25-sai No Joshikousei

June 22, 2018

Oh boy. It’s that time again. That time of the season for our weekly seasonal mini porn disguising itself as part of the legitimate anime titles. So now that we have covered a monk, a cross-dresser college student and a teacher, what’s next? Shockingly, another teacher-student setting, 25-sai No Joshikousei. Instead of a female teacher and male student, the order is reversed with a male teacher and female student. But as in the title suggests, the student in question to be f*cked is aged 25 years old! What kind of delinquent has her been hold back in school for so many years???!!! Won’t the school even expel her???!!! Is that why you need a teacher to come f*ck her and force her to graduate???!!! Well, no. Turns out she’s an unemployed adult taking on this ‘job’ to cover for somebody else playing truant. Yeah, porn logic. Whatever. Just show me the f*cking already.

Episode 1
You know this is f*cked up porn story-cum-logic when you have a mother of a child pleading to Hana Natori to attend high school on behalf of her daughter, Kaho Miyoshi who loves to play truant and hang out with friends instead. She is so afraid she will be held back a year and hence resorting to this?! WTF?! I know Hana hasn’t found a job yet but doing this?! Even more confusing, Hana is 25 years old and if mom says she is practically Kaho’s twin (I am guessing they are relatives), this dumb porn logic is just to make everyone else not bother that Kaho and Hana look alike so they don’t bother. Yeah, nobody cares. F*ck logic. And like in porn logic as always, Hana gives in to this ‘pressure’. And on her first day, she almost gets screwed by a promiscuous guy, Aida who thinks she is Kaho. Luckily she is saved by the teacher, Akito Kanie. He knows her as he graduated from the same class with her. He learns of why she is doing this and doesn’t condone this foolish behaviour. So if you want him to keep his mouth shut on this matter… Sex, right?! And quickly he jumps into kissing her, then fondling her private parts. Man, this escalated quickly and it wastes no time getting into the porn.

Episode 2
Hana remembers Kanie as the carefree kind back in high school and hence never expected he would become a teacher. Back to our porn, you know it is porn when Hana sounds like she hates it but her body is telling the truth that she likes it (because she isn’t resisting so hard as before). But Kanie didn’t finish her in the end. Is he satisfied for now? Probably. Because of that he thinks he can keep her secret but also warns her to act and address him properly so as not to get their relationship exposed. Heh. Nothing like a few reminders that we’re still in high school, eh? Back home, she goes through the yearbook. He looks different. Now you know why you can’t recognize him. Thus her looks never changed then, that’s why he recognized her. She then gets a call from him about the upcoming sports festival. He doesn’t think she has the stamina and wants to train her. She can’t say no. Oh dear. I can figure what kind of ‘training’ is coming up and the kind of ‘sports’ they’ll be participating.

Episode 3
Sorry to disappoint if Hana’s panting sounds like she’s being f*cked. She is just out of breath from the running. Yeah, she’s really not in shape in the fitness sense but she still has a hot body. Anyway to make her stiff body flexible, hence Kanie helps stretch her body. Your expectations for porn is never betrayed because it soon turns into Kanie molesting and fingering her. She likes it despite saying no. At the end of this session, how does Hana feel? She got a cramped foot? Haha! Best joke ever. Oh well, looks like she really does need to stretch a bit more. More worries for Hana as Kanie reminds her of their class reunion the day after tomorrow. She’ll be going with him, right?

Episode 4
Nothing much exciting happens at the reunion. Until Kanie’s horniness starts kicking in as he starts to molest her in the toilet. Since she is not a student here, he will go all the way. When a couple of guys enter, Hana is forced to keep it quiet or they’ll blow her cover. She could have shouted out rape but I guess porn logic doesn’t allow her to do that. They overhear the guys talking that they never know the duo were this close and had always thought Kanie had a crush on Hana back in the days. With them gone, now we go full speed ahead with porn and Kanie keeping to his promise of giving us penetration porn. Yup, this time he finishes her and f*cks her real good. So good that Hana can’t even move at the end of it all. Yeah, she really needs to get in shape.

