Amaenaideyo Katsu

June 17, 2011

What the heck?! I remember after watching the first season, I never wanted to watch its sequel, Amaenaideyo Katsu due to the bad taste of fanservice I had. Well, that was many years ago and it seems in a ‘short’ span of time, I guess my heart and mind must have changed a lot, eh? Reflecting back on my previous blog on this Buddhist-themed anime, I remember categorizing it as hentai but back then, I was a newbie in anime so I didn’t know the difference between hentai and ecchi. So to put things straight, this isn’t hentai but more towards ecchi.

So to refresh what this series is about, it’s about a group of high school kids who stay at the Saienji temple and work as local monks, exorcising spirits and ghosts. Seems like a distasteful element for fanservice, we have this kid, Ikkou as the only guy staying in the temple because he is the temple’s head’s Joutoku’s grandson. The amazing thing about this guy is his pervertness and his lust (aside his laziness and not doing well in his school work, which is basically typical in most guys like him). Yup, whenever he gets really excited and stimulated, his inner powers will awaken and vanquish the restless spirits and send them to the other world in peace. And after that, there’s this pervert rebound in which he becomes a monster and will pound on the girls. The only way of course is to beat him up. Is there no other way than to unleash this sort of power? Does it really beat the good old traditional way of exorcising? Maybe this way is much faster and effective. Maybe the girls get a kick out of beating him up after all that. However there are some monks in the background that are bent on awakening Ikkou’s power to see whether he’ll walk the path of light or succumb to the darkness.

Initially with the second title as ‘Katsu’, I thought that it meant victory. But upon closer examination of the kanji, I found out it meant punishment. How aptly named. At least for Ikkou’s case. In addition, the word ‘ama’ can mean don’t be naive or a nun (or b*tch in derogative terms. Oh yeah). So for the rest of the pack, we have Chitose (a brute girl and potential couple pairing for Ikkou – always quarrelling, that is), Sumi (thick eyebrows girl that attracts animals), Yuuko (tomboyish flat chest and equally brute as Chitose), Haruka (the bustiest and laidback girl), Sakura (bespectacled and overprotective siscon glutton) and Hinata (Haruka’s little ‘soft spoken’ if not taciturn sister with a little fire breathing demon as her pet). We can expect more or less of the same thing (the fanservice, that is) in the first season, but since it has been a long time since then, my memory of it has been a little fuzzy. What else is new? Yeah, add a new girl to the mix.

Episode 1
She is Kazuki Kazusano. As introduced, Ikkou and Chitose first met her when they are tasked to one of their usual duties at the Toudou household. Kazuki is from a rival temple a short distance from Saienji and seems to show the duo that she is a formidable nun, exorcising the spirits like a real pro, putting those 2 to shame. But Kazuki seems to like Ikkou. Yeah, if a cute nun comes up to you in a seductive tone and moves, would you be able to resist it? Not if you’re Ikkou. So one night as he lures Ikkou into a room and tries to seduce him, if Chitose and Yuuko didn’t come in time, he might have awakened fully and who knows what might have happened. Each time you’ll notice this kind of trend. Kazuki puts up a goody-two-shoes image of wanting to be close to Ikkou but you can tell that she has an ulterior motive. She wants to awaken Ikkou’s power and show him the ‘right path’ (I hope nothing ambiguous here). However each time she is close to succeeding, some interfering force (especially Chitose) would come break them apart and put a damper on Kazuki’s plan. Back to the drawing board.

Episode 2
With the new school term, Ikkou, Chitose, Sumi and Yuuko are now second years and in the same class, thanks to Joutoku who also doubles as their school’s principal. Haruka and Sakura are third year seniors as Sakura flexes her new power as the student council president. Hinata enters their school as first year and it seems she has a new classmate and a transfer student: Kazuki. Oh yeah, I saw this coming. As Kazuki represents the first year students for a speech for the opening ceremony, a sudden gust of wind flips up every girl’s skirt. Looks like the perverted ghost of the student council founder is back. With all this glorious new chics, it’s hard to see why he doesn’t want to go to the next world and stay here instead. That stupid ghost tries to aim for Hinata but thanks to the charms the other girls gave her earlier, he can’t lay his perverted hands on her. He is subdued and stored away in the gym in a tight seal but Kazuki frees him after offering him a deal. Of course this is part of her plan to awaken Ikkou’s power. While having Ikkou take her and Hinata around which clubs to join, the student council founder interrupts Haruka’s judo class with some masked wrestling thingy, as usual blowing up the girls’ skirts and clothes with his wind power. Because of that, Ikkou’s power awakens as he sends the jerk to the other world for good. Won’t be coming back ever.

