Humans have longed dream of creating the ultimate artificial life. The kind of robots that not only look and move exactly like humans but also with their own thinking and emotions. This goes way back even to the 60’s and 70’s and perhaps even at the turn of the 19th century. Though the technology towards that goal is now progressing at a reasonable rate (I could be wrong, though) back during the 90’s such dreams are only made possible in movies or cartoons. Hence, one of the many early animes that deal with such themes about a very life-like robot living among us ordinary citizens is All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku or as it is known in its original Japanese name, Bannou Bunka Neko Musume Nuku Nuku.

The titular character may look like an ordinary school girl but underneath that exterior, she is unlike us all. She is a robot. To top it all, she is also part feline. Yes, a cat. Well, let’s just say that even though humans are able to make the most scientific hi-tech robot at that time, they still needed that extra spark to bring machines to life. Otherwise it would just be another ordinary machine. I suppose that is what differentiates between us and machines: A heart. As our cat girl tries to go about and understand the ordinary lives in society, she has to also fend off attacks from a large company that produces military hardware and weapons who are adamant in claiming her body. When you’ve put so much research, money, time and effort into a project and the results are way above expectations, you’re not going to let it go just like that, right?

But don’t worry. I have the ‘honour’ of watching all 3 different seasons of this series so it isn’t really all that grim and dirty as this series is mainly action and comedy oriented, the main reason why I decided to watch this ‘old’ anime. As I read, the battles in some episodes that involve Nuku Nuku and her adversaries are amusingly larger than life fights. That spells epic chaos for Maneki City, the city she lives in, right? Ah, what utter destruction could high end robots and technology do to a city? I wonder if the cost of repairing the damage is more than the cost invested in such weapons.


Episode 1
During Christmas as Ryunosuke Natsume takes a piss in the alley, he spots a stray cat and brings it back to his dad, Kyusaku. However he tells him they can’t bring anybody else along because they are fugitives. Kyusaku has to start putting the pedal to the metal since his pursuers in the helicopter have caught up. The dangerous high speed chase ends with Kyusaku crashing his car into the car dump. Good thing with all the junk, he can camouflage. Bad news: The helicopter pilot, Arisa starts shooting away! Feels good, huh? She reports back to Madam Akiko about Kyusaku getting away. Akiko orders them to return to base as there will be many more chances to catch them. And she looks hell bent in wanting to ring this Kyusaku guy in. Kyusaku gets out from the wreckage but Ryunosuke is crying. That’s because the stray cat got hit by the bullets and is dead. Kyusaku promises to do something and give him the best Christmas gift. Next scene, we see Nuku Nuku living together with Ryunosuke and Kyusaku. We know she’s not an ordinary girl because she doesn’t feel pain when Kyusaku accidentally puts out his cigarette on her palm (she had to feign pain – the scream can be deafening) and since this is her first day at high school, she peddles her bicycle with full power. Ryunosuke had to put up with dad’s driving, now he’s going through hell again with Nuku Nuku’s riding. Can’t blame him if he has a heart attack even though he’s just a kid. Remember people, don’t ride recklessly like her. Ryunosuke has to part ways with her since he is in elementary school but he relays the good news that Kyusaku will be her homeroom teacher. Meanwhile Akiko is tearfully watching a video of Kyusaku leaving the family’s company, Mishima Heavy Industries and also left after marrying into the family. Something about he disagreed of grandpa’s idea of using his android idea for his own use despite being generously granted his own lab and research funds. He took Ryunosuke with him and promised to look after his education. It has been a year since. Doesn’t she get tired of watching this rerun over and over again? Well, she really dotes on Ryunosuke and vows to save him from his hard time and loneliness. Kyouko comes in to report that she has footage from Arisa that has Ryunosuke in it. Want to bet Akiko wants to watch it? Akiko sees Nuku Nuku and instantly recognizes it as Android NK 1124. Otherwise, how could one explain such a burst of power while cycling through the streets? She even curses Kyusaku for turning this android into his perfect girl of his dreams. Thinking this video must show where Ryunosuke schools, she has her subordinates locate them and allows them to use Poison One (the helicopter).

Nuku Nuku is sure popular with the boys in class and she doesn’t mind. Kyusaku does. Hell! Pay attention to his lessons, you dimwits! Kyusaku hears a familiar copter sound and knows who is coming. He turns the class into self study and signals Nuku Nuku to go into action. Nuku Nuku greets Poison One on the roof but Arisa goes trigger happy and fires her missiles! Take out her stress load?! By firing missiles into Ryunosuke’s class?! WTF?! Thank God they’re just imitations. No wonder it didn’t explode when it crashed into the teacher and students. Nuku Nuku climbs on board but Poison One flies high and drops her. She crashes down into a pile of logs. Ryunosuke and Kyusaku arrive on scene to see the devastation so Kyouko tells them to come back with them nice and quiet. Suddenly Nuku Nuku emerges from the rubble and throws a log into Poison One. There goes the helicopter. Arisa is still alive and kicking thanks to the power suit she is wearing. Though she lifts the log away and fires back, she is still no match for Nuku Nuku’s speed, agility and strength as she completely takes her out with a German suplex. So much for the power suit too. Kyusaku has the ladies relay a message back to Akiko. They’re not going to run anymore and can come and visit them whenever they’re ready. Kyouko and Arisa report to Akiko about their failure and the need to improve the mechanisms of the power suits due to the weak compensating system that sends shock directly to the user’s body (Arisa is injured due to it). However Akiko says that grandpa wasn’t pleased that they used Poison One without his permission despite she was the one authorizing its use. Now the duo are going to face his severe wrath. As extra bonus, she orders them to continue watching Ryunosuke and Kyusaku on her behalf. That’s just mean! Nuku Nuku and Ryunosuke might be having Kyusaku’s burnt-to-a-crisp fish for dinner but hey, at least they’re a happy family.

Episode 2
Ryunosuke’s friend, Yoshimi Hagiwara tags along with Ryunosuke and Atsuko (Nuku Nuku’s alias) to the beach for the summer. Since Kyusaku is too busy, he can’t come and this means they can’t take a car ride. How? Bicycle. Oh no. Hold on to your horses. Kyusaku gets an earful from Akiko for letting her son going to the filthy beach filled with all that cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation crap thingy. Kyusaku assures Nuku Nuku is with her and will be entirely safe. Akiko agrees to it but if a tiny scratch befalls on her son, he must revert the guardianship back to her. No 2 ways about it. Arisa and Kyouko thought it was a ploy to get Ryunosuke back because all they need to do is head down to the beach and put a little scratch on the kid. Akiko chides them for such an idea because she will NEVER hurt Ryunosuke. She’s going to the beach. And on the double or they’ll not get this month’s bonus! Nuku Nuku first arrives at the house of Shinjo, Yoshimi’s uncle. Looks like he is smitten with Nuku Nuku and quickly tidies himself up before bringing them to the beach. While the kids have fun in the sea, Shinjo suggests rubbing oil lotion on Nuku Nuku. Guess what? Oil, right? She drink it! Another baffling moment for Shinjo is that she is walking on the hot sands barefoot like as though it’s nothing! Nuku Nuku goes off for a swim but sinks like a hammer! And you thought Kyusaku perfected this robot, eh? At least she doesn’t short circuit as a machine. Akiko watches Nuku Nuku sink and realizes this ‘bonus’ because now she knows her weakness and plans to use Yoshimi to lure Ryunosuke back. I don’t know this brain wash machine they used on Yoshimi because it seems they are influencing her dream whereby Akiko is willing to lavish her with a luxury liner if she becomes her future daughter-in-law. The effect is that Yoshimi is hypnotized under their control when she wakes up. Next morning, Ryunosuke and Nuku Nuku go in search for missing Yoshimi. Then they spot a familiar cabin cruiser that belongs to Akiko and Yoshimi is on board. Kyouko goes to fetch Ryunosuke and he obviously thinks they are unscrupulous to use Yoshimi as hostage. Kyouko disagrees and says that she agrees to it on her own will and can come to ascertain it himself. Ryunosuke agrees to go but Nuku Nuku is made to keep a robo octopus piloted by Arisa company. It’s odd that if Nuku Nuku can’t break out from its grasp, it took a Land Rover driven by Kyusaku and Shinjo to put it out of commission. Kyusaku had a hunch this would happen and solves her sinking problem with a swimming gear. Flippers and bikini top? That’s all it takes to let her stay afloat?

Akiko is delighted to be reunited with her son but Ryunosuke is not amused. He wants Yoshimi released and calls her a liar that she wants to stay. Then he hears himself from Yoshimi’s own mouth how she wants to stay (obviously still hypnotized). Nuku Nuku is about to reach the cruiser but Arisa’s machine revives and pulls her down. She is going to let the water pressure crush her. Nuku Nuku starts banging her head on the window to crack it. Yeah, after all that tough metal, the makers never thought of making a tough window, eh? When they both resurface, they resume their fight but Nuku Nuku swings the octopus too hard and sends it flying towards the cruiser. It bugs me why Akiko didn’t run but just stood there like a stone watching the octopus falling closer. It took the bravery of her son to push her out of harm’s way. If that’s not enough, she is holding on to his hand while the poor kid hangs on. He’s hanging on to a sharp metal piece and is bleeding, you know. If she really cared for her son, she should have just released herself and drop down instead of seeing him in pain and bleeding. Ryunosuke can’t hold on and lets go but thankfully Nuku Nuku grabs him. Everyone manages to safely get back ashore as the cruiser sinks. After bandaging Ryunosuke’s hands, Kyouko and Arisa are going to take the kid back since Kyusaku lost the bet. A struggle ensues but Akiko for once shows she’s not a selfish b*tch because she admits he was hurt while saving her so this doesn’t count. However this doesn’t mean she has given up yet and will not hesitate to snatch him back if something really happens. Akiko and her goons leave and the immature ones on both sides trade funny faces with each other.

Episode 3
Don’t be alarmed if you think you’re watching a horror movie courtesy of Akiko’s blood curling scream. It’s just that she has no guts in cutting the fish. But more importantly, why is Ryunosuke and co living together with Akiko?! Flashback reveals Nuku Nuku went to meet with Akiko. She tells of Ryunosuke’s dream to have his parents make up and live together as a family. However it comes with conditions. Akiko has to be an old fashioned mother by being gentle, kind, do all the household chores herself and mustn’t disobey her husband. Of course Akiko will not accept such a deal but when it boils down to Ryunosuke’s dream, she is going to put aside her pride and accept it. Ironically, an android taught her how to be human. And so the trio start living in Akiko’s mansion and with Akiko’s first hand at cooking, let’s say Kyusaku had to tell her that cooking IS NOT equivalent to murder! He’s telling her off while she just tolerates everything. Isn’t this humiliating? Though Ryunosuke is willing to give mama a chance, however the delicious meal that he tastes is actually made by Nuku Nuku. Naturally, when she’s alone, she takes out her frustration by throwing wine glasses! I guess she’s rich enough to waste them. Arisa can’t bear to see her like this and shows her a robot that has analyzed Nuku Nuku’s abilities. She’ll crush her now if she orders. However Akiko goes off to wash clothes instead. Meanwhile grandpa seems to take a liking for Ryunosuke too. He likes being called Great Grandpa by him and even wants to play some shooting game with robots with him. But Ryunosuke wants to go parasailing and despite the old fart doesn’t know what the heck it is, he agrees. So much fun, eh? Nuku Nuku sees Akiko’s depressed expression like as though she’s been left out. Akiko returns to washing the clothes. Nuku Nuku laments to Kyusaku how Akiko has been working all the time and had no time to play with Ryunosuke. He replies that this is a test for her. For someone who is arrogant and selfish, if she passes this and sacrifices herself by doing things for others, it shows that she has matured. This is his love for her.

Arisa couldn’t tolerate Akiko throwing away her pride anymore. So she leaves on a journey and a message for her. In the end note, she tells her how nothing has changed because she is so busy as a housewife she will eventually never be with Ryunosuke, which is simply the same as when they’re living apart. This opened her eyes. Now she’s one pissed woman. She crashes into Nuku Nuku and Ryunosuke’s basketball game with the new robot and is going to kill the android and her maker for making fun of her. Ryunosuke stands in between them and wants mama to stop. Although she couldn’t spend time with him, her cooking is getting better, the room he slept in felt cosy and the clothes she washed smelt good. If she’s going to throw away all that and kill Nuku Nuku who made this possible, then she hates her. Akiko is shocked by his words and admits that even though she doesn’t want him to hate her, she doesn’t want to kill herself to be loved by him. She will love him her own way. That is, she’ll fight Nuku Nuku and Kyusaku for his love. So begins the tremendous amount of destruction that Akiko is doing to her mansion just to kill Nuku Nuku. I think she almost fired her blast into the room where Kyusaku was in. Escaped in the nick of time. Nuku Nuku won’t fight back because she doesn’t want to hurt her. Kyusaku arrives on scene with a newly made weapon for Nuku Nuku to use against Akiko. However she doesn’t want to. So Kyusaku uses a chibi doll of Nuku Nuku to fire it. It’s so powerful that it annihilates the entire mansion! What kind of a weapon of mass destruction did he make???!!! But everyone is still alive because as mentioned, it only destroys inorganic things so humans are unaffected by the blast. Akiko continues to chase after Kyusaku. Nuku Nuku wants to stop them but Ryunosuke tells her to take a closer look. Seems they are happily chasing each other! Love is indeed complicated. When life returns to normal, it means they’re living apart again. Back to the poor but happy life. This also means Akiko hasn’t given up in using force to take Ryunosuke away. Doesn’t she get bored of this routine?

