HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!!! Yeah. It has been a decade so I guess I’m still around watching animes. Last year had many ups and downs watching so many anime series and like always, I hope this year would bring about better ones. Oh well, another 10 more years hopefully for me.

Day O/ Daylight come and me wanna go home/ Come Mister Tally Man/ Tally me banana… Ah, yes. Bananas. That yellow edible fruit that everyone believes to be rich in potassium. A food that is also associated with monkeys because the media ‘brainwashed’ us into thinking it is their favourite food. That doesn’t mean that it is also not the favourite food for some humans. Hence listed below are the Anime Characters Who Love To Eat Bananas. Also a ‘naughty’ fruit if you’re thirsty and ‘hungry’ enough to associate with a certain male anatomy… Also, the most used ‘tool’ for gag comedy purposes because they’re the only fruits whose peel you can slip on. Wow. Bananas so useful in so many ways…

Anime: Aho Girl.
Banana lover: Yoshiko Hanabatake.
Thoughts: Currently the most famous banana lover across the entire history of anime. Stupid, annoying and full of energy. Makes you wonder if the bananas she consumed over the years are the one making her stupid or keeping her from wreaking even more havoc. Oddly, when she was young, she knew what a dick is but not a banana? And then Akuru introduced her to this delicious thing and the rest is history.

Anime: Girls Bravo.
Banana lover: Miharu Sena Kanaka.
Thoughts: You know a girl loves her banana by the way she touches, licks and sucks on them. It’s amazing no porn director has scouted her ever since. Just kidding! But thanks to this, the shop owner experiences an increase in business. Bravo to bananas!

Anime: Da Capo.
Banana lover: Miharu Amakase.
Thoughts: Hmm… Another banana lover by the name of Miharu? Well, at least this one has a different reason why she loves bananas. As an android, she is powered by bananas! Weird technology, but okay. If it’s the thing that gives you energy to move, might as well love it. Also to note that in Da Capo II, android Minatsu Amakase also consumes bananas for energy but unlike her Miharu counterpart, she hates them and only eats them so as to stay alive.

Anime: Azumanga Daioh.
Banana lover: Tomo Takino.
Thoughts: Coming from the mouth of the resident idiot herself. Yup, when asked what her favourite food is, she doesn’t bat an eyelid to say it is bananas. What else more is there to say for this lovable idiot?

Anime: Kage Kara Mamoru.
Banana lover: Yuuna Konnyaku.
Thoughts: Just how much does this girl love her bananas? Why, she loves them so much that she has an original song dedicated to it! Banana Song is just freaking cute and awesome to listen to if you can put aside that it also sounds cringe worthy at times. That’s what probably the judges of the talent contest think after hearing it the first time. I guess once is more than enough…

Anime: Love Hina.
Banana lover: Kaolla Su.
Thoughts: I don’t remember much about seeing Kaolla chowing down bananas like as though she is an obsessed maniac over it. But it is listed in her bio-data that bananas are her favourite food. I guess it is only natural that if you come from a tropical land, you’ll tend to like tropical fruits such as bananas. And maybe turtles?! Hope she just sticks to eating bananas and not go after Tama every time. Then I won’t have to hear, “Mmm… Turtles taste like… Bananas”!

Anime: Eyeshield 21.
Banana lover: Tarou “Monta” Raimon.
Thoughts: I didn’t see this American football themed anime at all. But I’m guessing that the only male on this list and wide receiver who looks a lot like a monkey would also show some monkey-like traits like making monkey cries occasionally, good at catching things and the love for snacking on bananas (by now you should know the link between monkeys and bananas are just a myth).

Anime: Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san.
Banana lover: Sora Sarutobi.
Thoughts: Oh, another character that is modelled after the monkey? Don’t worry. She doesn’t look close to one although she exhibits some of the monkey traits. Like her love for bananas. She might not want to admit it but her actions don’t lie. Try refuting all that with a banana in hand…

Going Bananas…
So why are bananas mostly associated with dumb people? Even we have that idiom, banana head referring to those who are silly. So are bananas the foods for the dumb ones? Let’s hope it is just a coincidence. A very big coincidence. Hey, there is no scientific research to make that direct correlation, right?!

This list is not meant to be exhaustive as there could be other anime characters out there who have a thing for bananas but unfortunately my Google power is not strong. And I thought this would be an easy topic but then I realized trying to list down and going back to my previous blogs and do some research, wow, there aren’t actually that many, huh? There are some that I exclude such as Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate because I couldn’t find any concrete supporting evidence to confirm that she actually loves banana despite I read somewhere that she is mostly seen eating this. Yeah, I didn’t see that anime so that’s that.

Others that I did not include are just one-off events. For instance, Momoka Sonokawa from Sabagebu. It was just an episode she went on a banana diet after becoming super size me. This has her mom thinking she likes bananas and continued to make banana dishes for her. Then there’s the case of the girls in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes and Yuru Camp whereby the former were just being the idiotic detectives they are by succumbing to banana treats instead of doing real investigating while the latter had them stranded on an island filled with bananas as their only source of food. It just happened in a single episode and doesn’t constitute to them being overall banana lovers.

So if you love those six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch, keep continue to chow down those potassium goodness. As long as you’re enjoying whatever food you love, there’s no reason to be ashamed of the way you eat them. Uhm, don’t go overboard eating them in too sexy a manner. Bye. Gotta make like a banana and split.

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