April 30, 2011

What happens when you find yourself in a strange parallel world having to fight ugly monsters for survival? Without knowing anything, thrust back and forth between the sanctuary of your own world and into the dangerous realm that doesn’t just happen once but repeatedly like a never ending loop. That seems like an interesting premise when I watched 11eyes, based on the PC game of the same name.

Every game or anime sure has its main hero. I’m not sure if I could classify this as a harem but Kakeru Satsuki lost his older sister after she killed herself 7 years ago after an attempt to take his life too. With an eye-patch over his right eye, Kakeru gets by his traumatic past and live his everyday life with childhood friend Yuka Minase as well as classmate buddies like the idiotic Tadashi Teruya and keeping-that-idiot-in-line Kaori Natsuki.

Episode 1
That normalcy is about to shatter when Kakeru’s eye starts to glow as he and Yuka are transported to a strange alternate world that they dubbed the Red Night. Well, simply everything here is covered in red hue. There are no other humans except themselves and what’s worse than creepy tentacle blob creatures that start attacking. Just when they are surrounded, the Red Night ‘cracks’ and they are returned back to their own world. We also meet other characters that would play a significant role later on such as the new transfer student from Italy but quiet and mysterious Shiori Momono, the brash delinquent Takahisa Tajima, the school nurse Saiko Akamine (why must many anime school nurse be busty and sexy?) and the serious Onmyouji swordswoman Misuzu Kusakabe. Kakeru and Yuka try to brush off that nightmare but at the park after Kakeru thinks he has seen visions of his late sister, once again they are transported to the Red Night.

Episode 2
Luckily they meet Misuzu who helps protect them from the blobs. After running, they arrive at a place with crystals and a little girl in white, Lisette trapped within it. They can’t be fighting low level enemies all the time, right? So yeah, meet the main antagonists of the series, The Black Knights, 6 ugly creatures (they remind me of some sort of voodoo thingy) bent on destroying our heroes whom they deemed as Fragments and will stop them at any cost of freeing Lisette. I guess this was just warm up so before any real fight could happen, the trio are popped back right into their own world. Is this getting annoying or what? Not when you have to deal with scary beings and the unknown. The trio discuss about the recent events as Misuzu has Kakeru show her his right eye but it seems normal. Later Kakeru and Yuka stop by at a cafe and are being served by a clumsy bespectacled girl, Yukiko Hirohara. They notice a scar on Yukiko’s hand heals. Kakeru sends Yuka home and she snuggles up closely to him, wishing to be with him forever. Next day at the school library, Kakeru gets more creepy visions of his late sister popping up behind the bookshelves before disappearing. There’s even a sketchbook leaving a note accusing him that he is the one who has awakened the demon. Then his eye problem comes bugging him again. Well, it may not be the Red Night but that is one hell of a Black Moon in the sky.

Episode 3
Apparently those who got whisked away to the Red Night can see the Black Moon. Kakeru wants Misuzu to teach him some sword skills so he can protect Yuka but she refuses. But do you think that is going to stop him? Later Yukiko meets Yuka (they’re from the same school) and I guess she’s got a little screw loose in her head because she loves greeting girls by groping their boobs. Kakeru and Yuka are at Misuzu’s house so she pulls off some demonstration by pulling out 5 swords she keeps in her palms. Hey, nice colours. Maybe if she had 7 of them, they would look like colours of the rainbow. Just kidding. Misuzu gives Kakeru one of her swords so they start their training. As a first timer, you can’t blame Kakeru for wanting to rush things and obviously he isn’t good at swinging the sword. Maybe he shouldn’t get mad because it caused them to be pulled into the Red Night again. Other than the blobs, 2 Black Knights start attacking them. Misuzu tells Kakeru and Yuka to take cover while she deals with them. Amazingly the biggest looking Black Knight, Gula gets easily killed by Misuzu. The other Black Knight, Ira goes hunting for the weak duo in a game of hide and seek. Ira finds them hiding in a car but had to retreat when a girl with chains fends him off. Hmm… Looks like Kakeru’s sister. Kakeru passes out but after regaining consciousness, he finds himself back in the original world. Misuzu introduces them to their new ally who has been to the Red Night and will be fighting alongside them: Yukiko.

