Akikan OVA

March 26, 2010

Empty cans taking a bath at the hotsprings? Oh heck, even if that doesn’t make much sense, it didn’t deter me to go watch the single episode of Akikan OVA. You know, those cans that materialized after somebody ‘kisses’ them by putting their lips on the lids. Then the grateful cans become servants to their masters known as Owners. Unfortunately if you’ve got a perverted master like Kakeru, then life is going to be tough. Real tough. Tell that to Melon.
So yeah, hotspring episodes can only mean 1 thing. Fanservice. What a better way to make the most out of fanservice via OVA. Come to think of it, even the TV series has some fanservice in it but I saw that some time ago so I can’t remember much. I remember loving Kakeru’s punch lines and thus the other reason why I looked forward to watch this OVA. What kind of pranks will he be up to? Well, you just got to watch to find out.
Yeah, the episode opener sees all the main girls in the series falling in love with Kakeru as though he is some hot hunk. Uh huh. They’re all over him. Fortunately that was just some naughty story Kakeru reading for Gigolo (for those who can’t remember, his real name is Goro Amaji and has been given this twisted nickname by a certain twisted fella beginning with ‘K’), who is having massive nose bleeds upon hearing that stimulating story. As for the girls minus Airin, they are preparing to enter the hotspring. However since some of them are Akikans, it isn’t a good idea to enter hot water. My science knowledge is not good so I don’t know what damaging effect it will have on them. To solve this problem, Najimi provides them a cold bath. Seems odd for such a pool at a hotspring inn but it’s better than getting into a hot one. Remember that lesbian witch, Kochikaze? I’m sure she is having a swell time too, rubbing her assets over Najimi’s back and gently swiping loli Misaki’s soft skin. She calls it skinship. Something Yell and Budoko aren’t fond off. Kochikaze quickly jumps into the hotspring so that she could have the 2 girls all to herself while Yell and Budoko are left crying in vain.
Melon then hears Kakeru’s gentle voice, beckoning her to come into the cold bath with him. Just when blushing Melon is about to get in, to her dismay that Kakeru is talking and acting out with a real melon can! Is this guy really insulting her or what? Furthermore, when Kakeru sees the real Melon, he gets cheeky by going into shock mode and wondering which is the real Melon! Of course when Kakeru stands up, Melon gets embarrassed because she gets full view of his little snakey pal. She blasts him away with her melon blast. Too bad the other girls also caught full view of his snake while he’s being blown away. Obviously they’re disgusted except for Najimi. Urm… Why is she looking so happy? And perverted…? But will that guy learn? Nope. Because he quotes how his passion has just begun. Uh oh.
While Yell and Budoko are washing their respective Owners, Kochikaze comes into the cold bath to comfort Melon. I guess any woman would do for her, huh? She starts to get yuri with her but before anything big could happen, they hear Gigolo’s scream. They enter a room to find him sprawled lifeless on the floor. Najimi thinks there is a murder case going on and that’s when Kakeru comes in to play detective. I’m not sure if he’s some perverted detective. Topless and wearing suspenders? After some info analysis such as his occupation being some unimportant minor role since birth, Kakeru concludes that the culprit is one of the girls. However the girls beat him up instead and throw him out, convinced that he himself is the culprit. True enough, Gigolo comes to and in his dizzy state wonders why Kakeru did this to him. Kochikaze seems sexy from Gigolo’s point of view so this time he really nose bleeds. Enough for any guy to die from loss of blood. Of course he just didn’t die. Note the sexily disgusting Otoya mid-intermission. Trying to undress his kimono top while saying "I love you"? Disgusting.
The girls go back to their bath when they are surprised to see Miku sitting in the cold bath. She ended up here after chasing her cat Owner. Still evasive, eh? Miku then thinks this is a trap set by them and leaves in a huff. However Najimi notices she left naked and thinks that is something a girl shouldn’t do. No choice, they all go and find her. In their haste, Melon got mixed up wearing Yell’s clothes while Najimi wore Budoko’s. They decide to get a quick change in the nearest room and are surprised to see Airin changing. Since Kochikaze is rummaging through her clothes, especially her panties, she kicks them out.
Melon opens a room only to find a very afraid Kakeru naked only clad with a mask covering his crotch area. You know, that mask’s long nose seems to signify something of his :). Why is Kakeru so scared? Because he’s being cornered by that gay Otoya guy! Yeah, he’s getting so excited and stimulated that he can’t stop himself. I believe Kakeru is desperate when he says this thing is his special item that he uses in order to assault Melon and the rest and thus doesn’t want to use it on him. Hahaha! He’s going to get screwed instead. Kakeru wants Melon to save her master but she just heaves a sigh, closes the door and walks away. May God have mercy on your soul, Kakeru. I don’t know if he’s about to lose his virginity. To a man.
