-you magic words) and barges into Mai’s room to tell her this. Be the character that you are writing. That’s why he carries his failed manuscripts as a reminder to himself. So that’s the secret? Well, she’ll give it a try. The siblings get motivated to write their novels right now. Of course Suzuka’s excuse to sit next to him is to be in that character. Nevertheless, Yuu is still thankful for her help.

Episode 6
Suzuka is so happy as she reveals it is because Yuu confessed he likes her as a little sister. But… He reveals that confession was only an act as he was into this Towano character! Oh dear. It all turns sour. Suzuka snaps at him. What’s the excuse this time? Being Towano for a certain time period isn’t enough. He must be in character 24/7! He must love his little sister 24/7! That’s right. They’re going on a date right now! Yuu and the rest of the gang are at a doujin convention. They are confronted by sisters, Haruna and Akino Kanzaka of the popular doujin circle, Ambivalence. It seems they are Ahegao’s rival and Haruna starts badmouthing Ahegao’s low ambition and goes so far as to talk trash about Towano. Because of that, Suzuka will not forgive her. It leads to a challenge whereby they have to create a doujin based on Towano’s novel and the one with more readers in the next convention wins. Haruna’s condition if she wins, she will get Ahegao. Otherwise she will apologize. However that is not enough for Suzuka. Other than an apology, they must acknowledge Towano as the best author ever. With this ante up, this means if they lose they will give up writing forever!

Later the siblings visit Ahegao’s place to help her get some inspiration for this challenge. They learn about their past. The Kanzaka sisters were fans of hers and became inspired to start a doujin circle. But the more famous Ambivalence became, the rockier their relationship got. Ahegao still considers them as friends no matter what but will not overlook them badmouthing Towano. So for this inspiration, Ahegao has the siblings dress up in S&M fashion? Man, perfect excuse for Suzuka to take out her sisterly frustrations on him. I wonder if she has awakened to a new side. Later, Suzuka seeks Yuu’s help as she tries to find some inspiration to write about siblings as actual lovers. You sure accompanying her to her school cultural festival isn’t just an excuse to date? They look so hot together and rumours start flying that they are actually dating. Hence this crappy plot convenience that the theatre club having their main leads suddenly falling ill and they need them to replace them in the last confession scene. Oh yeah. Suzuka approves. If you’re wondering why Suzuka can nail this confession scene so perfectly, that’s because she adlibs! Is this her true confession? I guess Yuu is made to go with the flow. What does he say? He rejects her confession! Damn you, Yuu! But then he covers himself that he is happy to hear those words and needs time. Yeah, to be forever together to add to the final touch. What a lovely ending. After the play, Suzuka wanted to tell him the truth behind her confession but they are being confronted by Akino.

Episode 7
Akino wants to apologize for Haruna’s behaviour. Too bad Haruna interrupts them to b*tch about how they’ll win. It’s mind boggling that Haruna loves Ahegao but reprimands Yuu for not knowing what’s going on. Suzuka stops the quarrel and when Yuu tries to hold her back, he accidentally grope her boobs. You mean he didn’t realize it until Akino pointed it out?! Gee, I thought Suzuka wasn’t that ‘flat’. Next morning when Yuu realizes he woke up late (doesn’t this guy set his own alarm and relies on his sister to wake him up?), it is because Suzuka is sick. Good thing she isn’t love sick. Oh, deadline to write the manuscript is near. I guess turning Suzuka sick means giving a sleazy excuse for some cheesy fanservice because of her fever, her mind’s gone haywire, asking him to choose his favourite pantsu for her and wiping her naked back. When Ahegao is here, she realizes the manuscript isn’t done yet. She shows him her super brutal erotic rape illustrations but he shoots it down thinking they need something more mainstream. But as Yuu finishes his own manuscript, he realizes it is not interesting. Even Ahegao’s toned down illustrations don’t feel as exciting as before. Well, duh. After hearing how Ahegao worked so hard to draw the things she loves as well as Suzuka’s advice to write what he wants that would make he feel all the love when she reads it, I guess they’re going the full erotic way. That’s what they’re good at, right?

