I don’t really remember what was the real reason that prompted me to do a short blog on this topic of anime marriages. Not to say that they are any different from the real world, but it isn’t any closer like those happily ever after endings you read in fairytales when you were a kid. Walking down the aisle of holy matrimony to some may be a life’s dream, to some part of their cultural and traditional reasons and others well, some ulterior motive. So listed below are a selected few anime marriages and engagements from animes that I have watched. Note that these marriages and engagements begin and made known at the start or early in the anime.
Onegai Teacher
AnimeOnegai Teacher
The married pair: Kei Kusanagi and Mizuho Kazami.
Marriage type: Student-teacher marriage and human-alien marriage.
How they got hitched: They were accidentally caught in a compromising position in the school’s store room and in order to avoid being expelled, Kei’s impulsive idea that they are married to protect Mizuho results them into actually getting registered as a married couple.
Secrecy: Because of the inappropriateness of a student-teacher relationship, they have to keep their marriage a secret at all cost or even engage in any public displays of affection. Only a handful of people know their marriage like the headmaster, Kei’s uncle and Mizuho’s mom and little sister.
Other outside love: Kei’s classmate Koishi Herikawa loves him.
The relationship: Though their relationship is a little bumpy and a few arguments here and there, their feelings for each other grow stronger.
Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei
Anime: Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei
The married pair: Asami Onohara and Kyousuke Ichimaru.
Marriage type: Student-teacher marriage.
How they got hitched: At the start of the series, it is known that they are already married. Must be really in love with each other that much, eh?
Secrecy: Just like in Onegai Teacher, they have to keep their marriage a secret from the rest but it’s a little hard especially if your husband is your physics teacher! Initially Asami’s father is the only one who knows of their marriage and forbids any sexual relationship till his daughter graduates. Later new neighbours, Sakura and Sasuke discover about it but promise to keep it a secret. Also, Ichimaru’s colleague finds out about their relationship but promise not to expose their relationship.
Other outside love: Asami’s classmate, Kouhei AKA Erosaki, and the Storekeeper like her as with Iwasaki for Ichimaru.
The relationship: Sure Ichimaru tries his best to further his relationship even if Asami has her little horny dreams of ‘doing her first time’ with him. Even with all the 3rd party interferences, they promise to continue loving each forever and prove that love indeed conquers all regardless of age.
Seto No Hanayome
Anime: Seto No Hanayome
The married pair: Nagasumi Michishio and San Seto.
Marriage type: Human-mermaid marriage.
How they got hitched: San saved Nagasumi from drowning and if a mermaid’s identity is known by a human, the human must die. Unless they are family and this means being married.
Secrecy: So far Nagasumi’s parents, the Seto mermaid yakuza clan and its rival clan Edomae.
Other outside love: Though Runa views San as her rival and desires to snatch everything San has, including Nagasumi and forcing him to marry her, eventually she does in fact develop true feelings for him. The nameless Iinchou also holds a secret crush on Nagasumi while Akeno has hinted she too does have those feelings for him while the son of the wealthy Mikawa Corporation, Kai, is open about his love for San. Not to mention all those crazy obsessed fan club members and supporters of San.
The relationship: I’m sure it would be a happy married life for the duo if not for the interference of San’s dad Gozaburou and some of his underlings who are bent on getting rid of Nagasumi. Talk about real life implications of your in-laws. But San is a nice and understanding girl just as Nagasumi is so I’m sure they’ll pull through all those ‘little’ complications with their undying love for each other.
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
AnimeKyouran Kazoku Nikki
The married pair: Ouka and Kyouka Midarezaki.
Marriage type: Forced marriage.
How they got hitched: In order to avoid the reawakening of the God of Destruction, Enka, Operation Cosy Family is put into operation with Ouka being forcibly married to Kyouka and playing father and mother respectively to the rest of the ‘family’.
Secrecy: It’s a global operation so I guess it’s no big secret.
Other outside love: Shiruku Kirisaka AKA Grim Reaper III who is Ouka’s former colleague seems to indicate that she likes him and an alien named Oasis coming to Earth seeking the meaning of love, eventually truly falls in love with him.