Episode 4
Nuku Nuku recently feels ‘free’ because Akiko hasn’t been pursuing them with her robots lately. Ryunosuke hopes Nuku Nuku could get his parents to get along tomorrow since he wants to invite mom over for Mother’s Day. Suddenly a plane crashes nearby. They go check it out and realize its maker is Mishima. The pilot is a little girl, Eimi Yoshikawa who pleads to help her since her life is being targeted. They hide her from the pursuing copter before leaving. They bring her back to Kyusaku and he doesn’t remember who she is. Maybe he’s been up for 5 straight days… Anyway she is the granddaughter of Kyusaku’s professor. He died last year in an explosion when one of his experiments failed. When Kyusaku left Mishima, her grandpa was hired to continue his job but failed to make a stable robot. Eimi was then tortured in an S&M way by Akiko because she thinks grandpa had told her its secrets. Recently she managed to escape when they’re not watching. Kyusaku gets all fired up to teach Akiko a lesson and shows Eimi some yet-to-be-completed device that will defeat anything that Mishima throws at them. Since he will be up all night completing the device, he wants Nuku Nuku to protect her. Maybe he should just go to sleep. Later I guess having the grownups reconcile isn’t possible by tomorrow. Eimi apologizes to Ryunosuke for badmouthing his parents but feel envy. Her own parents died 3 years ago in another failed experiment explosion. Seems everyone in her generation is doomed to die via explosion. Is it no wonder she’s afraid of dying in such a way? Suddenly she has a change in tone. She asks Ryunosuke if Kyusaku will be building more robots. Will that happen if he got back with Akiko? Then she wants to know where Kyusaku’s masterpiece android NK 1124 is but is surprised that it turns out to be Nuku Nuku. Eimi wants to go to the public bath with her. Eimi seems to be ‘examining’ every inch of Nuku Nuku’s body but the perverted guys on the other side of the wall hear and imagine things in a different light…

That night when everyone is asleep, Eimi searches through Kyusaku’s computer but didn’t find anything valuable. She accidentally connects to Akiko who is surprised to see her at Kyusaku’s place. She lies Nuku Nuku kidnapped her but refuses her rescue. Eimi is surprised to see Nuku Nuku behind and bluffs again she wanted to go to the toilet. In her haste, she rips her pants and this reveals a Mishima android serial number, SNK 98. Now that her identity is out, Eimi wastes no time to admit she is an android from Mishima. However she has a fatal defect and that she overheats and explodes in a prolonged battle. She wants Nuku Nuku’s body, the reason why she was trying to find her off switch at the public bath. Unfortunately she was wasting her breath since Nuku Nuku fell asleep! Attempts to retell everything was for naught so Eimi blows her top and fires her beam. Amazingly the guys can sleep through this. Eimi pretends to pass out so that she could stick Kyusaku’s device onto her (it restricts her power and movements). So by the time the guys wake up, Eimi has already taken Nuku Nuku into the sky. Akiko arrives a moment too late so Kyusaku gets into her car and chase them. Akiko reveals the real Eimi died 3 years ago with her parents and her grandpa created this android in her image. Because of her overheating flaw, she needs to retrieve her before she explodes in the city and her company loses credibility. Kyusaku is relieved that this is the substandard thingy Akiko was referring too and says that even Nuku Nuku has little defects like this. Nuku Nuku and Eimi battle it in the sky. They are also causing mayhem in the city! Crashing into almost every building in their path! Including Arisa and Kyouko who are on leave because they are injured. Arisa even quipped they should’ve got even more seriously injured to get more days off when the androids crash through! She should have kept her big mouth shut. The battle reaches its climax when they crash down and cause a huge crater! Kyusaku, Akiko and Ryunosuke thought they were too late but see them emerge from the rubble and continue their petty fight (Nuku Nuku now has the device on Eimi). Though Eimi is adamant that she will have her body, Nuku Nuku is happy to play with her and considered all that fun. I guess they don’t have to worry about them. Ryunosuke gives Akiko a bouquet of carnations (left behind by Eimi earlier on for him) and Kyusaku wants to treat her for Mother’s Day. I’m sure she’s suspicious if he has any tricks up his sleeve. Don’t worry, they’re genuine. He interests her if her company wants to buy his device since he is short of cash. It depends on how well he entertains her. The androids continue to ‘knock themselves out’. Literally. I wonder who is going to fix up the badly damaged city…

Episode 5
In the freaking summer, Arisa and Kyouko have no choice but to wait for their next payday if they’re going to have their air-cond fixed. That’s 25 more days to go, right? Oh hell… They notice Akies Family Restaurant nearby and it seems Nuku Nuku is working as a waitress. She’s such a hit that the guys order food just to get her attention. Can they stuff all that down their throat? Do they even have any more money after that?! Nuku Nuku naturally as a cat blushed at the sight of another family cat while peddling. It caused her to not see where she’s going. By the time she realizes, it’s too late. She broke the brakes and crashes through. Ryunosuke didn’t sit well with this because his bike is trashed. No amount of sorry can calm this kid down. Despite Kyusaku saying she is a cat, Ryunosuke insists Nuku Nuku is still a human. I thought she’s an android? To take responsibility, she saw an ad in the papers hiring for a family restaurant. So that’s how she got the job. But as a cat, she dares take naps in the middle of her shifts? The manager would have something to say but the customers-cum-fans want him to leave her alone. I guess he has no choice since she is bringing in the sales. The owner of Akies turns out to be Akiko and she’s laughing all the way to the bank. Arisa and Kyouko report Nuku Nuku is working here but she knows it. In fact, Nuku Nuku and the restaurant is featured in the magazine. What about her vendetta to crush her? Her priorities as a businesswoman comes first and she cannot let her personal feelings take over. She even notes Nuku Nuku has nothing to do with it. Wow. She’s mature. She warns them not to harm Nuku Nuku as long as she’s working there, especially Arisa. She will not discharge her weapons otherwise she will have to pay. The duo plead for her to lend 5000 Yen but all they got is a lousy 500 Yen. Hey. Be grateful she at least loan you something. So the duo are spying Nuku Nuku at Akies. I guess they can only afford one stinking coffee. That’s because of their failure to dispose of Nuku Nuku, their pay have been cut and bonus cancelled. They have to work overtime and on weekends and can’t even go dating! Wait a minute. They have guys to date? I think it’s rather they don’t have guys to pick them up! Poor thing! That’s why they’re going to get their revenge on Nuku Nuku. They become rude to her as the fan boys patiently watch over her. Because coffee refills are free, Arisa and Kyouko bosses her around with lots of refills as they make their own iced coffee. But the hot and cold mixture causes the glass to break and they blame it on Nuku Nuku. Yeah, putting up some rowdy accusing act, aren’t they? Since sorry won’t cut it, Arisa wants her to strip and do a handstand! The bullying has gotten far enough so the fan boys went over to beat them up and throw them out! I guess they won’t hesitate to beat you if you’re mean to Nuku Nuku even if you’re a woman. Hey. At least they don’t discriminate in that sense.

Their revenge is not over yet as they return working as part time waitress under Nuku Nuku. Oh boy. Arisa and Kyouko let loose several mice. The customers panic as Nuku Nuku chases after them and cause mayhem. She manages to catch all the mice and earns the manager’s praise. Arisa and Kyouko aren’t happy of that but the manager calls them to the back of the kitchen where a couple of his chefs are slicing up things. He knows they released the mice and wants to know which competitor sent them over. See the slicing getting more furious, now? In the end, they got beaten up, fired and kicked out. They reap what they sew. Yeah, to top off their bad day, they rolled into the sewer after that. The fan boys are disheartened to learn about Ryunosuke’s name. The way they ask, the way she answers. So ambiguous. But still it isn’t wrong. They conclude that Nuku Nuku is the mistress of Kyusaku and they have a child. Yeah, they’re going to teach that perverted old man lolicon a lesson and save their angel. Oh, look here Kyusaku and Ryunosuke come in to patron the restaurant. The fan boys confront them but then Arisa and Kyouko return with bazookas and catnip-armed firepower. They couldn’t care anymore and tear the place up just to avenge their humiliation! Fire away! The catnip causes Nuku Nuku to get drunk so she goes on a licking-cum-kissing spree. Yeah, those fan boys must be halfway to heaven by now. Akiko is happily on her way to check her restaurant when she sees customers running away and the building like a war zone. She knows who is behind this. Too bad everybody is so mad that she gets caught in the crossfire too. Then the ultimate finisher. Fire, gas tank, bullets… What do you get? A big explosion! The restaurant is destroyed. At least it didn’t cause a massive crater last time. But it’s still bad anyway because the bill to rebuild the building, cover the medical expenses and compensation amount to one billion yen. They’re going to pick up this tab. So what happened to their beautiful friendship? She is a businesswoman and her business takes priority over her personal feelings. I guess they’re in debt for the rest of their lives. Boo hoo! You reap what you sew. Nuku Nuku laments the things she does always turn out this way and promises to find a new job to buy Ryunosuke a new bike. He teases her that it might take a long time and thinks he might have to give up on the bike. Hehehe…

Episode 6
Nuku Nuku is happily knitting Christmas presents for her family when Eimi pays a visit. She wants to give Nuku Nuku her Christmas present. She pulls out a gattling gun and fires away!!! Eimi won’t be happy for New Year’s Day till she kills her! More annihilation… Till Eimi destroys the bag of yarn balls… Payback time! Double the annihilation! Meanwhile Kyusaku, Ryunosuke and Yoshimi are stuck in a traffic jam thinking about celebrating Christmas and Nuku Nuku’s birthday. They see a TV interview that has Akiko demonstrating a super targeting satellite. It never misses its targets. She assures the top guns of its security system, safe from falling into the wrong hands and its smart system that allows self maintenance and repair. Wow. I figure something destructive will come out of this. Nuku Nuku and Eimi’s fight rages on till it pours over the city. Nuku Nuku crashes into Kyusaku’s car while Eimi crashes into Akiko’s limo. I wonder how doing so can destroy the brakes. While Kyusaku is chiding Nuku Nuku for being careless, Akiko’s limo turns turtle and somehow her remote controller activates and sets Akiko as a target. This is mind boggling. Why the heck is her data inside the set? I thought it was intended for criminals? So what does this tell about her? No choice, Akiko pleads to Kyusaku for help. She is upset he could come up with stupid ideas while her life is in danger (she’ll die in 6 hours and all he could come up was to hide in a hole?). Because Nuku Nuku and Eimi continue their rivalry (pulling each other’s faces?), Akiko gets an idea to borrow Nuku Nuku to go up to the satellite and fix the system. Kyusaku refuses since it is dangerous. However Nuku Nuku volunteers to do it since she has always been troubling them and wants to help out. I guess that settles it. On to space!

How does it feel to be the first cat in space after the dog and monkey? Anyway Eimi follows Nuku Nuku in pretence to help her but views this as a chance to kill her. The shuttle can’t go any closer since the satellite is on the defensive mode that shoots down anything that comes near it. Nuku Nuku and Eimi space walk to get into the satellite but Eimi has rigged Nuku Nuku’s jet pack and sends her flying at high speed into the satellite. She is greeted with missiles but amazingly dodges them all. If Eimi hadn’t laughed like an idiot, she wouldn’t have been hit by those missiles. Now very pissed, Eimi gets back at the satellite and destroys it. Nuku Nuku won’t lose and helps her in destroying it. However it rejuvenates and begins to target Akiko. Time is running out so Akiko’s men panic upon being near her. She stomps her feet assuring the missile will only hit her (how can she be so proud about that?). Akiko says her goodbye to Ryunosuke but her son vows to always be with her. Nuku Nuku and Eimi are having trouble getting near the satellite’s barrier. Arisa and Kyouko pilot their shuttle into the satellite but were tossed away into Earth’s orbit. I’m surprised the shuttle didn’t get damaged when they try to slam it into the barrier. Nuku Nuku and Eimi cooperate to do some fast spinning move to take out the satellite. Akiko braces for death but when the countdown timer is over, she is still alive. Everyone rejoices that Nuku Nuku is successful. Wondering how she stopped the satellite, Akiko blows her top when Kyusaku suggested she might have destroyed it. It costs 1 trillion yen!!! He better reimburse that investment cost if it’s done for!!! Arisa and Kyouko are stranded in the middle of the ocean. Hey, at least they’re alive. Now the question is how they’ll hide the damaged shuttle. Can’t afford anymore docking of their pay, eh? And Kyusaku may have to bear the reimbursement cost of the satellite since it is obliterated to pieces. The androids are stranded in space, wondering how they’ll get back down.

TV (1998)

After nearly five years the release of the OVA, a TV adaptation made its debut. However the storyline is slightly changed. Also, the comedy factor has been upped to the point of nonsensical slapstick. Yeah, I think I’m going to like this. As being narrated at the start of the episode (like we need to be reminded of the change in plot), Nuku Nuku was once a cat but turned into a latest high-tech scientific Androbot to fight the evil Mishima Industry. They twist it like that? Well, let’s watch her cool story then.

Episode 1
Nuku Nuku tries to remember the conditions Ryunosuke made for her: To not use her android powers in front of people and to integrate into society. She didn’t see where she’s going and a lorry crashes into her. Don’t worry. There’s not scratch on her. You should worry about the lorry. Nuku Nuku is late on her first day at school and crashes in through the window. Her class is 3 floors up. We are introduced to the oddballs of her class. The homeroom teacher Yamagata, singer with a guitar always in hand Eiichi Ikenami, nihilistic pretty boy Rintaro Shimazaki, snobby rich girl Chieko Shirakaba, her underlings Migiko and Hidariko, occult maniac Rie Shibata (always bad omen?), bookworm Miyuki Miyazawa, mad scientist Yakumo Ooizumi and ‘responsible’ class rep Futaba Kaibara. Maybe the class is too boring or it’s time for her cat nap so Nuku Nuku takes one right in the middle of class. Elsewhere, the Mishima Industry may look like it contains normal employees. But when some of them receives the Secret Call message, they enter secret passageways laced around the place into a secret underground lair whereby the leader of Black Industry, Hell Mishima summons his underlings in his bid to take over the world. I thought this feels like a costume party… His executive, Bloody Akiko introduces a new weapon for their global conquest. Kyusaku watches over Nuku Nuku because he is worried how she’ll integrate in society. Suddenly Akiko and her underlings, Combat Arisa and Pretty Kyouko arrive to test their new weapon at school. I guess since they sponsor this school, it gives them the right to barge in and do whatever they like. The ‘weapon’ turns out to be a giant washing machine that will wash any stains off. So this is going to take over the world? Provided if everyone buys this product. Of course, it malfunctions. Have you ever heard of a washing machine having a water leak? It goes berserk and the only thing Akiko and her underlings can do since they can’t wrest back its control is to run away. Thanks for putting the students in danger.

The washing machine of course targets Nuku Nuku’s class, seeking something to wash. Yamagata tries to protect his students but gets owned instead. Futaba thinks it’s her debut but all she did is lead her class to safety on the rooftop. The machine catches Futaba and starts washing her. Nuku Nuku wanted to use her powers but Ryunosuke reminds her about the promise. However she can’t bear to see her friend in danger and uses them anyway. After pulling Futaba out, she sends the machine flying away. It landed on Akiko and co. Seems like they deservingly got what they deserve since they were planning to blame the failure on some other department. Nuku Nuku is prepares for the worst and thinks her friends will ostracize and look down on her since her android identity is revealed. However they think she is some Olympian athletic and are totally in awe of what she did. New respect. Kyusaku thinks her friends are understanding but I think they’re too dumb to see the obvious. Oh well. If this doesn’t cause any trouble I guess it’s okay. Meanwhile Hell (whose real name is Juzo and the second generation president of Mishima) learns of Akiko’s failure but doesn’t get disheartened since his conquest has just begun. His other underlings hope get over this soon because they feel ridiculous a guy his age is still playing a make believe evil secret organization. Back home, Nuku Nuku apologizes for breaking her promise but Ryunosuke adds another new condition. She can only use her powers to save her classmates. Akiko returns home in bandages. Fell down at office as excuse? She’ll gladly cook sukiyaki for them. From the way things are, looks like nobody knows her dual identity.

Episode 2
Ryunosuke’s neighbour, Noriko Ishiyama loves that kid so much that it’s her goal to steal his heart while her mother, Momoko watches on nervously while giving indirect support to her daughter. Looks like today won’t be the day Noriko will walk with Ryunosuke to school because Nuku Nuku grabs him as she peddles like hell to school. Kids, never ride recklessly like her. Ryunosuke could’ve died of a heart attack by the time he reaches school. In class, Yamagata feels Nuku Nuku needs to join a club since she will only experience youth once. Suddenly everybody starts hounding her to join their club. Including the oddballs of her class. However Rie and Yakumo ended up arguing about occult versus science. In the end, everyone singles Rie out since she is the only member of her occult club. They want her club to disband because the lesser clubs there are, the more budget the other clubs will have. Less clubs more share. Rie runs away in tears. Nuku Nuku felt sorry for and goes after her. She thought she could cheer her up but looks like she is back to her normal self, using dowsing rods to search for a red button she believes is bad luck for her. Yeah well. Nuku Nuku spots one on the ground nearby. A mouse distracts her and she accidentally presses it. Emerging from the hilltop is a giant haniwa model, Haniwander. Seems everybody starts badmouthing Haniwander so I guess even giants like it got feelings and goes on a rampage.

