Anima Yell

February 9, 2019

I thought this season was going to be the season where I took a break from the ubiquitous genre of cute girls doing cute things. Ah yes, I thought I had the will and determination this time seeing that previous seasons of watching such shows have become a bore. But what’s this? A cute girls doing cute things series about cheerleading? Nah. Not into that. Hey wait. Are they cheering on for me to go watch this series? Shucks. Can’t disappoint them now, can I? And that is how I fell into the trap of breaking my resolution and watch Anima Yell. Heh. What a funny name for a cheerleading anime. It’s not even the name of the team or a cheerleading move. Is this a subtle hint to shout out to anime? Hurray! Hurray! Fight on, anime!

Episode 1
During the break, Kohane Hatoya watched a group of cheerleaders in action and now she has decided to become a cheerleader. Well, if she could only first pronounce properly ‘cheer’ instead of ‘chair’. She brags it all to her friend, Uki Sawatari and even made preparations for it. When school starts at Kaminoki and Kohane relates this to her teacher, Inukai only to be shot down because the school has no cheerleading club. Aw, so sad. End of anime. Just kidding. During the opening ceremony, she sees Hizume Arima as the student rep and remembers her as the one she saw at the cheerleading. Can’t give up yet. If there’s no club, form one! Yeah, you need 5 members for that. Plus, Uki isn’t willing to join it. When Kohane accidentally falls off the stairs, Hizume catches her and has no problems since she is light. When Kohane invites her to join the yet to be established cheerleading club, Hizume rejects. Cheerleading is already her past. Thinking Hizume is shy, hence the need for Kohane to get to know her first. Yeah, she follows her around like a stalker! It got on Hizume’s nerves as she tells Uki to even ask her friend to stop it. Then we discover Kohane is actually afraid of heights. Can she really do cheerleading? Hizume relents hearing Kohane’s side of the story after seeing her help others. But when Kohane starts overpraising her, it seems she said something taboo. Hizume is ticked off instead. Later Uki tells Kohane what she heard from rumours. Hizume was part of the cheerleading them and a rising talent but was forced out by other jealous teammates. Hizume feels guilty for saying harsh things to Kohane. Even if she has stopped stalking her, her ‘presence’ can still be felt as other students talk about the good deeds Kohane has done. Just when Hizume is at the crossroads, here is Kohane pulling off her cheerleading stunt by standing on a tree branch and cheering Hizume’s name. Is this to prove she can overcome her phobia? Kohane vows to become as special as her. She completes her stunt by jumping down! Luckily Hizume catches her and then scolds her for doing something this reckless. Hizume somewhat agrees to be her support and base. Hooray! She’s part of the club! Hizume is going to drill all that she knows into her until she finds out that she is still on recruiting spree. This might take a while…

Episode 2
Kohane is participating in a cheerleading competition. You know it’s all just a dream as she falls off from her chair in class… Kohane calls Uki to the rooftop just to show off her cheerleading outfit. She has also bought one for Uki but it looks like she got them from a shady site. Hizume helps Kohane to some exercise but finds that she lacks the necessary to even do the warm ups. Is Kohane trying to find an excuse she was only made for cheering? But Hizume acknowledge that the only thing that Kohane has that is A+ is her smile. As Kohane finds it hard to move about in a jersey, Hizume gives her lighter clothes to wear. With all the exercising, a week later, her muscle starts aching. With Uki explaining she is not physically good, Hizume has this fear she might quit and then she’ll be all alone again. Trauma switch, on. Hence Kohane and Hizume concoct a plan to make Uki join. Uki went along with the flow and only realized too late that they were all making pompoms. Back home, she tries out the pompons she made but forces herself to think she won’t be joining them. Next few scenes we see Kohane bugging Uki. I guess stalking others is the other thing she is good at. With Uki being stubborn, Hizume deduces that perhaps Uki isn’t interested because she has not seen the real thing. Remember, Kohane became passionate about cheerleading only after seeing the real act. So for now, Kohane can only express to her how much she wants to do this with Uki. Kohane confronts Uki and says, “I WANT TO DO IT WITH YOU!!!”. Damn, this is not turning into some lesbian series! Then they set Uki up to watch Hizume do her cheerleading in a proper outfit and music. Captivated? That sealed the deal. Welcome to the club. As for why she was reluctant to join in the first place, it seems she doesn’t like the skirts being too short. Don’t worry. Here’s some very short pants too. She’ll pass.

