30-sai No Hoken Taiiku

February 3, 2012

In today’s world where everyone is busy pursuing their own interests or building and climbing the corporate ladder, many people do not have time to spare for good ol’ love. As such, this means people are delaying dating and marriage to much later in life and in some cases do not even have the thought of doing so. This in turn would lead to zero sex life, right? Well ironically, people these days are so well informed and done away with age-old taboos that some already have lost their virginity during their teenage years! Get what I mean?

Even if people are becoming more open and bolder these days, there are some that still lack the ‘courage and urgency’ of losing their virginity. I hope that sentence won’t cause any misunderstanding. 30-sai No Hoken Taiiku (Health and Physical Education for 30 year olds) is a short anime series that aims to guide 30 year old men who have no romantic and sexual experience. And you thought leaving it to nature and instinct was sufficient, eh? Yeah, there are guidebooks for dummies just about everything these days so why not on this topic too. But seriously, men need to be coached in romance? I’m a guy and as most guys will think, sex solves everything! Aha, but women do not think otherwise and you know the complexity and complications when dealing with the other gender, right? So yeah, maybe it’s not so bad after all having a guidebook on the dating your girl the right way. But we certainly don’t need it for the sex part…

On to the plot of this anime, Hayao Imagawa has reached the big three-o. And yes, he is still a virgin. Amazing for a guy to hold on to it this long, eh? I guess in line with the ‘make love and not war’ motto, Imagawa one day finds himself in the ‘care’ of a couple of Sex Gods. Yes. Sex Gods whose duties are to see Imagawa lose his virginity while guiding him how to get there. So if you’re thinking that this series will have lots of sex and naughty scenes, be assured that this is a safe ‘guidebook’ and there is nothing explicit. Even so, they’re properly censored out. On purpose. As Imagawa takes on the arduous first step to date the girl he loves and at the end of it all get lucky with her (wink, wink), the series also provides useful insights and tips to viewers on the do’s and don’ts in dating and maintaining such relationship. Get your pen and paper ready.

Episode 1
Imagawa is bent on losing his virginity tonight. To his blow-up doll, Momoko. Does that even count? Well it doesn’t according to Daigorou. Yeah, the sudden appearance of a naked Sex God beside Imagawa gave him the jump. Daigorou proceeds to do his God Mode by giving tips of sex positions but Imagawa kicks the pervert out. But you can’t get rid of God that easily. Daigorou appears annoyingly just about anywhere to ‘help’ Imagawa. That poor chap has no choice but to ‘accept’ God’s help. Daigorou vows to help Imagawa lose his virginity and wants him to let out his reserves for what they are designed for. He gets kicked out again. Next day Imagawa leaves his dorm, Cherry System and the landlord, an old fart is happy that Imagawa is still a virgin. At work, Imagawa has got a fat obese colleague, Ginga Hoshi who is asking him how it went with Momoko. Imagawa gets back to work but finds his mouse pad as a pair of breasts! He can’t let go of his hands and it’s all part of Daigorou’s plan (see his mug annoyingly pop up on the computer screen?). Imagawa must start fondling the breasts within 2 minutes or it will explode! As the time ticks, Imagawa felt good in fondling. Now try sucking. No way! A lost girl, Natsu Andou comes asking for directions so Imagawa accidentally superimposes the boob pads over her and gets a massive nose bleed. Oh, the pads explode too. Back home, Imagawa asserts he is satisfied with having Momoko but Daigorou won’t back down since he is appointed his sex guardian. He will continue this till he dies. Meaning, he can’t go back to heaven if he doesn’t lose his virginity. I guess Daigorou tries to nail it to Imagawa that he offers himself for him to lose his virginity!!! And he’s bugging Imagawa to do it! His butt starts sucking Imagawa and just about anything! Don’t ask. It’s God’s butt anyway, it’s going to be one hell (heaven rather) of an experience. So Imagawa gives up and since he mentions he just wants to *censored*, Daigorou says to leave his entirety to him. Looks like stormy days are ahead.