Episode 4
Can an energetic and lively girl be much use to the gang? Well, she did survive the Red Night, right? So the quartet discuss further about the strange events, the Black Knights and why they are being called Fragments. Yukiko brings in Takahisa as he is the other person she has seen fighting in the Red Night. However that guy is reluctant to join their stupid club and dislikes the idea of teaming up because it is deemed as weak. Hey, do you want Kakeru to hog all the girls? Oh, like he’s interested in that anyway. Oh wait. This should be the least of their problems now. Later Kakeru resumes training with Misuzu. His eye starts hurting again but strangely he sees future visions and is able to predict Misuzu’s moves. So much so he moves ahead in place before Misuzu could act, confusing everyone. I guess we should’ve seen this coming because what would this show be if the Red Night doesn’t occur in every episode? They face off with Ira but Misuzu is having a hard time. Now, behold the magic of spectacles. Just as Yukiko takes off her glasses, her personality completely changes into a cold efficient killing machine wielding a pair of daggers! Woah! Don’t play, man. With her hyper-speed, she manages to wound Ira but before she could deliver the finishing blow, another Black Knight, Invidia stabs her chains through her. That’s when our Takahisa shows up to do some serious burning (he has pyrokinetic powers). Call it good or bad timing, the kids are returned back to their own world. As for Yukiko, don’t worry about her. She has self regeneration powers, remember? But dig this explanation of hers. She can’t DIE!!! Woah! An immortal.

Episode 5
Saiko who was once a street gang leader, found a young and abandoned Takahisa (his parents abandoned him because they found his fire powers troublesome) and took him in under her care. Can a gangster find love so easily? Well, must be her maternal instinct. We also see Yukiko likes Takahisa so she has no qualms giving him lots of junk food he likes munching about. Well, probably that was the motivation for him to join the rest of the gang. Not exactly joining by the way. Just in for the junk food. They are introduced to yet another member. She is Kukuri Tachibana, Kakeru’s supposedly dead sister! Well, her uncanny looks and similar name is just coincidence because this Kukuri is a mute as she communicates using a sketchbook. Later Takahisa tries to ride his bike out of town but a red barrier prevents him from doing so as he crashes his vehicle. He notices that other living creatures can pass through it. This means those affected by the Red Night are sealed within this area and cannot leave. As Kakeru continues his training with Misuzu, the Red Night comes again. As usual as Misuzu is busy preoccupied with Invidia, Kakeru takes Yuka to escape but Ira blocks their path. Option to run is over. Time to stand and fight. At first Ira is too good for Kakeru. Till his eye starts glowing again. He predicts Ira’s move and manages to slay him in the end. But such awakening powers comes at a price because he starts seeing a vision of a guy name Velad surrounded by bloody corpses, telling him about this curse Eye of Aeon he has. Hey, this Velad guy has one too. Don’t tell me they’re related.

Episode 6
So Kakeru is in some sort of pain. Back in their real world, in an attempt to heal and free Kakeru of his torment, I guess the only way to heal a guy is to do some sexual healing. Just kidding. At least this is what it looked like when Misuzu stripped herself naked and Kakeru and proceeds to get too close that would even turn on the tsunami alert. I think the healing must’ve worked because it seemed they had a good time in that ambiguous position. Just joking about the good part. And this part I saw this coming (I’m sure you did too). worried Yuka takes a peek through the door to see if everything is alright and what do you know? She misinterprets and thinks that bastard is being unfaithful to her and goes into shock. It gets even worse when Kakeru seems to be more concerned about Misuzu (weakened after that sexual, I mean spiritual healing) so upset Yuka rushes out of the house. When Kakeru catches up to her on the school rooftop and tries to clear the fact he and Misuzu are just friends (oh, did you forget that romp last night? Just kidding), Yuka confesses her feelings and wants Kakeru to kiss her to prove their relationship but he refuses. This yet another bad move sends Yuka running away again. Oh, love isn’t such an easy thing. Too bad this love triangle thingy has to take a backseat for the moment since Red Night is back. As they prepare to take on the blobs and the Black Knight, Acedia, Kukuri reveals her true angelic chain powers by slaughtering all the enemy including slicing off Acedia’s head. Fortunately for Acedia, a part of his head, Scholastica manages to flee so technically this weird stick Black Knight still lives. In the aftermath, Takahisa finds a shredded backpack belonging to Yuka so Kakeru fearing the worse, rushes to find her.

