Aho Girl

December 1, 2017

They say that smart people tend to have no confidence while stupid people are full of confidence. That being said, I guess this means the entire world is full of idiots either way! Having said that, I guess one can guess the mayhem and chaos to be expected when you have an anime title like Aho Girl. It feels like the Japanese version to the western’s dumb blonde. Even the synopsis tells you the hard facts of how the titular character is one hell of a stupid girl!!! An idiot beyond all belief! How she managed to survive all these years is beyond me. Maybe it’s the bunch of bananas…

Episode 1A
Yoshiko Hanabatake is really dumb! She proudly shows Akuru Akutsu she got all zeros in her proficiency tests! He warns her about not being able to survive for being stupid but as you might guessed it, she’s too stupid to understand. She hints to be somebody’s housewife but Akuru isn’t going to marry a stupid girl like her. Does this means he has a girlfriend? No? When she teases he doesn’t understand girls, he uppercuts her in the chin. More dramatic stupidity when she declares how much she loves him. Especially how he feeds her bananas. Yeah… Bananas… He isn’t considerate following her to the same school since this is the closest to his home. She calls him a tsundere and would allow him to see her panties. Then she remembers a banana shop selling top quality bananas and needs to go get them. School isn’t over yet…

Episode 1B
Akuru sees Yoshiko sleeping in her undies. Don’t even try to pull off that seducing look… Even Yoshiko’s mom, Yoshie regrets her daughter is so stupid. She hints she will be less worried if Akuru dates her. Not a chance. Who wants to date a monkey?! Oh dear, she is begging to him! At least make her human! He will try but if that fails, he plans to make her commit a misdemeanour and get her locked up. In class, Yoshiko calls Sayaka Sumino cute. Akuru agrees so Yoshiko thinks he is hitting on her. Because of his scary face, Sayaka forces herself to agree with him they’re not dating. Yoshiko continues to be shameless about letting him see her undies this morning so he does a German suplex on her. Put on some clothes then! I think Sayaka is totally afraid of him now.

Episode 1C
Yoshiko as usual doesn’t understand a damn thing in class. Sayaka believes she must be good with at least one thing. No, bananas don’t count. Standing above others? Impossible. Sayaka herself isn’t confident of her own abilities so Yoshiko tells her to have more confidence. She’s the one to say. Akuru tells off Sayaka to just tell Yoshiko off whenever she fools around. But he looks so scary it just made her cry. Yoshiko warns her of his temper but Sayaka still believes he has a few friends. Yoshiko shows his handphone’s contacts. Only Yoshiko’s number. With that Sayaka will be his friend. She realizes he isn’t scary once she knows his tragic story. What… It’s so insulting that it’s depressing.

Episode 1D
Yoshiko has this wonderful idea to cut out pictures of her face and paste it over sexy models in a gravure magazine. But putting the bait right in front of his doorstep? Step to crush! There is a spot check at the gates by the discipline committee led by Fuuki Iinchou. Yoshiko can’t throw away the magazine because it is part of her! When Iinchou finds out about it, she blames Akuru for encouraging such. Yoshiko then accuses Iinchou of indecency because her boobs are bigger than hers. She bribes her 10 Yen to grope them. In the name of science! When she wants to bribe bananas, Iinchou gets the wrong idea she meant a dick. Being horrified allows Yoshiko to grope her boobs. She becomes mad they are higher quality than hers. Akuru beats her up till she knocks out. He apologizes to Iinchou and if that idiot ever causes trouble again, please let him know. Iinchou starting to like him?

Episode 2A
Yoshiko invites herself to play with a few kids at the playground. At first they didn’t like her but because she sound so cool with her stupidity, they look up to her. Until Akuru comes to take her away to study. Yoshiko points out he is the bad guy so the kids get scared. The only way out of this stupidity is to play the game so he takes one of them hostage. Yoshiko tries to go rescue but it looks like she is enjoying every moment of Akuru’s swinging until the pain reaches her. When the kids defend Yoshiko, Akuru exposes her stupidity. She even confirms it herself so the kids lecture her about having responsibilities as an adult. Akuru shuts her and takes her away. This makes the kids think they need to work hard and not be like her. A blessing in disguise?

Episode 2B
On the way home, Akuru and co stumble into a delinquent, Ryuuichi Kurosaki. He tries to hit on Sayaka but Yoshiko thinks she is the cute one. Each time he shoos her away, Yoshiko insists he plays with her! Yoshiko guesses he too is a lonely soul who has no one to play with. She understands his pain. When he continues to resist, she slaps him and tells him to shut up and just play with him. Seeing her (idiotic) serious eyes, he realizes his own moronic self and wonders if she will still accept him. Of course. She is an idiot. The idiots embrace with full drama an emotion.

