Hmm… What’s this? If Nanbaka had a porn version, it would be Amai Choubatsu: Watashi Wa Kanshu Senyou Pet. Initially I was going to give up after the last couple of seasons having very ‘disappointing’ ‘legal anime porn’. Yeah, who could be disappointed with porn, right? And then this prison ‘porn’ theme somewhat attracted my attention. Maybe something will be different after all. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m here to see how ‘creative’ and absurd the prison porn theme could be. Because I bet prison sex won’t be as ‘sweet’ as this one would be.

Episode 1
Hina Saotome is found guilty of embezzling a multi-national company’s fund. So for stealing a million bucks, she is sentenced to only a year in prison? Hmm… They must be lenient on women… Of course Hina claims she is innocent but nobody cares, right? The judicial is f*cked up. You’re going to get f*cked up. Haha! Oops. Hina (prison number 3077) is brought before the handsome prison warden head, Aki Myoujin. She is told to obey his every word until he release. I can see where this is going. Even more mind boggling that she is the only female in this prison! OMFG. I can really see where this is going. So there are no special prisons for females?! They let a poor woman who isn’t hardcore criminal to mix with the guys?! And as usual, we get our first hentai scene with her stripping down in the name of body inspection. And really, he really gets physical and fingers her! I wonder what he was hoping to find. So good his fingering that she passes out only to wake up in her cell. During roll call, she realizes she is the only female and all the criminal guys except that hot looking one staring at her, Yamato Higa. Then a fight breaks out. Even when the warden is there. I guess he don’t care. It took Higa to stop them. Wow. She is impressed with him?

Episode 2
Hina has a visitor. It is Kiyonori Yakumo, her lover and colleague who believes she is innocent. He is still trying to find a way to get her out but assures everything will be better soon. Suddenly Hina feels somebody licking her vagina! OMFG! Aki is licking and fingering her!!! This scene is more hilarious than it is horny!!!! She is trying to hold in her orgasm face and not let Yakumo know. He must be one dense guy not to see something is wrong with her expression and was he so fixated in her that he didn’t see the warden bending down over to underneath Hina’s legs? Whatever it is, this is the funniest hentai scene ever! God help you, Hina. Aki then takes her to some solitary confinement for prisoners who do not repent. Like those troublemakers this morning. God, putting her with other men who want to rape her? Thankfully Higa is there and he beats the crap out of them. Surprised he protected her, she tends to his wounds and notices his entire body with tattoos. She tells him her circumstances before she realizes she mustn’t trust any horny guys and cowers at a corner. She falls asleep and when she wakes up, she realizes he has been sitting in front and protecting her from whatever harm. She is confused if he is on her side.

Episode 3
Aki puts a vibrator inside her every morning she does exercise. Of course she cannot keep up with the movements. I guess this is the perfect excuse so when she passes out, Aki takes her to a private room to punish her for failing to do as she is told. And hence our hentai scene for this episode as Aki fingers her as she is pushed against the tinted glass while prisoners are working below. Can they see her? Well, if they look up. Oh, Higa saw her orgasmic face. Later when she does some job like all other prisoners do, Hina manages to talk to Higa. She learns he is doing time for getting caught in a mob auction and has got a year to go. But unlike her, he claims he is here for a reason. During the next roll call, Hina is relieved Aki isn’t among the wardens. He is in fact visiting his vegetable mother in hospital. When Yakumo visits Hina again, he tells her not to wait for a year for her release and then prove her innocence. He wants her to break out and he will help her.

Episode 4
It seems Yakumo has a plan to escape so that they could run away and live peacefully. Uhm, wouldn’t the law go after you for escaping prison? And why is he discussing this plan so openly when there is warden in the room? Is the warden deaf?! The first part of the plan works out in which Hina gets permission to use the shower area every day. The tough part is acting and not giving away to Aki who is constantly watching over her. Out of the blue he deems her unfit for the kitchen job. So he is going to punish her (but of course). He wants her to masturbate before him. In order not to arouse his suspicions, she does so. Not satisfied, he does it for her and before a mirror so that she could look at her own orgasmic face. Then he lets her masturbate with a vibrator. Is she good in playing with herself because I thought she could have faked her own orgasm instead of really cumming for real. Yeah, he gives her permission to cum. WTF. She calls him crazy but he blames her for making him so. I guess there’s some porn logic in there for that.