Then Melon enters the next room but slips on a banana peel. This results in lots of sushi and other food to fall over her body. While it may seem like fanservice to viewers, it seems more of an inviting feast for the cat watching nearby. Say, doesn’t that cat look like Miku’s Owner? Anyway the cat starts pounding on Melon, licking her here and there. Miku then sees this and gets jealous on what her Owner is doing. Yeah, what does that can got that she hasn’t. It’s sushi, Miku. She steps in but slips on a banana peel. As a result, all the food is spilled on her. The difference is that she has a live octopus over her bottom half… But that’s not the end of their problems. That’s because they’re being surrounded by dozens of hungry cats. Let the licking begin! I’m not sure if they’re in distress or enjoying it. Maybe kind of both. The other girls come in to see what’s happening and aren’t amused with so much of the food being wasted. Najimi then lures the cats away with a flower. Yell, with a penchant for moving objects, also follows Najimi obediently like a cat and soon Kochikaze too (must be one of her yuri thoughts on her).
Budoko starts teasing Melon over her uncoolness so the latter throws a fishbone at her with complimented insults. Not amused Budoko does the same and before they know it, a food fight begins. Remember kids, do not waste food like this. Miku gets caught in between and just like anybody who gets splat in the face, doesn’t take this too well. So she unleashes a blast at them and leaves to search for her Owner. Now Melon and Budoko are mad so they chase after Miku. Unfortunately, Melon bumps into Kakeru who is frantically running away from Otoya (he’s screaming "How could I afford to get f*cked by him at this place?!"). Why unfortunate? The mask’s long nose of Kakeru hit her face. I’m not sure if Kakeru’s doing it on purpose because it’s like he’s trying to push and rub it into her face. The expected result? An explosion enough to destroy the inn. Luckily the inn still stands.
In the aftermath, Kakeru, after badly beaten up, is being tied up outside on a tree. Too bad innocent Gigolo too has been tied the same way as him. Blaming him entirely that their hotspring trip is ruined, Kochikaze calms Melon down by inviting them to go back to the bath once more while leaving the guys to hang around. But a fate worse than death awaits the boys. That fate is in the form of Otoya and he is over-the-moon that he has found them. His happy maniacal laughter indeed makes him sound like a crazy sex fiend. Just watch out your behind, okay?
So all is well, ends well? Not for Kakeru, though. His plan to screw the girls (I think) ended up being backfired. Hell yeah, he sure doesn’t change, does he? So does Otoya. Kakeru’s still got his punch lines and personally I still find them hilarious. Seeing that this is a filler episode, don’t get your hopes up if you want to know more about the storyline in the TV series such as the Akikan Elect. Like we’re so interested in that anyway. Just sit back and relax watching mindless fanservice.
Speaking of fanservice, considering that this is an OVA, based on my past experiences on watching them (not that I’m a pro on it, mind you), I thought that there would be shots on the girls’ top going totally bare (not that I was really expecting them, mind you). Well, you could say that they are strategically covered. But even so, that didn’t ruin the fun for this how. Unless you’re a hardcore ecchi/hentai person, that’s a different story.
That’s so much I can say about this OVA. Nothing much either. Just a little thought, though. You know when you go to public baths or hotsprings and after you have finished bathing, you’re supposed to drink milk right? I wonder the irony if the Akikans drank that. Does melon, grape juice or sports drink go well with milk? It would be even odd to see them drinking their own flavoured can. Now, what is the possibility of a beach episode for empty cans? No empty can talk please…



October 18, 2009

Can drinks. I’m sure many of us have our fair share in opening its lid and gulping down its refreshing liquid, whether it is carbonated or natural juice. But what if the kind of can drinks you open suddenly pops out a pretty looking lady? Sounds too absurd to be true, eh? Sounds like a plot straight out from an anime, huh? That’s what exactly it is if you have watched Akikan which literally means empty cans.
If you are one of those harem lovers or the kind who loves high school comedy romance with a little fanservice, you might want to have a look at this one. Though there is nothing in this show which makes it stand out above the rest in this ubiquitous genre, but it’s not like a bad thing either. Unless you’re not into this sort of thing, that is. There are a few terms in this series as well but rest assured they are easy to pick up and don’t last 10 volumes worth of encyclopaedia that you need to crack your head every time they start mentioning that jargon.
So people, meet your main male protagonist, Kakeru Daichi, a 16 year old high school student who lives alone and proclaims how his entire life has been so girlfriend-less even though he wants one. If he’d just opened his eyes… But I have a theory why many girls would be wary of this kid. Firstly, he’s a pervert, though not an extreme case. Secondly, viewers should listen closely to his punch lines and jabbing. Yeah, some are downright funny. You can say that he is a cheeky fellow in a verbal sense. A reason why this series is funny. Kakeru’s life is about to change when he buys a melon flavoured soda can drink near his home. After bath, he takes a drink from the can and the next thing he knows, a girl pops out and they’re both in locking lips position. Has the genie granted his wish? Anybody who has just experienced this awesome magical phenomenon would of course be surprised and wonder if it’s all a dream. Even so, this Kakeru guy is somewhat flaunting his nakedness right in front of her! I know that he wants to ascertain if this is a dream but to do a full blown nakedness thingy in front of a girl? Not only that, he even molests her! Kakeru confirms this is not a dream when she, Melon (easier to name her now for reference. Besides, she comes from a melon can) blasts him with some melon dioxide in which she’ll often use this to put Kakeru in line. Note every time she does this in his home, the cat on the roof always get the fright of its life.