Episode 3
No cheerleading for today because they have got to study for the test. Of course Kohane hates studying and all she could see is scribbling cheerleading stuffs in her stuffs. Lacking that cheer power, Hizume does some cheerleading to get her strength back. Kohane tries to be considerate and now studies hard. Instead, this switches on Hizume’s trauma that she might like studying and end up quitting cheerleading! WTF?! So engrossed in her studies that Kohane didn’t even notice other people in need of help. Eventually she does help one and Uki is relieved she should just continue to be the usual Kohane. Yeah, everything she learnt now she has forgotten! The tests come and go. So it’s time to hit the club activities? Not for Kohane. It’s the supplementary classes for her. She only gets to join her pals after that. However with no proper place to practice and other clubs kicking them out, they plead to Inukai for some leniency. However she congratulates them for having 3 members as this means they are an association. No funding but will still be given a place for their activities. Looks like they can use the AV room. Why nobody uses it? Because it is rumoured to be haunted! Uki is scared but seeing how Kohane is willing to go back to the rooftop that she is afraid of, Uki compromises and this room will do. Uki must be getting paranoid that somebody is watching them. It doesn’t help that Hizume doesn’t believe in ghosts and Kohane is just super enthusiastic for ghosts to join them! Uki really thought someone is watching them but then they see no one (actually there was but she ran away quickly). But here comes Kon Akitsune and Kotetsu Tatejima, Kohane’s classmates. It seems the former wants some cheerleading help so she could confess to her love. The trio might not have the experience but they’ll help out. I’m not sure about using Hizume’s college brother as a reference but whatever. Eventually they learn that Akitsune’s crush is a female teacher. Awkward silence. But they still help her. Kotetsu feels useless in not being able to help her friend but Uki points out she cares enough not to say something so lightly and it means she’s thinking hard about it. A few days later, Akitsune was able to confess to her love and thanks the trio. So care to join the association? Nah. She’ll join the home economics club. But the trio felt happy that things ended well.

Episode 4
The basketball club requests Kohane to come cheer for their upcoming match. Woah. Kohane just fainted upon hearing that! Luckily Kotetsu went to tell this news to the rest. On the way out, the rest heard Kotetsu in a dilemma whether to join them or not. However it is not wise to push her. Then they hear piano sounds from the AV room. While Uki is scared thinking it is a ghost, Kohane thinks of inviting the ghost to join! It is discovered that Kotetsu is playing it. She got permission to play here since it would be too loud at her home. So she can’t piano a piano? The trio try to coax her to join but she feels embarrassed of performing in front of others. So how does she play her piano recital? Well, she loses her composure… The trio head back to discuss the cheer uniforms. The ones online are too expensive so it is best to make their own. Yeah, if they know how to sew. Don’t worry. Thank the internet for samples and guides! At the basketball match, the trio make pompons enough for their school. Kohane starts off with a weird introduction of them and it just confuses the lot. Is it embarrassing? Kotetsu who thought they were cool probably is now more embarrassed to join them. The match begins and Kaminoki is losing. Time for our cheer girls to do their job. They’re not alone, though. They rally their school to help cheer for the team. This has Kotetsu realize that cheering isn’t done alone. With the power of their cheer side (I don’t see the opponents having their own cheer squad), Kaminoki is able to win by 1 point on the very last second! Woah! Miracle! Thanks to the power of cheering! In the end, Kotetsu might still have her reservations about cheerleading but she still wants to try out. So Kohane has been hiding her application form waiting for this moment? They learn her first name and because it sounds so manly, the reason why she doesn’t like it as she feels she doesn’t live up to its strong sense. She might not be confident now but with the rest supporting her, she’ll get by.

