Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan: Kanketsu-hen

March 23, 2019

Oh man. Is it really here? The final chapters of Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan: Kanketsu-hen? Believe it, people. Nothing lasts forever and good things will eventually come to an end. Heh. Looks like we’ve been preparing ourselves for this inevitable day since the second season. So if you still remember that prelude to the final episode in that second season, this is it. Saiki using his psychic powers to save the world or risk another time loop and hence another season? Well, try not to delude myself. I’m no psychic anyhow.

Episode 1A
Saiki and friends are evaluating what they want to do in life. Like Nendou wanting to marry some famous seiyuu… Hairo wants to be a teacher but when Kuboyasu also mentions the same, nobody believes him! Yumehara tries to write down the same universities that Kaidou goes even though it is way out of her league. The power of love will see them through! Everybody tries to guess Saiki’s choices but they feel disappointed they turn out normal. And if you think it is a coincidence that Teruhashi wrote the same choices, well, see the pencil and eraser evidence she left behind?

Episode 1B
Kuusuke has created an exact replica of Saiki, Kusuomega. This means his character is exactly the same. He unleashes it in school and Saiki needs to get rid of it when no one is looking. Too bad this Saiki is attracting everyone. He has to solve this fast because Kuusuke has programmed Kusuomega to run naked through the halls at noon. Luck is on Saiki’s side as Toritsuka has bought his favourite jello. Saiki has him use it as bait to lure Kusuomega to the roof where Saiki ultimately smashes it. Now can Saiki have the jello? Although Kuusuke rues to loss of Kusuomega, at least he has obtained data on Toritsuka.

Episode 1C
Saiki knows something is wrong when Toritsuka is missing for a week. He is actually captured by Kuusuke and being brainwashed to hate Saiki. Kuusuke makes them fight but Saiki easily knocks him out. However this is a ploy because when Saiki knocked Toritsuka out, the latter’s spirit transferred into his body. Yeah, Toritsuka is going to strip naked and run out! Saiki riles up the martial artist ghost that is possessing Toritsuka’s body to hit Saiki’s body. It might not be enough to kick his spirit out, but Toritsuka is back to his senses and destroys the device forcing his hate on Saiki.

Episode 1D
Now Kuusuke faces off with Saiki. Since there is a bomb in this building, Saiki must defeat him while not touching the building and blowing up his friend. Flashback reveals about their twisted contest that started ages ago. Saiki’s powers could have saved the world but Kuusuke thought publishing them would be against his wish so he suggested a contest. If he can take out his controlling device, Kuusuke wins. But as we have seen, Kuusuke has failed to best him despite all his inventions throughout the years. But this rant allows Saiki to flick Kuusuke away and part of the building destroyed. He knows the bomb is fake thanks to Aiura’s fortune telling that she couldn’t see Toritsuka die. Plus, it isn’t like Kuusuke to use a hostage for this fight. But now Kuusuke returns taking the final fight in this cat tank? Yup, he is using his own body as hostage.

Episode 1E
So now it becomes a battle to steal each other’s device to see who the winner is. Saiki has a chance but because he put the device on his crotch area, he is hesitant to take it, hence giving Kuusuke enough time to recover. Saiki is reduced to avoiding as Kuusuke fires, turning the building into Swiss cheese. Saiki is getting tired but the tank replenishes its energy via electricity. Toritsuka saves the day by taking Kuusuke’s device. It could have been Saiki’s win after picking it up and even claiming he let himself exhausted to control his overwhelming strength. But he calls it even by giving him his device since it was made by him and without it, he couldn’t have gotten this far. He is willing to give up his normal life if he causes so much trouble. So goodbye to his high school life! Here’s the real punch line. Kuusuke reveals he turned the device off many years ago! He thought he shouldn’t sacrifice his little brother just to benefit mankind even if Saiki’s powers do that. Besides, no need to go public with his power since he has finished a device to completely erase all his powers! But Saiki isn’t going to use that yet since he has something to do first.

Episode 2A
The usual gang gathers to discuss their much anticipated trip. Even much more anticipated because they’re going to discuss it at Teruhashi’s house! But for the umpteenth time, Saiki has to wonder why he is dragged into this. Not like he is going to go, right? Until he learns they want to go to this Oshimai town. Hey, wait. Are they making a pun of the end?! No matter what Saiki suggests, they keep going back to this Oshimai place. The reason he doesn’t want this place is because there is a volcano called Owari (yup, they’re making puns of it) that is scheduled to erupt and hence causing the deadliest volcano eruption in all of Japan. Saiki agrees as long as it is not on a certain date. Guess what? Everybody is busy except on that date! Now, with everyone wondering if Saiki is really busy on that day and that they’ll have to reschedule, Saiki doesn’t want to be viewed as the guy who ruined the trip and reluctantly agrees.

Episode 2B
So all our gang is here in Oshimai. What a fun day. Too bad the hotel reservations they book is missing. So the blame game begins. Eventually all point to Hairo since he too tried to pass on responsibility! Anyway, are they going to sleep on the streets? Nobody is going to join you in your camp, Mera. But thank goodness Saiko is here. If they prostrate themselves, maybe he’ll let them stay. I think they rather keep their pride. So out of the goodness of his heart, Saiko lets them stay in his deluxe suite hotel! Wow. This guy really had a change of heart. But the day isn’t over for Saiki yet.