Melon finds out about Kakeru’s habit of collecting old cans and is not amused by his collection of aluminium cans because Melon is a steel can. Kakeru who is going to continue his perverted ways on her then accidentally pulls her left earring which resembles a can lid and poof, she disappears. Just then some guy named Hidehiko Otoya, a government official from the Ministry of Economy, and his assistant Airin Kizaki comes in to discuss some Akikan project. Note that this Otoya guy is gay and prefer young teenage boys! Note how one was running out from his room earlier on. And since Kakeru is naked, I think he can’t control himself. Thankfully Airin restrains him and leaves but promise to come back another day. Plus, Otoya loves addressing Airin by her first name and she’ll always retaliate by telling him to address her by her surname instead. After they left, Kakeru has another sip and Melon reappears. She says how she’ll be staying with him from now because she views him as her Owner after ‘bringing her to life’. Every time he takes a sip, Melon will materialize and they both will be in kissing form. That can’t be bad, eh? Besides, this process of Akikans turning into humans is coined Girlish by Otoya because it benefits the girl. Huh?
In school, Kakeru is troubled by the recent events. We are introduced to other several characters like Kakeru’s childhood friend who so obviously has a crush on him but that guy is so oblivious, Najimi Tenkuuji, the lesbian friend of Najimi who vows to protect Najimi’s lower half from him and every other guy, Yurika Kochikaze, and the guy whom everybody can just ignore his existence, Gigolo. Oops sorry. Actually he is Gorou Amaji and even he himself says that because it was a nickname given by Kakeru to him. Easier to remember, eh? Back home, Kakeru learns that Melon’s life will subside if he finishes the drink so he reluctantly goes to buy another melon juice to replenish her. Melon then finds Kakeru drinking another can juice other than melon flavour and in her jealousy tries to get rid of his can collection. Kakeru stops her by pulling her earring and continues to ignore her by leaving her in can mode for a few days. When he thinks she has had enough, he sips the can only to find her close to lifeless. He starts panicking and gives her mouth to mouth CPR. She comes back alive and hits him away for his pervertness. Melon is sad because she thinks that she is just some scrap can everyone will toss away after finishing their business with her. But Kakeru says that he can’t simply throw her away because she’s cute. Just when Melon is feeling better, Kakeru ruins the mood by saying how he needs to discipline her according to his desires. Melon dioxide time? But Melon is happy that she gets to be with him even if his personality has some questions.
In episode 2, Kakeru wakes up from a nightmare whereby when he was younger with Najimi, a distraught Kakeru gunned down several adults. Melon seems to be infatuated with baseball as she watches it over TV. But she laments she can’t do much physical stuff because her juice will run out fast. Kakeru wonders if she’s lonely being cooked up in home all day. So in school, Kakeru goes on all his fours and begs Najimi, surprising her and everyone else. In exchange he’ll do anything for her. (Un)fortunately it’s not some date idea Najimi thought (note her perverted face!). Kakeru wants her to use her rich family’s influence to get Melon as a transfer student. That night, Otoya and Airin pays another unauthorized visit to Kakeru by cutting open his door via chainsaw. So much for privacy. Anyway Otoya gets down to business explaining things and Akikan Elect, a battle between steel and aluminium Akikans. It seems in order to standardize raw materials and to cut down cost, the winner of that battle is necessary to see which type of can will continue to be in production. Besides, Otoya feels that steel and aluminium cans can’t co-exist because they hate each other. Otoya wants Kakeru and Melon to participate and when he brings up that incident 2 years ago, Kakeru gets upset and shoos them out and refuses to let Melon participate.
Next day, Melon makes her debut in Kakeru’s class as his cousin and seems to make friends with the other girls. They warn Melon about Kakeru’s pervertness and Kakeru takes this chance to retaliate by stripping and says which body part of his is weird! Later Najimi requests Kakeru to treat her at the cafeteria as part of his promise but that guy brought along Melon and Kochikaze as well, ruining her hopes of spending time alone with him. As usual, Melon’s jealousy has her kicking up a fuss as she runs away and hides in the cold storage. Kakeru tries to calm her down when Najimi comes in. As expected, the door closes, locking the trio in. Najimi starts to feel colder while Kakeru thinks he’s becoming cooler (Haha! Nice try, buddy). Melon learns the incident 2 years ago when Najimi was kidnapped by those who had a grudge against her dad’s company but Kakeru came to her rescue. Though he fired in self defence and the baddies got away with minor injuries, everyone else blamed him for being cruel. That’s why Najimi has always been grateful to him. Then of course an incident when they trip and fell on top of each other and Kakeru thinks it’s time to use his body warmth to warm things up. Fortunately Kochikaze and Gigolo open the door in the nick of time. Get ready for another kind of pain. As Kakeru and Melon chat while walking out of school, a loli Akikan is seen waiting at the school gates.