Episode 5
A welcome party is held for Kotetsu. In return, Kotetsu runs down all the way to the AV room to play the piano. She needs this stamina training. Kotetsu may not like to be called by her first name with Kohane bugging, it soon becomes normal. Hizume has the girls do some simple warm up exercises before going on to display different types of basic arm motions. And of course, put on your greatest smile. Soon, Kotetsu’s uniform is complete although it’ll take some time for her to get used to it. Then they get a request from the home economics club. It isn’t actually a cheer request but they want them to help test taste and decide the menu for their upcoming cooking contest. Looks like the rumours have spread that making a request to the cheer association can have your dreams come true. Hey, Akitsune was only 1 wish, right? Yeah, but at least it still means 100% successful rate. Anyway, Kohane is a glutton as she eagerly chows down the several dishes. With all their opinions gathered, to thank them for this, they are given another tasty dish. Actually this was requested by the basketball club who requested them to do something to thank the cheer association as they can’t do anything in return for their help. After Kohane devours the gratitude dish, she runs all the way down to the basketball court to express her thanks. How? With some cheering of course.

Episode 6
The cheer association has another cheer request to perform as the opener for a local festival. Since it is an open stage, the time is right for them to do some simple stunts. So they’re going to try with this base formation and even if Kohane will be standing on their thighs, is this even enough to constitute fear of heights?! The quartet practice and get a feel of this formation. Everything is looking good and Kohane gets too excited that she ruins the formation by getting up when everyone is not ready yet. Crash! Thankfully no injuries. Otherwise Hizume would really start getting traumatic about nobody left in the association. A few more days of practice and Kohane is so desperate for the day not to rain that she creates a giant size teruteruboshi. Because of that it looks like a man who got hanged! Spooky rumours are about to run wild again on the AV room… On the main day, the quartet get a feel of the place as they attend the rehearsal. You thought Kohane was so excited that she forgot to bring her cheer outfit but actually she is already wearing it. After the rehearsal, Kotetsu still has doubts if she did it all incorrectly. Allow Kohane to spout some great advice. The great sky. The great sun. The great weather… What?! WTF?! With Hizume pointing out it is all their first time doing this, Kotetsu calms down. When the actual cheer gets underway, Kotetsu doesn’t feel nervous and like the rest of her comrades do a great display of cheering. So great that Kohane bloopers the final part and falls flat on her face. I guess that is negligible considering the rest of the performance was great. Even Inukai sings praises for them but will not go so far to oblige Kohane’s demands to join the association. She just doesn’t know when to give up, does she?

Episode 7
Kotetsu fears she has become fat and tries to exercise more. This is because she is afraid she won’t be able to support Kohane as the base. Hizume does some reverse psychology that if she is not satisfied with her weight means what she has been doing is not enough. And if she is not strong willed, maybe they can stop bringing snacks to the club. I think Kotetsu is going into overdrive exercising mode. They ask why Kohane has fear of heights since she never had this before. She relates how she jumped off the top of the swing thinking she could fly. The next thing she knew she was in hospital surrounded by her family and friends who were so worried. She realized it was her fault and it then developed into a phobia. Hizume suggests visiting a cheer shop and you can see the light in Kohane’s eyes. There’s a shop specializing in that?! If not for her friends, I think Kohane would have bought everything even if she didn’t have the budget. After buying pompom materials, this is part of Hizume’s plan to ask them for a request. She feels she has a hard time fitting in with everyone in her class and that they are avoiding her. Hizume follows Kohane’s suggestions to do some cheering with her pompoms. Although it attracts her classmates, they feel weird out if something is wrong with her. It’s like they’re keeping their distance. Finally when Kohane jumps in and decides to help, now all the other girls get jealous and tell her not to hog Hizume?! WTF?! Since when is she their property?! So now Kohane is their common enemy as they try to get closer to Hizume?! Yeah, there’s a few girls who become as close as her bodyguard! More and more girls ‘borrow’ Hizume so looks like she won’t be spending time with the cheer association so soon. When the rest return to their clubroom, they see a curse sign on the door. Finally that girl who keeps spying on them makes her official appearance. Kana “Hanawa” Ushiku accuses them as villains and that Hizume is too good for this association.