Episode 5
Hana can’t stop thinking if Kanie likes her then. Back in school, Kanie didn’t like Hana wasn’t wearing much makeup at the reunion. She doesn’t want to be like Kaho who was quite showy. Because of that, he decides to discipline her and she can’t disobey her teacher, right? F*ck logic. Time to get into the screwing! As he keeps caressing her, sounds of people passing outside the room freak Hana out. He continues because of the excitement that people might just walk in and see the surprise. Literally saved by the bell because Kanie stops today’s ‘disciplinary action’. As she leaves, she realizes the door is locked. Kanie was just trolling her. He locked the door and wouldn’t want anyone to walk in on their love making. Mad Hana leaves so much so she forgot to wear her panties. It took her a while but by the time she realizes, that Aida creep calls to her.

Episode 6
Instead of panicking she has no panties, she could have said no when he asks to go out with her. Yeah, porn logic. This serves to make Aida suspicious that she has changed and become matured. She gives in to this pressure to hang out with him. Yeah, porn logic. Playing it safe by taking a riskier route. At the back of the school, he hints of having sex like they did before in the love hotel. She panics only to realize he was just joking. Because of that, he finds her even more suspicious and threatens to do lewd things if she doesn’t speak up. She could have pushed him away when his hands get all frisky especially if he feels her butt and realizes she isn’t wearing any but instead porn logic dictates she should just stand and wait there till Kanie pops up and gives Aida a warning. But out of the frying pan and into the fire. Because in the room after Kanie ascertains she is okay and the mood is right, he starts to grope and make out with her! Oh, is this worse? Or better?

Episode 7
We continue our science room f*cking as the more she tells him to stop, the more he continues until it is over. So right immediately after sex and dressed up, Hana wants to return to class because she is worried about the upcoming exams? Wow. Did the sex-cum-rape mean anything to you? Because of that, Kanie wants her to come to his apartment so he can privately tutor her. Uh oh. Is it that kind of ‘lesson’ I’m thinking? Does Hana really have to oblige him and come? Something tells me she got drugged and brought here because she herself she didn’t know how she ended up in his place. Anyway, no porn lesson because we already had our porn at the start. Porn logic. He tutors her for real and I could feel for her when she isn’t good at her studies. Yeah, I myself is out of the system for so long I don’t think I could do it all over again. When she asks about him wearing glasses, he teases her if he likes him this way. Girl, keep your mouth shut if you don’t want to always end up getting cornered and flustered. Oh, the day is getting late. Better leave. Nope. Stay here. Damn, girl. Should have seen this coming so why you looking all so surprised because at this point you should have guessed the kind of character he is. Telling us not knowing what he thinks is not a valid excuse!

Episode 8
Hana keeps pondering if Kanie likes her during high school. But why must she ponder that close to his face while he is sleeping? Oh look. Now he has awakened. And feeling horny. Is this some sort of punishment? He asks her what she would have liked him to say to her. She couldn’t answer. Time’s up so I guess the punishment is f*cking her until they cum. I guess it was so good that Hana started dreaming one part during their high school days when she tried to encourage him that having a dream is good (since he was forced to take a make-up exam and was feeling crappy). He then made her tutor her. He never told her his future. And now you remember vividly such a scene? It makes her even more confused and worried if he really does like her back then. Feeling in a spot? Perhaps more f*cking would clear your mind… Just saying…

Episode 9
Hana thinks of returning the favour to Kanie for helping her study by making him breakfast. However he is hungrier for something even more. Oh yeah. You guessed it. Horny guy starts f*cking her! Is this what they call morning wood? Don’t worry, it will be a quick one and they won’t be late for school. See, what did I tell you? They even have time to finish making breakfast too. I guess she was so spacing out that he asked him if he felt good. Of course he did! Too late to be too embarrassed. At school, mom calls. She assures she is still trying to find a full time job which isn’t easy. This has Hana re-evaluating if she is a real failure for not being able to find work and playing a student again. Well, if she got f*cked, in her case does it mean success or failure?

