Acchi Kocchi OVA

March 1, 2013

Did they manage to become a couple? Are we still waiting for that official moment whereby they become one? I suppose that’s why we will have to watch Acchi Kocchi OVA (or sometimes dubbed as the 13th episode) to find out whether or not things between Io and Tsumiki have progressed further than before. As we know, dense boy and tsundere girl won’t get their relationship anywhere if it is left in their own hands. Not even in a hundred years. Not even in eternity. So that’s why you have their friends to poke around and see some spark fly. Who wouldn’t love to watch romance of others unfurling before their eyes? Provided it is not theirs.

* Io knows he is dreaming. Otherwise, why the heck is there a cute kitty in Tsumiki’s image called Tsumikitty asking him to be picked up? There she goes sitting on his head. Oh, did I mention this dream is somewhat RPG too? There’s Hime the nose bleeding fairy who tells Io about his quest to defeat the dreadful Mayomancer (that’s Mayo and necromancer together) if he wants to return Tsumiki to normal.
* At the castle gates, Sakaki the evil gatekeeper appears to stop their tracks. But Tsumiki just land a single paw blow on the wall for them to make their entry! His role isn’t necessary. Inside, they see Mayo caught up in her own trap! Mayo frees her and at the same time ‘defeats’ her with her paw scratching. So to break the curse of being asleep forever, Io must perform a kiss-like action. Io kisses his thumb and puts it on Tsumiki’s lips. He wakes up. He sees Tsumiki and Hime collapsed from massive nose bleeding while Mayoi and Sakaki are writhing in pain. Did they all have a simultaneous dream? They relate the weird dream they have in the RPG-like dream but Tsumiki can’t say hers because the ‘kiss’ part was too embarrassing.
* On a cold day, the quintet visit the ice skating rink. Mayoi thinks they should’ve worn their cosy and warm animal pyjamas but realize they can’t fit their feet into the skates if they’re wearing those.
* Because it’s so cold and Io saying you can hammer a nail with a banana, the rest start imagining weird banana circumstances. Using a banana to cut through a nail? Moses opening the sea with a banana? Clubbing someone to death with a comb of bananas?! Just so wrong.
* Since Io seems to be skating easily and naturally, Mayoi quickly joins in but falls flat on her face. I think the ice cracked too… We have the gang narrate a few tips on how to skate before the rest praise Mayoi skating like a beautiful princess. Look how her nose bleed is propelling her away! They discuss about the origins of skating. North Pole? South Pole? Who would want to skate there? Polar Bears?
* Tsumiki slips but Io grabs her hand. She is in a dilemma. If she says she’s okay, he’ll let go of her hand. If she says no, she might have to sit out as she wants him to continue and teach her to skate. Tsumiki panics and ‘explodes’. What is ‘nokay’? Tsumiki purposely slips to fall into Io’s arm. When she sees Mayoi and Sakaki snickering, she gets mad and chases after them. Wow. Now she can skate so well.
* Io and Mayoi are skating at high speed when Io crashes into Sakaki! Accident! He nearly died. He received an overkill when Mayoi slips and elbows his stomach. Please skate with care.
* They discuss about skaters and spinning of their heads but their imagination ran wild as they imagine the skater’s hate launching into air after too much spinning.

* Tsumiki hears to horoscope this morning so she hopes she can take the initiative with her love as mentioned. When she meets Io, she hesitates but grabs his hand when he’s about to leave. Panicking further, she puts his hand on her head (not what she really intended) so he pats her. Oh, Mayoi and Hime see this… Mayoi suggests to carry on patting her head till it catches fire! On the way to school, Hime also mentions about watching this morning’s horoscope programme and is about to blurt out Tsumiki’s fortune but was stopped by her ‘scratching’. Is this part of her fortune?
* In class, they meet up with Saki and Kana and they too discuss about the lucky words from the horoscope. So ‘hand on head’ could mean iron claw strangling or face crusher smash?! Then they refer to the horoscope in a girl’s magazine and one of the lucky items turns out to be… Transcribing sutras?
* Kana borrows Io’s glasses thinking it is a lucky item so she’s going to try her luck landing a free drink at the vending machine. I know Sakaki is blind as a bat without his glasses. But can’t he recognize Sakaki from his voice?
* As the friends notice how different Io looks without his glasses (is he looking cooler than usual?), they suggest to put different ones on him. From retro to millennium glasses and even sponsor glasses. Is that even glasses? How can he see through that?
* So Io’s glasses prove to be lucky because Kana can’t stop winning and brought back loads of can drinks! Amazing. Mayoi starts transcribing her sutra since it’s her lucky word… I don’t know what she is chanting… As the rest tries another lucky word, Io thinks everything is just coincidence. They suggest ‘cats’ and somehow one appears beside Io!
* During the break, Sakaki wonders why girls are infatuated with horoscope. Io points out they may find them more interesting than men (true!). Also, this probably adds some excitement to an otherwise average life. Sakaki thinks that’s how they cope with the harshness of reality. The girls remember how they used to make charms with their everyday items. Voodoo dolls too?
* Further reading the magazine’s horoscope to find out one’s compatibility, they want to know Io and Tsumiki’s. We all know they are good compatibility, right? That’s so easy. Io says he doesn’t pay to such horoscope compatibilities because he believes what his own heart tells him more than the result of some random person’s horoscope. He always has fun with them and that is really what matters. Wow. That cool line is enough to just make all the girls fawn over his coolness. So Io pats Tsumiki’s head and she blushes. So perhaps her fortune did come true after all.

All Over The Place But Still Gone Nowhere
Ah well. Looks like they are still more than friends but less than lovers. And I suppose that even if you give them more OVA episodes or another go at another season, there is a big chance that their relationship is still the same. After all, we like it that way, don’t way? Because if it ended and they become a couple, where would the fun and excitement be? That’s why it’s best that everyone stay as they are right now. No fortune telling horoscope is going to change that for sure. I guess this OVA is okay too and just like the other episodes from the TV series, it just feels like an extension and nothing more. The usual skits between the characters, their behaviour, the cuteness and the trademark visuals and art you see then are still present. Just no Acchi Kocchi Kindergarten at the end since the series already ended.

Just like in the TV series, Hime and Tsumiki continue to contribute to the massive nose bleeding frenzy. It is odd for us to see girls give out that much blood via such stimulation. Like I said previously, the amount that they have been gushing out could have been put to good use and the blood bank would be fat, rich and healthy in stock for many years to come. Anybody in the world that needs blood transfusion can certainly get their needed amount. Provided if you don’t have a rare blood type, that is. Furthermore, you can get ‘fresh’ blood from them in every episode! All you need to do is just make Io look cool and lovely and their nose bleed will splash out like a fountain of life in no time. Easy.

So if you want something light hearted and innocent, clean good fun (can’t say about the nose bleeding part, though), you should give this series and this final OVA a chance. Though I feel that you can watch them in any order as they don’t seriously have any significant impact on the storyline. What plot? Oh, you know. A dense boy and tsundere girl in a subtle relationship and their friends love watching them interact. What is it with us who love watching love relations on others? Ah, maybe that’s why we continue to watch Taiwanese, Latin and Korean soap and romance dramas, don’t we?