Episode 3
I remember faintly that there’s this deceased classmate of Ikkou’s, Yanagi who has a crush on Sumi. Yeah, he returns. He must be enjoying peeping at girls so much so he can’t leave this world yet. Since Ikkou and him are arguing over some telescope that can see through girls’ clothes, our usual nuns give them a sound beating. However Yanagi is back because he has found his new love: Kazuki. He loves that feeling when she exorcised him. But she feels exorcising small fries like him doesn’t satisfy her need and it definitely has to be Ikkou. Because Kazuki clearly indicates she prefers Ikkou, this sends Yanagi reeling and will have his revenge on the upcoming sports festival. It will be Yanagi versus Ikkou since some group of hate-Ikkou guys approve of it. Yanagi beats Ikkou flat in the first few races since he’s a ghost so he can fly rather fast. Till Kazuki’s prayers intercept and zap that cocky Yanagi with her lightning to let Ikkou catch up and win. Then it’s a race between Kazuki and Chitose. Kazuki plays dirty on Chitose but divine punishment lets her have her own taste of her own medicine. At the end of the day, Kazuki lures Ikkou to the equipment store room. The girls and Yanagi sense something amiss and blew the wall. Well, seems like they’re in an ambiguous position. Since Ikkou is already have awakened, Haruka pulls a naughty move by revealing Chitose’s breast to awaken Ikkou and send poor Yanagi to the next world. But the next day, Yanagi is still lingering around and since he and Ikkou are fighting over another perverted scheme, Hinata’s little demon burns them. Yeah, love is like that burning feeling.

Episode 4
Hinata joins a haniwa (clay figures) club. She forces Ikkou to join and because of that Kazuki also joins. Yeah, this minor club that is on the verge of being ‘extinct’ is revived because all the other guys too joined since cuties Hinata and Kazuki are in but they didn’t expect that jerk to be in it too. Well, you win some, you lose some. The haniwa club is to go on an excavation trip. Sakura tags along because of her overprotective nature while Chitose… We all know it’s to prevent something horny happening between you-know-who. Each time Kazuki gets close to Ikkou, those loser guys promptly take poor Ikkou away. Yeah, there was even a time whereby she tried to do it with him in the bushes! Due to the numerous failures, Kazuki takes out her frustration over some seal, breaking it. This causes a giant haniwa to emerge from the hill. It causes all the other guys to become some lust monster. Seeing the state of events, Hinata is forced to unleash her little demon that turns into a giant monster itself as it violently takes out the giant haniwa and rips it to pieces. OMG! Hinata, is that really her true self?

Episode 5
Due to the recent events, Joutoku sends Hinata and Ikkou to a temple Saichouji for them to train and control their powers. Ikkou’s tremendous lust power and Hinata’s control of the darkness (some Six States manifestation thing which I don’t understand because I’m not a religious person ;p). Saichouji is run by a sexy priestess, Miyako. I hope Ikkou can keep his pervertness in control. Miyako subjects the duo to tough temple chores as worrywart Sakura ditches her own temple chores with Chitose and Yuuko to see how Hinata is doing. Of course Miyako knows their presence and after a short round of talk, they are sent back to Saienji (not without punishment from Joutoku). That night, Miyako puts them to a test as she seduces and awakens Ikkou. Gosh, he really turns into a perverted monster! Hinata can’t use the usual violent path to knock Ikkou out. Hinata starts to panic and the more she hesitates, the more Ikkou is going to ‘eat’ Miyako. Finally, she manages to successfully use her power to suppress Ikkou, much to her own relief.

