A Channel

June 9, 2012

Again, a group of quartet high school girls each with their quirky habits going through about in their school life and daily activities with each other. Add some other side supporting characters to the mix to give a livelier atmosphere. Yes, I thought A Channel was a cuter version to Lucky Star and that first sentence summarizes exactly what this anime is going to be. No confusing plots, no dramatic twist and turns, nothing exciting that will make you jump out of your seats. So if you are not into this kind of slice of life comedy, you’re better off looking somewhere else. Plus, the episodes are made up of short skits that may not be necessarily linked to each other. But they are not that independent enough to break the flow of the story.

I guess that is what you would expect if you are going to adapt an anime based on a yonkoma (four panel comic strip). Therefore the main focus of such genres is of course on the characters. You’ll often see this quarter in every episode. Run Momoki the airhead and carefree second year student that loves tying up her bangs to reveal her forehead; Tooru Ichii may be a year younger than Run but she is so petite that she looks like an elementary school kid (what’s with the over-sized long sleeves?) and with her relationship so close to Run (at least this is what she thinks), she doesn’t hesitate to ‘threaten’ boys who get too close to her; Yuuko Nishi the slim and model-like (read: well endowed body) Kansai-ben classmate of Run who is a scaredy cat in some areas; Nagisa “Nagi” Tennouji the bespectacled intelligent classmate of Run and Yuuko but is very conscious of her weight (read: diet girl). There are a few other characters but we’ll learn them as we go along.

Episode 1
Yuuko and Nagi meet up with Run before class starts. Tooru comes rushing with a baseball bat and threatens those guys who are casually talking to Run! Extreme! Tooru remembers she managed to get into the same school with Run and soon gets permission to come to her house. She thought she was happy going to tell her about this when she sees Yuuko in an ambiguous position with Run. It’s like they’re kissing! Run introduces her friends but clearly Tooru doesn’t like Yuuko. Yuuko tries to be friendly but Tooru gives her a boob uppercut! WTF?! Then she scares her with her… Zombie trudge? WTF?! In school, Run’s class got a very lax and casual homeroom teacher, Taki Kamate while Tooru’s class gets the serious and poetry loving Kimiko Kitou. Yuuko notices Run dozing off in class. It’s like she’s about to fall any minute. Just when she thought she is going to, Yuuko tries to catch her but trips herself, making a fool out of her own self. It’s amazing Run can sleep while sitting. The quartet eat lunch together and talk about their favourite animals. Why does Run like animals that she can eat? How do parakeets taste like? Because Run feeds Yuuko some of her food, Tooru gets jealous and it’s deja vu again. Boob uppercut? Zombie trudge? They sure are getting along well, eh? Run is such an airhead that when she waves to Tooru, she almost fall off the window! If not for her friends who caught her, she literally could’ve taken the plunge. Yuuko gives some candy to stay awake. Run wants to save for Tooru but how can you split a candy in half? Use the penknife! See it slip away like a ricochet! Tooru’s sweet tooth means she has a keen smell of Yuuko’s candy even though the package is finished. Yuuko promises to bring more for her tomorrow. On the way back, Tooru feels depressed because she wishes she could be in the same class with Run. But she comforts her that nothing has changed between them. Nagi and Yuuko hug the little one seeing how cute she is but she freaks out. Run extends her hand to her as they run along. Next day as Tooru comes running to Run’s class with a baseball bat (no threat in sight), Yuuko gives her the candy she promised. Oh wait. What did she do to deserve that uppercut and walk again?!

Episode 2
Tooru comes to pick up sleepy Run to school. On the way, Tooru realizes Run’s mismatched socks. She thinks of going barefoot when Tooru realizes another thing Run forgot when she bends down: Her pantsu!!! Dangerous! In class, Yuuko borrows Run’s notes which are hard to read. Nagi scares Yuuko why she wears spectacles or else she would see things she normally wouldn’t have… Even if it was a joke, Yuuko is screaming fit like a horror movie. Yuuko needs to go to the toilet in the middle of class but is too embarrassed to say so. Run accompanies her with an excuse to escort her to the infirmary. The truth is, Run is the one who needs to go to the infirmary as she collapses halfway! Call Tooru! Actually it is nothing serious and is just lack of sleep. On a rainy day, Run gets drenched in the rain to school. Some guy in a flowery shirt is staring at her. Run and Tooru come up with a way to shield themselves from the rain since they forgot their umbrellas by cutting holes in a giant plastic bag. Yeah, they look like ghosts! Nagi suggests to dry their clothes back at her home but seeing Run is too impatient to wait for a taxi, they just run through the rain. Taking turns to bath, Run and Nagi take their turn first while Yuuko is left in an awkward atmosphere with Tooru. Want to watch horror movies? Gulp. Run doesn’t recognize Nagi when she takes off her glasses. Similarly, Nagi doesn’t recognize Run when she releases her bangs! They look so different. Yuuko thought if she closes her eyes, she won’t have to watch the horror video but with Tooru watching her, she is ‘paralyzed to death’. It is Yuuko and Tooru’s turn but the latter turns into a prankster touching her smooth body and not letting her wash shampoo off her eyes. So much so it sounded like an ambiguous yuri affair. Once they are done, they return to the room only to find it hot like the desert! Run and Nagi are half dead! Was this their idea of drying their clothes faster? To pass the time, they play video games and once again Yuuko is caught in between because Tooru and Nagi are dramatically challenging each other (Yuuko is in between them) while Run doesn’t want her to move an inch since she is braiding her hair. Then they hear the sound of grilling and it’s making them hungry. Turns out to be Run’s handphone ringtone! The rain is not letting up so Nagi’s friends leave. But they soon return shortly because they tripped and got all dirty again.