Meanwhile Hell learns from his underlings that Haniwander was a toy droid created by the company 15 years ago and was abandoned then due to an electronic brain effect. They need to take it down or else their company’s past mistakes will be exposed. Hell’s evil mad scientist, Dr Ooizumi has the perfect weapon to counter it. A giant kokeshi doll piloted by Akiko and her underlings. Well, he thinks fighting fire with fire is best. But the kokeshi doll has no hands or legs so how can it punch or kick? Not to worry. Dr Ooizumi has Hell press a button and causes the kokeshi doll to self destruct! WTF?! So they did nothing in the end, huh? Akiko and co got injured once more. Haniwander sets its path to destroy the school. The gang are worried since no school means no club budget! Shimazaki thought he could coolly protect and destroy the giant. Unfortunately he got easily flicked away. So much for being cool. Nuku Nuku is about to activate her powers but the scientist of justice, Mr Q (Kyusaku in a poor disguised that everyone can tell it’s him), tells her she isn’t powerful enough to stop it yet. He gives her a bell that will enhance her power many times fold when called upon. It is a mobile armour called So-chan but the problem is, it is stiff and renders Nuku Nuku unable to move. Kyusaku forgot to make the joints movable? Haniwander squashes Nuku Nuku but this destroys the mobile armour as Nuku Nuku uses her strength to toss it away into the sea. Yakumo laments that science wasn’t almighty but Rie acknowledges that science is great and has solved many mysteries and myths. Suddenly the duo make up and become friends. But the next day in class, their rivalry and argument escalate back to where it was originally.

Episode 3
Momoko is in a dilemma whether to go to a hotspring for a school reunion. Because if she does, Noriko will be left all alone. Oh, daddy’s working so far away in the Middle East and what’s a mother got to do? Eventually she had to go. And sob all the way. Noriko is already fantasizing the married life with Ryunosuke as Akiko welcomes her. But she gets a shock when she sees Kyusaku, Ryunosuke and Nuku Nuku sloppily just waking up. This is the future family she is going to marry into? Don’t give up. Akiko has to go to office (because of Secret Call) so Noriko takes this chance to impress the future in-laws. Very eager, isn’t she? Kyusaku goes to take a bath but is shocked to see an alligator in the tub! Oh. That’s William her pet alligator who loves baths. WTF. More shocks for the family because apparently her reptile zoo somehow just came over. From Anthony the giant snake to Anthony the lizard. Okay, I take back what I said about the reptile zoo. There are mammals too. Leonard the raccoon is help washing tomatoes? It starts to snarl at Nuku Nuku. Naturally because raccoons and cats are enemies, right? Since Noriko didn’t know she’s a cat, Noriko thought Nuku Nuku is pickled leeks for Leonard to snarl at her like that. WTF. Noriko doesn’t know how to cook breakfast. So does Nuku Nuku. Boy. This is going to be tough. All for Ryunosuke’s love! You can just hear what they’re trying to make. Pickaxe, drill, flamethrower… Are they sure they’re making breakfast? Elsewhere, Hell rallies his minions as he and Akiko start off by laughing like maniacs. WTF. So Noriko’s cooking took long enough and it looks burnt to a crisp… Is it even edible? Let’s say when Kyusaku puts it in his mouth, he starts firing beams! It’s a revolution! I guess it’s lunchtime so Noriko pleads another chance to cook. Those puppy dog eyes… Maybe he should skip lunch too. Because Noriko wasted too much ingredients on making breakfast, they have to head to the shopping arcade to replenish.

Seems Mishima is running a demonstration there with their all-new freezing and defrosting robots. Since it didn’t work the way it wanted, Arisa and Kyouko kick them a little. Of course, the robots go berserk and start wrecking havoc. Arisa and Kyouko decide to flee and blame it on the chief. Nice strategy as always… As the panicking crowd flees, Ryunosuke trips and sprain his ankle. Noriko won’t run away and leave him behind. Can she seriously protect him? Though her pets come to her rescue, they have no effect on the robots. Till Nuku Nuku punches it away for good. Noriko is glad her pets are alright. She reveals selfish owners abandoned them so she took them in and made them her brothers. History repeats for those who do not learn. That is what happens to Arisa and Kyouko as they got smacked by the robots while running away. Déjà vu. They make a call to their chief to apologize about their failure. But Hell and Akiko continue to laugh like maniacs. How long has it been since they’re laughing? Noriko manages to make omelettes and despite the unappetizing looks, it tastes good! Noriko is so happy that she hugs him. At least Ryunosuke had something to eat for today although it’s dinner time. Momoko just returned from her daytrip and continues to shed tears for her daughter after seeing her accomplishment. Can this woman ever stop crying?

Episode 4
Kyusaku just finished his Androbot blueprint when he realizes the printer is out of ink! No money too! So poor this guy that he thinks he needs to borrow money from Ryunosuke! But he sees Nuku Nuku being secretive and she won’t tell him fearing he will scold her. Ryunosuke holds back his dad while Nuku Nuku escapes as it is revealed she is going karaoke with her friends. Kyusaku won’t allow that since she was made to fight for justice. The final blow came when Ryunosuke says Nuku Nuku isn’t all his anymore since she learnt to act and think for herself. So while the scientist laments his all-too perfect emotion programme, Rie, Chieko, Futaba and Ikenami start singing next to him! What gives? A flyer reveals an amateur karaoke contest with the grand prize of a million yen. Thinking Nuku Nuku is preparing for this, he realizes the sponsor is Mishima. They must be plotting something evil. So he thinks. Meanwhile Hell shows his underlings an anime song in which he will use it to conquer Earth. If nobody does it, who will?! I think he just wants to sing. Kyusaku and Nuku Nuku argue about the karaoke competition. He won’t allow her to participate but to prevent Mishima’s evil plans. She is adamant to sing and will do something if anything happens. Their ties worsen as they accuse each other of not understanding their feelings. On the day of the competition, Kyusaku feigns illness so that nobody will expect him to be there. He disguises himself as Mr Q and plans to put a jet pack on Nuku Nuku that will take her into the skies and prevent her from singing.

The event kicks off with Kyouko and Arisa hosting it but they too participate as the first participants. While Kyouko does well, Arisa seems to be shooting her bazooka in the midst of her song! Yamagata was unfortunate to bear the brunt of it. So the contestants include Shimazaki, duet by Yakumo and his father Dr Ooizumi, for the first time we hear Miyuki’s voice, another duet by Noriko and Ryunosuke. Meanwhile the jet pack has found Nuku Nuku at the backstage. It was suspicious enough so Nuku Nuku escapes. From the background scenes, you can say that she ran all over the world but the jet pack was persistent right behind her tail. So when it is her turn on stage, Kyouko disqualifies her since she didn’t turn up. However she crashes through the roof and starts singing. Singing and evading the jet pack at the same time? Ultimately the jet pack got destroyed by a single punch since it was made of paper. That’s what happens when you cut back on budget. Even so, shouldn’t it have dismantled during the chase around the world? Must be some high quality durable paper. In the end, Nuku Nuku wins the competition. Though Kyusaku got captivated by Nuku Nuku’s singing, he manages to sneak back to bed in time. Nuku Nuku comes in to apologize and shows him the bank account with a million yen in which she gives him as a gift for his research funds. He apologizes and thanks her. Touching, eh? See how money can change a person?

Episode 5
Once again, some Mishima robot goes haywire attacking Nuku Nuku’s class. However Futaba isn’t her usual self as she is just spacing out instead of leading the class to safety. Can’t those idiots run away themselves instead of needing the class rep to guide them? Eventually the entire classroom got destroyed. And Futaba is still spacing out… Nuku Nuku tails her to find out what’s eating her but is spotted by Ryunosuke. She tells him what happened especially Futaba’s weird character that she didn’t put any effort in stopping her classmates’ bickering. It seems Futaba is in love with the bookstore employee. I’m sure she’s not paying attention to his analysis of the poems. So lost in thought…  But Nuku Nuku doesn’t really understand human emotions that well. Why, she thought romance is some kind of food! Meanwhile Dr Ooizumi presents Hell a book of poems that will be Mishima’s best advertising tactic (according to his research). He views girls are into writing poems to write about their feelings and as a form of scrapbook memories. He lets Akiko read some and though they sound cheesy, she gets hypnotized and praises Mishima. There is a hypnotizing chip within the pages that make the reader’s unconscious mind fall in love with Mishima’s products. And Dr Ooizumi already has them distributed to the bookstores. Futaba can’t seem to find the right words to pen for her poem. Her thoughts are only about that cool hunk. She decides to read a book of poems he recommended but soon gets brainwashed into a Mishima lover.

Next day at school, Futaba seems to be back to normal blowing her whistle to straighten people up. But at the end she always recommends the superior Mishima product in place of theirs. Which means, a new Mishima guitar, a new Mishima occult product and a new Mishima make up set for our friends. Evil Agent 16 reports to Ooizumi about the success of the product so the mad scientist tells him to continue observing. Kyusaku now disguised as Mask Science V3 heard everything and tells Nuku Nuku. She goes after the agent but they crash into her class. Nuku Nuku is surprised to learn the agent’s identity is that bookstore employee. She wants him to turn Futaba back to normal but unless there is some mega mental shock, she is doomed to stay this way. Futaba grows obsessed in promoting Mishima so Nuku Nuku desperately pleads her to stop. She sees Futaba’s own book of poems and starts reading it. Futaba snaps out from her hypnotism and gets embarrassed. She snatches it away before Nuku Nuku could read more. The agent seems happy and reports back to Ooizumi that his plan is a failure. He further adds his poems are below kindergarten level. There goes his dream to live off book royalties. Futaba returns to the bookstore but to her dismay her crush has quit and gone. She wonders if he has been dumped and becomes depressed. Maybe her poems suck? Nuku Nuku and her friends plan a fake robot attack to cheer her up. Everyone’s disorganized and in a panic. Oh, just who can they rely on for a safe evacuation? Futaba starts blowing her whistle to lead the gang to safety. Looks like she’s back.

Episode 6
Kyusaku is bent on stopping Mishima by destroying their underwater base. How can he when Nuku Nuku is ‘drowning’ more than swimming? Don’t worry. He made some seal outfit for her. But how can he be sure Mishima has a base underwater? He has their poster. Oh… Suddenly Kyusaku is washed away by the tidal waves. Ikenami thought he could find his romance on the beach but ends up meeting the same oddballs of his class who are pretty much doing their own same thing. What’s the difference? In class and on the beach they’re still doing the same thing. He thought Nuku Nuku is interested in him but it turns out she was trying to call Futaba to tell her Kyusaku is in danger. As Kyusaku sinks to the bottom, he finds himself in a base in which he believes belongs to Mishima. He thought this is their cyborg producing factory because he saw some weird crab mascot. He stumbles into a room whereby a girl group called Speedy Girls are singing on stage and thinks it’s some evil ceremonial song and dance! He is ‘captured’ by the crab and octopus mascot. Seems Arisa and Kyouko were dressing in them as they report to Akiko how they successfully divert a customer (Kyusaku) to a room. They’re here to help out with the underwater hotel’s grand opening but nobody came and all cancelled their reservations because transportation is a big hassle. Kyusaku thinks he is being put in prison (doesn’t this feels like a hotel room instead?) so he sneaks out and uses his special card to contact Nuku Nuku about his whereabouts. Nuku Nuku and Ryunosuke thought Kyusaku had been abducted and try to get help from their friends but it seems they can’t swim well. Chieko thought it’s her debut and offers her boat but can it go underwater?

Ryunosuke despite not knowing how to swim tries to paddle out to sea with only the float when the tidal waves got him. Nuku Nuku dives with the seal outfit to save him. The duo dive down to go rescue the professor. Maybe she should’ve done this in the first place. Arisa and Kyouko report that something fast is approaching their hotel. Akiko thinks it is a rival hotel and sends Speedy Girls AKA Esper Girls to do the job. When Nuku Nuku and Ryunosuke enter the place, they ignore Esper Girls’ intro and especially their psychokinesis of bending spoons. You call that super natural powers? Eventually they find Kyusaku eating good hotel food. I guess he forgot he got abducted too. The Esper Girls aren’t giving up and unleash their super deluxe psychokinesis. At the same time, Akiko receives a group of Russian nuclear submariners when the place starts crumbling. You can thank the Esper Girls for that… Some psychokinesis power. Nuku Nuku thought it was Kyusaku’s doing that destroyed the base. Just take the credit… The Mishima gang are saved by the Russian submariners but they’ll be going all the way to Russia. I suppose they don’t understand Japanese of “Let me off here! Now!”. On shore, Ryunosuke learns that the seal outfit is actually just an underwater motor. So what made Nuku Nuku swim? Kyusaku thinks it’s her strong desire to protect them. On an unrelated not, she still sucks in swimming.

Episode 7
It’s the hot summer and the air-cond is blowing hot air. Nuku Nuku is going to fix it. Can you blame Ryunosuke for feeling something is going to go wrong? True enough, it blows out flames! It’s amazing the house didn’t get burn down. Of course Akiko blows her top and takes it out on Kyusaku. Later when things cooled down, Ryunosuke asks how she ended up marrying Kyusaku. It was back in high school where he proposed her during the Bon festival. Believe it or not, Kyusaku and Juzo battled over her. She was happy that someone proposed to her but now come to think of it, now she may be regretting marrying Kyusaku. Oh shi… Ryunosuke has this weird dream whereby Juzo became his dad instead and Kyusaku became the bad guy unleashing Nuku Nuku to fight. In fact, there are 2 of them! Worse, Ryunosuke had to wear those silly spandex costumes. So was it a good thing Akiko married Kyusaku? Ryunosuke once more has the fright of his life when Nuku Nuku picks him up and makes a mad dash to school on her bicycle. Amazingly this has happened so many times and he still hasn’t died of a heart attack or get used to it. This time Nuku Nuku’s peddling was so fast that she broke the time and space barrier thingy and gone back in time! A time when Akiko is still a high school student. Also, Juzo and Kyusaku are in the midst of unleashing their robots to fight each other in a good-versus-evil battle. They won’t heed Akiko’s advice to stop so she has to get mad and starts throwing her table at them. She misses and it ends up hitting the robots as it goes haywire. Nuku Nuku lifts and throws the robots away and unfortunately it lands on Yamagata. I guess his misfortune really goes back a long way. Juzo and Kyusaku wants to end their fight tonight but Akiko reminds Kyusaku he was supposed to take her out to the Bon Festival. He places his rivalry and justice first so Akiko left upset. Ryunosuke is worried because at this rate if they don’t propose, he’ll have to wear those uncool costumes.

