Hot handsome guys always attract girls around them, do they? Don’t you just hate it? Too bad. Many of us don’t have good looks to begin with so why the jealousy? I know it is only human nature. So many girls clamouring around that only guy makes you feel like you want to scream to God about this injustice. Well, not only guys have this problem. Even girls. There are only a limited number of girls who can hang around him. Those who can’t even get close are doomed to only watch it all from afar. But don’t worry. Somehow the laws of attraction are pretty funny and mysterious in the way it works sometimes. In some animes, opposite attracts because the most popular high school boy would prefer to take interest and fall in love with the school’s unpopular/normal girl. Bad taste, you say? Of all the good fish swimming in the sea and he had to pick that lousy one? That is love for you. It goes to show that looks and popularity aren’t necessary when it comes to love. Just be careful of vengeful b*tches…

Anime: Bokura Ga Ita.
Popular Guy: Motoharu Yano.
Unpopular Girl: Nanami Takahashi.
Love Rivals: Masafumi Takeuchi for Nanami.
Comment: How do you get a popular guy whose ex-girlfriend is already dead and he still hasn’t overcome it? I don’t know, but Nanami was there for Yano through thick and thin, constant arguments, breakups and separations and in the end they were united (as of the manga). You can say that they were there. Been there, done that.

Anime: Kimi Ni Todoke.
Popular Guy: Shouta Kazehaya.
Unpopular Girl: Sawako Kuronuma.
Love Rivals: Ume “Kurumi” Kurumizawa for Kazehaya; Kento Miura for Sawako.
Comment: This show should be the most classic and famous of this topic. Nobody could have guessed the school’s most eligible bachelor would fall for the school’s most misunderstood girl who resembles a ghost girl from a certain horror movie! It goes to show that once you know the real person underneath it, she’s just like any other. Only better because she got the guy in the end, right?

Anime: Sukitte Iinayo.
Popular Guy: Yamato Kurosawa.
Unpopular Girl: Mei Tachibana.
Love Rivals: Megumi Kitagawa for Yamato; Kai Takemura for Mei.
Comment: Girl has trauma. Girl hates making friends. Becomes anti-social. Becomes gloomy. Doesn’t talk much. Then popular guy comes around and tries to turn it all upside down. I don’t think other guys get kicked on their first meeting even if it’s an accident. Don’t tell me he likes her kick…

Anime: Kaichou Wa Maid-sama.
Popular Guy: Takumi Usui.
Unpopular Girl: Misaki Ayuzawa.
Love Rivals: Tora Igarashi for Misaki; Hinata Shintani for Misaki.
Comment: I think I should count this one in because Misaki can be considered unpopular as she is the student council president and gets tough with her brand of tyranny on the boys to protect the girl minority. Not good. Then popular boy finds out a secret job she does (no, it is not in the adult industry) to support her family and sort of ‘blackmails’ her. Misaki tsun-tsun. Lots of it. Love blossoms. True story.

Anime: Itazura Na Kiss.
Popular Guy: Naoki Irie.
Unpopular Girl: Kotoko Aihara.
Love Rivals: Kinnosuke Ikezawa for Kotoko; Reiko Matsumoto for Naoki.
Comment: Smart handsome boy with high IQ. Dislikes: Dumb girls. Too bad, Kotoko falls under this category and even more embarrassing is the fact that her love letter to him is outright rejected. Thankfully with her perseverance, they eventually become a couple. Did he just dumb down? Because I don’t think Kotoko levelled up except maybe in the charm department. But you can tell this guy is so popular in the future that even his own daughter wants to marry him! I don’t even think… And mama thought she had no more rivals after she married him…

Anime Hiyokoi.
Popular Guy: Yuushin Hirose.
Unpopular Girl: Hiyori Nishiyama.
Love Rivals: None. Not in the anime at least.
Comment: This anime was too short to analyse anything with only one episode. But I figured it must be the same since Yuushin is the popular cool slacker while the Hiyori is a shy person with not many friends. After getting struck by a truck on the day of her opening ceremony, she struck it big in love with this guy. God’s way of compensating her?

Anime: Nagareboshi Lens.
Popular Guy: Touga Yuugure.
Unpopular Girl: Risa Hanakago.
Love Rivals: Nil.
Comment: Pretty similar to Hiyokoi except that this may be the fastest become-a-couple series thanks to its only single episode (they became one right after the first few minutes). I don’t think Risa is that unpopular but rather if she has no boyfriend prior to this and she started thinking about it only when her best friend told her she got one, well, I think it’s safe to say that in this term, she isn’t that popular to begin with. Right?

