Need something to chew on? Well, some people have this oral fixation for almost their entire life. At least as seen in certain animes, certain characters will always or for most of the time have something popped in their mouth. Insecurity or just for the heck of it, you can’t deny that you can’t take your eyes of it. While there are many things one can put in one’s mouth to satisfy that oral craving (no dirty thoughts, please), here is a look at anime characters with a lollipop in their mouth. I suppose it is a must for those with an eternal sweet tooth. Maybe life is to bitter and the sweet sensation that sticks in their mouth helps a lot. I wish I had that too but not enough money and the higher probability of turning into a diabetic are a major turnoff.

 Misaki Yamamoto (Hatsukoi Limited)

Probably the first character that ever made sucking a lollipop look so sexy and cool. Initially she wasn’t interested in falling in love till this WTF accidental incident of some guy shoving a lollipop into her mouth that she started liking him. And can’t leave her mouth free of lollipop ever since. Sweet.

Saku Tooyama (Tantei Opera Milky Holmes)

Usually it has been a norm to equate the police force with doughnuts. But G4 isn’t your typical police force and this computer genius of the group most likely is taciturn because she’s got a lollipop in a mouth. Hey, you can’t talk with your mouth full, right? And probably she is concentrating enjoying her lollipop, the reason she puts up that emotionless façade… Probably…

Mitsuki Nase (Kyoukai No Kanata)

Unlike more hardcore oral fixators, Mitsuki is not always seen with her favourite Chupa-Chups in the mouth. But it is often enough for me to classify her under this category. Maybe she should always stick those Chupa-Chups inside her mouth so that she could sound less sadistic (frank is probably the right word but it doesn’t make her sound badass) or use Akihito as her object for teasing. Yeah, I suspect not enough sugar count is making her prickly…

Amaimon (Ao No Exorcist)

How can the demon king with the title King of Earth be looking so calm and collected? Thank the lollipop! Maybe it is that same culprit the reason he is also brash and carefree. But better for him to be this way because you don’t want to make him angry by ruining his fun.

Kio Kaidou (Loveless)

I didn’t see this anime because of that yaoi stuff and I’m not planning to watch it in my lifetime unless some drastic happens… Anyway from what I gathered, he is enough a big sweet tooth maniac to be seen with a lollipop always.

Mizore Shirayuki (Rosario To Vampire)

There is a reason why this snow woman is never without a lollipop in her mouth: It is to help maintain her body temperature. I never knew lollipop had such qualities of preventing snow people from melting and keep their body skin so smooth and sexy. If it could be applied to humans, we’ll be seen sucking on them instead of wasting our money, time and effort on a range of beauty products.

Kokonoe (Blazblue – Alter Memory)

They say that her trademark is the candy she is always having instead of her cat trait appearances. They also say that this is what gives her the ability to speak in an eloquent manner. Heck, they based this Silvervine Candy in this anime/game from a real life plant that is believed to a favourite for cats. Think of it as an alternative to catnip. Only here, it heightens one’s intelligence. Maybe that’s why she’s talking so purr-fectly…

Spanner (Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn)

When they say sugar is good for your brain, believe it! This engineer makes his own lollipops and the reason he sucks on them is because it helps keep his brain efficient! Candy helps inspire creation of technology! No wonder he sounds so calm too and never seen to be angry. See the relaxing effect of the candy?! Damn it. If only I had taken them for my major exam finals…

Kotori Itsuka (Date A Live)

Maybe she needed something to calm down. After all, being the high commander of an organization seeking to prevent future spacequakes is one stressful job. Even more stressful when you have a brother you love who is tasked in dating Spirits and will never ever notice you. Just keep dreaming. And sucking. She’ll need it…

Himeko (Sket Dance)

I was in a dilemma whether to put her here because she is not always seen with a lollipop in mouth. Thanks to the numerous number of episodes so it feels like those times she had her favourite Pelollipop Candy (comes in a variety of unimaginable flavours!) that is only tasty to her but poison to others (think of koala bears and eucalyptus plants) may seem infrequent in our eyes. Nevertheless, I suppose it only takes a badass girl to appreciate such unusual candy.