Episode 2
Imagawa suddenly finds a loli in his bed wanting to untie her bra. Er? What the? Till Daigorou intervenes that he is doing it the wrong way. Since Imagawa doesn’t hate her, Daigorou says to *censored* her because if it’s not hate, then it’s love, right? Of course he can’t do it because he’s not a lolicon. By the way, who is this girl? Oh, she’s a boy and Daigorou’s little brother, Macaron. Fuuuu… Yeah, almost lost his virginity to another guy. Imagawa ignores Daigorou when the latter thinks he should talk to girls more often. Daigorou kidnaps Momoko and will only give her back if he listens to him! Why is God becoming a kidnapper?! At the blind date, Imagawa finds the three ladies (a very tall one, a very fat one and a very little one) to be very ugly. Daigorou pokes his eyes with his God fingers and tells him not to judge a book by its cover. He must remove the biasness and learn to know their insides (besides, all 3 ladies are being sloppy and rude too). Imagawa takes up his advice and suddenly sees the beautiful side of them! Wow! Yes people, this is what we should all do. Then Imagawa takes more enrichment lessons to power up like cooking and flower arrangements. During a class, Andou sits next to him and they both fluster and apologize for the other day. Imagawa starts falling for her upon seeing her beautiful smile and laughter. He is overcome with happiness but Daigorou feels experience is needed for one to succeed and it’s better for him to get dumped. Next day, nervous Imagawa tries to ask Andou out but he blunders his lines, “Please combine with me”. Suddenly an aura activates from Andou! It’s called AK Field (Achi itte Kochi konaide Field)! She goes into this mode when she refuses people and her aura becomes so powerful that it blasts Imagawa. He doesn’t know what hit him.

Episode 3
Imagawa is depressed over the rejection so it’s God Mode time to explain rejection after confession. But since Imagawa’s confession was half-assed, it’s going to be tough for him. Imagawa and Hoshi are to perform maintenance at a library. They are greeted by Wada who gives them the cold shoulder and ultimately insults Hoshi over his profuse sweating. Imagawa see Andou working here too. Imagawa continues his depression mode at home and the what-ifs if he had not slipped up. Daigorou suggests getting her email address. He practices hard in the toilet and after feeling he is okay to do it, he gets out of the cubicle only to bump into Andou. They easily exchange emails without much hassle. Till Andou realized she’s in the men’s toilet. AK Field activated! When Imagawa goes home, the landlord could smell a woman’s scent on his handphone! He gets into a creepy mode and tells him that if he can’t protect his virginity, how can he protect a woman! Daigorou and Macaron congratulate Imagawa for obtaining Andou’s email. Well, God knows everything right? Apparently Daigorou placed a wiretap on him! How cheap! Then they proceed to God Mode for lessons on how to kiss and *censored*. Macaron demonstrates on Momoko but he becomes a wild beasts and stabs through her! Her face is scary? Imagawa is hesitant to ask Andou out for a movie so Daigorou got annoyed by it and threatens to ask her himself and make her his. Even Macaron wanted to do it. This spurs Imagawa to go ask Andou himself and surprisingly she agrees.

Episode 4
Though the duo attend the movie together, at the end, Andou excuses herself. Imagawa is complaining to his Sex Gods (who are too busy preoccupied with their handheld consoles). Daigorou thinks he is busted but Imagawa feels she just went home early. Seems Andou too have her own pair of Sex Gods. Pi-chan and her sister Ku-chan (this weird sister has no proper dialogues and likes drinking Tabasco, among other weird thinks). Pi-chan chides Andou for throwing away such opportunity and since Andou hasn’t send Imagawa a thank you email, Pi-chan wants her to send him one right away. The message seems plain so Pi-chan types another and sends it herself (asking him to invite Andou out again). To further help Imagawa lose his virginity, Daigorou brings a special speaker: Hoshi! That fat guy has done it with Miss Bulgaria?! At the age of 18?! Fuuu… Anyway, do you feel motivated by his speech of stars, heavenly bodies and connecting hips? Man, this guy is experienced. Pi-chan and Ku-chan are also giving their own God Mode explanations to Andou. They’re using stuff dolls to demonstrate certain positions. Imagawa and Andou are having a nice dinner together. After every 10 seconds of talk, they look away from each other. This synchronicity is due to their Sex Gods telling them they should look at each other while speaking but not more than 10 seconds as it will cause the other party to be nervous. At the end, Imagawa asks Andou to go out with him again but she rejects. Busted again.

