Who again? Do you know him or her? Some characters love to have all the attention on them while others want to be left alone. And then there are those in limbo in between. What am I saying? Not sure you have noticed this or not but there are a handful of anime characters in animes that nobody really notice. For whatever reasons I’m sure they won’t even notice why. Haha! So before they fade into oblivion, here is a look at some of the forgettable, oops, I mean some of the characters that people just don’t seem to realize their existence. It’s a good way to let you know about them (if you care enough) before they fade into oblivion. Hope not!

Akari Akaza

Anime: YuruYuri.
Episode debut: 1.
Nickname: Akarin.
Affiliation: Amusement Club.
Oblivion: Probably currently the most prominent character that nobody notices (oh, the irony). Even ironic is that she is supposed to be the main character of this series but as the anime progresses, she starts fading into the background and becomes forgettable even by her own friends. So oblivious that she can even win an othello board game without anyone noticing what moves she made! Because of this, she slowly develops some sort of desperation to be noticed and concern about her presence. Maybe her sweet and nice personality makes it too normal for her to stand out…
Who knows her: From time to time, her friends like Kyouko, Yui, Chinatsu and Ayano.
Seiyuu: Shiori Mikami.


Anime: Keroro Gunsou.
Episode debut: 13.
Rank: Lance Corporal.
Nickname: Zeroro.
Oblivion: I guess sometimes being a stealthy ninja in the platoon doesn’t pays. So much so that even your own comrades and members forget that your presence. Whenever this happens, Dororo’s inner Trauma Switch will be flipped on and he will sink into depression, sitting in one corner crying quietly while ranting away the past pranks and bad experience he got from Keroro.
Who knows him: Actually his case isn’t as bad as the rest as many other characters in the series know about his existence. It’s just his mates that don’t seem to remember him.
Seiyuu: Takeshi Kusou.


Anime: Oh Edo Rocket.
Episode debut: 1.
Specialty: Mathematics.
Oblivion: Even cross-dressing doesn’t help. Yeah, this guy dresses in a kimono in hopes to gain the attention of the other residents of Furai Row Block House but nobody really seem to notice him for whatever reasons and for any other reasons. So whether he turns into a pigeon for a long time or not, nobody is fazed with him not around simply because, they never knew he existed in the first place!
Who knows him: His mother and the town belle Onui.
Seiyuu: Katsuyuki Konishi.

Kagerou Usui

Anime: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
Episode debut: 5.
Name significance: A play on the word ‘kage ga usui’ which means overshadowed.
Class position: The actual class rep.
Oblivion: So oblivious that he literally vanishes into thin air. It’s like as though he is a ghost! The only way people would notice him is if his bald spot becomes noticeable. And when he is noticed, people just can’t take their eyes off the bald spot. They just keep staring and staring and staring and staring… Yeah, they look and notice that only part instead of every other part. So it’s like between a hard place and rock. It’s either he gets totally ignored or put up with the unpleasant stares of his bald spot.
Who knows him: Sadly, no one.
Seiyuu: Youji Ueda.

Momoko Touyoko

Anime: Saki.
Episode debut: 13 (she might have appeared earlier as cameo when the team makes its first appearance and this episode debut is when it’s her turn to go up and play).
Nickname: Stealth Momo.
School: Tsuruga Academy.
Oblivion: Due to her anti-existence nature, she has this ability to go into stealth mode and not get noticed by anyone. So I guess it is important when you are playing in competitive mahjong because your opponents won’t even know what moves you’ll be pulling off and every hand that you make will catch them by surprise.
Who knows her: The first person who realized her existence is Tsuruga’s mahjong captain, Yumi Kajiki due to her exceptional skills. Momoko might be unnoticeable but that is only confined to her play. Yeah, it was really hard to find her, eh? Right under your nose…
Seiyuu: Momoko Saitou.