Episode 2C
The girls visit Akuru’s home. Sayaka learns he has a little sister, Ruri. Good thing she hates Yoshiko and doesn’t want to catch her stupidity. She insists she is not like Yoshiko because she studies hard despite the latter’s attempt to convince they are the same. Akuru then sees Ruri’s latest test scores. A big zero! OMG! Another idiot?! The sad part is that she puts in effort but yet she gets this result. Yoshiko is scaring Ruri and tempting her to the idiotic side. Akuru assures that he will take care of Ruri even if she is an idiot her entire life. That’s not a compliment! Now she hates him. Though, she hates Yoshiko even more. Sayaka tries to cheer her up that she will overcome her stupidity one day. Might not be the best but at least it makes her feel better.

Episode 2D
Iinchou spying on Akuru? Definitely fallen for him. With all her flustering, I’m sure it’s not hard to tell. When spotted, she gives excuse that she is here for another spot check fearing Akuru might bring another erotic magazine. Since he tells her she can search all she wants, she misinterprets she can violate his body! Oh no. She is going to do just that. Yoshiko can tell (nose bleed giveaway) and won’t allow it. She gropes her boobs. Iinchou realizes her technique has become better although Yoshiko is distraught they have gotten bigger. Iinchou does a suplex on her to knock her out. With no one in the way, she targets Akuru. He avoids her since she is scary. Eventually she knocks herself out and when she comes to, she is in his arms. I guess that is enough for that and will be back for more next time. The satisfied nose bleed says it all.

Episode 3A
Yoshie is shocked when Yoshiko introduces her to Sayaka. She is afraid this cuter girl will steal Akuru’s heart and put a damper to her retirement plan! She tries to warn Akuru about girls like Sayaka who are the silent type but are actually gold diggers. She knows. She’s speaking from experience. When Sayaka sincerely says they are just normal friends, Yoshie wants her to prove that by showing her panties. Eh? What? She can tell a girl’s intention from the panties she wears. Because of that, Yoshiko wants in and the crazy mother-daughter pair handcuff her to the table. Also from experience, Yoshie? Before they could violate her, Akuru stops them. Sayaka doesn’t want violence so she agrees to show them. The verdict? Yoshie allows Akuru to be friends with her. Shut Yoshiko up before she reveals her kiddie prints…

Episode 3B
Yoshiko plays with the kids at the playground again. This time a huge dog chases them. Yoshiko has this idea to ride it. Even so, it still chases them. Not too sure about this move of hers of doing a suplex with her legs. Eventually the weight of the dog is too much for her and the dog falls on her. Cool scene ruined. They see a note on a dog’s collar and realizes it is a stray. Yoshiko wants to keep it so she can ride it.

Episode 3C
Yoshiko loves the best bananas grown by Satou. So she takes Sayaka to personally go thank him. Yeah, they run the entire trip. So instead of getting refreshments from the store, Yoshiko bought an ugly mascot. No more money. Oh, there is still some. Buy the mascot’s kids. Now they’re out of money. Sayaka is so frustrated that she kept running. Happy Yoshiko follows suit. They finally reach Satou’s farm as Yoshiko thanks him from the bottom of her heart. So are they going to run the entire way back too? Sayaka forces herself to prostrate and beg for train money.

Episode 3D
Akuru despite scoring very high marks is still dissatisfied. Yoshiko got the cheek to even say he is clumsy and not able to finish the job for a perfect score. Because of that, Yoshiko has this idea to cheer him up like what mom does to dad at night. Wait. What?! So she handcuffs him and strips her top to treat him like a baby?! Wait. What?! Then she smothers him in her boobs. And even takes a selfie and sends it to Sayaka! Luckily Sayaka is smart enough to know what is happening and could only pity him. Now that Akuru is so mad, he is able to kick the daylights out of Yoshiko even when tied up. Well, at least he is back to normal. Before Yoshiko ‘dies’, she tells him the key is in her skirt. The torture continues. As he struggles to get them, Ruri comes in and sees this… Death a high school student confirmed.

Episode 4A
Ryuuichi is now Yoshiko’s follower and will do anything to protect her. So as he faces off with Akuru, he loses. He likes his punch and wants to be his friend. That gay look… Yoshiko takes those park kids to a rooftop hero show. Disappointed? Yoshiko is eager to be taken as the hostage but Nozomi was taken instead. Wow. Yoshiko is really eager to fight and save her. The guys are forced to join Yoshiko for fear Nozomi would like Yoshiko and become dumb like her. So with their scary faces, they force the villain to just be defeated. And the day is saved. And Nozomi hugs and thanks Yoshiko instead. Doomed…

Episode 4B
Yoshiko trains Ryuuichi to be Akuru’s friend by having him prostrate to a badly made cardboard of him? Yoshiko continues to fail her test. Even her teacher, Atsuko Oshieda has had it. However she always get dragged into Yoshiko’s flow. Buying bananas for her? When Atsuko has her answer a question, Yoshiko deflects it back to her regarding her empty love life. Her convincing stupidity has Atsuko losing it. Oh no. She has let the stupidity got to her head and is now seriously reflecting about the consequences of Yoshiko’s words! Now she turns to Akuru and wants him to show her love! Too bad he has to beat her up too. He notes if she gives up, nobody will ever teach Yoshiko anything!