Episode 5
This episode starts off with a theatre play of army fingers. If you have a ‘wild’ imagination, you can guess pretty much what it means. But the ‘war’ ends in failure and the ‘cannon’ not firing because Imagawa is too depressed. Leave it to Daigorou for another God Mode on what to do when you’re rejected twice. Imagawa doesn’t want to give up but Daigorou mentions he has to wait 3 months (or up to 6 months) for a chance for another challenge. Andou too is depressed and as Pi-chan found out about her rejection. It’s not that she doesn’t like him, she just can’t do it. She accepts her fate to be a virgin for life. It’s that finger theatre again and this time it’s a success! How do girls do it? Yeah, I’m curious too. Pi-chan and Ku-chan brings Andou to a store filled with sex toys. Andou activates her AK Field but Pi-chan seals it with her God seal. Pi-chan is surprised to see Daigorou at the store. Seems they both know each other. Flashback time. Seems Daigorou used to do pranks on Pi-chan when they’re young like flipping her skirt. Well, he enjoys seeing her reaction probably why Ku-chan never got the same treatment. During that time of argument, Andou escaped. Depressed Imagawa goes home and the landlord is happy that he can smell the scent of woman over him. To alter a famous quote from Shakespeare: To doutei (be a virgin) or not to doutei, that is the question! Macaron dresses up as a girl and plays as Imagawa’s wife but he is no mood. Then in the middle of the night, Imagawa crawls out from his tent scaring the daylights out of Macaron to proclaim that he will wait for 3 months for his revival.

Episode 6
Daigorou and Macaron agree to help him to shape up within 3 months. But Daigorou can’t guarantee Andou will fall for another man in that period. Do they have a spell that will make her not get a boyfriend then? They hit him and tell him off that Andou would never fall for that kind of weak man. Besides, this is part of his training too. Over the days, Imagawa undergoes intensive courses that will improve his image. Basic hygiene, fashion, skincare and dieting. Three months later, well, it doesn’t seem he changed much. Not from the outside at least. His Sex Gods are confident that he’ll pass but Imagawa thinks they want him to see him get busted again. Imagawa sees Andou and manages to ask her out again because he loves her no matter what. With that done, Daigorou wants him to push her down and *censored*. Pi-chan and Ku-chan are also watching but Pi-chan thinks she won’t give in that easy. Andou’s AK Field activates and after 3 months of hard work, it all goes down the drain as he gets ‘beaten up’ by Andou’s Iron Maiden. So what to do? Daigorou and Macron pray to God! How ironic! But Imagawa fights back and questions what is it that she doesn’t like about him. Though Andou says it’s not his fault, she just wants to be left alone. As her field is increasing, Imagawa uses all his determination to hug her and says that he loves her the way she is. This returns Andou to normal. He needs her to properly tell him that if she hates him, then he’ll give up for good. In tears, she denies hating him and said something that shocks everybody. They never expected her to say *censored*, didn’t they? And soon, Imagawa and Andou start going out.

Episode 7
Imagawa is so over the Moon that he doesn’t give a damn about what Daigorou has to say. As Imagawa and Andou meet up for another date, Daigorou dressed as a woman intervenes as Imagawa’s elder sister, Eclea. WTF?! Yeah, it’s part of his plan to make them *censored*. Imagawa has a bad feeling about this. Eclea invites Andou to Imagawa’s place to celebrate their youngest sibling’s birthday. But not so fast! Pi-chan disguised as Andou’s bother, Saburou Tama stops them. Eclea takes Imagawa and Andou and run. At the gates of the dorm, the landlord suddenly becomes Incredible Hulk! He becomes protective of Imagawa’s virginity and will guard it from those who will take it from him! The Sex Gods realize he is the legendary one that the honoured God of Sex let him graduate. With the situation increasingly becoming dangerous (not to mention landlord’s continual ‘growth’), they decide to head to Andou’s place. Eh? A birthday plan for Ku-chan? Pi-chan comes clean with Andou and reveals the sibling and birthday plan was fake so that they could get them to bring them their house. Plus, it’s not Ku-chan’s birthday and they’re both twins. Why is Andou so shock in learning all this? So yeah, they both have Sex Gods trying to trick them into *censored*. The Sex Gods leave the duo alone. Imagawa can’t stop fantasizing naughty thoughts on Andou so he passes out without even touching her. This must be a record. Later as Andou and her Sex Gods take a bath, Pi-chan becomes a pervert after giving excuses to see the colour of her nipples.