Episode 5
Aki visits his mom. Her condition is getting worse. He might look calm but he is getting angrier by the moment. The day for Hina to make her escape is here. As she showers, she uses the ventilation to escape. Amazingly in the dark she could remember Yakumo’s words of where to turn in the vent. And this is her first time! Aki returns early and notices some anomaly in the showers. What kind of high level detection is there in the control room? Seeing Hina not in the showers, he knows what she is doing. This scene… Hina is metres before freedom when she hears someone crawling behind her. It’s Aki!!! OMFG! How the f*ck did he crawl so fast?! And the way he crawls and catches her is so f*cking creepy-cum-hilarious!!! Am I watching a horny horror show???!!! And hearing Hina’s scream means Yakumo cries and knows she failed. How the f*ck did he tie a rope up the prison wall without any guards noticing?! F*ck this. It’s porn related logic. Hina is brought back to the showers where as expected, Aki this time penetrates and f*cks her with his dick. Yeah, she feels good but notices his sad face. Damn this guy is good because she cums when he gives her permission to. As he carries her on the way out, Higa is shocked to see this. Wait. What? Did he realize Aki beat him to f*ck her?

Episode 6
Flashback shows when Aki interrogated Higa, he was charged for protecting his yakuza superiors. It seems Aki would support him to be reinstated into society if he is released and leaves the yakuza. Now Higa accuses Aki of not protecting them anymore and is more obsessed with this woman. Of course he is not obliged to tell him anything. When Hina wakes up in her cell, she thought she saw a black angel before her. Nope, it’s the devil himself, Aki! Haha! What a joke. He tells her a few things like she will from now on only work in the laundry, cannot do showers (there goes her escape bid, they’re not stupid to let her attempt something like that again) and because of that escape attempt, her sentence is extended for another year. Shocking! Just like that? Do wardens have the power to increase prison terms? Of course it is rape time and surprisingly but not surprisingly, Hina can still manage to cum in this situation while thinking the bad circumstance she is in. Is she a masochist? As she continues working and it is getting tough on her, she breaks down. Luckily Higa is here and she feels assured. Even more so by his hug. She then tells him everything from her sentencing to Aki’s rape. She knows he cannot do anything but just needs somebody to talk to. This makes him want to protect her.

Episode 7
Hina is about to be gang raped by inmates when Aki whips them up and has them arrested. Knowing that this area isn’t suitable for her, he sends her back to the laundry section. Higa who has been watching all this feels angry. But this looks like a bigger part of Aki plan. So when Higa confronts Hina, he instantly kisses her and confesses he loves her! WTF?! I expected something like this but not so fast or in this fashion. He vows to protect her. And what do you know? Aki sees this and says romance between prisoners isn’t allowed. He will punish them both. First he locks up Higa in a cell. Then he rapes Hina in front of him! This guy is getting so good that Hina is climaxing and showing her orgasmic face. I can’t believe Higa managed to control his anger while watching all that as Aki blames him as the reason why Hina had more fun than usual. That’s the end of this punishment. Back in his cell. He thinks of a way to save Hina. Yeah, he calls the guard his tummy hurts and when he opens the door, Higa knocks him out!!! Holy sh*t!!! That was f*cking easy!!! I’m sure he could have done this a long time ago since the guards here are this useless but I’m figuring he was trying to be a good boy for Aki because of that trust thingy. No more good boy now.

Episode 8
Higa snoops around in Aki’s office and gets caught. Dumb. Thanks to that, he gets whipped as punishment. Uhm, not the sexiest scene unless you’re into yaoi, which you shouldn’t be watching this anyway. Then he calls Hina just to see the whip scars on his back and blames her for it! WTF?! Then something comes up. Is something so urgent that he left the duo together? With the door unlocked? And no guards?! Hina feels guilty as she tries to find out what he did. Not that he minds because now he has his sentence extended for another year, he can at least be with her. Oh dear. Then he starts to kiss her. At first she resists but I guess she relents when he says his feelings for her are real. Oh sure. Like every sex in porn is real. Besides, Higa is a criminal so this is somewhat okay? He masturbates her until she cums. Wow. She must really like it since she has almost forgotten this passionate feeling… Yeah, when you’re rotting in prison… Meanwhile that important thing Aki needs to attend is that his mom’s condition has worsened. At the hospital, he feels useless there is nothing he could do for her and if she dies, he will be alone. Well, you were screwing around with a female inmate, right?

