Houkago Saikoro Club

January 26, 2020

What kind of games to bored people play? Why, bored (board) games, silly! Haha! Oops. Sorry. Bad pun. Anyway, with today’s world of advanced technology, it seems like games in the digital format is here to stay and the way forward. While this may be hugely true, it is also unfair and inaccurate to say that traditional games like board games are dying. In fact, there is a niche market for them and they are still in demand although comparably to digital games they are not as hot or trending. So what a way to ‘remind’ us that there are some games that we can play anytime and anywhere even when the electricity is out, hence we have Houkago Saikoro Club. A group of girls playing board games together after school and discovering its unique joy. Wow. Ooooohhhhh. Isn’t that so super exciting?! Oh wait. Is this another one of those cute girls doing cute things? Board games are cute, no?

Episode 1
You can tell Miki Takekasa is the unsociable kind as she rejects Midori Ono, the class rep’s invitation for the girls to go karaoke this weekend. On the way home, Aya Takayashiki almost bumps into her on her bicycle but crashes into the river. After a change of clothes, because Aya is new around here, she has Miki reluctantly show her around Kyoto. They head to strange places and because Aya is so in her own pace, Miki starts to panic and cry that they might get lost! But leave it to Aya to explain her twisted logic they aren’t lost because they have no destination! Instead, they are pretend-lost. Huh? In the end, they manage to reach a beautiful place and watch the beautiful sunset. A place that Miki never knew despite living here for a long time. On the way back, they spot Midori making her way a shady area in town. They tail her to a saikoro club (table top games club). Both sides are shocked to see each other and as explained, Midori is working here. Aya is not happy with Midori’s ‘hypocrisy’ because she told others not to hang out after curfew hours but yet she herself is doing it. To calm things down, the manager Takeru Kinjou decides to introduce them to some board games. He has them play Marrakech. Takeru is brutal as he shows no mercy to newbies. When Midori helps Miki a little, Takeru warns her about the ironclad rule of not helping others during a game. But because Miki pleads to her for help (did those tears do the trick?), Midori joins in the game as her teammate. That’s not breaking the rules, right? With that, Midori takes some big risks that could end them up losing the game but the gamble pays off and they turn the tables to beat Takeru instead. In the end, Miki and Aya are interested to come back and play again. However, Midori warns them she will overlook this since technically it is wrong for school girls to loiter around after curfew. Do this again and she’ll report it to the school. However… Weekends and holidays aren’t part of the rule. There’s your loophole. Hooray! The fun continues!

Episode 2
Aya tries to get friendly with Miki and Midori. Somewhat it backfired because it is Miki and Midori who got friendlier with each other instead. Shouta Tanoue has a crush on Aya. In his bid to try and lend her something she forgot, it looks like other girls were fast enough to lend her. Tanoue continues to be ‘suspicious’ and hence he is called out by Midori who is also his childhood friend. Since it is after class, Aya invites him to join them playing games. You bet he’s in. Midori introduces a bluffing card game, Kaker Laken Poker (I Am Cockroach Poker). Tanoue hopes to get closer to Aya in this poker game but it gets off to a bad start and it seems like as though he is trying to target her? Yeah, Aya and Tanoue being bad liars so much so Miki can tell that Tanoue actually does have a crush on Aya. Midori is a tough nut to break too as she is a veteran in such games and can tell based on your body language and reaction whether you are lying or not. Aya is on a losing streak and this final card will most probably make her lose the game overall. Tanoue is in a pinch as he really wants to help and save her but cannot tell if the card she is playing is true or a bluff. This guy is stressing so much on this that even Miki once more can tell what he is trying to do. In the end, Aya loses and yup, Tanoue inadvertently delivered the finishing blow to her. Depressed guy tries to leave but Aya wants to talk to him privately. She knows something about him. Gulp. Has he been exposed? Turns out that Aya thinks he is in love with Midori and will help support him! Damn, not only Aya is bad in games, looks like her female intuition is really off! Aya then whispers this secret to Miki and hopes they can invite Tanoue to play more future games with them. Hey, at least he can try again…

Episode 3
Miki was often bullied when she was young. Hence being alone is her best defence mechanism from getting hurt. Miki spots a girl lying on the ground. Actually Hana is trying to get her pet cat, Sakura hiding inside the drain. Yeah, the cat hates the vet visit. Miki uses a cat toy to lure it out. After the girls chat, Miki goes to meet up with her friends. This time they are supposed to visit Aya’s house. Funny fate turns out to be because Hana is Aya’s older sister! Hana has also bought her friend, Maki. Miki is afraid of her because she looks like a delinquent. Oddly, Maki thinks she has seen her before but can’t quite put a finger on it. But Miki thinks she is one of those bullies. Today’s board game will be Incan Gold. Basically it is a chicken race. In the first round, Miki pulls out early while Maki is daring, pulling out only when her intuition tells her it is dangerous to go on. Because of Miki’s shy demeanour, Maki comments that she is often bullied a lot and can tell by her reaction. Midori and Aya come to Miki’s defence and vow to protect her. The game carries on for a few more rounds and in the final round, Maki is in the lead as she advises Miki to pull out because getting second place is still good enough for her. Miki is unsure what to do but with Sakura lying on her lap, this must be some sort of encouragement, right? Eventually Miki pulls the biggest upset and wins the overall game. She credits everyone supporting her. Maki then apologizes to Miki for saying some rude stuffs. It is then the rest discover that Maki is her surname and her first name is Kyouko. Apparently Maki doesn’t like to be called by that name. Miki then remembers that it was Maki who came to her rescue from those bullies. Many feared her because of her reputation as Mad Dog Kyouko. Miki is glad that despite she has scary memories, if she pushes forward, she’ll find pleasant ones.

Episode 4
Ren Shibusawa pleads to Midori for help with the upcoming student council work but is refused. It seems she has trouble trying to come up with the best school cultural festival. Because Yuuto Aoshima the president is hospitalized, she as the vice has taken over his role. Flashback shows when she first joined, Aoshima seemed very casual. But after she hears his reasons to join because he wants to see everybody’s smile, she became motivated. She also tried following in his footsteps because he may not look like he but he actually understands everyone. Ren goes to see Midori again and hopes she would change her mind. It seems the duo were in the same middle school and in the student council. They were a perfect team. But Midori still turns her down as she explains her dream to become a game author. Ren laughs at this and believes board games is outdated. Miki and Aya butt in and argue otherwise but the bias in Ren is strong. Games are useless and she doesn’t want Midori to waste her talents on something like that. It’s time for Midori to put her foot down and settle this. Via game. They’ll play a card game called 6 Nimmt and if Midori loses, she will obey her. Ren thought this is going to be easy but of course she lacks the strategy and she thought her sure win card would seal the deal. Instead, Midori turns the tables on her. Safe to say, Ren loses overall. Big time. Ren admits her loss and that it was also a fun game. But she still can’t accept Midori is going down this route. Thus Midori explains about how games benefited people throughout history and by being a game author, this is her way of bringing smiles to people. Sore loser Ren runs away. So she’s not giving up? Next time then. On their way home, Midori explains to her friends how her brother introduced her to the board game world when she was young. She was hooked and then learnt a little history how it all started in Germany. Alex Randolph became the first person to put his name on the board game as previously it was only companies who affixed their name on it. By doing so, the games becomes works of art by the authors. Just like manga. Hence it becomes Midori’s dream to become a game author and her friends are supportive she can become a good one.

Episode 5
Summer vacation is here and since Aya is bugging to go on a beach trip, Miki has an idea. Because her Aunt Miyabi runs an inn at Kanazawa, she invites her friends over. As they are about to take a bath, Aya stumbles into strange shogi pieces. Some of them don’t have characters on the reverse side. Midori recognizes this as pieces for GOITA, a traditional game from Noto. Since this team game needs 4 players, they rope in Miyabi to help play since she isn’t busy at the moment. When Miki notes this is her first time playing, Miyabi says she has played it before but Miki can’t remember. The game was fun as they continue to do other stuffs for the rest of the day before hitting the sack. Next day, the much awaited swimming in the sea is… CANCELLED! Because it’s raining! No, pouring! Aya so sad that she is throwing a tantrum. Just like this kid, Takashi. Oh well, what to do but play GOITA. This has Takashi interested so he joins in. Takashi teams up with Midori. As a noob, Takashi doesn’t understand strategy so he gets confused when Midori says not to match his teammate’s pieces on one hand and then in the next round he should match them because it is special case. This has Miki now remembering she played this game before. She was in this exact same position and because of that, Miki was disheartened. Noticing that Takashi is now in this same predicament, she offers to team up with him. So I guess he wised up and now it’s like they can read each other minds. Hence Takashi wins the game and for his team. I know the game is fun but since it has stopped raining, can we go out to the beach now? Hooray! Damn Takashi got his own harem of onee-chan now. Takashi you lucky cheeky little bastard!

Episode 6
Takeru is in a bar with his old military friend, George Beresford. Learning Takeru opened a board game shop, George isn’t the least bit interested. He doesn’t believe Japan has a market in board games since Japanese mostly consume digital ones. Takeru begs to differ and believes Japan is catching up in this area. Midori tells her friends that she is making a game. Because Aya keeps bugging she wants to try, Midori gets mad and tells her off because she already told her the game is still incomplete. One day, Midori is trying to get Takeru to test play her game when George walks in. Once Midori learns his name, she knows he is a famous board game designer in the west. George wants to try her prototype but again, that excuse it is incomplete. This is when George tells her straight she is afraid to fail, somebody might tell her it is boring. She claims she will complete it soon but when? Even if she becomes old, it will never be completed. Midori is now mad after he adds she is not a designer. One last word of advice: A game cannot be completed alone. Midori burns the midnight oil to complete her game just to show him. But then she hits a dead end. Desperate times calls for desperate measure so she calls her friends to help test play. They are amazed she has some of the designs completed like the board and the game cards. She explains this interior design game which of course sounds interesting and fun. After playing it, Aya and Miki look… uhm… depressed? They compliment her but Midori knows they’re just trying to be nice. Just tell the truth! The brutal truth! Okay. It seems the game will feel monotonous if it is played for a long period of time. Because they were thinking about getting more points, it doesn’t feel like interior decorating their home. Then they add lots of other comments and opinions like adding pets or deducting points. Now Midori is depressed? Actually she can’t believe they got so many suggestions after just a single game play while she spent so much time and thought on it. Then she remembers George’s words. Now you know what he meant, right? Takeru apologizes to George because it should’ve been his job to guide Midori but now he made him the bad guy. George doesn’t mind because he did what he wanted too. And then Midori barges into the bar to admit he was right and that she won’t give up. Eh, are minors allowed? How did she know they’re here at this time of hour?! At night! George is interested to see how much she grows.

Episode 7
With Midori busy making her game and Aya away for holiday, oddly Maki stumbles into Miki and suggests they hang out. She gives her a ride to the river and I suppose there is only so much these city girls can do. Miki remembers she brought this Monjiro game. They lay blocks to create a word. Maki is masterful as she mocks Miki with insulting words. Miki tries to do the same but comes off as ‘weak’ and no effect. Miki then thanks her for saving her then. Maki remembers that incident. She tells of her own tragic story whereby her parents got divorced. They are bad memories that won’t go away so when she saw Miki being bullied, it reminded her of her useless dad. Her excuse wasn’t to save her but just to vent her frustration. They continue the Monjiro game but this time using gentle words. The tables are turned since Miki uses nice words to describe Maki and this makes the latter feel awkward. Miki enjoying every moment of it. Is she a sadist? With the new semester started, the cultural festival is around the corner. Midori and friends hand in their application to do a board game café but this idea is quickly shot down by Ren. Still holding a grudge, huh? Midori knows better than to argue and leaves. With Ren vowing to make this festival a success, suddenly Aoshima returns. Gasp! As she goes to call other student council members, Aoshima sees that board game request. Apparently this is the only board game café in town so Aoshima seems to have found it despite being first time here. Amazed at the collection, he is interested to try one so Midori suggests The Island. I wonder if Miki is listening to Midori explaining the rules because she has been thinking that this guy is the student council president ever since. The game goes on with Aoshima daring to take risks. He loses but it was really fun. Because of that, he overturns Ren’s decision and approves it himself! Ren can’t stop pouting. You mad, girl?

Episode 8
The girls learn a new board game café opened nearby and decide to go check it out. Well, it’s empty. Except for that cute German girl, Emilia AKA Emmy. Apparently Emmy knows the girls. Because she overheard them talking about board games in the street. Uhm, so that is considered as an encounter? Anyway, Emmy likes board games so she and her father opened one in Japan since there aren’t many. The girls get it going by playing a Celtic based board game, Keltis. After explaining the rules and playing the game, Midori wins it with the most points. Emmy is shocked and happy because she is the first person who beat her in her most favourite game. When the girls tell Emmy they are going to do a board game café at their school’s festival, Emmy couldn’t be happier. In fact, she is transferring to their school soon! She gives thanks that her wished to see them again came true. And so the festival gets underway. It’s such a lively festival. Except for the board game café… Not a single customer soul. Could this be Ren’s doing by putting them at a far corner of the school? Can’t blame her. Their application got approved last minute and this was where she could only slot them. But don’t despair. Emmy has an idea. I guess we only know one reason why Tanoue is here. But he also brought his best friend, the popular Ryuuji Yoshioka. Yeah, he is so popular with girls and this guy prefer to go with his friend than be bugged by females. Whatever. To Tanoue’s shock, the board game café girls are dressed as maids. Maid board game café! I APPROVE!!! Thanks to Emmy posting this over the school’s social media, the café is now swarming with guys! Yeah. Worse day for Tanoue as Aya pleads him to explain some of the games to customers are they are short of staffs. The guys in his table not happy not to be served by a maid. I understand, I too would get mad if a kawaii meido didn’t serve my table. Since the student council are here and Yoshioka looks like an unapproachable loner, Midori shoves them to let Miki handle it. So she introduces to them a speed pairing French game, Dobble. It goes on smoothly and they had fun. Because Yoshioka is from the kendo club, his reflexes are lightning speed. However he soon ends up losing because he can’t simply name the pictures fast enough. But Miki notes he can name them anything so he gives them funny names and this causes the rest to laugh out loud. In the end, the café is a success. This should blow away some of Ren’s suspicions, right? See how many smiles we had today? So don’t be looking so gloom yourself!

Episode 9
Emmy is brought to Midori’s board game café. She sees an old game she used to play when she was in Germany, Elfenland. They have a go at this travelling board game and at the end of it, Emmy wins. This prompts Midori to say how her sense of direction in games are good but not in real life. And this prompts Emmy to remember the last game she played in Germany with her German friends before she left for Japan. Oh, Emmy is crying?! Nostalgia? Actually, she feels sad she couldn’t keep her promise to her best friend, Anna. You see, they both promised to become game designers. But WTF?! Midori starts to get jealous and depressed?! She excuses herself and we can clearly see that she doesn’t take it quite well that another person is sharing the same dream. So you telling me that she’s the only one who can make games? Hence she is sleepless that night, overthinking if Emmy’s games are good and if she is much better than her. And then George’s face pops up. Stupid oyaji… Next time when all the friends gather, Emmy mentions she wants to learn traditional children games in Japan because it might help give ideas to make her board game. So they go with this daruma game as Miki explains its rules. Emmy also notes how the western world also has this game but called in different names with some little difference in rules (though she didn’t really elaborate on that). After playing a round, it seems Emmy could point out its ‘flaws’. There is practically no reward and the players take a lot of risk. Also, this means the game is endless like many other traditional games. Hence she suggests to incorporate some points to make it exciting. Trying out this new incorporated scoring system, the girls suddenly feel intense. Because there is competition now. It’s not perfect but they still have some fun. Emmy quotes Randolph’s saying that all games are works in progress so as to motivate Midori to achieve her dream. Midori is shocked she knows about this. Actually Aya and Miki told Emmy about this but since Emmy never had a chance to talk to her about it, that’s why she consulted them. Game problems are to be solved via games. Hence this is what today’s outing’s goal is too. Midori throws away her silly pride and tells Emmy about her dream and hopes she could try out her game in progress.

Episode 10
Aya’s father, Kenji just returned from Africa. Because he is a wildlife photographer, naturally Japanese cats > own daughter. You bet Aya is a sad + mad cat. Talking to her friends about this, they suggest inviting him to Emmy’s family Christmas party. Hence Tanoue gets the most ambiguous call in his life. Aya wants him to come and meet her father!!! This guy so panicky that he calls Yoshioka to come along! Of course Kenji eventually couldn’t make it because another contract comes up. Yup, bears. Bears > Christmas party. That’s the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Aya runs away. Luckily she stumbles into Miki. She takes her to the board game café. Soon Kenji comes in looking for her. Apparently Miki called Hana about it. As she won’t talk to him, Takeru tells them to play a game. Hey, this is a board game café. Play or leave. So he lets them play this territorial game of Blokus. Initially it is awkward when father and daughter won’t talk. Eventually Kenji admits he is a selfish man and loses sight when he becomes obsessed with something. It is the reason why mom left him. However if he stopped being that, he ceased to be the Kenji he knows. Even if Aya forever hates him, he will forever love her. Now it’s Aya’s turn to open up. As she used to cry a lot when young, Kenji often cheered her up and told her positive stuffs. Because of that, she has made friends and found things she loves to do. In that sense, she can never hate him. With that, father and daughter is back on track. Thank goodness.

So naturally Kenji can’t come to the Christmas party. Bears more important, naturally. But Aya isn’t mad since she has talked to him. Not sure if Tanoue is sad or relieved after learning what actually happened. Yoshioka? He’s glad Miki is here. The kids play this dress up board game, Ladies & Gentlemen. This game must be paired a boy and a girl because guys make the money for the women to spend and buy clothes! Father Christmas working his miracle tonight as Tanoue is paired with Aya while Yoshioka gets Miki. So I guess that leaves the gamer girls together, huh? Tanoue loves it when Aya acts like his wife. But then gets depressed when he has not enough money to buy her dresses! Oh sh*t! A different vibe on the other end as Yoshioka must be really loving Miki who is being courteous and polite. Midori is playing the strict ‘husband’ and her ‘wife’ Emmy using her ‘seductive charms’. In the end, they won. Those who lost, well be glad that it’s just the game so their ‘wives’ are quite happy having fun. So how does it feel being tested on their manhood? I guess Tanoue still feels the need to make up to Aya so he buys her gloves as Christmas present. Happy girl so happy, so naturally happy boy is also happy. Yoshioka gets to walk Miki to the train station. The one who got ‘screwed’ is Midori because somehow sleepy Emmy is still acting like her wife and starts hugging and calling her darling! From the looks of it, safe to say that Midori isn’t going the yuri path.

Episode 11
Takeru tells Midori that George’s company is holding a competition for game designers. He is telling her because George personally contacted him to tell Midori that he has yet to play her game. Hence Midori talks to her friends about this and they are more than happy to help her test play her game. We can see there are lots of improvement in this One Room v2 game of hers. It has a much better flow and all. At the end of the game, everybody had fun and despite Takeru admitting the game has largely improved, it still feels like it is missing something. This will not get her far in the competition. Midori isn’t insulted because she too felt something similar. As the friends brainstorm about this, Emmy notes Midori should just do what she wants to do. This has her remember her father runs a furniture shop which she often frequents. Sakamoto, a store employee was particularly passionate about furniture and because of that, the reason why he took on this profession. This gave Midori a lot of food for thought and there were some things she didn’t understand then. Midori now works hard to further improve her game. She is obviously tired and starts snoozing at school! Shockingly, despite sitting right in front and sleeping before the teacher, when called to answer a question, she can still answer flawlessly! OMG! Does she sleep with her brain on???!!! We here Midori narrate how she has taken Sakamoto’s words as inspiration. Because of her rigid view on how game designers should be, she left her own desires out. Now that she has incorporated what she wants, the very much improved One Room v3 is here. It looks a lot more polished. She adds a lot more exciting factors and elements to the game so much so that her friends started to have anxiety and strategize on how to go about and win the game! Watching them so engrossed in her game makes Midori feel so happy. And of course, she has to thank her friends for playing with her. Without her, she wouldn’t have moved forward. Also, somewhat paying tribute to what George said. With Emmy and Aya having a really deep discussion with Midori about her dreams and stuffs, this makes Miki ‘worried’. Feeling left out?

Episode 12
Miki trying to reconcile her existence. Yup, a very brief summary of her life changing events in this series. With the school year over, the girls will be second years come next year. But Midori has Miki push the panic button because they will be streamed into different classes. Oh no. Can’t be together anymore. Midori then shows them a letter she got from George. It’s the results of her game entry. Though interesting, it still lacks something and it needs to have better mechanism. So yeah. It failed. But don’t worry, use this as motivation to spur to greater heights. Yeah, that’s what they always say. Also, he invites Midori to come to America if she really wants to see how games are made. She could use it to improve herself. Midori is pondering to take this chance. With all that, now it’s Miki’s turn to feel insecure. Yup, things are changing. Could it be that only she wants things to stay the same? Panic time. She calls Aya. Voice mail. Oh dear. Then she goes to Emmy’s place. Not in. And Midori is not working at the board game café too. Okay. Time to panic. Hence she buys a card game called Toddles Bobbles as the monster designs remind her of the toys her dad used to buy. Worse, she starts talking to them! Oh dear. Imaginary friends now? She’s compounding her own misery by playing out how no monsters want to be with her… Meanwhile her friends learn and heard about Miki that she’s acting weird. Can’t reach her. Conveniently her phone is dead. You know something is really weird or bad when you start hearing imaginary voices comforting you about your friends. And speaking of them, here they come! They found her because Tanoue was passing by and called them. So Miki tells them her troubles of being a coward of not wanting to change. Getting emotional, aren’t we? And of course, the power of friendship to blow away that blues and assure her that they will always be friends. Just like that. Miki back again. Then they play this weird naming card game. That’s how it should be. In the end, even if they are in separate classes, they can still meet up after school and play like this. Yeah, they should form a group. What to call it? Houkago Saikoro Club! Roll credits! See Miki? Now you can continue to have fun with you friends.

Saa Ikou! Saikoro Saikou!
Just checking… So is the new club just exclusive to just the four of them? Are they going to recruit more members in the future and have more fun? Because you know, the more the merrier. Can’t they form the same kind of club in school? Unless you tell me all that red tape BS crap that you need minimum 5 members, must have an advisor, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I can see why they don’t even bother considering this. Playing at a real board game café or at their own homes is much more fun. Hey, we just want to play some games. So let’s leave this unfounded questions of mine on the back burner and move on what’s at hand, shall we?

As you can see for yourself, the story isn’t anything much. Really. There is no convoluted or confusing plotlines that would make you scratch your head. In fact, it is non-existent. So much so that you could say that this anime is just one big promotion of the board games featured here. Having a few main characters as well as some of their ‘background’ and circumstances (Miki was once a bullied kid? Eh, so what?) feels like just an excuse to cover up and breathe some life to the characters. Everything here is secondary beside the board games. After all, take away all that and the series becomes just one big half hour show on how to play the board game. I guess we have YouTube videos on that already so don’t want to be such a bore, eh?

So boring and lacking of any drama, that’s why we need to have that final episode that has Miki questioning her existence. That kind of worry that she will not be able to experience the same things with her friends ever again. I’m sure we are laughing at how cheesy it is but remember, for an shy introvert like Miki, this is one big daring step. A step into the new world in which Miki has found something new she likes. And you can see, all of her worries are eventually unfounded. Because, wait for it, the power of friendship. And games, of course. And Aya having a fight with her father for some family feud drama that eventually clears up. Yeah, so she has accepted her dad for being an idiot, huh?

And thus you could have guessed from the start that the biggest stars of the game are some of the board games featured here. For a person like me who has no experience in playing such ‘sophisticated’ board games, all of them in particular look interesting. Although it didn’t really piqued my interest into the board gaming world, at least the games here were interesting enough for me to actually go online and read up upon the rules! Yes, true story. Not to say that Midori sucked in explaining the rules, but because she has to keep it brief and explain what is primarily important in what they will mainly play, there were some rules of course not explained and hence my overthinking mind started asking questions like, “What if it is like that or so and so? How then?”. Although such situations never arise in the game, but still my wandering mind kept asking those questions. And that is why I went online to read up. Interesting but unfortunately, I could not understand any better. It goes to show you that such games are best left experienced as you play them. Uh huh. Reading the rules is only the start of the battle. Everything else is how you play them.

So yeah, I have to give this anime some credit that it made me interested and go do some research online about those games. Unfortunately, even if at that point I would love to try them out, too bad there are no online versions of the game :’(. Worse, even if in the most bizarre of situations whereby I would go out the nearest board game store and buy any one of them, a very big unfortunate thing for me is that I have nobody to play with :’(. Sad… I guess Solitaire is the only game that I will ever get to play, huh? So sad :’(… Of course a dozen of episodes here is not enough to cover all the board games in the world. You’ve really got to have a special interest in them if you really want to discover and play each one of them. Like how some would like to watch EVERY ANIME THAT WAS EVER PRODUCED. Yeah… So those that were featured here, I consider them lucky because it gives those games some exposure and like in my case, arouse some interest to find out more. So it’s like a double edged sword here because there are way lots more of interesting board games out there that may not be discovered by the general public because of such lack of exposure. But then again, this anime may try to help create some awareness in board games and it isn’t meant to aggressively promote them. Those who are interested may contact board game enthusiasts who then could introduce them to other more exciting hidden gems.

On to the characters, as I have said, nothing really deep about them. But Midori and Emmy who harbour dreams of becoming game designers, I guess that reminds me that I too have such dreams and long ago I did ‘create’ my own games (though to be honest, it was perhaps my interpretation and rip-off from other popular games). No, seriously. Me created some games before? Well, you know, back in those days when I was still in school, the guys would often use a spare exercise book and use them to create our very own game books! Oh yeah. Damn the nostalgia flowing right back into me now. Come to think of it, they were very low cost and not well thought out. And of course as said, ripped off from somewhere else. But back then when we were just young kids, we didn’t care as long as we had fun. And we did. Oh boy. Those were really the days. That was how we social network back in those days in school! And also come to think of it, it was a good thing we never further improved those games. Yeah, it’s kinda embarrassing just remembering some of those weird games I created back then. Better take this to my grave… On a side note, I wonder what game Midori’s One Room is based on. I can’t find it over the internet (must be my bad Google skills) and don’t tell me they actually brainstorm and created such a game?! Oh wow. That’s really good if this game was really an original game created for this series.

And so having Midori and Emmy as characters who would love to become game designers as their profession, it sounds weird at first but it’s not the strangest thing ever. Because you know, Japan. You often hear how people wanted to go into the anime and manga market or even the digital game side. So when you hear a Japanese wanting to make such board games, it feels like you want to do a double take and reconfirm what you hear is correct. After all, again as mentioned in the anime, the lion share of the gaming market is now dominated by digital version (and you wonder nobody plays traditional Japanese games like karuta and hanafuda anymore). Midori has an uphill battle if she really wants to make her mark in this side of the world’s market or even stamp her presence internationally. Hard but not impossible. So what George said to her might be harsh about no games are ever created by a single person. There’s a lot of valuable lessons to learn from this statement itself. You can only succeed when you have only failed. And this is particularly true because humans aren’t perfect and that they make lots of mistakes. Midori was already on the wrong path to think her game must come out perfect on her first go. At this rate without feedback from other point of views, she might never have started at all. She still might have a long way to go, but at least she has moved forward and closer to her goal compared to when she first started.

I guess if you want to talk about character development, I suppose Midori is the only one who has such growth. The other friends of hers, well, it’s like as though they’re just her board games buddies and nothing more. So uh, cute girls playing cute board games? Aya being the more emotional one with a cheery disposition compared to Miki who is on the other end of the spectrum, quiet and more reserved. Emmy, transfer student from the western side, check. Technically, can she be called a weeabo? I don’t think so but… In almost every episode, there seems to be a ‘guest’ character who will join the girls play in their board game. I figure that this is to break the monotony that the show is just about the trio and then followed by the quartet after Emmy. It is more fun to have an outsider joining in, hence your excuse to explain on the rules of how the game works. So characters like Hana and Maki are just there to provide some sort of variety and that during certain circumstances, even board games are acceptable and playable just by anyone. After all, everyone just wants to have a good time, right?

Then there are Tanoue and Yoshioka to provide some pseudo romance that doesn’t really go anywhere. Don’t put your hopes up on it. Come to think of it, when Miki was doing her reminiscing on the good things she has encountered, the changes she has been through, we can see all about the games and her fellow female friends. None on Yoshioka. Prove that romance doesn’t even cross her mind! And so these guys are just probably some convenient characters who would just show their face once in a while if the girls ever need some extra manpower or players for their games. Romance brewing over board games? Heh. I’ve seen weirder romances happening in weirder circumstances. Then there’s the other case of Ren and Aoshima. Hopefully Ren doesn’t have any grudges against board games in her bid to win Aoshima’s attention. We’re all here to see what kind of board games we can play and fun today. Please don’t turn her b*tch character into one of the most spiteful characters of the season.

Art and animation are actually just mediocre. The characters look one kind and just passable in terms of today’s standards. I mean, I looked at Aya and Miki and find them looking a bit weird. Must be Aya’s twintails as well Miki’s poker face… Maybe. I suppose it is okay to have your characters and all looking simple because at least the featured board games look quite presentable. That’s why I said these board games are the real star of the series. This anime is made by Lidenfilms who brought to us Koi To Uso, Yamada And The Seven Witches, Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet, Tejina-senpai, Hanebado, Killing Bites and Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka.

Voice acting too is passable. Didn’t really recognize anybody in the line-up. I guess having such interesting board games, they don’t want to distract you with a popular seiyuu lending their talents? Okay, just a weird theory of mine. Anyway, the main casts are Miyu Tomita as Midori (titular character in Gabriel Dropout), Saki Miyashita as Miki (Kanata in Harukana Receive), Marika Kouno as Aya (Suzuka in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby), Mao Ichimichi as Emmy (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Takaya Kuroda as Takeru (Dagger in Show By Rock), Hisako Toujou as Hana (Miko in Animegataris), Eriko Matsui as Maki (Amou in Busou Shoujo Machiavellism), Kouhei Amasaki as Tanoue (Kirill in Double Decker! Doug & Kirill), Shun Horie as Yoshioka (Satou in Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku), Kotori Koiwai as Ren (Renge in Non Non Biyori), Taku Yashiro as Aoshima (Natsuo in Domestic Na Kanojo) and Youji Ueda as George (Usui in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei). The opening theme is Present Moment by Miyu Tomita while the ending theme is On The Board by Miyu Tomita now accompanied with Saki Miyashita and Marika Kouno. Generic lively anime pop that gets you into the hype of the board game. My only ‘grouse’ is the ending theme is too heavy on the bass line. I think my speaker is going to fall off and my ears going slightly deaf!

Overall, this anime might not become mainstream nor would it get more exposure when the next season rolls around. It also doesn’t have anything much to offer. No real storyline or characters to be intrigued and to some it might look like one big advertisement on some of the board games that appeared here. Personally, as long as the series has something that retains my interests, I guess I can call it a good series. Sure, not a masterpiece but still enjoyable and worthy in its own right. Bonus points because it brought back some of my nostalgic memories. Also, penalty points because remembering some embarrassing memories that I hope it would have stayed buried forever… So people, if you think board games are on its way out and already seeing its setting sun, remember that they are the only decent form of entertainment when your internet is down or your Smartphone is temporarily out of service. No loot boxes, no DLCs, no microtransactions, no season pass and other money grabbing gimmicks. Just roll the dice for some good ol’ fun times.

And time for me to dust off that Monopoly game I ‘forgot’ in my storeroom…

Maou-sama Retry

January 25, 2020

Oh no. Instead of giving us the fourth season of Overlord, we got yet another one of those ubiquitous isekai genres. Yes, people. Maou-sama Retry starts off with that suspicious premise of a long running popular game now shutting off its servers. During the final moments of being shut down forever, the creator plays the game one last time for nostalgia’s sake. And when the time comes, he finds himself inside the game world! As a Demon Lord! He tries to make sense of his new surroundings as well as his new overpowered abilities, helping the local kingdom from its crisis while trying to find a way back. Now you tell him how that is not a rip-off of Overlord?! Overlord, Retry???!!!

Episode 1
The popular online game, Infinity Game is going to shut down its server after 15 years. Akira Oono as one of its creators is sad and is sticking around for one last hurrah. But when it crosses that deadline, he finds himself in a different world and his body is now different! Why does this opening plot sound all too familiar? He realizes he looks like Hakuto Kunai, the Demon Lord of Infinity Game. What’s with the getup like a mafia boss?! Before he could make sense of things, a young girl, Aku is seen running away from a demon, Greole. Easily Kunai defeats it! Aku fears him because he is stronger than this demon and is going to eat her! He must be the Demon Lord! Kunai assures he isn’t. She explains this land is called Holy Light. One of the angels known as Cherub sealed Greole in the past. Kunai realizes he can still pull down an interface and check his stats and use some admin privileges. He then hears Aku’s sad story that her village hates her. After being bullied for so long, they tried to sacrifice her to Greole. That’s why she is so touched when ironically a Demon Lord like him treats her so nicely. Kunai carries Aku as they make their way to the Wishing Shrine, supposedly the place where Cherub sealed Greole. It is also a place where wishes are granted. According to legends, that is. Upon reaching, Kunai sees lots of dead bodies. Inside is some revered being. Kunai demands answers if he was being summoned here (those dead people wanted a Demon Lord so Greole was released and got what’s coming) and if he can be returned to his world. However the being is already on her last leg. She has weakened tremendously after all the wishes and just gives Kunai an irremovable curse-like ring on his finger before disintegrating. Gee, thanks. Kunai’s goal is to head to the capital but Aku hopes he could stop by her village so he could get some of her stuffs. Entering her dilapidated village, the villagers immediately scorn Aku for returning. They continue to blame and bully her. Aku hears the voice of the ring telling him to kill those people but he won’t give in and instead just burns down their village! Still brutal, though. He then takes Aku and leave for the capital. Sorry she can’t take her things. I guess she won’t need anything as long she has him!

Episode 2
One of the Holy Maidens, the bratty Luna Elegant is going to find Kunai and kill him so that she can prove her worth to her sisters. Oh damn, Kunai can create his own luxury motel with amenities so they don’t have to camp out in the wilderness? Wow. Super convenient. Next day, he detects several bandits trying to attack them. Of course he dodges their attack and even mocks the boss. But the bandits soon try to escape when Luna is here. Don’t want to be the receiving end of a Holy Maiden, eh? Then she tries to take down Kunai but as we can tell, she underestimates him as he easily takes down her attacking guards. Ultimate humiliation for Luna because he spanks her butt till it hurts!!! WTF???!!! He lets her go after taking her money. So basically he robbed her? In the market city of Yahoo (?!), they stay in a hotel named Gugule (???!!!). They get first class treatment because of the money Kunai has. Remember, they’re from Luna. Heck, even when he goes to shop for a decent dress for Aku, the moment he flashes his giant gold coin, damn this guy is treated like a God! The irony! Yeah, the owner, Bingo doesn’t even mind being his masochist! In the end, Kunai just bought the entire store! While fine dining at a restaurant, stupid Luna comes in to complain about spending her money. Before she could cause a commotion, Kunai threatens to spank her ass and buys every other customer fine wine. That did the trick. Luna eats her heart out. Well, this is her money after all. Aku notes that Kunai is a kind person but sometimes can be mean. Going back to their hotel, why the heck is Luna following them? She has no money and no place to stay! What about her guards? She sent them home so as not to put them in danger. WTF. Shouldn’t she ask them to at least take her home? Ah well, since it is technically her money that paid for this room, might as well stay. Meanwhile, Killer Queen, Luna’s older sister and one of the Holy Maidens is coming to the city. She isn’t pleased Luna has acted on her own and has caused her trouble. She is going to pay dearly. Gee, what’s up with her subordinates looking like they came out from the set of Mad Max!