That Akikan is Budoko of a grape aluminium can and in episode 3, she confronts Melon. Viewers may find this Budoko between bratty and moe. She’s always trying to put up a fight against Melon but can never best her while her cute childish-like voice (or rather strange accent) is moe enough to turn otakus on. In order not to attract the attention of other students, the cans take their fight in some hall. Budoko is no match for Melon so she retreats but will be back another day. On their way home, Melon gets into a quarrel with Kakeru as she thinks he doesn’t understand her feelings and the happiness of Akikans and runs away. Later Najimi catches Kakeru in the act of trying to make a pass on a vending machine! Desperate or just crazy? She invites him to her home and to Kakeru’s horror, the place is messy like a pig sty. Unbelivable that a girl’s home is like that. Even Kakeru can beat her in this section of cleanliness. Kakeru takes a bath and the fantasy of Najimi wanting to do it with him nearly materialized till she says he could rinse himself clean. Kakeru comes out to find Kochikaze tickling and yuri teasing Najimi and Gigolo is here too. They’re here as a study group. But I think with this rowdy bunch, hardly any studying can be done. Especially if Kakeru and Kochikaze don’t get along. Another thing we learn is that Najimi gets easily drunk with the slightest slip of any carbonated drink! Dangerous. She’s thinking of taking out her inner desires on Kakeru but when Kochikaze volunteers, Najimi refuses, breaking her heart. Meanwhile Melon is wondering the streets alone and some guy wants to hit on her but he got a taste of melon pain instead. Later as drunk Najimi buys a sports drink called Yell from a nearby vending machine, she sips it and suddenly another Akikan appears. This Akikan, aptly named as Yell, is grateful to her Owner for bringing her to life but Najimi is devastated because her first kiss went to a girl rather than Kakeru. Damn.
Kakeru decides to go look for Najimi in episode 4 as he tells Gigolo to comfort Kochikaze’s bleeding heart (feeling the effects of being rejected, eh?). Hmm… feels like Gigolo has a crush on Kochikaze… At the same time, Melon and Yell met and chat, unaware of their identities. When Yell mention that she was being abandoned by her Owner, they both realized each other’s earring and got into defensive stance. Kakeru is outside the hallway and Najimi is still drunk and going through emotional flux and pesters Kakeru to go on a date with her till he gives in. Melon and Yell trade insults before taking their battle elsewhere. The next day, Najimi is back to her normal self (Kochikaze too back to her happy self and Gigolo being beaten and tied up) as she wonders if Kakeru remembers their date. He makes it tomorrow Sunday. Kakeru rushes back home and on the way Budoko spots him and wants to shoot him down with her grape ammo but is stopped by her kind Owner, Misaki Miyashita. Note how Budoko will always try to find and pick a fight with Melon. Either she dismisses her opponent isn’t Melon or something gets in her way. In short, she flops. Kakeru comes home to see Melon sitting dejectedly outside the door. She tells him about the other Akikan she met. The same time, Otoya and Airin come by and hand them a radar which is able to locate Akikans. Meanwhile as Kakeru does more research on Akikan Elect (he is thinking of some man’s erection?!), I don’t know how Yell ended up back in Najimi’s place but I guess she is sober now to accept things and hear her explanation. Najimi goes on a recce the places she and Kakeru will visit for their date. She also meets Budoko and Misaki during her outing. When she comes back, she is surprised to find Yell has tidy up her home. Yell wishes to stay by her side so Najimi takes in Yell as her maid this makes Yell very happy as she pledges to do anything for her.
In episode 5, Kakeru’s classmate is going to beat him up after finding out he spend the night at Najimi’s place and even has Kochikaze and Melon too. Kakeru warns them his defence system (whatever that is) will kick in but Melon beats him up, much to the guys’ happiness. Kakeru starts taunting Melon so she retaliates with a melon punch. Class starts and it seems Airin is their new maths teacher. Though she has teaching qualifications, she is also here to keep watch since there are 2 Akikan Owners in school (Kakeru and Melon still unaware Najimi has become an Akikan Owner). Because Kakeru wants to find out about the other Owner, he cancels his date with Najimi and surprisingly she understands and accepts. However their search using the radar leads them to hot schoolmate couples smooching in secluded areas. Is this a trend?! Sunday comes and Airin is following Kakeru and Melon (Airin trying to control her fetish for cute kittens? And Otoya back in his office admiring pics of young boys?!). Airin calls Najimi to tell her about the Akikan Elect but she refuses to listen so Airin wants her to come over to the place she wants to now. Kakeru and Melon’s outing include eating melon/honeydew fruit and melon bread. It’s like eating a part of herself, eh? Melon then suggests to ride the Ferris Wheel so that they could search better. She spots the baseball stadium and wants to go watch a baseball match. Najimi is waiting at the cafe but since Airin didn’t show up, she leaves. On her way, she passes the stadium and to her horror sees Kakeru with Melon. She starts thinking that this may be the reason why he cancelled their date. That night depressed Najimi does a Girlish on Yell and wants her to punish Kakeru. As Melon is having the time of her life at the stadium, Kakeru is sitting outside when Yell appears before him. Unable to forgive the guy who hurt her Owner, Yell uses her Isotonic Sword (an energy blade from her right hand) and slashes Kakeru in the stomach! OMG! He’s bleeding profusely!