Episode 8
Everyone is puzzled Hanawa keeps referring to Hizume as her senpai. Aren’t they all the same age? She goes on to point out and complain their cheering techniques at the festival. When Hizume arrives, Hanawa gets embarrassed and runs away. Hizume does remember Hanawa from her old squad but barely. As she joined after Hizume, the reason why she refers to her as her senpai. With the basketball team seeking their cheerleading help again, this time Hizume suggests for all of them to come up and put together a choreograph trick. As they practise, Uki and Kotetsu notice Hanawa spying on them. This goes on for a few days until Hanawa summons Uki to the rooftop to complain. Apparently this b*tch isn’t happy for whatever reason and as she is about to storm off, trips and falls over Uki. Uki might have saved her fall but in exchange, twisted her ankle. Now that Uki is out of the picture, Hizume thinks of adjusting their routine but a remorseful Hanawa decides to replace her. Hanawa has been doing some practice by herself ever since she quit the old cheerleading club. Although she gave excuse that high school was getting busy, the real fact is that it wasn’t worth it staying in a club without Hizume. Kaminoki’s cheer girls strut their stuff and Hanawa is quite energetic and a league of her own. Of course Hizume compliments her (typical fan girl break down when crush senpai praises) but also apologizes for not knowing her ex-teammates and not paying attention to those around her. Hanawa gets motivated but at the same time is trekking real close to being a personal Hizume stalker… Wanna smell her hair, eh? With renewed motivation, Hanawa now cheers with even more energy. She vows to always cheer with Hizume. Thanks to that ‘power’, Kaminoki’s basketball team wins! With Hanawa officially joining them, Hizume hopes she could stop calling her senpai and by each other’s first names. This might take a while to get used to. Practice of first name calling will resume after Hanawa wakes up from her fainting.

Episode 9
Hanawa is trying to ignore Kohane treating her like a ‘celebrity’ to come to the club. Now that they have 5 members, this means they have upgraded from an association to a club. I guess they’ll get a little more perks. All they need now is an advisor and Kohane goes to bug Inukai. As expected, she gives lots of excuses why she won’t. Too tired. Don’t know much about cheerleading. You know the usual. Until Kohane accidentally ‘threatens’ that she found out from another teacher that she used to do some weird dance and has DVD ‘evidence’ of it did Inukai agree to join! Wow. That worked. She’s going to need a lot of cheering. Right off the bat they have another request. A parent who saw them cheer at the basketball game now has the same request for a football match. When it is learnt they will be cheering for the football team, Victories, Uki doesn’t seem too happy. Her brother, Akane is on that team and recently he hates girly stuffs. Must be that puberty thingy. Plus, she never told him she is in cheerleading. Back home, Akane is already grumpy because at today’s practice some annoying girl cheered on them. It wasn’t Kohane but still he felt annoyed. This makes Uki awkward. She thinks of telling him now because eventually he will find out but he thinks she is part of the running club and wants hints on how to run fast. There goes her chance. So she’s reading about track now? There are many other chances for her to subtly hint she is in cheerleading but all failed. Until he berates them as annoying and all they do is flash their pantsu as distraction. Uki snaps back to keep his eyes open tomorrow and he’ll eat his own words. Hope she doesn’t regret saying that later… Next day, Akane is surprised to see Uki part of the cheerleading team. However Akane is not starting and only warming the bench. As the game starts, Akane notices the energetic exuberance from the cheerleading girls. Impressed? Even during halftime they continue their cheering. Akane starts in the second half and he notices the girls continue to cheer despite being tired. And the magic from all the cheering has Victories end with no less a victory! Before brother and sister could reconcile, Kohane butts in and is impressed with how cool he is. He keeps denying as everybody notices his behaviour quite similar to Uki. Is Uki mad because of that statement or is Akane being hogged by Kohane too much?

