Hmmm… Last season we had a poor boy who has good and decent grades tutor quintuplet sisters and avoid any of them get any failing grade. Love happens in between. Sort of. Now, this season we have a poor boy who has good and decent grades tutor a few girls in his school in subjects which are poor at but they are very passionate about. Love happens in between. Sort of. Ah yes. What more can be more motivating than picking up your books and study hard with the possible love polygon sure to happen somewhere. At least in this sort of anime and genre. So folks, don’t be surprise if we don’t learn anything or two in Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai because it is going to get as cliché it can get when a nice boy of the same age starts tutoring hot beautiful chicks and then something else other than their improving grades blossom. I think we can see where this is going…

Episode 1
Rizu Ogata is a genius in maths and physics. Fumino Furuhashi has no rivals in literature. Nariyuki Yuiga isn’t a genius but he puts in enough effort that shows in his grades and his dream is to get a special VIP recommendation to an affiliated university in which all tuition fees are covered. He gets that chance when the principal summons him. He must tutor Ogata and Furuhashi and have them get into their choice universities. As he talks to them, it seems they want to go into universities that are a total opposite of what they are good at. Shocking, right? He lets them take a test and they score really bad. I mean, really bad. Even if they make a single increment point every day, it gets worse after a week. So why they don’t just teach each other? Because they don’t know what they don’t know. Eh? I thought that should be enough to teach the other? Anyway, when all else fails, Yuiga asks if they should just use their natural talents. They don’t like what he said. Because it’s like trying to live their life as dictated by others think. Before they could claim he is the same like other tutors who will eventually abandon them, Yuiga isn’t about to throw in the towel yet. Noticing they left their textbooks, he goes through them and realizes they left a lot of notes and are serious in it.

Yuiga remembers when he failed during his younger years, he was very upset despite trying. But his late dad encouraged him that one who fails can only understand of not being able to do something. Next day, Yuiga hands back their textbooks and added his own notes to help them improve. It sounds like a confession that he hopes they can get along together. Yuiga needs to do his own homework but does he need to sit sandwiched in between them instead of opposite them? Because of that, Furuhashi almost falls asleep and her head lean on his shoulder while Ogata is too close that her boobs are rubbing on his arms. This makes him too conscious to study since their faces are too close. Later he learns Furuhashi’s dream is to study astrology as loves the stars. She hopes to find her late mom’s star. Subsequently, he finds Ogata playing a card game that is meant for several players, alone. She challenges him and loses 20 consecutive times! She admits she is weak when it comes to anything with human emotions. That’s why she wants to study liberal arts and get into psychology. Yuiga returns home. His bother complex sister, Mizuki is worried since she could smell women all over him! Next day in class, Yuiga’s friends are shocked when those genius beauties are looking for him. They whisper in his ear to keep a secret what happened last night. Uhm, shouldn’t they be a little discreet about this?

Episode 2
Uruka Takemoto is Yuiga’s childhood and wants to borrow and copy his homework. Please do yourself… After Yuiga reports his update to the principal, it seems he has another favour to ask: Tutor Takemoto too. She might be a prodigy in swimming but the university wants an all-rounder this year. Yup. You know what that means. And Yuiga can’t say no when his special VIP recommendation is on the line. So he tries to get her to study but she runs away. And when he catches her, Ogata and Furuhashi just drop by and misinterpret this rape scene!!! Takemoto quickly gets acquainted with the genius beauties. Flashback shows because Yuiga is always lenient in lending her copy his homework, she starts liking him. And also his friends teased him that they like each other. Takemoto is karaoke-ing by herself and wants to invite Ogata. But when she refuses since she is at Yuiga’s home studying, instantly she rushes over! Was the karaoke joint nearby? I don’t think she has intentions to study either as she takes out all her snacks. Just then, a blackout. Obviously Ogata is scared and clings on to him despite her mouth saying otherwise. Takemoto thinks she can also jump into his arms with pretence of being scared but finds it too embarrassing. Yeah, really awkward moment in the dark. Yuiga then makes a makeshift candle. Impressive. Until it goes out. All hell breaks loose. Somebody touching somebody and when the lights get back on, they accuse him of being a pervert. No mood to study anymore. Going home. The ultimatum for Takemoto: She must do well in a test in which failing would result in supplementary classes and no club activities. Time to scream at Yuiga for help. So as they try to help Takemoto and motivate her, we can see that her attention span is so short that she can’t focus. Excuses, excuses. Then they just continue studying. I know she can’t take it anymore but does she have to spam that like every 5 minutes?! Yuiga then gets an idea. To help improve her English vocabulary, he incorporates swimming into it. She has to dive in and pick the correct answer. She gets it all correct! It goes to show that she can only give her full when swimming is involved. Later Takemoto thanks him for helping studying by giving him a gift. WTF, a female swimsuit?! Turns she mixed up her present and it was supposed to be a pencil case.

Episode 3
The principal tells Yuiga that the girls must score at least average in the upcoming midterms. Otherwise they must change their field of study. After he leaves, the duo pass by the office and conveniently overheard the vice principal, Mafuyu Kirisu saying that in addition if they failed, Yuiga will be relieved of his tutor duties. While it should be no big deal to them because they have experienced tutor changes every term and it is only logic since they are out if they can’t produce results, why are they so concerned about Yuiga? I think I know… Yuiga coaches Ogata in her family ramen shop. Dad trying to warn him about doing something funny to his daughter but gets shot down by Ogata for being creepy. Ogata still feels unconfident of not doing well so he cheers her up to review and put that effort in the next test. During the test, she starts to have cold feet. She remembers all her previous tutors (including Kirisu) telling her to just drop her weak subject. Yuiga never said that, right? So she isn’t going to betray him and starts doing her best. Amazingly, she scores above average. Yuiga is so happy she could cry but Ogata couldn’t tell him most of the parts she got lucky. Next is Furuhashi but she has a cold… Hence Yuiga visits her at home. Man, she’s got a big house. Sure, Furuhashi said nobody else will be in but can he just walk in without knocking? Because of that he sees Takemoto cleaning her naked back. Out! Though Takemoto thinks this is normal for him as a boy but gets embarrassed thinking about it herself. Cue to call him a pervert whatever. Amazingly, Yuiga’s motivational words make her really better. Yeah, it really blew her cold away. And with that, she too scores above average.

Takemoto’s friends, Ayuko Kawase and Chinami Umihara are shocked she hasn’t confessed to Yuiga yet. They are not okay with her being okay with status quo. So after school, they force her to go shopping. They make her wear a very frilly princess dress and just abandon her. Embarrassed Takemoto tries to get back and hopes this is one of those days she won’t bump into Yuiga. Nope. It’s one of those days fate wants to screw with you. When spotted, she lies she wanted to go to this bookstore. Okay. He wants to come along! Because of his close proximity, she feels very embarrassed and awkward. Cue for cliché bratty kid to point out how they look like a couple before mom takes son away. Then there is this competition only open for couples and there is a prize that Yuiga notes Mizuki would love. Hence Takemoto braves up to pretend for them to be couple and do this couple carrying contest. Who can hold their love the longest wins! I guess those who falter, that’s as far as their love goes, eh? Haha! I hope this won’t break them up… Yuiga seeing Takemoto close to tears realizes she is trying to hold so he summons his manly power to continue holding her. Yup, they win. In the end, Takemoto was able to naturally flaunt to him that she looked like a princess today. Before he could give his answer, she doesn’t want to hear it. At least not today. I guess she’s had enough for today. Back home, Mizuki is mad. If he won this prize via the couple contest, which girl did he paired up with to win? And it sure wasn’t her… Oh no… Can his explanation save the day?

Episode 4
Furuhashi realizes she has gained weight. Is it because her study pals invite her to snack a lot in between? Hence she tries to resist by not eating and concentrate on her studying. Damn, Yuiga bringing treats made by Mizuki, is God trying to test her or something?! The resistance is strong for a few days until Yuiga notices she doesn’t look too well. Furuhashi admits she is on a diet and despite Yuiga says she looks fine to him, she goes on ranting how she easily gains weight and fears what others say about her. To prove it, she wants him to touch her stomach. It dawned too late to Yuiga this looks like a perverted scene. Worse, Furuhashi misinterprets his words about this being dangerous. She thinks she is going to be overweight when he was commenting on this perverted scene. On their way home, suddenly she buys lots of snacks. She claims this helps her in her midnight studying and is confident she doesn’t put on weight easily. WTF… So when Yuiga allows her to only eat thin noodles, she returns to her desired weight. The president of the chemistry club, Sawako Sekijo doesn’t approve Ogata switching to humanities and blames she is in love with Yuiga. However she brushes it off because love does not equate to her in this sense.

Thus Sekijo goes to spy at them studying at Rin’s place. She thinks of riling Ogata up by getting close to Yuiga and asking questions like what kind of girl he likes. In turn, Yuiga panics thinking she likes him and because they’re so noisy, Ogata kicks them out! As they talk outside, Yuiga realizes Sekijo just wants to be her friend. Sekijo realizes Ogata really wants to do humanities as she sees her putting in a lot of effort but maybe to a certain degree Yuiga has got something to do with it. Yuiga invites them to come watch them study on certain days. Although she dismisses it, she is seen eagerly waiting there. Don’t mind her. It’s just coincidence. Takemoto realizes she forgot to wear her bra in her haste and fears Yuiga will find out. One of those days because she will be facing off against him in a basketball match. She can’t concentrate and her ball easily gets stolen. She tries to focus on the game instead of her boobs but it’s just too hard when Yuiga comes in too close for defence. During halftime with Yuiga giving some words of encouragement, Takemoto takes it as some twisted form of confession. Now she goes all out but the final blocking defence has Takemoto’s boobs fall all over his face. Did he find out? He comments Mizuki feels like that. Takemoto feels both embarrassed and insulted. His guy lacks further tact because back home he sees Mizuki wearing one and points out to her. Surely she beats him up for his straying eyes, right?

Episode 5
Boy, the school sure has a couple of days of mountainous retreat for their study. For some reason, Ogata can’t take her eyes off Yuiga. During a study session, she was too shy and slow to lend her eraser when he dropped it. Hence the other girls were ‘faster’. You only have yourself to blame for sulking like that. Then at the vending machine when he asks how’s her studying coming along, she gets flustered and tells him off to mind his own business. She walks out and decides to take her mind off by collecting mountain udo she thinks Yuiga loves. As expected, she gets lost. Yeah, it’s raining too. When Sekijo realizes Ogata is not around and bugs Yuiga about it, he realizes he last saw her heading out and she might still be out there. Poor Ogata doesn’t understand why she is thinking about Yuiga. She might be hallucinating to even hear his voice. Oh wait. It’s him! As he tries to help her up, thanks to the slippery slope, she slips and from this angle it looked like they kissed! Ogata just got up and left. Ever since she hasn’t looked at him in the eye then but you know fate, screwing around when it can. They are both tasked to clean the baths when the girls start streaming in. Apparently absentminded Ogata forgot to put the cleaning in progress sign out. He hides in the sauna while she tries to convince the girls to go away. Panicked and failed. Yeah, some of them enter the sauna. Yuiga is now hiding underneath the chair. It’s really getting hot from all sides now. When Furuhashi’s feet touched something, she is about to look under when Sekijo claims a meteor shower passing. After everyone runs out, Sekijo calls him out from his hiding. She knew something was amiss when Ogata was acting strangely and found Yuiga’s jersey. So as Yuiga sneaks out, he bumps into Takemoto. Her tower dropped. Is the view nice? Did Takemoto ignore him? While Yuiga is now in safe zone, Takemoto is disillusioned. Was that a hallucination of Yuiga?! Thank goodness? Later Ogata makes up with Yuiga. However she still accuses him of seeing her body. Despite he gave foggy glasses as an excuse, did he still see them foggily? It’s not like Ogata looks mad, right? Back at school, Yuiga explains the girls’ progress to Kirisu. He remembers the girls telling him she was their first tutor and a very cold one. Though she notes he is working hard and doing his best, she wonders if that mountain kiss with Ogata is part of doing his best. Oh sh*t!

Episode 6
Furuhashi is eavesdropping but she can’t hear properly. So she barges in in hopes of trying to clear Yuiga’s name. Too bad she spilled about that stomach touching incident and naked viewing while she was sick. Then it’s Ogata’s turn. Uh huh. The sauna incident… He’s dead. Oh f*ck, now what Takemoto?! Pinning her down at the pool?! Thanks girls. For making it clear those misunderstandings. However Kirisu decides to overlook this as she notes they are fond of him. Suddenly Yuiga takes her hand?! He notices the bruises all over it and realizes she too cares about her students. She was looking for Ogata in the rain and stumbled upon that fake kissing scene. With the principal praising Yuiga for improving their grades, however his male friends get the wrong idea he really kissed a girl and because Yuiga didn’t exactly deny it and said it was an accident, this only serves to worsen the rumours he did kiss a girl. So when Takemoto hears this, she can’t concentrate on her studies and even indirectly tries to ask Yuiga about this via a lesson. Did he kiss someone? Wow. Perfect English. Takemoto tries to stay positive and cheer for him but later feels sad about it. Later she talks to Furuhashi about it and it is clear to her that Takemoto likes her childhood friend. Furuhashi makes her day when she decides to support her. But all that happiness is blown away when the rumours get out of hand. Yuiga staying with his girlfriend? They have a kid?! Thanks to that, Takemoto’s score takes a plunge. Somehow Ogata too. Furuhashi is feeling so conflicted. Even more so when Yuiga talks to her for advice about this. How can she tell him that both of them likes him? Best excuse to go figure it out himself because it is a matter of a woman’s heart! Since Takemoto is still nervous about her chance with Yuiga, her friends decide to set them up. This means wearing a much shorter skirt and showing some cleavage. Sex sells, right? It just makes them embarrassed and awkward. So awkward that they walk together to the shrine and pray. No prizes to guess what they’re praying for. Unfortunately God is a cheeky one so he makes it rain for them to take shelter there. She pretends to sleep as advised by her friends in hopes of making Yuiga stimulated. When she feels her head being petted and her body being licked, you know it’s too good to be true because they’re just cats. Later she stands close to him to hear his heart beat. Can you blame him when she dresses like that? It was enough to make her day and thanks to that, her scores drastically increased. Maybe she should do this more often. The mini skirt and cleavage! XD.

Episode 7
Is Yuiga confiding with Furuhashi about women going to be a daily affair? With Furuhashi accidentally slipping into his arms, to her dismay Ogata sees this. Oh no. That pout. She clings hard to him. WTF suggesting he hold her hand while walking to ease her anger? Didn’t work. Later Furuhashi gets desperate. Thinking the only way left to appease her anger is to push Yuiga into Ogata. Too bad his face fell into her boobs. Later it is revealed Ogata’s dad accidentally broke her glasses and she was wearing an older lens, hence her squinting and mad looks. Later Kirisu sees Yuiga trying to help get a cat down a tree. As she tries to help, she sprains her ankle. Yuiga helps her home but as he leaves, he hears a loud crash. He barges in only to see her buried under her pig sty. To thank him for helping her clean, she helps tutor him. This has Yuiga think she does really care about her students. But more cleaning? This has Yuiga stumble into a cabinet filled with trophies when Kirisu was a figure skater in her heydays. However Kirisu laments such career is very short-lived and this is supposed to be a reminder the foolish path she took. That’s why as an educator, it is their job to guide students on the right path. Yuiga views it differently. Instead of telling them to give up, he tells them to hold their head up high if they fail. If Kirisu is an ally of the talented, he is an ally of those not talented. After Yuiga leaves, Kirisu heaves a big sigh of relief. She was holding in her nervousness all this time. It is the first time a man entered her room.

Later Furuhashi learns of Yuiga visiting Kirisu’s place. He doesn’t think much of it but of course it is for Furuhashi. She doesn’t want him to let word of this spread especially to Ogata and Takemoto. But it soon gets worse because her friend, Kashima spotted Furuhashi with Yuiga and thought she was trying to flirt with him. Hence rumours have started flying that they are dating. Despite Furuhashi trying to deny it all, dumb Yuiga didn’t look deep enough and gives an ambiguous answer that only serves to dig deeper their grave. Furuhashi tries to keep her distance with Yuiga at the library. But suddenly it gets crowded and they are forced to sit closer. It seems all the girls are with Kashima in some secret club that admires Furuhashi. They are here to determine if Yuiga is a guy worthy of Furuhashi. In the end, they only did some studying. Nothing happening. Might as well they do some studying too. In the aftermath when Furuhashi meets Kashima, the former is relieved when the latter wishes her luck in studying. And so the rumours died. Later Furuhashi tells Yuiga about the rumours and he is shocked that he didn’t even know a thing! She jokes about them dating for real and this puts them in an awkward situation. What are the chances when a girl tries to reassure herself she won’t fall in love with someone that her friends are in love with?

Episode 8
Yuiga finally gets a handphone and is an amateur in using it. With Takemoto suggesting studying in the bath because an article says it stimulates the nerve blah, blah, blah, everyone starts to get weird ideas… Yuiga is studying in his own bath and at the same time trying to learn how to use his phone. Accidentally her texts Furuhashi who at the same time is also in the bath. Weird ideas what if they’re both in the bath now. You don’t say… Yuiga continues to mess with his phone and accidentally calls Ogata! How to cancel?! Too bad for him, her dad picks up! Oh sh*t. No matter what answer he gives, dad isn’t amused of this punk. Until Ogata retrieves back her handphone and puts a restraining order on dad. Protecting her from evil isn’t going to cut it as an excuse. And yeah, she too is studying in the bath. The longer their conversation, the more embarrassing they realize their situation. Even though they aren’t together. Yuiga makes the same mistake and accidentally calls Takemoto this time. As you have guessed, she too is in the bath. Strangely, her twisted reasoning thinks he is as good as washing her naked body?! She accidentally turns on the video call mode. Oh Yuiga, is this the best live streaming porn ever?! Took her a while to realize this folly and when she starts accusing him of showing his junk, the panic causes Yuiga to drop his handphone into the water. Now he is without a handphone as it is undergoing repairs. Should have gotten a waterproof one…

As Takemoto is improving in her studies, she keeps pushing herself until one day she almost collapses at the hallway. Luckily Yuiga was passing by and helps put her in the infirmary. Strangely, she starts hugging him in her sleep. No sleeping beauty kiss yet as Takemoto’s friends come in to check on her. Yuiga is hiding under the bed when he hears the girls talk about Takemoto in love with Yuiga. Because of that, it is Yuiga’s turn to not have enough sleep as he becomes conscious about this. He can’t concentrate in his studies and flusters when Takemoto is close to him. He even overthinks when he thinks she is bringing him to a love hotel. Nope. Just a ramen store next door. But damn, seeing her eat ramen is sexy?! WTF?! Sexy meat?! Since when ramen is seductive?! Oh yeah. Slurp more of that ramen goodness! At the end of the day, somehow Yuiga asks her if the guy she likes is him. Of course she embarrassingly denies which of course we all know is false. Not sure if it’s a good thing if Yuiga is a dense guy because although he is super embarrassed in asking that, he now wonders who that guy Takemoto really like is. Oh well. At least now he can concentrate on his studies with this issue off his chest. Somewhat.

Episode 9
Yuiga sees Kirisu sitting outside her apartment. Better walk away. But why does he have to pass her? Now she reels him in. I bet something is more than just cleaning her pig sty. Yup. There’s a cockroach!!! Kirisu is paralysed in fear so much so she is clinging onto Yuiga. Cliché boobs in face moment. The bug escapes. After cleaning, Yuiga is about to leave but Kirisu won’t let him. She is afraid ‘that’ my return. She’ll do anything. Just don’t leave her alone! Anything? Get your mind out of the gutter because Yuiga has her tutor him. Kirisu has ordered some take-outs since their session lasted longer. Unfortunately it is Ogata doing the delivery. You can see that extremely sour face when she realizes what is happening. So why is Ogata staying now? Both women are giving him that piercing stare. Is he supposed to know what they’re saying?! I believe so. He thinks of playing a card game to break the ice but he forgot Ogata is bad at games and she ended up on a 30 consecutive losing streak! Is Kirisu enjoying this? It just got worse. Yuiga talks to Ogata about being a warm and caring person. Until she realizes he was actually talking about Kirisu. Back to that sour face. Suddenly Kirisu screams. The roach is back! With her clinging onto Yuiga, I’m sure he can’t do anything and Ogata is getting the wrong idea of Kirisu being ‘warm and friendly’. Before the cockroach gets cheeky, Ogata smacks it with a newspaper. Game over. Although a disaster was averted, the relationship between Kirisu and Ogata still didn’t get better. Later Ogata asks if there is a cockroach in her place, would he come to rescue her? He finds it odd because she just killed the cockroach with no problem so why need his help? Damn Yuiga, you just made her angry again…

Yuiga’s mom is sick so he is such a filial son that he decides to go fill in her job. Yeah, he doesn’t even know what she does! He realizes too late that she works in a lingerie shop!!! Good news is that mom’s colleague puts him in a mascot outfit. Still embarrassing, though. And don’t worry. Only old ladies shop here if he’s asking that it’s strange to let a guy work here. Suddenly she gets a call that her daughter is sick so she rushes off and leaves him behind. Oh dear. I can see where this is going. Because Takemoto and Ogata come in. Takemoto requesting Ogata’s boobs be measured since they have grown. Yuiga would prefer to get out from his mascot suit, explain everything and risk it. Just that he can’t reach the zipper. Takemoto guides him to measure her boobs. New experience, huh? Takemoto then chooses a few sexy lingerie and asks his opinion that a certain high school boy might like. Somehow Yuiga chose. After they leave, now Yuiga finds Kirisu seeking help! She can’t unhook the bra she is trying as it is too tight for her. He is taking too long because he doesn’t know how it works and this makes Kirisu suspicious. But thankfully, she thought the hook was broken. Yuiga manages to unhook it. You think nothing would surprise him at this stage but here comes Furuhashi. She turned down Takemoto and Ogata’s invitation because she doesn’t want to shop with those monster tits. As she tries several lingerie, the colleague returns. Furuhashi just finished trying when she sees Yuiga coming out from the mascot suit. Her face… So dead… So dead that it’s scary! Later Yuiga tries to soothe her by treating her to a crepe. Eat your heart out. She still isn’t amused, though. She lectures that it was a good thing it was her rather than the rest. Why? Not telling. Consider this another lesson to learn a woman’s heart! Can Yuiga figure it all out at this rate?!

Episode 10
Summer break is for fun, right? Not for Yuiga. He is taking cram school. So that’s his fun? Whatever. Also in the same class is a petite girl whom he thought is his junior. Too bad Asumi Kominami is a year older than him and failed her first entrance exam! Don’t say fail. It’s her taboo word. After class, Yuiga got lost in an unknown part of town. A few sleazy guys bring him to… A maid café! I approve! I suppose he needs to leave since he has no money but on his way out he stumbles into Kominami in a maid outfit doing her cutie maid charm. I approve! But this gets awkward for them. He hears her working in this place since it pays good. However Yuiga sees her horrible grades in science. Yeah. Really bad. Kominami reluctantly explains she is trying to get into medical school and prepares for the worst of him laughing at her. Good for her, he tutors her and makes it easy for her to understand. I guess the other maids want to set them up so they call Yuiga to come back for the next few days. When Yuiga leaves, he bumps into an old doctor. Kominami is seen chasing after Yuiga to return his commuter pass. Cliché moment because that doctor is her father and he is not impressed with her in that getup. Bringing Yuiga back to her place, her father runs a clinic outside their home. He is under the impression his daughter is doing some sleazy job to pay for her tuition. She denies and lies this maid outfit is her boyfriend’s fetish. That’s you, Yuiga! Father getting mad! I guess he has to play along. As Yuiga explains she is trying hard to get into medical school, father isn’t pleased either. He told her becoming a doctor isn’t easy and that she should do whatever else she wants. Kominami is adamant to get into medical school and take over his business. A shouting match begins and Yuiga gets stuck in the middle… Eventually Yuiga puts in some nice assuring words so father (or father in law now?) decides to be patient and put his trust in his, uhm, son in law? Man, this escalated quickly.

Later when the duo are in the streets, here comes Yuiga’s harem. They fawn all over Kominami thinking she is Yuiga’s relative or something. Time to rebuke them. Apparently the trio are also in this cram school as they don’t want to rely on Yuiga always. Of course they’ll be in different classes. Think this would be easy? The moment their break begins, they come rushing to Yuiga’s class for help! Save us! The teacher erased the notes too fast! Since Kominami is a cram school veteran, she dispenses excellent advice on the materials needed. The girls are so impressed that it makes her blush. When they’re done and about to part, suddenly it rains! Cliché. They take shelter in Kominami’s clinic. Yuiga feeling real awkward because the girls’ clothes are wet and can see through. Even more awkward the bra he chose for Takemoto, she’s wearing them! As Furuhashi talks to Kominami’s dad, she learns Yuiga is her boyfriend. Oh no. She then confronts him and with a punch in the gut, makes him spill the beans! Luckily Kominami explains the lie comes from her and Yuiga is putting up to it due to circumstances. She trolls them by saying she might have feelings for Yuiga. Just kidding. Then she whispers to Furuhashi that she might be the one having feelings for her since she brought up the topic. Probably Furuhashi’s best poker face to deny it. Okay. If she says so. Later as Yuiga studies at the maid café, he is thinking how cute Kominami actually looks?! I think it’s the maid outfit… Anyway, she poses a question that has him thinking: What will he do when the entrance exam is over? Gee, he has never thought about that since he was obsessed in getting his harem good grades. Then she trolls him about her true feelings before calling him a womanizer… This guy is so cute when he flusters. See why she can’t stop teasing him?

Episode 11
Kirisu was passing by and saw Yuiga entering a maid café. Of course she tells him off but look who is here? Apparently Kominami knows Kirisu as she was her ex-teacher. So as they’re arguing they are no longer student-teacher relationship, somehow Yuiga got involved in this equation. Uh huh. They are tugging him and in this struggle, Kirisu accidentally bumps into another maid. She sprains her ankle. Lack of man, I mean, maid power. Yup. Kirisu will have to be a maid and help out. I approve! Kominami has her practice her lines with Yuiga. Embarrassing? But since she lacks experience, Kominami lets her do the basics like cleaning instead of interacting with customers. Oh no. She might sound confident she can but she fails at first go. Damn, is she giving customers free fanservice with her clumsiness? I approve! Eventually Yuiga comes to help her and cue for his important lesson that we need to help everybody because nobody is good at everything. At the end of the day, Yuiga learns that Kominami was good in all her subjects except science, hence the same problem of Kirisu bugging her to drop her ambition to be her doctor. But thanks to that, she had a rebellious spirit to do her best. Let’s hope she will improve. Kirisu gets drunk just by a sip of alcohol so Yuiga has to carry her back. In this drunken state, he hears her praise him for always giving 100%. She also praises literally everything else… Good thing or not, next morning she wakes up with hangover not remembering anything.

During summer break, Kirisu didn’t manage to do her laundry and today she must go to school to pick up some documents. Well, there is only one clothes she could wear… Yeah, her old school uniform. You know it’s cliché when she doesn’t want others to spot her but right off the bat she gets spotted. By a policeman. Please show your ID. It’s about to get worse because Yuiga sees this. So dead. However he is a smart boy and can see what’s happening so he technically lies she is his drama club advisor. She thanks him by giving him a lift to school. Just hold on to your seats. She’s a hell driver! I wonder how she got her licence. It’s not easy getting into school without being seen. Because all the clubs are having their activities. It’s like a normal school day?! Miraculously, somehow they did. Time to go home. But now what? Car out of gas? Seriously?! So they walk home instead of trying to get gas? Whatever. Along the way, they stop for ice cream. But have to hide because Furuhashi and Ogata are there too. Damn they had to choose the bush behind. And as expected the duo sit there too. Sure, you want to tell them to slowly back away but remember, bad luck is Kirisu’s middle name. Damn she had to step on a twig! This causes them to huddle even closer and in an almost awkward position. Furuhashi and Ogata fear something is behind them. With Yuiga’s ice cream dripping on her neck, you bet a squeal is heard. Is that a ghost? Worse. Furuhashi looks harder only to see a couple making out! Luckily from her angle it is too dark to see although she can tell it is their school uniform. Okay. Show’s over. Time to get out and give them some peace. Of course Yuiga and Kirisu’s lips never met. While Yuiga heaves a sigh of relief from this panic, Kirisu maintains her coolness. Wanna bet she is panicking all over inside? It’s been a lousy day as Kirisu reaches home. What else could go wrong? Oh, Kominami is here. She teases her ex-teacher she is into high school uniform cosplay fetish.

Episode 12
Remember when Yuiga asked Takemoto if the boy she liked was him and she denied? Yup. Now being together alone is awkward Hence Yuiga sees Furuhashi’s advice. She can tell what’s going on despite he is referring to himself in third person. Subsequently Takemoto also tells the same problem to her. Also in third person. Furuhashi must be a real busy woman. So as not to demotivate Takemoto and make her lag in her studies, she gives her some encouragement. The next time the duo meet, the awkwardness is still there. Thankfully, Furuhashi in disguise sit nearby just in case. The silence is so awkward that both of them start whipping out their handphone to text Furuhashi for help! Don’t worry. Master Furuhashi will save the day. She gives ideas and topics to talk about. But each of them coincidentally has an embarrassing moment together they would love to forget. During the heat of the advice, Sekijo starts texting Furuhashi for hairstyle advice (friendship problems with Ogata, I guess). This of course has Furuhashi has her messages mixed up to the intended participant. Strangely, Yuiga compliments Takemoto’s hair and she likes it. The awkwardness is gone. Weird. But thank goodness. Next day, Yuiga goes to thank Furuhashi for her help. Obviously Furuhashi is spotting a new hairstyle and is fidgeting around for him to notice. He did notice. Notice he needs to pay her back but doesn’t have enough money! This guy still has a long way to go… Now does Furuhashi understand why it’s so frustrating being around him? Or not.

Takemoto’s swimming team is in a competition. However they are disqualified after a team member makes a false start. She is sad and blames herself but Takemoto gives her lots of encouragement. Later Yuiga feels bad about Takemoto’s loss (why is he tearing up too?) but Takemoto stays strong and believes as long as she learns something, all is not lost. Besides, there might be others who deserve to cry more than her. She teases him that he would probably lend his shoulders for her to cry on. And if he really wants to make her feel better, accompany her to their old middle school. It brought back lots of memories and of course from Takemoto’s memories, many moments where she was watching him like a stalker. Apparently when Takemoto lost big in a swimming tournament, she was so dejected and got scolded for being this frustrated. However Yuiga looked at it differently because he viewed that frustration as a previous gift. For her to feel this frustrated, it must have been really special. He was envious of her as he did not have anything of that sort. So that was the clincher to her heart and the reason why she swims well now. Oddly, Yuiga brings up that boyfriend topic again. Has she confessed to him? On no. Awkward time. She denies since there were so many chances but failed. Hence Yuiga wants her to confess to him as practice. This is worst! She thought she can stall him by making him say her first name but he says it with ease. Caught in the embarrassment, she naturally confesses to him. Definitely a good one. If only Yuiga didn’t tell her to do it again and cut out saying his name! Girl so mad that she pushes him into the swimming pool. She is still embarrassed when he easily calls her by her first name, though.

Episode 13
You’re not dreaming, Sekijo. Ogata invites her to a sleepover. So happy until she realizes Furuhashi and Takemoto are also here. So this is a study sleepover? Then they spam her with all the hard questions. Now you know what it feels like that Yuiga had to go through? The rest are all smiles when Sekijo praises how lucky they are when they have a tutor like him. But then she continues to point out that she’ll pity whoever becomes his girlfriend because of this burden he has to carry. We take a break from all that studying as Yuiga and his family go to the fireworks festival. Funny, why didn’t Mizuki tag along? Is it too early for some b*tch showdown? He sees Furuhashi and Takemoto there. As advised, he compliments their beautiful yukata that sends them blushing. Mom and little siblings can see what is going on and suggests he hang out with them. Furuhashi can see where this is going and excuses herself. Hence he is left with Takemoto. The date lasts for a while until they stumble into a crowded stall. Looks like Ogata’s family is running a business here. Hence the duo help out. With Takemoto manning the kitchen, Yuiga helps Ogata with the deliveries. Once done, they get some candy apple as reward. Ogata wants to eat it so much that when Yuiga feeds her, she looks like some cute little animal feeding? Meanwhile a masked beauty seems to be ruining a shooting stall, landing every target. It is no surprise that Yuiga recognizes Kirisu. She denies and tries to run away but trips and bruises her knee. Hence Yuiga has to carry her all the way to the nearby clinic which is being operated by Kominami’s dad. And since it is a little crowded, cheeky Kominami has Yuiga do treatment on Kirisu. He tries not to stray his thoughts but putting the iodine, Kirisu squeals in a cute voice. Is this pleasure or pain?

Meanwhile Furuhashi realizes she has bum out too long that the festival is almost over. But she stumbles into a lost kid. The same for Yuiga. A lost kid right after he leaves the clinic. Once done reuniting them with their family, the festival is way over and the duo bump into each other. No more rides home. Oh lucky, there is an inn. Too bad it only has one room. To avoid their identity as high school students, they pretend to be siblings with Furuhashi taking on Yuiga’s name. Yeah, this is how it will sound like if you get married to him. After lots of hesitation in sharing the futon, I guess they have to since it is getting cold. And they can’t sleep and being too conscious of sharing the bed together. But they can relax when they notice the starry sky outside as Furuhashi relays her awesome knowledge on the constellations. This has her remember her late mom’s last moments. She was told she wasn’t going to die but teleport to the stars and will be watching her from there. Thus whenever there’s a beautiful starry night, be sure to find her. Furuhashi didn’t realize she fell asleep dreaming about this sad dream. She realizes Yuiga has been holding her hand while she is sleeping! She just relents and draws close to him. Next morning as they resume their journey home, they are both very embarrassed because from what they say, it looks like they realize they were embracing each other while sleeping! Better make sure word of this doesn’t get out. Imagine the headlines screaming, “Yuiga and Furuhashi slept together…”. Yeah…

The Equation Of A Harem, When X*Y = SeXY
If all that doesn’t feel it has ended in a satisfying way, be glad to know that there is a sequel coming up! I suppose they need more lessons to learn about even more things that will not be literally tested in school test but the ultimate test in life! So fasten your seat belts, the ride is not over yet as you are in for yet another session of cram school! Think you are a master in such cliché harem rom-coms? Think again! You need more lessons!

Under the guise of the girls tutoring under a guy who has a slightly different outlook and approach in life, it gives us that typical cliché reason so as to why the girls continue to be tutored under him. Of course they have their academic goals to achieve but as you know, that would become secondary of nature in terms of the plot and the main excuse is to of course be with him, completing the harem trope. So yeah, the storyline isn’t the most original (remember, last season we just had something similar in Go-toubun No Hanayome) or as excitingly new and lots of cliché stuffs to expect from a harem and romantic comedy genre. But I guess this kind of slow snail pace love development beats the other kind of sleazy ‘love story’ and fanservice laden harem genre series in that same season, Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma. Yeah, that was really crappy.

Forgive me if I make quite a few comparisons with Go-toubun No Hanayome here, but that is only natural for me seeing I have seen that show and it looks almost awfully similar. For instance our main character is a boy who is from a poor family and because of that poverty status of his, he makes sure he needs to ace his grades in order to improve the quality of life of his family. Notice both guys also have a little sister? And then on to the harem girls whom he is tutoring. Calling them dumb is inaccurate and misleading. They might only seem so because of the weak subjects they are taking. Otherwise, they themselves ace in other subjects that they are specialized in. And of course over time while spending time with him, they realize he isn’t such a bad guy after all and soon the feelings of the heart will slowly creep in. They know the other also has a crush and try to be ‘considerate’ in supporting the other. Wow. It’s just like copy and paste but ditch that quintuplets’ idea. But to be fair, the manga that this series is adapted from actually came out 6 months earlier than Go-toubun No Hanayome. So who copied who?

The outline of students needing to excel in their good subjects and drop their weaker ones brings forth the debate of whether their talents are actually wasted or not. With so much diversity in our lives, it is only logical that as adults we start specializing in the things we are supposed to be good at. Not necessary things that we love. Because of this, there are lots of mismatches and hence I would go as far as to say unhappy people with their jobs and never fitting in. Therefore our girls here who are trying to take on a different route, subjects that they want to excel in so as to improve a certain goal in life but are hardly anywhere good at them. If you look at it, it could also go both ways. If the girls manage to pull off the incredible, good for them. All is well. But the girls can also actually end up failing hard and this puts a damper and only reinforces society to stick what you are good at. Of course we can say no pain, no gain or never try, won’t know. That’s why in the real world what if all of us were given a chance to actually take what we want instead that is expected of others. Would we have succeed and made the world a better place or would everything be worse off and let those disbelievers taunt in your face I-told-you-so? Unfortunately real life is not so kind so as to give us multiple save points where we can start over again from there.

Setting Yuiga as the main character, the only guy in his study group (because I am assuming all the other guys in school don’t like studying and hence aren’t as ‘smart’ as him) this sets him up for a lot of harem rom-com style clichés. I mean, that is the main method of how we are going to get our comedy, right? Typically too, being book smart doesn’t necessarily translate being romantically smart. I guess the latter is more of experience rather than easily learning it from some well-known love master author or some shady website online. How to make a girl fall in love with you in 3 easy steps! Yeah. Ultimate clickbait. But even if he is a dense guy when it comes to love, uhm, I mean friendship with his lady friends, I believe it is better for him to stay this way. Because this way he has a wonderful harem since when you’re married, you can only have 1 girl in your life!!! Being in a harem means girls will forever fight over you (at least in anime logic) unlike the married life where your wife is the only person who always picks a fight with you for no reason. Yeah… Take the harem route, always!!! So theoretically, the study group will never end?

What else can I say about the other girls in this study group? Basically from the looks of it after earning Yuiga’s trust, the slightest issue they face in their study, they will flock to him for guidance. Understandably their weak subjects are tough and they want to make this work because they have been given a strict chance to make it or else. But as you can see, slowly they are trying to take this study thingy to the next level. Though, very much subtly. Can’t say outright she likes him. That will ruin the fun. That’s why you have Ogata sulking with her cute puffy cheeks whenever Yuiga doesn’t respond the way she wants and Takemoto is very outgoing so as to conveniently hide her true feelings. And because you know, they’re childhood friends so she’s like that loud. So each of the girls having at least one episode in focus with Yuiga tries to build up their ‘worth and value’ and justify them to be part of the harem. Kominami sounds more like a cock teaser since she loves teasing and giving Yuiga high hopes that she wants to date him but quickly shoots it down after that. She gets her kicks seeing him fluster like that. It makes that boy oh so cute. She may be the greatest pretender among the harem and it is too early to brush her aside from the main pack.

Oddly, Kirisu feels like being borderline harem girl for Yuiga since she is a teacher. Poker face girls like her isn’t all that rare in the anime but with her putting up that snobbish b*tch attitude, one may hope to see her fall from her high horse and become smitten with Yuiga. It’s like the ultimate revenge to see her break character. Kirisu acts the way she does partly because she is weak in PR (she should take up this subject and I wonder if Yuiga could offer this) and there is this reputation she needs to protect. Imagine if everyone views her as a loose and casual teacher. It is either disrespect or be cold and strict and have students dislike you. Therefore many of her moments with Yuiga are like some sort of test from God to see if she would lose her character. Not perfect as she has shown her weak side (that cockroach incident) but can be considered as so far so good. Her b*tch-like character also stems from a trauma during her figure skating days. She is one of those ‘victims’ to the system whereby she was given no choice to pursue her dreams. Although she means good for Furuhashi and Ogata, she truly cares about them in the sense that she doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes as she did and carry that regret for the rest of their lives. Maybe that’s why the long poker face.

Some of the minor characters are amusing. Like Mizuki who seems to have this big brother complex. It looks like she is trying to train and become his future wife but ever since he got assigned to this study group, her womanly instincts ring like Spider-sense hell that he has been mixing with other women. There’s here anxiety. After all, he has been a virgin single for his (so far) entire life and does nothing but studying. What are women and love got to do about it? Then there is Sekijo who seems to just really want to be friends with Ogata. Yeah, this girl should also take some lessons in PR. Sorry, this anime not going down the yuri route. Also not forgetting the very overprotective father of Ogata who thinks he is doing all this to protect his little girl. Understandably, Yuiga as the outsider won’t have much say but thankfully Ogata holds higher authority than daddy so he better back down or she’ll hate him like forever!

Animation and art look simple and clean. Sometimes I think the characters look close to being cartoony than anime. Hence the characters have this one kind cute looks to it. Maybe except for Kominami. She looks kinda evil…Must but those eyes… And is it me or does Kirisu looks like she has a typical resting b*tch face? This anime is jointly animated by Silver and Arvo Animations. Not to be mistaken for Silver Link. No relations whatsoever. Oddly despite Silver being established a long time ago, this is actually their second animation overall! Their first being Akane Maniax way back in 2004! In between they have been mostly involved in 2nd key animations like Digimon Adventure Tri, Seiren and Tsuredzure Children. Even if they were key animators in others like Sakura Quest, Sword Art Online: Alicization and Zombie Land Saga, it was just for one or two episodes. So yeah, studios whom nobody has ever heard of.