Acchi Kocchi

December 8, 2012

Why is that we love to watch and sometimes get involved in helping other people succeed in their love affair? Because it is more fun compared to your own! Acchi Kocchi is somewhat like that. We have a boy and a girl who are somewhat in a subtle relationship. The boy is dense of the girl’s feelings while the girl is a typical tsundere. One doesn’t know, the other just won’t admit. More than friends, less than lovers. We’ve seen this in countless of romance genres. You can tell at this rate unless a miracle happens, a lot of poking and meddling is needed before they can become an official couple. That’s why they have friends who love watching the way they act and maybe do a little extra to help them realize and get them together. Sometimes it is amusing. Sometimes it is just frustrating. Sometimes it is fun. Sometimes it is just annoying. But love is no easy matter and should be treaded carefully. Don’t take this too seriously because this is a light hearted comedy series so expect some wacky (verbal) antics.

At first I thought when they made this series, they mashed together Lucky Star and A Channel to come up with cute characters and the antics among the group of friends as nothing more as the storyline. Especially the main heroine Tsumiki who reminds me of Lucky Star’s Konata and A Channel’s Tooru. So if you are not into such animes, you might want to look elsewhere because the gags between the friends are going to be the main staple diet of comedy and jokes. Though an episode is divided into 2 parts, most of the scenes in each part feel like a skit. Some even just lasting for a few seconds. Of course in the bigger picture they are related to each other or at least to the theme of that segment.

Episode 1
* Tsumiki Minawa tries practising to say “Good morning” to the guy she likes, Io Otonashi. Too late. He’s already here on his bicycle. Along the way, they meet their friends, Mayoi Katase and Hime Haruno who tease Tsumiki trying to get close to Io (they were ‘stalking’ on them). Mayoi got her head stuck in the wall after that, if you’re interested.
* At the school gates, they see their teacher, Kikue Sakuragawa slips and falls over a banana peel. Embarrassing. They think the only other person who can match her is Hime. She embarrassingly denies and goes to help Kikue but slips and falls over a frozen puddle. Wow. Two slips in a day. Their other friend, Sakaki Inui helps Kikue up and later tells Io that white undies Kikue was wearing. I guess this proves he’s a normal healthy guy but Io doesn’t want him to categorize him the same as him.
* In class, the heater is spoilt and they could guess when Kikue slipped, she kicked and damaged it. Mayoi offers to fix it and will get it working to 500 degrees Celsius! Like hell! Kikue has bought souvenirs for her students from her hotspring trip but Mayoi brings up the dreaded question if she went with her boyfriend. She went alone. Now she’s crying all over! They try to fix the situation but made it worst with words like ‘grave’ and ‘dirty pub’. Now she’s crying even louder! Mayoi is surprised at Io’s fast pen spinning and her commotion has Kikue throw her chalk at Io as she thinks he is the one causing the ruckus. But the chalk curves and hits Mayoi.
* When the friends are talking about animals and pets, Tsumiki murmurs how she wants to be Io’s pet! Then she acts like a cat harmlessly biting all over Io.
* Sakaki says the PA system is not working so Mayoi goes to fix it. While she is testing the microphone, she tells everyone to look to their right. What’s there? A wall. Not funny! The next time she tests it out again, she didn’t say anything and ends the testing, much to everyone‘s chagrin.
* During lunch, Io and Sakaki relate how they were caught and scolded by Kikue. It seems they were rushing to the cafeteria to buy bread and they needed to take a shortcut. Kikue warned them not to run in the hall but to her surprise, they jumped off the window of the second floor! Oh sh*t! She’s screaming her head off! Though they got reprimanded, they managed to buy the bread before it ran out.
* After school, the guys are surprised that the girls want to follow them to the video game arcade. Sakaki and Io play a fighting game (Fighting Idiot?) to settle an old score. Sakaki gets pulverized and has no chance to counter attack. Then he realizes Io wasn’t behind the controls. It was Tsumiki! Oh sh*t! Hime tries her hand at the crane machine but doesn’t know how to play. Io asks Tsumiki if she wants a plushie he can get for her but she doesn’t want. Eventually he gets one and this made her happy. Their friends realize how tsundere Tsumiki is.
* They play air hockey so it is Io-Tsumiki against Sakaki-Mayoi. Hime as the referee couldn’t keep up with the high pace of the game. So fast that she can’t even see where the disc is going! In the end, nobody scores and it’s a draw. Asking if Hime wants to try it out, she instantly gets traumatized because she can’t possibly play with them at such high speed.
* On the way back, Io suggests to Tsumiki they take a photo together. Because Tsumiki is short, Io carries her before the photo is snapped. Their friends saw everything and tease them how they’re being lovey-dovey with each other. Io is just cool but Tsumiki is over the top embarrassed.

Episode 2
* The friends head over to the cake store Hatch Potch run by Sakaki’s sister, Miiko for cake testing. Since they’re wet from the rain, Miiko has them change into waiter and maid outfits while their clothes dry. Of course Tsumiki looks super cute so the friends tease her about Tsumiki wanting to glomp and chomp Io. She tries to hold her rage in claiming she needs to act professional. Mayoi felt disappointed with that response so the rest think she’s a masochist… Mayochist…
* Sakaki demonstrates his welcome smile. Creepy and evil. Now it’s Miiko’s turn. So bright and wonderful! The friends discuss that this place charges for a smile but Io says that he’s already been ‘paid’ with their company. His politeness and waiter-like personality excites Mayoi. But for Tsumiki and Hime, I think they’ll stain the cloth with their nose bleed if he doesn’t stop.
* Noting Io looks like a bartender, they start asking for cocktail drinks which happen to be names of fighting moves.
* Everyone is satisfied with all the great cakes. Mayoi dreams she wants a house made of sweets and chocolates so when Sakaki says he prefers his to be meat, the rest imagine it to be raw or greasy. Doesn’t it look like a horror house? Miiko asks their opinion on today’s cakes and since the topic of which is the sweetest came out, Mayoi cheekily says Io was the sweetest! Nose bleed cue for Tsumiki and Mayoi! She meant the cake lah!
* Valentine’s Day is here soon so Mayoi rallies the girls to think of how they’re going to give their chocolates. Especially you-know-who. Tsumiki wrapped only in ribbons? She even suggests using a love potion! I bet that is fake.
* On their way to go buy chocolate ingredients, they learn from Tsumiki that Io prefers chocolate flavoured sweets and not plain chocolate. Mayoi suggests for the surprise element to put in frog meat! Won’t that be a nasty prank than a surprise?
* Tsumiki bakes her cake that night and waits the next morning to give it to Io. When he finally comes, she got so nervous that she slams the present into him! Body blow! The girls ask his opinion on receiving the chocolate from Tsumiki. “In one fell swoop, she took my body’s endurance to its limit”. I think they’re asking about the chocolate, not the body blow.
* In class, Sakaki shows them a whole chocolate cake from Miiko and they are impressed. He even teases Tsumiki and Io that Miiko is making a huge wedding cake for them. He’s joking, right? The next one isn’t. Mayoi gives the guys her chocolate and reveals she really put in frog’s meat! Oh sh*t! Sakaki becomes so pissed that he reveals on White Day he’ll be putting in pig’s feet in her marshmallow. Isn’t that revealing his plan? Hime also has chocolates for everybody so Mayoi teases her that she’d really fall in love with her despite being a girl. Don’t worry, Hime. She’s just joking. Hime tries to explain (long-winded) that her chocolate is in between obligation and meaningful/romantic but panics. I’m not sure if there is such a word called meaningality.
* Mayoi once again wants to help Tsumiki to get closer to Io. I guess she can’t say no. She’ll put chocolate lipstick over her lips to make it irresistible for Io. So the friends set them up as Io puts his fingers on Tsumiki’s lips and says how soft and sweet it looks. This sends Tsumiki into another flustering explosion and collapses into his arms.