At the convention, both sides exchange their volumes. Although victory is not determined by sales but readers’ reaction, we can tell that if there is a long queue at Ambivalence’s booth and truck loads of volumes, it means it is interesting enough to captivate the people. This is further supported that Ambivalence is diving into the erotic side and this is hyping people up. So is Towano’s team going to lose? Not until Sakura arrives just in time to do some social media advertising to help increase their readership. Akino lets stubborn Haruna read Towano’s volume. That smile on her face… Say, if both sides are apart selling their work, how and who the heck is going to gauge the readers’ reaction?! I don’t know but both sides seem to admit defeat with Akino again apologizing on behalf for Haruna as all this stems from her love for Ahegao. She loved Ahegao’s work but felt her drawing was too niche and wanted more people to see it, hence the reason why she thinks her talent are wasted. Haruna also realizes she didn’t like to draw erotic works as much as Ahegao does. So to each her own? You do you? With everything settled and Haruna promising to do better, Akino hints as she acknowledges Yuu’s writing on equal terms with Towano. On the train back, happy Suzuka starts reading the erotic work and blames Yuu for being a perverted demon. WTF?!

Episode 8
Not surprising that Towano’s work is going to get an anime adaptation. Heh. In real life, a lot of such works get sh*tty anime adaptation! Hence Shinozaki sets a time and place for Yuu to meet. Did Yuu just dig his own grave asking about Shinozaki in the shower? He should know better about her style about calling him while in the bath. But Yuu’s problems are only beginning. Sakura has run away from home as she had a fight with her family and wants to stay here. I mean, Yuu is such a kind guy he can’t say no, right? That’s why Sakura takes advantage of him, pushing him around and making his room like her place. Yeah… He is so predictable that he tries to keep it a secret from Suzuka despite she thought she heard a woman’s voice. It should have set her little sister sense ringing but I guess she’s dumb too. Yup, his stupid excuse was that he is trying to play the character he is writing. Wow. So convincing he sounds like a girl. Then Mai calls. She hears a woman’s voice (because Sakura is fooling around just to get him into trouble). Could have at least pass it off as Suzuka but he said he is playing eroge instead. Mai not pleased. Quickly hang up. Who is it calling now? Ahegao! Did she interrupt your jerking off? Even Akino calls him for his opinion for her work and yeah, heard a woman’s voice that isn’t Suzuka’s. Why is he giving Haruna chances to say things about him? Whatever. Just hang up. I think all the calls must have made Yuu dumber because suddenly Sakura is quiet. Hiding obviously. How unfortunate she pulls him into the bed and the all-night hugging begins. Hope he won’t lose sleep over this. Oh, who am I kidding? He’s screwed basically…

Thankfully Yuu still has enough energy to go meet up with Shinozaki as she introduces him to producer Daigen Mitarai and director Itsuki Sakurada. Everything is going fine until Sakurada learns Suzuka is his real sister. Sakurada then proceeds to bombard Yuu with a lot of deep questions about little sisters. Wow. I don’t I understand all that immorality debate. Towano should know and answer easily since he wrote such things. Because the siblings deny they ever crossed the line, Sakurada feels disappointing and doesn’t think this is what Towano would have said. He has decided to revise the anime to include his own interpretations of little sisters. Of course the siblings don’t want this as this would mean ruining everything. You know how adapted works that aren’t faithful to the source material are viewed by fans, right? With Shinozaki trying to negotiate another meeting, looks like Suzuka has this idea to start his special little sister training for him. But his training hell begins because did he forget Sakura is still staying here and really wants to be his little sister? Only now Suzuka finds out. Before the fight to claim the right to be his onii-chan begins, we learn Sakura’s family fight is mostly with her brother whom she views as despicable. Suzuka somewhat agrees and both girls are on the same wavelength about unreliable big brothers. Yes, Yuu. She’s talking about you. So sad… As Sakura learns their predicament, she too wants to help with this special training. She views she has a better chance because since Suzuka is his real sister, it makes him harder to understand what little sister moe is and hence a ‘fake’ sister like he is suitable for the job. WTF?! You know what? Screw logic. F*ck all this. I’m just going to accept everything they say. But not Suzuka. She throws down a challenge to see who can be his little sister.