Episode 10
This time the manga club is asking the cheer club for help. Actually, their job is only to watch over them. If they fall asleep or get distracted by something else, here, use this ruler and smack them hard on the head! Yeah, the deadline is tomorrow better get those hands moving. Fast! In addition to watching them, the cheer girls are also made to do some pose to give the manga girls some inspiration. So you can tell some of them getting real nervous and flustering like Uki holding hands with Kohane and Hanawa being hugged behind by Hizume. Eventually the manga girls achieve their goal. As Kohane is still not fully cured from her phobia, Hizume thinks of holding a training camp. Thanks to her father’s friend, they can hold one in a dojo near the sea. The girls rejoice. I guess they need their much needed break. Except for Inukai. She’s complaining that she had to be dragged here. Oh, so you want to go into details about the contract about this? Hizume has an ‘agenda’ for holding this training camp. She wants to get close to Hanawa as she feels she is always putting some distance. Yes, she has the wrong idea Hanawa hates her. Even more so when Hizume tries to be friendly, Hanawa gets flustered and further gives her the wrong idea that she doesn’t like her. I don’t know if it looks like harassment to a point Hanawa passes out from happiness. With this going nowhere, Hizume explains her plan to get closer to Hanawa. Though the rest understand, maybe she should put some distance for now because the close proximity is frying Hanawa up! There is an event tomorrow that the matron would love them to join and liven up things. So to help in their training, Hizume suggests running on the beach. Too bad girls, you’re not going to have fun. Despite wearing their swimsuits, they look so out of place in sneakers! We have more Hizume-Hanawa antics. Still shy to get closer to each other. Maybe the only way to get closer is to put sunscreen lotion on each other? Whatever. At least they broke the ice.

Episode 11
What’s this? Kohane trying to do a brave dive from a cliff? Not if Uki stops her and tells her she might die! Even if this is the lowest cliff for beginners? Please don’t say that to the rest waiting in line. Hizume suggests practising the shoulder straddle technique. Kohane thinks doing it in the water will help but since it is slippery and she belly flops… Ouch… Back at the inn, they need a vaulting horse to help Kohane practice with this. So they wake up Inukai just for her to become a vaulting horse. Hey, make yourself useful for once. Too bad it didn’t last long. Practising the technique, not only Uki is nervous having Kohane’s thighs around her head but Kohane is already experiencing her phobia. Maybe try again. But during the festival, the girls pull it off perfectly. The power of trust? The girls continue to work part time to earn some money (thank goodness the other girls cover for clumsy Kohane or they might have to work longer) to buy uniforms for the upcoming tournament. Because all of them are so bad in sketching, the clerk can’t make out their design. Maybe start from scratch? As they start choosing the colours, the Nekoya twins of Suzuko and Tamako come in. They are Hizume’s previous cheerleading mates. They sound brutal that they are grateful for Hizume’s departure because ever since she left, they are now the focus! So don’t come back! Just kidding. The twins are very in sync with each other but too bad this means they are not in sync with the rest. This is because Hizume too was once in a world of her own and they wonder if she has changed. Since their team are also participating in the next tournament, this is the best chance to assure Hizume’s ex-teammates she is doing well. Last brutal roast from the twins that her ex-team dropped in standards after she left but rose up when the twins took her place! Will Hizume recover from this? Too bad all their hearts are not in sync as each of them choose a different uniform colour. Eventually if they all decided to go with Hizume’s navy blue, they have their excuses. Hearts not as one. With this out of the way, it’s back to more practice.

Episode 12
And suddenly the tournament day is here. The Kaminoki girls arrive at the venue and they get to see the middle school division strutting their stuffs first. Wow. So good. Can they even match up to them? When it is almost their turn, after they get dressed, it is that awkward moment of Hizume meeting her old cheer club comrades. Her ex-friend admits they never realized how important Hizume was until she was gone as she was the one holding them up. Hizume also takes this chance to apologize for only thinking about herself and not paying attention. It is safe to say that both sides have made their peace and can look forward to each other’s performance. Before their turn, there is a photo shoot of the group. Strangely, Kohane puts on a weird smile. Is she nervous? Because smile is usually her best and natural thing. Then we have more motivation talk from the girls, blah, blah, blah. Time to go out and shine. Kohane is still worried. She worries she will fail and put all their efforts go to waste. Looks like that is about to come true as she slips but thankfully, the rest got her back. They remind her that they will always support her. With that, our girls continue to cheer like they have always been doing. In the aftermath, it seems our Kaminoki cheer club girls didn’t make it past the preliminaries. Don’t be sad. Statistics show that half the entrants only started cheerleading this year. There’s always next time, right? Later all their family and friends gather to congratulate a great performance they put up. Now it is Inukai’s turn to treat them but she realizes the girls are eating into her budget. Please don’t be a cheapskate… With Kohane thanking everyone for cheering with her, looks like there is a list of clubs that want their cheer spirit. And there is also another tournament coming up for next semester. Okay, girls. You know what to do. And they continue to flawlessly continue to cheer for all!