Episode 7
Yuka is having a traumatic time trying to forget Kakeru’s sex romp with Misuzu. At least, that’s what she seemed to me. The gang split up to search for her and Yukiko manages to find her at the shrine and tries to cheer her up by telling her past of how she has seen and lived through hell by being a merciless killer as an immortal at her hometown Dransvania. Something about because of that she had a split personality too. Meanwhile Lisette seems to have awakened and tries to break free from her barrier so the Black Knight’s leader, Avaritia had to cut short his Fragment hunting trip and return to strengthen the barrier. Kakeru and Takahisa are still searching when they witness Scholastica being vaporized by some unknown magic (it’s Shiori by the way. Anybody paying attention could guess it’s her). Then Invidia appears to take on the guys as revenge for scarring her face in the previous fight while Misuzu faces off with Black Knight Superbia. Superbia hints that she may be the legendary female Onmyouji, Misao of the Kusakabe clan that Misuzu admired. Soon Yukiko and Kukuri arrive to help out the guys. But Invidia has Kakeru in her clutches as she traps everyone in a cyclone barrier and is going to self destruct and kill herself while taking everybody along in her explosive blood. Yuka watching from afar gets terrified upon seeing Kakeru in danger so her cry awakens her latent power of nullifying everybody’s power. Good news: Enemy’s power is nullified. Bad news: Our powers are nullified too. Yukiko quickly finishes off Invidia for good. Psychotic and Kakeru-obsessed Yuka faints soon after. Back in the normal world as Yuka is put the bed, sleeping calmly, suddenly Kukuri’s sketchbook reminds Kakeru of that demon awakening note. Could she be? In another scene, we see a woman named Liselotte crying over the death of her beloved Velad and vows to destroy this horrible world on his behalf.

Episode 8
Kakeru tells Kukuri to leave Yuka alone after thinking she’s been the one who has been stalking him. In another room, Misuzu and Takahisa talk about Yuka’s nullifying powers before Takahisa goes out to look for Yukiko. Later Misuzu talks to Kakeru that she suspects Superbia as Misao due to her fighting stance and was paralyzed with fear when she faced her. She shows the same scar on her shoulder and lets Kakeru drink her blood from her arm. Oh, guess what? Yuka has awakened, went around looking for Kakeru and saw this. Yeah, I also saw this coming. Guess what happens next? A) She shrugs it off as a dream; B) She starts killing everybody; C) She gets shocked and faints. Although I pretty much thought option B would happen, C was the one that happened. Meanwhile Saiko reprimands Takahisa for fooling around and Shiori’s use of her magic to destroy some attacking raven confirms our suspicions that she is indeed no ordinary girl. When Yuka wakes up (had a nice refreshing sleep, no?), she sees Misuzu and Kakeru in another practice duel. When that is done, crazy Yuka went to lick Misuzu’s wound inflicted by Kakeru and proclaims now she is just the same like Kakeru. Misuzu leaves the house with Kukuri perhaps foreseeing that crazy Yuka wanting to spend time with Kakeru before she really snaps. Kakeru and deluded Yuka are doing house work when they are being attacked by Shiori’s magic. Kakeru realizes that Shiori is the one who wrote the demon awakening line. Takahisa finds Yukiko at school and they both share a little intimate time together. Takahisa realizes he’s been a lucky guy and is grateful to Saiko. They decide to go find her but to their horror, find her killed in an unusual position by Superbia. Wait a minute. It’s not even the Red Night, how could she appear here?

Episode 9
It’s no joke! Saiko is really dead! Takahisa goes into a rage that he starts relentlessly hunting down Superbia for revenge and in the process burns down the entire city. Unknown to him, this Superbia is just an illusion. Misuzu and Kukuri spot Yukiko and learn what happened. Yukiko will try to go stop him while Misuzu and Kukuri rush back to the house. Meanwhile Shiori believes that even though he is responsible for awakening the demon, she believes he is their saviour too. That attack was just a test. Misuzu and Kukuri arrive home but the former is faced with the real Superbia. Kakeru wants to lend a hand but is given the clones of the dead Black Knights to deal with. Superbia changes back to her human form and reveals she is doing this to avoid world destruction and protect Avaritia whom she loves. Say what? Yukiko tries to get Takahisa to stop but he mentions that he is going out of control and wants her to kill him before it gets out of hand. Reluctant Yukiko has no choice but to drop her specs. This is when the Red Night comes. While the battle rages on outside the house, it seems pretty odd that Shiori and Yuka are having tea inside. Perhaps they don’t want Yuka to turn crazier than she is now? As Kakeru defeats the Black Knight clones, Misuzu still finds herself hard to stand up against Misao. Even if Kukuri’s help of the angelic chains, Abraxas, Misao manages to break free and destroy 2 of Misuzu’s swords. Kakeru jumps in to protect Misuzu but Superbia retreats after realizing he has drank Misuzu’s blood. But she is content that she has managed to break their ‘bond’. In the aftermath, Shiori explains that she is from some magic office called Index and was sent to help destroy the magic that would bring disaster to the world. Even more shocking, she reveals the Black Knights were those magicians of Index. So the Black Knights were good guys all along and Kakeru-tachi the villains? Seems like it. Misuzu is trembling in fear since she realized the difference of strength between herself and Superbia. Then bloodied Yukiko comes in and says she has killed Takahisa. That’s no joke either. He’s really dead!