Episode 3
Kunai learns more about the land. After Cherub died sealing Greole, there are still Ophan and Seraph who protect and guide the people. From what Luna explains, he thinks that being at the Wishing Shrine could be Ophan. He doesn’t have enough info to form a plan yet so for now he decides to go make some money. He tries to build rapport with the local merchant, Nanden Mannen and manages to sell this useless item for a handsome price. Must be his smooth talking. As he returns to the hotel, he sees Queen and her goons calling out to Luna. She doesn’t believe Luna’s explanation that a Demon Lord exist. It is made worse that Luna explains the Demon Lord has a butt fetish!!! WTF?! Suddenly members of the Satanist cult attack the Holy Maidens. The sisters turn into bad guys to take them down. One of the members unleash Hades to pin them down. The ring once more tries to force Kunai to kill everyone and when Kunai resists, he is paralyzed. Desperate, he executes some command that changes his character. Hence he becomes this delinquent in white, Zero Kirisame! Easily he whoops the asses of those cultist as Queen watches helplessly and starts to fall for this handsome hunk. Has she finally found the man of her destiny? Damn, seeing a violent badass sister turning into a blushing teen in love… Such a drastic change in character! One of the escaped cultist think Zero is from the Dragonkin and has secretly aligned with Holy Light. When Zero reverts to Kunai, he is dying with embarrassment after realizing all those ‘cool’ words he said were just downright embarrassing. Worse, this Zero’s dude reputation has spread and he can’t tell everyone, not even Aku that they’re the same person. Meanwhile, adventurers Mikan and Yukikaze are looking for request jobs to do. They see this wanted bounty poster of Kunai the Demon Lord that pays handsomely. So it’s a crime for just claiming to be the Demon Lord? Luna joins Kunai in his travels because she claims he has a butt fetish and should be happy her butt is following him! WTF?! I have a feeling this brat might like being spanked…

Episode 4
Kunai has Luna change into normal clothes so she won’t stand out. Don’t worry. Nothing lewd. Meanwhile Mikan and Yukikaze are running away from a pack of sandwolves. Lucky for them, they stumble into Kunai’s carriage. Now let the Demon Lord show them what he can do. He uses all his skill to defeat the sandwolves and sends the remaining ones running away. After Kunai leaves, Mikan and Yukikaze know that this is that Demon Lord but for now will return to the capital. Kunai sets up base for them to rest. Then he checks with system admin. There are 8 strong and talented people working under Kunai. However with his current points, he can only summon 1. Thinking hard, he decides to summon Yuu Kirino. She might be a genius doctor and scientist but her drawbacks are being a sadist, short tempered and a shotacon. Kunai needs to know more about this world before he can do anything. So he converts the base into a first class hospital so Yuu can get to work. But first he has her look at Aku’s leg and heal it. Yup, no scars are even left. Good as new. Aku is now able to run and jump however she likes. I guess it’s some cue to spend some quality time with Kunai. Uh huh. Already setting that this guy is the man whom she’ll marry. Kunai then praises Yuu for a good job. The moment he pats her head, she starts to feel a strange sensation. A feeling that makes her feel happy that she is being acknowledged by her chief. Is this what you call falling in love?

Episode 5
I know Yukikaze is in love with Kunai and everything coming out from his mouth is just dirty. WTF he thinks girl boys can also get pregnant?! This is what happens when you get corrupted by SJWs… The Satanic cult report back to their master, Utopia. He is baffled they summoned a Demon King who was then killed off by a Demon Lord. In lieu of this, he wants more sacrifice for Hades. They’ll kill everybody in the capital. Kunai enters a poor village that is supposedly under Luna’s domain. She isn’t into running territories so she doesn’t care and just appointed some caretaker. Hence Kunai wants to take over this village for his own cause. Hey, the land belongs to Luna and nobody is going to be dumb enough to object a Holy Maiden. His initial plan is to build a hospital and a hotspring next to it. A good combo to do business. So he has the caretaker relay the message to the church that he’s taking over. Then he notices a group of bunny people (Bunnies) farming failed crops. Apparently all creatures except humans are ostracized so Bunnies despite rare and few are somewhat ‘quarantined’ here. Talking to Momo and Kyun about their farming problems Kunai then introduces some pulley wheel to the well. Even with such a system, it is useless if there is no water to draw. Oh wait! Now there is water being drawn! OMG is this Demon Lord a Jesus Christ?! I don’t think Kunai really explains how it’s done and just changed the topic of how valuable this item is despite its real worth is just sh*t. Meanwhile the eldest Holy Maiden, Angel White is talking to her subjects and is worried about Luna’s actions lately. Is she being deceived by the Demon Lord? She decides a wait and see approach. When Queen comes in, she does nothing but praise Zero and can only think about him. Seriously, this girl is really in love. Is this what lovesick means? You bet Angel is getting really worried her sisters are acting weird. Hope she doesn’t break too.

Episode 6
S-class adventurers, Mink and Organ learn about the Demon Lord and think of meeting him. Mikan and Yukikaze got some serious competition now. Kunai and co are at a high class hotel recommended by Luna. They are joined by this noble lady, Ebifry Butterfly. As the centre figure for all the nobles’ wives, she has connections and is largely influential among nobles. Hence Kunai wants to be gain her trust so that she will become their ally. Kunai reveals the kind of paradise he wants to bring to this land. Soap? This will be essential in the hotspring resort he will soon open at Rabby Village. It will contain all sorts of baths to accommodate all sorts of guests and their fancies. Suddenly the Satanist cult attacks the town. Time for Kunai to go burn off some calories. Mikan and Yukikaze are fending them off but when the numbers become too great, Kunai jumps into the picture and no one can touch the power this Demon Lord falls on them. The cultists won’t lose and sacrifice the very last of their lives to summon a demon, Carnival. A nasty demon that would send panic throughout the kingdom. But it looks like child’s play to Kunai. He mocks the demon in every way and of course Carnival gets mad and wants to kill him. But then he realizes his deadly aura. Looking pretty scared for a powerful demon. Carnival even pleads to do as his wish just to spare his life but Kunai kills him off and turns him into fireworks. The townspeople rejoice at their hero while Yukikaze must be orgasming that he gets to see Kunai again. Then an argument with Mikan about the types of people they like. Everyone’s got their own twisted fetish…

Episode 7
Utopia is mad that his plans are going awry so he orders Tron to take what’s left and unleash it at the holy castle. Meanwhile, an assassin masquerades himself as he keeps the nobles busy. As he approaches Luna’s table, he wants to show a magic trick. But Yuu decides to show hers. Somehow he cuts off his arm and puts it back in the wrong place! After she puts it back correctly, she warns him never to show his face around here again because she could smell his poison in his pocket. Queen and Mink are disposing zombies when the cultists get desperate again. After sacrificing their own lives, they summon this vampire, Oruit the Prince of Darkness. Queen and Mink fight her but because Tron unleashed Hades into the battlefield, they are weakened and this allows Oruit to get nasty with them. I’m not sure what Kunai’s problem because he isn’t too pleased watching all this. Something about not letting this monster get in his way as he hasn’t started researching on Seraph. Hence he transforms into Zero to take on Oruit. Clearly Zero is so badass and powerful that he makes Oruit look like a baby struggling! Oruit gets desperate so he kills Tron to take her blood. Dying Tron sees flashbacks of her tragic life but then she gets a second chance at life when Zero completely heals her with his, uhm, Calorie Hell? Desperate Oruit now transforms into some giant beast but all it takes is just one punch from Zero to shatter him into pieces! Yeah, so cool, right?

Episode 8
Tron is so happy that she hugs Zero. Queen also joins in the hug fest. Not sure how he got out of that one but Kunai sees Angel who is wary he might be planning in invading the capital. However he is just asking for permission to use the library to research on Seraph. She wonders if he wants to kill her. She grants him permission but will not involve herself. As he looks through the library, he learns that dungeons often drop weapons and armour. Sometimes rare ancient items. Because magic doesn’t exist in Infinity Game, it is his weakness. He needs to find a way to protect himself from that. Later Kunai knows Tron has been tailing him and calls her out. Tron knows Kunai and Zero are the same person because she can sense they have the same person. She wants him to bring her saviour out but Kunai wants her to work for him and maybe he’ll grant her wish. Kunai introduces Tron to the rest. New loli member, huh? He views her abilities vital to Rabby. Speaking of which, off they go there to check things out. Due to the last battle, Kunai has earned enough points to upgrade the base. Yup, now we have a full-fledged hospital as well as a high class hotspring resort. He even discusses with Yuu on how to charge customers. So they’re going to go easy on the poor and max charge the rich? Kunai also has Momo and Kyun to gather the villagers after their day is done so as to test out the facilities. Finally, Kunai has enough points to summon 1 more aide. He decides on Isami Tahara who is a gun specialist and can protect Rabby in his absence. Also, he is a siscon…

Episode 9
Kunai explains to Tahara the circumstances and what he wants to do. All that is left is to make preparations for Ebifry’s visit. Kunai then visits Mannen to show him this orgel. Such sophisticated music box doesn’t exist in this world so you bet he is fascinated with it. Kunai lets him determine the price so Mannen thinks this is a test. If he screws up, he fears Kunai might take his business elsewhere. Eventually he assesses it as high value and Kunai receives a handsome amount. Then he goes to see Bingo and pays in advance to have him make 20 suits. Nothing motivates you to work harder when there is money in your face. That night, Kunai tries to practice to change to Zero and revert back at his own will. You mean he isn’t doing it all the time? Tahara continues to train the Bunnies at Rabby on how to operate a hotspring resort. The day Ebifry visits is here. It seems she also brought along a grumpy old man, Commander Sambo. He is a retired soldier who once served under Martial Arts. However he is blinded by a magical beast. You bet Kunai will have Yuu take a look at his condition and even cure it! And yeah, a drop of some magic drip and now he can see again!!! Yeah, so happy he can serve his master again. Ebifry pays for all this by giving Yuu a very rare and valuable lambda coin.

Episode 10
Flashback 10 years ago, Luna was living in poverty and had a friend named Eagle. Because the rich nobles scoffed at them for being filthy, Luna vowed to become a Holy Maiden and show them. 2 years later, she trained and became worthy to be a Holy Maiden. But when she requested to bring Eagle in as her slave, she was told she was already executed. You see, Eagle is a demihuman and being one itself is already a sin. When Luna was given Rabby as her domain, she lamented had she got this power earlier, she would have prevented a lot of deaths. Luna is awakened by Kunai since he is going to leave Ebifry in her care now. Luna shows her all the different hotsprings this place has to offer. Ebifry can tell Luna is in love with Kunai. Despite the loli keep on denying, Ebifry continues to advise her not to give up. She should try to be more feminine or he might not look her way. Meanwhile Angel is furious that Ebifry has been lured to Kunai’s domain. She is disheartened that Queen doesn’t care as the kingdom might fall into crisis. Heck, Queen even teases her she should fall in love to understand and prays for that! Yuu sees Tahara trying to make some changes to the building locations. She suggests asking Ebifry’s opinion on this and Tahara immediately chastises her that she should know better herself never to let outsiders dictate what they do in their territory. Yeah, some Nightless City incident thingy. Later Yuu checks up on Kunai’s body. WTF she tries to feel it up but obviously he got uncomfortable and leaves. That night, Aku sleeps with Kunai. Nothing naughty but of course Luna gets the wrong idea. Just to be safe, she also goes to sleep with him. Since she is moving around, obviously it must be some ruse to make his hand touch her butt and accuse him of so. So to keep watch on this naught hand of his, she sleeps on it? I don’t even…

Episode 11
Kunai goes to town and Yukikaze who has been yearning for him, finally gets his wish to talk to him. Although Kunai doesn’t feel they are indebted to him for saving them twice, Yukikaze feels the need to pay him back. Since he is acting like an airhead, Kunai plays along. At this bar they frequent, everybody knows Kunai and welcomes him, even buying him drinks. I suppose Yukikaze’s chance to flirt with him. Even drinking his drink so he can make this cheesy statement that his stuff is all going down his deep throat! Kunai asks about the workings of this world that includes the system of the adventurers, mercenaries and the kind of different types of items found in dungeons that can be further divided into a few categories. Yukikaze is getting bolder and closer to Kunai and the reason this Demon Lord is putting up with it is just to get more info. Then he decides to see if all they said is true. Yukikaze offers to be his guide. Since his comrades will be busy developing Rabby and he can’t drag the lolis in, he takes up Yukikaze’s offer. Happiest day of his life. Will this lead to something more ‘dangerous’? Meanwhile Angel decides to rescue Luna from the Demon Lord’s clutches. She teleports herself to Rabby and is shocked to see its rapid development. Did she come to the right place? Tahara mistakes her for some worker and makes her go do some work. Yeah, the Holy Maiden working… Angel then sees Luna. Apparently little sister is so happy here reorganizing her domain that she doesn’t want to go back. Angel laments she has been totally brainwashed and the only way is the defeat the Demon Lord. She has so much on her mind that Momo and Kyun invite her to take a bath. Yeah, she entered the men’s section… She is surprised to see baths everywhere.

Episode 12
What else is more surprising? Kunai in the bath! Despite Kunai acting cool, inside he is close to panicking. Heck, it would be hell if this ends up as some scandalous harassment. Even Demon Lords are not immune to sexual harassment accusations! Luckily he is suave and has her dip in and talk. After she gets over that anxiety about nakedness and all, he invites her to drink with him. She thinks he wants to poison her but he shoots back the only poison in this kingdom are the ones running it! He’s got a point. See how they neglect rundown villages? I guess Angel is still insecure about minor stuffs like indirect kiss so on the verge of crying, Kunai gives her an angel halo as a gift to assure her he is not her enemy. A Demon Lord with a halo gift? Kunai even teleports her safely back to her palace. He hopes they can cooperate as allies in the future but doesn’t want her to tell about what happened today. Certainly she too don’t want others to get the wrong idea she had a drink and a bath with the Demon Lord! The kingdom will be in chaos! When Kunai explains his goal to find more about Seraph because he was summoned by Ophan, she quickly connects the dots and understands why Luna is obsessed with him. Also, she thinks Kunai could be the fallen angel, Lucifer. After all, he can use miracles that only Seraph can produce so he isn’t entirely a bad person. She hopes to revert Lucifer back to an angel he once were. Back at the inn, so as not to forget Aku, we see Kunai talking to her about his journey. She hopes he will come back safely. A way to seal the Demon Lord: Have 3 lolis sleep by his side and over him! Haha! Next day before Kunai leaves, he leaves Rabby in the hands of Yuu and Tahara. Then he travels with Yukikaze and Mikan to the town of Rookie. He hears the people praising the return of last year’s heroes. WTF, the macho gay men Tri-Stars and this otaku guy, Otamega???!!! You bet Kunai is so incredulously in disbelief!

Abandon Immediately, Do Not Retry Again!
YAWN!!! Boring!!! WTF. They made the final episode into one long drama that feels like an episode to convert Angel into a believer of Kunai?! Angel might not be totally accepting of him yet but at least now she has faith in him. Ah, that’s the first step. And when Kunai has finally conquered the heart of the top Holy Maiden, I am guessing that everything else will be as easy and falling like domino pieces. And if that’s not enough, WTF do you mean this is going to be continued???!!! Kunai’s priceless expression at the end is perhaps the best reflection what most of us would feel about this series by the time it ends. And you expect this crap to be continued???!!! Please, no more!!! NO MORE I SAY!!!! Hence the only ‘good news’ is that as far as I am writing this, no news have been heard about any second season. Yet. I hope it will stay that way forever.

I wasn’t putting any high hopes on this series to begin with. Imagine when something manages to drop way below that, you’ll know that this series is ultimately crap. I don’t know where to begin to explain how bad of an anime this is. Oh heck, everything is bad. Everything is the worst! The end. Hahaha! Okay, could have cut this blog short but I still feel the need to ‘elaborate’ all its bad points. Just for completion’s sake. Sheesh. But still, not the worst anime that I have seen in my entire life but definitely this one fits in that group. Sometimes I just wished that they stop making us this kind of crap already but you know, you can always blame me for being a sucker that I keep falling to watch such bad animes. Even though my guts were ringing like hell that this was going to be bad and the online comments of this series were already raging like an uncontrolled wild forest fire. Oh well. Live is a vicious cycle and those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Forever.

Now where do I begin with the story? F*ck, it is all over the place that I can’t make head or tail where this series is actually going! It feels that almost every episode is a like a standalone filler. Yeah sure, Kunai is trying to get to the bottom of this and in the midst of it, he is going to show those in power what he can do. Basically, creating his own kingdom from scratch. Which feels pretty much effortless and easy because Kunai being the Demon Lord can just create anything out of nowhere. So long as the plot convenience signals it is time, then it’s time to perform a miracle that not even God and his son can do. Just to show us he isn’t totally a bad guy or a jerk, that is why on occasion some bad guys pop up and he beats them easily without breaking a sweat. So yeah, I’m not sure if this series is about a Demon Lord trying to open a hotspring resort and reviving an abandoned village. I’m sure he can succeed. Just sell more of those soaps…

Next, the characters. Fail too. I don’t even know what else to say. Kunai is the Demon Lord. He is overpowered. He can do anything! I’m going to sound like a broken tape recorder repeating all that. Am already one since this is what I usually say in my other blogs concerning overpowered main characters of the isekai genre. Worst of all, the other supporting characters are so f*cking forgettable that you wonder why they are even in here. Like Aku. The first ever follower of Kunai but you start to notice and realize her presence actually don’t f*cking matter. Like, this girl just follow him around and just be obedient and listens to what he says. What a good girl. Boring! Then you have the fallen Holy Maiden who is no other than Luna. Obviously she is a tsundere and using that excuse Kunai likes her butt to stick around. Yeah, she’s the butt of all jokes because she likes to use that butt excuse of Kunai going for other girls’ butt if she thinks he is cheating on her. WTF. Since when does her butt is exclusively monopolized solely by Kunai? Her sisters are just as weird and you’ll wonder if the threshold to become a Holy Maiden is that low. Queen is some badass b*tch who suddenly turned into a teenager girl stricken with love. Like, that’s how she’ll be for the rest of the series. Angel isn’t that bad but she’s so worried how her sisters have become, she doesn’t even do anything herself! What good is a sister if just keeps doing nothing? You mean you fear the Demon Lord more than God? Something not right… And even more so considering she now views him in a better light. Imagine the irony of the kingdom finding its saviour in the Demon Lord instead of God.

Do you need more lolis into your group? Tron fits that bill for some reason. I don’t even know why they even need to throw in another overlapping character that doesn’t do anything else but whatever. Kunai’s aides, Yuu and Tahara are now summoned and we see them equally overpowered in their own respective fields. This is very ironic because Kunai as the Demon Lord should be the all-powerful master himself so why does he need such powerful helpers too? Not too sure how the previous Infinity Game works but I guess they want to show something relating to friendship and bonds. And since there are 6 more left… Oh thank goodness there is not enough episodes for this series in this season to make them all appear! It would have been the most overpowered group ever in the history of the isekai genre. This world and Infinity Game will totally be destroyed! I don’t even understand why Kunai feels the need to summon his alter ego AKA Zero. I don’t even know they need to go with this plot or something. Why the heck this character?! Maybe there’s a reason but I just couldn’t be bothered now at this point.

Even more lacking are the other heroes, especially the heroes such as Yukikaze, Mikan, Organ and Mink. Like, why do they even exist? I thought they were going to be part of Kunai’s groupie but apparently they serve to be just extra minor characters. The ‘interesting’ one is Yukikaze because this cross-dresser makes dirty sex statements of his delusions of getting raped by the Demon Lord! Uh huh. You either laugh or cringe at his words, how he can twist ordinary sentences into Kunai assaulting all the holes in his body! They should have more depraved jokes on this kid since this series is so boring that I laugh at such cheesy sex gags. Yeah… You can’t help feel that Kunai’s chastity is in danger every second he spends with this thirsty kid. Your mind goes crazy wondering if Yukikaze will finally break and really rape Kunai. I doubt the Demon Lord would let something like that happen to him but also nothing stops a pervert when he puts his libido to it.

Maybe this series is also boring because it lacks any main antagonist. Yeah, Kunai finding low level baddies and cult members aren’t going to cut it. Even the inaptly named so called baddie of the series, Utopia doesn’t even make much of an appearance despite we want to think of him working in the shadows. This guy should just hurry up and show himself before Kunai (or Zero) and get his ass kicked. End of story. Yeah, I bet you’ve forgotten that this shady hooded guy existed. Besides the minor skirmishes he sent his cult members to bring down the kingdom, I suppose the most we’ll remember him for is how he gave another loli AKA Tron to Kunai. Sheesh… So yeah, lacking of any main antagonist might be why this series is also lacking in its direction. It could be that Lucifer guy Angel talked about who could be the last boss (by the way who has an uncanny resemblance to Kunai), but as far as this season is concerned, Kunai’s worse enemy is only himself. Seriously.

I guess the characters are so lacking that I theorized that they have to resort to this method to make us remember them. As you would have noticed in every damn episode, the character names keep popping up on screen the very first time they appear for that episode. I mean, if you haven’t being paying attention and not realize that this mafiaso Demon Lord is Kunai already, you shouldn’t be watching this show in the first place. Yup, right up till the last episode we still have his name ‘introduced’ over the screen. Like, we get it already! Worse of all, the ugly fonts for the names. Are they even trying?!

One of the oddest segments of the series is the mid-intermission. Because for every episode, you are given the statistics and data of 2 characters in the series. I suppose that is why this series has so many characters that don’t matter… Anyway, you have the usual stats of sex, race, height, weight, likes and dislikes. And some other power stats like strength that don’t even matter. Some stats are printed and some are given the big question mark to make it oh so mysterious or the creators can’t decide yet what those measurements are. I guess it is to give some sort of meaning to the existence of these characters. Yeah, we have some stats on them so they’re not just like some any other extra minor background characters! Not that I care at this point anyway. Remember what I said earlier about introducing so many characters just for this segment? Because the oddest and perhaps the funniest ‘character’ is Kunai’s cigarettes! OMFG!!! You mean this ‘character’ even got its own stats???!!! Real funny, dude. No wonder there are some stats that are “???”. Definitely, his cigarettes aren’t male or female, duh???!!! Not enough characters that they have to add this, huh? Oh yeah. You see Kunai smoke them every episode. Yeah, I bet they get more screen time than Aku or Luna. He is the Demon Lord so no worries of him dying of lung cancer. Heck, even Kunai’s real life persona (Akira, if you remember his name) gets a cameo here. But nothing really important to remember. Move along.

The art and animation is totally rubbish and crappy. The quality is so bad that you wonder if there was any budget put into it and that the staffs were forced to do it and hence putting their half-hearted efforts into it. It is so poor and bad of a quality that I don’t even want to further elaborate. Character designs are so simple and cartoonish that like I’ve said, no effort seems to be put into them. They have this one kind look to them. And then there are jokes and memes going around about Aku being a rip-off of Rem from Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. Just change her hair colour to yellow and voila! Meek loli character! Worse, she’s not even a maid character… Zero points! Like as though the producers asked for permission to rip-off other Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu characters because there also memes of how Luna is a rip-off from Emilia but a discount version. I haven’t seen memes on this but I have a feeling that Queen is ripped off from Priscilla… This series is made by Ekachi Eplika whose only other anime they made was Fumikiri Jikan (which has better animation quality compared to this crap). Come on, you can do better than that!

I feel that voice acting is particularly wasted especially the eccentric Kenjiro Tsuda playing as Kunai. Because of the sh*tty role he is given, hence there is only so much he can do for his character. He can’t save it either. So hearing him as Kunai is one of the few reprieves I have but eventually this doesn’t improve the anime one bit. There are a few other recognizable seiyuus too and I have the same feeling that they have wasted their talents on this sh*tty show. Like Haruka Tomatsu as Queen, she is in that usual crazy voice of hers but too bad the character she plays sucks. Then there is Aki Toyosaki as Angel, Rina Satou as Yuu, Takehito Koyasu as Utopia as well as Showtaro Morikubo as Zero. What a pity.

The rest of the other characters are Kanon Takao as Aku (Latina in Uchi No Musume), Kaori Ishihara as Luna (Aladdin in Magi), Suzuna Kinoshita as Tron (Misaki in Fumikiri Jikan), Sora Tokui as Yukikaze (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Hitomi Nabatame as Mikan (Yukiji in Hayate No Gotoku), Chiyo Ousaki as Mink (Sara in Da Capo III), Mao Ichimichi as Organ (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Tomokazu Seki as Tahara (Gilgamesh in Fate series), Kimiko Saitou as Ebifry (Chieko in Kuragehime), Yurika Kubo as Momo (Hanayo in Love Live) and Kazusa Aranami as Kyun (Grenda in Robot Girls Z). The opening theme is Tempest by Kaori Ishihara and the ending theme is New by Haruka Toujou. Both are boring and nothing exciting too. Feel out of place too if you ask me. The opener feels like some techno dance beat that is written for a video game while the ending one is like a badass hard rock piece that feels like it is in the wrong anime to begin with. I didn’t notice much about the BGM but there is one that is quite cool and jazzy. Reminds me of some cowboy western thingy. Had this show not sucked and this song feeling so out of place, this could have been a great piece to listen to.

Overall, this is really one sorry excuse of an anime. Like as though they need to fill up the quota of having a number of really bad animes that sucked. Yukikaze, please don’t get any weird ideas after hearing the word sucked. Literally I have no idea where this anime is going and it’s like the ones who produced this too didn’t have the heart to make it. Poor story, bad characters, lousy animation are all the tell-tale signs that this anime should never been given another chance to retry. I don’t know, maybe if it got rebooted it could be better. But for now, let the Demon Lord just run his hotspring business. Just like how the anime industry is churning out sh*tty quality isekai a dime a dozen because it’s raking in the money. I pray to God and the Holy Maidens that we deserve better animes. So stop giving us a sh*tty rip-off of Overlord and instead of continuing this crappy show, give us a real fourth season of that damned series already!!!

Oh wow. I never expected this would get another season so soon. But it did. And just like I said in my previous blog if it ever happens, OF COUSE I’M GOING TO WATCH IT!!!! I must keep my promises. But after double cours for the second season, Ani Ni Tsukeru Kusuri Wa Nai S3 is just down to a single cour. But the antics no doubt may be lesser but they are still as crazy as before. I guess there are things that some may never learn for the rest of their entire life. That is why we must ‘honour’ and learn from it by watching this third season. Oh crap. Just made up that last part. I just want to laugh at all their silliness for no reason at all. Bring it all on! I’m ready. I’m ready, I’m ready, ready, ready, READY!!!

Episode 1
Beach episode! Everybody is happy having fun. Except Shi Fen. Why? Because he isn’t happy his guy friends will ogle at Shi Mao’s swimsuit! Using his ‘authority’ as her brother-cum-father, he buries them in the sand and puts sleeping masks on them. Now let’s go have fun! Banzai doesn’t want his summer to end without seeing Shi Mao in her swimsuit. By the time he desperately breaks out from his sandy prison, Shi Mao has already put a hoodie on. It got a little windy so she covered herself up. Summer is over… When the friends head back, Banzai now buries Shi Fen in the sand. Summer is now truly over…

Episode 2
Shi Fen and Kai Xin dive in to save a drowning guy. Because their bags got drifted away during the attempt, they cannot hand in their homework. Hence the teacher who also saw their bravery exempted them from handing them in. Of course this is a ploy by both of them. That drowning guy is Kai Xin’s cousin and they got his help to stage this. Looks like they’ll get away with not doing their homework at all… Suddenly Banzai comes in late. What gives? He saw that drowning incident and dived in to save their bags! Now they can also hand in their homework! It is at this point Shi Fen and Kai Xin jump out of the window! Kids, do not imitate this anytime, anywhere!

Episode 3
Kai Xin is sick so you bet that is an excuse for Shi Mao to visit him. Yeah, his face looks like he is dying… When he sneezes, he got it all over Shi Fen. So once Kai Xin is well, Shi Fen catches his cold. Kai Xin explains how Shi Mao nursed him so this has Banzai thinking how cool it would be too. Hence he purposely catches Shi Fen’s cold and even adds more by standing in the rain! Eventually he gets sick but feels happy about it. Is he also love sick? Unfortunately nobody visits because he didn’t tell anybody! When he posts it on social media, Shi Fen won’t come since he is still healing and Shi Mao too won’t go because she doesn’t want to catch his flu. She is sure he’ll be alright by himself! Meanwhile CPR is administered on Banzai… Did he die lonely?

Episode 4
Shi Mao is mad because Shi Fen accidentally left his blue ballpoint pen in the wash and hence her shirt is now tainted blue. As she scrubs it, she remembers a similar incident. When they were young, he showed her a magic trick of changing a white handkerchief into blue. In actuality, he doused it with blue ink. The trick work but the excess ink dripped down to the neighbour’s laundry below. The family was forced to apologize and Shi Fen forced to wash it clean. Shi Mao helped him. Now she feels bad for going too far because Shi Fen too helps around the house. Luckily she has a spare and will use that. Too bad, the spare was accidentally soaked in his red ballpoint pen… Next day, Shi Mao wears Shi Fen’s shirt and is kinda loose… This means Shi Fen’s shirt is so tight…

Episode 5
Shi Fen still hasn’t fixed the air-cond so you bet his house is hot like hell. The worse heat death trap is the toilet. Banzai and Shi Fen argue who should use it first and suddenly the knob falls off and they’re locked in! Oh dear. They have to wait till Shi Mao gets back. Worse, there is a water disruption today! So as they wait and on the verge of ‘dying’, Banzai’s mind goes crazy. He wants to drink from the toilet water! This oasis will save his life! Shi Fen desperately tries to hold him back. During this shenanigan, Shi Mao comes back and opens the door. Of course from her point of view, this looks like one heck of a gay scene!!! Sorry to interrupt. She closes the door and will go off somewhere else! Oh no! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 6
There will be a test tomorrow and despite the guys failing all its previous editions, the one who scores higher than the other is the ‘winner’. All have their turns at ‘winning’ so this will be it. You think Shi Fen is studying hard? He is actually writing a cheat sheet! Shi Mao chastises him and even sarcastically says he should do mini photocopying. Shi Fen thinks it is a brilliant idea and thinks Shi Mao cheated before, that’s why she can come up with this idea! Of course she didn’t cheat but… As Shi Fen heads to the photocopy shop, it seems Kai Xin and Banzai have the same idea! Time to show those guys… Next day during the tests, the photocopy is so small they can’t read a thing! Shi Fen then rats on them. He himself gets searched to proof he has no cheat. However the teacher can tell Shi Fen wrote his cheat sheet on the field outside! Big enough for everyone to see! He knows Shi Fen did it because his hands are dirty… All that effort… Wasted… Try again!

Episode 7
Ah, back to normal. Shi Mao beating up Shi Fen. This used to be the norm, right? Oh well, Miao Miao notes how being violent is ungirly and this will not help in winning Kai Xin’s heat. Hence throw away the punches and kicks, a girl’s true weapon is makeup. Even with tutorials, Shi Mao being the clumsy girl can’t decently draw eyeliners. Yeah, it’s like some torturous surgery. Failed of course. So how? They tie up Shi Fen and use him as practice!!! OMG! How is this different than brother torture before?! Damn, it’s going to hurt like hell. I don’t know how but eventually, Shi Fen comes out looking beautiful! OMG! Who this babe?! Then Kai Xin rings on the door. Shi Fen answers and teases him with that cheeky look. Oh dear. Kai Xin in love! He asks Shi Mao who that babe! Shi Mao happy because they finally made Kai Xin’s heart skipped! Oh dear! That’s not the original goal, girl!!!

Episode 8
Shi Fen and Kai Xin bug Banzai to visit his home. No matter how many excuses he gives, they are still persistent and so eventually he gives in. Because he can’t let them know he is a rich kid, he uses all his connections and resources to create a really depressing slum. Welcome, friends. He even got his butler to play as his sickly dad. Banzai thinks he is going overboard with this but old geezer says this is perfect to test their friendship. If they are true friends, they will accept him for who he is. And so we see the duo trying to be nice and hold in their disgust. Banzai thinks this is true friendship! They even drink his unfiltered water with bacteria! True friendship! In the end, they leave dejected and Banzai gets this great idea as the next excuse to invite them: Debt collectors took away this place…

Episode 9
It’s cleaning day at school. Because Banzai has never cleaned before in his entire life, he can’t let his friends know and hence will observe them. He watches Kai Xin sweep half-heartedly and sweeping under the rug. He does the same but gets scolded by the teacher. When he points out to Kai Xin, he is sweeping properly now. Confusing? Then Banzai imitates Shi Fen as he cleans windows. Shi Fen notices this and despite Banzai’s denials he is imitating him, Shi Fen thinks he is trying to steal his cleaning skills! And so he starts cleaning with his butt! Steal this! Banzai follows suit… Back home, Banzai perhaps got bitten by the cleaning bug and starts cleaning windows with his butt. His butler and maids follow suit… WTF…

Episode 10
The class elections is around the corner. You Le (the class rep) thinks Shi Fen has a chance to win it. This boosts his ego so his pals laugh it off how he will fail. And so Shi Fen volunteers to enter the race. He’s going to show them all! Yeah, nobody could believe it. But believe it. There’s this stupid smug look on his election poster. Uh huh. Everybody thinks he is going to lose anyway. Both candidates give their speech. You Le is so textbook and boring that nobody seems to be listening. Shi Fen promises to abolish homework and everybody gets excited! Hooray! When the votes are tallied. You Le beats Shi Fen by a landslide! I guess reality beats unrealistic fantasy. But if Shi Fen only got 2 votes and none of his pals voted for him, and if 1 vote was from Shi Fen himself, who was the other? Ah, it hints You Le… I hope she isn’t regretting it…

Episode 11
Shi Mao only has 3 seconds to open the fridge and take the yogurt. She did it in 5. Shi Fen chastises her for being slow. 2 seconds extra of wasted cold air means adding to the electricity bill! You serious! Yes, he can even tell she pressed the shampoo 2 times more! Hey, her hair is longer than his! Solution: Cut it! Time for brother beat down… Shi Fen narrates he too has it rough. Something about using the very minimal of toilet paper. And then he loses it. He starts rolling the toilet paper. Is he insane?! But! Unlike the fridge’s cold air and shampoo, toilet paper can still be reused. Just roll them back! He lets Shi Mao try it. She finds it fun! Addictive! Wow! Who’d knew this can be so much fun and it’s free! Accidentally in their euphoria of enjoyment, they hit the shower on. Now everything is wet. I wonder how much this costs…

Episode 12
The winning prize for the relay race is some high class meal. Shi Fen isn’t interested because only the winner gets it, right? As for second place, rolls of toilet paper! OMG! This is what he wants!!! You bet the siblings view this unwanted prize as their treasure. On race day, Miao Miao is shocked to hear Shi Mao praying hard for Shi Fen’s class not to win. However Banzai tries to show off and hence he speeds up and takes a considerable lead! He passes the baton to Shi Fen but he takes his time and skips his way till all the competitors pass. Then he calculates and passes to Kai Xin. At this rate the most he could get is second. Toilet rolls secured. Kai Xin makes a mad dash towards the finish line. Did he make it? Photo finish! Wow. Kai Xin wins because of his tongue!!! Bummer for the siblings. As they sulk, Kai Xin brings them the good news. He has exchanged the meal ticket with the toilet paper because he knows about his troubles. And finally, Shi Fen and Shi Mao also become winners.

Bruh Moments…
Oh wow. Time flies when you’re having fun. Yeah I know, the episodes are so short that by the time you settle in, it is already over. And hence another season is done like that in a blink of an eye. Oh well, I guess it is a happy ending for everybody. Shi Fen and Shi Mao getting the coveted toilet rolls they want. Kai Xin and Banzai happy to see their pals happy. Second placed team happy too because they got the meal ticket. Oh yeah. Everybody is a winner at the end!

Thanks to the lesser number episodes this seasons, it feels like there is something lacking. Something that doesn’t make this series as great as before. Don’t get me wrong, this season is still as funny and crazy. But it lacks that oomph that would make me say this is definitely way much better than the first and second seasons. Is this what you call the effect of overdose? Once you get addicted to something, you need more of it to get the same level of excitement. So having just a dozen episodes for the third season, it feels like everything was just cut short. That’s it. The end. That’s your third season. Like, what?! We need more, right?!

This means everything stays more or less the same and doesn’t stray from the formula. This is good for the pace of the story because the short crazy antics of Shi Fen and the guys definitely are the trademark and the tone of this series. But those who want something more, well, you’re not going to find any that breaks any new ground. The other bad thing is that there is literally nothing more to expect from the characters as they are more or less still the same idiotic characters from before. What I mean is that maybe, just maybe we want to see some sort of ‘progress’ between Shi Mao and Kai Xin? Maybe? Oh heck. Who am I kidding? That’s not going to happen if more of the crazy shenanigans are going to happen. Same reason why Banzai won’t ever get Shi Mao. Ever. Miao Miao and Wan Xing who was introduced last season also feel like they almost didn’t exist. Their appearances are so limited that had they not appear, you might even forget they appeared before. It’s like they don’t matter this season.

The only thing that is somewhat ‘confirmed’ is that You Le (finally got to know her name) definitely has some hidden feelings for Shi Fen. This could be interesting. Still waters run deep. It would be fascinating to see the biggest idiot get hooked with the school’s best student. The loudest guy together with the quietest girl. This is definitely going to be interesting. Hopefully in the future if there are going to be more seasons, they would flesh this out or at least make her a mainstay.