Before Yell could finish off Kakeru in episode 6, Najimi appears in time and pleads to Yell not to do so. Kakeru realizes the Owner of this Akikan. Melon comes back and is devastated of what she sees and you can smell and epic battle coming up. Najimi apologizes but Melon tells her not to come near him. I can’t believe Kakeru can still say how he can’t die from such injury because he’s an immortal. Uh huh. He passes out. Immortals pass out too, right? Kakeru comes to back in his room and is bandaged by Melon and you can tell he’s back to normal with his garbage talk. Teary Najimi tells Yell they can’t be together. However they’re being interrupted by Melon who proposes a duel. As Kakeru finds Melon’s goodbye note, he rushes out but sees Najimi at the door. They reconcile when Kakeru clears up the misunderstanding that he and Melon was on a date. Though he admits he likes Melon, he also likes Najimi and views them as his important friends. As Melon and Yell duke it out in an empty baseball stadium, Kakeru calls Gigolo for help. He is riding his motorbike in his doggy pyjamas? So Kakeru takes over the bike with Najimi as his pillion and dumps Gigolo on the road side. Some friend. I’m not sure about his statement too: "You’re not just an extra. You’re the best extra". An insult or compliment? As Kakeru rides through the night traffic, the bike slipped on a banana peel (how cliche is that?). The next thing he knows, he finds Kochikaze using her witch powers to get him back on track! No wonder there’s an air of mystery around her. Melon and Yell are still fighting as Kakeru arrives in time to give them his passionate love lecture-cum-scolding. He even hits a homerun on Melon’s powerful blast! They reconcile as Kakeru tells Melon to hug him while Najimi wants Yell back with her. Meanwhile Airin tells Otoya that getting the Akikans to fight at their full potential was hard but he notes how Akikan Elect is just beginning. Kochikaze picks up Gigolo from the streets, giving him a little sense of happiness. Everyone goes to school together the next day.
In episode 7 while Kakeru continues to suggest perverted acts for Melon (gently scrub his sensitive parts?), Yell becomes a transfer student in their class. Yeah, another hot girl. The boys get even excited when Yell proclaims that she is Najimi’s maid. The other girls misinterpret that Yell may have some relationship with Kakeru so the other boys once again get jealous. Kakeru then tries to deny it all by making out with his chair! Gigolo tries to hit on Yell but she remembers him only by a different name. Jisuke-kun? Class starts and Airin has Kakeru solve a maths problem on the blackboard but cheeky Kakeru turn the tables on her by doing some SM Wooden Horse with his fingers to make Airin ‘stimulated and paralyzed’. Kochikaze steps in to defend all women from the hands of Kakeru and the duo nearly duke it out if not for Najimi. She gives Kakeru a resounding victory when she says Kakeru has always been with her and she won’t allow anyone to lay a finger on him. Heartbreak round 2. Later Airin goes to see Otoya, who has become the school’s doctor (horror!) and feels he has to observe the 2 Akikan Owners.
Later during PE, Kakeru teases Melon for being knowledgeable in baseball and lets her explain to the rest. Because of Kakeru’s explanation in one of the early episodes, Melon confidently tells the rest what Central League and Pacific League is. Due to the ambiguous words, Melon explains it as masturbation and boobs sex. Everyone is so stunned/embarrassed. When Melon finds out its true meaning from Kochikaze, it’s hell time for Kakeru. Then Melon takes on Yell in baseball and their match has them chasing each other outside the field and even destroying the baseball. Melon is going to use her blast as replacement but is stopped by Kakeru who tells Yell that she has deviated far from Najimi and what if something happens to her. Yell panics and rushes back. Thankfully she’s safe. Then it’s Kochikaze taking on Yell over Najimi. Kochikaze knows Yell’s weakness as she shake her boobs. You see, Yell is easily distracted with cute shaking things. And because of that, she lost but Najimi comforts her. At the end of school, Kakeru gets a call from Otoya still wanting him to participate in Akikan Elect. But Kakeru refuses and says he’ll destroy it and cuts him off. After school, Kakeru gets Melon her own handphone so that they could stay in contact since it would be impossible for Kakeru to be with her 24/7. Melon is happy and starts using the handphone even if they are close in distance.
Kakeru makes up to Najimi for their cancelled promise in episode 8 as they go to a water amusement park. Kakeru seems reluctant but he has to because he promised her, right? Yeah, Najimi sure is happy. Melon and Yell are hiding and spying on them as with Gigolo and Kochikaze. Otoya and Airin are there too but Otoya prefers not to do anything and let them be. Note his shiny swimming trunks. Blinding. As Najimi and Kakeru ride the slide tube, Yell feels depressed about Najimi and Kakeru to be together so Melon tries to cheer her up. The ride is scary and it seems Kakeru is the one holding on to Najimi (grabbing her by the boobs?). When they reach the end of the tube, they unknowingly hit Gigolo, who was trying to call Melon and Yell but Kochikaze threw her board at him for trying to make a pass. Then Gigolo meets Otoya and the latter wants the former to follow him to the men’s toilet. Oh no! I don’t know what he did but Gigolo must have felt very violated as seen running away with his pants nearly down! Najimi then wants to ride the Ferris Wheel. Yell tries to give chase but Melon hides themselves after seeing Budoko. I don’t know why but Budoko got scared and abandoned her mission when Yell comes up to her and tries to pat her head.