Episode 3
Run now remembers her socks and more importantly wear her panties. However she drags the wrong kid with her thinking it was Tooru. Still sleepy, isn’t she? Seeing Tooru isn’t with them today, they decide to go visit her class and see what it’s like. They see her the responsible student (like a teacher’s pet?) and tease her. Tooru’s classmate, Yutaka Imai makes several excuses and attempts to get close to Tooru, freaking her out. She seeks solace in hugging Run, Nagi and Yuuko. But why is she squeezing Yuuko so hard?! Run runs into that flowery shirt guy again who is lost for directions. He compliments her beautiful forehead! Don’t tell me he’s some kind of pervert. Next time they meet, Sachiyo Satou wants to thank her for showing the way to the infirmary (he is the school’s new nurse) and would prepare a special bed for her! Oh God. Run only finds it funny. I hope she has more sense than that. Tooru is annoyed he is getting to friendly with Run and warns him. However he notices her cute petite size and calls her Uni (sea urchin) due to her little pointy hairstyle. He probably is going to go after Run’s forehead again but excuses himself when he starts feeling sick. Run shows her friends an iPod she got but it’s not working. She tried several ways to make it work but her amateur methods only pisses off Nagi. Finally once it is working, now she has to put music in it. However she doesn’t have a computer to upload songs into it. Nagi, be cool… Yutaka again pesters Tooru but she gives her the slip by slipping out of her jersey. Nagi gets dressed for PE class but the way she said things on bloomers makes it an embarrassing statement. Happy Yutaka thought Tooru was looking at her but she was actually focusing on Run down at the field. Because of that, Kitou thought Yutaka volunteered to answer a question on the board. Run suggests Yuuko to untuck her shirt and it seems it’s like as though she is wearing nothing underneath! All the boys listening outside… She suggests the same to Tooru but her shirt is touching the floor! Like a one piece dress! Yutaka wants to partner Tooru for PE class but was taken away by her friend, Miho Noyama. Phew. Nagi scraps her knee so Yuuko takes her to the infirmary but sees Satou on the floor! He had a seizure? Run comes in and accidentally steps on his head. He felt honoured. WTF?! Yuuko notices Satou likes Run so he explains about her candid ways and her natural dominatrix ways and her forehead, her forehead, her large forehead. Oh shiii… Yuuko feels Satou’s weird taste is bad news but Run is okay since her forehead got complimented. What else can I say? Yutaka purposely lets Tooru explain the lesson she doesn’t understand so Tooru gets pissed off she doesn’t even get it. Miho comes to Tooru’s rescue again by taking her annoying friend away for reprimanding. Tooru realizes that it’s lonely without Yutaka around and to her horror of realizing this fact, she rushes all the way to bear hug Yuuko. Her innards may be squeezed out at this rate.

Episode 4
Run is still a sleepy head in the morning that she mistakes the weather vane as the crows’ strange movements. Run and Tooru are in some ‘argument’ over Yuuko’s good qualities. Why are they comparing it to animals? Tooru ‘lost’ when Run mentions Yuuko’s fabulous style. Yuuko tries to cheer Tooru up that sometimes small boobs are also in fashion and that she has a target audience! Well, well… Tooru starts squeezing her boobs in envy over her nice body. Suddenly Nagi remembers she’s supposed to shed a few kilos by summer. She gives an excuse that real summer doesn’t start in a month’s time. Nagi is dismayed that she may have gained weight when she finds her swimsuit tight. However upon hearing the same tight comments from others, she is relieved the swimsuit shrunk. I thought the swimsuit was tight in ‘certain areas’ for certain girls :). Miho approaches Tooru and admits she is her fan. Yutaka didn’t like Miho touching Tooru as she likes and ‘molests’ that girl’s hair. But her 3 minutes are up but Yutaka remains stubborn. Apparently Miho and Yutaka must be so close together to know each other’s signs so when Miho stomps her foot enough is enough, Yutaka obediently stays away from Tooru. Yutaka thought she could help Tooru by carrying her sack. It backfired because Miho gets to be close to her instead. Run’s class is in charge of cleaning the pool and you can’t have them work seriously without some splashing fun, right? But fool around too much and you have to stay back and finish the job. Nagi weighs herself but to her dismay found she had gained a kilo! She reasons it is her clothes and that her weight has not changed. She then reads sort of a sadistic diet advice and thinks her friends will be against it. In class, the person she least wanted to see is Tooru because she is sharp and can straight away tell her she is on diet. She remembered her saying that diet thingy in spring. However she doesn’t plan to tell the others. Nagi thought she would be bribed to keep her mouth shut but to her surprise didn’t want anything. If only the world was like this. Tooru says whatever she eats or does, she doesn’t grow. Especially ‘that part’. Since Nagi is pretty concern, Tooru suggests asking Yuuko. Her reply? She didn’t do anything. Like Nagi would believe that. As for Run, she has never stuck to any diet nor limit what she eats. Then they go search online for some diet advice. Most of them seems fake because it sounds too good to be true. I mean, lose 60kg? For Run, her weight will be negative and perhaps a ghost! Nagi goes back to the old fashion way of not eating but her friends think she should take it easy and not rush into it. They all decide to talk this over ice cream and other tasty snacks. That defeats the point, eh? Nagi got embarrassed when Yuuko notes she is just cute the way she is now. Next day, Tooru shows her friends her new socks fashion. Actually, she is so skinny that her socks can’t stay up! She wished she was chubbier! Nagi can’t let that comment slide. Even putting glue couldn’t stop the slide. Yeah, she really wishes she is fatter. Oh it’s driving Nagi crazy.

Episode 5
Run invites Tooru to the beach and adds an unnecessary comment for those with flat chests. She bought her a bikini but it was so loose that it slides off! Just how skinny is she?! Yuuko walked in but Tooru hides under the blanket. Because Yuuko has some ice cream, she comes out and is close to naked (even her bra straps become undone). So can Tooru still marry? Tooru’s class is in pool lessons as Miho and Yutaka take swipes at each other about their ‘fats’ making them float easy. But they see how skinny Tooru is. Summer vacation is next week and Tooru and Nagi isn’t thrilled to go to the beach. No swimsuit to fit? Can’t fit? They team up to tease Yuuko who has got it all. Nagi accompanies Yuuko to buy her swimsuit. Nagi was just observing at first but couldn’t resist the temptation to try some herself and in the end buys one. Meanwhile Run gives Tooru a swimsuit she can fit in. It was a swimsuit she once used to wear when she was in elementary school. Was that an insult? Yeah, it made her look like one, eh? So at the beach, the quartet have their fun in the sun, the sand and the sea. Yuuko falls into deep sleep while resting. She dreams of her friends serving her as the queen. Suddenly Tooru jumps on her and she gets this heavy feeling. When she wakes up, she finds her friends have built a magnificent sand castle over her body!!! Then they watch the waves pull up and recede at their feet. Getting dizzy anyone?  Only Yuuko. For lunch because Nagi wanted some tropical fish, Run was serious in going to sea to catch a fresh one! On the train back home, Yuuko wishes to stand instead of sitting despite the coach close to empty as she claims she still has lots of energy left. Actually she got her hair stuck between the doors. I don’t know how they got her out. Talking on the topic of getting tanned, Yuuko maintains her fair complexion thanks to her sun tan but Run didn’t use any and she still looks so fair. They rub her fair skin and think she’s an alien. Rest assured, she’s an Earthling.