Episode 6
A week has passed and Miyako will have them undergo the final and ultimate test, to trek into the Danda cave and read some sutra prayers at a statue deep within it. Seems like an easy task. Till restless evil spirits start to lurk, thus a place on Earth that is closest to hell. Hinata becomes afraid as she remembers her torrid childhood. She was born with powers and has those demons as her friend. When she uses them to punish those who picked on her, she is sent to live at the temple. However Haruka wouldn’t want to part with her and also went with her. However Hinata is unable to abandon her demons and is going to hell with them. Ikkou steps in and persuades her to come back to them. I guess the demons saw that Ikkou really meant what he said and went back by themselves, leaving Hinata with Ikkou. Hey, they even meet some Hindu Goddess. At the end of the ordeal, the duo comes out of the cave alive, though a bit roughed up. The other Saienji girls who were worried sick about them, ditched their chores once more and are happy to see Ikkou and Hinata passing the test. As punishment for ditching their chores, the gang is made to wear some revealing swimsuits and go pick undersea shells. Lastly, we learn Miyako is Haruka’s elder sister and the latter doesn’t want the rest to find out about their relationship yet. Hey, I noticed something for these past 2 episodes. No Kazuki annoyance!

Episode 7
Too bad, she’ll be back. It’s that season again whereby the animals are in heat of mating. Because of Sumi’s Six States, she tends to attract large amounts of animals (even from other prefectural!) and is kept locked inside the temple compound while the rest patrol and capture and incoming strays. Sumi feels guilty that she is the cause for making her pals work so hard and some of them getting a little injured. Ikkou tries to give words of encouragement but that only further demoralizes Sumi. When Kazuki finds out about this night patrol thingy, it doesn’t take a genius to find out what her plans will be and for what purpose. Yeah, she’s like an animal in heat too. Kazuki purposely opens the temple to let some strays enter. As the girls have their hands full trying to keep them at bay, Kazuki moves in to provide Ikkou with lots of fanservice. Oh no. He is going to awaken! But what is this?! Ikkou knocks his head on the ground and prevents himself from awakening! Woah. This is a first! This inspires Sumi to recite her mantra well to control and calm the strays.

Episode 8
Ikkou got hurt in some brawl between Yuuko and a bunch of gang delinquents. As the girls visit him in hospital, they notice a stubborn little boy refusing to undergo surgery (something about his mom was always busy with work and had no time to see him). Yuuko could relate her similar situation with him and goes to talk to him however he remains scathing and not budging. Plus, he mocks her about her bad cooking (he saw her gave Ikkou eat her disastrous piece and nearly died). She throws down a challenge to him. If she is able to cook a good dish for him, he will have to undergo the surgery or else she will listen to what he has to say. And thus Yuuko’s training days begin but they’ll have to do it fast since they’re running out of time. No matter how much they let her practice to cook potatoes, she doesn’t seem to have a knack for it. Kazuki also joins it but you know how it’ll end. Surprisingly the little demon is one hell of a cook as Ikkou is seen eating all its dishes! It’s so good that it brought back memories and sceneries of his mother’s cooking! WTF?! Yuuko is down after numerous failed attempts and was ready to throw in the towel but after a short talk with Chitose, she realizes what is important. Just like her own mom who is a workaholic, no matter how busy she was, at least she made sunny side up eggs for her. Yuuko vows to make the perfect egg as they continue their rigorous practice, cracking possibly thousands of eggs (all of them wasted! Enough to feed the entire African continent, if you ask me) and intensive training that doesn’t seem to have any bearing to make eggs. Baseball? In the end, Yuuko is successful so the boy keeps his word.

Episode 9
As Joutoku is away visiting Miyako, the girls are surprised to find an abandoned baby right at the temple’s door step. Except for Haruka, the rest thinks of taking care of the baby in case his mom changes her mind to come back for him. The girls try several stuff to quell the baby’s crying but to no avail. Sakura is pretty stressed out reading what is to be done from a baby’s magazine. Even Kazuki joins in as part of her seductive plan to show Ikkou that she’s good with children and score with him. However the baby continues to weep loudly. Till he ends up in the boobs of Haruka that he became quiet. Oh no. Please not another pervert in the making. Meanwhile Miyako talks to Joutoku about Haruka’s harsh upbringing as substitute for their late parents, the possible reason why she turned out like this. She was hardworking and all but after she left for Saienji, it’s like she released everything after finding her newfound freedom. Soon the baby’s mother comes back to retrieve him as she regrets her earlier actions. The gang realizes why the baby is attached to big boobs because his mom has oversized bouncy melons too. Ah…