In the Ferris Wheel, Najimi does some drama talk and in the end confesses. She gets happy when Kakeru nods his head when she asks to be his girlfriend. Kochikaze and Gigolo are spying from another Ferris Wheel cart (Gigolo trying to hit on her and even confess but unsuccessful) when the cart shakes violently for a second, causing everyone to lose their balance. Which means Kakeru is in a kissing position so Najimi prepares herself. However to Najimi’s dismay, that guy is sleeping! All the while. How disappointing. Yell and Melon is surprised to see what’s happening so Yell jumps up there and causes another shake on the carriage. Melon takes her away before she can do anything. The shake on the carriage wakes Kakeru up and doesn’t remember a speech from Najimi so it’s understandable if she’s upset. It took her so long to sum up her courage and when the moment arrives, all for nothing. Melon reprimands Yell for trying to kill them. On the ground, Najimi forgives Kakeru since he repented. Kochikaze continues to spy while Gigolo is still daydreaming in the cart.
Melon’s handphone bill is giving Kakeru the shivers in episode 9 so Melon takes up a part time job to help pay it off. That job is as a waitress at a maid cafe run by a transvestite, Bunny Nankai. He may be a pondan but at least he’s not as bad as Otoya. To add further to Melon’s embarrassment, Kakeru brings the rest to patron the cafe. Control, control… Later, Yell talks to Najimi that she too wants to take a part time job. Najimi is against it since she is worried Yell will overwork and collapse. Plus, if there is something she wants, rich Najimi could always buy it for her. But Yell isn’t satisfied so that night she goes out and confronts 3 gangster-like guys. Next day, Najimi wonders why Yell isn’t around lately and is acting strange. Not until Kakeru informs that Yell approached him for advice on a good place to work. So what did Kakeru told Yell? "If it’s a night time job, then the best way is to use your body hard". Sounds like prostitution, eh? Najimi is devastated so they go searching and find her working at a construction site. So that’s what it was. Najimi scolds her for making everyone worry before running away in tears. Kakeru tells Melon to go after Yell while he himself will take care of Najimi. However Melon doesn’t seem happy. Kakeru manages to comfort Najimi at her home but when he returns, he is shocked to see Melon packing her stuff and moving out. She thinks Akikans who have lost their Owner’s trust, their lives are as good as over. Melon throws a tantrum and some stuff at Kakeru before running away. Kakeru picks up her handphone and realizes a lot of unsent mail to him about her loneliness. Meanwhile Najimi gets a delivery package from Yell (so fast?) and it’s a clock (earlier on, Najimi’s watch stopped). Najimi feels guilty and starts searching for Yell. Have we seen this scenario before? She finds her under a bridge and apologizes and before you know it, they both reconcile. Elsewhere, Kakeru finds Melon at a field and they chat over things while playing a little baseball catch. They also get back on good terms. Soon, everyone converges to celebrate Kochikaze’s birthday which falls on Halloween Day (she’s really a witch, eh?). Gigolo tries to give his present to her but Nankai is the one who picks it up and misinterpret. And Kakeru thinks he has such weird hobbies. Tsk tsk tsk…
If you want to know what Akikans do on their free time when their Owners are out, filler episode 10 takes a peek at it. Sort of. First up is Melon and she decides to do laundry after spilling some of her melon juice. She hangs the clothes out and even Kakeru’s underwear (though she didn’t wash them). It gets too hot so she takes a cool bath using ice cubes and melon cans. Is that supposed to be refreshing? Then it suddenly rains so Melon has a hard time taking in the clothes. They’re dripping wet when the freakish weather clears up and it’s sunny again. Kakeru comes home and thinks Melon is trying to seduce him (she’s wrapped in only a towel) so in her embarrassment she throws all the clothes at him. Next is Budoko. Her sleeping is so ‘unrefined’. She’s not only sleep talking but picking a fight with you know who in her dream. Her action speaks it. A stray cat comes in and messes with her hair but Budoko’s rowdy behaviour scares it. When she wakes up, she is horrified to see her messed up hair and thinks it’s that steel can’s doing. While cursing her, she fixes her hair but notices how cute if she straightens and lets it loose (OMG! She resembles Jun Watarase of Happiness!). She then wraps herself in a blanket and pretends to be a princess and gathers all the stuffed toys to make it look like Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. She hopes Misaki will come back soon. When Misaki comes back from shopping, she finds Budoko asleep again. Lastly, Yell cleans up Najimi’s messy place and after a shower and a drink (lots of Yell drink in the fridge), she does the laundry before looking up the meaning of her name in a dictionary. She goes outside and gives out a loud "MEOW"! After precisely cutting labels from snack packs, she hangs out the clothes but a dragonfly catches her attention. Yell starts chasing it but in the process wrecks the place. Back to square one. When the dragonfly is long gone and realizing it what has happened, she starts the cleaning process again. In the evening, as she takes in the clothes, she notices a group of cats waiting outside below (must’ve been attracted to her call earlier on). Yell is in the middle of cooking when Najimi comes back so she goes to greet her.