Episode 8
Imagawa is nervous in asking a kiss from Andou so much so he ends up asking how to spell kitsutsuki (woodpecker). Daigorou and the landlord are having a drink together. They must be so drunk that they start showing off their virginity holes in their arse. Those disgusting naked poses… Even in the middle of the restaurant! Macaron insists Imagawa practise kissing with him and since he is so cute dressed as a girl, Imagawa can’t help himself! But his ugly lips puckering was a turn off! Pi-chan and Ku-chan are dressed as lips to demonstrate to Andou on how to cute. They are so clumsy and cute that Andou is laughing more than paying attention to what Pi-chan has to say. Because of that, pissed Pi-chan does a force kiss on Andou! OMG! Is that her first kiss? The next scene shows Wada and Hoshi handling a comic booth. This segment seems to show the bad habits of Hoshi and serve as warning to us on not what to do. This may not be a dating scene but at least lessons like fiddling with your hands, being pessimistic and looking at the body do apply to dating scenarios. It ends with Wada and Hoshi upon browsing through each other’s book, find it well done and instantly make up. Imagawa escorts Andou home after another outing. He can’t bring himself to say the ‘k’ word and ends up with that woodpecker line instead. Frustrated Andou pulls him instead and they end up falling with Andou over him. Finally Imagawa says he wants to kiss her and their lips finally met, much to the pleasure of their watching Sex Gods. I see, they have no privacy at all…

Episode 9
Hoshi and Wada are at a love hotel. Wada seems to choose a room filled with sadistic items. Oh yes. Wada is a sadist and starts cracking the whip on him. He never saw this coming, didn’t he? Imagawa and Andou have a date at the zoo today. But Imagawa isn’t pleased that the Sex Gods are coming with them. Just hope they don’t get in the way. While Macaron and Pi-chan are excited watching some of the animals (if you have a ‘wild’ imagination, you can understand those sexual innuendoes they’re talking about), Ku-chan communicating to animals in her odd way, Imagawa starts fantasizing about Andou so Daigorou grabs him on the head and tells him off if he has time to hallucinate, then he should go *censored* her. Besides, he also brought an advisor here. Who? Wada? Not just Wada. It’s Spanking Wada. See her in a dominatrix outfit? And Hoshi must be loving it… Yeah, he is her pet and star pig. I hope the other people don’t get freak out by the sight of this. Daigorou suggests the duo to do soft S&M for a start but this is too much for Andou to take. Imagawa assures her that he isn’t a pervert (oh, really?) so Daigorou mentions something about the size of his *censored*. There is even a chart to compare Imagawa’s to other average people and of course Daigorou himself (which is off the charts!). Andou must have misconstrued so she mentions about eradicating the world’s poverty. Huh? Later Pi-chan and the Sex Gods frequent a karaoke joint to discuss points to make their targets *censored*. But the rest ignores her and do what they want, ordering food and beer without her permission. Till it made her snap. Man, she can be a serial killer. In the end, Pi-chan is the one who becomes drunk, all over Daigorou (poking her fingers into his nose?) and also blabbing how she too wants to fall in love but has already fallen in love. I think she’s really drunk rather than serious. Disgusting…

Episode 10
Daigorou is sick. Really? Gods can fall ill? Macaron is preparing porridge to but on his head. Don’t ask. It’s a God thingy humans can’t understand. Andou and her Sex Gods get word of Daigorou being sick. But it seems Macaron has also caught his fever. Andou feels she has to cancel her date tomorrow to go nurse them. But that won’t be necessary since Pi-chan will take care of it. While nursing the duo, Pi-chan gets a call from Andou saying she wants to break up with Imagawa. WHAT???!!! With the lovers back, Pi-chan chides Imagawa for having an affair despite having a girlfriend. However that ‘affair’ is supposedly Momoko and it was Wada who suggested he should break up with this. So it’s a misunderstanding? But Andou is not happy he has an artificial girlfriend. Imagawa refutes that they are both different so having Momoko doesn’t count as an affair. But you know women, the slightest thing about the other woman would send them into a frenzy. Even if she’s just an inflatable. The heat is getting intense (Daigorou and Macaron won’t get better with all this noise at this rate) when Pi-chan also collapses. Yeah, she caught the fever too. Soon Imagawa leaves on a journey to the Sahara Desert as he is afraid to contact Andou or she contacting him. He is surprised to see the landlord there. Apparently he received a challenge from the virgin king of the desert. They had a match and landlord won. Landlord proceeds to ask Imagawa if he wants to succeed this virginity power. I guess his motivational speech of sticking to be a virgin has Imagawa agreeing to his plan to be “Like A Virgin”. Foooo! Is he doing a Michael Jackson or Madonna? Meanwhile Andou is disturbed with thoughts of Imagawa and his blow-up doll. She starts fantasizing a competition that she would be better than Momoko like cooking, cleaning and swimming but in the end, she loses out in all of them. Yeah, even Momoko extended her hand to her and assert she is not his affair, but his float thing. Uhm…