Later Ryunosuke talks to Kyusaku about breaking a date promise. Kyusaku reveals he first met Akiko when they were 5 years old at a hero show. Maybe that’s how he got into this hero thingy as well. Anyway Ryunosuke tells him to come to the festival. To Ryunosuke’s relief, Akiko and Kyusaku did come to the festival. Only one problem: Juzo is still hell bent on finishing their score and unleashes his platform robot to make everyone dance. Though Kyusaku has his sandals robot to counter it, it fell into the dance trap too. Ryunosuke wants Nuku Nuku to do something about it and she shakes Juzo off his platform. But the robots crash into each other and the explosion is so big that it sends Ryunosuke and Nuku Nuku back into their own time. Ryunosuke laments the future changed when he sees Akiko talking to Juzo outside their home. Actually he is only here to pick up some documents and soon leaves on his helicopter. Which means… Akiko is still married to Kyusaku. Yahoo! No need to wear that uniform. That night the family visits the Bon Festival when suddenly it is déjà vu once more. Juzo/Hell is going to conquer the world again by forcing everyone to dance and settle his 15 year old score with Kyusaku. Once more, the old rivals pit their upgraded robots against each other. Ryunosuke wonders why Akiko married Kyusaku when history is supposed to be changed. Akiko notes she has always loved Kyusaku even if he had never proposed to her. Ever since the day they met at the hero show, she fell in love with him when he came to seriously rescue her.

Episode 8
A UFO targets Yamagata as he walks down the street. Mishima scrambles to locate it. The usual oddballs are invited to Chieko’s garden. It’s so big that it looks like an amusement park! Nuku Nuku introduces Kyusaku and Ryunosuke to Chieko as Speedy Girls sing their debut on stage (Kyusaku feels this evil ceremony song is somewhat familiar…). However Chieko has security to kick them out since they’ve got the wrong place to perform. Then the UFO appears. Once Hell learns of it, he has Akiko to capture it and changes his goal from conquering the world to conquering the universe. Though Yamagata vows to protect his students, he leads them in running away instead. The UFO zaps Rie and starts having mouse-like features. Rie identifies herself as Michi-Michi as she confesses to Yamagata she loves him. Nuku Nuku smells a rat (literally) and bites the tail. This causes Michi-Michi to jump to different bodies of several girls. That possessed girl starts confessing to Yamagata before Nuku Nuku bites her tail for another jump. Are we seeing a pattern? And Shimazaki got so depressed he is supposed to be the popular one. I guess it got creepy when Michi-Michi possessed Ikenami and starts confessing. Michi-Michi finally materializes to her true body when Nuku Nuku bites her tail. Seeing a mouse, she naturally starts chasing it. All over the garden. Because nobody understands the mouse language she is talking, Nuku Nuku translates it but it’s faulty. Don’t worry. Natsume has invented some ear plugs that will have Michi-Michi talk in a language everyone understands. When did he invent those? Michi-Michi reveals her species can’t take sunlight so before she goes back, she wants to make as much memories with the man she loves. Everyone is touched by her love story and Chieko allows them to use her garden till their heart’s content.

Yamagata and Michi-Michi go on a date like what lovers do. Sit in the Ferris Wheel, walk through the haunted house, etc. Akiko, Arisa and Kyouko are going to capture Michi-Michi for the sake of their bonus. This means unleashing a giant octopus to interrupt their date and attack. Yamagata’s bad luck means he can’t protect Michi-Michi and is flung away into the sky. The octopus grabs Michi-Michi but Nuku Nuku saves the day by kicking its face and swinging it away. Akiko thought they’re done for when the octopus heads their way. Good news that it misses them. Bad news: It crashes into Mishima headquarters. I guess there goes their bonus… The time to part is here as Michi-Michi’s parents have arrived to pick her up. Michi-Michi wants Yamagata to show his proof of love and one of them is entangle each other’s tail. Since he has no tail, Michi-Michi takes this as a sign that they weren’t meant to be together. She beams up and bids farewell to him. The reason she likes him is because he looks like her first love. That’s one ugly mouse… And how does Yamagata resemble this rodent?! Love is funny… Things return to normal and though the students have forgotten about Michi-Michi but for Yamagata, he still sometimes thinks of her.

Episode 9
It’s war even queuing up to buy bread. But I guess Chieko’s authoritativeness allows her to get to the front of her queue. It could’ve been perfect had not Nuku Nuku come dashing, step all over her face and grab that last yakisoba bread Chieko wanted to buy. I’m not sure about her ranting about that bread being special to her because her first love gave it to her, blah, blah, blah. To make things worse, her subordinates aren’t willing to side her this time (for Christ’s sake, it’s only a bread) so Chieko challenges Nuku Nuku to the sports festival tomorrow despite Nuku Nuku willing to share half with her. Later Chieko sees Kyusaku wanting to buy some parts but has no money so she drafts him for a job. Hell is annoyed that the failure rate of Mishima’s test products are increasing and Dr Ooizumi says someone from the school is interfering with it. Hell thinks it is a rival company and since Akiko isn’t around (she applied for leave to attend her son’s sports festival), he sends Arisa and Kyouko to get rid of the interferer. Yeah, it’s their chance to prove they aren’t just side characters. If they can only stop bragging and let their hands to the talking. And Akiko is another blur case because she can’t even spot her own subordinates right in front of her eyes. I guess she really is enjoying the festival. As the sports festival is about to begin, Hidariko and Migiko may seem like they are supporting Nuku Nuku but the truth is they won’t feel comfortable if they don’t do this. Chieko sees this and misinterprets their abandoned loyalty. Well, she has her own mecha suit that will give her all the support she needs. Who needs friends when you have this? Guess which professor can make such piece in just a night? Yup. He sold his integrity for money. Where’s the justice he was talking about?

Chieko is going to have her revenge for yesterdays’ bread so Arisa and Kyouko are suspicious about Chieko. They try to rig her mecha suit but hide in a giant ball when the game is about to begin. After all that rolling worse than a feeling of being inside a washing machine, Arisa is disheartened her power is zero. Or maybe it’s so powerful that it is not measureable and off the scale? Well, she forgot to turn on the power. All for nothing? Still, they’re convinced Chieko is the culprit and unleash their giant robot. How the heck was it hiding under the school grounds? It grabs Chieko but Migiko and Hidariko jump to Chieko’s defence. I don’t know what sob story that people can’t tell from left and right but hell, it was good enough for them to go back together again. Of course this doesn’t mean Arisa and Kyouko will let them off the hook. Kyusaku once more thinks Mishima is up to no good and now disguises himself as Scienza Epsilon (cousin of his previous disguises – don’t ask). He tries to advice Nuku Nuku to use her head but I guess she literally took his words. Yup. She head butts the robot to free Chieko before swinging it away into the sky. If you’re wondering why the lengthy drama of the Speedy Girls doing a debut concert on a rooftop with no spectators, the pending doom of the group when one of them decides to return home after her failure as a singing hence may lead to a break up, slapping some senses into her and some promise that they will keep trying hard to become famous idols, when they finally get the confidence to wish upon their shining star, that star turns out to be Arisa and Kyouko’s robot slamming into them! I think they’re better off hanging up their microphones, don’t you think? In the end, Chieko admits her wrong and makes up with her underlings.

Episode 10
Ryunosuke has been playing his video game all morning. When Nuku Nuku sees the control pad wires like a mouse tail, she becomes a typical cat trying to play with it. Of course the game gets unplugged. He hasn’t saved his game yet. This earns Ryunosuke’s ire and scolds her she is a cat instead of a human. If you’re wondering why the Speedy Girls haven’t sold a single copy of their album, it’s because they’ve been singing the same ol’ song! What’s this got to do with Mishima? They’ve invested a billion yen into them. So what’s the connection really? Akiko is pissed that the return rate of the drink called Fight Dappon X is reaching 97%. Is it any wonder why people hate it since it’s a terrible mix of blueberry and fermented soy flavour? I guess only she loves it. At the same time, Dr Ooizumi introduces Hell to DNA Changer whereby one who drinks it will transform into whatever he/she has on her mind. He demonstrates but realizes he got Fight Dappon X instead. He fears a rival company may have sabotage them. Meanwhile Ryunosuke is still upset about the video game incident when Akiko gives him to dry out Fight Dappon X. Unfortunately it’s DNA Changer and since Ryunosuke is fixated on his homework, he drinks it without looking and turns into a pink alligator! His homework involves drawing a map of the distribution of alligators worldwide. He gets freaked out, his parents get freaked out and Akiko starts throwing everything to chase him out. But his problems aren’t over yet. He meets the weirdoes like Chieko who mistakes him for her lost pet, Junubiene, Ikenami wanting to sing his new song to him, Rie wants him to be her X-files and Yakumo wanting to conduct experiment on him. What’s wrong with these people? Dr Ooizumi relates the bad news to Hell that his tracker has detected somebody who has drank DNA Changer. Worse, if that person doesn’t drink DNA Restorer soon, he/she will forever stay in that form.

Ryunosuke is hiding all alone lamenting his fate and nowhere to go when Nuku Nuku happen to pass by. She recognizes him as Ryunosuke. How? She just knows. She gives him lots of words of encouragement that at least it’s far better than turning into a water flea or goldfish and even warms him up with her jacket. She will talk to Kyusaku to make something and change him back. In worst case scenario, she’ll have him become an Androbot like her and fight justice together. Ryunosuke is overcome with emotion and apologizes for saying mean things to her. Hell summons Arisa and Kyouko and wants them to shoot this single DNA Restorer Dr Ooizumi made into a bullet into the target or else Mishima will look bad, blah, blah, blah. The duo aren’t really interested and keep complaining it is after office hours or washed away their make-up. Till he mentions about the special bonus, see them get on the case with 100% enthusiasm! Money face… Nuku Nuku has a hard time trying to bring Ryunosuke back because she has to put up with Chieko and her Junubiene thingy. She explains Ryunosuke isn’t Junubiene and Chieko realizes her mistake. It’s Francesca! They make a run for it as Arisa and Kyouko spot their target. For the sake of the special bonus, they’ll get this right. If those weirdoes weren’t in the way, she could’ve had a clean shot. Ryunosuke suddenly feels weird. Like as though he is going to stay an alligator forever. Nuku Nuku assures she will always be with him and he was this close to accepting his fate of being one. When they fall off the roof, Arisa manages to shoot the DNA Restorer into Ryunosuke’s mouth. They’re so happy they’ll get the special bonus that they fall off into the drain. Next morning, Ryunosuke finds himself back to normal sleeping in his own room. He has grateful to Nuku Nuku as she notes no matter what form he turns into, she will always stay with him.

Episode 11
Nuku Nuku and her classmates are making a tokusatsu movie for the graduation students. With Shimazaki as the director, we have Nuku Nuku, Ikenami, Yamagata, Futaba, Rie, Chieko and her underlings as agents of SMACK (which isn’t exactly an abbreviation of a ridiculously long-winded name) fighting off cardboard aliens and meeting some alien girl called Karen. And since this is also partly a musical, we see them breaking into a song after a while. Whether it is Futaba and youth or Chieko’s underlings singing praises and annoying traits of Chieko (they don’t let her sing, though). The movie takes a break as Nuku Nuku talks to Ryunosuke about his class’ play. When she mentions about sweating it off as part of being young, Ryunosuke points out she’s an Androbot and doesn’t sweat, this causes her to worry. She talks to Kyusaku but he doesn’t see the need of adding useless features. Otherwise it will overload her CPU. I don’t know. I feel that Nuku Nuku has lots of useless features… I guess being depressed means a cue for her to sing. Elsewhere Hell shows Akiko a prototype battleship that hasn’t finished its QC test yet. He is eager to rent it to those school kids to show the world how big hearted they are. The actual plan is, when everybody see it, they will be awed and scared, thus bowing down on their knees to Mishima. I guess it’s a cue for him to sing and launch the unit. However it immediately crumbles since it wasn’t meant to unite like that.

Back to the filming, this Karen girl has this tendency to grow large whenever she puts on sunglasses. Because of this, SMACK’s boss (played by Yakumo) doesn’t approve of this un-scientific crap (because her growth and shrinking defies all laws of physics). Karen will be sent home. Nuku Nuku is of course worried that not only this Karen character but herself ever wondering if she could be normal. In the final goodbye scene, Nuku Nuku didn’t follow the script but instead acted on her own filled with emotion that it’s okay to be who she is. She realizes she has screwed up and will do a retake but Shimazaki allows this heart moving scene. So in the end, Karen enlarges and defeats the cardboard monster and flies home. Happy graduation! So as the girls soak in the hotspring after their hard work, Nuku Nuku thinks of activating the sweat feature Kyusaku installed (I guess he gave in). Unfortunately it went berserk and the sweat starts gushing out like geyser. I think it looks like a waterfall coming from the heavens! Well, at least we know it didn’t overload her circuits. Oh, and if you’re wondering who played Karen, you’ve been wondering that someone is missing from the usual oddballs, right? Would you believe it? Karen is Miyuki! Nobody would’ve guessed it. She looks totally different without her glasses. Another mind boggling fact is how Ikenami is always seen with a guitar. I know he can’t part with it but it’s absurd that he has it while piloting the plane (how can he manoeuvre?) and even in the hotspring (is it waterproof?).

Episode 12
Hell is happy to unleash their new flashy ad because their satellite Miss Oharu has reached Jupiter. Unfortunately it got destroyed by an asteroid. After all these years of planning and waiting… But that asteroid is 200,000km wide in diameter! Bigger than Jupiter! And it looks like a cat?! Oh, did I mention that it is on collision path with Earth? You have 24 hours left. The UN and the international country representatives gather to discuss to rid the asteroid. The only way is to shoot nuclear missiles at it but due to some treaty, all the countries have disposed of them. This is where Hell comes in. He offers to shoot 88 super ultra anti-annihilation missiles at a single concentrated point on the asteroid and break it down to smaller pieces. And so begins Mishima’s mission to save the world and also partly to take over it. You can see their heavy advertisement before the launch. Heck, the entire city turns into a giant missile launch pad. Didn’t know we had those missiles underneath every block, eh? The missiles are launch (with the exception of 1 because it fell on Yamagata – not that it will make any great impact on the mission anyway). However when it strikes the asteroid, it did not explode. Dr Ooizumi realizes it is on very safe mode since it contains very dangerous material. I guess mankind is doomed in 6 hours. Now it’s Kyusaku’s turn to shine. First, he disguises himself as Mask Scientist Mr Q Double X to give Nuku Nuku’s class hope that all is not doomed. I guess Nuku Nuku is the only one who is surprised when his cover is blown. But that’s not really the point. Meanwhile, Hell feels it’s the end of his world conquest dream and Mishima. Everything is going wrong. Akiko takes leave to spend her last moments with her family, customers are complaining and demanding the return of their products, business cancellations, company stocks dive, boycott and someone messing with the single unlaunched missile.

Kyusaku is fixing this missile and going to use it as a fuse to blow up the other 87 missiles. He is joined by Akiko, Kyouko and Arisa. Even Hell himself comes to offer his assistance. What is the use of conquering a world that does not exist, right? The missile is finished buy Kyusaku notes the control system was removed due to lack of time. This means somebody needs to guide it to the asteroid. In other words, it’s a suicide mission and one way ticket. No human is ever going to come back. Heck, you can’t even leave the atmosphere. It isn’t built for humans to ride anyway and no life support in space. That’s right. Not for humans. I guess this could only mean one thing. Nuku Nuku has volunteered herself as she mentions she is an Androbot created to save Earth. She reveals her true identity to her classmates but they are surprised that she has been thinking that she was pretending to be human. They all knew she was one and never said a thing because they consider her their classmate. Kyusaku is touched by their words and notes she is no longer a machine but a human with a heart who has friends. But Ryunosuke objects to it. She had promised to always be with him. Nuku Nuku apologizes since she wants to protect her friends. She rides the missile up into space. It collides with the asteroid and Earth is saved. When the family gets home, they are shocked to see Nuku Nuku eating potato chips and watching TV. They’re not hallucinating, aren’t they? How did this happen? Seems while the missile is heading out of the atmosphere, the loosely fitted seat came off and Nuku Nuku fell back and crashed down to her home. Though Ryunosuke is upset for making him worried in all that confusion, he is nevertheless glad that she is back and wants her to always be by his side.