Episode 3
* It’s a cold snowy day so how did Mayoi and Sakaki persuade Tsumiki to come play in the snow with them? Capture Io and threaten something funny will happen to him! That was easy. So as Mayoi and Sakaki rush out, they slip on the slippery snow. Tsumiki kicks a wooden board towards them and they land on their head. I think that’s even more painful. Hime suggests Tsumiki to warm up a bit so Io starts blowing on top of her head. Can she die this way?
* Mayoi is making an igloo but it collapses. She pleads Io to pull her out. But when he does, her shorts underneath becomes visible so he pushes her back into the snow.
* Tsumiki has created a giant snowball (I think Mayoi got rolled over. See the mark there?). How exactly is she going to put the other big ball on top of this one? Surprisingly, she has the strength to throw it but it lands imperfectly, and breaks all over Sakaki. Well, nobody’s perfect.
* Mayoi suggests a snowball fight and since Io and Tsumiki are in one team, Io puts Hime into his team because Sakaki and Mayoi’s team is Team Chaos! Mayoi and Sakaki have this snowball bazooka and high-tech snow refiller! Isn’t that cheating? Well, they didn’t break the rules of altering their snowball. The duo go on the offensive as the trio hide. Tsumiki isn’t going to hide forever so she gets out of her hiding and starts blocking Mayoi’s attack. Meanwhile Io faces off with Sakaki. With chopsticks in his fists, Io easily blocks away Sakaki’s snowball attack. Hime decides to help out and enter the fray. But she trips and the snowballs land on their head. What a way to go out. So all that is left is Tsumiki and Mayoi. Tsumiki takes refuge behind her giant snowball. Then she powers up her palm and blasts through the snowball! OMG! Does she have some super power?! Mayoi is covered with snow and Tsumiki ends the game by throwing a snowball at her. Everyone ‘abandons’ Mayoi in the snow to go get something warm.
* Io is grouped with Kyouya Saibara, Saki Sakimori and Kana Miyama in the cooking class while Tsumiki has Hime and Mayoi. So the girls discuss their cooking skills and for some obvious body language reason, you can tell Mayoi and Kana suck in cooking. We see Mayoi can’t even break an egg properly (she uses too much strength) while Tsumiki just easily breaks them without sweat and with a tap of her finger! Kana messes with onions and stings Mayoi’s eyes.
* Saki teases Kyouya about him being happy to receive cooking from a girl but she herself wouldn’t if she receives it from him. Io is going to do flambé whereby he uses wine to give more fragrance to offset the meaty smell over the fire. Saki hints Kyouya somewhat smells too. Set him on fire! Is this the kind of moe he wants?! The group is finishing their cooking so Hime’s stomach makes a cute growl as opposed to Mayoi’s explosive one. Sounds like a prehistoric dinosaur…
* Io puts the finishing touches on his beef stew omelette rice. The girls are so impressed so much so they ask him to marry them! Mayoi shows hers but it looks repulsive. Is that thing alive?!
* They sample each other’s dishes so of course Tsumiki gives hers to Io to try. She is nervously trying to ask if she would make a good bride with this cooking but Mayoi had to interrupt and cross the line with her stupid joke. I suppose she got what she deserved when her head got stuck in the wall again. Io’s reply to Tsumiki is that she’ll make the man she marries very happy with her cooking. Nose bleed cue. And Hime too. When the girls start feeding each other, Io also wants to feed Tsumiki. But he teases her by pulling away the spoon each time Tsumiki tries to eat. Annoyed, Tsumiki bites his head! I guess you could say Io is being eaten alive!

Episode 4
* Because the teachers have meeting, all afternoon activities have been cancelled. This means Mayoi wants to play kick-the-can game. I guess Tsumiki and Io can’t say no, can’t they? They’ll be divided into teams and the winning team gets food vouchers for the cafeteria while the losers must do what the winners say. With Sakaki and Mayoi giving off that evil looks, I think this is going to be scary.
* Team Oni will consist of Mayoi, Kyouya, Saki and Tsumiki while Team Escape will have Sakaki, Io, Hime and Kana. Team Oni must capture everyone within 30 minutes or protect the can till the end to win. If Team Escape as one person not captured or they manage to kick the can, victory is theirs. With the team evenly balanced up, perhaps the rivalry may heat up even more with Sakaki and Mayoi on opposing sides.
* So the chase is on and Hime thinks she won’t keep up with the game because, see how competitive everyone is so much so they’re running on the walls! Oh sh*t! Tsumiki plans to capture Io but in her imagination, it looks more like a hug. Jumping into his arms? But reality is so different. Io evades her and she crashes. She thinks he rejected her! Hime and Kana are running away from Kyouya and Saki when Hime suddenly crashes into a wall! OMG! That trap drawing of the hallway looked so real! She’s as good as captured.
* While Kana is made to distract the rest, Sakaki and Io come up with their final battle plan. They run up to Mayoi and confuse her with a sheet of curtain so she can’t tell where or who is coming at her. They pull the curtain over her. Sakaki is about the kick the can and end the game but Tsumiki as the backup appears. Sakaki is confident it is game over and though it is, too bad Io had to kick the can right into his head. Ouch. So with the gang reuniting and the guys explain their diversion tactic, Mayoi says it’s not over yet because it’s time for round two! Go play yourself!
* Io and Sakaki are guests on the school’s broadcast lunch show hosted by Ami Kirino (she claims her disgusting partner is out sick so they’re in to fill in). Ami has the guys give their advice on love problems. The first message is from one wondering how to make a guy fall for her. Sakaki starts off rather cliché. Ask him to go to the rooftop and as he gazes at the setting sun… Push him off the roof! OMG! That way, he’ll fall for you! Geddit?! Sick joke! He rearranges the way he says it but it sounded more like a threat.
* Next problem: A friend of hers has feelings for a boy but won’t admit it. Sakaki immediately identifies her as tsundere. Why is Tsumiki being stared? Sakaki acts out his tsundere mode which doesn’t make sense. Ami also plays along with some reverse psychology thingy and everything went off topic.
* Final problem: A girl tried to show off her charms but the guy completely ignored her. An oblivious guy? Why is Io being stared at? Io makes a surprising move by declaring “I love you” straight up. So much so Sakaki in his reflex has to retort it. Seriously, Io advises that she should be natural so her charms will be naturally noticed.
* With the end of the radio programme, the guys are frank that they don’t want to be back on this show again. Even Ami quips if she follows Sakaki’s advice, she’ll be hurtling down the bad end route. She gives Io the honour to wrap things up so he signs off with this message, “Tomorrow, you shall be even more beautiful than today”. I think it’s a record nose bleed because every girl in school who heard that just swooned to that.