Episode 4C
Ryuuichi confronts Akuru as he begs him to be his friend. He agrees. Alright! Because of the way he worded, he realizes too late he became his dog instead. As tomorrow is Akuru’s birthday, Yoshiko has this idea to sneak into his room to find out what he wants. So she’s dragging Sayaka into this? Iinchou hears this and wants in too. Yes, her boobs are as big as her feelings and that qualifies her. So as they sneak in, Akuru has already laid out all the traps expecting them. Poor thing Sayaka is the one who has to pick up after their carelessness. Hang in there. So the idiotic duo fool around with his boxers. When the argument gets too loud, Ruri enters and Iinchou accidentally slams her head! Then they continue to argue sleeping next to him or give him a kiss. It ends up Iinchou sleeping and elbowing Akuru’s gut! The awakened demon is mad… That is when Sayaka blows her top to scold all of them about their real goal here. We’re sorry… Damn Yoshiko already fast asleep…

Episode 5A
Summer vacation is here. Because Akuru plans to study, Yoshiko calls him an idiot. Beat down! Yoshiko has tickets for a magical girl show. Akuru thought Ruri doesn’t like it but seeing the tears welling in her eyes, I guess he is all for it. As expected, Yoshiko is going to get noisy so he has luckily brought tape to tape her down. Even Ruri is starting to sound like Yoshiko and big brother almost beats her up! It gets from bad to worse when the heroine is losing and the girls start crying!!! No choice, Akuru knocks them out and leaves. When Ruri comes to, she doesn’t understand why she is back home. Was she not at the movies? Akuru says she has been studying all day and was just perhaps dreaming. Phew. Meanwhile Yoshiko is back home and thinks she has teleportation powers.

Episode 5B
Yoshiko won a raffle for a free trip to the hotspring. I guess Iinchou wants to come along. Oh, Ryuuichi too? So the first order is to shop for swimsuits. Akuru isn’t impressed when the girls ask his opinion but Ryuuichi too?! Then Akuru drops the bomb he isn’t going. Shock! But why?! Sayaka argues if he doesn’t go, it is pointless because these people want to be his friends. He doesn’t want to be with these weirdoes. But she points out he is also a weirdo because he doesn’t want to make friends. That’s because everyone around him is a weirdo. So if he goes by this logic, it means Sayaka is also a weirdo and hence the only friend he will ever have is Yoshiko! So won’t you be friends with Sayaka? Cue for puppy dog eyes. OMG. You can’t argue with that. Because of that, he’ll go. The trip is saved. They want to wear matching swimsuits but Akuru won’t allow it.

Episode 5C
As they wait for Akuru to arrive, Iinchou has lewd fantasies of him. Iinchou meets Yoshie for the first time. Mom can tell this woman too wants to seduce Akuru. So she steals her swimsuit and draws nipples on it! Yoshiko does the same on hers so she won’t feel left out?! When Yoshie threatens to cut nipple holes, Ryuuichi stops her. She cries molest but still that isn’t enough for him to let go of this old hag. Oops. Taboo word. Yoshie does a judo throw as she lectures them about being a millions years behind her. Because no one gets Akuru except her! Ah, so that’s her intention. Speaking of him, here he comes. Even she is not spared from his pain when she tries to push the blame on Iinchou. She distracts him with her bra and runs away. But she promises to be back. Sayaka has been hiding all the while and wonders if it is safe to come out now.

Episode 6A
Break the watermelon? Yoshiko uses her head! Because Iinchou is trying to hint giving permission to let Akuru see her body (in which he is being gay and won’t), Yoshiko accuses her of trying to seduce him and thus buries her in the sand to ‘flatten’ those tits. Since that didn’t work, she makes a giant sand dick on her! After Yoshiko is beaten up for being too noisy, Akuru sees this abomination. Now don’t look at her? He can’t touch it too because it’s like part of her body? In that case, he kicks it down! The pain must be real… The pain of the heart, that is.

Episode 6B
Soaking in the hotspring, Yoshiko tells how small Akuru’s dick is. But that is because she remembers it as a child’s. She wants to go peep but of course Iinchou tries to stop her by giving reasons how ugly the dick now. Even so, she still wants to go peek. Even though there is a 99% chance she’ll be beaten up, hey, there is still that 1% miracle. And so Iinchou decides to go peek with Yoshiko. Yoshiko immediately gets a weapon thrown in her face. Panicking Iinchou gives excuses that she is doing this out of his wellbeing. He understands and backs down. Phew. She is glad it is a good thing but clearly Sayaka doesn’t think so.