Episode 10
Shiori reveals more. Lisette’s real name is Liselotte, an immortal who was sealed by the Black Knights 64 years ago. That resulted in them turning into their hideous forms and Liselotte an innocent-looking loli in white unlike her true dark gothic form (resembling close to Rozen Maiden’s Suigin Tou). Velad (who is also king of Dransvania) and Liselotte were lovers and the former was sad how humans always ended up fighting and killing each other. He wanted the world to end but was killed by a close aide. Grief stricken Liselotte vowed to carry out Velad’s wish. Remember that Black Moon? Yup. That’s supposed to be gate that will open Hellfall and destroy the world. To do that, she needs to gather all 7 Fragments (the 6 protagonists and Liselotte herself) and Eye of Aeon to do so. But after she got sealed along with her memories, the Fragments (her power source which was from Emerald Tablet) are scattered throughout parallel worlds to weaken her power. Thus it was Lisette who was responsible for dragging the gang into the Red Night and making it possible for Liselotte to make a comeback. Kukuri is just a figment of Yuka’s imagination materialized for Kakeru’s sake and the real Kukuri is actually dead. By the way, this is Yuka’s world so feel free for Kukuri to vanish anytime. This is getting confusing. Probably Kakeru was just obliging Yuka when they kissed so as not to make that girl go psycho. So once again Red Night comes. Yukiko hasn’t gotten over her beloved Takahisa’s death and plans to get her revenge alone. Too bad she got killed and her Fragment taken out. So much for being immortal. I guess that is what made her live forever. The rest arrives and are shocked to see another of their comrade down. It gets worse because Yuka takes the Fragment and tosses it to Liselotte, freeing her. Oh, this is just great. What else could go wrong today, I mean tonight?

Episode 11
As gratitude for saving her, Liselotte kills Yuka. I don’t know whether to feel sad or happy. Maybe the latter. I’m sure most of us would agree. Kakeru now dreading the inevitable as he holds Yuka close to him. Avaritia sends Misuzu and Kakeru away, not wanting Liselotte to obtain anymore power. Shiori uses her magic to stave off his magic. They agree to fight Liselotte. Even Kukuri reappears to help them fight. For the record, this is the first time she actually speak a decent line. Kakeru and Misuzu are back in their normal world and manage to indirectly confirm with Tadashi and Kaori that Yuka may still be alive because they know her and Yuka’s parallel world still exists (something like that). As the battle rages on in the Red Night (Liselotte defeating them one by one), Kakeru and Misuzu ponder about the possibility of world destruction (the Black Moon is really closing in on the world). Then Misuzu confesses she likes Kakeru and there is one way to save the world. For them to bond together. As man and woman. In short, sex. Man, I don’t know how this would work but I guess time is running out so don’t think, just do it! How can you enjoy your last moment when the world is about the end? One last fling, eh? All behold the power of sex! Wah, from the way and angle they show things, must be a very deep and intense intercourse… I’m sure one part of satisfaction is guaranteed at the end and perhaps it managed to break a way to open up a portal to the Red Night. Misao then appears saying how everybody died in the hands of Liselotte. Except for Shiori who killed herself. Might as well die at your own hands, eh? Misao starts going crazy, thinking there is nothing worth protecting in this world since Avaritia is gone. She too soon disappears. Of all the people you wish to be dead, pops out Yuka from the portal. Actually it is Liselotte disguising as Yuka so that she could get close to Kakeru and kill him to obtain his Eye of Aeon. Soon the darkness envelopes Misuzu (I bet that last sex was worth it, eh? Just kidding) and then the entire world.