Episode 11 begins with Airin and Otoya being badly beaten up by the strongest Akikan (whom I shall refer to as Nameless) and their office place is being burned down. Next day, the class gets news that Airin is hospitalized and after school, Kakeru and Melon bumps into Misaki who is waiting at the gates. As they talk at the cafe, they learn that Misaki is saddened over Budoko’s disappearance and wonders if Melon did something to her since Budoko was always trying to pick a fight with her. Even if Budoko is her sworn enemy, Melon can’t help feel bad especially if Misaki is crying over her only friend. Back at Najimi’s place, Yell goes outside after fixing her dinner. She notices a presence and tells her to come out. Why, it’s Budoko. But she seems like under a spell. Budoko attacks Yell but is still no match for the latter. Najimi comes out looking for Yell but a rainbow blast is heading her way so Yell uses her body to protect her and says her gratitude. Najimi is horrified to see Yell in Nameless’s grasp. Thing is, Nameless does a Girlish on Yell as the latter disintegrates. As Kakeru and Melon are about to search for Budoko, Kakeru gets a call that Najimi is hospitalized. They rush over and also see Airin there. Airin explains this steel can is going on a rampage on any Akikan, whether it’s steel or aluminium. Since Nameless isn’t from their jurisdiction, they have insufficient data on her. After school as Melon sits alone by the river bank, a hypnotized Yell attacks her but is saved by Kakeru in time. Hypnotized Budoko joins in and Kakeru realizes that these 2 are imposters. Kakeru and Melon cooperate to beat the imposters when Nameless appears and sends them flying with her rainbow blast. She shows them her collection of defeated Akikans under her cape which includes Yell and Budoko. Melon fights back but is too weak. Nameless explains she is a mixed fruit Akikan and exhibits her special ability to absorb powers of other Akikans. Which means Nameless does a Girlish on Melon. Kakeru can only watch in horror as Melon disappears in front of him. Nameless then tosses the lifeless melon can back to Kakeru, who goes hysterical and lets loose his scream of frustration.
Kakeru wakes up in hospital in episode 12 and is being told by Airin of the latest developments. Kakeru says he has a confirm strategy to win so Airin takes Kakeru and Najimi to track down Nameless. While Otoya is seen picking up crying Misaki, Nameless is on her usual terror rounds. Airin manages to catch up with her riding a bike. Kakeru tries some horrible pick-up/teasing lines to annoy her so much so she veered off the road. Down in the valley, they confront Nameless and Kakeru’s sure-win strategy is to get down on his knees and beg for Melon’s return. Looks pathetic but it’s better than nothing. Nameless isn’t amused and steps on him while summoning a fake Melon to beat him up. Though Kakeru receives some painful end, before fake Melon could finish him off, she stopped and Nameless is surprised by this. Kakeru concludes that the Melon in her did this so from the bottom of his heart, he tells her to return and declares he loves her! It was enough for Melon to return to his melon can. While Nameless is reeling from this shock, Otoya appears and snatches Yell and Budoko’s can from her and tosses them to their respective Owners. With Otoya’s advice to reach out their feelings, they did the same as Yell and Budoko return to their cans. But Nameless isn’t going down yet. She summons other fake Akikans to rid them. The Owners do a Girlish and have their Akikans easily dispatch the fakes since they have no hearts thus any true powers. Then Melon, Yell and Budoko combine their powers to beat Nameless.
As Yell and Budoko are happily reunited with their Owners, Kakeru receives another painful melon blast when he teasingly forgets her name. Ah, everything back to normal. Everyone learns why Miku hates Akikans because she was abandoned by her Owner right after Girlish. Not only that, her Owner was a cat! It all happened when a little boy bought a can drink at the vending machine but got startled when the cat jumped on him after he opened the lit. That’s when the cat’s lips met with the can. While the boy runs away, Nameless appears to greet her new Owner (funny they weren’t in kissing position) but the cat got scared and ran away. Nameless felt she was abandoned but Najimi says it wasn’t so and that her Owner had just ran away. Nameless is still upset about her loss and is even pondering doing a 2nd round when Kakeru names her Miku from her mixed juice can. He then decides to be her Owner and wants to love her dearly. Even if he was joking (maybe not), he should at least realize about Melon and Najimi. Yeah, they’re not too happy if this guy adds another girl to his harem so they beat him up. Otoya hands Miku a photo of her cat Owner which suspiciously looked like the cat bumming on Kakeru’s roof. And off she goes looking for it. Ah well, at least she’ll be docile for now. With that over, Otoya now turns his attention to Kakeru (who is running away from Melon and Najimi’s wrath) and wants him to come into his arms, only to be hit away by Kakeru. Airin drags him away while everyone laughs. In the end, we see everyone living their normal lives as Gigolo tries to confess to Kochikaze but was interrupted and being stepped on by Miku chasing her Owner. Soon everyone gathers outside Kakeru’s home and that guy says how he loves them all.