Episode 5
* The girls talk about their measurements and it seems Mayoi is boasting that despite there is no growth in other areas, her boobs did grow bigger. Hime couldn’t say hers but the rest figured she had grown fatter. Tsumiki’s growth is also similar to Mayoi but the latter purposely won’t guess that part which grew.
* Mayoi tries to tell the guys about Tsumiki’s boobs but Tsumiki silences her. Sakaki could guess what she’s hinting at and asks Io if he fondled Tsumiki’s boobs! Io dismisses that misinterpretation and theorizes that some girls believe the feelings they hold close to their hearts will grow if they’re touched by the person they love. Sounds more logic but the girls are in awe over that statement. Nose bleed cue. Mayoi tries to rat on Hime’s weight but the latter panics and says it out herself. Feels worse, eh? Mayoi reflects on her actions that it’s bad to say bad about others. So instead, she brags about her own boobs! Has she no shame? While the guys note they have grown taller, Tsumiki hopes Io won’t grow any taller. Yeah, we know how hard it’ll be for a shorty to reach and kiss him, right? Mayoi teases Tsumiki for that bold kiss statement, Tsumi-kiss.
* The gang soon decide to play volleyball and the loser will have to buy the popular hard-to-get breads at the cafeteria. With Io firing up, I guess this is serious. Hime who has always brought her own lunch is given an explanation on how ferocious the battlefield could be. Spartan of 300 good enough example? Remembering the high level and traumatic kick-the-can game, Hime decides to sit out. Mayoi suggests Io invite her and when he does, the cuteness level is too much. I guess she really has to sit this one out.
* As they divide the teams, Tsumiki’s soft spoken nature has her being butt out by Mayoi to join Io’s team. So mad she is that her yelling blew Mayoi away. The match begins with the usual antics. Mayoi gets thrown into the net, everyone uses their feet to hit the ball, Saki and Io accidentally use and hit Sakaki with the ball and as Kana swings Mayoi, Io couldn’t help get along with the flow and did a submission move on her. Don’t worry. She’s still alive. But she wants Io to pat her head. And when he does, she became embarrassed. Never thought he would do it, eh?
* Tsumiki wants to hit the ball to Io but he missed and though her shot is in, she felt disappointed because she wanted him to receive it. In the tiebreaker, Mayoi’s growling stomach has her miss so Io’s team loses and has to go buy their ‘love’. Yeah, everybody is hungry for ‘love’. Hime hopes they’ll be careful since the Spartans are also looking for love. Haha…
* The friends are at the grassy field with their sports equipments. But since they forgot the baseball gloves, Sakaki thinks they should just use their soul to catch it. Io throws a hard one and I believe Sakaki’s soul (his hand rather) must be hurting like hell.
* As the guys throw Frisbee, Hime once more couldn’t keep up with the high level play. Can’t see a thing! Tsumiki throws a Frisbee at Mayoi and in the blink of an eye, the powerful throw knocks her away! I think it nearly decapitated her. Now it’s Hime’s turn and Mayoi shows no mercy in throwing full force. However it curves and hits Sakaki. Followed by another Frisbee thrown by Io. I don’t even know how that happened.
* While resting, a litter of cats gather around Io. Mayoi teases Tsumiki that she wants to be around Io like that too but she disagrees. True enough, Tsumiki can’t resist joining in. She acts like a cat before she realizes the embarrassing thing she’s doing. Mayoi pets one too hard that the cat got annoyed and gave her an uppercut! WTF?! Meow-ppercut?!
* Wondering if cats will catch Frisbee like dogs, Io tosses one and a black cat fetches it. Sakaki wants to try too but no cats are taking the bait. Mayoi quips they totally ignored the soul catcher and this Sakaki felt his soul hurting.

Episode 6
* The gang changes into their summer uniform. Tsumiki never thought Io would compliment her dress but to her surprise he did. Even in this hot summer, Mayoi is wearing a lab coat. She says it is different because this one is thinner. Like we can tell. Cheeky Mayoi opens Tsumiki’s top to give Io some summer fanservice. Guess whose head got stuck in the wall again? Surprisingly Io blushed. Not surprisingly, the girls nose bleed.
* The sunny day is perfect to clean the school pool. Kikue is happy her students are giving her items that keep her cool from the sun. Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, parasol and cooling gel sheet. Maybe that last one wasn’t so appropriate.
* Mayoi ties the broom at both ends and gives it to Tsumiki. With her tremendous spinning, it’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone because while the floor gets quickly cleaned, this also provides fan and cooling effect. But Tsumiki’s fingers slip and the broom knocks Mayoi away.
* Sakaki teases Kyouya he is trying to set his sights on Saki. So Kyouya asks Io what part of a girl he finds it appealing. He says her smile. Kyouya suddenly felt his was dirtier…
* The gang plays hockey with the brush and they decide to call it Sakaki due to some twisted logic and explanation using a football and considering it your best friend. So with Sakaki reduced to the brush, everybody wants to hit Sakaki with the broom. Why does it feel they’re picking on him? And they’re hitting Sakaki the brush with so much fun. Io stands up for Sakaki and he feels grateful. Till Io calls him the brush.
* Hime couldn’t handle the weight of the water in the pail and trips. Io tries to save her but the bucket got splashed over his head. At the same time, Tsumiki trips and knocks her head into his back. This is what Sakaki calls Hime and Tsumiki’s synchronized friendship attack? At the end of the cleaning session, Kikue rewards them with ice cream and watermelon.
* Mayoi suggests doing a group study session at Io’s place. She wants to head there fast so he doesn’t have time to clean up his room. Wasn’t it supposed to be a study session? Tsumiki arrives first and while Io went to get tea, she couldn’t resist the temptation to smell Io’s shirt. Till she realizes Mayoi and Hime are watching. Tsumiki isn’t panicking yet. She notes to erase memories, a heavy impact is required to the brain! Oh sh*t! Thankfully she didn’t get to that part so as Hime promises not to tell Io, Mayoi suddenly starts sniffing the shirt and bugs Hime to do the same. Till Io caught them in the act.
* As the study session begins, Mayoi quickly decides to play video games. After getting whacked by Io, she becomes a good girl but realizes she forgot her textbook. Wasn’t she the one who suggested studying together? Hime couldn’t understand Tsumiki’s explanation so Io does the coaching. Mayoi teases Tsumiki about being jealous but gets pinched in her thighs. Oh, the screaming… At the end, they suggest going on a vacation together so Io thinks the log home he rented the last time might be good.
* Soon the exams come and go. The girls feel confident of acing it because of the study session. However they can’t remember anything except for the shirt smelling.
* Clouds are building up and Hime actually forgot to bring her own umbrella. Mayoi shows her new invention. A big heart shape? You’re supposed to stick it on the tip of the umbrella and it’ll be transformed into a love umbrella. She wants Tsumiki to have it but she refuses. Io is willing to share is umbrella with Tsumiki but she declines. Mayoi translates that as she would love to but declined because it felt embarrassing.
* Just as Mayoi is about to open her spare umbrella, suddenly the umbrella shoots off! OMG! It nearly killed Sakaki! And this isn’t one of her pranks, you know.
* On the way home, Mayoi cheekily advises Io and Tsumiki about pure white shirt turning transparent by the sky’s drops. It’s a warning to be careful about the wolf. She’s directing this towards Io. So the wolf is Tsumiki?! You can never be too sure. On the way home, Tsumiki notices half of Io’s side is wet so she hugs closer to him. He thought he has been caught by the wolf.