Voice acting I only recognized Ayako Kawasumi as Yuiga’s mom, Yui Horie as Furuhashi’s mom and Kana Asumi as Umihara. Too bad veterans whose voice I am very familiar with are now relegated to such minor and cameo roles. For the rest of the cast, they are Ryota Ohsaka as Yuiga (Climb in Overlord), Haruka Shiraishi as Furuhashi (Asirpa in Golden Kamuy),Miyu Tomita as Ogata (titular character of Gabriel Dropout), Sayumi Suzushiro as Takemoto (Akira in High Score Girl), Madoka Asahina as Kominami (Nene in New Game), Lynn as Kirisu (Matsumoto in Watashi Ni Tenshi Ga Maiorita), Saori Oonishi as Sekijo (Aiz in DanMachi), Marika Kouno as Mizuki (Suzuka in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby) and You Taichi as Kawase (Dorothy in Princess Principal).

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Study. You guessed it, the main study group of Furuhashi, Ogata and Takemoto. Nothing says and hints more than you to go study by naming your temporary group as one. Is this pure dedication? Not. Anyway, Seishun Seminar and Never Give It Up as the opening and ending theme respectively sounds like your average anime pop piece. Honestly, they sound bland. Could even be manufactured pop for all I know. Yeah, it is a good thing that none of them decided to pursue a career in music because this one is a subject where they should definitely stay away from!

Overall, despite the pretty standard, generic and overused clichés of the harem rom-com genre, this one is still passable and enjoyable in its own way. At least for a person who likes to watch this genre a lot. That’s why I am predicting it is going to be a lot more or less the same thing come the next season. Maybe ramp up the tension a little but don’t expect it to really end with Yuiga picking somebody or going so far as Go-toubun No Hanayome to marry a girl. Hence for this season, it is just okay storyline, okay characters, okay harem, okay fanservice… Hmm… They should have put in a beach episode here since that is what I learn after watching harem rom-coms. But I guess they substitute it with that lingerie shopping so it’s a-okay. It has been said a lot of times that there are things that one can’t learn from textbooks in schools. Because if love and relationship were this easy, I don’t think there would be this sort of animes to begin with. The showbiz industry would be very much lacking and this particular genre would be non-existent. That is why with love being such a subjective topic that no glove fits all, it provides us with this sort of ‘entertainment’. Yeah, better to watch and criticize the actions of others than your own. So much fun and safer that way. I guess that’s why we never learn.

Oh no. Not another Nobunaga reincarnation and adaptation. Over the years, we have had that great unifier of Japan being twisted into many different forms in the anime, manga and game media. Some are okay but mostly I’ve seen a lot are those gender bender thingy. Yeah, some of them were just awful. Blame me for being a straight guy and had to go watch them just because they turn him into a cute girl or pretty woman. Thankfully (or not), Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma might be yet another unholy adaptation of that great man (can fiction let him rest in peace already?), however it is not a gender bender theme. Instead, his young wives and concubines are somewhat sent to the future where they try to make out with his descendant who coincidentally shares his exact name. Different era, different culture. But the same clichés are always there. Over hundreds of years, I guess some things never change.

Episode 1
Nobunaga Oda is a teacher and he laments he is still single. Though his student, Mayu Biwajima offers to date him if he has none by the time they graduate. Back home, his parents are pestering him to get married and produce an heir. It seems Nobunaga is really a descendent of the actual Nobunaga! When he and his sister, Ichika clean the storeroom, he accidentally broke something and a girl pops out in mid-air. Taking her back to her room, when she wakes up, she asks which country she has been kidnapped to. Father thinks he kidnapped her! When she learns his name, she introduces herself as Kichou Saitou. She is supposed to be Nobunaga’s wife. He is happy with that and thought she is of legal age. Nope. 15 years old. F*ck! As she explains more of herself, Nobunaga can tell she is the real deal from the past based on the historical accuracies and knowledge. Somehow the ancestors sent her to the future. When he tries to tell her the truth, she doesn’t believe him. After all, this is her first time seeing Nobunaga and she doesn’t actually know how he looks like. She then tells him she will give her body but not her heart and warns she will not believe everything he says just because she is his wife. Then she gets down to business, stripping herself and getting ready to make babies. That’s what a wife supposed to do, right? Love or not, it has nothing to do with it. Nobunaga tries to be reasonable but Kichou is being pushy and the other women are threatening to call the cops if he touches this minor! Worst, he can’t shake off this responsibility and must take care of her.

Episode 2
Nobunaga brings Kichou back to his condo. She is confused with this ‘castle’. She wants to call to call it a night since she is tired. Is that the old way of saying let’s f*ck? Of course Nobunaga dismisses her and this makes her think she doesn’t have the body to stimulate him. In fact, unemotional lolis are his type of girls! Too bad it is the ethical issue that gets in the way. He talks about the legal age of marriage and sex. Although Kichou doesn’t really understand, she’s simple enough to say that they just have to make sure nobody knows. She is confident her serving lady has taught her enticing sex techniques. How times have changed because lying there naked is supposed to be super sexy? Nobunaga even has to teach her what turns him on! Yeah, spread those legs baby!!! Surprisingly, Kichou feels embarrassed. As she has learnt something, Nobunaga then realizes he is going to educate her on how to survive in this modern world. She is no different than his students. And he is starting off by making her play an eroge!!! Hentai games allow you to make many choices for a possible future, right?! It also teaches you about love, right???!!!

Episode 3
Nobunaga brings Kichou to school as a transfer student. This is the best way she could learn and socialize. They meet Yuri Hoshigaoka (hentai boobs!) who is also a fellow teacher at school. She offers to help Nobunaga if he faces any problems. As Nobunaga introduces Kichou to his class, Kichou gets worried seeing so many girls. Feeling threatened, she declares she is Nobunaga’s wife whom he promised to marry once she turns 16. Though, she allows them to be his concubines. Of course Nobunaga has to tell her to shut it to avoid any more misunderstandings. Later, Mayu’s friend, Anna Atsuta confronts Kichou about what she said. She wants to really ascertain that because she points out Mayu is also in love with Nobunaga. Although marriage isn’t certain at this point in time, Kichou allows Mayu to be his concubine. Nobody else but herself can take the position as his wife. Ironically this makes Anna mad so she wants this settled right now. The one who convinces Nobunaga to have sex with her gets to marry him! Does Mayu get a say in this? When Nobunaga is called over, he is shocked to see the competing girls stripped naked. Kichou is cool but Mayu is super embarrassed. She sums up her courage to show him her boobs and as he tries to cover her up, his hands accidentally grope them. So embarrassed that this turned on her sexy switch? Please grope more! Just then, Yuri walks in and sees this unholy act. Is his teacher life over?

Episode 4
WTF Nobunaga’s answer is to strip Yuri and molest her till she climaxes???!!! Of course this is just his wild imagination but WTF he thought up about it?! Kichou wants to slit her throat but thankfully Nobunaga won’t allow any violence. So Yuri interrogates them. Nobunaga explains the truth and of course nobody believes about this time travelling thing. Not even Kichou. Kichou suggests heading to Inabayama Castle where her family lives to disprove of this. The town are seems a bit larger than she thought and then Nobunaga points out that small castle on the hilltop. It has been renamed Gifu Castle. There is a notice that details the brief history that includes her brother killing her father. She is in shock and even more so to see her castle turned into some museum. That is when she has come to terms that this is the future. She apologizes to Nobunaga for troubling him as he really isn’t the one she is supposed to marry. She is sad she has no more family, nobody to marry. Nobunaga cheers her up that until they find a way to get her back, he will take care of her. As they look at the several items on display, Kichou could recognize some of them she used to use. When Nobunaga touches one of them, oh no, another girl appears in mid-air!

Episode 5
Kitsuno Ikoma drops into Nobunaga’s arms and slaps him thinking he is trying to get his way with her. But upon realizing who he is, she apologizes and allows him to have his way with her. With Mayu interrupting them, she then introduces herself and is Nobunaga’s concubine. She was married to another man but he died in battle. She then met Nobunaga (the original one) and fell for him. However she died of an illness and she thinks this world is where she has been reincarnated along with Nobunaga. Learning that he is single, she wants him to marry her. This is when Kichou draws the line. Hold on, b*tch. However Kitsuno tells her to f*ck off. Because although she was destined to marry Nobunaga, it is not the Nobunaga of this era. She’s got a point. Even more so, Kitsuno is Nobunaga’s type because despite she is 29, somehow her reincarnation has her body in a form of a young girl. Hence legal loli!!! Must have her!!! Kichou still doesn’t approve of this and draws her sword. Before you think Anna’s interruption is to stop the loli b*tches from killing themselves, it is actually to throw Mayu into the battlefield. Yeah, a 3 way fight for Nobunaga!

Episode 6
Nobunaga brings Kitsuno back to his place and introduces her to some modern conveniences like instant ramen! Nobunaga is having dirty thoughts of f*cking his legal loli but something in his guts tell him it’s a bad idea. Because Kitsuno is already asking for sex and good for him turning her down. He tries to avoid the subject by taking a bath. Yeah, I saw this coming. Because Kichou and Kitsuno now want to wash his back. Hence it becomes a showdown to see who could do better. Kichou is just pretty plain and normal while Kitsuno uses her entire body to do the washing. Ichika comes by to check and sees this unholy act. She’s calling the cops. Matte! Matte! After being introduced to Kitsuno and learning how she came to this era, she deduces that it is not stuffs that Nobunaga break that will occur this phenomenon. Rather when he touches them. This could mean that the original Nobunaga’s soul is residing inside him and anything related closely to Nobunaga will appear if he touches them. Meanwhile Mayu rues she is a disadvantage for Nobunaga’s love since Kichou and Kitsuno are living with him. Though, she felt really happy when Nobunaga touched her boobs. She wants him to touch them again. Anna supports her that she is ready to go again.

Episode 7
Kitsuno is introduced as a new transfer student. Did Nobunaga put a gag order on her because she claims she is his wife and came from the past. But it’s not like everyone cares, right? Even with witness accounts from the rest, it is still hard to believe. Though, they tease Kitsuno to beware of him because he might rape her. Believe it or not, Kitsuno is disappointed because that’s what she’s hoping for! This puts Anna on high alert because Mayu will lose at this rate. So at the teacher’s lounge, Mayu goes to talk to Nobunaga. But he thinks she might be sick and touches her forehead. Suddenly something activated and now Mayu turns into some flirty vixen. She wants him to touch her boobs! Yeah, she may be sick. At the infirmary, she strips herself and wants him to touch them. Kitsuno barges in, not happy he is going to touch the boobs of another woman. To see how mad she is, she punches a hole in the wall! But this only allows Mayu to taunt her that Nobunaga will not love a violent savage like her. This farce is put to a stop when Kichou tells them to behave like a proper wife material. Kitsuno takes a closer look at Mayu and realizes that she is Onabe, one of original Nobunaga’s concubines. Then they discuss about Nobunaga’s touch. It seems not only objects but humans who are related can have this effect as well. Mayu relates that when she was touched by him, she heard a voice and then everything goes fuzzy like a dream. This has Yuri worried because she also had almost the same experience when Nobunaga grabbed her hand earlier.

Episode 8
So, Nobunaga thinks he can avoid all those weird phenomena by wearing gloves, huh? Then Yuri invites him to go drinking. Just the 2 of them. Alright! Kichou and Kitsuno are suspicious so they tail them but damn those age restrictions as they aren’t allowed into the bar premise. Yuri seems to be fretting over something she needs to tell him but she can’t. This is going to take a while. Outside, Kichou asks if Kitsuno has ever fallen in love. Of course. With Nobunaga. That’s why he married him. Kichou envies her and wished she had that experience too. But Kitsuno points out she already loves him because whenever she is close to him, she gets mad. With so many beers, Yuri still can’t say and now blames him and wants him to take responsibility. Naturally he takes this as she wants to f*ck him. Okay! Let’s go somewhere else! At the park, she starts stripping and wants him to suck on her tits?! Woah, man! This has escalated too fast! Really, suck on them? Okay. So why Nobunaga is complaining about a certain order to go about when dealing with boobs?! Just suck them!!! With Kichou and Kitsuno now popping up, Yuri explains why it is his fault. She has felt strange ever since he touched her hand. He realizes and wonders if she could also be one of the original Nobunaga’s concubines. I’m sure he is having such fun sucking on those cow tits but on the other hand, angry Kichou complains to get his mouth off some other woman’s tits. That’s enough sucking! But Yuri wants more sucking! Oh, what to do? Yeah, this sucks. Kitsuno then thinks Yuri could be related to Jitokuin, the wet nurse of her child.

Episode 9
Yuri feels violated but when Nobunaga says he will take responsibility by marrying her, she refuses! She hates him for messing up her body like that! Wow. A girl who despises Nobunaga the main character? With Nobunaga feeling down, he thinks of quitting teaching. Probably he’ll go to some tropical island and frolic with naked girls. WTF?! Did Mayu actually believe that? Because she’s getting scared he will really quit. Hence in her desperation she strips naked and tries to convince him she doesn’t hate what he has done. Weird logic. Yuri doesn’t want him to quit either as long as he doesn’t touch her again. Now the attention turns to why Mayu likes Nobunaga. You mean she has to explain? I suppose it is to valid her stance as a ‘competitor’. However she feels Anna might hate her but after whispering it to Nobunaga, he believes she won’t. Mayu reveals her hobby to draw erotic BL. She thought her life was over when Nobunaga accidentally saw it. However he was impressed by her good art and wanted her to even draw futanari for him???!!! WTF?! Anna might not hate her but she looks like she hates him… Anyway, because Nobunaga doesn’t tease her hobby, she started liking him ever since and technically they both have each other’s dirty secrets. I hope this doesn’t cause the other girls to have some weird awakening because they want to see more. Kichou can’t understand Nobunaga. She believes he is a respectable person as there were times he lifted her out of depression.

Episode 10
Kichou asks what the f*ck does futanari means! Mayu explains! Did you get all that, huh? Kichou is left confused. Does this mean Nobunaga is gay?! Speak of the devil, Nobunaga brings Ranma in as he is Anna’s brother and he wants to see her. Anna warns him about being touched by Nobunaga but as Nobunaga demonstrates, nothing was summoned when he touched him. Later Nobunaga catches a girl falling from the stairs. In the infirmary as she recovers, she helps sew his shirt that was torn during the catch. Nobunaga loves how feminine she is despite feeling something familiar about her. Suddenly she pins him down and wants to f*ck! Oh yeah! WTF she is stronger than him? Nobunaga’s first kiss goes to her. Things are heating up as she lets him touch her privates. Hmm… Feels like something is there… Just in time when Kichou and Kitsuno enter to stop this unholy act but she is able to dodge and turn the tables on her. With Anna here, it is revealed this girl is actually Ranma! He has a habit of cross-dressing and makes his own clothes. So about the part they were fondling each other? Nobunaga claims he was being raped! However Ranma sounds strange when he talks about receiving his love. Can guys marry? In Japan? Ranma reveals his true identity: Ranmaru Mori. Even back then, there were gays…

Episode 11
Yuri’s boobs are tingling?! Yeah, they’re acting up again and she blames Nobunaga. Fix this! Calling the usual gang to brainstorm, they think Jitokuin wants her tits to be sucked. Nobunaga believes she must have some regrets. Like Kichou who married Nobunaga but failed to have kids and Kitsuno remaining as his concubine. If they can figure that out, they’ll solve this tits sucking problem. WTF?! But Yuri still doesn’t want him to fondle her boobs like last time. So how? This time he is blindfolded but the fondling is still the same. So good that Jitokuin is channelled through Yuri again. He asks her regrets. Actually she loves having her tits sucked! After Nobunaga died and his son grew up, she felt empty because nobody sucked her tits. WTF?! Nobunaga’s depraved answer is to marry her, have a child and suck her tits all day long! You know the rest won’t let this fly, right? With Onabe possessing Mayu, she too has some sort of regrets but refuse to say it. When she goes into hiding, Nobunaga fondles Mayu’s boobs to get her back out. This time she reveals it. She never said so in fear that he will hate her. In short, she wants to see gay sex between Nobunaga and Ranmaru. No, not Nobunaga f*cking Ranmaru but the other way round, Ranmaru sticking his dick into Nobunaga! And she wants to draw that!!!! Of course Nobunaga is not going to do gay sex but Onabe threatens she won’t leave until she gets what she wants!

Episode 12
Yuri enjoying Nobunaga sucking her tits?! Until she realizes it too late and slaps him! While it solves her problem, what is he going to do about Mayu/Onabe? This is when Yuri tells him to do gay sex! How does it feel to be doing something against your will? Now suffer! Back at the comfort of his home, Ranmaru gets ready to have gay sex with him. Oh dear. Lots of gay sexual subtext that is cringey as hell and probably Nobunaga is feeling the same way. But before Nobunaga can lose his virginity this way, Onabe stops it. What gives? She is satisfied she could draw enough and has found her peace. With that, she leaves Mayu and ascends to heaven. What a relief for Nobunaga. But please hide that junk. Though Nobunaga is confident he can fix Yuri’s body, however she continues to chastise him. Suddenly Kichou takes out her knife and threatens Yuri. Nobunaga is trying to help solve her problem and all she does is insult him? This is unforgivable. Yuri apologizes for being unreasonable and Nobunaga helps calm Kichou down. After he thanks her for standing up for him, she hugs him and realizes she wants to stay her and not go back. So let’s make babies and watch them grow up! I guess this beats having gay sex, right? Though, from time to time Ranmaru still tries to get him while Kichou and Kitsuno try to sneak up on him in bed at night. Naked. Damn, this guy’s dick is so coveted!!! Lastly, we see Kichou’s knife suddenly summoning another girl. Oh no. Say it isn’t so!!!

Blast From The Past: Sengoku Sluts
Oh dear. Everything feels so bad and going downhill that they introduced a new mysterious girl in the end. And not one by Nobunaga’s touch. So it could be that she isn’t one of his concubines and might be related to Kichou. But I’m not going to go there. So if Nobunaga has to satisfy all this wife and concubines’ spirit to ascend to heaven, I am figuring out that Ranmaru will be the last and probably never to be satisfied! Unless he turns gay then maybe. But for now, they’re trying to say that as long as you sexually satisfy them, they’ll go back. WTF logic is this?! So for the girls who want to be penetrated by him, does it mean until he is ready to do it with them, they’ll be stuck here forever? So it’s like a catch-22 situation for Kichou and Kitsuno because they want to have sex with him but once that is fulfilled, they can no longer be with him. Damn, this is a tough situation…

I wasn’t already expecting much already from this series but as the series progresses, it feels it has gone further and further into a downward spiral. It feels like they are making things up and write whatever that comes to mind as they go along. Basically the entire series feels like one shallow attempt to give us some sort of ecchi fanservice by turning this Nobunaga descendent into some sleazy perverted scumbag. And because this is supposed to be some sort of harem, hence females from his timeline are somewhat transported to this era to be sexualized by him. That just feels so shallow. Like as though they really badly wanted to do a sengoku harem centring around Nobunaga. I mean, does it really explain or attempt to explore why these girls from the past are brought to the future? At this particular point in time? Do they even attempt to solve this problem? Nah. Screw it.

Nobunaga feeling up his harem is what this series is aiming about. Sadly, it started with some potential when Kichou was summoned. You know, Kichou trying to make sense of her current surroundings and adjusting to life in the modern era. Everything looks okay until they brought in more sengoku girls just for the harem sake and didn’t care anymore. It turned from girls who didn’t mind stripping naked and suggesting he f*ck them to Nobunaga the man himself touching up the boobs of his harem. All in the name of helping them. This guy is one step in opening his own sex cult. Because any girl is okay with him. Though his fetish is lolis, he is still okay with mature women like Yuri. But no gay stuff. Don’t want dicks stuck into his ass, huh? I’ll say, the last episode was the most ‘exciting’ because they really made it in a way that Nobunaga might succumb to gay sex. I don’t watch gay porn animes so I’m not used to this ‘climaxing’ scene. But it sure feels refreshed compared to all the other straight sex porn molesting stuff in terms of that. Phew. Lucky Nobunaga. Couldn’t shag a female but did in a male? This is so screwed up if it ever happened.

The characters themselves are poorly written. Like Nobunaga himself is set up to become a sleazy pervert because that is what this anime is all about. He gets to touch his girls with ease because he starts thinking since he is the descendent of the original Nobunaga, that kind of status gives him a free pass to do as he wishes. After all, these sengoku babes are also somewhat thirsty themselves, right? They want to be his wife, get f*cked by him or get their tits sucked. Heh. I guess back in the past when there were no internet connection, other than going to war, there was literally nothing else to do. Yeah, there were no sex experts or sex therapists too so you can guess that people back then are as horny as people nowadays. Yeah. Some things never changed.

The girls fare no better. For some odd reasons, they tolerate his perverted behaviour because you know, he is the mighty Nobunaga. Heck, as the ultimate daimyou, he gets to do what he wants! Well, that would have passed if it was in the 16th century. That’s not going to fly now. That’s why this series looks so cheesy and mediocre. Kichou had the most potential at the start. But after she has come to terms with reality, it’s like as though she lost her bite. I know she started off as a character who doesn’t really love Nobunaga and only does so because it is her role as a woman. But subsequently I don’t see her growing to naturally love Nobunaga. With the focus mainly on Nobunaga molesting his girls, Kichou seems to be reduced to some sort of side viewer. She’s not really amused he is doing all that but she’s not really giving a f*cks to stop him like before. Remember there was a point where Kichou and Kitsuno were going to take out their knives and get ugly with each other? Yeah, logic dictates that they should enter a b*tch fight over dick instead of killing each other because this is an ecchi harem genre. Remember? Maybe the girls don’t really stop each other because they realize Nobunaga is a loser with no personality and will never get laid! Hah!

Yuri is one of those few characters who doesn’t like the main character. She’s not even tsundere. But it is still mind boggling that she allows herself to be molested by Nobunaga because of the twisted reason that his touch makes her inhabiting sengoku b*tch settle down. So there is no other way? Whatever. It’s your boobs anyway. Making her detest Nobunaga feels more fun because there is this thrill when you assault a resisting woman as oppose to one who is willing to do it any time (like Kitsuno). So yeah, with the only one having such humongous tits, it would have been a waste has she started using her brains to find out of a solution instead of letting Nobunaga HAND-le it. Pun intended. Then there is Mayu who is the typical cliché fujoshi girl, also a shy girl who harbours interest in her sensei. No wonder she feels threatened with the ever growing sengoku harem because before all this sh*t happened, she was the only one who was genuinely in love with him. Remember that promise to date each other if they haven’t found anybody by the time she graduates? No? So do I. Because it doesn’t matter now. She might be the first in line for his love but with the advent of those sengoku girls, she’s sliding down the rank and file. Then it gets even worse when they bring in Ranma/Ranmaru into the mix so late into the series. If having legal lolis is already bad enough, let’s throw in a cross-dresser and get some gay sh*t with! Yeah, this really sucks.

Not every girl here is part of his unofficial harem. Take Anna for instance. Because Mayu is such a shy girl, probably for her to have any chance in this unholy competition, you need to have this bold friend who would push you into the ring whether you are ready or not. That is primary her role. Yeah, she’s like the love manager and coach for Mayu. It’s more fun to see her friend be in this mess than herself. Nobunaga’s sister, Ichika feels as irrelevant. Sometimes I feel her character serves as a running joke to catch Nobunaga red handed in some sort ambiguous seemingly illegal loli activity and threaten to call the cops. I don’t see her trying to help solve this problem. Oh yeah. This is his problem. Not mine. So when he seemingly looks like as though he is going to rape his legal loli, she doesn’t hesitate to call the police. Some sister. No wonder Nobunaga gets depraved as the day passes. After all, this sengoku heaven won’t last forever. Either they somehow go back one day or Nobunaga dies first and leaves his wife and concubines behind like before in the past. Damn, I see a tragedy in history repeating itself.

Art and animation feel pretty average. Sometimes it is a bit bland but it could be my hardware. I don’t know if Yuri ever gets harassed by her students or outside school because of her unrealistic huge boobs but I guess those tits are drawn in a way to really attract your attention and keep your perverted eyes focused on them. Can’t… Take… My… Eyes… Off… Them… Kichou and Kitsuno wearing their traditional kimono around but nothing underneath feels like they are ready to give sex whenever Nobunaga wants it. Is it this easy to unrobe a kimono? Don’t worry. Proper censors in place when these girls decide to be an exhibitionist. Ironically bare tits don’t get censored at all unlike that heavily ecchi short series, Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga. Heh. Sengoku lolis no tits at all… This series is animated by Seven who are masters in animating various short hentai flicks but they also did decent ones like Okusama Ga Seitokaichou, Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken, Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san, Strange+ and this season’s Joshikausei too.

Nothing special with the voice acting. The casts include Koudai Sakai as Nobunaga (Yuuto in Hyakuren No Haou To Seiyaku No Valkyria), Akari Uehara as Kichou (Riona in Ousama Game), Ari Ozawa as Kitsuno (Kirin in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Konomi Yuuzaki as Mayu, Marika Tanaka as Yuri, Moe Toyota as Anna (Midori in Hibike! Euphonium) and Suzuna Kinoshita as Ichika (Nona in Chou Kadou Girl 1/6: Amazing Stranger) and Kouki Miyata as Ranma (Susumu in Wandaba Style). The opening sounds weird. Koise Yo Minna Hai by Pyxis is a mix of traditional theme but added with some fast rapping hip hop music. And lots of spinning too! Spin round and round and round!!! Thank goodness this song only lasts for 30 seconds. The ending theme sounds a lot better and not that bad. Returner Butterfly by Rika Tachibana feels wasted to be put in this sleazy anime because its dramatic rock beat would have fit in other better anime series. Too bad it also lasts for only 30 seconds.

Overall, this anime is really bad. Cheesy, sleazy and fails to be funny at all. It’s only funny because it’s weird and cliché. You thought turning Nobunaga into a female in other series was bad and insulting enough. This one goes a step further by turning him into some depraved school teacher. A descendent who has somewhat tainted the name of the great unifier of Japan. At least those female reincarnations of Nobunaga can fight and have tits themselves. Such badass. This one feels like a perverted wimp. I hope that the real ending of this series would be Nobunaga was just having one of the weirdest dreams as he wakes up from his bed and realizes this fantasy was all in his head. Then somehow he gets summoned to the past and replaces the original Nobunaga and once more he gets to f*ck his harem and concubines in this sick and twisted isekai genre. See? I can also write this crappy story myself. No wonder the original Nobunaga is turning in his grave if he ever sees what Japan has become and done to his legacy.

I bet the reason why we know the seven deadly sins is not because we were pious and attended Sunday church to really know more about them. It’s thanks to anime! Not even common sense. Having characters based on those seven cardinal sins are in fact more fun than basing those off the seven heavenly virtues in which, by the way, can you even name them? So for today’s blog, I am listing down anime that uses this trope in their characters:

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
Group name: Homunculi.
Members: Sloth (big dim-witted guy in Brotherhood but Juliet Douglas in the original), Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride and Bradley (Wrath).
Trademark: Ouroboros mark on their body.
Leader: Father (creator for most Homunculi), Dante (only in original series).
Role: They serve as the main group of antagonists in both series.
Status: All died except for Pride who was stripped of all homunculus powers and rendered ‘useless’.
Thoughts: This is the very first anime I watched using this theme but ironically didn’t exactly watch the entire original series and skipped the rebooted version. The overall series wasn’t really my cup of tea so apologies for any inaccuracies.

Anime: Nanatsu No Taizai.
Group name: Nanatsu No Taizai (obviously).
Members: Melodias (Wrath), Ban (Greed), Diane (Lust), King (Sloth), Gowther (Sloth), Merlin (Gluttony) and Esconar (Pride).
Trademark: Animal mark on their body.
8th member: Elizabeth Liones and Hawk.
Role: Originally accused and blamed for trying to overthrow the kingdom, they are now being recalled as ‘heroes’ to defeat the corrupted Holy Knights who once saved the kingdom. In the second season, they have to thwart the revival of the Ten Commandments (powerful elite demons serving under the Demon King – ironically the laws of God are made up of really bad demons).
Status: Currently rising up as Britannia and possible the world’s greatest and most powerful band of heroes… Stay tuned.
Thoughts: Perhaps currently the most famous anime using this theme as it is the most recent and epic one (unless you’re a hardcore fan of the Fullmetal Alchemist series). This is one of the few series that encompasses the seven deadly sins as the good guys and you can’t help support and cheer for them.

Anime: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni.
Group name: The Seven Stakes/Sisters of Purgatory.
Members: Asmodeus (Lust), Satan (Wrath), Lucifer (Pride), Leviathan (Envy), Belphegor (Sloth), Mammon (Greed) and Beelzebub (Gluttony).
Trademark: Ability to turn into stakes and use sword of light.
Leader: Beatrice.
Role: They serve as Beatrice’s weapon in battles.
Status: Despite the ambiguous ending in the anime, their fate is not known as they are tied closely to Beatrice’s fate. I read that in one of the game chapters when Beatrice is defeated, they become furniture. That’s putting stakes to good use…
Thoughts: Not really central to the anime. I thought they’re needed just to showcase Beatrice’s power as well as to add more spice and variety (sometimes complication) to the deaths and mystery of the arc. Not that powerful or united because sometimes they lose and at certain points, fought against each other.

Anime: 11eyes.
Group name: The Black Knights.
Members: Superbia (Pride), Avaritia (Greed), Ira (Wrath), Invidia, Acedia (Sloth), Gula (Greed) and Luxuria (Lust).
Formerly: Part of the Punishment Squad under Index.
Leader: Liselotte who is actually Luxuria.
Role: To eliminate the protagonists of the series whom they calls as Fragments.
Status: All died except for Superbia.
Thoughts: Saw this anime such a long time ago and can’t remember much. Only remembered them because of their creepy voodoo Halloween-like armour that was enough to give nightmares. At least for me.

Anime: Kateikyou Hitman Reborn.
Group name: The Varia.
Members: Xanxus (Wrath), Superbi Squalo (Pride), Leviathan (Envy), Belphegor (Sloth), Mammon (Greed), Lussuria (Lust) and Gola Mosca (Gluttony).
Other member: Flan (replacing Mammon in future arc).
Privately owned: Mansion and private jet.
Role: As the Vongola’s elite assassination squad, they temporarily become the antagonist against Tsuna’s Vongola family to test their worth for the ownership of the Vongola Rings.
Status: Now serving (although it feels like reluctantly) under Tsuna’s reign.
Thoughts: It was nice having to watch each member facing off against Tsuna’s side. One of my favourite arcs and battles in the series. This group is one of the few using this theme to be completely all male.

Anime: Trinity Seven.
Group name: Trinity Seven (duh).
Members: Lilith Asami (Lust), Levi Kazama (Envy), Mira Yamana (Pride), Akio Fudou (Gluttony), Arin Kannazuki (Wrath), Yui Kurata (Greed) and Lieselotte Sherlock (Sloth).
8th member: Selina (Lieselotte’s younger twin sister).
Trademark: Research themes called Thema.
Master: Arata Kasuga.
Role: As the top mages in their respective field of Royal Biblia Academy, their goal is to help Arata become a powerful mage so he can rescue his cousin, Hijiri.
Status: Harem already in hand, when can harem activities begin?
Thoughts: Ironically this is perhaps the only anime that uses this theme for its characters that has their traits far off from their assigned sin. Simple because “the Thema is supposed to be the thing that is farthest from yourself, hence your true magic”. Don’t really understand…

Anime: Fairy Tail.
Group name: Seven Kin of Purgatory.
Guild: Grimoire Hearts.
Members: Ultear Milkovich (Envy), Meldy (Lust), Zancrow (Wrath), Rusty Rose (Sloth), Azuma (Pride), Kain Hikaru (Gluttony) and Caprico/Zoldeo (Greed).
Leader: Hades (guild leader).
Role: To find Zeref’s seal and to resurrect him for their ideal World of Great Magic. Also, during the Tenroujima arc, to defeat all Fairy Tail members.
Status: Failed group. Mission not completed. With deaths and defections as well as the fall of the guild itself, only Rusty Rose and Hikaru remain ‘active’ but they’re hardly any threat to anything. Why do they still exist?
Thoughts: I guess when you have a long running epic anime, you need to have a bunch of varied enemies or groups for our many heroes to fight, power up and drive forward the plot. Yeah, despite being failures I suppose they did good in their part for our heroes.

Anime: Sin – Nanatsu No Taizai.
Group name: The Mortal Sins.
Members: Lucifer (Pride), Leviathan (Envy), Satan (Wrath), Mammon (Greed), Asmodeus (Lust), Beelzebub (Gluttony) and Belphegor (Sloth).
8th member: Maria Totsuka (normal girl serving Lucifer).
Former members: Belial (Vanity – former leader) and Astaroth (Melancholy).
Role: Lucifer who was formerly God’s archangel became a fallen angel and vowed to seek revenge against Michael who betrayed her. Hence the other Mortal Sins were tasked to stop her from taking over hell.
Status: Lucifer kicked everyone’s ass and became their new leader. Time to prepare their fight against heaven…
Thoughts: The series’ name itself is already almost confused with a well-known one, making some to think this is a much sexier version of it although it has no relation whatsoever. Demons so hot and sexy is no wonder why people keep losing faith in God and turn to the dark side… I guess committing the sin is worth the price. They have their Seven Heavenly Virtues counterpart but they are appalling and far less attractive than the devilishly sinful ones…

Anime: Inu Yasha.
Group name: Band of Seven AKA Shichintai.
Members: Bankotsu (Pride), Jakotsu (Envy), Renkotsu (Greed), Suikotsu (Sloth), Ginkotsu (Wrath), Mukotsu (Lust) and Kyoutkotsu (Gluttony).
Trademark: Unique facial tattoos.
History: Merciless mercenaries who loved to kill and were finally beheaded by the feudal lords but brought back to life later by Naraku’s Shikon Jewel shards.
Role: As antagonist in their arc, they serve as distraction for our heroes while Naraku heals himself.
Status: All killed. Again for the second time…
Thoughts: While watching this arc in this series, this group never occurred to me as using this theme and only much later. Don’t remember much in detail but they’re one of the deadliest groups Inuyasha has fought aside Naraku’s groupies.

Anime: Re: Zero Kara Hajimaru Isekai Seikatsu.
Group name: Witch Cult’s Sin Archbishops.
Trademarks: Part of their names are taken after the constellation.
Thoughts: Oh hell, they are only mentioned in the anime and haven’t made their appearances yet, though many of its members appeared in the novel already. Only Betelgeuse Romanee Conti who represented Sloth made his appearance but he got killed. If Betelgeuse was already a crazy maniac, imagine what the others would be like…

Let Those Without Sin Cast The First Stone
This list isn’t meant to be exclusive as there are many more out there that I have missed. For example, Angel Sanctuary. I did not see that show but this manga was only adapted into an OVA with a few episodes. There are characters representing the seven deadly sins in this manga but did not appear in the OVA. Then there is Digimon (which I mostly didn’t see either) whose seven deadly sins aren’t all in one series but I read each one of them is represented through each spinoffs. It clearly shows that as long as we are humans, we are all susceptible to one or many of the aforementioned sins. Because being human, to do evil and have desires are so much fun than being virtuously clean, good and innocent. Who else is to blame for our crumbling faith that would eventually destroy our existence? Probably it is all worth the risk and sin. That’s what makes us so human. Not God or angels, Satan or demons. Just humans.

Kenja No Mago

August 18, 2019

Oh no. Here we go again. Yet another isekai genre with overpowered main character theme. Main character who is supposedly a normal guy whom nobody will ever notice in his life somewhat dies. Gets reincarnated in another world. A fantasy world filled with magic and, uhm, other fantasy-like stuffs. Retains memories of his old life. Grows up to be the most powerful character. Ever. Easily creates or overcomes anything because he is main character. If that sounds so cliché, overused and generically done to death, don’t be surprise this season we have Kenja No Mago having the same thing. One reason why I decided to watch this (because seriously, I am ‘hooked’ on this sort of bad genres) is because the synopsis said how the grandpa of this main character taught him everything he could. Except he forgot to teach him common sense! Ah, I am expecting this is going to be funny but still keeping my low expectations not to expect so much. Because they shouldn’t have made this anime had they had common sense in the first place! Haha!

Episode 1
Typical Japanese salaryman works late. Overworked. Goes home tired. Gets hit by speeding truck while crossing the road. End of story. On Earth, that is. Because now he is reincarnated into a baby in another magical world! Shin Wolford learns all kinds of great magic from his grandpa, Merlin who is of course the greatest wizard who ever lived. He is further trained by his friends, Melida Bowen and Michel Colling. At 10, Merlin reveals to him about demons. Apparently anything can turn into a demon if the magical power goes berserk. On his first try, Shin manages to detect a demon and kills it! Merlin lets him know the truth that he isn’t his real grandson but saved him from a carriage attacked by demons. However Shin also knows this. This is because he somewhat retains his memories from his previous life in Japan. As Shin turns 15 and into adulthood, he must now think what to do. Discussing with his relatives, it is most likely demon hunting due to his great skills. However he lacks common sense since Merlin never thought him any. After Shin shows them his great teleportation skill (that surprisingly doesn’t exist in this magical world) as well as a super fire power explosion, this has everyone think he can’t really go out into the real world like that. It will be dangerous. Aside putting others in danger, think about how he might be targeted by others who want his power. Hence his uncle, Diseum von Earlsheid suggests to attend a magic academy in his kingdom and make new friends around his age. Did I mention that he is the king of his own country? This means his siblings, Christina Hayden and Siegfried Marquez are his royal guards. Diseum and Merlin are good friends due to a demon incident that attacked his kingdom when he was still a crown prince. The subjugation team was decimated and Diseum could have been done for had not Merlin and his then assistant Melida saved the day and destroyed the demon. Oh, did I mention that Merlin and Melida was once married? I think these few news surprises are too much Shin can take for today. Shin makes his way to the capital. Because Merlin and Melida are such great celebrities, everyone loves them. While they take care of matters at the super luxurious mansion Shin is going to live in (maids, butlers and even an own chef!), Shin explores town. So far so good for a guy with no common sense. Then of course he sees ruffians harassing cute chicks at the back alley. He easily defeats them and is instantly taken by the beauty of Sizilien von Klode.

Episode 2
Sizilien and Maria von Messina introduce themselves. Coincidence they are all going to take the entrance exam to the magic academy? They also talk about the revered Merlin and Melida without realizing Shin’s relationship to them. At the school gates, Shin gets into trouble when douchebag Kurt von Rietsburg accuses him of some petty stuff. He is forced to back down when August tells him off that this is against the rules. August is Diseum’s son and this means he is Shin’s cousin. During the entrance exam, Shin witnesses and is embarrassed to see candidates chanting and making elaborate moves but their firepower is so weak! When it’s his turn, he almost destroys everything without putting in any effort! It goes without saying he passes and the top scorer. Because of that, he has to give a speech during the entrance ceremony. You mean Maria and Sizilien now only discover he is related to Merlin?! You mean they never bother to even find out or noticed his name on the results board?! Soon Sizilien turns to Shin for help as Kurt has been harassing her and trying to force her to be his fiancée. We can see Kurt the jerk trying to throw his weight around and even threatening to use his family’s position to ruin her father’s job. With Shin vowing to protect her, August then steps him and reminds him of what he said. Back down again. Fearing Kurt might strike again, he invites them to his home. August also tags along since his father will be there. Shin has to accommodate a couple of more friends, Thor von Flegel and Julius von Littenheim as they are August’s escorts. After meeting Merlin and Melida, Shin offers to rewrite the enchantment on Sizilien’s uniform. However Melida cautions her that this will make her uniform national treasure grade level. Is she worthy to accept it? Sizilien feels guilty and can’t accept it. She felt she had used Shin for her own gains. But this is just a test by Melida to see her true nature. So I guess she gets to get her uniform enchanted, huh? With Shin easily doing so, Diseum suggests to keep this a secret because there will be nations who are willing to wage war just to get this. To make Sizilien even safer, Shin will send her home from school every day. Will that be imposing on him? Nah. Just use his teleportation! Since he only can teleport to places he has been, he needs to go to her house once.