Episode 9
For today’s little sister training, Sakura suggests doing an interview over her radio talk show. Yuu thinks it is a good idea because if they pretend to flirt on the air, the audience will really think he is into little sisters. Despite reading from a script, Yuu and Suzuka do play their part in flirting so convincingly that it makes Sakura weird out. I mean, for example, what’s his favourite food? His sister. His sister’s cooking! Haha! Cringe! But I think Suzuka is the one who enjoys it the most. After the airing, Yuu spots Sakurada spying although he claims he was here for something else. Back home, Ahegao and Mai are waiting at his doorstep. Can’t say its coincidence. When they learn about Sakura’s predicament, they too want to run away and stay here as well as help him out with his little sister moe. Can’t say no, can he? Hence Ahegao suggests all of them take turns to date him at the amusement park and they will draw lots to see what kind of little sister trope they will play. Somehow the Kanzaka sisters are also called in. Not sure why Suzuka gets a free pass to accompany Yuu and a girl on their ‘date’ since she will get her turn anyway. To prevent them from flirting even more with him? Sounds so flimsy. So now it is Suzuka’s turn. The irony of Suzuka as his real little sister pretending to be his little sister. WTF. Since she is playing the deredere type, she is all clingy and loving him. Yeah, just what she really loves to. You enjoying this, Yuu?

At the end of the day as they prepare to go home, Suzuka heads to the toilet first. Yuu then sees a crazy fan of Sakura trying to get to her. Yuu steps in as her big brother, claiming he has the wrong person so the fan is forced to back off. Happy Sakura hugs him. She also knows something is off because as a master novelist who wrote a hit piece about little sisters, why does he need such training? So he reveals his argument with Sakurada. However Sakura believes he already has little sister moe. She knows because that is how she used to be. Sakura confesses her true story that her real brother is a real siscon. The kind of irritating and overprotecting love. That time she couldn’t understand what little sister moe is and one day she got tired of it all and entered his room. Must be her first time because she got shocked to see posters of her plastered all over the wall and ceiling! No wonder she fought with him and ran away from home. But what made her understand little sister moe is Towano’s works. Thanks to his novel, she now finds it endearing. Yeah, so why Yuu and not her real brother then? Indebted to him? Sounds so flimsy. Anyway the way he fawns how others called him onii-chan is already prove he has little sister moe. That is when Sakura confesses she really loves him. Guess what? Suzuka heard all that and is in shock. Yeah, it was her plan to confess to him but somebody got to him first. She runs away in tears. Yuu wants to go after her but Sakura holds him back. Didn’t get his answer yet. Sorry, Sakura, not you. With that, Sakura realizes she has lost the bet. Oh, the confession was just an act because this was all a competition, remember? Looks like it has gotten out of hand. Now Yuu can go after Suzuka. After all, you just can’t beat the real deal, can you?

Episode 10
Suzuka gets lost in a pretty familiar place. Ah, it was where she was once lost too but Yuu found her and promised he will always be with her. Now pathetic little sister reflects all the trouble she brought to her onii-chan. Meanwhile pathetic big brother reflects all the trouble that happened just because he lied. Once he finds her, he tells her the truth but she refuses to believe him. I guess he needs to really explain why he loves the little sister archetype. Yeah, he was into it all the time and only just realized it. So he doesn’t care if she hates him, he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Well, if you put it like that, that will make it hard for her to hate him, right? So now she’s happy he has come clean with his feelings and everything is back to normal for the siblings. And just to play it safe, Yuu confirms that she won the little sister contest. I mean, you can’t beat the real deal after all. Back home, Yuu talks to Sakura who admits she was acting like one of his characters. Didn’t realize that, did he? And then when he mentions about meeting with Sakurada tomorrow, it’s like Sakura felt something off. The next day, Sakura leaves a letter. She has gone home and has things to do. Yeah, finally she left.

In the meeting, Sakurada doesn’t think this meeting will change anything but Yuu tells him off that there is no person in this world with a greater love for little sisters than himself. So he has Sakurada explain why he likes little sisters. The kind of sleazy explanation that would want to make you call the police. Yuu cuts him off halfway and now understands. Because that isn’t real little sister love. It’s just his delusions for them. But I don’t see Yuu’s reasoning any better. Because real little sister moe is when you are allowed to take out those delusions only if your little sister allows you. WTF?! To prove a point, he hugs Suzuka and won’t let go. This throws Sakurada off and makes him upset. Before he is going to claim of reworking everything to his desires, the other girls barge in to protest. Uhm, do they have the right? But I guess it is needed because guess what? Sakura is Sakurada’s little sister! Man, this fears his little sister? Because Sakura dominates over him and forces him to spill the beans. In short, Sakurada is actually a fan of Towano but he did all this because he got jealous when he learnt Sakura ran away from home. He wants to immortalize little sisters from Towano’s works. With this settled, looks like everything is back on track and Yuu can claim the title as the king of little sisters! WTF Akino and Haruna dropped in too late to help. The action’s over. I guess this is so that the harem can hang out with Yuu. And then Sakura throws down the gauntlet that she still hasn’t given up becoming his favourite little sister and lover. Greedy, isn’t she? I think that would open up a whole lot of can of worms but since Yuu confirms he likes little sisters, this makes Suzuka happy and that is all that matters. Thank goodness, right?

Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Emo Imo To Sister Princess Wake Ga Nai!
Everybody is going to love little sisters! You get a little sister moe. You over there get a little sister moe. Everybody gets their little sister moe! Wohoo! Oh well. I still think that Yuu hasn’t reach the pinnacle of little sister moe yet because at the end he clears the air that he isn’t going to have dirty thoughts about his little sister or do incest or stuffs like that. Legally and morally okay but if he was going to be the king of little sisters, he wouldn’t have had any fear crossing the line. Didn’t he also said to Sakurada that he had no fear if his little sister hates him? Maybe he needs to wait for Suzuka to give him the green light to do incest, then it’ll be considered ultimate little sister moe. Damn this little sister moe is so confusing.

Let me point out the most disappointing aspect of the series first. Yes, the story and the characters themselves are most disappointing but more on that later. One of the biggest contributing factor why this series is such sh*tty sh*t is because of the INCONSISTENT and HORRENDOUS ART AND ANIMATION!!!! OMFG. I think that felt like an understatement. From the start, you can tell how sh*tty the art and animation are. Like as though the producers do not want to be doing this and are forced to do this against their will. It is so freaking obvious and glaring that you wonder how the f*ck it got passed QC in the first place. Unless there is none. In one scene the horribleness of the animation can go from that just to another form of horribleness. You can tell the difference because of the inconsistent and weird styles between the scenes. Like as though they allocate certain parts to other animators to draw and then they put the whole damn thing together again. Yes, it is that bad. More example: Sakura jumping over the table to confront her brother. Instead of making the scene look badass, it just makes it so freaking preposterous!

So much so it makes the characters lacking characters. For example take the final story of the series whereby the girls had to pretend to be Yuu’s sister as part of his training. The animation is so horrible that the facial expressions of the characters are way off! From derp face to crossed eyes to unusual face shapes, they have it all. When the scene is supposed to be sad and heart wrenching, is that a smile I see on their face?! You can’t tell if the character is happy or sad because of the already inconsistent animation and coupled in with the monotonous facial expressions like as though they are NPCs. This is just sad. So sad indeed. And there are many other parts of the series that also suffer from this. Really sad case. Shaking my head isn’t just enough to show how grave this part is. This means so called fanservice parts like Ahegao trying to suck on hard long foods to stimulate our dirty minds fall flat because they don’t look exciting at all but horrendous instead. They can’t even at least get this horny part right what more can I say about the rest? I think I can draw better porn stuff than this. Seriously. Speaking of the fanservice, there is a censored and uncensored version. I watched the former and at times the screen with round censors bearing the words ‘secret’. However with that kind of mediocre animation quality, I don’t think I’ll be even satisfied even with the censors off. Besides, it’s not big ‘secret’ because I know how tits look like! The power of imagination is strong!

You know that the animation is so bad that even as I read from the internet that one of the later episodes had a plea hidden inside from the producers to help out with it! Because of that, they took a week’s worth of break to try and fix this problem. Guess what? NOTHING CHANGED!!! QUALITY STILL AS BAD AS EVER!!! Hence I was starting to get worried that this conspiracy theory of mine would come true. You see, a few seasons ago, we also had this atrocious animation problem in a series called Marchen Madchen. The animation was so bad that they took 2 weeks off just to improve on it. But unfortunately, nothing changed and the subsequent episodes were as sh*t as before. Even more unfortunate, the final 2 episodes of the series was cancelled and its fate unknown until today. Therefore I was thinking that this anime was going to fall into the same pitfall as that one. I suppose the producers had ‘foresight’ since this series only has 10 episodes (Marchen Madchen originally had 12 episodes but the final 2 were forever cancelled). Yeah… Can’t cut and cancel any more episodes when you’re already at the end. As this series is made by Magia Doraglier whose alien-like name would probably make us excuse them for making this sh*t show because we think they are foreigners trying their first time in making a Japanese anime series. However it is joint with NAZ who brought us a few reasonable titles like Hamatora, Hajimete No Gal and Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki so I guess it is inexcusable and unforgivable after all.