Episode 13
On New Year’s Day morning, Ryunosuke told Nuku Nuku something but because she was too sleepy, she didn’t really hear what he said. When she wakes up, she finds no one around the house. Meanwhile the classmates visit Nuku Nuku so that they could go visit the shrine together. However she is sad because she thinks her family have dumped her and ran away. Anyway she tags along and as usual we can guess what each of them wishes for because of their personalities. Nuku Nuku wants to be more human but can’t help think she makes lots of mistakes because she’s stupid. She thinks this is why Ryunosuke left her and fears they are going to make a new one to replace her. Nuku Nuku cries but Futaba thinks she is hungry and invites her home for food. But she didn’t count on her classmates to come by too! I don’t even know how Speedy Girls got invited. They’re still singing their debut song? Nuku Nuku meets Futaba’s other sisters and they all have this class monitor habit of blowing their whistle. I guess it runs in the family. Each of them are ordering and censuring the other so Nuku Nuku decides to leave. She passes by the homes of her other classmates. Well, I think it really runs in the family because everyone in Rie’s family is praying-cum-exorcising like mad, everyone is singing in Ikenami’s family, everyone has that obnoxious laughter in Chieko’s family, Yakumo and his father are madly inventing something, Shimazaki practising martial arts with his dad and Miyuki’s family are all reading book (this is much worse than the iPad generation since nobody is talking and preoccupied with a book).

 Hell accidentally unleashes a mecha that starts rampaging throughout town. Nuku Nuku goes into action to swing it into the sky. She thought she heard Ryunosuke and Kyusaku’s praise but realizes it was just her imagination. She sits in a box outside home, hoping somebody would adopt her. Noriko sees this and when she learns she is dumped, she gets this devilish thought that with her out of the way, Ryunosuke is all hers. She even gives Nuku Nuku her New Year allowance to get by. I wonder how much she can get by with only 10 Yen… It starts snowing and it reminds Nuku Nuku of how she was in similar circumstances many years ago. She was an abandoned kitten in a box when Ryunosuke and Kyusaku picked her up. Kyusaku reminded him about the responsibilities of owning a pet and Ryunosuke was positive to take her in, considering her as a gift from God. He promised to make her part of the family no matter what. Nuku Nuku is about to fall asleep when Ryunosuke wonders what she is doing outside. Upon learning the reason, they give out a good laugh and explain this morning they told her they were going to visit some relatives throughout the day. They only manage to get airplane tickets and if Nuku Nuku tagged along, it would set off the metal detectors. Thus she was tasked to take care of the house. Nuku Nuku is glad to see them and hugs Ryunosuke. She is grateful for having a nice family. A warm room, warm food. What more can she ask? She hopes this would continue like this for many years to come.

Episode 14
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Nuku Nuku doesn’t even know what that is. No, it’s not some food. So each of her friends have their absurd interpretation of what that day is. Chieko has the most ridiculous reason (somebody’s birthday) so the rest ‘froze’ over her lame joke. Nuku Nuku didn’t even know it was a joke. After being explained the real history of Valentine and how it became commercialized in Japan, Nuku Nuku admits that she has someone she likes. Oh, who could it be? The guys think it’s them. Dream on. Chieko interjects and thinks of giving them the best chocolate but everyone ignores her, much to her dismay. She blames it on Nuku Nuku. Meanwhile Hell is upset and reprimanding his underlings that they have no evil plans for Valentine’s Day. Till Dr Ooizumi and Akiko demonstrate the perfect idea. What seemingly looks like an ordinary chocolate, Akiko stuffs it down an underling’s throat and suddenly he wants to buy any Mishima product. The chocolate contains enzyme that makes people want to buy Mishima products. If the people of Japan and the world eat this, there will be a huge rush to buy their products. The underlings aren’t optimistic since they’ve pulled off something like this before and besides, foreigners don’t give chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Chieko didn’t like her friends to ignore her since they’re preoccupied with who Nuku Nuku is going to give her chocolate. She gets an idea and summons her secret service ninjas, Ueko and Shitako to help out in her mission. Futaba accompanies Nuku Nuku to buy chocolates but it seems the shops are closed as all chocolates are sold out. Chieko admits she is the culprit because she has bought them all with her underlings. Now that she has no chocolates to buy, she can’t give any. All because she doesn’t want Nuku Nuku to stand out more than her. WTF.

Arisa and Kyouko report that somebody bought up all their chocolates (wouldn’t that be good for sales? Unless they can’t have everyone eat it for their world conquest). Chieko is willing to give some to Nuku Nuku if she correctly pronounces her name. Easy? Wrong! She said every combination except the right one. No chocolate! She’s going to dump them all deep into the sea. Then come Akiko and her subordinates in a giant chocolate robot. They attack Chieko but she is saved by Nuku Nuku. I guess her underlings have run away with all the chocolate. Akiko is devastated to see Nuku Nuku and Ryunosuke around and is in a dilemma to attack. However she notes the separation of work and family and goes ahead with the attack anyway. Don’t hate her. This is just business. Kyusaku just came out of the pachinko store and sees the attack. Time to go into disguise as Mr Q. Mask Science V3 and Scienza Epsilon (as hand puppets). Only Nuku Nuku is fooled. Mr Q uses his ability to freeze the robot so that Nuku Nuku can give a super kick to send the chocolate crumbling. Chieko although is grateful Nuku Nuku saved her, she notes she has won the war since Nuku Nuku won’t have any chocolates to give. As for escaping Akiko and co, their escape pod ran out of fuel and crash on… Wait for it… Yamagata. That’s what you get for not having enough budget allocation. Back home, Nuku Nuku is devastated but it seems Kyusaku has a couple of chocolate bars from his pachinko winnings. She didn’t like it since it is plain looking. Till Akiko suggests melting and remaking them the way she wants. Akiko takes up her offer and the next day, Kyusaku and Ryunosuke tail her to see who this lucky guy is. Turns out to be an alley cat! Do cats eat chocolate? Rejected! And so Nuku Nuku’s first Valentine ended with a little heartbreak. She hopes to make it right next year. Meanwhile Chieko is having a noisy household because all her underlings are bugging her to buy Mishima products! Four times the noise! Four times the annoyance! Retribution… On a side note, I’m surprised we didn’t see Noriko and her futile attempts to steal Ryunosuke’s heart.


Shortly after the TV series ended, a 12 episode OVA called All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Dash started its run in September 1998. However there is a slight alteration in terms of the series’ tone and characters. Ditching the slapstick nonsense we see in the TV series, Dash has a more serious side to it. Furthermore, some characters are given a little makeover like Nuku Nuku who is no longer a goofy idiot but an amnesiac and polite Androbot under the name of Atsuko Higuchi. Ryunosuke is a grown up 14 year old middle school kid in love, Akiko resembling more of a respected and intelligent looking corporate woman rather than an obnoxious rich woman and Kyusaku… Did his hair greyed a little? Mishima is more mysterious and enigmatic as before. It’s like a different universe but yet so similar in many ways.

Episode 1
Ryunosuke is on his way home and passes by a beautiful lady. First love, I guess. At the same time, a cat is going to be run over by a truck. The lady with the agility of a cat swiftly saves the feline. This is Ryunosuke’s first meeting with Nuku Nuku. Back home, he is surprised to see Nuku Nuku in his place. More importantly, Akiko and Kyusaku are at it again: A heated quarrel. Once they’re done with that, Akiko talks to Nuku Nuku and has been told by Kyusaku about her circumstances. She is happy to let her stay with them as long as she wants. Akiko then goes back to work overtime and won’t be coming home. I guess that’s a hint… What will they do for dinner? Instant food? That’s where Nuku Nuku comes in. She cooks a sumptuous home cook meal from the heart. I suppose a growing boy like Ryunosuke would definitely prefer this. Kyusaku further explains that Nuku Nuku’s parent died in an accident and due to the shock, she has amnesia, not remembering anything but her name. Since he knew her parents, he becomes her guardian from today onwards. Ryunosuke fantasizes over his love with Nuku Nuku while Kyusaku brings her down to a secret underground lab. He tells her to strip. Seems he is trying to access Nuku Nuku’s system but the Mishima security is even a tougher nut to crack than the Pentagon. Holy cow! Pentagon was easy? Meanwhile Akiko has been summoned by the executives. Seems one of their trial products escaped last night and they want her to retrieve it. Say, doesn’t that blueprint of a fighter Androbot look familiar? Want to guess who is MIFX-N2-009? Akiko soon suits up to go into action. She remembers the executives’ words that she will be promoted and earn bonuses if she successfully oversees this. Her suggested project will also be considered in the next quarter. Why not take this chance that doesn’t come often?

Ryunosuke seems to be trying to appeal to his cool side to Nuku Nuku as he heads off to school. He is fantasizing too much about her that he didn’t see where he is going. An announcement is made to the people of this city to evacuate since Mishima will be holding an emergency mock combat. I guess this is good news for Ryunosuke since he doesn’t have to go to school. Akiko’s helicopter senses its target and launches missiles. Nuku Nuku is out shopping but how can she shop when all stores are closed due to the emergency notice? The missiles narrowly miss her and an inner voice tells her to protect all life. Nuku Nuku transforms into fighter mode and hops into action. She zooms pass Ryunosuke but he couldn’t recognize who she is. Akiko faces off with Nuku Nuku as her helicopter automatically transforms into a giant robot. Nuku Nuku powers up and destroys it. I hope the cost of the city’s destruction and robot won’t be charged to her later. Ryunosuke wanted to get up close to Nuku Nuku but she leaps away. Atop a building, Nuku Nuku hears that inner voice and somehow feels she has heard it somewhere before.

Episode 2
Akiko and Kyusaku will be away for 3 days. This means Ryunosuke will be left to watch the house. Guess why he is so happy? Yeah. Some quality time with Nuku Nuku all by himself. Before they depart, neighbours Momoko and Noriko drop by to wish them well. Meanwhile the executives are planning to use MIFX-N2-013 to capture their target despite knowing it has a defective of an extremely short operating time. I guess it’s the only way to ‘use’ a defective product’s limited lifespan. Ryunosuke is on cloud nine fantasizing his fantasies with Nuku Nuku that he didn’t see where he is going. He bumps into a post. Noriko happens to pass by and contrary to her angelic outlook, she is a sarcastic sadist who loves teasing Ryunosuke. With Nuku Nuku in the picture, I’m sure the fun is going to get better. Momoko wants them to come over for dinner but Ryunosuke declines and doesn’t want to bother them (it will ruin his lovely privacy with Nuku Nuku). Noriko could see through his plans and teases him but he tells her off to mind her own business. Momoko thought it was directed at her and starts crying. Noriko further aggravates the situation that he made a married woman cry while going to spend a night with a young girl. Ryunosuke has no choice but to accept her invitation. Nuku Nuku also comes over and she finds out the cat she previously saved belongs to Noriko and is named Mia. Ryunosuke ponders if Nuku Nuku views him as a little brother when Momoko brings up the subject. After dinner, Nuku Nuku remembers she needs to buy milk for tomorrow and heads off by herself to the store. However she is attacked by a shadowy figure who soon shortly flees when the public gets curious about the commotion.

Ryunosuke gets the shock of his life when Nuku Nuku comes in to scrub his back in the bathroom. Because of that, he can’t sleep. Just the mere thinking of her will send him howling like a stray dog (serious!). He can’t even see her eye to eye or else he’ll start blushing. Imagine, a kindergarten kid telling a middle school boy about mistakes of youthful inexperience. How ironic is that? Back home, Nuku Nuku knows Ryunosuke is acting strange but she misinterprets that because she is a new family member who moved in, he doesn’t like her and is uneasy around her. I don’t know how but he tries to dismiss that but has his face bump into her boobs. He lands on top of her. He is about to confess he likes her when Noriko interrupts them. Mia is missing. They go search for the cat and I suppose this is Noriko’s chance to tease him about doing her in. No excuse would do since she caught them in the act. As Nuku Nuku looks for Mia, she is attacked by that shadowy figure. Nuku Nuku’s clone? 013 attacks and Mia happen to come into the picture. Nuku Nuku protects it when she hears that voice to protect all life. She transforms and fights 013. Though they are both hurt, 013 is shocked that she is bleeding blood. She is not pleased that despite being made from the same model, Nuku Nuku is special and that Professor Higuchi gave her red liquid. Eventually Nuku Nuku defeats her and 013 still couldn’t understand why she could exceed her limit since they have a common body. Nuku Nuku doesn’t understand too about her own power. This causes 013 to ponder the meaning of her construction if Nuku Nuku was created as the ultimate Androbot (she’s crying oil!). 013 explodes as Nuku Nuku takes Mia and leaves for home.

Episode 3
Dr Ooizumi seems like he is performing the last rites for the departed when it is actually his ritual to wake up his ‘daughter’. Seems he is performing an experiment by fusing a section from the Bible and a children’s story into one. And the result you have this little Androbot girl. Ryunosuke is still having trouble about last night’s blooper. He doesn’t know how to face Nuku Nuku but she invites him to come walk with her too. Ryunosuke thought this is somewhat like a date but Nuku Nuku takes him through shortcuts, narrow alleyways and residential walls. Just like a cat, eh? This leads them to a hilltop and a beautiful scenery of the city. Dr Ooizumi’s vice chief reports to the executives about his new invention that will capture its target. Seems the Androbot is handing out flowers and if the target takes the flower, the flower will change colour and the target will recognize slight signal. It’s supposed to pass the message to the target capturing the machine. Ryunosuke and Nuku Nuku are walking back to town. The kid wants to hold Nuku Nuku’s hand. However his hand came into contact into Flower Girl who passes him a free flower. She compliments them as a perfect couple. I guess Ryunosuke likes the sound of that, eh? Nuku Nuku and Ryunosuke eat at a diner and he notes her habit of wiping her mouth like a cat. Nuku Nuku becomes depressed thinking he didn’t like it. He didn’t mean to hurt her feelings and gives the flower to cheer her up. So when she touches it, the flower changes colour. This sends a signal back to Flower Girl as she comes rushing to the signal. A WTF moment when she crashes through the window to head straight for the target! Can’t she just use the door? But there only sits the flower. The target is gone. Tough luck. I’m beginning to think how goofy this girl is because she’s plucking petals she’ll-come-shell’-not-come and when it doesn’t go her way, she remembers the terrible meaning behind the flower she has chosen. But she won’t give up yet.

