This blog was initially started out from Windows Live Spaces but due to some reason (I think unprofitable reasons), Spaces was shut down and its loyal users were forced to be shifted to WordPress. Thus the beginning of a new direction and era for my blog.

Anime has been a big passion in my life recently as I love watching anime series as compared to other shows. Due to the large considerable amount of animes watched, a blog was setup as an indicator to point out the animes shows that I have watched. Slowly as I grow older, my memory began to fail me so my blog turned into a time capsule of memories. A place whereby I can refresh my memory after reading up a little on episodes that I have forgotten. Though I may not be able to clearly remember earlier episodes, at least putting it down here shows that something of that sort has happened. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written it down, right? Now, enough of talking and back to more watching of animes.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Joey Says:

    Wow, now this my site to hang out, I pretty impress :)…. Do you have all the animes, thou? Including the forgotten ones?


  2. animeforev3r Says:

    hi there, big fan as of today, stumbled upon your blog by chance and im very impressed, you share the same passion for anime as me and would really like you opinion and recommendations on a few anime’s, perhaps you provide me a means of contacting ( email or chat ), thank you.


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