Be My Angel

July 11, 2008

  Tooi yozora ni hikaru chiisana hoshi,
  Kitto dare ni mo mada shirareteinai,
  Dakedo makenaide anna ni ima kagayaiteru,
  Nandaka dokoda watashi ni niteru
Sometimes it’s good to sing old anime songs once in a while. Ah, it sure brings back nostalgic memories when I first watched the anime series Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer many many years ago. Probably that time I was still schooling. Though I don’t remember much of the series, it’s not that I actually wake up and sat through and watched each and every episode of it. The main reason was because I kinda like the 1st opening theme song, which is Be My Angel.
  Iron na hito ga afureru machikado de,
  Nani ga hontou kawakaranaku narisou,
  Jibun wo sagashite kokoto no ANTENA nobaseta,
  Tokimeki ga wakaru, I wanna get it
Sung by Atsuko Enomoto (who also voices the main character, Misaki, in the series), I remember I made it a point to get a karaoke version of this song which I was so infatuated with back then. Thankfully, there is one and I found it after searching high and low. Hey, back in the olden days, the internet technology and speed isn’t as good or fast, you know. You can say I was pretty lucky back then.
  Yume wa koko ni aru yo,
  Donna toki mo sugu soba ni aru yo,
  Tatoe chippoke demo,
  Sou hajimari ni naru n da
As the song is quite lively and upbeat, it definitely suits the mood and tempo of this simulation sports genre. I think there are quite a few sound effects used here as part of the music. I think. As a plus point, there isn’t any high pitched or long sustaining lines so this song is practically okay and easy for a person with lousy vocal chords like yours truly. So much so, at some point I got too over-confident and thought that I even sound as close as the singer herself! Especially the verses! Yeah, right! Dream on. Besides, the lyrics are quite easy to remember (in reference to my Japanese vocabulary at this point in time) even if the song is about hope, dreams and moving forward.
  Itsuka meguriaeru,
  Tatta hitori shika inai watashi,
  Motto shinjireba ii,
  Mirai ga aru, Be my only angel
Okay, maybe the last lines of each verse and the starting lines of the chorus has that short slight change in pitch tone. But rest assured, those tiny parts are manageable. No big time screw up here. At least, nothing obvious. While singing this nostalgic song may be a passing thing, it’s good to know that I can still sing it properly without any tough exertion. Yeah, I still got what it takes to sing it, even if I haven’t sung it for a long time. *Sighs*. If only I had such confidence when singing other ‘challenging’ songs. Ah well, it’s better to master easy ones first before moving on to tougher ones.
  Be my only angel…
Angelic Layer

Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer

November 4, 2005

I’m not really into this anime, besides the great opening and ending songs. I’d say Angelic Layer is a little draggy and there’s relatively no physical violence, except the doll fighting part. The doll fighting what?! Look, it’s not a hentai anime or anywhere near it. It’s about a tournament where the contestants uses dolls called Angelic Layers, which when thrown into some special arena, becomes lifelike and moves and fights as well. Of course, the owner controls them using some weird headset and controllers. So we focus on this litle girl, Misaki, who knows nothing about this, suddenly gets interested at first look, buys her first doll, whom she named Hikaru, then before you know it, after a few training sessions, she actually has potential hidden talent in it and goes off participating tournament after tournament. You’ll then notice that she actually never loses a single fight! Not even to an old experienced player! Wow, I wished I had such good skills too when I was young. But anyway, I didn’t sit through and watch the whole season. I just watch some episodes here and there. And somehow I didn’t mind if I didn’t understood a particular episode beacuse I missed the earlier ones. Is that a good or a bad thing?

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