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March 9, 2013

Everybody who loves romance would definitely like a good kissing scene. Right? I’m sure there are lots of context, definitions and the go-about about kisses and kissing. But we’re not here to discuss about that. You know what they say about kissing as something sacred? Well, if that’s your first kiss you are saving for that true love of yours. Maybe. So it’s not the Asian culture to go around kissing people especially of the opposite gender because it gives out the wrong signal. Especially in anime when you see boys and mostly girls fluster (or jealously upset) upon seeing those lips connect.

So what happens when a kiss is not really a kiss? Like in Casablanca? No, not that. I mean, it comes with a ‘side effect’. The side effect being a contract. Well, it beats pen and paper, right? That depends. Because in normal contracts where you can undo it by just tearing it up, how do you undo a kiss? How do you un-kiss? So in this blog, we are here to see the animes with contracts that come with a kiss. Of course the kisses mentioned will be in line with the contract formed rather than those without. What do I mean? You know heroes would have multiple girls kissing them, right? Some don’t really form any magical contracts… Also, the kisses between characters are restricted to the main characters in the series.

Mahou Sensei Negima

Kissers: Negi Springfield and Asuna Kagurazaka.
Episode Kissed: 8.
When Kissed: Negi couldn’t defeat Evangeline on her own and with Asuna, their kiss was necessary to form a permanent partnership in order for them to defeat Evangeline and Chachamaru.
Contract Kiss Effect: A Pactio is a contract whereby it transfers a magician’s power to another person involved in the Pactio. The easiest way to form one is through a kiss. It is said in the anime that Negi had to form a Pactio with all 31 of his female students to stop some immense threat but as far as I know, only a handful of girls including Asuna, Konoka, Nodoka and Setsuna are the only ones having a Pactio with Negi.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

Kissers: Muneakira Yagyuu and Jubei Yagyuu.
Episode Kissed: End of episode 1.
When Kissed: While falling down from the sky.
Contract Kiss Effect: Muneakira has this mysterious ability that whoever he kisses, that person will turn into a Master Samurai and display incredible powers. A mark will be formed on the body of the Master Samurai as proof that the contract has been made.
Others Kissed: Muneakira and Yukimura; Muneakira and Sen.

Pandora Hearts

Kissers: Oz Vessalius and Alice.
Episode Kissed: 3.
When Kissed: After Oz falls into the Abyss and is on the verge of being attacked by a Chain monster.
Contract Kiss Effect: It provides a safe passage out from the Abyss.


Kissers: Takeya Ikuhara and Ren.
Episode Kissed: 1.
When Kissed: After Takeya saves Ren from an oncoming truck.
Contract Kiss Effect: The kiss is to confirm their Master and Slave relationship though it isn’t obvious in the anime because we don’t see any super flash or light or that strange feeling from within that something changed. No elaborate stuff here.

Steel Angel Kurumi

Kissers: Nakahito Kagura and Kurumi.
Episode Kissed: 1.
When Kissed: Nakahito is made by the bullies to enter Dr Ayanokouji’s lab. A tremor shakes the place and sleeping Kurumi is accidentally pushed forward, causing their lips to meet.
Contract Kiss Effect: A kiss awakens and activates this Steel Angel to life. It’s like an imprint because she becomes loyal to Nakahito whom she identifies as her master. So loyal that it makes it look like she’s bloody possessive of him to a point it is annoying.
Others Kissed: Kurumi and Saki (because no other lips shall come upon Nakahito’s!). In Steel Kurumi Angel Ni Shiki: Nako and Kurumi; Uruka and Saki.

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kissers: Nanami Momozono and Tomoe.
Episode Kissed: 1 & 5.
When Kissed: Tomoe the sadist is watching Nanami climbing away from monsters at the bottom of the tree. She pulls him down and in order to save her life, she kisses him to seal a contract. They kissed again in episode 5 to renew their contract.
Contract Kiss Effect: Tomoe becomes her familiar.