Tsukiyo Ooba

Anime: Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~.
Episode debut: 13 (if your eyes are sharp enough, you would notice her little cameo presence in other episodes).
Club: Art club.
School: Second year of Fukuoka High School.
Oblivion: Since she often do not turn up and attend activities with her fellow art club members, she is often forgotten and what more if she keeps long and unkempt hair which covers her face that contributes to her anonymity. Even if she turns up, I’m sure the rest would mistake her for being a ghost! So really, a ghost member of the art club in name and almost by appearance?
Who knows her: As far as I understand, the club’s captain Ujou Sugyou who introduced her to the rest of the members.
Seiyuu: Mamiko Noto.


Anime: Hetalia ~Axis Power~.
Episode debut: 19.
Human name: Matthew Williams.
Pet: A bear named Kumajirou.
Oblivion: We know how close Canada is to America, right? So close that the other nations tend to mistake Canada for America and this poor shy, sensitive and peace-loving guy finds himself getting into trouble and bearing the brunt of incidents caused by America. And when he is not being mistaken in identity, he is often forgotten. I guess in a way he sometimes deserves not being noticed because he can’t even remember his own pet’s name… Yeah, the bear can’t remember his too. Uh huh. It’s mutual. So do you know where Justin Bieber came from?
Who knows him: I didn’t really see this show so I can’t really tell. From what I read, perhaps his brother, America.
Seiyuu: Katsuyuki Konishi.


Anime: Nagasarete Airantou.
Episode debut: 26.
Skill: Archery.
Lineage: A half youkai and daughter of a snow woman.
Oblivion: Due to her inability to interact with others, the other villagers on the island tend to forget her existence or mistake her for someone else.
Who knows her: Heck, she was introduced in the final moments in the final episode during the second Catch-The-Groom-Hide-&-Seek Tournament. So how much do we know about her? How much can we know about her? Unless you continue reading the manga…
Seiyuu: No dialogues means no seiyuu assigned, right? Why would you since her debut scene only lasts seconds.

Tetsuo Ishimaru

Anime: Eyeshield 21.
Episode debut: 2.
American Football Team: Deimon Devil Bats.
Position: Fullback/Cornerback.
Oblivion: It’s a wonder that a player can still play for his team when his teammates don’t even know he is there playing with them. Don’t they realize they are a man short if that is the case? Ah well, his obscurity also proves to be an advantage because his opponents will never realize the ball being passed to him. Even if he scores big, I guess he’ll be celebrating his victory all alone…
Who knows him: I didn’t see this anime either and from what I read, perhaps his teammate Sena Kobayakawa who recruited him into the team.
Seiyuu: Kei Katou.

Say Who Again?
This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive because I believe there are many other anime characters who lack presence in the eyes of others out there yet to be discovered. Or rather, maybe they just pass me by and I didn’t notice them. There are some characters that fall in the grey line of whether they are noticeable or not and it was hard for me to decide to whether to put them in this list, which eventually I didn’t. For example, Tadakuni from Daily Lives Of High School Boys. He might be one of the main characters but gradually his role becomes lacking (partly he is a normal guy with no traits that stand out) to a point the series even plays a joke that he has been demoted to an extra and almost forgotten. I feel that it’s not that he is being forgotten. It’s just that the show chose to focus more on other characters. The other grey area is those who can turn invisible instead of everyone naturally not knowing about their presence. Take like Tomoki Sakurai from Sora No Otoshimono when he decided to peep on girls by turning himself invisible or Lucy from Fairy Tail in an episode she accidentally casted a temporary invisible spell on herself or Keena Soga from Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou who can turn invisible as and when she likes. Those who are ignored aren’t really put on the list because their existence are known. Just that those other characters just don’t give a damn. For instance, Gonta from Nekogami Yaoyorozu. Characters whose role has been demoted to being extra or just gone ‘missing’ somewhere along the line. So having going unnoticed has its good and bad points. People won’t bug you but at the same time you will have trouble getting help or making your voice heard. It’ll be hard to say that person has been there, done that. It may seem disrespectful not acknowledging the existence of somebody but how can you when you don’t even know he/she is there? Do you know who am I talking about? Eh… Who was I talking about again?

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