Episode 3
We are introduced to the rest of the S-class that Shin and co are in. Alice Corner, Lyn Hughes, Tony Freyd and Yuri Carlton. Their teacher, Alfred Marcus shows them around school and also talks about forming a club. Everyone seems to be deciding for themselves that Shin should create a new club and be its president and that they’ll all join it. Heck, they’ve even already got a name for it: Ultimate Magic Study Group! Lame! Meanwhile Diseum receives reports of an increase in demon sightings and orders an investigation since the reports sound like they are artificially induced. Kurt’s father reprimands his son because he received a summons to the king. Kurt maintains they are the chosen ones and are different than everybody. Dad has no choice but to beat him up and lock him up for this unruly behaviour. With Kurt grounded, does Shin have any more reasons to escort Sizilien from school? Oh Sizilien, why the sad looks? Even if the menace is no more, is there any reason not to? Their homes are in the same direction. Oh Sizilien, you looking so relieved as you are embarrassed. On to serious talk regarding Kurt’s behaviour, as August went to the same middle school with him, he was not like that at all. He only noticed after he was summoned to the lab of Oliver Schtrom that he started behaving this way. You know it’s bad news when that magician has a reputation of being exiled from an empire. Speaking of which, he visits Kurt’s residence as requested in hopes to talk that boy to his senses. But unfortunately he aggravates the situation as he imposes more magic on him and tells him to get rid of this hindrance. Later Shin could feel somebody having great ill will towards them. It’s Kurt! Thanks to his fast reflexes, his barrier protects them all from Kurt’s roasting. With Kurt as a demon, Shin wants everyone to get out of here and he’ll face Kurt alone. They will only get in the way. Shin fights the raging demon but notes Kurt doesn’t display any full symptoms of a demon so he might not be fully one yet and there’s a chance of him turning back. However with Kurt threatening to blow up himself and everything caught in the school’s radius, Shin has no choice but to decapitate him. It’s the only way. First human killed. There’s a first time for everything.

Episode 4
Schtrom is satisfied with the results of his experiment. Meanwhile Shin is baffled because is it that easy for one to turn into a demon? Fighting Kurt, he was weak and has not lost all his sense of reasoning. Hence he deduces that Kurt turning into a demon could be artificially induced. As word of his heroics spread, Diseum awards him a medal. This doesn’t please Merlin as this would mean politicizing the issue and making Shin the target. Diseum assures he has issued a gag order and will take any steps to prevent anything bad from happening to his people. Merlin takes his word for it and if he breaks his promise, they will leave the kingdom. With Shin’s popularity, many want to join his club but luckily Marcus imposed high standard requirements to join. I guess Mark Bean and Olivia Stone are the lucky ones. As Mark’s family is a blacksmith, Shin hopes he could forge a better sword for him to slay demons. The security investigators trace Schtrom as the last person who has seen Kurt and talk to him. We find out he is blinded in both eyes due to a family power struggle and hence he was exiled. Schtrom sounds sympathetic to Kurt’s case and when invited to join a group of specialists to examine Kurt’s body, he agrees. But soon royal guards surround Schtrom. They know he is the culprit. As Diseum has put a gag order, Kurt’s name has not been released to the public to allow privacy for his family and yet Schtrom knew he was the demon. Schtrom admits he did it for an experiment but it’s time to flee since all his experiments here are done. Good timing or coincidence as Shin and co are walking home when a blast occurs nearby. Schtrom attacking his captors. When Shin realizes who he is, he jumps into attacking him. Shin manages to destroy his blinds and is shocked to see red eyes. He is a demon but how could he maintain his reasoning? In that case, Schtrom asks to define reasoning and on what grounds. If so, all humans mean nothing to him. Shin defeats him by burning him with God’s ray of light???!!! Because he doesn’t sense his presence, did he really get him? But Shin remains sceptical. With Dominic Gastor (Michel’s knight commander successor) and Rupert Olgran (court magic division captain) praising his efforts, Shin tries to explain how he used the sun powers to magnify that magic. Of course, nobody gets it. And true enough, Schtrom lives but badly wounded. Managed to escape in the nick of time.

Episode 5
Melida asks Maria about Shin and Sizilien. They’re perfect for each other although they don’t know it. Even worse for Sizilien as she doesn’t know she is in love as she has many boys confessing to her but all were rejected. Because of that, Shin is actually her first love. Later Shin deduces and confirms Schtrom is alive because he tested out the same magic but the outcome and effects were so much different than that battle. Shin meets Mark’s father and puts in his order to develop a new weapon. Meanwhile in the Blusfia Empire, Zest reports to King Herald about his info Earlsheid Kingdom. With that, the king is ready to go to war with them. When Shin wants to buy Sizilien an accessory, she flusters greatly about it. Only to learn the accessory is supposed to be a defensive charm. No wonder everyone is so disappointed with him! Realizing his mistake, Shin gets a small ring for her. Why does it look like an engagement ring? Shin must be a tired and popular man because after the award ceremony and party, now the public is hounding him. Thank goodness for his teleport magic, right? But he explains it isn’t teleportation but rather relocation because it just closes the distance. Huh?! Shin has his friends level up their magic due to the recent events. Because of their different perception and thinking of magic (they think it is chanting and visualization instead of magic power), he demonstrates the difference in the magic barrier they create compared to his. And then he shows how to control magic and his aura was so freaking intense that everybody thought they were going to die. I guess no pain, no gain. With that, everyone is tasked to train and control their magic every day. Good for them, they also get some hints from Merlin as he tells them Shin does his magic is not by visualizing the outcome but the process. Thus Merlin displays he can also open the same teleportation gate as Shin once he understands the process. The sword prototype is ready and Shin likes it. August seeks his permission to mass produce it since it will be cost effective. This is because it seems war with Blusfia is imminent as the latter has been having a massive build-up for war. If that happens, the students might be enlisted to fight. Even if the kingdom take steps not to make Shin fight, he will not let his friends be in danger. Yup, he is going to fight with them. Oh yeah, we are so assured and safe when our Shin the hero is around.

Episode 6
Herald is devastated to learn the Earlsheid ambushed them and is way more prepared than their side. More fury when it is reported that Zest has been missing and Herald takes this as a sign of betrayal. That’s not all. Reports that demons are attacking his Blusfia capital. Hence he orders his troops to pull back. The Earlsheid side would love to pursuit but it seems the demons are aiding in Blusfia’s retreat? Back in Blusfia, demons ravage the entire capital and the one behind this is no other than Schtrom and his assistant, Miria. When Herald returns, he is personally killed by Schtrom. A few days later as the Earlsheid side waltz into the devastated capital, they realize Schtrom is behind this and everyone in the capital has turned into demons. Man, Schtrom must be kind enough to let them go and report back. To counter that, there will be a joint training between the magic academy and knight academy. Some of the magicians are frowning over this because there is some rivalry between both schools. Magicians are superb in magic but physically weak while the knights are vice versa. You can see where the taunts are coming from. Not sure if it is jealousy or admiration as the friends learn that Shin was trained under Michel. If Merlin is the magic genius, Michel is the sword version. The joint training is divided into several groups. Shin, August, Sizilien and Maria get to be with top knights, Kreis Lloyd, Miranda Wallace, Neun Curtis and Kent McGregor. As expected, the knights look down on the magicians and don’t even think highly of Shin despite his reputation. This forces August to have them learn the lesson the hard way. If they face a demon, the knights will take it down without any of their help. Good for this team, their advisors would be Christina and Siegfried. Damn, those 2 have fan boys and fan girls?! The first demon is sighted and the knights go into action only to be pathetically defeated. Then in one fell swoop, Shin decapitates it. With Miranda denouncing their pathetic showing, they regret their arrogance and promise to work together. And Sizilien being kind to them treating their wounds, have they found a new person to look up to? Shin, you jealous? But Maria too? I guess she wants some of the guys’ attention too. When the next wave of 100 demons come, Shin now takes centre stage. A single blast not only destroys the horde but clears a path through the forest! Thank goodness environmental laws don’t’ exist here. Miranda is so awed that she apologizes to him for her earlier arrogance. She thinks Shin and Sizilien are a couple, causing them to deny and react in the obvious and most embarrassed way that proves that they somewhat are.

Episode 7
Shin’s group is getting along pretty fine. Siegfried is interested to know how Shin’s study group practise their magic. So after August explains the boringness of their daily practice of magic strengthening, he then has Maria and Sizilien demonstrate. Their barrier might not be as thick as Shin’s but they’ve improved a lot. Meanwhile we see the other groups still somewhat not getting along. Yeah, a frosty relationship still. Tony is hated by Julio not because the former defected from a knight to a magician but rather the girl Julio likes confessed to Tony and they went out together. Although they broke up shortly, the straw that broke the camel’s back was they kissed. Yeah… Meanwhile on Alice’s side, the knight guys think they’re tough enough to let the magician chicks be protected by them. Of course we seem them getting owned by weak ass demon pups (are they fighting or just playing?) so the girls unleash their devastating magic to show them who’s boss. All those training paid off. All groups finish their joint training with no unwanted incidents. Shin’s group continue to train in a desolated place. The best place to take out all their raw magic power! August then tells them a secret regarding some info they got on demons. He has to since they are basically not the general populace anymore and if anything happens, they’ll be an important part in their forces. The info is about Blusfia having all its citizens and even nobles turned into demons. Hence Earlsheid must form a coalition with other nations or they won’t stand a chance. How to counter this gloomy news? A training camp! Summer break is coming up anyway. Since a resort area isn’t ideal in the current situation, it is suggested that Sizilien’s place would be for the best as her family runs a hotspring. With that, even Merlin and Melida want to join in under pretence to keep an eye on the young ones. Hotsprings are so irresistible. During the journey, a few demon wolves attack. Heck, they look vicious but we know they’re pretty weak. The gang even draw lots to see who attacks them and Lyn won the lottery and gets to blast them all away. Easy pie. Reaching at Sizilien’s estate, everyone takes a dip after a long day’s journey. Nothing exciting over the men’s section. Guys grateful to each other and Shin thanking Merlin so much that it makes the old man cry like a baby. BORING! What about the girls’ side? All those with big boobs like Sizilien, Yuri and Olivia get molested after Melida describes her exercising regimen actually made her boobs smaller because you know, exercising burns away fat! Can’t argue with that!

Episode 8
Everyone’s doing well in their magic training. Shin won’t fall behind too and this causes everyone to take precaution and form a barrier. Just in case. True enough, Shin ravages the mountains! August wants Shin to send him back to his castle for a while so he can get updates on the demons. However he didn’t expect to see his fiancée, Elisabet “Ellie” von Koralle and his little sister, May. They aren’t happy since they went to a camp without them. August reminds them this camp isn’t all fun and games and won’t allow it. Unfortunately Diseum approves of it since it would be a nice change in pace for them. Can’t disobey a king’s words. Both promise to not get in the way of their training. Ellie seems to be more worried of Shin than the other girls as she has this misinterpretation that he is close enough to August for some hot BL action???!!! WTF?! August dispels that thought with some sweet words and then turns the topic about Sizilien. He hopes Shin would make his stance about their relationship clear. Would he rather have he come out and say it instead? Ellie and May are introduced to the rest. May is a big fan of Melida and is thrilled to meet her. Then everyone starts teasing Sizilien about her love, causing her to blush so red that it makes her run away. Oh Shin, better do something quick. And so that night they both talk things out and in the end, they confess they love each other. Finally. Before they seal it with a kiss, only to be interrupted by the cliché of all the busybodies crashing down. There’s no way they could miss this big event, right? Even Merlin and Melida are in on this big scoop. With that, Shin and Sizilien are now officially dating. The magic training continues the next day with Shin coming up with a new practice. It isn’t your ordinary beach volleyball. But one with magic infused! Yes, everybody can use their magic to their heart’s content to send the ball over to the opponent’s side. If there was a championship on this, they’d be winners. Consecutively. At night, August talks about him meeting Ellie for the first time and was the only girl who caught his attention and eyes since unlike the rest, she never tried to butter him up. Everyone has to hide since Melida is coming to check on them (they’re supposed to be sleeping at this hour?). Unfortunately this is the much needed fanservice cliché moment for Shin to hide underneath the same blanket with Sizilien and he accidentally got his hands all over her boobs. I guess you can say they’re busted. But the blame falls on Shin since Melida thinks he is trying to take the relationship to the next level too soon. Oh, everyone also gets busted and punished.

Episode 9
Nothing is more important than interrupting training camp for Sizilien to bring Shin back to her home and introduce him to her parents. Thankfully, instead of that cliché overprotective dad that cute daughters have, Sizilien’s dad is so happy and thankful. He could have further made a fool of himself had his wife not stop him. Of course they remind him that since they are part of the viscount, there needs to be proper steps. This means they must be engaged first before marriage. They’ve at least thought this far, right? Back to the training, you can tell the gang is definitely overpowered when all these explosions are just warm up! Everyone gets defensive again when Shin tries out his new magic. Thankfully it is just floating magic and he successfully can make himself fly now! Later as Shin tells Merlin and Melida about his engagement, looks like they need to go see Sizilien’s parents for an important business. That is, they reveal Shin isn’t their real grandchild and apologize if they accepted their engagement based on this. Though they are disappointed, however that is only because they think little of them. Sizilien’s parents are in fact happy that there is a boy who cares for her and they agreed to their engagement not because of Shin’s status but because he values her. With that out of the way, Shin thanks his grandparents for being his grandparents. Age must have caught up to them because they’re now so teary eyed. Shin has boosted up the stats of the uniforms of his friends. Looks like they’re going to go hunt a dangerous catastrophe level demon. Before that, May feels side-lined again so Shin makes a paper cup and string telephone for her? This isn’t magic! It’s just basic science!!! Shin has those playing support role attack a catastrophe level demon. Damn, they make it look so easy. If they are this powerful, imagine what those offensive level magicians could do. Yup, individual they could easily roast those demons with no sweat. Fast forward to the engagement party. Sizilien looks absolutely stunning in her gown. Diseum leads the party to cheer and drink to their engagement. After the party, Shin proposes to Sizilien with a ring to marry her. Yes! Yes! I do! Man, they really move things along fast.

Episode 10
Now everybody can fly! Yeah, thanks to Shin’s new flying magic! Meanwhile Schtrom has finally destroyed all nobles in Blusfia. He did it by turning the suffering commoners into demons and then exterminate the nobles who still continue to enjoy their lavish lifestyle. With his goal achieved, Schtrom has no other objectives but his demons want to conquer other nations and the world! However Schtrom won’t do something so troublesome. He already achieved what he has to. He tells the rest to do whatever they want. Miria wonders why he doesn’t have any more desires so Schtrom tells his tragic past. During a time he was an imperial duke and going by the name of Oliveira, he truly worked hard for his people. This stems from his journey to Earlsheid during his younger days when he saw commoners living a normal life compared to his Blusfia nation that has a slavery system. Of course the nobles were not pleased by this. They fear when he becomes emperor, he will make policies in favour of the commoners and they will all flock to him while nobles lose their powers. Led by Herald who was then just a noble, they plan to invite Oliveira to the capital for some management training and keep him there. In the meantime, they spread lies to his people about some fake kidnappings Oliveira did. After all, why would a noble treat you so kind, right? They even staged a fake kidnapping trail to show the people the ‘kidnapped women’. That’s when the people decide to take the law into their own hands. Yeah, they burn down his house? Oh, did I mention Oliveira had an expecting wife?

Coincidentally, Oliveira is on his way home and saw his house burnt to the ground. Not sure if the mob beat up and killed his wife because she doesn’t look burnt at all. And they all confront Oliveira inside his burning home?! Once Oliveira heard the rumours he is accused of, he quickly realizes his naivety and connected the dots of the culprits behind this. With him so mad and sad, he Super Saiyans into a demon! Too late to beg for mercy now! He is going to destroy everybody! So Super Saiyan his aura that it turned everything into wastelands!!! Now with his story told, Zest tells Lawrence they need to set a new goal for Schtrom. He is to attack the small kingdom of Sweed that borders with Earlsheid. Doing so will attract Shin. This guy will be the next perfect objective for Schtrom and will make him stronger. Meanwhile August is in some public ceremony when some guard can loudly announce the attacking of demons at Sweed? Man, he really wants to cause a panic, no? But no fear as August assures. They are prepared because they have Shin! But of course. WTF unrobing with style is this part of the tactic? We’re so confident. Now August wants Shin to come up with a new name for their group to add more bite. I’m sure he is looking around for answers. Aha! Don’t worry, people. Ultimate Magicians are here! Oh well, we should have known better. Nothing says like more assurance as Ultimate Magicians take off to the sky! Ultimate Magicians, roll out! Oops, I mean, move out!

Episode 11
The demons begin their attack on Sweed. The Sweed people don’t have to wait for days for reinforcements to arrive. Ultimate Magicians just fly in! A big chunk of this series follows this sort of pattern: Demons terrorize the people, about to kill the weak and helpless, just in time Ultimate Magicians drop in to fight them, demons get cocky and underestimate those kids, realize too late they are f*cking powerful and die standing. Uh huh. We get to see all of Shin’s friends at least having their bit of spotlight in kicking ass. Those who fight Shin themselves draw the raw end of the stick because you know how absurdly powerful he is, right? This sends Lawrence panicking. He thought it was easy to scout his weakness. Only, DOES THIS GUY EVEN HAVE A WEAKNESS???!!! OH SH*T!!! Not only Shin, but his Ultimate Magicians are also f*cking overpowered! Better rethink your strategy. Hence Zest felt he has got more than he bargained for. The plan to gauge Shin’s strength has backfired. Since it would be too much for Lawrence to help the surviving demons to retreat, he sends Miria in. Damn, Dark Phoenix rising? Should’ve sent her in the first place! Meanwhile Schtrom feels envy that Zest didn’t tell him he was having so much fun. Now he wants in. Hey, don’t blame Zest. Weren’t you uninterested in conquering the world in the first place? But at least we can get to the final boss fight very soon… I hope.

Episode 12
Wow. Sizilien healing everybody like Jesus! Until she meets her match when one just couldn’t stop bleeding… Meanwhile Miria takes on some of Ultimate Magicians. I don’t know whether to feel happy and support Miria as she gives them a beat down. For once they aren’t so tough. This distraction allows Lawrence to get the other demons to evacuate. Of course Shin won’t let them escape and is close to doing overkill. However he has to let some go when he spots his friends fighting against Miria. But sorry, no epic showdown because Lawrence assists her in setting up some great explosion to help her escape after the other demons are gone. Damage report, despite the city in ruins, none of Ultimate Magicians suffered any real injuries. Yeah, they’re back up walking. Meanwhile Sizilien is at her wits’ end to heal this guy. She can’t go on anymore. She is even thinking of stripping and let this guy where her auto healing robe. Unfortunately Sizilien’s naked body is only for Shin to see. So he can’t have her stripping and takes over. It’s tough and I don’t know how he does it but he did it. Guy lives. Wow. Sizilien is on the verge of breaking down over her uselessness. But Shin reminds her not to let this near defeat shake her up because look at all the others she has healed. August and Ultimate Magicians have an audience with the king of Sweed. August feels weird about this attack. Because Schtrom didn’t enter the fray, he thought it was a diversion but there are no reports of demon attacks elsewhere. Since this is not over, he proposes an alliance between both nations and will organize a meeting in a few days. August returns to report back to Diseum and is given permission to become the negotiator between both nations. Meanwhile Zest and co get a little lecture from Schtrom. He knew what they were doing but didn’t intervene just to let them know the hard way how formidable Shin is and that is why he must be left alone. When Schtrom asks Miria about that matter, she needs more verification. It hints she might be carrying his baby! Holy sh*t! Ultimate Magicians take off for another mission. Merlin and Melida thought it is going to get a little quieter now. However all of them suddenly come back since nobody booked any accommodation and they don’t want to sleep in the woods. No you appreciate your peace and quiet more?

Wild Child, Wiser None The Less
Oh God. I don’t know how much more I could take but thank goodness it ended. Despite the lacklustre ending that leaves a lot to be desired, I guess it is better than having a rushed ending that would even ruin everything. There is this dilemma to see Shin and Schtrom in an ultimate epic showdown for the world’s fate but I guess it is best to leave the possibility that an ultimate demon baby born between powerful demons to be the one who will get in Shin’s way! Yeah, I think I prefer this but considering after a dozen episodes of mediocrity, I’ll leave that to my wildest imaginations. If I ever want to think of this series in the future, that is.

I thought having low expectations was already bad enough but it seems that wasn’t enough for this series and they went to exceed that by being even more disappointing. Heh. Maybe I was unconsciously not putting enough low expectations on this series in the first place? Even though this series does have some potential, I don’t think it would be anything that would be ground breaking. I mean, the most I can see is turning up the tragedy of humans turning into demons with higher intelligence capabilities. Even so, how far can one go with that kind of storyline? Instead, the series meanders about aimlessly with the initial episodes trying to establish the characters, especially Shin and his friends whose groupie is now known as the Ultimate Magicians (*chuckle, chuckle*)!

Despite the looming threat and introduction of Schtrom as a potentially dangerous demon, the middle of the series further wanders about into some time wasting fillers that don’t mean anything much except to establish the fact that Shin and Sizilien are now officially a couple. I guess that puts to rest the debate of whether or not this should be a harem series. And then the final stretch of the season has the demons attack the neighbouring country and our Ultimate Magicians face their greatest battle yet. Too bad. Not enough episodes left. That’s why it also somewhat feels rushed. Then again, after all that straying, one would wish this would end and not waste any more time.

The characters are just boring, generic and cliché as ever. Especially the main character like Shin whom we have all seen numerous times in other animes. It is like as though he is that same character but existing in a different form in a different universe. To add more cliché insult, they make him overpowered from the start. He can do anything, fix anything, make everything better! It is such a good thing this world lacks the kind of R&D technology despite having magic. Because if they can’t figure it out, let Shin do it! Wow. Everything so easy. Don’t need for any more magicians in this world. One man Shin can do the job. That’s why given all these clichés, it is hard to find Shin likeable or a reason to support him because for us to really want to root for main characters, we have to see him grow as a character and that includes overcoming all his shortcomings and weaknesses through trials and tribulations. What did Shin ever go through? We see him come up with the solutions with ease and even besting the toughest of the toughest mother monsters in the land without breaking a sweat! Without any worries on his face! WTF???!!! I bet the hardest he has ever need to go through was his confession to Sizilien! Yikes!

Making all this seemingly worse is how they start off by letting us know he is from our world and then gets killed off and be reincarnated in this new world. In exchange for losing his old life, he retains his memories. That is isekai logic for you. I guess this isekai thing is so that the series can make a big deal of why he is so overpowered in the first place. Because plucking him out from the common fodder with no background to boot makes it all so suspicious and cheesy. Yeah. Damn if they do, damn if they don’t. Therefore by letting us know that he comes from a different world, it gives an excuse (no matter how flimsy and weak it is) so that this main character is a genius and overpowered one. Hey, remember, isekai logic. Can’t be August. Can’t be Sizilien. Can’t be Maria. It has to be Shin. Despite the rest being talented themselves, Shin is the chosen one. Because he comes from another world! So now you see why this isekai genre is so popular lately?!

I guess I was wrong in the first place to put any sort of hopes regarding Shin’s lack of common sense. To say that he lacks so is somewhat misleading. Sure, he is not taught the proper social ways because of his intense training but it is not like he is stupid, right? Besides, he is more of oblivious and this character you can see everywhere in so many other animes. You know, characters who are just basically dense. An important ingredient (although not necessary) for main characters. Thus with the synopsis having labelled him as one with no common sense, I guess my own common sense failed me as I got taken in to expect something that would make Shin different than the rest of the other main characters. He’s just the same like any dense and oblivious character. But hey, aren’t all geniuses eccentric and hence their quirky behaviours aren’t really that common after all?

The rest of the other characters feel like they don’t matter. So as to show us that Shin is not a lone wolf, therefore he needs to have his own circle of friends. Well, it’s another catch-22 situation because it is a good thing they are growing as powerful as him instead of the need for him to always protect them forever. So if you’re tired of seeing Shin always hogging to overpowered spotlight, sometimes we get to see his friends. Following his footsteps to become the next destructive force in the land! And then the world! So to basically sum up his groupie: August the royalty trope. Ellie also the royalty trope but female version. Sizilien the cutie girlfriend. Maria her token best friend. Also the girl who sometimes b*tch about wanting to have her own boyfriend. Yuri for fanservice since she got the biggest bust. Alice the loli type for those not into big boobs. But don’t call her a kid. That’s her taboo word. May the little sister trope. Lyn the megane girl. Also comic relief for her magic to get overpowered enough to blow up and cause some afro hairstyle joke. Thor the girly guy. Julius the manly guy. Mark and Olivia the normal people. I guess that sums up the kids.

I don’t want to go through the same cycle for the adults because who likes to talk about old people, right? This series seems to introduce a lot of irrelevant people and they make it look like as though they are going to be significant later on since their name pops up on screen. But it could be just red herring. You know, don’t want this certain butler and maid to be just nameless NPCs. Here, slap a name onto them. Yeah… That should make them feel a little more important. Otherwise, Merlin and Melida feel like a grumpy old couple and being that famous magician during their heydays feel a lot like anime fantasy. Heh. I feel Diseum has the weirdest name because it sounds like, “Diss ‘em”…

The antagonists are also big fails themselves. I wonder if Schtrom knows how to be a proper villain. Sure, he has a goal. He just wants revenge on those who wronged him. I won’t say it’s noble because like they say, a thief with a cause is still a thief. So destroying the entire empire and turning commoners into demons isn’t exactly justice but I guess when you’re in his shoes at that desperate situation, you don’t give a f*cks anymore. Funny Schtrom didn’t kill and destroy Blusfia the moment he turned into a demon. What took him so long? I thought he could just Super Saiyan and his aura is enough to devastate everything? Was the plot telling him to wait for Shin to come of age? Maybe his demon experiment needed that long to be successful. Because of that, his past despite being tragic, I just can’t help feel any sympathy for him. Oddly at first he didn’t want to anything more after destroying Blusfia because funny, he never really thought that far his next move? Because had he turned greedy and decided to conquer the world after that, despite how cliché that sounds, I guess it is better than ‘retiring’. Now he is probably going to play daddy to the greatest demon baby ever…

This mind boggling reason is probably to make his other ‘generals’ move and be put to some use. Because otherwise why the heck do we need Zest, Miria and even Lawrence who was lately introduced. Yeah, suddenly this Lawrence dude pops up. Like, who the f*ck this guy?! Kurt as the initial antagonist was easily a one-dimensional bad guy to make viewers obviously hate him. Like as though they forced him to be this a big asshole and jerk. And he became a sacrifice to be killed off as the shock factor so our main character Shin can look like he has grown and matured because killed somebody by breaking the status quo he tainted his hands. Killing for the greater good is allowed, right?

I did mention a few paragraphs ago about the middle episodes in the season losing its way to eventually set up Shin x Sizilien. Well, it seems they want to add some romance factor into this series but it feels like a distraction and not really important. Perhaps important to show us that these kids have something else other than improving their magic. Got to level up on your love life too! Thus I feel Shin x Sizilien romance sometimes feel awkward and forced. I mean, we expected them to end up together. But like this? Those blushing, shy-shy moments so cheesy… Yeah, just to confirm it all, they go a step further with that Meet-The-Parents session so that they can really tell us they are serious with this dating stuff and future marriage thingy. So as not to spam Shin x Sizilien romance, there is Mark x Olivia but I guess we’re not interested in normal and established childhood friend love drama, right? Because it’s not that they show their affections in public either.

Not to be outdone by Shin and Sizilien, I guess August too must have his own. That’s why they brought in Ellie. A character otherwise that can be done without. Strangely, all the guys are taken. Even Thor and Julius have their own fiancée since they don’t brag about it and we won’t know about it if they didn’t mention it. Hence it is the rest of the girls in the group who are still singles. WTF this logic. Nobody interested in busty Yuri or Ellie or even loli type Alice?! Megane type Lyn also nobody interested? How about kickass Maria?! Oh yeah. Maybe they’re too high to be reached by any other ordinary guys. Remember, they are already in the next level of magic greatness. They’re the Ultimate Magicians!!! Hwarhwarhwar!!!! So stay strong girls. One day there’ll be a prince for you who could match your standards. Just keep waiting…

With everything so overpowered and so freaking easy, it is no wonder that the action bits look and feel boring. You’ve heard me say a few times already that Shin and his Ultimate Magicians are just too powerful for anything. Heck, if they turn evil, they could easily conquer the heavens, dispose of God and become Gods themselves! Hence with lots of big magic firepower and explosion to reflect how overpowered they are, it comes off as cheesy than any wow factor. They have the strongest offence in the land thanks to all that ‘rigorous training’. They have the best defence in the land since Shin conveniently enhance their uniforms so no more messed up uniforms from now on if they ever get trashed in battle. If that ever happens, that is. And now they also have the best mobility in the land because Shin taught them to be Superman. Up, up and away! Look up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Ultimate Magicians!!! Hahaha!

Art and animation feel mediocre. Sometimes you can see the drop in quality and even during action sequences, the quality of the animation takes a dip. The characters also look pretty bland and generic maybe except for Schtrom before he lost his visor. Because I thought he looked cool with those blindfolds. Like as though he is this anime’s version of Rider from Fate/Stay Night and Godot from Gyakuten Saiban S2. I don’t know, it feels like a lazy reason that when one turn into demons, their sclera just turn red. That’s all. You mean, no fangs or claws? Or even wings to boot? Okay. Fine with me. This series is animated by Silver Link and since they’ve animated so many varied series in their long line of history such as Strike The Blood, Non Non Biyori, Masamune-kun No Revenge, Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu, Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism, Kokoro Connect and Imouto Sae Ireba Ii, one would thought the quality would at least be decent. I guess not.

Voice acting part, there is a hell lot of characters, many of whom probably made short cameo appearances. I only recognized Kenjirou Tsuda as Zest and Sayaka Ohara as Miria. It’s good to hear the latter back as voicing yet another antagonist, a role I pigeonholed her voice for a long time. Initially I thought Aoi Yuuki was Alice. Yeah, that spunky squeaky cutie voice. To my surprise, it isn’t! That’s Miyu Kubota as Alice (Medusa in Jashin-chan Dropkick). Damn she sounds close enough. Or am I losing my touch? There is one character whom I feel wasn’t suitable for her character. Maya Hinanogi as May sounds very, uhm, horrible! As a virtual YouTuber, being an amateur is understandable. However the way May sounds is like as though some gay guy is using his falsetto voice in one of the worst attempts to make a little sister sound like a little sister! Just horrible. This makes May doesn’t sound anywhere close to a little sister at all. But having said she is a virtual YouTuber personality, it could be that he real identity could be some otaku guy… I don’t want to know…

The rest of the other casts are Yuusuke Kobayashi as Shin (Subaru in Re: Zero Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu), Rina Honizumi as Sizilien (Saaya in Hugtto Precure), Yuuki Wakai as Maria (Sumeragi in Kakegurui), Shohei Komatsu as August, Juri Nagasuma as Yuri (Yuka in Circlet Princess), Arisa Shida as Thor (Amanda in Little Witch Academia), Keisuke Koumoto as Julius (Nozomu in Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda), Megumi Yamaguchi as Lyn (Hifumi in New Game), Shouta Hayama as Mark (Ichiro in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss), Saya Satou as Olivia (Clara in Ange Vierge), Chiaki Kobayashi as Tony (Keiji in Boogiepop And Others), Yuusaku Yara as Merlin (Rod in Shingeki No Kyojin), Gara Takashima as Melida (Hild in Aa! Megami-sama), Mitsuaki Hoshino as Diseum (Friedman in Toji No Miko), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Schtrom (Sasaki in Gintama), Noriaki Sugiyama as Lawrence (Shirou in Fate/Stay Night), Nozomi Kimura as Elle, Makoto Kaneko as Siegfried (Daichi in Tsuki Ga Kirei) and Aoi Koga as Christina (titular character in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai).

I find the opening theme somewhat unsuitable for the series. Ultimate Magic By I-ris sounds like a bubbly, happy-happy cute idol song that I believe suits better for a high school rom-com than this fantasy failure. You know a series has signs of failing when the opening scene of the credits shows Shin bursting into topless-ness! WTF???!!! Among the happy-happy scenes you see in this credits like Merlin and Melida doing some weird old couple dancing together and the gang getting chased around by a demon boar (was this their pre- overpowered magic days?), it gets harder to take it seriously when the face of those villains finally pop up right at the end of the song. Happy-happy song and then finally badass villains’ mug comes up. I don’t know. Feels so weird. And it’s not the trippy kind of weird.

I also feel the ending theme is unsuitable despite Attouteki Vivid Days by Nanami Yoshi sounds badass with its rock tune and its ending credits animation looking a bit edgy (at least the opening moments). Because after the kind of mediocrity seen here, it feels this song is too good to be wasted on this. This rock outfit reminds me of Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka’s ending theme and would have fit that kind of action series better. But the weirdest and mind blowing is that one of the episodes, the ending credits animation suddenly becomes this strangely horrible CGI Vocaloid dancing sequence. I think it was inspired by that cute Chika dance in the special ending theme of Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai. However this isn’t cute or infectious at all. It comes off as lame and stiff. Horrible to watch. Like as though somebody did a fan video of this but accidentally uploaded it to the series. Worst of all, it has no relation to the series whatsoever. Because who the f*ck is that girl dancing?! Not even one of the characters! Is that Maria, seriously?! I don’t think so.

Overall, yet another disappointing isekai anime added to the list. Poor storyline pacing that lacks substance and characters that you don’t want to even care (plus a lot of other characters that don’t really matter) and a really easily overpowered main character leaves a bitter taste and not a good impression in this genre. It felt like this series is done just to cash in on the rising isekai popularity but the staffs aren’t interested in developing properly but had to because higher management said so because otherwise this season’s anime slot will be 1 show less had not some crappy show being produced. Heh. I could be wrong but it still doesn’t hide the fact that this series is bad. Very bad. It’s just common sense. If there was only a magic solution for Shin to formulate to fix this. But just like stupidity, no magic or miracle can cure it. Hence the Ultimate Maji Deshou Ka (Ultimate Seriously)?!

Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga

August 17, 2019

It sounded and looked so much like porn material. I mean, when you have school teachers and their students getting into very sexy and ambiguous positions many times, can this not be more than just coincidence and definitely porn logic? But alas, do not fret. Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga isn’t actually hentai although it is very heavy on the ecchi fanservice side. Not hentai because no sex. Phew, right? Don’t have to worry that they might have increased the number of hentai series masquerading as normal anime this season. The cupid of love must be a stupid mean guy as our poor students here are caught in embarrassing sexy situations with their teachers. It is already awkward enough to see your teacher outside school (although most of us will have this thought that they have no authority here!), what more in such mortifying circumstances. Thankfully it’s just both of them alone so no public humiliation. A secret they can both share and keep… So are these students lucky or unlucky? Maybe a bit of both.

Episode 1
Ichirou Satou is f*cked. Just when he entered the toilet, he sees Kana Kojima using it. Yeah, the ladies is being cleaned so she’s using this one. Satou fears this is it as Kojima has a reputation for being a demon teacher. Plus, the lock is jammed! WTF?! He thought of calling the other guys coming in for help but she pulls him closely so as not to make a sound. This has his face in her boobs and she makes the weirdest but cutest sound. Then she can’t hold herself any longer. Satou too can’t hold himself any longer and hugs her. So did they both ‘leak’? A week later and they both act like it’s nothing but Satou can’t get it out of his mind. He tries to play truant at the infirmary by faking a sprain foot but Kojima is there too! Yes, she is really sick. But sleeping in her revealing clothes? Since Kojima is really in pain, she wants him to put suppository into her ass! WTF?! Hurry! Stick it into her! So he does it blindfolded. Hope he gets the right hole. Eventually he does so and this ambiguous scene… Is she climaxing or what? But what a relief, no? Fellow teacher, Mayu Matsukaze comes to check so Satou instinctively hides underneath the sheets. He thought he is screwed by Kojima pats him for helping her. Next day, he caught her cold. Since she is acting all shy while visiting him, he is starting to think better of her until she gets mad about lying about his sprain foot. So she sticks the suppository into him so as he could heal faster and get scolded! Here comes the pain train!

Episode 2
Satou takes shelter in a coin operated laundry store. Yeah, Kojima is there too. All soaked from the rain. With no other clothes, Satou lends his while she gets hers dried. Kojima is afraid of lightning and clings on to him. Then the lights go out. Why the f*ck is the circuit breaker so high?! He lets her sit on his shoulders to reach but he sees underboobs! The consciousness has them losing their footing. Some laundry detergent poured over her so when Satou tries to lift her up, the slipperiness means his hands grope her boobs. He panics and pulls down the shirt, causing a few buttons to come undone. When Kojima now tries to let him sit on her shoulders, she could feel his dick poking her head. This is going to be a long day. When Satou returns home in the mountains, why the f*ck is Kojima here too?! Apparently she is good friends with his mom, Saki and is helping to look after his baby sister, Shio. As you would guess, Shio cries whenever demon teacher holds her. She laments her parents are nagging her to get married, etc. With Satou being good with kids, could he be the one? No way! They’re teacher and student, right? As they dip in the inflatable pool, her old swimsuit just makes her look more erotic. Shio gets naughty and pulls the string to make her top undone. During the commotion, Shio falls off and although both manage to catch her, they accidentally kiss! Shio then starts liking Kojima and sucks her boobs. Maternal instincts going to kick in? In the aftermath, Saki teases that her son is good enough to be her partner. Oh, she’s serious about it too? Kojima dismisses it although she is embarrassed thinking about that kissing incident and brushes it off as an accident. She gets the wrong idea seeing Satou laying the futon and seemingly inviting her to bed (it’s for Shio) and scolds him he should at least wait till he graduates.

Episode 3
What the f*ck is Kojima doing in Satou’s room?! Saki called her over to celebrate Kojima moving into her new place. But at their home? Saki seems to have an ulterior motive when she lets Kojima drink a bit of alcohol. Now she’s totally drunk! She shows this photo album in which she was a plain and shy girl. Then she points out to this kid (Satou obviously) who was her motivation to become a teacher. Something about he jumped down a bridge to prove he has climbed into adulthood and she too jumped down to save him. Of course they were okay and despite that adulthood thingy didn’t work, but somehow Satou pointed out it made her brave enough to talk to him. As she is still unaware of who this kid is, mom blurts out the truth. Is Kojima mad? In fact she hugs him and has always wanted to meet him. Yeah, still under the influence. With that, Saki sneakily hopes she can ‘take care’ of her son. Wink, wink. Mom will let them be together alone. Kojima is all over him and when she finds his porn mag, she thinks he is into girls with big boobs and starts stripping so as to let him have her way with her. Then mom is coming back in and Satou really needs to stop this ambiguous blowjob scene. When she wants him to transfer water via their mouths, it hits Satou that if the school finds out about this, her life will be over. Before he could put some sense into her, she kisses him. Mom must be smiling to see them ‘advance’ this much. Oh please do continue. Sorry for interrupting. Next day in school, Satou gets scolded and reprimanded by her when he tried to call her onee-san as she told him to. He thinks she completely forgot what happened last night. Actually she still remembers and is just embarrassed he called her that.

Episode 4
Satou is supposed to be on a family vacation. But why the hell is Kojima here too?! Apparently dad got work to do so instead of letting this extra ticket go to waste, Saki thought of inviting Kojima. After all, she is going to be family soon, right? With Satou being dense, mom tells him she is hinting that she likes him and do as he pleases with her. Yeah, mom wants to go shopping… So first order of a beach outing is for a guy to put sun lotion on a girl’s back, right? As he applies them, Satou gets worried if she likes him and Kojima accidentally blurted out she likes him. This panic causes him to accidentally grab her boobs. Embarrassed, she runs into the water but gets her leg cramped. Then she thought she got bitten by a sea snake. Did it bite near her crotch?! Don’t worry. Satou will save her by sucking and spitting it out. Damn, that face. Did she climax? Did she have a good time?! In the aftermath as they attend some party reception, Kojima thanks him and it is one of the most angelic faces he has ever seen. Not that he has seen this side of hers either. They see a wedding in progress and Satou hopes they can come here alone after he graduates. But she scolds him that there should be proper order for things. Kojima goes out drinking with Matsukaze. She is happy to see Kojima getting along well with Satou. Unfortunately Matsukaze laments her own happiness. She likes Rin Suzuki and nothing has happened since the 3 years that passed. They’re not getting any closer.

Episode 5
Now that Satou is dating Kojima, he can’t hang around with his lunch buddy, Suzuki. Poor guy. But don’t fear, Matsukaze is here to accompany him! As they share their food, Matsukaze gets flustered and falls into the pond. In his bid to catch her, he rips her skirt. Oh dear. A bit stuck, he tries to pull her out but she’s in a freaking weird position with her legs open. It’s like God wants to see more of this perversion hence we got Suzuki accidentally switching on the water fountain for water to spray into her ass, her shirt button becoming undone and when he pulls her out, her panties got stuck so… I think that’s enough ecchi for today. On the train home, it is crowded as usual. But Suzuki is shocked that Matsukaze is here too. Oh yeah. Her shirt caught in the door. She tries to remove it but as the train turns, she loses her footing and clings on to him. Boobs pressed against his body. Oh, did I mention her buttons come undone too? Yes, boobs in the flesh against his body!!! In order to protect her, he turns her around but now she’s got her boobs pressed against the window. Does this look like some hentai rape scene? Before they reach the next stop, he hopes to button her shirt. But why is this button not fastening? That’s not her button! OMG are you playing with her tits???!!! Not sure if she climax but down the next station, a staff thinks Suzuki molested Matsukaze due to her clothes in disarray. Matsukaze tries to pass themselves as a couple but Suzuki will not allow this. However she misinterprets this as she doesn’t turn him on and ‘dies’.