Episode 7
* It’s summer vacation and Mayoi is going to properly live it out by having fun first and doing homework last. Upon hearing Io has already completed his, she wants to borrow and copy his work! In the train, deciding who should seat near the window, Mayoi teases it may not be better for Hime since she might get a surprise attack. What surprise attack? Mayoi lifts up Io’s shirt to reveal his back! I think we’ve got a couple of girls down.
* As the train makes a stop, Hime goes down to get some stuff. Since she is taking a while, Tsumiki decides to go look for her. Eventually Hime comes back alone and the train is about to depart. Well, it departs without Tsumiki. Instantly Io opens the window and jumps out just to join Tsumiki so that she won’t be alone waiting for the next train. Kids, don’t try this anyhow! As they wait, Tsumiki thought it was nice of him of not wanting to leave a girl behind. She felt a little embarrassed. As for the other girls, they are surprised Io pulled that stunt. They wonder what if Io was the one who got left behind. Sakaki says he’ll throw out Tsumiki for him. How considerate.
* So once the gang reunites, they head to the log house and play in the nearby stream. Mayoi balances on a log on a stone. She falls off before Io could finish his warning sentence. Then when they’re fishing, Tsumiki accidentally hooks Mayoi’s shirt and throws her into the river. She’s drowning again. Then she reels her in like a fish instead of pulling her out. That’s a big catch she’s got.
* Io is feeling sleepy and is like as though he is going to fall. Tsumiki ponders if he’ll drop into her lap. But I guess her shoulder is good enough. Then he plops down on the mat. While the rest continue to play, Tsumiki sneakily puts his head on her lap. To her embarrassment, the rest are taking pictures of this scene and Tsumiki can’t move for fear she may wake him up. Take lots of good memories, will you?
* During evening as Io cooks the BBQ meat, everyone calls him daddy so when Tsumiki plays along, Io calls her mommy and causes her to fluster greatly. Tsumiki feeds Io so much so Mayoi tells her she should feed herself too. Because Mayoi and Sakaki are hogging the meat, the rest advice they should eat some fish and vegetables too. Then they go on ranting about some food rhythm. But Mayoi teases Tsumiki’s rhythmic order to consist of kiss and Io. The girls are full so Mayoi feels Hime’s stomach and felt something moving! The guys thought somebody flew out of the house. That’s too much even if it was a joke.
* After the girls finish their bath, Mayoi wants Tsumiki to pull her obi so she could spin. But Tsumiki’s enormous strength means Mayoi is thrown and slammed into the wall. Ouch. Because Tsumiki’s hair is hard to dry, Mayoi suggests Io to help dry it but she refuses. If that’s the case, then maybe Io can help Hime do hers. Tsumiki takes back what she said and decides to let Io dry her hair. I’m sure the rest enjoy seeing Tsumiki’s happy face.
* Next, they play fireworks. Io launches a parachute firework. Mayoi and Sakaki race to get it but trip on a log. Eventually Hime gets it. Slow and steady wins the race. Next, Io launches several bottle fireworks but it all flew towards Sakaki! Having another take, yet again it all flew in his direction. This guy attracts bad stuffs? The girls light the big rocket to the sky but the base gave way and the rocket is heading towards them. Guess what? It swerved away and hit Sakaki. I think he can fly to the moon. Sakaki suggests playing sparklers and the one who holds out the longest gets bragging rights. Instantly when it starts, Sakaki’s sparkler went out. So disappointed…
* Tsumiki wants to play sparklers with Io but Mayoi plays psychology with her if her sparkler burns out first, the love is just mutual. Hell, it did. But the sky is soon lit with other bright fireworks. While they admire the magnificent display, Io quips that the short glimpse of their smiles is more dazzling than any fireworks display as it found a place deep in his heart. Well, let’s just say the nose bleeds add additional ‘sparkle’ to the blooming flowers.

Episode 8
* The girls are studying at Tsumiki’s place but her air-cond broke down. Hot like hell. Suggestions to put tubs of ice cube fell through because Tsumiki doesn’t have that many tubs. Thus Mayoi suggests heading over to Io’s place. Along the way, Mayoi continues to be the big complainer of the heat. So in order to cool her down, Tsumiki tells her to die. It sends shivers down her spine, right?
* Sakaki is doing his homework at Io’s place and I don’t know how Io can actually play his video game half asleep. When Mayoi rings the doorbell, Io thought a scammer is at the door and ignores her. Mayoi then calls his handphone and hearing the same voice, he thought she is the same scammer and hangs up. In the end, Io lets them in after realizing who they are.
* Mayoi dives onto Io’s freshly aired futon and throws his pillow at Tsumiki. Well, she’s really enjoying it. Because everyone wants to go to tonight’s festival, Sakaki and Mayoi must finish their dreaded homework first before joining everyone. So while the duo work on their homework, the rest play video games. It proves to be a distraction because it ends up enraging them. They can’t resist the temptation of playing.
* Once they’re done with their homework, now they get ready to play but Io has fallen asleep. Mayoi and Sakaki think up of a prank to draw something on his face. Perhaps a kiss mark around his lips. Mayoi tosses Tsumiki her lipstick to do the honours but she misinterpreted and put the lipstick on herself preparing to kiss him! When she learns she’s not supposed to do that, she becomes embarrassed and hides in Io’s futon.
* The friends meet up at the festival and Sakaki nearly made an early kill when he reveals Io’s bare chest as fanservice for the girls. Getting takoyaki, Tsumiki thought Io is fooling with her again when he pulls the treat when he’s about to feed her. Actually it’s piping hot.
* Trying out the katanuki (candy cut-outs), Hime chooses an easy pattern but everything breaks when she makes her first step. Io uses the force of his finger and in a single tap, his candy cut-out shape turns into a rocker girl! Isn’t that K-ON!’s Yui? Sakaki tries to imitate his actions but his candy breaks at first go.
* Sakaki challenges Io to save the goldfish. Sakaki uses his charming technique and style to save a couple. However all the other goldfish start jumping into Io’s cup! He didn’t even do anything! To add salt to injury, Sakaki’s goldfish jump into his cup!
* At the shooting gallery, noticing the different guns available to shoot down the prizes, Mayoi dreams of using the bazooka! I think the stall will be destroyed. Hime tries her hand but gets terrified but unwanted advice, believing the shot she made will tear a hole in the toy. Well, the first shot missed and hit Sakaki (I don’t even know how that happened). The next shot hit the toy and she is glad no hole is made. Aren’t you supposed to knock it down? Eventually the toy is wobbling and drops. Hime wins it but develops new fear that the toy ‘dropped’.
* While the guys are trying out, Tsumiki gets this idea of wanting to make Io hers and shoots him! He’s not the prize! They are targeting a big chick toy and taking turns shooting it down isn’t helping. Io and Sakaki cooperate and fire at the same time to bring the huge toy down. Io gives it to Tsumiki saying that he didn’t really want the toy but wanted the sight of her being happy. I guess those words shot right through and pierced her heart. Yup, nose bleed. She’s dead. And Hime got caught in the ‘cross-fire’ too.