With that animation row out of the way, I don’t think I need to elaborate more on the sh*tty plot. I don’t think there is even one. Even if there is one, it was probably for the sh*ttiest reasons for a little sister harbouring fantasies to f*ck her onii-chan, right? Might as well write hentai because I am sure there are lots of hentai series out there about little sisters doing depraving stuffs with their big brother because, hentai. So this series tries not to go down that route but also wants to be sexy but comes off as a big fail. Heh. Because having a cute imouto who wants to sex up her brother is supposed to be funny, right? I don’t think I’m wrong to say that even sh*tty hentai series of little sisters f*cking their onii-chan would look better because there is actually f*cking and sex. Heh. Goes to show that sex sells. Those with no budget get to do sh*tty shows like this. Oh, I almost forgot about the plot of a brother who needs to pretend to be the novelist of an erotic novel that his little sister actually writes. Do you still remember this one? Don’t worry. I’m not going to penalize you if you didn’t.

Oh God, the characters are also just sh*t themselves. Sorry, get used to that word right now because that is how bad this show is. Lead guy Yuu is just conveniently written the way he is so that he could accommodate all the girls and be a bigger pussy. Sure, this guy is made to pretend to be some famous erotic writer and hence him being blur might be the reason why he is so. That’s why he is such a wuss. Need I say more? What else can I say about Suzuka? The only thing mind boggling is that if we see her constantly in the state of wanting to be loved by her onii-chan, why has not Yuu noticed this a single bit at all? Sure, what we see are Suzuka’s inner thoughts as well as the way she squeals and flusters. For Yuu to be living with her for so long and not know this, even when pretending to be Towano, this guy is a big failure as a big brother. Can’t he even take a hint why she’s so jealous and annoyed recently? And you wonder why Suzuka and the other girls like a loser like him. Told you he was a pussy and a wuss. Need I say more? It is even more freaking creepy that in the final episode, Suzuka was mostly like in seventh heaven (as though she is on some onii-chan drugs) because Yuu has been indicating his little sister love for her. Looking at her makes me want to puke because it’s like she regressed into a happy little girl uttering how much onii-chan loves his imouto. Sheesh. Creepy.

And the rest of the other girls feel like some sorry state just to give us some sort of sh*tty harem. I know, more girls fighting over a loser guy is comedy, right? It feels like these girls are made up along the way as they write the episodes. Like Mai who is annoying persistent trying to be better than Towano and his rival, hence all her mind blowing acts and seductions feel more like plot convenience so that we could have that kind of annoying pestering girl. I know. All this is just a way to mask her feelings for him. Surprised? And in most harems, there would always be that one very dirty minded and perverted girl. Ahegao takes that role and despite it is her job as an erotic illustrator, with a name like that, she is the closest character we’ll get if we want to get something close to hentai.

And then suddenly we have Sakura coming into the picture. Hey, we’ve got a talented novelist and a talented illustrator as part of the harem, why not add a talented seiyuu into the mix as well. At first, Sakura’s role didn’t really do much. Even the little sister pretend event, it was just a minor ploy so we can have Yuu conquer the final big boss, the final mission to make peace with Suzuka. Otherwise Sakura feels pretty much redundant. That’s why they have to ramp her character up by trying to be an annoying pretend little sister. It’s mind boggling that she hates her own brother but now finds that concept acceptable after reading Towano’s works. So, why not go back to her own brother? Why pick Yuu? I’m guessing he isn’t as annoying as her own brother. Because like I said and we have seen all the while, he is so accommodating that you would want him for your manservant. I mean, take a look at how she barges into his home just because she ran away. See why any girl would want this kind of guy?! Another mind boggling thing about Sakura’s case is that if she was fighting with her own brother and then only read Towano’s works about little sister moe, why is it only recently she ran away? Shouldn’t she have run away when they first met at the autograph session? Something not right with her timeline…

On a trivial note, I wonder if Sakura and Sakurada are really siblings because of their different surnames. It is not clearly explained and I suppose this is for some shock twist factor. Not sure if Minazuki is Sakura’s alias or one of them is using their mother’s maiden’s name. In the end, Sakura still wants to be Yuu’s brother and not be Sakurada’s little sister. Did she not learn that you can’t beat the real thing? So we see Sakurada being meek and humble after the ‘reconciliation’ so shouldn’t Sakura give him a chance? Weird sibling relationship here. I guess Yuu is the much better loser, oops, I mean big brother potential.

