Akkun To Kanojo

January 25, 2019

Tsundere is a Japanese specialty. Believe it. It is common to hear about girls in anime to be tsundere but how rare it is for a guy to be tsundere? Oh yeah. I bet we have a hard time naming one. Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist, Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile, Killua from Hunter x Hunter, Kyouya from Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji, Handa from Barakamon, Vegeta from Dragonball series… Okay, okay! You got me there. But I guess tsundere males are not as many as female ones who are as common as a dime a dozen. And now we can add another guy to this list, Akkun To Kanojo. Cute angelic girl puts up with the harsh tsundere treatments of her boyfriend. And you wonder why there are memes about girls always ditching the good ones and decide to go for crappy bad apples.

Episode 1
Non Katagiri likes Atsuhiro “Akkun” Kagari but the latter somewhat ‘hates’ her. He tells her to bug off and calls her ugly but she is still the happy girl she is. Akkun’s friend, Masago Matsuo wonders if Akkun should act like this because he knows Akkun likes Non. In fact, he is obsessed with her and even dating her! We see Akkun’s hypocrisy as he sneakily follows Non and takes photos of her, admiring how much an angel she is. But it’s back to the same tsundere act in class. She shows him a drawing in which he calls ugly (which I think it also is), but alone he is fawning how cute it is. While walking home together, she trips but Akkun quickly grabs her. He likes her scent and later calls Masago how to store it.

Episode 2
Masago asks Non if she should continue to hang out with Akkun since you know, he treats her somewhat badly. Non knows he doesn’t mean it and is kind to her at times. She finds it cute how he tries to hide his embarrassing side. While walking home, a cute look from Non has Akkun suddenly hugging her?! She calms him down by hugging him back. But for a few days he continues to ignore her and then all of a sudden he kisses her?! WTF. Now he has been absent from school for 5 days. Non shows us a graph chart on Akkun’s reaction. The more serious the reaction, the more he goes into ‘hiding’.

Episode 3
It isn’t just Akkun who likes Non. It is his sister too, Chiho. But unlike that tsundere guy, she is more upfront and vows to protect Non from him. We see how creepy Akkun can be because he knows how many times and how long Non chews her food! He then goes into Chiho’s room to search for pictures of Non. As they struggle for the picture, Non calls Chiho. It seems she was trying to call Akkun but his phone battery is out. He snatches the phone to talk to her but in his usual rude fashion. Also, Masago loves spending time in their place playing video games. Yup, he loves playing dating simulations and right now this 2D chick is his girlfriend. While the siblings fawn over the photo, Non suddenly shows up at their doorstep.

Episode 4
Akkun once thought of the many nicknames he should call Non. When he decided, he still couldn’t bring himself to call her that. But as for Non, she could easily call him Akkun and although he doesn’t like it upfront, in his heart he totally loves this cute sound. For some reason, Non’s mom gave Akkun a photo of Non. He plasters it on the wall and finds it lovely. And soon pictures of Non start spreading all over. No space? Put it on the ceiling! Personally I think if he had put the photos closer and leave no space, he could have put even more photos. Masago thinks the duo has never fought before but Non says the most she got was a scolding. She tried to enter his room once but was given this death stare. She thinks there are some things guys don’t want to let others see. And it’s not nude pinup models…

Episode 5
It’s raining and Non knows that Akkun won’t share an umbrella so she gives hers as she has a spare for herself. This has Akkun conflicted because since he gets to borrow her umbrella but couldn’t share one with her. Back home, the sibling rivalry over Non begins. Non wants to watch a horror movie. Chiho is the only one scared while Non is just smiling and comforting her and Akkun admiring how cute Non is. When Akkun and Non go to make coffee, Chiho has no one to rely on so she strangles Masago instead. Can’t she just stop the movie for a while? Akkun notices Non knows where the things are in his house and thinks they’re like a married couple. Too bad the coffee he makes turns out too strong a flavour.