Episode 9
* For the cultural festival, Io and his friends will be doing a crepe stall. Io has some experience making crepes thanks to Miiko. Because Tsumiki’s body language indicates she wants to have a taste of it, Io promises to let her have the first bite. Tsumiki is happy but fumbles her words and instead of saying swallowing a thousand needles (hari sen bon) she said needle samba (hari samba). They go off topic discussing what needle samba is. Scary and perverted?
* Mayoi has the guys try out outfits they’ll be wearing for the crepe stall. Don’t they look like host guys? And with Io without his glasses, I think the girls are going to pass out over his total coolness.
* While they’re constructing their store, Sakaki learns the high tech and energy saving technology that Io and Mayoi are putting in. Radar? Eco friendly electricity? Ion batteries? Mayoi later shows them a Mayoi Flag hat and demonstrates it. But the flag breaks and guess where it falls onto? Sakaki. While that poor guy is lying in his pool of blood, the rest discuss how to stop his bleeding? Stop his heart? Apply pressure to his neck? Are they sure they’re not killing him? Sakaki is so pissed off that he just tells them to send him to the infirmary. Hey. He’s fine, no?
* Io finishes sewing his costume for Tsumiki but she refuses to wear it. With a little exaggeration (okay, lots of it), Tsumiki gives in after hearing how much effort Io put in. He stayed up all night and has blisters all over his fingers (all lies!). Turns out to be a cat outfit but because it looks so awkward, it actually fits her. Tsumiki trips on a can and falls over Io. Hime thought a big cat attacked Io.
* Tsumiki watches Io’s sleeping face and you can tell what kind of thoughts are going through her mind. Of course their friends are spying. Tsumiki wakes him up to get ready and because he is still half asleep, he grabs her hair. She sprayed her nose bleed on him. What a way to wash his face.
* Mayoi and Hime are dressed as housewives in apron. This idea was thought up by Sakaki because their crepe theme is newlyweds. But Tsumiki is not happy since she is the only one left out and bites Io! Why him? I guess putting on an apron won’t cut it too. While everyone else thinks the outfit looks good on Hime and Tsumiki, they are surprised to see Mayoi without her lab coat and panic! Is it so bad that they need to call the class rep?! Later Io makes crepes for Tsumiki and Mayoi and you can tell by the look of their face they are greatly satisfied.
* With the festival opening, the crepe store is experiencing brisk business. Io’s neighbourhood friends pay his stall a visit and cheekily ask they want a smile too. He asks back do they want a bag to go with that. Take away also can? Nose bleeding frenzy!
* There is a long queue for the crepe stall and the strawberry is going to run out so Mayoi asks Hime to put the ‘sold out’ sticker. However she is taking too long and the guys didn’t see her come their way. Then they realize she went right to the back of the queue to wait her turn! Too conscientious!
* At the end of the day, Hime and Mayoi went around the festival and got too many balloons. So much so when they tie it to Tsumiki’s outfit, she starts floating away!

Episode 10
* One cold morning on his way to school, Io sees Mayoi in a bear outfit! WTF?! She wants to scare people? Well, it’s not working. Io wasn’t scared. Then they see Io (presumably waiting for Io) and Mayoi plans to scare her. ROAR! Tsumiki: Huh? WTF. Didn’t work. Mayoi guesses that Tsumiki may be purposely waiting at certainly places to go to school with Io instead of just coincidentally bumping into each other all the time. Of course Tsumiki denies.
* Mayoi thinks of scaring Hime to make up for her disappointing run. True enough, Hime gets freaked out while Mayoi chases her with her heart out. Doesn’t she find it weird a bear sprinting on 2 legs chasing after her? Man, Hime is worn out and Mayoi is very satisfied.
* Next, she wants to make Sakaki her next victim but has second thoughts about a direct approach. Tsumiki suggests a ridiculous speeding sled-riding tactic and Mayoi is interested enough to try it out. Mayoi speeds along but it hits a can and throws her off the sled and a super head butt into Sakaki. I don’t think he knew what hit him.
* Mayoi and Sakaki see Kikue and plan to scare her but if she sees Sakaki, she’ll probably know it’s them. So how? Don’t worry, Sakaki has brought a disguise. A paper bag with a hole over his head. That is his disguise? So the duo creep up on Kikue, put her on the sled and pull it all the way to school. Dash! You’re in for the horror ride of your life!
* Io tells Tsumiki that starting tomorrow they should meet and head to school together but Tsumiki tries to dispel that she wasn’t trying to bump into him. Really?
* Mayoi is disheartened to learn that Io and Hime are busy on Christmas Eve. This sends the wrong signal to Tsumiki. Of course they’ll be busy helping out Miiko on that day. Mayoi continues to sulk because she thought she wanted to have a Christmas party with them. So much so she took her sulking into the closet. If that’s not enough, she starts provoking that Io and Hime will be alone on that day. Yeah, Tsumiki also starts sulking with her in the closet! Io invites them to work together since Miiko did say she needed more helping hands. They’re in.
* Miiko wants Io, Tsumiki and Mayoi to sell Christmas cakes outside. In a Santa outfit. I guess Io can’t refuse when Miiko smiles like that. They try on the Santa outfit but it’s just too big for Tsumiki. That’s the smallest size they have. Io gives them pocket heater to help with the cold outside so they discuss about getting heatstroke and tease Tsumiki will get one if she gets kissed by Io.
* As they start selling the cakes, Tsumiki starts fantasizing about Io that she gets a nosebleed. The rest thought she overworked herself. Kana and Saki patron them and Mayoi exaggerates the cake they buy will give them nose bleed. What exactly did they put in? Io: Love. I think that is already nose bleed enough. Mayoi gives them extra service that if they buy a cake, Io will pat their head. Hey. Tsumiki is also buying one.
* The cakes are sold out at the end of the day and noticing that most customers are females, Sakaki makes an uncalled comment that the cakes are the girls’ boyfriend for Christmas. Don’t ever let girls hear him say that! To shield Hime from that, Mayoi tells a horror story of Santa. Santa Claws… Ouch! Kids, don’t ever claw Santa’s face. Miiko has some cake for them to enjoy for their hard work. Again Sakaki makes an uncalled comment to ignore the calories and enjoy. Sakaki, the enemy of women!
* When they leave, Mayoi whispers to Tsumiki that she doesn’t have to come to their Christmas party tomorrow so that she can have a lovey-dovey Christmas with Io. I guess Tsumiki kicked her into New Year’s Day, huh?
* Tsumiki walks back with Io and notes that she had fun working with everyone. Io lets her know about tomorrow’s Christmas party but to come early to start their own white Christmas.