Episode 6C
As Yoshiko will be away visiting her grandparents, Akuru is going to enjoy every second of peace and quiet. Too bad Yoshiko left the dog with him for company. Akuru is disappointed seeing he doesn’t like animals (remember, Yoshiko is also an animal, a monkey). However he notices the dog has intelligence and able to understand him. They even bond with some classical movie he likes. Yoshiko suddenly returns to catch him having an ‘affair’ with the dog. He denies and calls it dumb, hurting its feelings. Akuru feels bad but the dog does a hand signal from the movie so Akuru understands they’ll play again someday. Of course Yoshiko doesn’t get all that is happening.

Episode 6D
At the Bon festival, the neighbourhood association guys are going to stop Yoshiko from stealing the limelight again. Because last year her energy and stamina managed to captivate everyone’s attention. Looks like she is at it again as she is wearing a Brazilian samba bikini outfit. They thought of shutting her out and before they know it, she appoints them as their backup dancers! They try to block her during the dance but she slips out and starts prancing around. Since they don’t want to lose out, the guys strip to their fundoshi and unwittingly help Yoshiko in her dance. They’ve been had again this year.

Episode 7A
Back in school and Atsuko has already being dragged into Yoshiko’s pace. Yeah, she’s asking about how her summer vacation went. She wanted to get some experience in love but no luck. Yoshiko hopes Akuru could practice with her. However he unintentionally breaks her heart when he mentions her age. As Atsuko is being depressed over her loveless life, suddenly she stumbles into a cute boy. Actually it is Yoshiko cross-dressed! With all the cliché and cheesy moves, can’t blame Atsuko for falling in love because as you know, she’s an amateur. The cheesier it gets, the more Atsuko falls in love. Wow. Such heavy drama. And more cheesy lines to go with it. Like Yoshiko can’t accept her kiss because it is so sweet it would cause her diabetes! OMG! Since when was Yoshiko this smooth? Unless that’s a stupid line. Yoshiko leaves Atsuko with confidence to try out love again but has no idea what to do if Atsuko actually falls for her.

Episode 7B
Yoshiko calls her dog, Dog. Appropriate? Shouldn’t there be other better names? So Akuru wants her to properly name it but since she calls it Cat or Car (because you can ride it), I guess it’s up to Akuru to name it. George? So it becomes a competition whose name is better. Dog or George? Whoever the dog goes to, that is the name they’ll settle with. However the pressure is too much for the dog as it runs away! They don’t understand why until Sayaka explains it loves both of them and can’t possibly choose. While the idiots understand this, they go back to insulting and blaming each other. Yeah, doggy is the one most stressful and worried.

Episode 7C
Yoshiko goes to talk to a few gals in her class. They try to ignore her but she just won’t back down. Don’t waste your energy on idiots. When they try to leave, she follows them. Playing tag? So they trick her into playing hide and seek as Yoshiko will show them how to hide. Good riddance. The next day, Yoshiko didn’t turn up into class. The gals think the humiliation of being abandoned must have gotten to her. 2 days later, she still didn’t show up. Sayaka texts her and it seems she is still in the midst of hiding! The gals feel guilty that they might be responsible for her death and go all out to search for her. Eventually they find her hiding in the drain. She still has the energy? She realizes she is hungry and heads home. Play again next time? No way!

Episode 7D
Everyone celebrates Ruri’s birthday. What did Akuru get for his little sister? A book guide on how to get through life without a degree! He is okay for her to give up! So insulting! That’s not helping her at all! No wonder she locks herself up in her room. So after pestering on what she actually wants, this is her reply… A better big brother. Right back at you!

Episode 8A
Time to bug those gals again. This time Yoshiko is asking if they have any boyfriends. One of them has. Oh no. Time to bug her to spill the details. Not sure why she obliges but if you resist, the bugging will get worse. So bit the bullet and tell all. As expected, Yoshiko is so thrilled to hear it all. But when she hears she hasn’t kiss, hold hands or even say “I love you” back, since when did Yoshiko become her relationship manager?! She is forced to call him right now to say those magic words. Of course she can’t do it and runs elsewhere alone to do so. After making that embarrassing call and declaration, she realizes too late Yoshiko and her pals are watching. Yoshiko is so happy for her that she tells the entire school about it. YAMEROU!!!!

Episode 8B
It’s the park kid’s school field trip and Yoshiko is going to buy snacks with them? She notices an expensive deluxe snack and accuses the shop owner for placing it there so that they couldn’t buy other snacks. Oh well, not like Yoshiko had enough money in the first place. As the guys go to get their own snacks, Nozomi chooses that deluxe snack. Then they realize this… Because her snack will stand out from the rest, could it be her scheme to trade other snacks? She can have anything! Wow. So deep… With the idiots feeling they were underestimating all this, kind Nozomi shares the snack with them.