The relationship: Initially Ouka agrees to take on this as part of his job but as the odd family does things together, he finds out the true meaning and his love for Kyouka. Same case with that arrogant and incessantly yapping catgirl. She tries her best to care for her family and loves Ouka dearly. It’s evident that she gets jealous if she sees him with another woman.
Final Approach
Anime: Final Approach
The engaged pair: Ryo Mizuhara and Shizuka Masuda.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: The government takes drastic actions on a national scale to stop the decline in Japan’s birth rates and thus young couples of opposite genders are paired so that they could increase the childbirth rate.
Secrecy: Heck, everybody knows about it because it’s done on a national scale.
Other outside love: Initially Ryo prefers his classmate, Emiho.
The relationship: Shizuka is prepared to be Ryo’s bride but Ryo on the other hand is reluctant and treats her indifferently. After several obstacles like Shizuka’s dad objecting their engagement, Ryo finally acknowledges that he loves her.
Anime: Rizelmine
The engaged pair: Tomonori Iwaki and Rizel.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: Another government interference using the "Power of the State" to arrange for Tomonori’s marriage to a genetically engineered human. Furthermore, his parents accept their engagement wholeheartedly because they have been ‘bribed’ with goodies like all-paid expenses for home renovation and such.
Secrecy: Everybody knows it.
Other outside love: Tomonori likes his homeroom teacher, Natsumi, but his classmate-cum-childhood friend, Aoi harbours a crush on him. Busty and older Kyouko has a crush on Tomonori while Ryuunosuke loves Rizel because he is a lolicon.
The relationship: Rizel may be naive but eagerness to be Tomonori’s husband may prove to be annoying especially since he prefers older women. Yeah, a one-sided relationship as Iwaki don’t really give a damn about Rizel but I guess after going through thick and thin, he realizes he still cares for her.
To Love-Ru
AnimeTo Love-Ru
The engaged pair: Rito Yuuki and Lala Satalin Deviluke.
Engagement type: Human-alien type.
How they got engaged: Rito accidentally putting his palms over Lala’s boobs, a Deviluke custom for a proposal. WTF?!
Secrecy: As of this point Lala’s dad Gid and her personal bodyguard Zastin.
Other outside love: Rito holds a crush on his classmate Haruna. Yui also develops feelings for Rito when he saved her from delinquents. Gender-bending Ren likes Lala while his female counterpart Run likes Rito.
The relationship: How would you feel if you are to be married to the daughter of a powerful empire and inherit a whole galaxy under your wing? Yeah, the intense pressure. Rito doesn’t exactly like this idea in the first place and though Lala’s airhead seems to be making Rito’s life miserably, her initially excuse to be engaged to Rito so that she could run away from all those marriage interviews back home (in which she’s sick of) turns into genuine love and likewise for Rito too.
Sumomomo Momomo
Anime: Sumomomo Momomo
The engaged pair: Koushi Inuzuka and Momoko Kuzuryuu.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: Their fathers arranged it seeing that Momoko’s dad thinks that Momoko will produce a strong offspring since she herself is unable to become strong.
Secrecy: The feuding zodiac clans know about this.
Other outside love: Iroha develops a crush on Koushi though she is in a dilemma to support Momoko’s happiness. Sanae also harbours a secret crush for Koushi while Tenka likes Momoko.
The relationship: Koushi who hates martial artists and is more interested in becoming a lawyer doesn’t care much for hyperactive Momoko who attempts to please her future husband in any way she can (including sleeping or doing horny stuff) but her plans always backfire due to Koushi’s indifferent attitude. With some the other characters opposing their marriage and trying to break them up, eventually Koushi accepts Momoko as he can’t be away from her.
Ranma 1/2
Anime: Ranma 1/2
The engaged pair: Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: Their fathers, Genma and Soun, agreed many years before that their children are to be married to carry on the Tendo Dojo and since Akane is the same age as Ranma, coupled in with the twisted fact that she hates men and that Ranma is only half male, so I guess they are ‘suited’ for each other.
Secrecy: Everyone knows about it.
Other outside love: There’s quite a number but I’ll keep it brief. Those who are interested in the male Ranma include Ukyo, Shampoo and Kodachi while Ryouga and Tatewaki Kuno have their feelings towards Akane.