Episode 11
* The friends are waiting for Io to show up at the shrine for New Year’s Day. Suddenly Sakaki remembers he was so addicted to New Year’s Eve gambling that he forgot to tell Io. Look at the rage on Tsumiki’s face! So they go pick him up at his doorstep but he’s still half asleep and slams the door despite Mayoi’s cheeky statement of getting a kiss on the cheek. So she leaves it to Hime to bring him out and did her words work? Apparently Io went back to get changed so all those embarrassing lines Hime said were useless. Along the way, Io is still in a dazed as Mayoi pushes Tsumiki to him. He uses her head as a pillow?
* At the crowded shrine, the friends make a chain prayer wishing for the wish of their friend to come true. When it reaches Io’s turn, he wishes Sakaki’s wish WON’T come true!
* They talk about love charms and when Sakaki returns from buying a charm arrow, he trips and the arrow got stuck in Mayoi’s hair accessory. The rest made puns out of it.
* They watch the sunrise and decide to take a photo as memento. But the camera is tilting and on the verge of falling off the slanted pole so Mayoi and Sakaki also try to shift with the camera till they fall down.
* Next morning everyone gathers at Sakaki’s house including Kikue. Miiko teases Kikue about wanting to get a boyfriend. Mayoi teases Tsumiki’s resolution about wanting to get Io in her palm so Tsumiki puts her palm into her face. Face palm! Sakaki rants about is love for bare necks. Huh?
* They play karuta and Tsumiki gets enrages when Io and Hime’s hand touched. Thinking of wanting to touch his hand, Tsumiki aims for Io’s hand instead of the card. Oops. She’s not letting it go…
* Tsumiki pounds the mochi so as Mayoi and Sasaki watch how she pounds them flat, they twisted their sentence to say Tsumiki is a flat chest girl! Now she’s going to pound them!
* The gang eat the great food they made and this prompts Sakaki to comment that love is nothing but food to them. So true. Io teases Tsumiki by feeding her mocha and stretching it. Miiko says not to play with food so he quickly eats it. Their friends get excited to see this ‘legendary mochi game’ which will lead to a mochi kiss.
* Half of their classmates are absent due to the influenza. Hime and Tsumiki thought it would get warmer if they just imagined it but looks like it’s not working. Saki wonders what Io will say if Tsumiki catches a cold. He replies he’ll go over to her house and steal her cold. Nose bleed cue. I think they’ll be out not because of the influenza.
* Noticing several mosquitoes buzzing around, suddenly the mosquito ‘explodes’ in mid-air! Almost taking out Mayoi’s head! Thanks to Io’s superb chopstick throwing skills, this is his revenge for making sleepless summer nights. Then another one bites the dust! Wow. But could you not do it so close to Mayoi’s head? Saki feels pitiful for these mosquitoes in a hostile environment and feels like wanting to root for them. However when one lands on her hand, she smacks it dead. So much for co-existing.
* Tsumiki hears Io rejecting Sakaki’s offer. Seems that Io’s parents will be busy and won’t be coming home for a while so Sakaki and Miiko offer him dinner. He felt bad to impose on their kindness and declined. Tsumiki says she understands their feelings and if she was in their shoes she would do the same. Io pats her head before joining Sakaki to buy bread. Tsumiki flusters and is confused with this feeling she has right now. Meanwhile Io too feels weird about what he is feeling now. His face is red and can’t explain it in words. We all know what it is, right?

Episode 12
* The girls bought chocolate to make you-know-what for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you know whom Tsumiki will give hers to even if she doesn’t say. Mayoi teases her that she doesn’t even need to ask who and Hime panicked it may not be Io!
* Mayoi explains Valentine’s Day is like a battle royale. A fierce fight to receive chocolates. Your attitude determines the kind of chocolate you make. Weak or strong! Mayoi also talks about the different types of chocolate other than obligatory and romantic. Friend-eating chocolate? WTF. And Mayoi has this cheeky intent to add a suspicious ingredient into the mix!
* On Valentine’s Day in class, Tsumiki after beckoning Io realizes she forgot to bring her chocolates! The biggest blooper in her life! Though not understanding what is happening, Io tries to show concern but I guess he wasn’t that concern enough so much so Tsumiki had to tell him off to worry a bit more! Mayoi asks if he would like to receive chocolates from Tsumiki. No comment. What? Does this mean there’s a possibility he doesn’t want to? What he meant was if he said yes, it might look as though he is demanding them.
* Mayoi gives the guys her chocolate but they still remember the frog horror from last year. They are assured there aren’t any since the girls made it together. After all, Mayoi has made the kind of chocolates that melt you heart. Really melts your heart. Oh sh*t! Is she trying to kill them? Soon Saki and Kana also give the guys their handmade chocolate.
* After school, Tsumiki rushes home as fast as she could. It is raining and by the time she retrieves and runs halfway back, it is soaked. She meets Io at the intersection as he offers her his umbrella. Wiping her face and petting her head (maybe he got a little too carried away), Tsumiki doesn’t want to give this soaked chocolates to him. But on the contrary, he would like to have them. Then he softly pinches her face to send her into nose bleeding ecstasy. I don’t think that comes with the chocolate.
* The girls discuss about White Day and the rule how it must be returned three times fold. But they aren’t sure what is it that needs to be returned three fold. Price? Weight? Speed? Mayoi suggests Tsumiki did that chocolate lipstick like last year and turn it into a chocolate kiss. It’s her last chance to get Io’s heart. So what is a threefold chocolate kiss equivalent to? Marriage registration! Mayoi asks if Tsumiki expects anything in return. Her reply is that she doesn’t want anything. You don’t give something hoping for something in return. Mayoi felt bad about her intentions and meaning of chocolates all this while as the girls are enlightened by Tsumiki the angel. It must be true love.
* Meanwhile the guys are discussing about chocolates for White Day. Since Kyouya views chocolates as normal, this doesn’t sit well with Io and Sakaki so they explain about putting in the thought and returning the feelings of the sender. They use Saki as an example but Kyouya doesn’t want to hear it from Io since he is a pretty dense guy himself.
* Since the girls made homemade chocolates, the guys are going to do the same and they borrow Hatch Potch’s kitchen. They discuss the meaning associated to what one gives a girl. Io is pretty smooth in his reply. If it’s marshmallow, it’s returning the feelings back in their purest form. If it’s candy, they are the crystallized feelings in these sweet gemstones. Wow.
* Sakaki has made pig’s feet in marshmallow. This is for last year’s revenge. Remember Mayoi frog meat chocolate? Wow. Sakaki still remembers that? Now he needs someone to test it. No way!
* On White Day in class, the guys give the girls their chocolates. Sakaki made choco marshmallows, Kyouya made white choco cookies and Io made gummi candies. Kyouya thought Saki is going to tease his chocolate for being creepy but she smiles and says she could at least thank him for the gift. Kyouya is putting up a tsundere face that so much so Sakaki feels it’s somewhat creepy. A guy being tsundere? How rare is that? As they discuss about the surprise in receiving gifts, Sakaki shows them the pig’s feet marshmallows he made. Surprise!
* Io walks home with Tsumiki and he tells her he only puts a cute kitty in her candies. Though embarrassed, she thanks him.