Episode 6
Run finds Tooru in an embarrassing predicament. She is stuck between her bed and the wall! Must… Resist… Urge… To tease… Anyway she snaps a shot of her. Don’t go blackmailing. Run offers to cut Tooru’s bangs that have gotten long. Yeah, she ruined it! She’ll never go out again! To solve this problem, Run ties her hair the same hairstyle as hers. Run and Tooru are on their way to school and see a sign to be wary of perverts. Satou drives up to them and offers a ride. Run panics and thinks he is a pervert and makes a run. The commotion causes everyone around the think Satou is really one. Kitou thought Tooru was being concerned when she noticed her not looking too well. Even if she did explain her headache, Tooru tells her to get medicine at the infirmary. Hah. The last place she wants to visit and speaking of which, here comes her eternal rival Satou. They are arguing about each other’s dress sense of the white lab coat and will have Tooru decide but that smart girl ran away under their noses. Yuuko thought she saw fire coming out from a building and rushes to go put it out. Turns out to be Yutaka dusting the duster in an ambiguous manner. Because of that, it’s another embarrassing moment for Yuuko. It’s even more embarrassing when Tooru starts apologizing to her. You mean she prefers when she’s ‘abusing’ her? Nagi reprimands Run for buying a hot drink on a hot summer’s day. She was in a rush so she messed up. Yuuko remembers she left her important assignment in class and is scared to get it herself at night and pesters Nagi to accompany her. Why not just wait till tomorrow morning? Nagi decides to play a prank on Yuuko and also calls Run and Tooru to come along. First, Yuuko is made to run all the way round to the back of the school with a dog chasing after her (the rest were already inside – how the heck did they get the dog?). Then when Nagi fails to pick the lock of the front door, it suddenly unlocks and was it a ghost? Actually Run came in from an open window and opened the door from inside. Yuuko’s heart nearly popped out from her mouth. Yuuko becomes a scaredy cat clinging on to Nagi at every step. Nagi makes a detour and goes exploring the rooms because it’s just different at night. Gulp. Want to go see the anatomical model? Nagi and Yuuko take a toilet break and they see a spirit ball floating outside! They freak out and return to the duo but Run thinks they can save that person if they return it right away! What is she thinking?! But Tooru is baffled because she hears footsteps. Spirits have feet? Waiting to ambush it, they realize it is Satou walking around with a candle. I don’t know what his intention is but he’s symbolizing the candle as his life and soon collapses once cheeky Tooru blows it out (purposely?). They try dragging him back to the infirmary but he’s just heavy (don’t know how Run dragged off with only his pants). When they manage to put him in bed, Run tries slapping him to wake him up but Satou dreams of something romantic with Run and hugs her!!! Tooru is so pissed that she overturns the bed!!! Where the hell she got that strength?! Fortunately (or not) he didn’t die. In the end as everyone leaves school and part their ways, Yuuko realized she has forgotten to take her assignment. Yeah, all for nothing. All she got was her lifespan shortened from the scare trip.

Episode 7
Tooru and Run are talking and the former is worried with all the boys around Run, she wonders if she has been confessed to. Run remembers the candle Satou gave her. Uh, what? The quartet plan to visit the fireworks festival but before that they agree to go karaoke-ing. Yuuko is a natural and scores. Tooru is having a hard time choosing what song to sing so it’s Run’s turn. She’s not bad either. It’s Tooru’s turn but she’s nervous. Run gives her the encouragement to go on but before she could start, the waitress comes in to give their ordered drinks. Thus Tooru takes this opportunity to back down and return to her ‘song staring search’. Nagi’s enka rendition is fiery but it’s all so that she can lose calories and it some snacks. Tooru has no such worries. Tooru is still nervous so Run sings a duet with her and calms her nerves. While taking a break, they hear a familiar voice singing next door. It’s Satou! Hey, shouldn’t the walls of each room be sound proof so as not to annoy others? Anyway the girls cut short their session seeing they know what’s good for them. Don’t want that guy to find out, eh? As Run and Tooru look for yukatas to wear, Tooru gets disheartened she may be looking like a kid forever because she can’t even fit into the high heels! The quartet in their yukatas meet up at the festival. They go to the mask stand and thought Tooru likes anime masks. But it’s rather stalls from the shopping district always gave her free stuffs… Tooru gets jealous seeing Yuuko and Run taking a bite at each other’s food so Tooru bites off Yuuko’s candy apple without her knowing. Now you see, now you don’t. In the ring toss, the girls won fireworks as their prize. Run tries her hand but the ring ends up on her own head. Everyone tries their hand at candy carving. They are so intense that they forgot the fireworks are starting. Only Nagi would rather complete her candy carving than go see the fireworks! Because she was THIS CLOSE to completing it. Now she has to abandon it. Due to the crowd, Run takes her friends to a secluded spot for the best view. By the time they got there, it is the end and all they see was just the big bang finale. Wow. Amazing… That’s it???!!! As consolation, they play the fireworks they won. But they don’t have a light? Don’t worry. For some odd reason, Run brought her candle and matches. Miho and Yutaka enjoy themselves at the festival and also rivals Satou and Kitou bump into each other with the former teasing the latter about coming here alone. Run and co admire their sparklers and Tooru’s one was the last to burn out.