Cheer Joshi: Spirit Booster
Gimme an “It’s”. Gimme an “O”. Gimme a “Ver”. What’s that spell?! IT’S OVER! YAY! Oh yeah. I’m definitely boosted by all the cheering by the time the anime ends. Not! Haha. The irony of almost being bored to death and their cutie pie cheering didn’t do anything special to make me anticipate the next episode. Oh girls, sorry you have to do harder to cheer me up. My standards are so high that you have to be level 100 to make an impact in my frozen heart. Haha! But I have to admit that I wasn’t totally bored. There are some entertaining parts. But yeah, the girls need to try a lot harder if they want to break down this wall of mine.

As usual, the storyline isn’t anything much except for a bunch of girls trying to do what they love most together and in this series in particular, cheerleading. Heck, I even thought there was not going to be even some sort of regional tournament (like many of such genres usually do), but they leave it relatively too late to announce that. Even so, at that point I can’t see the relevancy and importance of this cheerleading tournament. It just came and go like that. Don’t expect them to pass on their first try, right? After all, the season is going to end and with what has been built up in this season, if there is an excuse to make another season, they have some sort of plot to go along with. Another tournament, that is. Heck, it was only like a while ago that they just picked out their uniform, right? But for now, building a new cheer club is utmost importance for these girls and season.

Having said that, hence the characters are the ones playing a pivotal role in keeping the anime cute and fresh. Well, if you ask me over the years of watching the same genre (Hinako Note, Slow Start, Comic Girls, just to name a few), you will somewhat expect more or less the same. At this point for me, they aren’t anything exciting but still their unique and quirky personalities are enough to entertain me and at least make me sit through the dozen episodes.

As usual for main character Kohane, she has to be the kind who is in her own world and in her own pace. That is why she is annoying. That is why she is cute. That is why she is funny. It is strange to think that she saw cheerleading once and decided this is going to be her life passion. So to say that in her entire life, nothing else moved her except this. Imagine had she seen something else even more passionate than cheerleading, would she have gone down that path instead? Say, porn! Haha! But thinking about it, it’s not really that strange despite me saying so for this behaviour to happen because now I remember how I was so enthralled in watching anime the first time and decided to make it my hobby. Yeah… So Kohane acting a bit like a retard is what gives this series its charm and many funny moments somewhat rely on this. A point to ponder: As Kohane is one of the shortest in the team, I wonder if she grew a bit taller, would she be afraid of heights?! Yeah, she probably can’t stand it (pun intended) and will forever sit in a wheelchair. Worst case scenario!

Then the other end of the spectrum is Hizume. Also quirky in her own sense but not as lively outburst as Kohane. Just like how Kohane’s running joke is her fear of heights (aside from mispronouncing certain ‘important’ cheerleading words), Hizume’s running joke is the fear of people leaving her cheer club. She often gets misconception easily and almost goes into panic attack, hence the need to pacify and do stuffs to have the members stay. This insecurity stems from her social awkwardness during her earlier life since she was in a world and pace of her own. Now that she is trying to change and be considerate, hence her strange thinking that results in some mild awkwardness.

I somewhat believe Uki exists to play the straight (wo)man since as the more down to earth type, she is the kind of character who rebukes others (but Kohane mostly) when they somewhat go out of line (cue for comedy). Also, with a club with only girls as cheerleaders, some sort of mild yuri subplot is going to happen. So Uki is doing this all just to support Kohane and be close to her. The same can be said for Hanawa for Hizume but she is more of the tsundere type and Kohane’s ‘natural’ rival. For now it looks like one-sided crushes so can we cheer on for their love to come to their realization? Kotetsu completes the line-up as a shy girl trying to boost her self-confidence. So far she is doing a good job. Just like how Kohane is facing her acrophobia. If you ask me, it’s all in the mind. If you’re not too conscious about it, you’ll breeze by it without even knowing it was there. Otherwise, why do you think the girls were able to pull off perfectly their stunts during real performances on stage?