Also somewhat feeling lacking is Shi Mao beating up her brother. That’s supposed to be the staple of the series, right? There are a couple of scenes Shi Mao gets violent and gives her idiotic brother the usual menu order (knuckle sandwich and chop suey kicks coming your way!). But this season feels like she got toned down a bit. Not to say that Shi Fen is being a lesser idiot but perhaps Shi Mao has learnt to control her inner rage? Nah! Probably the antics we have seen so far this season isn’t triggering enough to turn Shi Mao into a beat down machine. Not just yet. Just to show us that Shi Fen isn’t totally an idiot, yeah, some heart-warming flashback thingy, siblings so nice to each other, ooooh, aaaaah, so lovely, such darlings, oh well, something went wrong along the way. I’m guessing that living in poverty may be part of the problem (because you really get picky when you don’t have the luxury of money to spend) but it could mostly be a personality problem. Just maybe…

I am not sure if there is going to be a fourth season but if there is going to be one, you know very well my answer. For those who still don’t, OF COURSE I’M GOING TO WATCH IT!!!! What else, baka!!! Aho!!! So yeah, I still enjoyed this season as much as before despite I said it lacked something that should have made it even greater. As long as Shi Fen and his friends continue their mischiefs, you bet the views are still going to roll in. I suppose that is why there is no cure for idiocy. It’s not that we don’t want this to be cured, but rather we love to see this as a source for our entertainment. Yup, we’re all big idiots of a bigger idiotic circle ultimately.

Cop Craft

January 19, 2020

Time to change the buddy cop formula of anime a little bit. Instead of having 2 male partners in a police force like in Tiger & Bunny as well as Double Decker! Doug & Kirill, why not have a male and a female partner? Yeah, that’s what Cop Craft looks like. Everything else about them is as opposite as day and night. Total opposites. The guy is a seasoned human police officer while the female is a rookie noble alien knight. You can see where the clashes come from due to their cultural differences. Yeah, otherwise a very typical ingredient for a buddy cop genre because it is those differences that makes them clash as well as bond or get along.

Episode 1
As narrated, a hyperspace rift appeared in the middle of the ocean 15 years ago. An influx of alien culture arrived. This also mean an increase in crimes and thus the special police unit of San Teresa was established to deal with this. Kei Matoba and Rick Fury meet their clients to buy a smuggled fairy race. The duo are actually undercover police and right after the deal is made, they bust them. But one of the smugglers turned out to be a Semanian alien. He is much stronger and snaps Rick’s neck and then escapes with the fairy. Kei is left to do the worst, call Rick’s wife and inform the unfortunate. Like any normal dude, he wants to hunt down his partner’s killer but his boss, Jack Roth orders him to go pick up some VIP alien noble tomorrow since he is only one of the few detectives who can speak their language. It’s an order. Kei does so and he is shocked the VIP is a young girl. Tilarna Exedilica (that’s the very short of her very long name) is a Knight of Mirvor and she starts off as a proud brat. Kei isn’t sure her manservant but whatever. Back at HQ, Kei is not happy they are going to be partners especially an alien (that’s racist!). Tilarna’s mission is to retrieve a kidnapped fairy noble. Roth believes this partnership is necessary for all of them and will not change the partnership. Kei might be uncouth but he gets things done compared to some guy who has all the etiquette but ultimately useless. Now we see Tilarna a curious cat. Trying to touch everything (Kei’s warning is so unheeded) and asking lots of (sometimes dumb) questions. Just keep your mouth shut and follow him. Kei goes to see an informant, Bizz O’Neill and it seems the fairy has fallen into the hands of some Mexican. Then as they enter some building, Tilarna could smell danger so she transforms into her knight form and starts barging in. They catch the criminal just fresh from killing somebody. This is not the time for talk so bullets start flying first.

Episode 2
Though the duo get in each other’s way, it is also because of that they saved each other’s lives. Kei’s bullets can’t do much to this walking corpse and only Tilarna’s deep slash finally puts this corpse to eternal slumber. Tilarna can tell this person was already dead but some evil latena turned him into a living corpse (zombie?). As he is controlled by mildey (basically, magic), questioning him won’t do them any good either. Taking the body to Cecil Epps (who is also Kei’s ex), she conducts an autopsy and the only similarity she can find with the one who killed Rick is that they’re both dead before they turned zombie. Tilarna elaborates about the latena of a fairy being ingested regularly and this is the result. So basically that kind of ‘drug’ is called ‘fairy dust’ to us laymen, huh? Kei drops Tilarna at a motel for the night but is kicked out because of their no weapons policy. As a knight she cannot be without her sword. So Kei has to be the gentleman and bring her back to his place instead of letting her sleep in the park. Kei has a pet cat despite having cat allergies. Actually, Kei felt responsible for getting the cat injured as he was chasing a drug dealer. He is keeping it temporarily until someone can adopt it. No luck so far. Dennis Elbaji and Kareem meet to do business. Elbaji introduces him to Zelada who specializes in the dead. Showing him a prototype of a fairy bomb using fairy dust, he called a couple of cops here. Then he throws the bomb at them. Those who look into its light are dead instantly. Now that the cops are corpse (pun no intended), Elbaji has Zelada make them kill each other. As this is just prototype, the real deal will use the fairy’s entire body and the bomb radius can reach 5km and thousands can be controlled. Kareem wants this and will gladly pay for it. After attending Rick’s funeral service, Kei gets a call regarding a couple of missing officers. Their bodies are found dumped into the lake and as a veteran, he can tell they were killed elsewhere. Tilarna looks at the bodies and can detect use of fairy dust. Funny, if officers were using it, it would have been very obvious. They may be using gold which can be used as a catalyst to enhance latena’s power. However the best craftsmen in her world can even make this. So Kei thinks a device was used. Hence he suspects Elbaji because as a Semanian who owns a club and a dummy company, this guy is also interested in some manufacturing device. Tilarna wants him arrested now but Kei knows the red tape protocol as well as rights infringement thingy. Tilarna then excuses herself to the ladies but she is taking too long so Kei realizes she has fled. Oddly, she left her precious sword behind.

Episode 3
Tilarna has O’Neill get her some fake IDs as she enters Elbaji’s club. She is looking for that man himself and with such luck this guy shows up and wants to hit on her. So he brings her to his office and she gets down to business asking him to release the fairy. Since he doesn’t want to part with his ‘product’, negotiations ends, kill her. Tilarna has a hidden sword in her bag and cuts the bodyguards’ arms. Then Elbaji fights her and wins. Huh? A knight lost to this club owner?! There are things he would like to ask her so he won’t kill her yet and brings her to a temple in the middle of nowhere. Kei is already staking outside but since Roth says reinforcements will arrive in 30 minutes, no time to lose. Just be a hero and barge in! Tilarna manages to free herself from those agents. She looks around and stumbles into a room filled with vials of fairy parts. Elbaji shows off his latest fairy bomb and the money he could make from it. They fight once more and Tilarna is on the losing edge. Only if she had her real sword. What luck. Kei is here to throw it to her. With that, it’s like she levelled up and slashes Elbaji. She then realizes this fairy bomb is fake and the fairy is just a doll. The real one is with Zelada and he has made his backdoor escape. They go after him and as they arrest him, Roth pops up and shoots Tilarna! So this guy is in cohorts with Zelada as he lets the wizard escape. He is the one who set everything up from the start including making Tilarna as Kei’s partner just to slow him down as well as killing Rick. Because Rick was close in figuring out his true colours. Roth and Zelada have the same goal. They both hate to see humans and Semanians mix and want separation. Wow. Ross thinks by the third generation, humans will be ‘conquered’ and he fears that. He views himself as a human first than an officer. With Kei rejecting his offer to join him, then it becomes the quickest draw. Of course Kei besting Roth and shooting him in the chest. Guess he doesn’t have to fear about humans being wiped out now, eh? Kei and Tilarna race against time to stop Zelada who is most likely going to release the fairy bomb from the highest building in town. As they reach the top, Tilarna can tell that is the true fairy.

Episode 4
As they try to get the fairy, Zelada rains flames on them. Kei’s back is badly burnt while Tilarna continues to dodge. As Zelada remains hidden, Kei tries to find him via sound. So his hearing is damn good despite all that noise? Whatever. Kei shoots Zelada, enough for Tilarna to slice off his arm. He’d rather kill himself than be killed by her so he jumps off the building. So now what? How to stop the bomb? You mean they’re going to die together? Tilarna is grateful to this fairy because she helped her when she was lost in the woods. But the fairy then uses her life to save Kei. Tilarna has some healing magic but with the fairy’s life and powerful latena, Kei is healed and the city is safe. In the aftermath, they give their statement and testify in court. Then both part ways. Life returns to normal. One night Kei comes home and is shocked to see Tilarna making his place like home. So she changed her mind and decided to become his partner? Because Zelada’s body isn’t technically found and there are lots of crimes going on. Welcome aboard? On a mission to storm some smugglers’ hideout, their new chief, Bill Zimmer calls them out because Tilarna cut off a baddie’s finger. So this is also liable for lawsuit? Inside the storeroom is a coffin and upon opening it, there lies a corpse of a mummy. They take it to Cecil for autopsy but she reminds them she doesn’t specialize in old corpses. Let the archaeologists handle it. But Kei is pushy and wants a report by morning since Zimmer demands one. Because of that, Cecil and Tilarna become friends as they badmouth how much a jerk Kei is. Best part, they agree to take selfies of themselves before Kei’s dissected body after he dies! Tilarna and Kei go to interrogate the smuggler. Nothing like some Semanian beating down another just to get some info out. It seems they stole it from a graveyard in Doras Derill thinking it would be worth lots of money. Tilarna realizes the grave danger Cecil is and rushes back. Speaking of her, she has the misfortune in watching her assistant being devoured by the corpse! It’s alive! Luckily for her, Tilarna returns to fight it. She realizes this being is a vampire.

Episode 5
Tilarna can’t defeat the vampire but Kei can by spraying his fire extinguisher?! The vampire escapes so back at the police station, they receive word a truck driver has become her latest victim and thus Zimmer sends the duo to go investigate. They speak to the witnesses and since they can’t describe her clothes, Tilarna realizes that she has gained enough strength to cast some magic illusion that also serves as clothes. Tilarna traces the vampire holing up in the mall. She deduces after filling up her belly, she probably wants info on this world. They have the SWAT backing them up as they search every inch of the mall. Suddenly the vampire ambushes Kei. He got thrown a few floors down. Thank goodness for that shallow fountain breaking his fall! Kei’s comrades manage to rescue him but by that time Tilarna is missing. She fought and loss and is now a hostage. The vampire won’t kill her as she has things to ask. Learning about Earth, she thinks this world must be some prophecy as told in some ancient book called Niba. The vampire would have sucked her blood had not Kei and the SWAT barge in. How did they find them? Anyway, this vampire chick is so tough just like the last time that no amount of bullets could kill her despite taking heavy damage. They better have a truck load of ammo and never take their finger off the trigger! Of course, she escapes and they try to find her again thoroughly through the mall. Since there are no signs of her, it is deduced she must have escaped via the air ventilation that leads to the subway. In fact, some magic spell is leading her there. She meets this guy who supposedly guided her here. He hopes to serve her since his goal is Niba. However she doesn’t need his help and sucks his blood. Just in time since Kei and Tilarna are hot on her heels. Another round of fighting. Another round of pumping bullets. It gets to the point where they dice dangerously with death. Because vampire chick pins him down on the rail and a train is coming! I don’t know how Tilarna kicks Kei away but the train runs over the vampire and she got shredded to pieces. WTF?! A vampire can die from merely being run over?! What kind of low grade vampire is this?! But good riddance. Tilarna gets upset because Kei won’t thank her so she throws her repeated weak kicks at him.

Episode 6
The usual Kei-Tilarna spat. A runaway truck grazes into Kei’s car. You bet he is going to get some payback! Kei drives like a monster. Tilarna fearing for her life! Eventually Kei causes the truck to overturn. The culprit fled but all the truck’s contents spilled out. Porn magazines. As Kei talks to an officer, Tilarna take the liberty to park away his car. Apparently she didn’t apply the handbrakes so it slides down onto the path of an oncoming truck! There goes his baby! Worse, back at the office, Zimmer is scolding them for acting like cowboys and wrecking things. Kei too is so stressed up, complaining his car was damaged and that his request for a company car for business use fell on deaf ears. Yeah, these guys sure had it tough. In the end, Zimmer agrees to get him a new car but he must handle this porn case. I guess the alien world has no porn so curious Tilarna wants to know more about it. Her reaction is expected. Welcome to the real world! Since nobody is willing to help Kei on this case, I guess the only gay guy in the force got reluctantly dragged in. So Tony McBee goes see O’Neill and looks like they hit up on this young Semanian kid, Gavin. He is trying to sell porn in hopes to make some quick cash so Tony arranges to buy some for him at a designated time and place. Kei is pleased he is got a new sports car baby! Time to take her for a spin. Meanwhile Tilarna tries to learn how to drive with Cecil as her instructor. She is shocked to learn what an ex means. So Kei and Cecil were in that sort of relationship? Tilarna flusters when asked if she likes Kei. It’s not like that… Cecil thinks they look more like siblings. She tells a little secret that Kei had a sister but she died 10 years ago. Maybe that’s why she sees her resemblance in her. With all the police force undercover for this porn sting operation, Tony goes to meet Gavin for the exchange. However some rat pops up to steal the money. When Kei and the police move in, that guy takes Tony hostage and drives off. No time to waste. Tilarna now drives Kei’s car! OMG! After 1 lesson, she’s like a pro?! Driving on the wrong side of the road! Yeah, now it is Kei who is fearing for his life! You haven’t seen anything yet because Tilarna uses the car to crash into the culprit! Man, she really got balls. Miraculously, nobody died. The culprit is arrested. You think Kei wanted to give Tilarna an earful but she yells back at him that she is trying to learn about this world every day. If he doesn’t understand that, who will? So Kei now the bad guy? He apologizes for being a bit harsh. His car? Nothing like a bit of fixing up can do. And then it bursts into flames… Oh Kei, calm down, calm down… And then Tilarna makes her room (which is actually Kei’s place) into her own place. I guess Kei isn’t ‘mad’ about the loss of his car so yeah, everything is okay then!

Episode 7
Tilarna selling her body in a brothel?! Damn, she’s obedient as this guy starts going down on her. But luckily! Kei and the cops barge in. Everyone is arrested in this sting operation. Apparently Tilarna blames Kei for a second too late because that jerk touched her hair. Any later and she’d kill him! Woah! Calm down! As you’ve guessed, that guy is Coal Mozeleemay who is a mayor candidate. Like the politician he is, textbook answer to the press. Tilarna meets with Zoey who was one of the brothel girls and is released on bail. They hang out and become friends. She learns she is a photographer but I guess it was tough to earn a living that way so she sold her body. She claims she is giving up on this dirty job. Kei and the police force are trying to gather evidence to charge Mozeleemay. They have video recordings but apparently that isn’t enough these days. Kei picks up Tilarna and learns about her new friend. He advises her never to meet again since Mozeleemay will be convicted and she could be one of the witnesses to testify. If Zoey realizes Tilarna as a cop, she might feel betrayed. This causes a rift between them since their ideals of justice and the real world differ. Tilarna continues to hang out with Zoey. Then trouble hits the police department. Apparently there is a leak of the brothel’s customer name list. Some are fake, some are real. If Mozeleemay’s name comes up under the fake list, they won’t have a chance to prosecute him. The culprit is of course Zoey as she sold out the data to him. She meets Mozeleemay who pays her even more. Yup, he wants her body too. Halfway eating her out, she shows she is recording him. He gets mad and she lets him delete her recording before he kicks her out of his car. Kei and Tilarna are looking through some camera logs of those in the brothel who has access to the customer list. Other than the owner, the other turned out to be Zoey. Tilarna is shocked so she goes talk to her. Zoey seems disappointed to know she is a cop but before she could say any further, she is sniped. Kei goes after the sniper but unfortunately he dies of his wounds. Tilarna becomes a sad girl after Zoey dies. She is adamant Mozeleemay is behind this even though she has no evidence. But Zoey left a framed photo of Tilarna for her. And her camera too.

Episode 8
Kei and the cops are ready for this raid operation. Unfortunately the target spots them and tries to fly off in the plane. Can anybody seriously stop the plane? Well, Tilarna cuts it up as it crashes into the swamp. I’m amazed it didn’t explode. As Kei gathers all the items, he runs afoul of officer Hellmandes who is from CBP (Customs and Border Protection) who blames him for letting the target get away. Funny, Kei brought back all the items to his home. After he goes to sleep, seems his cat is being naughty with Tilarna. Accidentally it activates and fires a mini crossbow, shooting Tilarna in the arm. Don’t worry. She didn’t die but passes out. Next morning, Kei is shocked Tilarna is trying to get so close with him in bed while his cat is just being noisy and frantic. Because he is late, he thinks Tilarna is sick and goes off to work. At this point, we should realize that Tilarna has switched minds with the cat. Worse, Kei has taken out the garbage in which the crossbow accidentally fell in. Well, that’s not the worst part. The cat in Tilarna trying to take a dump in the kitty litter!!! Can’t unsee this!!! Tilarna the cat texts Cecil about this problem. Cecil doesn’t understand so she calls but only the cat’s purr is heard. Noticing something is wrong, she heads down there. The place is a mess and Tilarna the cat is so glad to see her. Cecil quickly grasp the situation but just before she can go out to look at the dumpster, big kitty jumps over Cecil. Man, I don’t want to think Tilarna is heavy but if that person jumps on you like that, surely you’ll pass out in no time. Kei continues his investigation and gets a stinging call from Hellmandes that 1 of the confiscated items is missing. He goes to see O’Neill but apparently his place had one hell of a party last night. Yup, lots of drunk people passing just about everywhere and a goat?! O’Neill is nowhere to be seen but he could be under this fat momma hooker! Kei has this nasty idea as he mixes some devilish hot sauce cocktail and pours it into her mouth! Sure to wake up! Eh, but isn’t O’Neill crushed further?! By the time Cecil wakes up, the garbage truck has already cleared the dumpster. Time to go after it. Could have been on its tail had not Tilarna the cat bugging Cecil to close the blinds so as not to let the world see big kitty parading her naked ass through the window!!!

Episode 9
Cecil calls the waste disposal company. Normally they don’t entertain but Cecil using her weak blackmail that they might be destroying evidence… By the time they get to the waste disposal centre and the guy doing some search which truck went to their place, just in time that truck just dump all its load into the disposal unit. Tilarna jumps into it to find the crossbow. Kei is already having a tough time trying to get O’Neill name some smuggler (that guy got stretchered in by the paramedics), then Cecil calls Kei and tells what happened since she is at a lost. Kei returns but doesn’t worry too much. Either he trusts his partner a lot or he doesn’t give a damn. Meanwhile Tilarna tries to trace the crossbow and sense its latena. She finds it but it is already heading towards the shredder! She fails to save it and the crossbow is destroyed. She laments her fate when suddenly she wakes up back at him. Hellmandes trying to hurt her real bad and demanding to know where the crossbow is because he wants to sell it for money. With Tilarna back in her own body, she starts kicking Hellmandes’ ass. Now this guy is scared. Oh, have you seen her this mad? Tilarna would have killed him for seeing her naked body but luckily Kei is back. Hellmandes is arrested and Tilarna is mad that Kei is not mad enough that she almost got violated. WTF… Meanwhile poor Cecil thinks Tilarna is a goner… One day Zimmer is having a pool party with his staffs. Then on the news that one of the mayoral candidates, Nathan Kahns got shot. This leaves everyone in shock as Zimmer calls an emergency meeting. The shooter has been identified and he is relatively a clean Semanian guy with no links to the underworld whatsoever. Normally their special division won’t get involved but Zimmer suspects something amiss. Because Zelada’s body was never found, he fears that somebody is using magic to control a corpse to do the killing. This is to stoke a race war since Kahns is a conservative human. Kei and Tilarna return to office just to identify the body. Don’t mind the beachwear. Tilarna can tell a rare form of latena coming out from the dead shooter’s body. As they leave, an officer scoffs at Tilarna. Surprisingly Kei confronts him to tell him off and make him answer why he did so. Apparently he got mad because his family voted Kahns so and he was shot by an alien. Tilarna doesn’t want Kei to continue embarrassing her but thanks him for standing up for her. They relay the news to Zimmer and now he has the headache to go tell all the departments to watch out for a certain wizard. While they dread looking for this guy, Tilarna suggests going back to basics. That is, questioning who would benefit from Kahns’ death.

Episode 10
The polarized polls has split the public. Either you’re on the humans’ side (aliens go home!) or Semanian supporter (aliens have rights too!). Kei and Tilarna head to Mozeleemay’s office to talk to him. A journalist, Kevin Randall tries to bug Kei for an interview but he has no time for him. Randall will email him some details and wants him to read it. It’s important. The duo confront Mozeleemay. He has nothing to say but apparently his wife, Marla is the one with balls and would gladly answer their questions. Of course regarding Kahns’ death, it is believed the Mozeleemay may gain a few hundred thousand voters. Marla replies that even if that is true, their only other mayoral candidate, Domingo Tourte stands to gain even more. As for using corpse as puppets, they should be aware that normal Semanians can’t use magic. The cops leave and they can tell that Marla is the one wearing the pants. As they are about to head to Tourte’s place, a gunshot is heard. Mozeleemay has been shot. Kei heads to the broadcast room to find the culprit. I am surprised that computer AI is able to pinpoint the kind of people Kei is looking for! I mean, right down to their body actions! F*cking precise?! So they manage to pinpoint to this Semanian guy. They look for him and they see him trying to coolly leave the place. When they try to arrest him, he fights back. Miraculously, the crowd isn’t injured so they start chasing after him. They manage to corner him but at this point he is already fatally wounded. His last word is “Leeze” before kicking the bucket. Shockingly, he reverts to human form and Tilarna realizes that this is transformation magic. However he cannot be a corpse puppet because she fought him and was using his own free will. Is it possible for humans to learn Semanian magic? Well, if Semanians can learn human technology, the reverse is true. Then they examine his gun, also transformed into something else. That was how he snuck it in. If you noticed why the whole place is deserted, yeah, I don’t know why either but the FBI arrives. Their jurisdiction. Get out. Back at office, Tilarna explains to her colleagues this vaifaht steel that the gun was made of. In short, it can be moulded into anything simple but it takes very talented craftsmen to do so. Hence something complicated like a gun is impossible for them to even do. Hence there could be a human and Semanian working together on this. Zimmer has the rest of the team investigate further on this but wants Kei and Tilarna to interview Tourte tomorrow. Meanwhile the protests on both sides continue to grow fiercely.

Episode 11
Kei and Tilarna discuss about Tourte who is a very right wing politician. I don’t know if this guy worked for Nike before because his campaign line: “Just! Do it!”. Yeah… Interviewing Tourte, he is upfront in telling how Semanians are lazy and to a point that they love Earth’s culture, the reason why they don’t want to go back despite humans have offered them so many options to return. He didn’t mince his words to tell them to obey Earth’s laws if they want to stay. Or get out! This of course upsets Tilarna but Kei asks him a question if he had to choose between being an Earthling or politician, which would it be? Without skipping a beat, he replies a politician and would have done the same if he was born in the other world. This has Kei thinking about his answer because his former boss, Roth definitely came up with a totally opposite answer. A couple of female police officers manage to get the identity of the assassin. He is Ethan Dole and is supposed to be dead. He was once from the military and went missing many years back in some Semanian operation. As the protests grows, Tilarna is shocked that Marla is running for candidacy. Yeah, you’ve spent so much money on the campaign trail, it’ll be a waste to bow out, right? You’d think Tourte is going to win this election unopposed, eh? Politics, people. Kei gets a call from Randall who keeps bugging him to see the email he sent. Kei checks but sees nothing. Panic, he wants to meet seeing it is utmost importance. A paranoid Randall shows Kei a picture of Marla meeting up and having an affair with somebody else. From the description, that person is Dole. So how is Kei related to this? Randall knows he arrested Mozeleemay at the brothel and thinks he is somewhat connected. This guy gets more paranoid thinking somebody is watching and out to get him. And then the FBI surrounds them. Tilarna can sense something wrong about them. They’re all dead. Except for the one leading the team, Ronald Chan. All of them are cuffed and thrown into the back of the van. Tilarna and Kei are shocked to see that Zelada is still alive and well.

Episode 12
Kei and Tilarna are put to sleep. Back at the base, Zelada speaks with Tilarna while Chan interrogates Kei. I guess it saves time as they reveal they are in cohorts together as their goals align. Yes, they don’t want humans and Semanians to coexist. The original plan was to kill Kahns and Tourte so that Mozeleemay can be the mayor as he is easy to be manipulated. However Ethan decided to go against that and killed Mozeleemay. It is hinted Ethan could have been trained by Tilarna’s master as “Leeze” means master in their language. Zelada wants war because he feels that Earth’s culture has corrupted the Semanians. Chan wants the photo Randall had that Kei uploaded because he wants to blackmail Marla. Kei won’t cooperate so he beats him up. Perhaps he got his guard down so Kei fights back and manages to suffocate him with his thighs! As he leaves, he sees Randall’s corpse in a bag. Tilarna mocks Zelada of being afraid of change. That’s why he is giving all this sort of excuse and resorting to terrorism. Despite this place is a filth, Tilarna believes she can find something that will shine. Kei must have been playing Resident Evil and a pro in it as he fights his way through those FBI zombies! Does he have unlimited ammo cheat code? Just in time before Zelada is going to kill Tilarna. Zelada makes himself invisible and this becomes a game of hide and seek. Kei manages to free Tilarna but she is too weak to fight. Eventually, Kei’s smart thinking has him shoot the sprinklers. Now that they can see Zelada’s outline, Tilarna uses Kei’s gun to pump lead into the old geezer and Kei finishes him off by decapitating him with Tilarna’s sword. Good riddance. In the aftermath, Kei asks Tilarna’s opinion if he should hand over this photo of Marla. She will get exposed and lose the sympathy votes, making Tourte win by a landslide. Or he could play dumb. Tilarna says just to hand in the evidence. She doesn’t care who the mayor of this city is because this is still a good city and there are still some good people in it. And most importantly, because Kei is here. In the aftermath, Marla is arrested and Tourte is sworn in as mayor. Life returns to normal. Yeah, all the protests and street fighting died down but the vices are still there. Back to business as usual. That racist cop apologizes to Tilarna so I guess they’re even now. Humans, Semanians, yeah we’re all the same!

Copped Out…
So this is how it ends? Feels like something is missing… Feels pretty odd that everything resumes to normal after election season is over. Like as though everyone got the message to deal with the winner and continue with their daily lives. I suppose the sins will stay more or less the same whoever is in charge, huh? Kei and Tilarna continuing to be partners for the sake of both the futures of their worlds, trying to tell us that everything is not as bad as it seems. There is always light in the darkest of darkness. Do not lose hope. So you see, human culture not only corrupted other alien cultures with its decadence, we also get to virtue signal that this is all part of development and civilization. Yeah, gotta bring more alien civilizations to our world and let them get a taste of our fun! Any troubles, just let the San Teresa special unit deal with them!

I don’t want to say that the stories are really that boring but it is nothing that interesting either. I mean, they feel just really run of the mill because what else can you have when dealing with aliens from another world getting involved with all sorts of vice and sins that we humans do pretty well? We got the case of smuggling fairies to the case of assassinating mayoral candidates. Pretty ordinary stories if you think about it. Nothing really spectacular or blow your mind. I feel that if they were better written and had better pacing, the little story arcs might be interesting to watch but alas they weren’t so I guess that’s why this series is just passable and mediocre to some. When you have many episodes that leave viewers in suspense especially on cliff-hangers, that is really one way to kill the mood. I know many animes are guilty of doing this but this series only has a dozen episodes and for example, when that vampire chick revived and started attacking, suddenly “To be continued…”. Like, WTF?! It was somewhat about to get exciting and then they cut it off! Next episode for those who are still interested…. Man, what a killjoy. And then some episodes feel like fillers and don’t really make sense. Like Tilarna getting swapped with Kei’s cat. Weird…

One of the worse factors that contributes to the mediocrity of this series is how not enough emphasis is given to flesh out the lore of the Semanian alien world. It’s like as though they are not really important in the first place. From what I can tell, the Semanian world is pretty backwater and not advanced despite having magic. Why is it that other worlds always have magic but lacking in technology? But with San Teresa having all the cool human stuffs, it is no wonder why aliens do not want to go home and stay here and continue to have fun. I mean, planet Earth has porn!!! PORN, PEOPLE!!! PORN!!!! Ah yes, even aliens share the same carnal desires. We living beings aren’t any much different, huh? After all, humans and Semanians look pretty much about the same and the only significant difference is their mini faux elf ears. Sort of. So having no real background or history of the Semanian side, it makes us not really wanting to care or even sympathize with aliens. I mean, really. We don’t. Heck, even that narration about San Teresa being a melting pot for both civilizations feel rushed. Here’s the setting. Nothing convoluted. Now let’s get on with the story. To hell with those Semanians. That’s racist! And other Semanian terms feel like just like plot convenience. Vaifaht steel what again?

This show couldn’t have been released in a more politically incorrect era. Because I’m sure with humans and aliens at odds at each other here, it is hard not to think that the Semanians are somewhat an allegory for illegal aliens, especially with the influx of migrants from other parts of the world into American and Europe. This gets more politically charged up with the final arc especially the race for San Teresa’s mayoral position. Local humans want those aliens out but those aliens screaming they have, uhm, whatever rights they have too. And then racial clashes. Oh yeah. Why does it look so familiar with today’s world? And I can’t help think that Tourte could be a metaphor for the current US president, Donald Trump. I mean, Domingo Tourte. Donald Trump. DT. Geddit?! Not so obvious because Tourte doesn’t sport that trademark orange bad hair day of his. Also, Tourte is very brash and right wing, reminds you of a certain orange man, no? Hmm… “Just! Do it!” sounds like “Make America Great Again!” if you look at it at a certain angle (because Make San Teresa Great Again would’ve been too obvious, alas MSTGA doesn’t have a nice ring to it). HHHMMMMM… And also, Trump has no other real candidates who can challenge him for his 2020 re-election… For now… HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! And is Marla like Hillary???!!! Because Mozeleemay is like Bill Clinton getting caught with his pants down once… HOLY SH*T!!! Better shut up now if I know what’s good for myself.

However, the thing that intrigued me is the Farbani language that the Semanians speak. I can’t seem to find online what kind of language on Earth they based on. Yeah, maybe my Google skills aren’t so good. To make it all look authentic, some dialogues are spoken in this Farbani language with Japanese subtitles. My sceptical guts tell me that they didn’t go all the way just to create a new language just for this series. And of course they don’t sound like they are spouting random gibberish as I feel there is a system in how their language is spoken. So I’m just really curious what kind of language is this really based on? I hope somebody can enlighten me. Good thing is that I’m not that and I picked up a few Farbani words myself. Rakebye. Rock-a-bye what? That’s baka AKA idiot for you who are still guessing. Heh… No, not any reference to that Shawn Mullins song.

A big fail for this series is how they depict to us the relationship between Kei and Tilarna. I believe that the story and other settings of this world have been side-lined so as to give this pair the focus but even that, they failed to save the series. At first, it was somewhat amusing to see both of them from different backgrounds trying to get along. You know, they’re new to each other, some communication and cultural problems. He is a tough veteran cop. She is a naïve Jedi knight. Both having although same sense of justice but different approaches to it. There is some dynamism between them but ironically the more episodes I see them together, the less I feel that they have actually bonded. I don’t know, their partnership seems somewhat superficial. Sure, they do care for each other in some ways but I just don’t feel that buddy cop thingy between them. You think Tiger and Bunny or even Doug and Kirill were bad enough in this department, boy, I have bad news for this pair for you then.

Some cute and funny moments in between them but nothing that makes me want to say that their partnership is solid as a rock. After all, Kei has been through his fair share of sh*t and seen lots of things including the death of his previous partner before his eyes. Then we have Tilarna whom you can tell is a bit naïve because of how emotional she gets when things don’t turn out the way she expected it to be. You can tell by the volume and emotion in her voice. And then Kei is like he has that I-don’t-give-a-sh*t tone in his voice because he knows better than to waste his breath and argue at the same pitch. In other words, Kei sounds like he doesn’t care but remember, he has been in this line for donkey years so sometimes taking a frontal approach and rushing things may not be the best idea. Despite having the focus a lot on the duo, there are a lot of other juicy details that were not really fleshed out. A lot of blanks to be filled in. For instance, remember what Cecil said about Kei having a sister who died 10 years ago? It would be interesting to know if a Semanian had a hand in that. What about Tilarna’s life as a noble? How did she end up where she is now?

So you see, when your main pair of characters already have this sort of problem in the character development segment, what about the other characters? They are worse. You don’t even care about them. Because I believe there are many other colleagues under this special department but they do not even get a sliver of screen time. I mean, we have Tony the gay guy, his chubby partner (what’s his name again?) and that pair of chicks too whose names I still can’t remember. Like, they don’t even matter unless the script says it’s their turn to do something. Like the final story arc whereby we see them doing something but by that time, it’s already too late. This series has been primarily Kei and Tilarna and then to suddenly see these minor characters thrown into the limelight… Just weird. Uh huh. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. And Zimmer is like your typical black cop boss. Loud in your face and can be verbally abusive but cares a lot for his men.

The one thing that bugs me is how Kei gets to have a new car. Twice! I am not sure if there is a special provision and budget allocation for this special unit but man, he does seem to get a brand new convertible sports car. Twice! F*ck, I thought he would get back at least his old model or some lousy second hand car but damn, this police department upgraded his car! Maybe it is the company’s car but who knows? Kei is driving it all the time so I’m going to think it belongs to him. Wow. All those crying and begging of OT must have really gotten Zimmer to just get him one and shut him up and do his job, huh? Unfortunately this won’t even happen to me in real life and I risk getting fired… Kei, you lucky bastard! You better take care of that new car!!!

Cecil being Kei’s ex? I guess it must be awkward for former lovers to be still looking at each other working at the same place but I guess they’ve got to be professional. Hence, if you are hoping if there is some sort of Kei x Tilarna romance, don’t even bet a cent on it because from the looks of it, I can tell that it won’t happen. Humans and Semanians can’t mix! That’s racist! Anyway, it would have also been interesting to note what happened between Kei and Cecil that didn’t work out. So sometimes I feel that both of them dedicating their hours on their jobs is like as though they are trying to run away and erase that whatever bad chapter in their fleeting moment. Bad romance? No wonder Kei won’t make this same mistake with Tilarna and plus, she might remind him more of his late sister than a lover. Rakebye.

The antagonists of the series also feel weak. It feels like they are the villains of the episode and nothing more. I thought Elbaji will be the final boss or antagonist or something. Nope. He got sliced dead. That vampire chick might be the final boss. Because you know, vampire clan. And then she too dies! Really? So what she said about that Niba book thingy, was that all just red herring? That’s why I said they should have developed the setting better instead of this half-baked thingy that don’t even matter. I didn’t think Hellmandes would be it either. But he’s such a sneaky guy I can tell he has bad intentions the moment he first popped up but I didn’t think he would get owned that easily by Tilarna. All bark and no bite, huh? Mozeleemay? Dead. Kahns? Dead. Marla? Obviously this chick is the one who hired an assassin to pop Zoey. Now facing prison time. And yeah, Zelada. Oh Zelada. Truly the ‘final’ boss of the series. Literally speaking. Aren’t you supposed to be surprised when the final comes around? Like as though once he is dead, it is endgame for this series. I mean, Kei got his revenge for his ex-buddy Rick so what else more?

On a trivial note, I wonder if the episode titles are parodies of other pop culture. For example, this obvious one, “Smells Like Toon Spirits” is of course based off one of Nirvana’s most famous songs. “Need For Speed” could be based on that video game of the same name. Could “Girls On Ice” be a parody of Yuri On Ice? I wonder if “In The Air Tonight” is based on Luck Be In The Air Tonight. I don’t see how an English nursery rhyme character could be in “Cock Robin, John Doe”. Maybe these episode titles are just random and I’m just overthinking.

Action wise, there are some action sequences. Mostly passable and some really exaggerating to the point it looks comical. Like when Tilarna became a pro driver and trashed his car. Yeah, that was like so WTF. Other than that, Tilarna can’t do more unless she’s in her special uniform and then using her sword to slash. Kei on the other hand only uses his gun. He has got to be one lucky guy because there are scenes where baddies just spray bullets and they all missed. I don’t think having a few gory and bloody scenes would help but yeah, having the setting of a city with vice and sins, this is only to be expected.

For the art and animation, they look pretty okay and it is without doubt that once more that a lot of things here look very American. Especially some of the characters who typically have that American style look like Zimmer (hey, doesn’t he look like Neil deGrasse Tyson?) and characters like Kei having very much this Japanese anime look. As said, Semanians other distinguishing feature is their elf-like ears and it is how you tell them apart from normal humans. Also, is it just me that Semanians have this one kind look on their face? I don’t know. Like a mild Down Syndrome or something! Oh sh*t! I don’t know, the more I look at Tilarna, the more… Forget it. And for those of you who can’t find Carmen Sandiego all this time, be glad to know that she turned into an old Semanian wizard named Zelada in this series. No, seriously. Sometimes the animation can be so low quality, for example when Ethan died, he didn’t have the face of a dead man or a corpse! I mean, he’s got that chillin’ look. Dude, WTF?! This anime is animated by Millepensee who did Teekyuu, the newer season of Berserk and Wake Up Girls.