Episode 8
Nagi seems to be in caution mode. It’s because Kitou is at the gates wishing students good morning in an energetic way. Yuuko didn’t think of anything wrong till she is stopped by her to say it properly many times. The rest runs pass making Yuuko as the ‘sacrifice’. As usual Kitou and Satou never seem to agree on anything. One is serious, the other is lax. So much so Kamate notes they are quite in-sync and even jokes they should be dating each other. Tooru once again tries to ward off boys who are being friendly with Run. But they don’t feel any threat due to her small size. She returns standing on a chair so they get what she means and go away. Even in the new semester, Yutaka continues to hound Tooru. But with the 3-minute rule in the fan club, I guess she can’t be rubbing her cheeks forever. Tooru wonders what is so good about her that these 2 form a fan club of her. They say all the good things and this sends shiver down her spine. Why is she hiding behind a curtain? Then Kitou interrupts and has Tooru get the class’ assignment notebooks. Yutaka feels it is not fair and wants her to be subjected to the 3-minute rule too! Tooru is having lots to carry when Kamate wants to her to get coffee while she’s at it. Kitou puts her foot down and to not take advantage of her students. But Kamate blackmails her with her poem notebook so Kitou has no choice but to abide. Tooru runs into Run and her pals as they help her carry the books till she has nothing left to carry. Watching Yutaka and Miho see the heart-warming see. Then they see Run talking to a boy and Tooru rushing off. To their horror, the petite kid returns with the baseball bat and… Hear those screams? Later, Nagi and Yuuko are surprise to hear Run and Tooru aren’t talking to each other because they got into a fight. Apparently Run wanted to accompany Tooru back to her home but the latter is okay. There are perverts in the area so if Run did accompany her, she may be alone on the way back. That led to an argument and eventually Tooru slept in her place. Can you call that an argument? Yuuko notices Tooru drinking alone and she may be pissed because she tosses all the cans into the dustbin with accuracy. Nagi also notices Run reading a book. That girl, reading? No way! Of course, the book is upside down. Nagi and Yuuko are worried about them so much so Kitou overheard them and pesters Yuuko to tell the issue. This isn’t her day. Even Yutaka wanted to help but Miho feels it is better to leave them alone for now. Run decides to end this fighting once and for all and goes to buy bread. But she has not enough money. I guess Nagi has to cover her. Returning to the classroom, she sees a can drink sitting on her table. Underneath it says “Sorry”. Run rushes to the rooftop to see Tooru standing there. In no time, they patch back their friendship, much to the relief of their other watching friends. But ironically, it is Kitou that is moved to tears… This gives her motivation to write more poems in her notebook.

Episode 9
Halloween is coming but Nagi and Yuuko experienced one of the most dreadful things in the morning: Kitou’s energetic good morning call. Yeah, she’s still at it. Nagi is alarmed that somebody left an ugly doll on her table. A Halloween prank? Till they found out it was made by Run. Yeah, what the heck is that?! The girls think of making a Halloween party but Nagi is concerned about her dieting… But it’s settled that they’ll go to Run’s house for the event. Later Nagi notices Run drawing a horrible being in her notebook as part of her word chain pictionary challenge with Tooru. What the heck is that?! A bug? Is that something to do with the ugly doll too? Run hints that it can be eaten. WTF?! But Tooru guesses it right as a zebra. ZEBRA???!!! Yes, zebra can be eaten… By lions. Nagi then asks Tooru about the ugly doll. Seems Run has given Tooru that similar doll too but is smaller. Because Tooru wants to exchange, Nagi teases her unless she tells what it is. She asks her favourite animals. Nagi responds small animals like squirrels. I guess Nagi didn’t realize she answered her own question because she continues to bug Tooru over what that doll is. Later as Nagi goes to meet up with Tooru, she sees a couple of kids trying to trick-or-treat her! Those are her casual clothes?! She’s not even carrying candy. As they walk through the shopping district, every stall owner feels like giving Tooru free stuff! Man, it’s good to be her. At the bookstore, they see an ero manga with the lead character that closely resembles Yuuko. They get an idea if they show the author a photo of Yuuko, he’d pay good money for it. So they bought a copy. Meanwhile Yuuko helps out Run making cake. Run tries to show off her ability of cracking an egg with her hand but she flops. She tries again. And again and again and again… Don’t waste the eggs anymore! Run’s clumsiness has her spill the bowl of eggs onto Yuuko’s head. Because she feels guilty that she should be the one to suffer that mistake, she cracks another bowl of eggs and dumps it over herself!!! WTF?! What a waste! They both take a shower and Yuuko has to come out to the living room where Run put her clothes. In good timing, Nagi and Tooru see her clad in only a towel and start practising reciting lines from the ero manga! Even if Yuuko is embarrassed, she continues reading the entire manga! As they were about to get started on the snacks, Yuuko thinks they should make pancakes too. Nagi is worried about the calories but Yuuko assures her she made it less sweet. Then noticing Tooru’s clothes, Run lets the cat out of the bag that Tooru likes kids and should’ve handed out candies just like last year. Tooru tries to shut her up but the rest seems to have realized a cuter side to her.

Episode 10
Tooru happily steps and breaks on frozen puddles. Till she meets a black cat and they go on a challenging spree to break them. This leads her to an alley. In class, Nagi sees lots of names in Run’s notebook and thinks they are people whom she is cursing! Turns out to be Tooru’s notebook and they are challenging each other to see how many names of people they have met. But why does it sound so foreign later on? Oh, they’re from mangas she read. Do they count too? Then Nagi and Run start their own name challenge. I’m not sure if they made up those grand and hard-to-pronounce names. Later Nagi, Yuuko and Run visit Tooru’s place but they think she’s been kidnapped seeing the place is in a mess and the girl herself is not in. They find out Tooru is keeping a white kitten she found abandoned at an alley (the kitten messed up the place). Evening, Run accompanies Tooru to buy toys for the cat but Run thinks the adult toy shop is the place! Yikes! After visiting a real cat shop, they patron a dessert bar. Run thinks they should come up a name for the cat. Something to do with sweets since Tooru likes them. Seeing that her mixed soda contains cola, cider, ramune, ginger ale and melon soda, Run suggests naming the kitten Carbonation. Serious? Hope that isn’t just lots of air. Back at Tooru’s room, Run seems to be playing too much with Carbonation that Tooru feels neglected. Or jealous? On a snowy day, we learn Nagi hates such cold days. See how she’s wrapped up like as though she’s some sort of assassin? But Run is so eager because of the many things they can do playing with snow. So she waits for the snow to fall but loses her excitement when it did not snow by the fourth period. Just when she thought of giving up, the snow comes. She immediately rushes out to play with the rest soon follow suit. While the rest are making funny poses in the snow, Nagi continues to shiver. Not having fun? They build an igloo for her to stay in. She watches them play snowball fight and since she got up, her head hit the roof and sends the igloo crumbling. So miserable… But she can’t spread the gloom so she joins them having fun. Next day, Nagi is surprised that she hasn’t caught any cold since she played in the snow. Then she gets an SMS from Yuuko who has caught the cold, followed by Tooru with a high fever and then Run herself catching the flu. Then it hit her as she SMS back to her pals that she too is sick. You know what they say about idiots… But I guess being healthy is no fun because while her friends are resting in the warmth of their bed, Nagi and her classmates have to shovel the snow in the school compound. So miserable…