It feels like Inukai is a character that doesn’t need to exist but you know, every club needs to have a teacher to supervise as part of the rules so she’s the kind of character who really feels she really shouldn’t be here doing all this. Yeah, the strange irony in that. Her face screams “I wish I wasn’t here”. She gets dragged into the cheer club’s pace and it’s like she’s doing them a favour. There goes her sleep or whatever me-time. If the cheer club’s charm is so effective, maybe they could help cheer on for her and blow away her blues. The Nekoya twins appeared very late in the season and perhaps to give our cheer girls a much needed rivalry boost. Because how else are you going to improve if you don’t have a rival to overcome? They sound like the b*tch type but again, they too are in their own world and pace. They think the world revolves around them. What is with these girls in this anime always going at their own pace?

Speaking about the cheerleading club’s effective cheering boost, so far their effective rate is 100% and with rumours being spread around that their cheering guarantees victory (despite being very baseless), you wonder how long their streak will go. So the irony is that if the upcoming tournament, are they considered cheering for themselves? Will they have other outside parties cheering for them and if so, will that jinx their luck? Quite the irony if the cheerleaders in competition has supportive cheerleaders from the outside cheering on them. In no time these girls would get requests to cheer on Japan’s national football team and win the World Cup!

Just like many of such anime series in this sort of particular genre, there isn’t much heavy focus on the theme. So if you are hoping to learn a lot more about cheerleading, you’d be better off doing your research online at dedicated and special websites. Here are just the simple basis of cheerleading. As the cheer girls are still mostly rookies, hence you won’t see them pulling off really dangerous and elaborate stunts yet. At least not until Kohane fully overcomes her height phobia.

While the art and drawing are your typical cute and kawaii type with everything looking bright and clean, there wasn’t anything for me to comment here except for the character designs. I have no problem with it but when I first looked at the bunch of main characters, I was wondering why they resemble so closely to the cast of characters in Comic Girls! Did those girls give up on their dreams to become a mangaka and now go into cheerleading instead? Or did they hop onto another anime in hopes they would stay relevant?! Either way, you can see the resemblance of Kohane in Kaos (even their general personality are almost similar), Hizume in Ruki, Uki in Koyume and that basketball senpai in Katsuki. This feels more than just coincidence because even Inukai as their advisor is somewhat similar and equivalent to Ririka! Suspicious… This anime is made by Doga Kobo who brought to us New Game, Gabriel Dropout, Himouto! Umaru-chan, YuruYuri and Love Lab. So if you wonder why the characters look somewhat similarly cute, they’re all from the same anime studio.

Didn’t recognize any seiyuus in particular in this series as many of them are unknowns and do not have a long repertoire of voice acting roles to their name. They are Yuka Ozaki as Kohane (Asuka in BanG Dream),Yuina Yamada as Hizume (Mirasa in Kuromukuro), Mikako Izawa as Uki (Mamori in Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid), Tomori Kusunoki as Kotetsu (Miki in Slow Start), Haruka Shiraishi as Hanawa (Asirpa in Golden Kamuy), Eriko Matsui as Inukai (Isuzu in Log Horizon), Aimi Tanaka as Akane (titular character in Himouto! Umaru-chan), Risae Matsuda as Suzuko (Minael in Mahou Shuojo Ikusei Keikaku) and Satsumi Matsuda as Tamako (Jinko Nana Maru San Batsu).

The opening and ending themes are sung by the main quintet of the series, Jump Up Yell and One For All respectively. They are worthy of being a cheerleading song in its own right with all its exuberance and liveliness. There are also a bunch of insert songs that serves as the cheerleading songs the girls use for practice or during events. I didn’t really give much attention to them since they sound equally energetic and fit the atmosphere.

Overall, everybody now gimme an “O”! Gimme a “K”! Gimme an “A”! Gimme a “Y”! O-K-A-Y! Yay! Those are my cheerful sentiments for this moe blob series. Simplistic (or even non-existent) plot, cute characters and cute visuals. Like my general answers these days for this particular kind of genre, it’s all the same but presented in a different way to give off its own appeal. It’s not awful but nothing that special to me since I am not into cheerleading before and after watching this series. Yeah, I’m not really into a lot of things in this world. But turn it into anime with cute girls and you can bet that there is a high chance it will catch my attention. Just need to grab a chair and watch it. Hmm… That cheer and chair pun doesn’t seem to work here… (I blame Kohane for making it look like a running joke). Cheer-io!

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