So another fine ending for an okay series. Well nothing much to shout about if you ask me. If you are interested, the manga is still ongoing and my guess is that Kakeru will add more Akikans to his harem collection (seeing that he is an avid can collector too) and face other Akikan Owners as well. I have to admit that Kakeru is quite an amusing character because of his lines. I can never get enough of them. You could say that he is one of those few characters which I hoped he never stopped talking. But be warned never to use such words to pick-up girls. Use them at your own risk. But even with his cheeky nature, he still cares about those around him. Sometimes I find Melon annoying in the sense like as though she’s going through her girly period. I mean, because of her mood swings, she’s always putting up some jealous attitude, kicking up that kind of fuss and then running away. I know it’s hard to understand feelings of a can even if she’s a girl but she’s done it too many times so much so if I were Kakeru, I’d abandoned her. Sheesh. How heartless of me. Just kidding. Budoko to me emits lots of moe with her strange kiddie accent but other than that I find her bratty.
I was anticipating Kochikaze and Gigolo would play some part in the final episode but I guess they’re just playing extra roles, eh? I suppose they have nothing to do with the Akikans after all. Will Gigolo ever get Kochikaze to notice his love? The same answer goes to Najimi towards Kakeru. But we know for sure about Kochikaze’s affection for Najimi, right? So is that girl really a witch with powers? And I don’t want to make any comments on Otoya either. What happened to his initial plans of the Akikan Elect anyway? Maybe that’s before Miku came into the picture. What about Airin’s love for cute things? Ah, so many types of love in this series. Homo and hetero, but they’re still a form of love, right? Poor Airin could never get everyone to address her by her surname. I’m guilty as charge too. Sorry.
Kakeru is played by Jun Fukuyama and his exuberant and energetic voice is definitely fitting in this role. You can recognize him in other roles such as Kazuki in Busou Renkin, Lelouch in Code Geass and Kei in Special A. My favourite seiyuu Mamiko Noto does Yell and her unique trademark voice is still recognizable. Aoi Yuuki is also impressive as Budoko and if her voice sounds a little familiar it’s because she voiced another loli in another series called Kurenai as Murasaki. Other casts include Sayaka Narita as Melon (Mayu in Ai Yori Aoshi), Aki Toyosaki as Najimi (Yoshino of Minami-ke series), Megumi Toyoguchi as Airin (Kirino of Bamboo Blade), Ryotaro Okiayu as Otoya (Akio of Clannad, Tezuka of Prince Of Tennis), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Gigolo (Yoichi in Asu No Yoichi) and newbies such as Megumi Nakajima as Miku (love her weird cowgirl-like accent) and Aiko Oukubo as Kochikaze.
Oddly there are 2 opening themes with the 1st one being Miracle Plan Ga Dekichatta by Charmmy Queen and the 2nd one Juicy Extacy by Little Non. Though both opening credits animation remain the same. The one disturbing thing during the opening credits animation is that after we see the Owners do a Girlish, Otoya tries to do one towards viewers! Puckering up his lips is so hideous! Well, a series mainly targeted for male audiences and you know what that implies for Otoya, right? Although the ending theme is called Koisora Recycling, each of them are sung in different styles, tempo and beats. Anyway I find them all to sound weird. Especially a big chunk of them which is sung by Nomiko sounds like a little kid trying to sing but horribly fails. So out of tune though it’s intentional. Then I don’t know why each of the song name has featuring a name of a can drink like cola, ginger ale or oolong tea. I wonder what it is implication. Each of the song ends with the singer saying "Would you like something to drink?" while the main ending credits animation is usually Budoko skipping along with a cat till they reach a tree and sleep. Huh?
So people, even if this whole Akikan thing sounds far fetched in the real world, a word of advice is please treat them with respect, whether they are steel or aluminium. Cans have feelings too, you know. If you need an eco reason, yeah, recycle them. Do not mistreat them by having cheap thrills like playing kankeru (kick the can). Hmm… I’m trying real hard to come up with a joke between the word kankeru and Kakeru but I can’t think of it somehow. Probably that’s how the creator named their main protagonist, eh? But he doesn’t kick them. He keeps them. I’m also thinking the same thing how they named Najimi because ‘osana najimi’ means childhood friend in Japanese.
After watching this series, it made me wonder what kind of an Akikan would materialize from a 100 Plus can. I did drink lots of that isotonic drink before. How about Pepsi, 7 Up or even Coca Cola? I’m really curious what kind of Akikan would come out from a beer can! There are so many can drinks out there today, local and foreign, carbonated and natural juice. If only girls could easily materialize out of a can, that would be an otaku’s dream come true. Argh! I want to have an Akikan can harem collection of my own too! Perhaps an orange flavour or a strawberry one would do. Hmm… a coffee aroma isn’t too bad either. Damn! I just tried one and nothing happened. With today’s advancement in science and technology, such dream could become a reality soon. Yeah, I’ll keep dreaming. But at the same time hoping that all that isn’t just empty can talk.

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