Episode 6
We are introduced to Akkun and Chiho’s parents, Keita and Sakurako. While mom knows about Akkun and Non dating (and jokes about how she wouldn’t want to date such a tiresome guy), Keita doesn’t even know they’re dating! It’s been 4 years… We are also introduced to Non’s parents, Seiichirou and Tsugumi. While Tsugumi is nice, Seiichirou is so tsundere like a certain someone. No wonder Non is so patient. Does this think this is normal love? Yeah, no wonder Akkun is perfect! While both moms are friendly with each other, Keita admires Seiichirou and comes off as enthusiastically annoying. Seiichirou and Akkun look like they have a long death stare with each other but I’m not sure how they are telepathically communicating on how cute Non is. When Non wants to walk Akkun home and as usual he brushes her off, Seiichirou wants to tell him off he can’t say horrible things to his daughter. But Tsugumi remembers how Seiichirou was like that in his younger days. I don’t see any difference now either so why is he looking so shocked? Anyway he be nice to Akkun and hopes he would come again.

Episode 7
Takumi Kubomura scolds Konagi Irie for coming late to school. However she purposely does it because she is in love with him. Furthermore, she mistakes his detention for her as spending personal time with her and his admonishments are calls of love! She thinks Kubomura is the same tsundere as Akkun. Kubomura tolerates her because he wants to educate her. So he sees Akkun being rude to Non. He asks him about his feelings for her. Ultimate praises like she is an angel of God. No wonder Kubomura is so confused and frustrated. Konagi even suggests he puts himself in Non’s shoes to understand better. Guess what? He goes up to Akkun and wants him to say mean things like he did to Non! Oh sh*t. Gay moment?!

Episode 8
Non dislikes studying but decides to read aloud thinking it would help her memorize. It works better for Akkun since he could remember everything exactly what she says! Chiho finds it creepy but can Akkun concentrate? Yeah, he tends to notice all the cute and bad habits of Non when she is bored studying. Konagi has failed her test. However this is intentional. Even so, why is she unhappy? She discovered that Kubomura will not be the teacher of her remedial class. Plan backfired. Later Non suggests Akkun to go to the beach (plus all other synonyms of it) but Akkun isn’t interested claiming he is busy. Probably he saw her disappointed face so he just asks where they should go next for the holidays. The beach…

Episode 9
Chiho is not pleased Masago continues to play video games at her house. Suddenly he notes how cute she is. That is because she looks like the current 2D girl in the game she likes. Chiho’s kendo lessons greatly put to use… Chiho sends a death chain mail to Masago but he wonders if she always starts them since he always receives it from her. Because Akkun is busy stalking Non, Masago arrives at his place first and hence Chiho accidentally greeting him thinking he was her brother. So now she wants to kill him? Chiho returns home late one night after club practice. She got scared out of her wits when Masago unwittingly scares her like a horror movie. Now you really made her cry…

Episode 10
Beach episode. The reason Akkun doesn’t die of excessive nose bleeding from seeing Non’s cute swimsuit is because he has done lots of mental training. You know, cut out a picture of Non’s face and place it over a sexy bikini poster. I wonder how long he had to train before having it under control. Because Non has no strength blowing the inflatable, Akkun ‘offers’ to do it only because he wants to have an indirect kiss. Too bad Chiho brought a pump. Masago didn’t bring his game and hence his ‘girlfriend’ because his current lover is quite frail under the sun. At the end of the day, Non realizes she is a little tanned despite putting some lotion. This makes Akkun wonder if her skin will peel off if she is sunburned. He’s not serious, right?

Episode 11
Non in her yukata. An angel has arrived! At the festival, Non feels the need to hold his hand so as not to get lost. Akkun feels the same too but before they know it, the crowd swamps them apart. Luckily he manages to hold on to her hand. Yeah, that was a really experience if he ever loses his angel. Kubomura is on patrol here but Konagi bugs to join in (because having more people to patrol to cover more ground the better) despite her obvious plan to have fun with him. Akkun admires Non failing at goldfish scooping because she’s just too damn cute. She is glad to be able to see this side of his. Non gets drunk over ramune and starts hugging Konagi.

Episode 12
Chiho got separated from her friend and she certainly didn’t want to stumble into Masago. He tries to be nice to her and help find her friend but she treats everything he does with utter suspicion. Yeah, the candy apple is for you to eat not to smack his head! She is finally reunited with Yui Higano. Since this girl likes hot guys, she instantly falls in love at the sight of Masago. It’s going to get even awkward for Chiho. Meanwhile Akkun takes Non to a secluded spot at the top to watch the beautiful fireworks. Despite he tells her to shut up and just watch, she believes he must have done a lot of research for this.