Episode 9
I guess with sex, Higa now lets Hina know some info. Yuzuru Akatsuki who is the boss of the company Hina works in, is missing. There seems to be a link between them but there is nothing more he knows. She doesn’t know about this and there is a report of this in Aki’s office. It clearly shows he is keeping information from her. Even so, is he obliged to tell her? When she asks him about his past, he tells her about his yakuza life. Mamoru Kensaki picked him up to join his yakuza branch. He thought he was a good yakuza leader and supported him until he was set up and caught in an illegal weapons transaction. Aki’s mom has stabilized but he is on the verge of breaking and knowing this fact he have to live this feeling for the rest of his life. Hina senses something wrong when Aki hasn’t been seen for 3 days. Speaking of the devil, here he is! Right on the dot. Immediately he kisses her! However she can feel his kiss is passionate. Then he spots a hickey on her given by Higa. He doesn’t like her being f*cked by other man and will punish her. By f*cking her? Yeah, porn logic. Yeah, literally screwed anyhow. She is so scared that she obeys his command to strip. He gets mad when she tries to ask for his relationship with Akatsuki. Then he starts f*cking her. First time we see a 69! During that hot sex, Hina admits she enjoys having sex with Aki. Yeah, this guy is good. Sorry Higa. She isn’t your b*tch but Aki’s. Meanwhile Higa has a visitor.

Episode 10
Tsuyoshi Samejima is the guy who betrayed Higa and landed him here. Higa is not pleased hearing that some group is going to expand. When Hina tries to approach Higa, he pushes her away. Now trying to be a tough guy? Or he realized she enjoys sex with somebody other than him? Aki asks Hina if she now knows how it feels to lose everything. Oddly, Hina finds this sad expression beautiful?! Prison sex must have screwed with her head too. Then he accuses her for stealing everything for him. Cue for rape scene. Oh Hina, what’s the use of realizing you betrayed Yakumo and Higa since you’re having fun being f*cked by this guy? Samejima returns to report to his boss about Higa. And since boss is sick, Samejima kills him! The next time Hina approaches Higa, he continues to push her away. It seems Aki warned him about approaching her again because if he does, he’ll send him to some special section. I’m thinking this section is so terrifying that that this tough yakuza dude even chickens out. Anal probing? A funeral is held for the yakuza boss. While many of his men accept his death and new leader, Igarashi won’t.

Episode 11
Hina and Higa are tied and blindfolded. They are to be transported. Since they will split up once they arrive at the hospital, Aki is going to give her a farewell gift: He is going to f*ck her! Oh sh*t! This is some sick twisted BDSM. Yeah, I wonder if he is also doing it on purpose to piss off Higa. Too bad for Hina, she finds it good and tries real hard not to make a sound. Like that would ever happen in porn! Oh Hina you bad girl! She came!!! Luckily they finish their f*cking since the truck met with an accident. I know these might not be the most notorious criminals, but seriously not even a decent security for them?! It seems Igarashi has caused the accident. See what did I tell you about having no security?! Higa is freed and is told their boss got killed by Samejima. Higa sees unconscious Aki protected Hina’s body during the crash. Higa frees Hina and gives her a chance to escape to freedom. Well, duh?! The reason she agreed is because he called her by her real name instead of her prison number. WTF?! Aki is also taken and kept tied in some room. Snippets of flashback shows when his mom was still around, she was having an affair with Akatsuki. Aki was a rebellious kid then, but there was nothing much he could do. Now he wakes up and finds the tables have turned on him. Higa is going to interrogate him.