Episode 10
Kazuki is fed up of her failed plans so with the help of her underlings, she plans to seduce Ikkou. For instance, forcing him into a maid cafe whereby she acts as a clumsy maid (till the police raided this illegal shop and take Ikkou away for questioning) and playing a long lost sister with amnesia (Chitose broke them up because the logic is, if she can’t remember her memories, she wouldn’t know Ikkou as her ‘brother’). Thus her plan shifts to get rid of that dangerous woman by letting her subordinates approach her and make Chitose the lucky winner and win prizes. Do they need to go through that lengthy repetitive procedure since in the end all they want is to lock her up? Anyway with Chitose out of the picture, Kazuki moves in as she takes Ikkou to a hotel on a pretense to exorcise a ghost. Before she could get horny with him, a real ghost appears (one of the subordinates actually brought a real ghost for realism! WTF?!). The female spirit is unhappy with their flirting because she never had a chance like that in her life. Meanwhile the other Saienji girls confront the underlings and beat them up to free Chitose (previously as Chitose enjoyed those prizes, the other girls spotted her and followed her). So the girls barge in the room as it is Chitose is the one who awakens Ikkou and frees the spirit. Kazuki is upset that once again her plan is foiled. The next day in school, Kazuki confronts Chitose and professes her love for Ikkou and wants to bring him to the right path by unleashing his powers, shocking Chitose.

Episode 11
Some vengeful western guy is unleashing his western zombie spirits over the city because of people failed to believe his research or something like that. The girls go into action but because of the recent events (failing his school work, that is), Joutoku ties and blindfolds Ikkou (bondage position?). Why are the ghosts such perverts? Yeah, and you thought being scary means just that. Kazuki meddles again and this time unleashes Ikkou’s powers to disintegrate all the spirits. It is revealed later that the western guy is a subordinate of Kazuki. He too is a spirit and is vanquished after Kazuki has taken advantage of him and he outlived his usefulness. Because of Ikkou’s awakening power, he collapses later since he can’t handle it. Ikkou dreams how he was taken away to the temple because of his powers. The girls take turn to look after him till he regains consciousness. During the summer break, Chitose and Ikkou go on their temple duties together and Kazuki becomes jealous upon seeing how close the duo are. While Ikkou, Chitose, Yuuko and Sumi are walking home one day, they spot Kazuki spying on them but she runs away. Chitose tells Ikkou to go after her in which he did. Though Yuuko thinks she just given her rival a chance. Ikkou finds Kazuki as they chat. She wants to run away with him.

Episode 12
Alone together in a room, Kazuki reveals why she always tried to seduce him. She was also the same like him and empathizes with him. Because of her powers, she was sent away to the temple at a young age. Thus she wants to awaken his powers to release her uncontrollable powers of lust. Soon Ikkou’s powers start to awaken and this time the light from his awakening is much larger than before, causing chaos over the city and turning certain people into doing evil stuff like rioting and stealing. The Saienji nuns realize that the release of massive amount of power will do more harm than good and rushes to the scene. Hey, do they have a driving licence? Don’t worry. Granny does. Oh sh*t! Her driving is really hell! Plus, the car has rocket boosters for them to fly of ridges!!! OH SH*T!!! Thank Buddha that everyone is still alive at the end of the ride. Just to show how much Joutoku trashed the vehicle, the car fell apart after that! As Ikkou awakens, it seems he is a totally different person as he absorbs Kazuki’s soul. While the girls take care of the large amount of evil spirits attracted to the light, possessed Kazuki makes his appearance before the girls. He blasts everyone away but Chitose stands firm on her ground, insisting that he is still Ikkou. In the end, Chitose’s scathing remarks as she undresses herself and causes the real Ikkou to awaken instead. Kazuki is pulled out by Chitose and Ikkou takes a beating worse than his usual. Later, Kazuki decides to undergo retraining as she leaves via train and pecks Ikkou on his cheek! So it’s back to the usual noisy days for Ikkou and the girls. The constant arguing with Chitose included.