Like as though these girls weren’t enough, they had to add the Kanzaka sisters into the fray. Akino somewhat becomes Yuu’s disciple and despite Haruna is a fan of Ahegao and following her sister around is just an excuse because who else fit into the tsundere trope better than Haruna? Oh, that misunderstood fighting with Ahegao made it even more mind boggling about her admiration for her and I am figuring they need it for the drama that was totally unneeded in the first place. Need some sort of excuse to enter Yuu’s harem and what better way than this roundabout drama. Whatever. I’m surprised Shinozaki isn’t part of the harem. She is one of those quirky editors and from the very start already giving Yuu the permission to do dirty stuffs to her so that they could condition us viewers to think there would be more sexual hijinks with this woman. Surprisingly she lacks a lot of screen time and even as his editor, isn’t that quite an important character role? Esaka feels like a wasted potential because this legal loli could have been the closest to what a little sister is for Yuu. But I guess because of being left out, she is the ‘best’ character among all the sh*tty characters. Hence Esaka is made to narrate about the next episode. It’s the least they could do.

I feel that the voice acting is really wasted. It is not that bad but because of the horrendous aforementioned animation, the voice acting does not match up to the animation of the characters. Anyway, the only one of two seiyuus I recognized is Eri Kitamura as Shinozaki. The other one Noriaki Sugiyama whom when I heard his voice for the first time, I wanted to scream “SHIROU EMIYA!!!!!!!!!”. And then somehow he will make some joke about this series that people die when they are killed. Just kidding. But seriously. I guess you can’t kill off little sisters series no matter how much you beat it into the ground. The most surprising seiyuu is Yui Ogura as Mai. For a long time I have been accustomed to her squeaky cute high pitched trademark voice and when she voices a character like Mai, I never really think it was her behind the character. I thought Aki Toyosaki was behind Ahegao’s voice but I keep getting trolled as Chinatsu Akasaki (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby) sounds very close to her all the time. The other casts are Tasuku Hatanaka as Yuu (Nomura in Busou Shoujo Machiavellism), Reina Kondou as Suzuka (Hana in Slow Start), Kazusa Aranami as Sakura Yusa in Jashin-chan Dropkick), Yui Nakajima as Akino, Yua Nagae as Haruna and Ayumi Mano as Esaka (Ayane in Tsurezure Children).

The opening theme is Secret Story by Purely Monster. I assure with that kind of group name, you would think they are some sort of Satan worshipping cultists who sing some sort of screaming death metal music. Too bad for us they are one of those generic cute J-pop all-girls group. What kind of monster would name such a cute group of girls like that???!!! Too bad only Yui Nakajima is the only one in this 8 member band to have a voicing role in this anime. Anyway this is quite a generic and lively anime pop and although I’m not really into this kind of music now unless it is so awesomely catchy, it sounds a lot better considering the, wait for it, sh*tty animation that ruined my ‘enjoyment’ of watching this series. Yeah, at least this song isn’t that bad. The same can be said for the ending theme, Ki Shou Ten Ketsu Jo ha Kyu by Junjou No Afilia even if it sounds a lot like manufactured anime pop.

Overall, this series is pure garbage and easily listed as contenders for the top 10 worst anime series of the year. It makes Imouto Sae Ireba Ii, Eromanga-sensei and OreImo so much better than this crap. The story and characters are already bad but it was made even worse with the animation quality that really sucked sh*t. That was the ultimate killjoy. Not to say that if it had better animation quality the series would have been a lot better but there wouldn’t have been so much disgust as I am feeling right now. At least shows that are bad and cheesy but made me laugh are still okay but this one just made me go WTF in almost every scene. I only laughed because, uhm, I think I was supposed to laugh at the scene. Whatever. It is not the case of it is so bad that is so good. Rather, it is so bad that it just even sh*t. Even the series’ title is confusing if you think about it. Literally it means “The One I Love Is A Little Sister But She Is Not My Little Sister”. WTF?! You mean you love somebody else’s little sister and wished that little sister is your real little sister instead of your own?! Oh God. Hey, don’t ask me. I don’t have a little sister so I don’t know sh*t about little sister moe.

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