The relationship: The typical I-hate-you and every day goes by without them getting into petty or large scale argument and squabbles. It is going to be tough with other admirers gunning for their respective crushes but you know after being together for so long (heck, they live in the same dojo too) you can tell that they do care for each other even if they don’t show or say it. How can they not confess to each other for so long?! Is it that hard? Yeah, it is.
Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka
Anime: Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka
The engaged pair: Junichi Nagase and Yuuhi Katagiri.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: Their parents. Who else?
Secrecy: Everyone knows about it.
Other outside love: Junichi’s non blood related sister, Minato, seems to indicate to have feelings for him. Also, proud and wealthy Karen also reveals her feelings for Junichi.
The relationship: Because of Junichi’s accidental kiss, Yuuhi hates him and treats him abuse with her violent and temperament behaviour. Of course, as time goes by even if this stint for them going out was to see if their relationship would make any progress (if not, their engagement will be cancelled), Yuuhi does develop feelings for Junichi but at the end of the series, Junichi who is having a dilemma to choose which girl, eventually chooses Minato. Though Yuuhi isn’t upset, she isn’t giving up just yet.
Kemeko Deluxe
Anime: Kemeko Deluxe
The engaged pair: Sanpeita Kobayashi and MM.
Engagement type: Forced marriage.
How they got engaged: MM who is piloting some freaky machine called Kemeko, crashes into Sanpeita’s classroom, kisses him and announces that they are to be married.
Secrecy: Everyone knows of it.
Other outside love: Sanpeita’s other busty childhood friend, Izumi, harbours a secret crush on him.
The relationship: Though MM’s reason to be engaged to Sanpeita is to protect him from the mysterious Mishima Corporation that is out to retrieve a mysterious but powerful Nano Ball he swallowed 10 years ago, eventually her body reactions do tell us that she does have feelings for him. While Sanpeita is still pining for his childhood friend whom he still has feelings for, he accepts MM for who she is.


Anime: Basilisk
The engaged pair: Gennousuke Kouga and Oboro Iga.
Engagement type: Between clans.
Why they got engaged: To stop the feud between their clans which has been going on for the last hundred over years.
Secrecy: Everyone knows of it.
Other outside love: Nil.
The relationship: Both Gennousuke and Oboro are deeply in love with each other but their love is put on a stern test when the uneasy truce is lifted and both clans are to eliminate each other just to decide a succession dispute. Despite betrayals and conspiracy to break them up, they remain in love with each other till their final breath. A classic tragedy of till death do us part.

Ai Yori Aoshi

Anime: Ai Yori Aoshi
The engaged pair: Kaoru Hanabishi and Aoi Sakuraba.
Engagement type: Arranged marriage.
How they got engaged: In order to consolidate both influential families, it is agreed that they both are to be engaged. However Kaoru walked out due to inhumane treatment of his own family towards himself and his mom (because he was an illegitimate child). Aoi also walked out since she can’t bring herself to love another man.
Secrecy: Living in the Sakuraba’s summer mansion with other residents, both need to keep their relationship a secret in order to avoid a scandal. With the help of Aoi’s guardian and caretaker, Miyabi, they managed to do so via a landlord-tenant relationship.
Other outside love: Tina deeply loves Kaoru but has to hide it from him though it pains her a lot unlike Mayu who is more open about her desire for him. Also, the house maid Taeko develops feelings for Kaoru.
The relationship: Both Kaoru and Aoi are very much deeply in love with each other and due to circumstances, they can’t show it openly.
Happily Ever After…
I’m sure that there are many more anime marriages and engagements out there which are left out of this list but at this point in time, they are the only ones which I can think of. Plus, there are many other types of marriages and engagements which include same sex marriages or incest. Then there are those which married later in the series like Kotoko Aihara and Irie Naoki of Itazura Na Kiss, Junichi and Nemu Asakura of Da Capo Second Season and Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa of Clannad ~After Story~. But that’s another story. So in most cases, it goes to show that even if the relationship starts off rocky, their love will grow and blossom in the end. Some love relationships need time to develop while others are an instant hit off. But the most important thing is for them to be happy with each other and for those who don’t really end up with their loved ones, I’m sure they too are happy with the fact that their cherished ones are happy. See, love is all about give and take. Now if all these could happen more often in the real world. So is it possible for a 3D person like me to get married to a 2D character? Love knows no bounds and transcends time. Mai, I love you! Will you please marry me!!!

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