Febri (To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S)

All kids like lollipops. There are no exceptions to the rule. Therefore it is no surprise to see a loli having one pop in a mouth. Unless you are Febri because she doesn’t eat this lollipop with a strong taste for fun (maybe to her it is). There lies a darker reason she is doing it. It is to neutralize the poison accumulating inside her body, otherwise she would die within hours.

Rin Suzukaze (Majestic Prince)

I didn’t see this anime either. As far as I know, she loves her sweets more than anything else in the world. So much so, perhaps the only one who can stand and enjoy the sweetest of the sweetest sweets. And I suppose the lollipop is to help calm her stress down seeing she is often troubled by the antics of her students.

Hayato Fuurinji (Shijou Saikyou No Deshi Kenichi)

Even if you’re the strongest and most powerful master in the dojo, it doesn’t mean you must have a diet of iron, calcium and other nutrients. This old guy is estimated to be nearly a century old and he still loves popping a lollipop in his mouth from time to time. At this age, life is too short to be worrying about your sugar intake. I guess he extended his second childhood too.

Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill)

Cute girl with lollipops means that they are an innocent lot, aren’t they? Well, don’t be deceived by her looks. In fact, deception is her forte and you’d be a fool a hundred times over to think you can trick this pretty lass. Having an Imperial Arms that allows her to change into any shape she wants, perhaps the abundant lollipops are the source of this power of hers. Wow. A never ending source of lollipops!

Vivian (Cross Ange)

Quiz time. Why do I love lollipops? Hell, I don’t know but I suppose this spunky little girl needs to have one to enhance the effect of being a lively girl of the group. When you have the rest of your team members having that gloom doom mood and fighting dragons are just downright scary, maybe this will liven things up. Maybe. If not, just be happy at your own pace. Mmm… Victory never tasted this sweet. And oh… Maybe those lollipops keeps her dragon side suppressed and maintains her human form…

Prince Leyric (Maze)

Lucky me! A minor character from a retro obscure anime that nobody will ever know! Whatever political marriage is going on for him in his kingdom, this young prince doesn’t care and all he wants is just to lick his lollipop. This kid is dumb enough to follow a total stranger just because she offered him a lollipop, dumb enough to proclaim to her servant just because of that, dumb enough to show her the most important device that keeps the kingdom safe, and then dumb enough to give her anything and ended up paying the ultimate price with his life. Good riddance. And he didn’t even get the lollipop…

Ginpachi-sensei (Gintama)

I guess this could qualify. Ginpachi-sensei is a spoof off the main character in the series and I suppose with this rare and short comical Q&A segment, he looks like he may be smoking in class but it is actually a candy stick that looks like a cigarette! Remember kids, smoking is bad. I know too much candies can be bad too but it is hell better than even a stick of cigarette.

No, It Does Not Suck…
Of course this list is not meant to be exhaustive and there could be other anime characters who love licking their lollipops than anything else out there. Maybe I haven’t discover them because well, who in our right mind would love others stare at you enjoying your little candy on a stick? There are other characters too with such oral fixation but didn’t put them in such as Shippo from Inu Yasha. I don’t remember seeing that little fox demon with a lollipop in his mouth and trying to find more information about it doesn’t yield anything. I wonder how I got this info in the first place. Unless, fan fiction. Then there is the other blasphemous case of Sanji from One Piece! Yes, that’s right. In the original anime, Sanji is always smoking but a certain country decided it was bad influence on the kids and changed it to a lollipop instead! I didn’t see this version but I know it will suck big time (pun intended).

Therefore as an end note, do not underestimate the power of lollipops and other sugar related edibles. These are much better to be put in your mouth because it is definitely much better than biting your fingernails, right? It may sound ridiculous and a big coincidence but remember and take note, “Desserts” is “Stressed” spelled backwards. So when you’re anxious, frustrated and irritated, pop one in your mouth to calm down. It isn’t scientifically proven but I can bet that my guts are telling me so. Oh, and do take the real deal instead of substituting those sweet cravings with something else. Because playing Candy Crush won’t exactly satisfy such cravings (except of your obsessive compulsive craving order of looking at your handphone). Now, I wonder if there are any chocolate bars around…

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