Episode 12
Higa explains the documents he found in Aki’s room contains Akatsuki’s private life. It is very clear he framed Hina who is no doubt innocent. He definitely has something to do with him hence the reason why Aki is using Hina as an excuse. Otherwise, why would Aki have protected Hina during the crash? The news reports the crash and Aki held as hostage. Now Higa and Hina have wanted posters. I guess living life as a fugitive is better? Higa gets a call by Samejima. He rejects his offer to join forces and knows this sneaky dude killed the boss like how he set him up in the first place. Looks like they’re going to war. Meanwhile Hina gets ‘attracted’ to the dark basement. Oh sure. Any girl would just head straight down there without suspicions. Of course there is Aki tied up. She sees him as a beautiful doll. Flashback reveals Akatsuki receives death threats after being involved in some shady business. Aki returned to find his parents hung themselves. Mom was rushed to hospital and is in coma since. I am deducing that Aki is forced to sexually abuse Hina because Akatsuki has a leash on his mom’s life. But f*ck all that because it’s now time for porn logic. Aki tells her to strip and sexually arouse him! OMFG! She does so without any hesitation! I guess he likes bondage so instead of freeing him and have sex, she f*cks him while still tied up. OMG. I guess it was the best sex ever. All the yakuza dudes must be so busy preparing for war that they didn’t hear weird screams of pleasure downstairs. And of course now that Hina is so thrilled to get f*cked by him, she reasons she was never a prisoner in that prison but a prisoner of Aki’s heart. I guess now it lives up to the series’ name of her being his pet, eh?

Episode 13
WTF?! Why the heck did they repeat episode 5 here???!!! Apparently I read in the comments that this episode was produced as a contest for viewers. WTF. Because the only difference is that there are some scenes that suddenly pop up those white gloves. WTF. Yeah. You’re supposed to count them. Not sure if you get to f*ck Hina for free if you count all of them that pops up in the weirdest place, some even acting as censors for Hina’s private parts. But I do wonder this: Do Aki’s real gloves count? Oh damn… Everyone who wants to participate must be confused if they are supposed to be counted. But there is 1 short additional never seen before scene here: Yakumo running away from the guards outside in comical fashion! Ayashikunai yo! Well, I guess this episode wasn’t so bad. Oh wait. It is. Because no sex scenes at all! Even if it is a repeat!

Jailhouse Cock, F*ck (By) Tha Police!
HOLY SH*T!!!! WTF?????!!!!! THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE WORSE ENDING OF IN THIS SLUTTY GENRE EVER!!!!!!! Everything is left f*cking hanging! They even dare put up a sign in the end that says how everything is now the beginning! What does this mean? A second season?! Holy cow. If it is true, I can’t believe it. Because with things still left unresolved, from Higa’s war with his own yakuza clan to Akatsuki’s mom and the real reason why he takes it all out on Hina, I can’t say that these are pretty decent plots but with the f*cking taking up most of the screen time, I guess for porn series like this, such potential story development is thrown on the wayside. As long as Hina realizes she loves to get f*cked by Aki, that’s the goal of this story, that’s the endpoint of this story. Period.

Despite saying how sh*tty the ending is, it is with utmost irony for me to say that after every season of such anime smut, this one is considered the ‘best’ of the lot! Holy sh*t! You mean to say I enjoyed it?! Am I being hypocritical? What I actually meant was how some of the illogical moments were so damn funny that it really made me laugh! For example when Aki crawled through the ventilation and caught up with Hina, that was one of the ‘best’ hilarious moments in the serious! It was just so f*cking comical! That is really comedy gold! The fact that Hina could even try and plan an escape with a third party outside shows how much there is a big security flaw in the system. But nobody cares. Because essentially everybody is just useless. Who cares, right? Not in porn logic. That is why of all the short hentai series I have watched, this series easily trumps the rest thanks to this bizarre moments. Good job guys. You really made me laugh with this one instead of being horny.

As usual, the so called f*cking of the woman is used as the recurring theme for such genres. It is already mind boggling how Hina could be the only female here in this prison. Assuming there are no prisons for women or Hina is the only female with a ‘criminal record’. Hence your porn logic setting here. The only reason why Hina doesn’t seek some way to put a stop to Aki’s rape is because of the porn logic of how much she enjoys him f*cking her or him doing an oral over her nether regions (literally Aki giving Hina a female blowjob is like, it sucks! Haha!). Like I have always said in my previous blogs, as long as you screw a woman long enough, she will eventually come to like it no matter how desolated and grim her situation is.

