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May 8, 2020

Sometimes we rejoice when a series has a sequel announced. Sometimes it catches us by surprise because we didn’t expect it to have one. Or at least it catches me by surprise since I don’t follow anime news 24/7. Heh. But anyway, sometimes when the sequel comes out, it isn’t what we were totally expecting. Sometimes it deviates a little and sometimes it strays too much that it could be an entirely new anime by itself. And so today’s blog will be about anime series that have sequel spinoff that is somewhat yuri or shoujo ai. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Anime: Soul Eater.
Yuri sequel spinoff: Soul Eater NOT!
Yuri sorority: Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn.
Thoughts: An epic action adventure comedy series about a group of students trying to create the greatest scythe for Shinigami is long over. And then surprise! Another group of students trying to control their powers for daily life. Like… What happened?!

Anime: Luck & Logic.
Yuri sequel spinoff: Hina Logi – From Luck & Logic.
Yuri sorority: Liones “Lion” Yelistratova, Nina Alexandrovna and Mahiro Kyoubashi.
Thoughts: The original Luck & Logic was too confusing like simpletons for me to understand a damn thing. And then suddenly… Yuri spinoff because the threat of Foreigners has already been dealt with. Now we have cute girls attending school to be trained as future Logicalists just in case. But in the meantime… What else to do in such peaceful times?

Anime: Hidan No Aria.
Yuri sequel spinoff: Hidan No Aria AA.
Yuri sorority: Akari Mamiya, Shino Sasaki and Urara Takachiho.
Thoughts: If Kinji’s weird sexual condition is too weird for you to handle, furthermore you don’t like him trying it out on Aria, here’s your lesbian fix that yuri-fies everything. Girls with weird yuri fetish are much better than guy with some strange sexual condition, right?

Anime: Fate/Stay Night.
Yuri sequel spinoff: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya.
Yuri sorority: Illyasviel “Ilya” Von Einzbern, Miyu Edelfelt and Chloe.
Thoughts: How dare they kill off a cute Russian loli in the original Fate series?! Hence, to do justice for her character, hence this magical girl-cum-loli yuri spinoff that makes everything oh so cute. Justice is served? I supposed so. It lasted for 3 seasons and had a movie after that…

Anime: Shingeki No Bahamut.
Yuri sequel spinoff: Manaria Friends.
Yuri sorority: Anne and Grea.
Thoughts: The substantially most dissimilar spinoff ever that has no relation to each other. The original had Gods, demons and dragons in some epic fight between Heaven and Earth and then suddenly… Peaceful times in an academy far, far away. Would not even noticed they would be in the same universe had I not read about it prior to it.

Anime: To Aru Majutsu No Index.
Yuri sequel spinoff: To Aru Kagaku No Railgun.
Yuri sorority: Mikoto Misaka, Kuroko Shirai, Ruiko Saten and Uiharu Kazari.
Thoughts: This was a hard one for me to decide but what the heck! A certain tsundere biri-biri needs more screen time! Yuri level less obvious than the rest on this list because of all the sci-fi drama and shenanigans happening. Otherwise Shirai would have been annoyingly spamming her onee-sama 24/7 and Saten doing more of her yuri pranks on Uiharu.

Anime: Kiddy Grade.
Yuri sequel spinoff: Kiddy Girl –and.
Yuri sorority: Ascoeur, Q-feuille and Di-air.
Thoughts: I didn’t see the original Kiddy Grade so I can’t tell how yuri the original pair was. But my guts tell me this is more yuri thanks to the numerous kissing between the girls. It’s an excuse to give us such yuri scenes in the guise of some power transferring partner resonating thingy whatever.

Because Men Aren’t Just Good Enough…
Apologies if my list isn’t really complete with some omission or if some of that data are inaccurate (blame hazy memories for putting it down wrongly). This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive as there are perhaps a number of yuri sequel spinoffs out there that I didn’t watch simply because I’m not a hardcore yuri fan so I didn’t really pick it up and put it on my watch list. While some in my current list are debatable in terms of the yuri level, some of them I didn’t put down because I was really unsure. For example, is Mai Otome more yuri than Mai-HiME? I didn’t see the former so I can’t judge. That series does have some yuri among some of its female characters but not all of them. I also excluded Usakame because I can only see wackiness for this Teekyuu spinoff instead of yuri tropes. Tantai Opera Milky Holmes have bungling loli detectives so when the more competent pair in Futari Wa Milky Holmes came about, I didn’t feel anything yuri about this pair. Same thing about the Love Live! series and its sequel spinoff, Love Live! Sunshine. Despite the all-girls idol group, it is still hard to consider if the supposedly close knit team members can constitute to yuri. Yeah, there are online debates and discussions about this too. Otome Wa Boku Ni Koi Shiteru: Futari No Elder, the spinoff for Otome Wa Boku Ni Koi Shiteru was also a no go since it is a guy dressing up as a girl and other girls think this he is a she. Saki: Achiga Hen isn’t technically a series I consider a spinoff because they are in the same story setting of Saki. Eventually both sides of the story will meet. To put it shortly overall, as long as men don’t buck up, the ladies will only turn to each other for romance, pleasure, etc. Hmm… I think we guys don’t mind seeing all that girly girl on girl action too.

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