Episode 6
Suzuki is ordering a fast food set when Matsukaze is also here. Suddenly it rains and neither brought their umbrella. Lucky for them, Suzuki’s younger siblings, Rei and Suzu brought one. Suzuki offers to share. Because Suzu didn’t like the toy that comes with the lucky set, she throws it away and it ends up in Matsukaze’s cleavage. Damn, she gets turned on by its vibration? When a truck is seen coming, Suzuki has all of them hide behind the umbrella but the handle got stuck in Matsukaze’s ass! In the end, Matsukaze runs the rest of the way home. Back home, her sister, Saya chides her for buying another toy with the lucky set and she should act her age. But Matsukaze says this isn’t a child’s toy. It’s an adult toy! Oh man, she’s right in some ways. When Matsukaze and Kojima are drinking. They got drunk so Satou brings the latter back. This has Matsukaze falling asleep and dreaming of the first time she met Suzuki. She was already late on her way to taking an exam to become a teacher and her high heels broke. Suzuki who was working nearby as a construction worker, offered to help carry her although she was first terrified at his face. Carrying her on his back, he ran all the way. Of course with Matsukaze’s bra unhooking in the process, it was one wild and weird ride. They reached in time and he even was kind enough to fix her shoes. That was when she started falling for him but he left without giving her a chance to thank him. Matsukaze wakes up, shocked to realize Suzuki is carrying her back. Satou called him about this. Although Matsukaze has never got the chance to let him know her feelings, at least she manages to thank him.

Episode 7
Matsukaze, Saya and Suzuki meet Takashi Takahashi of another school to plan for their joint festival. Unfortunately, Hikari Hazakura barges in feels up all over Takashi and teases him which of the sisters she likes. Weird. Takashi goes home and is shocked to see Hikari sleeping at his place. I suppose the heater in her place is broken. Then she pulls him in and hugs him while she sleeps. Takashi narrates they have been childhood friends but Hikari has always been ‘bullying’ him and treating him like a toy. Now that he is grown up, looks like things haven’t changed. He tries to break free but somehow unhooked her bra. He tries to put it back but now he has full view of her boobs. Worse, she pulls him in. Full face boobs. He can’t break free since she is strong and somehow ends up sucking on her tits. When she wakes up, he thinks he is done for but she pats his head and thinks he is longing for mama. Good news is that she didn’t get mad but bad news is she doesn’t see him as a man. When she leaves, Hikari is actually embarrassed of it and thinks his male instincts have awoken. It will be bad if he continues to dominate her like this. Hence she brings him adult shopping. Lingerie shopping. Yeah. She forces him to pick a set and because he is so embarrassed and conscious of this awkward situation, he hands he a see though set. She’s getting embarrassed as she puts them on. Suddenly Takashi takes her hand to run away from this place. Don’t worry. He already paid for it. Oh my. Hikari running through the mall in her undies! So when Takashi realizes too late, he tries to help cover her but flops. The embarrassment look on her face is priceless. WTF escalator handle rubbing against her pussy until she can take it no more… In the aftermath, Hikari forgives everything since they’re adults. Just when Takashi thought she has changed, then again, she might still be the same Hikari who never grew up as she childishly mixes her soda drink.

Episode 8
On a field trip, because Takashi is still conscious of that day, he accidentally falls into the river. Although Hikari tries to pull him back up, she also falls in. They take shelter in a cave as a storm is building up. However with Takashi freezing from hypothermia, Hikari has no choice but to strip herself and warm him up with her bare skin. Yeah, thank TV for that. Suddenly Takashi feels thirsty (not of the sexual kind!) and starts sucking her tits! She tries to pour some barley tea for him but spills it over her lower half. Oh my, Takashi going to drink that filthy pool now???!!! When everything is settled, Takashi barely conscious thinks about his ‘tortured’ past with her but there were also many times she took care of him when he was sick. Because of that, he says he loves her before falling asleep, leaving Hikari panicking all by herself. Suzuki is at the cultural festival. With Matsukaze. Naughty Hikari teases her that she likes Suzuki and quickly handcuffs her so she could participate in this game of hers. Hikari shoves the duo into a room to do whatever they want since the key is inside here. In the room, Matsukaze wonders if Suzuki heard what they said. To her relief, he didn’t. But he just lied because he actually did and is in shock if Matsukaze really likes him. Because of that, he fumbles and the key drops out of his hand. The key falls and unhooks her bra?! HOW THE F*CK CAN THIS HAPPEN???!!! Better still, the key gets stuck in her butt!!! WTF???!!! HOW???!! HOW????!!! Matsukaze has him close his eyes so she can guide him to take off her panties (her hands are cuffed, remember?). Can’t blame this tall guy since he gropes her boobs first. After he manages to take them off and the key falls off, man, he should’ve seen her orgasmic face… In the aftermath, he apologizes despite she doesn’t mind all that trouble. Then she accidentally mentions she loves him and upon realizing this, she runs away in embarrassment. Suzuki has confirmed she does have feelings for him but worries about their teacher-student relationship. But after seeing Satou-Kojima and Takashi-Hikari, I guess no worries. Everybody is doing it too.

Episode 9
Saya and Takashi are supposed to patrol the school grounds. Because Saya views Takashi as manly, this makes Hikari jealous. She is going to make him embarrass himself but she accidentally falls through the floor and gets stuck. As they go to get help, Hikari won’t let him leave. He too falls through. With the hole in the ground getting bigger, Hikari is now left hanging. Takashi tries to support her but she needs to pee. Conveniently there’s a bucket. And please pull down my pantsu too so I can do my business. After this embarrassing situation, Hikari thinks she can solve this by also making Takashi wet himself?! However he leaves with the rest and this makes Hikari think he has abandoned her. In actual case, he is too shy to face her. Later, Hikari is in a bear mascot outfit and taking out her frustration by interrupting couples. However this backfired because they got closer instead. Now she becomes a target of other boys and girls who want to be bumped by her. She runs and hides but Takashi knows where to find her. A little commotion and I don’t even know how they ended up in a 69 position inside her suit???!!! It’s for some sleazy fanservice for Takashi to be rubbing against her naked body. I don’t know how they got out but Takashi made an uncool confession he loves her and in return, she makes a selfish declaration he belongs to her. Meanwhile Matsukaze is still trying to find the bear. She thinks she hugs it and declares her love for Suzuki. Only, she is hugging the real Suzuki. He somewhat accepts her proposal and even suggests they get married in the future. Too much for her to handle as she passes out. Is that from shock or happiness?

Episode 10
Kou Tanaka is jealous that his friends are dating their teachers. He vows to get his own girlfriend and then they can all go on a group date. Can’t blame him. The parfait café he works in… All macho men behind the kitchen!!! So freaking gay!!! On his way out of the kitchen, he accidentally spills some oil over his teacher, Chizuru Tachibana. He fears this school nurse as she has no expression and has a reputation of not caring for students who seek treatment. It gets worse as she nonchalantly takes off her top. Panic, he trips and somehow has his hands slip onto her boobs. Because he sprained his ankle, he can’t get up. More boobs fondling until she has to cover his face. After getting off, though she wants to treat his ankle, he tolerates the pain to go get help elsewhere. It seems Tachibana notes she has failed again. As she talks to Hikari, her goal is to get closer to her students. Hikari advises to change her facial expression because no one can tell what she’s thinking with a face like that. On Christmas Eve, Tachibana is in Tanaka’s home! Sexy Santa? In her bid to get to know him, she shows him a video she records of herself every Christmas. What a lonely Christmas… Thankfully this year she doesn’t have to be lonely. She has a penchant to write her name on everything she owns too. Then accidentally a sexy clip of her. Tanaka panics. Cake drops. She saves it but her ass now ends up on top of his head. Don’t even know how the champagne popped and sprayed into her ass! When he sees her name written on her pantsu, I guess that’s enough for tonight knowing about her. In the end, they exchange presents. He gives her a teddy bear and quickly writes her name on it. What does she give him? Her pantsu!!! Merry Christmas, lover boy! Of course later we find out she mixed up with the actual present.

Episode 11
How did Tanaka end up with Tachibana on Iwagaki Island? Apparently she won some grand prize raffle and shared it with him. At the beach, she starts stripping. Don’t worry. She’s got swimsuits under. Too bad no swimming sign. Don’t they know not to play too closely on the cliffs? Because of that, Tachibana slides down and what do you know? Her bottom came off. Tanaka dives in to help her out and realizes too late her nude bottom. As he tries to push her back up, naughty hermit crab got stuck in her boobs. Tanaka tries to take it out but ends up pinching her nipples! Did that feel good? After getting out, they did a lot of things together. This has Tanaka start thinking if he has fallen for his teacher. That night when they’re supposed to go stargazing, it rained. Taking shelter in a cave, obviously something needs to happen. They both fall deeper into the hole and your guess is as good as mine who they’d end up in that ambiguous position. They can’t move freely due to stalactites. Careful. Don’t want to destroy them. As Tachibana moves slowly, it’s your perverted excuse to somehow lose her clothing from all that tight crawling. Best fanservice view for Tanaka? I don’t know how, it ended up with him sucking her tits. Thanks stalactites! Although the rain clears up, it is still cloud. But don’t fear, the cave now looks as starry as the sky. Tanaka accidentally says out loud he is in love with her. However he feels disappointed seeing Tachibana views him more of a student than a man. So he thinks. Because she feels embarrassed enough and won’t let him look at her.

Episode 12
Tanaka really wants Valentine’s chocolates, eh? Yeah, he really waits after school to at least receive one. None! So sad. Only if the blizzard didn’t hit town. But what’s this? Tachibana freezing from the cold outside?! So as they warm up inside, Tanaka spots a chocolate from her but thinks it is from Hikari since it is the same packaging that Takashi got. She decides to share with him but damn it melted all over her tits! Cue for Tanaka to slip and land himself sucking up the ‘chocolate fondue’! When Tanaka confesses he likes her and wants to go out with her, she rejects. Shock! It gets awkward between them but it seems Tachibana can’t say something and she hopes he will wait until after graduation. During graduation, Tanaka gives his speech. He’s crying not because he is graduating, but rather he got rejected! So sad. Tanaka’s friends are at his place. Somehow the rest of the teachers too as they make cake. Somehow Tachibana gets flour all over her boobs. As she changes in Tanaka’s room, cue for mishap to happen. I don’t even know how the fishing reel ended up tying her up and everything!!! Tanaka goes to get scissors to cut it but Tachibana fears Hikari will come in and see this awkward position. Thank goodness Tanaka cuts the line in time. Tachibana then hugs him but she is shivering. Now she can finally say it. She too loves him and wants to date him. She is waiting for graduation day because now he is officially no longer her student. Finally happy ending for Tanaka! As spring arrives, the quartet of pairs are shocked to discover each other dating. Damn, is this sakura spot the best place to make out?

Nande Ero Ni Sensei Ga?!
Wow. Teachers really ending up with their students? I guess no adult men could give them a greater love than their students. These are really cougar ladies. Let’s just hope that others will not discover about this affair. Because it would really become scandalous for a teacher-student relationship to be busted. Only Tanaka-Tachibana looks valid since Tanaka has already graduated. So you’re a real man now. Go do whatever you want with your girl! The rest still have to thread carefully until they at least graduate. Let’s hope their relationship will not also be busted because of the preferential treatment they get in class. You know, I pass instead of fail you because you’re my lover boy.

Sometimes how the pace flows or the absurd things that happened dangerously borders hentai logic. Though still very much soft porn. Basically the plot is how students end up in very ambiguous and embarrassing situations with their teachers. So how do you do that? Here. As seen, the weirdest and most illogical of moments that defy science and physics happened right here. It’s never going to happen in real life (although the chances aren’t remotely zero) and the way all those accidents keep piling up, damn they are either the most blessed students or the most bad luck teachers. Like as though fate is pulling a cruel prank on them to be together. You know, that stupid cupid instead of firing his normal arrow of love instead missed and that’s why the teachers get sexed up here. Yeah. It feels a lot like that. Especially how every skit starts with the student being surprised their freaking sensei is here. How the heck they always end up in the same place?! I smell a conspiracy going on…

The only reason why this isn’t hentai is because no penetration was done. Uh huh. Fanservice galore of tits, boobs and crotch shots in our faces! But oh yeah, no f*cking of dicks entering pussies, that’s no hentai. This series is so sexy and ecchi enough that there is a censored version. The one that I watched of course. And you’ve guessed it, you want to see those delicious tits without the censors, pay some money and support the BDs. Poor guys like me only get to use my own imagination ;p. The things is, those censors are already annoying but sometimes when the scene is too risqué, that censor can actually take up the entire screen! Good luck trying to guess what the heck is happening. Depending on how zoomed in the sexually charged scene is, the censor size can vary. But don’t worry. The censor designs are tailored to that particular teacher so here’s your consolation. Heh. Maybe it’s time to break the piggy bank for the BDs…

I have this theory why the plot is so. You know for all of us that went to high school, there is always that strict and snobbish b*tch teacher that we seem to hate. Or perhaps there is that young beautiful teacher whom we had a crush on but find it hard to approach. This anime feels like taking out that sort of fantasy with them. You know, the strictest of the strictest teacher is still a woman and what a way to bring her down than getting into this sort of weird perverted situations. Yeah. That should show her! Admit it. You at least thought of that once! And then there’s this nearly twisted porn logic that if you pleasure your teacher good enough, she’ll fall in love with you. That’s short of that porn logic of f*cking a girl until she loves you. Basically you feel it’s like that. After getting into enough embarrassing perverted situations, I suppose these poor teachers can’t marry someone else because this student of theirs have seen their everything and since they aren’t that bad, hey why not date them?! Students and teachers dating aren’t something new if you go all the way back to Onegai Teacher and Okusama Wa Joshi Kousei. But this want waits for things to become too sexy before they become a couple.

The characters aren’t really anything deep and in fact are typical clichés of many other characters you might find almost everywhere. Heck, you can even tell how normal they are because their names are among the most common of commoners in Japan. We have the typically normal boy Satou. Then there is the delinquent looking Suzuki who is actually a gentle giant more than anything else. Then we have the meek ‘little brother’ type in Takashi. Finally the bespectacled senpai in Tanaka. There you have it. Just 4 ordinary guys who used to be single but they struck love lottery in the form of their sensei. Strange, huh? It’s not the popular girl in class nor their childhood friend nor the new transfer girl whatsoever. But their sensei. Yeah. Love is so weird alright. But if you really want to know more about them, the mid-intermission has all their bio and details. Not that you could actually use it for anything important. Except maybe for our sensei’s vital 3 sizes statistics ;p.

The teachers also feel like common personality types cliché. Of course there is the strict demon teacher who has this reputation that sends shivering fear down everyone’s spine just the mention of her name. That’s you Kojima. And look how she got ‘tamed’. Funny, right? Love really does change a woman. But in her case, lots of pervy situations before that. Then you have Matsukaze as the nicest teacher whom every student would like to get. Because she just want to give thanks to a certain student she is indebted, she ended up in many situations that outrages her modesty. Any students would have given his thanks for that! Also, despite her meek nature, it is hinted that Matsukaze could be the most perverted of them all because you can see some hints that she really wants to get it on with Suzuki but gets disappointed when this guy is such a gentleman. Then the brute, crude and sporting teacher in Hikari who hides all that true emotion behind this outburst. All those embarrassing situations must be a sign to tell her to be true to her feelings, huh? And finally the taciturn and emotionless teacher Tachibana who wants to get close to a student but gets more than she bargained. I guess she opened up a lot more than required, eh? Damn, and I thought these teachers ending up with their students instead of their peers of the same age shows how sad their love life is, huh? Oh well. Better to have found love than none at all.

Art and animation look okay and pretty standard. I suppose it is a good thing that the creators are into mature woman because all of them have really big tits. Even if the creators don’t have that kind of fetish, just imagine a really flat teacher in all those perverted situations. I don’t think it would be that stimulating. So yeah. Those humongous boobs really do have a role in here. A role to be molested, squeezed, rubbed on and the likes. Thanks for the oppai! This anime is animated by Tear Studio, a relatively new studio whose other works for now include Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine Movie and Lord Of Vermillion: Guren No Ou (joint with Asread).

For the voice acting part, looks like Yuuko Gotou has reached her quota of voicing a character in an anime per year. Got to take it easy on that voice now after recovering from that lupus illness. As Matsukaze, this is her most prolific character she voiced in recent years as those like in Overlord and Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon are just very short cameos. Voicing Matsukaze as the main character feels like she is ready to make a comeback as she still hasn’t lose her touch on that trademark voice of hers. Probably we will get to hear more of her this year than wait for next year. The rest of the other casts are Sumire Uesaka as Kojima (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Ryouta Suzuki as Satou (Yuuga in Dorei-ku The Animation), Toshiki Masuda as Suzuki (Kirishima in Boku No Hero Academia), Shizuka Ishigami as Hikari (Renge in Kyoukai No Rinne), Kazutomi Yamamoto as Takashi (Yumoto in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love), Nozomi Yamamoto as Tachibana (Chihiro in Imouto Sae Ireba Ii), Yuusuke Kobayashi as Tanaka (Subaru in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) and Yuka Ootsubo as Saya (Kyouko in YuruYuri).

While the opening theme, Bon Kyu Bon Wa Kare No Mono by Sumire Uesaka sounds generic, it is the lyrics that are quite naughty if you pay attention to it. When you have words that tempt you to touch boobs, thighs and ass, it’s like some sort of ‘warning’ on what to expect when you watch this series. And it also sounds like some sort of desperate attempt for the guy to do anything to her if he becomes her boyfriend. Boy, sex really sells. The ending theme is Ringo-iro Memories and there is a different version sung by the teacher in focus of that episode. The song isn’t too bad but it is filled with lots of sound effects that sometimes to me sound a bit trippy. Maybe all that ecchi spammed in my face had some sort of psychological effect on me? Oh heck. I’ve been a pervert for a long time! You can’t control me like that now! Can you?

Overall, if you harbour that sort of naughty fetish with your teacher, this series finally answered your wishes. Or if you feeling horny and want something naughty without resorting to legit porn or smut, this is your short term solution (though, there is another ecchi series in the same season about a student too horny to study: Midara Na Ao-chan Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai – but with much lesser ecchi fanservice). Ecchi lovers will find this enjoyable because the lack of any confusing story plot and no brainer ecchi situations just for the sake of mind blowing fanservice will have you break into a smile as well as go WTF in your mind at the same time. Now I know why when we stumble into our teachers outside school, we get that same panicky feeling. Who’d knew that this kind of situation might arise? I guess we all learn something from watching this. Sex education is best learnt via hands on approach!

SEX! Sex education!!! Aha! Got your attention there, did I? I guess there is this myth that guys think about sex many times a day. Probably even more so when you’re a healthy young guy. Even though you will be labelled a pervert and other less than desirable nicknames, I suppose guys don’t really give a damn and continue to ‘stay true’ to that depravity. But what happens if it is a girl? Can girls actually think about sex too? Societal norms say otherwise. Therefore in Midara Na Ao-chan Benkyou Ga Dekinai, our titular character is trying to get into a good university and she might have actually no problem in doing that had not those dirty thoughts on sex keep propping up in her mind! Too much sex on your mind! Too horny to study! Oh dear. What would others think about her? What would society think about her? Oh, did I mention her dad is an erotic novelist? Oh dear. Prospects don’t look too good…

Episode 1
When Ao Horie was young, she read aloud in class how her father named her. Let’s say it was due to a porn scene! Now in high school, she is trying to get into a good university and live a modest life. She doesn’t mind sacrificing her youth for that. Unfortunately, Takumi Kijima always keeps bugging her. Ao further narrates how she hates men as she thinks all they think about is sex and that women are sex objects. Hence she believes Kijima has a hidden agenda to get in her pants. When she returns home, you mean this puny little Happosai clone is Ao’s father and not her grandpa?! He bugs her for his tits shaped pudding. Or else he threatens to introduce himself in her school. You see, Hanasaki is a very prominent erotic novelist. And his home is called House of Lewd. Yeah, I can see why she hates her father and all men. But her father thinks she is in heat. In school, Ao is tasked to bring Kijima his uniform at the infirmary since he injured himself. As usual, she heard them talking dirty stuffs. When she goes talk to him, she thought she saw him blush. She thinks of slowly letting know how much she despises him when Hanasaki tries to interrupt by showing place cards that he supports her to get f*cked! Ao tries to prevent Kijima from seeing this and accidentally has her boobs all over his face. As she tries to explain herself, damn daddy uses a fishing rod to lift her shirt and expose her bra! Ao thought she is done for but surprisingly Kijima covers her up and tells her to value herself more. He promises never to do something like that to her because he loves her. Ao is left in shock. Did she understand what he said? Despite assuring herself she doesn’t need all this crap, she can’t help feel worried about this.

Episode 2
Ao heard the guys talking about how you can tell a guy’s dick size by the size of his hand! You curious? What’s this about being big also means pain? Hence she asks father what it means! Hanasaki admits his works are pure fantasy and pleasure because if it is written like reality, no women would enjoy his works. Anyway he continues to describe and Ao concludes that the dick must be really a lethal weapon! She tries to dress up in her studying gear to concentrate but comes off as sexy since the dress is too tight and skirt too short. Later when Kijima is napping, Ao gets curious to touch his junk. So you want to touch it or not? Kijima grabs her hand and allows her to touch. Well, she’s just feeling his hand. She tries to reject him that there is no space inside her but he argues if you don’t try, you won’t know. Oddly, Ao wants time to think about this. It gets worse when Hanasaki gives her stacks of books to read on fetishes. Yeah, she brought the wrong book to school. So when Kijima wants to study with her, she throws the book at him. Obviously because of the same cover, their books get mixed up. Only later she realizes this fouled and goes to look for him. Yeah, she sounds ‘desperate’. At the park, Kijima talks about the English vocab book but Ao misinterprets he has read this bondage book. Hence wanting to study outside she thought wanting to f*ck in public! He wants her to teach her too?! He teases her a little by not giving back he book. Because she looks cute. When he does so, only then Ao realizes he didn’t actually read the book and she got the wrong idea from the start. Strangely, back home she continues to read dad’s works and despite not feeling anything about it, her heart still feels restless whenever she thinks about Kijima.

Episode 3
Ao doesn’t want to go on her school’s field trip but Hanasaki forces her and hopes she gets into one of those orgies! As Ao avoids Kijima, the rest thinks he got rejected and that he should go for an easier girl. But when he mentions Ao has her cute side, this makes the other girls curious if something happened between them. So they bug and force Ao to join in their party later. Yeah, Ao thinks it must be that free show orgy! So as she goes to Kijima’s room to turn down the invitation, he is not in. But she heard him coming back and hides in the closet. He thought the closet door is stuck and puts his hand in to feel. Ao is devastated he is feeling her thighs, though he can’t make it out. Surprise! Not a cat! WTF does he know how furry a cat feels?! Anyway he is curious on the part he touched so as they struggle, she lands on top of him. Of course everybody sees this. Maybe postpone the party? Ao wants to come with them to whatever. Yeah, out of the frying pan and into the fire. Now she’s got to do kimodameshi in pairs! And you know the setup… After Ao finishes doing her business in the toilet, Kijima realizes her skirt is stuck up her panties. He can’t tell her straight in fear it might hurt her. But giving indirect hints, she’s too dumb to notice either. Hence she misinterprets he really wants her lower half. I guess the thighs weren’t enough. So when she accuses him of targeting her body, he won’t let her go back to crowded place and of course this ‘frightening’ scene looks like as though he is going to rape her. He’s taking off his shirt already?! Ao trips as she panics. She laments and succumbs to her fate. Please do it gently. Then he helps her up and covers his shirt over her waist. Your panties were showing. She ‘died’. Not too sure if she was relieved she wasn’t getting raped or she really felt like an idiot. I think it’s the latter.

Episode 4
Flashback shows after Ao made that ‘name revelation’, she was bullied by kids. Hence she hated her name ever since. When a photo of Kijima sleeping with a beautiful girl surfaces, mad Ao goes to confront him. See how cool he is playing football? It gets worse when a senior confirms he went to a mixer and brought a girl home. I think he is being gay with Kijima but that’s it for Ao. Don’t talk to me ever again. Later she bumps into that girl in the picture. Actually she is Miyabi Takaoka and one of those kids who bullied her. Though Miyabi confirms that Kijima confessed he only liked Ao, because they aren’t dating, Miyabi takes this chance that Kijima is hers for the taking. She scorns Ao for being confessed by good guys and then get cocky about it. Later Kijima calls to explain but Ao was harsh to him even if she didn’t intend to. Ao then sees Miyabi talking to Kijima. It’s none of her business but she gets worried. Dad for advice about guys losing interest in girls? When they doubt their own feelings and when women won’t believe them. But Ao rather believes in his joke when a cute girl who accepts after giving it one shot! Miyabi takes Kijima out to the park and wants to take him to this dark place but they got separated. Similarly, Ao is supposed to be out dating shopping with dad and got lost. So in this dark haunted house they bump into each other but it’s too dark to see each other’s face. Then a flash of light. With Hanasaki calling out for Ao, Kijima gets the wrong idea that she is seeing another man. Same case for Ao when she hears Miyabi calling for him. Then they just part ways. Can’t break up when you’re not dating in the first place! Miyabi tries to badmouth Ao although he doesn’t really care. Miyabi gets desperate, telling him off that Ao is just cocky because she knows he is waiting for her answer. She just likes how he makes her feel. She then hugs him and says her emotions for him are clear. Somehow Ao got concerned and tries to find Kijima. She sees Miyabi hugging and kissing Kijima. Outside a love hotel.

Episode 5
Ao is disheartened seeing Miyabi take Kijima into the love hotel. Back home, Ao is even making a countdown of how long they are staying?! So while she fantasizes the horny things they are doing, she passes out from the bath heat. She has this weird dream that Kijima saved her and when she wakes up, she is in her room and Kijima sitting around?! Forced to wake up when dad starts reading some horny lines. When Ao starts ranting away, Kijima shuts her up to listen to his explanation. Right after Miyabi ushered him into the love hotel, the clerk rejected them since no high school students allowed. Outside when he asks if she is friends with Ao, she got mad and stormed off. And about that kiss, he blocked it with his hand. Ouch. Kijima will not do it with anyone he loves so Ao then accuses him of saying that to all the girls and he is targeting her now because is easy. Kijima refutes that and admits HE IS A VIRGIN!!!! With him avoiding her at school, but Ao is being extra nice to him to teach English. WTF she must be nice to virgins?! What kind of philosophy is that?! After that, Ao ponders about Kijima being such a popular guy but still a virgin. She wonders if she is his first love and if he wants her to be his first. Why? Because he’s a virgin. Kijima gets a bit mad as he corners her. But with Ao in tears and claiming it will be her first time for everything, she eventually runs away. Miyabi is having a nice coffee. Yeah, it soothes away her pain especially from the past of cry-baby Ao who keeps clinging on to her. Well, history repeating itself now because Ao comes crying to her and complaining how normal people don’t respect virginity. WTF? Cuppa ruined.

Episode 6
Hanasaki has been meditating for days for inspiration. This worries his editor, Souichirou Yabe since the deadline is coming up. Even Ao is worried for him? As she also hopes for Yabe to take care of his health, Yabe has her accompany him to a meat festival. Yes, food meat and sexy meat all in one place! Yum! Not sure about the logic of the desire for flesh is connected to sexual appetite but damn this looks like some den of depravity to her! Ao gets lost and bumps into Miyabi working here. All seems fine until she too sees Kijima working here. It really irks her that they look like they are close enough. When Kijima meets Yabe and learns who he is, it’s his turn to get jealous. So it becomes a game to see who knows Ao more? Miyabi takes Kijima away to return to work while Ao continues to worry since Yabe mentions the close proximity of the duo is the first step to having sex. Oh Ao, you sure got a vivid imagination there. Ao ponders about Kijima. He is supposed to like her, huh? She tries to brush everything off but we know her body is saying a different thing. When Kijima finds Ao again, he learns that Yabe went to Tokyo University and is smart enough to tutor Ao. Did that hit a nerve? With Yabe calling for Ao to return home, Kijima doesn’t want Ao to go home yet. Instead he carries and kidnaps her! WTF?! At the park, Ao wants an explanation. Here’s your explanation. He is going to make her fall for him.

Episode 7
Wow. Is Ao really fantasizing what Kijima said? Thanks to that, she got failing grades for her prediction tests. Karma? Ao is at the beach since there is a study group. Apparently Kijima is also here. WTF Ao fawning over his abs and nipples but have the audacity to accuse him of being an exhibitionist before her?! Ao turns down whatever plans Kijima wants to spend with her due to her study group starting in 3 hours. However Miyabi will not allow it since if she leaves, Kijima will also leave. Also, she needs to do something about Kijima’s annoying friend, Masaki Uehara. Can that guy ever shut up? Ao claims she didn’t bring any swimsuit but Miyabi takes her to the store and gets a real sexy one. With that, Kijima and Ao head out to the sea. Miyabi is only allowing this because she has done some prank. She snipped a little on Ao’s top. It could fall off anytime now… Ao and Kijima talk over a few things. She thinks of giving him a chance and after a few flustering moments, she thinks he is going to f*ck her in the sea. Nobody can see, right? She prepares for this but of course you know, Kijima then paddles their way back to shore. Her study group is going to start, right? Oh Ao, why you looks so disappointed? Very disappointed indeed. She also feels embarrassed as this virgin did not have any sexual intentions and that it makes her the one who is hard up for sex. As they argue, the time has come now for her to drop off. Damn that view. Ao descended into shock that she missed her study group.

Episode 8
Wow. Ao is really frustrated that with all those flags, nothing actually happened, huh? Why, she even fantasizes if their genders were swapped, she would dominate him and would have done it 10 times!!! Oh my! Is this your true self, Ao?! When he texts her he has an upcoming football match he wants her to see, Ao starts to overthink that he might not have enough energy to get it up. Uh huh. So she painstakingly goes to gather all the libido enhancing ingredients to make the greatest libido enhancing bento. Since dad discovers this, he adds his secret formula to enhance its effects. As Yabe offers to tutor her, Ao realizes the date clashes with Kijima’s game. She realizes she must choose what is important to her. Uhm, so Kijima is important? Whatever happened to university or bust? So it’s bust, huh? Anyway, Kijima’s team lost the game and I suppose Kijima was pretty pathetic. He is really depressed but thanks to Ao and her bento, he gets his liveliness back. With Ao fantasizing about him, be careful what you wish for because suddenly Kijima is now on top of her. He continues to caress her thighs, leaving Ao in shock but also partially feeling good. Could Kijima score this time? Nope. Missed. He restrains himself. He realizes something is wrong with him today and she should leave before something happens to her. She asks doesn’t he want to do it with her? A person whom he loves? Of course. But he values her over his desires. She might sound disappointed and sad and wants him to stop inviting her from now on. But she realizes that at this rate she can’t study and won’t be able to fit anything else in her life.

Episode 9
WTF is this creepy comfort doll for Ao?! One of dad’s healing products, huh? Not having it! On to serious stuff, she thinks Kijima hates her now for rejecting him. In school, he avoids her like a plague and when Uehara talks to her, Kijima tells him not to bother her. At home, Ao tries to focus on her studies but she can’t. Kijima on her mind. Because of that, Yabe punishes her by making her wear a maid outfit. I approve! As Yabe leaves, Kijima arrives at the doorstep. He wants to see Ao and asks her about her feelings one more time. He knows he is in her way of studying so if she says no this time, he will give her up forever. Yabe agrees since she might progress if she feels better. As Ao continues to blame Kijima for hindering her studies, of course he heard that. Kijima promises not to bother her anymore because he loves her. He leaves as Ao ponders if it is the end. Realizing he gets angry for her sake, she stops him and wants him to stay. Okay. He hugs her and carries her to bed. Horny mode on? He starts feeling her stomach but she upgrades that by letting him touch her boobs. Are we finally doing it?! Moment ruin when they realize Hanasaki is filming them. Though Kijima apologizes for trying this, Hanasaki gives him motivation. So he wants him to f*ck his daughter? Ao has come to accept the fact that this is going to be a horny relationship. She waits for Kijima to prop up that question. Kijima promises not to disappoint her and her dad. That is why they are going to study together and get into the same university! WTF???!!! Oh Ao looking so disappointed. She was expecting to be asked out, huh? Looks like the drought is going to continue as Kijima vows to hold it off until she gets into university. At least Ao is now motivated to pass ever damn subject. You can do it!

Episode 10
Ao isn’t interested in the upcoming sports festival. But after hearing Kijima will be on the cheerleading team and cheering for her, you bet she is going to participate. Hanasaki wants to come but Ao forbids him. Flashback shows when he was around, he distributed his erotic works or sold his weird libido drinks. Needless to say, it embarrassed the hell out of her. Since he is still adamant to come, Ao calls Yabe to lie about dad seeing another editor, hence increasing his workload. This puts a strain in their relationship and they didn’t speak ever since. During the sports festival, Ao feels guilty for saying too much. She feels better when Kijima gives her some words of encouragement. To her surprise, dad is here. Looks like he finished up early because he too wants to see and support her. During the race, Hanasaki joins Kijima and his team to cheer for Ao. She is embarrassed but it makes her run faster. On the last lap, Ao is losing stamina and is in danger of being overtaken. That is when Hanasaki screams to her, hold your G-cup and run faster!!! WTF???!!! Deafening silence. Everyone stood still. This allows Ao to rush past the finish line and go beat up dad. And that’s how she won the race. In the aftermath, she bans dad from ever coming to her school Ever.

Episode 11
Kijima wants to study together for the upcoming test but Ao refuses citing that it will lead to sex. I wonder who is the want who is hard up for it. But I guess since he asked a few more times like she wanted, I guess she relents. Alright! Sex on the cards! So she orders silky panties from the internet. Damn she’s fast in taking the delivery. Even Hanasaki is suspicious but Ao is faster. As they study together, Ao is anticipating he will jump on her. An hour later… Nothing happens! Yeah, this guy is actually studying! She tries to add ambiguous words into equations as hints. Unfortunately this guy is dense. Even switching to the more obvious literature, I guess Kijima’s vocabulary isn’t that wide. Time to give it slightly straight to him. She hints they are both alone in this room. There is something he wants from her, right? Oh yeah. The quiz. Whoever scores the highest gets to order the loser to do anything he/she wants. Not what Ao is looking for but maybe he’ll ask her to do lewd stuffs. What does Ao want from him? Being a sadists! What about Kijima? Make bento for him. WTF?! You trying to kill her vibe?! Disappointed girl thinks the power of virginity has made him choose this sh*t so she’s going to teach him. Uh huh. Literally, teach him and tutor him in his studies. Suddenly Ao’s stomach starts feeling pain. She became sick and missed the test. As revealed, Ao isn’t used to wear low waist panties like this silky one so her stomach got cold. You blaming silky now, girl?!

Episode 12
Miyabi is hounding Ao if she has kissed Kijima. To her relief, she hasn’t. Miyabi then boasts about kissing despite never having done it herself so when Ao asks her about it, she tries to cover it up by pretending to kiss her. Oh my. Is this turning yuri?! Thank goodness they stop. Otherwise their first kiss is each other! Ao clears her thoughts about this so she is able to concentrate on studying. But all that comes crashing down when one evening in classroom, Kijima tells her how beautiful she is. She tries to stay strong and not be deceived but then realizes whatever she does, nothing will ever happen. Why the sad look? Hence when she brings about asking Miyabi’s question that she never kissed him, Kijima asks if she really wants one. He can give it to her. What looks like him being a master baiter, it is surprisingly Ao who is the one who kisses him! Embarrassed and apologetic, Kijima in fact wants more. Here’s another one for the road. Now she can’t concentrate on anything! Despite seeing Kijima means kissing, however when she heard a few girls talk about how guys who are good kissers are also good in ‘that’, this makes Ao suspicious of Kijima. Hence she sulks and accuses him of being a great kisser but a virgin. So it’s not okay if she is the only girl he wants to kiss? Later as Ao rues about it, she might get another chance. Kijima admits that was his first kiss and he also felt good kissing her (meaning, Ao is also a great kisser?). He pecks her forehead and hopes he can kiss her again. Before she could give her permission, here comes to big one! Uhm, should they be kissing somewhere more private instead on a pedestrian bridge? So all is well, end’s well, right? Well, Ao just failed all her mock exams… Damn!!! I guess being a good kisser doesn’t make it up for the grades.

Squalor Me Bad – I Wanna Sex You Up!
And so both Ao and Kijima continue to remain a virgin. It feels like the final episode toned things down because before that it was all about dirty minded thoughts and sex. I know we expect them not to actually do it but then they decided to take one step back and make a fuss about kissing? Are they happy with just that?! Are we happy with just that?! Oh well. I guess before moving on to much greater acts of love, I suppose kissing which is the most basic of the basics should be ‘conquered’ first. Maybe that is why you see them freaking out so much especially Ao who starts having indecent thoughts. So theoretically if she masters kissing, then perhaps the next stage will be slightly better to handle. Please note, there is an opposite correlation between studying and sex! Choose your destiny!

It feels weird that it was established at the start that Ao wanted to live a decent life and even gone as far as to state she hates men. With the force of porn logic descending into this anime, this is somewhat quickly overturned and Ao suddenly becomes some sort of sex maniac trying to get laid but not make it look like she’s desperate for it (which she is). Like, WTF?! My guess is that if Ao was established to be a horny b*tch in the first place, it would not have been so much fun. Because I have a feeling that people love to see b*tches like Ao who think they are so high on the moral high ground to come stumbling down, eating their own words and become perverts themselves. After all, we have to remember the name of this anime. Hence it is the plot and running joke that Ao can’t study because of her indecent thoughts that obstruct her focus.

Some might find this distasteful because it paints Ao in a bad limelight. Like as though she is a sex object. But then again, who is the one thinking about sex? Imagine if their genders were switched. That would be even more distasteful and offensive. The irony that guys can be horny and think about sex but not girls. Even if it did play out this way, it would most likely end up in hentai. So don’t worry, people. While there may be seemingly dangerous scenes that would most likely look like as though it is going to cross the line, I assure you it is all in Ao’s head. All in your head. You pervert! Yeah, even some of the titles are a little suggestive like “Kijima Lacks Stamina”, “Kijima Can’t Wait Any Longer”, “Ao Can’t Protect Her Lower Half”, “Ao Needs More Than Fantasies” and “Dad Can’t Offer Support” to name a few. But don’t worry, it won’t be as dangerous as “Ao Can’t Ride The D!”. Haha!

Anyway, this whole story is about Ao trying to find her own romance in her life. Though she gives excuses she wants to go to a good university and live a decent life. You know that is all BS and crap, right? Fortunately, Kijima is the only guy who resonates with her and since they spend a reasonable amount of time together, naturally Ao’s horny instincts would have taken over. You might find it ironic that as the daughter of a famous erotic novelist, she would have at least some sort of knowledge or even control over her horny feelings. But I guess your true colours can only be seen in real situations. So it goes to show that Ao is still very much a virgin like her crush counterpart. She might think so and so, which is sexy in her mind. But come the real deal, she freaks out. Or sometimes getting disappointed because Kijima didn’t act out the way she wanted. Well, too bad. Guys can’t read your minds even though girls really want them to. No wonder this is one of the main causes of relationship breakdowns.

Kijima being a decent guy adds in painting Ao in a bad light that she is a horny b*tch. Remember, what is the name of this anime again? Because of societal norms, Kijima trying to be a gentleman and put Ao’s feelings first than his own desires, makes him look like some sort of loser. Don’t you think? Well, that’s the catch-22 situation. Because if Kijima gives into the desires of the flesh, it takes the fun out of the series. Again, this isn’t exactly hentai to begin with so the so called funny parts and jokes come from all those sexy near misses and misunderstandings. All in all, what Ao wants is just to be truly loved. Because she has not experienced real romance in her life and furthermore having her dumb dad as her only ‘love expert’ as reference, this is why she thinks that sex = love. Though, it isn’t wrong to say that sex is one of the main components for love. So if Kijima truly becomes the gentleman and true love of Ao’s life, perhaps she can do away with this dirty minded thinking. But then again, the series will lose its charm and funniness. So carry on being dense virgins, both of you!

I feel Miyabi’s role to provide some love rivalry feels underutilized. We definitely know that it is eventually going to be Ao x Kijima. But Miyabi’s actions to snag Kijima don’t feel like she is really putting real effort in it. Like as though she is just doing it to annoy Ao and make her feel like a loser. I could be wrong on this since they don’t want to put too much focus on this distraction and instead concentrate on Ao x Kijima. I mean with only a dozen episodes and each episode is half the running time than your standard anime episode, you’ve got to make the most out of it. So when the series reaches the end of its season, viewers want to vouch for Ao x Kijima pairing.