Episode 10
Aida wants to study with Hana (remember, he still thinks she is Kaho) at the library but in actual fact he only wants flirt with her. Thank goodness for Kanie around, right? Yeah, a teacher is going to properly supervise them and study. Hana is shocked to learn that Aida is quite a smart person. Just that he missed lots of classes and hence his bad grades. While studying, Kanie secretly fingers Hana! Oh sh*t! Try not to expose yourself, eh? Not sure how later because he takes her away and f*cks her right in the ass between the bookshelves. How the f*ck did she even let this happen?! After taking a break in the toilet and returning to the guys, she sees Kanie doing his teaching job seriously. She wonders if she is jealous of Aida for being smart. Plus, with Kanie already a proper teacher, she questions what the hell she is doing with her life. Yeah, getting f*cked… Haha! She makes an excuse to leave. Yeah, no fun leaving both guys together. This isn’t a gay show, you know…

Episode 11
Just as Hana thinks she was rude to make an excuse to leave, Kanie confronts her and accuses her she was lying and just wanted to be with Aida seeing she was sort of trying to be close to him. She claims Aida sees her as Kaho and if she keeps her distance, he will get suspicious. Even so, where’s the proof? And if she is so concern about this, why keep up with this stupid charade? That was the last straw for Hana. She’s had it. She’s leaving and it isn’t any of his business. Too bad he won’t let her leave yet and takes her into his car… This is where they (or rather he) will decide if they has business with each other or not. Rape time… So Kanie, why you regret after f*cking her? I guess her tears are too much to bear this time, huh? But for Hana, she thinks his aggressiveness is because she made him mad. Damn porn logic… And when he realizes his wrong, she slaps away his hand. Oooh, so dramatic. Hana returns home to talk to her aunt about this charade but she isn’t home. She realizes lots of miscalls from Kanie. Oh, there is one ringing now. Heck, he is right in front of her right now.

Episode 12
Yeah, now they’re both apologizing for their unwarranted behaviours. I guess all is okay now, huh? When Hana belittles herself for being useless, he has remember the time she used to coach him in high school. It might not be much but thanks to her, he is where he is now. So don’t say you’re useless. Because you let him f*ck, right?! Also, he brings up the old memories when he confessed to her. They were studying and he asked if she has a boyfriend. She said no and believed she isn’t the popular kind. When he said he loved her, she laughed it off thinking it was a joke. Now you remember? Oh my. Hana feels bad but after seeing Kanie’s blushing face, she finds it cute. WTF?! So this is the excuse that will soon enable the final sex? Yes, it will. Because now she wants to hear his confession again. He does so. She cries. WTF?! Tears of joy? Oh, f*ck everything, let’s just get naked, f*ck and get it over with. Best sex ever achieved. In the end, I guess Hana didn’t want to say directly his f*king was great so she says his confession made her happy. And because of that, she also confesses she loves him. Yeah, a dozen episodes too late but better than never nevertheless. One more kiss for the road, baby.

Very Private Lessons…
Sighs… I guess of all the mini porn anime series, this has got to be the worst. Maybe it is just me getting this fatigue. WHAT?! People getting tired of watching porn?! What are the chances?! Anyway, this series seems to have reached is ending and conclusion once Hana realizes she is in love with him. Like as though this was the goal of this series and all the sex was just steps taken to achieve that. Therefore the classic porn logic dictates that if a girl doesn’t like you, you just have to f*ck her until she likes you! That did the trick for them. So happily (f*cking) ever after. Wow. Who doesn’t love a great porn love story ending?

Therefore the issue of wherever that Kaho girl went or if Hana is supposed to continue this charade until she graduates is still up in the air. It will never be solved and if it was, who cares? As long as Hana realizes she is in love with Kanie, that’s the end of the story. Use the rest of your imagination to imagine them f*cking and having great sex until the end of days. Like I said, the goal of this series feels like to make Hana fall in love with Kanie. The end once that is achieved. Poor Aida guy is left hanging because we don’t know if he will continue to pursue Hana and the last we saw him was being left behind in the library. In a way, sad for him because there is no closure for this guy unlike other minor unimportant guys in previous hentai porn anime shorts. At least there was an outright answer that they were being dumped and rejected. Uh huh. This series really doesn’t tie up all those loose ends even if all settings were just poor porn logic excuses and hence that’s why I feel this series was the worst among it. Even more points deducted for using the same teacher-student premise.

