Anime Girls Who Nose Bleed

November 8, 2009

Nose bleeds. In the real world, it could mean some damage to the tissue due to injuries or diseases. But I’m not here to blog about any medical topics associated to nose bleeds. In the world of anime, nose bleeds have been synonymously associated with sexual stimulation or arousal. Well, to put it bluntly that way. I’m sure there are many other definitions and ways to describe it. I supppose it’s the industry’s ‘trademark’ rather than showing some male anatomy erection.
Nose bleeds mostly occurs in ecchi and fanservice genre animes which serves to provide comical relief for some. As such, a big majority of characters that nose bleed are of course males, whether they are perverted by nature or have witnessed the erotic stuff by accident. Be it a little drop or a gushing out river. But do such nose bleed occurrences ever happen to female characters? Rare but there are. That’s why it is indeed odd and funny if you ever witness one. So listed below are my top 12 anime female characters who nose bleed. And in ascending order in terms of ‘brutalness’ of their nose bleed. Have fun.
12) Sakuya Kamiyama (Candy Boy)
Sakuya Kamiyama
Starting off the list is that lesbian freshie who is in love with one of her senpai twins. Kanade in particular. She gets excited just about anything to do with Kanade and takes pure delight by just being with her. Annoying or what? I remember seeing her nose bleed only once and that is when she fantasizes about herself and Kanade going into the hotspring together. It never happened but it’s disturbing to know that this kid has this nose bleed potential and if nothing is done, she could experience more bleedings of the wrong reasons.
Cure suggestion: Separate Kanade away from her.
11) Kitsurubami (FLCL)
Probably the first and earliest girl who nose bleeds (at least to me). She got that when she was amazed after seeing an electric guitar being pulled out from Naota’s head. Because the guitar looked somewhat like a huge version of a certain male anatomy, well you can guess what that means. Size does matter, eh?
Cure suggestion: Next time Haruko is going to pull a guitar out of Naota’s head, make sure it is a ukelele.
10) Nene Andou (Hyakko)
Nene Andou
This class rep admits that she is bi-sexual but as far as I can see, she seems to be taking out her sexual fetishes on females for the time being. She gets one when she gets an overload of cute girls. Especially after flipping up Ayumu’s skirt and seems to take a liking for Torako.
Cure suggestion: Put her in a class with uncute girls and boys. But then again, the definition of cute may vary…
9) Reimi Odajima (Bamboo Blade)
Reiji Odajima
Initially thought to be Miya Miya’s stalker but it turns out that she’s an obsessed fan of her. Her nose bleed as far as I can remember comes only once and that is when she is super enthralled by Miya Miya’s ‘killing aura and behaviour’ during one of her kendo matches. She deserves this spot on the list because her nose bleed colour is black! Just like her dark sadist aura. See, too much of that also affects the blood.
Cure suggestion: Have Miya Miya far away as possible from this sicko.
8) Takako Kimura (Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens)
Takako Kimura
Though she isn’t an avid follower of the anime and manga genre, she does display some otaku traits. Among the nose bleeds that this art club president gets from includes a explosive violent one whereby she thought of the male bonding and possible rivalry between Jin and Daitestu. A yaoi fan?
Cure suggestion: Stop observing her art club members.
7) Kaneru Nidou (Doujin Work)
Kaneru Nidou 
Yeah, the queen of yaoi doujinshi. This doujin amateur gets her nose bleeds whenever she sees (or rather misinterprets) yaoi situations like seeing Justice giving Hoshi a mouth to mouth CPR after the latter gets stung by a jellyfish. And there’s another totally hilarious yaoi misinterpretation when she sees Justice tearing off Hoshi’s shirt thinking that they’re going to kiss when in actual fact Hoshi was seeking Justice’s permission to date Najimi.
Cure suggestion: Stop her secret hobby of doujinshi and have her eyes checked so as not to ‘see’ unnecessary fantasies.
6) Sunako Nakahara (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge)
 Sunako Nakahara