You think Hina who has been put to prison after being falsely accused would be having her heart and morale broken by sitting behind bars. But noooooo. She gets to ‘forget’ her troubles by being f*cked by the warden! Instead of hell, this prison is paradise! No wonder she is so confused on leaving. While the sex scenes are just pretty meh to me (believe me, you see them once, you probably seen them all), I believe this is the first time that for this type of series that the female got f*cked by 2 different guys. Usually it is just the main male protagonist but here we have 2 of them. Who knows if Hina had made love to Yakumo before but behind his back in prison, she has been f*cked by 2 bad boys. But now that she is living in Higa’s hideout, the chances of f*cking him is also as high as she is going to f*ck Aki willingly. Hey, variety is the spice of life. Hina, you lucky sleazy horny b*tch!!! Who knows if the rest of Higa’s guys will get a turn to ride her. She’s everyone b*tch is what I can eventually think of. And then, heh, everyone fighting over the right to f*ck Hina. Oh yeah, Hina, your vagina is a prison for everyone’s dick! Damn, I’m overthinking this…

I never really cared about the plot of such sleazy genres but this one in particularly had me intrigued. Because ever since Aki’s mom is shown to be in coma in hospital, I can’t help wondering why Aki kept blaming Hina for this and hence her incessant modesty outrage in prison. What is Hina’s connection to all this? Hmm… It really got me intrigued. It was never clearly explained even in the final episode. We are shown flashback snippets and you are supposed to guess from it. I suppose everyone here is for the horny part and not think of the mystery of why Hina is framed. Don’t want to hurt you brains, eh? Better hurt your penis by fapping too much!

I also want to point out that the guards in this prison feel like dumb automated robots. Not only that many of them look the same, they don’t seem like they are doing their supervising job well. If you take into account the lax of security in this place (this isn’t maximum security prison if I should say the least) but it feels like the guards are doing just a daycare job rather than actually watch over the prisoners. And why the f*ck do they have censors in the ventilation???!!!! Oh sure, in case prisoners use it to escape. Doesn’t that mean they are already giving an avenue to prisoners to escape?! Even more so that it is easily accessible through the showers! It’s like as though they want to let them escape and then catch them.

And the prisoners feel more like delinquents than anything badass. I’ve heard a lot about prison rape stories but I don’t hear anything here. Maybe we are not told and it is not relevant to the story. So I’m going to assume that there are none that took place and thus considering these criminals as non-criminally criminals. WTF did I just say… You see, these kind of prison rape sex is to also assert authority. With no males ever getting their anal wrecked and they aren’t even the least interested in the only female around (perhaps Aki is keeping a good stranglehold on Hina), this prison is literally sexless! Everybody is so straight and a good boy! Probably to enhance Aki as the biggest jerk around.

Also, the prisoners’ jumpsuit doesn’t make them look like prisoners. More like construction contractors or delivery job workers? And don’t they allow them to wear underwear in prison? Because Aki could just zip down Hina’s jumpsuit and start licking her naked pussy. It’s just f*cking weird… And they have a uniform for Hina’s size? Lucky her. There must be criminals who have such small feminine frame too.

Surprisingly, I didn’t expect myself to like the ending theme, Sweet Punishment by Rosukey. This rock piece sounds seemingly fitting into the overall theme of the series, which makes it not bad. Sometimes I find myself rocking to this badass beat after having a good laugh at the end of the episode.

It is with utmost irony for me to consider this erotica to be so far the ‘best’ that I have watched as well as the ‘worst’ in terms of its ‘ending’. It wasn’t so much the sex scenes but rather the absolute ridiculous hilarity of the situation as well as the porn logic that goes with it. Also, this series has a ‘deeper’ plot compared to the rest despite being cheesy overall. I thought this is going to be my last foray into this ‘legal anime smut’ but I guess bad habits die hard. That is why there is a high percentage of criminals relapsing. I might be physically free but my heart and mind are already imprisoned from watching such sinful guilty pleasures. Damn, I don’t know if I have been continually being mind raped and mind f*cked ever since.

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