Anime Group Pose

September 15, 2012

First impression always counts, right? Well, maybe. One of the hilarious aspects in watching anime characters is to see them pull off poses that would either make us go laughing because it’s damn funny, cringing with disgust since it looks so awful (and ironically sometimes yet so funny) or overwhelm us with awe because it makes them look so damn cool. What happens when you have a group of characters doing their own trademark pose? Yeah, a posse pose, if I should say. Here’s a look at some of them:-

Anime: Seitokai No Ichizon.
Group: The Student Council.
Pose Significance: It’s what they call the ‘Going Home’ pose and the pose they will do once they have finished their student council meetings, which is much ado about nothing.
Pose Difficulty: Easy. All you need to do is to do a ‘V’ sign with one hand and put the other hand on your waist.

Anime: Manabi Straight.
Group: Seioh Student Council.
Pose Significance: The Victory Pose signifies the girls’ achievement. Cute, no?
Pose Difficulty: Very easy. Just clench your right fist and raise it half way in the air.

Anime: Koi Koi 7.
Group: Koi Koi 7 girls.
Pose Significance: When announcing their arrival to defeat the evil (Gokou 5, that is) and to rescue their beloved Tetsurou. Wait a minute. If there are only 6 of them, why do they call themselves 7?
Pose Difficulty: Moderate. Considering you have to recite some ‘poetic lines of justice’, pulling off the final pose should be easier.

Anime: Tsuritama.
Group: DUCK.
Pose Significance: When you are an agent of the world’s secret organization, you’re supposed to have a cool secret salutation move too, right?
Pose Difficulty: Easy. Just cross-hug your arms while saying “DUCK!”. Oh, be sure to have that DUCK card in your hand too while saying that. Turbans are not compulsory but preferably required.

Anime: Yumeria.
Group: The main heroines of the series.
Pose Significance: After chalking up valuable experience and victories from defeating those enemy cubes/virus in the dream world, it’s high time to do a victory pose of their own. Or maybe they just had too much time on their hands…
Pose Difficulty: Easy. Nothing strenuous about the pose.

Anime: Soul Eater.
Group: Death The Kid and his twin gun weapons (in human form), Liz and Patty.
Pose Significance: Serves as a flashy introduction to the team (as far as I can remember, I remember only seeing it once in their debut). However you need to get it right due to Kid’s obsession of perfection.
Pose Difficulty: Hard. Well, it doesn’t look at all difficult and it’s only hard because Kid demands perfection. Off by an inch and you’re out!

Anime: Air Gear.
Group: Kogarasumaru Team.
Pose Significance: This is their trademark victory pose which is supposed to resemble their team’s emblem. Of course they have an updated version when they include more members into the team (as seen in second picture at bottom).
Pose Difficulty: Moderate-hard: First, it’s tough to get a big guy like Buccha to prop up that intimidating feel and make the pose look like an emblem. Second, Onigiri and Kazu seem like they need to do some balancing to pull off their part as the ‘wings’. And Ikki… Is that a crane pose he is doing?

Anime: Full Moon Wo Sagashite.
Group: The duo shinigami team called Negi Ramen.
Pose Significance: Introduction pose. Who the heck came up with this lame pose anyway?
Pose Difficulty: Easy-moderate. You may need to be a little acrobatic yourself to stretch those arms and legs a little back. Careful not to hurt your back.

Anime: Mahou Sensei Negima.
Group: Baka Rangers.
Pose Significance: What is a sentai group without their own pose to show off? In addition to this introduction pose, each of the Baka Rangers also has a little movement to display.
Pose Difficulty: Moderate. You know the typical drill of sentai-like poses, right? You need the teamwork, the synchronization, the timing, etc. Oh, please don’t ‘bully’ the Pink Ranger, okay?

Anime: Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu.
Group: SOS Brigade.
Pose Significance: Actually this is the end pose as a result of the dance in the ending theme, Hare Hare Yukai. What better way than to steal the hearts of fans with cute footwork and swaggering.
Pose Difficulty: Hard. In order to reach this final pose, you need to learn the dance movements to complement the entire thing. It’s not an easy task since I myself have difficulty trying to remember them (okay, it’s an excuse for being lazy and giving up too easy).

Anime: Oh Edo Rocket.
Group: Men In Black.
Pose Significance: This isn’t actually a real group pose of the group. When your group is supposed to be secretive that the public shouldn’t know, and if the public do discover your existence, just make up some ally of justice group pose to make it more believable. Did it work? Well, they’ve got the pose, don’t they?
Pose Difficulty: Hard. You need to be a little bit of an acrobat to do some of the poses. So if you are the kind whose body can’t stretch, you can forget about it.

Anime: K-ON!! S2 Uraon.
Group: The all-girls rock band, Afterschool Tea Time.
Pose Significance: WTF?! WTF is this?! Not only the drawing of this special segment sucks, but what the heck is this pose that comes at the very end of it all? Is it their way of saying goodbye and thanks for watching? Alright, I admit it. In a way they look cute too…
Pose Difficulty: Erm… I don’t know what to say. If you don’t mind being in a funny and embarrassing pose… Wait. Aren’t all poses to a certain extent funny and embarrassing?

Strike A Pose!
This list isn’t meant to be exclusive and there are many and much more anime group poses out there. Just that at this point I couldn’t think of them or recall them. Even if I remember a series, the pose within it may have slipped my mind perhaps it wasn’t that obvious or memorable. If you can find any more, please let me know because we all love to see what kind of poses these characters do to our amusement. Pulling off such poses defines a group and gives them an identity just like how symbols and logos make one recognize certain groups and organizations. There are also group pictures but I won’t go so far as to qualify them as one since it feels they are just posing for a picture that only serves as a team shot (to put up as your wallpaper, photo collection or the kind you see in opening and ending credits animation) although in name it is technically correct as a group pose. Then there are individual poses unique to the particular character as well but I’ll leave that for another day. In real life, group poses are equally important for group cosplay and the closer you resemble the original, the better. In a way, it shows your dedication, love and respect. But remember not to pose something embarrassing that you’ll regret later on.

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