Episode 8C
Yet another delusion from Iinchou… So Sayaka calls her out to talk to her to stop stalking Akuru. Of course she is giving excuses she is only watching over him, blah, blah, blah. Could it be she is a masochist who likes his unfriendly stares? She continues being delusion thinking she is a charming and perfect beauty in Akuru’s eyes. Sayaka’s reaction says otherwise. Iinchou wants to really know the truth of what he thinks of her. Can she handle the truth? After all the misdeeds she has done so far, Iinchou is a crazy maniac! At first Iinchou brushes it off (denial?) but is forced to come to terms with it. Sayaka is forced to lie it was just a joke to ‘bring her back to life’. But looks like she dug the grave deeper with more lies that Akuru is close to falling for her.

Episode 8D
Yoshiko brings Dog to meet Sayaka’s little pet dog, Pome. Of course Dog has fallen in love at first sight but dumb girl thinks he is afraid of her. So acts of romance, Yoshiko misinterprets them to be some sort of showdown. Like Dog giving her bone only to be rejected because she isn’t hungry, Yoshiko thinks it is some peace offering rejected. Could it be Pome is stronger than Dog? When Pome licks Dog’s feet and he ‘collapses’, Yoshiko can’t believe Dog has surrendered. Yoshiko runs away in defeat.

Episode 9A
Yoshiko volunteers to be on the cultural festival committee. And she doesn’t know what that is. Or a cultural festival. Akuru allows it hoping she would fail big time and realize her stupidity. However Akane Eimura disagrees since it is an important event. Hence begin an argument between Akuru and Akane with her pals. The latter mock Akuru for being a study freak and has no friends. Akuru mocks them as ugly. Oh wait. Akane is actually crying?! Oh no. Akuru is looking like the bad guy now. Yoshiko wants to work together with Akane but she punches her in the face. In the end, Akane becomes the committee member with everyone voting for her unanimously.

Episode 9B
Akane and friends are behind schedule for the festival. Yoshiko suggests staying overnight to finish. Secretly. Why do they have to go along with her plan? Because Yoshiko has brought cards and video games to play! They have to follow Yoshiko’s pace because Akane seems to be eager to go night visiting to various places in school. And when they’re playing video games, the friends remind them to finish up the work. A few more minutes. Hours later… Just a little while more. It’s already dawn. Well, there’s always another night. Yes! We have defeated the final boss! And so no work was completed or even started the next night.

Episode 9C
YES! MAID CAFÉ!!! Yoshiko tries to fool around by putting an apron over Akuru but gets punched. Ryuuichi will gladly support their profits. If only Yoshiko didn’t get his name wrong all the time.

Episode 9D
Yoshiko sees Iinchou rejecting a guy confessing. Yoshiko feels bad for the guy and lectures what if the person who likes Iinchou turns her down? Imagine Akuru rejecting her and dating Yoshiko. NO WAY!!! So what do you want as a memory? A kiss. And hence Yoshiko wants her boobs to be fondled. Because for girls it’s a kiss and for guys, boobs fondling. Don’t argue. It’s Yoshiko’s logic. Iinchou is actually prepared to do that and let that poor guy fondle it when Akuru passes by. Instantly she beats the crap out of the poor chap and runs away.

Episode 9E
Sayaka and the gang are at a karaoke party. However Akuru and Akane and co are still hating each other. The ignore Sayaka’s pleas to get along and continue insulting each other. Yoshiko? She’s just singing happily like nobody’s business. Suddenly Sayaka puts her foot down and starts scolding them. Oh dear. Looks like she got drunk. Although her drink order was wrongly brought and she has not drank it, the smell was enough to make her drunk. She’s crying they have no respect for her and Yoshiko makes it worse it is because of her flatness. She thinks she can make everyone laugh if she shows her boobs. She undresses her top. Hey, she has nice proportions. Until the pads come off. So flat… WTF Yoshiko?! Why are you calling it Sayaka Plains?! We don’t know to cry or to laugh… Or maybe cringe at it all…

Episode 10A
Akane wants to pierce her ear but is too scared sh*t. Let Yoshiko do it! No way! Akane even believes Yoshiko’s dumb theory of how she will suffer and die from all the bleeding. Yoshiko teases her of wanting a man and this causes Akane to break down to the truth. So she’s jealous her friends have boyfriends and she wants one too. Yoshiko is touched and so she decides to help her. Because you can’t pierce the ear with unsteady hands, can you? Too late to back out. Akane is freaking out as Yoshiko does it for her. Here comes the pain! Oh. Nothing. Well, that wasn’t so bad, right? How about the other ear? Maybe next time.

Episode 10B
Yoshiko takes a wild ride on Dog. I don’t know how fast Dog can run but he can rival a speeding motorcyclist on the highway! He takes this as some sort of challenge but seeing how stupidly Yoshiko is enjoying this, I guess you could say he lost to this stupidity. Beast defeats machine?!

