Just in time for the Halloween season. Chainsaws. The kind of tool that you would normally see being used by the lumberjack and timber industry or psychotic serial killers. Not really considered a weapon of choice by many since it takes quite a considerable amount of strength to hold it up. But still, some choose to wield it for various reasons, making them stand out and looking far more dangerous. Even more so when the wielder is female. So listed below are the anime girls with chainsaw in no particular order:

Hime (Kaibutsu Oujo)

Perhaps the first ever anime character that I have seen using a chainsaw. While she also uses a variety of other weapons to fight against her enemies such as rapiers to guns and even a defibrillator, the chainsaw is by far her most trademark choice of weapon.

Haruna (Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka)

When you think of magical girls, one would unlikely think that chainsaws would be their main standard weapon. Unless you are this magical girl in training. What’s more, a pink chainsaw. Mysteltainn apparently doesn’t just transform you into a magical girl as it can also communicate with you. Wow. This is like a magical sidekick and a weapon all combined into one.

Ile & Nel (High School DxD)

What could be more dangerous than a girl wielding a chainsaw? Why, a pair of lolis wielding a chainsaw each! Not much can be said about these psychotic twins since they only appeared prominently for a short while during the Rating Game between Rias and Riser. They are quickly defeated due to underestimating Issei.

Hazuki Sakurazaka (Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu)

Maid character + chainsaw = epic win! She has a habit of whipping out her chainsaw from thin air. Makes me wonder where and how she keeps it in her apron. Or does she have some magic properties like Fairy Tail’s Erza by storing them in some alternate storage space? Whatever ways she does it, she would sure spring a surprise to those trying to mess with her.

Frederica Sawyer (Black Lagoon)

Perhaps the most famous female chainsaw wielder in the list. While masquerading as some meat packaging business, her actual job is to execute people in the most brutal ways so as to serve example to others. Aside a torturer, she is also an assassin and her chainsaw comes really handy in deflecting bullets. You really need great strength and speed for that!

Yurine Hanazono (Jashin-chan Dropkick)

When you have a stupid and stubborn lamia who is always trying to get the better of you at every chance, the only way to prevent all that is to get the better of her first! Although Yurine uses a myriad of tools to bring Jashin to know her place, the chainsaw still remains as one of the most memorable tool. Though, its effectiveness can’t be said since Jashin never really learns from all those slicing tortures.

Sumire (Shoumetsu Toshi)

The most recent character in the list to have been seen wielding a chainsaw. Because she is just a minor character and a member of Phantom Thief Brigade X, there is not much known why this gothic girl wields a chainsaw except to add to the fact that the rest of her comrades are equally weird as well. Not that I could see her putting it to good use anyhow. I don’t know. It just felt like a waste for her character to be holding a macabre weapon and not see her slice and dice with it. Oddly, her chainsaw is the most colourful. Did she stick tainted glass on it?

Inumi (Dai Mahou Touge)

I’m in luck! It was by random browsing that I stumbled upon this character that would have otherwise easily been omitted from my list. This ‘ugly’ underling of Anego only had a few short cameo appearances as she and the rest of the goons try to take down arch rival Punie. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of weapons you have, nobody can best Punie when she delivers her submission moves. Lyrical Tokarev, Kill Them All!

Oh, You’re Gonna Be Saw-rry…
I tried my best to find more but it seems this is all that I could get. Though, I believe there could be others out there but just that my Google and memory power are very lacking. In fact, I left out Chainsaw Maid because it is claymation. Damn, it would have been so epic despite that 2007 ONA was just 6 minutes. What did I say about maid + chainsaw? Then there is that horrendous Ousama Game in which the b*tch antagonist, Natsuko getting a chainsaw in the episode’s finale trying to slice the survivors. I didn’t put this one in either since it felt more of something random and it’s not like that Natsuko character uses on a frequent basis. Though, I believe she is the only character who got the chainsaw used fatally against her in the end.

And perhaps the most famous female protagonist who wields a chainsaw is that not of anime origin. I’m sure everyone knows about Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, right? Who? You know, that hot sexy high school cheer leader chick turned zombie slayer? Well, the closest to anime she got was a DLC costume that impersonates the characters in High School Of The Dead. All in all, chainsaws aren’t as ubiquitous or mainstream as swords or guns. But when it comes to spilling guts and blood, nothing beats the incessant grinding teeth cutting deep into your skin and bones. Just remember to fill it up with gas or it’ll just be an oversized and bulky sword.

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