Episode 13
A bonus episode sees the gang trying to exorcise a spirit at a hospital. Seems the dead patient has no qualms of taking out his fetishes on whether or not the girls are dressed as nuns or nurses. Even Kazuki is back. Why? Because in the previous episode preview, she said how she loved this series and couldn’t leave it after knowing there’s still an extra episode left. Haha! However suddenly everything goes to a halt due to an equipment malfunctioning as we see that the gang is just actors in a studio! Holy cow. Is everything just an act until now? The rest of the episode sees the casts being interviewed over their thoughts on working on the series (multiple fanservice shots included). Hmm… Their characters do not differ much from that in the series itself. Except for the little demon. That little guy is actually a famous big shot but submits to Hinata! As everybody gets ready to resume shooting, a real ghost suddenly appears. The Saienji gang aren’t really actors. They are the real monk and nuns we all know as they pretended to be actors to catch this ghost. However the spirit is unhappy that a bunch of amateurs are ruining the good name of filming as she summons hundreds of her other comrades. It ends with chaos as the spirits do perverted stuff on them. Even Joutoku is not spared! Perverts even after their deaths!

Stronger Purification Ritual Needed
Oh well. I can’t believe I finished this series. The whole fanservice thing was mind blowing so much so it reminded me of Rosario To Vampire. Except the girls here aren’t monsters but nuns. Doesn’t make any difference. And their school skirts are so short that it really makes you wonder if they would be a violation to the public indecency law. Just by bending over a little or a little breeze would reveal all that colourful eye candy underneath. Hey, that’s what this show is about, right? Speaking of which, another mind boggling thing is how a big majority of the ghosts and spirits in this series are so perverted. They wouldn’t pass the chance to flip up the girls’ skirt or open their robes. Do they all really have such unfulfilled desires when they’re alive? Except for Yuuko and Hinata, I think the spirits aren’t lolicon and are more into busty boobs than flat chests. Even Yuuko had the cheek to tell those spirits to not ignore her and do some perverted stuff on her!

Kazuki may be seen as an antagonist in this series but it’s because of her twisted past that made her do flirtatious stuff with Ikkou. Even she herself once said that after making a great impact at the start of the series, she gradually turned into some unimportant (more like annoying) character because of her failed seducing plans. Yeah, I also felt like that even if she doesn’t say it. Kazuki does make a little tension for a love triangle between Chitose and Ikkou but ultimately, seasoned viewers would always bet that it would’ve been Ikkou and Chitose, though they are nowhere close of confessing or showing their feelings anytime soon. As far as my memory serves me right, this season doesn’t see the girls trying to use their own bodies most of the time to awaken Ikkou’s power in desperate times. We also get a short glimpse of some of the girls’ past and how they successfully control the Six States that they represent. As for Ikkou, he doesn’t change. He is still a pervert though deep down he is still a good kid and cares for the rest like how the rest cares for him because they are family. Though it’s a pity he gets beaten very often because he gets misunderstood and is in the wrong place or the wrong time. Well, part of it. At other times he deserves it. I’m just wondering about those monks who want to see Ikkou’s awakened powers. Now that it has been proven that it brings more harm than good, will they leave Ikkou alone?

Though the mid-intermission sees the Saienji girls in several sexy positions and semi-nude outfits, it felt like recycled illustrations because I remember those were the same pictures they used for the previous season! And I thought at least they would put up new ones (not that I was hoping for any, mind you). Even Joutoku has her own picture in the final episode but hers is nothing fanservice like. Would you want to see an old hag in… Oops, sorry. Because of that, there aren’t any pictures of Kazuki. Maybe she did the most fanservice stuff in the series by undressing herself before Ikkou many times so I guess she has shown us enough fanservice shots. The opening scene (the one whereby it tells viewers to sit at a proper distance from the TV, bla bla bla) is funny itself seeing it is a short random take of the characters doing funny things. For instance, that little demon doing some concert act, Ikkou mistaking a guy in drag to be a lady and one making Ikkou sounding manly and serious. Of course some of them are for fanservice shots like Hinata-Kazuki and Miyako.