The other reason why I decided to check this series is out is Kenjiro Tsuda as the voice of Kei. Yeah, I may start to like this guy’s low dreamy voice so I guess him being cast as Kei, I think he fits his character very well. The other casts I recognized are Hochu Ohtsuka as Zelada, Shinichiro Miki as Hellmandez as well as Mai Nakahara and Marina Inoue as those couple of police officers under Zimmer’s department. And that was Rie Tanaka as Zoe? The other casts include Mayu Yoshioka as Tilarna (Mayu in Wake Up Girls), Fumiko Orikasa as Cecil (Rukia in Bleach), Ryousuke Takahashi as Tony (Calibur in SSSS.Gridman) and Shinpachi Tsuji as Zimmer (Makarov in Fairy Tail). I have mixed feelings for the opening theme, Rakuen Toshi by Masayoshi Ooishi. This is quite a very jazzy and lively samba piece and sometimes I wonder if it really fits the pacing of the series. But hearing this song seems to somewhat remind me of Barry Manilow’s Copacabana. The ending theme… Meh. Connected by Mayu Yoshioka is a hard rock piece and definitely not suitable for this series at all. I don’t really like the frenzy rock pace at all (certain lines sound cacophonic) and I’m wondering if this song is a reflection of Tilarna’s real soul. Then there is this BGM that has that Indian or Arabic tune to it. Find it very weird…

Overall, this series could have been a lot better had the producers put more effort into the story and its characters. There were things that were not clearly explained or left forgotten, making it feel it was all unnecessary red herring and worst, Kei and Tilarna’s dynamic relationship failed to make an impact. And because all that supposed good stuff didn’t happen, it came out just another one of those ubiquitous mediocre animes. It also has some potential in thought provoking issues like race and the dark side of humanity but it turned out to be just some really ordinary if not less than stellar buddy cop series. I read online that the main cause of this production being produced below par is the budget. Yup. Eventually it all boils down to money. Unfortunately, first impressions count so I don’t think this would be getting a review for a second season. Hence, bye-bye… Rakebye.

Hataraku Saibou Specials

January 18, 2020

Haven’t you heard? Hataraku Saibou is getting another season! Hooray! And because of that, I stumbled upon a few Hataraku Saibou Specials that supposedly came out as 5 minute short extras along with the BDs. Time to remember what those cells are before I catch the next season. What do you mean it would be easier to take up those old school textbooks or surf Wikipedia to revisit all those cells and their specific roles?! Ain’t anybody got time for that!

Special 1
AE 3803 hosts a special quiz participated by U-1146 and Eosinophil. The first question asks about the sensor on U-1146’s head. U-1146 almost gave everyone a heart attack when his own sensor malfunctions and pops up. Eosinophil answers correctly. The next question is the last in which the winner takes all. It’s some ominously enigmatic line that Basophil says (he’s just hungry. Like, what?!). Eosinophil once again answers correctly. The prize for winning this is a trip around the body! Boring! I can see why Eosinophil doesn’t really want it.

Special 2
It’s time to visit Macrophage’s room where she can provide advice and blow away your problems. And looks like we have U-1146 as a guest. Actually he has detected some germs here. Are there? Macrophage assures that if there are any germs, she would have swiftly dealt with it with her cleaver. Yeah. Nobody messes with her. Because U-1146 wants to leave, she invites him to stay for tea. And also asks if he has any problems. Well, a certain RBC friend is always lost. Since trillions of RBCs come here, Macrophage isn’t sure and sketches a picture of her. OMG. That hideous drawing! Sure that’s not a germ? She’s so proud of it that she even autographs it! U-1146 can keep it as souvenir. Uhm… Thanks? The more he stares at it… All he can see is just one ugly germ mother…

Special 3
The usual drill Killer T Cell gives his underlings. But what’s this? All of them are depressed? More depressed than usual. What gives? They reveal that the recent fight with Cancer Cell revealed how useless they were. Because of the vast difference in skills, they are thinking of quitting. Of course Killer T Cell scolds them for thinking something so stupid. Then with some great charismatic speech of all the things they’ve overcome, these guys are back to their usual in no time. But… NK Cell is here to rain on their parade. Yup, she mocks this noisy choir and that a few of her is way better than a hundred of them. Man, their motivation levels are sinking to all time low. Of course Killer T Cell goes to pick a fight with her to take back what she said. It could have been a brawl had not the alert to mobilize sounded. Good timing. They’ll take it out on the battlefield then. And the subordinates think they’ll just do fine carrying on as usual…

Special 4
Helper T is thinking of throwing a party for all the cells. However Regulatory T Cell becomes a wet blanket. Accusing him of power harassment. Forcing others to join social events when they don’t want to. He feels bad about it but brushes it off as a no obligations meet up. Then he calls Dendritic for help. You mean part of the plan is to show some of the most embarrassing photos of the cells? How is this having a good time? Of course Dendritic warns it can backfire and since Helper T believes it will all turn out fine, he shows him a very embarrassing photo when he was in school. Yup, don’t want to remember those memories. He hopes Regulatory T Cell won’t see this but oops, she’s here! She tells him rather than worrying about other cells, as long as he is their competent commander, they will be happy. I guess she’s right. Back to work. Also, she doesn’t mind him pouring them tea. Something he will gladly do. Did he just become their gopher? Not sure about this later but did Regulatory T Cell and Dendritic have fun looking at all the embarrassing photos?

Special 5
Platelet visits Mast Cell at her work. She explains about her job but ends up getting mad about B Cell. This causes Platelet to be traumatic since she looks so scary. Mast Cell backs down and continues about her job description of just following the manual. When the alert is sounded, she checks some meter soaring. No biggies. Just follow the manual and apply some histamines. Hmm… Nothing happening. She amps up the dosage. Lots of screams of help heard before everything returns to normal. Ignoring what just happened, Mast Cell thinks she did a pretty good job. Until B Cell barges in to complain she almost killed them. A huge argument breaks out until Platelet butts in to stop them. No fighting. We’re cells. She then ties them up together in a fibrin net to make them get along. Let’s hope so.

Cell-ebrate To Health & Life!
It was fun while it lasted. I mean, they are only 5 minutes so there is only so much they can show us. You can’t be serious if you want all 37 trillion cells to make their cameo in these short episodes, can you?! It’s nice to refresh my memories after more than a year since I’ve watched the first season. Thanks to the characters and animation in chibi format, I guess watching this feels a lot fun. Can’t say they are really educational because as we can see (and also thinking logically), cells don’t hold quiz shows or tea parties. Heh. I’m not that stupid. Seriously! Watching these mini shorts makes me motivated to watch the second season when it comes out. Thanks for reminding me which cells are which. Phew. I thought I had forgotten about them. Hehehe. And then when the next season comes around, I would have forgotten them again. Damn, something wrong with my brain cells! Can somebody help my brain cells, please?

Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga OVA

January 17, 2020

If you couldn’t get enough and want more of those students f*cking, uhm, I mean end up in very sexually ambiguous positions with their teachers, be glad to know that there is Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga OVA for all those who managed to whip out a few bucks and pay for those uncensored tits of all your favourite sensei! I’m sure sensei still remembers you as a naughty boy…

A trip to adulthood…
It is after graduation where our quartet of pairs have booked a hotel for a pleasure trip. But upon arrival, the clerk says they didn’t have any reservations made and currently there are only 2 twin bed rooms. Can’t they just share? Because Tanaka-Tachibana and Hikari-Takashi pairs decide to go find somewhere else to stay. Tachibana knows a hotel where they can see the stars. However… That’s a love hotel!!! You bet Tanaka is panicking and even prostrates himself as a virgin and has no experience! After he goes to bathe, Tachibana is disappointed that the ‘stars’ is actually just some mini rotating ball device. Then she realizes this is a love hotel. Time for her to panic. Meanwhile Hikari and Takashi hole up at a manga café. Because Takashi is sleepy and only wants to sleep, Hikari overthinks that he wants to have sex with her. Her wild delusions cause her to just go to the bath and wash herself. Glad that this manga café is empty. Bet you that anybody would be shocked to see a sexy girl dressed so skimpy rushing out like that. Elsewhere, Satou and Kojima hear really ambiguous sounds next door. Yes. Really ambiguous talk that makes you think they’re actually getting it on. In actual fact, Suzuki is just giving Matsukaze a back massage. Feeling good? After hearing all that, are you not stimulated to make out too? Yup, Satou and Kojima get it going. Though, we just see them start with a kiss… Tanaka is shocked when Tachibana comes in to bath with him. I suppose she got this twisted misunderstanding of teaching him about sex. Yup, exposing all her parts to him. The school nurse teaching about sex ed. I want to sign up!!! Unfortunately she is so hot that Tanaka cums before anything else happens. Just foreplaying only, huh? Are we disappointed? In the end, they go to bed and Tanaka is beating himself up for being uncool. But Tachibana hugs him likes him for who he is. They accidentally kiss. She gives him motivation that they can try again next time if they fail. Hope they get it right the next time. Next day when all of them meet up, Tanaka’s happiness turns into sadness when Tachibana claims she is now feeling uncomfortable. She claims something inside her is making her feel not so good and the rest got the wrong idea…

Hot For Teacher…
Oh well. I guess that’s that. The ecchi and fanservice level feel mild compared to the TV series because the latter’s antics were just out of this world and outrageous. This OVA feels weak in comparison and makes it feel like this series ended on a weak finishing (I wanted to use the word flaccid but I feel it might be an insult to somebody…). Especially that last scene where everybody just meet up and that’s it. Uhm, that’s it, really? Alas, I feel that this OVA is mainly focused on Tanaka and Tachibana seeing that they get a lot of screen time compared to the rest that is just paltry. But all the teachers got their bare tits exposed equally so maybe that kept us all happy? So now that these guys have graduated high school, it is time to take the next challenge of becoming better lovers and graduating with flying colours. Perhaps the best part is that you don’t need to study those books and most of them are just hands on experience. Hey, like they say, if you fail, just do it again until you succeed!

Kimetsu No Yaiba

January 12, 2020

Time for another anime series about slaying demons. Kimetsu No Yaiba might start off having all the cliché ingredients. Normal boy from seemingly normal family has got his family massacred by demons. Trains up to become the best demon slayer to avenge his family and also find a cure to return his sister who is now a demon, back into human. Along the way, meets powerful allies as well as equally powerful (perhaps even more so) enemies while powering up himself with more powerful techniques. Well, if you judge a book by its cover and give a general opinion that if you have seen genres like this, you’ve seen them all, well, you’re wrong. Instead of explaining it all in this opening paragraph, might as well go watch it and see for yourself that this is not just another ordinary demon slaying anime.

Episode 1
Tanjirou Kamado is trying to be a good son. Yeah, with a single mom and like 5 other siblings, he needs to sell those coals so he can buy more goodies for them. He treks down the snowy mountains to town whereby we see him as a handyman too. Everybody needs him for something! He sells all his coal but as night falls, an old man Saburo tells him not to trek at night because of man eating demons. He forces Tanjirou to stay at his place. Tanjirou takes up his offer and the first light next morning, he returns home. To his horror, his entire family massacred by demons! Because his sister, Nezuko is the only one showing signs of life (albeit fading), he carries her down in hopes of saving her. However she awakens as a demon and tries to eat him! As Tanjirou has a great sense of smell, he believes she cannot be a demon who killed the rest as there was a different scent at home. Tanjirou tries to fend her off while trying to use words in hopes she’ll regain her humanity. Hah. Like that will work. Will it?! Then here comes Giyuu Tomioka, a demon hunter to cut her down. But Tanjirou protects her. She’s his sister for Christ’s sake! Tanjirou may sound naïve that he promises to find a way to turn Nezuko back but each time Giyuu counters it with grim reality. You can’t. Tanjirou gets desperate enough to beg but is told off by Giyuu for being weak. As Giyuu is about to kill Nezuko, Tanjirou moves in desperation to save her. Although he loses against Giyuu, the demon hunter realizes he was pretty innovative and creative in trying to attack him with his hatchet. Nezuko seems like she wants to devour Tanjirou to but to Giyuu’s shock, she protects him! This is unprecedented as no demons have ever done this as they devour humans for energy. When Tanjirou wakes up, Nezuko is already gagged. Giyuu wants him to see Sakonji Urokodaki who lives at the foot of Mt Sagiri. He also warns him of not exposing Nezuko to sunlight as that is demons’ weakness. After Tanjirou buries and prays for his departed family, they begin their journey.

Episode 2
Tanjirou makes a basket big enough for Nezuko to hide in so he can continue travelling during daytime. When he reaches a house, he smells blood. A demon is feeding on its victims. Tanjirou tries to fight it and could have lost had not Nezuko smacked him away! The demon despite being decapitated by Nezuko’s slap, he still lives and both parts move independently. The head tackles Tanjirou while the body goes after Nezuko. Tanjirou manages to make the head tangled with his dagger before going off to find Nezuko and pushes that body off the cliff. As Tanjirou is in a dilemma to destroy the head, Urokodaki tells him to finish him off. How? You figure it out yourself. Urokodaki fears his kindness even in killing the demon could be his downfall. In the end, it is the sunlight that burns up the demon. Urokodaki poses some hard questions for him and then slaps him for being too hesitant to answer. He believes his resolve is too weak and the moment Nezuko devours a human, he must kill her and then himself for allowing it to happen. Knowing that Giyuu sent him, Urokodaki is a trainer and will train him to see if he is fit to join the Demon Slayer Corps. So the first task is to have him climb the mountain. Then he must descend it and reach the foot by daybreak. Think it’s easy? Despite his great smell, the place is filled with traps. He gets owned by some of them but he mustn’t give up or at this rate he will not make it. And make it in time Tanjirou does. Urokodaki agrees to take him in as his disciple as he narrates Giyuu’s letter about something different in Tanjirou and Nezuko. He believes Tanjirou can become his heir since Urokodaki also possesses the same keen sense of smell.

Episode 3
With Urokodaki training Tanjirou, he also writes a diary for Nezuko. A convenient way to narrate and explain to us his exploits for the episode. Like how he has gotten better in avoiding the traps but Urokodaki has also ramped up the difficulty like as though he wants to kill him. He is also trained how to use a sword and different water breathing forms. Strangely, Nezuko has never awakened since his training started and he fears she would die in her sleep. After a year, one day suddenly Urokodaki tells him he can teach him no more. His final test is to cut this boulder. Do it and he will consider him qualify to take the final selection test to enter Demon Slayer Corps. Tanjirou continues his training and sometimes tries to cut the boulder. But nothing changes for another 6 months. Slowly, he grows frustrated since he trained so hard to breaking point and it yielded no results. Until one day this guy in a fox mask, Sabito fights him since he can’t stop complaining. Suck it up and be a man! Because Tanjirou is worried that he might hurt him with his real sword, Sabito finds this insulting because he thinks he can hurt this guy?! Let alone touch him?! After Tanjirou loses, Makomo takes over. This little girl with a fox mask is gentler as she corrects and guides the err of his ways. The duo aren’t siblings but are deeply grateful to Urokodaki. They claim they have been watching him all the while. Another 6 months passed. This time Tanjirou reeks of manliness to face Sabito in a showdown. For the first time, Tanjirou’s blade reaches Sabito first. He cuts off his mask. He sees his smile but a sad one. With Makomo reminding him never to forget this, the duo then disappear. Creepy? But not as creepy and astonishing when Tanjirou realizes he has cut the boulder in half!

Episode 4
Urokodaki didn’t want to send Tanjirou to the final selection because he doesn’t want more children dying. But because he sliced the boulder, he believes he is an amazing person. Tanjirou is given a mask as a protective charm. He is also told about demons grow stronger the more humans they eat. Once Tanjirou’s smell sense grows stronger, he will be able to tell how strong. Tanjirou leaves for the final selection. There are many other potential candidates. In this wisteria prison, they must survive for a week fending off demons inside. Tanjirou faces off with a couple of bickering demons. Remembering his training, he manages to kill them. It is also thanks to the special steel that demon hunters used and the sword Urokodaki gave him made out of Nichirin. Tanjirou stumbles upon the worst demon ever. This grotesque one has killed a few candidates. Tanjirou jumps in to save a fellow candidate. This demon thinks he is Urokodaki’s student because of the mask. He has a grudge against him because he was the one who caught and imprisoned him here so he makes it a point to kill all his students. The way he describes the best students he killed definitely he is referring to Sabito and Makomo. He further taunts them and how he ate them. But Tanjirou getting mad can only get him so far. He needs to think how to cut down this demon. His hands regenerate quickly and he has a very thick neck (every demon’s weakness is the neck and that’s the part you need to cut off). When Tanjirou is down for the count, it is thanks to his dead sibling’s voice that woke him up before he could be the demon’s next victim. Tanjirou then charges in, slicing everything in his way. The demon is confident the moment he fails to slice his neck, he will crush his head. That’s where he failed. Giving Tanjirou that one chance is more than enough as his entire head is suddenly decapitated!

Episode 5
Even when the demon disintegrates, Tanjirou feels sad for him and prays to God he won’t reincarnate as a demon. Tanjirou tries asking other demons for a way to turn back to human but they just attack and he is forced to kill them. In the end, it seems there are only 4 survivors. The invigilators talk about the uniforms and swords they are given as well as each getting a Kasugai Crow for communication. But one of them, Genya Shinazugawa calls out to all this BS and wants his sword now. He gets pretty rough so Tanjirou warns him to back down or he’ll break his arm. Next, they are to choose an ore in which their Nichirin sword will be forged. Weary Tanjirou makes his way home. He is overcome with delight and emotion when he sees Nezuko finally awakened. Even more surprise and tears for Urokodaki to see his student come back alive. He is told of that demon he slain and his dead students can now rest in peace. Tanjirou is also warned about higher demons who can use different types of arts. They will be very difficult to deal with. A few days later, a weird dude, Haganezuka comes by to give Tanjirou his forged Nichirin. Its blade changes colour depending on its wielder. Tanjirou’s Nichirin turns out pitch black. This frustrates Haganezuka because he was really confident it would become red. Then a Kasugai Crow flies in to give Tanjirou his first mission as a demon hunter. Go to a nearby village and slay the demon responsible for making young girls vanish.

Episode 6
Looking pretty dashing in a Demon Slayer Corps uniform, Tanjirou. Urokodaki has also made a lighter and more durable box for him to carry Nezuko about. Urokodaki theorizes that Nezuko’s long hibernation is because she might be replenishing her strength than eating human flesh. Arriving in town, Tanjirou hears rumours about Kazumi whose fiancée, Satoko was abducted by a demon. Immediately Tanjirou goes to hear him out. Using his keen sense of smell, he could sense the faint and strange demon scent. That night, the demon strikes again. With the surfacing of a stronger scent, Tanjirou manages to sniff the demon out and pull out the girl. He leaves her with Kazumi so as to fight the demon who can split himself into several clones and can hide in grounds and walls. Tanjirou despite managing to slice the demon, they are all shallow cuts and all vitals are missed. The demon can swiftly regenerate. Tanjirou cannot stray far from Kazumi and the girl if he is going to protect them. While trying to stave off this tricky demon’s attacks, he remembers Tanjirou’s talk about the only demon who could turn humans into one. He is no other than the first human who turned into a demon more than a thousand years ago, Muzan Kibutsuji. He might hold the answer to revert Nezuko back to a human. With Tanjirou managing to hold his ground, the demon gets annoyed that he must devour girls before reaching the age of 16 or they lose their taste quickly. Kazumi pleads to give back Satoko but apparently the demon keeps hairpins of those he devours as collectibles. Yeah, Satoko’s ribbon is there… When an attack is too close for Tanjirou to dodge, Nezuko pops out of her box to kick him away. Then she goes on the offensive to attack him while leaving him confused with this human-demon combo. Flashback shows Urokodaki doing some hypnotic suggestion on her during her sleep. All humans are her family and demons are her enemy. Never forgive those who brings harm onto humans.

Episode 7
Tanjirou wants Nezuko to protect Kazumi while he dives into the swamp to fight the demon. Thanks to his harsh training, he is able to withstand the murky swamp conditions and kill 2 of them. Then out back in time to defeat the last demon that is keeping Nezuko at bay. When Tanjirou asks about Kibutsuji, he suddenly becomes scared. He cannot tell him anything. Snippets show Kibutsuji warned him to keep his identity a secret. Or else. The demon becomes so scared that he starts going berserk and that is when Tanjirou is forced to kill him. He tends to Nezuko but realizes she is asleep to heal her wounds. Tanjirou knows Kazumi is sad but can only tell him to live on. This makes Kazumi mad at first but after seeing Tanjirou’s smile and noticing his rough hands, he realizes he went through the same thing. Tanjirou has no time to rest or start up his hatred for Kibutsuji because the Kasugai Crow tells him his next mission at Asuka. Get a move on now! Culture shock for Tanjirou. Big city with lights, people and tall buildings! Wow. While he takes a breather, a familiar scent that sends shivers down his spine. He follows this scent that was present at his home. It leads him to Kibutsuji but to his shock, Kibutsuji is with a human wife and daughter?! As Tanjirou continues to be paralyzed in shock, Kibutsuji quickly scratches a passer-by. He then turns into a demon and bites his lover in full view of the shocked crowd. What you gonna do now, Tanjirou?

Episode 8
While Tanjirou restrains the man, Kibutsuji escapes. Frustrated Tanjirou screams a warning to him that he’ll follow him to hell if he has to. The authorities think Tanjirou is restraining some drunkard. Tanjirou refuses to let go or else the man will kill. Before the authorities get violent, a strange scent saves Tanjirou. Tamayo and her assistant, Yushiro are doctors but also demons. They have a grudge against Kibutsuji. After Kibutsuji sees off his family, he tries to return to the scene but a few unfortunate drunkards bump into him. They pick the wrong time to fight with him because he easily kills them. For the last one, Kibutsuji injects his blood into her and causes her to melt since human cells cannot handle his perfect blood and transformation speed. Kibutsuji orders his subordinates to kill Tanjirou. It seems he has a grudge. At least towards a person who wears that same hanafuda earring pattern. Tanjirou is brought to Tamayo’s secret hideout. Note, because Yushiro is such a rabid fan boy of Tamayo, he has bad blood with Tanjirou and anything slightly crossed the line, this guy won’t hesitate to beat him up! Anyway, Tamayo explains as demons, they still need human blood. Although in small amounts, they manage to buy them under the guise for transfusion. She also explains although she was turned into a demon by Kibutsuji, Yushiro is one whom she turned into a demon after 200 years! Tamayo isn’t trying to create more demons but as a doctor, her job is to tend to those at the end stage of their life. She would then ask them if they would like to live on as demons. As for whether a demon can be turned back into a human, the answer is yes! But that’s just trolling because from a medical perspective, there is a cure for everything! Just that they haven’t found one for this! Sorry to get your hopes up, boy. Hence she has a favour of him. In order to create that elixir, she needs to study Nezuko’s blood as she has not been taking humans’ blood for years. Secondly, Tanjirou needs to gather blood samples from demons closely related to Kibutsuji. In other words, those who are as powerful as him. If that’s what needs to be done, he’ll do it. Just then, the place is ambushed by Kibutsuji’s underlings, Yahaba and Susamaru.

Episode 9
Susamaru has got homing balls that seem like they can move on its own. When Yushiro tries to dodge, it changes trajectory and explodes his head! Of course Yushiro is a demon so he can regenerate fast. Now he’s mad. Anybody who interrupts his Tamayo time will pay! Susamaru grows more arms so she can throw more balls. Yushiro gives Tanjirou a talisman so he can see the arrows guiding the balls. Now he can easily dodge without making any careless moves. When Nezuko is able to distract Yahaba and hinder the balls’ movements, Tanjirou cuts up Susamaru. Of course as a high ranking demon and part of the Twelve Kizuki (Demon Moons) who serve directly under Kibutsuji, she heals fast. She even dares Tanjirou to try and extract their blood. Yushiro tells Tanjirou to take care of Yahaba and his arrows first while the rest keep Susamaru at bay. Nezuko got careless and got her feet severed by a ball. As she is no full-fledged demon, her healing is slow so Tamayo has to administer some medicine. Tanjirou has a hard time keeping up with Yahaba’s arrows. He can’t even get near him as the arrows are hard to deflect and only vanish when they hit him. And it’s very painful when he takes a direct hit. So he can’t afford to take any more hits and need to change the arrows’ direction without touching it, Tanjirou comes up with a strategy that has the arrows flow along with his water based sword attacks. Along with other combos of his techniques, he is able to turn the arrows back and decapitate Yahaba with them.

Episode 10
Dying Yahaba tries to take Tanjirou down with him. His arrows constantly throw him about and Tanjirou has to do quick succession of moves to cushion the impact. It is only over when Yahaba disintegrates fully. So after all the tossing about, he only suffers a broken rib and leg? I guess that’s not bad. Even if he has no strength, he must go assist the rest. Speaking of which, Nezuko returns to help Yushiro. I’m pretty sure Tamayo’s medicine was just normal but Nezuko is now stronger than ever. Heck, she even plays kick ball with Susamaru. The strongest kick wins! Looks like Nezuko wins but before Susamaru could get serious, Tamayo mentions about Kibutsuji being a coward. Noticing he is always fearful of something, that is why he manipulates demons to fight among themselves so they cannot band together and attack him. With Susamaru denying all that, she carelessly mentions Kibutsuji’s name and this allows Tamayo’s spell to take effect. In this horror scene, arms start bursting through her body and they crush what’s left of Susamaru. It is believed to be Kibutsuji’s cells and they will slowly destroy her until she dies. After taking the blood sample, Tamayo believes both demons aren’t from Twelve Kizuki because their eyeballs have no numbers engraved on them. Also, they were far too weak. Tanjirou almost died and they’re like the weakest? Man, real serious sh*t is waiting for him. As the sun rises, Susamaru’s corpse disintegrates and Tanjirou even feels sad for the kind of life she has lived, especially how Kibutsuji treats all his demons even those who revered him. But good news for Tanjirou as Nezuko has healed up. She gives Tamayo a big hug and a pat on the head for Yushiro. Tanjirou believes Nezuko perceives them as humans instead of demons, the reason she protected them. Tamayo cries being considered their family. Yushiro remembers Tamayo giving him an option to live as a demon or die after he was at the end stage of a terminal illness. Tamayo and Yushiro will be moving away from this area since they are too close to Kibutsuji. She offers to take Nezuko with them but seeing that Nezuko is holding Tanjirou’s hand, safe to say that the siblings will be together. Good for you Yushiro, eh? With the Kasugai Crow bugging Tanjirou to go to his next mission, he sees a desperate guy bugging a girl to marry him.

Episode 11
Tanjirou pulls Zenitsu Agatsuma from the girl. Still persistent? She slaps him and tells him off she just took him in after seeing his pitiful state. Oh, she already has a fiancé. Now Zenitsu blames Tanjirou for getting in the way of his marriage and wants him to take responsibility. This coward goes on to rant he was supposed to die at the final selection test but was somehow lucky to survive (something about being swindled into debt that got him into all this). Now he is living in hell and wants to marry before he dies in the next mission. After calming down, they head their way to a house. They spot a pair of young siblings, Shoichi and Teruko cowering in fear. They claim a demon snatched their big brother, Kiyoshi into that house. Only Zenitsu seems to be able to hear weird sounds from the house. Suddenly a guy drops out from the house. He is sad that he finally managed to escape but succumbs to his wounds. Luckily though, he is not the siblings’ brother. Zenitsu initially doesn’t want to head in to rescue but with Tanjirou giving him that evil look, I guess he is coming. Unfortunately the siblings also follow them. Because Tanjirou left his Nezuko box with them, they got scared hearing something inside. Zenitsu’s panic mode has him blunder as they get separated. Tanjirou and Teruko realize the rooms change at the beat of the drum. They see this frustrated demon cursing he would have gotten that rare blood hadn’t that somebody interfered. Meanwhile Zenitsu is stuck with Shoichi and the young lad is disgusted with his cowardice. Yeah, his sharp words might have ‘killed’ the guy. Trying to find a way out, they stumble into a guy with a boar mask, Inosuke Hashibira. Run wild! Tanjirou tries to attack the demon but the room changes and throws him off balance. However Inosuke comes barging in. He is eager to kill this demon who will serve as his springboard to greater heights.

Episode 12
Inosuke is reckless and selfish, using anything just to get to the demon. This irks Tanjirou because he doesn’t care of Teruko’s safety. This sets Inosuke to attack him but with the demon attacking and the rooms changing, they are separated. Meanwhile Zenitsu has been yelling to keep quiet so as not to attract demons but the irony one pops up! Run! So scared this dude that he falls asleep! WTF?! But wait! As though he has a change in personality, suddenly he cuts the demon up in lightning speed! He returns to his cowardly demeanour once he wakes up. No sir, it’s not Shoichi who killed the demon! Inosuke kills another demon in his rage to find the drum demon. Speaking of which, flashback shows Kyogai was a former Twelve Kizuki. But Kibutsuji got disappointed with his limit and cast him away. Hence he believes in eating more humans to become powerful and regain his seat. Tanjirou and Teruko stumble into Kiyoshi. He explains what happened. After he was snatched, the 3 demons argued who should devour him. They started fighting among each other and when Kyogai got a drum ripped, Kiyoshi used it to change to change the room arrangements. That’s how he has stayed safe. Kyogai has been calling him Marechi so the Kasugai Crow explains it is humans with very rare blood. Feasting on one is equivalent to feasting 100 humans. Tanjirou goes off to face Kyogai. He has learnt the patterns of which drum rotates the house or attacks. However due to his nagging injuries that never fully healed ever since and that he has been holding it in silence, it is giving Tanjirou negative thoughts. He is pessimistic of his chances. Then he remembers Urokodaki’s teachings to adapt like water. Not going to give up now.

Episode 13
Kyogai rapidly rotates the house. Luckily for Zenitsu and Shoichi, the rotation has them thrown out of the house. When Tanjirou mocks Kyogai he won’t give up, this makes the demon mad. Flashback reveals he was a writer but his editor called his work trashed. The last straw came when he stepped on his manuscripts and was promptly killed. Kyogai now rotates the house even more rapidly. But with Tanjirou getting used to all the patterns, he finally unleashes his form and attack to decapitate him. As Kyogai vanishes, Tanjirou takes his blood sample as well as praises his great demon art. This brings Kyogai to tears as he realizes his writing was not trashed since he noticed took great effort to avoid stepping on them during their fight. He is now at ease that his work has finally been recognized. Tanjirou collects Kiyoshi and Teruko to bring them out. However he sees Inosuke beating up Zenitsu who is protecting Tanjirou’s box with his life. Flashback shows shortly after being thrown out of the house, Zenitsu tells us how he was born with very good hearing. Every living thing seeps off some sort of sound. So good his hearing that he can also hear other people’s thoughts. So he knew Tanjirou was carrying a demon with him the first time they met. He also knew Inosuke was the fifth survivor at the final selection test. But he came and went faster than anyone else. So when Inosuke came out of the house and wanted to kill the demon inside the box, Zenitsu went to great lengths to protect it. I know Tanjirou is having trauma seeing this scene like as though he is seeing his family killed again. But you’re just going to stand there and let Zenitsu get beaten up by this boar kid? Until Inosuke has had enough and threatens to skewer through him that Tanjirou finally intervenes.

Episode 14
OMG. Tanjirou’s Falcon Punch broke Inosuke’s ribs but that boar guy can still move like the wind! Because Inosuke thinks if fighting with swords is forbidden, then he’ll just go with his fists! Yeah, he even shows off how flexible he is. Finally Tanjirou head butts him. Fracture skull now, huh? His boar mask comes off. Everyone is shocked he has a girly face! Being illiterate, Inosuke’s goal is to fight the strongest. But the head butt is too strong and he passes out for real. When he wakes up, he is baffled to see Tanjirou and the rest burying the dead. Fight me! No way! Tanjirou thinks he is too injured to help with the burying. Everyone else better not retort… A Kasugai Crow tells them to head down the mountain. The siblings part ways and WTF Zenitsu doesn’t want Shoichi to go because who’ll protect him?! WTF?! Kiyoshi is given a charm made out of wisteria to help ward off demons. The Demon Slayer trio descend the mountain and looks like Tanjirou has a new role to play as the straight man. Zenitsu is being an absolute chicken while Inosuke is just barbaric and rude. At the bottom of the mountain, the Kasugai Crow wants them to rest and heal all wounds before their next mission. No, this lady is not a monster, Zenitsu! And please be polite, Inosuke. She’s not a weakling! They are treated and given food. Inosuke trying to piss off Tanjirou by stealing his food or get ahead of him but obviously that didn’t work. They learn Inosuke joined the Demon Slayer Corps because he stumbled into one, defeated him and stole his sword. Yeah… Then he heard about the final selection and the rest is history. When Nezuko is coming out of her box, Zenitsu panics big time. And then when he sees this cutie, he gets Super Saiyan mad. He gets the wrong idea that Tanjirou carries her around just to fool around. Zenitsu is so going to kill him…

Episode 15
So basically Zenitsu is in love with Nezuko? And he’s chasing her?! Everybody’s chasing everybody? Once their wounds are healed, they are told to head to Natagumo Mountain. Nearing it, Zenitsu once again chickens out. Even more so when they see a Demon Slayer Corps member suddenly being pulled back into the forest. Tanjirou and Inosuke head in and find a lone Demon Slayer Corps member, Murata. He explains there were 10 of them being called here but the moment they arrive, it’s like they’ve been controlled and started killing each other. Meanwhile Zenitsu is contemplating about things. Then he realizes Tanjirou went in with Nezuko! Oh no! Nothing makes you braver than the power of boners. Yup, Zenitsu’s turn to rush in to rescue his cutie pie. When controlled Demon Slayer Corps members appear to fight the trio, they can’t slash them because they are still alive. Tanjirou then realizes they are being controlled by spider webs. However even though he cuts them, those tiny spiders will repair the threads. The only way is to find the demon who is controlling them all. As the foul smell is preventing Tanjirou from detecting that demon’s position, he hopes Inosuke could do something about it. And we see Inosuke using his spatial awareness ability to track down that demon’s exact position.

Episode 16
Murata will hold back his comrades while the rest go ahead to find that demon. But the nearer they get, the threads get thicker and there are more Demon Slayer Corps to deal with. They are in a pitiful state and some of them have all their limbs broken and want to be given a quick death from the pain that their bones are piercing their organs. That’s because mama demon is getting desperate to kill them so she doesn’t hesitate to bend their bones in her haste to take them down. This is because her son, Rui is telling her to finish up quickly or he’ll tell daddy. Yeah, this sure makes mama demon shiver in fear. Tanjirou will still not kill so he comes up with this brilliant idea to toss his comrades and leave them hanging up the tree branch! Inosuke won’t be outsmarted and does the same thing. Was there a competition to see who can toss the most? This frustrates mama demon so she snaps all her doll’s neck! Tanjirou is sad but they have to move on. Now mama demon unleashes a huge headless demon corpse to fight them. Inosuke rushes in and almost gets killed had not Tanjirou quickly came to his rescue. Tanjirou calls the shots as he wants them to work together to take this enemy. After Inosuke cuts off the arms, Tanjirou cuts off the legs before Inosuke finishing off with a diagonal slash over its body. Inosuke then tosses Tanjirou up in the air. Now he can smell better and pinpoint the demon’s exact location. He drops in to slice her as mama demon fears she will die. However when she realizes she will be free, she ‘welcomes’ him with open arms. Tanjirou sees this and immediately changes his decapitation technique. Mama demon doesn’t feel pain but warmth. Flashback shows papa demon was always abusive of her. As she lies dying, she tells Tanjirou that a member of Twelve Kizuki is here.

Episode 17
Well Zenitsu, keep on b*tching. Until you stumble upon a spider with a human head!!! Freak out! More horror from him as he stumbles into spider boy’s lair. Yup, everything is hanging from a thread and spider boy has a head of a human and body of a spider. Freaking out yet? Yup. As expected. And even more when spider boy tells him he has been bitten by spider poison. In no time, he will turn into a spider and his slave. Zenitsu is cowering in fear that we get to see his flashback. As a coward, grandpa forcefully trained him hard. Then one day lightning struck him! Is that how his black hair turned blonde?! So scared at this point that he passes out. But as we know, this is when his secret ability activates. In his sleeping form, he is able to dodge anything in mid-air and anything else as fast as lightning. More flashback telling us that he could only master 1 single form of this lightning technique. But grandpa was okay with that. Hone it until perfection. It’s okay to run. It’s okay to cry. But just don’t give up. As an orphan, Zenitsu was a disappointment to many so they never had expectations of him. Except for grandpa who steadfastly reprimanded and trained him. Because no matter how hard Zenitsu tried to run away, grandpa always brought him back. He never abandoned him. Now Zenitsu is at his peak as his lightning technique decapitates spider boy. So fast that he couldn’t even see it coming! Zenitsu lies injured, lamenting his fate. However he remembers he can’t give up or take the easy way out or else grandpa will give an earful to him. When Tanjirou and Inosuke stumble into a demon child, she calls for his father. Immediately this big guy with a spider face comes jumping down to Hulk smash them. Stay away from his family!