Episode 13
Flashback on how Akkun and Non met. During elementary school at a rabbit shed, while Non was cleaning, the rabbit escaped. Akkun saw this and helped to get it back. Ever since, Non tried to impress him by doing various things but since she sucks, she comes off more as annoying. Although totally ignored, soon Akkun asked why she kept following him around. Because she wanted to be friends. It is not just the rabbit incident. You see, she observed him helping others and she came to discover his good points. So technically she was the stalker? The rest is history but now Akkun is the one who is the stalker.

Episode 14
It’s Halloween and Akkun has already bought lots of candies for Non. He is imagining her in some cute-cum-sexy-cum-scary outfit. So what is she dressed in? Just a plain ghost. Oh, so scary… She flicks his forehead as a trick thinking he would dodge but as a true masochist, he takes a direct hit. Masago is playing his Halloween themed dating sim. Chiho thinks he is trying to hint something and will not fall for it. But as she decides to tease him, Masago surprises her by giving her a sweet, throwing her off balance. She gets mad and he gets confused because he thought that is what she wanted.

Episode 15
Konagi shows Kubomura a romantic wall slam move from a manga. She wants this to be done to her but he only notes how well the manga is drawn. Oddly, Masago tests this move on Chiho but she feels very annoyed and not impressed about it. She heard Yui talking about this move and wanted Masago to do it on her. Feeling the cringe? As she continues to ponder what’s so nice about this move, Akkun explains he had one done on him by Non. Because of her short stature, they were awkwardly close. Non did it because she was concerned about him being sick and he didn’t want to go to the infirmary. Looks like his illness is going to take a little longer to heal now that he is so feverish about it.

Episode 16
Chiho is not pleased that Akkun shared his food with Masago. It’s not like she made bento for him. If that’s the case, she is going to make one for him and will make him regret eating it. First she makes it so girly and cute in hopes it will embarrassed him. Nope. He is so impressed and shows it to everyone. Next, she tries to find out what he doesn’t like to eat and despite cooking them, Masago notes it is easy to eat and she will make a good wife. With her plan backfired, she is going to kill him! But then she sees his scary sleeping face. And what’s this about mitochondria cell he is talking in his sleep?

Episode 17
With the rainstorm, I guess the Katagiri and Kagari families are stuck and having to sleepover in the latter’s home. Except for Seiichirou who is all alone in his own home. For some reason Masago is also here. Non and Akkun wash the dishes together and the close proximity has Akkun too conscious about it. They remember Sakurako often like to scare them when they sleepover. She still does. Some things don’t change. Keita gets worried when he sees Masago being friendly with Chiho. Maybe the moms get their kicks seeing him worry like that. Keita texts to Seiichirou for help and the latter is so glad he didn’t go over.

Episode 18
It’s Christmas. That reindeer mascot suddenly moving eagerly up to Kubomura could only mean it is Konagi underneath it. He gives her motivation to do her best and her ecstatic reaction is freaking the kids out. Reindeers don’t do that… For some reason Masago follows Chiho during her Christmas errand. Noticing he is cold, she lends her handkerchief, though she notes she forgot to write a death wish on it. Chiho and Akkun have a telepathic showdown that they are the ones who will be spending Christmas night with Non. Masago question’s Akkun’s scarf present to Non. Originally he had a more ‘romantic’ idea by sneaking in as a Santa. But then he was caught by the police and the interrogation was hell.

Episode 19
New Year’s Day. The usual pray at the shrine and Akkun won’t tell his wish despite Non asking but we all know what it is. Chiho’s wish sounds more like a curse for Masago never to come over anymore. As they get their luck read, Akkun doesn’t believe it as it is just randomness on a piece of paper. But then he thank heavens when Non shows her great luck. Oh, Akkun got the worst luck. Akkun tries to force a dream of Non on New Year. But despite covering himself with a blanket of Non’s montage (as well as his surroundings) and listening to Non’s unlimited humming track, his angel never appeared. No such luck. It’s amazing he managed to sleep with all that distraction. Later when Non says Akkun showed up in her dream first and it made her happy, what’s this Akkun suddenly takes her hand?! Is this a dream?!