Yabe also feels a bit unnecessary. Becoming Ao’s tutor only serves as a role to make Kijima jealous and show us that he has a soft spot for Ao. There is nothing better for a man to make a move faster when there is another seemingly another male rival or competition. Otherwise this guy isn’t near a threat to Ao x Kijima unlike Miyabi. I was hoping Hanasaki would be the best character ever because you know, eccentric dad. But he comes off mostly as weird rather than funny. Just when you think he is supposed to be funny, then he comes off as annoying instead. Even if he is mostly a dick, but at important times, he provides the best dad advice for Ao. She is after all his only daughter. Daughter that has a name with a porn reference! Ouch! Truly a love-hate relationship…

Art and animation are pretty decent (yeah, the irony). A few ecchi scenes here and there, no wonder Ao’s character is designed to have such big boobs. Fortunately, not big enough that I would consider hentai material boobs. The oddest looking character goes to of course Hanasaki. This Happosai clone seems to be a midget and that size even when Ao was born! Damn, baby Ao as big as him?! Now that he has grown old and white hair, he looks more like a crazy character that ran away from some crazy cartoon. Seriously. Come to thinks of it, he looks like a crazier version of that Colonel Sanders fairy in Hitoribocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu!!! This series is animated by Silver Link who did a few animes ‘similar’ to this such as Watashi Ga Motenai No Wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera Ga Warui, Kyou No Asuka Show, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne, Imouto Sae Ireba and Strike The Blood.

I want to point out that for the voice acting part, Kenjirou Tsuda really takes the cake as Hanasaki. His character’s main voice sounds like as though he is talking because his balls are tightly squeezed or something! Initially it sounds hilarious enough that I was trying to imitate that voice myself! He is unrecognizable in this voice but come to his serious mode, that low sexy voice of his is definitely him. But kudos in making Hanasaki really sounds sleazy and weird. The other casts are Azumi Waki as Ao (Maika in Blend S), Junta Terashima as Kijima (Nakano in Animegataris), Juri Kimura as Miyabi (Tsugumi in Nil Admirari No Tenbin) and Takashi Kondo as Yabe (Train in Black Cat). The opening theme and ending theme, Wonderful Wonder by Edoga Sullivan and Koi Wa Miracle by Spira Spica respectively sound like generic anime pop. Nothing special for me.

Overall, a pretty decent (oh, the irony) ecchi rom-com anime. If you don’t want too sleazy a fanservice anime like Nande Sensei Ga Koko Ni (because this one has too much spamming of boobs and crotch in your face), this one has the right mix of sexiness… I think. Because not everybody thinks a romantic dinner and a walk in the park as the most romantic idea. No sex here. But sex still sells. Although technically for laughs. The next time you feel too horny and can’t concentrate on studying, perhaps it is nature’s way of saying go get screwed first. Who knows? You might study and absorb better after sex because all those brain chemicals released. And if it did not work, oh well, I guess life has screwed over you then. Now you know why sex scandals never turn out well…

Making friends is easy, right? With today’s technology, you can get hundreds and even thousands, or even better, millions of friends! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, WhatsApp and SnapChat, OMG you’ve got another friend request! OMG! You’ve just surpassed your hundred millionth friend! Oh yeah… Unfortunately such numbers these days don’t mean a thing. Uh huh. Trying to make real friends, real physical bonds is the challenge nowadays. It’s not surprising that our social skills have dramatically decreased with the rise of social media platforms. But still, I guess some of us really shy ones are still struggling to make true friends. Like Hitoribocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu. Meek girl is forced to make friends in her new class if she is going to be reunited with her best friend that has gone away. It’s going to be tough but hey, it’s better than simply clicking the subscribe button to be my friend.

Episode 1
Bocchi Hitori is a shy girl and dreads her first day of middle school. However her childhood friend, Kai Yawara went to another middle school and severed their friendship. If they are to be friends again, she has to make friends with everyone in her new class. She gave her a charm for that. What’s with this creepy fairy that looks like Colonel Sanders? Since her wish to destroy middle school didn’t work, how about being the only person in class so that technically means she is friends with herself, right? Well, Class 1-1 has 29 people. So sorry. After the opening ceremony, Bocchi even got this idea to place a note that the class is abolished and everyone is to be transferred elsewhere! But everyone takes this as a joke and thinks this class will be super fun. I guess the only way is to live up to that promise. During class introduction, Bocchi was so nervous that she vomited! Because the person sitting in front of her, Nako Sunao talked to her, she thinks she is already her friend. Hence she nervously tries to do stuff for her. Is she trying to be her gopher? You mean gopher = friend? With Bocchi thinking they are done for, Nako eventually gets the chance to tell her she likes the idea of being her friend. Bocchi remembers Kai’s advice of making friends. A trick is to start liking the other person. As Bocchi tries to like her, it looks like she is invading her personal space and getting annoying. I wonder if Bocchi wrote all the scenarios on how to answer on every inch of her body. What if no answer? Damn she’s screwed! Soon they exchange contacts and they communicate via texting. Wow. So fun. So much texting that Bocchi bumps into everything as she is too focused on her handphone. Bocchi then confesses she likes Nako. As a friend. But aren’t they already friends? Well, she never heard it from her. Nako has to spell it out that they’ve been one since the day we’ve met. Oh wow. This really brings Bocchi to tears. Bocchi now has the confidence to face her middle school life. One small step for Bocchi, one big step for her middle school life.

Episode 2
Nako is mad! Oh no. Did Bocchi lose a friend? Ah well, easy come, easy go. Thinking on how to fix this, the class vice president, Aru Honshou speaks to her. Damn right we’re going to have a long flashback on how it all happened. With Bocchi referring to a magazine on how to make friends, the duo explored several places in school. Nako playing a few ‘ghost’ pranks on Bocchi like tapping on her shoulder. All those were just red herring as the deal breaker was when Bocchi tells of her promise to Kai. That promise to make friends with everyone. Aru helps her ‘get ready’ to apologize. WTF why change into her gym clothes? Bocchi sums up her courage as she stammers her way through her apology that sounded like a love confession. I guess seeing her trying so hard or to stop this pathetic act, Nako isn’t mad anymore. Yay! Back to friends again. So with Nako noting her promise, is she going to try and make friends with others? Oh dear, Bocchi getting cold feet again. Even when Nako suggests starting with Aru, she’s getting nervous just hearing that. Speak of the devil, here is Aru. When Nako notices a hanger in her clothes and Aru tries to pass it off as fashion, that is when Nako realizes she is an unfortunate girl. Yeah, she could somewhat guess she mixed up her pantsu with her mom’s. WTF???!!! With Aru devastated, the duo try to reconcile with her although she thinks they just want to laugh at her. Aru talks about her misfortune being some sort of hereditary. So unfortunate she didn’t end up being the class president but the vice. Yeah… Bocchi sums up her courage to ask her to be their friends. Sure, it is due to Kai’s promise but even if that wasn’t the case, she still wants to be her friend. With Aru agreeing loud and clear (or else Bocchi will think otherwise), Bocchi is so happy that she faints? Can’t blame her. She’s raking up new friends faster than the speed of light. Read, sarcasm of course.

Episode 3
Homeroom teacher, Teruyo Oshie is scared of Nako?! WTF?! Seriously, she’s all nervous and running away when face to face with her. Bocchi wants to ask Aru to walk home with them but with others getting in the way, this is going to take a while. When she finally does, she passes out from excitement. Can she walk home at this rate? Because Nako and Aru don’t really get along with each other, this has Bocchi worried. Better start making up if you don’t want her to have trauma that they are doing this just for her sake and that she is the only one happy with this friendship. The duo are supposed to meet at Bocchi’s place and when they’re late, she starts thinking they’re no longer friends! Only Nako shows up as Aru has last minute tennis practice. WTF Bocchi dressed in her bear suit and trying to be a super nice host?! Yeah, must be a lot of hard work trying to stick to the script, eh? However Bocchi fumbles and ends up getting sick. This means missing school tomorrow. Oh dear. She is already having this trauma her friends will forget her! Hence she spams them if they remember her! Extreme! Meanwhile Teruyo still have fears of Nako and wants to resign? It gets weirder since Nako is here to collect today’s assignment to hand to Bocchi. Teruyo being overly polite so as not to make her mad or something but it ends up with her running away since she’s so scared. Aru teases Nako for having a scary face and tone and that she should learn for her who has a pretty smile. Fake smile? Better hurry to Bocchi because those spam messaging is getting worse. Hi, I’m Bocchi… Not sure if her illness is getting to her, but this girl is really ‘sick’. Upon reaching her place, she is so ‘excited’ that they’re here that she really gets passionate to remind them she is her friend. Don’t worry. They still remember her. Please don’t even tease an inch because trauma switch on… They hope she gets well tomorrow so she can come back to school. It’s boring without her. Or perhaps they don’t want it to be a pain… You know…

Episode 4
Looks like Bocchi has a long way to go to even interact with the people in the neighbourhood. Just when she thought she managed to avoid talking to them, she bumps into Sotoka Rakita. Damn, Bocchi giving out the scariest scream! Sotoka thinks she is a ninja due to her lack of presence and good at running away. But she is left disappointed when Bocchi says she isn’t. Since then, she is a bit down and Bocchi thinks it is her fault. Later Sotoka reveals that as a foreign who came to Japan, she was impressed with ninjas, the reason she came here to meet one. She really believed Bocchi was one but sadly that zapped her enthusiasm. Hence Bocchi comes up with an idea to be friends with her by making a paper shuriken. Inside is a message for them to become friends. However Sotoka thinks Bocchi is really a ninja and that she cannot admit it upfront! Therefore instead of becoming her friend, she wants to be her disciple! This is just getting worse. Uh huh. Sotoka loves lifting Bocchi and this act is almost good enough to ‘kill’ her. Now Sotoka looks up to Bocchi with much anticipation. Can’t disappoint her, can we? Aru has an idea for Bocchi to let Sotoka gain mastery quickly so they can be friends. But first, a lecture from Nako to Sotoka to stop hugging Bocchi as and when she likes since there should be some distance between master and student. Bocchi teaches one pose and claims she has achieved mastery. Sotoka thinks there’s more so Aru interjects by teaching this lame ninja beam pose. Yeah, even Sotoka is laughing at her unfortunate pose. Bocchi then tries to teach her some ninja running but ultimately trips. Sotoka carries her to the infirmary. Bocchi reveals she has a scar on the other leg due to a similar ‘training’ with Kai. She really wants to see through this with Sotoka since she looked so much happier during training after thinking she found a ninja. Hence Bocchi hopes that once Sotoka masters everything, can they be friends? Certainly. She’ll do her best. If she could only remember not to lift and ‘kill’ her master like that all the time.

Episode 5
For some unfortunate reason, Aru wears her elementary school bag. She manage to get by fooling her friend, Hanako Yamada but the thought of Nako seeing her would mean disastrous. When she tries to hide from her, her leg cramps. How unfortunate… But that goes on to a whole new level the next day as she somewhat dresses in her full elementary school gear! How does she fool Hanako this time? She is Aru’s little sister, Mieru! But this doesn’t work with Nako as she starts to laugh her ass off! When Aru tries to fool Bocchi and Sotoka, because they are so gullible she decides to come clean with them. WTF they think she used some substitution technique? She tries to fool the class as Mieru. With Nako laughing her ass off again, the class is impressed she made her laugh and start applauding. Huh? Later Aru challenges Nako to a tennis match. She will have to stop teasing her if she wins. The first to score 10 points wins and they will take turns to serve. Nako is bad at serving. Aru too! Miss! I guess this is the result of missing club activities too many times. Nako tries to shift the serving to Aru with the excuse to show her serve. With Aru taking up that challenge, yeah Nako is raking in easy points doing nothing as she continues to miss. One time she hits it but it flew to the swimming pool. Go get it. Finally with Nako up 7-0, she finally hits in. That is when Aru admits her loss. She thinks this is part of Nako’s kindness to tell her to attend her club activities. Of course it’s not. It’s just to make her serve and lose while she does nothing. As for why she accepted this tennis challenge, she thought she could win. Uh huh. All one big misunderstanding. But the unfortunate teasing still goes on. Especially Mieru! This reminds Bocchi she bumped into her sister this morning… Damn… When Aru goes help out another club and by the time she returns, she is surprised to see her friends still waiting. They didn’t have time to talk much today and hoped to wait till she finishes all her club activities. So Aru just screws the rest of her club activities and walks home with them. Nako advises Aru that she doesn’t need to be perfect since Bocchi would love the unfortunate Aru more. Is that a compliment or insult? Or both?

Episode 6
Bocchi is praying to get a fever. Don’t want to go up in front of class to recite her haiku. Nope. Still fine. How about a sore throat? Doing fine. I guess it’s time to go face those fears. In class, she tries to make weird movements because mom told her to do so whenever she is nervous. Sorry, nothing happened. Only her leg gets cramped. After failing to visualize everyone as a potato, can she now read her haiku? She vomited instead. At least she managed to stand in front of class, right? When Teruyo hands back the test papers, she thinks Nako will be mad at her because she failed. She tries not to be scared but eventually her natural reflexes take over. Yes, bowing to her again. Nako realizes she is still scared of her and needs a way to act friendlier. Somehow thinking of Aru’s style only makes her feel disgusted. Hence Teruyo gets the wrong idea that she is really mad at her. With Nako failing her test, this means she has to stay back and take supplementary lessons till she passes. Aru offers to coach her but is ignored. Bocchi offers to teach her how to laugh and have fun while studying. This can’t be good. As Teruyo is still terrified with Nako, she still wants to be a respectable teacher. So she spies on the gang but comes up with a twisted conclusion that Bocchi is the secret gang leader since she is teaching Nako and Sotoka is calling Bocchi her master! Later when Teruyo talks to Bocchi about this and Bocchi revealing he goal to be friends with everyone in class, poor Teuryo overthinks and gets scared about Bocchi needing a lot of underlings. Teruyo manages to tell Bocchi she can’t be her friend but is her teacher. She thought she got her confidence back but the moment she sees Nako, it’s that perfect bow again. Because Bocchi feels sad that going home without Nako is different, the rest suggest to wait for her outside school till she finishes. But worry no more as Nako passes her test. Yahoo! And WTF everybody starts laughing in this weird robotic monotonous style. You mean this is a song?!

Episode 7
The most horrifying dream for Bocchi: Kai is no longer friends with her! Never too young to realize how cruel the world is. Bocchi tries to take assertive steps to make friends but they all fail. She thought of making a new friend with Kako Kurai and everything looks fine in her mind. But in reality, Kako chides her for slacking. No accomplishment for the day. With Bocchi being worried about this, the friends plan do to things together over the summer break. First up, they head to the pool. WTF Sotoka thinks she can walk on water but falls right in. Need more training, huh? Bocchi notices Nako sitting out. I can guess why. True enough, she is scared of water as she doesn’t know how to swim. With Bocchi overreacting and suggesting they go home, Nako decides to learn swimming from her. By now Aru has discovered this and brags about getting one up on her this time. Too bad Nako throws her back into the water and continues practising with Bocchi. Next, they hit the karaoke joint. It dawned too late to Bocchi that one is supposed to sing in front of people! Muri! Can’t do it! With Sotoka not knowing any Japanese songs but only call backs and Nako just providing the beat, is this going to be Aru only show? Suddenly Bocchi sees Kai passing by. She rushes out and calls out to her. However Kai continues to ignore her despite Bocchi telling her she has made friends and will continue this until her entire class becomes her friend. Kai has left the building, reducing Bocchi to just tears. But outside, Kai also cries. She has been worried about Bocchi all this time and is happy she has made some friends. In the end, both of them vomited after crying too much. Birds of the same feathers? The friends carry sleeping Bocchi home. Sotoka seems to have her reasons to continue being Bocchi’s disciple rather than being her friend. Bocchi still crying in her sleep and sleep talking that she made some friends. Must be traumatic, huh?

Episode 8
Sotoka gives out her paper shuriken, making her a little more famous. When Bocchi tries to talk to Kurai, once again she gets shot down and is almost at breaking point. What a bad way to start the new term. Talking to Nako about this, it seems Kurai lent her ribbon and she wants to return it, hence a chance for them to talk. With some motivation, Bocchi tries again. Too bad she gets nervous again and Kurai thinks she is mocking her. Thus it begins the weirdest and slowest chase ever. When she is cornered, Nako gives her the signal so Bocchi comes clean. She purposely undone her ribbon then so as to make her notice her. Although Kurai is fine if they chat, however it is against her policy to become friends. Oh dear. Looks like this is a high hurdle to overcome. Can she try to make other friends first? Meanwhile the rest wonder if Sotoka is going to ask Bocchi to be friends instead of a disciple and again she doesn’t want to yet as she is afraid she would get mad. Bocchi, get mad? Next day as Bocchi arrives at class early, she sees Kurai cleaning the tables. Spooked at first, she helps her and they get the job done in half the usual time. The mood is great for Bocchi to strike up a conversation. She asks about her policy of not making friends. She wants to become strong because having friends just creates weaknesses in your heart so as she can rely on herself. With Bocchi agreeing to that, Kurai helps discipline her a little. Not sure if Kurai is being petty as she is THIS strict with the other classmates streaming in. I know a thread sticking out from the sleeve is untidy but she could spot that?! And WTF she asked another if she forgotten her handkerchief?! Here, have hers. With that, Bocchi also tries to be as strong as her. I don’t think making that weird face works but it’s a start. Meanwhile Sotoka has to listen to Nako and not get in Bocchi’s way. Must be tough for a disciple, eh? A bit of gloom blown away when Bocchi gives her some ninja arts book as homework. You mean she is really serious in her being her disciple? Sotoka might look happy and lively with her friends but back home she is all alone and her face is cracking to cry. But when her friends message her, she is all smiles again. We see the hidden side of Kurai smiling as she thinks about Bocchi praising her. Then she reminds herself she can’t be weak and returns to her strict mode.

Episode 9
Oh Bocchi, stay strong. For the cooking class, she is separated from her friends and in a different group. Chance to make new friends? She overthinks what to do and it gets off to a bad start as she messes up the flour. Luckily Aru is here to help out by handing her some of the ingredients. With that, Bocchi’s group manages to create a great pancake dish. Her groupies are glad to finally see her smile. However because Bocchi feels the need to apologize, all in wrong timing when the girls hope they could be friends, Bocchi apologizes! It sounded like she rejected them!!! Nako suggests that Bocchi introduce them to Kurai. Speaking of the devil, here she is. She starts off introducing herself before introducing her friends (I think she said more than she should for Aru… How unfortunate). So what does Kurai think? She too introduces herself and ends it that it is not her policy to make friends. Goodbye. Luckily Bocchi won’t give up since there is a chance to ask Kurai to join her group to make curry in an outdoor camping trip. Don’t mind the pun of zekkou which can mean both perfect and not friends. Because Kurai catches Bocchi ‘stalking’ her. Trying to find that perfect timing to ask, eh? At first Kurai turns her down but after Bocchi explains how Aru helped her out during the cooking class, Kurai thinks Aru is a strong person and agrees to be in her group. But Kurai threatens to leave the group if Bocchi thinks she is looking forward to making curry. Which I think she is because she has really come up with the idea of making seafood curry and she’s serious about it. Oh Sotoka, please don’t ruin her vibe with your seafood doria suggestion. She gets her vibe back with Bocchi’s motivation. They had the best friendship curry ever. Later Kurai talks to Bocchi and notes their different approaches to become stronger. Bocchi does it via having friends while Kurai does it alone. She wants to continue watching Bocchi to see if she can grow stronger this way. In a way she wants to see the ideas Bocchi comes up and help improve herself. Hence she views them as rivals. Bocchi is confused. Is that counted as friends? I guess not.

Episode 10
Oh well. The semester is ending and Bocchi feels she didn’t make as much friends as before. Hence she tries to be super strong? Too bad it backfires when she tries to put it up to her friends because it makes her look weak instead. Though Sotoka tells them about Bocchi’s intentions, Sotoka herself is reminded about her own. Still want to be an apprentice instead of a friend? It’s complicated! The friends visit the shrine for New Year. Kurai is also there but since she isn’t officially part of the group, she leaves earlier. Bocchi stumbles upon her cooking class friends. Since she earnestly wishes for them to become her friends, they agree. Hooray! Wish to make more friends come true! So happy that she faints?! That’s Bocchi for you. With Ito Kurie and Peko Onaka now her friends, why is Sotoka putting up the biggest shock on her face?! It’s the way Bocchi addresses them. Because Sotoka is still addressed as Sotoka-san rather than Sotoka-chan. Talking to the rest, it seems she is reluctant to end her apprenticeship because of what Bocchi said about the need to pass everything down to her, then only they’ll be friends. So she hasn’t passed everything down yet? Sotoka gives it a shot. Nope. Still Sotoka-san. So shocked that she now speaks Engrish?! So the friends set them up to meet. Bocchi has created a new shuriken for her. I guess they’re back to friends. But why is Sotoka still worried? Now she can’t call her as master? Nako tells her that Bocchi already told everything she had to her. At least her feelings. With renewed determination, Sotoka sees Bocchi again. This time she manages to get it out. She wants to stop being her apprentice and be her friend. Music to Bocchi’s ears as this is the first time somebody asks her to be her friend. Hey, at least she didn’t faint this time. Oddly, they are still somewhat distant when trying to address each other. But they are super close when it comes to making shurikens together. Needless to say, they’re already good friends.

Episode 11
Wow. Bocchi has so many friends to say good morning to that she is panicking?! WTF?! Yeah, this is unprecedented. As Nako and Sotoka are in the same Smartphone group, Bocchi also wants to join. Too bad she realizes hers is still a flip phone! Desperate, she calls mom for an upgrade! Otherwise she can’t make friends! Oh silly, you have to wait till next year to get yours… Bummer. When Kurai refuses to still be friends with them because they will be changing classes, this activates yet another Bocchi trauma. Because now she ponders about Kai’s words. When she said make friends in your entire class, is it first year, second year or third year? And if changing classes is true, does this mean she must start all over! Oh the horror! Hence she tries to come up with strategies to stay in the same class. Yeah… That plan flies into the hands of another classmate, the rich girl, Mayo Oujosa. After hearing her troubles, Mayo suggests buying school! WTF?! Not enough money? She’ll find her a job! And she did! So folding 1000 cranes? With help from her friends, they get the job done quick. Mainly thanks to Sotoka who is super fast due to her shuriken training. So how much the pay? 500 yen. Wow. So much. Now let’s go buy the school! But where to buy? Oh dear. Heh. The store lady says school is not for sale! You can’t buy it here and even if you could, it’s probably worth 10 billion. Shock! Better start folding more cranes! I think that will be kingdom come… You bet Bocchi is going to do it but then Mayo reveals the truth. This school doesn’t change classes although she tried to use her influence to do so but failed. Bocchi is happy but Mayo leaves sad. Bocchi goes to talk to her as she reveals more truths. She wanted to be friends with Bocchi and lied about the class changing thingy for fear Bocchi will not be with her anymore once this is over. Mayo is always feeling lonely as her parents are working abroad. Oh no. It’s going to be noisy with 2 emotional girls crying… Bocchi then gets an idea. She wants to spend this 500 yen with her friends as they helped her earn it. Mayo joins them at the photo print booth. Aru can’t stand how the noobs can’t decently operate the machine and takes over. After taking their picture, Bocchi reveals they planned this for Mayo. So they’re friends now? You bet. Ah, signature Bocchi fainting. With that, Mayo now has the courage to text to her parents about her loneliness.

Episode 12
Finally! Bocchi has got a handphone! Hooray! I guess mom moved forward her promise since it’s cheaper to get one now. Damn, Bocchi treating her handphone like a human friend? I hope she doesn’t get the idea she can buy ‘friends’ with money! Bocchi starts taking pics of her friends. When Nako falls asleep, all the friends spam taking pics of her sleeping! Later Bocchi tells her friends the biggest incident! When she talked to Kurai, she smiled! Honest! They go talk to her to see for themselves. See! She’s smiling! Weird. Something must be wrong… Bocchi enjoys talking her so much that suddenly Kurai collapses! OMG! Bocchi did you just kill her???!!! As she recovers in the infirmary, Kurai is back to her gloomy self. Ah well. Good while it lasted. It seems she was putting up that fake pleasantry to hide the fact she is sick so as not to look undependable. With the graduation day for seniors looming, Bocchi is worried she can’t attend. So WTF stalk her? I think it is easier for Kurai to just ignore and pretend she didn’t see them doing their lame hiding. Kurai left some DVD she earlier promised for Bocchi. But let’s hope it’s not revenge or prank because the DVD inside is empty! Actually she forgot and still left it in the player. Embarrassing! Graduation day is here and Bocchi practises putting a pin on Nako. Thank goodness she didn’t slip up, eh? But that was sure heart pounding. Bocchi manages to put the pin on the senior but says the wrong word that sends everyone having the wrong idea that senior is pregnant. Bocchi wants to go home with all her friends today. Unfortunately Kurai shuts her down! Maybe next time. On the way home, the friends stop by for pancakes. Soon, the next year starts. This time Bocchi is chosen to introduce herself first in class. Time to show how much she has learnt… And here it is… She vomits again! Some things just don’t change.

Step By Step: You Are (Not) Alone!
From the looks of it, looks like Bocchi is still going to have a long way to make her entire class as her friend. That is, pending on what the definition of ‘entire class’ is. I don’t think Kai would be such a bad hearted girl to shift the goalpost but as long as Bocchi still feels insecure that she doesn’t have enough friends, her mission to get more friends will continue. But not bad, getting 6 people in her class for the first year is impressive. And as Nako said there are 29 of them, let’s hope that she will score more in her second year because you know, being status quo means she’ll fail to achieve it by the deadline. Or worst case scenario, everyone has to stay back until Bocchi makes friends with all of them! I hope it won’t go down this route…

Call it boring or call it cute. Animes like this one can divide the audiences into generally that. You know me. I’m on the fence! Yes, this anime isn’t perfect as there are pros and cons. Besides, it isn’t outright good nor is it outright bad. That’s why it’s in between. As always for me. I have seen so many of this cute girls doing cute things throughout the seasons and years that this series can be part of that statistic in my watch list. Fortunately the characters are quirky in a cute way that it partly helps in my enjoyment watching the dozen episodes. But still, if you’re the kind who can’t stomach all the sparkly cuteness and all that charming adorability would start churning your stomach, well yeah, you’re going to find all the sugary sweetness to be nauseating.

With the plot of the story basically being about Bocchi trying to make friends (heck, it doesn’t feel so much like a main plot and an excuse-cum-reason why the girls need to gather and do cute things), the main focus falls on the characters. Thankfully they aren’t such a bore and as I’ve said, all of them have quirky personalities. Though, you might feel their character types might be a little cliché. We have the shy girl, the not-so-delinquent girl, the girl who wants to stand out, the unfriendly girl (also sometimes known as the emotionless girl), the rich girl and yes, the foreigner who loves Japan.

One might have realized and get to know after watching a couple of episodes into the series, the characters’ names revolve around puns. Disregarding the fact how their parents could name them so accurately or if the girls decide to live up to their namesake, you can quickly tell a girl’s character or role just by looking at her name. Heh. That’s like judging a book by its cover, no? Even though that a majority of the characters live up to their named puns, I am worried about Bocchi. Yup, you guessed it. If she were to live up to her namesake, she would forever be alone! Yikes! Horror! Because Nako is sure being the honest girl she is. Aru certainly has a ‘true nature’ she is trying to hide. Sotoka definitely came from over there (AKA foreigner) and Mayo is absolutely a rich girl. No doubts that Teruyo will still be doing her teaching job. Even if Kai sounds ‘mean’ in giving Bocchi this mission, she is actually being kind. You gotta be cruel to be kind? Hence if you take all this into account, does this mean Bocchi will forever be alone?! I don’t think so but considering this theory, perhaps she will have to change her name soon once she reaches her target. Maybe… Tomodachiga Ippai! Konichiwa, Ippai-chan!

It makes me wonder if Bocchi’s class is the only class filled with classmates with such weird names. I bet there are other quirky classmates but unfortunately the dozen episodes do not give the series justice to flesh them all out (I noticed there is one classmate who is always wearing a sleep mask over her face. I bet she must be named Nemu or something…). Yeah, hint to go read the manga if you want more. However as I noticed, not all of the classmates are weirdly or aptly named. Because you do notice there is a girl named Hanako. Why, that’s a very normal name! So common and normal her name that hers really sounds the weirdest. Unless she is a flower girl who lives in the mountains… I guess it is safe to say that being the most normal of normal of all names, can she even become Bocchi’s friend? Because she doesn’t display any sort of quirky behaviour like the rest. Yeah, maybe Bocchi is attracted to make weird friends.

On to the main characters, to sum it up for Bocchi, she is a funny girl! Being extremely naïve and a simpleton makes her extremely, uhm, cute? It feels like she has this comprehension level the same as Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy! No kidding. She tends to overthink the simplest of things and this leads from one thing to another, causing unnecessary worries and anxiety. And she looks so innocently cute in that mode! Keep calm and carrying on being Bocchi! Oh wait. She can’t keep calm always ;p. Bocchi as the main character having this sort of trauma and insecurity problem seems to mirror main character girls in other similar series of the genre like Kaos from Comic Girls, Hinako from Hinako Note and Hana from Slow Start. I guess it beats being a dumb my pace retard like Kohane from Anima Yell.

There is a very interesting interaction and relationship between Nako and Aru. It is like this series’ own manzai comedy duo. Because Nako being true to her character will always find opportunities (and there are plenty of them) to label Aru as an unfortunate girl. Yeah, this word is so taboo to Aru that now it has become some sort of reflex for her to rebuke it via her trademark style of head diving. How unfortunate. Oops! But it’s like the running joke of the series. Seriously. Not. But not as much as a running joke of Teruyo kowtowing to Nako every time Nako opens her mouth! Poor teacher. Her job is supposed to straighten out students but she gets straightened out instead. Friendship problems aren’t only for Bocchi since Sotoka has something similar. So it feels like a big roundabout for her to play master-disciple relationship because that is somehow closer than being friends? I thought friendship is universal? Not bound by language or cultural differences? But it’s a good thing they are friends now. Because dragging it out, Sotoka may learn how to clone herself or become invisible! Holy cow!

Kurai feels like that stubborn thorn on your side. She clearly stated her intentions not to have friends but yet she doesn’t entirely shut off Bocchi and co. She feels like the last boss of the class that Bocchi should conquer after having everyone else in class as her friend. But Bocchi being Bocchi never gives up. So it could be that ever since she initiated the ‘ritual’ of trying to be friends with her, it has been just one very long ‘battle’ to turn Kurai into her follower friend. Or could it be that Kurai has already accepted Bocchi as her friend but just playing hard to get. After all, you can see in the ending credits those who have officially become Bocchi’s friend will be added to the animation. Kurai is no exception. But oddly when Mayo became part of the friends, why is she not part of the animation? I know she was introduced very late but at the end of that episode aren’t they already friends? Even Ito and Peko aren’t in this line-up. Hmm… Something is fishy… Does this mean they are considered as lesser friends because they don’t spend enough time with Bocchi’s close inner circle? Oh well. But hey, at least Mayo isn’t as naïve enough to think friendship can be bought! Yeah, that will be 10 trillion yen to be my friend! Heh. Not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing since she doesn’t know the value of money since she is so rich.

Art and animation are very bright and cute. But of course. As usual, the cutely designed characters feel like they are taken from other anime series. For example the most obvious to note the moment I laid my eyes on her: Sotoka, doesn’t she look like Karen from Kiniro Mosaic? As for the rest, I bet I’ve seen them somewhere before (like Nako looking closely to Hinako Note’s Chiaki) but my brains can’t think right now so I’m being lazy to go right over and skip thinking about it. This series is done by C2C who produced Harukana Receive, Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu Ka? Ishogashii Desu Ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu Ka?, Yurumates 3D, Aquarion Logos and Onee-chan Ga Kita.

For the voice acting department, Chisaki Morishita as Bocchi takes the cake. She sounds both cute and insecure at the same time, fitting her character role very well. This is her debut as a main character although she has voiced minor extras in a few other series like Harukana Receive and Mitsuboshi Colors. The other casts are Minami Tanaka as Nako (Mary in Kakegurui), Akari Kitou as Aru (Noa in Watashi Ni Tenshi Ga Maiorita), Yuuko Kurose as Sotoka (Coco in High School Fleet), Kana Ichinose as Kurai (Asagi in Irodzuku Sekai No Ashita Kara), Konomi Kohara as Kai (Chika in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai), Minami Takahashi as Teruyo (Megumi in Shokugeki No Souma) and Rika Nagae as Hanako (Olivia in Asobi Asobase). The opening theme is Hotoribocchi No Monologue by the trio of Bocchi, Nako and Aru. Highly energetic and genki anime pop. Typical and suitable for this kind of show. The ending theme is slightly slower, Ne Issho Ni Kaero by Bocchi. It feels a bit like Celtic music due to the Celtic-like flute tunes permeating throughout the song.

Overall, still an enjoyable cute girls doing cute things genre of the season. This is probably one of the very few series that I don’t mind having another season because I would love to see Bocchi get more friends and in the process try to overcome her friendship achievement trauma. Because one day Bocchi is going to realize that it is going to be really hard to fit all her classmate friends into the photo frame! Hah! That’s another trauma she has yet to think about! But this series shows that making friends might sound like an easy task, but it is a herculean effort for a shy introvert and it is laudable that Bocchi managed to do that. You can say she well deserves her friends. She earned it. Goes to show that true friendship is like respect, you earn it and is not given for granted. What next after conquering the class? The whole school? The entire nation? The whole wide world???!!! Watch out, people. Bocchi is coming to make friends with you on the internet! By that time I’ll quickly block her invitations from all my social media accounts ;p. Just leave alone to watch my animes, okay?!


August 10, 2019

Ah, remember those very old times of the infant stages of movies when they were just moving pictures? Yes, those silent movie eras marked the start of how movies will be developed into a sophisticated state right now. Hence we get to somewhat relive that era again in Joshikausei. Yes, an anime with cute girls doing cute things without any dialogues or speeches! Oh yeah. Why do you even need dialogue when you have girls this cute?! Says the synopsis, obviously! I guess we too will be left speechless and only making `~kyun noises at how moe everything is.

Episode 1
Momoko Futo is lying on her classroom desk with her thighs spread out. Yeah… When Mayumi Furui enters, she is devastated with this indecency and tries to close her thighs but Momoko uses them to squeeze her face! Next, Shibumi Shibusawa also sees this atrocity and does the same. But this time she shuts and opens her thighs like as though it is some sort of music instrument. Mayumi sees this and gets the wrong idea. When Momoko is lying alone, now comes the annoying mosquito to ruin the peace. To protect herself from this annoyance, she wears stockings but now the damn pervy mosquito is gunning for her ass! Hence she slaps her own ass in her bid to get rid of it. Missed, of course. So when Momoko takes the train home, a guy gets the wrong idea to see a hand mark on her ass.

Episode 2
As per astrology readings, Momoko is going to experience bad luck today. Uh huh. She takes out the trash and a murder of crows is waiting to target her. Scary! One even almost drop bird poo on her! In class, Momoko didn’t do well in the test and all the plastics to her food and utensils failed to open cleanly. On the way back, the drink she wants from the vending machine is sold out. But Mayumi wins a lucky extra can and gives it to her. After finishing, Momoko fails to properly dispose of it in the recycling bin. Hence a cat comes to toy with it. The can then rolls along the same path as Momoko and she trips on it. Luckily her friends catch her. After they help her up, a crow drops bird poo directly hitting on her shirt. You mad? Catch me if you can!

Episode 3
A guy was up watching TV late last night. It’s no surprise he is sleepy as he takes the train to work. The train as usual is crowded as he dozes off. When the train jerks him up, he sees Momoko smiling at him. He fears he might have fallen asleep on the shoulder of the old dude next to him (which of course he did not). But another jerk causes that old jerk to bump his face onto his shoulder. At the same he took out his gum and it fell in between Momoko’s thighs. When she returns it, everyone who is watching might get the wrong idea so he lets her keep it. But Momoko in return gives him her cookie. This brightens up his day but Momoko tries the gum but it isn’t a flavour she likes.

Episode 4
At a restaurant, Momoko has no money to order parfait. Shibumi tricks her into letting taste some but eats it all herself. Luckily Mayumi shares some and Momoko tries to mock Shibumi that Mayumi is now her new best friend. Momoko and Mayumi use the serviettes to make animals as they play some weird food chain game. I wonder who wins if bear vs crocodile. In the end, Shibumi makes cages out of straws to cage the animals and end this charade. After they leave, the waitress is about to clean their table and is confused at this ‘circus’.

Episode 5
On their way home, the girls find an abandoned skateboard. Momoko rides it but because the wind is threatening to blow up her skirt, Mayumi stops her. So what is the best way to ride? On your knees?! Momoko and Mayumi have fun riding it in different positions like the penguin slide and the bobsled while Shibumi takes pictures. Eventually she wants in on the fun and sits with them. It’s getting a bit cram and heavy. But it’s fun once they get moving. After they had their fun, they leave behind the skateboard but with a bottle and feathers as offering?

Episode 6
Kizuku, Momoko’s sister realizes she has put on a bit of weight. Watching from a TV commercial of a simple weight loss exercise, she tries it out but fails. Then she tries it out on Momoko since she is sleeping so soundly. So she goes on top of her and not sure if this method makes use of Momoko as the support. Definitely when Momoko wakes up, she is giving that WTF look. Eventually Kizuku can’t hold any longer and falls onto Momoko. Thank goodness those boobs didn’t kill her when it land right smack on her face. As punishment, Kizuku continues to do that exercise but Momoko now sits on top of her.

Episode 7
A cold wintery day. Momoko and friends get creative drawing on the foggy window. A few close shaves like Momoko drawing a turd but Shibumi covers it up as an ice cream. Mayumi thought there is a ghost when she saw footprints over the glass but it turns out to be Momoko using her fist to draw the footprints. By the time they want to snap pictures of their artwork, it is all cleared up. Lessons resume and for some reason the teacher brought a kettle. When it boils, the steam fogs the window and the teacher sees our girls’ creativity mark on it. They are forced to stay back and clean up.

Episode 8
During a heavy downpour, Momoko takes shelter at a bus stop. There is also a guy waiting there and he gets a little nervous since you know, they’re all wet (from the rain!) and he could almost see through her uniform. Then Momoko bends to pick up something she dropped. Oh yeah. That ass! Then she ties her hair up. Oh yeah! That nape! Sexy! But she accidentally swings and her ponytail smacks his face. Is that divine retribution? Then a passing truck splashes water on him. As he tries to find his handkerchief but couldn’t find it, he thought Momoko was kind enough to offer hers. Unfortunately it is a fat ugly lady now taking shelter! Shibumi has come by and shared her umbrella with Momoko.

Episode 9
Flashback to a year ago when Mayumi was a new transfer student to this school, she was a bit clumsy. She was afraid of Momoko because of that delinquent vibe she gave off. And those weird hand signals she gave. WTF?! After school, Mayumi spotted Momoko doing weird poses. Then she realizes she was doing shadow puppets. Mayumi goes to join her and their friendship took off from there. They had a swell time making a few hand shadow puppets.

Episode 10
Another flashback episode, with so many kids bringing key holder accessories to school, Shibumi as the class rep bans them. This doesn’t sit well with many of her classmates. Then Shibumi receives a hair accessory for her birthday. Some girls confront her about her double standards and try to tear it off her hair. Accidentally they broke it. Then Momoko cuts her beads accessories and help glue them back together. I believe Shibumi cried tears of joy. In the aftermath, Shibumi relaxes the rules and allows key holder accessories but only not more than 1. The guilty girls feel guilty of their actions and Momoko claps to Shibumi’s fairer rule.

Episode 11
On a cold winter day, the trio return to Momoko’s home and enjoy the warmth of the kotatsu. They eat some delicious mikan as well. Momoko starts sketching Shibumi blindfolded and of course her portrait turned out awfully funny. This has Shibumi in turn do the same. Yet another hilariously awful drawing. They continue to fool around and have fun so I guess it is time for the friends to leave since Momoko is cosily sleeping in. Before they leave, they play a prank on her by balancing a bunch of mikan on her forehead. Steady now… Damn, they’re really balancing well.

Episode 12
We see the trio walk back on their home from school. They stop by the convenience store before getting on the train. Because Mayumi is too short to grab the handles, her friends lend their arms. Eh, why stand when there are spare seats on the train? Then they hang out at the bridge before making their way home. After seeing of Mayumi, Momoko and Shibumi go their own way. But because Shibumi’s stomach growls, Momoko shares her bun. Momoko then reaches home. And she says, “I’m home”. OMFG!!!!!!!! FIRST WORDS OF THE ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SURPRISING!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Wow! OMG! Isn’t this so great?! Girls not opening their mouths and saying anything make them look even cuter!!! Damn, why does that sound so misogynistic in today’s politically correct world???!!! But heck, they had to ruin it with that final scene of the final episode. Somehow that single line from Momoko just ruined the crazy speechless combo! Now you can’t say this is entirely a dialogue-less anime!

But seriously, definitely part of the unique charm of this series is because there is no spoken dialogue whatsoever. Sure, it makes them look like retards or this world is nothing but a pantomime but it gives a whole new refreshing look without any conversation at all (except for that final episode scene that dispels this theory). It goes to show that action speaks louder than words and that a picture is worth a thousand words. One can easily enjoy and guess the antics of the girls just by watching what they are doing. It doesn’t take a genius or rocket scientist to deduce and figure out their (mis)adventures. Why talk when you can translate what you want to say via your actions?