Episode 18
Higher officers of the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyuu and Shinobu Kochou now enter the forest. Inosuke has injuries and can’t fight at his best. Tanjirou tries his best to fight off spider papa but is flung away! Shinobu stumbles upon Zenitsu and he is moments away from going numb. Tanjirou stumbles into Rui tormenting his demon sister. Rui tells him to stay out so Tanjirou calls their so called bond as fake. Just as to show us what Rui is capable of, a cocky Demon Slayer corps newbie who is definitely a jerk comes into the picture. Even spouting he will kill this demon and climb the ranks for money. Rui quickly slices him apart with his web! Inosuke is running away and hiding? Once he realizes he shouldn’t be influenced by Tanjirou, he stops using his head and goes on the attack. Using his sword as a hammer to pound it in till he cuts off an arm. Now it is spider papa’s turn to run? So he might look like cowering atop the tree but he is shedding his skin to become bigger, stronger, faster and scarier! Damn, now Inosuke’s turn to be scared? His sword breaks after trying to take him down. Oh dear. Inosuke really believing of succumbing to his fate and die?! Spider papa then starts crushing Inosuke’s head. Nothing much he can do about it. Just some weird flashbacks he himself can’t remember. But suddenly spider papa’s arm is cut off. It’s Giyuu. He is faster, swifter, stronger and more skilful as he cuts up the monster. Inosuke so impressed. Back to Tanjirou’s fight with Rui, the latter wants him to take back what he said but obviously Tanjirou won’t. Tanjirou has been waiting for a chance where the sharp smell has dissipate so he can predict his web move. But as he goes in for the strike, his sword breaks as he strikes the web!

Episode 19
Tanjirou dodges in time. Couldn’t have our young dying now, can we?! Inosuke wants to fight Giyuu and be the strongest but Giyuu tells him to go back to training. Since he won’t shut up, he ties up the boar kid. Shinobu administers her antidote into Zenitsu. As Tanjirou finds it harder to fight Rui, Nezuko pops out and protects him. This moved Rui. A sister who is a demon protects his brother nonetheless. This is the bond he wants. When demon sister tells him not to abandon her, he slices her up! If she wants to be his sister, then go kill other Demon Slayer Corps. Rui talks to Tanjirou on how moved he was. He wants him to hand over Nezuko and he will spare his life. As her new brother, he will create a new bond via fear. Of course Tanjirou will never hand over Nezuko. She’s not an object. He’ll kill him first. Rui dares him because he reveals himself to be a Twelve Kizuki. Rui somehow kidnaps Nezuko and when she struggles, he binds her in his web to teach her obedience. If she is still stubborn, he will leave her like that till day break. Tanjirou is mad and scared but he can’t let his emotions get the better of him. Rui mocks him and even lets him cut of his head. See? Not even a scratch! Rui beats up Tanjirou with ease but Tanjirou can’t give up now. Using his water technique, he manages to create force from his rolling momentum to cut the threads. Rui still has a trick up his sleeve, though. Using his blood to harden his threads, there is now way Tanjirou can escape this one alive. Is this it? Is Tanjirou finally done for? Ah, life flashback… He remembers Tanjurou, his father despite having a weak body, managed to dance about during the Hinokami Kagura dance in the snow. It’s all in the breathing. With that, Tanjirou turns his water dragon into a fire dragon! That’s not all. The spirit of mom wakes up Nezuko so she could go help her brother. She uses her blood to make the threads scorch and burn. And together with Tanjirou’s fiery power and force, Rui’s head is lopped off!

Episode 20
Tanjirou is feeling pain all over. But bad news. Rui still lives! Before his sword decapitated his head, Rui cut off his own head with his web. Now mad Rui is going to kill the siblings for good. Tanjirou done for? Not if Giyuu can drop in to save the day. He is on a whole different level. The toughest of Rui’s thread cannot even touch him and before Rui knows it, in a blink of an eye his head got decapitated! Didn’t see that coming. Meanwhile sister demon is running away and notes this is the first time she screwed up. Flashback shows she was hunted but Demon Slayer Corps. She stumbled into Rui. In exchange in saving her, she will be part of his family. She agreed and instantly her pursuers are cut up. She entered a ritual to become part of his family, which then included a lot more siblings. One day, another sister talked to her that she is through playing this pretend family. They should run away together. On the day Rui was supposedly away, they escape the mountains but waiting for them is Rui. It seems sister demon betrayed her by ratting her out. She was left to be burnt by the sun. Murata had the misfortune of stumbling into her and gets wrapped up in her ball yarn. The acid will soon dissolve him. She is pleased with this until Shinobu corners her. She pleads for her life but Shinobu doesn’t think they can be friends. Okay. Maybe there is a way. She asks how many people she has killed. Obviously she is lying when she said 5 because Shinobu stumbled loads of those ball yarns in a certain area. So the only way to be friends is that she will torture her for all the lives she has taken and then she can reborn again to be her friend. What do you say? Sister demon attacks her but this is all expected by Shinobu. She got slashed but felt her head still intact. Is she alright? Then she starts to choke and die from the poison within. Shinobu reveals that she is the only Demon Slayer Corps’ member who cannot decapitated demons. Because of that, she develops poison as she is a pharmaceutical expert and her sword was laced with wisteria poison. Bye. We go back to Rui, he narrates his intentions in starting a family is because he had no memories of his human form. By having a family bond, he hopes his memories would come back.

Episode 21
Rui was born with a weak body. All that changed when Kibutsuji met him. As a demon, he had to kill humans for their blood. His parents disapprove of it. Rui’s ideal parents are those who protect their child. However they tried to kill him so he killed them. Then he remembers. Mother’s last words were apologizing for not giving him a strong body. Dad not only wanted to kill him but the entire family too to take responsibility and atone the sins of his son a as a murderer. Rui realized that he broke that bond that night. He believed in Kibutsuji words that his parents were at fault just because he couldn’t bear the weight of what he had done. Ironically, even after creating a fake family, he felt empty. He was the strongest, nobody protected him. What he wanted to do was to apologize to his parents. He thought he won’t even see them in the afterlife since he is going to hell. But his parents show up and assure they will even follow him there. Rui apologizes in the warm arms of his parents. It’s over. Tanjirou could feel an immense regret from Rui’s body. Even though he cannot forgive all the innocent lives he killed, Rui was human. There are demons who regretted and lived in despair for what they have done. Shinobu tries to kill Nezuko but is blocked by Giyuu. Of course she is unaware of the circumstances so Giyuu tells Tanjirou to take her and run while he stalls her. Confused Shinobu thought he is just mad at her for quipping people dislike him. Tanjirou is ambushed and knocked out by Kanao Tsuyuri. Nezuko runs and can shrink herself! Kawaii! Giyuu doesn’t talk much or explain to Shinobu. How long more can she maintain her politeness? Kasugai Crows then relay a message that Tanjirou and Nezuko are to be taken custody back to HQ. Phew. Zenitsu has healed but is wrapped up like a mummy. He sees Kanao and recognizes her as one of the survivors of the final selection. He also notice the Kakushi crew cleaning up the place. They specialize in doing so after Demon Slayer Corps fight demons. Inosuke is also taken in. He is in shock that he isn’t strong enough to bring down a single demon. Tanjirou wakes up at the HQ before the presence of the Hashira level Demon Slayer Corps members.

Episode 22
Folks, meet the weirdo Demon Slayer Corps Hashira members: Apart from Giyuu and Shinobu, we have Kyojuro Rengoku (sunny passionate guy), Tengen Uzui (flamboyant guy), Mitsuri Kanroji (lover girl loves everything?), Gyomei Himejima (big stone guy always praying and crying?), Muichiro Tokito (daydreaming kid) and Iguro Obanai (snake guy). Most want to execute Tanjirou for merely having a demon by his side. They also want to punish Giyuu too for assisting Tanjirou but that can wait. Tanjirou explains about Nezuko but it is too far-fetched a story for them to believe. After all, that never happened in history, right? Plus, Nezuko is his family so all the more reason they can’t trust what he says. Sanemi Shinazugawa (crazy killer guy) provokes Tanjirou as he stabs the box with Nezuko inside. Tanjirou obviously gets mad and attacks him and then tells him off if he can’t tell the difference between a good and bad demon, he is better off resigning as a Hashira. The fight is stopped when the master of the Demon Slayer Corps pops up, Kagaya Ubuyashiki. He explains about Tanjirou’s situation and hopes they would agree to accept him as he has sanctioned their position. However some of the Hashira cannot accept it because it goes against their core beliefs. Ubuyashiki then reads a letter from Urokodaki that vouches for Nezuko’s circumstances that she has never devoured any humans even for the past 2 years. When that happens, not only she will die but Tanjirou, Giyuu and Urokodaki will commit seppuku. Still, this isn’t enough to convince the sceptical Hashira. Ubuyashiki accepts that there is no proof Nezuko will attack others. However the fact Nezuko refrained from devouring humans for 2 years and has 3 people putting their lives on it, for those who still reject must offer an even more convincing argument. He also tells them that Tanjirou has met Kibutsuji. This shocks the Hashira because none of them have met him. As they pound him for answers, Ubuyashiki continues as Kibutsuji has sent pursuers to kill Tanjirou, it may be because something happened to Nezuko that Kibutsuji never saw coming. Drawing Kibutsuji out is already hard so do they get what he is trying to say? Sanemi is okay with letting Tanjirou live but not the demon. He tries to provoke Nezuko as he cuts himself and drips his blood all over her.

Episode 23
Luckily for Nezuko, she remembers her family and Urokodaki’s words. She is able to resist the blood. Can this be proof that Nezuko will not attack humans? Ubuyashiki notes that even after this, not all can accept Nezuko. He hopes Tanjirou can work hard and further prove that they will be useful to the Demon Slayer Corps. Tanjirou finds his words soothing and promises to bring down Kibutsuji. Did Ubuyashiki just joke and say to start small by defeating the Twelve Kizuki first? Shinobu suggests to let Tanjirou and Nezuko stay at her place. As the Kakushi bring them away, Ubuyashiki tells Tanjirou and hopes to relay his regards to Tamayo. Arriving at Shinobu’s ward, oh damn Zenitsu just can’t stop complaining about his medicine intakes! Can this whiny guy just shut up???!!! Oh, there is Inosuke too. Lying there quietly. Lost his voice, huh? Uhm, Inosuke depressed and apologizing for being weak?! Man, this isn’t funny… Tanjirou is just glad they are alive. Ubuyashiki and his Hashira have a meeting. With the increase in demon attacks on humans, he is seeking their opinions in bolstering the ranks of Demon Slayers. Some find the quality of newbies have tremendously dropped. Ubuyashiki notes that with Rui popping up at Natagumo, it only means Kibutsuji wasn’t anywhere there. In addition, whenever he wants to hide something, he always creates a clever diversion to throw them off. The only way is to keep doing what they’re doing. Defeating Kibutsuji is the last thing Ubuyashiki swears he will do.

Episode 24
OMG… Zenitsu still complaining… Will this kid ever shut up?! Inosuke still lying there… Better leave him be. Murata visits Tanjirou. He looks fine but is depressed that after he gave his report, the Hashira complained about the deteriorating quality of Demon Slayer Corp newbies. Shinobu has Tanjirou and Inosuke undergo some rehabilitation training. But each time they return, they are more deflated than ever. This scares Zenitsu since he will be joining them soon. And then he finds out the kind of rehabilitation they undergo everyday seems to be body stretching, cup taking reflex and tag? Zenitsu then blows his top and gets mad at them. They returned from hell and got the chance to be with girls and they’re not happy? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS???!!! And so Zenitsu happily joins in. He loves being ‘touched’ by the girls and is even fast in grabbing the girls! Yeah, he got slapped. Won the battle but lost the war? Even motivated Inosuke got his groove back. Temporarily. Because when Kanao is involved, nobody could best her. So much so Zenitsu and Inosuke eventually give up. Only Tanjirou is left to continue the training. He still couldn’t beat her, though. Then he is given some advice by the loli triplets to concentrate on his breathing. He makes the effort to regain his stamina. One night as he is concentrating on his breathing, Shinobu comes to talk to him. He asks why she brought them in. Well, they were so banged up. She would also like to entrust her dreams to him. It is them Tanjirou could smell anger from her. Despite always smiling, he noticed she is always angry inside. She reveals her older sister, Kanae was killed by a demon. She too was a kind soul like Tanjirou and sympathized with demons even till her last breath. Ever since, that anger has been built up inside her. But she has to continue her sister’s legacy by always smiling. Seeing Nezuko defying the norm was shocking. She still believes demons only lie and murder humans indiscriminately. She hopes Tanjirou can find a way to cure Nezuko. Knowing he is working hard in her place reassures her to no end. You bet that will motivate him even more.

Episode 25
Tanjirou’s training is progressing well. Even asking the loli triplets to beat him up if he falls sound asleep! This has Zenitsu and Inosuke finally start thinking that they too need to get back to training. But trying out this total concentration breathing isn’t as easy as it looks. But with some ‘motivation’ from Shinobu, you bet they get their asses moving. Shinobu wonders if Kanao would like to join them since they were from the same class. She declines. Flashback shows she was from a poor and abusive family. To a point she just became unresponsive. One day when her family was about to sell her, Shinobu and Kanae stumbled into her. They ‘bought’ her as Shinobu scatters money into the air to her seller, enough a distraction for them to ‘steal’ Kanao. They clean her up and provide for her but because she is still unresponsive (only taking action when specifically told to), Kanae gives her a coin in which she could flip and decide. Tanjirou and Inosuke are visited by their sword makers. New Nichirin swords. Yay! Unfortunately mad Haganezuka blames Tanjirou for breaking his sword and tries to kill him?! Kanamori (Inosuke’s sword forger), is all zen and calm. Until Inosuke purposely makes holes in his swords like his last one. Kanamori now loses his cool and wants to kill him! Tanjirou has progressed so well in his training that he is able to best Kanao! Bad news for Zenitsu and Inosuke. Better ramp up their training. Shinobu gives Tanjirou the greenlight that he is completely healed and fit for real combat. When he asks about the Hinokami Kagura dance, she is unsure of it. Apparently there IS A DIFFERENCE between fire breathing and flame breathing. Kyojuro’s breathing is based on the latter and Tanjirou should consult him but he is out on a mission. It’s that time where Tanjirou speaks to sleeping Nezuko to give some sort of assurance. Maybe he is hearing things because it’s like Nezuko speaks to give him encouragement. Even if it’s all in his head, he is still happy to hear it.

Episode 26
The lower half of Twelve Kizuki is summoned. Before them is a woman. However it is Kibutsuji taking a new form. He tells them Rui has been killed and laments the lower half is useless. Throughout the century, it is the upper half that has managed to kill Hashira and even remain unchanged. But the lower half has always been changing. Maybe Twelve Kizuki should just be the upper half. Kibutsuji shows how fearsome he is as he kills off those who even tries to speak their mind, agree or disagree. If you even run, you’re dead. The last one is left. Any last words? He loves the despair and prepares himself to be killed by him. Kibutsuji likes his answer and injects him with his blood. If he survives this transfusion, he might gain more powers. Then be useful to him and kill more Hashira. And if he kills the one with hanafuda earrings, he will give him more of his blood. Back to the Demon Slayer Corps, a Kasugai Crow tells our young trio to assist Kyojuro in the Infinite Train incident where many people are going missing. Kanao finally talks to Tanjirou. It is only because her coin flipping finally allows her to. As Tanjirou finds it odd a coin decides for her, he borrows it to toss it so if it lands heads, she will decide with her own heart. And heads it is. He hopes her heart can grow as strong as she wants it. Tanjirou also thanks Giyuu for putting his life on the line for Nezuko. You can repay him by doing a good job. At the train station, apparently Inosuke has never seen a train before and thinks it’s some monster! Tanjirou thinks it is some spirit guardian… Tell it to them, Zenitsu… Because Inosuke attacks it, the police almost arrest them. Apparently Demon Slayer Corps isn’t officially recognized by the government so they can’t flash their swords in public. Really? No wonder demon attacks are so rampant… Stupid corrupted politicians… Don’t loiter around, guys. Don’t wanna miss the train… All aboard now.

The Shape Of Water; Every (Total Concentration) Breath You Take
Well, if you think all that wasn’t enough and also because there are still too much at stake to just ‘end’ there, be glad that there will be a ‘sequel’. At least the Infinite Train arc, the next sequel is in the form of a movie scheduled to be released some time in 2020. Though, I am not really sure if this movie would have Tanjirou as the main character because of its initial promotional poster that has only Kyojuro taking up every inch of the picture. Like Shinobu pointed out, he could be the guy who could help Tanjirou master his flame breathing or something. But we’ll have to wait and see.

I can easily see why many considered this to be one of the best anime for 2019. I feel the same way too. But too bad not the top because the third season of Shingeki No Kyojin was still better. Heh. But anyway, the story of this series is quite intriguing to watch and despite there are slow and draggy moments, it doesn’t totally feel boring to watch at all. This season has its plot divided into a few story arcs and sometimes some of the episodes might get a bit slow as they drag out a little the drama. But thankfully because of how intriguing the story and the characters were masterfully depicted, it doesn’t feel like a chore at all to sit through all the 26 episodes of this series. Looking back at all the things that Tanjirou has gone through, it is definitely all just scratching the surface and we have not even begun to dig an inch deeper into the lore and setting of this series. That’s why I believe this should get another season in the form of a TV series. It would be a shame to just leave it all hanging ‘forever’.

Besides the story, the other exciting factor that is the series’ strong point is its action and combat scenes. Can’ have a demon slaying anime without any demon slaying, right? In short, the fight sequences with the demons are quite exhilarating to watch. Although the fights with more ‘important’ demons are dragged out to several episodes, it doesn’t get boring or repetitive since Tanjirou is ever growing and improving himself. It is with great excitement to see him pull off different versions of his water breathing techniques and slowly mastering its various forms. So if you’re not into the blood and gore that are abundant in this anime, looks like you’re not fit and ready to watch this. Barney the purple dinosaur may be a better option for you.

Character wise, Tanjirou as the main character may feel like he is a typical main character for a shonen genre. Guy driven by a tragic past and with a great sense of justice and determination, he overcomes his obstacles. That is generally putting it and it wouldn’t be fair to just generalize and pigeonhole Tanjirou into that sort of generic main character although it is technically not wrong to say that he also fits that. Because we get to see up close and personal at how Tanjirou struggles with each obstacle and foe he comes across, this gives his character more credibility and hence why we also form a ‘bond’ with his character. For many instances when he fights with the demons, you just feel that you want to support and cheer on for him to win his battle. He has grown so much in such a short time and has a lot more room for improvement. And since we have been following his development, it is no surprise that we want to see him achieve greater heights and of course his end goal.

But the only ‘annoying’ thing that makes it all seem a bit absurd is that Tanjirou sometimes feel like Superman, especially in his desperation fights with a demon he is facing. What do I mean Superman? You see, Tanjirou is still human and since he is still considered a rookie Demon Slayer Corps member, obviously he takes a beating as the enemy shelves their techniques, trump cards and other moves on him. This means Tanjirou will have broken bones here, there and everywhere in his body. The ‘Superman’ part is how he is still able to continue fighting like as though he is no pain of those broken bones! I know. It is the cliché part of him having a much stronger will and determination that the pain is nothing. Or at least he must tolerate the pain for the sake of his Nezuko and defeat the demon before resting. Even with fractured bones and cracked rib cages, Tanjirou still looks pretty normal! I mean, he still looks good! No broken bones protruding his flesh whatsoever or blue black injury showing on his skin. It’s just unbelievable.

The other thing that makes the story and character development stand out unlike many of such anime of the same genre is that the demons (the important ones that Tanjirou fights) are given an equal back story to tell of their own. Generally, villains are not given much of the limelight and focus and even if they do, it is just a short one just to let us know why they are twisted and do what they do. But for this series, they take a step further by crafting the demons’ background. I’m not saying they too have a fair share of the limelight overall but with their stories fleshed out, it makes us understand and sympathize on why they become demons in the first place. Remember, demons are not born! They are made! So for Kyogai and Rui, they might not have a very elaborated back story but at least they have a background that ‘justifies’ why they become demons. Of course this doesn’t clear them of the guilt of killing innocent people but it shows us that these demons aren’t just one-dimensional villains who exist as a stepping stone for the hero to be defeated just because the story script says so.

As for the other characters, well, it’s too early to say or comment anything deep about them yet. We have a glimpse of Zenitsu’s background and why he is such a slacker and a very annoying whiner. Really. You want to hate this guy or feel annoyed but because he is such an excellent comical dude, I don’t know, I just forgave him and want to see him complain so more! It’s that conflicted state of mine that wants him to shut up but also don’t because a calm and cool Zenitsu who isn’t some flirt isn’t Zenitsu at all. I bet we were all shocked when he showed his real strength in his sleep mode, right? Nothing much on Inosuke yet at this point. Just some really hot headed kid who wants to be the strongest until he realizes that he wasn’t as strong as he thinks. It was really weird to see him come to terms with that after the Natagumo incident but at least with him acknowledging his weakness, this is nothing shameful but a step forward to becoming stronger. Perhaps it is Inosuke’s competitive nature that makes him so. Thus it is amusing to see him always trying to ‘compete’ with Tanjirou but the latter being so cool, Inosuke sometimes can’t help fall into his pace and starts feeling fluffy by his influence. Yeah, even the most badass of guys have their soft side! With these dorks by Tanjirou’s side, man he is going to have a hard time rounding in this circus.

With the introduction of the Hashira level Demon Slayer Corp members, it gives the series more colour and variation. Yes people, the most powerful group and team in the anime world is more than often made up of weirdoes. Powerful weirdoes. Each of them as briefly introduced have their own quirks and powers but at this point of the anime, they are not properly fleshed out yet and I think if we’re going to do justice to these characters, maybe a couple of more seasons will do the trick… I believe many of them have tragic encounters with demons so it is understandable why the hate demons so much and why they persevere to where they are now. Some showing their emotions outright and some hiding it with other weird personalities. Thus it is with irony that many of these Hashira members now have to live with the fact that they are sheltering a demon named Nezuko. It goes against the norm but sometimes like they say, you have to think outside the box. It’s not just always killing demons, more demons and demons dying. Because if Kibutsuji is already so cunning and sly, they need more than conventional methods if they are to really make humans win this war in the long run.

Speaking of Kibutsuji, this guy is really filled with enigma. At least for this season, they tease us enough to make us believe that he is the ultimate and true final boss that not only Tanjirou, but the Demon Slayer Corps will face. Kibutsuji showing up early (rather than in some animes where the real big bad guy shows up in the last few episodes or his shadowy presence only teased) and even before Tanjirou at least proves that his existence is real and not some fabled made up legend. After all, it is said that many Demon Slayer Corps and even the Hashira side have never seen how he looks like. Yeah, Tanjirou scoring at the lottery, no? Not the big jackpot but at least the lowest winning denomination. And before that, they’ve got the Twelve Kizuki to deal with (or is it Six Kizuki now that Kibutsuji decided to trim it down?). And since we don’t even know half of who they are (the upper ones), the suspense remains. Serves as a future plot for great and epic group battles, if you know what I mean?

Kibutsuji is also truly fearsome as seen in the final episode. It really gives weight as to why every demon who serves under him fears him like instinct. He is truly the essence of a demon. More than a dictator, his words are absolute and believes whatever he says is the truth. You cannot suggest, deny or even speak anything. You only exist to serve him and be useful to his needs. Otherwise, death awaits. He is brutally honest with all that and doesn’t need to raise his voice because he himself already gives off that aura of fear. I mean, who is going to really oppose him, right? So yeah, now you see why even thinking of his name sends shivers down their spine? I think even Satan himself fears this dude!

Then there is Nezuko who has become another bag of mystery ever since she became a demon. I believe it is the cliché factor that the strong sibling bond is stopping her from fully becoming a demon. Even all that has been explained about Nezuko’s uncanny demonic behaviour (especially from what Urokodaki said), it may all just be speculation. Nezuko sometimes feel like the ‘backup weapon’ for Tanjirou because if that guy is in a pinch and has exhausted his options, don’t worry, here comes Nezuko to help turn this into a tag team match! Yeah, you thought you’ve seen everything that there is for her to show us but now she can turn into a chibi version?! Like, WTF?! So kawaii!!! Makes you want to go own a chibi Nezuko keychain or nendoroid, eh? Are those on sale right now?!

All in all, there are too many ongoing development and with more new added characters to the fray, it is going to take some time to really flesh them out. Especially Tanjirou’s dad who seems to be just more than a sickly man. Kanao has got her small past explained but I believe it is just abridged and more could come in the future. After all, Kanao is part of the same group of survivors with Tanjirou who passed the final selection test and with 4 out of 5 them coincidentally ‘gathered’, it is going to be the future generation of the Demon Slayer Corps and humanity. WTF are they very subtly hinting Tanjirou x Kanao romance… I don’t even… Don’t forget about Tamayo and Yushiro too. They might be on the run but that doesn’t mean that they are gone forever. Still need that ultimate cure. Last but not least the big man of Demon Corps Slayer himself, Ubuyashiki. We’d like to know how he ended up with a hideous upper part of his face. No manga spoilers please!

One of the light-hearted and amusing sections is the next episode preview. At first I thought this Taisho Secret that Tanjirou or some other random characters of the series whisper to us, they are trivia about the Taisho era that this series is set in. Yup, I thought they were real facts or trivia. But the more I hear them whisper these secrets, the more I realize that they are just the small comedic trivia of the lore of this series. Yeah well, I’m not really that huge of a fan of this series so I don’t really think I can remember them nor do I really, really, really, care. Inosuke can only call someone’s correct name on the 7th time? Tanjirou’s parents always cook toast rice crackers for him after every festival? Uhm… Okay. Thanks for that bit but whatever. Only that one time this segment is switched to some Demon Slayer Academy! Oh man, this series having its characters in a high school setting? What are the chances this would be some silly spinoff?!

The art and animation are quite good. The series does feel have its own unique art style. It has that edgy looks to it and sometimes the art is cell shaded. Especially when Tanjirou unleashes his water styled techniques, they have this really cool mix of traditional Japanese art and cell shaded art to it. Of course there are some scenes whereby it gets comical and you can see how the character turn into its chibi form. Especially Zenitsu. This guy has incredulous eyes popping out?! Funny… Unlike many other action oriented series whereby the quality drops during fast paced action scenes, there are none here. At least, not that I noticed. Maybe I was so engrossed that I didn’t notice but I am sure that the series was putting in the quality in all those action scenes because they are rather important, especially Tanjirou unleashing his move for the first time or the technique that gives him the edge over his opponents. Smooth and awesome. The art and animation is such good quality and it is no surprise that Ufotable is the studio that was behind its production. They still got it there after their superb consistent quality in the Fate/Zero series as well as both seasons of Tales of Zestiria The X.

As for some of the character designs, notwithstanding at how some weird some the characters look (especially those Hashira guys), I happen to notice that some of the characters have dead eyes. Uh huh. Dead fish eyes. Giyuu, Shinobu, Kanao and even Tamayo all have this lifelessness look in their eyes. I thought they are blind or something but it’s just how their eyes look. And here is another big shocker character design: If you are old enough like yours truly :’(, the moment you first laid eyes on Kibutsuji, you’d be screaming to yourself, “WHAT THE HECK IS MICHAEL JACKSON DOING HERE IN THIS SERIES???!!!” OMG! OMFG!!! MICHAEL JACKSON STILL LIVES!!! Aaow! Hehe! Smooth Criminal! Oh yeah. Even looking at his name, the more I look at it, the more I feel it looks closely resemble to Michael Jackson. Mu-chael Kibu-Jackson… Sorry, bad pun. So MJ fans, the king of pop isn’t that. He just lived on as a demon. Uh huh. That Time When I Reincarnated As A Demon… And when I first looked at Tanjurou, I thought he looked more like a drug addict. Seriously. On a trivial note, the coat the Demon Slayer Corp members wear, well, somehow it makes them look bloated. Thankfully it doesn’t hinder their ability to fight demons. I wonder how they choose the design because it’s good to have them wearing different patterns and colours as it makes it extra easy to identify them visually. Can’t have them all wearing the same taisho uniform now, can they?

This series has a many seiyuus lending their talents and many whom I recognized, namely Natsuki Hanae as Tanjirou, Saori Hayami as Shinobu, Takahiro Sakurai as Giyuu, Satoshi Hino as Kyojuro, Kana Hanazawa as Mitsuri, Tomokazu Sugita as Gyomei, Kenichi Suzumura as Iguro, Jun Fukuyama as Yahaba, Mikako Komatsu as Susamaru, Junichi Suwabe as Kyogai, Ami Koshimizu as spider mama, Showtarou Morikubo as spider boy, Ryoko Shiraishi as spider sister, Takehito Koyasu as that grotesque hands demon, Ai Kayano as Kanae, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Genya, Hochu Ohtsuka as Urokodaki, Shinichiro Miki as Tanjurou, Shigeru Chiba as Zenitsu’s grandpa and Yuuki Kaji as Sabito. Phew. That’s a lot. And don’t think I didn’t spot my favourite Mamiko Noto as Inosuke’s mom making a very brief cameo in his short flashback! Hooray! But the one taking the cake are Hiro Shimono as Zenitsu and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Inosuke. Hiro Shimono is just freaking hilarious and annoying as the whiner while Yoshitsugu Matsuoka shows us he can cast off his heroic stereotypic voice in Kirito, Souma and Bell by voicing a character always in eternal hog grunting mode! Not easy to speak like that! Kudos!

The rest of the casts are Akari Kitou as Nezuko (Karin in Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]), Toshihiko Seki as Kibutsuji (Senketsu in Kill La Kill), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ubuyashiki (Julius in Black Clover), Kouki Uchiyama as Rui (Raku in Nisekoi), Rena Ueda as Kanao (Ayado in 3D Kanojo Real Girl), Katsuyuki Konishi as Tengen (Oga in Beelzebub), Kengo Kawanishi Muichiro (Rei in 3-gatsu No Lion), Tomokazu Seki as Sanemi (Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile), Maaya Sakamoto as Tamayo (Ciel in Kuroshitsuji), Daiki Yamashita as Yushiro (Midoriya in Boku No Hero Academia), Daisuke Namikawa as Haganezuka (Waver in Fate series) and Ai Kakuma as Makomo (Rossweisse in High School DxD). For a series with double cours, it is one of the very rare ones whereby it only has a single opening and ending theme. I guess when you have such a great story and action, you don’t need the gimmick of retaining or attracting viewers’ attention with a new opening and ending come halfway. The opening theme is sung by Lisa and Gurenge might sound like a song fitting this series as well as Sword Art Online because I’m just fresh off watching that Alicization story. The same can be said for the ending theme, From The Edge also by Lisa but featuring Fiction Junction. Uh huh. Sometimes hearing this song I could mistake them to be songs from Sword Art Online. A special ending theme, Kamado Tanjirou No Uta by Go Shiina featuring Nami Nakagawa is a very beautiful but emotionally powerful and slow ballad to say the least.

To summarize it all, this is definitely a very good series. Excellent story, characters and action sequences make it really worthwhile the quality and what truly means for anime to be anime. Just wished that it had more episodes and hopefully there would be more sequels in the future. Don’t make me turn into Zenitsu and start screaming and b*tching for a need to have another one! Sure, I can live with this kid’s incessant ear piercing screeches so long as I can get another season of this epic anime. I don’t mind hearing Inosuke’s uncouth speaking manner as long as they put up another sequel. I also don’t mind if they ever have that cheesy Tanjirou x Kanao romance as long as this show is having another sequel. But don’t kill off Mamiko Noto’s character in the next… Oh wait… She’s already… ARGH!!!! Just bring me the next season, okay?!

Apparently I was confused the last time. I thought the recap episode that was the final episode of the TV series was the first OVA episode. It wasn’t. Then I later realized that due to production issues at that time, the first OVA episode was delayed and hence the second OVA episode was released first. Now, this is the first OVA of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, finally making its release in December 2019. Better late than never.

Hey! Butts!
Rimuru has Vesta create some sleeping pills. The moment he takes it, he is completely knocked out. Yeah, dream world time. Dream world still the same with Shuna and Shion fighting over Rimuru. This time over which clothes he should cosplay. Rimuru then realizes he is fooling around when others are working hard. He fears they may wake up feeling empty. Hence he calls for an assembly and decides to introduce a sport where everyone can have fun: Sumo wrestling. He explains the rules but there are more don’ts than dos. Hey, they are monsters after all and sumo isn’t a blood sport to begin with. Just don’t hurt or kill your opponents, okay? The prize for the women’s division is getting to spend a full day with Rimuru. The prize for the men’s division is getting to sleep on Shuna’s lap! You bet they’re fired up. We have the first round of the men’s side pitting Geld against Kurobe. The moment they start, the women’s side is ready to take to the ring so Rimuru is interested to see that! Haha! Men’s side nobody is interested! By the way, Benimaru would go on to own the competition and perhaps win it because he isn’t letting anybody sleep on his sister’s lap. So the first match sees Soka against Shion. Shion is too powerful and accidentally rips Soka’s clothes. Embarrassed she runs out of the ring. Shion wins. Now you see why the women’s side is much more interesting?! Next match has Milim against Shuna. Rimuru imposes handicaps on her, that is she can’t use her hands or feet. But she can still use her head butt! She dives like a missile but luckily Shuna dodges. Then Milim uses her hair to latch onto her. She also uses all her muscles in her body to avoid touching to ground outside the ring. WTF hair got muscles?! The ring collapses and although Shuna is said to have fallen first, Rimuru declares Milim out because of the indecency rules as Milim’s loincloth came off.

The finals is between Shion and Shuna. Because of the destroyed ring, Rimuru turns it into a butt sumo. Oh yeah. You can see why the men can’t take their eyes of this match. With the ladies colliding butts, you bet they can see everything else clearly! But the butt collision is so great that this mini stump they are standing on also collapses! Luckily Rimuru to the rescue as he becomes their cushion. Oh yeah. Like they would fall to their deaths, huh?! I bet he just wants to be the ‘real winner’ because their butts are sitting on him. Anyway the match is declared a draw. Although sumo become the national sport, oddly it is butt sumo that is more popular. Yeah, I wonder how fish is going to play butt sumo?! Rimuru doesn’t mind as long as everyone is having fun. But this comes back to bite him in the butt because of Shion and Shuna’s draw, they are continuing to fight over him. Yup, they are tearing him apart!!! Will the slime finally be torn?! Cue for Rimuru to wake up from this dream. Later he has Vesta to forever seal the sleeping pills. There wasn’t any side effect and it worked like a charm. But because it is too powerful, that pill never see the light of day again. Sweet dreams, sleeping pills?

That Time When I Reinvented Sumo As A Fanservice Sport
Ah well. Fun as it is, I guess that is why they had to turn this into some sort of dream so that it would be canon. You know, so it doesn’t have any sort of unwanted or permanent effects in the real plot or story. Also, whatever absurd things that need to happen, happens inside a dream so it is somewhat valid. You know, it is all just a dream. So what happened in Rimuru’s dream, stays in Rimuru’s dream. And with Rimuru putting away the sleeping pills for good, let’s hope that there would be no more such nonsense in future instalments of the series! Better get going in getting more powerful, make more enemies into allies and taking over the entire world when the next season comes around!

Now I can see why sumo is traditionally a sport only for big fat men. I am sure there are underground rings for women doing sumo and for sleazy and shady reasons but let’s leave that there. Had sumo have beautiful and hot chicks pushing each other in loincloths, you bet this could rake in a lot of money and viewership. But thanks to Japan being such a conservative and traditionalist country, oh well, I guess you can’t have everything. That’s why if we really want to legitimately see a sport that involves sexy and hot babes in scantily clad clothes, thank goodness we still have beach volleyball for that! Oh Rimuru, you might reconsider reopening the vault and give those pills another shot for another awesome sexy ass time! Reintroduce beach volleyball to your nation! I bet we and you will not be sorely disappointed about it. No but(t)s about it, that’s for sure!

XL Joushi

January 10, 2020

OMG. Finally a theme that befits its porn setting. Seasons in, seasons out, we have pseudo short anime porn that usually involve themes surrounding men in different jobs or uniforms. But now with XL Joushi, the main theme is not that but condoms and a huge dick. Yes, you read that right. Those thin rubber sheath used by men in sex and a guy who possesses a big penis. Nothing gets as direct as these. And if you still need a storyline to connect condoms and the big dick, well, porn logic here you get. Some office lady needs cash and the best way is to review XL size condoms. Because yeah, at least you don’t have to dirty your own body and earn less without selling your body. And you might think how the f*ck can she test condoms without a dick? Ah, herald her male colleague who supposedly has an XL size dick… Now do you see where this is going? Why do I have a feeling that she too will become the test subject?