Episode 2C
Saiki has called Aiura and Toritsuka to help. Previously, Aiura and Saiki’s clones tried to suppress the eruption but it ended in failure. The plan is for Toritsuka to stand in as Saiki. His pals will see this spirit medium as Saiki’s face. Aiura and Saiki’s clones are stationed at where the eruptions are going to be. The problem of suppressing is that when you suppress one part, the pressure will be moved to somewhere else and no matter how many clones you have, it will eventually explode. So as Kuusuke suggested, teleport the magma out into space! Everything seems to go in order till the final eruption that is too much for the clones to handle. Saiki chips in with his power. He is adamant to end all this today.

Episode 2D
Hooray! Saiki manages to teleport the magma into outer space! But he was so focused on this that he didn’t see what is coming next. His friends all see this. They are confused there are 2 of him. So how did Toritsuka screw up? Well, the friends are already suspecting if he is the real Saiki since he was trying too hard to imitate Saiki. Then Saiko was flying his helicopter over the volcano and saw Saiki. So he thought of telling his friends and bringing them all here. How is Saiki going to get out of this? Toritsuka says they are twins! Yeah, those clones… Sextuplets! With Kaidou hounding Saiki to say something, surprisingly it is Nendou who won’t force his friend to talk. He can tell them when he is ready. Either way, he is still their friend. Will they still be his friend if they force him to talk? Oh Nendou, you sure say the darnest surprising things.

Episode 2E
With everyone agreeing to this, suddenly Yumehara confesses she likes Kaidou. Aiura notes that they will still be Saiki’s friends even if he tells them the truth. Flashback shows in an alternate past, they too didn’t mind after he revealed he was a psychic. For the first time, Saiki opened his mouth to talk to them and a truly nice smile!!! Suddenly Saiki disappears? It seems he leapt a day back to fix things and prevent them from seeing his power. Too bad this means Yumehara’s confession was in vain. Saiki is now ready to use Kuusuke’s device to erase his powers. Only after that he will tell his friends he was an ex-psychic? Too bad his parents are sad he is going to give up his powers. Can’t rely him for errands now, can they? In the aftermath and start of the new school year, Saiki truly lost his powers. He is in the same class and sitting next to Teruhashi! He doesn’t mind because he can’t read her mind but we all can tell that she scored big. When Teruhashi thought Saiki told her to meet at a classroom, she thought it was finally going to be a confession. To her disappointment, all the usual characters are called here too. Looks like Saiki is resolved to reveal his ex-psychic powers. But before that could happen, he freaks out seeing a cockroach, causing the window to break. Oh dear… Could it be still…?

Yare, Yare… Last Hurrah Postponed Due To Unforeseen Circumstances…
Good grief! WTF?! What the heck is this abrupt ending?! I was thinking there was going to be some sort of twist since you know, the series likes to pull a fast one like this many times. However I must say that this feels disappointing. Are they supposed to leave us to our own imaginations that Saiki still has his psychic powers intact and that he backs out of exposing it to his friends? Then everything returns back to normal and status quo and life goes on for Saiki and his friends. The end. Yeah, pretty cliché ending if it does end this way. But as I read on further over the internet, it seems this wasn’t really the real ending. Before the series really ended, there were actually 2 more chapters! So the authors really trolled us, huh? Unless those final chapters get animated, I guess those who don’t read the manga will never know. Is this their way to make those curious of wanting to know the real ending to go buy the final volumes? But then again, they may troll us again by animating them in the future. Or not. I hope it would be the former. Please, please and double please. One more Saiki episode for me?

But as far as this final arc is concerned, I guess they wrap things up nicely albeit not perfect. The spontaneous jokes are still there, the quirky personalities of the weird characters are still there and Saiki being Saiki till the very end until he opens his mouth and talk. So to say that everybody was assuming what he wants or they’ve been hearing only voices in their head? Saiki settling the eternal rivalry with Kuusuke as well as saving the world that in turn proves his friends are really his true friends. You know what they say about the birds of the same feather flock together? I’m sure you noticed that even Saiki doesn’t want to join his pals in many things they do, he eventually does. Somehow. Saving the world, wanting the quiet normal life, avoid his identity being busted are just excuses to cover up that maybe he just wants to hang out with friends. I’m sure nobody here is going to have a drastic change. Saiki will still be Saiki and everybody else will continue to be everybody else in their own peculiar way. Maybe Saiko. He isn’t as snobbish as before. Though he still can be irritating flaunting his riches. Bait to attract friends? Friendships are earned, not bought!

If I really wanted to nit-pick about these final chapters, I would point out that many other characters didn’t make their appearance. For this kind of series, I thought they’d be able to pull off a final scene showing a huge group photo of just about everybody (no, not just in the credits). Yeah, I suppose they did that at the end of the previous season so don’t want to spam it all here in this. For example, Saiki’s grandparents. I thought they are ‘important’ enough to warrant some 1 second cameo. At least Rifuta and Akechi got that. Not that it matters anyway, right? Uh huh. Me b*tching that even if they get a few seconds screen time, I’ll be saying it is better they don’t because they’re insignificant. WTF?! Am I trying to be some contradicting clown here?! Oh, I remember. Good thing Mugami didn’t appear because he’s so annoying… ;p.

Overall, this series has been one funny and entertaining ride from start to finish. I love the short simplistic story with no confusing plots as well as all the bizarre characters that help enhanced the funny moments. It really did what it had to do and that was to make us laugh no matter how silly and impossible it may seem. Now Saiki can carry on with his normal high school life without being worried us viewers are watching and laughing at his every move and decision. RIP Saiki! Heh. Did I sound like I just killed off the main character? But who knows? In the future Saiki may just return just to troll and surprise us. A normal adult life? A dystopian future? An alternate parallel world setting?! Who knows for sure? I’m not a psychic. But I still do keep my fingers cross that Saiki would one day come back just for old times’ nostalgia’s sake. Will he? Yare, yare…

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