Episode 11
After noticing a bunch of middle school girls, Tooru remembers 2 years ago when Run took an entrance exam for the high school. Run wanted to enrol in 2nd High so Tooru also would like to enrol in wherever Run enrolled even if she could get into better schools. Run told her mom about this and she was okay. Till she mentioned about Tooru’s choice. Suddenly her mom changed her mind and became a demon that Run had better apply for a better school! Run is not confident with her scores so mommy was going to make a call to the cram school. Run succeeded in snatching the phone away so mom bribes her with a photo of a cow. She can have Kobe beef all she wants. That seals the deal. Tooru becomes Run’s teacher and the first thing she has Run do is memorize all the basics! I think the stack of books is as tall as her. Oh sh*t! I guess concentrating isn’t her forte because she starts hearing voices that pinpoints her to the right answers and words keep flying away. Yeah, dreaming… But Run shows she is serious and not giving up and wherever she goes, she has a book in a face. This means she is oblivious to her surroundings like almost getting hit by a car, being forgetful about her stuff and even reading while brushing her teeth. Amazing. On the day of the exams, she got so excited that her pencil tip broke and ricochet off into Yuuko’s nose. That girl who recently moved from Kansai here thought it was sabotage! When the test is over, Run apologized for that incident and they become friends. She shows Yuuko a picture of the cow which is her lucky charm. All the hard work paid off as Run manages to secure a spot in Aoigaoka High School. The beef sure tastes even better, eh? Tooru’s birthday is around the corner as Run accidentally drops the cake she bought for her. However the box is empty and it was just to fool her. It is in the second box. Taking no chances, Tooru wants to hold it instead. On the way to school, Run teases Tooru like a kid and as though she has watched her grown up before her eyes. They only met in elementary school… In class, the friends are going to eat the cake when Run points out one of them is laced with wasabi. It is easily spotted because one of them was green. Tooru gives this one, the supposed best job to Yuuko. Fire in the hole! Run announces there is a second wasabi cake but she realized she got it herself. To commemorate this, Tooru thinks of taking a picture but as they snap, Yuuko always seem blurry and they try several takes or even match her ‘movements’. Tooru secretly eats her cake in class so Yutaka notices this and realizes it’s her birthday. She writes the happy birthday greeting in her notebook to let her see. But Tooru corrects her wrong spelling, shocking her. With that, Kitou thought she volunteered herself to answer her question. Not again! Run shows the rest pictures and video clips she still keeps of Tooru’s birthday celebration in her handphone. Yuuko wants the recent one deleted because she doesn’t look too good being blurry. When Run mentions about being third years next year and having their exams, it hit Tooru how time flies. It only seemed like yesterday. Then she asks her why she changed her high school choice but Run decides to keep it a secret. Can’t say the beef was the reason, eh?

Episode 12
Tooru is saddened that she will have to part with Run once graduation comes around. In class, Nagi laments that she ate 2 boxes of chocolates and reading a book when she can’t sleep. Upon knowing what book she is reading, Yuuko opines that it is a real tear jerker but Nagi starts crying because she just started reading it and Yuuko told her the spoilers. A guy is talking friendly to Run. Yuuko dreads the scene if Tooru sees this. Thinking if should intercept Tooru and stall for time, speaking of the little devil, she’s already at the door. Panicky Yuuko tries to shield her from seeing the unseeable by suffocating her with her boobs. She almost died… Kamate wants to get Nagi to help pass out papers to her class but she doesn’t know her name. This has Kitou reprimand Kamate as a failure to remember the basics of being a teacher. During that, Nagi slips away so Kamate blames her for that and lets her do the handout instead. While sweeping outside, Yutaka spots a cat stranded on a tree and climbs to get it. She almost fell off dangerously when she got the cat. Though Miho and Tooru scold her, it’s not because Yutaka rustled the leaves from the trees on their heads but rather worrying them for pulling off that dangerous stunt. Yutaka is so happy that they care and she hugs them. But since she is playing around too much with the cat, she gets warned by Miho to finish her work. Run comes by to see Tooru as Miho and Yutaka are in awe to see their cute reaction. Run and co are eating at a fast food joint (durian burger?) so Run starts talking in an indecipherable language when she accidentally bit her tongue. What? Say that again? Yuuko is collecting points for a stuffed bear key chain. As she goes to toilet, she accidentally trips and reveals her butt to her friends, who cheekily use the point cards as scores for her ‘performance’. Yuuko notices a customer throwing away his point cards but she can’t put her hands into the dirty dustbin to get them so she’ll wait for the next one and ask them. Back at the rest, other customers are kindly giving them their point cards seeing they don’t need them. Back to Yuuko, her wait is in vain as the subsequent customers didn’t throw their point cards. Eventually she manages to get the key chain as Run makes a very tiny paper crane. She thinks of using Nagi’s spectacles as a magnifying glass! Run does and impression of Nagi after she borrows her glasses so the rest suggest Nagi to do an impression of Run. Though reluctant, she eventually does one but Run wasn’t looking. Well, she did say she didn’t like people watching her, right? Can do that again? Kitou thinks the fast food joint is the first step towards delinquency and it’s her duty as a teacher to stop that. But the lax Kamate and Satou would rather go to another place to dine. A fancy place. Oh, Kitou’s paying for it. Okay, split the bill… Tooru starts dozing off so it’s a sign that it’s time to leave. Run then admits she’s an alien but the odd part is Nagi and Yuuko accepting it than retorting as always. Then a UFO beams Run up as she says her goodbye. Tooru wakes up from this dream not wanting to part with her. It seems Run has already carried her back all the way to her home (in my opinion Run didn’t really seem like a strong girl so I was surprised she could do that). So when Run says she’s going home, Tooru hopes it is not to space. Tooru, she’s joking, right? That night as depressed Tooru goes out to the convenience store, she is surprised to see Run waiting for her outside. She starts crying and laughing, noting how she never changed before hugging her. Life resumes as normal for everyone and our usual quartet continue their outing together.

Short 3-minute specials called +A Channel that come with the DVDs. Of course more short random skits from the usual four girls. No different from the TV series except for the length of the clips.

Special 1 – Tooru visits Run to show her the high school uniform she got and tries it on for size. She also bought a V-neck sweater but it seems the sleeves are too long. On the contrary, Tooru thinks the skirt is too short but Run thinks she has pretty legs and it’s a privilege for high school girls. She tries to boost her confidence that they are in the same school now and congratulates her on her acceptance. But Tooru wonders why Run is wearing their middle school uniform. She was overcome with nostalgia when she saw Tooru wearing it.