Episode 1
Saki Watase thought her much awaited package has arrived. WTF?! A box of XL condoms?! Stupid wrong delivery! As she drinks alone and complaining about this, her arrogant colleague, Keisuke Sudou joins in. Seems Sudou likes to lecture her on things too. But Watase gets drunk and complains how she wants to marry and settle down. Sudou brings her home only to find condoms everywhere! Boy, it’s going to be hard to explain she isn’t that desperate to snag a man! She tells the truth and what is the best way to test these condoms? Yeah… But does anyone have that dick size? Sudou claims he has! He is going to test it now! And so this is where the porn starts. Sudou molesting Watase so that he could get turned on and show us his (mosaic) erect dick. Wow. So big! Yeah, even the XL condom feels a bit tight?! Time to finish this. Finish her! Yup, penetration sex time. Oh Watase, that was great, right? Sudou leaves and takes the condoms with him. Can’t have her test it out with other men, right? And yes, he is going to test them out and give his opinion. Every one of them. Be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime…

Episode 2
Watase does her presentation well. But some sexist male thinks otherwise just because she is a woman. Of course Sudou stands up for her and tells the old f*cker to back down and accept it. Later Watase thanks him for it when some random guy bumps into her and sends her phone ringing. She tries to pick it up from her messy handbag. Well, it’s not her handphone. It’s he vibrator!!! WTF???!!! Is she intent on testing this?! Sudou thinks she is in heat and the best to solve this is to eat. You mean eat pussy? Okay! After dinner (the one with food), Watase asks Sudou to hand back the condoms because she wants to return it. No can do. Customer feedback is very important. Yeah, he wants to participate in this XL club. XL what? Time to eat desserts. Instantly they make out. I guess she’s feeling so good that she didn’t even bother to stop this nonsense. Of course they test out another condom for its lubricant. This girl so wet I don’t think any lubricant is needed. Here comes the penetration train! Wow. So good his dick inside him that she cums multiple times.

Episode 3
You mean Sudou f*cked her so hard that she can’t remember what happened after that?! She then hears Sudou talking to the boss who accepts his proposal. However she wants to assign him to a new team for it to work. But Sudou wants Watase to remain in the team and mentions all about her good points (good thing he left out how good her pussy was too! HAHA!). Boss accepts and the moment she mentions about his arranged meeting, damn Watase just got disheartened and runs away? Yeah, Sudou suspects somebody was eavesdropping because who the f*ck would drop coffee in front of the door just like that?! So back home a sad Watase is going to test the condom on herself? Oh, so that’s how she’s going to do it. But the condom over the vibrator and… Suddenly Sudou barges in. Don’t do this! You can tell she is sad over his arranged meeting because she tells him she will do the product review herself so he can do it with the new woman. Sorry to break it to you, girl. Sudou mentions he rejected his boss’ arranged meeting too. You know why? Because he is in love with you! And when he says the vibrator is no match for his real dick, why the f*ck does Watase feel so relieved and happy? I guess they waste no time in feeling each other and test this strawberry flavoured condom. Uh huh. Watase’s favourite flavour. First blowjob ever! And then he wants a piece of it too so it’s 69 position for them. After Sudou cums, his dick still so big. That’s because he still can go on for another round as he tests out this ultra thin condom. I suppose we need to have penetrative sex too. Working overtime, huh? And Watase commenting on his dick, so big, so wrong, so good… What else is there to review?

Episode 4
Watase receives an invitation from the company who makes the condoms to a conference. You bet Sudou wants to attend. Yeah, Watase getting freaked out seeing all the men here. They must really have large dicks!!! As she waits alone, Riku Narita starts to hit on her. He is supposed to come here with his girlfriend but just got dumped. Watase is uncomfortable but Narita won’t let her go. Yeah, he too has an XL dick and has her touch it! After all, it is no secret that everyone here has a big dick and tested out the XL condoms. So Watase must have tested it out on her ‘boyfriend’, right? His hands are all over her and good thing Sudou is within earshot of hearing her scream. Hence he confronts Narita and warns him to not touch other people’s girl. Thank goodness no violence. However jealous Sudou brings Watase to the toilet and when he learns she touched Narita’s dick, he is going to make sure that his dick is the true XL! HAHAHA!!! WTF???!!! Cue for him to rape her and what luck, he’s got a sample condom with him. A couple of guys come in (including Narita) so keep the noise down while you’re f*cking. It’s a miracle they’re having sex quiet enough seeing that his freaking huge dick is penetrating her to the max! Of course Narita is aware of certain strange sounds coming from the cubicle. Sudou finishes her! Narita just smirks!

Episode 5
You bet Sudou doesn’t want to come to this sort of conference again. Watase can’t agree more. And then this Narita guy just barges into their conversation and tries to hit on Watase like as though Sudou isn’t there. And when Sudou put his foot down, Narita claims he has a nice voice and they should settle it via karaoke. WTF Sudou agrees?! I don’t want to hear these guys sing and the only ‘music’ I wanna hear is Watase’s orgasmic moaning!!! HAHAHA!!! With Watase being close with Narita, you bet Sudou isn’t happy. So while they argue, Narita tries to spike Watase’s drink. Unfortunately it is Sudou who drinks it! Narita realizes he has screwed up and leaves. When Sudou starts to feel horny (OMFG! THAT BULGE!!!!), Watase realizes an empty bottle of some aphrodisiac from the conference. Yeah, they give those out too? Watase brings Sudou home. And that moment, his horniness takes off so he f*cks her. It can’t be that Sudou finishes so fast, right? Yup, second round! And more rounds to come because we see him use up several condoms!!! OMFG! How many condoms does it take to satisfy this monster???!!! Even Watase thinks she is going to die at this rate!!! Death by snu-snu???!! Her ass must be a crater right now! Maybe she’s already dead and halfway to heaven! Haha! Finally when the condoms run out, finally he cums. Just in time. In the aftermath, Sudou teases that he won’t use any sort of aphrodisiac any more. Because his huge dick is big enough to satisfy! So true! Oh Watase, you’re so dead…

Episode 6
Sudou walks into the hotspring and… All the guys are exclaiming how big his dick is!!! OMFG! Is he really Japanese?! Are they implying the standard Japanese size is way smaller than that?! Sudou and Watase are at the hotspring when Narita hugs her from behind and continues to flirt! This guy really didn’t learn his lesson. Watase doesn’t appreciate this so Sudou steps up to protect her. Since Narita won’t give up, he proposes a ping pong challenge. Too bad it is abruptly interrupted when his own girlfriend comes to take him away! What a jerk! Back in the room, Watase asks a stupid question that will of course lead to the obvious. Why invite her to the hotspring? It is only right to rest and relax after hard work. So Sudou is going to make her body feel relaxed. I can see where this is going… He first starts with an ordinary massage. And then it becomes not so ordinary with his hands all over her sensitive areas. And then here comes the big one! I hope they don’t taint the hotspring with his semen… In the aftermath, Watase is asleep and I hope he didn’t f*ck her till she tires out! Yeah, defeats the point of coming to this hotspring, no?!

Episode 7
Damn, Watase freaking out at Sudou’s morning wood. He calls it Morning XL!!! WTF?! Thinking she is interested, he lets her touch it and it quickly escalates to them having sex. Wow. Already f*cking when it’s this early in the morning? I guess it’s okay if Watase feels good. As they walk around town, they see Narita’s girlfriend arguing with him and then dumping him. You know they don’t want to get involve and walk away but instantly Narita spots them and quickly flirts with Watase. WTF???!!! Of course Sudou won’t allow that. He takes her away as Watase notices lots of young women staring at Sudou. Stupid girl, don’t you start overthinking and comparing your plain self to them… Because of that, she loses Sudou and bumps into Narita again. Damn, this guy is persistent, huh? Watase tries to dismiss him as he is not her type. So what is her type? She tries to describe Sudou’s good points. Really? That is Sudou? Narita doesn’t believe it since guys with big dicks go around f*cking people. You can tell Watase is shocked to hear that despite trying to put up a fake front she doesn’t believe him. And then Sudou returns with a couple of young ladies. Apparently he tried to help them who are lost. I’m thinking they’re just pretending to be lost just so as to hang out with him. Look at their big smiley faces… Because of that, stupid Watase now believes Narita’s words. In short, she tells him she doesn’t need him anymore and runs away in tears. What’s that about him that f*ck everything that moves?! Like, WTF?! And Narita has the last laugh, telling Sudou how Watase’s type of guy is honest but he doesn’t seem all that honest. Yeah, I mean, the only thing that has been 100% honest all this while is his dick, RIGHT???!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Episode 8
Watase is depressed so this is an excuse for her to drink till she is drunk. She passes out but somebody carries her back to a room. She thinks it is Sudou but it’s actually Narita! This guy thinks of f*cking her with his XL but then he hears her mumble how sorry she is to Sudou. Yeah, I guess that killed the mood. When Watase sobers up, Narita lets her go but look who is at the door? Sudou! Narita tries to create trouble by saying his dick satisfy Watase more! Yeah, the guys asking whose dick she likes best! WTF?! She can’t say but she certainly did say she likes Sudou! That’s it, Narita. Your rejection. Let her go. Back in his room, Sudou apologizes and admits he isn’t an honest person just like Narita said. Then he hugs her and confesses he has liked her for a long time and only acted so because he thought she hated him. Really? I’m not surprised any girl would hate you if you keep f*cking her like that! I don’t think f*cking a girl without her permission all the time constitutes to apology, but whatever. Shockingly, she kisses him (on the lips, silly). After all that he’s done to her, you think she cares this will give the wrong impression? Though she can’t say she likes his dick, what she can say is that she likes him as a person. WTF his dick felt sad and started limping???!!! WTF???!!! SINCE WHEN DO DICKS HAVE FEELINGS????!!!!! Oh right. I understand. It’s the dick that made Watase feel good! Not Sudou, right?! And so they make out. Promoted from XL superior XL boyfriend. Yup, soon XL husband. With Sudou f*cking her hard, I guess that’s why Watase changes her stance. Yup, she also likes his XL dick. Oh yeah. Might as well. There’s a lot more where it came from.

Size Does Matter: The Bigger They Are, The Harder They F*ck!
Heh. She survived all that, eh? In the end, does Watase loves Sudou more or his super huge dick better?! That’s a no brainer eventually because she has to love the whole package! Haha! After all that incessant deep penetration, it probably fried some of Watase’s brain cells because now they are in love with each other and thus this gives Sudou a free pass to continue sticking it in her as he pleases. Now Watase loves him back. Goal achieved. Eternal f*cking can begin. The end. Imagine how a big dick can help develop such a loving relationship… HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sudou, be thankful to your little big guy for getting this relationship where it is today! And oh, I guess they don’t need that condom excuse to f*ck anymore, huh? Now every f*ck is not just a test. It’s real love now. Yeah…

I’ve seen so many of such fake porn shorts that I don’t know what else to say. You don’t really question the porn logic anymore and just go with the flow. Because for the umpteenth time, for this kind of story to work, the ultimate porn logic that the woman must enjoy and orgasm every time she gets f*cked. It is the only reason why she allows the man to f*ck her again and again and again and again. They also make her weak willed because that is also the reason that would make her decide to let the man have intercourse with her again and again and again and again. This is why when you have women like Watase having inner thoughts realizing that she would become a slut this way, she becomes confused in keeping he dignity or get a free pass in continuously feeling good. In the meantime, Sudou just keeps f*cking her. Until the next drama that puts this whole f*cking thing on the line.

That is the purpose of having third wheeler Narita in this relationship. Otherwise he would be just redundant. Because of his XL size too, he is like Sudou’s competitor. Hence Sudou has to thread and think carefully or he would lose his woman to another guy with the same rare goods. You think Narita is cool? He gives off this feel that he is more of a jerk than anything because of his shameless attempts to flirt with Watase. I bet the reason why his girlfriend dumped him was because she can’t take it anymore, his huge penetration is hurting all her holes! HAHAHA!!! Oops… But I think Narita is also taking advantage of Watase because anybody can see it is so obviously written on her face that she is a confused woman. Nothing blows away all those worries (temporarily) by having a big dick coming inside you! Hey, don’t blame me. Blame porn logic at its finest! Well, in a way it is a good thing that Watase chose Sudou (obviously) and hence Narita is a double loser for losing his girlfriend and now Watase. Nobody wants your XL, you loser. Oh well, what’s a guy and his big lonely dick got to do with each other? I’ll leave that up to your imagination…

And they need to ramp up the drama and finally confirm Watase’s feelings for him because that shoehorned setting that Sudou is really a looker and has the attraction of other women’s attention (heh, wait till they see his huge goods, that will make them think twice). I understand she’s worried. Worried that she is no longer monopolizing his XL!!! HAHAHA!!! Oops… Maybe after all the constant orgasms and feel good moments with his dick has clouded her judgment. And in the end, I still don’t think that the actual true love ruled the day. It is still more of lust. So keep f*cking, you happy sex maniacs in the name of love.

The other ‘big star’ of this series is of course no other than Sudou’s dick. Of course it is definitely mosaic out but I am sure of all the anime (mosaic) dicks I have ‘seen’, his takes the cake. The biggest of the lot. We are so used to seeing female characters having such huge monster tits that we don’t bat an eyelid. But then when we see this XL cock monster, well, it does sure give that weird feeling. And the company that manufactures those XL condoms, I wonder if they really want to penetrate (pun intended) the Japanese market. Because you know, your average Japanese men don’t have even L size dicks… HAHAHA!!! But seeing the response from that condom conference, damn, you sure this is Japan?! Sure you’re not exporting to western countries? Because if Japanese guys here already have XL size dicks, maybe the American counterparts have XXXL size penis!!! OMFG!!! You are truly f*cked then! And seriously people, a single woman trying to test XL men’s condoms on herself? Like, that’s the worst no brainer plot ever.

I’m sure I can make a lot more jokes about Sudou’s dick smashing Watase’s pussy until it becomes loose or like a moon crater but just thinking about it, I sometimes feel a little pain in my crotch for her. Because you know, Sudou’s penis is so huge, it is just a miracle wonder how he manages to fit inside her tight vagina and make her cum all the time. Don’t tell me her vagina is stretchable. She’s no Elastic Girl or Mr Incredible, you know. I worry that her pussy will be ripped and torn to shreds and by that time it will no longer be porn but horror porn. Yikes. Don’t want to go there. Not really into that. So yeah, it doesn’t matter how big your dick is, it’s how you finish her and make her feel good inside that counts! Hey, she is still alive every time she gets smashed so I guess that’s a good sign? But still, it is amazing that after Sudou’s extra large penis has been inside of Watase so many times, perhaps her pussy has really gotten used to it all. Porn logic at its finest as always… Now that I’ve seen everything that penises have feelings too, now I understand why porn stars always praise a guy’s dick… Always be kind to that little big guy to get it up. Yeah…

Do you know what the most epic thing about this series is? No, aside Sudou’s huge dick, the ending thing is just epic in its own right. XL BO$$ is so aptly named as well as its lyrics are just classic. Yup, Sudou singing about his ‘goods’. Forget about Magic Mike, let Sudou charm you with this hip hop and rock masterpiece. I am sure this song would also fit right in for male strippers doing their usual rounds. Such charm. If you didn’t get turn on while watching all the f*cking in this series, I’m sure this song would at least bring a smile to your face and make you in the mood. Not saying that it could top Barry White’s sexy songs or make you rush and go make out, but it’ll make your day. Just listen to it. Yup, “XL, XL, I can’t stop them anymore XL”… Can’t get any truer than that.

Overall, just another season of average pseudo anime porn. It follows the same formula like others before. Silly porn logic setting that leads to f*cking that eventually leads to the one true love. At least, porn’s version of what is called love anyway. Anyhow, I had a good laugh at how the big dick has authority over the pussy here. Hahaha! True! I doubt this series is going to see a spike in sales of condoms or even Viagra but seeing how you can never get rid of porn as long as there are humans (horniness is just part of our nature), well, at least you can f*ck responsibly by using a condom. Help stop breed future Darwin Award recipients by using a condom today!

N/B: It’s okay and cool to have a big dick but not cool to be a dick!

Hangyakusei Million Arthur

January 5, 2020

Excalibur throughout history has been the most famous legendary sword wield by the famous King Arthur of Britain. Countless tales and fiction are written about him and his sacred sword. So who in the world would really go all out to destroy it?! Well, in Hangyakusei Million Arthur, apparently the power of this sword went berserk and some freak miracle cloned million copies of it. Albeit many of them have a few slight variations in powers and effects. With the history of Britain being distorted by this, hence a group of 6 Arthurs from the future are sent back to the past to destroy all of them. Yup, count them. One million of them. Boy, this is going to take a while. I suppose there isn’t any repossessing or recalling service in Britain for Excaliburs, huh? Oh well, gotta do it the hard way and destroy them all one by one. Yup, count them again. One million of them, baby.

Episode 1
We see our sextet Arthurs: Danchou, Renkin, Yamaneko, Tekken, Kakka and Rurou taking on other rogue Arthurs and their fake Excaliburs while their respective fairies Nuckelavee, Bodach, Coupy, Titania, Brigitte and Bethor only watch. Flashback shows they are from the future. Distortions of Excaliburs were detected and causing to distort time in the past and future. Hence they are sent back to destroy every single last one of them all over Britain. There are a million of them, you know? Danchou is the leader of the group as she meets the rest who aren’t too amused with her. Because she thinks by being flirty or acting like a clown would do the trick in breaking the ice? Yeah, she’s just end up embarrassing herself. And also, nobody really likes her. Uh huh. You screwed up. It’s not your charm… But obviously the idiot doesn’t give up and thinks of inviting everyone to a home party. Too bad nobody notices the invitation she slipped in. Because they are busy investigating the thousands of Arthurs who are said to be hunting down the Arthur hunters (the sextet). Danchou, you need to get over why nobody came to your party and instead focus on this hordes of Arthurs who are coming. Obviously even with overwhelming numbers, our Arthur sextet could easily take out all those generic fake Arthurs and their fake Excaliburs. Not even a dragon can stop them! 10,000 of a million is only 1%. Long way to go but somebody has got to do the job. And can Danchou cut out her stupid ice breaker already? Don’t react lest you want to lose…

Episode 2
What did I say about not responding to Danchou’s sexy ice breakers? Tekken found out the hard way… Renkin despite her child-like stature, is the most knowledgeable Arthur. So to prove she is an adult, when the system detects a large amount of distortion in some area, she heads there herself. Danchou wants to go after her but the rest put their faith that Renkin is more than prepared if she decided to go herself. Of course Danchou went and finds Renkin. Still safe. Until a group of ruffians want to… Date Danchou?! I guess there are people with horrible tastes… So while Danchou dates them (really?), Renkin does research at the library. Since she meets a nice man, Bodach though romance is blossoming and lets them be. Danchou can see through those ruffians that they are Arthurs. Date plan failed. Attack! And lost! Danchou then realizes if she wasn’t the only one being targeted… Yup, that man whom Renkin is with is also an Arthur. She is kidnapped as he reveals his nefarious plans to take out the sextet one by one. Bodach tries to help but ends up locking herself in her own magic coffin. Bummer. Yeah, it makes her look so stupid. The man becomes despicable as his glasses shaped Arthur can also see through clothes! Lolicon!!! Danchou busts in to save Renkin before he could make the loli cry. Of course Danchou being an exhibitionist herself isn’t fazed when he sees everything through her. Because he relies heavily on sight, this is his weakness as both Danchou and Renkin bust his glasses and ass. In the end, Danchou and Renkin are friends. You think Danchou has an ulterior motive of using those glasses to see Yamaneko’s body but too bad as pointed out, only the owner can use it. Such a waste but thank goodness.

Episode 3
With simultaneous distortion readings at different places, Danchou hatches a scheme to become friends with Yamaneko by rigging the raffle to decide the teams. Of course Yamaneko sees through her and the plan fails. Yamaneko gets Renkin while Danchou ends up with Rurou. But this episode focuses on Tekken and Kakka. They head to a mining town to investigate but get caught up and become miners. While muscle brain Tekken enjoys it, obviously magician kid Kakka is all out breath. They also learn many miners come from other countries because invaders attacked their mines and they had to flee. Thanks to the generosity of the mining company’s president, Leicester, everyone is happy with things as they are. So as they continue their mining day job, they also investigate Leicester’s office. Having enough evidence, when Leicester is giving his speech to his men one morning about the booming business, they reveal the evidence that Leicester has been selling those mined minerals to the invaders to be made as weapons. This is why their country is spared from attacks. The miners are disillusioned but lost all respect when Leicester shows his true colours. Yeah, he summons an invader but luckily our heroes took out some of its parts so it won’t work. Leicester is an Arthur himself as he has strong drills as his Excalibur. But nothing beats Tekken’s fist of course and he is defeated. In the end, the miners return to their countries and drive out the invaders. With Tekken and Kakka being close enough, the rest think they are in a gay relationship and let them be.

Episode 4
When an Excalibur is detected in a town that grows takuan, Yamaneko surprisingly volunteers. Danchou thought it’s her chance to get close to her but damn she loses the lottery to Rurou. This town is about to celebrate its annual takuan contest but it’s like a ghost town. They witness a sniper shooting people and turning them into takuan! Roy saves them and in hiding he explains his sister, Loretta is behind this for revenge. Previously a year ago, an outsider who knew nothing about takuan won the contest and left their father in shame as he was the best takuan farmer. Disillusioned, Loretta left and during her journey she found an Excalibur. Thus she shoots anyone who is planning on holding this contest. Yamaneko and Rurou want the contest to carry on and they will be bait to lure her out. They thought of detecting her heat signature but she is smart enough to use a fake. Loretta begins sniping the townspeople. This scene triggers Yamaneko’s trauma since snippets show her family faced the firing squad. This distraction causes Rurou to protect her from a snipe and in turn he gets turned into a takuan. I don’t think blasting the mountain would do her any good. Loretta’s gone. To make up for her mistakes, Yamaneko once again heads out to lure Loretta out. Just when Loretta thought she got a clean hit on her, turns out Yamaneko is wearing a vest of takuan! Can’t turn takuan when it’s already a takuan! Yamaneko destroys her Excalibur and everyone in town reverts back to normal. Roy reveals the truth the outsider switched her takuan with their dad’s and by the time the townspeople discovered it, she already skipped town. After Loretta apologizes, the contest goes ahead with no further interruptions. As for Rurou and Yamaneko, they got a bunch of takuan. So eat up! There’s a lot more, way more from where that came from.

Episode 5
An Excalibur is detected in some all-girls’ elite high school. Kakka thought of heading down there to investigate but looks like Danchou is joining him. Heck, she makes him wear a girl’s uniform and he doesn’t protest? Oh well, this makes it easier to infiltrate. Kakka becomes popular with everyone on his first day. Danchou, Brigitte and Nuckelavee too but they’re more like fooling around rather than doing anything serious. Kakka then bumps into this art club president, Milia. Kakka notices various weapon props and could one of these be Excalibur? Unfortunately Milia and her club members turn Kakka into their paint model. This guy can’t say no, can he? Their horny creative turned on so they make him do sexy poses in various outfits. This is art! Finally he decides to escape but they corner him. That is when Milia uses her giant Excalibur paintbrush to trap him. She then reveals she knew he was a boy all along and set this up. Her ‘tragic’ story is that a cute boy betrayed her. Since art will never betray, she decides to capture a young boy’s prettiness before he starts betraying. After some tickling fanservice, she unleashes a couple of cross-dressing girls to flirt with Kakka. The humiliation lasts long enough for Danchou to bust in and easily knock everyone out. Seeing the perverted art Milia made, Kakka quickly destroys her Excalibur. However in the aftermath, Milia submits a humiliating art of Kakka and won first prize! Yeah, he forgot to destroy her art after destroying her Excalibur. More infuriating is that Danchou’s late appearance was because she was enjoying seeing Kakka’s humiliation! This guy has no more dignity left… Meanwhile Brigitte and Nuckelavee continue to become popular high school girls… Life must be good there, huh?

Episode 6
Swimsuit episode! Oh yeah! Our girls are enjoying themselves at a spa resort that belongs to Kakka’s estate. Of course there is trouble as there is a swimsuit thief swiftly stealing the tops and bottoms of the patrons’ swimsuit. Hence it is Danchou and the girls’ duty to catch the thief before this resort’s reputation plummet amidst the growing complaints. They separate into teams to sniff out the pervert but some of them fell victim. During the swimsuit competition, Danchou almost got hold of the culprit but he is faster than Sonic and she loses him. However noticing a hook has her have a good idea where this guy comes from. At the boring fishing section, they see a very strange man (because everyone else is just so boring looking) and true enough, Sander is the one stealing them. His Excalibur is a fishing rod that enables him to fish out from a distance. He claims he is doing it for Gaira, his brother’s sake. Long ago, Gaira was diagnosed with an illness. He wanted a star so Sander went on a journey to look for one but found this Excalibur. Then he fished in a star. A swimsuit with a star pattern. Since this isn’t what he wanted, he continued fishing but only fished swimsuits. And Gaira supposedly died from all the swimsuits suffocating him? The girls are shocked that Sander continues to do this because it became his hobby and fetish. Give back those tears! Danchou faces off with him and despite getting her top reeled, Renkin uses her hands to cover it. Hand bra defence! For an exhibitionist, she sure is worried getting naked. Sander tries to run away seeing he has got what he wanted but Danchou feels insulted because he isn’t interested what is underneath. After Sander is owned, it seems the real monster comes out. So this barbarian is Gaira? So he didn’t die and all that swimsuit suffocation instead turned him into a much worse monster? Yeah, he likes to fish the bottoms. Combining her might with some of the girls, they put him down, destroy their Excaliburs and end this reign of terror. Now they can go back to enjoying the rest of the day without the worry of their modesty being outraged.

Episode 7
Rurou is being washed away down the river! The gang gathers to look for him but Renkin tells them Rurou asking them to take care of Lucy. Not that anybody knows, not even in Bethor’s database. Rurou wakes up in the house of a young lady, Rose. He has been sleeping for 3 days. He finds it odd that she is too young to be the lord of this small territory so she explains her parents died in a carriage accident when she was young but they left her a beautiful rose garden. So helps distribute them to the villagers as its fragrance brings happiness. Hmm… Rose rose up to give roses. Yeah, I know. Bad pun, sorry… Then here comes the typical scumbag lord of the next region, Dokudami. He wants to marry Rose and of course she rejects his proposal for the umpteenth time. After all, rumours are rife he was the one who killed her parents. Look at that suspicious looking spanner Excalibur. Rose tries to get him off her back by having Rurou pretend to be her boyfriend. Dokudami gets mad and wants to fight. Rurou easily destroys his Excalibur and sends him fleeing like a coward. With Rurou’s heroics, they really think he should get hitched with Rose. Yeah, she thinks so too… However Rurou claims he only stirs up bad memories for her since she keeps talking about her parents. Soon Rurou reunites with his Arthurs. They are shocked to find this village because history goes after Rose’s parents’ died, she fell into depression and the village withered away as the people left. Rurou was sure he destroyed an Excalibur but you never know there could be more than one… Then Dokudami returns for revenge. While the other Arthurs keep him at bay, Rurou confronts Rose. Her Excalibur is a pair of shears. It brings life to anything it cuts but at the expense of sucking that life from other areas. Rose knows about his duty and realizes what is lost cannot be returned. She lets him break her Excalibur. Damn, I feel so bad about it. While the Arthurs defeat Dokudami and his army, Rurou destroys Rose’s Excalibur. Everything withers away… So sad… In the aftermath, the rest try to cheer him up. But they ask about Lucy. A wounded bird whom he found and tried to put back in the nest. But he slipped and fell into the river. Why do they look so disappointed now and Bethor wishing they never found him?!

Episode 8
Magical girl Arthurs? This sh*t is getting weirder. With Danchou and Tekken out sick because they challenged each other naked in the snow (don’t ask), Rurou watches over them so the rest head to a town whereby its famous wall kept out invaders. However there are no walls but 3 magical girl Arthurs easily destroying the robot invaders with their magic. They are also targeting our Arthur hunters as they know they are out to destroy the Excalibur wands. They fight but our Arthurs lose. Thanks to their fairies, they manage to escape with the skin of their teeth. Then they read a fairytale story that seems to mirror what’s happening. Uh huh. Town being attacked by invaders, girls pray to God, got the magic needed to bring back the smiles. With the Arthur trio facing off with the magical girls, the townspeople are sceptical because if their magical girls are defeated, who is going to protect them? Oh well. Here’s the second rematch of Arthur hunters vs magical girl Arthurs. And no interrupting or attacking until they finish their introduction! This time our heroes know their moves and are able to counter attack nicely. Before their Excaliburs can be destroyed, here comes the invaders. Time to call it a truce and work together to defeat the invaders. Their cooperation brings down the invaders but here comes the big mother invader. Ironically the magical girls got their Excaliburs destroyed by it. How will they protect the town without magic now? Then all the adults and kids rush out to protect them. I know this isn’t going to do anything much but I am thinking this is to show this symbolic metaphor that the people are the town’s true walls. Our Arthurs are so touched that now they go all out and destroy the mother invader at full force. There. Day saved. In the aftermath, the magical girls decide to get stronger by becoming Renkin’s disciples. Can this little girl act like a big sister?

Episode 9
While Tekken, Kakka and Yamaneko are on their way back, they stumble upon an idol, Kaguya. It seems she is running away from obsessed fans who want to just show their love. Because their pen lights are detected as Excaliburs, our Arthurs waste no time in defeating time. Easy. That would normally be the end of it but Kaguya doesn’t want to be left alone. What if more rabid fans like them attack her? Hence she wants them to serve as her bodyguard until she gets to her concert venue. Being the simpleton, Tekken agrees to see this through. Kaguya might be a brat and boss around, but the fairies detect her to be a knight. She admits she is one and an AI that was born to work under Arthur although currently she isn’t serving one right now. Kaguya has beef with Tekken. Although he compliments her, he also mentions her bad points with brutal honesty. So after beating up a doodled Tekken face on her pillow, she decides to go take a shower and strips. But Tekken enters. Oops. Wrong room. My bad. Bye. Hence she is going to make that guy pay. So next morning when they hear a scream from her room, they rush over to see the window open. Tekken instantly searches her throughout town. Yamaneko notices something amiss because everything happened too fast. True enough, Kaguya is hiding under the bed. She comes clean about wanting to get back at Tekken for shaming her. She apologizes but no biggies for Tekken who is glad she is safe. Later they go face off with the hordes of those fatty fans and destroy their Excaliburs. Is looking alike a dress code for them? That night, a mad doctor who is an obsessed fan of hers paralyses her. He is also interested in her knight genes. She ekes out a call for help. Normally the rest would think this is a prank but Tekken doesn’t think so and goes after the mad doctor. Despite the mad doctor sounding threatening, Tekken easily defeats him in one punch. Wow. So easy. The mission is done once Kaguya arrives at her concert. She is sad at them leaving and invites them to listen. However Tekken isn’t a music fan and passes. Kaguya saw this coming and accepts. Tekken might not be acting like a gentleman but he thinks music is for those who truly wants to hear them. But not hearing Kaguya sing, he can imagine how her songs sound like.

Episode 10
Our Arthur hunters are at it again. Destroying a whole bunch of Arthurs and their Excaliburs. And let’s check the tally how many are left. WHAT?! 900,000 left???!!! Meanwhile a group of shady Arthur bosses are discussing on how to deal with them. They’ll eventually meet since their goal is to destroy all Excaliburs. The next time our Arthur hunters do their usual, it seems those Arthurs abandon their Excaliburs and run away. They feel odd and suspicious because it is somewhat insulting for an Arthur to just abandon their Excalibur. Then they discover that all the remaining 900,000 Arthurs have banded together and are going to take them out! Those who ran away were just decoys while the rest gather more Excaliburs. So yeah, the actual figure is more than 900,000. Hey. Why are they worried? It’s not like they’ve never taken on such huge number before, right? RIGHT?! Oh sh*t. From Tekken’s simple solution to just fight them to Rurou’s surprising answer to run away, Danchou wants them to give her until tomorrow to make a decision. Hence everybody has a sleepless night. Next day, Danchou’s plan is to become a decoy to let others run away. But the rest saw through this plan and will fight alongside her. Even Yamaneko admits she prefers her idiotic Danchou than one who acts out of character! So okay guys, let’s do this! As usual, thanks to those dumb low level Arthurs, this looks easy. However as you can see because of the immense numbers, our Arthur hunters soon get tired and that is the plan of those shady Arthur bosses to go in for the kill. But wait! Suddenly divine intervention?! Pharsalia drops down from the sky and didn’t expect the Arthur hunters to be so weak. She decimates the others in a single blow! OMG! WTF she’s so overpowered?! Is she God?! When other Arthurs flee, Pharsalia turns to the Arthur hunters. She warns them she might have saved them today but if they can’t entertain her, she’ll crush them instead. So yeah. Time for Danchou and her motley crew to get serious go after those who got away.

Season 2

Episode 1
You know it’s a dream when Danchou is respected by everyone and Yamaneko even wants to get yuri with her! Reality is much worse. Yeah, Danchou trying to make out with Nuckelavee in her sleep! That’s not the bad news. Because reality hits when Nuckelavee points out everyone has left! Only letters left behind. Some addressing her pathetic leadership. And then Pharsalia visits her. She rubs salt into wounds as she finds it funny a leader with no followers. Pharsalia reveals that because she gets bored easily, she will wipe out history. In fact, that is her duty. She will decide if an era is worth preserving. Because Danchou is so amusing, she’ll let this era go on for now. So stay interesting. After she leaves, Titania comes to complain to Danchou about Tekken. Yeah, that muscle brain has been training ever since. He blames himself for being weak. Can’t get an idiot to rejoin him? Play his game! Because Danchou asks when he will turn stronger so as to defeat Pharsalia. Won’t fight a fight you can’t win? Is that the Tekken she knows? It’s not like him to say that without even trying! Yeah a punch in his face down the cliff should change his mind… That did the trick. With Tekken rejoining her, they find Renkin in the next town. She is firm she won’t rejoin them as she will not fight a losing battle. That’s that. Actually, Renkin has been trying to research a way to defeat Pharsalia. Fairy Combine? Sounds like a perverted move that Danchou will do to defile Nuckelavee. When a rogue Arthur targets our Arthur hunters with a homing missile Excalibur, Renkin uses her strategy by having Bodach suck it all up into her coffin and then easily defeat him. With Danchou getting her groove back to defeat the remaining Arthurs, Renkin rejoins the group and may regret a little after she tells her about Fairy Combine. Maybe she should have worded it in a different way…

Episode 2
Rurou and Kakka team up to defeat other Arthurs. Thanks to that, the Excalibur count is drastically reducing. As Danchou’s side is having a hard time fighting against some wine sommelier Arthur, Rurou and Kakka show up to defeat her with their combo. However they are not returning to Danchou and they view her as pathetic. They even sow doubts in Renkin and Tekken’s minds if she is worth following. This leaves Danchou worried and feels the need to do something despite Renkin and Tekken sticking with her. Renkin has a plan to make Danchou change her ways so the rest can return to her. Burn away her cosplay outfits? She can’t. She won’t be who she is anymore! With that, Renkin has had enough and leaves. More anxiety for Danchou. Her worst fears come true when Tekken also soon leaves. It seems both of them went to join Rurou and Kakka. Danchou is so desperate not to be left alone that she is throwing a tantrum! Okay, if she wants in, she must fight and beat Rurou and Kakka. Danchou gets a beating while the duo complain about her failure as their leader. Can’t read the mood, toying with them and worst of all, she tried to do things herself and that shows she didn’t need them. But of course with Danchou’s steely determined eyes and that vow she makes to protect them, turns out this is all an act just to see her determination. So I guess she passed, huh? Though, those harsh comments weren’t a joke. Rurou and Kakka will follow her since she has always been true to her heart. So about their chances to defeat Pharsalia? She’ll knock her out when it comes down to that. That’s Danchou alright. And we should’ve seen this coming as we see her dress up in a very revealing seashell bikini. This is how she is going to knockout Pharsalia? Uh oh. Time to consider leaving again…

Episode 3
Wow. Yamaneko living the peaceful countryside life? Until her Arthur friends show up. Oh dear. Yamaneko doesn’t remember them?! Is she acting?! But wait. When Danchou tries to flirt with her, she pulls out her bazooka! But she doesn’t know why. So she really did forget. Oh Danchou, panicking now? As explained Yamaneko left to train after that devastating loss to Pharsalia. Then when she soaked in this hotspring, an old man told time this hotspring makes one lose their memories. Although the Arthurs plan to bring back her memories, Danchou has a different idea… Yeah, she’s going to take advantage and spew lies that they are engaged to each other! Not that the rest would allow it. Yamaneko doesn’t get it despite all the lessons and training about their mission. Stupid Danchou trying to ruin it all with her flirting. You trying to waste their efforts? And then the town gets attacked by stereotypical villains. The Arthur goes to deal with them. Yamaneko helps the people evacuate but feels frustrated that she herself is already out of breath. And then Danchou protects her from a villain’s strike. Cue for stereotypical drama. Uh huh. Danchou as if she’s dying and Yamaneko getting emotional about that. Yeah, it’s like Danchou’s last wish is her death wish because she wants a kiss. Her hand is already groping her ass! The horrors of people suffering has Yamaneko’s memories return as she doesn’t want to go through that again. And hence she takes out her bazooka and starts firing all the way! Better get out of the way, Danchou! After the villains are rounded up, Nuckelavee deduces Danchou was acting so as to bring back Yamaneko’s memories. I’m sure that wasn’t it but whatever, let’s go with it. Danchou is still gunning for Yamaneko’s ass as she laments goodbye to that kind and innocent version. Then Yamaneko shoots her away. Welcome back, Yamaneko. But really, still want to rejoin this group? But some of the kind Yamaneko still remain because you can sometimes see that sweet smile.