Episode 20
Akkun’s class is cleaning up the streets. Konagi thinks she could receive Kubomura’s hand in marriage as reward if she does well. With Akkun continue to act like he does with Non, Masago advises he should properly talk to her. Akkun misinterprets that as exposing everything and go die. Later when Masago bumps into Chiho, her friends are ecstatic thinking he is her boyfriend. No matter how much Chiho denies, they keep thinking he is her boyfriend. Finally she manages to tell Masago’s true relationship: He is the enemy of mankind! WTF?

Episode 21
Konagi got separated from her friend and stumbled into this school. That is how she met Kubomura and fell in love with him at first sight. She may bug him a lot but at least she can pride herself that she doesn’t stalk him like a certain someone… When Kubomura is watering the plants, Konagi also wants to be watered to grow big! I don’t think decorating herself with plants would do the trick. She runs through the hose spray anyway and gets soaked. Kubomura quickly throws his jersey over her to cover up. Happy Konagi thanks him with love.

Episode 22
For once Chiho is glad Matsuo came over. There’s a cockroach scurrying around! He takes care of it and Chiho must be in a dilemma whether to be her usual tsundere to him. Eventually she has to and equates him the same as a cockroach. Later as they talk about their future dreams, Chiho takes the liberty to suggest Masago will be a freeloader and scammer. He has good looks and can deceive women but they will eventually leave him and leave him in despair hell. However Masago takes it as a compliment and this really throws Chiho off. It makes her start thinking there is something wrong with her. All she just wants is to diss him but keeps messing up. I think we all know what’s wrong with her. Especially her heart…

Episode 23
A onion plushie has Akkun and Non remember a time when Akkun was sick and skipped school so Non came by his place to take care of him. When his fever worsened, she wanted to go get the towel but he wouldn’t let her. He ranted how she is clumsy and poked her nose in affairs of others. He would feel bad if he got her sick so he wanted her to go home. Because there are lots of things he still wants to say to her like I love you. Is that his sickness talking? Non replied she loves him too and hoped for him to get better. Non views this plushie as their cupid while Akkun hopes one day he could say those words while looking at her.

Episode 24
Non borrowed her dad’s camera and hopes to film some memories but of course Akkun is not interested. Akkun then hears Konagi’s question to Non on why she doesn’t addressed Akkun by his first name. She wants to actually. So while the rest are filming around, Non realizes Akkun isn’t around and goes to look for him. Why is Akkun practising (and stuttering) calling Non’s first name in public and her picture on the wall?! Couldn’t he have done it in at least a room?! Because of that Non finds him so he desperately tries to hide. But then I guess there is only so much a girl can take when Akkun tells her how her constant pestering makes him hate her. Non cries!!! OMFG! This angelic girl cried?! That’s it Akkun! Although Non recovered and brushed off the whole thing, Masago luckily stopped Akkun from committing seppuku. Damn he should have let him. In his repentance, he is able to correctly say Non’s first name.

Episode 25
Well yeah, everyone’s watching and having a good time laughing at those camera moments. Like Konagi still insisting she is Kubomura’s wife. There might be some hope because he said he hasn’t rejected her entirely. We also see Akkun and Non’s parents with Keita panicking while Seiichirou, uh, glowing? Then there’s Chiho being tsundere thinking she needs to say something to Masago instead of the camera. She thinks she got her revenge by filming him playing a dating simulation but all the other girls start swooning over how handsome he is. And finally it is Akkun. Seriously they filmed it in his room with all of Non’s posters on the wall so obviously visible? Anyway he is trying hard to say Non’s first name but accidentally ends up saying puns like non-verbal communication, non-pre-emptive multitasking and non-activist. NOOO!!!! Yeah, that one too. Before the film shows if he succeeded in saying her name (I can’t believe he is just having trouble with just 1 stinking syllable), here comes Akkun ‘flying’ into the room to properly say her name. Hooray! And what’s this?! He wants her to continue to be in her care? Whatever. Last episode. Let’s get all the emotions out. Non is so happy that she hugs him and says I love you. You better treat your angel much better from now on.