Places To Places But Didn’t Go Anywhere…
I thought we were going to have a final episode drama. So do you feel a little cheated when the penultimate episode ended with indications that Io and Tsumiki may actually realize they have feelings for each other? Then when the last episode arrives, it is just like any other episode. Where’s the drama? Oh wait. Did this series have any serious drama to begin with? Io is still the dense guy and Tsumiki the tsundere girl. And their friends just love teasing and watching them. Maybe status quo is sometimes the best? There is a possibility that Io and Tsumiki will change as well as their relationship with their friends won’t stay as it is when they become an official couple. I mean, they would be spending more time with each other instead of together like they always do. Though I don’t think Io and Tsumiki will be that ‘bad hearted’ to ditch their friends once they get hooked and will most likely continue their usual ways, but you can’t dismiss such possibilities. So I’m not sure if Io and Tsumiki really made any progress with their relationship. Because we’ve always seen them like that, so the way they react towards each other is expected to be like that.  If we don’t see any progress in Io and Tsumiki’s romance, I’m sure we won’t get to see any with Kyouya and Saki too. Theirs feel like the opposite. Kyouya the tsundere and Saki the oblivious. But I have this feeling that Saki is just feigning it to pull Kyouya’s leg. About Kikue? Don’t even start it. At this rate of whining each time the ‘boyfriend’ topic gets picked up, she might end up being an old spinster. Oops.

With nothing much changed in the end, you could say the same for the characters too. Everybody is basically the same the way they are as they started. Tsumiki is a cute if not odd girl in her own ways. While her somewhat monotonous way of speaking makes her cute, there are other attributes that sometimes make me wonder if she is human. Take for instance, sometimes she got cat ears popping out from her head. Sometimes she acts like one too. She bites. Reminds me of Index… No doubt she loves cats and I thought this was just and indicator it is her reaction that something interests her or something. But at points others react to it as though they were real. Then there is this superhuman strength feature. I thought it was just the series’ way of putting in exaggeration to show us a joke but it seems that the other characters also possess this kind of ability. Whether it is super strong or super speed, it just feels odd to infuse such characteristics into the characters especially in this genre. I guess Hime is the only one who doesn’t have all this super power thingy. Yeah, she might not keep up with it all if it gets out of hand. Tsumiki may be looking lethargic at times but she too displays other emotions especially when it involves Io. She’ll get lively, panic, annoyed or detest depending on what you say about her and Io. For Io, he is a nice guy and the best thing about him is that sometimes he can naturally come up with cool romantic lines that would probably sweep a girl off her feet anytime. If only I had those suave lines… Sakaki his best friends, I don’t want to put him as the loser because he too has his good points despite being more lively and cheeky. Just that certain things got a way of making its way to him. In other words, he gets hit by stuffs. Complimenting his cheekiness and liveliness is Mayoi whose eyes we will never get to see. Double trouble when this pair is in sync. Despite wearing a lab coat, the way she acts doesn’t really make her smart but amusing especially with her mischievous quips. Hime on the other hand is an innocent but very gullible girl.

Speaking of blood, for a gag anime, there has been lots of nose bleeding reactions especially Hime and Tsumiki contributing most of it. It is somewhat bloody for this kind of genre, don’t you think? Not only the characters in this show, with Tsumiki as the ultimate embodiment of moe (cat ears, tsundere, ahoge), I think this will sent viewers who fetish such moe-ness into extreme nose bleed. So get all those cloth and solutions to clean the blood off your monitor, keyboard and PC unit. The way Hime and Tsumiki churn out their nose bleeding reaction makes me realize that they may be on par with that disgusting Kanako of Maria+Holic. Just that they aren’t yuri or yaoi fanatics but romance buffs. Too wild an imagination they have. It’s amazing they didn’t die from each ‘hot’ delusion or occurrence. Each episode never fails to perform this ‘trademark’ and the amount of blood they gush out I feel could be enough to be donated to a blood bank and save several lives that are in need of blood transfusion. Really. But remember, losing too much blood is not good for your health. If it is not for the nose bleeds, the heating up or ‘mini explosions’ over the head due to feeling embarrassment are some of the little ‘dangers’ in wearing your body down if you do it too often. But then again, Tsumiki and friends like I said may possess abnormal human qualities so they can overheat or explode many times without the danger of breaking their body.

For the drawing and art, the characters do look cute and they go even cuter when they are in their chibi mode. But there is something that I want to mention about Tsumiki’s appearance. There are these light spots over her hair and if you take a closer look, it looks like as though they are water colour-like smear marks. Like somebody spilled them and she forgot to clean them. Her long overflowing hair also reminded me how closely it resembles Himea from Itsuka Tenma No Kurousagi. As for her ahoge, sometimes it gives me a feeling that it’s an alien antenna. Sometimes I have this urge of wanting to pull it… Oops. Better not. She might bite me. As for Hime, I thought there was this uncanny resemblance with Hanamaru Kindergarten’s Koume. Then you have lots of cute things floating and popping up on the screen especially that trademark circling arrows.

Simultaneously with the next episode preview (by the way is just a single line scrolling across the bottom of the stream and seemingly like a monologue of a character), there is this Acchi Kocchi Kindergarten. In this amusing section, we see Io as the kindergarten teacher while Tsumiki, Hime and Mayoi the little children that seek to play and gain his attention. For example, Tsumiki is always hanging on Io’s head (even to a point sleeping on his head during nap time), playing with a yarn ball, playing cops and robbers, in a race trying to reach Io first (Tsumiki beats them all!). Hmmm… Hime really does resemble Hanamaru Kindergarten’s Koume. Except for one episode (the school cultural festival) whereby this segment is just a one-shot antic on how Tsumiki got carried away by the balloons so Io and Sasaki grab on to her as weight and still didn’t work. It finally stops and starting to float down when Mayoi hangs on. What does this tell you? Is Mayoi that heavy?! Absolutely hilarious!

For the voice acting, I guess Rumi Ookubo (Kaho in Freezing, Chinatsu in YuruYuri) did quite a nice job in making Tsumiki have this lethargic and dreamy voice. Sometimes it is as though it makes that girl have a sleepy feel, like not enough sleep. Even when she’s angry or in total embarrassment, she sounds cute. Nobuhiko Okamoto as Io is very gentleman-like something almost similar to his other role as Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama and nothing close to Niizuma in Bakuman and To Aru Majutsu No Index’s Accelerator. Other casts include Hitome Nabatame as Mayoi (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana), Shintarou Asanuma as Sakaki (Takatoshi in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Kaori Fukuhara as Hime (Tsukasa in Lucky Star, Run in A Channel), Yuuko Minaguchi as Miiko (the titular character in Yawara), Junko Iwao as Kikue (Akane in Mai-HiME), Tsubasa Yonaga as Kyouya (Hanabusa in Yumeiro Patissiere), Natsumi Takamori as Saki (Mei in Another) and Hiromi Konno as Kana (Sae in Amagami SS).

Overall despite the ‘nothing much happens’, this anime had some good laughs and it was enjoyable (in the light hearted sense). So don’t worry if the guy or girl doesn’t realize your feelings yet. Maybe just one day that will happen. One day. Who knows when. In the mean time, feel free to enjoy the great company, the pats on the heads, feeding of great foods, receiving great presents and the some nice words you’d love to hear whether you’re in love or not. That’s not so bad, isn’t it? Fringe benefits? Maybe for me I’ll one day get my own girlfriend (if I ever can ditch this anime otaku life – No way!). But in the mean time, I’ll prefer to watch the romance and drama unfolding of others because it’s more fun and safer that way. If anything goes wrong, I could probably just walk away and change the channel…

Acchi Kocchi

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