Episode 10C
Yoshiko joins the park kids to play with their toys. Yoshiko insists on playing Micca while Nozomi plays Michael. Right off the bat, Yoshiko is already playing something scandalous with Micca. The boys want to leave but accidentally stomp their monster toy over Michael. Micca gets all dramatic about his death and vows revenge, only to be easily owned. Now Micca is offering her body for the monster. To her horror, the monster isn’t even interested. Don’t worry, a happy ending when Michael revives and they continue to live a happy life.

Episode 10D
Let me get this straight. For Iinchou to get to know Akuru better, it is vital to get closer to his family. So is this why she is stalking on Ruri?! Pity little sister got all zeroes in her test again. Iinchou is interrupted by Yoshie as mother shows how she could easily console Ruri. Yoshie then proceeds to tell Ruri about this stalker while Iinchou tries to deny all that. Then in a flash faster than the wind, Yoshie steals Iinchou’s panties! Now Yoshie is claiming her as a crazy stalker and an exhibitionist. A few power punches traded as Iinchou tries to get them back. But Yoshie gets the better of her. Now in her stranglehold, Yoshie is going to prove Iinchou is an exhibitionist who doesn’t wear panties. But after lifting up her skirt, Ruri sees she is wearing them. Yoshie then realizes during all that commotion, Iinchou in a flash faster than the wind somehow stole Ruri’s panties! WTF???!!! You mean she can fit in it?! Both ladies leave with that serious look of settling this another day while Ruri is left confused. Ruri cements her status as a stupid girl since only when she returns home and goes to the toilet did she realize her panties are missing.

Episode 11A
Once again… Ruri scores zero in her test! Poor thing. Yoshiko suggests things she should do… She can’t name one! But Yoshiko maybe has a point when she says Ruri is bad at studying! So in order for her not to be a total failure, they try various stuffs like cooking and sewing but in all instances Ruri fails. Can she be this useless?! I mean, Yoshiko looks more capable than her! Say it isn’t so! Ruri decides to master riding a bicycle. Not tricycle! However with Yoshiko as usual getting distracted instead of helping her, she gets injured one way or the other. Adamant to master at least 1 thing, Ruri keeps on trying no matter how many times she painfully falls. Pity seeing her like this. In the end, she fails to master cycling and they end up in some shouting contest. See who can shout the loudest…

Episode 11B
Yoshiko is sad her favourite banana sundae is out of stock. Ryuuichi decides to help find other places but returns from the next town all bruised up. He did find a store selling that but a bunch of delinquents got ahead of him, bought it and ate it. They commented it was ordinary and threw it away. Ryuuichi tried to stop them but got his ass handed to him. Yoshiko is mad. Seriously mad. She will not forgive those who will insult and waste her banana sundae!!! You punks are dead!!! So she waltzes into the next town’s high school and beats up all the delinquents by power stuffing their mouths with bananas till she reaches the last boss, Sudou. Oh wow. Yoshiko knowing kung fu and such?! Don’t mess with her! Sudou thought he punched her after distracting her with a non-existent flying banana. However that punch feels like nothing. Not even close to Akuru’s. He got defeated in the most epic and embarrassing fashion. How many bananas can you stuff in your mouth? With that, Yoshiko is satisfied she has avenged her banana sundae. Nobody cares about you Ryuuichi…

Episode 11C
After forgetting to leash Dog to his kennel, he takes a walk and plucks a flower to give to Pome. However a boy is seen drowning in the river as Dog goes to save him. Now he lost his flower so he has to chase it down and get involved in other stuffs like saving a kid from an accident and running away from dog catchers. He ends up saving a bank from a robbery in progress! Holy cow! Did he do that Matrix bullet dodging trick???!!! A little girl is still traumatized from the ordeal so Dog gives her his flower to make her day. He might not have the flower eventually but Dog is one happy dog even when news of a dog saved a bank reached the ears of Akuru and Yoshiko and they don’t believe it.

Episode 12
We got back in time 10 years ago to see that fateful day when Akuru met Yoshiko. When Yoshiko’s family moved next door, Akuru knew he was going to be in hell. Just look how stupid Yoshiko was! She keeps bugging him to play despite he kept refusing her. He thought of giving her a banana to appease her hungry. However this is the first time she sees a yellow dick (she knows what a dick is but not a banana?) and loves its taste! She takes this as a sign he loves her! Yoshiko continues to harass him in the name of love. After Yoshiko traps and kisses him, that is when he realizes he needs to become stronger. He trains like a boxer to get back at her with his fist. However he trained too hard and falls sick. He learns from mom he slept the whole day and Yoshiko took care of him. For real? She stayed with him hoping to catch his illness. By kissing him the entire time! Look how sloppy his mouth is! That is the power of love! When Akuru receives his test result from the gifted programme, he just got average scores. He fears he will go down the stupid path and forced to marry that stupid girl and bear stupid children. Never! So the next step to keep her away is to learn what kind of people she hates. Uhm, anything else than people covered in poop? Perverts. Now the tables are turned with Akuru being a monster trying to peek at her panties. Hey, it works! Suddenly he stops because Yoshiko is really crying! Oops. Went too far? But it turns out she is so happy he is loyal to her that even though she isn’t ready yet, she will show him her panties! The tables are turned one again and Akuru gets screwed over. Here’s your panties! Take responsibility please… And now, Akuru believes his feelings 10 years then didn’t change a bit. Yoshiko still remembers that day and is now wearing those panties. Oh sh*t! It must be damn tight! This time Akuru is able to land a super uppercut that sends Yoshiko flying sky high! Hey, at least his punch has gotten stronger.