One would obviously think that for a person who prefers to watch dark gory horror movies and keep to herself would never have the ability to nose bleed. Well surprise! She experiences nose bleeds whenever she comes into contact with ‘dazzling creatures’, especially the 4 guys that she is living with and in charge of turning her into a lady. It’s like some sort of an allergic reaction when their bright and blinding ‘beauty’ becomes too much to handle.
Cure suggestion: Wear sunglasses.
5) Kana Iriya (Iriya No Sora, UFO No Natsu)
Kana Iriya 
She is one of those few female characters whose nose bleed’s reason is not due to sexual stimulation. As a pilot of the Black Mantra and her job to protect humanity from invaders, the strain of piloting the super hi-tech jet often puts tremendous amount of pressure on her body and this causes her to nose bleed frequently and go into violent spasms.
Cure suggestion: Hmm… Too much of those injections doesn’t seem to cure her. Obviously she can’t stop piloting the jet either. Maybe she should try relieving all those stress by taking a different ‘jet ride’ on Asaba, if you know what I mean… ;p
4) Mikan Natsu (Potemayo)
Mikan Natsu 
Another case of don’t judge a book by its cover. Think soft-spoken girls will never nose bleed? Mikan holds a secret crush on her classmate, Sunao. Every time she thinks or fantasizes of him, she will have nose bleeds gushing out like a running tap water so much so she has to be whisked away in an ambulance due to blood loss. Not once but many times!
Cure suggestion: Since taking Sunao away is impossible, perhaps to have an ambulance and medic on standby next to her 24/7.
3) Bell (Hare+Guu)
The resident maid for Weda who comes to live with her in the jungle. She undergoes masive gushing of nose bleeds whenever she thinks of Weda as a child. At first I thought she was some sort of a lolicon but she only has this obsession on Weda herself and no other children. Not even Hare. I guess if you’ve been with a person that long, there is a danger of developing such obsession.
Cure suggestion: Do a hypnosis to erase how Weda looked like as a child.
2) Karin Maaka (Karin)
Karin Maaka
Originally billed for top spot on my list, this chibi vampire’s reason for nose bleed is completely different than the rest. Unlike other vampires, she is not a blood taker but a blood giver. What do I mean? Since she produces lots of blood, she has to inject extra amount of blood into her victims. However if her victim is depressed or sad, this will activate her sensation of a massive overwhelming nose bleed. Like a murder scene, eh? Should be a good blood donor for her case.
Cure suggestion: Have happy people all around her! Not only it could cure her, but it makes the world a better place, don’t you think?
1) Kanako Miyamae (Maria+Holic) 
Kanako Miyamae
The numero uno and mother of all nose bleeding anime girl goes to this self proclaimed yuri/homo sophomore of the Catholic all-girls high school Kisaki No Ame. A total loser and pervert and does not hesitate to fantasize perverted thoughts of those from the same gender. Her incessant nose bleeding coupled in with her horny fantasies makes her top this list and is the most sickening and disgusting character in this category which would bring shame to the nose bleeding genre or take it to new heights. You decide. Staining the statue of Virgin Mary? A grave sin that God will not even forgive…
Cure suggestion: Put her in an all-boys school. But this would lead her to develop her hives… Ah well, that’s another problem. Who cares, at least it cured her nose bleed, right?
And there you have it the top 12 anime girls who nose bleed. However this list is not meant to be exhaustive as there may be other anime girls who nose bleed as well. Just that at that time I couldn’t think of anymore of them and as I have mentioned, girls nose bleeding is indeed a rare incident. Perhaps there are others out there just that I didn’t watch that anime or a side character which I didn’t take notice of.
Nose bleeds in anime are definitely staying for the time being since there are quite a number of animes which cater to the male otaku for fanservice purposes. I guess it’s a cue to turn on, eh? It’s an amazing thing that they don’t die from masive blood loss. Something which can only happen in animes, eh? If this nose bleeding thing due to arousal really does happen in the real world, we’re in dire need of blood donors. Lots of them. Imagine the weird headline "Otaku Dies of Severe Lost of Blood Due To Nose Bleeding Stimulation". It’s like experiencing pleasure and pain both at the same time. To bleed or not to bleed? No questions, just let it flow…

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