Special 2 – Yuuko turns down an offer by her friends to go watch a movie after school. However with Tooru pleading, thinking she has gotten in her good books, she agrees. Till she finds out it’s a horror movie! NOOO!!! There’s is no turning back now! I guess you can tell from Tooru’s smirk that she is planning to spook Yuuko throughout the movie. Look, she’s already screaming before the movie starts. So when it ends, Yuuko got so traumatized that she bought a souvenir as an attempt to erase any of those scary memories. Each time the girls start talking about the movie, Yuuko will automatically seek refuge talking to her Bono chicken souvenir. That scary, huh?

Special 3 – Nobody wants to volunteer to solve Kitou’s question on the board. Since Run is sleeping in class, Kitou smacks her forehead to make her stay awake. Suddenly Satou pops up and hopes she would refrain from hitting Run’s forehead again. So why is he here? He’s bored. And to admire Run’s forehead. Can he stay and watch? Better return to the infirmary before Kitou blows her top. Later Kitou chides Satou for his actions but he’s being cool and taking it easy, reminding her that her strictness will scare away her students. Each time, this pisses her off and the cycle repeats itself…

Special 4 – Run returns to her room and before she could start reading, Tooru pops out of the bed, scaring her. So okay, she had a nightmare… Tooru was waiting for her but fell asleep. Run thought she had mistakenly went back to Tooru’s home, which happens very often. Tooru is glad she fell asleep in her house because she couldn’t have handled the nightmare alone. As Run goes to get snacks, Tooru follows her all the way instead of waiting, giving an excuse she can help out. Actually, she’s scared, isn’t she?

Special 5 – Nagi and Yuuko are out together when Yuuko spots a shop selling spectacles. Wondering if Yuuko ever changed her frames or used contacts and re-imagine herself for the summer, Nagi mentions her dad is sensitive to her change in appearance and have kept the same glasses and hairstyle since middle school. The last time she let her hair down, daddy went emotional in the sense he was so proud his daughter became so beautiful that it was creepy. Still Yuuko would like to see how she looks like so Nagi obliges. Though completely different, Yuuko thinks she is cute and should keep it like this for today. Yuuko needs to use the toilet but doesn’t know where so Nagi offers to find out. Unfortunately instead of asking an employee, she talked to the mannequin. Blind as a bat, eh? Better keep those glasses on.

Special 6 – Run and Yuuko are traversing a dark Run. Guess who is the scaredy cat? Then they meet a guy which turns out to be a zombie! Scream your head off! Turns out to be a game they’re playing. Suddenly we have the quartet in swanky suits, tight outfits and cool gears that make them a team of specialized agents. The Channel A. With nicknames like The Rose Red Knife Wielder (Run), The Silent Sniper (Tooru), The Poison Meister (Nagi) and The Crazy Chicken (guess who), you’d think they be the next generation of Charlie Angels. As wild as their imagination, it seems the reason they’re putting up with this is because of a cockroach in a room. Hard to tackle just a little guy, eh? The rest run out to leave Yuuko to deal with the little menace herself because… This is her room. This is the most freaking out moment in Yuuko’s life. She really lives up to her nickname. So when the bug starts flying, everyone makes a run for it. So much for never leaving a comrade behind.

Special 7 – Nagi is feeling drowsy due to low blood pressure. As she combs her messy hair, she unwittingly ties a high twintail. That served as a wakeup call because she gets spooked. Then as she puts on her yukata and tying her hair, she gets this idea of curling it. She meets up with Yuuko with that new hairstyle.

Special 8Yuuko can’t find her recorder so Nagi and Run think somebody must have stolen it and is licking and doing naughty things with it. Run lends hers but Nagi thinks that was Yuuko’s plan. She dismisses it and says if Tooru hears this, she’ll be done in for good. Oh speaking of which, look whose here. Behind your back. It’s that ‘abuse’ once more. Once the misunderstanding is cleared, Tooru apologizes as Yuuko notes how she has a one-track mind when it comes to Run. This embarrasses her so Tooru once more… Boobs uppercut… Zombie walk…

Special 9Yuuko has this uneasy feeling that somebody is following her while she is walking alone on her way home one night. Sounds like someone is tailing her. She hastens her pace and tries to seek refuge in a house but the dog scared her away. Thankfully she is safe and next day in school she relates this scary moment to her pals. Nagi thinks it’s bad since she was in her uniform. But Run understands her situation because she could be abducted. By aliens. She is more concerned about not understanding what the aliens are saying and even just broken Japanese would do. She thought Tooru was an alien because she didn’t recognize her little pointy hairstyle.

Special 10 – Nagi complains about Genzou. That old heater that is making lots of noise. She thinks the school should get rid of it and replace it with underfloor heating. Run feels she should treat this old man (that’s how she views the heater) kindly and should apologize for saying that. Tooru makes a voiceover for Genzou for realism. But still, Genzou isn’t getting warmer and installing underfloor heating isn’t practically. Run comes up with an ingenious idea to put kotatsu for all the tables. Nagi praises her so much that Yuuko is surprised of seeing this never-seen-before scene.

Special 11 – This final special lasts 6 minutes. The girls wonder why Nagi buys bread and doesn’t make her own bento. Too much hassle? They tease Yuuko for being a housewife but Yuuko jumps the gun with some naughty thoughts and causes embarrassment for herself. Run suggests to make and swap bento tomorrow. They could’ve turned it into a competition but Yuuko won’t allow it. Yeah, she has to wear a naked apron… Since Nagi is a total noob in making bento (she could’ve caused a disaster), Yuuko has to guide and teach her. Like a beginner. Yeah, even guiding her hand while she chops the vegetables. That bad, huh? On the other hand, Run and Tooru are cutting their fish like as though they’re in a surgery. They are even dressed for the part! Run suggests to make a character bento but the end result has a mean looking face rather than a friendly one. Carbonation steals a fish and causes commotion. The one whereby a pot drops onto Run’s head. Now you know why she’s a little quirky. Hope she doesn’t get quirkier. Next day as they show each other’s bento, Yuuko and Nagi’s turn out nice. Thanks to Yuuko the teacher. But all Nagi learnt is that her boobs were soft. Now it’s Run and Tooru’s turn. The bento is bigger than usual. So okay, that scary face bento… And beneath it, another bento box with a scary face but this time made of noodles. Nevertheless they have a great time eating them.