Nuku Nuku and Ryunosuke are enjoying their time together. Ryunosuke goes off to buy crepes and starts fantasizing his first date that will end in a romantic kiss. Nice dream… However when he gets back, he is devastated to see Nuku Nuku being hit on by a handsome guy. He’s spouting all that beautiful crap about her but what broke Ryunosuke’s heart is that she takes up his offer to go for a ride in his car. Even the guy invites Ryunosuke to tag along. Ryunosuke didn’t like this one bit and takes Nuku Nuku away. He’s mad. He’s upset. What’s his problem? So young and already acting like that. It’s worrying Nuku Nuku. So when he rushes off and accidentally slips off into the shallow river, Nuku Nuku comes crying to him that she doesn’t want him to hate her. He won’t, I assure you. Meanwhile Flower Girl is tired of waiting for her target to appear. Her impatience means she pulls out her bazooka to fire randomly at buildings! WTF?! At least buildings that don’t have humans in them, thinking she can flush out her target. She’s trigger happy! And here Flower Girl just zooms pass by Nuku Nuku and Ryunosuke. He goes after her while Nuku Nuku hears that familiar voice to save lives and transforms. Ryunosuke manages to stop Flower Girl from firing into his house. She goes off to find another unoccupied house but along the way she trips and accidentally destroys a flower shop. She feels guilty that she destroyed the flowers due to her selfishness in finding her target. Nuku Nuku catches up and sees her wounded mechanical arm and helps bandage it up good. Flower Girl laments she was too persistent that her target didn’t show up but Nuku Nuku encourages her that if she tries harder to find her, her target will one day understand. Yeah well. It’s right under her nose. And off she goes. So close yet so far. The vice chief wants and explanation from Dr Ooizumi and he is glad she has developed a sense of hope. This is a miracle and message from God. Whatever. Mission failed, right? Kyusaku returns from his vacation all tired. Akiko is not with him since she got called for work during the middle of the vacation. She is summoned by the executives as they appoint her as the chief of the Runaway Androbot Capture Project.

Episode 4
Nuku Nuku wants to help Akiko make breakfast when suddenly a spy plane flies too close to the ground. Breakfast ruined. Turns out to be Kyouko and Arisa piloting and while Kyouko is having fun flying nonchalantly, Arisa notes that this means they have been demoted by Tokyo headquarters. She accidentally hits a self destruct button. Why the hell is there such a button on such an expensive spy plane? Because of that, Kyouko is summoned to work. In her anger, she punches the vase. Nuku Nuku licks her wound and the guys misinterpret what they saw. Before any true awakening could happen, Akiko dismisses herself to work. Looks like she has an office room of her own. She is greeted by her new subordinates Kyouko and Arisa. One thing odd I find is that they both seem to have swapped names and personality! Arisa is now the joker while Kyouko always has to straighten her up (she’s still goofy, though). Because of the destruction of the spy plane, this means they will have to work voluntarily for 3 years! This means work with no pay! No buts! Do you know how much one of those planes cost? You won’t even pay them off if they work their entire lives! Akiko explains their mission in this department but the duo are only interested in finding a part time job to pay their rental. Akiko leaves for home but finds her family not in. They have gone out for dinner seeing that there was nothing to cook for food. Ryunosuke asks Kyusaku how he ended up marrying Akiko so the scientist starts fantasizing his past romance with her. When they get back (they really took their time), Akiko has been waiting for them since she cooked dinner. She gets pissed when she hears they already had dinner because there goes her cooking with love. She snaps and can’t take this lifestyle anymore. She wants to quit! Nobody cares for her! Suddenly Kyusaku kisses her and carries her away into their room to talk about it. I didn’t know this guy is quite the romantic!

Next morning, Kyouko and Arisa sneak illegally in to pilot a fighter jet. They’re going to get the job done and prove to Tokyo headquarters that it was a mistake to demote them. I guess this is already a big mistake. Akiko is happily making breakfast when it’s déjà vu once more as the fighter jet flies close to the ground, ruining breakfast. I don’t know how Akiko could see her familiar blokes piloting the jet but who else could be this careless? She’s not going to let them get away this time. The duo are goofing around in the plane. Arisa writing her name in the sky and Kyouko accidentally firing safe missiles. Safe missiles? It won’t hit anything living things. Kyouko then accidentally disables the safety mode. Now they’re firing live missiles. Run for your lives! Akiko demands them to return but they cut off communications and continue their rampage. Cue for Nuku Nuku to transform and stop them from damaging the city further. The duo start firing at her but normal bullets ricochet off Nuku Nuku’s body. Kyouko is so pissed that she accidentally hits the self destruct button. Again, why the heck is there such a button. Déjà vu. Boom! And Nuku Nuku didn’t even need to lift a finger… Akiko has to apologize to Tokyo headquarters and promise this won’t happen again. She curses her promotion and vows to make sure the idiots work for free their entire life! Such stress… I guess some promotions don’t come free…  But all is not lost because her family praises her for a lovely home cook meal.

Episode 5
Ryunosuke’s friends, Shimazaki, Ozaki and Tsubouchi confront him because they saw him with a girl (Nuku Nuku) at the shopping arcade yesterday. However they mention every single possibility who this girl is except the part of being his girlfriend. Yeah, they’re laughing so hard that it isn’t possible this chick would be his girl. Ryunosuke lies and exaggerates that she is his girlfriend and that they’re so lovey-dovey together. Unbelievable? Meanwhile at Mishima, gorgeous genius Chouko Izumishikibu (Chieko clone?) introduces a micro sensor that allows to track their target. The censor is fixed into the sunglasses. The staffs though it could see through clothes. They’d be sorely disappointed…. But why sunglasses? It’s the current trend. With the people buying their sunglasses, chances of capturing their target will increase. And so Akiko is tasked to wear the sunglasses every day. Take it as a punishment for failing to achieve her mission for so long. Meanwhile as Ryunosuke fantasizes an aquarium date with Nuku Nuku, his friends drop by to check on him. Though they are amazed with Nuku Nuku as the real deal, Ryunosuke manages to persuade (and lie a little) to help him out to act out as lovers. Especially that lie of Tsubouchi who has a broken heart and doesn’t believe in love crap. So the guys are stunned and Ryunosuke is enjoying this. When he goes to get a borrowed magazine to return, Tsubouchi wants to confirm with Nuku Nuku about their love. She tells him to believe in it so he proposes they go out to the aquarium tomorrow. She agrees. Obviously Ryunosuke becomes upset about that. Well, he had his chances. Akiko goes out shopping with Kyusaku and because she can’t bring herself to wear the sunglasses (she rather get fired than wear it), she leaves it at home. After Nuku Nuku goes off to meet Tsubouchi, Ryunosuke can’t bring himself to stop her. Instead, he gets worried about the romantic moments they will have. Maybe they’ll kiss too! He is going to make sure this will not happen and vows to protect her. First he needs a disguise. The trench coat doesn’t seem it’ll do a complete job. Ah… A pair of sunglasses…

The duo just come out of the aquarium and Ryunosuke is stalking like a jealous stalker. Shimazaki and Ozaki happen to be there and they can tell Ryunosuke in disguise although that jealous kid remains stubborn he is just a passing stranger. Ryunosuke blows his own cover when he thought he saw Nuku Nuku hugging Tsubouchi (her hair got caught in his button). The friends try to take off the disguise and this activates the sensor. Mishima headquarters picks it up and sends an unmanned jet there. Upon detecting Nuku Nuku, it fires its missiles. The guys make a run for it but Ryunosuke realizes he left Nuku Nuku behind and goes to save her. Luckily the missiles missed but they are still blown away by the impact. Then… That voice… Protect life… Nuku Nuku transform… Destroys jet… Thankfully the smoke shielded Nuku Nuku’s action so nobody saw the action. Once over, worried Ryunosuke rushes and hugs Nuku Nuku that she is alright before realizing he was putting his face in her bosoms. She is happy he came to her rescue and they both laugh. The friends didn’t understand what’s going on. Tsubouchi gets disheartened that he doesn’t fit in. Meanwhile Izumishikibu’s sunglasses are cancelled because each detector including tax will cost of 86 million yen! Not cost effective. Ryunosuke doesn’t care what he is to Nuku Nuku as long she is by his side.

Episode 6
Akiko is summoned by the executives and put in charge to capture another lab experiment cat that escaped. This cat is important for C Project. So she sends Kyouko and Arisa for the job but along the way, their sensor gives off when they pass Nuku Nuku riding in tandem with Ryunosuke on his bicycle. As they ponder if she is a cat, they crash into a car. Looks like they need to cough up money for the damages… Ryunosuke and Nuku Nuku encounter a box of stray kittens. There is also a little girl, Mai Yazawa and her very big pet dog, Bic (how can a little girl restrain such a big dog?). Mai realizes the kittens’ mom is missing and is worried for them since Bic is quite friendly with the mommy cat. Ryunosuke and Nuku Nuku bring the kittens home but Kyusaku warns that Akiko won’t like it. True enough, Akiko scolds them for doing just that since she doesn’t like cats in the house. Because the kittens are hungry, Nuku Nuku gives them milk but they’re not drinking. Akiko hints of breast milk since it is the unconditional love a mother could give to a child. Nuku Nuku is ready to breast feed them but Akiko stops her. So she feeds them via bottle. Later Ryunosuke asks why Akiko hate cats. She used to own one when she was young but it died. She cried for so long with it in her arms. Vowing never to have such a sad experience again, she decided not to have a cat. Few days later, their home has nothing but cat food. No human food… Nuku Nuku is taking good care of the kittens. Is she neglecting her human family? Kyusaku accidentally lets his tongue slip that Nuku Nuku has awakened to motherhood as a cat but Ryunosuke doesn’t quite get it.

Ryunosuke reads up on taking care of kittens. Seems like lots of hard work. Exactly what Nuku Nuku is doing? Mai and Bic pay a visit to check on things and are relieved Nuku Nuku is getting along well with the kittens. At the park, Kyouko is taking out her frustrations by randomly firing her bazooka while Arisa is fooling around on a swing. They can’t go home if they can’t find the cat. Yeah, working overtime with no pay for 10 years! How not to stress? Mai and Bic happen to pass by. She wants to get away from that crazy woman but Bic won’t budge. Then Nuku Nuku senses danger and rushes to Mai’s side. As expected, one of Kyouko’s missiles go stray and is about to hit Mai. Nuku Nuku transforms and destroys the missile. Then she confronts the duo, breaks the bazooka and sends them flying into the sky. Now they can be part of the stars. Nuku Nuku sees Mai and it seems Bic has found something in the bushes. A lifeless body of the mommy cat. Guess which party fitted all that lab equipment on it? (Its death can be attributed to body rejection). Mai becomes emotional as Nuku Nuku takes the cat away to bury. She feels sad for the kittens and the next day, Mai’s friends volunteer to take care of the kittens. Though Nuku Nuku continues to space out, Ryunosuke cheers her up by assuring he will always be by her side in the kittens’ stead.

Episode 7
Akiko is trying to research Project Light Blue but there is no data. Seems that 5 years ago, a division that was closed suddenly started doing something. They were making cyborgs. Guess what? One of them escaped. Agents are on a manhunt for this escapee. Want to make a guess that this cyborg is a little girl named Yuko? She’s taking refuge from the downpour at a playground. A puppy approaches her and she uses her telepathy to assist in seeking help. The puppy brings Nuku Nuku to her since she was passing close by. She brings Yuko back to her room and when she wakes up, she becomes afraid but Nuku Nuku assures her everything is alright and that Ryunosuke is a kind person. When she touches Nuku Nuku hand, Yuko could see that she isn’t an ordinary girl. Later when Yuko has regained some strength and heads out to the living room, she suddenly experiences pain in her head. Kyusaku sees a unit behind her neck and has that devastated look on his face. He rushes back to his lab to find out more on Project Light Blue. I wonder how this guy could easily obtain its data by just keying in some password. He can’t believe that this unit development was supposed to be scrapped 12 years ago has been continuing. Yuko reveals she escaped from the hospital and has been spending her entire life there. This is her first time out of the building. She doesn’t know who her parents are. Somebody rings the door late at night but Yuko sees agents at the door and desperately tries to stop Ryunosuke from answering.

The agents blast open the door and want them to hand over Yuko. In great timing, Kyusaku’s potion overflows and causes the place to be filled with smoke. While Ryunosuke takes Yuko and run, Nuku Nuku transforms and beats the crap out of them. Kyusaku then wants Nuku Nuku to find Yuko because she only has 12 hours to live. I can’t believe those agents are losing to a kid. Feels like they are clowns. They just can’t seem to get near him. Nuku Nuku remembers Kyusaku telling her Yuko was artificially made and had a unit surgically built into her body and supposed to be raised as an esper weapon. The side effect is that her brain cells are constantly breaking up and to prevent that, she needs to have periodical brain surgery. Ryunosuke and Yuko are taking a breather. Her head is pain again for a short while. She tells him people were always giving her all sorts of medication and conducting tests on her which she never knew the reason of. One day when she was transferring to another room, she saw through a small hole the blue sky. She wanted to see that sky again. Ryunosuke promises tomorrow will be sunny. That’s when the agents show up. Ryunosuke won’t hand her back but he is surprised Nuku Nuku and Kyusaku want him to let her return. After explaining her need for surgery, they can’t wait till tomorrow morning because it’ll be too late by then. Yuko decides to return and thanks Ryunosuke for protecting her. She wants him to forget about her and as a parting gift, she kisses him. That wasn’t just any kiss because the next morning, Ryunosuke is back to his usual self with no memories of what happened last night. Nuku Nuku remembers Yuko telling her she erased Ryunosuke’s memories about her and that she is the same as her. When Ryunosuke looks up at the blue sky, he doesn’t understand why he is crying. He feels he is forgetting something important.

Episode 8
At some battlefield, Mishima is testing some super killing machine (that’s at least how it looked to me). It’s so terrifying and perfect, let’s say it caused so much damage in just 12 minutes. This kind of result I’m sure the higher ups are pleased. Of course this machine is shipped to Maneki City and Akiko receives it, knowing that Tokyo headquarters usually toss away their ‘toys’ here once they have had enough of it (actually it is shipped here as they have the best research facilities). But of course the carelessness in handling the container means the machine gets activated automatically as it goes on a rampage. Tokyo headquarters receive news about this and the president seems pretty interested to see what is going to happen next especially watching people move as they planned. Mishima security forces move out to contain this menace and minimize the damage it is causing. By nightfall, its terrorizing has moved to the suburban areas and you can tell the trail of destruction it leaves because there’s always fire in its wake. Some of the security forces are done in. Meanwhile Ryunosuke and his friend are illegally riding a bike in the forest when they hear explosions nearby. The security forces have cornered the huge snake-like machine and disposing all its firepower. Even though the big body is destroyed, the little main body escapes. They need to capture it before it hijacks another machine. Kyusaku and Nuku Nuku have tailed the security forces and he figures out it’s a parasitic automatic attack unit that can adhere to any machine and turn it into a weapon. When Kyusaku and Professor Higuchi were working for Mishima, they strongly opposed this concept because a machine without a heart will go berserk and attack others. That’s why Nuku Nuku has a heart.