So this show isn’t meant to tell you that being monks and nuns, behind their holy facade, lies a sinister and perverted nature. If abstinence of sex is preached, don’t you think using the power of lust to awaken some super power to exorcise spirits just makes it ironic? Maybe if that turns out true, it’ll become a sex cult instead. “Ecchi na koto ikemasen to omoimasu”. Oops, wrong anime. But sometimes depending on circumstances being a pervert isn’t bad because it shows you’re a healthy growing up kid. Gokaishinaideyo! (Don’t misunderstand!).


June 25, 2006

It has been a long time since I’ve watched an anime without a Christian related theme. Yup, Amaenaideyo is more of the Buddhism and Shinto related kinda stuffs anime. But the ironic part is that this anime doesn’t really preach much Buddhism values Yay! No boring parts. Sorry if I’m being rude. However, it’s actually HENTAI!!! What the?! Using such religious themes for a hentai anime? Some combination, I’d say.
Let’s get a little grip first of how this weird combination came about. We have this 16 year old boy, Ikko Hatanaka, who is being sent by his parents to live in the Saien Temple, headed by some old hag named Jotoku-Baa. Yeah, you can hear him complaining why would his parents do such a thing. Who knows? Maybe that wasn’t so important.
Then you’ll start to notice that the other occupants of this temple are resided by only girls! So, Ikko is the only guy there. See where I’m heading. And you’ll see some tension and quarelling between Ikko and Chitose Nanbu. You’ll pretty much guess too that these 2 are gonna be like romeo and juliet but always bickering.
The other girls include Haruka Amanogawa, a second year senior at the temple whom if you notice seems to enjoy ‘seducing’ Ikko or verbally allowing him to get ‘naughty’ with her. Also another second year senior is Sakura Sugai, the no-nonsense and more serious one. The rest are 1st year which include Sakura’s little sister Hinata (the usual no expression and taciturn kinda character), Sumi Ikuina (what thick eyebrows you have. Reminds me of an old western comedian), and Yuko Atoda (the tomboyish and slightly violently brute gal). And they have a weird looking pet which I can’t seem to make out. Couldn’t be a dog or a cat. So is it some kind of a devil animal? But it seems quite close with Hinata.
Anyway in the first episode you’ll get to know what the temple’s job is. Something like a community service kinda job such as exorcism (which gives people a peace of mind). And those kids aren’t actually full time workers there as well. They go to school, have  outdoor activities and go back home too. In addition, Jotoku-Baa is the vice principal of the school those 7 teens attend! So by the end of episode 1, we’ll get to see their 1st action when they encountered some possessed doll. Dolls and stuffed animals previously cared and loved by their owners are now being thrown away. So they need to perform a ritual to cleanse those ‘restless spirits’.
And this is where the pervertness comes into play. You see, Ikko has some mysterious hidden powers. When he sees naked women, there’ll be some terror wave of aura and his hidden powers are unleashed. During normal times he can’t seem to remember or recite the right words. But after this, suddenly wah so terror! With some mumbling of the right verses, the spirit is excorcised. But afterwards when everything has calmed down, he becomes a pervert himself! And he’ll start to pounce on the girls. But they always kick and punch him away. So ironic! How unfitting of a monk. So basically in the first episode, Chitose was the ‘victim’ (as most of the episodes will be her). Don’t worry the other girls will get their turn too. Note, I’m not smiling or happy here and no, I’m not a pervert!
So in each episode you’ll start to notice a pattern. A particular theme for that particular episode. Then some ghost or spirit appears in one of that episode’s characters whether possess or disguise or whatever form. Then there’s that need to exorcise the spirit. But discovered that the spirit is too strong. So there’s only 1 way. Yup, you guessed it. Ikko must use his powers. So the girl(s) either purposely strip themselves naked or by some accident or misfortune (more like convenience), their robes are off. Makes you wonder, why don’t the girls where anything else but their bras and panties underneath? Hot, you say. Yeah, their bodies are hot. Hahaha.
Speaking of which, the midway intermission has those girls in a sexy pose. And there’re other times where Ikko accidently stumbles when the girls are half naked only to be beaten up and be called a pervert. Plus, they seem to ‘bully‘ him in a way by making him do most of the temple chores. Wow. Is that how life in a temple is suppose to be?
