No, this is not a hentai corner despite the title. I don’t know. Maybe I wasn’t thinking straight that day when this topic somehow popped up in my mind: Anime characters who love stripping. Taking their clothes off to show off their birthday suit. First that comes to mind is that there is a high possibility that you could only find such characters in hentai animes and mangas. Even without being hentai themed, there are a few characters alike that are quite the exhibitionist themselves. Don’t worry, most of the necessary parts are covered and their stripping is usually for comical purposes. But sometimes it wants to make you squirm in disgust of their annoying habit. So here is the list of 8 anime characters that I know who like to strip:

Alex Louis Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)

The Strong Arm Alchemist has a very muscular and nice bod so it is now wonder he often takes off his shirt to flex his muscles and proudly flaunt it off to others even if they don’t wish to see it. Well, he claims it is for the benefit of others. Unless you’re a full-on homo person, I don’t think you’re really going to care or appreciate this. And he seems to enjoy it as each time he casts off his shirt, he tends to ‘sparkle’. Maybe he polished his abs just like he did with his nearly-bald head.

Hosaka (Minami-ke)

The volleyball club captain may seem like to cool and handsome hunk. However he has a deep delusion for his love for Haruka so much so while fantasizing about impossible fantasies with her, he starts unbuttoning his shirt and stripping his top. All those who witness this distasteful act would find him a total weirdo (narcissist included) and of course disgusting. Who couldn’t forget that sickening fantasizing when he stripped his top and hugged the fish in the local market (thinking it was Haruka) right in front of the eyes of the shocked customers. Too bad his love is only one-sided and in his mind. Keep dreaming pal.

Ikamasa AKA Masa Ikariya (Umisho)

The crazy captain of the school’s swimming club not only has this sick fetish of shaving other people’s body hair, at times he likes to strip himself naked just for thrill of it. If wearing his scanty Speedo trunks isn’t making him showing off his muscular body, think about the horror after taking that little trunks off. Who would have known that the difference between one’s modesty and a flasher is separated by just a little piece of nylon cloth.

Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

Currently the most famous exhibitionist character due to the current and long running series. When Gray lost his parents to a monster when he was young, he was taken in by a mage, Ul and became her apprentice. He was thought ice magic and just like her twisted belief, in order to get accustomed to the cold and freezing feel of ice, he has to strip near to naked in the middle of the snow. As time passes, his magic power improves but this also has a side effect as this becomes his unconscious habit to remove his clothes at just about anywhere and anytime without even knowing it. If other people didn’t point it out to him, he would probably have gone the whole way naked. It’s like being naked is his comfortable second skin.

Saori Shikakagami (Ladies Versus Butlers)

One of the few characters in animes who like to strip who is female. As the older sister in the upper-ed section, Saori has this habit of stripping herself just about anywhere regardless of the crowd she is in. It’s like stripping is her favourite past time. The slight mention of the word or even misconstrue of it would send her instantly undressing herself. Has she no shame? Apparently not. This stripping thing must be in her genes.

Twenty/Kai Nijuuri (Tantei Opera Milky Holmes)

A magician makes stuff like rabbits disappear, right? How about one that voluntarily makes his own clothes disappears? You get Twenty, the wildly perverted phantom thief that loves stripping to show off his beautiful body (which is debatable). Not that everyone is interested but he is quite adamant in exhibiting himself. Even while impersonating as a school teacher, his lessons are perhaps hardest to swallow. The only topic he teaches his disgusted students is anything that relates to his hot bod. Possibly the most annoying exhibitionist in this list made worse due to the fact that when he is stimulated, his nipples become erected. Or he would caress them like nobody’s business. Probably that’s why nobody wanted to hire him as a model. When he gets carried away about this, he REALLY gets carried away. Stay as far as possible from this guy. This is not just a warning, IT’S AN ORDER!!!

Harumi Kiyama (To Aru Kagaku No Railgun)

Another female character who simply removes her top without batting an eyelid. The reason she undresses is because she feels a little hot and was even once known as the Stripper Lady though via rumours. Thought of wearing lighter clothes? As a researcher and creator of the Level Upper, she probably got this habit of stripping in public when it gets too hot when she was tasked to baby-sit naughty and prankish orphan kids known as Child Errors.

Keena Soga (Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou)

Keena has this unique ability to turn invisible (apart from flying too). But that is just her body. So if you want to fully go into stealth mode, you need to strip right down to your undies if you’re not going to be seen by others. And if you have a habit of ditching class and turning invisible often, I guess you can do the maths there.

No shirt, no shoes, no service… No kidding!
This list isn’t meant to be exclusive as there may be other anime characters out there who like to strip but just that I didn’t manage to see (no pun intended). There were some which I was in a dilemma to put on this list such as Lala Satilin Deviluke from To Love-Ru because I felt that even though she has no qualms of being in the nude, it’s not that she likes to strip and get naked, which is the main topic of this blog. It’s as though if she’s naked, then so be it rather than the habit and tendency to remove her clothes. As for the case of Keita Kawahira of Inukami, it is his perverted antics that land him in hot water. It’s the kind of divine punishment he deserves and gets when Youko ‘teleported’ his clothes away and leave him all naked in public and to be mistaken as a flasher. And One Piece‘s Franky… I don’t know, I guess it’s his perverted dressing style.

Just as these characters love flaunting their naked bodies, we are just as disgusted in seeing them. The degree of public indecency is up to one’s interpretations. If these characters are to gather and put up a show, I guess they can give Full Monty a run for their money. So people, please don’t imitate their act anywhere, any time and to anybody. Keep a good control over that excitement and urge to strip. And in the event if you really need to, at least just keep your pants on.

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