Anime: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge.
Popular Guys: Kyouhei Takano, Takenaga Oda, Yukinojo “Yuki” Toyama and Ranmaru Morii.
Unpopular Girl: Sunako Nakahara.
Love Rivals: Mob Boss for Sunako.
Comment: These guys have got everything and yet they hang out with a girl with an obsession with anything dark and horror (thanks to her trauma of being rejected by her first love). Heck, she has even got an anatomy figure as her partner! When you have annoying girls screaming all day long around you, you just get tired of this sh*t and go for something more ‘natural’. Natural? Heck, yeah. Sunako is more natural than those fakes.

Anime: Peach Girl.
Popular Guys: Kairi Okayasu and Kazuya “Touji” Toujigamori.
Unpopular Girl: Momo Adachi.
Love Rivals: Individually I can’t think of any except the fact that Sae Kashiwagi remains a real b*tch trying to screw up Momo’s life to a point of dating a model to break up Momo’s relationship.
Comment: Actually, Kairi is the popular one as I think Touji is just pretty normal. Thanks to Sae’s lies and schemes, you can bet Momo is unpopular and made worse due to her tanned skin that she got from her swimming. She’s even got the ‘luxury’ to be torn between these guys and eventually ‘dumps’ the ‘normal’ one for the ‘popular’ one.

Anime: Hana Yori Dango.
Popular Guys: F4, mainly Tsukasa Doumyouji and Rui Hanazawa.
Unpopular Girl: Tsukushi Makino.
Love Rivals: Kazyua Aoike for Tsukushi; Sakurako Sanjo for Tsukasa; Shigeru Okawahara for Tsukasa.
Comment: Guys who rule school like their mini kingdom. Poor Tsukushi (circumstantially and financially) becomes a target of their malice when she stood up against them. Yeah, what are you going to do when the entire school is against you? Suddenly everybody hates her. Probably it is that perseverance and not giving in that even led to the Tsukasa starting to fall for her. Take that, all you losers!

Anime: Vampire Knight.
Popular Guys
: Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryuu.
Unpopular Girl: Yuuki Cross.
Love Rivals: Ruka Souen for Kaname.
Comment: I guess this counts… How can you not have girls squealing at you when you are a hot handsome vampire? Heck, they’re waiting outside the gates just to catch a glimpse of him coming to school. Our Yuuki is considered unpopular because she is part of the disciplinary squad to keep those girls at bay. Yeah, that. I won’t say Zero is a heck of a popular guy but at least many girls think he is better off than fellow Yuuki since he himself is quite handsome. Now, if he only smiles and have a warmer personality.

The Laws Of Attraction
There are quite a number of others that I was in a dilemma to put in and decided to leave it out. For example, Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun has the main guy more of a delinquent and the main girl who prefers to be alone and studying. Special A isn’t counted because the protagonists are respectable and accomplished students. The heroine in Skip Beat dropped out of school and never made it to high school and this series feels more like a revenge plot to get even than loving the popular guy. Then there is Ao Haru Ride, this guy isn’t popular actually and he suddenly came back to town after moving away for so long. Something similar about Lovely Complex too because the guy is just average (but rather small in size) and with a tall girl, their popularity is because of their tendency of others seeing them as a comedy duo. Kuragehime could have been considered if not for the fact that the characters are already out of high school!

Can it be considered as a successful failure when such love at different pole ends happens (at least in terms of social popularity)? For the unpopular/normal girl, it is like nailing the grand prize. It is also like as though the love cupid decided to ‘compensate’ on that unpopularity by making the handsome guy fall in love with that girl. Sometimes, such guys are just tired of all the shallow artificialness and something ‘different’ caught their eyes. Something that isn’t easy to get is always worth it, right? True love is better found elsewhere than all those fakes who suck up to you just because they want something out of it. As seen, there is a miniscule few who also take an interest in the unpopular girl. Bad taste too? Well, it shows that maybe you just need to be at the right place and right time, then the right person would show up. Love is always there. So it pays sometimes not to over impress and just be yourself. Now, what happens when there are uglier and plainer girls around… Spoilt for choice! I hope such guys don’t have ‘the uglier/plainer the better’ mentality because it would be just so screwed up. Things can get ugly real fast…

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