As expected, the snakey parasite takes control of the bike and Ryunosuke is on it. It is now breathing flames by using the bike’s gas. The commander wants to shoot and eliminate it before it escapes again regardless of Ryunosuke’s life. Then here comes Nuku Nuku. Ryunosuke remembers her as that super sexy chick (but not Nuku Nuku). She struts her stuff to do damage but it is useless if she doesn’t attack the main body. Kyusaku sends data to her that the main body is hiding in the bike’s muffler. Nuku Nuku snuffs it out as the security forces open fire to put the machine out of commission for good. Nuku Nuku disappears as fast as the security forces. The latter discuss the irony had they open fire on Ryunosuke, they would be no different than the killing machine. Even ironic, they are saved by the wanted Androbot. Ryunosuke regrets his friend’s bike is toast but he is okay with it. All he needs is just to fix it up and wait till he gets into high school to get a proper licence. Because if you treat a machine with a sincere heart, it’ll work the way you want it. Back at Mishima Tokyo headquarters, the president thinks of visiting Maneki City soon. As part of the plan, all executives at Maneki City headquarters will take responsibility by resigning. This will finally make Mishima completely his. The greatest house of mechanical puppets has just been born. The only thing that didn’t go as plan was the killing machine but they’ll just make another one.

Episode 9
Mishima will take on a Zweig, a German company in a giant robot battle. Sangoku Bross was designed by Professor Higuchi and will be used in the battle. Akiko notes that it was the robot she requested to capture MIFX-N2-009 but the executives who are also reluctant feel they have no choice but to use their best robot in this case. Ryunosuke looks up the public info for Bross for Nuku Nuku. She starts to remember something about it and then collapses shortly. Kyusaku learns about this and does his own research on the robot. He remembers making it with Professor Higuchi and never expected it would happen like this. Nuku Nuku wakes up late at night but her thoughts are muddled and she’s feeling scared. Kyusaku says he doesn’t want her to attend tomorrow’s battle because it would be good if her memories don’t come back but she insists because she doesn’t want to have a hard time anymore. At the special arena, Bross makes its debut in public. Ryunosuke and the gang are there. So are Noriko and her mom. She teases Ryunosuke about having no progress with Nuku Nuku and should’ve used this chance to get closer to her instead of bringing his dad along too. The German counterpart, Riese Zoldart enters the ring via air. Ryunosuke is excited that the robots will fight each other till one of them breaks down. However Nuku Nuku feels uneasy. She doesn’t want it to break down. The battle begins with both robots unleashing their own moves. In the end, Bross is superior and emerges victorious. When it seems Zoldart is out for the count, it reactivates and grabs the host hostage. Because of Bross’ in-built system to save lives, it cannot attack and gets pounded by Zoldart. The crowd is upset over this unfair match. Nuku Nuku wants to help since the voice is telling her to save lives. But Kyusaku overwrites that and gives her another command to sit and observe.

Akiko contacts the Zweig counterparts and they claim that Zoldart has malfunctioned so it’s up to them to stop it. Oh really? Bross isn’t responding to Mishima’s control either because of the system. After Bross goes offline, Zoldart turns on the crowd. Before its attack could reach the public, Bross amazingly revives and uses its body to protect everyone while they evacuate. Once the arena is empty, Nuku Nuku transforms and fights alongside Bross. After she saves the host, Bross cuts Zoldart like a hot knife through butter in one slice. Then Bross stops moving permanently. Though Zweig officially reports their robot went haywire. Mishima’s president knows they have formally attacked Mishima. He notes before Mishima gains more enemies, he needs to take over the entire company especially Maneki City’s headquarters because his precious thing of his is sleeping there. Kyusaku remembers Professor Higuchi telling him that he is giving up making killer machines. Kyusaku is pessimistic that will be possible because as long as they’re in the weapons development, heartless killer machines will keep coming to life. Professor Higuchi created the first life saving system into Bross as he notes his white pet cat that he calls Nuku Nuku sleeping on Bross’ hand. He quips how she must like Bross a lot. Nuku Nuku starts to remember this memory too.

Episode 10
Ryunosuke and Nuku Nuku see a young man fixing an antique sports car. A bell is attached to his car key as the sound feels somewhat nostalgic to Nuku Nuku. She starts spacing out and of course Ryunosuke misinterprets she has hots for this guy and doesn’t like it one bit. After he learns about Nuku Nuku, he will come pick her up tonight for a date. This young man turns out to be the president of Mishima, Mishima Jr. He is greeted by Maneki City headquarters’ president and his committee but Mishima Jr but he hints that he is no longer needed. Meanwhile Arisa got the guts to fantasize working with Mishima Jr and some sort of whirlwind romance right in front of Akiko. But she is more concerned about Mishima Jr’s actions of taking over both headquarters even if this is a family company. Doing her research, it seems the main part of a robot for a project, E-3 went missing. Noticing it is directly under the control of the former president, she fears the worst. True enough, she finds out that E-3’s location has been changed by the former president to the port’s warehouse and immediately contacts the security department. The former president isn’t going to withdraw easily and is having plans to get back at Mishima Jr with E-3. As promised, Mishima Jr takes Nuku Nuku out in his car. Ryunosuke can only watch. Noriko loves this entertainment and goes to tease him. Is Ryunosuke alright with this? He acts like he doesn’t care and that he has no right to stop Nuku Nuku from dating whoever she wants. Noriko hints she may cross the line tonight and do something thrilling. Still not going to do anything about it? You can sit there and sulk all night and it will all be his fault. It changes Ryunosuke’s mind so he’s going after her and won’t let her date any other guys. Nuku Nuku is still spacing out and Mishima Jr knows she agreed to this date because of the sound of the bell. He takes her to the port so that he could tell her everything. Coincidently, that is where the former president is going to launch his revenge and is eagerly waiting for his arrival.

Mishima Jr tells Nuku Nuku that they are the same because they are manmade. Then E-3 attacks them as he says this one even though is manmade isn’t like them because it has no heart and is under orders of somebody. Though Nuku Nuku saves them from harm’s path, he wants her to transform and show her powers to destroy this machine. He takes out the bell and says that to their dreams come true, he needs her power and the power of this bell’s owner. Nuku Nuku continues to save Mishima Jr from E-3 but she finds it odd she is not transforming into tactical mode. Is it because Mishima Jr is a robot too? When Ryunosuke enters the scene, the former president orders E-3 to take out any eyewitnesses and to do it discreetly without missiles. However somebody gives E-3 conflicting orders to destroy using missiles. This causes E-3 to go haywire with the opposing orders. Eventually when a missile is fired towards Ryunosuke, Nuku Nuku hears the voice to protect life and transforms to protect him. Then she destroys E-3 with one swoop. The former president knows he has failed and tries to flee but it seems the driver who is Mishima Jr’s secretary shoots him. Mishima Jr notes Nuku Nuku can’t transform for him yet and wonders if she hasn’t become human yet. Akiko and the security forces secure the place and they find the former president’s body in the car nearby. Ryunosuke returns home to find Nuku Nuku is already back. She claims she returned in the middle of the date and assures she did nothing. Ryunosuke doesn’t mind it and says she do what she wants to and he will do what he wants to. He’s not bothered at all. Really? But Nuku Nuku worries for him. Next day, Akiko reports to Mishima Jr about all the tests performed on E-3. He tells her to lay low regarding the former president’s case because the police are investigating it. He assigns her in charge of E-3 and to redesign its control programme so it will never go berserk again. She feels suspicious because nothing in the report says it went berserk. Mishima Jr gladly anticipates the completion of the world’s greatest house of mechanical puppets.

Episode 11
Nuku Nuku wakes up from a dream whereby she was escaping with her father, Professor Higuchi. But he was shot by the security forces. Akiko is under tremendous stress. So much work piling up. Looks like at this rate she’ll be doing overtime for the rest of her life! She sees a top secret document about the cancellation details of the seal at lowest basement level. She thought it was closed many years ago. Ryunosuke is still pouting. He didn’t want to take up his friend’s offer to watch some racy video till he mentions he got a girl living under his roof. I guess he is still mad so he accepts his offer and that Nuku Nuku has got nothing to do with him. Nuku Nuku is outside the house when a guy pops up before her. He is Professor Higuchi and has been waiting for this moment. As proof, he rings the bell in his hands and her memories start coming back. She remembers they were running away. If he had not stopped running to admire the sunlight, he wouldn’t have been shot! The odd part was, they were in the sewers! Come on! I know he hasn’t seen sunlight for so long but shouldn’t there be better places later to see the sun? Before he collapses, he tells Nuku Nuku to head to Kyusaku’s place as he has already informed him beforehand. He then sealed her memories with the bell and promised to come after her later. He identified her as Programme No. EX-10. Now that Nuku Nuku is happily reunited with her father, he wants her to come with him to Germany. He also sees Kyusaku and warns him Mishima has awakened something terrible. That’s why he wants to take Nuku Nuku with him. So when Ryunosuke learns about it on a short notice and how Nuku Nuku will be leaving tomorrow morning, typical as he is, he puts up a brave front telling her she can go anywhere she wants. Like he cares. Really? Nuku Nuku can even tell he is not alright with it.

Mishima Jr enters the basement and before he could key in the codes, Akiko and the executives surround him. She has acted out of her position and asked them for advice as they are Mishima’s board of supervisory auditors. They say he can’t go beyond any further because it is the founder’s wish. Mishima Jr scoffs him off as an old man who lived over 100 years and failed to die due to prohibited cloning engineering. Before the security can rid of him, Mishima Jr’s secretary knocks them out and easily takes out the old guys. He reveals she is an Androbot, the MIFX-N2-009 that they failed to capture. So he used to company property for his personal use. He comments how the founder didn’t want his company to fall into other hands that he made useless clones as executives. Akiko points her gun at him but that’s not going to stop MIFX-N2-009 from restraining her. Mishima Jr praises her commitment on her job and wishes if all employees were like her, this company would have been better. He activates the elevator to the lowest basement floor which contains the real body of Mishima. Nuku Nuku goes to talk to Ryunosuke who is still sulking. He runs his mouth off that she suddenly came into his life and now she will suddenly go away. He doesn’t like it. In this case it would have been better if they had never met in the first place. So get the hell out of here! Ooooh… Harsh… Suddenly the city is under curfew with the army out on patrol. Mishima Jr activates and puts his plans into motion and wants Akiko to admire the city’s last moments. Akiko guesses he is a clone of the founder because he used his genes as code to activate it. He shows her a clone of Nuku Nuku sleeping in the tube. This is his precious sleeping beauty. Once she wakes up, the city will be flattened.

Professor Higuchi plans to flee during the chaos and Kyusaku thinks he is running away. They reminisce the old times when they were too young to understand what they were doing, creating destructive weapons for Mishima. Eventually Professor Higuchi’s design was chosen. Project Light Blue was the Esperdoll Project which created so many pseudo espers. Among them is the Nuku Nuku clone. Though her artificial esper power was developed, it was beyond what they calculated as she controls any material’s atomic structure via psychokinesis and can change it into furious destruction. That’s why he created Nuku Nuku as last resort in case it awakens. Professor Higuchi claims he is tired of all this and only Nuku Nuku can heal his wounded heart. He doesn’t want her to lose to such a thing. Kyusaku notes he has changed and wonders if Nuku Nuku was modelled after the woman he loved. Or was it since 2 cats died, the ones whose nerve centres were used and of which one had the same name as Nuku Nuku. Kyusaku is going to rescue Akiko. Ryunosuke learns Nuku Nuku has already left. Now he feels guilty. Why look so surprised? Didn’t he tell her to leave? Be careful what you wish for. Professor Higuchi and Nuku Nuku are making their way through the city and he knows a helicopter from Zweig is waiting for them. Nuku Nuku sees the city in chaos and worries about Ryunosuke.

Episode 12
A flashback shows Professor Higuchi speaking to his late wife (of course she looks very much like Nuku Nuku). In her arms is a pair of white cats. One with a golden bell and the other a silver bell. The army launches its offensive on the Mishima building. I don’t think these men can fight against the parasitic robots that could take control of other machines. Kyusaku and Ryunosuke bump into Professor Higuchi alone in the streets. Where’s Nuku Nuku? Looks like she rejected his offer to return to Germany with him and went back to save the city. She felt grateful that he opened her memories and now that she remembers everything, she realizes she loves this city, the Natsume family and of course Ryunosuke too. She said goodbye to him. I suppose Ryunosuke felt bad so he rushes ahead into the Mishima building to look for her. The arrival of battle helicopters into the fray show how serious this war is going to get. Mishima Jr shows to Akiko a date on his chest. It is the expiry date for clones. The founder did this to all his clones to avoid his other selves in obtaining tremendous power. That’s why he wants to let the founder know that even as puppets, they have feelings and want to stay alive, the right to live. But to destroy the city? Mishima Jr rings his bell to activate Nuku Nuku clone, R2-004. Her awakening means her destructive powers have also awakened. In contrast to Nuku Nuku who is born to save lives, R2-004 is born to destroy lives. We won’t see what awesome powers R2-004 have because before we know it, Mishima Jr is all bloodied pinned underneath concrete slabs and his secretary offline for good. He is happy he is going to make their stupid creators regret the sorrows they have. Then he realizes he is dying. Never thought about that, huh? Then he goes offline forever.

R2-004 shows how powerful she is when she just uses her telekinesis to crush the helicopters into bits. She didn’t even touch them! Ryunosuke bumps into Nuku Nuku who is in her tactical form. She hands him unconscious Akiko. Ryunosuke wants to know her identity so she takes off her visor and explains the truth to him. Ryunosuke apologizes for saying mean things to her and realizes she is someone precious to him. However Nuku Nuku can’t go with him. She needs to return and defeat her sister. Because she loves this city, the people and him, she is willing to go back and protect everything she loves. So it’s goodbye for real. Ryunosuke can’t follow since the floor gives way. Luckily he is saved by Kyusaku in a helicopter. How the hell did he hijacked one? Nuku Nuku confronts R2-004 at the rooftop. She powers up with all she has got and then grabs her. In her tight clutch, she self destructs and blows up the building top. I guess this means Professor Higuchi got blown away too since he was up on the roof, right? Mind boggling, only their bells remain. Flash forward to 2019. Ryunosuke is very much grown up now. He returns to Maneki City after 4 years. He narrates Mishima Group broke up after that and Maneki City’s office turned into Mishima Corporation and only deals with general trading. Akiko becomes the general manager and continues to juggle work and life. Kyusaku continues to hole up in his lab and make things that won’t earn him a penny. Ryunosuke meets Noriko (also grown up splendidly) at the place where he first met Nuku Nuku. Noriko is holding a couple of Mia’s kittens in her hands. Each both wearing the golden and silver bell. Then thought he saw a familiar lady standing in the distance. Could it be Nuku Nuku? Is she back for real?

Not That Purr-fect After All…
I have mixed feelings of this series as overall. Basically it is between the TV series and Dash. Now, the TV series was nonsensical and funny and anime shows falling under the comedy genre is really my thing so I like the slapstick comedy that was in the TV series. However, something about it feels so exaggerated and silly that it made me feel annoyed. What’s this? Do I not enjoy the TV series? That’s why I said I have mixed feelings. On one hand I did enjoy the absurdness the TV series had to offer but on the other hand it felt really one kind the jokes especially with Nuku Nuku so dumb and blur. All that nonsense has been tossed away in Dash (except when it involves Arisa and Kyouko). It is heavily loaded with drama and a little dark. Because it wasn’t as silly as the TV series, in a way it felt rather tolerable. However the unsatisfying and WTF ending ruined it all. It ended in an ill-fashioned way. I mean, Nuku Nuku died, right? She exploded herself. Unless you tell me she did something else instead of that explosion we see. And fast forward into the future, we are left with a teaser that this lady may or may not be Nuku Nuku. At first glance she sure is her but could it just be because Ryunosuke is still somewhat attached to her, any beautiful lady he sees he may see traces in her face.