So yes, there is no story and plot at all and every episode seems to be random. That is why everything seems so fun. After all, what do you expect from a 3 minute episode? Besides, not too long ago we have had cartoons with no dialogue. Those who are old enough should remember Tom And Jerry as well as The Road Runner Show. Yeah, remember those classics? Hence this anime is suitable for everyone and those who don’t even speak Japanese! No subs required. Just don’t mind the miniscule words in the background such as notices and signs. But these aren’t a lot either so don’t worry about it.

The characters are paper thin too but who cares when you see the girls having their own random fun. You could probably guess that Momoko is the adventurous one, Mayumi the shy one and Shibumi the prideful one. Yeah, can you not blame us for judging the book by its cover? I could be wrong judging their stereotypical characters but I’m sure my guts are pretty close to correct. And besides, it’s not like we really want to know about their background and history, right? As long as we have our bishoujo having fun, everything else is a-okay. I hope.

Of course this series is totally void of human voices. You can still hear them but only limited to grunts, sighs, groans and similar murmurs. Therefore it sometimes feels like a waste of seiyuu talent for having seiyuus voice the characters. I mean, the producer could have just ‘voiced’ them all himself and nobody could tell the difference. But hey, need to look realistic on the books. So we have Rika Tachibana as Momoko (Reiko in Shomin Sample), Yurika Kubo as Mayumi (Hanayo in Love Live), Tomomi Mineuchi as Shibumi (Eiko in Slow Start) and Misato Aoyagi as Kizuku. Ironically, it is the ending theme, Silent Days (also such an ironic song title) by Amatsuuni that has spoken words. Heh. Singing, that is. Sounds so odd after 3 minutes of no dialogue. And then they play this anime pop with lyrics. Not bad actually, this song. But that violin BGM sounds a bit weird… Like as though an amateur is playing it. Sounded like the violin was almost screeching…

The art and animation can be said to be hovering close to poor quality. It is average at best but it’s not like it is worth it to put all the effort to make everything looks so masterfully beautiful for a 3 minute episode, right? Because of that, sometimes the scenes look a bit dull because no bright colourful hues were used. This series is animated by Seven who specializes in doing anime shorts like Okusama Ga Seitokaichou, Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken, Recorder To Randoseru, Strange+, Fushigi Na Somera-chan and Morita-san Wa Mukuchi (this one has a character who technically doesn’t speak too). Don’t mind all the other anime porn shorts that they do too… Maybe that’s why the animation quality has this similar feel…

On a trivial note, I figured why they named this Joshikausei which is supposed to be a pun of Joshikousei (high school girl) is because the latter is already taken. Remember Girls High AKA Joshikousei? Yeah, I remember watching that slapstick comedy. Don’t want to get lawsuits… And perhaps Joshikausei sounds a lot cuter… Probably…

Overall, not really much to say (pun intended) and if I had to put it in a few words, fun and enjoyable. Not the best there is because our anime standards are so high these days… However if you are looking for something short and fun, this is your answer. No need for complicated dialogues because even simple ones can give you headache as you have to ‘think’ and figure out what is going on with the conversation. Unfortunately the internet out there isn’t so kind as I have read many comments calling this a waste of time. Wow. Such sophisticated and classy people. But me, I’m just a simpleton. Strange (but cute) girls entertaining me and making me smile is more than enough to make my day. Enough said. Period.

Girlfriends come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, literally. Imagine having those little plastic models that is 1/6 in size of an actual human being as your girlfriend! Thanks again, Japan! For introducing to the world the weirdest sh*t ever and enriching our lives with them. Don’t be surprise to find people nowadays wanting to marry their virtual idols and even those little plastic models. Because life now is too hard and so convenient for all this. Enter Chou Kadou Girl 1/6: Amazing Stranger. Because nothing beats having that little doll as a girlfriend for a total otaku nerd. A dream come true!

Episode 1
Nona from Female Form Planetary Space Probe 9 travels the universe in search for intelligent life. She arrives at a planet of a lone giant as he carves images of her. But the next thing she knows, she is in the room of Haruto Bouida. We can hear this dude lecturing his friend on the phone that 2D girls are the best while 3D girls suck! No wonder his friend hangs up. Haruto notices his Nona doll in a different position. He checks her out and notices the seamless joints and what’s this? He can take off her pants?! Oh yeah… As he is about to try that, Nona’s self-defence activates as she fires at the enemy! He runs for his life and it gets worse when he somehow takes off her top. Incoming missiles! So as they explain themselves, Haruto wonders if the AI and technology have advanced so much for this doll to talk and act so real. But he realizes from what she said, it must mean her memories are only from the anime and that giant dude is from the last episode. Hence he can’t let her see the anime or near his merchandises (he is a big fan of her series). After a few close calls in preventing her to see those stuffs, he plays along and claims he is a scholar among giants (though he is just a programmer). Nona is amazed and agrees to do as he says since she is interested to explore this planet. In exchange, she will tell him about her travels. Next morning, Haruto wakes up thinking last night was a dream. But then, it’s not. He sees Nona trying to act like a doll but fails. She desperately tries to be one so Haruto says she doesn’t need to pretend to be a doll when he is around. That should make things easier.

Episode 2
When Haruto is about to pour hot tea into his cup, suddenly a strange creature jumps out. He is Ozma, Nona’s intelligence gathering ally. Apparently Haruto doesn’t really like him and doesn’t even remembering buying him despite coming in the same box as Nona. Ozma tries to threaten him that he knows he is lying to Nona about everything but since Haruto knows his habits of hiding in a jar, I guess the tables are turned. Or in this case, jar? Unfortunately, Nona has heard everything and she wants to know the truth. Haruto isn’t breaking down in fear but in fact happy that he gets to feel her true feelings. Then he lets her see all the merchandises about her. Her backstory, her specs, her adventures, everything written down so clearly. In short, she is a fictional character. Of course she cannot accept this since it means her life was all made up. Haruto says he loves her. As a fan. With so many people watched her anime, it proves that she is not forgotten and not alone. So as he lets Nona go through more of his merchandise, he realizes there is one section he shouldn’t let her rummage: Porn! Oh sh*t! WTF tentacle rape with Ozma???!!! Is that what he wants to do with her?! She bans the guys from coming close to her for now. A couple of weeks later, Nona is lazing around and only eating like a housewife. With Haruto talking to her about this, suddenly she asks if he loves her. Well, of course. You know, as a fan. Then she shows a paper she found: A marriage certificate that he wrote her name. He explains although there are other anime girls he loves, but none is greater than for Nona. So with both happily accepting each other, you mean this is their wedding ceremony? Because now Nona has got an excuse to laze around and eat like a housewife! Sneaky! Also, she lays down the ground rules he cannot see other 2D or 3D women! Wow. This is really like married life. Suddenly a girl walks in. Cracks in the marriage already?

Episode 3
Mikoto is Haruto’s little sister. She too is a fan of the series and she is ecstatic this Nona can talk and move. She interviews her on various questions but is baffled when it seems Nona is Haruto’s wife just for the sake of being his wife. As Ozma explains, since romance isn’t a genre in the series, Nona can’t possibly understand those feelings. Mikoto thinks they lack bonds of a married couple (didn’t they get ‘married’ a few minutes ago only?) and if they have it, they can overcome anything. Haruto returns and he bought more dolls. What if they start moving like Nona? Not to worry. He’ll have a harem! On Christmas night, Nona is disgruntled Haruto is going out. On a date?! What’s this anime convention he is going to since he hasn’t been watching any anime since Nona came into his life? So is he deprived! She points out that his otaku life is wrong! But he stubbornly ignores her and leaves. Actually, Haruto goes to meet his fellow otaku friend, Seijirou Kanmuri. This guy is not happy he is slacking in his otaku stuffs. However Seijirou starts criticising Nona since he never liked that anime. He has got some point and having a right to opinion is also valid. Haruto argues back he has been rewatching Nona every night to get to know her even more and he feels for her who is trying so hard. Too bad they are kicked out of the restaurant for being loudmouth nuisance. On the way back, Nona pops out from his bag. Looks like she heard everything. She admits she was envious about his friend who was able to say things from his heart and that he knew more about Haruto than her. She also doesn’t want him to date other girls. Meanwhile it seems Seijirou has his own talking doll. It was part of his plan to get him worked up over Nona. They also have sent another doll to infiltrate…

Episode 4
Haruto is playing one of his old video games as Nona notes the beautiful heroine on the box cover, Bellnoa. Since this game can play for 4 players, he leaves to buy more controllers. However Nona is attacked by Bellnoa the doll. She thinks by defeating her, she can return to her world. Nona then explains how everything is fiction and this makes Bellnoa sad. However she still wants to fight Nona as it is her instinct to fight strong people. As she struggles, Nona transforms into Shadow Nona. She is much stronger and faster. Although she almost lost to Bellnoa, Haruto returns as Bellnoa threatens Shadow Nona’s safety in exchange to return to her world. So what does Haruto do? He goes to change the game stats of Bellnoa?! Anyway it worked. With Bellnoa paralyzed, Haruto tries to reduce her powers even further. Funny, shouldn’t the skimpier the dress, the more power it should add? Anyway, Haruto is really curious to see some legendary swimsuit. Perhaps it’s some naked version. But with Bellnoa in tears and everyone calling him the worst, I guess it’s time to stop. Bellnoa gets more violated when she baths with Nona. Your obligatory bathing scene! When Bellnoa realizes they can go into her world via his monitor, she wants Haruto to fight with her. Nona and Ozma are shocked to see Haruto inside the video game. So how does it feel being a pixelated 2D?

Episode 5
It might look like top-down pixelated on the outside but it looks like 2D RPG from the inside? Bellnoa’s new aide is not accepted by her ally, Nazuna. She challenges him and Haruto runs away?! So how does he ‘subdue’ her? By knowing about her past! Since he is going to die, he requests to see her face. And also those small boobs. I think he is going to die now! Of course Bellnoa puts a stop to that. With Nona watching all this drama and worried about this affair, genie girl Kusabi offers she can send her in. But Nona believes in her husband and will wait till he gets back like a true wife. Can she say that when Haruto is going to have a threesome at the inn?! Fortunately (or not), nothing happened in the inn. What a waste. Haruto and Bellnoa continue their quest however Bellnoa has doubts of defeating the final boss because when everything is over, what will be of them? She wants to stay like this forever. Instead they go to fifth some hidden boss and Bellnoa thought she was strong but apparently lost her clothes. WTF?! The monster then berates her for not going on to defeat the final boss and instead linger around, making the world continue to suffer in chaos. With Haruto apologizing on her behalf, he accepts his fate to be eaten but here comes Shadow Nona to the rescue. She easily defeats the hidden boss in one blow. With that, they are thrown out of the game. Shadow Nona and Bellnoa might have gone at each other’s throat but they are stopped by Kusabi. It took a while for Haruto to recognize her because the real Kusabi source looks like crap! Since she has finished her job, she will return to her master and warns she might take Haruto away from them.

Episode 6
Bellnoa wants to return to her world but Haruto wants her to stay and chill. And they do so by playing video games? This makes Nona jealous as Mikoto realizes that Bellnoa is in love with Haruto. Despite Nona being pessimistic about her chances with Haruto, she still confronts him to choose between them. She even tells him bluntly that Bellnoa is in love with him. But what about Nona as his wife then? Hence she challenges Bellnoa to a fight to see who can truly win Haruto’s love. So the fight begins by sleeping next to him? Yeah, they’re arguing about their higher resale value… Haruto is feeling weird since he is experiencing the stereo effect of both girls arguing into his ears. Then they both decide to kiss him. Because they’re so small, their puny kiss doesn’t have any effect. Haruto is squirming at this moment and the girls think his weakness is to be whispered in his ear. Hence more of I love yous whispered and it just paralyzes Haruto with embarrassment. In the end, they call it a tie but the battle is not over. Haruto thinks they would just let it go? He doesn’t know how women will fight tooth and nail till the end for their loved one! But Bellnoa is shocked when Haruto and Nona seem to know what each other want even without saying it to each other. Just a nod as reminder and they know what to do. It’s not magic. They’ve been living together for quite a while. This gives Bellnoa the motivation to stay here longer and one day make Haruto look at her.

Episode 7
Haruto is shocked that Seijirou is in his room. How did he get here? He is the owner of Kusabi and she has portal abilities. It seems he wants Haruto to join him on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the moving figurines. To his dismay, Haruto rejects. Seijirou then presents Subaru Amanohara, a figuring based on a fighting game. Since she is strong, Bellnoa wants to fight her but ultimately loses. Seijirou thought this would convince Haruto to join him but unfortunately he thought Seijirou was here to give him Subaru. Yeah, this dude wants her and this doesn’t sit well with Nona. Suddenly Subaru goes missing. So why are the rest playing board games? Knowing Subaru’s character as an otaku, if they have fun, they might lure her out. Subaru is hiding in some ventilation and trying to suppress her temptation. Eventually Nona finds her and although in a dilemma to reveal if she is a figurine, Subaru has already accepted herself as one. Thanks to that, it makes things easier for Haruto. But Subaru is very embarrassed as Haruto knows everything about her. This means her deep and darkest secrets too. But Haruto shows her a letter that contains his deep and darkest secrets. They’re even. They both vow to keep each other’s secret a secret. Ozma then talks about all of them seem to be made by a small niche company, Takasago-ya. It is no surprise when revealed that Seijirou is the president of Takasago-ya.

Episode 8
As the girls are playing a video game, suddenly the screen is being hijacked by Seijirou. He has kidnapped Haruto and if they want him back they must fight and win best out of 3 matches. Otherwise they will also become his research samples. First up is Bellnoa against a secret boss character of a fighting game, Karate Mao. Because Bellnoa took too long to power up, time’s up, she lost. Next is Nona against Dragulious. Big bad guy wants to marry Nona because she’s cute?! Oh no. Is she going to get raped?! Luckily Haruto screams to her to activate some mode and Nona transforms into a champion version and defeats this pervert in a blink of an eye. The final fight is between Subaru and Rindo. The latter cancels out all of her moves as she reveals her goal is to be an idol after defeating her but it seems that because of all the game sequels, Subaru always returns and hence thwarting her dream. She is going to dispose of her once and for all when Karate Mao protects Subaru and reveals himself. He is Kaimon and also Subaru’s father. He wants Subaru to open her heart to the Amanohara style and when she refuses, he reveals her deepest secrets of BL volumes?! WTF?! The other guys aren’t moved since this is pretty normal by today’s standards. But Haruto punches him for trying to embarrass his daughter. Unforgivable! Kaimon isn’t moved and is going to read aloud those books when Rindo agrees to cooperate with Subaru to take down her dumb father. KO! Yay! She won! But back home, Nona and Bellnoa are spotting angry faces because Subaru somewhat confessed her feelings to Haruto. Oh dear. This guy is going to get his own KO when he gets back!

Episode 9
Oh my. Haruto is already an old fat and still with Nona? Yeah, their love do lasts. But wait! Suddenly Haruto dies!!! OMG!!! Apparently this is a nightmare that Nona had. Because of that, she has Haruto take her out on a date to make some memories. They did a lot of fun stuffs to appease her fears. However for the next couple of times, she still has that same nightmare. No choice, their dating routine continues. Ozma who has switched off her ability to dream (why is this feature even implemented?), believes the reason this is only happening is because Nona is lying. Probably she wants Haruto to give her some attention. However Haruto forgives her since she is only lying to him and not to the world. Nona’s super hearing means she heard all that and now she feels as guilty as ever. She wants to take responsibility for this and allows Haruto to do whatever he wants till he is satisfied. Gee, why does she have to sound so ambiguous? In that case, Haruto will go on a date with Bellnoa and Subaru. Is this guy literally trying to test her patience? But Haruto wants Nona to join them. She definitely won’t turn this down.

Episode 10
Hotspring fanservice episode! Haruto shows his ‘maturity’ by not looking at his little ones although he prefers to eavesdrop on them. Is this some high level perversion here? Too bad no sexy talk or boobs comparison. Because when Bellnoa talks how she is enjoying this world to the fullest, Nona’s memories only last until the final episode of the anime. There is this one guy in a straw hat whom she wants to meet as he was the one watching over her all the time. Though, she can’t quite remember his face or name. However this puts Haruto in an awkward position as he submerges himself pretending not to hear. With Nona also worried about this, suddenly she finds herself tied up on a tree branch. She recognizes the perpetrator as Rue Hitoma because this tank girl is Haruto’s recent obsession as he spent a lot of money to get this limited edition of her! Rue’s mission is to eliminate all the other girls in Haruto’s harem because of the sum invested into her, she will repay his love. Hence with no rivals, he will only love her! Man, that’s deep. Seijirou visits his worker, Kamiya Tatsutagawa and realizes she is the one who keeps continuing to make these dolls that come to life because she uses the legendary shards of Galatea. Say what?! Nona becomes Shadow Nona to challenge Rue. She cuts down Rue in her jealousy because unlike her, she has no happy ending and her true system is DP System that destroys planets. Bellnoa heard all this and subdues her with her dragon. Rue apologizes to Haruto for losing but he doesn’t mind. Besides, it’s not that he bought her or anything and believes Seijirou is the one who slipped her into his box. Meanwhile Shadow Nona complains to Haruto that she too wants to be loved. Haruto chastises her that her loves all of them and that includes her. However he still calls her Nona so I guess that’s not going to go well. She reverts back to Nona and since she heard everything, she is now determined to learn her true self. Only then she can feel she is truly loved by him. Haruto agrees. Let’s watch the final episode of her anime together.

Episode 11
As Nona is searching for life on a planet, she stumbles into another girl who looks similar like her. She too is called Nona. Both claim they are the original Nona so they theorize they must have come from very similar planets with similar cultures. What are the odds? I guess it’s possible in the infinite universes theory. However, they believe their destiny is to fight each other until only one is left. So they face off playing various games?! From reversi to poker, all ended in draws. I guess you can’t beat yourself, eh? When Nona decides to go home because someone is waiting for her, the other Nona knows about the straw hat guy, prompting her to break down. Those memories weren’t just vague. They were planted and fake. So the only way is to destroy each other that will not leave any trace and hope their future sisters will choose a different path? So all this is actually the final episode of Nona’s anime series. While Haruto is touched, Nona’s look is so WTF-is-this-crappy-sh*t. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. Later when Haruto and Nona are out, suddenly Seijirou and Tatsutagawa putting up an emergency press conference in his room. They reveal to the others about the Galatea shard that allows them to move and how they are all carved by Tatsutagawa. I think everyone is shocked by the sloppy reasoning more than anything else. They believed love moved them and hence the reason they used Haruto in this experience since he loves those characters. But he bought them from the store, right? Yeah, they anticipated his arrival and made him picked their model. But this announcement is just one big setup to elaborately announce their marriage?! Yeah, looks like they have to do it again when Haruto and Nona comes back. Unfortunately Kusabi worries Nona might not be coming back. Here’s the note she left for home. We see Nona waking up from her stasis coma as her ship approaches another planet. She narrates of the weird dream she had of loving and being loved.

Episode 12
Kusabi explains Nona came to her to seek that power to enter the final anime episode. To show her determination, after entering, she destroyed the disc. This means nobody else can follow her as Kusabi’s power only allows exist from the same entry point. So where is Haruto? He went after her too! But how? He entered the penultimate anime episode! Because both those episodes are linked together. So when Nona wakes up, she can instantly tell this quack doctor is Haruto! After reprimanding him for doing this, he shows her that straw hat man that she supposedly created from her vague memories. Ugly as f*ck! Anyway, Nona wants to continue doing this for the other Nona counterpart known as Nona Equal. Something about Nona not really happy that she is the one having all the happiness despite being the same. That is when Haruto orders the computer AI system known as Ozma to turn around the ship and head for him. His theory is that if Nona doesn’t go on that planet, Nona Equal will also do the same action. Hence they don’t have to meet and end up with that tragic end. Unfortunately her nanobots start going out of control. Haruto hugs her and risks himself getting melted. With some feelings exchanging between them, the nanobots stop going berserk! Wow. So convenient. And then more great memories and when the feeling is getting good, Nona readies herself to kiss him. Only to be stopped by others. Yup, they have also arrived via penultimate episode. Uhm, so why did they only arrive now and not the same time as Haruto did? Argh! So confusing! I guess all is back to number with the plastic girls fighting over him. Back home, Ozma remembers there was another figurine Haruto bought along Bellnoa. Oh, she’s starting to awaken now. She is Nona Equal! And she too joins in the chase for Haruto’s love! How sweet.

Toy Story: Plastic Memories Of Plastic Little
Well… That was a cheesy final episode trying to ascertain Haruto’s feelings for Nona. Just like that cheesy final episode of Nona’s anime too! I bet Haruto says that to all his favourite figurines so Nona isn’t that special and only seems so because it’s the last episode and well, maybe she’s his ‘wife’. But it sure prompt up a lot of weird questions like how Nona is able to enter the anime and do whatever she wants. Gee, this must mean there are thousands of other Nonas in other households who own her DVD. And how is this episode thingy connected despite on different discs? Can their actions now actually change the entire plot of the Nona anime on the disc?! Because Seijirou and co are watching all that live on TV! Damn, this is so confusing. But don’t worry. I’ll say it’s because of Kusabi’s magic. So convenient.

The story itself isn’t really much. Just an otaku spending time with his ever growing plastic harem. Perhaps newbies might find this heart-warming and light hearted because well, an otaku trying to get along and develop some sort of ‘normal’ human relationship with his toy, uhm, I mean little girl, wait, sorry, uhm, plastic model? Ah damn. Hard to classify what Nona actually is without sounding weird. Yes, this series is still rather okay but you know me, now a self-proclaimed anime veteran, this doesn’t bring anything extraordinary to the table. I mean, this isn’t the first time there is a series about little plastic models come to life. Remember Busou Shinki and Frame Arms Girls? This one just adds the harem factor to it. Plus, I’m not really into those plastic models. So yeah, not really seeing anything favourable for this series.

In the case of Japan being Japan, I’m sure you’ve heard of the story whereby a man married his hologram anime character. Not saying that this anime takes its inspiration from there (it is after all based on the manga of the same name), but rather the thought of people now having really weird relationships these days instead of the traditional family. Now you know why Japan’s birth rates are rapidly declining, huh? Anyway, with Haruto frolicking with his plastic models, though he treats them kindly like as though they are his girlfriends (heck, he might be treating them even better compared to if he has a real life sized 3D girlfriend!), one might start thinking how far they will take this relationship. Will it just be that a status quo harem or is he going to marry them. Because eventually if they really get married, the weirdest thought of them making out will be mind blowing. Will Nona be considered a sex toy then? And if she does get ‘used’, isn’t Haruto just masturbating using a sex toy? Weird, right?! I mean, Haruto those have naughty versions of the plastic models and in a different medium. So this thought isn’t so far off…

As for the characters, they are considered shallow in my terms. Nothing really deep about them. You can instantly tell Haruto is a typical otaku and like how all otakus must be shown in a good limelight and because he is main character, he is a good guy. Despite some of his weird fetishes and hobbies (who doesn’t have them?), he treats his plastic girls good. Like I said, they have so much the same rights as a full grown adult woman. Nona is the weird one because she is acting like his wife. It makes you wonder if she is programmed that way. But anyway, with Nona having mild jealousy when Haruto is paying more attention to the other plastic girls serves as plot amusement because nothing beats a jealous girlfriend/wife than initiate some weird face off. Also cue to initiate the other side of Nona AKA Shadow Nona to give a variety that Nona isn’t just housewife material. I guess sometimes we need a little of plastic battles because it is a waste to have such characters crafted from various genres and not use their specialties. Bellnoa’s warrior might, Subaru’s fighting capabilities, Kusabi’s magic properties and Rue shooting from her boobs! Yeah, I guess that’s why she’s a tank girl.

The rest of the other plastic girls in Haruto’s harem feel underutilised. It only feels they are there as numbers because that is what is needed in a harem. That’s why Rue’s character felt so rushed like as though they needed to add more numbers to the harem. After all, Nona is the face of the series and you don’t want to usurp her limelight by giving the other girls more of it. Otherwise, pretty much redundant in terms of character development. They are given at least one episode in focus so as to justify why they are choosing to stay with Haruto. After all, if you want to hang around a guy like him, might as well love him too. Might not have the best job, status or money to begin with but I guess for plastic models like them if they are to ultimately be cared and loved, the best people to truly take care and love them are otakus, RIGHT???!!!! It’s really a strange way to have these girls started out as enemies, after fighting each other they become friends and ultimately Haruto’s harem. Weird shonen-harem genre mash-up… And then they add the final Nona Equal to the mix. What is better than one Nona? Two Nonas!!! I have this feeling Ozma is supposed to be the wisecrack know-it-all but more than often I find him sort of flat.

It feels like a lazy reason and writing as to why these plastic model girls come to life with their own thinking. WTF Galatea shard in Tatsutagawa hands just feels so flimsy a reason that it was probably thought up on the fly to satisfy curious people wondering why the girls suddenly become animated. I guess a reason is better than no reason at all. Hence Seijirou acting like the antagonist to get Haruto join in his experiment feels more like a distraction than any actual plot. No wonder Haruto tries hard to ignore this guy. But you know what they say about persistence. Still got him nowhere, though. Sure, he tried to shock us all with his engagement. Congratulations. But we are more concerned about Haruto and Nona, right? Last but not least, Mikoto. Her character also feels redundant and my guess is to fill in the little sister trope. After all, she doesn’t appear that often and only when the plot commands it. Even so, her role doesn’t amount to anything much.

Art and animation aren’t anything to shout about. They aren’t looking sophisticated and I might go as far as to say they look plain simple. Because the characters do sort of have that one kind look. They mix 2D animation with some 3D CGI and perhaps it is to justify that if these little plastic girls move in odd fashion, maybe that is why little plastic girls move so. After all, their joints aren’t exactly like humans. This anime is done by Studio A-CAT who also did Frame Arms Girls (with Zexcs).

For the voice acting, I thought Suzuna Kinoshita as Nona sounded a bit raw. I thought perhaps her character sound like that but considering her characters Ayaka in Dorei-ku The Animation and Misaki in Fumikiri Jikan sound somewhat similar, maybe she does sound like that. The other casts are Wataru Hatano as Haruto (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Sayaka Senbongi as Bellnoa (AnchoR in Clockwork Planet), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ozma (Sasaki in Gintama), Mao Ichimichi as Subaru (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Risae Matsuda as Mikoto (Kaoru in Toji No Miko), Sora Tokui as Kusabi (Niko in Love Live), Kengo Kawanishi as Seijirou (Rei in 3-gatsu No Lion) and Yuu Sasahara as Rue (Akari in Tonari No Kyuuketsuki-san).

The opening theme is Soreyuk! Koigokoro by AOP. For some weird reason, even though I find this song pretty normal, I can’t seem to get it out of my head. I won’t go so far to say it is catchy but, uhm, is it catchy? I mean, that’s the only explanation. Why don’t I admit I just like this song? That’s why it just feels strange. Maybe it’s that synthesizer sound effect in the singing voice. Some sort of hypnotizing effect there? The ending theme is One by Haruka Toujou. Typical rock outfit. Sounds rather okay to me. Not infectious as the opener, though.

Overall, nothing that amazing in my books. Pretty average but I guess it beats having that ubiquitous isekai genre permeating the industry lately. Hmm… Come to think of it, doesn’t this feel like a reverse isekai in a way? Because Nona comes from another world and arrives in our world. Also, having a pretty average anime series these days feels like it speaks volumes due to the amount of sh*tty and crappy animes we get by the load every season. So yeah. Otaku guy having a little plastic model girl as his girlfriend-cum-wife? Pretty normal. Having a bunch of other plastic girls to live out his fantasy harem? Pretty normal. Because it’s Japan, people! Amazing Japan! Japan is amazing!

Slimes are supposed to be the weakest monsters that beginner adventures would face in many RPGs, right? They are mostly use as target practice to help adventurers level up and gain experience points to fight other tougher and stronger monsters in their journey. So I suppose somebody didn’t like how slimes got discriminated against because their only other stereotypic role is to melt through women’s clothing for fanservice. Yeah. Thus the need to change our perspectives that slimes aren’t weak and perverted. Slimes can be powerful and almighty too. Slimes can be fearsome and respected at the same time. Do not underestimate slimes! Do not disrespect slimes! So yeah. That’s how we get Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. Just kidding. Sort of. But true, somebody died and had to be reincarnated into a slime in another world. Using all the abilities and chances available to build from scratch to turn himself into a lowly slime into a powerful creature you would think twice about messing with. Oh boy. This is going to get cliché…

Episode 1
You know it’s a jinx when a middle aged guy narrates he is successful but has not have any girlfriend in his largely uneventful life. Yup, Satoru Mikami meets up with his junior whom I think wants to show off his new girlfriend. I guess she is some famous idol or something because some jealous stalker jumps out of nowhere and tries to stab her but Satoru took the stab. As he lies bleeding to death, it’s like some internal voice/computer/processor/God thingy trying (Great Sage as he refers it to) to ‘accommodate’ his wishes like nullifying the pain and making him unable to feel hot or cold. And the ultimate wish is that he thinks he is a sage since he is a virgin at this age and hence he is going to be one. The next thing he knows, he wakes up in a cave. Feeling weird about himself, he realizes he is now a slime! But not just an ordinary weak slime. He can devour anything, break it down to analyse and even obtain/absorb whatever attributes or nutrients. And with help of Sage thingy, he gets to upgrade and level up, earning lots of skills in the process. Yeah, it’s going to be really convenient for this blob to do whatever he wants. With all the wandering, he now stumbles into a very ferocious being. Promising not to fear, he is then given sight and is shocked to see this storm dragon, Veldora imprisoned by a powerful barrier. I guess they make good company since there is nothing else around them that could talk. Slimey relates how he was once human but somehow reincarnated here. Veldora finds it unusual because although his case is not the first, many are brought to this world via summoning. These Otherworlders possess the ability to cross worlds. Like the hero who sealed him here 300 years ago. This is the price he pays for burning down a village accidentally and underestimating his opponent. Tsundere dragon wants to be slimey’s friend and not leave so quickly because even such majestic creatures can get lonely after 300 years.

Episode 2
It seems unsealing the barrier is impossible and at this rate, Veldora will die once his magic runs out. Slimey analyses for a while and has this risky idea to eat and quarantine him in his stomach while he finds a cure. Better than rotting here forever. Before that, they decide to give each other a name. Slimey suggests a family name and so he will be Veldora Tempest. In return, Veldora names him Rimuru Tempest. With Veldora swallowed, in an instant everyone in the area could feel that the dragon has ‘vanished’. Rimuru wanders about to find a way out. He encounters various deadly monsters but all of them serve to enhance and add to his skills. Finally he reaches the exit. He manages to sneak out thanks to a group of human adventurers entering to find Veldora. These puny rookies want to take on the mighty dragon? Good luck. Rimuru continues to wander in the great forest of Jura. Then he stumbles into a weak group of goblins who are begging for help. Bringing him back to their dilapidated village, he meets the feeble goblin head who explains ever since Veldora is gone, monsters constantly attacked their village, especially the Direwolves. Rimuru is puzzled why they pick a weak looking slime as their strong champion until he views himself from a different perspective, he is shocked to see himself overflowing with magic! The goblin head continues that their only warrior who is his eldest son died in the recent battle against Direwolves. Many are injured and the rest are females. Their fighting chance is very slim. Rimuru would like to help them and isn’t looking for compensation but still needs to put on a show worthy of his might. So he asks what they can give in exchange for his services. The goblins pledge their loyalty. Rimuru agrees and now he becomes their guardian and leader.

Episode 3
Rimuru sees the injured. He swallows and spits them out. They’re all healed. That night, the Direwolves pack attack. Rimuru warns them to retreat and no harm will come to them. Their boss is stubborn and will not listen. Luckily Rimuru has set up wires to trap the wolves and the goblins could easily kill them. When the boss directly attacks, Rimuru kills him. The pack is in shock so Rimuru absorbs and mimics the boss. Subjugate to me or die. When it seemed like they still want to fight, actually they just trolled him and pledge their loyalty. Now goblins and Direwolves are living together, Rimuru pairs them up. Because they have no names, he decides to name them, bringing absolute delight. The goblin head is now known as Rigurd and his youngest son, Rigur. And the rest feels cheap… Gobta, Gobchi, Gobte, Gobtsu… Is he even trying?! With the goblins done, it’s time for the Direwolves’ turn. As soon as he names the boss’ son as Ranga, Rimuru suddenly collapses! It seems naming monsters take quite a bit of magic and his has fallen below critical level. It took 3 days for Rimuru to replenish but what’s this?! All the goblin guys are buffed up and macho???!!! Did Rigurd turn into Arnold goblin version?! And why are all the goblin females so sexy?! Despite only naming Ranga (unicorn wolf?), the other Direwolves also evolved as they are bonded as one. They also discard the name Direwolves and will now be known as Tempest Wolves. Rimuru lays down a few rules like not attacking humans, don’t fight each other and don’t belittle other races. He delegates tasks like finding food, making shelter and clothes. But they suck in the latter so Rigurd mentions the dwarves in Dwargon may know how to build houses. Hence Rimuru decides to travel there and is excited to meet the king of dwarves. Oh the oxymoron, I bet he can’t be standing tall. Haha! Oops. Just kidding… Don’t belittle other races…

Episode 4
Rimuru asks Rigur how his older brother was named. Apparently by a passing Demon Lord general, Gelmud who saw potential in him. Then he asks Ranga if he ever wanted revenge. Although Rimuru killed his father, he spared them and even named them. Their loyalty now lies with him. Arriving at Dwargon, it’s a long queue to get in. Some punks think this slime is easy meat to bully. Hence Rimuru mimics a Dire Wolf to scare them off. Too bad his howl is so great that some even got confused or soiled their pants. For this chaos, Rimuru is thrown in prison. He could easily get out but he doesn’t want to break any rules and get on the king’s bad side. When he hears the security chief, Kaido that his men are having problems in the mine (being attacked by a monster), Rimuru makes some potion to heal them. Grateful, Kaido introduces him to his brother, Kaijin who is the greatest blacksmith. However he is busy trying to fulfil Minister Vesta’s request to make 20 longswords in a week. So far he only made 1. Due to shortage of supplies, he initially rejected. But when mocked about his reputation, he can’t let that slide and took the job. Even if he had materials, if he can’t finish on time, his licence will be revoked. Rimuru remembers he absorbed all the magic ores in the cave. Hence he spits them out. Looks like they’re ripe for the picking. After making a deal for Kaijin’s men to come to his village to teach goblins and Tempest Wolves crafting, Rimuru then absorbs the longsword, analyses it and spits out 19 of them in perfection. The dwarves are so grateful that they want to take him to a cabaret club. Initially he rejected but after hearing there are beautiful busty elf babes, bring it on! And they don’t disappoint! Hell yeah! Elf babes banzai! Do elf babes love slimes? Yeah, soft and bouncy…. Just like boobs… Haha!

Episode 5
Vesta is also in the establishment and he is shocked to hear Kaijin managing to fulfil the job. He notices Rimuru and looks down on this slime. Although he pours water over the slime, Rimuru keeps his emotions intact. But it is Kaijin who punches Vesta for being rude to his guest. As expected, all of them are rounded up and put in prison until their trial. Kaijin tells his story that he was once the head of the royal knights for King Gazel Dwargo. Vesta was his vice and they have not get along since. Until one day a failed project to create magic soldiers, Vesta pinned all the blame on Kaijin but he took responsibility and resigned. He doesn’t think bad of Vesta and maybe if he leaves Dwargon, he can be a better man. So will Rimuru take him in? You bet. During the trial, it is obvious their lawyer has been bribed as he exaggerates how Kaijin barged into the establishment and beat up Vesta. Initially the charge is for him to be sentenced to 20 years of hard labour. But Gazel asks if he would return to his service. Long story short, Kaijin refuses because he has found new master and will not back down even if Gazel orders. With that, Gazel exiles him immediately. Later, Gazel talks to Vesta and is disappointed he lost a loyal retainer. He wasn’t talking about Kaijin but Vesta. For years he has waited for him to tell the truth but unfortunately it never came. He shows Vesta a healing potion made by Rimuru. Vesta’s actions have caused them to sever ties with the slime. Vesta regrets his actions and now only sees all this stems from his jealousy towards Kaijin. But too late, Gazel drops him from his service. With Rimuru and the dwarves returning to their village, Gazel still won’t let that slime go and knows he is the real monster. He sends his agents to spy and observe.

Episode 6
Those humans who ventured into the cave, Kaval, Eren and Gido report to the guildmaster, Fuze that Veldora is gone. They are then sent to investigate the forest further and they’re not too happy about it. A masked girl, Shizu wants to join them. Rimuru is back at the village and the dwarves are teaching the goblins how to make homes and craft other stuffs. However, during his absence, Rigurd took in more goblins who were fleeing from the power struggle of other monsters like orcs and lizardmen. Yeah, 500 of them. Rimuru can’t shoo them away and accepts them. Oh boy. Time to name them all. Reports of humans are seen in the forest. It’s Kaval’s party running away from monster ants! Though Shizu cuts most of them down with her flame powers, the last ant could have got her had not Rimuru’s black lightning struck it to death. Rimuru then recognizes Shizu as she was the prophesized woman by those elves girl that he is destined to be with. Taking them back to the village and treating them with food, Kaval didn’t hesitate to relay their mission. Rimuru tries to act like a retard in hopes they don’t see him as a threat but this makes Shizu laugh. Later he talks to her alone and asks if she came from Japan. Yup. She was. Unlike him who was reincarnated, she was summoned. And that was a pretty long time ago. From the way she describes the bombing raid on her village, it sounded like WWII. Rimuru then lets her sees his memories (hide the ecchi ones!), clips of Japan’s progress after the war and living in peace. His goal is to make this world where everyone can live in peace. Shizu for a while there felt some sort of pain but assures it is nothing. Flashback shows when Shizu was running away with her mom from the bombing, she was suddenly whisked away. In some hall, she was given Ifrit, a fire spirit as her power by Leon Cromwell.

Episode 7
When an assassin immediately attacks Leon right after Shizu’s summon, he puts her to the test. Ifrit takes over her body and burns the assassin to smithereens. We see young Shizu making friends with a forest girl and her little monster pet. Because it growls at Leon, Shizu turns into Ifrit and burns them! Shizu was left in despair and is still reeling from this nightmare. From time to time, she still feels the pain in her heart. Shizu decides to leave the village since her goal is to find someone. Rimuru will always welcome her if she comes back. As Shizu begins departing with her human members, suddenly she starts to experience unusual pain. She then bursts into flames. Kaval realizes she is Shizue Izawa AKA the Conqueror of Flames. She was the guild’s hero 50 years ago and is supposed to be retired. Shizu eventually turns into Ifrit. Summoning his fire demons, they burn down the entire village. There goes all their hard work. Rimuru has the goblins retreat. The humans won’t since they view Shizu as their comrade and won’t abandon her. First they have to take down the fire demons and Rimuru realizes that magic is especially effective against them (water evaporates before it could touch them). So he absorbs Eren’s icicle magic and creates his own icicle shotgun to destroy the fire demons. However the last one self-explodes, injuring the humans. Rimuru orders Ranga to bring them away. Now it is one to one with Ifrit. Ifrit clones himself but Rimuru easily destroys them. Too bad he fell into his fire trap. Rimuru thought he is going to die but this process seems to be taking longer… Oh right. He is fire resistant and can’t die! With that, Rimuru turns the tables and it is now Ifrit who is sweating in his pants since his fire has no effect on the slime. Rimuru swallows Ifrit as a whole. Shizu is freed. Ifrit tries to get out from Rimuru’s abyss stomach. He can’t. At least that’s what Veldora says. Now he is going to keep him company for hurting his friend.

Episode 8
Shizu tells Rimuru her life story. After being possessed by Ifrit, she served the Demon Lord until she met the hero. Instead of being slain, she was spared. This brought her emotions back as Shizu now followed the hero. She gave her this mask to suppress Ifrit but as you can guess, she is getting older, the power is getting weaker. Shizu learnt many things during her travels with the hero but one day she disappeared. Shizu then became a teacher as she wanted to help those in need. Some of them went on to achieve greatness like one of them became a guildmaster. As Shizu nears the end of her life, she remembered about the one who summoned her and hoped to find him. Hence taking this journey. At this point, Shizu is close to death and wants Rimuru to eat her as she doesn’t want to be absorbed by this world she hates. Rimuru agrees to find Leon for her and her wish is to perhaps get him to acknowledge that she existed. And also something about returning some kids to their world. Once Shizu dies, Rimuru eats her and is forever to dream a sweet dream of her original life. When the rest come in to visit, they are shocked to see Rimuru taking on Shizu’s form. From time to time, Rimuru will appear like this to honour her. Before the humans leave, they want Rimuru to transform as Shizu so they could thank and say goodbye to her. Rimuru notices their worn out gear and replaces it with better equipment. You can thank Kaijin for that. An orc is dying in the desert but is saved by Gelmud who feeds him and names him Geld. One day, he will conquer Jura and become the Orc Disaster.