Episode 12
Fortunately all those events in the previous episode were just the future Kakeru saw using his Eye of Aeon. He really saw that far? So Kakeru is determined to protect Yuka and remembers the time how those awful kids pick on him after his sister’s death and Yuka was the only one beside him. Kakeru threatens to kill himself causing Liselotte to be cautious. Eventually he pierces his throat. But he later finds himself still alive. Seems Yuka’s nullifying powers caused the sword to disappear before he thrusts it in. While resting at a safe place (Shiori’s powers brought them here since Yuka’s power temporarily nullified Liselotte), we learn more confusing things like how Shiori who could travel to parallel worlds told every Kukuri about her power. Kukuri believed it and killed herself and Kakeru in hopes she would prevent that Hellfall. However the Kukuri who had Abraxas killed the Kakeru without the Eye of Aeon and the Kukuri without Abraxas could not kill the Kakeru with the Eye of Aeon except herself. I think it’s like that. F*cking confused! Soon Liselotte takes Yuka hostage. Liselotte goes up close to Kakeru, near enough to lick his Aeon Eye and trigger it. Shiori and Kukuri go into action to stop Liselotte but were killed. This time it’s for real. I’m not sure if Shiori has always been a doll all the while. I guess it has something to do about her Fragment. Misuzu summons her ultimate life absorbing sword to fight.

That’s when Velad’s voice tells Liselotte to stop her mad plans because he doesn’t want her to destroy their future. Like hell she will believe that. Yeah, even if he was her lover, destroying the world is another different matter. Well, there is one way to seal Liselotte for good. That is to use Shiori’s Fragment which contains opening portals and trap her in the time-space rift for eternity. Everyone cooperates to counter Liselotte as Avaritia uses himself to restrain her before they both vanished into the rift. Why didn’t they think of doing this a long time ago? Misao is sad of Avaritia’s sacrifice as Yuka returns to Kakeru’s arms. Misao uses her powers to send the kids back to their world. Certainly it isn’t their own because Saiko, Takahisa and Yukiko are very much alive and together, knowing nothing about the Red Night. Shiori and Kukuri are nowhere to be seen. Kakeru, Misuzu and Yuka continue their normal lives and are the only ones who retained memories of the Red Night incident. Hey, the Black Moon is still up there but not threatening anymore. There’s always another time, I guess.

Like always, an OVA seems to be the trend after the TV series ended. Nothing to do with the TV series’ plot and is more comical and fanservice with some sexual innuendos. You got to love the opening note how Kukuri jokingly tell viewers to stay 48 thousand light years from the TV to avoid eye damage. And then how this series is pure fiction and has no relation to reality whatsoever so don’t be offended. The episode proper begins with the gang being whisked away to the Pink Night. Yeah, you know something is definitely wrong here. Like how their powers changed. For instance, Kakeru’s Eye of Aeon sees through the girls’ clothes (why is he taking so long just to put his eye-patch back?), Yukiko becomes a perverted lesbian when she takes her glasses off (poor Yuka got French kissed), naughty Takahisa’s fire power is replaced with a water spray, Misuzu’s swords turned into something that can only be mosaic and Kukuri is able to talk but her words are naughty with each line needing enough censors to make the cut. I guess it’s best that Misuzu orders her to shut up and lets her revert back to her sketchbook communication but even so, she draws and write naughty subjects, enough to stress Misuzu out and knock her head with her sketchbook. And those little blobs, they resemble cute little docile things that you want to keep as pets. Then they meet the Black Knights as Pink Battle Style Ero Rangers but they self destruct after their introduction. Next, they see Liselotte whipping Avaritia in some S&M play. Leaving them alone, the gang thinks of dipping in the hotspring to relax but Misuzu is against it and is pretty stressed out. They go back to school and what do you know? A hotspring inside one of the classes. Might as well enjoy it. After changing into sexy swimsuits (Kakeru and Takahisa nose bleeding), Shiori suggests Kakeru use his powers to see whose world this belongs too. It seems to indicate Yuka’s when the water starts getting violent. The girls are stripped off their swimsuits so Yuka’s power goes incontrollable. As a result, Kakeru and Takahisa’s body turn into a feminine one! Hey, even the guys are shy about it. And at the end, Kukuri’s end note of how the guys lived happily ever after! No good? Yeah, it’s just fiction.