I Hate U, I Love U
Wait a minute. Is Akkun giving up his tsundere personality for a happy ending? Could Akkun just be sick and he is just acting up? If that is true, it sure is hard to believe that for a lifelong tsundere guy like him to suddenly change for the better just after one ‘traumatic’ incident. Oh well. I guess many of us would undergo such change. So in the case of Akkun making Non cry was sure a wakeup call. But yeah, we don’t know if it was all in the spur of the moment and he’ll be back to the tsundere Akkun we all know the next minute because you know, a leopard doesn’t change its spots and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Gee, it would have been such an interesting conspiracy to think if Non being nice to him was some sort of brainwashing and conditioning for him to finally change and confess! Yikes! I’ll leave this dark conspiracy to the darkest corners of the internet…

Sad to say that idea of seeing a tsundere guy gets really old and boring way too fast for me. At the end of the first episode, I could already feel that I was going to be in for a long dreary ride. The idea of watching Akkun being cold and harsh upfront with Non but then goes into this squealing admiring Non-is-an-angel-cum-goddess mode behind her back, seems fun at the first thought. However at the end of that very first episode it got me thinking that if this is going to be the basis and staple of this series, it is indeed going to be draggy. And that it was I feared I found the rest of the episodes to be. Amazingly I managed to stick around and finish this double cour series. Thank goodness for the 3.5 minutes duration of each episode, eh?

One of the ‘problems’ I find this series to be utterly annoying is of course what supposedly is the ‘charm’ of the series: Don’t wait for it, it’s Akkun’s tsundere behaviour. Mostly guys like this are labelled a dick or just moody and grumpy but because we get to see his secret tsun-tsun side, we now get to label him as tsundere. I guess it must be the double standards of society we live in. Because we see Akkun being a tsundere and the way he treats Non harshly, many of use can’t help feel like we want to punch this guy in his face. Although treating your crush like trash is somewhat ‘normal’ and part and parcel in many relationships, but seeing a guy treat a girl like that would definitely have others mark him as the number 1 enemy of women in their books. Remember, to outsiders, we don’t know Akkun fawns all over Non. Hence from an outsider’s perspective, Akkun is a jerk. A big jerk.

However if you reverse the gender roles, it becomes acceptable. If Akkun was a girl or if Non was the one who is tsundere, nobody would bat an eyelid. Nobody would find it the least annoying unless that female character has very obvious b*tch-like personality. In fact, many of us would even start thinking how super cute is the tsundere girl and accept without question how trashy she treats her man. Just as long as she maintains her cuteness while in tsundere mode, everything is fine. But not the other way round. If a guy does this, we just want to beat the sh*t out of him. So do you not see the double standards that we have in society? Of course we can all say that this is just anime and that in my opening paragraph that I have mentioned a few popular male tsundere names. But I don’t think Akkun is going to be mainstream popular tsundere like those other tsundere guys. He will most likely be cast off as just an annoying dick jerk.

Hence that is why I believe why we have Chiho as the tsundere seems not to raise any questions the way she ‘mistreats’ Masago. In fact, it is sad that I find Chiho-Masago relationship a lot more interesting to watch than Akkun-Non. Somehow I prefer the traditional female tsundere role. Chiho’s reprimanding of Masago comes off as cute unlike Akkun who instantly is cast off as annoying. They’re the same but see what difference it makes when the gender is switched? Does being tsundere run in the family genes? Okay, I admit, sometimes if girls going overboard with the stalker thingy can be annoying and scary too. See Momokuri to know what I mean.

So as we can see the tsundere siblings, you wonder why Non and Masago continue to put up with their patient act. Yeah, patience is pretty much the keyword for any relationship to survive. I believe that Non knows that Akkun likes her the fawning and creepy way behind her back and that being tsundere is his way of showing his love to her (aside from the fact he helps her out many times). I mean, love can exist in many forms and as long as she is happy and not crying, it’s alright, right? Unless Non is some sort of masochist who lives each day to hear Akkun’s harsh words. Man, that would be the greatest twist in the story that I never see coming.