Episode 11
Fifty years ago, the landlord (looking so much like Daigorou) was in an intense battle with some Goddess. She is tempting him with all the moves that would easily make a man lose his virginity in seconds. But landlord summoned the power of all the virgins of the world and unleashed his Makito Chin Ken Final Technique: Virgin Ball to defeat the Goddess. And this was how he became a legend. Now he is passing that technique to Imagawa who is learning quick. Meanwhile Pi-chan tries to persuade Andou to come out from bed and stop eating snacks. But she has the shock of her life upon seeing Andou. Macaron gets a call from Ku-chan and informs Daigorou he is going ‘shopping’. When Pi-chan comes over, she is shocked to see Daigorou naked! Solar power? WTF?! Pi-chan is at a lost on what to do with Andou so Daigorou hugs her. Imagawa may be able to summon the virgin power of only a Prairie Dog, but the landlord is impressed and is confident he’ll be the new Virgin King. But to start things off, Imagawa is now the Virgin Prince and dressed in black. Macaron and Ku-chan come by to tell him to stop doing foolish things and go home. But Imagawa mocks Macaron for being a virgin and becoming a Sex God when he doesn’t even have hair down there. As Imagawa messes with Macaron, Ku-chan must have drank lots of weird sauces and probably the mayonnaise suddenly powered her up! Yeah, she starts talking properly! She rescues Macaron from Imagawa’s perverted clutches and easily dispatches Imagawa and the landlord! Power! She signs off with an advice: “To be a virgin is not immature, but it’s just inexperienced”. Man, that must’ve hit the mark because Imagawa starts reflecting on his actions. Yeah, who wants to be a virgin forever? Daigorou and Macaron are waiting for Imagawa’s return at the airport. Hey, why is Pi-chan getting so lovey-dovey with Daigorou?! Macaron is shocked to see the fat blob Ku-chan dragged over. Well, that’s Andou. After all that eating and staying at home… She breaks free and tries to run but Imagawa returns in time to confront her. He came back to apologize and make up but she isn’t confident since she is fat and ugly. However he still loves her because she is who she is. Then he gets a punch. That’s for making her worried when he was gone. She wants him to stay by her side or take her to wherever he goes if he loves her. He promises that he would. All’s well, ends well?

Episode 12
At God Hotspring… Imagawa and Andou (back to her usual body size) are nervous… Sharing a bed for 1 night… But too nervous that they started apologizing to each other. When they return to Cherry System, the Sex Gods congratulate them on their graduation. However they quickly apologize that they didn’t manage to do it because they got nervous. The annoyed Sex Gods punish them and remind them that they can’t return to Heaven if they don’t *censored*. But the duo are unfazed so they get kicked out and aren’t allowed to come back till they do so. So the Sex Gods are discussing the fact that they’ll be returning to Heaven in a few days and some law in the God Handbook they can’t reveal info to their targets. Macaron and Pi-chan are crying their hearts out because they don’t want to leave but as Daigorou and Ku-chan say, it’s their job to get their targets to *censored* and if they make that kind of face, those 2 won’t be relieved and *censored*. Daigorou gets a call. Ku-chan also the same. Imagawa and Andou talk at the park and somehow feel sad they’re going to be separated. Hey, even if they are annoying Sex Gods, they are THEIR annoying Sex Gods. Imagawa will think of a way to make them stay but needs to talk to them first. When they go back, they see the Sex Gods totally naked and only cardboards and hay covering their modesty. Seems they have got a call from Heaven they have been fired for lack of progress. What does this means? They have become humans! Thus they’ll be staying with them for a while. Imagawa and Andou have another round of talk. Though they somewhat feel relieved, they suggest throwing them a welcome party since they’re like family. So as Imagawa helps Andou out in preparing the food, Pi-chan is wondering what they need to do living as humans. But Daigorou reveals the truth as it’s time for them to return to Heaven. The part they got fired was just a lie and the call they got was to inform that the duo will get married in due time and to return to Heaven immediately. Macaron and Pi-chan wasn’t told the truth because they might make that sad face. Soon the Sex Gods disappear as Daigorou wish the love birds happiness. And yeah, Imagawa and Andou got married and have a son, Daigorou. No, not the reincarnation of that Sex God but rather named after him. Oh, the irony. When little Daigorou sees a photo of daddy and mummy’s ‘friends’, he felt excited and wants to meet them. Heh. Daddy feels he shouldn’t…