No eye see…
Well I have to admit that though it started out pretty intriguing at first, somehow I felt it descended into mediocrity as it progressed. My head started spinning when they started explaining about parallel worlds and the likes. I was like going “Huh?” every time and I needed to rewind and replay those parts just to try and understand. Probably I didn’t play the game but from what I skimmed through, I believe it has more characters, development and plot especially in the game 11eyes CrossOver. So the whole thing about our main characters being the bad guys and the villains were the good guys didn’t surprise me but rather felt somewhat uninspiring. The Black Knights were acting like villains at first trying to rid of the Fragments (heck, their names are even in reference to the 7 Cardinal Sins) and the confused kids just trying to do their best to survive. Maybe they were guarding the witch for too long, eh? If only they could just sit down and explain things clearly instead of rushing into fighting each other. When many of them got killed so easily I started to have doubts if they weren’t as formidable as they look and just looked scary. Should the Index have sent more reinforcements when Liselotte starts awakening?

The ending also felt somewhat unsatisfying. I mean, it’s a happy ending whereby our main protagonists get to resume their normal lives so that is rather okay. But when they killed off Saiko, Takahisa, Yukiko and in a way Kukuri and Shiori, I just thought that everybody in the end will die to save the world. Like that kind of bad ending would happen in anime. Don’t want another School Days, eh? But when they brought back some of the dead characters, living in some other parallel world and a potential that may spawn a sequel, I guess to me that was just crap. So you’re asking me what kind of ending I would have wished for? The one where everybody dies!!! HAHAHA!!! Oops. Now I sound like a maniacal villain. Hmm… I just thought about this. Kakeru saw Misuzu’s confession through his Eye of Aeon, right?

Yuka has got to be the character that everyone would love to hate most. She was actually yandere potential. At any moment you could feel she could snap into her insane personality of wanting to protect Kakeru and ridding of anyone that gets between them. I guess Kakeru is partly at fault for not making his stance clear. Don’t consider the ambiguous parts but because of so, he is the second character everyone would hate. Misuzu has turned from someone calm into someone who hesitates and in certain point of view, a slut. Shiori was too mysterious for me to even bother with and Kukuri’s existence felt like a filler, someone this show could’ve done without. I’m still not sure why Yuka needs to materialize Kukuri even if this world they have been all the while is hers. She thought she could make it easy for Kakeru? What good that would do? Well, this love thingy is a messy thing. Speaking of which, I don’t think Liselotte was really in love with Velad. She was just using his demise as an excuse to destroy the world. Why didn’t she abandon her plans to annihilate the world and listen to Velad when he appeared? If she could be trapped forever in the rift so easily, don’t tell me they didn’t think of it in the first place. They spent decades guarding her and never a way to seal her permanently? And if Misao loved Avaritia so much, why didn’t she just follow him into the rift so they can be together for all eternity? There may be other questions that I wanted to find answers to but probably I lost interest and couldn’t remember by the time I write this blog.

The fight scenes were just ordinary and nothing to shout about. I’m sure you’d get bored after the gang slash or burn those low level blobs one after another so they throw in some Black Knights as sacrifice. The only other thing that annoys me utmost is the loud screeching sounds like the breaking of the glass. I don’t think it is my sound system problem but whenever they occur so suddenly, it really gives me the jump. Other than that, you watch this show for the minor fanservice. Notice how short the school girls’ uniform are so much so I think if they bend about 20 degrees, you could see their undies. Even if there is a little breeze, you can expect it to flutter about easily. I think Yuka and Misuzu contribute much to the fanservice scenes. Well you know those vague intimate incidents and that ultimate big one with Kakeru for Misuzu and for Yuka to be in her undies just to get Kakeru’s heart to sway to her. Yukiko has her fair share too seeing she keeps her daggers underneath her skirt just on her thighs. Besides her boobs groping… On a trivial note, the start of each episode has some guy narrating in Italian (I think) about the Red Night and how the kids will get out of this never ending nightmare. You’d be forgiven if you think that you are watching some dark intense foreign movie. The same case for the next episode preview but this time said by one of the characters instead. I remember it was pretty funny (though it wasn’t supposed to) that one said that there was no answer at the end to this nightmare.

Maybe a lesson that we can learn from this is to never judge a book by its cover. Just because something may look horrible and wicked, doesn’t mean that they are evil. And just because a girl seems innocent that doesn’t mean she is a total angel. Yeah, we all heard it a million times already that it is the heart that truly counts. So I’m still pondering why the heck is this series called 11eyes anyway? Does it have something to do with the Eye of Aeon? There is only one, right? Do eyes refer to something more subtle? Shouldn’t Avaritia have split the Fragments into say a million more pieces so that it really weakens Liselotte? I mean, 7 pieces isn’t going to take forever to gather if you think about it. Perhaps that will turn into something like the Shikon Jewel in Inu Yasha. Thank goodness that this series has ended as I do not wish to know any further answers because I am out of this nightmare.

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