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November 9, 2018

I’m running out of suggestions on what to put for my variety blog. Any suggestions? Put up a suggestion box and gather suggestions from fans, you say? Great idea! Now I know just the topic for my next blog. Suggestion box! When you are stuck in creativity, the good ol’ suggestion box and opinions from others are always very much welcomed and needed especially when you need to come up with something and can’t do it alone. And so listed below are the animes that use suggestion box for whatever reasons, even if those helpful little box of ‘gathered ideas’ just makes a small cameo appearance and do not make any great deal of impact in the overall series. But remember, no suggestion is ever too small not to be considered. But nobody said how silly it could be.

Anime: Medaka Box.
Usage: Students can submit their problems that need to be solved. And the student council will see to your request being solved no matter what.
Thoughts: Probably the most famous among the suggestion boxes in anime. Yeah, Google this and you’ll find that a big majority of search results will point to this anime. I guess it is a good thing that the newly elected student council president wants to improve the school. No request is too small or too big for her to take on. Ironically, the role of the suggestion box diminishes in the second season whereby the plot shifts into the halting of the Flask Plan.

Anime: YuruYuri.
Usage: Random and wacky ideas go in here if you are bored or unsure in picking what to do next.
Thoughts: More like slut box. Whoops! At first started out as a suggestion about Akari’s noticeability but slowly it morphs into many other usages like selecting a partner for Christmas. With so many written topics seen struck out on this lottery box from time to time, you can slowly tell it is going to be the running joke of the series. What a useful and resourceful box, not to mention its ‘recycling’ worth.

Anime: Seitokai Yakuindomo.
Usage: For students who want to submit improvements for the school as well as complaints and polls.
Thoughts: The only reason why the suggestion box was put here despite its limited appearance is to assist in making more sex jokes! Yup, not even this box is spared from it when its hole design is shaped like a vagina! And at times, the box will be filled to the brim with students stuffing their suggestions when several ‘favourable’ events are at hand (I can think of something ‘dirty’ when you stuff the suggestion box like that).

Anime: Azumanga Daioh.
Usage: Suggestions for what the class is to do for the cultural festival.
Thoughts: Don’t want to do your conventional café or haunted house for the festival? Then put in a comment box to get ideas from others. And no, Tomo. You’re supposed to put forth your ideas and this is not some sort of legendary box where you can drop your 5 Yen. Oh, by the way, they ended up doing some stuffed animals exhibition. Thank goodness…

Anime: Love Lab.
Usage: When you have questions about love but are too shy to say it even to your ‘consultants’, drop a question in the suggestion box and your love problems will be over. I hope.
Thoughts: An ingenious way to help your fellow girls with love issues without getting the attention of the teachers. What’s more, in a school that is supposed to be known for its prestige and excellence. It goes to show that even if you’re seemingly a perfect, smart and elegant lady, you’re still a normal girl who want to fall in love just like anybody else.

Anime: Jinsei.
Usage: Anything in life bothering you? Just drop a question in and the ‘life advisors’ will gladly answer them in due time.
Thoughts: Actually the ‘role’ of this suggestion box differs slightly from the rest. While it is still mainly to receive questions from students, the suggestion box becomes the main focus when somebody sets fire onto it! Now it is up to our life advisors to play detective to find out who and why their poor submission box is burnt to a crisp. But that still didn’t stop them from trying to answer letters in the box that are partially burnt. Good luck deciphering what the letters say…

Anime: Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Suru-me.
Usage: To pick a name for your unborn child.
Thoughts: This way I suppose would help settle the feud between the new parents when they can’t agree to each other’s name list. Let this be the final answer instead and bury all your doubts behind after this. And what a beautiful name it is drawn from the ballot, Sayoko.

Anime: Inou Battle Wa Nichijou-kei No Naka De.
Usage: To pick what cosplay outfits to wear.
Thoughts: Only making a single cameo appearance whereby it is part of Andou’s idea to use Chifuyu’s power to cosplay. The catch is you don’t cosplay what you want to but instead you pick up a randomly written idea and don that suggestion. Andou the maid…

Anime: Love Live.
Usage: If you can’t think of a name of a group among yourselves, what better way than to put a suggestion box for others to come up with.
Thoughts: If you think coming up with a band is hard, wait till you have to sit down and come up with a band name. This is the case for Honoka who intended to save the school via her idol plan. They might have great voice, singing and dancing abilities but they suck in coming up with names. Instead of becoming the butt of jokes with their joker-like names, it is a good thing this survey box came in handy. And a single Greek alphabet was all it took to give the new idol unit a name.

Got A Better Idea?
That is all the animes that I can find having a suggestion box (or whatever name they call it in the anime) but I am sure that this list is not meant to be exhaustive as I believe there are more cameos of suggestion boxes in animes out there. So drop me a line if you find one, okay? And so it goes to show that no single person is a brilliant person by himself/herself. It takes the collective idea of others to help push forth one’s idea(s) and set the ball rolling. Therefore do not think that your ideas are too silly or too insignificant to make the difference. That itself might be the difference that the requestor is looking for. Of course, don’t be too obviously silly with them. So keep those ideas flowing and we’ll have a good time discussing its potential. Or laughing hard at them :).

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