Anime Awards of 2019

December 28, 2019

Ever since I have started watching anime so many years ago, never have I ever thought of making a list of the best and worst anime series for the year. Perhaps it was because a big majority of them fall under the ‘passable’ threshold according to my personal standards whether or not the show is good or bad or boring. Therefore I couldn’t really decide. Or too lazy to pick. But I could if I wanted too. Like this year. Uh huh. So for the first time ever, here are some of the awards for the top and best anime stuffs for 2019 (and also some worst ones):

Best 2019 Overall Anime Series:
Shingeki No Kyojin S3 (part 1 & 2)

Ah yes, this one easily tops all the other series thanks to its intense action and storytelling especially the climax and finale that it will be building up to come 2020.

Other notable mentions:
* Boku No Hero Academia S3: Plus Ultra! Young superheroes to the fore! Only bummer: All Might retired!!!
* One Punch Man S2: More superheroes! More monsters! More action! Only bummer: Cliff-hanger ending and not enough Saitama action!
* Overlord III: More Ains-sama ruling the world! Only discontent: Cliff-hanger ending.
* Kakegurui XX: More devilish gambling! Only let-down: Cliff-hanger ending.
* Golden Kamuy S2: The hunt for gold continues! Only disappointment: Don’t hold your breath, yup, it’s that damn cliff-hanger ending again.

Best 2019 New Anime Series:
Kouya Kotobuki No Hikoutai

Noticed somehow those in the best anime series are sequels? I suppose they have established something good in the previous season, it is mainly building from there that adds to the positive vibes. So I decided to put just another subcategory just for an entirely new series. This propeller themed flight series easily tops it because of its exhilarating first person view flight scenes. Definitely took my breath away.

Other notable mentions:
* Zombie Land Saga: Never judge a zombie flick by its cover. Oh, this isn’t a zombie flick in the first place.
* High Score Girl: OMG! Retro gaming! Screw that whatever love triangle. Retro arcade gaming da best!!!

Best 2019 Anime Short:

The only reason why I loved this series because… It had no dialogue!!! If only the final scene didn’t ruin it with its first ever speech. Could have been utterly perfect…

Best 2019 Ecchi Anime:
Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga

Getting into mind boggling fanservice situations with your teacher? No matter how absurd each embarrassing situation looks, it is like as though God really wants them to f*ck. And hence your great fapping material without resorting to porn!

Worst 2019 Anime Series:
Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai

Bad production quality and dumb storyline, characters and everything literally ruined the entire series. Even more so, the ecchi rom-com genre that I so often love to watch. You know it is sleazy, cheesy and crappy but it really went overboard and even plummeted below the lowest of the lowest of expectations.

Other notable mentions:
* Kenja Na Mago: Oh no. Not anther f*cking isekai with an overpowered main character!!! Just one step short of being the worst anime because this guy got no Smartphone…
* Kemurikusa: Boring… Super boring!!!
* Satsuriku No Tenshi: Yawn… ZzzZzzZzz… F*cking boring and disappointing!!! That f*cking annoying promise they keep making to each other and reminding us viewers…
* Shoumetsu Toshi: Even worse than RErideD: Tokigoe No Derrida. This sci-fi parallel world thingy has so many plot holes that it makes a Swiss cheese look like a baby in comparison. Just gimme the scooter so I can ride out of this hellhole!

Worst 2019 Ecchi Series:
Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma

They turned a descendent of the great Nobunaga into some sleazy perverted teacher. Then they throw his horny concubines from the past to the present time just to fight over to be laid. Worst of all, they trolled us with that F*CKING GAY SEX MOMENT!!!!!! ARGH! MY EYES!!!

Weirdest 2019 Anime Series:

I never did drugs before but after watching this, I think I know what it’s like to be so high. Kappa and butt holes, I don’t even know what more to say…

Other notable mentions:
* Gyakuten Saiban S2: WTF???!!! IGI ARI!!! FYI, this is not how the court system works. I repeat, this is not how the court of law works!!!
* Pastel Memories: WTF?! Japan without all the otaku stuffs?! Girls trying to save the otaku world?! Could have been one of the worst animes had I not had fun spotting which anime it spoofed. This is not the future of Japan!
* Conception: WTF???!!! They trolled us with this pseudo sex thingy???!!! This is not how making babies work. This is not how any of this love making works!

Best 2019 Anime Song:
Onegai Muscle (Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru)

Ah, without a doubt, the catchy tune of this workout anime series really got my attention so much so I can’t stop listening to it even until today. Imagine listening to the song on a half hour medley and the boredom hasn’t even set in yet! How is this not the best song of the year?!

Other notable mentions: Love Is War (Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai), Wagamama (Domestic Na Kanojo), Believe In Sky (Pastel Memories), Tsuujou Kougeki Ga Zentai Kougeki De Ni-kai Kougeki Mama (Okaa-san Online), Naked Flower (Murder Princess), Hibari (Lord El Melloi II Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note).

Weirdest 2019 Anime Song:
This Is Yuusha But Zannen (Uchi No Musume)

Imagine hearing the voice of Accelerator singing a f*cking cute song… I don’t find this song entirely bad but my hair can’t stop standing on ends…

And so that is this year’s list. Sorry if it looks and sounds a lot incomplete as it doesn’t include best and worst characters as well as splitting the anime series into other genres like sports, fantasy, romance, comedy, action, drama, etc. Well, maybe next year when I am more organized. Heh. This is officially my first time, you know ;p. Seeing that there are quite a number of animes that I like and outnumbering those that I really dislike (doesn’t count those that are bad but still passable and hence not listed), well it goes to show that perhaps there is still hope that there are good animes being made. Hopefully there would be better animes in the next coming year and while I really wish that there would be no worst animes, that isn’t quite realistic at all. With the good, there must also be the bad. We’ll see then when the time comes.

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