Episode 9
Rimuru tests some of his humanoid forms. Androgynous, male, female… I think the last one was too sexy and might be an insult to Shizu. As he can now take on a humanoid form, this means he can taste and suggests a feast tonight. Rimuru puts on the mask that suppresses his aura and magic, making him just an ordinary human. He gets a distress call by Ranga. The party was out hunting for food but are attacked by a group of ogres. Rimuru comes to their aid but the ogre leader insists they are the bad guys who attacked their village and slain their brethren. They identify Rimuru’s mask as the evil majin perpetrator and are out for revenge. Since they are not on talking terms, Rimuru knocks out some of them. Although they manage to cut off an arm, Rimuru easily regenerates it. Then he takes off his mask to show them his true power. Even demonstrating this huge black flame that indicates he is inherently f*cking strong. Still want to have a go? The ogre leader is afraid but will not run away and willing to die to avenge his fallen. His sister stops him. She has him think if such majin was so powerful, why not wiped them out himself instead of sending low level orcs to do the job? Rimuru reverts to his slime form and lets them examine the mask. It does look similar to the perpetrator’s and the only difference is this one suppresses magic. The perpetrator’s mask did not. The orcs apologize for their ruthlessness and Rimuru forgives them. He also invites them to his village for a feast and talk things over.

Episode 10
At the feast, the ogre leader explains the orcs wearing human-like armours killing his brethren. It is unusual since ogres are way stronger than orcs. This could mean that there is a great one controlling them. He saw a masked majin among them and that’s why he mistook Rimuru as the enemy. He doesn’t have plans so Rimuru suggests becoming his subordinates. Although it might involve the entire village in this revenge battle, Rimuru believes with the other races jostling for power, they need the numbers and help they can get. The ogre leader takes his time to think and finally decides to become Rimuru’s subordinate. This pact will last until they avenge their fallen. Then they are free to do what they want or join Rimuru’s camp. With that, Rimuru names them. I guess being named means transforming into ogres into kijin. Yeah, bishoujo and bishonen alert! Folks, meet Benimaru (ogre leader), Shuna (cute princess sister), Shion (sexy busty babe), Hakurou (old dude), Souei (the other handsome guy but more sullen) and Kurobe (big middle aged guy). Meanwhile the lizardmen are unsettled. Scouts picked up a strong 200,000 orc army and they think they are going to be invaded. It might be unbelievable that there is somebody who could control a rowdy bunch and keep such a great number fed but the only one possible is a unique monster. In this case, an Orc Lord. Hence the lizardmen’s chief summons his son, Gabiru for a task. Benimaru further explains before their village was massacred, a masked majin named Gelmud came and offered to name them. However Benimaru rejected as he didn’t trust him. So was the attack based out of spite? Souei reports lizardmen around the area. Gabiru is not pleased his father sent him to seek alliances with goblin villages. His subordinate egg him to be the next chief. Initially Gabiru didn’t feel he was up to the task and was just talking big. But seeing how his subordinates believe in him so squarely, I guess he really thinks he is that great!

Episode 11
We take a detour with Rimuru narrating Shion is now his secretary and bodyguard. Yeah, first class seat below her boobs, right? However she sucks at cooking so Gobta had to ‘die’ as a sacrifice for Rimuru to issue an order she must get Benimaru’s approval first before she cooks. The other goblin villages agree to serve under Gabiru not because they find him credible but to defend themselves from the impending orc invasion. Hence this misinterpretation only fuels Gabiru’s ego. Now that he is at Rimuru’s village, he acts so snobbish (complete with some flashy WTF entrance) to have these weaklings serve under him. Everybody wants to kill this asshole when Gabiru looks down on Rimuru. Luckily this won’t turn into a one-sided bloodshed as they make Gobta fight on their behalf. He better win or else he will have to eat Shion’s cooking! Everyone is stunned when Gobta uses some shadow manipulation skill to knock out Gabiru. OMG! Is he some prodigy! With Gobta’s win, Rimuru will agree to cooperate to fight against the orcs but not serve under them. The lizardmen retreat. Rimuru and the rest now discuss about this. With Souei confirming there is indeed 200,000 of them and heading towards the lizardmen’s marshlands, they wonder if a Demon Lord is behind this. Souei then receives contact from a dryad who wants to speak to Rimuru. You mean those sexy tree spirits? Okay. Bring her in. Treyni has a request of Rimuru and it is to defeat the Orc Lord.

Episode 12
Rimuru wants some time to think and gather some info instead of stirring the hornet’s nest. Discussing about the orc’s goal, Treyni further explains that they have no goal in particular and just to move forward as per their Orc Lord’s wish. Like locusts, they devour everything in sight, including their fallen comrades. This gives them even more strength than before. Rimuru is still thinking but Shion believes nothing can defeat Rimuru so he agrees to Treyni’s request. He wants to make an alliance with the lizardmen but wants someone more responsible than Gabiru. So he sends Souei to see the lizardmen’s chief to broker an alliance. Meanwhile Gabiru thinks Gobta is the real master! He is interrupted by Laplace, a subordinate of Gelmud who tells him of the advancement of the orcs. He also instigates him to take his father’s place. Souei sees the chief but will only agree to an alliance after he meets Rimuru in person. Souei promises to do that in 7 days. The chief summons all his guards to defend this place but not engage in any battles with the orcs. Because if one of their own dies, they will be eaten and this only provides strength to the orcs. However by the fourth day, Gabiru returns and forces his father off the throne. He takes his spear that signifies the leadership of his race. With all those loyal to his father imprisoned, the younger ones side with Gabiru who is going to show them how real lizardmen fight. His hit and run tactic might look good but he is then shocked to see the orcs doing cannibalism.

Episode 13
As Rimuru’s team march into the marshlands, Souei reports a lizardman is fighting a group of orcs. With permission to assist, Souei kills all of them. This lizardman is the chief’s personal guard and Gabiru’s sister. She mentions of the rebellion as well as Gabiru’s intention to fight the orcs on his own. Rimuru recognizes her as the representative for the lizardmen and forms the alliance now. He has Souei rescue the chief while the others back up the other lizardmen in battle. The lizardmen are surrounded by orcs. They realize their movements have become faster since eating their lizardmen comrades, they also gain their abilities to move through the marsh faster. Gabiru thought he is going to face off with the Orc Lord. Unfortunately he is just an Orc General who is much inferior to the Orc Lord. Meanwhile Gelmud and Laplace are delighted with their plans in motion. Treyni tries to kick them out of the forest but they escape. Gabiru puts up a brave fight but before he gets owned, here comes Gobta and Ranga to his rescue. We see the kijin so powered up like as though they are on cheat code mode to destroy the swarm of orcs easily. Ranga shows his true power by summoning some death storm that zaps Orc General into nothingness. So powerful that he grew another horn?! Souei rescues the chief and others who are imprisoned. They are shocked to see him dispose so easily the orcs. So flabbergasted… Gelmud is panicking to see the tides turning against him. He fears all that he has prepared will be for naught. You mean this guy didn’t know about Rimuru? He must do something quick lest he faces the wrath of his master. Rimuru has finally spotted the Orc Lord. Time to ends this.

Episode 14
Gelmud drops in to complain how his plans to create a Demon Lord is ruined. He tries to kill Gabiru to have the Orc Lord eat him but is saved by his subordinates. Time for Rimuru to move in and beat the crap out of this annoying whiny guy. Gelmud wants the Orc Lord AKA Geld to help him. Hurry up and evolve into a Demon Lord. Guess what? Geld decapitates and eats him! Good riddance. But now Geld has transformed into Orc Disaster thanks to the mana he devoured. The rest use all they’ve got on him but no effect. His regenerative abilities is so great that even when decapitated, he just needs to put his head back on. Time for Rimuru the big boss to show what he’s got. Using Sage to come up with the best measure, it seems Geld is also now immune to fire and burning. Rimuru doesn’t need Sage’s help to come up with another plan because he knows what to do. He turns into a slime to devour Geld! So it becomes a battle to see who can devour who first. Of course Rimuru being a slime, he is unbeatable in this game. Rimuru sees Geld’s memories. As the king of his tribe, they were facing starvation. He gave parts of his body to the starving children although he has regenerative abilities. But this cannot go on as the infant mortality rate is rising so he went on a journey to find food in Jura. The rest is history when he met Gelmud. Geld is adamant he cannot lose or his sins fall upon his brethren’s shoulders. But Rimuru the greedy one will not only eat Geld but all their sins as well. Geld then sees utopia and thanks Rimuru for satiating his hunger and freeing his people from starvation. The orcs are sad their king is dead but at the same time could not be happier that their king is now free. With the invasion over, Rimuru releases the kijin from his pact. However they want to swear their allegiance to him till the end of their lives. After seeing all that greatness, you’d be a fool not to!

Episode 15
Rimuru presides a conference for all the races. Firstly, he will not punished the orcs as he has agreed with Geld to shoulder their sins. This might sound unreasonable to the lizardmen as they suffered the most but to all the monsters, there is rule of survival of the fittest. Rimuru suggests cooperation from everyone. The lizardmen will provide water and fish, the goblins will provide housing while the orcs will provide labour. With that, Treyni makes Rimuru the chancellor of the Jura Forest Alliance! Geld’s right hand man wants to sacrifice himself to the kijin to spare his men but Benimaru doesn’t harbour anymore hate for him since they serve the same master. Rimuru then names this orc, Geld in honour of his king. Yeah, 150,000 more orcs to name!!! Now they are high orcs! The lizardmen’s chief is named Abiru. Instead of giving the death sentence to Gabiru for treason, he excommunicates him. He won’t go alone as his loyal subjects follow him to be excommunicated. Laplace reports back to Demon Lord Clayman about the failure to create another Demon Lord. He doesn’t sound worried though he needs to do something about that slime. Gazel and his men fly down into Rimuru’s village. After the battle with Orc Disaster is over, he is worried with the gatherings of evolved monsters and feared this would threaten his country. Hence he wants to see Rimuru with his own eyes and fight him to see his true nature. The fight ends with Rimuru winning since he is able to block Gazel’s greatest attack. Gazel is relieved he is not evil. Rimuru can thank Hakurou for the sword lessons and it seems this old dude was also Gazel’s sword instructor. What a small world. Gazel suggests their nations could form a treaty with each other. Rimuru panics as he hasn’t named his nation, let alone his village. So he plucks out what he can think off. Hmmm… Aha! Jura Tempest Federation! And this leads to the rest naming this village as Rimuru Capital City! History is now being made.

Episode 16
A few days later, Gazel returns to give Rimuru a gift: Vesta. As he can’t work under him and to avoid his talents go to waste, he hopes Rimuru could take him in and use his research talents. After that, Gabiru wants to join Rimuru. Yeah, where else to go? His sister also joins in not because she missed him but Abiru sent them to train under Rimuru. This means he has to name them. Yeah, the sister is now known as Soka. Evolved lizardmen become dragonewts! Damn, dragonewt females look like hot sexy ninja babes?! Rimuru didn’t want to give Gabiru a name since he already has one but apparently somehow he unwittingly overwrites it. Same name but this time it is as though Rimuru is the one who named him. Demon Lord Milim Nava is curious about Rimuru’s exploits so she drops down to check him out for herself. As they talk, Rimuru’s comrades come to attack her. WTF, I thought they were talking nicely and they start attacking? Isn’t this their fault? Don’t blame Milim if she goes all out. Rimuru analyses her and sees she is already 10 times more powerful even not at her best. So the only way is this: He throws her delicious honey! Like the kid she is, she really likes it and wants more. Rimuru can give her more if she admits defeat. But she wants to call it a draw and promises not to mess with them. Deal. Happy Milim eats her honey and wonders why Rimuru didn’t become a Demon Lord. Aside fighting and bossing around others, doesn’t that seem boring? Wow. Milim in shock. Instead, she bugs to join his side since it looks more fun. What’s a slime got to do? He introduces her to the entire town and Milim now wants to stay here! They’re best friends, right?! While everything seems to be going well and Milim enjoying herself, the other guys talk to Rimuru about this. There might be a problem with the other Demon Lords. Being friends with Milim means they are in an alliance. She might use this to increase her influence and hence upsetting the balance. Other Demon Lords may become hostile. They stay positive that at least they will have Milim on their side despite standing no chance if facing other Demon Lords. Then they dump this responsibility on Rimuru. The great chancellor will take care of this, right?

Episode 17
Now it’s Fuze turn to see Rimuru with his own eyes as he has Kaval’s team take him there. Meanwhile Vesta has successfully created a very high end potion but they can’t sell it as Rimuru wants since it isn’t viable for daily use and only used in near death situations. Rimuru has this idea to let Dwargon sublet making potions to them while they only need to procure ingredients. A little trouble brews. Phobio, an underling of Demon Lord Carrion thinks this town is fit for his master’s subjugation. Because he beat up Rigurd, Milim beats the crap out of him. She’s expecting Rimuru to praise her but since he reminded her about the promise not to make a fuss, she takes it out on Phobio. Talking things out, Phobio reveals Carrion’s order to scout a mysterious majin to serve him. Rimuru doesn’t want war but if Carrion chooses so, they’ll be prepared. He prefers to talk and to set a date to do so. After Phobio leaves, Rimuru smooth talks his way to make Milim reveal more about Carrion. Demon Lords, Clayman, Carrion, Frey and herself used Gelmud to create a puppet Demon Lord just to kill time but seeing what happened, it’s not doubt Rimuru will be targeted for messing about. Fuze hires Youm and his men to fight off monsters. However it is Gobta who easily cuts down this giant spider and cook it for dinner! Fuze sees Rimuru for himself and is shocked to learn Rimuru has entered a treaty with Dwargon. Rimuru wants to have good relations with human too but Fuze would like to see if he is really an ally of humans. Rimuru welcomes him to stay and observe. Learning that news of Orc Lord’s defeat didn’t spread like wildfire, Rimuru suggests hiring Youm. He wants him and his men to be the champions who defeated Orc Lord. Rimuru will be introduced as a monster who helped him and this would easier for him to befriend humans instead of being seen as a mysterious powerful monster. Youm after thinking a lot, decides to accept Rimuru’s terms. He reveals his men accepted this mission so that they will be officially dead and use this chance to escape to another kingdom. Meanwhile Tear reports to Clayman that Frey has no interested in getting involved with Jura. It seems she is preparing for battle as Charybdis is going to be revived. Clayman is delighted and tasks her to find the location of the seal.

Episode 18
Phobio still feels sore about losing to Milim and wants revenge. Just in time because Tear and Footman can offer him that power and turn him into a Demon Lord himself. They sound tempting but they seal the deal when they mention Charybdis. Thus Phobio tells his comrades to return and report all this to Carrion while he himself will resign from all positions and become carnage itself to force Milim to acknowledge his power. He is taken to a cave where Charybdis is sealed. It seems the catch that he must use his own body as a vessel to combine as one with Charybdis. Otherwise Charybdis will break out itself and nobody will be able to control it. Phobio takes up this challenge. Meanwhile Fuze is really enjoying himself and is he overstaying his welcome? Well, Youm and his buddies have already left to spread the news so why is this dude the only one left taking easy? Anyway, Rimuru wants to build a road directly to his kingdom of Blumund. This will make it easier for both their nations to trade. He can provide the labour but in exchange wants to sell their goods to other countries. Soon, Trya who is Treyni’s sister comes to warn of the revival of Charybdis. It seems the dryads are waging a futile war to stop it as it is coming for this place. Rimuru calls an emergency meeting with everyone as Trya explains that Charybdis can be said to be Veldora’s child as it was generated from his magicules. From time to time it was defeated and revived. Many times. Rimuru fears Charybdis might know Veldora resides in his body and hence attracted to this village. While he is more than happy for Milim to take it down, too bad Shion and Shuna interject she shouldn’t rely on friends too much and this is their village’s problem so it is theirs to solve. Oh well, looks like Rimuru has to show everyone he is the strongest again. He has everyone make preparations against Charybdis and his flying Megalodon sharks it summoned from the spirit world?! WTF?!

Episode 19
The plan is for each team to separate the sharks and attack them individually. Only Milim is complaining as Rimuru told her she can’t join in the funny. Puppy dog eyes won’t sway his decision. After all the sharks are taken out, it’s time for the final boss Charybdis. It’s tough taking down this mother because his scales can attack you like flies. I guess it’s time for Rimuru to enter the fray. Despite he stops the scales, Charybdis has ultra regeneration. This is going to be tough. Even if it takes almost the whole day, they only deal 30% damage. Rimuru then hears Charybdis harbouring intense hatred towards Milim. He realizes Charybdis is after her rather than Veldora. Hence he goes to wake up that sleeping Demon Lord to put a stop to this. I suppose Milim is itching for this action as she easily destroys Charybdis with 1 blow. This is already considered restraint? With Phobio kicked out of Charybdis, Rimuru collects him and even removes whatever remains of Charybdis inside him. When Phobio wakes up, he apologizes and regrets what he has done. As to how he stumbled into Charybdis, he mentions about a few clowns. This has them realize this Moderate Harlequin Alliance are comprised of jack of all trades, pretending to help you out but use you to fulfil their goals without getting their own hands dirty. Phobio is shocked that Rimuru spares him. He thought of being killed in exchange they don’t go after Carrion. Apparently Carrion is here and heard everything. After smacking and reprimanding Phobio for giving them trouble, he agrees to Rimuru’s suggestion of forming a nonaggression pact with him and will never go to war with him.

Episode 20
With the threats gone, back to partying and peaceful life. Milim decides to get to ‘work’ by spreading the word to her fellow Demon Lords not to mess with Rimuru. Oh, she’ll be back. Before Rimuru and us really forget, time for that timely reminder of Shizu’s dream. Time to make good your promise, Rimuru. Leaving his city in the capable hands of his people, Rimuru leaves with Ranga to the Ingrassia Kingdom where Shizu once tutored. Freedom Academy was established by Yuuki Kagurazaka, one of Shizu’s students and his plan is to meet him. Thanks to Fuze arranging the necessary documents, Rimuru enters Ingrassia with ease but needs to keep his monster aura hidden. The moment Yuuki sees Rimuru, he gets agitated because that mask belongs to Shizu. He starts fighting him but immediately stops when Rimuru mentions about things that happen in their former world. Yuuki is impressed as Rimuru reveals all the spoilers of anime and manga that happened after he died. Yeah, Rimuru lived long enough to watch the ending of certain series. If hearing isn’t enough, heck this slime can replicate a manga magazine from his memory on paper!!! Free manga reads forever! Anyway, back to proper business, Rimuru mentions his mission here is to make good on Shizu’s promise-cum-regret regarding the children of Freedom Academy. We are reminded of the summoning of Otherworlders that takes many mages, days and resources to summon a powerful one. However sometimes a kid is summoned but their body cannot withstand all that power and they will be incinerated. Shizu took them in to save them but none of those kids have ever lasted more than 5 years and no way has been found to prevent their destruction. He hopes Rimuru can take on and save these kids. With Shizu becoming a teacher, he is shocked to see how lively these brats are. Full of life. Full of energy. Full of mischief. They don’t like they’re kicking the bucket soon. Folks, meet Kenya Misaki, Ryouta Sekiguchi, Gale Gibson, Alice Rondo and Chloe Aubert. Rimuru thought he felt Veldora resonating within.

Episode 21
The students aren’t respecting him so nothing like a little threat from Ranga to make them listen. Then he has them fight him one on one. This is to see and test their abilities and each of them have some pretty good quality skill and magic. The students agree to put their trust in him since he swears on Shizu’s mask that he will save them and not abandon them. Later Rimuru goes to see Treyni. He wants to meet a higher spirit. She notes there is a place called Dwelling of Spirits. Although it has many entrances, unfortunately the previous spirit queen she served has long passed away. She is unfamiliar with the current queen so she doesn’t know where those entrances are. A month into Rimuru’s teaching job, a sky dragon soars down to attack Ingrassia’s capital. Time for Rimuru to show off to those kids why he is so powerful. He easily defeats the sky dragon without any sweat. After Charybdis, this is nothing. He is then invited by a merchant, Mjolmire as thanks for saving his life. He might be a loan shark and has other shady dealings but he is trustworthy as a merchant. Rimuru takes up on his offer and also invites him to his town since he would love Mjolmire to teach them how to trade and make some deals. As they leave, Mjolmire’s assistant chants a blessing to the kids. Rimuru becomes interested because her prayers are based from the current spirit queen. At least from her hometown. Rimuru and co now make their way to the Dwelling of Spirits at the Ulg Nature Park of the Republic of Ulgrasia.

Episode 22
Because Shizu had Ifrit inside her, it was perhaps that spirit helped controlled her magicules instead of dying young. Hence Rimuru theorizes if these kids had a superior spirit inside them, they would also avoid dying young. Inside the labyrinth, a cheeky spirit toys with them and will grant their wish if they pass her test. So they have to defeat this powerful golem? Not a problem for Rimuru. Yeah, the spirit is in extreme shock to see Rimuru easily taking it down. Now she is summoned out of her hiding and real scared of Rimuru. Ramiris claims she isn’t just a fairy but a Demon Lord. Really? Mind her being an idiot but she is really a Demon Lord as Milim is a friend and was here not too long ago. That’s why she knew about Rimuru. Ramiris continues to talk about her greatest spirit engineering in that golem that used all the elements to make it move. This reminds Rimuru of Dwargon’s failed project to make magic soldiers and Ramiris easily completed that research herself. After Rimuru explains what he wants, he is shocked to hear that Ramiris is also the spirit queen. Believe it. Can she be a Demon Lord at the same time? Actually, she fell from grace as a spirit queen to become a Demon Lord. The same can be said about Leon. He was once a hero who had the blessing of the spirits but along the way he fell from grace. Ramiris is the former and also current spirit queen. Confused? Although she died and reborn, she retained memories of her old self. That’s why Treyni doesn’t have connections. Ramiris leads them to the deepest part of Dwelling of Spirits. She explains they can summon a superior spirit and they will respond if they like it. But if they don’t, they can create a new one. Wow. Sounds easy.

Episode 23
Those who summoned inferior spirits like Gale, Alice and Ryouta, Rimuru absorbs and combines them into a superior spirit. That easy, huh? Rimuru doesn’t need to do anything for those who summon superior spirits like Kenya. They just directly inhabit him. Finally when it comes to Chloe, it seems she summoned a super superior spirit. She gives Rimuru a cheeky kiss before inhabiting Chloe. Ramiris finds this dangerous and from what I understand, this spirit is supposed to be from the future and has implanted herself into Chloe as a vessel to be reborn in the future. Rimuru doesn’t understand and since all is well, I guess they’ll leave it at that. I guess with everything solved, there is nothing more for Rimuru to do, huh? He leaves the kids with Yuuki as they will continue their studies in Freedom Academy. It’s going to be a teary goodbye so say what you want to say before Rimuru leaves for home. It’s not like they won’t see each other forever, though. They’ll visit sometimes. Rimuru feels it is best to leave Shizu’s mask with them as a parting gift. He isn’t sure why he did that but he feels it is the natural thing to do.

Episode 24
We go back in time when Shizu was an active adventurer. Somewhere, a dying woman desperately summons a demon known as Kuro. She wants vengeance an in exchange gives him her life. Shizu is one of the many warriors summoned to Flitwood Kingdom to defeat a revived demon. The minister relays the bad news that their heroic champions have died and this sends some of them panicking. Even more so when the minister doesn’t relay enough info about the demon who was supposedly sealed by a hero named Orthos but the method was never mentioned. Shizu asks some questions and learns that the revived demon has no name and hence it cannot be an Archdemon. Still, she finds it hard to believe champions would lose to it. When an adventurer refuses this dangerous mission, he is promptly killed. It is revealed there is a lesser demon residing in him. Shizu thinks this is bad because with the adventurers forced into cooperation, could it be they also want to find which among them are the demons? This is when Kuro who is part of the adventurers start laughing. He calls this a charade and knows they planted the lesser demon into that guy just to put on a show. Shizu confronts him and from what Kuro says, he intends to kill everyone here to reveal the true demon. They both fight and Shizu manages to cut off an arm. But when he targets her mask, he finds it has some infinite properties and decides to back down. Everyone cheers for her but Shizu only knows Kuro was only using half his strength and that somebody had summoned Kuro. Later, Shizu is summoned by a knight to see the king. She is puzzled since she didn’t see him around and how could he know she fought Kuro? Then it all starts to make sense when she sees him colluding with the minister and king. The knight is actually Orthos and was never sealed away. By gathering adventurers and eliminating them, he would gain more power. Hence Flitwood is ruled by demons and the king is just a puppet. Orthos wants her mask and plans to sacrifice her. Shizu is forced to fight him in her weakened state and has a tough time fighting this Archdemon. He even dares her to combine with Ifrit. Before she could do it, Kuro pops up and kills the other goons. Too bad Orthos cannot judge the strength of others so his underestimate Kuro and gets killed by him. In the aftermath, the official story goes that Flitwood is purged of all demons and Kuro was the one who killed the king and minister. Shizu then defeated Kuro. This is a story cooked up by Kuro so as to have Shizu’s story straight. Do that and he won’t target her. But Kuro is interested again when the mask showed up in Rimuru. But spoilers ahead as Rimuru says, Kuro would be summoned by him and be named as Diablo.

Episode 24.5
This supposedly recap OVA episode is narrated by Veldora and Ifrit trapped inside Rimuru. It isn’t exactly 100% copy and paste. Although it is for the visuals, the dialogue is completely different. Veldora has Ifrit as his shogi partner because, what else to do, right? Great dragon teaches fire spirit how to play as they talk and comment about Rimuru’s progress among other stuffs. Yeah, Veldora sounds like some crazy emotional insecure old dude while Ifrit’s replies sounds more like out of pity. I guess that is what loneliness can do to you. In the end, Ifrit manages to checkmate Veldora and the latter tries to change the topic and everything. Oh well, they’re going to be stuck in here for the while so buckle up for more solitude insanity…

Shion and Shuna are fighting over Rimuru. This slime will one day break in this tug of war. Rimuru thought of cloning himself but the thought that everybody wants a piece of him eventually, nah, bad idea. Hence he has this idea to make cushions in his image for them. I guess explaining to the dwarves about the materials called styrofoam and polystyrene isn’t exactly making them understand. But they think that sort of material can be found near a lake. But beware. There is a rumour about a monster that will drag you down. A monster that can defeat Rimuru? No way! Since it would be lonely to go on this trip alone, Rimuru has the usual gang follow him on this picnic trip. It gets off to a bad start as Shion has cooked for Rimuru! Well, he did carelessly say everyone should make their own food! So bad that the container melts and burns a hole in the ground! If that’s not bad enough, Shion also made an onigiri that is equally as bad! Fortunately for Rimuru, she trips and the onigiri rolls into the lake. Phew. Fanservice time as the ladies put on their swimsuits. Super sexy! Rimuru approves! The guys also do the same! Rimuru disapproves this macho gay sh*t! Then Milim crashes in. She is mad she wasn’t invited on this picnic. Well, I guess we know why. But since she’s here, might as well. As they swim towards the sandbank in the middle of the lake that is the supposed material, suddenly a tentacle drags Rimuru down. After he cuts himself loose and swims to the surface, he sees the ladies getting tentacle raped! Nice spectacle! Yeah, the guys too! Shameful! Rimuru swims to the bottom and sees a monster who is the source of this. He realizes the monster is more of in pain rather than intentionally doing harm. The cause? It’s that onigiri! Rimuru splashes a few healing potions to heal it and the monster calms down. He realizes it is also blind and lonely and promises to do something. Returning to the surface, looks like the swimsuits have melted. I’m sure Rimuru would have loved to feast his eyes on the ladies but the guys too?! Mood ruined. The sandbar seems to be the perfect material to make cushions as it is made out of the monster’s mucus. Rimuru wants the entire sandbar to be taken back. But do they have enough bags to carry it? This is part of Rimuru’s plan to make frequent trips to and fro so as to keep the monster company. Once the cushions are done, Shion and Shuna continue to fight over Rimuru. Eh? I guess nothing beats the real deal.

Overlord: That Time I Got Reincarnated As God
Well people, looks like there is some ‘good news’. Because this series is going to get another season! Huzzah! More slime exploits and greatness! All hail the great Rimuru! I mean, this slime has gone on to defeat the most badass of the badass and gather a lot of powerful monsters, is there no other creatures he could not face and take down? Oh right. He hasn’t fought God and his angels yet! OMFG! That would be so f*cking epic. And so f*cking insulting if the slime ever brings down God! That would be just, I don’t even know how to put it in words. But for now, there are still a lot of potentials and development even though it might seem Rimuru has greatly solved them all with ease. Like Leon whom I am guessing will be his ultimate goal as well as the mysterious Moderate Harlequin Alliance that are like the wild joker cards in this world. And yeah, don’t forget Veldora (and Ifrit) still imprisoned inside Rimuru. Better hurry before they go insane when it’s their time to finally be set free.

I find myself having mixed feelings whether to love or dislike this series because despite being filled to the brim with lots of overpowered clichés, it seems that I myself have enjoyed many of the scenes despite how clichéd it was. One of the biggest problems that one might find is how Rimuru is overpowered from the very start. I mean, he has literally everything at the tip of his fingertips and just needs time to get used to them. Therefore it becomes very cliché and predictable that the plot goes something like this: Some enemy wants to pick a fight, Rimuru uses what he has or something his skills as suggested by Sage to defeat the opponent. In many cases, the opponents he kills, their clan members become his allies. Next enemy comes by. Repeat process but this time having some help from his monster associates. Continue to rinse and repeat. It gets really repetitious and boring but somehow I didn’t find myself being bored or sneering with sarcasm and disliked each time a chapter of that ends. Is it the way they executed the pace of the story? Hard to say.

Thus one might come to love or hate Rimuru as the main character not because he is a slime but rather because he is so overpowered that it makes everything look so easy. Note that I said in my previous paragraph how he monsters he defeated become his allies soon after. While it is great to see Rimuru gather and make allies with various monster nations, however the fact still remains that he was overpowered in all of his fights and if I should say, all of them are just so freaking easy for him. Hence the irony he doesn’t really need to have allies in the first place. But I guess he needs to because it beats being a lonely slime. I figure that this is to showcase how powerful this slime is because if somebody else were to get the job done, then Rimuru wouldn’t have been called to the fore.

So with great monster attacks like the Orc Disaster incident and the revival of Charybdis, it is just to showcase and crystalized Rimuru’s greatness. While I understand it is so because he is the main character, the problem is how he does it with ease. I mean, I don’t feel that there is any sort of challenge he has to face. Sure, he thinks a little bit, gets a few suggestions by Sage or his comrades. But eventually just one swift action is all it takes to end it. Is this the monster’s equivalent to One Punch Man? The only reason why Rimuru isn’t as hated as an overpowered character is because he doesn’t have a Smartphone! Oh yeah. We’re still reeling from that disaster, eh? With Rimuru being like some sort of immortal since so many things just can’t kill him, my conspiracy theory that the only thing that can kill him is Shion’s cooking! Hah! Even the great Rimuru has his weakness! Imagine the thing that made him keel over is poison cooking. You mean Sage can’t analyse this toxic abomination and turn it into some weapon instead?

So my guess why I find this series fascinating and entertaining is because of the action bits. I think this is what I will personally remember the series by. Not to say the action sequences are such a masterpiece as they are filled with such over the top and overpowered moves and magic (which it is supposed to be) but they are a lot entertaining nevertheless. I have to admit that despite Rimuru making it really look easy to defeat the big boss, I still enjoy seeing him do it. We also get to see his other minions fight but they are minimal and just to showcase and strut their stuff before their boss joins in and shows it how it’s done. So yeah, the action is also pretty cliché and over the top but it’s done in a satisfying way so I guess they pass. I also guess I can’t complain since I don’t really want a boss fight to last for episodes like Dragonball or One Piece. Yeah… Sure, the big battle might last for a few episodes but it is important the climax of the match isn’t dragged out.

With so many characters joining Rimuru, it seems that many of them lack any proper character development and I could say that many fall to the wayside when they are no longer in focus. We do see them from time to time but it feels like it is to assure us that they are still sticking around with Rimuru. But of course. After all, many of the creatures like the goblins, ogres and orcs have lost their home so there isn’t much to tell on that since by following Rimuru, it gives them a purpose of existence. Like Shion who becomes Rimuru’s secretary and carries him around feels more like an excuse for fanservice because of her big tits that Rimuru loves to cuddle under. Then there is Gobta who is supposedly a comic relief character and many of his scenes and actions can be seen as comical. But don’t write him off as he has shown some growth under the tutelage of Hakurou. Gabiru is the next comic relief with his egoistic ways but he got less screen time after becoming Rimuru’s follower. So no more funny lizardman poses. Then there is one of the dwarven brothers who has no lines and can only nod in agreement. To everything! I think this is a running joke that Rimuru sometimes even scoffs at. Ranga… Animal mascot! It’s amazing Rimuru has managed to build a great city for his monsters to live. But the city is so human-like… Complete with hotspring! Damn these monsters really have it good. Rimuru is God!

Rimuru as the big boss himself, he isn’t such a bad character. Has his own ideals and justice that fits into any main character tropes and clichés. I just wonder why they need to showcase to us at the start that his true identity is a dead normal guy from our world. Was this even necessary? I guess it is this or either a strange slime creature awakens in the deep parts of the cave having no recollection of who he is. Yup, cliché amnesiac main character. Uh huh. I guess we were tired of that trope too. So by having someone from our world getting a second chance at life in another fantasy world, my speculation is that because this fantasy world isn’t as advanced as our world, hence chance for our main character who conveniently retained all his memories to live out his wildest dreams. Something that he can achieve here and even more compared to when he was alive in his own boring world. Therefore I can’t blame recent many isekai anime series for following this formula because we were definitely complaining at one point about amnesiac main characters. Sheesh. We customers are going to be harder and harder to please. Besides, that Otherworlders plot seems to be just hanging there. I feel they could have fleshed it out but perhaps they somewhat forgotten it this season…

Like I have said, having Leon as the endgame is a reason why this slime’s adventure is going to continue. So in the meantime, more other adventures, more gathering of other fellow monsters. In no time I am expecting Rimuru to have a vampire in his team. Yikes! Why can we not have a vampire in such a fantasy setting?! You have fairies, right? You have goblins, lizardmen orcs and ogres, right? Damn you got dryads too. So why not vampires and add zombies to that mix? And since this world has demons and Demon Lords, what are the chances of having an angel by your side? Damn, this would have been the ultimate monster combo ever! That aside, Rimuru who vouches for peace and doesn’t want war is commendable because I would also want to make friends, pacts and treaties if I were in his shoes. Therefore this brings me to the point of how easily Rimuru makes friends with. I know I’m repeating myself with this cliché but I guess I have to point it out again because not only in battlefields but in the diplomacy segment Rimuru also rules. Humans and some Demon Lords easily becoming his allies? Too f*cking easy! It feels like lazy writing. Thinking about it, even if I were in the other shoes, I would think twice of making this slime as my enemy because we’ve already seen how powerful he is. After all, that is why Rimuru is a slime in the first place so that enemies could look down on him and then he owns them by surprise. Heh. That should show them.

I’m not complaining about the art and animation since they’re rather okay. The fantasy world feels a bit bland as we mostly see the Jura forest since this is where many of the incidents and setting take place. Character designs are rather okay too. Oddly everyone powers up after they are being named and this means they look even hotter. Especially females. Mind boggling how lizardmen’s females can take after humanoid form. Some females like Shion are definitely for eye candy fanservice as well as Milim because it feels like she forgot to wear her pants and fly around in her skimpy pantsu. Really. Then you got some looking comical like Gobta (why do I feel he is a combination of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie? Is it his round nose?) and the lizardmen who are followers of Gabiru especially when they have those cute round puppy dog eyes. So weird. I wonder if Rigurd is taken after Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why do they have to make fairies so annoying these days? Because like Ramiris, it reminds me of another certain annoying fairy in Black Clover… Is this trend started by The Legend Of Zelda’s Navi?! Animated by 8bit who did Infinite Stratos, Tokyo Ravens, Grisaia No Kajitsu, Rewrite and Yama No Susume.

The voice acting is fine too but with so many characters the list is long. I only recognized Takahiro Sakurai as Kuro/Diablo, Takehito Koyasu as Clayman, Kazuya Nakai as Laplace, Hochu Ohtsuka as Hakurou, Kenjirou Tsuda as Vesta, Kana Asumi as Trya and Jun Fukuyama as Leon. I thought Rie Tanaka has retired for good so I didn’t recognize her as Treyni. I guess sometimes you have to come back in a while just to surprise people like me. Or is it? The other casts are Miho Okasaki as Rimuru (Miku Nisho in Ongaku Shoujo), Yumiri Hanamori as Shizu (Seth in Radiant), Chikahiro Kobayashi as Ranga (Sugimoto in Golden Kamuy), Makoto Furukawa as Benimaru (Banri in Golden Time), Mao Ichimichi as Shion (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Takuya Eguchi as Souei (Kaidou in Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan), Sayaka Senbongi as Shuna (AnchoR in Clockwork Planet), Rina Hidaka as Milim (Last Order in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Kenji Nomura as Geld (Ushiyama in Golden Kamuy), Kanehira Yamato as Rigurd (Kunimi in Noragami Aragoto), Jun Fukushima as Gabiru (Kazuma in KonoSuba), Ken Narita as Fuze (Sesshoumaru in Inu Yasha), Takaya Hashi as Dwargo (Joujin in Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou), Anzu Haruno as Ramiris (Mafuyu in Blend S), Asuna Tomari as Gobta (Ryuou in Dorei-ku The Animation), Tomoaki Maeno as Veldora (Junichi in Amagami SS), Taku Yashiro as Ifrit (Natsuo in Domestic Na Kanojo) and Megumi Toyoguchi as Sage (Revy in Black Lagoon).

I prefer the rock based opening and ending themes. At least the first ones. Nameless Story by Takuma Terashima and Another Colony by TRUE respectively. They fit the pace of the series better. Not to say that the second opening and ending themes suck but they sounded a bit toned down. Meguru Mono by Takuma Terashima and Little Soldier by Azusa Tadokoro feel like as though they are better suited for a non-action genre series.

Overall, this series has its ups and downs and many will accuse it of being another isekai cliché with the main character being so overpowered and making everything look so easy. Lots of other cardboard cut-out characters that don’t really matter too. In other words, many regard this as a bad copy of Overlord. That time when they reincarnated the isekai genre and churn it out as a super cliché. Although I agree with the bad clichés and overpowered main character don’t make it any much better, somehow I can’t find myself to hate or even dislike this series. The action bits kept me entertained but is that enough to trump all the other bad aspects? Maybe. I’m such a simpleton. After all, I think it is better to become a follower of an overpowered slime than to become part of a harem of a guy with an overpowered Smartphone! Phew! No App Disaster to be brought into this world!


August 3, 2019

This is so wack, my man. I never really thought Hand Shakers would get a sequel and I never really thought W’z (pronounced as Wise and not Wiz as I thought) was that sequel. When I first read the synopsis, I never really gave much thought about it as it says something about a genius DJ prodigy kid. Nothing hinted of any sorts it was related to Hand Shakers. I thought this would be some music themed anime and even so, it was strange for me to get interested in the DJ genre. DJ and those techno club music aren’t my tea so naturally I would have given this a pass. Something didn’t mesh apparently so I ended up checking it out. Until I watched through the first episode that I started realizing there are pretty familiar things. Oh dear. Too late. Really, this is just so wack, my man…

Episode 1
It is 10 years later from the events that ended in Hand Shakers. There is a young boy going viral on the internet. Dubbed as W’z, this genius DJ who is getting many hooked with his music is actually Yukiya Araki. He is on his way to start his new term of middle high school and because he isn’t concentrating, the mere touch of an innocent by-stander causes her to temporarily enter Ziggurat. Though, she loses her memories of her time in Ziggurat when she returns. Yukiya wants to take up music at Kita Asuka Academy. However his father opposes it very much and it looks like Yukiya is going heed his advice. Along the way, he meets Masaru who takes an interest in him and suggests meeting Koyori who is a teacher at that school. Masaru leaves when Yukiya’s childhood friend, Haruka Tosabori arrives to accompany him to school. Yukiya thinks he has no talent since his video wasn’t that well received. Haruka disagrees and to prove he has much more talent than that, she suggests doing whatever crazy thing he has on his mind. That night in the crowded streets, the duo set up the DJ equipment right smack in the crowd. Yeah, nobody cares. When they hold hands, they enter Ziggurat. They don a mask as he streams live his DJ talent. Some people are stumped because they are watching this video right in this spot and they can’t see this dude anywhere. Yukiya realizes they are under attack and goes to protect Haruka. Not just 1 but 2 pairs of enemies, Hana Mihara-Senri Teshima and Gai Kishiwada-Masataka Sakai. They are here to steal his power. Yukiya manages to deflect their attacks with his Nimrod sword.

Episode 2
Because the enemies are busy trying to outdo each other, this allowed Yukiya and Haruka to escape. At school, Yukiya sees Koyori. He experiences some weird flashback/trance when she touches him. Koyori can tell he is W’z (did Yukiya seriously think that mask was enough to hide is identity?!) and although he has seen many of his videos, she wants to ask the recent one where he entered Ziggurat. It seems Yukiya has this ability to enter Ziggurat by holding anyone’s hands. The caveat is that they cannot summon Nimrod and they lose their memories when they leave. But Koyori touches him again and nothing happens. She cannot enter Ziggurat anymore and she has a request of him since there are people she wants to find trapped in there. It is believed that Nagaoka and Mayumi met God. However they went missing after that and Koyori has never seen them since. With Yukiya’s ability to enter Ziggurat anywhere, she hopes he can help find them. She also notes the dangers that will follow him as there will be people targeting him. She wants to protect him and the best people to do so are those ex-Hand Shakers. We hear the wishes of the other parties. Gai and Masataka want to stay in Ziggurat forever while Hana and Senri want to get rid of this power and hold hands like normal. Yukiya returns home. He needs to face his father who is still opposed to the school of his choice. It seems his parents, Reijirou and Yukine are ex- Hand Shakers whom we knew as Break and Bind respectively.