+Smile OVA 1
If you still can’t get enough of the cute girls, be glad to know that there are a couple of OVAs to satiate your appetite. The first one starts off with Run dozing off in class. Yuuko thought she had learnt her lesson not to worry about her falling off. She thought of waking her up by mentioning about pancakes. Well, Run did wake up but she’s saying aloud and looking for pancakes. Yutaka is having it tough with her exams and thought of skipping some questions but Kitou gives her fiery and passionate speech about not giving up and accidentally slams her hand on her table. Ouch. She must have broken a bone or two. Kitou feels blessed that her students are helping her out. Till Satou comes into the picture. In order not to worry some of the students, she tries to show her injury is not that bad anymore but ends up feeling more pain. Just hold it in… Since she can’t write on the blackboard, Tooru offers to help out. In order for the chalk not to dirty her clothes, Kitou lends her lab coat. However it is just too big for Tooru so much so Kitou accidentally stepped on it without knowing and restricts Tooru’s movements. Tooru realizes Carbonation sneaked into her bag. But before bringing it home, she shows it to Yutaka and Miho. They are taken in by its cuteness and now have a reason to visit her. When Run and friends walk back, they pass by a park. The boys playing football had the ball rolled their way. Yuuko gives it back to the kid but he is amazed by her big boobs and wants to touch it! WTF?! Tooru thought of bribing the kid with a candy but Yuuko doesn’t think it’s necessary and lets her give the ball back to the kid while she takes the candy. Who knows, the crow starts chasing Yuuko for the candy. Meanwhile Run enjoys sitting on the animal ride. Isn’t she too old for that? Nagi is happy after knowing she has lost some weight and attributes it to her legs. In class, she thought her friends notice her slimmer legs but they point out a mole on it instead.

Yuuko invites them to a newly opened cafe near her place which is famous for its Pancake Mountain. I’m sure Tooru and Run would love to have a try. Yeah, Run is already imagining it with bigger proportions. On that day, Nagi thought God is testing her since she is the last to enter the lift filled with crowded people. Having faith in her weight, the moment she steps in, the elevator sounds. She uses this excuse to run up the stairs. Hope it works up an appetite. As they are seated, Nagi may have been overwhelmed by all the food on the menu. It’s because they are all high in calories. Yeah, plain water will do. Tooru is surprised to see Miho working here as a waitress and guesses Yutaka must be here too. But she assures even they can’t be together 24/7. When Run and Miho start talking on friendly terms, Tooru starts to panic and orders a wide range of dishes. Even in the midst of the conversation, Miho could accurately repeat all the orders that Tooru made! She’s good! Yutaka patrons the cafe and since it’s full, she is made to wait 20 minutes, something she doesn’t want. Miho makes her sit and wait since she doesn’t want her to know Tooru and her friends are here and crash in on them. Just when she thought the secret is out, it’s actually Yutaka making a guess that the uniform may be making her boobs look smaller. She deserves to be hit. Yutaka is placed in a separate room and though excited about the food on the menu, she lost motivation after seeing its high price. The Pancake Mountain arrives but Run thought the real deal was to come next. Uh… That’s the biggest it can get. Disappointed? Eventually Yutaka finds out about Tooru and in her excitement starts yapping away. Tooru is ignoring her and giving her that stare since well, she’s still chewing her food. Taking all the fun out of it, eh? Just when Yutaka settles in and thought a certain busy waitress won’t be here to bother them, then comes Miho to pick her up. Wait a minute. Why isn’t she in her uniform? Her shift’s over. Oh. Too bad Yutaka, looks like you’ll have to go with Miho. Run and co leave satisfied. Run thinks of making pancakes too but Tooru notes it won’t be easy to match this cafe’s level. Yuuko thought they were mocking her and says she can make tastier ones than this place. Maybe she shouldn’t have said it right in front of this establishment.

+Smile OVA 2
Yuuko gets a cold as her younger sister, Keiko nurses her. Though she has to leave for school, she is still worried but Yuuko assures she can take care of herself. Yuuko SMS to her friends of her cold so they plan to visit her later. Tooru feels ‘lonely’ because she has no one to tease. Yeah, she loves the reaction Yuuko does when she pokes her skin, eh? The friends visit Yuuko and since she is trying to play a good host, the rest tell her to get some rest. But when they are leaving, Yuuko hints for them to stay since she feels lonely and her family won’t be back so early. Probably this is a cue for Nagi and Tooru to get cheeky they are going to strip Yuuko and wipe her sweat! Maybe they shouldn’t make a sick person worse. Then Tooru made porridge and Tooru feeds Yuuko. The latter thought how nice of her to do so. But… Tooru starts feeding her at a very fast pace! Can’t keep up! Oh Tooru, have you got your teasing fix of Yuuko today? The telephone rings so Run picks it up. Since it’s a newspaper subscription, she tries talking in Kansai-ben! I guess that wasn’t what Nagi meant when she said try to act like Yuuko since this is her place. Nagi is shocked that Run and Tooru could carve apples better than her. So much so she ate her own works to cover up. Yuuko has a strange dream whereby she boards a train (Galaxy Railways?) when she transferred to Tokyo. After her friends leave, Keiko returns and realizes her pals were here to look after her. Probably she felt jealous and didn’t want to give the snacks she bought her. The tugging results in the plastic bag to be ripped and all the goodies come falling out. Maybe Keiko is jealous of Tooru. She asks Yuuko is she had come here and puts the full stop in Yuuko’s mouth, preventing her from elaborating further.

Run and Tooru succumb to the comfortable kotatsu but since it is going to be New Year’s Day, they have to visit the shrine near midnight. Yuuko thought Nagi had a shortcut to reach the shrine since she is leaving late. But it turns out she is making a mad dash to the station. They wait for Run and Tooru and when the latter duo arrive, Run got so focused on waving at them, she forgot to alight the train. Damn… Eventually they reach the shrine and there’s a long queue to ring the bell. And they see the first person in line is Kitou! Man, she must have waited for hours in the cold. The girls decide to go look around and at the souvenir charms section, they think Yuuko needs one to protect her from disasters. Does she look that unlucky? When it’s time to usher the New Year, Run rushed off to get sweet sake instead. Along the way, Run wishes lots of people Happy New Year and Yuuko thought she knows lots of people. Turns out she was just randomly wishing strangers. At the wish donation box, Nagi tells Yuuko that her measly 5 Yen couldn’t appease God, let alone make her wish come true. That’s cheapskate. Nagi is going to show her true devotion and splash some big notes when clumsy Run drops her wallet into the box. Bummer. Maybe she’ll get her wish. Then they have their fortune reading so it’ reads “Good luck” for Run, “Uncertain” for Tooru and “Bad Luck” for Nagi. Yuuko gets “Very Good Luck” so the rest try to pat her head and get some of her luck. Next, they read the wish cards on the wall. Tooru can guess that one is from Yutaka… In fact, she can tell her entire class was here. Run thinks they should write their wishes on the cards too. By this time, the line for the bell is gone so the girls take their turn to ring it. Thinking it symbolizes the dispelling of worldly desires, they start chanting for Nagi’s worldly desires to go away! Must be her diet obsession, eh? On the way back, Run suggests they watch the sunrise at her place and talk about the wish they wrote down in their cards. Nagi bets Tooru wrote down her wish to stay best friends with Run so Tooru agrees it is more or less something like that. More accurately, she wished for all 4 of them to be friends forever.