Episode 4
So Yamaneko still a polite girl, huh? However she is still merciless towards pervy Danchou. Thank goodness. Renkin and Bodach continue to research on Fairy Combine and stumble upon this erotic material… Is this how it is done?! Oh dear! So in this hotspring area where there are many weird hotsprings with weird effects, I guess it is to help Yamaneko return to her original character. Pharsalia is also here but Danchou will not allow any fight as there are too many people around. After all, they are not strong to defeat her and even so, that is not their mission. She is okay they risk everything for their mission but not on a needless fight. OMG. Did Danchou say the coolest thing?! Until of course she tries to molest Yamaneko… I’m sure this is inspired from Ranma 1/2 because they try to let her dip into various hotsprings that turn her into a baby, a delinquent, a man and finally a flirty nympho! The commotion also has the rest falling in so we got an equally flirty nympho Renkin, a serious Danchou and the rest of the guys turned into girls! While this fiasco is ongoing, Touzoku faces off with Chapman, the hotspring owner who seems to be affecting the entire place with his Excalibur. It gets complicated when our messed up Arthur hunters enter the scene. Then this weird chase scene before finally Renkin decides to do Fairy Combine with Bodach. So it’s just mouth to mouth eating Pocky sticks? Everybody is looking with much anticipation… Eventually Bodach can’t do it. What a downer. Back to the action, by stopping the hotspring source, Chapman loses his ability and is defeated. In the aftermath, everyone returns to normal. The rest are suspicious of Touzoku since she is friends with Pharsalia. She assures she won’t do anything if they don’t attack first. As they are interested to see what they’re doing, Touzoku and her groupie would be watching them closely. Back home, some are reluctant about doing Fairy Combine. Some are daring though it is just one sided. Like Brigitte and of course Danchou. Oh Nuckelavee, you regretting Danchou has reverted to normal? But Yamaneko and Coupy just, uhm, eating Pocky sticks just fine. Nothing much happens. Want to have another go?

Episode 5
Kakka is out sick so Yamaneko plays the nurse? The rest head out to this town that is deserted. The fisherman explains some chef started challenging all the restaurants with his superior food. Because of that, all the shops closed down and those who supply food have a hard time selling it to him. Now he only serves the rich and wealthy. So our Arthur hunters go into his building to challenge him. He doesn’t want to fight but rather have a cooking showdown. Normally they won’t entertain him but stupid Danchou agrees. With their fairies as judge-cum-commentators, the chef finishes his dish and lets Danchou taste. Instantly she goes to heaven. Yeah, she lost. Next, Tekken tastes it to see why it’s so special. Instant heaven trip! Yeah, he lost too. When Renkin tastes it, she finds it normal. The chef is so insulted that he wants another showdown of clam chowder and acqua pazza at dawn tomorrow. As Renkin prepares her dish with the fisherman’s help, Rurou wonders why she is unaffected. Bodach explains Renkin was raised in an orphanage so she doesn’t care about fancy food. More importantly, the people who made food for her made it with love. Rurou goes to help Renkin. However her clam chowder poisons Bethor! Dawn is here. Not enough time. Rurou tells her to make the food she loves the most. And so Renkin arrives at the showdown with just a bun. The chef thinks he has already won and tastes it. Instantly a nostalgic trip down memory lane! The nostalgic taste has him remember he was once from the orphanage too but craved freedom and ran away. Many years later, he paid the price of being lonely. A bread that the rat didn’t even want to eat, he tries to steal it but it drops into the gutter. Then some gutter goddess gave him choose some breads and he chose the ordinary one. That taste reminded him of the same bread he had in his orphanage. And so when he wielded the Excalibur, he vowed to help hungry people around the world. Crap story, but whatever. He calls Renkin his saviour and returns to his roots. But no happy ending yet as Yamaneko scolds them to come back and help her with the ‘sick patients’.

Episode 6
Yamaneko receives a letter from Utahime that she’ll come to visit her. But she didn’t think she would come this soon! Turns out to be an imposter as she knocks her out and takes on Yamaneko’s appearance. Her plan is to infiltrate the base and take all of them out. However due to the alert, the Arthur hunters realize there is an intruder but cannot pinpoint where. As they go look, the imposter thinks of taking down Renkin first. WTF she thinks Renkin is Little Red Riding Hood and disguises as a wolf?! Arthur alert!!! She manages to escape and next she tricks Tekken and trips him down the chasm. Only, this guy climbs back up and loves this new training spot! Next, she tries to seduce Kakka but he alerts everyone she has Danchou Fever! WTF?! Anybody who cosplays sexily is deemed to have one and must be put to bed! You bet Danchou wants to look after her. The imposter doesn’t know and wants her to stay by her side. Big mistake. Because this turns Danchou on and suddenly the room becomes a love hotel and… Damn, the imposter so violated. I don’t know how she survived it but she remembers her original mission to usurp Utahime. When the real Utahime arrives, the imposter goes to greet her. Luckily the real Yamaneko returns. Oh no. Which is the real Yamaneko?! Easy. The imposter doesn’t have Coupy by her side. Time for some answers. But the imposter does the oldest trick in the book, “Look over there!”. The moment they do so and look back, oh no, which is the real Utahime?! Time to see if Yamaneko truly knows her stuffs. After a few deliberation, she blasts the imposter away. How she knows? She doesn’t have the same scent as in the letter. The imposter she was a queen of a certain kingdom. One day the magic mirror told her the fairest in the land is Utahime. Ever since she has been waiting for her chance to take her down and did lots of research. She also heard Utahime was going to see Yamaneko and that’s when she hatched another plan to take down the Arthur hunters. After criticizing her flawed plans, they are going to dispose of her but Danchou has a better idea. Meanwhile Utahime and Yamaneko talk. The former admits her lie that her schedule isn’t as hectic as she painted and is very free. Most of her jobs are just opening for other idols. She wanted to ask if she became a famous idol in the future but scrapped that thought. It is best she discovers that herself. Meanwhile Danchou the dominatrix queen wants the imposter to turn into Yamaneko and… Oh f*ck! This fate is worse than death!!!

Episode 7
You think you’ve seen everything? Think again! This time our Arthur hunters stumble into footballers! Captain Tsubasa Arthurs???!!! And of course we have to play a football match. Danchou as the coach agreed to this idea because they don’t know which item is Excalibur. The enemies will only give it to them if they beat them. Otherwise, forever be their slaves! You think this looks easy, right? Well, if you put Renkin as the goalkeeper… Poor little girl… She gets blown away by the impact of each goal shot! It’s a scoring spree! By halftime, Arthur hunters are down 0-23! And Danchou has the balls to complain?! Heck, they are even moving as they were told! However Renkin has an idea for the next half. This time when the opponents shoot, she uses her complex calculation of tai chi moves to stop the ball and send it to her comrade to score. This method allows Arthur hunters to take the lead 29-23. However the opponents are now getting serious and that is when the striker’s super special kick, Renkin can’t stop. Turns out his cleats is Excalibur. The score is now tied at 29-29. With Renkin at her limit, Danchou steps in to take over. I thought she was fired? She has Tekken be the goalkeeper because his Excalibur gloves are good in keeping those shots away. And this ridiculous winning goal… Danchou turns into some spinning fireball and shoots the ball that blows away the opponent’s clothes, the goalpost, the stadium and the mountain!!! WTF????!!!! Arthur hunter team wins 30-29! Showing great sportsmanship, the opponents hand over their Excalibur with no fuss. In the aftermath as our Arthur hunters recover from sore muscles, Tekken stumbles into another group of Arthurs… Ping pong Arthurs, anybody?! Let the madness stop already!!!

Episode 8
Danchou talks about unity until she hears the city of Florian in addition to having an Excalibur detected, there are lots of cute girls! Yup, she’s already halfway there! Until Kakka puts a stop to her and lectures her about stuffs. Since they’re almost there, Danchou and Kakka will handle this. However the place is decimated and where are the cute girls?! Anthony brings them to Lord Adam Christopher. He explains there is a civil war going on. That’s why he has the women and children evacuated. Apparently his general, Bartos now don’t see eye to eye with him and hence this war. Danchou and Kakka impersonate as maids to serve Bartos but he only wants Kakka! Danchou may leave. Don’t tell me this guy is shotacon… Anyway, Bartos abuses Kakka and believes women have no equal rights to men, the reason why this war started. It’s heart breaking to see Kakka’s bruised like that! Oh sh*t! When Bartos’ men attack, Christopher has the Arthur hunters escape. In the end, he loses his life. This might sound things will be easier since they will just need to defeat Bartos and destroy his Excalibur. But a message from Renkin saying that there is no Excalibur here. The counter was experiencing some difficulties and is now fixed. The real Excaliburs are somewhere else and is being handled by the rest. Real history of Florian is happening. Christopher dies, Anthony dies and Bartos takes over ruling the city. Kakka is infuriated because he will not sit by and let this cruelty happen. Only to be slapped by Danchou and reminded their true mission is to correct history and not distort them further. If he insists, he can leave the team. And so Kakka disobeys and goes to help Anthony’s side launch an attack. Kakka faces off with Bartos and tells him to surrender. But Bartos dares him to kill him. Since Kakka couldn’t he gets mocked that he is really a pussy, a woman in disguise. The Arthur hunters leave dejectedly. However Pharsalia is not pleased with this outcome. Whatever history she thinks is right will be that history. So she kills Bartos and decimates his entire castle! This allows Anthony and his men to declare victory.

Episode 9
Kakka is still affected from the last time that he almost got owned in battle. Meanwhile a group of previously defeated Arthurs, band together as Revengers to seek revenge on Arthur hunters. This time they have a mercenary on their side, Youhei who is part of Touzoku’s group. With another Arthur anomaly detected, Kakka rushes there to prove himself. Tekken follows him and they find a large Excalibur graveyard. Before them is Revengers. However they are not those Arthurs they defeated but rather their twin! Note the subtle difference! You see, after their twins got defeated, they turned over a new leaf and contributed greatly to society. Hence they are jealous that in comparison, their lives now suck! WTF?! As they fight, Kakka gets careless. Not only his Excalibur is stolen but Brigitte gets injured protecting him. Tekken forces them to retreat for now. With Kakka wallowing in depression, Tekken goes off to fight Revengers himself. Of course with Brigitte waking and Kakka making amends, time to get down to business. Tekken goes straight to face Leicester. However he has a device that would allow him to use and combine multiple Excaliburs. At this point, Youhei joins Tekken to take him down but they’re no match. Kakka returns to fight but is still no match. Can Brigitte protect Kakka in her weakened state? And this part where they stare at each other, suddenly something activates. So is this what Fairy Combine is all about? Yup, the duo transformed into a more powerful being. Uhm, don’t their character design look evil? Anyway, they are powerful enough to take down Leicester. In the aftermath, Youhei explains he was just using them as bait and waiting for a chance. When Touzoku stole blueprints of that device, they didn’t know where it was being hidden. Hence he had to wait for the chance when the device is being used to take action. Tekken wants a rematch with him but Youhei is not in the mood. Maybe some other time.

Episode 10
While everyone celebrates Kakka and Brigitte’s Fairy Combine, Renkin gets desperate and technical. So she wants to know the temperature and the atmosphere too? The rest try to calm her down but she views it as no one taking her seriously. As she decides to leave to do more research, a butler greets her because he is here to pick her up for his master, Andy. Apparently when Andy was ambushed by bandits, Renkin came to her rescue. Oh dear. Is he a lolicon? Because he now wants her to accept his proposal! Her Arthur comrades throw caution and that she should do some research on this guy first before committing. Unfortunately she finds their nagging a bit too much and decides to go to Andy. Yeah, this guy now wants to marry her! Lolicon alert! But then the bandits show up for revenge. Renkin will go fight them. However Touzoku cuts in and tells the truth that Andy has been stealing a lot from these people and that they are the real victims. Renkin is shocked but she still wants to confirm and talks to Andy about this. He then shows off his wives and claims they are here because they want to. Of course the real culprit is the butler whose ring is an Excalibur who can control others. WTF his weird satisfaction comes from watching Andy cleaning the ears of his wives?! Renkin tries to attack the butler but he uses the wives as a wall. Naturally Renkin pulls back and gets hypnotized. She is ordered to attack Bodach. Luckily Danchou and Tekken are here to help. Renkin and Bodach bump heads and this somewhat restores Renkin’s sanity. The rest head in to fight the butler as Renkin realizes her foolishness just so that she can be useful. When the others get hypnotized, Renkin faces Bodach once more. Touzoku easily snaps Danchou and Tekken out. Renkin is about to be sucked into Bodach’s coffin and realizes Bodach is not completely hypnotized because she is crying. Though she breaks her spell, both get sucked into the coffin. In this weird dimension, some weird bonding and then voila! Fairy Combine! Renkin now kicks ass. Although the butler buffs up like the Hulk, still no match for levelled up Renkin. With his Excalibur broken, now it’s his turn to pay from the angry men and wives. Our Arthurs now celebrate Renkin and Bodach’s Fairy Combine.

Episode 11
Because an Excalibur is detected in the gambling city of Loss Vegas (yes, you lose!), I guess kids and ‘uncontrolled adults’ are not allowed so it’s a job for Rurou and Yamaneko. Bethor’s plan has them dressed up as a rich newlywed couple so they could smoke out the Arthur who might be using the Excalibur to cheat and win big. But with stunning Rurou and Yamaneko seemingly close together (because they had to look the part), Bethor feels jealous. That is confirmed when the crowd pushes Rurou and he accidentally kisses Yamaneko’s forehead! Oh dear, is that Danchou here too? She’s on a losing streak. Then in the VIP room where the big money is, Bethor is not allowed because of her dress. So she scores in all the games to win big to buy herself a dress to go up against Rurou in this poker game. What gives? Rurou doesn’t understand why but eventually folds when Bethor bets all and wins. The real Arthur is the casino’s owner and he knows the Arthur hunters and will take action. Rurou confronts Bethor about that stint but she’s not going to say it straight to his face, right? When a woman says she’s not upset, you bet she’s upset. When penniless Danchou seeks money from them, it is a trap as they got captured. The owner wants them to return all his money and threaten to kill Danchou who is now reduced to a scumbag, trying to sell her cosplay outfits for money! If not, he’ll kill Bethor too. The duo manage to break free as they run amok to find and rescue their fairies. Yamaneko explains about Bethor’s jealousy and understands why she did so. The owner turns his casino into some flying fortress. When the fairies are rescued, Rurou apologizes to Bethor for not knowing her feelings. Maybe he did but didn’t want to acknowledge them. Then Rurou protects her from a bullet. Yamaneko gets mad and pumps her bazooka into the fortress. This allows her to Fairy Combine with Coupy to do more devastating damage. Sad Bethor’s tear drops on Rurou and you bet another Fairy Combine is happening. Just in time because the owner is escaping in his pod and is taken down with his fortress. Happy ending for our Arthur hunters. Except for Danchou. Seeing the bag of money, she tries to grab it but falls into the abyss. Some things never change…

Episode 12
Danchou fears everyone will mock her for not being able to Fairy Combine. I think it’s because she’s showing such a tantrum that they naturally have to… I mean, it’s a fact, right?! So I guess the counter showing Excalibur anomalies at different places would be the right time for those who can’t Fairy Combine to uhm, try and Fairy Combine? Good luck. After Danchou and Tekken defeat a few Arthurs, Pharsalia drops by to visit. Don’t worry, she’s not going to attack them but warns them that having too much power won’t make anybody happy. With Danchou having deep thoughts about it, Tekken being Tekken doesn’t care with all that. Power is just power. All that matters is what you do with them. They receive word that the next town over is being attacked by invaders. You mean those giant black balls? Danchou flops and gets injured. Titania sure pick a fine time to feel worried about not being as talented as she claims, huh? And of course, Tekken being Tekken, he always believed in her and never felt she held him back. Just stay the way you are. Titania gets back in the groove and joins him destroying the invaders. Yup, time for them to Fairy Combine! Oh Danchou, looks like all the jokes are going to be on you and only you… Pharsalia watches this and realizes that this power is too dangerous for the world. Hence her twisted reasoning is that the reason she exists in this era is to stop those Arthur hunters. Yup, she is going to destroy them all now, only to be stopped by Youhei. He thinks she should give them some time to think and decide. If they return to the future, then the current era won’t be in danger, right? While the Arthur hunters aren’t happy with this suggestion, it is better than fighting her and dying right where they stand. That’s right. They have no chance to defeat her at all. Pharsalia gives them 7 days to think it over. She will do nothing if they return to the future. Otherwise, total annihilation.

Episode 13
The Arthur hunters are discussing whether to run or fight. However Danchou disbands the team because she wants to give them the freedom to choose. At this point they shouldn’t be surprised with her decision but yeah, they fear she might go it alone again. So we see the Arthurs and their fairies talk things out, some talking to their Arthur counterparts in Touzoku’s group. And Danchou getting desperate to Fairy Combine with Nuckelavee. Trying to put on her this skimpy bikini and make out?! Fortunately it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, Fairy Combine didn’t happen either. So on the final day, all the Arthur hunters return. I guess they’ve decided. Let’s fight this. Facing off with Pharsalia, the rest has Danchou stay out. Without Fairy Combine, she might just get in the way. True. Despite giving all they’ve got, it’s hardly a scratch on Pharsalia. Now it’s her turn. You’ve never seen true fear until now! I think this is just a fraction of what she can do with her power. Danchou butts in but even Pharsalia doesn’t think she is a threat. Since she is stubborn, I guess upgrade status to threatening. Touzoku interrupts because the invaders are having a full scale attack. This doesn’t concern Pharsalia. She will eliminate the Arthur hunters first. She will rewrite their legend. Danchou agrees because being alive is her legend and she will not let others decide it. At this point she looks so cool that Nuckelavee dons that skimpy bikini so as to Fairy Combine with her. Yeah, finally it worked. That’s not all the Fairy Combine goes. Danchou absorbs her comrades into a giant sword that deals a lot of damage to Pharsalia! But they don’t finish her off and go deal with the invaders. Are you sure? Even if Pharsalia fights them in the future, they will fight back again. Simple. If she deems Fairy Combine as the greatest threat because of its power, they’ll show her how it is also the greatest power to protect. Danchou, so cool! 3 days later… Pharsalia asking for a rematch! Give them a break, they just finished fending off the invaders. But then the counter goes crazy. Looks like all over Britain there are now 10 million Excaliburs! WTF???!!! Every item that everyone has is now an Excalibur?! They suspect Pharsalia did this but they have to deal with this first. Otherwise they can’t return to the future. Get going now!

Yamaneko and Renkin have this feeling somebody is watching them. Of course everyone instantly suspects Danchou. Heck, she admits she wouldn’t stop at peeping and would rather get physical right now! Over the next few scenes, the girls continue to get molested and this time the guys got their crotch squeezed! Instantly, Danchou is suspected again. Interrogation time. Though she is let off, the rest continue to ignore her. With Danchou so broken, Nuckelavee pleads to the rest she is innocent. Yeah, it’s so pitiful that they declare her innocent. Until Yamaneko’s panties get stolen. Back to the interrogation room! Because they find panties all over her room and secret sexy stash of Yamaneko pictures, this time the court finds her guilty and thus she is stripped of her leadership and exiled. With the pervert no longer around, it is such peace and quiet. Until Renkin’s panties are stolen. OMG. Is the culprit one of them? What’s this? Renkin’s panties in Rurou’s pocket?! Guilty! Exiled! Everyone is shocked at Rurou being a lolicon. Of course Rurou knows he has been set up and needs to clear his name. He finds Danchou who is living like a vagabond and tells what happened. Outside their base, they detect an additional figure running around the house. Could it be a ghost because that figure is running up close to Nuckelavee but yet she sees nothing. Suddenly all the other Arthur hunters and their fairies are being tied up. The culprit reveals herself to be an invisible Arthur. She has infiltrated and did all those despicable acts so as to break their team apart. Now she is going to enjoy themselves as she molests them to hear their squeal. Yeah, taking pictures to boot. Not sure if this is part of the plan as Danchou and Rurou crash in to rescue. Uhm, are you sure you can fight the unseen enemy? Fighting fire with fire, Danchou strips and the invisible Arthur gets a nosebleed. Oh look, she just marked herself. She tries to escape but Danchou and Nuckelavee Fairy Combine to take her down. The Arthur sextets return to their daily lives with Yamaneko and Renkin apologizing to the wrongly accused. But Danchou is enjoying the confiscated treasures of the invisible Arthur and then she got busted by the rest. Don’t need any trial. Guilty! Death sentence!

Ah Turds, Are There Utterly Other Arthurs?
Oh well, for the sake of the future of Britain, better get used to searching and destroying all the Excaliburs. Having fun, are we? No wonder the sextet are a kooky bunch. Prolonged Excalibur hunter has turned them into a bunch of clowns and jokers, even more so led by a self-admitting pervert. If you don’t hurry up, Pharsalia might impose additional penalties on you. Yup, howzabout one billion Excaliburs more to exterminate! Just when the Arthur hunters have whittled down to just a single digit of Excaliburs left, our fun loving sadistic Pharsalia ramps up the challenge and adds more Excaliburs to be hunted. Yeah, I’d understand why they’d go crazy. Can you blame Danchou of wanting to let loose some steam and be a pervert? Uhm, maybe not. She’s already broken to begin with. Those secret sexy stash of Yamaneko better help… She’ll need all the help she can get. Oh God save Britain… God save us all!

Having a million Excaliburs, oh sorry, ten million Excaliburs, I suppose it is one of the way to make many of the episodes as standalone fillers and episodic. I mean, nobody is seriously going to keep count on how many Excaliburs our Arthur hunters have destroyed, right? So in each episode, it gets somewhat predictable and boring. Counter detects some anomaly somewhere in Britain. Not all our Arthurs go there and mostly it will be 1 or 2 because this serves as a chance to give them some limelight and flesh out their character development. A lot of weird and dumb things happen in between. The obligatory Arthur fight and action scenes. Excalibur destroyed. Insert joke or punch line to finish the episode. Yeah, that’s the flow of how most episodes go.

But I have to be fair too because not all of the episodes are pretty generic and formulaic. Some of them are really funny like that football spoof one. Boy, I can never stop laughing when petite Renkin gets blown away from the impact! Yeah, I can’t stop chuckling even thinking back about this. Some are touching like that episode on Rose. It was really a sad one and I wished it could have ended in a better way. Some left my head scratching like that Florian episode. I thought it would affect and change the course of history or something but from what I can see, it feels the same like other episodes. After it ends, it is mostly forgotten like though it has no effect at all. So it doesn’t really matter, huh? The same case for those Renkin’s magical girl apprentices. Whatever happened to them after that episode? Forgot about them too? But it doesn’t beat weird ones like that time Yamaneko lost her memories and became a nice girl. Yeah, that was a weird episode.

Besides, the plot of having just 6 Arthurs from the future to hunt down and destroy all the rogue Excaliburs feel like a flimsy plot so as to give us that lazily written standalone and filler-like episodes. Remember, we don’t keep count on how many Excaliburs they have destroyed. So in the event if there is a huge group of rogue Arthurs and their rogue Excaliburs descending on our Arthur hunters, we can just go all out with one big cheap action scene of knocking out those unimportant enemies. Then they can knock off some ‘big numbers’ like a thousand Excaliburs or ten thousand Excaliburs that they have destroyed. Wohoo! Achievement! There, shaved off a few Excaliburs there. Hey, might be still far away from reducing it to zero but we are now closer to our goal when we first started, right? And then somebody got the bright idea of increasing it to 10 million more… Oh well, if Pharsalia can’t destroy them, might as well be amused and see them run around taking down as many Excaliburs they can. Better work their ass off for the sake of her entertainment. Hey, better than being destroyed, right?

Also, something that doesn’t make sense is that the rogue Excaliburs are only confined to Britain. So I am assuming other parts of the world is relatively safe from this Excalibur threat? It also makes no sense that the Excalibur threat pops up one by one as detected by the counter. I know, plot convenience. I mean, Britain isn’t really that big of an isle, right? It’s not like the size of Russia, right? And sure, Britain has a population of around 66 million people so having a million Excaliburs and then 10 million of them seems justified. Can’t the future send more Arthur hunters to deal with this? You’re telling me that in the future there are no qualified Arthur hunters than just the 6 of them? Boy, no wonder we don’t want to do some divisions and realize how many Excaliburs an Arthur hunter has to deal with individually. That will be 1,666,666.667 Excaliburs per Arthur to be precise, thank you please. Yeah, and everyone who wields a rogue Arthurs must be so dumb to think they’ve got the power to do whatever they want. No wonder they don’t last. Yeah, thank plot convenience again…

With so many distortions in the past, you wonder if the future of Britain will be the same. People’s lives are changed the moment they come into contact with the Excaliburs. So as long as they destroy it, it’s like the outcome in the future will be the same? I don’t get that logic. I don’t want to open Pandora’s Box by thinking about some time paradox thingy but I am sure that what the Arthur sextet are doing is correct and the past didn’t change at all because otherwise they would cease to exist. So I believe whatever tragedy happened still happened. Sad… And I hope they won’t give this lazy and lame excuse of a way out that Pharsalia rewrote the legends… Please don’t…

As for the characters, I can’t say that I am impressed with the main sextet. Sure, we had 2 dozen of episodes to flesh them out but sometimes I feel that they are poorly written and rushed. For instance, today’s episode we will have this Arthur hunter in focus. Some weird setting for the episode to serve as the plot too. After a few episodes, you can guess their primarily personality. Like Tekken who is has more muscles in his brain and prefers to jump in first. Yup, punch first, ask questions later. Then there is the prideful His Excellency Kakka who uses magic, the handsome wanderer Rurou, the stoic mountain cat AKA Yamaneko and the intellectual Red Riding Hood AKA Renkin who seems to be concerned about her small stature especially if being treated as a kid. It is too bad that we don’t know much about these Arthurs whose past ironically lies in the future. What drove them to become Arthurs and take on this mission? Unfortunately this series doesn’t delve much into that.

Of course the biggest ‘loser’ is no other than Danchou who can be described in just a word: Pervert. Yup, it’s basically funny because she’s female. Had she been a guy, this would be creepy as f*ck. So Danchou is basically the one who makes this series ‘funny’ because of her perverted antics and fetish. I know, we’re supposed to cringe rather than laugh. Hence she becomes the punch line when this backfires on her because she deserves it anyway. Her comrades don’t think much of her in high regards and it’s not surprising. They put up with her because she is their leader (mostly in name) and that she is amusing. I know they didn’t say that last bit but I’m guessing that if she was a strict and serious leader, the group would have been super boring. This series wouldn’t have been nowhere near a comedy and this would really suck. So with Danchou being an idiot because in some major animes where the team leader is always that my pace idiot, yeah, this group doesn’t feel as boring as it should. So be thankful for Danchou! Never change, Danchou. Never change. Of course there are times where she says the coolest and the most leader-like things but that is far and few in between her stupid and perverted exploits. I believe one of her life goals is to get lesbian with Yamaneko… That wild cat better maintain her distance and ignore her if she knows what’s good for her even though in the end, Yamaneko’s like more tolerant of her. Don’t ever let your guard down once around this pervert.

You know what they say about a leopard never changes its spots. This means despite all of Danchou’s promise to change, she’ll never keep her word and will be back to her usual perversion in no time. It’s a wonder that the group can still be cohesive and the irony of always suspecting her when perverted stuffs happened, they still let her hang around them. Yeah, I know the childish tantrums are one thing. You sure Danchou isn’t some rogue Arthur too? I can imagine if this is the trust level of the Arthur hunters, man, infiltrating and trying to break up and bring them down would be easy. We have seen that happened a few times. And then they get back together again. And then on the verge of breaking up again. Man, their trust is so fragile and fickle… Even when Rurou was accused as a lolicon, sure there were circumstantial evidence but you guys have been so long with each other that you should know better than to suddenly throw your trust out the window. Danchou is one case but Rurou? I suppose a group without a leader can’t get anywhere. That’s why the role of a leader is so important. You hear that, Danchou?! Ah forget it. I’m wasting my time talking to a pervert who just wants to get inside of Yamaneko.

I don’t even know what the fairy companions they have are really for except for the fact that it is to serve that monumental plot of Fairy Combine. Because otherwise I see them mostly as useless and don’t really contribute much. They’re just there by their Arthurs’ side, maybe give a little advice or something but nothing really that makes you feel like they should be a pair. The closest came in the form Bethor when she got jealous that Rurou looked close to Yamaneko. But still, the Fairy Combine episodes look somewhat rushed too seeing that they needed some reason and catalyst to power up our Arthur hunters. After all the times that they have gone through, you mean this flimsy setting and scene that looked just like any other moments that they have gone through before, becomes the means for them to do Fairy Combine? Whatever. I’m done.

Since this series is based on a game by Square Enix of the Million Arthur franchise, I subsequently discovered that there are many different other Arthurs depending on which game you play. Hence other Arthur characters like Utahime, Touzoku and Youhei come from the other titles of the game. Hence they are like making cameos here and it is unsure what their mission is. But I doubt it is helping our Arthur hunters in destroying the Excaliburs. Because otherwise they would have joined forces and it would ease some of the burden our Arthur hunters are facing. But for now, they have a totally different mission and I’m assuming there is something more than meets the eye. Different Arthur units with different missions, that would be interesting. Well, if they do make other spinoffs of this series then maybe it would be worth to check out.

Pharsalia seems like the antagonist of the series but it is hard to tell whether she is friend or foe. As long as you are amusing and not a threat to the world, I guess she will put on her cutie smile and looks. She claims she is some legendary fairy who rewrites legends. But I guess that doesn’t mean that she is God because for the simplest reason she failed to tackle our Arthur hunters, even more so after all of them make their Fairy Combine and then the ultimate Fairy Combine v2, it is safe to say that she isn’t legendary after all. Oh sh*t, I hope she won’t kill me off because I just ruined her legend.

I thought this was going to be an action genre series since we’re going to have Arthurs destroying Excaliburs. Well, the action sequences are just passable. It feels like it is something obligatory so that we could see something get smashed or the likes. I mean, that is the purpose of our Arthur hunters too, right? Nobody is going to gladly surrender their Excalibur peacefully. So watching the Arthur hunters in action sometimes feel like watching a low quality action series. They just do what they have to do with their limited power and thanks to the plot convenience, we all know it is going to end well. After all, Tekken only uses punches, Kakka his magic, Rurou shoots his twin pistols, Yamaneko her bazooka and Renkin her giant hammer. What else more of a variety can you expect from that? Don’t even get me started on Danchou using her sword. I feel that is only there for accessory… And if they are overwhelmed by countless enemies, it makes it all easier for the action scene to be sloppy. After all, that is the disadvantage when you have such huge numbers. You have to be careful not to hit your own comrades unless you’re the kind who doesn’t give a f*ck about others. And thus the big numbers make it easy for our Arthur hunters to rain their offensive power on them as they are such easy targets. And you think Fairy Combine has them wielding better firepower? Nah. Just looks like they have much flashier effects!

One of my favourite segments is at the end of each episode. No, not the part where they showcase one of the staff’s cute pets at home, but rather the very silly comical skits. If you have watched the very nonsensical Ai Mai Mi, you know what I’m talking about. Yup, the characters and animation are even drawn to the crazy chibi style of Ai Mai Mi. In this segment, everything goes. That is the best way to summarize all the stupid nonsense that happens here. Throw logic out of the window because for the last 2 minutes of every episode, you will be fed with so much nonsense that your brain won’t be fast enough to process whether it is funny or cringe worthy. Even if I don’t get it, I still laugh my ass off! And the best part of it all? That manjuu club song at the end!!! So epic to sing along! That nonsensical Dainagon Is Dead rock piece isn’t so bad too but nothing beats the manjuu song. We are omanjuu club!!! Oh yeah! Now it makes me wish we have another season of Ai Mai Mi…

Art and animation are pretty standard but I do notice that there are some scenes that are low and poor in quality. Sometimes it comes off as a bit cartoonish. Of course some of the character designs are weirdest especially the fairies. They looked more like oversized cosplay maniacs. Especially Bethor. She’s literally wearing a swimsuit. School mizugi for heaven’s sakes! Sure, she wears a jacket over it but a swimsuit is basically her official uniform. I don’t think this is Rurou’s fetish but I could be wrong… The other fairies are like Nuckelavee who is some sailor wannabe as she has 2 lifebuoys by her side. Bodach looks some gothic fashion, Coupy a fallen angel, Brigitte some race queen wannabe and Titania probably looking closest to what a fairy but comes off as human butterfly. And the designs of Fairy Combine at first I thought they look badass but the more I look at it, the more they seem weird. Just slap some wings and accessories and voila! Your Fairy Combine form! This anime is done by J.C. Staff and I can say this is not one of their best quality anime considering they did One Punch Man, Shokugeki No Souma, DanMachi, Bakuman, the Index and Railgun series to name a few.

For the voice acting, I recognized a few seiyuus lending their talents here. Notably, Ayana Taketatsu as Yamaneko, Yuuichi Nakamura as Rurou, Tetsuya Kakihara as Tekken (why does he remind me of Fairy Tail’s Natsu but without the fire firepower?), Natsuki Hanae as Kakka, Nao Touyama as Coupy and Ayane Sakura as Touzoku. The other casts are Sora Amamiya as Danchou (Aqua in KonoSuba – now you know why the idiocy is so familiar), Inori Minase as Renkin (Hestia in DanMachi), Himika Akaneya as Nuckelavee (Yatsumura in Mahou Shoujo Site), Rie Takahashi as Titania (Megumin in KonoSuba), Rina Hidaka as Bethor (Last Order in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Suzuko Mimori as Bodach (Umi in Love Live), Yuu Serizawa as Brigitte (Iroha in 3D Kanojo Real Girl), Ai Kayano as Pharsalia (Darkness in KonoSuba), Atsushi Abe as Youhei (Kokonotsu in Dagashi Kashi), Maaya Uchida as Utahime (Kaguya Date A Live).

The first season’s opening theme is Highlight by Ayaka Ohashi. Typical lively anime pop that suits the pacing and genre of this series. Quite okay if you hear it once in a while. The first season’s ending theme is Ki-te Mi-te Hit Parade sung by the fairy sextet. Feels like a weird song. Not sure if this is supposed to be a dance piece and it sounds like your typical idol pop music. Making it even weirder is the animation of the fairies rolling over the LP record. Is this record broken? Not going to be a hit anyway… The second opening theme sounds slightly better. Open The Worlds by Oresama has a very catchy finger drilling piano play although the overall song is just okay. Time to ramp up the sinfulness of sin city because the second season’s ending theme, Pearly x Party also by the fairy sextet has this disco feel and its animation revolves mainly around the casino and gambling. I guess I’m out of luck. The series also has other insert songs and special ending themes and the one I prefer the most is Utahime’s Ito Utsukushiki Hikari No Naka De, the special ending for the first season’s episode 9.

Overall, this is actually a mediocre anime series if you look at it in all aspects. The story is a big fail with a flimsy setting to begin with. The characters are also a big fail because at the end of the day you don’t feel like putting your support behind them. All thanks to pervy Danchou ruining it all despite her comrades are decent but even so they are still terrible. Action pieces are just standard and nothing to shout about. They’re supposed to entertain but it felt more obligatory than anything. And the biggest fail is that this is supposed to be comedy and the funny moments usually comes off as cringe and mostly are derived from Danchou’s perversion. You’ve got to be a kindergarten kid to find her shamelessness as funny. But thanks for the fanservice anyway. Not. The only comedy that saved the day was Ai Mai Mi’s spoof. But that couldn’t do much to save this series that was doomed from the start. Not because of the threats of rogue Excaliburs. Sometimes you think it is the Arthur hunters’ Excaliburs that could be the cursed ones and this crappy legend wouldn’t have arisen had this series not being made. Did I tell you there was live action TV show of this back in 2014 although it used an entirely different cast of Arthurs?! Yikes! I saw the surreal promo poster and was instantly put off. Sighs. Forget this series being just the level of a myth, fiction or fable. This is just crap. I guess some legends were never meant to be.