The 30 Year Old Virgin… No More!
Well, I’m not sure how long time passed before Imagawa and Andou got intimate and *censored*. But they eventually ‘graduated’ and got a kid, right? Don’t tell me they got a kid from a stork. So it goes to show that one shouldn’t rush in to lose one’s virginity. Time will have everything played out nicely. Okay, so maybe in today’s world people are already start losing their virginity when they hit puberty. Even without the Sex Gods around, I am sure that Imagawa and Andou will nicely come together. They may look impatient trying to push them into doing it but I guess it’s part of their job. So B Gata H Kei’s Yamada may want to change her Sex God and get these as her guide so that she could experience her first time. On second thought, maybe not. But perhaps the Sex Gods also did do some good for Imagawa and Andou. We see how he changed from someone with low self-confidence and she who is too shy and afraid. They may have strayed a little because of the initial fear of rejection but see how Imagawa has learnt to truly love Andou for who she is regardless of her outer appearance or personal behaviour. See how Andou’s AK Field never activated anymore?

It was sad to see the Sex Gods leaving because they’ve been so long together, pestering and annoying their targets that they really seem part of the family. I wished that they would be together somehow in the end but I guess they would be a hindrance to Imagawa and Andou when they become a family. Daigorou has got to be the coolest character in this series. He doesn’t flinch and is calm and cool even if the going gets tough. So having him as your Sex God, you’ll either love him or find him annoying. I’d really like to know the chemistry between Daigorou and Pi-chan after that. It was surprising to see Pi-chan suddenly turned from one who is disgusted to someone totally fawning over him. Maybe she’s just tsundere. Ku-chan was an airhead for the majority of the episodes till that mayonnaise thingy. Then she transformed into some cool woman only second to Daigorou. A point that is bugging me is if the Sex Gods are knowledgeable in *censored*, there was a part whereby it is hinted that they are virgins themselves (remember how Daigorou tried to demonstrate his virgin hole?). You only gain experience in the area if you do it lots of time, right? But who am I kidding? They are Gods after all. They don’t need to do such act to gain such knowledge. On a trivial matter, I wonder if Hoshi and Wada are doing well together. That is, if they are still together. Whatever happened to them? They seem like a fitting S&M pair. What about the landlord? Has he found a new disciple to pass on his virgin legend?

Throughout the series, there are lots of words that have been purposely censored out. When they do this, a difference voice narrates some gibberish to cover that censored word. It may seem funny at first but it is done too often so much so it takes the fun out of it. I mean, if this series is about Sex Gods trying to make their targets get intimate, what is the point if they censor such ‘crucial’ words? The censoring isn’t only restricted to the dialogue. Some of the words on screen (especially topic titles) are also purposely blurted out. I remember one title in which the entire line was blotted out! That bad, eh? I guess it’s up to viewers to use their own imagination to catch the right word. Well, if you’re naughty enough, I’m sure you can ‘see’ those censored words clearly. Another censoring is Momoko’s eyes. I’m not sure but perhaps she resembles some real blow-up doll that they need to censor out her eyes. Say, I wonder if Imagawa has given up on Momoko? Maybe he doesn’t need her anymore seeing he realized the real one is better. That is a sign that a bachelor virgin has graduated to the next step of becoming a responsible family man, right?

The opening theme is Koi No Doutei (A Virgin’s Love) by Kanon x Kanon and sounds like your typical lively anime pop. The ending theme is a rock piece by AiRI entitled Learn Together. I thought it was by Milktub seeing that this is their trademark rock style but I guess I can say they are still related to the sing since they’re the ones who wrote the song. An amusing thing during the ending credits is that as each passing episode, you’ll see the different growth stages of Imagawa and Andou as they gradually make their way towards each other. From crawling toddlers to walking elementary kids to rebellious and puberty-hit teenage years to finally their adult self getting married. I guess what they’re subtly trying to imply is the steadily growing relationship between them which could and should also be applied to real life relationship.

So have we learnt lots from this? Well, there are many things in life that we can’t learn through textbooks and the only way of gaining knowledge is to experience it firsthand. So yeah, this series may not be comprehensive for single guys to date woman (or to get lucky with them), but it’s a start. Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere. And with that little push, it is often more than enough for people to take their own step and chart their own path and destiny. You know what? I’m already pass 30 years old (and counting), still a virgin (believe it!), got no girlfriend (seriously, what kind of girl would like an otaku who loves watching anime harem series?), so should I start looking for one? Well, do 2D girls count? No rush or hurry then. I’m confident everything will fall into place nicely in time. Maybe like in another 10, 20, 30 years…

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