Lucky A Star Channel…
I suppose this series overall is rather okay. Lots of stuff here reminded about Lucky Star even if both series are different in their own ways. The characters are what you expect to be as they are from the start right up till the end. The little difference is that Tooru opens up more towards other people and has made new friends in not only Yuuko and Nagi but Yutaka and Miho as well. She may be very close to Run but she soon realizes that time doesn’t stand still forever. You have to move on as they grow up and learn about parting and separation. I’m not saying that Run and Tooru will be totally separated but when Run graduates, Tooru won’t get to see her as often as she will because they won’t be in the same school anymore. But that doesn’t mean they can’t meet up on other occasions and have fun, right? That’s why one of the important aspects of this series is to tell us to cherish our time together with our friends.

Because of Run’s personality, she provides most of the funny antics. Every girl group has got to have one of these airheads, right? That’s what makes them so fun in the first place. She hardly takes things seriously (that’s why sometimes putting herself close to danger) and is like in her world of her own that it will never cross your mind if she ever gets mad. Not that I can remember if she ever gets upset and even if she did, I’m sure she will look more cute and scary. I might really think she’s an alien. Nah. Yuuko is a nice person to tease. For Tooru at least. Maybe that’s why she’s friends with her. Just kidding. It’s bad of me to say this but whenever Yuuko is in her timid and scaredy cat nature, she looks cuter. Maybe there is some sort of moe appeal when she starts quivering… Nagi at times felt like a character whose role is to retort antics made by Run. Same case for Tooru. Say, I notice that Tooru doesn’t swing her bat around when boys get too close to Run. It’s not like they have given up on her. Maybe she has already earned some reputation so the guys know their limits and when to stay clear. At this rate, no wonder Run never got a boyfriend. Will she ever? Heck, none of the characters in this series seem to have a boyfriend. Well, this isn’t a romance series. But Tooru should learn to be more cheerful because with her expressionless feature, it feels like she is a half-zombie, the way she talks and reacts. On second thought, she may look scarier if she ever does smile.

Another amusing ‘pair’ is whenever Kitou and Satou start arguing with each other. Serious Kitou is always so tense up that she is always in reprimanding mode especially to Satou. He on the other hand is so carefree and doesn’t take her words seriously. I wonder if that guy still have the hots for Run’s forehead. Don’t hope to see any kind of chemistry brewing between them. Only sparks will fly. But the teachers along with Yutaka and Miho felt like distractions to the main quartet because you don’t really get to know them more than what is already known. If the show focuses solely on the main heroines, you’re going to get bored, right? It’s like having curry rice for each meal for a week consecutively. So featuring these minor characters provide some sort of a variety so that we don’t get sick of watching them. So I guess for Yutaka and Miho, for them to have a regular role, they have been selected to do the next episode’s preview instead and run wild (sort of) with their antics. So can anyone else join this Tooru club too? Three minutes rule apply, though :).

The art and drawing makes the characters look cuter compared to Lucky Star. However the odd part to me is that I somewhat find their body to be slimmer than usual, thus making their heads slightly blown up. Therefore the characters have that skinny look but not as far as making them look anorexic. The big part that made me remind this series something close to Lucky Star was the music. There are lots of fun and casual background music. Especially those enjoyable piano pieces, you might think that they came straight out of the Lucky Star original soundtrack. Then in each episode, there will be one insert song based on the theme for that particular segment. I’m not saying that I dread this part but each time the music starts, I’ll be going “Oh, it’s time to sing along with the gang again”. The opening theme, Morning Arch by Marina Kawano is an upbeat pop tune that suits the pace of the series. Somehow the ending theme, Humming Girl sung by the seiyuus of the main quartet made me remember about The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper although they don’t resemble each other. Must be the style of the horns and fanfare. Nevertheless it is still a fun and jazzy piece.

Kaori Fukuhara as Run sounds perfect as the ditzy airhead she is. That’s because her other role as such a character was Astrea in Sora No Otoshimono: Forte. Only difference is that one is an angel with humungous boobs while the other is a high school girl who is as flat as a washboard. Oops, sorry. Her other airhead characters include Plug of Fight! Ippatsu Juuden-chan and Tsukasa of Lucky Star (okay, she may be slow and clumsy for this one). Aoi Yuuki wasn’t her lively role like what she did for Ichigo in Yumeiro Patissiere and Murasaki of Kurenai. As Tooru, she really sounds monotonous and void of any expression. Makes you think that the character is born this way. She did voice this kind of roles before, such as Noel in Sora No Woto and Mina in Dance In The Vampire Bund. Minako Kotobuki did well with the heavy Kansai accent of Yuuko. I wouldn’t have guessed she was the one behind Tsumugi in K-ON! Other casts include Yumi Uchiyama as Nagi (Kazumi Kawachi in Usagi Drop), Ai Matayoshi as Yutaka (Kobato in Oretachi Ni Tsubasa Wa Nai), Momoko Saitou as Miho (Choco in Chokotto Sister), Daisuke Ono as Satou (Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji), Minori Chiara as Kitou (Chiaki in Minami-Ke) and Miyuki Sawashiro as Kamate (Shinku in Rozen Maiden).

If they make a sequel out of this, I’m sure I’ll watch it though it won’t be top priority. If you just want a story that revolves around a bunch of high school girls in their everyday lives, I’m sure you’ll find this your cup of tea. The story is at a calming pace and the characters are lovable in their own right. No outlandish fanservice, no extreme violence, no totally silly humour and well, no surprises either. But I do learn that if you want to try and tackle or get friendly with a girl, make sure she doesn’t have someone who comes running from another block swinging a baseball bat.

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