Dumbing Down Of The Dumbest Dumb & Dumber
Oh well, like they always say, birds of the same feathers flock together. I’ll bet that Yoshiko will not learn her lesson and will still continue to receive more ‘love punches’ from Akuru if we had more episodes. Day in, day out it’s the same thing. Ah, all is right when this is the order of the world. Eventually, even though stupidity is endless, this too has to end. Oh my. Did this enjoyably funny series ended too prematurely? I want more of my Aho Girl!!!

Dividing each of the independent stories into mini skits per episode is good because I wonder if the series can hold our attention if it was the same story for the entire duration. And the series itself is already short with only 12 minutes per episode. At least this way we can see more exploits and laugh at the different variety of misadventures our stupid girl and those around her get to go through. It’s random, it’s hilarious, it’s fun.

I guess I could say all the human characters are delightfully likeable because how dumb everyone is. Absolutely right! You think Akuru is the wisest person ever? He is as dumb as the rest too. Don’t be fooled by the fact that he is competent and is academically smart. The fact that he manages to put up with Yoshiko’s stupid sh*t proves that he too is an idiot like her! But it is her who always drags him into her shenanigans, you say? Well, we can clearly see Akuru definitely hates to be by Yosihko’s side and no doubt he has no choice. If he was that smart, he would have found a way to have moved somewhere (I think if he goes to another town, there’ll be another resident idiot to bear with so it’s more or less the same wherever he goes), got rid of her permanently (okay, we’re not going to resort to cruelly killing her or sending her to some war torn country) or in the most impossible way of curing her stupidity (I figure this proves stupidity can’t be cured anyhow). Heck, beating her up many times proves it is not working and might be contributing to her getting worse (disclaimer: Abusing your idiot is not encouraged). Plus, he has got no other friends in his handphone contacts except for Yoshiko! Failing any of which means he is still as dumb as the rest but to a lesser degree! Haha! At least going by the logic of this anime. See, I’m also dumb. Oh wait. I’ve been like that since like forever! Yoshiko, my brethren! The only thing good coming out from Akuru’s meeting is the meeting of Dog. He said it himself.

Speaking of Yoshiko, it is very hard not to hate her despite being annoyingly dumb and that eternally dumb agape smile on her face. She really lives up to her titular name. However the one good thing about that is that she doesn’t look so much like a retard while being stupid. Damn you anime for making 2D girls look so kawaii!!! Every time you want to hate her for being so stupid, each time she makes you laugh with her dumb antics. You can’t help but love her in all her silly ways and even hope to see more of her tomfooleries. Oh dear. Am I addicted to her stupidity?! Oh well, birds of the same feathers flock together… Never change, Yoshiko. Never change. And we all thought of wishing the world to be a better place. Till Yoshiko came along. Can being an idiot be this fun? From her case, it is fun! I somehow feel making Yoshiko a banana maniac is equating her to a monkey in a satirical sense… Also, the way she endures Akuru’s beatings feels like she is immune to all sort of pain because she bounces back like nothing. Reminds me of that Ataru idiot from Urusei Yatsura… So who says life is hard but even harder when you’re stupid? Ask Yoshiko! Ignorance is bliss! Now you know why genius has its limits but stupidity is limitless.

The rest of the other dumb characters are also as lovable. Like Iinchou who is some sort of perverted tsundere and to think she has fallen from grace this far. Yeah, love makes you do stupid things. I hope Akuru putting up with Yoshiko’s stupidity doesn’t turn him gay. Then there is Yoshie who is partially responsible for Yoshiko’s dumbness because all I can say it runs in the family’s genes. Can’t blame her for giving up in trying to make her daughter a better person because like I’ve said, there is no cure for stupidity! Instead, she now tries to shift all her responsibilities to Akuru whom she views as her insurance and future retirement plan. At this rate, I don’t think she can even retire… Yeah, maybe 10 years after she dies! Haha! Oops. Akane feels like Yoshiko’s competitor but she gets strung along all the time. Does that make her dumber than Yoshiko? Sayaka might be another character whom you’ll argue that isn’t as dumb as the rest. She is always so nice and friendly. But what if under all that niceness hides a really idiotic monster? You saw it when she accidentally got drunk. Maybe some things are better left kept hidden. Atsuko fails as a teacher since she always gets dragged into Yoshiko’s pace. The educator getting ‘re-educated’.