As for the original OVAs, it felt very OVA-like because there are gaps of events in between the episodes. First episode introduces you to everything, then the subsequent episodes is like they’re suddenly at the beach or working at a family restaurant or the divorced parents living back together again temporarily. There is no that continuity you see and feel like you see in anime TV series. Though I didn’t read the manga, I found out that there is only one volume out of it. So I’m not sure if the OVA episodes were original anime work or based off some chapters in that single volume. That is perhaps why the TV series became a retelling and a slapstick. So much many of the episodes can serve as standalone. Even so, some episodes don’t end on a satisfying note. It just ends. And then too much laughing and hoo-haa probably has them made the grimmer Dash and let Nuku Nuku have a radical makeover to earn her some serious esteem instead of a joker. So serious the theme of Dash that there are a handful of deaths that would stir Nuku Nuku’s emotion when the subject dies. So serious the tone of Dash that you know it would be when the title screen isn’t being read over by Nuku Nuku unlike in the TV series despite using the same background music. I guess silence speaks volumes. You know Nuku Nuku will be in for some fun misadventure when you hear her typical genki and energetic voice.

Talking about Nuku Nuku, if you ask me which one I would like better it would be the one in Dash. As mentioned, the OVA and TV series make her look silly. She’s like a rash airhead guided by her feline instincts who only has food on her mind. Oh, not forgetting her killer bicycle ride too. Dash’s Nuku Nuku is more reserved and polite, her expression filled with uncertainties and worries. In that way, she is prettier and likeable. Is it no wonder why Ryunosuke fell head over heels for her? Of course that is my opinion. As an Androbot, Nuku Nuku has quite a number of ironies. She’s supposed to be close to perfect but has lots of defects. For instance her inability to swim and sink like a hammer. I mean, she can jump great heights, possesses incredible stamina, endurance and even human emotions but yet she can’t swim? Ridiculous, isn’t it? At least she doesn’t get short circuit when she steps into the water. Maybe it is all part of Kyusaku’s plan to make her more human. To be imperfect is human and he is trying to perfect that. Get it? And since she’s a robot, shouldn’t she understand it faster and better? Oh well, human emotions are never an easy thing. Ryunosuke in the OVA feels like a kid caught between 2 adults’ game and only wants them to get back together. In the TV series, his main role feels like the one providing the punch lines or the voice of reasoning. As so obvious in Dash, a love stricken kid who in the end doesn’t end up with the girl he loves. Isn’t this some sort of tragedy? After so much drama and close moments, he realizes too late. When she’s gone, she’s gone. Ah, how complicated love is.

In all 3 seasons, Kyusaku is still the poor scientist who is able to create inventions that don’t bring him any money. His role in the TV series in addition to being a joker, to give Nuku Nuku that slight push to do something against Mishima whereas in Dash, his role has been quite minimal, being reduced to just a spectator. That is at least how I felt. As for Akiko, she was being the most overprotective mother in the OVA. That feeling became lesser in the TV series and Dash since she is living with the family and not a divorcee. Something bugs me a little in Dash. Ryunosuke addresses his parents by their first name. It’s like he lacks respect in them. While for Kyusaku’s case it is so because he is a teacher in his school (however in Dash, Kyusaku wasn’t) but calling Akiko by her name too? I don’t want to think the possibility that he is adopted. Arisa and Kyouko remain the same bumbling idiots in all 3 seasons. So it is no surprise why they will never get a man of their own or earn enough money to cover their expenses. At this rate, I don’t think working free for eternity would be enough to cover the costs of destruction they made. If they could strike the lottery now maybe it would change things but what are the chances? They’d strike everything else and destroy them first. Haha. Like Nuku Nuku, Noriko also had a complete makeover. From a lover girl deeply in love with Ryunosuke, she turned into a brat who loves teasing her neighbour. In both cases, looks like she didn’t end up as Ryunosuke’s lover. Not that I can see. Her mom Momoko remains the same, though. Still crying and concern about every single bit about her daughter. Such attachment…

The other side characters are pretty decent but sometimes I felt that they just appeared once or twice and that’s it. You won’t see them anymore or they do not play a very significant or decent impact anymore. For example in the OVA, Yoshimi and Shinjo. Their beach episode was just their prominent episode. If you are hoping for any development for their characters after that, then be prepared for a big disappointment. Nuku Nuku’s rival Eimi was only featured in the OVA as a vengeful robot why she wasn’t featured in the subsequent seasons is up to anyone’s guess. Don’t see any use for her anymore? Maybe she overheated or the producers know she can’t function well in series more than episodes. Haha! For the slapstick TV series, the side characters, especially Nuku Nuku’s oddball classmates are what they are and Hell is just some young punk trying to play evil boss much to the chagrin of his saner employees. Just because he is the boss, does it give him the right to do what he wants? Well, it’s his company. So there wasn’t much issue in wondering what happened to who after this or that. But for Dash, it felt redundant to have some characters to only appear in a single episode. So what happened to the Flower Girl? Do you see her after that? What about Izumishikibu? Mai? Yuko? Sometimes it feels that these characters are necessary just to prolong the series and give a little ‘side adventure’ before the big revelation. And before the next episode preview in Dash, it’s like they make it a big deal to introduce such characters that viewers are expected to see in the next episode. Speaking of character introductions, for the first half of the TV series, I think the producers are trying to drill into the viewers’ head about the supporting characters. Each time you see Futaba, Rie, Chieko, Shimazaki or any other friends, you will see their name appearing at the bottom appearing at the bottom of the scream. We get it already! The bookworm who never speaks is Miyuki, right? The mad scientist obsessed with science is Yakumo, right?

As for the action, my opinion on all seasons also varies. In the OVA, it felt rather okay because you know, animes at that time had that one kind of action and feel to it so it was somewhat acceptable. It wasn’t unusual to see a robot girl taking out high-tech military equipment easily like Superman. A little exaggerating it may be but they seem pretty decent. Of course, except for that no-brainer when Akiko just stood there waiting for the octopus robot to land on her. Was she like trying to send a hint for somebody to save her? Then comes the TV series. Wacky slapstick is enough to describe the action. Nuku Nuku doesn’t really have to do much work to keep the evil Mishima out of bay because their own faultiness is the cause of their own failure. Thus if Nuku Nuku doesn’t really do anything, in time the problem will solve itself. But the action bits in Dash seem to be disappointing. If you ask me, sometimes it not only lacks in quality but it just doesn’t feel convincing. Given the nature of the series, Dash is not slapstick so that’s why my mood and expectations were set higher. It’s something like what you see in tokusatsu or mahou shoujo shows. Villains come into the picture. Villains cause havoc. Hero/heroine arrives. Transform. Defeat baddies. Disappear. See the flow? Giving Nuku Nuku a body suit in her tactical form seems better compared to her school uniform. Oh wait. Nuku Nuku isn’t even a student in Dash. But at least it gives off a better feel that she is combat ready compared to OVA and TV series’ school uniform. Her metal fins behind her ears go up and she’s ready to go into action. Dash’s Nuku Nuku does feel like she packs more punch but the fights last too short (at least better than lasting for 3 whole episodes!) and her moves do not vary. That’s like boring, no?

I can’t help wonder about several things especially about the Mishima company. While in TV series, their failures are always due to their own doings, it is odd to think that for a big company who could spend and invest in such technology to cut back on the success of their inventions, it is mind boggling, isn’t it? Of course I won’t question them due to the slapstick nature. They’re supposed to lose, right? But for Dash, I can’t help see a little pattern here. As a big corporation, they are frequently losing test subjects. Noticed it? I’m not sure if they let it lose on purpose or they just lack the necessary security to contain them. Then they put Akiko in charge and stress her up so much. It’s amazing this woman can handle it after taking in so much and doesn’t give up. That is perhaps what makes her more respectable than her previous seasons’ version. About Professor Higuchi, I wonder where he was during Nuku Nuku’s stay at Natsume’s residence. Maybe I wasn’t listening but it took him this long to get to her? I thought he knew where she was, at his best friend’s place. Assuming he got captured and imprisoned whatsoever, how did he manage to escape so easily? And with such great timing of Mishima Jr’s arrival at Maneki City too. Unless that was part of his greater plan too. What can Mishima Jr prove to the founder to destroy the city? Where is he? I thought he’s dead? Or perhaps lying in some cryogenic state? And then Mishima Jr realized he killed himself. Didn’t think too thoroughly, did he? Another thing to ponder is the safety missiles that Mishima develops. Seriously. Why even bother to make that? You make missiles to destroy, right? For realism when they test it in the city? Gee, maybe the military should also consider using this when they go to war. And if they could make missiles with safety feature, couldn’t they do it for the rest of the other machines? Oh, that’s right. There’s always this chance it will go haywire. Electronics…

As for the art and animation, I would forgive this old and dated production since it was produced more than a decade ago. As usual, my typical answer that animes in that era are ‘like that wan’. So the OVA had that OVA quality (which of course is not comparable by today’s standards) and the TV series just makes everyone comical especially when things get exaggerated. I mean, look at the employees of Mishima. Under Hell, they have to wear colourful costumes and for Akiko had to wear a mask while Arisa and Kyouko had funny face paintings. Once more, Dash doesn’t live up to its quality like I expected. In fact to me it may be the worse among the 3 seasons. Sometimes the details in the scenes can get simple and lack much feature. The OVA may have a little wee bit of fanservice but the TV series and Dash certainly do not have the slightest hint of it.

The absurdity of the jokes in the TV series felt like running gags because after a while being repeated similarly in the episodes, you know that you are going to see this over and over again in the following episodes till the end. Whether it is Nuku Nuku’s inability to pronounce Chieko’s surname correctly (she can say hundreds of variations and never get the right one even if she is in earshot range – isn’t it hard to pronounce Shirokaba-, oops, I mean Shirakaba?), Chieko’s underlings whose only main lines in the series are “That’s right! Just as Chieko said” so much so if they say anything else and have a proper dialogue it is such an odd phenomenon (but not as odd when Miyuki speaks or show her true face without her specs – because yeow! She’s hot!), Nuku Nuku as the most blur head character in the TV series that anything she doesn’t know thinks it has something to do with food (do robots eat real food? If so, do they really excrete wastes like human? I don’t want to know), Kyusaku’s poorly disguise as some scientific hero of justice that everyone can see through except Nuku Nuku (I guess she needed some sort of motivation or push), Mishima’s failed technology that always backfires on them (it’s amazing Akiko never dies at the rate she gets injured during ‘work’) due to budget cutbacks (ironic for a giant organization who spends so much in research, isn’t it?), Speedy Girls never get their proper debut and if they do it is always the same song and cut short by unfortunate events just like Yamagata who is trying his best to play the part of a responsible teacher but always gets hit away into the sky by just about anything (it’s amazing he didn’t die from the unfortunate incidents that befall on him). I know they’re to give Shimazaki some sort of character because he is never seen without his guitar no matter how absurd the setting gets, it’s like part of his body. But the annoying thing is that he always sings the same tune! It was amusing for a while but it really gets to you later despite the change in lyrics but the overall tune is still the bloody same one. “La, la, la, la ~(insert line here)~”. Okay, I admit. I did enjoy most of them. Most.

For all the 3 seasons, the main casts for the characters are retained despite each season is different either is in remake or spin-off. I guess in those early days, Megumi Hayashibara was one of the few famous seiyuus around so as fitting as she is as the voice of Nuku Nuku, it sounded like many of her other early anime roles like the female Ranma in Ranma 1/2, Lina of Slayers, Rei in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Lime in Saber Marionette J. The other main casts include Kazue Ikura as Ryunosuke (Sentoumaru in One Piece), Akira Kamiya as Kyusaku (Kogoro Mouri in Detective Conan), Saeko Shimazu as Akiko (Kodachi in Ranma 1/2), Aya Hisakawa as Arisa (Kyouko for Dash) (Maya in Tenjou Tenge) and Akiko Hiramatsu as Kyouko (Arisa for Dash) (Miyabi in Ai Yori Aoshi). Casts for the OVA are Mika Kanai as Eimi (Vanilla in Galaxy Angel) and Satomi Koorogi as Yoshimi (Maho in Onegai Teacher). Only featured in the 1998 TV series, Michiko Neya as Futaba (Melissa in Full Metal Panic), Hideo Ishikawa as Ikenami (Ukitake in Bleach), Atsushi Kisachi as Shimazaki (Asaba in Kare Kano), Kenyuu Horiuchi as Yakumo/Dr Ooizumi (Sasaki in Bakuman), Kenichi Ono as Yamagata (Asurada in Future GPX Cyber Formula). Having different roles in the TV series and Dash are Wakana Yamazaki as Chieko and Izumishikibu (Ran in Detective Conan), Eriko Kawasaki as Miyuki and Flower Girl (Misuzu in Ichigo 100%) and Sachiko Sugawara as Rie and Mai (Valore in Vandred The Second Stage). Reprising their roles for both TV series and Dash include Ken Narita as Hell/Juzo/Mishima Jr (Sesshoumaru in Inu Yasha), Chinami Nishimura as Noriko (Hydra in UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie), Yuri Amano as Momoko (Ichiki in Nabari No Ou). Making their appearance only in Dash include Sho Hayami as Professor Higuchi (Motonobu in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), Takuma Suzuki as Ozaki (Arai in Kimi Ni Todoke) and Kumiko Watanabe as Yuko (Keroro in Keroro Gunsou).

Guess what? For all the 3 different seasons, Megumi Hayashibara sings all of the opening and ending credits! Is there no other singer at that time? I suppose since Nuku Nuku is the main heroine and that Megumi Hayashibara has established quite a fan base herself, it is only right for her to be featured in every opening and ending piece. For those who are familiar with her upbeat anime pop style, you can recognize that in Watashi Ni Happy Birthday (OVA first opening), Yume Hurry Up (OVA second opening), Fine Colorday (TV opening) and Oyasuminasai Ashita Wa Ohayou (TV ending). For slower ballads, Oshiete Happiness (OVA first ending) and Harikitte Trying (OVA second ending) should fit the bill nicely. A House Cat is the opening for Dash and the power disco beat reminds me of her take in Shaman King opening themes. Dash’s ending theme, Shiawase Wa Chiisana Tsumikasane is the slow pop ballad but its happy feel reminds me of the sunshiny ending theme of Ashite Iki No Bus Ni Notte from Rocket Girls.

In a nutshell, the overall series is pretty decent and enjoyable at an average level despite the sci-fi inventions that don’t really make sense. Not that it will be possible in the near future. Come on. How the hell did Kyusaku transfer the soul of a dead cat into a robot? He might as well do so with all the other dead pets. Yeah. Coming to you soon. Dogs, rabbits, hamsters, goldfish and lizards back from the dead in a metal body. Would it then be consider your pet anymore? But the humour is very much what drives this series and makes it fun. Then Dash had to ruin it and leave a bad impression lingering. Well, at least it tries hard not to give off too many nonsensical jokes but it could have been better. Could have. Cats may have nine lives and Nuku Nuku has been lucky enough to be given a second shot at life. Even if she uses up all of them, I don’t think she can save this series ;p. She can save the world from Mishima or an impending asteroid but not this show.

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