Zero No Tsukaima

Kissers: Saito Hiraga and Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière.
Episode Kissed: 1.
When Kissed: As Louise is trying to summon a familiar in a ceremony that requires all second year students of Tristain Academy to summon one.
Instead of some cool creature she hoped for, it turned out to be an ordinary boy from another world.
Contract Kiss Effect: Saito becomes Louise’s familiar and has a rune mark called Gandalfr on his left hand that enables him to use any sort of weapon or item wielded. They also kissed a second time to renew their contract after he loses Gandalfr and his life against the Albion army.
Others Kissed: In Zero No Tsukaima F: Saito and Tiffania.


Kissers: Minato Sahashi and Musubi.
Episode Kissed: Twice in the first episode.
When Kissed: A pair of Sekirei twins engaging in a fight with Musubi. Minato saves her and he surprises her with a kiss.
Contract Kiss Effect: An Ashikabi (Master) ‘Wings’ a Sekirei via kiss as prove a contract has been formed. A bird symbol is formed at the back of the Sekirei after the ‘Winging’ and it allows them to perform more powerful attacks in battles.
Others Kissed: Minato and Kusano; Minato and Matsu; Minato and Tsukiumi; In Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~: Minato and Kazehana; Minato and Homura.

UFO Princess Valkyrie

Kissers: Kazuto Tokino and Valkyrie.
Episode Kissed: Flashback at the end of episode 1.
When Kissed: When Valkyrie’s UFO crashes onto Kazuto’s bath house home.
Contract Kiss Effect: In order to save Kazuto’s life, Valkyrie transferred half of her soul. A side effect of this is that Valkyrie turns into and 8 year old kid with a bratty behaviour to go with. To revert back to her adult self, another kiss must be done but this effect doesn’t stay very long often.

Rozen Maiden

Kissers: Jun Sakurada and Shinku.
Episode Kissed: 1.
When Kissed: Jun is in serious danger of being killed by another doll so unless he makes a contract with Shinku, he’s dead meat in his own room.
Contract Kiss Effect: Of all the kisses in this blog, this is the only one that doesn’t involve mouth to mouth. In fact, when one kisses the ring of a Rozen Maiden doll, that person becomes her medium-cum-servant in which the doll has the right to use him as a power source during battles. Also as proof a bond is created, there will be a ring appearing on the medium’s finger.
Others Kissed: In Rozen Maiden Traumend: Jun and Suisei Seki.

The World God Only Knows


Main Kisser: Keima Katsuragi.
Girls Kissed (Episode Kissed): In season 1: Ayumi Takahara (1), Mio Aoyama (3), Kanon Nakagawa (7), Shiori Shiomiya (11); In season 2: Kusunoki Kasuga (2), Chihiro Kosaka (7), Jun Nagase 11). In OVA 2: Tenri Ayukawa (2).
When Kissed: Unlike other contract kisses that I have mentioned earlier, this one is done at the end of the arc when Keima has ‘won’ the heart of the girl.
Contract Kiss Effect: Actually this isn’t so much of a contract because the effect of the kiss is to free the Loose Spirit that is possessing the girl. For each successful ‘capture’, the girl loses memories of what happened. Including the kiss.

Sealed With A Kiss…
This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive since there are probably some other hot kisses that I have yet to find out or discover. Heh. So whether the kiss leaves you with that fuzzy feeling or that annoying feeling because you’ve just entered into some damn contract that can’t be nullified, at least it isn’t the kiss of death. One thing is certain for those involved in a contract kiss: Their lives will never be the same again as before. So for better or worse, we see them all take up challenges and (mis)adventures that lie ahead. And from mostly what I see, many would eventually become a couple and have real feelings for each other. Well, that’s the one of the mysteries of a kiss. Yet to be unlocked and understood by others. So if you have a chance to kiss a girl/boy you love, would you really want to take a chance with it? Or just kiss goodbye to that opportunity? And how do you like your kiss with? Try kissing with a K.I.S.S. – Keep It Steamy and Sexy. Chu~ <3.

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