Thus their adventures of exorcism include that video game outlet spirits in episode 2 (restless spirits who just want to keep on playing video games), or in episode 3 where one of Ikko’s classmate begs him to get a date with Sumi but later on found that the the classmate is a spirit who admires Sumi since young, or visiting some haunted house in episode 4. In this episode too you’ll know that Chitose is some horror movie geek. Knowing every little significant and insignificant details about anything horror movie related. While the rest are scared out of their wits, Chitose (and Hinata because you know why) seems to be having a lot of fun.
One thing different about episode 5 is that there’s no use of Ikko’s powers. That’s because this episode focuses more on Sakura and how she deals with an admirer of hers known over the Internet (which is a spirit too. You should have seen this one coming). In the end, the spirit realizes and went in peace on his own. So not much pervertness here except in the beginning of the episode where the girls dressed sexily to attract customers to their booths for their school cultural thing.
Then there’s that Power Rangers spoof in episode 7 and in episode 8 focus a little on that whatever pet. Hinata brought something back but didn’t tell anybody what it is. So her elder sister jumped to a conclusion that she’s having a child. And she got a little freaked out there. Actually, it’s a kitten. So that little black pet got jealous and decided to run away. Ikko and Hinata went looking for it. Found it. Bla bla bla some stories which goes like I didn’t abandon you and I still love you. And in this episode, 2 mysterious figures who seem like troublemakers chants something and turned that kitten into a monster. The funny part was that when Hinata decided to unleash Ikko’s powers, and when she does so, got no effect on him. Like so bengang only. Yeah, seems that Ikko prefer bustier women compared to undeveloped child’s body. At least he won’t be called a paedophile. However, the other girls manage to show up in time (and all of them are the ‘victims’).
Episode 8 is more on Yuko and how she became more feminine because of an admirer. But it doesn’t fit her so she went back to her usual tomboysish ways. Then there’s that unfulfilled dream of a dead singer in episode 9 who temporarily possesed Chitose’s body to sing but felt reluctant to leave when the going gets good. And that visit to that temple up in the snowy mountains to help a monk living alone there with his temple chores in episode 10. In this episode you’ll see that the 2 mysterious troublemakers want to unleash Ikko’s powers.
By episode 11, the girls seem to be relying more and more on Ikko’s powers with this Christmas themed episode. Then there’s some discussion among those high ranking monks and Jotoku-Baa about Ikko’s problem. With Chitose overhearing their conversation, she somehow believed that Ikko could control his desires.
So this is true in episode 12 where it’s dawn of the New Year and people are thronging the temple to make that New Year resolution and prayers. Then the 2 troublemakers turned everyone into some zombie and started attacking them. During the attack, Ikko was knocked unconscious and Chitose is on the verge of being ‘raped’. With her cry of help, eventually Ikko awoke and for the first time manage to unleash his hidden powers without the use of any pervertness. Thus everything turns back to normal.
In the end, we can see Ikko praying and saying something like he’s gonna work harder bla bla bla. And you’ll see that he and Chitose are still bickering like lovers. But they’re all 1 big happy family. Wonder what happened to those 2 troublemakers.
But it doesn’t end there. There’s still episode 13, although this episode is more comical and light-hearted. In the beginning we see the Saien Temple teens in some game show and they won a trip to some resort all thanks to Chitose’s knowledge of horror movies. This episode has actually become more hentai than the rest. That’s because you can now actually see the breasts of those girls! It’s clearly shown unlike in previous episodes where the necessary parts were blocked.
And those 2 troublemakers. They seem so less serious here. They wanted to harness Ikko’s powers only to be conveniently foiled by those girls sleepwalking or some unfortunate bloopers. In the end those 2 went back to their apartment and just let it be and look forward to next year. So who are these 2 anyway?
Overall, it’s because of the pervertness which made this anime funny. Other than that, the storyline isn’t something which could really boasts about. There are instances in the anime where they explain terms and ideology of Buddism. But I don’t seem to understand it anyway. Eventhough there’s a sequel, I somehow felt unenthusiastic to watch it. I’m guessing that there’s gonna be more pervertness and hentainess (since I saw another new face there).

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