Nothing extraordinary to see here… Move along… This is just a normal blog post about normal anime characters. Nothing special. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing outstanding. Nothing exceptional. Nothing great. Just normal. Just plain. Just ordinary. Just common. Just average. So if you do not want to be bored to death with the normalness or normalcy or fear turning into a normal person, please skip this post. You have been normally warned.

Anime: Pani Poni Dash.
Normal character: Kurumi Momose.
Normal seiyuu: Kana Ueda.
Normal class: 1-C.
Normal thoughts: When normalcy becomes the running joke of your character, can you not blame her for sulking and going into depression each time others call her that? So much so the only place she could find solace is the rabbit pen. I’m sure rabbits find it normal for sulking normal girls to sit it out till the depression is gone.

Anime: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
Normal character: Nami Hitou.
Normal seiyuu: Ryouko Shintani.
Normal favourite food: Ramen.
Normal thoughts: Here is another character whose role is played out as a running joke despite how much she hates it. Heck, even her name means so. That’s what you call living up to your name. Because each time she tries to do something to stand out, somehow her plans end up being backfired.

Anime: Working!
Normal character: Maya Matsumoto.
Normal seiyuu: Akiko Kawase.
Normal job: Waitress at Wagnaria.
Normal thoughts: Unlike other normal characters who hate being called that, this one strives to be one. To the point that she is obsessed with just being a normal character. She takes great steps and actions just to be normal but because of this, this might cause some ironic contradiction since it makes her more abnormal than normal. Oh well, it doesn’t hurt to keep constantly reminding everybody how normal you are.

Anime: Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan.
Normal character: Hiroshi Satou.
Normal seiyuu: Kenshou Ono.
Normal club: Baseball club.
Normal thoughts: This guy is so normal in every imaginable possible ways that even our titular character looks up to him as he aspires to one day be as normal as him. Yup, the most respected character ever in the eyes of Saiki. So normal that he cancels out all the bad luck but this also means cancelling out all the good luck.

Anime: School Rumble.
Normal character: Kentarou Nara.
Normal seiyuu: Yuuki Tai.
Normal crush: Tenma Tsukamoto.
Normal thoughts: Your typical normal guy in the background whose purpose just like many others, his role is to provide comic relief. This means he can never get the girl he likes to like him back as his attempts are often thwarted by Harima the main character. Also, airhead girl doesn’t really like him so I guess that sealed his fate.

Anime: Daily Lives Of High School Boys.
Normal character: Tadakuni.
Normal seiyuu: Miyu Irino.
Normal club: Handicrafts club.
Normal thoughts: He is supposed to be the main character but as more episodes passed, his character seems to have less and less appearance. His normalness seems to have turned him into a neglected character. After all, nobody appreciates the voice of sanity whose advice often goes unheeded.

Anime: Hayate No Gotoku.
Normal character: Ayumu Nishizawa.
Normal seiyuu: Mikako Takahashi.
Normal hobby: Eating food.
Normal thoughts: This one is a bit controversial. Because Nagi views her as the most normal girl and that Hayate’s preference in women leans towards ‘normal’, who else better than this hamster normal girl to be the role model and guide for Nagi just to become one. Ouch.

Anime: Joukamachi No Dandelion.
Normal character: Misaki Sakurada.
Normal seiyuu: Eriko Matsui.
Normal middle school position: Student council president.
Normal thoughts: Another controversial debatable entry. Although she has the power to clone herself up to 7 replicas, compared to those clones, Misaki feels herself as inferior and hence ‘normal’ in comparison to all of them. After all, her clones excel in many things that she can do. Who else to listen to your complaints and depression but yourself? Yup, talking out your problems to your clones is like talking yourself. Hey, nobody knows you better than yourself.

Anime: Youkai Watch.
Normal character: Keita Amano.
Normal seiyuu: Haruka Tomatsu.
Normal goal: To be friends with all youkai.
Normal thoughts: I didn’t watch this anime but I read that he hates being called average but that’s what his friends always do. After all, he is your normal average teenager who does average stuffs that normal teenagers do.

Anime: B Gata H Kei.
Normal character: Takashi Kosuda.
Normal seiyuu: Atsushi Abe.
Normal hobby: Photography.
Normal thoughts: Wow. This sounds like a porn setting. Hot flirty chick who wants to lose her virginity, views the plainest and most ordinary guy as her stepping stone for this ultimate goal. Poor guy gets so confused with the mixed signals Yamada sends him all the time. All that foreplay without any sex… Hope he doesn’t get sexually frustrated.

Anime: Minami-ke.
Normal character: Shuuichi.
Normal seiyuu: Momoko Ohara.
Normal sibling: A younger sister.
Normal thoughts: Two words: Plain yoghurt. Period.

Abnormally Normal…
This list is not meant to be exclusive as there could be many more average anime characters out there that I haven’t discovered. Because they are so normal that they don’t stand out and it is easy for me to miss them. Heh. So everybody here on this list that caught my attention, I guess they’re not so normal by normal standards, huh? So you might have noticed that this list mainly lists down characters whose normalcy is played out as the running joke. Does not include characters from animes who really wishes for the normal life but ends up in some extraordinary role or doing something out of the ordinary. For example, the titular character in Space Patrol Luluco and Shoushin Shoujo Matoi. These girls wished to live a normal life but were unfortunately thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Same goes to a lot of typical shonen animes like Bleach, Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist, Nabari No Ou, Kimetsu No Yaiba, etc. Yeah, it’s a pretty long list if you think about it. Also, Watashi Nouryoku Wa Heikinchi De Tte Itta Yo Ne was also omitted because despite the main character wanted everything to be normal and average, she is actually still quite overpowered. Then there is Yoshino from Sakura Quest. She hates being called normal but that is just for a particular project she was doing and not the entirety of her character, if I remember it well. It all boils down to the factors as society sees to what constitutes as normal or not. Sometimes so normal that it stand outs. Sometimes everything stands out that it is normal. Oh dear. I’m so normally confused right now. But that’s normal, right?

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