Finally. After being trolled by that side story that wasn’t actually the second season, the real season 2 is now here. Heh. Four years later. Thank fully, this is Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru No Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka S2 for real. Yes. Not some side story of the perspective from another character. Thank goodness. Now we can move on and get the story going. So will Bell be able to pick up more chicks in the dungeon? Isn’t that what the title is all about? No? Okay. Whatever.

Episode 0
Don’t worry if you have entirely forgotten what this series is about. This special recap episode has Bell and Hestia narrating all you need to know, the important points and happenings of the first season with recycled scenes to go with that. Yeah. Sorry guys, still don’t remember. And I’m too lazy to go rewatch the series again or even read my blog.

Episode 1
We see Bell’s party finishing up yet another successful dungeon raid. But as they celebrate at the bar, some guys from Apollo Familia start mocking Bell. Normally Bell would ignore them. Until they badmouth Hestia. That’s it. Fist fight! Who wants a piece of me?! Bell and Welf are doing fine until Hyakinthos joins in and beats the crap out of them! He would’ve gone further had not Bete tell them to scram as they’re making his drink taste bad. So as Hestia treats Bell, she didn’t like how he got into trouble but appreciates how he stood up for her. Soon Daphne and Cassandra from Apollo Familia hand him a letter. It is from Apollo and he is inviting people to his party. So we see all the characters dress up fancily for this ball. Freya makes her entrance and Hestia tries to cover Bell’s eyes. With Hestia b*tching about every guy falling for Freya if they gaze into her eyes, Freya backs down. Maybe next time. But then there’s this childish rivalry going on between Hestia and Loki. Because Bell and Aiz are too shy with each other, Hermes intervenes. He trolls Bell by asking Aiz to dance with him. Then he backs out and lets Bell dance in his place. Just follow how the others are doing and you won’t go wrong. They sure make a cute couple dancing together. If only stupid Hestia and Loki can stop bickering and b*tching about this ‘betrayal’! Nice time comes to an end with Apollo making his announcement. He then confronts Hestia about her Familia causing some scene and wants compensation. You know he is a douche when he sets up his own men as witness and fake injuries. Knowing Hestia refuses to admit to this ‘guilt’, he hereby challenges her to a War Game whereby if Apollo wins, he gets Bell.

Episode 2
Realizing this is Apollo’s target all along, Hestia sees no reason to participate in this and leaves. Of course Apollo won’t let this be so next morning, he has his Familia attack Bell and Hestia’s place. Once Apollo sets his eyes on you, he won’t give up and will chase you till the ends of the earth to get you. And so the entire Orario is now a giant ‘playground’ for Apollo Familia to hunt Hestia Familia until Bell joins them or dies. Bell fights again with Hyakinthos and the latter complains how much he envies Bell and as much as he dislikes this, he will obey Apollo’s wishes to join his Familiar. But an ally sniper helps keep Hyakinthos at bay so Bell and Hestia could run and head towards the guild. Speaking of which, the guild can’t do anything because the only penalty is a hefty fine and Apollo Familia is willing to pay any high price. Bell’s allies like Takemikazuchi help fight other ruffians. Welf and Lily also help stave off the enemies but Lili is shocked to see her former captain of Souma Familia, Zanis Lustra. Shockingly, she abandons supporting Welf and claims she has to return to Souma Familia. Hiding, Hestia tells Bell their options: They fight a losing battle or they leave Oratoria and hope Apollo will give up on them. Of course she will follow him wherever he goes and this is supposed to be a cue for her to signal him to confess he loves her. Unfortunately he goes as far as to say he respects her. Disappointing? Yeah, enemies found them and she isn’t impressed of the interruption of this most crucial moment. Hence she now has Bell head to Apollo’s base. She agrees to his challenge in a War Game. Later, Welf reports about Lily’s case. Bell wants to go rescue her but Hestia reminds him of the important thing he must do now. So Bell heads over to Loki’s place to seek Aiz’s help to train him to become stronger.

Episode 3
Lily begs to Souma to allow her to leave. However Zanis threatens her about the price to pay in which she definitely can’t afford. Lily is imprisoned as Zanis reveals his true nature in getting her back. He wants her rare transformation ability to net him a handsome profit. In exchange for this, he will leave Hestia Familia alone. Hestia is relaying her plans to rescue Lily to Welf and other allies of Takemikazuchi Familia. Do they have time for this when War Game is so close? Because Bell recognizes the importance of allies, he recognizes their strength and knows how weak when one is alone. Even if War Game forbids help from outside other Familia, this is an important supporting factor for Bell. Hestia then attends a meeting among the gods with Apollo to decide the rules. Based on the lottery, the War Game will be siege. A bad outcome for Hestia since that game needs numbers. Apollo gives her the honour of attacking since one can’t simply defend with a single person. Apollo strikes down Hermes’ suggestion for outside help since this looks unfair. Until Freya mentions about Apollo being scared of helpers. With the other gods agreeing, Apollo agrees to only a helper but must be outside Orario. Zanis sees Lily because it’s business time. However their base is being attacked by Hestia and her allies. Zanis and his men go deal with them. The jailor frees Lily as he hates arrogant Zanis. Lily sees Hestia fighting and can’t understand why she is doing this. Do you think Bell will abandon her? Because now Bell needs her. So Lily goes to beg to Souma to stop the fighting. However he views her words as empty and lest she can say the same thing after drinking his divine wine, he’ll listen. She does so and goes into seventh heaven. Until Bell’s face pops up. She fights against the temptation to repeat her pleas. With that, Souma orders his Familia to stop fighting. This shocks Zanis because Souma never did anything. Anything. So now he wants to kill Lily? Not if Welf could help knock him out. Lily has one more request of Souma. That is, to leave his Familia and join Hestia. But it’s not only Lily who will be doing that. Welf and Mikoto plead to their respective gods to leave their current Familia and join Hestia. Hermes seems to be trying to convince Ryuu as that helper. Meanwhile Bell continues to be owned by Aiz and Tiona. Getting any stronger?

Episode 4
Bell returns in time to get the War Game started with his ‘extended’ Familia. Cassandra warns Daphne about her weird premonition she dreamt of Hestia Familia won but is dismissed because nobody thinks the odds are stacked against them. The War Games begin with Ryuu attacking the castle walls with her magic swords. Hyakinthos orders half his men to go out and take her out. Even if her magic swords get destroyed, her hand to hand combat is still superior. Mikoto gets into via the wall crack to hold off other men. But this is where the tables turn. It seems one of Apollo’s men turn traitor to open the main gate to let Bell and Welf in. This is actually Lily in disguise and the real person was kidnapped the day before and Lily managed to slip in the last minute before the War Game started as the Trojan horse. Welf keeps Daphne busy so Bell could go face Hyakinthos directly. Nothing like a little firebolt to shock everybody and make your grand entrance, huh? Daphne and Lily try to aid and save their respective leaders. Until Bell takes a near fatal blow from Hyakinthos’ homing blast. Because he still survives, Hyakinthos gets mad and is going to kill him. But this is all just a ploy as Bell is utilizing what Aiz told him about people getting predictable when they let their guard down. Bell is able to predict his moves, dodges and then slugs him one in the face to knock him out! OMG! One punch man?! With that, Hestia Familia wins! An upset! I bet all those who betted on Apollo Familia lost big. Hestia having the last laugh now executes her demands: All his property confiscated, his Familia disbanded and Apollo himself is eternally banned from Orario. This means Hestia Familia now use Apollo’s mansion as their base. Hestia draws their Familia’s emblem. Hmm… They say it is a mix of flame and a bell but I just see some lousy doodle… Or ink blot…

Episode 5
Lily says her final goodbye to Souma. Hestia Familia celebrates back at their newly and extensively renovated mansion to congratulate Bell in reaching level 3. Oh, everyone agrees he should also be their leader. Toast to a new Hestia Familia! Thanks to their victory in the War Game, their reputation has soared. This means lots of people want to join Hestia Familia! Lots of them! All mostly come from outside Orario. Everyone is sure agreeing to the hype Hestia is saying. And Lily making a list of people who can’t join. Hmm… Sexy pretty women… Loli characters that overlap hers… Suddenly Mikoto finds a strange letter. What’s this? Hestia Familia with 200 million valis debt?! And suddenly there were none. Not so hyped to join Hestia Familia now, eh? This letter has the signature of Hestia and Hephaistos. Remember that special knife she gave him? Yup. That’s how much it costs! Bell is so shocked at the price of the knife he has been using to slash, that he faints!!! Apparently Hestia forgot all about it but I guess sorry is a little too late. They have no money left from Apollo’s estate as it is mostly used for the renovation. More dungeon raiding to pay it off? Hestia doesn’t want to drag her family into this and will pay off the debts herself. Can she? 200 million sounds quite a lot… Once Bell wakes up, nothing like a talk in a warm nice bath with Welf to set things straight. Basically, lots of thanking and gratitude towards Hestia. Eavesdropping goddess so touched she wants to climb over to him right now?! And with that, Hestia vows to pay it off no matter how long it takes but hopes her family can help her out. While they are celebrating, Chigusa comes to see Mikoto. From the looks of it, bad news?

Episode 6
Mikoto sneaks out of the mansion. Bell, Welf and Lily tail her. They see her meet up with Chigusa as they enter the red light district?! I wonder if Bell is going to be traumatized with all the sexy women gunning for this cute innocent boy. Don’t worry. Lily the ‘protector’ will keep them at bay. When Mikoto is eventually busted, she reveals that she is here to look for a friend. Rumours has it that she who is born of a noble is working here and they want to see if this is true. Speaking of Bell, they realize he is no longer around. Swept away by the bevy of beauties, huh? He stumbles into Hermes who gives him some aphrodisiac to keep this a secret. Then he stumbles into Aisha Belka and her Amazon women who think they’ve scored big with this boy. He’s that War Game winner, right? They take him back to their home in which Bell realizes they are from Ishtar Familia. Before they could get their way with him, Ishtar Familia’s commander, Phryne Jamil wants to steal him. You mean this big ugly toad thinks she is helluva beautiful and that men can’t satisfy her?! I can see why so many men were ruined… To settle this, the Amazon chicks play a game of tag. Whoever gets Bell first, keeps him! Man, Bell must excel in running away. His chastity depends on it! Yeah, the word has now spread throughout the entire Ishtar Familia. He ends up in the quarters of a fox girl, Haruhime Sanjono. I guess both are newbies. So much so she passes out just by seeing his collarbone? She’s got a lot to learn as a prostitute… Later she learns the mix up and apologizes. They talk about themselves especially Haruhime who angered her father and was kicked out of her family and sold here as a slave. They both click well as they love reading adventure stories. It’s time for Bell to go so she leads him out through a safe passage. She laments her fate to be stuck here and no men will save her. Oh yeah. You know Bell’s next course of action… Meanwhile Hermes sees Ishtar to exchange some shady stuff. No men could resist her charms so after great sex, he spills all the beans. Including Bell. Hence she is now interested to steal him if he is the key to that woman’s weakness.

Episode 7
Boy, Hestia is not happy Bell went to the red light distract. That aphrodisiac isn’t making anything better. But she believes him he didn’t do anything weird. However she still doesn’t like the fact he went there and sends her Familia to clean the neighbourhood. Later Mikoto learns from Bell that he actually met Haruhime who is that noble she is looking for. But Lily warns them they can’t go save another person. Not just after their War Game. It is not right to put their own Familia in danger. Later Bell talks to Eina. She too freaks out learning where he went. He is here to learn about the Ishtar Familia. However it has records of its strong members and none about Haruhime. Eina then warns him that many years ago, many Familia accused Ishtar Familia of under reporting their actual strength. The Guild launch an investigation but found nothing. After that, Ishtar went after those who accused her and their Familia ended up destroyed. Furthermore, the Guild had to pay a fine as Ishtar claimed they exposed lots of her private detail. Mikoto tries to talk to Haruhime but the latter claims she doesn’t know her. She talks to Bell about this and cue for her childhood days with her. As a noble, she was always locked up in her home so Mikoto and co used to sneak her outside. After they left for Orario, they heard rumours she was tricked and sold off as a slave. As she is suffering now, that’s why she wants to save her. You bet Bell shares the same sentiments too. Coincidentally Hermes is here and they talk about this. Although they can’t risk a war between Familia, Haruhime being a prostitute makes things easier because she can be bought. As she is a non-combatant, she won’t be expensive. Hermes wants to know more details so he could speak to Ishtar about this. But the moment he learns Haruhime is a renard, he lets them in on a secret. That night he was delivering a Killing Stone to Ishtar. Speaking of her, Ishtar plans to kidnap Bell and turn him her slave so as to see Freya’s reaction. After the Killing Stone ritual, they will start a war with Freya. Right now they must kidnap Bell but not attract the public’s attention nor must Freya Familia find out about this. So as Bell and co fight monsters to earn money, Ishtar Familia use this dungeon raiding as a guise to kidnap Bell. Aisha attacks Bell the moment they come into contact.

Episode 8
Although Mikoto assists Bell, Aisha and her Amazon reinforcements are too strong for them to handle. Though captured, unfortunately Phyrne steals Bell for herself. This has Aisha and the rest initiate a huge search. You bet Bell is going to be traumatized if Phyrne starts eating him. Is it no wonder why he doesn’t have a boner? Let’s say Phryne will come back with something stronger than Viagra. Luckily Haruhime knows of this place and frees him. Bell is so happy that he can’t stop hugging her. Can we save this later before the fat toad comes back? As she leads him out, Bell tells of his Familia’s intention to buy her. But she doesn’t look relieved as she has already made her peace with what’s going to happen. Uhm, you want to walk faster too? Because Phyrne could catch up any time. Hestia and Takemikazuchi are brainstorming why their Familia were ambushed. Until Hestia mentions something about Bell telling her about Killing Stone, Takemikazuchi fears the worst. So this ritual is supposed to seal the soul of a renard? Even with a small fragment of the stone, it gives you the power known as youjutsu. Once the ritual is done, the stone is smashed into pieces. Yup, an irreversible ritual. Coincidentally, after Haruhime freed Mikoto, the latter snuck around and found a library containing contents of what the Killing Stone ritual is. The moment Bell and Haruhime emerge out on the streets, Mikoto angrily confronts Haruhime for she intends to be a sacrifice. Aisha then snatches Haruhime. She reveals Ishtar’s Familia to start a war with Freya Familia. Bell should have noticed their skirmish in the dungeon was because of the power of youjutsu. They have no qualms sacrificing Haruhime as her death was long ago decided. When Bell reprimands their actions, Aisha must have had time to tell some flashback story of herself. Eventually, it is how Ishtar Familia works and she cannot disobey her goddess. Then she throws back a question to Bell. Why does he not move to save Haruhime? Is he worried about dragging his Familiar into a war? She is disappointed he isn’t the man she envisioned him to be. In that case she cannot let him have Haruhime. With other Amazon reinforcements here, Mikoto is forced to take a stunned and depressed Bell by his hand and run. Is he really living up to Aisha’s criticism?

Episode 9
Oh Bell, you’re going to be depressed and think long and hard about this? Guess not. Because he decides to go save Haruhime even if it means making Ishtar Familia enemies. The plan isn’t just to save Haruhime because if that fails, they need a way to destroy the Killing Stone ritual. Bell makes his offensive attack. Damn, his firebolt so powerful the Amazons can’t do anything. Then he has to face off with the ugly toad and Aisha but Ishtar wants them to leave this boy to him and to prepare the ritual. Ishtar reveals her plans to take down Freya Familia. So it’s all about jealousy because the men consider Freya more beautiful than her? She is going to f*ck Bell and shut him up but apparently this guy can resist her charms. Looking at his stats, he has some spell that crystalizes emotions. This means he is immune to divine charms. While Ishtar is left in shock and possibly insulted, Bell got away. You’d think that Haruhime as an important factor for the ritual, she should have more than 2 guards guarding her. ONLY 2 FREAKING GUARDS. No wonder Mikoto easily dispatches them so we can have some argument why Haruhime doesn’t want to be saved. She thinks she doesn’t have the right to be saved with this tainted body. Even if there are those who are okay, she is not. Not when she knows it puts Bell well in danger. Then reinforcements come and Mikoto gets ‘defeated’. But she comes back in time just after they set everything up for the ritual. However she becomes a punching bag to Samira. Just before defeat, she plays dirty. It looks like she is clinging herself onto Samira and chanting a self-destruct spell. This panics her as she tries to get her off. Don’t worry, nobody died in this light purification magic. Just that Mikoto bows out and it’s cue for Bell to take over. Fast enough, he destroys the sword that would supposedly kill and seal Haruhime.

Episode 10
Ishtar is shocked that her domain is in flames. Well, Freya Familia is attacking. At the same time, Hestia and Takemikazuchi Familiar head in to rescue their comrades. Despite the ritual over, Haruhime still thinks she is not worthy of Bell because of her status as prostitute. That kind of status only taints the hero. But you know, Bell doesn’t care about that. He doesn’t want her to think she is worthless. He hasn’t heard her truth yet. Mad Phryne wants Haruhime to boost her up so she could crush Bell. However she boosts Bell instead. Haruhime pleads for Bell to save her as she is tired of selling her body and doesn’t want to hurt others anymore. He is able to fight on par with the mad toad. I think too much jumping has the ground collapsing? Don’t worry, only Phryne fell through. Of course she survives but stumbles into Ottarl. She tries to attack him but he easily twists her hand. She tries to weasel her way out and offer her body. But she did the unthinkable by comparing herself to Freya. Ottarl becomes mad and smashes her!!! One flat dead toad coming up. Bell is now left to face Aisha. Does she want to see how much he has grown as a man? Eventually after all that hard hitting moves, Bell emerges victorious. Got to be his trademark firebolt to finish her. Ishtar tries to escape but here comes Freya. She’s here to talk. More accurately, say goodbye. Ishtar is cornered and frustrated that Freya’s beauty stands far above her despite being the same. Same? Freya thinks the difference is elegance. Ishtar’s jealousy is at her peak so Freya slaps her off the ledge. Can goddess die from that fall? Well apparently now she becomes a beam of light. As explained, this means she is summoned back to heaven and can never return to this lower world again. Gee, I wonder who wrote such rules. Haruhime is glad now she is free. More happy news when their Familia comes to pick them up. It seems everything is part of Hermes’ plan although he didn’t think it would go out of control like this. He believes in creating Bell as the last hero. Something that Zeus failed to achieve that Orario will accomplish.

Episode 11
Ares, the god and ruler of the Kingdom of Rakia is trying to attack Orario. However his soldiers are only ordinary men so they naturally lose to the monstrous might of the Orario adventurers. Aisha sees off Haruhime since she is now under Hestia Familia. Aisha and some of her other Amazon girls are going to Rakia seeing that there is war going on, some men might be in need of their service. Bell talks to Hermes who tells him about the Three Great Quests that the world wants to see from Orario. That old ancient tale involved the great Familia defeating ancient monsters. Behemoth and Leviathan were defeated by Zeus and Hera Familia but were wiped out. The final monster is the Black Dragon. Since this ‘story’ has yet to be completed, every adventurer in Orario has a right to be that hero. Things must be easy with Haruhime as the maid. Hestia gets the wrong idea that Bell is flirting with Haruhime, gets jealous and imposes a no contact rule. This causes Lily to argue with her. I guess the same rules don’t apply to a goddess, huh? So Hestia asks if some goddess declares her love for him, will he accept? He right away rejects because there is no way that would happen as they both come from different worlds. Obviously, Hestia becomes mad at baka Bell and runs away. Yeah, everybody agrees it is Bell’s fault this time. Time to go look for her. Meanwhile Ares tells his aide, Marius that he plans to kidnap a god from Orario to turn things around! Yes, this guy doesn’t think… Bell meets Miach and Hephaistos and tells of his problem. They admit that gods sometimes do fall in love with humans and sometimes in different forms too. The idea is to respect a god’s love. You can accept or reject it but do not fear it. Hestia is sulking and somehow ends up doing some potato delivery errand? As she heads outside Orario’s walls, Ares who just arrived, spots her and promptly kidnaps her! Bell sees a commotion and good thing Aiz is nearby. She fills him in about Hestia being kidnapped. The problem is the enemy split into many groups and they can’t tell which is carrying the real Hestia. Don’t worry, Hermes will have Asfi guide them. Bell follows Aiz until they catch up with Ares. That guy really thinks he can fight Aiz. His sword broke! Hestia manages to free herself but slips off the ravine. Bell dives down to save her. Aiz too. Is this what you call leap of faith? Yeah well, rapid rapids below.

Episode 12
Don’t worry. When you see Hestia waking up in bed, everybody’s safe and sound. Yeah, thank goodness for the small village nearby. I bet Hestia wants to stay this way a little longer because you know, Bell by her side… Since the village is preparing for the festival, Bell helps out too. There are Black Dragon scales everywhere that the villagers worship as an altar as it keeps monsters away from attacking. This prompts Bell to remember about the Three Great Quests as the villagers feel the irony that if the Black Dragon is defeated, their village will no longer be safe. When Bell returns, Karm the village elder talks to him. Showing him an emblem, he was once in a Familia and was in love with a goddess. She reciprocate his love but he failed to protect her. By saving him from monsters, she was killed and returned to heaven. Karm miraculously survived and has thoughts on following her but realized he must not waste the life she has given him. So his advice to him is to take care of his goddess. That night, the festival gets underway. Hestia even learning some legend of the dance to become lovers. Yeah Bell, wouldn’t you like to ask your goddess’ hand for the dance? And he did because he remembers what Hestia said about a goddess loving him and also Karm’s words. Festival somewhat ruined because Karm is dying. Hestia goes talk to him as he mentions about the goddess he loved, Brigid. Hestia knows her as they used to play a lot in heaven. Dying man fears both to see and not to see her and because he still has regrets, Hestia acts and plays as Brigid to make his passing easier. Later Bell talks to Hestia if Karm would ever see Brigid. Hard to say. She thinks Bell still believes humans and gods shouldn’t be together. He worries that humans will die before them. Like when his grandpa died, he cried so hard and it didn’t change anything. So he fears that same thing again. Hestia assures she will always be by his side no matter what. Even when Bell is gone, reincarnated or aeons has passed between them or even Bell is no longer Bell, she will still come to find him. Enough assurance for you, Bell? Damn, he’s already bawling like a baby. Next day after praying at Karm’s grave, the trio make their way back to Orario.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Prostitutes In A Red Light District?
Well people, looks like we don’t have to wait for another 4 years to get another season. Because there is a third season coming by mid of 2020. Good news, right? Yeah, this means there will be no time wasting in between the waiting years for another trolling side story. Phew. Glad we could just jump straight to a real sequel. Notwithstanding that final scene in the final episode whereby a new character was being ‘born’ in the dungeon (hence the catalyst for the next season), why does it feel like this final episode is just one big roundabout way to ascertain for sure about Bell and Hestia’s relationship? For the longest time their relationship has been in status quo. Bell just wanting to be with his goddess and Hestia trying to get naughty with him. With this mini experience, I’m sure they’ll take their relationship a little more seriously. I doubt it would be to a whole new level but better than the status quo than before. So love your goddess, eh? Ah well, can’t say the same for Aiz and Loki. See that girl avoid her goddess like the plague? Better quit Loki Familia and join Hestia Familia!

This season’s stories are rather okay. Sometimes I feel it isn’t living up to its name in the title anymore. Besides, I feel that there is practically no dungeon raiding this season. Sure, they venture into the dungeons for some adventure but it is hardly the setting of the story for this season. It’s like as though the dungeon has been side-lined and taken a back seat while the stories for this season unfolds in Orario. Oh well, the dungeon was the setting of the final arc of the first season so I guess this season they want to take the story to another direction and instead of fighting monsters in the dungeon, they are fighting for the freedom of others in Orario! Goodbye dungeon raiding, hello Familia wars…

Basically the second season can be divided into 2 main arcs with the first one fighting against Apollo Familia with the plot to establish Hestia Familia for real and the second storyline fighting against Ishtar Familia with the plot to add another member to Hestia Familia. While looking at it generally looks interesting but somehow I feel that it isn’t anything special. Sure, it is to develop and establish a family bond among the Hestia Familia and to see how strong Bell has grown. Like the War Games with Apollo Familia, I don’t know, it felt just easy for Hestia Familia to win. I know, they’re the heroes and main characters of this series. But with all the odds stacked against them, they actually did the impossible which is 0.001%, Hey, the chances aren’t zero. Also, Apollo Familia underestimated them and that contributed to their downfall. And only with such great obstacles that Hestia Familia is finally a whole seeing that it forced members from other Familia to seek permission to leave and join another Familia. Also, it gives Hestia Familia a (huge) place they can call home instead of that rundown ‘love shack’. Yeah… Then for saving prostitute Haruhime, it doesn’t feel so much about the Killing Stone ritual but more of Bell and Haruhime contemplating and coming to terms with what they want and must do. Because if Ishtar had been planning to defeat Freya for a long time, you don’t think she’d allow this little slip up and mistake to make her plans come undone so easily just like that, huh?

Bell and Hestia are the 2 main characters so we get to see more of them. Though, Haruhime seems to take more of the spotlight than Hestia in her arc. So we get it. Family ties are important. The bonds and everything. Hestia Familia might be the smallest Familia ever in all of Orario but at least they are close to each other, which could be impossible for a big Familia with so many members. Yup, the perks of being closely knitted when your family is small. This means many of the other characters fall by the wayside. Like Welf, Syr, Ryuu, Eina and even Aiz herself. With Bell being so busy trying to save Haruhime, it looks like they’re trying to set up some romance between them and erase the initial romance of Bell x Aiz. Still remember that elegant dance they had together in the first episode at Apollo’s party? Yeah, I almost forgot about it… Last episode almost hinted they might have another go had not that goddess thingy hogged it all and made Aiz just some lady in waiting literally. So Aiz, still thinking of not leaving Loki Familia for Hestia Familia? I bet Bell would be the happiest guy in the entire universe and heaven. Not so for Hestia, though… Lily had a fair screen time just so as to justify why she can leave her Familia officially. But after that, she’s more like blending in the background with the rest.

What are the odds that Bell becomes the centre of attention of 2 different gods? Both equally vain themselves. First we got Apollo who wants cute Bell for all himself because apparently his old toys aren’t giving him the same excitement anymore. And then we got sexy Ishtar who wants to get back at Freya just for being more beautiful than her and what a plan she has by, wait for it, involving Bell. Oh Bell, you’re such a lucky guy who wants to be loved by so many gods. Albeit for differing reasons. They only lose because they look down and underestimate our heroes. Yeah, even gods can falter. I see they have to involve Freya too because she feels like the final antagonist with an ulterior motive. I could be wrong but she always gives off that feel to me. The series hasn’t reached its climax or anything yet so no need for Freya to show us more than she needs to and keep us in the dark of her true motives. Hermes might look like he is playing some dumb cowboy but he could be the one pulling all the strings behind everybody’s back. So he is another one to look out for although for now he looks like is on Bell’s side.

One of the strangest lore that I am still confused just thinking about it is how gods and deities are banished from coming down to the lower world. Gods are eternal so that means if they are forever banished, you really mean that until the end of time they cannot return? So I guess Apollo must find his new entertainment in other kingdoms while Ishtar I don’t even know getting killed means you aren’t qualified to play with the mortals anymore. So theoretically if you kill a god or goddess, you can banish them forever? Don’t they get a second chance? I don’t know, maybe another reincarnation in a thousand years? Can’t current gods and goddesses just go back and forth from heaven and Earth as they like? Maybe I’m missing something here and I’m too lazy to research more about this since I’m not really that big of a fan of this series. Uh huh. Eventually my fault that I don’t get it. So for now, Orario is safe from Apollo being a dick to steal mortals he loves as well as the heavenly seduction of Ishtar. Oh man, is Orario going to be a clean and morally upright town now that Ishtar’s district no longer exists? Not even the gods here are absolute when they come down to the world of mortals.

With Hestia mentioning that mortals who die and their souls go to heaven, they become purified into some sort of clean slate of sheet (wiping out all memories and emotions in your previous life), the way she briefly explains it sounds like reincarnation is part of the setting of this world. Hence it got me thinking of this conspiracy theory that perhaps Bell is a soul whom Hestia knew for a very long time ago. Somebody that she was very much in love with. That is why she is flirty and trying to get so close to him because she found that person whom she has always been in love before. That is why when Hestia told Bell that she will always be with him no matter how old he grows or what state his soul is, this only makes me curious that this conspiracy theory might be very well true. Did you not notice Hestia saying all that in a very calm and confident manner? Because she already knew about Bell, who he was and all… And though Bell claimed he is being grateful to her and hence him sticking around her, something in his old latent soul attracts him to stick with her, making my conspiracy theory even more ‘credible’. Oh dear. I don’t know if this would be the ultimate twist of the story! I don’t even know if I should feel happy or worried if this ever turns out so! OMG… I just created an unnecessary spoiler and anxiety!!! Time to distract my mind and talk about fanservice…

Fanservice. I wonder with the red light district arc, did they ramp up the fanservice? Even with lots of sexy half-naked Amazon women running around, I just didn’t feel turned on. Yeah, the real killer is that fat ugly toad! Hope I never have to see this rapist in the next season ever again! And Hestia’s boobs are well, still there. Don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere. Still jiggling them from time to time… Is it me or does Bell seemed like he was in danger of getting pseudo raped on many occasions? Yeah, with all that has happened, it is amazing that this guy still manages to stay a virgin and his chastity safe in the end. If you’re not into the fanservice, maybe the action scenes would entertain you. They look better and choreographed better this time.

With old seiyuus retained for this sequel, the new ones added to this season include Haruka Chigusa as Haruhime (Sylvia in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Akeno Watanabe as Aisha (Rito in To Love-Ru), Takako Honda as Ishtar (Hone Onna in Jigoku Shoujo), Kimiko Saitou as Phyrne (Chieko in Kuragehime), Ryota Ohsaka as Apollo (Vali in High School DxD), Kenn as Hyakinthos (Jinbei in Mushibugyou) and Chikahiro Kobayashi as Ares (Sugimoto in Golden Kamuy). Just like last season, Yuka Iguchi sings the opening theme, Hello To Dream. Since she wasn’t in her trademark cutie voice, I didn’t realize it was her singing this generic anime pop. The ending theme, Sayakana Shukusai by Sora Tob Sakana might sound a bit out of place. With its jazzy fanfare and jazzy bass pickings, it feels a lot like Broadway music and the carnival-like atmosphere of the song sounds contradictory to the tone of the series. Ah well, got to show how much fun Hestia Familia is having. A Familia that is happy together, sticks together. Obviously.

Overall, not really better than the first season and picky people might start to wonder if it derailed from its name. Uh huh. No more picking up girls in the dungeon and in place of dungeon raiding adventures, we have Familia starting wars with Hestia Familia just for the silliest of reasons. I don’t think jiggling more of Hestia’s boobs would save the season either since come to think of it, she is starting to feel a lot annoying and bratty with her whims and fancies. And oh, Bell x Aiz romance didn’t really go anywhere so it’s a bummer. Maybe now I understand that is why the third season will be coming in soon just a year later after the second season went on air. Because of this disappointment as well as Aiz’s side story a couple of years back, they might want to flush away all the frustrated feelings of fans who felt ‘cheated’ that the sequel didn’t live up to their expectations. Maybe the answer was already obvious in the title. It’s definitely wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon after all. Tinder, anyone?

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!!! Yeah. It has been a decade so I guess I’m still around watching animes. Last year had many ups and downs watching so many anime series and like always, I hope this year would bring about better ones. Oh well, another 10 more years hopefully for me.

Day O/ Daylight come and me wanna go home/ Come Mister Tally Man/ Tally me banana… Ah, yes. Bananas. That yellow edible fruit that everyone believes to be rich in potassium. A food that is also associated with monkeys because the media ‘brainwashed’ us into thinking it is their favourite food. That doesn’t mean that it is also not the favourite food for some humans. Hence listed below are the Anime Characters Who Love To Eat Bananas. Also a ‘naughty’ fruit if you’re thirsty and ‘hungry’ enough to associate with a certain male anatomy… Also, the most used ‘tool’ for gag comedy purposes because they’re the only fruits whose peel you can slip on. Wow. Bananas so useful in so many ways…

Anime: Aho Girl.
Banana lover: Yoshiko Hanabatake.
Thoughts: Currently the most famous banana lover across the entire history of anime. Stupid, annoying and full of energy. Makes you wonder if the bananas she consumed over the years are the one making her stupid or keeping her from wreaking even more havoc. Oddly, when she was young, she knew what a dick is but not a banana? And then Akuru introduced her to this delicious thing and the rest is history.

Anime: Girls Bravo.
Banana lover: Miharu Sena Kanaka.
Thoughts: You know a girl loves her banana by the way she touches, licks and sucks on them. It’s amazing no porn director has scouted her ever since. Just kidding! But thanks to this, the shop owner experiences an increase in business. Bravo to bananas!

Anime: Da Capo.
Banana lover: Miharu Amakase.
Thoughts: Hmm… Another banana lover by the name of Miharu? Well, at least this one has a different reason why she loves bananas. As an android, she is powered by bananas! Weird technology, but okay. If it’s the thing that gives you energy to move, might as well love it. Also to note that in Da Capo II, android Minatsu Amakase also consumes bananas for energy but unlike her Miharu counterpart, she hates them and only eats them so as to stay alive.

Anime: Azumanga Daioh.
Banana lover: Tomo Takino.
Thoughts: Coming from the mouth of the resident idiot herself. Yup, when asked what her favourite food is, she doesn’t bat an eyelid to say it is bananas. What else more is there to say for this lovable idiot?

Anime: Kage Kara Mamoru.
Banana lover: Yuuna Konnyaku.
Thoughts: Just how much does this girl love her bananas? Why, she loves them so much that she has an original song dedicated to it! Banana Song is just freaking cute and awesome to listen to if you can put aside that it also sounds cringe worthy at times. That’s what probably the judges of the talent contest think after hearing it the first time. I guess once is more than enough…

Anime: Love Hina.
Banana lover: Kaolla Su.
Thoughts: I don’t remember much about seeing Kaolla chowing down bananas like as though she is an obsessed maniac over it. But it is listed in her bio-data that bananas are her favourite food. I guess it is only natural that if you come from a tropical land, you’ll tend to like tropical fruits such as bananas. And maybe turtles?! Hope she just sticks to eating bananas and not go after Tama every time. Then I won’t have to hear, “Mmm… Turtles taste like… Bananas”!

Anime: Eyeshield 21.
Banana lover: Tarou “Monta” Raimon.
Thoughts: I didn’t see this American football themed anime at all. But I’m guessing that the only male on this list and wide receiver who looks a lot like a monkey would also show some monkey-like traits like making monkey cries occasionally, good at catching things and the love for snacking on bananas (by now you should know the link between monkeys and bananas are just a myth).

Anime: Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san.
Banana lover: Sora Sarutobi.
Thoughts: Oh, another character that is modelled after the monkey? Don’t worry. She doesn’t look close to one although she exhibits some of the monkey traits. Like her love for bananas. She might not want to admit it but her actions don’t lie. Try refuting all that with a banana in hand…

Going Bananas…
So why are bananas mostly associated with dumb people? Even we have that idiom, banana head referring to those who are silly. So are bananas the foods for the dumb ones? Let’s hope it is just a coincidence. A very big coincidence. Hey, there is no scientific research to make that direct correlation, right?!

This list is not meant to be exhaustive as there could be other anime characters out there who have a thing for bananas but unfortunately my Google power is not strong. And I thought this would be an easy topic but then I realized trying to list down and going back to my previous blogs and do some research, wow, there aren’t actually that many, huh? There are some that I exclude such as Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate because I couldn’t find any concrete supporting evidence to confirm that she actually loves banana despite I read somewhere that she is mostly seen eating this. Yeah, I didn’t see that anime so that’s that.

Others that I did not include are just one-off events. For instance, Momoka Sonokawa from Sabagebu. It was just an episode she went on a banana diet after becoming super size me. This has her mom thinking she likes bananas and continued to make banana dishes for her. Then there’s the case of the girls in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes and Yuru Camp whereby the former were just being the idiotic detectives they are by succumbing to banana treats instead of doing real investigating while the latter had them stranded on an island filled with bananas as their only source of food. It just happened in a single episode and doesn’t constitute to them being overall banana lovers.

So if you love those six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch, keep continue to chow down those potassium goodness. As long as you’re enjoying whatever food you love, there’s no reason to be ashamed of the way you eat them. Uhm, don’t go overboard eating them in too sexy a manner. Bye. Gotta make like a banana and split.

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