Probably Akkun gets his kicks from admiring and worshipping his angel behind closed doors and having everyone know except Non (oh, you think Akkun’s parents never walked into his room once and see all those creepy Non posters?). That is why I believe Akkun doesn’t want to stop his tsundere and stalker act. I don’t think he is the kind of guy who thinks Non will hate him if she knew about his unhealthy poster collection (which I think she does). It’s not like their relationship would change if Akkun became a better guy, right? Maybe. But like in so many animes I’ve watched, the status quo is always better. That is why Akkun continues to be a jerk (probably to maintain the image and first impression since their first meeting) and Non continues to put up with all this crap (because she knows he doesn’t mean all uggo name calling). But still as shown, Non is still human and a girl deep down and don’t go too far with the harshness. Even angels sometimes cry, you know. Instead she doesn’t fight back and returns with more smiles. Because it won’t make things better if she too starts acting up. That way, Akkun is that ‘bad guy’, right? But remember, Non was the original stalker so was it her who indirectly passed the stalking personality to him?

It would be just boring if each episode was about Akkun and Non. That’s why the other characters do provide a little variety and distraction. Like Chiho seemed like she was in the running to be Non’s lover is now so much a contender to be Masago’s lover. I mean, she still loves Non and wants to be with her but this seems to be getting lesser as more of Chiho’s tsundere attitude towards Masago is displayed. So the logic is that if you stick around a girl long enough, don’t show your angry side but your patient side, watch her slowly turn into a tsundere and fall for you? Seems to be looking a lot like that. I wonder if Masago playing video games at their house is just some sort of subliminal message for Chiho to notice him. You know, jealous of him dating 2D girls, might as well go cause a scene. Yeah, Masago might be that sneaky dude trying to snitch Akkun’s sister… You sneaky bastard… Man, could have been a plot twist I never see coming too.

Konagi and Kubomura feel like a distraction because sometimes when we get tired of complicated tsundere love antics, we see this student-teacher one anyway. Dumb girl tries hard to make her teacher fall for her but teacher trying to uphold the values of being a teacher and good job at resisting the charms of a young wild one. But still, it’s not like he totally rejected her and with that tiny bit of hope, the reason why she continues to get shamelessly flirty with him. I bet she won’t care if the whole world knows about it or she purposely lets the globe know but I’ll bet it will be a different story if they are celebrities. Now nobody cares and just ignores their frolicking. Note: I don’t like Konagi’s new look where she cut her hair short in the final episode. Period. Akkun and Non’s parents also provide some little distraction with the moms being the nice moms and the guys having contrasting personality with Keita looking more like the dumb insecure dad and Seiichirou the serious but tsundere. Again why is it that women find strange men so attractive? Imagine if Akkun and Non really got married, it would be one of the most dysfunctional families ever.

Art and drawing are pretty okay. Everything is cute, everything is bright and vivid so nothing to complain about. This anime was made by Yumeta Company who did La Corda D’oro, the Angelique series and Harukanaru Toki No Naka De series. The voice acting casts are Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Akkun (Tou in Dagashi Kashi), Ayaka Suwa as Non (Ikumi in Jinsei), Arisa Kouri as Chiho, Keisuke Ueda as Masago (Heine in Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine), Hikaru Kayou as Konagi, Wataru Hatano as Kubomura (Gajeel in Fairy Tail) and Arisa Nakada as Yui Iori in Tachibanakan To Lie Angle. I very much prefer the first opening theme, Koi No Balloon by Haruna Ooshima compared to the second one, We Pace also by Haruna Ooshima but featuring Ebisu Coffret because even though the former sounds more like generic anime pop, I find the latter’s hard rock style just to be a lot unsuitable. Yeah, excuse it sounds deafening to my ears.

To be honest, this isn’t entirely a bad anime per se as there are some funny and sweet romantic moments enough for a few milliseconds of chuckle and heart going ~kyun. Too bad with Akkun’s overall imposing tsundere attitude of ‘mistreating’ Non just because she is a nice girl who doesn’t fight back and his creepy stalker ways (it’s amazing the police hasn’t caught him yet), it just makes this series to be remembered as something a lot more annoying. As long as the abusiveness remains playful, everything is alright. I think. But I still want to punch Akkun for being an annoying jerk.

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