I find the most pitiful character is Ruri. She really tries her best but it is like as though fate and God is f*cking up her entire life just because one main idiot isn’t enough. But unlike Yoshiko who doesn’t even view herself as stupid, at least Ruri has the decency to recognize this weakness and tries to fix it. Albeit with no improvements at all. So it is sometimes ‘disheartening’ to see such a cute little sister to not let her hard work pay off. Again, it feels like fate and God is trying to set her future up as the next Aho Girl because once Yoshiko is no longer around, there is somebody to take her legacy. If that doesn’t happen, there is the ‘insurance’ in Nozomi because it looks like she is being influenced by Yoshiko… I don’t know if Akuru is being insulting because he has ‘given up’ on Ruri trying to be smart and tries to console her that it is okay being stupid. See what I mean when I told you Akuru is also dumb? How can you do this to your own little sister but not the idiot girl next door?! Last but not least. I think this is the best and the only character that is not stupid. Hah! You’re pointing out that I am contradicting myself when I said everyone is stupid. Well, Dog isn’t human. Technicalities!

Artwork and animation are pretty straight forward and simple. Nothing really special. But I do notice that obvious potential idiots here tie their hair twintail style. See the similarities in Yoshiko, Ruri and Nozomi?! Yoshie tied half of it so she’s only half bad? There are also a few fanservice scenes here so thank Yoshiko for being shameless and know nothing about a modesty when it comes to girls showing their skin. This anime is animated by Diomedea who did Shiryaku! Ika Musume, Seiken Tsukai No World Break, Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei No Kyoukan, Handa-kun, Akuma No Riddle, Mayoiga, Fuuka, Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu and Kodomo No Jikan.

Aoi Yuuki is absolutely delightful playing Yoshiko. It’s like she is having fun voicing her character and I believe she has done a very good job in bringing ‘idiotic justice’ to her character. In many instances, Yoshiko will always be screaming at the top of her voice as part of her stupidity. That is not easy if you’re doing it on a regular basis. I hope she didn’t have to get herself high to pull it off. So hats off to her for this amazing job. I hope her throat won’t be sore after all has ended. Tomokazu Sugita as Akuru feels a bit out of place. I don’t know. He voiced goofy and serious characters like Gintama’s Gintoki but in here I just can’t find him to be suitable playing Akuru. Not idiotic enough or too serious? But overall I think he is still passable. Yoko Hikasa is also delightful as Yoshie. Not her first time voicing a maniac or idiots as I remember something similar as Shino from Seitokai Yakuindomo, Aya from Gokujo, Hana from Seikon No Qwaser and Stephanie from No Game No Life. The rest of the other casts include Sayaka Harada as Sayaka (Chiya in Urara Meirochou), Sumire Uesaka as Iinchou (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Sayaka Senbongi as Ruri (Chitose in Girlish Number), Mao Ichimichi as Akane (Renge in Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda), Taku Yashiro as Ryuuichi (Hayato in Mayoiga).

The opening theme, Zenryoku Summer by Angela is delightfully hilarious. The singer herself is singing in a hilarious opera manner, the lyrics are nonsensical and the pacing of the song is frenzy. And yes, lots of bananas. A big hint as what to expect from this anime. Making it more delightful is how each opening credits animation is slightly different. From Akuru waking up to the nightmare of Yoshiko’s face spamming every space and corner of the screen to just a lazy notice board too lazy to animate anything because they are away on vacation to Dog hogging the limelight to Yoshiko trying to make out with a dakimakura of Akuru and Iinchou fantasizing about Akuru from afar before being molested by jealous Yoshiko. Personally the best one has to be Yoshiko falling off her banana ride to give us free fanservice of her pantsu in our face! The ending theme is Odore! Kyu-kyoku Tetsugaku by Sumire Uesaka. This song is rather okay and isn’t that obvious since it is played in the background while the mini skit is still ongoing (no fixed ending credits animation).

Overall, silly and fun animes like this one remind us that good shows are still around. It doesn’t have to be convolutedly smart and thought provoking to be good. It can still be enjoyable and be mindless and harmless fun but just remember to leave your brains at the doorstep before watching. Or risk getting infected by Yoshiko’s stupidity. I don’t know. It sounds so absurd and crazy that it might actually happen. Yeah, why take the risk? If Yoshiko entered every funniest home videos contest, she would win every category hands down all the time. She would have been the most viewed video on line and will be the longest defending champion of the Darwin Awards. So you see the importance of the need of the existence of stupid people? Otherwise where can smart people shine? Like light and darkness need to co-exist for each other to exist. As I find this series a-peel-ing, I hope they don’t slip up and make a sequel. Otherwise I’ll go bananas!

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