Episode 3
Yukiya tells Haruka that he deleted his recent video after receiving lots of comments. He is still unsure what to do so Haruka believes he is afraid because he is unsure what the right thing to do is. The ex-Hand Shakers of Chizuru, Hayate, Koyori, Lily and Masaru converge at the former’s restaurant. However Reijirou crashes in and picks a fight with Masaru whom he believes is the one influencing his son. Masaru claims removing him from the problem will not solve anything as he will eventually face off with other Hand Shakers. After cooling down with a cuppa, they discuss about Yukiya already deleting the original but you know the internet, what is uploaded will always stay there forever. Yeah, clones of his videos everywhere. Further revelation shows that Yukiya isn’t really Reijirou and Yukine’s son. He is their adopted son, though he doesn’t know that now. Flashback shows some shady characters gave baby Yukiya to them to be raised and grown in Ziggurat, free of combat and strife. The main point of discussion is Yukiya isn’t just able to bring anyone into Ziggurat, he was able to bring in something huge like his entire DJ equipment. If this is so, can he bring something out of Ziggurat too? This is dangerous as there are people who want to use this power for criminal activities. All of them despite not being able to summon their Nimrods, want to protect and advise Yukiya. After all this, Reijirou still refuses. He is tired of dealing with Hand Shakers and the likes. Of course his wife talks to him about respecting what Yukiya wants to do. And when that happens, all they can do is simply watch over him. Yukiya finally arrives at the restaurant and he feels awkward with Koyori being close to him. Does this guy like her?

Episode 4
Hayate and Yukiya enter Ziggurat to start looking. It’s a boring conversation until Hayate mentions about Tazuna being Koyori’s partner. But he had to travel around the country to do some business. And this made Yukiya mad because he ‘abandoned’ her?! Sure, complain what a jerk he is to Haruka. She plays along and to calm him down, she gives him tickets to Western King Fest musical event whereby his favourite DJ, Nielsen Fumiyuki will be playing there. Next time, Yukiya pairs up with Chizuru for the search. She talks about how great Tazuna was. Because they met God, Koyori is now able to live normally and not always hold Tazuna’s hands to exist. But Yukiya still seething he ‘abandoned’ her? When they return, Haruka gets the wrong idea of Yukiya ‘dating’ a ‘loli’. Yeah, it’s that taboo word but to prove Chizuru is an adult, she doesn’t blow her top. Chizuru tries to set up Yukiya and Haruka as a date. But that has to be put on hold since Gai and Masataka are here. Back to Ziggurat to fight. Worse, Hana and Senri are here too. Chizuru and Senri are shocked to see each other since Senri works at Chizuru’s place as a part timer. This is awkward. Soon they start fighting but this time the enemies make a pact to cooperate against Yukiya. But whoever defeats him first wins. Chizuru realizes that without a goal or desire to protect someone, Yukiya cannot win. Thanks to Yukiya’s irregular power, Chizuru is able to draw her Nimrod. She clones themselves to escape back to reality. Even so, the enemies still want to fight and Yukiya is tired and injured during that battle. Don’t worry. Finally Tazuna shows up for help. Holding Yukiya’s hands to go back into Ziggurat, the enemies are now certain about his abilities to have different partners to enter Ziggurat. Remember Tazuna’s Nimrod of gears? Welcome back.

Episode 5
Tazuna easily defeats them and suggests they pull back. Wise choice. They can’t defeat him as they are now. In school, Tazuna discovers a transmitter underneath Yukiya’s belt. That’s why they knew where he is. Tazuna has a heart to heart talk with Yukiya inside Ziggurat. He explains they are the same because of their ability to summon Nimrods as they like. Tazuna understands his worries as when he became a Hand Shaker for the first time, he was also targeted. But with his feelings to protect Koyori strong, he overcame all that. Of course with a few slip ups. Yukiya’s Nimrod that he names Disk is the core of his heart so when he is lost, take a look at yourself. Senri now can’t return to Chizuru’s restaurant. So she’s going to ignore all her messages? The girls get their details of W’z from this mysterious informer known only as Composer. He sounds shady but they have no choice but to trust his info as that’s all the lead they’ve got. With them reminding us how they want to rid of this power, time to see flashback snippets of their close relationship together since kindergarten. Yeah, Senri got bullied and Hana came to her rescue. Lots of handholding until they’re grownup. Is it because they hold hands too much that one day they find themselves in Ziggurat? In school, Yukiya is shocked that he and Haruka enter Ziggurat despite not touching each other. So now close proximity can also trigger this? And you bet Hana and Senri are on the offensive. They are much stronger than before because thanks to their flashback bonding. I don’t know why Yukiya is standing there just defending and protecting Haruka and getting injured. I know Haruka is also hurt so shouldn’t they hide in some structure? I’m sure the girls only target Yukiya so if he runs elsewhere, they won’t bother with Haruka. I don’t think taking hostage is their style. Because of this, cue for flashback of Yukiya and Haruka’s childhood moments. Yeah, they’re close, right? I suppose the power of yuri makes Hana and Senri even more powerful. Hell yeah, their handphone charged right up to 150%!!! If only my battery can last that long! But WTF, banzai to the power of yuri!!!

Episode 6
Will the power of yuri penetrate through Yukiya? Not if Haruka helps power up and cuts through them first! Now Senri and Hana are at Chizuru’s restaurant and siding with them? They believe Composer has lied to them and only using them. Because now they have officially lost, he blocked them from his contacts. Also, Senri and Hana lost means they are unable to go into Ziggurat. Something they have wanted all along and was as simple as just losing. The gang discusses about Composer and how he leaked info to mislead others. Because Yukiya’s position was also known despite the transmitter was destroyed, it could either be him or those other guys. The only sensible thing is to confront them. Yukiya wants to come along since this is his fight. Gai and Masataka thought they were going to meet up with Senri and Hana to fight Yukiya but realize they have flipped sides. It is confirmed the transmitter was from them and since they refuse to destroy its records, they’re going to fight. This time Yukiya is paired with Masaru to handle the duo. I guess it’s due for their flashback. When they were kids and on some camping trip with Nagaoka and Makihara, that was when they learnt about Hand Shakers for the first time. Through the years, Gai developed interest in hiking the mountains and stargazing. Other friends didn’t share the same ‘boring’ hobby except for Masataka. Okay, he looked uninterested too but he plays along. That’s when they made their dream to go into Ziggurat if they can’t go into space. During the battle, Gai falls into Masaru’s trap cards, immobilizing him. This allows Yukiya to go after Masataka. Meanwhile Tazuna and Koyori bump into Nielsen. Koyori remembers him at her father’s lab a long time ago. Nielsen wants to talk to Yukiya since Midori Okuike of Okuike Group is making his move. Yeah, that’s the company that sponsored Koyori’s father’s research. Are things starting to come around?

Episode 7
With Masataka in danger, Gai forcefully breaks himself out even if it means hurting himself. But with Yukiya right in Masataka’s aim, he shoots at Gai. Is that on purpose? Flashback shows Masataka was a nervous wreck when he first entered Ziggurat and he hated shooting people. So Gai told him if he finds it hard to shoot anyone, shoot him. Then the game will end. With Gai down, Yukiya cuts down Masataka. Now that they’re defeated, are they like friends? As promised, they delete the data. Haruka learns Yukiya has submitted a music application not as W’z but as himself. Why does this make her feel inferior, praising he has a lot more talent than her? Cue for flashback to see how they met. Haruka took up a musical instrument just because he was good in music. Now she feels she can’t keep lying to him. Tazuna and Yukiya oddly hang out with each other. They’re getting along just fine. Yukiya didn’t expect Koyori to join in. I suppose Tazuna forgot to tell him. At the karaoke, Yukiya is tone deaf. But Koyori continues to support him… Real partners stick through thick and thin, right? When Yukiya brings Tazuna back to his home, it looks like Reijirou wants to fight him but it’s his crude way of greeting this dude. They’re friends, huh? Talk about old times, they’re so modest and humble in their victory and defeat then. Although Reijirou noted Tazuna and Koyori met God, the problem is they couldn’t remember what happened after. Now they shift their attention to Yukiya. What are his ambitions? Still not sure but he wants to help Koyori find her sister with his power. At first he was afraid and scared of it because he once dragged Haruka into Ziggurat and she ended up injured. He hated it. Then he was targeted by others and caused problem for others. He knew he was lying to himself but in fact all he wanted was not to be rejected. Reijirou gives his blessing to do whatever he wants.

Episode 8
Koyori calls Haruka out late just to tell her about Yukiya lying and that Haruka has something to say to him? Oh dear. What did you do? Now you making Haruka cry harder as she blames herself for dragging him down because she isn’t good enough. She fears he will leave her and she doesn’t want that even if it means Yukiya ending up hating her. Koyori relays her experience with Tazuna. So the bottom line is to stop lying. Easier said than done. Tazuna tells Chizuru and Hayate that Midori is Composer and the one pulling the strings. Of course this info wasn’t for free and he made a deal with Nielson. It seems that DJ is still an active Hand Shaker despite never meeting God and his goal is to watch over Ziggurat and those connected to it. The school cultural festival is here. Nielsen brings his busty and sexy assistant, Tamari so they could watch W’z AKA Yukiya who is to perform here. Safe to say that everyone else is here too to see him perform. Yukiya is nervous but once he starts getting into the groove, everyone is stunned at his awesome talent. So good that even Reijirou cried. Yeah… This gives Haruka the motivation that she wants to tell him something when this is done. What a coincidence. Yukiya too. After Haruka’s band is done with their awesome gig too, the band members congratulate themselves. Then they talk about Yukiya who is pretty weird (but in a good way) and despite this makes Haruka awkward, I don’t understand why she gets worried when she realizes Yukiya was hearing this. She realizes she has lied again. Wait a minute. WTF did she say? Did she say anything?! Hence the melancholy of Haruka continues…

Episode 9
Haruka isn’t answering Yukiya’s calls. Yukiya receives a call from Seba Suchan who is calling on behalf of Midori to meet. He is hesitant until he mentions this is regarding Hand Shakers. Yukiya tells this to the rest and Tazuna will accompany him. Both meet Midori for the first time. He cuts straight to the point that ever since mankind is eating up resources in the name of development, he wants to use Yukiya’s power to bring things in and out of Ziggurat. As time moves differently there, Hand Shakers can create copies of the same world as many times despite the Ziggurat crumbles after their battle. So as we can see, Midori is able to enter Ziggurat with Seba and has duplicated loads of silver bars. So he is going to use this concept to solve resources and energy problems plaguing the world. He doesn’t call this exploitation and merely wants his assistance. Unlike other Hand Shakers with their own desires, Yukiya will become God himself and move humanity forward. Tazuna opines this will destroy the world balance. But what does Yukiya think? Since he doesn’t approve of the Hand Shakers fighting each other like those recently, Midori believes their thinking is not aligned and will talk again in the future when they are of clearer mind. Now Seba calls Haruka and brings her to meet Midori. It seems the lie she has been hiding from Yukiya is that she remembers everything that happened in Ziggurat. Though she doesn’t want Yukiya’s powers to be exploited, Midori puts it in a nice way that he is a nice kid but others will take advantage of him and at the same time he doesn’t want to force his ideals on Yukiya. He believes if Haruka can become Yukiya’s partner and act in his place, he will use all his power to protect her. They share the same path and he can help her. The clincher: We’re doing it for Yukiya. Nielsen finds out that Midori has made his move. No time to be fooling around. Time to go busting. Yukiya soon learns that Haruka transferred to another school and moved out. Wow. She really told nobody. Not even the school bothered to announce to her classmates. Feeling worried now? He goes talk to her mother and she tells him she suddenly wanted to transfer to Okuike University and living in their dorm. Wow. Things really move fast when you have the money and influence. Oh Yukiya, you now have something to tell Haruka? Something about your feelings?

Episode 10
Nielson confronts Reijirou. He was the one who handed baby Yukiya to him 10 years ago. Now he is mad that Reijirou broke his promise and let Yukiya be a Hand Shaker. He could have taken Yukiya’s powers any time but didn’t because he believed in him. Now Nielson is going to crush that boy. I guess this stems from his trauma when he was an active Hand Shaker. He lost his then partner, Jessica. Reijirou then finds Yukiya and can tell he is having trouble. So Yukiya tells him what he knows about Midori and Haruka being taken away just because he refused. But it could be that Haruka went on her own volition rather than being forced. Father is going to give him a ride to the dorms to settle his business. Along the way, he reveals the truth about Yukiya being adopted. Even though not his own child, he loves him as his own. Why say so when he knows this isn’t an appropriate time? But thankfully Yukiya didn’t freak out. He somewhat knows. There were no pictures of him in his younger days. He wasn’t entirely sure but with this revelation, he is now. Entering Ziggurat, they are confronted with Seba. Damn, what a waste of the bike as he cuts it in half! He wants them to leave. No can do. If Haruka doesn’t want to see Yukiya, why is she here?! Seba and Reijirou face off. The latter might be a bit rusty and gets beat down. But nothing like a father’s love to turn the tables and turn it into some head butting fight? Whoever has the hardest head wins. Meanwhile Yukiya and Haruka have no choice but to fight since they’re stubborn. Haruka condemning herself as a liar unworthy of him. He shocks her that he too is a liar. Smooth operator in session as he commends her very being who is always by his side cheering him up. Hostility turning into awkwardness when both confess they love each other. That’s not a lie, right? And Yukiya saying he wants her as his partner, is that in Hand Shaker terms? Seba won’t allow this and tries to attack Yukiya. With Reijirou pinning him down, Yukiya and Haruka combine their Nimrod to kick him out from Ziggurat. Yukiya and Haruka are back on good terms. But they can’t get out from Ziggurat. Because Nielsen and Tamari are going to defeat them.

Episode 11
Yukiya is happy to see Nielsen since he is a big fan of his. I’m sure Nielsen will give him his autograph after this but now it is Hand Shakers business first. In order to wipe out Yukiya’s power, Nielsen summons Tazuna and Koyori into Ziggurat. This is his irregular power. The offer to Tazuna was to join forces and take down Yukiya’s power. Koyori is fine if Yukiya loses that power and she can’t look for her sister anymore but Yukiya will not have that. All that is left is to battle it out. With Tazuna being formidable, I’m not sure how Yukiya and Haruka now gets it as they, uhm, summon some pog or something, attach it to their Nimrod and summon Reijirou and Yukine here?! WTF?! Whatever. Reijirou and Yukine keep Tazuna and Koyori busy so that Yukiya and Haruka could duke it out with Nielsen and Tamari. During the fight, I guess Nielsen felt Yukiya’s vibes that he truly wants to use his power to search for people. So Nielsen stops the fight and has Yukiya meet up at a certain place later. Nielsen commends Yukiya as the first irregular Hand Shaker he didn’t defeat because irregulars can cause some imbalance and that is why others show up to manipulate their powers. Not sure where in this Ziggurat, Nielsen leads Yukiya and Haruka to where Nagaoka and Mayumi are staying. Yukiya crying at the sight of seeing them? Must be so touching, huh? They explain why they choose to remain here. Nagaoka has an incurable disease that no current medicine could help. But his wish was for Mayumi and Koyori to lead normal lives and Mayumi’s wish was to stop Nagaoka’s illness. So did God heard it and granted them? Apparently stopping time in this Ziggurat is the only answer. You mean God just didn’t make Nagaoka’s illness disappear? Lame! Yukiya gets this great idea. Lend his handphone to call Koyori and let Mayumi talk to her! Damn, did they not bring any phone around here? It must be one long talk since there’s a lot to catch up for the sisters. Maybe Yukiya should leave his phone here? After they leave, it is revealed that Yukiya is the son of Nagaoka and Mayumi. Because time stopped here, the moment he was brought back to reality, that is when time came flowing back all of a sudden and he grew up many years all at once. Just weird… So I guess you can’t slow down your aging if you head back to reality.

Episode 12
Yukiya and Haruka see Midori directly. They’re here not to fight him but believe can grant his wish. Because their powers include summoning others including ex-Hand Shakers into Ziggurat, they can set up many sham victories until one is able to meet God. Now I’m confused. I thought you stopped being a Hand Shaker and lose all that power when you’re defeated? Anyway, Midori rejects this as he no longer has a wish to ask God. He shows them a giant crystal embedded in his chest. It seems Midori has also met God. What he said about saving the world was just an excuse. His true desire is to exploit the system of Hand Shakers, God and irregulars. Flashback reveals his father pushed Akutagawa and his team to hasten their research on Ziggurat. He wanted to become like Columbus discovering America, a new world. He even allowed them to use his son as experiments. However Akutagawa went missing and the only reason Midori stayed relevant was because he was a Hand Shaker. To regain his value, he met God and granted his dad’s wish. He brought out some gem from Ziggurat. He had to cut his own flesh since it was embedded into it. Father was happy and the experiment continued and it made Midori close to death. Doctors even had to operate deep into him to dig out the crystals. Seba couldn’t stand it all and shot the doctors and his father to death. When dad pleads for help from Midori, he pulled the trigger many times and killed him. Overkill! That’s for all the loveless exploitation! Now Midori will fight Yukiya and Haruka not to defeat them. But to torment them. It is clear that Midori is way more powerful so Yukiya and Haruka retreat. Midori won’t give chase as he knows well this tactic of theirs to bait them. Back in reality, the rest of the gang are lying safe in one of Nielsen’s place. It is a good thing since Midori’s men have started targeting the families of Yukiya and Haruka’s home. They can’t stay here forever and need to fight back. Yukiya is going to need some reinforcements then. Midori realizes Yukiya’s side has also taken action and got away from his men. The negotiations weren’t to buy time and believed Yukiya really wanted to help out. Although they ran away, Midori believes the outcome will still be the same. He has his men take control of Nielsen’s club and predicts the Hand Shakers will attack via Ziggurat.

Episode 13
Inside Ziggurat, Yukiya-Haruka faces off with Midori-Seba. However the former aren’t alone as they temporarily summon their ex-Hand Shaker friends into the fray to deal some damage to the latter. To allow their battle to continue and not interrupted, Reijirou, Yukine, Nielsen and Tamari are fighting other Hand Shakers. You mean there are tons of them?! Don’t worry. They’re so insignificant that we don’t really care. Meanwhile we take a detour, Mayumi explaining her wish to want a son to be born between them then. So she’s like Virgin Mary? She wanted a son who is strong and never lose. You mean a son like God? So is Yukiya like Jesus Christ???!!! WTF???!!! We now return to the Ziggurat battle. Yukiya calms himself down and strikes Midori. That was fast. Midori retreats but vows to return and make him kneel. Yukiya then summons Tazuna, Koyori, Nagaoka and Mayumi. From what I understand, they all have powers qualified enough to see God. We have 2 pairs who have met God. On the other hand, Yukiya just defeated someone who met God. Hence Yukiya is qualified to meet God. Damn, does that even mesh?! Did Yukiya realize Nagaoka is his real dad? In the aftermath, it seems Yukiya has lost his powers and he is happy with it. We hear Nielsen and Makihara talking about the shocking wish Yukiya made that nobody expected: Getting rid of all the unwanted wishes granted by God before losing his own powers. Oh, how selfless. Because of his unselfish wish, Midori is now free from his curse. No more crystal embedded in his chest. In a dilemma over his role and existence, he ponders if he should go after Yukiya to seek revenge for saving him. My man, you trying to be some twisted second class villain here? Seba isn’t sure but he mentions that he knows someone who was once saved from death. That’s himself. Midori made him his butler instead of letting him die. Just to show Midori isn’t some cold hearted jerk, Seba carries him like a princess and he starts getting emotional and cries. Probably Yukiya’s greatest wish, the one not granted by God, is to become a DJ under Nielsen’s tutelage. He’s already a talented DJ. Need I say more?

We delve into the past of Reijirou and Yukine before the events of the Hand Shakers TV series. He was a delinquent dropout. She was an elite high school girl. Also the stalker type. And a masochist. Scold me more, Reijirou! Creepy… Reijirou had a hard time manning several part time jobs and it’s bad enough that Yukine often breaks into his room without his permission just to be with him. Then it all gets worse when he gets fired from all his jobs. Even the restaurant job he worked, the owner, Kozaki accused him of stealing stuffs when it was he himself who gave it all to his fatty customer, Oyama whom he is sucking up to. Even Yukine doesn’t approve of her father trying to break them up. Flashback reveals they were childhood friends and always close together. However Reijirou changed when his mom died. She realized she is the only one by his side and only knows his true and warm aspects. Yukine tries to be smart and goes to slap Kozaki and Oyama for being unfair. Of course they retaliate by trying to rape her. Good thing she texted Reijirou about what she was going to do and here he comes to save her. After pushing those guys away, the moment Reijirou and Yukine’s hands touch, they enter Ziggurat. So now they are Hand Shakers? So was Reijirou’s whatever wish that strong to qualify them for that? Apparently Kozaki and Oyama are also Hand Shakers. They relentlessly attack the newbies. Reijirou realizes that chain dream wasn’t just a dream. Yeah, Yukine had that dream too. And with renewed determination, Reijirou uses his chain powers to fight back. Partly it is Yukine’s masochism that wants him to bind her harder but also it enhances his powers. Reijirou is able to turn the tables on them and now they are the ones cowering in fear and begging for mercy. Reijirou gets cocky as he tells them off. He is about to mercilessly crush them but Yukine stops him. She has a conscious? Actually, she wants him to save all his rage for her. But of course. After defeating them, the duo realize they need to make their wish come true so they go to crowded areas to find more teams to defeat. Well, we all know what happened next. The rest is history.

Wack’… ZZzzZZzzz…
Ah well… It really all doesn’t mesh. I don’t know whether the TV series actually ended the entire series itself and the OVA feels very disjointed because it has nothing to do with W’z and more of a prelude to the Hand Shakers prequel. No characters from W’z whatsoever and heck it should have been actually called Hand Shakers OVA 2. Technically, which is also correct in a way since this season’s OVA is indeed the second OVA overall after Hand Shakers very first season’s OVA. Yeah, really wack, my man. Making it even more wack for me is that this OVA looked even more interesting than this season. Yeah, pretty odd I should say. Probably it’s because of Yukine’s character that I wasn’t totally expecting her to be like that sort of character before… Maybe they’ll make another OVA. This time about Jessica. You know, Nielsen’s previous partner. Because is it me or do I feel that this plot was unnecessary or the producers totally forgot about it. Yeah, I guess this doesn’t really matter. Won’t mesh anyway.

I didn’t really get the overall plot of this season at all. Yukiya as an irregular Hand Shaker and people who are after his power. Okay, I get that. But they want to make it look like some sort of massive power was behind the scene that was after Yukiya’s power. It really felt weird. While the Okuike Group might be a huge conglomerate, I don’t really feel its impact and presence in the story. It felt like Midori was just a single guy trying to get what he wants and his power and influence on the group was just fringe and marginal. In between, we have Yukiya being worried and conflicted about his own power. Therefore the much needed drama to help build Yukiya’s character from a loser into a slightly better, uhm, loser. Technically. Because he might have lost all those great powers but at least he has his life. And girl. And they bring back many of the original Hand Shaker characters just so to let us know that the power of friendship is a reason why Yukiya is able to change and become a better person. I guess that’s not a bad thing and it is better off than starting off as an overpowered character.

While the flimsy plot is one thing, it got me pondering how this whole system and mechanism of Hand Shakers works. Because from the looks of it, God must be a dick and a sadist. Like Nagaoka’s illness. You mean the Almighty can’t just wish for his dreaded disease to go away? With a snap of a finger? Maybe Nagaoka who doesn’t talk much wasn’t being specific but I mean, this is God. The one and only God. Shouldn’t He understood all that and cured him instantly instead of making time stop and stuck inside Ziggurat like forever? WTF, dude?! Initially I was under the impression that the Hand Shakers fight in some battle royale and the last one standing gets to meet God. But apparently you fight and defeat enough Hand Shakers, obtain their powers enough to qualify to make you meet God. Isn’t this insane? Like Yukiya’s suggestion for sham victories, if this really worked then God didn’t really thought out this very well. I thought it was a sacred honour-cum-privilege to see God and understandably only one, the best of the best could do so. But having so many meeting Him, damn this feels more like an exclusive club or something.

The other problem being the creation of Hand Shakers themselves. So apparently I was also under the misconception that this Hand Shakers thing was just a one time battle. From what I see here, it looks like there is no starting and ending point. As long as you rake up enough victories, you get to meet God. Which brings me to this point as of how many Hand Shakers are there really? How many are there right now? In the final episode we see Reijirou and Nielsen bashing up other Hand Shakers so it must mean that there is some Hand Shaker battle still going on. How does one become a Hand Shaker? The narration in the beginning of some episodes I assume is from God. Sounds like a young Japanese adult guy. At least that ossan at the end of last season whom I thought was God was actually Nielsen. The terms to become a Hand Shaker sounds vague. You have a wish? Then join hands and fight your way to see me. Yeah, pretty shady if you ask me. And I suppose if you wish hard enough, God may somehow give you those Hand Shaker powers. Go forth! And entertain me! Haha!

With that, this also brings me to the next point that is also related to the plot of the series. With Yukiya as an irregular Hand Shaker and many coveting his power, I was under the impression that there would be hundreds targeting him! Damn there were only 2 groups!!! WTF???!!! Even if they had like 5 pairs of Hand Shakers, I guess that would be acceptable. But damn, just 2 pairs?! Oh yeah. Big deal indeed. It doesn’t really mesh. I guess we need the cliché tropes so that when Yukiya defeats them, they become somewhat his allies. So if there were like 100 of them, how to fit them all in the final battle? Oh yeah. You really got me. So just 2 freaking groups who just target Yukiya’s power. And they’re not even scary.

Hana and Senri are just cute and provide some female eye candy and possibly some boobs fanservice since Senri is a cow tits monster. I guess she replaces Lily as she doesn’t make much appearance here. I said female eye candy because I have a hunch this series caters more to male bishonen as seen in the opening credits. That group pose… All guys! At least hot guys. Gai and Masataka are another bunch of weirdoes. Masataka being the quiet one and Gai being the lively one whose catchphrase is “Sugoi…”. Like as though he has a limited vocabulary or something. Yukiya and Haruka are supposed to be the Tazuna and Koyori of this season. Both their problems are not having an honest heart. They claim they lie to each other but once they get that out of the way, they’re just unstoppable. So cliché. Good thing Yukiya doesn’t continue to pursue his crush on Koyori (thank goodness for Haruka). Because it would have been freaking weird to have fallen in love with his aunty!!! And his wish to undo unwanted wishes? What are the chances that God isn’t being a dick and undo some wishes that were really wanted? Hey, can’t say. It’s not like God knows what we really want in our hearts, right? This series’ God is so dumb. I don’t like this idea either but I feel Yukiya should just become God and take His place and make the world a better place.

Finally with Midori being the antagonist of the series, I thought it was going to be a running joke that he and Seba would never appear. Hence their only chance is in the next episode preview where they talk some nonsense whatever. I thought this is all they would amount to. Their proper and formal appearance would be after 3/4 of the season and it already felt too late. It is hard for me to support or even hate Midori as the so called villain because his character is written in a mediocre way. Hard to sympathise with this dude despite his tragic background because I just couldn’t connect how it turned him into a Hand Shaker. Hard to hate this dude because he is one of those hot looking bishonen guys and his actions aren’t really despicable albeit twisted. This guy just wants a reason to exist. I guess being alive isn’t good enough because he is so rich and have everything, that’s just boring. Uh huh. What a boring villain.

Previous Hand Shaker characters make their cameo enough to make this season look like a sequel. They usual provide some support to Yukiya and Haruka and don’t do much so as not to take away the spotlight from them. Like Chizuru and Hayate, why are they still around? So it is as though the gang have a fixed place to gather and discuss their Hand Shakers related problems. Otherwise they could have been done without like some other characters. Like Makihara whose absence is so obvious. It is stated that he went on some journey to try to find a cure for Nagaoka. In the final episode it is hinted he has made some progress. WTF???!!! If God couldn’t find a cure, you mean this siew mai lover could???!!! This doesn’t mesh!!!

But I couldn’t be more grateful that Kodama and Hibiki didn’t show up here. If they did, it would have been a complete alumni of last season’s Hand Shakers. It is also because Kodama was really annoying with her celebrity quotes. Thank goodness. I guess she is too busy with her singing and acting career to even care about this. Good for her. Good for us. Phew. Isn’t it odd that Nagaoka and Mayumi had been missing for so long and thanks to plot convenience, they are finally found? Like WTF?! Thanks to the OVA, we get a shocking glimpse of how different Yukine’s character is. It’s like she’s a totally different person and can we say that motherhood changed her into a decent person and ‘freed’ her from that masochism? Reijirou still has that rage and short temper with him like forever, but Yukine is like a cool cat now. Yeah, parenting does change some people. Imagine how freaky if Yukiya sees his foster mom as some masochistic slut. Totally wack!

Action scenes are rather okay. Nothing really spectacular. Using CGI for Nimrods and some pretty abstract scenes in Ziggurat as excuse that you are in a different world. Yukiya’s irregular power sometimes feel like a convenience to the plot and action because otherwise how could he overcome more powerful and determined Hand Shakers? Ah, I see that is what it means to be an irregular. Since GoHands animate this sequel, it goes without saying that their trademark weird colour hues permeate every scene we see. I did say that this series feels like a guy anime because the guys look slightly better than the girls. Do you not see the female characters look a bit one kind? They’re like… Weird dolls… Like Tamari, WTF is this hippy hipster doll look? Same case for Yukine. She looks like a bisque doll or something.

Unfortunately music isn’t the main theme here. You can feel the same jazzy and bubbly vibe it has in the prequel. Not to say that they are bad but it is not as attractive as I would find them in K. And W’z seemingly only have hit song on his DJ music… Whatever. I hope he doesn’t become a one hit wonder. Opening theme, Reason by Ryohei Takenaka sounds like it is trying too hard while Kamisama Wa Kitto by Fuki as the ending theme sounds ill-fitting as a slow ballad. Yes, it’s calming in a way but it feels like in the aftermath of seeing God whatsoever. With the old Hand Shakers cast retained, lots of new ones joined this season that none I recognized. That bad, huh? They include Katsumi Fukuhara as Yukiya (Touya in Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni), Akane Fujita as Haruka (Sagiri in Eromanga-sensei), Daisuke Namikawa as Nielsen (Rock in Black Lagoon), Atsumi Tanezaki as Hana (Miu in Blend S), Inori Minase as Senri (Chino in Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka), Takuya Eguchi as Gai (Koikawa in Mushibugyou), Yoshinosuke Yamagami as Masataka, Toshiki Masuda as Midori (Kirishima in Boku No Hero Academia), Shunsuke Takeuchi as Seba (Yamato in Nanbaka) and Minami Takahashi as Tamari (Megumi in Shokugeki No Souma).

Overall, the sequel is still as disappointing as the prequel. The producers tried to make an original anime out of the Hand Shakers but I guess it is very certain that God didn’t grant their wish and turn this into a hit masterpiece. Boring plot and characters is more than enough to turn anyone off and drop this series like a rock. It must be amazing for me to stick through till the end thanks to all the thick skin of stubbornness that I have accumulated in watching animes like this over the years. Oh well, if they decided to surprise us and do a third season, then I have to admire their perseverance and aversion to failure. Because like Robert F. Kennedy once said, “Only those who dare fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”. “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing”, said Henry Ford. “Failure is good as long as it doesn’t become a habit”, said Michael Elsner. But still, it doesn’t take away the fact that this season is really wack and doesn’t mesh…

Main race is over. Some win, some lose. But if you aren’t satiated by the thrill of horse girls racing, be glad to know there are special extra episodes, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – BNW No Chikai for you to bet extra money and quench that gambling thirst. Oops, I mean fulfil the excitement of watching these horse girls locked in close battle derbies. As its name implies, Team Spica isn’t going to be the main stars of these special episodes but a group of horse girls remembering their promise to run together always. That promise is put to the test when they have a fall out. Nothing like a little drama to put that friendship back together again via a big race, eh? Oh the power of (horse) friendship!

Special 1
Team Spica continue their usual training. Special Week is aiming to run at Summer Dream Trophy because she made a fool out of herself at the Winter Dream Trophy. Before the race started, she was talking to her rival and before you know it, they flag off and she was stranded. Trainer comes in with good news for his girls. They will be supervisors for the cultural festival! Uhm, actually doesn’t that mean he drew to short end of the stick? We see Team Spica going around to supervise, partially I feel it’s an excuse to introduce some of the other horse girls that will not make their cameo any more. But the focus is on Biwa Hayahide, Narita Taishin and Winning Ticket (the trio collectively known as BNW). They notice their strained relationship. When they go talk to Rudolf about it, she shows them a clip from the Japan Derby. A very close race between BNW that was eventually won by Ticket. It solidified their friendship-cum-rivalry. But now what? She is organizing a relay race between them. Team Spica isn’t particularly interested until Rudolf mentions the winning team gets free sweets for the whole year! You bet they’re going on a recruitment spree! While Hayahide accepts, Taishin and Ticket are not interested. I know some of Team Spica is desperate but resorting to dumb tricks that only make a fool out of themselves? Definitely not working. Timely reminder that Suzuka is currently away overseas so she calls Special Week to keep in touch. Hearing about this problem, this reminds them about the time Trainer lectured them about their rivalry during their training camp’s mock race. It gave them a lot of motivation. Now Special Week knows what to do. And that is to say the same exact lines from Trainer to Ticket! Word for word! So what happens when she finishes? Ticket not impressed… Oh sh*t… Better think fast… Because this is so comical, Ticket starts laughing. So it’s revealed perhaps their strained relationship originated from a race where Hayahide and Ticket was running. They were supposed to win but lost. Yeah. That. Taishin was out on an injury. Anyway, Special Week now in her own words mentions about her unfulfilled promise to Suzuka but she still loves her and hopes to fulfil that. Can the same be said for Ticket? With that, the next day Ticket joins them to help recruit members for the relay race.

Special 2
Scarlet goes around to interview the teams. Ticket’s team is doing fine. Even got the motto for motivation: Sweets into our mouth! Hayahide’s team are very technical. In a serious strategy meeting now, huh? Taishin’s team… Yeah, everybody is all over the place. Even if they put up some fake delusional spirit, it’s more of style than substance. And with special effects! The clincher: They don’t even know where Taishin is and think this is okay to get them running for the relay race! Scarlet wants to report this to Rudolf but seeing she has already given a good impression to the press, oh yeah, everything is going perfect! Scarlet finds Taishin who is just being a zombie to her Smartphone. Talking to her, looks like she’s not interested. Yeah, some trauma flashback. Whatever. Taishin still won’t enter and is considering retiring. Scarlet then tells Narita Brian about this and in turn she talks to Hayahide and Ticket. Yeah, remember those good times together? Later Brian talks to Taishin. Still won’t change her mind? Brian mentions about her own devastating lost that made her think deep she wanted to quit. She gives Taishin a charm and hopes she’ll come. Everyone’s waiting. Race day is here and Taishin is nowhere to be seen! Scarlet getting close to panicking. Better set out and look for that girl. Don’t want to fail spectacularly in Rudolf’s eyes. After all, she promised her she’ll see to it this race’s success till the end. And yeah, Broye is also attending this event. Don’t screw up now. How not to because Hayahide and Ticket are even cool about making Sun Visor as Taishin’s substitute! They think this is really going to fool everyone, huh? The relay race begins and I guess that’s why it’s a relay. So we have time for some drama and for a certain someone to make it… Anyway, this race isn’t confined to the stadium but across town. That’s why it’s just weird that they have to run through a train crossing?! It feels like Special Week got the raw end of the stick and needs to wait for the train to pass???!!! Some call it unfair, some call it strategy… Of course the anchors of the teams are BNW. They are interviewed about their chances so they hijack the mic to tell Taishin to come run. This is her place to run. Everyone’s waiting for you here! Yeah, enough to change her mind and start running back. Good thing she’s watching the TV, eh? And meanwhile another race is going on: Oguri Cap trying to finish 1000 bowls of ramen???!!! Damn, she’s eating faster than the ramen can be replenished!!!

Special 3
Thank goodness it must be a short train since Special Week is able to make up time. Because it won’t be fun if they turn it into a 2 horse race. As the interviewer interviews the leaders, Hayahide and Ticket try to change the topic. However she tries to interview ‘Taishin’ and is stumped she is staying silent. She is even going so far as to unhood her. It’ll be over if Sun Visor is busted. But thankfully Taishin arrives in time. I’m sure everybody is confused about Taishin not being at her starting position but what the heck, the real deal is here so let’s continue with the race. However there is another emergency. Hayahide suddenly becomes sick. Probably searching for that charm during the rain was the culprit. Oh Taishin, too late to blame yourself and trying to take responsibility. It’s already done. With Hayahide unable to run, Rudolf makes an announcement that the race will end when the relay reaches the anchors. That will be the finish line. Everyone is disappointed. But don’t worry. We’re not here to cheat your money. Because Brian will step in to replace Hayahide. She is after all her sister. Technically her name still covers for her team. So we see a very close race between the trio that has Taishin winning, Ticket in second and Brian coming in third. However! The judges start deliberating. Because Gold Ship went off course and accidentally took a short cut, hence Taishin’s team is disqualified. So does this mean the win goes to Ticket? Nope. When Special Week missed passing her sash to Vodka, Vodka took something else to replace it. Disqualified! So it’s Brian’s win? Also nope. Because McQueen is accused of blocking her opponent’s path. So… Nobody wins?! Yeah, Rudolf confirms it. Damn, is this the most disappointing race? But don’t worry. Even though BNW was unable to make their full proper appearance here, be happy to know they will be racing in the upcoming Osaka Hai race! I guess everybody can overlook this farce and look forward to this one. Probably Oguri Cap is the only legit winner after finishing her thousand bowls. Yeah, she looks like super pregnant… Finally we get to see BNW race together at Osaka Hai. Another close fight between the trio that has Hayahide winning. Great race. Won’t lose next time. But of course.

Run Of The Mill But Keep Running
Luckily I didn’t bet any money on any one of the teams so I didn’t lose. Haha! Anyway, these extra episodes don’t really add anything much to the main storyline as seen in the TV series. Because with Suzuka away overseas, it’s like the rivalry between her and Special Week is put on hiatus until the former returns. With that, they focus on BNW and if you’re a casual viewer like me, you’re wondering why the heck? Who the heck are they? Well, not like it is going to make any difference if they focus on other horse girls. Because again there are loads of other horse girls introduced here that don’t matter that it makes you wonder if it is actually relevant or not. I don’t remember if they are introduced in the TV series and even if they were, they’re just insignificant at least as far as this series go. My conspiracy theory is that there are many great race horses throughout the years in the Japanese horse racing derby. So in order not to have a few being left out, hence their cameo here just for some sort of tribute. There, here is the name of your favourite horse personified as a horse girl in this anime. Happy? Now, be gone!

Back to the main BNW trio themselves, I fail to see anything that would have made these special episodes, uhm, special. Sure, they have some sort of failure in the past. Hey, you can’t win every damn race you enter, right? One failure was enough to give Taishin some trauma and then it strained their relationship. Then plot convenience commands that they should get back together for the greater good because there are lots of fans who are still supporting her and them. Also probably lots of other people betting lots of money on her! Haha! So Taishin, you’re still young and healthy, don’t you even think of retiring after one moral zapping race lost! If I had to bet on one of the team, I would have chosen Ticket, because you know, it’s in her name, baby! With a name like that, how could you lose?! Oh wait. She didn’t win… Thank goodness I’m not addicted to gambling in any forms. Especially horse racing. On a trivial note, initially I saw the title as BMW! It would have been weird if those horse girls had that automaker’s speed and power for a race… Too weird.

Overall, fans of the series as well as the game should appreciate these extra episodes better. Casual viewers like me won’t find anything special and wonder what the fuss is all about. We’re probably here just to see the novelty of so many different horse girls and the strange racing cosplay because it is mind boggling how Hayahide, the one whose outfit looks so heavily dressed is the one who won the Osaka Hai race. I still believe if the horse girls wear appropriate attire like human female athletes, they would have run much faster. And Hayahide might have won by a few centimetres instead of a close photo finish. Just saying. Well, I also sometimes believe that even if you win, you still have to go out and win in style. Same for those who lose. Hey, at least you lose in style. Everybody wins. Horse girls win because they get to race with each other again. The fans win because they are entertained by all the horse girl racing action. Sponsors win because it brings in more revenue. Punters win because they made money from all the bets. Uhm, except maybe those who bet on the wrong horse and lost heavily. BNW: Bet, Nit, Wager…

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