I think Hana is a poor girl who has gone crazy after not finding a job at this age as well as the constant f*cking by Kanie made her suddenly love him after all this time. Yeah, after all the non-consensual sex, all it takes was for Kanie to mention and make remember that very vague memory of hers that he confessed to her. Yup, everything then turns around. Suddenly she takes him serious. Suddenly she likes him. Suddenly sex is now okay. Yup, Hana is already broken from it all. Viva porn logic! In addition, Hana must really still be a useless girl and since the only good she is for is letting him f*ck her, why fight it? Just drop this damn charade and they should already get married and legally have sex! They are already way above the legal age, right?! Don’t you think this route should be better? Ah, but porn logic will not allow us to go down this route even if this seems immorally wrong. Might as well continue being a teacher-student relationship where the illicit sexual relationship has more kick and fun. Can you imagine assuming Hana has been a virgin before this, gets laid and finds love in this most unfashionable manner? Yeah, love sure works in funny ways. We call it porn logic for the umpteenth time.

Not sure if Kanie is getting his revenge by f*cking her ever since she nonchalantly rejecting him. Seeing her in such circumstances, he wasted no time in taking advantage of her and if you want to blame Kanie for starting this rape culture, he can only be partly blamed. The other half of the blame solely lies on Hana’s hands because she was dumb enough to go along and get raped by him. Well, this is certainly one lesson that you will not learn in the ordinary curriculum! Such special extra lessons that give you one-on-one focus! On another note, I want to point out if Hana’s relatives are really great vanishers because they seem to pull off the greatest disappearing acts. Take for instance, Kaho. We don’t even know if she is dead or not. Maybe that’s why her mom was in denial and had Hana lived her life. And when Hana wanted to finally talk to her about this, she is nowhere to be seen. Yeah, who cares? Like as though she would care if Hana gets f*cked. It would have been an interesting premise if it followed this conspiracy theory but I doubt a simple porn show is going to have that.

Another reason why I felt this series was inferior compared to the others of the similar genre is because of the art and animation. At certain angles, Hana especially looks weird. I mean, look at her nose at certain viewpoints. Don’t they look odd? And I thought her name had some sort of meaning and connotation to it. Get what I mean? The colouring is like quite light and the art is like simple. Not in a good sense. And that I mean low quality. After all, you’re going to churn out some mediocre porn series with no story, no characters, so why the hell do you need to put in so much effort because all dumb horny guys want to see is the girl getting f*cked and her body enjoying it despite her mouth saying no. Oh and by saying that, the sex scenes don’t feel stimulating either. You know something is wrong when sex scenes don’t even make you the slightest horny.

But if there is one thing that is best about this series, it is the ending theme, Reunion by Saki Hazuki. It’s dramatic and somewhat to my taste but it feels wasted being featured here. Yeah, I could say that if I had never watched this series, I wouldn’t have known about this little gem. I must be crazy to say that this piece is much more enjoyable for me than watching Kanie raping Hana. Haha! Because I didn’t get to do in Hana! Haha! On a trivial note, I noticed Saki Hazuki also sang the ending themes for the last 2 short anime porn, that teacher-student one as well as the cross-dressing college student one. Of course this one here takes the cake.

Overall, this goes into the ever growing trashy porn category that you might get drowned or lost in the labyrinth of how scary so many of such shows exist. Forgettable. If you really want to watch porn, might as well go for real professional porn! Heh. The irony. Sometimes I feel that this series is an insult to all those who have not achieved something when you are expected or supposed to by a certain age. Because if so, you are useless and only good enough to be f*cked. Aside the porn logic, this has some merit too. Because in the survival of the fittest, if you’re not strong enough, you get screwed over and over again. Oh yeah, I can see some sort of sequel for this when Hana is 30 years old and her long lost relative she never knew needs her to masquerade as a missing cousin supposed to marry a foreigner… I can see where this is going… But I wonder how old can she be to finally be playing a MILF.

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